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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The coin of the realm in the Clinton-Bush-Obama shadow government has been bribery, blackmail, money laundering, pay-to-play, insider tips, influence peddling, staged crises (false flags), threats and murder

Breaking! Feb. 05, 2017: Deep State Shadow Government WANTED POSTER Released HTML | PDF
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jan. 17, 2016, Updated Feb.. 06, 2017 | PDF
Donald Trump challenges C.I.A. Director John Brennan's truthfulness
Godspeed President Donald J. Trump!

Fig. 1: New research shows why it is imperative that Donald Trump reorganize the C.I.A., including its thousands of silicon Valley hacks, before they destroy the constitution.

Barack H. Obama
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
Few citizens know that the C.I.A. runs a large private investment company in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley named In-Q-Tel ("IQT") started on Sep. 29, 1999 by President Bill Clinton. Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama have perpetuated and grown the company. Bottom line, C.I.A. liars gave birth to the liars of Silicon Valley—techies, lawyers and Wall Street. Main Street was screwed. Silicon Valley is building the Deep State communications system to destroy our Constitutional rights to privacy and security. Stop feeding these Silicon Valley theives your personal information.

Notice: Every assertion in this post is supported by facts which we will be linking over the next few days. Please return to see the updated version that will contain a mountain of evidence. Alternatively, use the AFI search tool to find the evidence yourself. See also the TIMELINE: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet for a full bibliography of support evidence. Note: We have downloaded all the source documents cited herein and will post the PDFs and soon as they are ready. In the meantime, let's see whether the actual source document disappear suddenly.
Graphic: AFI.
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Breaking News, Jan. 18, 2017:
Trump advisor and NYT best-selling author Roger Stone survives assassination attempt

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Roger Stone's doctors confirm that he was likely poisoned in December 2016 by radioactive polonium while writing his new book The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution to be released in Jan. 2016. Polonium is a byproduct from a nuclear reactor, and as such, can only be produced by countries with nuclear capabilities. It is highly toxic to life. Ostensibly, the Russians used polonium to assassinate their former Russian FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko. However, new information points to British MI6 agent Christopher Steele as the most likely hit man. Steele was recently identified as the author of the smear "dossier" that the Democrats have been trying to pin on Donald Trump. Did Steele poison Roger Stone also?

Roger Stone responded on his way in to the Donald Trump inauguration ceremony a few minutes ago: "Pure, unadulterated crap." Stone said he welcomed Congressional scrutiny of his assertion that he has no contact with Russians. He accused the C.I.A. Deep State shadow government of fabricating these falsehoods that Dr. Ulfkotte says the C.I.A. does routinely.

Stone believes the attack on him was meant to shut him up before he could debunk the lie that the Russians hacked the U.S. election.

Where are the MSM reports on this attempt to assassinate a Donald Trump advisor? Their silence tells us all we need to know.

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Breaking News, Jan. 20, 2017:
C.I.A. Whistleblower found dead: "We all lie for the C.I.A. ...I'm fed up with this propaganda"
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
May God bless you
Dr. Ulfkotte. We must all tell your story now so that your death will have not been in vain.

George Soros-funded globalist surrogate Media Matters (founded by Clinton advisor David Brock) trumpets a The New York Times article yesterday accusing Trump advisor Roger Stone of being a Russian agent. (Remember, The New York Times is now owned by Mexican globalist Carlos Slim—the largest donor to The Clinton Foundation. Remember also, Soros' hedge funds make money from wars and rumors of wars as currency values go up and down in response—which feed more propaganda in a never ending stream of conflicts and money-making by globalists.) Curiously, this occurred at the same time that C.I.A. media whistleblower Dr. Udo Ulfkotte was found dead at age 56. See Ulfkotte video.


(Jan. 17, 2017)—John Grisham’s fiction warned us about a Deep State takeover. Former C.I.A. operative and patriot, Steve Pieczenik, was a Grisham advisor. He is currently helping to prevent a takeover of America by the Deep State shadow government that does not control Donald Trump.

Charles Ellis 'Chuck' Schumer
Charles Ellis 'Chuck' Schumer

The current C.I.A. attempts to smear President-elect Donald Trump, just days before his inauguration, have exposed their undemocratic treachery. For example, on Jan. 7, 2017 Senator Chuck Schumer issued a not-so-veiled threat to Donald Trump not to mess with the C.I.A. because they had "six ways from Sunday of getting back at you." Is Senator Schumer inadvertently admitting that the C.I.A. is a rogue agency?

Senator Chuck Schumer Threatens Donald Trump with retribution — saying [rogue] C.I.A. uses powers for revenge  proves The Agency is out of control

Fig. 2—Top Senate NY Democrat Charles "Chuck" Schmumer essentially threatened Donald Trump with harm during this Jan. 07, 2017 interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Maddow calls Trump's Tweet 'unsolicited' in evident nervousness at possibly 'blindsiding' the senator. As a result, we may be observing a rare moment of unscripted globalist Schumer candor. Video: MSNBC.

Shockingly, the current attempts by the C.I.A. rogue-backed globalists are not part of a Grisham spy novel, they are real and actually happening. Fortunately, as the Deep State actors step from the shadows to protect their turf from Donald Trump, they themselves are providing the missing pieces in this puzzle of treachery and treason.

Mena, Ak; London, UK; Moscow

Lawrence H. 'Larry' Summers
Larry Summers
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
George Soros
George Soros

The C.I.A. treachery of the shadow government can trace its contemporary roots back to Mena, Arkansas and London, England.

On Sep. 17, 1992, George Soros crashed the UK Pound and pocketed $1.4 billion overnight. Two weeks later, Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President of the United States and immediately appointed Harvard wonk and World Bank chief economist Larry Summers to the U.S Treasury. Summers immediately hired Russian Yuri Milner—later, DST, VKontakte (Russian Gmail and Facebook), and Sheryl K. Sandberg—later Gmail and Facebook. The recommendations pressed by this trio destroyed the emerging Russian economy. They pressed unworkable World Bank and IMF privatization policies that ushered in the current oligarch banking corruption upon which these criminals built their fortunes . . . with the help of George Soros. Their scheme to takeover global digital Email and social networks is evident in hindsight.

Saul D. Alinsky
Saul Alinsky
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Yuri Milner
Yuri Milner

Soros would go on to repeat this money market manipulation across the world for decades. These funds were used to finance Bill & Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, Barack Obama, his takeover of the U.S. Democratic Party and his Open Society Foundations globalist "new world order" political agenda.[437] See also George Soros: The epic global meddler.

Bill Clinton served two terms as governor of Arkansas (1979–1981, 1983–1992). During their time in the state house, Bill and Hillary Clinton perfected their corruption skills which they brought to Washington, D.C. when Bill became president in 1993. They learned how to smuggle, sell and launder $100 million a month in cocaine through a small airport in Mena, Arkansas. They covered up their activities through bribery, offering government employment, coercion . . . and murder, as needed, of judges, police and the media.

Hillary is a disciple of the anarchist and Luciferian—Saul Alinsky. Alinsky loathed the Judeo-Christian natural order and morality. Hillary famously conjured up Eleanor Roosevelt and visited a Los Angeles witch’s coven regularly. Their former political fixer, Larry Nichols, exposed this conduct in his documentary The Clinton Chronicles (1994).

Washington, D.C. digital communications infrastructure

James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Lawrence H. 'Larry' Summers
Larry Summers
John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta

Bill Clinton was inaugurated to his first term on Jan. 20, 1993.

Within months he teamed up with three equally ambitious individuals, John Podesta, Larry Summers and law professor James P. Chandler, III.

On Jun. 07, 1993, (the digital sellout of America began this day—all the while, Bill and Hillary Clinton's former bodyguards and campaign staff were dying left and right, God Rest Their Souls) just five months after Clinton's inauguration, these men used White House influence to convene a meeting of leaders in technology, law, commerce and education with the singular focus to create a rationale for giving the FBI an encryption backdoor key. The C.I.A. was not mentioned, but lurked in the shadows as the real beneficiary.

C.I.A. forbidden from operating inside the USA

However, the C.I.A. and NSA are forbidden by law from spying on American citizens inside the United States. That said, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama executive orders have chipped away at dubious exceptions that empower the President to sneak around the law, ostensibly for our "security."

To get the backdoor key approved, Podesta schmoozed politicians, Summers bankers and Chandler lawmakers and judges.

Dubious executive orders

The Clinton White House took control of the nation’s intelligence infrastructure through a string of dubious executive orders. Chandler created the legal framework to pave the way for this takeover. He even rewrote the Economic Espionage Act and got the Congress to approve lying to Congress and courts. That’s right. it is legal to lie to Congress without legal penalty—False Statements Accountability Act of 1996, subsection (b). Summers worked on the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Among other things, this enabled him to launder the $10’s of billions he was accumulating from his offshore Russian oligarch accounts.

Congress was totally unaware of this Deep State agenda

On Sep. 29, 1999 a lynchpin for this takeover plan was the formation of In-Q-Tel by the C.I.A.

On the surface it sounded all sweetness and light. It would “unleash” the creativity of the private sector for the benefit of the C.I.A.―who was ostensibly protecting the homeland from global threats. Who could argue with that? Right?

Wrong. The C.I.A. lies and deceives for a living. American justice can barely survive such wanton conduct. Placed in the hands of unscrupulous actors, such talents will pull down any country ostensibly ruled by law and not men.

No one appears to oppose this illegal C.I.A. takeover of Silicon Valley hardware and software companies. Intelligence activities inside the United States are (should be) the exclusive domain of the FBI. One wonders how they have gotten away with it.

The current officers and trustees of In-Q-Tel prove without question that America’s digital infrastructure was hijacked under Bill Clinton and that George Bush and Barack Obama also approved this immorality.

Three organizations run the illegal Deep State shadow government:

  1. In-Q-Tel run by the C.I.A. to pump billions of dollars in public funds to buy private companies in Silicon Valley. Once formed, the C.I.A. uses Wall Street to launder funds globally and create trillions of dollars in value to perpetuate this evil bubble. See also AFI Timeline, search "in-q-tel"

  2. NIAC (National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council) created by a string of dubious executive orders. See also AFI Timeline, search "niac"

  3. The IBM Eclipse Foundation created by the Deep State to provide the common social technology infrastructure around the planet using Leader Technologies’ social networking invention as its foundation. See also AFI Timeline, search "eclipse"
Deep State organizational chart
Fig. 3—Deep State rogue C.I.A. shadow government organization.

The Deep State discovered that they had no Internet-scale platform when they wanted to get rolling in the late 1990’s

As with every evil scheme, the Deep State plan had an Achilles’ Heel.

The technology infrastructure plan in the late 1990’s was to rely on IBM, Microsoft and AT&T for the technology.

However, they had a collective problem. They had been so busy selling their legacy “client-server” systems (PC’s linked together in networks) during the 1990’s that they had grown lax in research and development for the emerging Internet.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates admitted that he was late to the Internet game, as were IBM and AT&T.

During the mid-1990’s, a Columbus, Ohio inventor-entrepreneur named Michael McKibben had saved AT&T from great embarrassment. AT&T Bell Labs discovered that they were not prepared with new email software for the much ballyhooed introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 95.

McKibben’s team came to the rescue and built for $1 million in six months what Bell Labs had estimated would cost $6 million and three years. During that time McKibben and his team supported AT&T’s global infrastructure. McKibben’s company and Disney were two of the first ten commercial websites set up by AT&T WorldNet.

Engineer McKibben saw a gaping hole in IBM, AT&T and Microsoft capabilities to support large-scale Internet collaboration. They could not scale to the volumes of transactions that Internet users would expect. 

Social networking was invented by the real developers in Columbus, Ohio—Leader Technologies

Facebook Hacks

Shergyl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg, Summers hack, Facebook, Gmail
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Mark E. Zuckerberg, 19-yr. old immoral hack

So, rather than tell anyone what he saw, McKibben quietly formed Leader Technologies in 1997, raised his own funds, hired world-class talent,  and ran the research and development himself. He invented what we now know as “social networking” over the next three years. By the early 2000’s he had invested $10 million and created 650,000 lines of programming source code. At 66 lines per page, that’s a 10,000-page book. By contrast, Mark Zuckerberg’s lie is that he invented Facebook in “one to two weeks” while drinking, chasing girls and studying for midterms.

Zuckerberg has yet to produce any evidence of his fake story as perpetuated in The Social Network. That's right, Zuckerberg was and is merely a C.I.A. hack.

Knowing that their invention was too early for an Internet market with less than 10 million users, McKibben sought to protect these innovations with copyrights and patents. He sought the best patent advice he could find in Washington, D.C. See Leader v. Facebook trial transcripts.

The Deep State schemed to steal social networking

Through various people, McKibben was introduced to law professor James P. Chandler, III. Chandler saw instantly that McKibben had solved the technology problems his Deep State shadow government was having with IBM and Microsoft Internet platform software.

Rather than file the patents immediately, which experts say would have been normal advice, Chandler advised Leader to “reduce the invention to practice” before he would file the patents. Since Chandler was advising the Clinton White House, Congress and the Courts on such matters, Leader assumed his advice was sound.

Hindsight shows that Chandler’s advice was a self-serving effort to steal the invention for the Deep State.

Ironically, Chandler, Clinton, Summers and Podesta had formed In-Q-Tel on Sep. 29, 1999. Leader Technologies was first introduced to Chandler just a few months later in Jan. 2000.

Attorney-client privilege confidentiality is a Deep State fiction to fool unsuspecting inventors

Chandler agreed immediately to become Leader’s patent attorney and even to become a member of Leader’s board of directors. Leader was flattered by Chandler’s interest and naturally assumed that attorney-client confidentiality would be honored.

Chandler’s organizing role in the C.I.A. Deep State shadow government has taken many years to uncover. It is pretty well hidden.

However, various whistleblowers and FOIA disclosures to groups including Judicial Watch and Citizens United have now exposed Chandler’s central role. Leader’s personnel say that Chandler never disclosed his conflicts of interest with the Clinton White House, IBM, Microsoft, C.I.A., the NSA and the shadow government.

