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Friday, February 21, 2014


Bi-partisan citizen group appeals to Congress to RESTORE PROPERTY CONFISCATED BY widespread federal corruption incl. interference by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Mar. 25, 2014 1:37 p.m. EDT | Updated PDF (post Scribd censorship)
New, Mar. 18, 2014—See updated sidebar: includes corruption exposÉ info censored by Scribd last week
New, Mar. 16, 2014—Editorial: Why we must oppose the privitization of Internet Domain Naming

Control of the Internet
Fig. 1—Does the Facebook Cartel and the Obama administration plan to sieze control of the Internet before this administration leaves office? Control of Internet domain names would put them in ultimate control of access.

Public services related to the universal common good cannot be placed in private hands.

The censorship we just experienced by Scribd (see below) shows why. For example, if these unscrupulous Scribd principals were given control of Internet domain naming, they could (and probably would) use that power to cut off access to the Internet to any person or organization with whom they disagree.

Update 3/25/14
Four Critical AFI Posts On Judicial Compromise
fully updated Mar. 25, 2014 in the wake of the Scribd censorship:
  1. Was Chief Justice Roberts blackmailed into supporting Obamacare by his ethical compromises in Leader v. Facebook?
  2. Justice Roberts mentored Facebook attorneys
  3. Justice Roberts holds substantial Facebook financial interests
  4. Judge Leonard Stark failed to disclose his Facebook financial interests

Scribd could do this by simply deleting or altering the Internet master directory globally. In layman's terms, domain name management is the Internet equivalent of a super phone directory. It manages all addresses on the Internet. If you aren't on that list, or the entry is incorrect, others trying to browse to your website would not be able to because your address is missing or wrong. This directory is updated many times a day, all over the planet on every hosting server (the "server" computer that hooks your computer to the Internet).

The group maintaining and controlling this master Internet directory must be non-political, non-commercial, and scrupulously honest. The future of democracy depends upon a strictly unbiased domain name management system.

How the Internet DNS system works
Fig.2—If the DNS lookup finds a missing or corrupted entry for your website, the user is prevented from navigating to your website. The DNS lookup directory is a single point of ultimate power and control over the operation of the Internet. It cannot be permitted to be put into private hands where censorship of one's adversaries is an inescapable temptation. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Here's how the DNS (domain name service) directory works. When you type a domain name into your browser, for example, "," your computer first goes to your ISP (Internet Service Provider, like Road Runner, Comcast, etc.). Your ISP maintains a constantly updated copy of the DNS (domain name service) master directory. The ISP looks up the domain name and figures out the street address on the Internet associated with it.

For the White House, the Internet DNS street address is "" The more technical address is "" This number is unique to the White House. If that White House address is missing, or wrong, then my computer cannot navigate to the White House website. Unconscionably, the White House is proposing to put management of this critical DNS master directory into private hands. We are confident that their plan is to put it within the control of the Facebook Cartel before President Obama leaves office.

Without this DNS master directory, the Internet goes dark. If it is scrambled or sabotaged, the group controlling that master directory controls who gets to read what. It is a power that MUST be managed by all of us, not just by a few.

If unscrupulous actors are given control of DNS directory management, this could be their hypothetical response to your complaint if they didn't like your website and deleted your address from the directory (and thus prevented access to your website): "Gee Beav, we don't know what happened to our file. We'll look into it. Sorry for your bad luck."

A power dictators have only dreamed of

Their "investigation" could go on forever. This would put tools of censorship into private hands that every past totalitarian state has only ever dreamed of. In other words, this hypothetical Internet power broker could merely pretend to do the right thing. Any lawsuits against them would take years, as Facebook has proven in Leader v. Facebook.

Given the current subservience of U.S. regulators to the Facebook Cartel, this would effectively create a situation where the private contractor could pretend to comply with regulation and the regulators could pretend to regulate them. All the while, lawlessness and the suppression of free expression would rule. This would effectively silence all opposition to those willing to bribe and coerce their way to power and control over the Internet.

Democracy requires a diverse accountability structure (separation of powers)—so that no universal public interests are put into essentially unaccountable and un-elected private hands. In our opinion, the administration's current attempt to privatize Internet domain naming will put the future of the Internet into the hands of the Facebook Cartel and must be stopped at all cost. Free democratic communication hangs in the balance.

New: Mar. 10, 2014:
Scribd Censors AFI Documents, incl. Judicial & White House Financial Reports – Obstructs Congressional Investigations

Scribd.elete - Enemies of Free Speech and the U.S. Constitution
Sources: OPINION, Scribd, FreeSpeechArt.
New, Mar. 7, 2014: Leader's Supreme Court Argument
Following the unconscionable censorship of AFI documents by Scribd today, volunteers are updating the links to new locations. In the meantime, the Scribd links in Leader's Supreme Court Petition have been updated and available here in the meantime (clickable citations).
Thank you, Mar. 8, 2014 03:30 a.m.: AFI volunteers have already updated the links in the Request for Congressional Intervention. The links are updated, and/or click here for the updated version.
So much for the "freedom" of the digital "cloud." BTW, Scribd is a "free" service, like Facebook. Until that is, their task masters don't like your ideas. The power of a cloud provider to unilaterally block a user from accessing their data because they don't like your point of view illustrates why "the cloud" is an unreliable service for fundamental democratic principles of privacy, property, free speech and freedom.
Four Pinocchios Four Pinocchios for Scribd
New, Mar. 11, 2014—Several AFI activists just received a reply from a "Jason (Support Desk)" claiming that we abused Scribd's policy regarding the "presence of several 'dossier'-like profiles that contained home addresses of individuals, their relatives, neighbors, and, in some cases, children. This is a gross violation of Scribd's Terms of Use..."

