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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Breaking News, Sep. 3, 2014, 10:05am
OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth, "counterattacks" the Band Alumni leadership
The OSU Trustee president, Jeffrey Wadsworth, the man whose Battelle Memorial Institute lobbyist, McBee Strategic, has 12 plum OSU contracts, including oversight over the new global learning system, MOOC, is now issuing false information to the press. The Trustees' PR machine stated that the Jon Waters action had been taken by the Trustees. However, the Trustees are saying privately that no such decision was ever made by the Trustees. Also, according to the ByLaws, Wadsworth has no executive authority, yet appears to have awarded himself privileges unilaterally. Why is Governor Kasich letting him get away with this lawlessness? Read TBDBITL Press Release.
Breaking News, Sep. 3, 2014, 5:28pm
Wadsworth crony J.P.Morgan tied to Judge & Attorneys (former Chris Glaros employer) in Leader v. Facebook judicial misconduct
In more bizarre twists to this growing scandal, Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam just filed papers today in the Delaware District Court (Wilmington, Delaware) seeking to set aside a judgment against her patents on Internet transactions due to judge bias and fraud on the court. Click here to read the motion to vacate. She complains that three judges in her case, Judge Richard G. Andrews, Judge Susan L. Robinson and Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark hold or should have known they hold large amounts of J.P. Morgan stock, yet failed to disqualify themselves from Dr. Arunachalam's patent infringement lawsuit against J.P. Morgan. Judge Stark was the trial judge in Leader v. Facebook. Stark also holds large amounts of stock in Facebook which he also failed to disclose during the trial.

OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbyist McBee Strategic also lobbies for J.P. Morgan and is partners with Facebook's attorney, Cooley Godward LLP. Chris Glaros, the author of the debunked Waters Report was formerly employed at Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook's other attorney. Thanks again to Wadsworth's misconduct in the Jon Waters affair, we discover more pointers that link the Leader and Waters mistreatment to the Facebook Cartel and one of its corrupt financiers. Theft of broad Internet patent properties is emerging as a common theme. But still, why target the OSU Marching Band? Go Buckeye Nation! Help us get to the bottom of this corrupt mess. There is obviously a common agenda here, but what is it?
Breaking News, Aug. 27, 2014
OSU Marching Band Squad Leaders
Current OSU Marching Band Squad Leaders call for a Drake public apology in support of their Director Jon Waters and his reeinstatement. The student leaders demand to be interviewed by the Betty Montgomery Task Force to correct the false and misleading statements in the Glaros Report.

In 2006, Betty Montgomery took campaign donations from Woodrow A. Myers, a Stanford colleague of new OSU President Michael V. Drake. Therefore, the bias in the selection of Montgomery to lead the Task Force is evident.

Click here to jump to the comment below.
Photo: Ed Crockett
Breaking News, Aug. 26, 2014Chris Glaros, author of the now discredited Jon Waters Report that disparaged the OSU Marching Band, is now tied to more attempts by the U.S. government and their industry collaborators to secretly confiscate broad Internet inventions, including Leader Technologies' invention of social networking which was invented in Columbus, Ohio. See Chris Glaros OSU bio.

Menlo Park, CA resident Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Internet pioneer and former director of network architecture for Sun Microsystems, holds over a dozen patents on Internet transactions. Companies who do Internet transactions would like her to disappear so they can infringe her patents with impunity. Her company, Pi-Net International, Inc., has sued dozens of banks, including JPMorgan, for patent infringement, captioned Pi-Net International, Inc. v. Citizens Financial Group, Inc., et al, 12-cv-00355-RGA (D. Del. 2012). In 2012, Dr. Arunachalam filed amicus curiae briefs in support of Leader in Leader v. Facebook. She exposed judicial misconduct. Since then the Federal Circuit chief judge and clerk have both resigned. Note: The Federal Circuit chief judge, Randall R. Rader, was a law student and collaborator with Professor James P. Chandler, Leader's patent attorney. See sidebar: "Federal Circuit Censored Docket."

Some banks have settled, but JPMorgan has not. Yesterday, Dr. Arunachalam filed a motion in Delaware federal disctrict court (Wilminigton, DE) revealing that Delaware judges involved in that case (Exhibit A), specifically chief judge Leonard P. Stark and trial judge Richard G. Andrews, both hold substantial amounts of JPMorgan stock, yet have not disqualified themselves from the case. Leonard P. Stark is the same judge who (1) Eric Holder moved into the Leader v. Facebook case just one month before trial, (2) allowed Facebook to add a new claim and blocked Leader from conducting additional discovery to build their defenses (abuse of due process), and (3) failed to disclose his substantial Facebook financial holdings. Stark was appointed to the bench just a week after the Leader v. Facebook trial by President Obama in an evident quid pro quo for his support of Facebook's fabricated last-minute claim.

Glaros worked for then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., (who also holds substantial Facebook and JPMorgan financial interests) when Stark was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Delaware. Professor James P. Chandler advised Holder and Glaros on intellectual property. Tellingly, Glaros then went to work for Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook's attorney in Leader v. Facebook. The deeper AFI digs, the pattern of relationships reveal an intent to control all Internet traffic, including Ohio State University's. How the OSU Marching Band and its innovative director, Jon Waters, became an obstacle in this global hegemony remains a mystery. But hopefully, this miscalculation will be the Facebook Cartel's undoing. Go Buckeye Nation!

Outraged Buckeye Nation provides new evidence that reveals collusion among certain OSU Trustees to cheat the Ohio State grad who invented social networking

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 20, 2014, Updated Sep. 03 | PDF
Michael V. Drake, Chancellor, Univ. of Calif. Irvivne
Fig. 1—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees. AFI's investigation as been propelled by an outraged Buckeye Nation that has revealed substantial collusion among members of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees.

Photo: Univ. of California, Irvine.

(Aug. 20, 2014)—Buckeye Nation is outraged by the firing of beloved OSU Marching Band Director, Jon Waters. The outrage shows no signs of subsiding. Despite the public outcry, Ohio State Trustees president, Jeffrey Wadsworth “stands firmly” behind the decision.