Deep State legal justification: National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC)

On Jan. 18, 2001, Bill Clinton appointed Bill Gates and James P. Chandler to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) which he had formed and empowered by a succession of executive orders. George Bush renamed it the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (also, NIAC) and layered on more executive orders.

Deep State technology distributor: The IBM Eclipse Foundation

Islamic crescent (moon eclipse)

Fig. 4—The IBM selection of this imagery for The IBM Eclipse Foundation appears to be appropriate since the symbol of Islam is an eclipse of the moon.

Six weeks after 9/11, on Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler formed The IBM Eclipse Foundation with a $40 million IBM “donation” to promote “open source.” Pundits know that IBM and “open source” are oil and water since IBM is the largest holder of patents on the planet.

Hindsight shows that the term “Eclipse” may have been well-chosen imagery for the coming radical Islamic jihadi onslaught promoted by Obama’s Deep State as he has apparently attempted to destroy Western economies in favor of China and the New World Order globalists.

On Aug. 29, 2002, all of Leader Technologies technical innovations appeared overnight in the IBM Eclipse Foundation distribution of source programming code to a suddenly rich assortment of “members” including SAP, Microsoft, HP, Oracle and IBM. IBM claimed copyrights on it all.

A series of laughable narratives by various Eclipse parties tried to cover over this theft of Leader Technologies innovations with nonsensical cover stories.

The C.I.A. created  much of modern day Silicon Valley illegally—social media is a fraud because its foundation was stolen, and the C.I.A. funded its expansion as an illegal spy tool

Now we roll this story forward to today to prove that the C.I.A. CREATED the “social” Silicon Valley as the excuse to steal all data from all users, globally, not just in the USA.

Three Silicon Valley venture capital companies figure prominently in C.I.A. In-Q-Tel:

  1. James W. Breyer
    James W. Breyer
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel NVCA chairman; Facebook chairman; Accel Partners; IDG-Accel Capital (China)
    Howard E. Cox
    Howard E. Cox
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Trustee; Greylock CEO
    Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
    Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel; Trustee, Kleiner Perkins, NVCA director
    Kleiner Perkins, Ted Schlein:
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, AOL, Verisign, Zynga, Cisco, Genentech, Netscape, WebMD, Intuit, Coursera, Groupon

  2. Greylock, Howard E. Cox
    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Cloudera, Dropbox, Groupon, Pandora, Airbnb, Digg, Zend, Constant Contact, Workday

  3. Accel Partners, James W. Breyer
    Facebook, BitTorrent, Cloudera, ComScore, DropBox, Etsy, Groupon, Raytheon BBN
C.I.A. spies run the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
James W. Breyer
James W. Breyer
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel / NVCA chairman; Facebook chairman; Accel Partners; IDG-Accel Capital (China)
Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
James W. Breyer
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel NVCA director, Kleiner Perkins
Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel CEO, NVCA director

These facts prove that Silicon Valley is essentially nationalized. Readers should remember recent history: Nazi Germany permitted private industry to flourish as long as the companies like Krupp, VW, BMW, IBM, Mercedes, Siemens, Ford and Opel supported the Nazi political agenda. The involvement of these 'private' companies in this secret White House intelligence operation parallels Nazi Germany's corporate corruption.

Kleiner and Greylock are current trustees of In-Q-Tel.

Accel Partners and its founder James W. Breyer facilitated the rise of In-Q-Tel while Breyer was Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA, 2004) where In-Q-Tel’s founding CEO Gilman Louie was also a director (1999-2006), as was as In-Q-Tel trustee Theodore "Ted" E. Schlein, CEO of Kleiner Perkins.

Other current C.I.A. In-Q-Tel trustees and officers include:

C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Management/Agents
Download all these CIA In-Q-Tel biographies, accessed Jan. 17, 2017

Lastname Firstname Fullname In-Q-Tel position Organization / C.I.A. Operative
Crow Michael M. Michael M. Crow Chairman Arizona State University
Adams Bruce Bruce Adams General Counsel Arnold & Porter LLP
Barksdale James L. James L. Barksdale Trustee Netscape
Barris Peter Peter Barris Trustee New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Bowsher Steve Steve Bowsher Managing Gen. Partner InterWest, E-Trade, Stanford
Cox Howard Howard Cox Trustee Greylock
Darby Chris Chris Darby Trustee Intel, Symantec, HP, Northern Telecom
Gleichauf Bob Bob Gleichauf Director, Lab41 Cisco
Jones Anita Anita Jones Trustee University of Virginia
Krongrad A.B. “Buzzy” A.B. “Buzzy” Krongrad Trustee DLA Piper LLP, C.I.A.
Misick Jami Jami Misick Trustee Kissinger Associates
O’Toole Tara Tara O’Toole Director, B. Next DHS, DOE
Louie Gilman Gilman Louie CEO emeritus "Once C.I.A., always C.I.A."
Mullen Mike Mike Mullen Trustee Bush/Obama military advisor, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman
Paté-Cornell M. Elisabeth M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell Trustee Bush Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
Porter Lisa Lisa Porter Director, Cosmiq Works IARPA, NASA
Poulos Lisabeth Lisabeth Poulos Chief of Staff BAE, Microstrategy
Radosevich Will Will Radosevich EVP, Technology Programs Mobile System 7
Schlein Ted Ted Schlein Trustee Kleiner Perkins, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Shea Teresa Teresa Shea Director, Cyber Reboot NSA
Strottman Matthew Matthew Strottman COO Friedman Billings, PWC, Notre Dame, Georgetown
Tenet George J. George J. Tenet Trustee C.I.A. Director, Allen & Co
Vickers Mike Mike Vickers EVP DoD
Table 1—C.I.A. managers/agents of In-Q-Tel.
Michael M. Crow
Michael M. Crow
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Chairman; Arizona State University (ASU)

The illegal collusion of the Deep State military-industrial complex is grossly evident just in the list of In-Q-Tel trustees. When we add the list of members in the NIAC and IBM Eclipse Foundation, the evident corruption of the shadow government is glaring. Again, one wonders why no one in government, intelligence, commerce or the military blew the whistle on this massive collusion.

It appears that when the rogue public-private C.I.A. operatives came out of the woodwork to smear Donald Trump with all the talk of fake news and supposed Russian dossiers, they over-played their hand, thankfully.

2,387 technology financings by C.I.A. officers

"The Internet of Things:" Even your alarm, toaster and fridge now spy on you for the C.I.A. thanks to these traitors.

These three “vulture” capitalists have together funded 2,387 financings of largely Silicon Valley companies that are heavily committed to the C.I.A. “The Internet of Things” social technologies. Accel Partners, Greylock, Kleiner Perkins.

Click here for an Excel | PDF full downloads of the CrunchBase financing summaries for Accel Partners, Greylock and Kleiner Perkins.

James W. Breyer, John P. Breyer - Super Bullish on China
Fig. 5—James P. Breyer is Facebook's largest institutional investor. He is closely allied with the C.I.A.'s venture capital company, In-Q-Tel. In May 2012, Breyer resigned as Wal-Mart director after the Mexican bribery scandal.

Breyer has shifted his venture capital investing priority outside the the U.S. to China where his reclusive father, John P. Breyer (the web has been essentially cleansed of Breyer Sr.'s biographical information who was the founder of ComputerWorld (!), but AFI investigators found some information linked here), moved to set up IDG-Accel and IDG Capital Partners. John P. Breyer, Andy Grove (Intel) and George Soros are fellow Hungarian refugees.

Some of the Chinese officers of Breyer's IDG Technology Venture Investment III LLP and Wininchina, Inc. were identified by HSBC Swiss whistleblower Hervé Falciani as being involved with off-shore money laundering of dictators, drug and arms dealers. The HSBC money launders fingered by Falciani include all of the Facebook IPO underwriters and several Facebook law firms.

Breyer is also pressing Barack Obama to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which includes liberal intellectual property provision allowing infringing countries to rewrite their rules at any time to favor a local infringer like Facebook and other Breyer companies.
Photo:Der Spiegel; Graphic: NVCA.

C.I.A. operatives like Breyer are “super-bullish” on China

Many technology operatives are now meeting in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. They are openly complaining about Donald Trump’s populist victory in America, and Brexit in the UK. Tellingly, one of the keynote speakers was Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China is promoting Internet censorship of populist movements worldwide

The Chinese president is openly calling for censorship of the American populist alternative media. Davos globalist disciples are now looking to Communist China to save their 100-year One World Government agenda (e.g., Rothchilds, Bilderberg, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan) to establish corporate control of world government--a movement that is now being resisted worldwide.

The American Republic is teetering

No wonder the American Republic is teetering.

An entire generation of technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley has been morally and ethically ruined by this rogue group of C.I.A. spies and their global accomplices.

These In-Q-Tel people elected themselves to dictate the rules of our business and social discourse. The American Republic is under attack.

We need to find every way to resist these globalists.

* * *

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Poscript, Jan. 20, 2017 Update:

Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on C.I.A. Media Control Drops Dead at 56; says C.I.A. rogues are fomenting global wars

Fig. 6—Jan. 20, 2017: Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist and whistleblower who spoke out against fake news from government and intelligence sources, has died from a heart attack at the age of 56. He said on Mar. 30, 2016: “We All Lie for the CIA.”

Dr. Ulfkotte said the mainstream media is completely fake. | Raw *.mp4 video file

"We all lie for the C.I.A... I'm fed up with this propaganda"

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  1. Email comment by Lancelot:

    These are incredible facts and stunning evidence that Obama really does not like America and tried to join a 'greater power', the globalists. Thank God for President Donald Trump and the strong team he has put together. America is going to be much safer and stronger in every way within the next few years.

  2. Email comment by VV:

    Saudi Arabia spent $25 million (with Hillary and Bill) trying to buy the next president but cucks and liberals think it's Russia that's undermining our democracy.


    Full story:

  4. Email comment by CT:

    WAT?!!!!! CNN explored a scenario for assassinating Donald Trump. No could make this up!!!! Are you kidding me? I hope the FBI arrests these irresponsible FAKE NEWS CNN "journalists."

    Staff. (Jan. 19, 2017). CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power. The Washington Feed.

    As the nation prepares for the peaceful transfer of power on Inauguration Day, CNN is dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were blown up as they prepared to take to oath of office.

    On the Wednesday, January 18 broadcast of CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer aired a segment with a chyron featuring the headline “Developing Now.” During that “developing” segment, Blitzer and correspondent Brian Todd discussed what would happen if the unthinkable occurred on January 20.

    Blitzer introduced the segment, saying, “What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?” and from there, CNN contributor Brian Todd took over to outline the line of succession if an attack blew up the inaugural dais, killing both Trump and Pence.

    Full story:

    1. Matthew Boyle. (Jan. 19, 2017). Fake News CNN Versus President Donald Trump: Network’s Top Executive Makes Veiled Threat. Breitbart.

      Fake news outlet CNN’s top executive, Jeff Zucker, is threatening the incoming president of the United States Donald J. Trump.

      “It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy,” Zucker, CNN’s president, said in an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, when asked about how Trump denounced CNN as “fake news” at his press conference last week in New York City. “I think he’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s — to use one of his favorite words — sad.”

      Full story:

    2. Warner Todd Huston. (Jan. 18, 2017). CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power. Breitbart.

      As the nation prepares for the peaceful transfer of power on Inauguration Day, CNN is dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were blown up as they prepared to take to oath of office.

      On the Wednesday, January 18 broadcast of CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer aired a segment with a chyron featuring the headline “Developing Now.” During that “developing” segment, Blitzer and correspondent Brian Todd discussed what would happen if the unthinkable occurred on January 20.

      Full story:

  5. Email comment by CM:

    Staff. (Jan. 19, 2017). New Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate U.S. Elections. The Washington Feed.

    Leaked funding documents reveal an effort by George Soros and his foundations to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the federal election far more expansively than has been previously reported.

    The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.

    Full story:

  6. What is going on with the lunatic left?

    Jose Lambiet. (Jan. 18, 2017). EXCLUSIVE: Florida man charged with threatening to kill President-elect Trump at his inauguration on Twitter was a close family friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Daily Mail.

    -Dominic Puopolo, 51, is being held without bail on charges of threatening harm against a public servant

    -Hillary Clinton was especially close to Puopolo's sister Sonia and mother, also named Sonia

    -Puopolo once gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, has learned

    -His mother was among 92 people on American Airlines Flight 11 on Sept. 11, 2001, when it crashed into the World Trade Center's north tower

    -Puopolo posted a video on his Twitter account that said, 'This is the 16th of January 2017, I will be at the review/inauguration and I will kill President Trump'

    -He was arrested a short time later at a Miami Beach Subway restaurant and admitted to officers he had posted the threatening video

    Full story:

  7. Email by QP:


    Thomas Burrows. (Jan. 19, 2017). Former child sex slave sold into Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring where boys and girls were tortured and KILLED reveals the horrors of her five years of abuse. The Daily Mail.

    -Anneke Lucas, 53, was sold into a murderous paedophile ring in Belgium at six

    -She was raped 1,700 hours before reaching the age of 12 during horrifying abuse

    -Children were scared into silence and members of the network killed those who threatened to go to the police

    -At the age of 11, it was decided she was 'of no use anymore' and was to be killed

    -But she was spared, fled Belgium and now spoken out about sickening ordeal

    Full story:


    Jonathan Landay. (Jan. 18, 2017). CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans. Reuters.

    LANGLEY, Va. (Reuters) - The Central Intelligence Agency on Wednesday unveiled revised rules for collecting, analyzing and storing information on American citizens, updating the rules for the information age and publishing them in full for the first time.

    The guidelines are designed "in a manner that protects the privacy and civil rights of the American people," CIA General Counsel Caroline Krass told a briefing at the agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

    The new rules were released amid continued public discomfort over the government's surveillance powers, an issue that gained prominence following revelations in 2013 by former government contractor Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency (NSA) secretly collected the communications data of millions of ordinary Americans.

    Full story:

    1. The new procedures, under development for years, were signed on Tuesday by CIA Director John Brennan and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


    Jon Lockett. (Jan. 19, 2017). TRUMP NUKE ALERT North Korea places long-range nuke missiles on mobile launchers as it threatens ‘nice surprise’ for Donald Trump inauguration. The Sun.