Stephen Colbert takes up a pitch fork for the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal
Leader investors begin e-march on Washington.
Pitch forks sited.
Here's a sample letter. Join them, because our private property rights are on the line.
Graphic: Colbert Report
SEC Chair Mary L. Shapiro introduced her whole family to the American Public on Jan. 18, 2009
Excerpts from Mary L. Schapiro's Senate Confirmation Hearing on Jan. 15, 2009
How totally Orwellian. Jason defines publicly available information from the phone book, public records, Congressional records and Facebook posts as private for his purposes. This is a remarkable glimpse into the hypocrites of Silicon Valley. They trade in everyone elses' privacy, yet jealously guard their own.

He even calls it "gross" to present public information in a compiled form. How many thousands of companies do this for a living? Yes Jason, invasion of privacy is gross, but we did not do that. We merely re-presented already public information provided by those individuals. So, why don't you take the lead and stop trafficking in "big data." Are you claiming that Scribd is not a "big data" vendor? In any event, isn't it rather draconian to take down our hundreds of documents, rather than the few you found questionable? Jason, you get four Piniocchios for your excuses for censorship.

Interesting how the Silicon Valley purveyors of the "death of privacy" hide behind their user agreements when they want their own privacy, self-defined. Hypocrites.

AFI documents on Scribd were summarily deleted on Friday, Mar. 7, 2014. All of them. Even things like the financial reports of government officials and Congressional Briefings. If you try to access a document now, Scribd posts a boldface lie: "Document deleted by owner." How Orwellian. This in-your-face conduct destroyed the trust of hundreds of thousands of readers who have relied on the site to access important evidence in the Leader v. Facebook judicial misconduct investigation.

Four Pinocchios for Scribd
Four Pinocchios
New, Mar. 13, 2014: Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam''s Friend of the Court (amicus curiae) briefs with over 20, 000 reads were deleted by Scribd. They're b-a-c-k.

  • Original Amicus Curiae Brief (GREEN BRIEF) (Links updated, see updated note about doctored docket and 24-hour denial turnaround. Hindight shows that Clerk Jan Horbaly was running cover for the judges. Dr. A. surprised the conspirators and they fumbled the ball. Remember, Facebook was only four weeks into their IPO. Clearly, the judges were protecting their Facebook stock.)

  • Response to Fed. Cir. Bar Association (Links updated. Note the incontroverbible proof of Judge Kimberly A. Moore's duplicity.)

  • Motion to Compel Financial Conflicts Disclosure (Links updated. Note Judge Moore's and Judge Lourie's holdings. These are only a portion of the now known Facebook holdings.)

Wait, there isn't even a smidgen of corruption here (these are, after all, Pres. Obama's Silicon Valley tech cronies behind this censorship).
Frankly, we expected this. Scribd has been tying itself to Facebook for some time. This is especially interesting since AFI documents have had about 250,000 reads so far. Point of interest, several of Dr. A's Federal Circuit filings had almost 20,000 reads. This censorship should be reported, publicized and demands made for Scribd to turn the documents back on. It appears they just flipped the lights off. They are now obstructing Congressional investigations and the American public's right to know the truth about the Leader v. Facebook judicial misconduct.

What dog does Scribd have in this hunt unless they are running cover for their Facebook cronies? Hmmmm.

The Request for Congressional Intervention has had almost 1,800 reads on Scribd already. Dr. Robert P. Kocher's (the 38-year old Obamacare architect; just three years out of residency) "lost" financial report had 1,800 reads in a week. Chief Justice Robert's financial disclosure had about 8,000 reads. No worries. We'll redirect links to all the documents. A number of libraries have all the documents. If you Google the document name you are looking for, you can probably find other instances. If you need a document quickly, post your request on the Comments or email us at

new, Mar. 7, 2014: Strategy to compromise Congress longterm unearthed
Scribd's suppression of free speech today occurred just as AFI was provided a copy of a Congressional Request. The request contained the shocking, but believable, notion in the cover letter that the Facebook Cartel has likely been working for years to compromise members of Congress with unknowing financial conflicts of interests—like time bombs—in the form of cleverly concealed Facebook Cartel stocks inside colluding mutual funds. Click here to read the Congressional Request Cover Letter.
the Digital "Cloud" is a toxic ethical wasteland.
This is a good lesson for why we cannot place our hope in the Facebook Cartel's one-stop-shop digital "cloud" for the future of democracy.
Sounds good on paper, but it assumes honesty, integrity, good faith and respect for one's fellow man, for which these people are in short supply. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The fewer hands into which we put our digital futures, the greater will become censorship and attempts to control the "narratives" of public discourse. 1984 author George Orwell was right. You know you have arrived on the doorsteps of totalitarianism when telling the truth becomes an act of courage. All the links are updated in this post. We'll have to re-link a number of the supporting documents in the Request for Congressional Intervention.