New facts reveal dramatic detail about Wadsworth and other OSU trustees and their collaborators.

Is the attack on Director Jon Waters and the famed OSU Marching Band a Title IX diversion gone wrong? Some insiders suggest that the trustees sacrificed Waters to divert attention from Athletic Director Gene Smith’s botched Title IX investigations.

Diversion from Gene Smith’s botched Title IX investigations?

Recently, according to Ohio State’s The Lantern, the Title IX coordinator in a Gene Smith investigation, Andrea Goldblum, left her position shortly after Smith fired the cheerleading coaches, including Coach Lenee Buchman. Her reasons for leaving are decidedly rote.

In addition, according to WBNS-10TV, Jon Waters reported the incident that triggered the band investigation to Athletic Director Gene Smith. Waters then took instruction from Smith on how to respond. The response was to disallow both students from future band travel. The woman complained that excluding her from travel unfairly punished her as the victim, so she filed a Title IX complaint. Waters then followed the recommendation of the Title IX coordinator and reinstated her, after which she says she was ostracized by fellow students for having made the complaint. No police report was ever filed, according to 10TV.

Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.
Fig. 2—OSU Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to ABC News. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University;

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.

Bottom line, Jon Waters said he reported the incident to the Athletic Department and they decided the response together. Gene Smith says Waters did not. One of them is lying.

It also appears that Drake & Co. played upon the historical jealousy of the OSU School of Music over the Marching Band’s popularity in order to get the cooperation of the provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, and the music school directors, Richard L. Blatti and Russel C. Mikkelson.

Waters and the OSU Marching Band recently generated $30 million for the music school from the Apple iPad commercial. Those funds were probably a source of jealousy and economic power. Waters was a highly productive innovator who was also showing them up in this departmental music rivalry.

What if OSU mega-donor Leslie Wexner had asked for his Victoria’s Secret models to dot the “i” at midnight ramp?

Attorney Abigail Wexner was appointed as OSU Trustee just 11 days before the Waters firing, along with former Battelle executive Alex R. Fisher.

Ironically, the Waters Report made salacious reference to some OSU band women purchasing underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Numerous OSU buildings are named after Wexner for his donations of Victoria’s Secret profits to OSU. By contrast, the reference to Victoria’s Secret in the Report contributed to a body of now refuted innuendo.

Presumably, had Leslie or Abigail Wexner asked for Victoria’s Secret models to grab sousaphones and dot the “I” during midnight ramp, the university would have publicized the event and negotiated royalties. The double standard is unmistakable.

Actors in this OSU scandal

Gene Smith, Athletic Director, The Ohio State University
Gene Smith
OSU Athletic Director. Photo: ESPN.
Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Michael V. Drake
OSU President; Stanford Black Alumni award. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Woodrow A. Myers, Wellpoint, Inc.
Woodrow A. Myers
CMO, Wellpoint, Inc.; former CCO, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; Stanford Black Alumni award; donor to 100's of Ohio politicians. Photo: Stanford.
Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; President, Board of Trustees, The Ohio State University
Jeffrey Wadsworth
OSU Trustee President; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; Dep. Dir. Sci. & Tech., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL); client of McBee Strategic LLC, Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP partner; signed the CRADA with Leader Technologies and Michael McKibben. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Alexander R. Fischer, Trustee, The Ohio State University
Alex R. Fischer
OSU Trustee; former Sr. VP, Battelle; former Chairman, OmniViz; quit Battelle Mar. 2009. Photo: Columbus Partnership.
James P. Chandler, III, President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute
James P. Chandler
National Intellectual Property Law Institute, Pres.; Leader Technologies’ former attorney; author of Trade Secrets Act and EEA; adviser to White House, Congress, DoE, NSA, CIA, FBI, Justice Dept.; the former Harvard Law professor. Photo: NIPLI.
Chris Glaros
Chris Glaros
Author of Waters Report; Chief Counsel, Children’s Defense Fund; former law clerk to Marbley and Holder Photo: Ohio State
Algernon L. Marbley
Algernon L. Marbley
OSU Trustee; mentor to Glaros and Barreras. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Eric H. Holder, U.S. Attorney General
Eric H. Holder
U.S. Attorney General; mentor to Glaros; collaborator with Chandler; failed to discipline judges in Leader v. Facebook who all held stock in Facebook; Harvard Law grad. Photo: The Daily Sheeple.
Lori Barreras Fischer
Lori Barreras
Commissioner, Ohio Civil Rights Commission; sworn in by Marbley; married to OSU Trustee Fischer; former V.P. of HR for Wadsworth at Battelle; former OSU Asst. V.P. of HR; quit Battelle Mar. 2009. Photo:
David Vaughn
David Vaughn
Criminal Attorney; assigned to Drake probe; former Asst. U.S. Attorney under Eric H. Holder; UC, Stanford and Harvard grad. Photo: Vaughn Law.
Betty Montgomery
Betty Montgomery
Former Ohio Attorney General; assigned to Drake probe; recipient of Myers/Wellpoint, Inc. political donations Photo: Diverseducation..
Joseph A. Steinmetz, Provost, The Ohio State University
Joseph A. Steinmetz
OSU Provost; MOOC cheerleader; OSU School of Music boss; Jon Waters’ boss Photo: Psychological Science.

The mistreatment of Jon Waters shined a light on the corrupt agenda of some OSU Trustees: All roads wind back to Jeffrey Wadsworth and Battelle Memorial Institute

See the previous post for more information on Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic. At least 12 of McBee Strategic’s clients have contracts with Ohio State. Without a pretty good explanation, this conflict of interest and double-dealing alone should probably get Jeffrey Wadsworth fired. It certainly is an indication of his willingness to play fast and loose with ethical principles.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

We obtained various court records and reached out to sources, including Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio, for background on Leader’s past relationships to Battelle and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). We received a treasure trove of evidence tying Jeffrey Wadsworth, and his former VP, Alex R. Fischertwo Ohio State Trustees—to the misappropriation of Leader’s invention for social networking.