    Scary news comes as satellite images show 'increased activity at one of the rogue state's major nuclear sites

    NORTH Korea is ‘readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles’ to ‘nuke’ Donald’s Trump inauguration, it’s been reported.

    Military officials say the rogue state wants to send a “strategic message” to the incoming US President by timing launches to ruin his big day tomorrow.

    Full story:

    Starts Friday, January 20 at 8am Central:

    Full live video coverage:

  11. Email comment by GH:


    Baran Hines. (Jan. 20, 2017). Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead at 56. D.C. Clothesline.

    “I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past, because they are bribed, to betray the people not only in Germany all over Europe.”

    Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist and whistleblower who spoke out against fake news from government and intelligence sources, has died from a heart attack at the age of 56. He was an assistant editor for German mainstream media newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and he lived in many Middle Eastern countries during his career, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan.

    Full story:

  12. Email comment by GH:

    Asra Q. Nomani. (Jan. 20. 2017). Billionare George Soros ties to more than 50 'partners of the Woman's March on Washington. NYT.

    In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the after-party, dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”?

    The Guardian has touted the “Women’s March on Washington” as a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights. Another liberal media outlet, Vox, talks about the “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march. On its website, organizers of the march are promoting their work as “a grassroots effort” with “independent” organizers. Even my local yoga studio, Beloved Yoga, is renting a bus and offering seats for $35. The march’s manifesto says magnificently, “The Rise of the Woman = The Rise of the Nation.”

    Full story:

  13. Email comment by GH/JM:

    Brian Thomas. (Jan. 21, 2017). Top Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group. The Federalist Papers Project.

    Linda Sarsour is one of Saturday’s Women’s March in D.C.’s top organizers, and new details have emerged connecting her with a Hamas operative.

    The Women’s March is expected to gather hundreds of thousands of protesters, and owes much of its structuring to Sarsour’s work.

    Eyebrows raised when Sarsour was recently spotted at a large Chicago Muslim conference, and it’s there where she met with a board member of “American Muslims for Palestine,” who also happens to be a former member of the terrorist group, Hamas.

    Full story:

  14. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    Bob Unruh. (Jan. 21, 2017). Gotcha! Proof the State Department like in Iran deception. WND.

    'Sensitive' internal docs reveal 'purposeful' intent to conceal admission from public

    The American Center for Law and Justice, which alleges the Obama State Department manipulated video to conceal a spokeswoman’s admission of lying to the public about the Iran deal, says it now has definitive evidence to back its claim.

    The deleted section contained a question from the Fox News Channel’s James Rosen during a daily press briefing Dec. 2, 2013: “Is it the policy of the State Department, where the preservation or the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?”

    State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “James, I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that.”

    But that exchange was missing from video released by the State Department.

    Full story:

  15. Email comment by GH:

    Sam McCabe. (Jan. 21, 2017). Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia - Stop Operation Soros (SOS) to stop billionaire globalist. Neonnettle.

    A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS), a movement dedicated to stopping the evil of Billionaire Globalist, Geroge Soros

    A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS), a movement dedicated to stopping the evil of Billionaire Globalist, Geroge Soros, has now launched in Macedonia.

    The SOS founders called on citizens around the world to “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros.” The movement has been set up to expose the 'subversive activities of all of George Soros's organistaions. Hungary has also taken to steps to clamp down on Soros funded organizations by banning them from the country.

    Full story:

  16. Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:

    Reporter Wars: My Secrecy Battles With Federal Government

    I just filed my latest appeal to the FBI’s improper withholding of my FBI file.

    You may not know it, but every American citizen–even a lowly reporter–is entitled to see his FBI file, if one exists. Under Freedom of Information (FOI) law, the government is allowed to redact bits of information from the file if it affects national security or an ongoing investigation, but the government must provide reasons for any such redactions and disclose the rest of the file. The FBI has refused to do this in my case.

    The federal government routinely violates FOI law with impunity. I’m receiving assistance with this appeal from Charles Glasser, renowned media lawyer and adjunct professor of Media Ethics and Law at New York University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

    Full story:

  17. Email comment by JM/GH:

    Ginni Thomas. (Jan. 21, 2017). DHS Whistleblower Ready To ‘Drain The Swamp’ With Trump [VIDEO]. The Daily Caller.

    A road-worn, devoted Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and author is uniquely positioned to help President Donald Trump do the forensics on what is on the bottom of the swamp.

    Since Phil Haney’s book, “See Something Say Nothing,” came out, he saw, felt and witnessed the rising up of Americans who coalesced at the ballot box to turn this country away from willful blindness, excessively loose immigration policies and failed counter-terrorism policies in the name of civil rights. Haney says, “people knew intuitively that something wasn’t right” in our government’s policies to keep Americans safe.

    “I know where the valves are and people like me do,” the soft-spoken Haney — who traveled to 90 cities starting in Indianapolis, Ind. in April to Omaha, Neb. on Nov. 7, speaking to millions of worried Americans — says in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Full story:

  18. Email comment by JM:

    Paul Joseph Watson. (Jan. 21, 2017). ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTER DISPLAYS ISIS FLAG, BEHEADING VIDEO. Infowars.

    Images taken during the violent unrest in Washington DC this week show an anti-Trump Antifa protester displaying a photo of an ISIS flag and an ISIS beheading video on his phone to intimidate Trump supporters.

    The individual who took the photos of the protester sent them to Infowars. He said he was inside the Proper 21 sports bar in northwest Washington on Thursday night when the protester approached the glass window.

    Full story:


    Henry Makow, PhD. (Jun. 21, 2015). Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society, from Mar. 18, 2002. Before It's News.

    “In the 1960′s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order.”

    Since writing these words last week, I have discovered that before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist students in Europe and disrupting their meetings. She became a media darling due to her CIA connections. MS Magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA.

    Steinem has tried to suppress this information, unearthed in the 1970′s by a radical feminist group called “Red Stockings.” In 1979, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post and Ford Foundation President Franklin Thomas prevented Random House from publishing it in “Feminist Revolution.” Nevertheless the story appeared in the “Village Voice” on May 21, 1979.

    Full story:

    1. Here's a more complete citation to these revelations about the C.I.A. involvement in the feminist movement. This helps explain the screwy behavior of this anti-Trump feminist demonstration this weekend. Anti-Trump globalist rogue elements within the C.I.A. organized it!

      Gloria Steinem. (ca. 1963). Interview with feminist Gloria Steinem about her involvement with the C.I.A. Independent Research Service (1959-ca.1968 ), Ms. Magazine, NOW (National Organization of Women, also a C.I.A. front) and the Helsinki World Youth Festival in 1962. RRB_JFK Assassination Archives

      RAW VIDEO FILE (for download):

      YOUTUBE Version:

  20. Email comment by AS:

    Reuters. (Jan. 23, 2017). Trump Signs Executive Order on Federal Hiring Freeze. Newsmax.

    President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order putting a freeze on hiring and wage increases for some federal government workers.

    The order fulfilled a promise Trump made during his campaign.

    The hiring freeze excludes military and national security employees.

    Full story:

  21. Ruh Roh for Madonna? Loose lips sink divas?

    Sandy Fitzgerald. (Jan. 23, 2017). Gingrich: Madonna 'Ought to Be Arrested' for White House Comment. Newsmax.

    Madonna "ought to be arrested" for saying she has thought about blowing up the White House, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich declared Monday.

    "She is parallel to the young fascists who ran around town breaking windows, all who should be given the maximum sentence," Gingrich told Fox News' "Fox & Friend" program about the pop singer's comments during Saturday's Women's March in Washington D.C., held to protest President Donald Trump's election and statements.

    "The truth is, she ought to be arrested for saying she has thought about blowing up the White House."

    Full story:



    Dr. Susan Berry. (Jan. 23, 2017). Watch: Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pre-Natal Care Deception’. Breitbart.

    National pro-life organization Live Action is releasing a new investigative video allegedly revealing that “pre-natal care,” a service Planned Parenthood officials persistently claim is offered in its clinics, is “virtually nonexistent at the abortion chain.”

    According to Live Action:

    Although Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told the media in 2011 that, “Prenatal care – these are the kinds of services that folks depend on Planned Parenthood for,” Live Action investigators searching for such services at Planned Parenthood were turned away by 92 of the 97 centers they contacted.

    Full story:

  23. Email comment by CT:

    What do you call 68 Democrats choosing not to participate in government?

    A good start.

    [Editors: 68 Democrats in Congress chose not to participate in the swearing in ceremony for our 45th President Donald J. Trump. By their choice not to participate in arguably our Republic's most sacred task, did these elected officials damage the Republic, themselves, or both?]

  24. Breitbart. (Jan. 24, 2017). REPORT: OBAMA GAVE $221 MILLION TO PALESTINIANS IN LAST HOURS. Infowars.

    This was not the first time Obama had granted funding to the Palestinian Authority despite Congress’s wishes

    The Associated Press reported Monday that former President Barack Obama released $221 million in U.S. funding for the Palestinian Authority on the morning of Friday, January 20 — just hours before he was to leave office.

    Full story:

  25. Email comment by GH:

    Steve Topple. (Jan. 24, 2017). The whistleblower who exposed a billion-pound scam by HSBC claims the media is now gagging him [VIDEO]. The Canary.

    A whistleblower who exposed millions of pounds of “unreasonable” customer charges by HSBC says he feels “vindicated” after the bank agreed to finally redress affected customers. But speaking exclusively to The Canary, the man at the centre of the storm insists that mainstream media outlets have repeatedly “gagged” and “ignored” him. And he believes a “cover-up” of what he considers fraud amounting to £1bn by HSBC goes all the way to the BBC and David Cameron.

    The world’s dodgiest bank?

    Nicholas Wilson is a former Litigation Manager and Head of Debt Recovery at Weightmans Solicitors LLP, a firm which has represented HSBC. As The Canary reported in January 2016, the case involves customers of HSBC-owned HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services (JLFS) who fell into difficulty with credit card payments. Between 2003 and 2009, the two companies referred customers having financial problems to their solicitors. It then added 16.4% of customers’ credit card balances to their accounts as a “debt collection charge”.

    In 2003, Wilson told HFC Bank that its actions were illegal. But the bank ignored him. And in 2006, Wilson believes Weightmans sacked him for whistleblowing. But in 2010, the Office of Fair Trading said that HFC Bank and JLFS charges to customers were unreasonable. And following a ruling by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on 20 January this year, the bank has agreed to pay back £4m to 6,700 customers after wrongly charging interest on credit card debt. But Wilson believes the true amount HSBC owes is £1bn.

    Tip of the HSBC iceberg?

    Full story:

    1. Editor: FBI Director James B. Comey was the HSBC General Counsel before being appointed to the FBI by Obama. Good guy who knows where the bodies are buried, or globalist mole? Time will tell.

      AFI. (Apr. 01, 2016). Hillary Server-gate covered up by FBI directors. Americans for Innovation.

  26. Email comment by JM:

    REVIEW OF OBAMA'S DIVISIVE RHETORIC... all the while he blaims the right wing for his divisiveness. Good riddance.

    Fox News. (Jan. 18, 2017). Hannity rocks. LET THE DOOR HIT OBAMAS ASS ON THEIR WAY OUT!!!!! Real News Studio Alternative.

    1. Email comment by Alex Jones:

      RT. (Jan. 25, 2017). U.S. ELITES BUYING NEW ZEALAND REDOUBTS TO ESCAPE “CRACKUP OF CIVILIZATION” - Wealthy Americans fear impending civil war in homeland. Infowars.

      Wealthy Americans are preparing for a possible US collapse or revolt by the poor and buying properties in New Zealand, The New Yorker magazine reported.

      According to writer Evan Osnos, preppers from Silicon Valley and New York are getting ready for the “crackup of civilization.”

      One American hedge-fund manager who owns two New Zealand homes told Osnos he expected at least a decade of political turmoil in the United States. PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel also owns property there, and has described New Zealand as “utopia.”

      Full story:

    2. Email comment by DL:


      David Streitfeld. (Jan. 25, 2017). Peter Thiel, Trump Adviser, Has a Backup Country: New Zealand. The New York Times.

      SAN FRANCISCO — Peter Thiel is a billionaire, the biggest Donald J. Trump supporter in Trump-hating Silicon Valley and, above all, someone who prides himself on doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

      So it makes perfect sense that right after President Trump proclaimed that “the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America,” Mr. Thiel was revealed to have become in 2011 a citizen of a small country on the other side of the world: New Zealand. In these uncertain times, it may be smart to have a backup country. But the news that one of the richest citizens of New Zealand is a naturalized American who was born in Germany set off an immediate furor in the island nation, with questions being raised about whether being a billionaire gets you special treatment.

      If you like New Zealand enough to want to become a citizen, the country’s Department of Internal Affairs noted on Wednesday, you are usually supposed to actually live there. Mr. Thiel does not appear to have done this.

      Full story:

  27. Email comment by AS:


    Tucker Carlson. (Dec. 23, 2016). Michelle Obama has Embarrassing Meltdown on Television. Fox News.

    Michelle Obama has a meltdown on TV.

    Full video story:

  28. Alex Jones. (Jan. 25, 2017). Facts destroy MSM's claim that Trump had small crowd size. Infowars.

    Alex Jones tries to unravel the mystery of why the MSM cannot deal with reality.

    Full story:

  29. I find it interesting that the womens march turned from womens rights to a march against President Trump because of one man who is not an American, George Soros.

  30. Alex Jones. (JAn. 25, 2017). DNC LEADER CALLS FOR, ‘SUPPRESSING WHITE PEOPLES’ SPEECH’. Infowars.

    Top Democrat says it's her job to tell other white people to 'shut up'

    Full story:

  31. Alex Jones. (Jan. 25, 2017). QUESTION: WILL TRUMP ADDRESS CHEMTRAIL/GEO ENGINEERING? - The Trump administration may expose the secret globalist agenda. Infowars.

    Will Donald Trump let the people know what the government has been hiding from them?