Fight the good fight. Your efforts are working.
(Mar. 02, 2014)—Obamacare Architect's 2009 Financial Report recovered—proves Obamacare is wedded to the Facebook cartel

Slimed by Corrupt Facebook partners Fig. 1—s-l-i-m-e-d. Here's how our fact checkers felt the last few days after reading this exposé on widespread Facebook corruption in Leader v. Facebook and related matters. Photo: Wikia.
AFI investigators have uncovered the 2009 finanacial disclosure for Robert P. Kocher, MD, the 38 year old chief architect of Obamacare. The Obama administration has removed this report from the Office of Goverment Ethics website. The report is a smoking gun.

It shows that Dr. Kocher held 37 Facebook "dark pools" funds in 2009—practically all of his holdings. These funds include Obamacare-specific holdings in CGI, Athenahealth, Castlight Health, Facebook and Accenture. He was clearly an insider and was in on the long-promised Facebook IPO bonanza for himself, his cartel buddies, and his wife, who uses multiple names: Cindy Chen, Chao Chen, Chao H. Chen, Chao I. Chen, Cindy C. Chen and Ci Chen, according to public records.

Robert P. Kocher, MD, Director, Castlight Health, founded by U.S. CTO, Todd Y. Park; former member, National Economic Council; Special Adviser to Barack Obama on Health Policy (chief architect of Obamacare)
Robert P. Kocher, MD, Director, Castlight Health, founded by U.S. CTO, Todd Y. Park; former member, National Economic Council; special adviser to Barack Obama on Health Policy (chief architect of Obamacare). Photo:
The disclosure reveals that Dr. Kocher—as the healthcare policy director at the National Economic Council—was making recommendations for Obamacare to use services in companies where he stood to gain financially.

Such conflicts of interests are specifically forbidden by the Standards of Ethics for Employees of the Executive Branch. In addition, Dr. Kocher signed an ethics pledge committing not to engage in such conduct. Click here to read Robert P. Kocher's 2009 Financial Disclosure. The White House removed Dr. Kocher's signed ethics pledge from public review as well.

New Mar. 06, 2013: Robert P. Kocher 2009 Financial Analysis Excel Spreadsheet File (download here).

Remarkably, Dr. Kocher was 38 years old and only three years out of medical residency when he was given these heady responsibilities. Did the appointment of this inexperienced young physician doom Obamacare to the fiasco it has become? Figuratively speaking, the President chose a boy to do a man's work.

It appears that Dr. Robert P. Kocher was the Mark Zuckerberg-esque boy band leader for healthcare "reform," along with Baidu China's Robin "Handsome Return" Yangong, and Russia's Yuri "Money Launder" Milner. All the same Facebook Cartel actors are present. America, China, and Russia; what are these peoples' designs? They must be stopped before they do more damage to the world economy.

Readers are encouraged to send the Request for Congressional Intervention to your members of Congress with urgency. See below.

(Feb. 21, 2014)—Several days ago, AFI received a pre-release copy of a request headed to Congress asking them to intervene in what amounts to federal confiscation of private property. Actors in the scheme include the now familiar players: Facebook, Facebook’s PayPal Mafia handlers, HHS,, Barack Obama, the White House cabinet revolving door, Wall Street and even the Congressional website.

Washington, Wall Street and Silicon Valley corruption are out of control

New: First impressions of the Congressional Request

This Congressional Request contains new evidence connecting Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the judicial corruption in Leader v. Facebook. This doesn't even take into account the public knowledge that both Pelosi's and Reid's families have made out like bandits from various government stimulus programs.

Within one week after the pre-trial Markman Hearing in which 25-year veteran, Judge Joseph J. Farnan, took Facebook to the woodshed, he suddenly announced his retirement. Farnan was replaced by Magistrate Leonard P. Stark, an Obama nominee. Stark's appointment had been recommended by Obama's Cooley Godward LLP "justice adviser," Donald K. Stern.

Nancy Pelosi
Despite Stark's conflict of interest with the Cooley firm, he nevertheless allowed Cooley's attorneys, including Michael G. Rhodes, to argue for Facebook.

Rhodes had just been appointed chief counsel for Tesla Motors, Inc. Tesla had just received $465 million in energy stimulus funds on the recomendation of Mike Sheehy, former national security adviser to then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Stark also held substantial Fidelity holdings.

Senator Harry Reid
Senator Harry Reid
Within two days of Leader filing its appeal with the Federal Circuit, Pres. Obama nominated Evan J. Wallach. Wallach was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s former general counsel. Wallach also held substantial Fidelity holdings. Cooley's Donald K. Stern continued his stellar "justice advice" in Wallach's appointment.

Despite their relationship and despite the financial conflicts of interest, both Judge Stark and Judge Wallach sat in judgment in Leader v. Facebook, obviously to give their sponsors the verdict they demanded.

Reid and Pelosi, who chose first to protect the Facebook Cartel, are conflicted out of having any say or vote in the coming congressional investigation into Leader v. Facebook corruption.

Our researchers have spent the last few days verifying the research. Corruption is a sickly animal. Any one item of data doesn’t necessarily prove a theory, but the sum total of this information creates visions of being slimed in the movie Ghost Busters. If you had any doubts about the level of corruption in Washington D.C., this document should put your doubts to rest.

We need the weekend to absorb what we’ve learned before we give our perspective. We didn’t want to wait to get this Congressional Request in your hands.  We have embedded it below, then in the caption we have included other sites where you can download the PDF and HTML. Here are those downloads. Try the HTML, it loads fast. GoogleDocs |LeaderDocs | LeaderHTML.