Ironically, Leader’s Chairman and Founder, Michael McKibben, was a four year member and squad leader of OSU’s TBDBITL (“The Best Damn Band in the Land”). McKibben knows Jon Waters and said Waters is one of the University’s most credible ambassadors. 

Jon Waters Mentors The Ohio School for the Blind Marching Band

McKibben pointed to Jon Waters’ work with the Ohio School for the Blind as an example. Waters prepared them for the first-ever appearance of a blind marching band in the Tournament of Roses Parade on Jan. 1, 2010. McKibben said, “An insensitive, incompetent, uncaring person doesn’t do that. Jon Waters is a person that the Ohio State administration should be heralding, not firing!”

We’ll start with information that stunned even Leader (you’re welcome!), who had not previously made the association to Wadsworth.

In 2002, Wadsworth, Battelle and LLNL promised to protect Leader Technologies’ secrets, yet appear to have helped give it to Zuckerberg and IBM’s Eclipse Foundation / MOOC

 Five sets of documents stood out:

  1. A 2002 CRADA contract between Leader and LLNL, signed by Wadsworth himself. See Fig. 3 below;
  2. A 2002 Leader-Battelle email string and business plan PowerPoint, including discussion about Fischer's Battelle subsidiary, OmniViz;
  3. A 2002 proposal for a IBM / Harvard University Initiative (18 months before Facebook started);
  4. A 2002 exploration of a business alliance with Alex R. Fischer’s Battelle subsidiary, OmniViz; and
  5. 2002 nondisclosure agreements signed by Battelle and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

The surprise: LLNL-LEADER CRADA – [Jeffrey Wadsworth]

In AFI's review of a Jun. 5, 2002 CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) between LLNL and Leader Technologies, we discovered that it had been signed by Jeffrey Wadsworth before he came to Battelle.

Leader's Michael McKibben had not previously made a connection. He said the CRADA relationship with LLNL was facilitated based entirely on the prior relationships of his attorney, James P. Chandler. McKibben said, "I had met with numerous LLNL personnel during the project, but never met Wadsworth. I assumed he was simply an uninvolved LLNL signature authority. That's why his name has never rung a bell with me until you found it."

Signature Block from CRADA No. W-7405-ENC-48, Rapidly Deployable Security System, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Leader Technologies, Jeffrey Wadsworth, Michael McKibben, Jun. 05, 2002

Fig. 3—Excerpts from the CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, and Leader Technologies, Columbus, OH. This agreement was facilitated by Leader's patent attorney, James P. Chandler. Jeffrey Wadsworth signed for LLNL and Michael McKibben signed for Leader. This document also reveals that Chandler, General James Freeze, and Kevin Kelso from Fenwick & West LLP were provided full copies of the agreement, including Leader's source code. Source: U.S. Courts.

Full Circle – Back to OSU Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz

Now we have come full circle, back to the data point that triggered this entire investigation:

MOOC - Massive Open Online Course logo
Fig. 4—MOOC logo. MOOC is founded upon exploitation of source code from The Eclipse Foundation, founded by IBM. Eclipse claims to have lost its knowledge of the source of their original code contributor, but AFI found them—Leader Technologies. See previous post. Source: Wikipedia.

OSU Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz’s May 2013 article for the Association for Psychological Science heavily promoted Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)—a conception for worldwide global education networking promoted by IBM’s The Eclipse Foundation. See previous post.

Steinmetz’s writings led us to an examination of MOOC vendors at Ohio State, including Oracle and Goggle. Those vendors led us to look into OSU Trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic, and the 12 plum contracts by McBee clients at OSU. McBee’s alliance with Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP on the failed energy stimulus raised the specter of likely OSU corruption even higher.

The uncanny connection among Wadsworth/Battelle, McKibben/Leader Technologies and the Battelle/LLNL misappropriation of McKibben’s invention into the hands of Zuckerberg, IBM, The Eclipse Foundation and MOOC just popped out!

Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Can. IV, St. 17, 1808

Alex R. Fischer, Lori Barreres, Battelle, Wadsworth, OSU and Fischer’s surprise resignation in 2009

A tip pointed us to these Fischer facts. Two former Battelle officials figure prominently in the firing of Jon Waters, Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreres (Fischer).

Governor John Kasich just appointed Alex R. Fischer as an OSU trustee on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the Waters firing, along with Abigail Wexner. Nothing in Fischer's background, other than his relationship to Wadsworth and Battelle, makes him a particularly notable candidate to be an OSU Trustee.

Fischer’s new wife, Lori Barreras, is a former OSU vice president of human resources. Barreres was recently sworn in as an Ohio civil rights commissioner by another OSU trustee, district court judge Algernon L. Marbley. Marbley and Attorney General Eric H. Holder are mentors to Chris Glaros, the author of the fallacious Waters Report. See’s Aug. 20, 2014 fact checking.

Fischer and Barreras both worked for Jeffrey Wadsworth at Battelle until their abrupt departures in Mar. 2009

Both Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreras resigned from Battelle and Wadsworth's employ in March 2009 [shout out to commenter Darren]. Later that year Fischer's wife filed for divorce, according to Franklin County Court records.  Battelle documents we obtained further reveal that Fischer said he knew Barreras before she started work for Wadsworth at Battelle in 2005.

The Wexner connection also raises questions of propriety. In various biographies, Fischer cites Leslie Wexner as his mentor. The fact that Fischer and Abigail Wexner joined the OSU Trustees together on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the firing of Jon Waters, raises more questions about OSU Trustee impartiality and insider dealing.