    Full story:

  32. Email comment by David Knight:

    [EDITOR: This is an attack on the alternative media who don't have the Wall Street globalist deep pockets to hire lawyers to fight what will be an endless stream of copyright infringement lawsuits. Bottom line, this is yet another tactic being rolled out by unscrupulous lawyers whose Mommy's left them to play by themselves in the schoolyard as children. It is an attempt to create an environment of FEAR AND SELF-CENSORSHIP to shut up the alternative media that has so discredited them during the 2016 Presidential campaign. RESIST.]


    Full story:

    1. Here is the draconian ABC censorship notice:

      Wed Jan 25 2017 09:49:30 ET

      Following are usage rules for the ABC News special 'President Trump: The First Interview,' a one-on-one interview with 'World News Tonight' Anchor David Muir airing Wednesday, January 25, 2017 (10:00 -- 11:00 pm ET) on ABC News.

      1. Excerpts of no more than THREE MINUTES (3:00) of actualities from ABC News may be incorporated in your regularly scheduled news program's broadcast. Material can no longer be used after February 1.

      2. A mandatory on-screen credit must be aired during the entire excerpt you broadcast. You must include the mandatory 'ABC News' bug visible with no company logos over the above footage.

      3. The excerpt must be introduced with an audio credit 'In President Trump's first interview on ABC News'

      4. You must advise your affiliates and any other entities to which you provide material for broadcast that they must abide by the same usage and credit guidelines to incorporate any excerpts in their locally originated programming.

      5. Domestic networks may not redistribute the material as clips or raw material to international affiliates or agencies. Re-distribution of an entire segment or program containing the clip is allowed as long as the affiliates are advised that no excerpting of the clip or cataloguing for future use is allowed.

      6. If the video interview is used on the Internet, online services or interactive multimedia transmissions, you MUST use the embed code, which will be provided.

      ABC News reserves all of its rights and remedies in the event of any violation of its rights.

  33. Email comment by Lancelot:



    ABC is attempting to shut down all alternative media by enforcing draconian new copyright rules that are designed to create excuses for globalist lawyers to file an endless stream of nuisance lawsuits against them.

    On Jan. 25, 2017, ABC News issued a draconian set of new rules for its first interview with President Donald Trump by which it will protect its claimed copyrights, ostensibly.

    One must read the latest ABC attempt to hobble the alternative media with one eye on the unscrupulous lawyers who wrote it.

    To many lawyers, the law is first and foremost an opportunity to create billable hours. Justice may or may not be a byproduct of their work. Too many judges are in the same league that keeps lawyers employed. For those judges, justice may or may not be a byproduct of their work.

    When unscrupulous lawyers don’t have legitimate reasons to sue people, they fabricate claims. This is to get past something called Rule 11 (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) which was created to prohibit frivolous lawsuits. This latest ABC move is a boldface creation by unscrupulous lawyers to intimidate the small, underfunded alternative media into silence by self-censorship. In other words, they will not be able to defend themselves against ABC lawsuits, however unjustified.

    It is well known that fear of lawsuits prevents many with righteous causes from pursuing bad guys with deep pockets. This ABC announcement is created by globalist lawyers to have an endless stream of copyright claims they can level against the alternative media to stop critique of their fake news reporting.

    These terms are intended to lock out small investigators who cannot afford the equipment to edit video with things like “You must include the mandatory 'ABC News' bug visible with no company logos over the above footage.” The ABC rules even say that there can be “no excerpting of the clip or cataloguing for future use.”

    With the two rules just cited above, ABC’s lawyers will create an endless stream of lawsuits and injunctions against independent media that they want to intimidate into silence. The prohibition against saving a copy of their video (even if it is not being displayed) will give ABC the opportunity to use a crooked judge to slap an injunction on and seize hard drives to prove whether or not the ABC video file exists on a computer.

    * * * President Trump must refuse to do the ABC interview and prevent this dangerous attempt to stifle Free Speech. * * *

    1. Email comment by David Knight:

      David Knight. (JAn. 25, 2017). ABC NEWS CLAIMS OWNERSHIP OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT’S WORDS - Network issues strict rules for upcoming interview. Infowars.

      Mainstream network claims they own the rights to Trump’s first White House interview.

      Full story:


    (Jan. 25, 2017). Lawmakers Push to Break Up the Most Liberal Federal Court [9th Circuit]. Liberty Headlines.

    [NOTE: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is headquartered in San Francisco, California]

    (Daily Caller News Foundation) A group of Republican senators will introduce legislation splitting the country’s largest — and some say most liberal — appeals court into smaller, separate jurisdictions.

    The effort is led by GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who argues the burgeoning docket on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has dramatically slowed the pace of justice.

    “With regard to the court, it’s just access to justice,” Flake said. “Its docket is more than twice as big as the next biggest circuit. This has been a long time coming, and hopefully we can make some progress finally.”

    Full story:

  35. Email comment by DL:

    Richard Pollock. (Jan. 25, 2017). EXCLUSIVE: IG Investigating Obama Admin Cyber Attacks On Georgia Election System. The Daily Caller.

    Federal officials have launched an investigation into why the Department of Homeland Security hacked into the Georgia state governmental network, including its election system, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

    Full story:

  36. Exposes massive DOJ collusion with the Deep State


    FBI has hidden for 16 yrs. Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s collusion in the cover-up of the Clinton Foundation and the theft of social networking invention

    Jan. 26, 2017―On Tues. Nov. 1, 2016, just one week before the election―James Comey’s FBI released 638 heavily-redacted pages of Grand Jury documents related to a now-closed federal investigation of Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, in 2001. These documents have been concealed from public review for 16 years.

    Be Patient! If you are new to our TIMELINE, please be patient on the first download. It contains many valuable photos and illustrations. It will load more quickly afterwards.

    The heavily redacted documents involve the last-minute Clinton pardon (on Jan. 20, 2001—the day he left office) of billionaire fugitive Marc Rich who was wanted for tax evasion. An undisclosed donor to the Democratic Party was also under investigation.

    MSM cover-up

    Glossed over in the scant MSM coverage of this Grand Jury is the fact that the only DOJ official who knew about the plan to pardon Rich was then Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder. At the time, Holder was advisor to James P. Chandler, III. Chandler was also the patent attorney to Leader Technologies—the true inventor of social networking. IBM counsel David J. Kappos was also an advisor to Chandler.

    (Eight years later, Barack Obama appointed Holder as Attorney General, and Kappos as Patent Office Director.) (Nothing to see here, please move along . . .)

    How the Deep State controls social networking and the Internet

    On Feb. 15, 2001, the same day the Clinton Grand Jury was requested, Chandler, an advisor to the NSA and C.I.A., filed for a trademark. On Mar. 14, 2001, a month later, the Judicial Conference relaxed the financial investing rules for federal judges, permitting widespread concealment of globalist corporation investments by judges, inside mutual funds. The activities described here are obviously part of a deliberate plan.

    On Aug. 07, 2001, Chandler and joined the board of Eurotech which became an obvious C.I.A. / NSA front organization for “The IBM Internet of Things.” Eurotech’s partners were/are Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and Wind River, among others. Eurotech has morphed through various onshore and offshore entities into The White Oak Group—a multi-billion dollar homeland security contractor that has copied and uses Leader Technologies’ 2001 business plans. On Nov. 03, 2011, Eurotech “donated” messaging technology to Facebook.

    On Oct. 31, 2001, William Binney, designer of the NSA computer system, resigned from the NSA and became a whistleblower after being suddenly sidelined by the Deep State shadow government. By 2001 he was witnessing a widespread abuse of laws regarding the respect for the privacy of US citizens inside the NSA. Binney continues to be a whistleblower.

    Eric Holder hid his own sins

    Eric Holder’s and the Clinton Foundation’s central role in the Deep State was clearly being hidden as shown by this FBI document dump on the eve of the election of Donald Trump. Eric Holder was concealing his cover-up of Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation wrongdoings throughout his entire tenure as Obama’s Attorney General.

    Deep State shadow government timeline:

  37. Email comment by JM:

    Distasteful ABC - Snubs President Trump who had given them his first interview.

    Paul Joseph Watson. (Jan. 26, 2017). ABC AIRS PROMO FOR SHOW ABOUT PRESIDENT BEING SHOT DURING TRUMP INTERVIEW - Dramatic clip shows sniper firing towards fictional president. Infowars.

    ABC aired a promo for a show about a fictional president being shot during their much hyped interview with Donald Trump last night.

    The clip is a promo for episode 11 of the ABC show Designated Survivor, in which Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”

    One viewer complained to Infowars that he thought the airing of the ad during the interview with Trump was “distasteful”.

    Full story:



    Pre-order 'The Making of the President 2016' at the Infowars Store now!

    Full story:

  39. Email comment by Rob Dew:


    Epic move by Trump as he continues to battle the media.

    Donald Trump has once again set a trap for the press, this time by goading them into freaking out about his impending investigation into nationwide voter fraud.

    Full story:


    Obama: "When you vote, you are a citizen yourself..."

    President Obama endorsed the notion of illegal aliens casting votes in the 2016 US presidential election, in a shocking clip analyzed by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

    “…of the millenials, dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country – are fearful of voting,” an interviewer told the president. “So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

    “Not true,” Obama reassured. “And the reason is first of all when you vote you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

    Cavuto was beside himself in disbelief.

    Full story:


    Staff. (Jan. 27, 2017). March for Life 2017: Photos from Washington, DC's Pro-Life Rally. Breitbart.

    The 2017 March for Life saw thousands of pro-life demonstrators rally at the National Mall in Washington, DC, spurred on by encouraging messages from newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump and appearances by his top surrogates. Vice President Mike Pence became the first VP ever to address the crowd, while Trump’s winning campaign manager Kellyanne Conway headlined the event.

    Reporters from Breitbart News were also in attendance at the 44th annual March for Life, capturing scenes from the crowd. See those images and photos from news wires below:

    Full story:

  42. Email comment by JM:

    Rob Price. (Jan. 27, 2017). A site that tracked massive hacks has disappeared after being allegedly raided by the cops. Business Insider.

    A site that tracked massive hacks and data breaches has disappeared after being allegedly raided by the police.

    LeakedSource, a for-profit service that aggregated data from various hacks and made users pay to search it, has gone offline, as previously reported by Zack Whittaker at ZDNet. And a message posted on a forum dedicated to hacking and virtual markets claims that this is because the site has been taken down by law enforcement.

    Full story:

  43. Email comment by GH:

    Let's hope Trump's people aren't fooled by Google's apparent changing of its stripes. Clearly it is nothing by a CIA front that steals all our data.

    Ben Brody. (Jan. 25, 2017). Google Parts With Podesta Lobbying Firm as Trump Enters Washington. Bloomberg.

    fter at least 12 years together, Alphabet Inc., the parent of Google, won’t be represented by one of Washington’s most prominent lobbying groups, a firm with long-standing ties to the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton.

    The Podesta Group -- whose chairman, Tony Podesta, is a major Democratic fundraiser and the brother of Clinton’s former campaign manager -- is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google, public disclosures show. The change coincided with Google’s bid to hire someone for “conservative outreach,” according to a December job advertisement.

    Full story:

  44. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    Greg Corombos. (Jan. 28, 2017). ELECTION EXPERT: 'OBAMA TOLD A WHOPPER OF A LIE' ON VOTER FRAUD - White House 'knowingly and intentionally refused' to make states clean up election records. WND.

    One of the leading election fraud experts says there is virtually no way to determine how many fraudulent votes were cast in 2016 [Editor: new university studies are showing more than 10 million fraudulent votes, almost all going to Hillary Clinton), but he is applauding President Trump’s call for an investigation, saying the U.S. is long overdue in taking important steps to ensure more accurate elections.

    Trump has said repeatedly that he believes the votes of illegal aliens across the United States are responsible for Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. The issue flared again, both at a White House press briefing and in a pair of Trump tweets that announce his call for a formal probe.

    Former Federal Elections Commission member Hans von Spakovsky now manages the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation. While not weighing on Trump’s specific assertions, Von Spakovsky told WND and Radio America a thorough federal investigation into voting laws is clearly warranted.

    Full story:

  45. Mikael Thalen. (Jan. 27, 2017). JERRY SEINFELD STIRS CONTROVERSY AFTER ‘BLACK’S LIFE MATTERS’ JOKE - Comedian has repeatedly challenged "creepy PC" culture. Infowars.

    Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is facing backlash online after tweeting a joke Friday referencing the Black Lives Matter movement.

    While announcing fellow comedian Lewis Black as the next guest on his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld jokingly tweeted that “Black’s life matters.”

    Full story:

  46. Email comment by Zero Hedge:

    Tyler Durden. (Jan. 27, 2017). Brandon Smith: How to Defeat The Globalist System. Zero Hedge.

    In my last two articles, ‘How Globalists Predict Your Behavior’ and ‘How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists’, I explained the base fundamentals behind a concept with which most people are unfamiliar.
    They are so unfamiliar with it, in fact, that I didn’t bother to name it. In this article I hope to explain it, but I highly recommend people read the previous articles in this series before moving forward.

    What I outlined, essentially, was a beginners course on 4th Generation Warfare. This methodology is difficult to summarize, but here I will list what I believe are some of its core tenets.

    Full story:

  47. Email comment by Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones. (Jan. 28, 2017). COMMUNIST CHINESE CLAIM THEY RULE AMERICA - Chi-comms want to enslave humanity. Infowars.

    The communist Chinese have become increasingly bolder, going so far as to claim that they control the United States:

    Full story:

  48. Email comment by AS:

    Jamie White. (Jan. 26, 2017). ‘STOP SOROS’ MOVEMENT SWEEPS EUROPE - Soros behind mass Muslim migration in Europe. Infowars.

    A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS) is launching in the Balkan nation of Macedonia to counter the influence of globalist billionaire George Soros.

    The founders of the group called on all “free-minded citizens” to join them in the “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros,” reports a Slovenian newspaper.

    Full story:

  49. Email comment by Info Lib:

    ABORTION BAN INCOMING: VP MIKE PENCE, KELLYANNE CONWAY SPEAK AT ‘MARCH FOR LIFE’ - The difference is between life and death. Informtion Liberation / Infowars.

    Roe v Wade is going to be overturned and abortion is going to be banned in America, that’s the clear message coming out of this week’s “March for Life” in Washington DC.