Have a great weekend, and keep on tweeting. Your actions are making a difference.

—AFI Contribution Authors

New!, Feb. 26, 2014

Guidance From America's Founders On Our Task To Fight Washington Corruption

Express your concerns to Congress—join us!

A national citizens' campaign has begun. Congress is being asked to use its Constitutional authority over property and purse to fix the horrific results of the corruption exposed by Leader v. Facebook.

Click here for instructions on how you can participate.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Request for Congressional Intervention - communication from - Concerned Citizens on Behalf of the Shareholders of Leader Technologies, Inc.

Fig. 2—A request for Congressional Intervention. On Feb. 21, 2014 (latest revision: Mar. 1, 2014). A group of concerned citizens published a request being sent to numerous members of Congress. The request seeks constitutional redress for widespread corruption within the Executive and Judicial Branches surrounding the Leader v. Facebook patent battle. Facebook argues they won, but would not say "fair and square." Leader counters that any verdict or Patent Office decision based on fraud cannot stand.

The fact is, the ruling against Leader did not have a shred of justification. No expert testimony, no witnesses, no evidence, just Facebook attorney charades that confused the jury. The appeals system is supposed to fix jury confusion, not embrace it like happened here. It now appears the verdict was pre-ordained as Judge Leonard P. Stark's quid pro quo for his judgeship appointment by President Obama—just a week aftr the trial. It was also insurance to protect the substantial financial holdings of the judges and Obama White House officials (thanks to the various stock market maniplations by JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) in funds that invested heavily in Facebook pre-IPO stock. To download the PDF or HTML directly: GoogleDocs | LeaderDocs | LeaderHTML.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Follow the money–widespread conflicts of interest that neuter the American Free Press

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Jun. 14, 2016 | PDF
America's democracy has been shaken to its foundation by allowing itself to be controlled by Wall Street
Fig. 1—America's Mainstream Media has allowed itself to be enslaved by Wall Street due to its heavy dependence on billions of dollars in Wall Street financing and what amounts to board of director incest. With this level of influence, Wall Street controls editorial policy and muzzles investigation of political and financial corruption.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
Abraham Lincoln
This amalgamation of interests was greatly feared by America's Founding Fathers. They believed that a republic could not long survive without robust checks and balances of power. The destruction of those checks and balances appears to be upon us. Is this realization too late? We say no, where there's a will, there's a way.
Graphic: Ed Stein / Rocky Mountain News

(Feb. 7, 2014)—AFI investigators have proven that toxic relationships exist among the members of the Facebook Cartel. This cartel includes Facebook, their attorneys, their cronies, federal judges, court clerks, President Obama, the White House cabinet, and Wall Street.

These hidden agendas appear to be at the root of the caustic American public discourse. Things are not what they appear to be, and the Free Press is not exposing the wrongdoing. See Corruption Watch sidebar.

"Why doesn't Mainstream Media expose this lawlessness?"

People close to the investigation keep asking: “Why doesn't Mainstream Media expose this lawlessness?”

Mainstream Media on the subject of Facebook corruption
The voice of Mainstream Media on Facebook corruption.

These people are dumbfounded by the sound of crickets—a silence that telegraphs the hiding of great sins.

They say, “If George Bush had done these things, we’d never hear the end of it." They wonder, "Why does Barack Obama get a pass on all manner of wrongdoing, even on matters of life and death?”

We believe we have discovered the answer. We will report it in two parts:

Wall Street controls Mainstream Media
ABC, NBC and CBS logos - Obama's Wall Street handlers gag Mainstream Media
The Real Masters of the Mainstream Media:
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, TIAA-CREF, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street Corp
Graphics: Politico, NBC, ABC, CBS, AP.
Part I (Below)—Obama's Wall Street handlers gag the Mainstream Media
We analyzed Wall Street’s tens of billions of dollars in stock holdings and loans to Mainstream Media. We are shocked at the scale of the financial holdings.

In this first part, we lay out the evidence, taken directly from S.E.C. reporting. This evidence unequivocally proves collusion, improprieties, conflicts of interest, and appearances of impropriety.

Metaphorically speaking, these people are sleeping with one another. They are adept at working in the shadows behind legalese, byzantine interconnections, and all-around financial and legal mumbo jumbo. They give new meaning to the phrase "baffle them with bull shit." Please excuse the French, but it is appropriate here.
Part II (Next Week)—The Founding Fathers on Mainstream Media’s failure to honor founding Principles
Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe
(L/R) James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton.
In Part II, we will review what Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe had to say about checks and balances, separation of powers, and the dangers when they are lost.

We focus on the Founders' central priority to separate government interests (Washington) and business interests (New York), with a Free Press to hold both accountable.

We evaluate the failure of today's Mainstream Media to check the powers of government and business.

We observe that the Mainstream Media has become little more than a propaganda tool for a group of Harvard graduates that appear to be morally and ethically challenged. These people appear dedicated to some form of utopian libertarian progressivism that is not based on the planks of either political party, but which has nevertheless hijacked the Democratic Party sometime prior to the ascendency of Barack Obama, their Manchurian Candidate. That said, this Facebook Cabal has corrupted both parties.