OSU Trustee Alex R. Fischer needs more due diligence
(Aug. 24, 2014 Update)—AFI researchers seek additional information about: (1) The Mar. 2009 Battelle Memorial Institute firings of executives Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreras (now Fischer). (2) Fischer's hiring at the Columbus Partnership. Who sponsored him? What were his qualifications for the job? (3) Researchers also seek information to cooroborate commenter "truthteller's" assertions about Fischer's and Barreras' inaapropriate use of the Battelle corporate jet. What were those reasons? When did those uses occur? What did Jeffrey Wadsworth and other senior Battelle executives know and when did they know it? (4) Why is Wadsworth rehiring these individuals at Ohio State after such allegedly egregious misconduct at Battelle? And finally, (5) Who knew what and when about Battelle's misapproriation of Leader Technologies' invention? Has "national security" secrecy been invoked by the Administration to prevent disclosure of the confiscation of this technology by the U.S. government with Battelle's assistance?

Responses can be emailed anonymously to or simply posted as an anonymous comment.

We treat all such informaton as privileged newsgathering protected by the First Amendment freedom of speech and the press. These are public figures who have willingly subjected their conduct to the scrutiny of the public.

OSU Trustee Nepotism

Later, as President of the OSU Board of Trustees, Jeffrey Wadsworth appears to have arranged for his two former senior Battelle employees to land plum OSU jobs. Lori Barreras became OSU Vice President of HR, and now Ohio Civil Rights Commissioner, while her new husband, Alexander Ross Fischer, finds himself an OSU Trustee. Can anyone say nepotism? (Using one's position to give cush jobs to family and friends. Not OK in a major public university.)

In a case of turnabout is fair play, these facts could be interpreted as indications of an inappropriate Battelle relationship. But then again, no one knows for sure since we have not heard from Fischer and Barreras themselves.

However, if we use the OSU Trustees’ treatment of Jon Waters as the model for conducting investigations, we would interpret these facts salaciously and fire both Fischer and Barreras immediately.

Bottom line, drawing conclusions from incomplete facts is not fair play. Given the involvement of another OSU trustee, federal judge Algernon L. Marbley, makes this Jon Waters affair all the more suspicious. Federal judges are supposed to be impartial according to their Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges.

Fischer as Chairman of Battelle’s OmniViz figures prominently into the patent theft we cover below.

More proofs of collusion:

The OSU Trustees’ inter-relationships are convoluted, so stick with us.

Chris Glaros is the author of the Waters “sexualized culture” report. Glaros attended Columbia and Stanford. He clerked for then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, and for Judge Algernon L. Marbley, Southern District of Ohio (Columbus). At the time of his Holder clerkship, Professor James P. Chandler was working closely with Holder and the Justice Department on trade secrets and economic espionage. Chandler even cites Holder in a Mar. 28, 2001 trade secrets conference he sponsored.

Algernon L. Marbley is an OSU Trustee and Southern District Court judge in Columbus. He attended UNC and Northwestern and has taught at OSU and Harvard. He mentored Chris Glaros and swore in Lori Barreras Fischer as an Ohio Civil Rights Commissioner.

Lori Barreras (aka Lori Barreras Crouch) is married to Alexander R. Fischer, appointed OSU Trustee on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the Waters firing. She was appointed to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on Oct. 31, 2013 where she was sworn in by Algernon L. Marbley. She most recently served as Asst. VP of Human Resources at OSU. Prior to that she was VP of HR at Battelle, employed by Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO of Battelle.  Barreras attended the University of Arizona

Alex R. Fischer is an OSU Trustee, appointed just 11 days before the Waters firing on Jul. 24, 2014. Fischer was Sr. VP at Battelle, including chairman of a Battelle company, OmniViz. Fischer’s boss was Battelle CEO, Jeffrey Wadsworth. Fischer is married to Lori Barreras who served as V.P. or HR for Battelle under Wadsworth. Fischer attended the University of Tennessee.

Gene Smith is OSU Athletic Director who appears to have botched two recent Title IX investigations, the OSU cheerleaders and the OSU Marching Band. Smith attended Notre Dame.

Jeffrey Wadsworth is president of the OSU Trustees and CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth attended Sheffield in the UK and worked for the University of California Trustees at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

Michael V Drake is president of Ohio State. He attended Stanford. His Stanford medical colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, used his company, Wellpoint, Inc., to spread around political donations liberally in Ohio since 2006, including gifts to Betty Montgomery, whom Drake has appointed to the ongoing Waters probe. Drake has failed to disclose that his other choices for the Jon Waters probe, Arent Fox LLP and David Vaughn, are equally conflicted. See previous post.

Conspiracy to exploit the social networking invention exposed

On Mar. 19, 2002, Jeffrey Wadsworth, then Deputy Director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), signed a research and development agreement with Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies.

Copied on that agreement were Leader’s patent attorney and director, Professor James P. Chandler; Major General James E. Freeze (U.S. Army ret.), former #3 at the National Security Agency (NSA); and Leader’s corporate attorney, Kevin Kelso, Fenwick & West LLP (became Facebook's patent and corporate attorney, in addition to numerous other members of IBM's The Eclipse Foundation, which had been started just a few months earlier). Chandler was also IBM's outside patent counsel and worked closely with IBM chief intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos, who became director of the U.S. Patent Office in 2009.

That agreement, written by Chandler, contained an Appendix C provision whereby Leader “place in trust” hard copies of this LEADER2LEADER invention comprised of “823,150 lines of code.” Programming code is the software version of a book manuscript. Each line is roughly equivalent to a sentence of writing. A good programmer can produce about 200-300 lines of code a day. So 823,150 lines of code represent about 15 person-years of work. Mark Zuckerberg claimed to have written equivalent code to start Facebook in “one to two weeks” at Harvard.

Leader Technologies - Battelle Memorial Institute - University Initiative Business Discussions, Mar. 21, 2002

Fig. 5—Leader Technologies' University Initiative slides prepare Mar. 21, 2002 for meetings with Battelle. These ideas were proposed to senior executives of Battelle under the protection of a nondisclosure confidentiality agreement. Leader proposed that Battelle team with them to deploy its new invention in cooperation with IBM and Harvard. That is exactly what happened, but Battelle executives ignored the pesky little fact that it was not their invention.