    Vice President Mike Pence, the highest ranking official ever to speak at the annual march, said plainly President Trump asked him to speak there. He told the crowd “life is winning” and “we will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America.”

    Full story:

  50. Is Judge Donnelly a Soros/Schumer agent?

    Sen. Chuck Schumer sponsored Donnelly. Schumer just threatened Pres. Trump with C.I.A. retribution last week.

    Would you trust your life to a doctor with just months of subject matter experience? So what makes Donnelly qualified to get involved? Evidently, Donnelly is a Schumer / Democratic / Soros / globalist shill

    Jan. 29, 2017— On May 06, 2015, Obama nominee Judge Ann Marie Donnelly said that in her 25 years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney, she had “0%” civil litigation experience in her Senate Confirmation hearing. Senator Tillis asked her:

    SENATOR TILLIS: "Judge Donnelly, from your questionnaire, it appears that you have limited [Page 7: “civil litigation 0%”, attached] with civil matters, either in practice or a judge. If confirmed as a federal district court judge, you will be presiding over both civil and criminal matters. What have you done or will you do to prepare yourself for that side of the law?"

    JUDGE OBAMA NOMINEE DONNELLY: "Thank you for that question, Senator Tillis. Uh, in my, uh, 25 years as an Assistant District Attorney, and my six years as a state court judge, I have been luckily, lucky, to have been challenged by, uh, very complicated cases, and have been required, uh, to get up to speed quickly on issues that I wasn't previously familiar with, such as complex securities, uh, fraud, uh, white collar case, and, uh, uh, violent crime as well. Uh, with respect to, uh, getting up to speed on, uh, civil matters, I am committed to hitting the ground running. I plan to take advantage of all of the, uh, resources by the Federal Judicial Center, uh, as well as consulting with my colleagues on the federal bench, and I, uh, look forward to that challenge.” (Highlight added).

    Sen. Tillis also asked her about mistakes: “Judge Donnelly, can you identify and mistakes you made early in your judicial career that, uh, will help you as your transition into the federal judgeship?” She sidestepped the question. (See full Donnelly transcript below.)


    Ann Marie Donnelly. (May 06, 2015). Questionnaire, Senate Judicial Committee Confirmation Hearing, SD-226. U.S. Senate.

    Ann Marie Donnelly. (May 06, 2015). Hearing Video. Senate Judicial Committee Confirmation Hearing, SD-226. U.S. Senate.






      Video @ 28:54 to 32:36 (". . . I know Ann well.")
      Video @ 40:41 to 42:57
      Video @ 53:04

      SENATOR TILLIS: "Judge Donnelly, from your questionnaire it appears that you have limited [0%] with civil matters, either in practice or a judge. If confirmed as a federal district court judge, you will be presiding over both civil and criminal matters. What have you done or will you do to
      prepare yourself for that side of the law?"

      JUDGE DONNELLY: "Thank you for that question, Senator Tillis. Uh, in my, uh, 25 years as an Assistant District Attorney, and my six years as a state court judge, I have been luckily, lucky, to have been challenged by, uh, very complicated cases, and have been required, uh, to get up to speed quickly on issues that I wasn't previously familiar with, such as complex securities, uh, fraud, uh, white collar case, and, uh, uh, violent crime as well. Uh, with respect to, uh, getting up to speed on, uh, civil matters, I am committed to hitting the ground running. I plan to take advantage of all of the, uh, resources by the Federal Judicial Center, uh, as well as consulting with my colleagues on the federal bench, and I, uh, look forward to that challenge.

      Video @ 58:23 -60:01

      SENATOR FRANKEN: Judge Donnelly, as the chairman said, you have a lot of experience in criminal cases, not just in your current role as judge, but your career as a prosecutor. Uh, but nonetheless, I would imagine that sentencing and convicting a convicted defendant must be one of the most difficult jobs that you face as a judge. Could you talk about the approach you would take in sentencing, and how that has been formed by your time as a prosecutor in looking forward to how you would balance the need for sentencing with the need for rehabilitation in particular cases?

      JUDGE DONNELLY: Thank you for that question Senator Franken. Uh, yes, you are correct that, uh, that imposing a sentence in a criminal case is a difficult parts, task a judge faces. And the factors that a judge is obligated to consider when, uh, determining the sentence to impose includes, uh, many factors. The, the, uh, severity of the crime, the, uh, effect on the, uh, community, uh, where I am sitting in Manhattan. The effect on the particular victim, uh, and the defendant's background as well. Uh, the cases that I have been presiding over most recently, uh, often involve, uh, devastating crimes to our communities involving gang violence, uh, and, and murders, uh, and the sentences are necessarily heavy. Uh, but frequently in our courts we see very young defendants, uh, and that is the place where I believe, uh, that, uh, our, uh, the judicial system has the opportunity to, uh, perhaps turn, uh, someone around. Uh, in New York we have the opportunity of affording a defendant youthful offender treatment which I have done on many occasions. It is certainly a risk to the, uh, uh, that, that a judge takes when you do that. But, uh, it is, uh, uh, certainly one of the tools you have to perhaps saves someone from what is bound to be, uh, uh, uh, a life of crime if they are not turned around.



      VIDEO @ 1:04:09

      SENATOR TILLIS: "Judge Donnelly, can you identify and mistakes you made early in your judicial career that, uh, will help you as your transition into the federal judgeship?

      JUDGE DONNELLY: "Well, the, the transition from advocate to a judge is definitely a learning curve, and, uh, I haven't catalogued the mistakes I have made, I'm, I'm sure they are, I'm sure they exist. Uh, the, uh, but, uh, my judicial philosophy, since I, in my six year on the, on the New York Supreme Court, uh, has been one of a fidelity to the rule of law, uh, a respect for the people who appear before me, affording every witness , litigant, juror dignity, uh, making sure that my rulings are transparent so that the reasoning is clear, and a work ethic which, uh, involves thorough knowledge of the, app, applicable law , and the factual record. Uh, and I believe that, uh, adhere, adherence to that philosophy minimizes the mistakes that a judge is apt to make.

      VIDEO @ 1:09:00

      SENATOR KLOBUCHAR: Judge Donnelly, thank you for your service. And, uh, I know that you actually, uh, also in your very extensive background here you were chief of the family violence and child abuse bureau in the New York District Attorney's Office. And, you saw firsthand the challenges we face in this country with the scourge of domestic violence and child abuse. Uh, I worked on those as a prosecutor for eight years on those issues, and I know your docket will be different now. How does that experience inform, uh, your, uh, your future as a federal judge and when we hope you will be confirmed.

      JUDGE DONNELLY: Thank you for that question Senator Klobuchar. Uh, you are right that these are among the most difficult cases one can prosecute. It, with domestic violence abuse victims in identifying, uh, the victims, uh, many of whom are financial dependent on their abusers, challenges with very young victims, and, uh, steps have been taken, its been some time since I have been active in that role, but the use of child advocacy centers where a child abuse victim, uh, gets all services at one location, that the need for multiple interviews, uh, and, uh, having the opportunity to work with those children, uh, was, uh, was one of the most meaningful and, uh, affecting experiences of my life. To see children to be have suffered so much to, uh, been so resilient, uh, so, so, able to survive unimaginable, uh, situations, uh, I, uh, hope that will make me a better judge. I feel that it has during my six years in the court, I'm very lucky to have had that chance. Thank you for the question.

  51. Email comment by JM:

    Jack Davis. (Jan. 28, 2017). Graham: Trump Does Not Violate The Bible By Protecting Americans. Western Journalism.

    "... the president's first priority is to protect the American people ..."

    The action of an American president to protect the people of his nation from harm is “not a Bible issue,” evangelist Franklin Graham said this week.

    Graham was interviewed by the Huffington Post as part of its coverage of executive orders being issued by President Donald Trump to impose a temporary four-month refugee freeze and begin tough new vetting procedures for anyone allowed in the county. Trump is also expected to sign orders limiting refugees from several nations in which terrorism is out of control.

    Full story:

  52. Email comment by JM:

    Staff. (Jan. 26, 2017). Judicial Watch Notifies National Intelligence Director Clapper, Former Secretary of State Kerry of Intent to Sue to Force Official Damage Assessment of Clinton Use of Unofficial Email Account [Press release]. Judicial Watch.

    (Washington DC) — Judicial Watch announced today that it has taken a two-pronged legal action to force the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to conduct a full-scale damage assessment of Hillary Clinton’s use of an “unsecure, unofficial email account” and to explain why it failed to do so when information about the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server to transmit classified information first surfaced.

    The demand for a damage assessment was contained in a January 10 certified letter sent to Director of National Intelligence Director James Clapper, former Secretary of State John Kerry, and Director of National Intelligence counterintelligence executive William Evanina. The request for an explanation of why the Office of the Director of National Intelligence had failed to act earlier was part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on January 11. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (No. 1:17-cv-00053)).

    Full story:

  53. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    GINGRICH WARNS U.S. OF 'VERY DANGEROUS' OBAMA DIRECTIVE - Last-minute move leaves America vulnerable to devastating attack. WND.

    The day before President Trump was inaugurated, a Democrat-controlled commission set new standards to protect the America’s life-sustaining electric grid that will leave the U.S. vulnerable to a devastating electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack from a hostile nation such as North Korea or Iran.

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s directive, issued Jan. 19, will protect the nation only from an EMP caused by solar activities.

    The move was condemned by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a top adviser to Trump during the presidential campaign.

    “There’s a very, very dangerous decision being made today by the energy commission on how we protect ourselves from electromagnetic pulse,” Gingrich said in a “Fox and Friends” interview Jan. 19.

    “It is being designed as stupidly and as destructively as possible. … If I were [President Trump], it’s one of the things I would literally repeal late tomorrow.”

    Full story:

  54. Email comment by multiple readers:


    Eric Mack. (Jan. 29, 2017). Soros Funding Airport Protests, Ban Lawsuits Against Trump's Order, Newsmax.

    Billionaire liberal activist George Soros is helping fund the airport protests against President Donald Trump's executive order to ban refugees from war-torn Syria indefinitely and suspend visas from seven countries for at least 30 days, as PJ Media reported Sunday.

    This Soros connection, including reports of funding lawsuits to block the orders, begs the question: Are these protesters being paid to be there?

    The website's Debra Heine posted tweets of airport protests against the action, which was granted a stay Saturday night by a New York Judge amid an ACLU fight to block the immigration ban and deportation of stranded travelers from those locations wanting to enter the U.S.

    This tweet's photo showed protesters fighting deportations, ironically, by saying the first lady should be deported.

    This JFK Terminal 4 protestor is holding a "Deport Melania" sign.
    — Craig R. Brittain (@CraigRBrittain) January 28, 2017

    Heine's next posted tweet is the one that outed the source of the protesters. They are activists being paid in part by Soros.

    "Who will make the road?" - Actual socialists at Terminal 4
    — Craig R. Brittain (@CraigRBrittain) January 28, 2017

    "'Make the Road' is a NY-based far-left non-profit funded in part by George Soros," Heine wrote Sunday morning.

    Full story:

  55. Email comment by GH:

    Ryan Saavedra. (Jan. 29, 2017). REPORT: Ex-KGB Chief Who Is Suspected Of Helping MI6 Spy Compile The FAKE NEWS Dossier Found DEAD In Moscow! The Gateway Pundit / The Daily Telegraph.

    In a report from the Telegraph, former ex-KGB chief Oleg Erovinkin has been found dead in Moscow. Erovinkin is linked to the fake news dossier published by BuzzFeed and is suspected of helping former MI6 spy Christopher Steele in compiling the dossier.

    Erovinkin was found dead in his car back in December while Barack Obama was still President and news of his death is just now starting to come out.

    Full story:

  56. Email comment by AS:


    Staff. (Jan. 30, 2017). The Unholy Alliance: DARPA, INTEL and GOOGLE — What You Don’t Know May Hurt You! Before It's News.

    Uncovering the DoD Sith Lords that Control Your Laptop
    By the Anonymous Patriots
    The Millennium Report Exclusive

    One of the best ways to describe the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is to use the Star Wars moniker “Evil Empire” to describe its international, secretive agenda to take over the world and turn all of us into neo-feudal slaves who have no choice but to give allegiance to the controllers of the universe—Darth Vader and the Sith Lords.

    DARPA “Vader” has controlled technological innovation since 1958 when it was created by the military-driven Evil Empire, a/k/a Department of Defense. Every emerging technology from the Evil Empire leads humanity into the science fiction fate of machines controlling humans, much like Darth Vader became a weapon that was half man and half machine. There is much wisdom and truth that lies behind the first Star Wars movie, and its story was given to humanity as a warning of how the Evil Empire and its Death Star planned to destroy the entire planet.

    Folks, this is no longer science fiction. This battle for Earth is going on now and we, like the Rebel Alliance, must join forces to destroy the imperial forces of Darth Vader.

    Full story:

  57. Email comment by Cindy:

    Ohio State (where Judge Ann Donnelly went to law school) just published some fake news:

    Sheridan Hendrix. (Jan. 30, 2017). Ohio State professors dissect fake news, how to avoid it. The Lantern.

    Professor Kosicki rightly suggests that millennials expand their news sources, especially since Facebook openly censors and suppresses conservative points of view in favor of its Bilderberg Group globalist political agenda.

    What's the Bilderberg Group? Research it from sources other than Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn whose officers are MEMBERS. OSU President Michael Drake and Trustee President Jeffrey Wadsworth are wannabe members also.

    Prof. Kosicki veered from an otherwise objective approach when he implied that CNN, Washington Post and are objective "fact checkers." WAT? These people CREATED the "fake news" moniker because their fake news stories were being too quickly discredited by the exploding independent media! So, they accuse their opponents of what they are doing, as unscrupulous actors do.

    For example, CNN and the Washington Post played with the UNVERIFIED "Russian dossier" toy car until its wheels fell off. It was created by a retired British spy who had earlier poisoned a former KGB spy who was about to disclose British spy secrets. That episode, too, was blamed on Vladimir Putin.

    Yes, the mainstream media (MSM) promoted UNVERIFIED fake news after BuzzFeed (owned by NBC, Comcast, Facebook director Marc Andreessen – the discredited mainstream) REPORTED IT AS NEWS. To be clear, the MSM floated the fake “dossier” story, then republished its own fake story as real news.