Since the early 1990's, this group has funded themselves with various bailouts, stimuli, money laundering, IPOs, factoring, bubbles, Russian oligarchs, mob funds, $350,000 speaking fees, offshore slush funds, insider tips, LIBOR scamming, gray funds, executive orders, no-bid contracts and assorted other contrivances. They used these funds to purchase influence inside Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. Former Director of Obama's National Economic Council, Lawrence "Larry" Summers, appears to be one of the prime movers, along with George Soros, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, John P. Breyer (father) and James W. Breyer (son). A gaggle of corrupt law firms and politicians are waddling behind them.
Premise Question: Why is the Mainstream Media, the supposed Fourth Estate,[28] ignoring the corruption of the Obama administration in Leader v. Facebook, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, the 2008 bailout, the energy stimulus, the AP wiretapping and Obamacare?
About the AFI Investigator

This article was authored primarily by an economist, educator, and Fortune 100 businessman who moonlights as a volunteer AFI investigator. This person does so out of concern for the moral decay of America’s democratic institutions that the judicial corruption in Leader v. Facebook has exposed.
Investigator’s Conclusion: The Mainstream Media has become little more than a propaganda outlet for Wall Street interests. As such, it has failed its sacred “Free Press” task for which it was given special privileges by the Founding Fathers.[1] Without a truly free and independent press, American democracy is doomed.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

Benjamin Franklin
America's Free Press is chained by Wall Street, who controls them
Fig. 2—The Mainstream Media flies with the Facebook cartel ducks, who are lined up against democratic free speech, privacy, and private property.

Ducks do flock together—even Donald Duck (Disney) Himself

“When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”
James Whitcomb Riley (1849–1916)

Is it reality that the mainstream media is involved with the Facebook crowd? One needs to examine public evidence to answer this question "yes."
Photo: The courageous man who stopped the tanks in Tiananamen Square,; NBC; ABC; CBS; Baidu,

Mainstream Media

For the purposes of this article, the investigative team researched the three traditional major television networks: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). This incorporates the Associated Press (AP) since ABC, CBS and NBC are the AP's largest contributing members.

ABC -owned by Disney.

CBS -owned by National Amusements (Sumner Redstone).

NBC -owned by Comcast; formerly owned by General Electric.

The relationships between Facebook interests and the Mainstream Media were divided between known:

  1. direct involvement, and
  2. financial involvement.
Sheryl K. Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook, Inc.; Director, The Walt Disney Corporation
Sheryl K. Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook, Inc.; Lawrence "Larry" Summers protégé, along with Russian oligarchs Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov; many pundits consider Sandberg to be Mark Zuckerberg's handler; Harvard grad.
Photo: Bloomberg.
A. ABC/DISNEY—Sheryl K. Sandberg

The clearest involvement of Facebook with mainstream media is the role of Sheryl K Sandberg.

Lawrence ''Larry'' Summers</span>. Director, Square; Adviser, Andreessen-Horowitz; Former Director, National Economic Council (2008 bailout); former Treasury Secretary; Former Chief Economist, World Bank; mentor to Facebook's Sheryl K. Sandberg; mentor to DST-Moscow's Yuri Milner; godfather to Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov; believed to be one of the prime organizers behind the Facebook cartel
Lawrence ''Larry'' Summers. Director, Square; Adviser, Andreessen-Horowitz;former Director, National Economic Council (2008 bailout); fromer Treasure Sec.; former Chief Economist, World Bank; Harvard econ. professor; See Congressional Briefing; See also Who is Larry Summers? Harvard grad.
Photo: Life.

Ms. Sandberg runs Facebook as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). She is in the inner circle of the Facebook Cartel. There is no doubt that she is a “duck.” Her involvement with the key players dates to her graduate student days at Harvard where she was mentored by economist Dr. Lawrence ("Larry") Summers.

After Harvard she followed Summers as his World Bank research assistant. During this time the two engaged Russian oligarch in training, Yuri Milner, to assist them in pressing the disastrous voucher system for the supposed privatization of the failing Soviet economy; a system that had already failed once in the Baltics. The Summers-Sandberg-Milner triumvirate has been one of the most destructive hidden agendas in the world economy over the last twenty years, in my opnion.

Ms. Sandberg then followed Summers to various senior staff capacities at the U.S. Treasury, eventually becoming his Chief of Staff when Summers was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Bill Clinton.

This investigation has actually moved well beyond the seminal fact that Mr. Summers was the president of Havard when sophomore Mark Zuckerberg hacked all the student residence websites to steal the student photos for the first version of Facebook on Feb. 4, 2004. Mr. Summers brushed it off as a boyish prank. Hindsight says this was misdirection.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Order for Discovery of Computer Memory Devices, Doc. No. 361, ConnectU v. Facebook, 2007-cv-10593-DPW, filed Aug. 18, 2011

Order of Discovery of Computer 
Memory Devices, ConnectU v. Facebook, Zuckerberg et al, Aug. 19, 2011

Fig. 3—The 28 "lost" Zuckerberg hard drives from Harvard. Previously sequestered evidence of the existence of 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails which Facebook's attorneys Cooley Godward LLP and Gibson Dunn LLP told Leader Technologies' attorneys were "lost."

These Zuckerberg hard drives were "rediscovered" thanks to the efforts of Paul Ceglia's attorney, Dean Bolland, in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg. Click here for the deposition of Facebook's experts Bryan J.Rose and Michael F. McGowan.