Click here for a full copy of this PowerPoint.

Facebook launched on Feb. 4, 2004, just three months after Leader completed the debugging of a key component that was a cornerstone of the innovation. That was the very same night, Oct. 28, 2003, that Zuckerberg wrote in his online diary "Let the hacking begin." See also The Social Network Hacking Scene Lie to Fool the Masses, YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg Deposition ("one to two weeks" to build Facebook; vaguely admits "other" sources for his ideas), Apr. 25, 2006, ConnectU LLC v. Zuckerberg et al, 04-cv-11923-DPW (D.Mass. 2004).Source: U.S. Courts.

Zuckerberg's claim to have built all of Facebook in "one to two weeks" is not credible, yet no one in the media has investigated these facts. Instead, a gullible public and Wall Street lapdog media has swallowed The Social Networking movie fiction hook, line and sinker.

property theft is justified in the name of "national security"—Didn't you get that memo?

Two years earlier, the purpose of the LLNL agreement was to prove-out McKibben’s (social networking) invention for use in U.S. government applications as a “Rapidly Deployable Security System.” Trouble is, the US government executives liked McKibben's invention so well that they conspired and stole it . . . in the name of "national security."

Battelle elicited the contact with Columbus-based Leader Technologies

On Feb. 21, 2002 Battelle proposed a meeting to explore a business alliance with Leader and a Battelle company named OmniViz. Three weeks later, on Mar. 29, 2002, Leader prepared a 50-page business plan. That plan included a proposed IBM and Harvard “University Initiative” with Battelle.

Three months earlier, on Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler, with the help of Fenwick & West LLP, had created The Eclipse Foundation with source code whose authorship they were “unable to determine” eighteen months later. That source code from Leader Technologies forms the foundation of the current global education initiative named MOOCSee previous post.

Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, Invention Timeline
Fig. 6—Leader Technologies, Inc., columbus, Ohio, Invention Timeline. Invention is difficult to achieve, but easy for predators to copy. Click here to see confirmation that Facebook started (Feb. 4, 2004) during the first ever EclipseCon 2004 conference on Feb. 2-5, 2004 underwritten by IBM with a huge smokescreen of branded hangers on.

Ohio State’s Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz sang the praises of MOOC in an article for the Association for Psychological Sciences in May 2013 after which Ohio State embraced its MOOC vendors, including Google and Oracle, two clients of OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbyist, McBee Strategic LLC. This is the definition of feathering one's nest. It's an illegal conflict of interest, especially for university officials entrusted with impartiality.

McBee's lobbying partner is Cooley Godward LLP, Facebook's lawyers in Leader v. Facebook whose partner, Donald K. Stern, advised the White House to replace the judge in the Leader case to a Facebook-friendly Obama nominee, Leonard P. Stark, one month before trial. Stark's first act as judge was to allow Facebook to add a new "on-sale bar" claim, and block Leader from conducting addition discovery to prepare its defenses. See Request for Congressional Intervention.

On Jul. 27, 2010, in a split verdict, Leader nevertheless proved that Facebook infringes its patent on 11 of 11 claims and that there is no prior art (the meat of a patent case). Facebook prevailed only on the on-sale bar claim with fabricated evidence which the courts affirmed in lockstep right up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The corruption has become obvious to all knowledgeable observers. However, Eric H. Holder's Justice Department has systematically turning a blind eye to propriety.

All of the judges in the Leader v. Facebook case hold substantial amounts of Facebook interests which they did not disclose, even when asked to do so. Facebook's appeals attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, failed to disclose his conflicting relationships with the appeals judges. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. failed to disclose his conflicting relationship with Hungar and Gibson Dunn. We're just getting warmed up on this corruption, but we digress.

Steinmetz is the boss of the OSU School of Music which was quick to swoop in to run the band following the Waters firing. The jealousy of the School of Music toward the popularity of the marching band is well-known and deep-seated. Steinmetz appears to have thrown the Music School leadership Richard L. Blatti and Russel C. Mikkelson a bone for not yet known favors.

MOOC evidently had its origins in the Mar. 29, 2002 Leader PowerPoint business plan created by Michael McKibben for Leader’s business opportunity discussions with Battelle.

Facebook’s true origins

This new evidence validates long-held suspicions of widespread collusion among participants in the “Facebook Cartel.” Battelle was long suspected of involvement, but proof was elusive, until the Jon Waters band scandal focused attention on the OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth.

Leader had the idea for a Harvard University Initiative involving IBM and Battelle two years before Facebook went live on Feb. 4, 2004—while Zuckerberg was still in high school.

Alex R. Fischer and Battelle-OmniViz

On Jul. 3, 2014, Alex Fischer was appointed to the OSU Board of Trustees. Fischer's official OSU biography says he was Chairman of OmniViz. However, on Feb. 21, 2002, Leader Technologies prepared a business plan with Battelle-OmniViz for their confidential business discussions.

In addition to the PowerPoint that specifically mentioned OmniViz, Leader also provided a copy of email correspondence showing that OmniViz participated in business discussions with Leader on Feb. 25, 2002. Those OmniViz discussions were protected by the nondisclosure agreements. ANY unauthorized use of that information for the benefit of Battelle or OmniViz was prohibited. See Battelle nondisclosure confidentiality agreement.

According to Leader, no one from Battelle or LLNL past or present has ever contacted Leader to license their intellectual property.

Battelle Email to Leader Technologies asking for a meeting, Feb. 21, 2002
Fig 6—Battelle Feb. 21, 2002 Letter to Leader Technologies requesting meeting to discuss Leader's inventions. Including in this meeting were executives from Battelle subsidiary OmniViz. Leader's proposed Harvard - IBM University Initiative was explored. These ideas were likely given to Fenwick & West LLP's (Leader's other attorney) client Accel Partners LLP, who took the idea to Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers, and they together contrived the Facebook's launch at Harvard, replete with a next-Bill-Gates front man, the 19-year old Mark Zuckerberg.