    Leftist Facebook just hired Snopes to manage its censorship algorithms.

    Therefore, Prof. Kosicki promoted the mainstream fake news CREATORS as fact checkers. So much for academic integrity.

    Perhaps Professor Kosicki should revise his story so as not to imply that his "fact checkers" are objective when they are obviously MSM shills.

    Here's one (of many) well-argued discussions of the fake news epithet accusations being leveled at independent media by the mainstream media to divert our attention, like the Wizard of Oz.


    Fooled no longer by MSM

  58. Email comment by Al:


    Jerome Corsi. (Jan. 31, 2017). GOOGLE ATTEMPTS QUIET TAKEOVER OF TRUMP WHITE HOUSE - WH advisor cautions: “Google head Schmidt, a top Hillary advisor, cozies up to Trump”. Infowars.

    NEW YORK – Eric Schmidt, the founder of the multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, is making a run to become a Trump insider, intending hopefully to reverse the political damage done by the strong support he and Google gave to the Obama administration for eight years and to Hillary Clinton in her 2016 presidential campaign.

    On Dec. 14, 2016, Schmidt was included in a group of prominent tech industry executives that met with then President-elect Donald Trump in a much-publicized meeting.

    Then on Jan. 17, 2017, Politico reported that Schmidt was sited at an unannounced visit to Trump Tower, where he lunched privately with Jared Kushner, Trump’s real estate magnate son-in-law married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka in 2009, who has emerged to be named a Senior Advisor to his father-in-law in the White House.

    Full story:

    1. Al's warning is confirmed by our Nov. 2016 election rigging warning where Eric Schmidt secretly funded a White House tech group thru an executive order to help rig the election for Hillary:

      AFI. (Nov. 01, 2016). Red Alert: Obama is rigging the election. Americans for Innovation.

  59. Email comment by Phil:


    Protests range from threatening, to hypocritical, to misinformed, to unintentionally comical

    WASHINGTON – The scale of protests one week into a presidential administration is unlike anything in American history, but the rabid demonstrations also often appear unprecedented in their anger.

    And in their disconnect from reality.

    For instance, through his spokesman, former President Obama claimed his 2011 executive order was different than President Trump’s recent immigration order because “the president (Obama) fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”

    However, the text of Trump’s executive order calling for a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries does not include the word “religion.”

    Or “faith.” Or “Muslim.” Or “Islam.”

    Full story:

    Obama’s last known location was on a private Caribbean island owned by British billionaire Richard Branson.

  60. Joseph Curtis. (Jan. 31, 2017). Nigel Farage accuses London Mayor Sadiq Khan of hypocrisy for attacking Trump's immigration ban while entertaining ELEVEN diplomats from countries that bar Israelis. The Daily Mail.

    - Nigel Farage hit out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter last night

    - He accused him of being a hypocrite over his stance on US immigration ban

    - Mr Farage said Mayor invited countries that 'ban Jewish Israelis' to meeting

    - More than 100 countries were represented at summit in London last night

    Nigel Farage has accused Sadiq Khan of hypocrisy after the Mayor of London invited ambassadors from countries which impose immigration bans on Israelis to City Hall.

    At the meeting the Mayor slammed President Trump's 'cruel, prejudiced and counterproductive' policy of banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

    But representatives from Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen - which do not allow entry to Israelis - were all welcomed at the reception last night.

    Full story:

  61. Email comment by Bill:

    ORGANIZED RIOTERS IN BERKLEY CALIFORNIA LAST NIGHT ARE A ROUGE CIA DEEP STATE FALSE FLAG? LIKELY. CLUE: All the rioters causing the destruction are hooded and wear masks so they cannot be identified. That's a telltale sign of paid outside vigilantes.

    Then, New York Times' globalist shill Thomas Friedman wrote an editorial calling for the Deep State collaborator bankers from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to step in and save us!

    Neil Munro. (Feb. 01, 2017). New York Times Columnist Pleads With Globalist Billionaires to Save Nation from Trump. Breitbart.

    Thomas Friedman, the nation’s best-paid salesman for divide-and-rule by transnational elites, is pleading for a coup-like intervention of globalist U.S. billionaires to end the wall-building terror of President Donald Trump.

    Friedman is a regular columnist for the New York Times, but offers only one politically corporatist message — that high-IQ progressives, autocrats and corporatists should rule a globalist, borderless world, while throwing the occasional scrap to diversified, divided and leaderless American communities. Here’s his latest column:

    Full story:

    Deplorables must resist this hideous, ignorant elitism. Without their fragile, arrogant shell, these people are immoral, spiritless individuals who must be dis-empowered.

    1. Charles Spiering. (Feb. 02, 2017). Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Berkeley Federal Funds After Riots Shut Down Milo Event. Breitbart.

      President Donald Trump reacted to the massive rioting at UC-Berkeley in response to a scheduled campus speech by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

      “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter early Thursday morning.

      Full story:

    2. Staff. (Feb. 02, 2017). Outrage! Leftist mob attacks women during riot. The HORN News.

      A conservative editor was scheduled to exercise his right to free speech at a liberal California university, so the radical left responded exactly as you’d expect: Rioting, looting, and violence. Their outrageous actions included the vicious beating of multiple women.

      Tuesday’s mob at the University of California at Berkeley also hurled smoke bombs, broke windows and sparked a massive bonfire. Their violent actions prompted officials to call off the event out of safety concerns.

      Full story:



      Philip Fabian. (Feb. 02, 2017). Protestors beating people at Milo Yiannopoulos event @ U.C. Berkeley. YouTube.

      Full video evidence:

    4. Here is a raw file video of this evidence of organized thugs beating on hapless Berkeley protesters of Milo Y's free speech rights. The irony is that Berkeley used to be known for promoting free speech. Now they condemn it because it no longer fits their globalist handler's narrative of domination.


      Here's the YouTube comment by Philip Fabian who posted this video:

      Published on Feb 2, 2017
      In the video I posted, protesters, covered in masks, pepper sprayed what I believe could've been attendees to the speech tonight. What happened was horrible - they were sprayed, pinned up against the metal barricades while protesters struck them in the back and on their heads with wood sticks. The man in the orange bill hat was me - they were crying to get them to stop and to help them get out. I jumped the barricades and pulled them out. One of these people, in the first picture was a woman who was being struck continuously by a male assailant. I pulled her out as well. One man was no so lucky as he was pulled away by the protesters as they ganged up on him and continued to hit him on the head. You don't see him in the video but he lay there unconscious. That did not stop people from continuing to kick him. These victims were trying to leave the whole time.

      Full raw *.mp4 video:


      Tucker Carlson. (Feb. 01, 2017). Milo: Left can't tolerate anyone who doesn't agree with them. Fox News.

      Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos on the cancellation of his speech at UC-Berkeley after riots broke out, saying the progressive left fears anyone with different political views and he's shocked at how oppressive higher education US campuses can be

      Full story:


      Milo says this is happening as a new form of censorship across the country to discourage student groups from sponsoring conservative speakers.

  62. Email comment by Sal:



    LOL. CNN, the people who helped create the term 'fake news' to try and marginalize independent media truth tellers is now being described (rightly) by its own sh*t.

    Ian Hanchett. (Feb. 01, 2017). Trump: ‘I Don’t Watch CNN’ Because ‘I Don’t Like Watching Fake News’. Breitbart.

    During a listening session for Black History Month on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said, “I don’t watch CNN. … I don’t like watching fake news.”

    Trump said, “You read all about Dr. Martin Luther King a week ago, when somebody said I took the statue out of my office, and it turned out that that was fake news. The statue is cherished. It’s one of the favorite things in the — and we have some good ones. We have Lincoln, and we have Jefferson and we have Dr. Martin Luther King, and we have –, but they said the statue, the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King was taken out of the office, and it was never even touched. So, I think it was a disgrace, but that’s the way the press is, very unfortunate.”

    He added, “I don’t watch CNN. … I don’t like watching fake news…but Fox has treated me very nice, wherever fox is, thank you.”

    Full story:

  63. Email comment by JM:


    RT. (Feb. 02, 2017). Hoax Exposed: Muslim Man Blamed Trump For Iraqi Mother’s Death - Woman died before Trump signed travel ban. Infowars.

    Imam Husham Al-Hussainy says that a woman, whose son Mike Hager told US broadcasters that President Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ resulted in his mother’s death, actually died a few days before the order was signed.

    According to the imam, the woman died on January 21 or 22 – before Trump signed the divisive travel ban. Before that, Mike Hager spoke to the imam and told him he was going to Iraq to be with the woman, who suffered from kidney disease.
    Full story:

  64. Email comment by CT:

    The Last Refuge. (Feb. 02, 2017). DHS Secretary: Border Wall Begins In Few Months, Will Be Complete In Two Years - Catherine Herridge files a report for Fox News from Texas where she is traveling with DHS Secretary John Kelly. Infowars.

    TEXAS – In his first television interview as Homeland Security secretary, retired four-star Marine Gen. John F. Kelly told Fox News he wants the U.S.-Mexico border wall finished in two years – setting an ambitious schedule for the project ordered last week by President Trump.

    “The wall will be built where it’s needed first, and then it will be filled in. That’s the way I look at it,” Kelly said. “I really hope to have it done within the next two years.”

    Full story:

  65. Email comment by DL:

    Zuckerberg was just ordered to pay $500,000,000 to the guy he stole his virtual reality technology from. Finally, this is the first U.S. court that has not coddled the monster and his C.I.A. front company called FACEBOOK. Now, let's hope Lady Justice will return for the other inventors that Facebook and others have stolen from, like Leader Technologies.

    1. Email comment by GH:

      Now pay Leader Technologies several TRILLION DOLLARS a**hole Zuckerberg and your globalist criminals. Your crimes against humanity cannot go unpunished. We deplorables are on to your game.

      Deepa Seetharaman. (Feb. 01, 2017). Facebook Loses Virtual Reality Headset Coding Lawsuit Against ZeniMax. Fox Business.

      Facebook Inc. and its co-defendants were ordered to pay $500 million to ZeniMax Media Inc. after a jury found the social network's Oculus VR unit unfairly used ZeniMax code to build a virtual-reality headset.

      Full story:

  66. Email comment by BB:

    I highly recommend Roger Stone's new book, THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 2016 - How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution.

    I couldn't put it down! Stone tells us the "inside baseball."


      We concur. Roger almost lost his life getting this book out. He has paid his dues and we need to support him.

      AFI. (Jan. 18, 2017). Breaking News, Jan. 18, 2017: Trump advisor and NYT best-selling author Roger Stone survives assassination attempt. Americans for Innovation.

      Full story:

  67. Staff. (Feb. 02, 2017). 900 State Department Employees Commit Insubordination and Sedition Against POTUS. Before It's News.

    The sorry state of affairs at the State Department

    I previously reported on a State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, who has suffered through workplace intimidation, harassment and fears for her safety. Her crime? She put a photo in her cubicle of President Trump after the election.

    Yesterday, 900 State Department employees engaged in sedition and insubordination in signing a declaration which stated that they do not support President Trump’ s temporary immigration ban. This is sedition, insubordination and a violation of the Hatch Act.

    Full story:

  68. Staff. (Feb. 01, 2017). Breaking: Trump Just Ordered Gowdy and Chaffetz Back on Clinton Case to “Go After Everything”. Before It's News.

    You are sure to recall that during the presidential election, there was a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. This is a committee that is designed to go after government officials that have broken the law. Notably, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz reside on this board, and are well-known for their vicious work during the Clinton case.

    The case? Hillary put the entire nation in jeopardy with her decision to use a private email server, delete thousands and thousands of emails despite being told not to, and involved the State Department in several pay to play schemes through her Clinton Foundation.

    Full story:

  69. David Seaman, N. Morgan. (Feb. 01, 2017). Clinton Illuminati Ties Investigated and Federal Charges Against Weiner (Video). Before It's News.

    (N.Morgan) It was reported yesterday by the Wall Street Journal that former Congressman Anthony Weiner will be facing Federal charges shortly for his less than tasteful sexual antics.

    In this latest video by David Seaman, he analyzes the troubling truth behind Pizzagate, which has now been vetted: it’s driven by a pre-biblical secret society’s belief in the efficacy of child sacrifice.

    Full story:

  70. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Jon Sharman. (Feb. 02, 2017). DONALD TRUMP VOWS TO ‘TOTALLY DESTROY’ JOHNSON AMENDMENT THAT STOPS CHURCHES FUNDING POLITICAL PARTIES - Comes as apparent leaked executive order promises to enshrine conservative Christian beliefs in policy. Infowars.

    President Donald Trump has announced he will “get rid of and totally destroy” a 60-year-old rule that blocks tax-exempt religious groups from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

    The so-called Johnson amendment was introduced by then-Senator Lyndon B Johnson in 1954. It threatens churches and other religious institutions with the loss of their tax-exempt status should they overstep the mark.

    Full story:

  71. Email comment by GH:

    Staff. (Feb. 02, 2017). Judicial Watch: New State Department Records Reveal Clinton Aide Abedin Secured State Dept. Lunch Invitation for Major Clinton Foundation Donor. Judicial Watch.

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 549 pages of new State Department records, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which Hillary Clinton top aide Huma Abedin secured an invitation to a 2009 State Department luncheon for Sant S. Chatwal, a businessman under investigation in two countries and was also a Clinton Foundation trustee and contributor. The emails also contain an email to Clinton, shared with Abedin, divulging the classified names of intelligence agency employees.

    The records contain 21 previously undisclosed Clinton emails – of a total of at least 259 that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department – further appear to contradict statements by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department. Two of these emails are now available on the State Department’s website.

    The records were obtained in response to a court order from a May 5, 2015, lawsuit filed against the State Department (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)) after it failed to respond to a March 18 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking:

    Full press release:

  72. Email comment by Joseph Farah:


    Ausiees sending 1,3000 unwanted Muslim refugees to U.S.

    President Trump is getting pounded by Democrats, media pundits and some Republicans for speaking “roughly” to a staunch U.S. ally, Australia, in a phone conversation about refugees.