Note: Soon after these blistering depositions, New York U.S. Attorney Preetinder "Preet" Bharara filed dubious criminal charges against Mr. Ceglia in a transparent effort to stop further leakage that could damage Facebook. Mr. Baharara is Harvard Law School contemporary of Barack Obama, and he worked formerly at Facebook's law firm, Gibson Dunn LLP. Mr. Ceglia has countersued Attorney General Eric H. Holder for breach of due process, and demanded that Mr. Bharara step down due to his evident conflict of interest. Mr. Holder responded dismissively, and Mr. Bharara has not recused himself.

No lawsuit against Facebook has been able to do an unfettered forensic examination of the Zuckerberg Harvard archives from that period. The one ConnectU expert who did study the devices, Jeff Parmet & Associates LLC, was gagged by the court. These are the same 28 Zuckerberg hard drives that Facebook told Leader Technologies were lost, when in fact they were in the possession of their attorney, Gibson Dunn LLP.

The evident facts are that the Mark Zuckerberg Boy Wonder story is science fiction. Hollywood even cooperated. It was the fabricated cover story for the theft of Leader Technologies' brilliant invention by then Harvard President. Summers, James W. Breyer, James Swartz and Ping Li at Accel Partners LLP, and the "PayPal Mafia" that included Reid Hoffman (later LinkedIn), Peter Thiel (cashed out $633 million on Day 3 of the Facebook IPO), Matt Cohler (later Instagram), Marc Andreessen, and assorted other Facebook collaborators identified in this article.

They wanted to create a combinded PayPal + Bill Gates Version 2 story. Mr. Zuckerberg was a willing pawn. The fact that he was a pathological liar was just dumb luck. Their success at deceiving the world is frightening, and hopefully a lesson in the results of moral complacency. Adolf Hitler was similarly successful at media manipulation prior to World War II.

It is well known that Dr. Summers was appointed by President Obama to be director of the National Economic Council managing the 2008 bank bailout. Many if not all of the financial institutions identified in this article were substantial beneficiaries of the bailout, most notably Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and State Street Corp. In his financial documents, Dr. Summers discloses many hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from these banks.

But Ms. Sandberg now also serves on the Board of Directors of Disney. In this role, she has the power to directly influence the wholly-owned major ABC media company.[2]

Ms. Sandberg is also a major donor and fund raiser for Barack Obama. Facebook LOFO (low information voter) "likes" are credited with winning him the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Stephen Burke, CEO, NBC Universal; Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Stephen Burke, CEO, NBC Universal; Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Harvard grad.
Photo: OregonLive.
B. NBC/UNIVERSAL—Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke is the CEO of NBC Universal. But, Mr. Burke also serves as a Director on the JP Morgan Chase Board of Directors.

Jamie Dimon, Chairman, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jamie Dimon, Chairman, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Harvard grad.
Photo: Der Spiegel.
Lloyd Blanfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs; follows Jamie Dimon's direction; Harvard grad.
Photo: NY Times.
Ann Huntress Lamong - Managing Partner, Oak Investment Partners; Director, Castlight Health; former Director, Athenahealth; former Director, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA); adviser to Todd Y. Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer; collaborator with James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, Robert C. Ketterson, Fidelity, Anne Rockhold, Vanguard; Investor, Meritech Management; wife of Edward ''Ned'' Lamont, grandson of JPMorgan Chase & Co. founder, Thomas W. Lamont
Ann H. Lamont, Managing partner, Oak Investments; Director, Athenahealth, Castlight Health (Obamacare's Todd Y. Park); See previous post for fuller bio; Lamont is a heavy investor in Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanely and JPMorgan—Facebook's underwriters; Stanford grad.
Photo: Stanford.

Mr. Burke earned his MBA from Harvard. JP Morgan Chase has been a leader in providing financial support for Facebook, as an underwriter of their Initial Public Offering (IPO), and through their current credit agreement with NBC/Comcast.[3]

It is well known that JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon, also a Harvard graduate, is on intimate terms with many primary beneficiaries of the 2008 bank bailout and energy stimulus.

Ann H. Lamont, the granddaughter-in-law of JPMorgan’s founder, Thomas W. Lamont, serves as a director of Castlight Health, and formerly Athenahealth, two big beneficiaries of the no-bid Health and Human Services contracts to build Obamacare’s web site.

Ann Lamont and her husband Edward “Ned” Lamont were substantial contributors to the 2008 and 2012 Obama election campaigns.[4]

Mr. Burke's position of great power and influence in both banking and the media is disturbing.

John J. Brennan, Chairman Emeritus, Special Adviser, The Vanguard Group, Inc.
John J. Brennan, Chairman Emeritus, The Vanguard Group, Inc.; Harvard grad.
Photo: Cnst. Cntct.
C. NBC/UNIVERSAL—John J. Brennan

John J. Brennan, the Chairman Emeritus and Senior Adviser of The Vanguard Group, Inc, is a General Electric director. General Electric owned NBC during the Leader v. Facebook case. A Boston native, Mr. Brennan holds a degree from Dartmouth in economics, and an MBA from Harvard.[5]

Patent Office Director David J. Kappos purchased approximately $1 million of Vanguard funds within weeks of his surprise recess appointment by President Obama. Facebook then began a Patent Office attack on Leader Technologies' social networking patent in Leader v. Facebook through a little known legal maneuver called administrative "reexamination."