In the twelve months from Aug. 2003 to Jun. 2004, the 19-year Zuckerberg and thefacebook garnered more articles and attention from Harvard President Larry Summers' The Harvard Crimson journalists than any world leader or subject, bar none. Other nascent facebooks on campus (Winklevosses, Greenspan, Harvard Tech Office) had only a few. Looming just behind the door was IBM, The Eclipse Foundation and Battelle with Leader's University Initiative blueprint.

Click here to read the full email thread. Source: U.S. Courts.

Fischer and Battelle went on the commercialize OmniViz and sold the company on Jan. 29, 2007.

AFI had previously received reports that Zuckerberg had a copy of a Leader PowerPoint, but this is our first view of the actual document. It is no wonder that the boy wonder could move so quickly, Leader had already produced “823,150 lines of code” and placed it “in trust” with Chandler, who proceeded to supply it to Jeffrey Wadsworth at LLNL, then Battelle and IBM via The Eclipse Foundation, Chandler's other client, we believe.

Indeed, Chandler's Jun. 05, 2002 letter to Leader confirms that he gave the source code to Fenwick & West LLP (Kevin Kelso) and retired NSA chief, General James E. Freeze. Many Fenwick clients are members of The Eclipse Foundation, and suspiciously, Fenwick became Facebook's patent and corporate attorney several years later.

Fenwick has filed hundreds of patents for Facebook starting in about 2007. Also illegal, Fenwick did not disclose their knowledge of Leader's invention in any of Facebook/Zuckerberg's filings, which they are required by law to do. Tellingly, they did disclose Leader's patent in two earlier Marc Andreessen patents. Such conduct is the patent equivalent of fraud called "inequitable conduct."

Facebook’s attorneys lied to the court in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case that started on Nov. 19, 2008. They told the court they "lost" ALL of Zuckerberg’s hard drives and Harvard emails from 2003-2004. Yet magically, just two days after the Federal Circuit supported a verdict for Facebook based on fabricated evidence never put before the jury, Facebook’s attorneys magically “found” 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and emails in the Paul Ceglia v. Mark Zuckerberg case (see Rose & McGowan depositions). Imagine that.

The perpetrators are clearly hiding their connections to IBM, Battelle, Chandler, Wadsworth, LLNL, ORNL, DoE, NSA, Justice, Holder, The Eclipse Foundation, MOOC, etc. Can anyone say massive hidden agenda? No wonder Washington is dysfunctional. These people are drunk on the power they've accumulated by stealth. See Request for Congressional Intervention.

Prediction – OSU Information Technology “Reorganization”

If OSU allows President Michael V. Drake to remain in office after this Waters debacle, we predict that Drake will announce a reorganization of the OSU Information Technology Office. This will enable his MOOC friends to finish laying their digital pipelines at OSU without interference from “old fashioned” privacy- and security-minded technologists, which were likely blocking their agenda.

* * *


Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.

Fig. 5—The Ohio State University Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to ABC News. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University; YouTube

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Trustees and Provost promote learning technology that benefits trustee clients and is stolen from OSU alums

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 13, 2014, Updated Mar. 05, 2015 | PDF
Update, Aug. 18, 2014—The Investigation Continues:
"Outraged Buckeye Nation sparks whistleblowers: New evidence reveals even more widespread collusion..." Stay tuned.
Michael V. Drake, new President of The Ohio State University creates scandal during his first month in office. This does not bode well for his judgment and leadership.
Fig. A—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees.

Drake's arrogant disregard for the public outcry against this decision will likely get him run out of Ohio on rails, according to sources close to the situation. More below. Photo: Ohio State.
Jeffrey Wadsworth, OSU Trustee President; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute
Fig. B—Jeffrey Wadsworth, President, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth's lobbyist, McBee Strategic, has at least 12 contracts with Ohio State. Before coming to Battelle, Wadsworth had no prior ties to Ohio, Ohio State or the Big 10; neither did Michael V. Drake. Their ties are all in California, LLNL, Univ. of Calif., Stanford.
Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
McBee Strategic LLC — Ohio State Trustees Contracting Scandal

(Update, Aug. 15, 2014)—Investigation into the bizarre firing of Ohio State's beloved Marching Band Director, Jon Waters, has uncovered shocking conduct by Ohio State's Board of Trustees. See Ohio State band Director Jon Waters in action in this 2014 YouTube trailer. Compare that to Michael V. Drake's prior experience with the Stanford band at the 2013 Rose Bowl. The contrast in professionalism is stark.

Incoming President Michael V. Drake was supported in that decision to fire Waters without even a hearing by Jeffrey Wadsworth, President of the OSU Trustees.

Wadsworth is the CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute. He preceded Drake's move to Ohio, having moved from California where he was employed by Drake's alma mater, the University of California Trustees, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Curiously, Wadsworth's move to Ohio was at the same time as the theft of Leader Technologies' source code by The Eclipse Foundation / IBM, and Leader's research projects with Battelle and LLNL. Hmmmm. It is now evident that Eclipse simply gave Leader's invention to Facebook as it was coming off of Leader's engineering drawing board and was being secretly shuffled to them by Leader's Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley attorneys (Read: cronies of Drake and Wadsworth.)

McBee Strategic—Battelle's Top Lobbyist

Washington lobby databases show that Wadsworth employs McBee Strategic, a lobbying firm that "aligned" with Facebook's Cooley Godward LLP in April 2009 to help dole out the Administration's energy stimulus funds. Congressional testimony revealed that most of the $31 billion in taxpayer funds went to political cronies, and almost all of the projects have failed. Cooley Godward is the law firm at the center of the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal, where OSU graduate Michael McKibben's invention of social networking was confiscated by the federal government with Cooley's now evident assistance. See sidebar Request for Congressional Intervention.

Ohio State has contracts with at least 12 McBee Strategic clients. Four of those McBee clients are represented legally by Arent Fox LLP who has been appointed by Drake to the ongoing Waters affair. Jump to the McBee investigation results below.