    At issue is a refugee swap negotiated by the Obama administration in which Australia agreed to take Catholic refugees from Central America while the U.S. agreed to take up to 1,300 Muslim refugees that have been rejected by Australia.

    Trump called the deal “dumb” and “the worst deal ever” and reportedly cut short a phone conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    Trump tweeted that the Obama administration “agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!”


    Full story:

  73. Email comment by JM:

    Ben Garrison. (Feb. 03, 2017). Why the Left Needs Censorship to Win Arguments - Berkeley riot same tactic used by Mao. Infowars.

    Students at Berkeley protested in the 1960s to help bring about freedom of political speech and activities at their university.

    They forced the administration to acknowledge that such speech should not end on campus.

    Nowadays, students at Berkeley want to end free speech. They chased Milo Yiannopoulos off campus and then physically attacked those with whom they disagree. The students turned classical liberalism into the very fascism that they claim to despise.

    Full story:

  74. Email comment by Paul Joseph Watson:

    Paul Joseph Watson. (Feb. 02, 2017). The Truth About the Berkeley Riot . Prison Planet.

    The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S.

    Full video:

  75. ***URGENT ALERT*** The drumbeat among MSM and Clinton drones for assassination and calls for a civil war are increasing dramatically, as if they are trying to start a civil war and coup.

    Clifford Cunningham. (Feb. 02, 2016). Soros Insider Demands Military Overthrow Trump - Ex-Obama official tied to Soros-funded New America Foundation. Infowars.

    A former Obama administration official, now linked to a Soros-funded foundation, has suggested Donald Trump be declared mentally unfit to hold office or overthrown in a military coup.

    Rosa Brooks, who served as Counselor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from 2009-2011 and as a senior adviser in the State Department, outlined four ways to remove President Donald Trump from office, most notably by having him declared mentally unfit for office or by launching a military coup.

    Brooks now serves as the Schwartz senior fellow at New America, formerly the New America Foundation, a think-tank heavily funded by globalist billionaire George Soros. The Board of Directors of New America is currently chaired by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

    Full story:

    1. Email comment by Alex Jones:

      Staff. (Feb. 02, 2017). BREAKING: DEMOCRATS ORGANIZING CRIMINAL COUP AGAINST TRUMP - Soros Insider and Ex-Obama Official: Military Overthrow of Trump Admin May Be Necessary. Infowars.

      Alex Jones breaks down growing calls from the establishment left for a military coup to be organized against President Donald Trump.

      Full story:


    The Deep State Shadow Government

    Updated Feb. 04, 2017

  77. Email comment by Joseph Farah:


    Staff. (Feb. 05, 2017). REPORT: OBAMA ALLOWED IRAN MISSILES THAT COULD HIT ISRAEL - Rogue nation claims permission 'part of the deal'. WND

    Just as Iran announced the testing of a ballistic missile and the Trump administration reviewed plans for new sanctions, the rogue Islamic regime claimed that in nuclear negotiations, President Obama allowed Iran to have missiles that could strike Israel, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

    In statements, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps “hinted that restrictions on the range of Iranian missiles so that they reach Israel but not Europe were part of the Iran deal,” reported the Middle East Media Research Institute.

    MEMRI said that according to Iranian officials, the Obama administration gave unwritten consent in the nuclear talks and in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiations for Iran to develop ballistic missiles with a range of only 2,000 kilometers, or 1,200 miles, which means they could strike Israel but not Europe.

    Full story:

  78. Email comment by JM:

    WHAT A JOKE!!! Any time the cyber theives in our government want to give data to our enemies, they open up a security backdoor, then if they get caught, they call it a "misconfigured" computer. Do they think we still believe this BS?

    Jonathan Keane. (Feb. 03, 2017). Misconfigured Pentagon servers could have been exploited for cyberattack. Digital Trends.

    A cybersecurity researcher has discovered a number of misconfigured servers belonging to the Department of Defense that could have left internal networks vulnerable to outsider access and attack.

    According to Dan Tentler of Phobos Group, these vulnerable servers could have been used, in theory, to carry out cyberattacks to make them look like they were perpetrated by United States actors. No classified information could be accessed through these vulnerabilities however.

    Full story:

    Read more:


    His net worth increased up to $3.5 million per year after becoming a judge in 2004 (the year rogue C.I.A. globalists started making their moves to take over the Internet)

    In just eight (8) years, Judge Robart’s net worth blossomed from:

    - $583,887 in 2004 (p. 664) to
    - $28,375,000 in 2012 (up to)

    That is a $3.5 million increase per year over just 8 years. Our federal judges appear to become investing geniuses in globalist companies once they become judges! This corruption must stop. Drain the Swamp!

    Judge Robarts holdings (2012) are a Who’s Who of the Deep State Shadow Government.

    Conclusion: Judge James L. Robart is clearly biased against Donald Trump and the new Administration. Canon 2 of the Code of Conduct for Federal Judges dictate that “A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities.”

    The Clinton Foundation and globalists from the George Soros led Deep State shadow government evidently pressured Judge Robart to support the treasonous globalist pro-jihadist priority to destabilize the American economy through unchecked immigration.

    See Timeline: People you trusted are hijacking the Internet.

    Spread the word.




    Robart 2004:

    Robart 2012:

    Deep State Shadow Gov't Wanted Poster:

  80. Email comment by GH:

    Full text: FBI quietly releases part 6 of its Hillary Clinton investigation #FBIFriday PDF:


    Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    David Jupelian. (Feb. 05, 2017). WHY DEMS LOVE SUICIDAL IMMIGRATION POLICIES - Exclusive: David Kupelian on reasons left is obsessed with bringing Muslims into America. WND.

    In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” I comprehensively prosecute the case that not only is what we call “the left” irrational and basically insane, but it is also driving millions of Americans right over the edge – into extreme anger, faux victimhood, violence, depression, debauchery, addiction, despair and suicide.

    The recent hysterical overreaction to President Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting travel from countries known to be terrorist hotbeds illustrates the madness currently consuming many Americans.

    First, a reality check: Of all the destructive trends gripping America in recent decades – from ever-expanding government funded by unrepayable debt, to a godless culture glorifying sexual anarchy, to universities morphing into far-left brainwashing centers – none is more disastrous, indeed suicidal, than the way America has been dealing with immigration.

    That’s why Donald Trump – echoing Ronald Reagan, who said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” – made immigration, both legal and illegal, his signature issue.

    Full story:

  82. Email comment by GB:

    Staff. (Feb. 05, 2017). BREAKING-PRESIDENT TRUMP-VS-GOBALIST. It's Time.

    Full video:

  83. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Alex Jones. (Feb. 04, 2017). HOW THE CASHLESS SOCIETY WILL TRACK YOU EVERYWHERE - Elite setting up totalitarian grids of control. Infowars.

    Alex Jones discusses the move towards a cashless society and reveals how digital currency is designed to track and analyze humanity.

    Full story:

  84. Email comment by GH:

    Natasha Lomas. (Feb. 05, 2017). Google told to hand over foreign emails in FBI search warrant ruling. TechCrunch.

    A U.S. judge has ordered Google to hand over emails stored outside the country in order to comply with an FBI search warrant. The warrant in question pertains to a domestic fraud probe.

    The ruling is notable because it goes against an appeals court judgement last year — recently upheld — pertaining to Microsoft customer data held in servers outside the US. In that instance a federal court ruled the company did not have to hand over data stored on its servers in Ireland to the US government, declining to “disregard the presumption against extraterritoriality,” as the judge put it.

    However in the Google case, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Rueter ruled on Friday that the act of transferring emails from a foreign server did not qualify as a seizure. According to Reuters, the judge ruled there is no “meaningful interference” with the account holder’s “possessory interest”, going on to assert that any privacy infringement occurs “at the time of disclosure in the United States”, rather than when the data itself is transferred.

    Full story:

  85. Email comment by LA:

    THE CORRUPT DELAWARE FEDERAL COURT JUDGE SUE L. ROBINSON QUITS THE BENCH. Robinson has been identified as one of the authors of the corrupt changes made in Judicial Conference 2001 rulings allowing judges to invest in mutual funds that were hiding substantial stock in globalist corporations without the judge having to disclose those corporations. That way, a judge could take a case for a company in which her mutual fund had substantial holdings without disclosing the corporation where she had the conflict.

    In a current Dr. Laksshmi Arunachalam v. JPMorgan case, Robinson ruled against Dr. Arunachalam's patent even though she and her fellow judge Richard G. Andrews held JPMorgan stock separately and in various mutual funds. When Dr. Arunachalam challenged them, Robinson resigned the case, but Andrews has held on to it jealously.

    Ryan Davis. (Feb. 03, 2017). Judge Sue Robinson Takes Senior Status, Opening Del. Seat. Law360.

    Full story:


      Mar. 14, 2001, Judicial Conference: The "safe harbor" mutual fund Washington bribery scam for judges and politicians began; permits judges to hide stock in litigants without disclosing the holdings or the conflicts of interest.

      On Mar. 14, 2001, the Judicial Conference made sweeping changes to its ethics advisory,[027] opening the door for widespread abuse of mutual fund exemptions that gave judges and judicial employees an excuse to hide their investments in deep-pocketed litigants behind a so-called mutual fund “safe harbor” opinion.

      Full explanation:

  86. TRUMP ON VOTER FRAUD. (Of course the Establishment LEFT and RIGHT don't want a vote fraud investigation. Too many of them are beneficiaries!!!). Go Mr. Trump. Go.

    Solange Reyner. (Feb. 05, 2017). Trump on Voter Fraud: 'People Say I'm Right'. Newsmax.

    President Donald Trump on Sunday maintained that voter fraud is still a major issue though he has not provided evidence to back up the claim, saying "many people have come out and said I'm right."

    "We can be babies, but you take a look at the registration," Trump said during an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that aired before the Super Bowl. "You have illegals, you have dead people, you have this. It’s really a bad situation. It's really bad."

    Trump also repeated his promise to investigate voter fraud, saying he would put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of a commission to look at the issue carefully.

    Trump has repeatedly said that 3 million people voted illegally in the November 8 presidential election.

    Full story:

  87. Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:

    Sharyl Attkisson. (Feb. 06, 2017). Astroturf Epidemic. Full Measure.

    Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican–or someone who doesn’t care at all about politics–it’s hard not to notice the massive campaigns to influence opinion on social media, the news and out there in real life. Those trying to persuade and manipulate are playing hardball. And, in many instances, we’re falling for it: they plop the ball in the middle of a frenzied crowd, nobody sees exactly who dropped it, and we in the news and the public pick it up and run.

    We’re being played.

    Watch my TedX Talk: Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages

    As I’ve reported and written: Astroturfers often disguise themselves and publish blogs, write letters to the editor, produce ads, start non-profits, establish Facebook and Twitter accounts, edit Wikipedia pages or simply post comments online to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking. They use their partners in blogs and in the news media in an attempt to lend an air of legitimacy or impartiality to their efforts. Astroturf’s biggest accomplishment is when it crosses over into semi-trusted news organizations that unquestioningly cite or copy it.

    Full story:

  88. Email comment by GH:

    Leo Hohmann. (Feb. 06, 2017). TRAVEL-BAN JUDGE MAKES DECISION BASED ON WHOPPING LIE - 1 mainstream-media outlet exposes serious gaffe. WND.

    The judge who granted an injunction against President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries based his decision on a blatantly inaccurate premise.

    Judge James Robart, a federal district judge in Seattle, stated that no one from the seven countries on Trump’s list – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya – has been arrested on terrorism charges since the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on America.

    His comment, made in open court on Friday, went unchallenged in the establishment media all weekend and into Monday, while WND reported it was inaccurate and gave a partial list of terror incidents that have been plotted or carried out by Somali and Iraqi immigrants since 9/11.

    Where is Politifact? Where is Snopes? Where are all the other media fact-checkers to correct the mistaken judge?

    “Judge Robart no doubt knows the mainstream media is a propaganda arm for the left’s globalist agenda, and so no one would report the falsity of his statement except ‘discredited’ or ‘right-wing’ news outlets,” said Robert Spencer, an Islam expert who blogs for the David Horowitz Freedom Center at

    Full story:

    1. Judge James L. Robart Mentioned "Microsoft, Expedia, Apple, Google, E-Bay, Amazon, Starbucks and others claim to be suffering damages by the executive order"

      If he were ethical, he would have immediately disqualified himself from hearing the case because of his financial investments.










      Researchers. (Feb. 05, 2017). ANALYSIS of James L. Robart 2012 Financial Disclosure. Americans for Innovation.



      How bad is the 9th Circuit Court currently reviewing Judge Robarts block of President Trump's immigration order?

      In 2004 and 2007, 9th Circuit Judge Susan P. Graber affirmed that LYING to Congress and the Courts was LEGAL. See U.S. v. McNeil and U.S. v. Horvath.

      More here:

  89. Email comment by JM:


    Patrick J. Buchanan. (Feb. 06, 2017). USA: NOT WITHOUT SIN - MORAL SUPREMACY AND MR. PUTIN - Pat Buchanan sees Rubio as 'an infantile and self-righteous prig' on Russia issue. WND.

    Is Donald Trump to be allowed to craft a foreign policy based on the ideas on which he ran and won the presidency in 2016?

    Our foreign-policy elite’s answer appears to be a thunderous no.

    Case in point: U.S. relations with Russia.

    During the campaign, Trump was clear. He would seek closer ties with Russia and cooperate with Vladimir Putin in smashing al-Qaida and ISIS terrorists in Syria, and leave Putin’s ally Bashar Assad alone.

    With this diplomatic deal in mind, President Trump has resisted efforts to get him to call Putin a “thug” or a “murderer.”

    Asked during his taped Super Bowl interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly whether he respected Putin, Trump said that, as a leader, yes.

    O’Reilly pressed, “But he’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

    To which Trump replied, “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

    While his reply was clumsy, Trump’s intent was commendable.

    Full story:

  90. Email comment by GN:


    Paul Joseph Watson. (Feb. 06, 2017). LEFTISTS MELTDOWN, BLAME “WHITE SUPREMACY” FOR PATRIOTS’ SUPER BOWL WIN - "This game is like the election". Infowars.