See No Evil Networks: ABC, CBS, NBC
Fig. 4—What Great sins are the Networks and Wall Street hiding? The stories they choose to ignore or haughtily dismiss telegraph volumes about their hidden agenda. Rest in peace Ambassador Stevens. Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty. We will not forget or rest until the truth is known and the guilty are brought to justice.
Graphic: Unknown.

The reexamination procedure allows big infringers to harass inventors outside the courts with additional time and expense. The purpose of reexamination was to reduce litigation costs, but it has done the opposite in our case.

The White House got involved with an unprecedented third reexamination ordered by Director Kappos himself before he left his position. However, when the Patent Office was asked to disclose the details of President Obama's involvement, they refused, claiming executive communication privilege.

Mr. Brennan is in a powerful position to influence NBC's editorial policies.

Pamela Daley, Director, BlackRock, Inc.
Pamela Daley, Director, BlackRock, Inc.; former special adviser to GE, owner of NBC; UPenn grad.
Photo: UPenn.

Pamela Daley, a former special adviser to the chairman of General Electric, the former owner of NBC, is a board member of BlackRock. General Electric owned NBC during the Leader v. Facebook case. Ms. Daley graduated from University of Pennsylvania Law School.[6]

Ms. Daley is also in a powerful position to user her new banking position to influence NBC policy, since NBC is the beneficiary of substantial BlackRock financings.

James W. Breyer, Facebook, Accel Partners LLP
James W. Breyer, Facebook; Managing Partner. Accel Partners LLP; NVCA Fmr. Chairman (2004); Harvard grad.
Photo: Der Spiegel.
E. FOX CORP—James W. Breyer

Facebook's largest shareholder, James W. Breyer, Managing Partner, Accel Partners, LLP, is a member of the Board of Directors of 21st Century Fox (Fox News owner). Like the Mainstream Media, with one exception, Fox programs have systematically failed to cover the Leader v. Facebook private property battle—the only patent infringement battle with Facebook to go to trial and appeal up to the Supreme Court.[7]

Despite innumerable tips (some known personally to the author), Fox reporters have ignored the Leader v. Facebook case and the evident judicial corruption and attack on American private property by well-funded thieves.

The one exception was Fox Business' Shibani Joshi, who blind-sided Leader Technologies' CEO, Michael McKibben, in an obvious accommodation to Facebook.

James Swartz, Partner, Accel Parters LLP; Harvard grad.
James Swartz, Partner, Accel Partners LLP; Harvard grad.
Photo: Accel.
Ping Li, Partner, Accel Partners LLP; Harvard grad.
Ping Li, Partner, Accel Partners LLP; Harvard grad.
Photo: Accel.

On air, Ms. Joshi informed Mr. McKibben about a Federal Circuit decision that was favorable to Facebook—a decision that Leader's attorneys had not even been told about. In other words, Fox knew before one of the litigants. The stunt backfired when McKibben used it as another example of the corruption in the case.[8]

Mr. Breyer is another Harvard graduate, along with his fellow Harvard graduates and two primary Accel Partners LLP partners, James Swartz and Ping Li. Mr. Breyer is also a trustee of Harvard itself (Harvard gives it a different title, but that's his function). He has clearly bought his way in to the Harvard nerve center. Harvard graduate John Adams, a central thinker in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, is probably rolling in his grave that such an unscrupulous individual has been invited to oversee university policy. Who at Harvard is speaking up? Kool-Aid anyone? Dirty money spends just like any other? [Is this the kind of shameful moral heritage the university wants to leave to posterity?]

Mr. Breyer is in a powerful position to influence Fox editorial policy, and to prevent any corruption investigation of Facebook. It should be noted that Mr. Breyer was a long time Wal-Mart board member who resigned after the Wal-Mart Mexican bribery scandal broke. Apparently he needed to spend more time with his family. Is he now sharing those lessons in corruption with Fox? It appears that such conduct is second nature to Mr. Breyer and his Beijing, China-based father, John P. Breyer, IDG Capital Partners aka IDG-Accel-China?

Fox appears ready to investigate other Obama administration corruption, but will not touch the Leader v. Facebook corruption, which is suspicious.


Facebook "Dark Pools" Inner Circle
Click here to review the holdings of these Facebook funds by federal judges and the White House cabinet
Follow the Money

The following persons appear to be part of the inner circle in this unprecedented breakdown in the separation of powers (CLICK NAME to view Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Financial Disclosure Form 278):