Wadsworth's Double-dealing

Wadsworth's McBee Strategic ties are gargantuan conflicts of interest for the OSU Board of Trustees. The double-dealing by Wadsworth, and the evident collusion by others, corrupts all trustee proceedings, including the "unanimous" decision to fire Jon Waters. How or if the Waters affair and Wadsworth's McBee Strategic double-dealing are related remains a mystery. However, the facts are what they are.

Clearly, if the OSU Trustees are willing to cheat on contract awards, they are willing to cheat on the Waters firing too.

Michael V. Drake, new President of The Ohio State University creates scandal during his first month in office. This does not bode well for his judgment and leadership.
Fig. 1—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees. The study used as justification relies on much fabricated data and half truths about an alleged "highly sexualized culture." More than half of the eight women cited refute the findings and the use of their names as a misrepresentation of their words. Those women support Waters' reinstatement.

The topic of sexual assault has exploded onto the national scene in the mainstream media in recent weeks. After all, who can argue that it is not a worthy topic at any time, anywhere? However, the overemphasis appears to be yet another distraction from analysis of the Obama Administration's mounting policy failures. The fact that OSU's Drake is playing that hand triggered AFI researchers to investigate his past. The skeletons were not hard to find.

Drake's arrogant disregard for the public outcry against this decision will likely get him run out of Ohio on rails, according to sources close to the situation. Photo: Ohio State.

(Aug. 13, 2014)—A regular AFI commenter provided a heads up about the  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiative. That investigation has opened Pandora’s Box. Readers will be surprised at the path those facts have taken. Strap on your seatbelts.

MOOC is a heavily promoted education initiative of The Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse is also the source of the theft of Leader Technologies’ source code as AFI has only recently discovered. Eclipse illegally gave Leader’s code to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, among others. See previous post.

Eclipse was founded by IBM in late 2001 while Leader was perfecting its invention and sharing the progress with their attorneys. Hindsight shows those attorneys were untrustworthy. IBM’s attorneys included Leader’s attorney, James P. Chandler, III, and David J. Kappos, later Obama’s Patent Office director. According to Leader, Chandler did not disclose his conflict of interest which now appears to be the genesis of Eclipse… and therefore, MOOC.

As a parting act, Kappos secretly ordered Leader’s patent invalidated last year, even though Leader proved in federal court that Facebook is guilty of infringing this patent on 11 of 11 counts. Kappos was obviously under orders from his former employer. See previous post.

As we reported in the previous post, Eclipse promotes “The Internet of Things” whereby Eclipse members control all digital communications globally, right down to your toaster.

Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Fig. 2—Joseph E. Steinmetz, Ohio State Provost, sang the praises of MOOC in his final editorial as president of the Association for Psychological Sciences. A few months later, OSU vendors Google and Oracle announced MOOC initiatives to which Ohio State has joined. Steinmetz failed to disclose that OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbying firm, McBee Strategic, benefits from OSU decisions favorable to Oracle, Google and MOOC. Photo: OBS.

Eclipse wants control of global education via MOOC

MOOC surrogates have been moved into prominent academic positions to facilitate Eclipse hegemony.

Take Ohio State University for example. MOOC advocates have targeted Ohio State and Columbus-based Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle has $6.2 billion in annual revenue, much of it from government contracts. Ohio State’s budget for 2014 is $5.2 billion.

Ohio State’s Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz pitches MOOC

In May 2013, Ohio State’s current Provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, heavily promoted MOOC in his farewell Observer article as outgoing President of the Association for Psychological Science.

In the article Steinmetz sang the praises of “Big Data” and Internet-based education. He wrote “The Internet is changing this world” and singled out MOOCS. Four months later, Google announced its commitment to MOOC. Oracle followed in lockstep.

Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Fig. 3—Jeffrey Wadsworth, President, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth employs McBee Strategic as a Washington D.C. lobbyist. At least 12 of McBee Strategic's clients have key contracts and relationships with Ohio State University. Decisions favorable to these firms benefit Wadsworth personally, as well as Battelle. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.

Jeffrey Wadsworth, OSU Trustee President, gives contracts to Google and Oracle, who are clients of his Battelle lobbyist, McBee Strategic

The President of the Ohio State Board of Trustees is Jeffrey Wadsworth. Wadsworth has been the CEO and President of Battelle since December 2008, and an OSU trustee since June 2010. Between 1992 to 2002 Wadsworth was Deputy Director of Science and Technology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) managed by the University of California trustees.

One of Wadsworth/Battelle’s Washington DC lobbyists is McBee Strategic LLC. McBee lists at least twelve (12) current clients with Ohio State contracts and relationships, including Oracle and Google. Other relationships include Alcoa, Babcock & Wilcox, Boeing, Charter Communications, Enterprise Community Partners, GE Energy, Honeywell, JPMorgan, Praxair and Time Warner Cable.

OSU leadership conflicts map
Fig. 4—Ohio State University. Conflicts of Interest Map among the senior leadership of The Ohio State University.

OSU decisions that benefit Google, Oracle and 10 other firms also benefit McBee Strategic, Wadsworth's lobbyist—classic conflicts of interest

By promoting MOOC and McBee’s dozen Ohio State clients, Steinmetz and Wadsworth are benefiting Wadsworth personally. Such conduct is a classical conflict of interest.

As AFI readers know, McBee Strategic plays prominently in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Facebook’s trial attorney in Leader v. Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, is partners with McBee, and those two firms are believed to have directed much of the cronyism of the failed energy stimulus in which tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars were shuffled to political hacks of the current Administration.

Irony: Ohio State steals valuable intellectual property from an Ohio State grad—Michael McKibben

Ironically, since MOOC relies on Eclipse source code originally stolen from Columbus, Ohio-based Leader Technologies, Inc., Ohio State is promoting the stolen property of one of its own—Leader’s inventor, Michael McKibben, who is a ‘73 Ohio State civil engineering graduate and 4-year member as well as squad leader of the famed OSU band. We asked him for his reaction to these new developments regarding MOOC and OSU. He said, "I am not surprised, but I am saddened that the ethical standards among the OSU leadership are simply following the herd."