    The Patriots’ amazing comeback victory in last night’s Super Bowl spawned another leftist meltdown in which the result was somehow blamed on “white supremacy”.

    Despite the fact that a black player, James White, scored the winning touchdown, Twitter was awash with race-obsessed liberals who thought the unprecedented comeback was some kind of conspiracy.

    “If the Patriots win, this is white supremacy working. I’m sick,” wrote one.

    Full story:

  91. Jerome R. Corsi. (Feb. 07, 2017). OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE PROVES TRUMP RIGHT ABOUT MASSIVE VOTER/ELECTION FRAUD - Dems are publicly organizing illegals and others to vote fraudulently - & repeatedly! Infowars.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Those opposing vigorous and truthful examination of voter fraud in the United States are advancing a narrative asserting there is “no proof of voter fraud” in recent years.

    This past weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, said on CNN’s “State of the Nation” program that he does not want to spend federal funds to investigate President Trump’s claims of massive voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election because “there’s no evidence that [election fraud] occurred in such a significant number that it could have changed the presidential election.”

    While McConnell may be right, there is evidence that would suggest voter fraud prevented Trump from winning the popular vote, as well as the electoral vote.

    Democratic Party operatives and their supporters in the Democratic Party-sympathetic main stream media originally crafted and advanced this meme in a transparent effort to ward off all responsible efforts to enact the type of Voter ID laws that would largely rule out or dramatically reduce the possibility of systematic Democratic Party voter fraud.
    Today, while no American can board an airplane today without showing TSA employees a valid government-issued ID, the far-left screams “voter suppression” and brings lawyers affiliated with the Democratic Party to court to litigate every time efforts are made to pass voter ID laws.

    A truthful examination provides ample evidence President Trump is right in asserting Democratic Party fraud accounts for between 3 to 5 million illegal votes to be cast, enough to cost him the popular vote.

    Full story:


    The Deep State Shadow Government

    Updated Feb. 07, 2017


    How bad is the 9th Circuit Court currently reviewing Judge Robarts block of President Trump's immigration order?

    In 2004 and 2007, 9th Circuit Judge Susan P. Graber affirmed that LYING to Congress and the Courts was LEGAL. See U.S. v. McNeil and U.S. v. Horvath.

    More here:

  94. Doug Hagmann: "There are two kinds of people inside the Washington, D.C. Beltway, those who are bribed and those who are compromised."

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. Real information. Real truth. Less hype.

  95. Email comment by GH:

    John Bound. (Feb. 06, 2017). National Security Endangered By Soros Motivated Judge. Infowars.

    Seattle, Washington Federal Judge James Robart based his judgement of the Trump Administration's decision to follow through with a travel ban of seven Muslim countries as "not rationally based". However, this purported logical judge was quoted by CNBC as stating "Black lives matter."

    In August of 2016 Breitbart reported that The Black Lives matter movement was funded by U.S. National Security public enemy number one George Soros " a detailed 69-page Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York October 1 to October 2, 2015." A portion of the Soros funded agenda read.

    Full video:

  96. Email comment by GH:

    Steve Watson. (Feb. 07, 2017). RAND PAUL TO TRUMP: DON’T LET NEOCONS RUN STATE DEPARTMENT - Candidate for Deputy Secretary of State said Trump was 'not fit' to be President. Infowars.

    Senator Rand Paul has urged President Trump to shut out neoconservative war hawks from the State Department, as it has emerged that Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, could be appointed to serve in the number two spot.

    “Elliott Abrams is a neoconservative too long in the tooth to change his spots, and the president should have no reason to trust that he would carry out a Trump agenda rather than a neocon agenda,” Paul writes in an opinion piece for the libertarian website Rare.

    Abrams was intimately tied in with the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s, and was even convicted of withholding information from Congress about covert government activities in Nicaragua and El Salvador. He was later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush.

    Full story:

  97. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Judge Richard Clifton, one of three judges in the 9th Circuit review of President Trump's executive order, has substantial holdings in globalist companies closely aligned with the Clintons, Clinton Foundation and George Soros. Many people have holdings in these companies, but that is not the point. The point is a judge must recuse in matters where his/her impartiality can be reasonably questioned in a particular matter.

    They include:

    Morgan Stanley,
    Bank of America,
    JPMorgan Chase,
    Vanguard Group,
    Real Networks and
    among others.

    Judge Clifton cannot possibly be impartial given the financial benefits he will receive from the companies in which he is heavily invested.


      Judge Michelle T. Friedland, Clifton's fellow judge, was recommended in her Senate Confirmation Hearing by Google, Facebook and Cisco!

      Google was running Hillary for President at that time!

  98. Jerome R. Corsi. (Feb. 08, 2017). LEAKED DOCS: BROCK CONSPIRES WITH FACEBOOK, GOOGLE TO SHUT DOWN CONSERVATIVE MEDIA - Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech. Infowars.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hard-left political activist David Brock, founder of Media Matters – the father of “Fake News” – is working with co-conspirators Google and Facebook to implement a strategy designed to ban conservative and libertarian websites, including

    This is especially a problem given attempts being made by Eric Schmidt, the founder of the multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, to cozy up to the Trump administration.

    On Dec. 14, 2016, Schmidt was included in a group of prominent tech industry executives that met with then President-elect Donald Trump in a much-publicized meeting.

    On Jan. 17, 2017, Politico reported that Schmidt was sited at an unannounced visit to Trump Tower, where he lunched privately with Jared Kushner, Trump’s real estate magnate son-in-law married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka in 2009, who has emerged to be named a Senior Advisor to his father-in-law in the White House.

    In briefing book entitled “Media Matters, The Top Watchdog Against Fake News and Propaganda: Transforming the Media Landscape” (obtained by the Free Beacon) that Brock published privately in January to solicit donors, Brock asserts in the first sentence, “The onslaught of well-funded right-wing media brings with it significant challenges.”

    This first sentence telegraphs that by creating and advancing the narrative of “Fake News,” Brock is trying to launch what the hard-left calls “a meme.”

    Full story:

  99. Email comment by HH:


    I cannot get access to the Senate Judiciary Committee record quickly (their phone has been busy for a week), perhaps others can! A journalist in CA, who tipped me to this, confirms this is all true. Notice that Ted Olson, Gibson Dunn LLP is involved, that makes Friedland dirty by default IMHO.

    The press release says Judge Michelle T. Friedland, currently presiding over the appeal of President Trump’s executive order, received letters of recommendation for her judicial nomination from Cisco, Facebook and Google, all key anti-Trump, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, DNC backers. Her husband is closely associated with Cisco and AT&T who are working to clear the way for full control of wireless networks for the rouge C.I.A.?

  100. Email comment by DL:

    Eric Owens. (Feb. 07, 2017). EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Cash Is Sending Veterans On LUXURY Trips To Washington To Oppose 9/11 Law. The Daily Caller.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is paying at least one large public relations firm in Washington, D.C. to recruit American military veterans who will agree to visit Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress — in person — that they oppose a new federal law allowing civil lawsuits against state sponsors of terrorism.

    Saudi Arabia’s government also appears to be funding luxurious, all-expenses-paid trips to Washington, D.C. for the veterans which include stays at the $500-per-night Trump International Hotel.

    The law is the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which creates a way for American citizens to file civil claims against foreign governments for deaths and other damage related to terrorist acts if the foreign governments financed those attacks.

    Full story:


    Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:

    Sharyk Attkisson. (Feb. 08, 2017). CDC Scientist Confesses to Destroying Study Documents on Link Between Vaccines and Autism in Black Boys (But… Crickets). Full Measure.

    Would you ever imagine that a sitting senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would confess to meeting with his CDC colleagues and literally throwing study documents in a trash can to obfuscate a link they found between vaccines and autism in African American boys? And that they then omitted key information from their published study in Pediatrics? And that he, the CDC scientist, preserved copies of the documents in a safe and hired a lawyer because he assumed their destruction was illegal? And that he provided them to a member of Congress for investigation and hearings?

    Would you ever imagine that such news would be followed by crickets in Congress, where pharmaceutical and vaccine industry lobbyists outnumber members of Congress?

    Full story:

  102. Email comment by GH:

    Mark Geist. (Feb. 09, 2017). Benghazi Survivor Goes Public, Reveals How Political Cowardice Left Him and Friends to Die. Departed Media.

    Mark Geist is a Benghazi survivor who is not afraid to speak up and say what is not his mind.

    Breitbart reports that on an National Rifle Association ad, Mark Geist unleashed his fury on the Democrats and their party.

    In the ad, he calls the Democrats lazy because they didn’t even bother to pick up a phone and send help when he and his comrades needed the most.

    Full story and video:


    Staff. (Feb. 08, 2017). POLITICS: Nordstrom Cancelled Business with Ivanka, Stock Price Instantly Nuked. CT.

    Recent history has shown us that most companies that decide to declare war on President Donald Trump don’t end up on the winning side.

    Pepsi’s stock tumbled when its CEO decided to tell the world how unsafe she and her employees felt after Trump’s election, and Macy’s has seen its business go down the tubes since it decided to go after him.

    Nordstrom might be the next casualty after deciding to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand of clothing and shoes.

    Full story:


    Email comment by Jerome R. Corsi:

    Jerome R. Corsi. (Feb. 08, 2017). LEAKED DOCS: BROCK CONSPIRES WITH FACEBOOK, GOOGLE TO SHUT DOWN CONSERVATIVE MEDIA - Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech. Infowars.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hard-left political activist David Brock, founder of Media Matters – the father of “Fake News” – is working with co-conspirators Google and Facebook to implement a strategy designed to ban conservative and libertarian websites, including

    This is especially a problem given attempts being made by Eric Schmidt, the founder of the multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, to cozy up to the Trump administration.

    n Dec. 14, 2016, Schmidt was included in a group of prominent tech industry executives that met with then President-elect Donald Trump in a much-publicized meeting.

    On Jan. 17, 2017, Politico reported that Schmidt was sited at an unannounced visit to Trump Tower, where he lunched privately with Jared Kushner, Trump’s real estate magnate son-in-law married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka in 2009, who has emerged to be named a Senior Advisor to his father-in-law in the White House

    In briefing book entitled “Media Matters, The Top Watchdog Against Fake News and Propaganda: Transforming the Media Landscape” (obtained by the Free Beacon) that Brock published privately in January to solicit donors, Brock asserts in the first sentence, “The onslaught of well-funded right-wing media brings with it significant challenges.”
    This first sentence telegraphs that by creating and advancing the narrative of “Fake News,” Brock is trying to launch what the hard-left calls “a meme.”

    Full story:

  105. Email comment by AJ:

    Katie Frates. (Feb. 08, 2017). Here’s The ONLY Dem To Vote For Sessions As Attorney General. The Daily Caller.

    Only one Democrat out of the 46 in the Senate voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as the next U.S. attorney general.

    West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin voted “yes” during the Wednesday night confirmation hearing. The vote ended up at 52-47, with Sessions voting present.

    Manchin, 69, is one of the last remaining blue dog Democrats. Blue dogs are southern state Democrats with a conservative voting record. He was West Virginia’s secretary of state from 2001 to 2005, and then its governor from 2005 to 2010.

    Full story:

  106. Email comment by JM:


    Neoconservative Bill Kristol says that white working class Americans should be replaced by immigrants because they have become “lazy,” “decadent” and “spoiled”.

    “Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?” asked Kristol.

    “You can make a case that America has been great because every — I think John Adams said this — basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled — whatever,” he added.

    Full story:

  107. Email comment by AS:

    Dan Lyman. (Feb. 09, 2017). BLACK SENATOR SUFFERS RACIAL ABUSE FOR BACKING SESSIONS - Senator Scott exposes true racists in US. Infowars.

    Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) spoke in defense of fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions, revealing some of the vicious racial abuse he has suffered on social media from leftists for his support of the new attorney general.

    Full story:

  108. Email comment by PJW:

    Paul Joseph Watson. (Feb. 09, 2017). AMERICANS FIND TRUMP MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN MEDIA; POLL - MSM has a 14 point credibility gap. Infowars.

    A new national poll finds that Americans see Donald Trump as being more trustworthy than the mainstream media.

    The survey, conducted by Emerson College Polling, found that the Trump administration is considered to be truthful by 49% of respondents compared to 48% who think it’s untruthful.

    In comparison, the news media is considered to be untruthful by 53% of respondents compared to 39% who find it to be truthful – a 14 point gap.

    The numbers suggest that despite their constant attacks on the president’s truthfulness, returned in kind by Trump, the media still has a huge credibility problem amongst the American people.

    This perception has undoubtedly been fueled in part by the numerous instances of fake news circulated by the media in recent weeks, including the phony story about Trump having MLK’s bust removed from the oval office.

    A rap sheet compiled by the Daily Wire details forty times the mainstream media was caught lying in the last week alone.

    President Trump himself shared a link via Twitter to a story that details 16 fake news stories that reporters have run since Trump won.

    Full story:

  109. Email comment by PO'd:

    Randy DeSoto. (Feb. 08, 2017). Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Accuses Warren Of Playing ‘Race Card’. Western Journalism.

    Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of performing a “bait and switch” and playing the “race card” in invoking the King family name during her speech Tuesday night in opposition to Sen. Jeff Sessions’ appointment as attorney general.

    Warren spent a significant portion of her 50-minute speech from the Senate floor reading from a letter Dr. King’s late widow, Coretta Scott King, wrote in opposition to the appointment of Sessions to be a federal district court judge in 1986.

    Full story:

  110. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    Bob Unruh. (Feb. 09, 2017). BIG PAYDAY AFTER STATE FIRES PASTOR FOR CHRISTIAN BELIEFS - 'This is a clear and resounding victory for religious freedom'. WND.

    The state of Georgia has agreed to pay $225,000 to settle a complaint that it illegally discriminated against a lay pastor who was fired by the state’s Department of Public Health, apparently because of the content of his sermons.

    The announcement comes from First Liberty Institute, which represented Eric Walsh, M.D.

    “I am grateful this trial has finally ended,” Walsh, an experienced health department administrator, said in a statement released through his lawyers. “It’s been a long, difficult journey, but it’s worth it to have my name cleared and to ensure that all Georgia government employees know they have religious liberty.”

    Full story:


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