McKibben continued, "That's probably why they are attacking the band. The OSU band is where I first encountered a culture that worked hard, strived for excellence, knew how to have fun in working hard, and took the high ground. The Animal House innuendo is so not who we were, or who the current band is. It's an insulting, nasty smear campaign."

Michael V. Drake’s conflicts of interest

OSU Trustee President Wadsworth’s University of California ties to Ohio State’s new president, Dr. Michael V. Drake, have come under scrutiny in recent weeks. Drake was director of policy for the UC medical schools and was chancellor at UC Irvine. Wadsworth worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which was managed by the UC Trustees. Neither man had prior ties to Ohio or Ohio State.

Drake fired Ohio State’s beloved marching band director, Jonathan Waters, during his first week on the job. The charges now appear to be fabricated. The purpose of the Waters’ mistreatment is unclear.

Waters is the creator of the animated marching formations that went viral last year on YouTube, and were then featured on an Apple iPad commercial. The iPad commercial generated $30 million to the University, according to Yahoo News.

Betty D. Montgomery
Fig. 5—betty D. Montgomery, former Ohio Attorney General, was selected by President Michael V. Drake to lead a continuing investigation into allegations of a "culture of sexualization" within the Ohio State University Marching Band. Drake fired the band director, Jon Waters, prior to this investigation. Montgomery has failed to disclose that she took political contributions from Drake's friend and Stanford colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, in 2006 when he was Chief Medical Officer at WellPoint, Inc. Photo:

Undisclosed financial ties have been discovered between Drake and former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery. Those ties involve a Stanford medical colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, and a fellow Black Community Services award winner and officer of Wellpoint, Inc. Wellpoint made a political donation in 2006 to Montgomery.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” about a political donation made to Betty Montgomery by his Stanford colleague, Woodrow A. Myers

Using Drake’s argument for firing OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters, Drake “knew or should have known” that Betty Montgomery had taken political money from his Stanford colleague Woodrow A. Myers.

Woodrow A. Myers
Fig. 6—Woodrow A. Myers, former Chief Medical Officer of Wellpoint, Inc. During that time, Wellpoint made at least one political contribution to Betty Montgomery. Myers is a fellow recipient, with Michael V. Drake, of the Stanford Black Alumni Hall of Fame Community Service Award. Myers was also the Chief Medical Director at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. OSU Trustee Erin P. Heoflinger, is President of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio. The bottom line there are multiple conflicts of interest among Drake's friend Myers and Ohio State trustees. Photo: mozambiquehealth.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that his friend Woodrow A. Myers’ association with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is in conflict with OSU Trustee Erin P. Hoeflinger, on all matters she advocates

Myers was also corporate medical director at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. OSU Trustee Erin P. Hoeflinger is the current president of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Ohio. This conflict of interest casts a cloud of bias over Drake’s and Hoeflinger’s association on the OSU Trustees, especially on healthcare-related matters.

McBee Strategic
Fig. 7—McBee Strategic is a Battelle Memorial Institute lobbyist in Washington D.C. McBee was formed in partnership with Cooley Godward LLP to dispense billions of dollars in the Obama Administration's energy stimulus funds. Those stimulus failures included $535 million at Solyndra and $529 million at Fisker Automotive. See CNN Money for a complete list of stimulus failures. Photo: Foursquare.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that Arent Fox LLP represents at least four clients of the OSU Trustee President Jeff Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic

Drake selected the Arent Fox LLP law firm to conduct further investigations into the OSU band. However, he failed to disclose that Arent represents at least four of McBee Strategic’s Ohio State clients (Google, Oracle, Honeywell, Time Warner), and therefore cannot be impartial.

David P. Vaughn
Fig. 8—David P. Vaughn, Criminal Attorney, was selected by OSU President Michael V. Drake to continue the OSU Marching Band "culture" investigation. Vaughn is a long-time former Assistant U.S. Attorney who only tried criminal cases. He created his "David Vaughn Consulting Group" website less than two weeks before Drake appointed him. Vaughn's company name does not appear in the business entity records of the California Secretary of State.

Vaughn's bio says he graduated from UC Berkeley, then attended UC Hastings law school, then received an MPA from Harvard. His pedigree fits the now familiar profile of the corrupt Facebook Cartel. Photo: ZoomInfo.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that David Vaughn Consulting Group was formed less than two weeks before he hired Vaughn

A criminal lawyer, David Vaughn Consulting Group, was hired for the Waters investigation. Vaughn’s website is only one page and was created less than two weeks before he was hired by Drake. This gives the impression that the website was created just for the OSU affair. The site is poorly implemented, which further supports the notion that it was thrown up hurriedly for his friend, Michael V. Drake, and Betty Montgomery .

Since Jon Waters was fired on July 24, 2014, Michael Drake has dodged questions from reporters.

Bizarre Linkage—Culture of Undisclosed Conflicts

The conflicts of interest among Drake, Steinmetz, MOOC, Oracle, Google, The Eclipse Foundation, Myers, Montgomery, Vaughn, Arent Fox, UC, Stanford, McBee Strategic, Wadsworth and Battelle, and this bizarre set of linkages among the Jon Waters affair, the theft of Leader Technologies’ code, and the global MOOC initiative, are puzzling facts.

MOOC certainly figures prominently into the misconduct of the OSU leadership. But, how did Director Jon Waters and the OSU Marching Band threaten that collusion?

Regardless of the marching band connection, OSU's leaders have much to answer for regarding their "Culture of Undisclosed Conflicts."

Perhaps it is all just coincidental. However, the coincidences in the Leader v. Facebook matter are now piled so high and deep that they are starting to block out the sun… can anyone say “eclipse?”

* * *

OSU Marching Band 2014 Trailer, Jon Waters, director

Source: YouTube


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