  1. Roberts, John G., Jr. (18), Just., Sup. Crt.
  2. Lourie, Alan D. (24), Jdg. Fed. Cir.
  3. Moore, Kimberly A. (16), Jdg. Fed. Cir.
  4. Wallach, Evan J. (11), Jdg. Fed. Cir.
  5. Stark, Leonard P. (12), Jdg. Del. Dist. Crt.
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  7. Blank, Rebecca M. (40), Sec., Commerce Dept.
  8. Pritzker, Penny S. (30), Sec., Commerce Dept.
  9. Groves, Robert M. (19), Dir., Commerce
  10. Kerry, Cameron F. (23), Gen. Counsel, Commerce
  11. Holder, Eric H. (16), Attorney General
  12. Kappos, David J. (13), Dir. Patent Office
  13. Chopra, Aneesh (19), U.S. CTO
  14. Park, Todd Y. (disclosure missing), U.S. CTO; chief architect of
  15. Bauer, Robert F. (disclosure missing), Gen. Counsel, White House
  16. Dunn, Anita B. (disclosure missing), Gen. Counsel, White House
  17. Kocher MD, Robert (disclosure missing) , Obamacare adviser, White House; now Castlight Health, Dir.; Venrock, Dir.
  18. DeParle, Nancy-Ann M. (15) (now removed from OGE), Dir. Health Ref., White House
  19. Donilon, Thomas E. (17) (now removed from OGE), Dep. Nat. Sec., White House
  20. Meltzer, Daniel J. (26) (now removed from OGE), Dep. Counsel, White House
  21. Jarrett, Valerie B. (18) (now removed from OGE), Asst. Int. Gov. Aff., White House
  22. Emanuel, Rahm I. (29) (now removed from OGE), Chief of Staff, White House
  23. Summers, Lawrence "Larry" (25) (now removed from OGE), Dir. Nat. Econ. Council
  24. Genachowski, Julius M. (25), Chair, FCC
  25. Chu, Stephen (28), Sec., Energy
  26. Gensler, Gary (31), Dir., Commodities & Exchange
  27. Mueller III, Robert S. (13), Dir. FBI
  28. Sullivan, John J. (19) (now removed from OGE), Comm. FEC
  29. Tarullo, Daniel K. (19), Fed. Res. Bank
  30. Merrigan, Cathleen A. (13), Dep. Sec., Agriculture
  31. Remy, Donald M. (28) (now removed from OGE), Ass. Sec., Army
  32. Blanchard, Charles A. (33), Gen. Counsel, Air Force
  33. Geithner, Timothy F. (11), Sec., Treasury
  34. Gregson, Wallace C. (22), Ass. Sec., Defense
  35. Hale, Robert F. (26), Comptroller, Defense
  36. Lynn, William J. (29), Dep. Sec., Education
  37. Easton, John Q. (26), Dir. Education
  38. Alito, Samuel A. (18), Just., Sup. Crt.
  39. Ginsberg, Ruth B. (12), Just., Sup. Crt.
  40. Kagan, Elena (18), Just., Sup. Crt.
  41. Scalia, Antonin (30), Just., Sup. Crt.
  42. Sapiro, Miriam E. (22), Dep. Trade Rep., White House
  43. Sher, Susan S. (24) (now removed from OGE), Assoc. Counsel, White House
  44. Ellis, Thomas S., III (21), Judge, Eastern Dist.Virgina
  45. Jackson, Amy B. (24), Judge, DC Dist.
  46. Baharara, Preetinder ("Preet") (disclosure unavailable), U.S. Attorney, SDNY
News Coverage on these Funds:[29]

Rusli, E. (Apr. 15, 2011). T. Rowe Price Discloses $190 Million Stake in Facebook. The Wall Street Journal.

Pilon, M. (Apr. 16, 2011). T. Rowe Price Invests in Facebook. The Wall Street Journal.

Weiss, M. (Jun. 01, 2011). Fidelity's Danoff Bets on Facebook. Bloomberg.

Demos, T. (Aug. 24, 2012). Who Else Has A Big Bet on Facebook. The Wall Street Journal.

Lucchetti, A., Demos, T. (Aug. 24, 2012). Morgan Stanley Funds in Big Bet Facebook Bet. The Wall Street Journal.

Table 1—Facebook "dark pools" inner circle of holders in the Obama cabinet and the federal judiciary associated with the Leader v. Facebook case, as well as the Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and Rembrandt v. Facebook cases.

The Wall Street Facebook Deep State Cartel

Nine major financial institutions have been identified by AFI investigators as major holders of Facebook stock. We investigated their involvement with the major mainstream media organizations. There are more “ducks” here, too. The nine are:[9]

  • Fidelity
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Vanguard
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • BlackRock
  • Goldman Sachs
  • State Street

We investigated public records of their stock and bond holdings in ABC, CBS, and NBC. There is a lot more quacking in these flocks.


We found compelling public evidence that six of the nine financial institutions are directly involved with ownership of NBC or its parent companies’ (Comcast and formerly GE) stock and/or corporate debt.

Robert C. Ketterson, Investment Manager, Fidelity Equity Partners Investments; Managing Partner, Volition Capital; Director, National Venture Capital Association (NCVA)
Robert C. Ketterson, Investment Manager, Fidelity Equity Partners Investments; Managing Partner, Volition Capital; Director, National Venture Capital Association (NCVA); MIT grad.
Photo: Fidelity.

TIAA-CREF owns 1.24 million shares of Comcast. It is their 7th largest holding valued at $64.4 million.[10]

TIAA-CREF also holds $32M ($17M and $15M) in GE corporate bonds (GE was the owner of NBC during the Facebook period.)[11]

Fidelity Dividend Growth Fund holds 1.7 million Comcast shares valued at $63 million  (one of the top ten holdings in the fund).[12]

T. Rowe Price holds significant amounts of Comcast stock in multiple funds.[13]

Anne Rockhold, CFO, Accel Partners, LLP; former CFO, Vanguard Ventures; Director, National Venture Capital Association
Anne Rockhold, CFO, Accel Partners, LLP; former CFO, Vanguard Ventures; Director, National Venture Capital Association (NCVA). Univ. of CA grad.
Photo: Accel.

Vanguard Growth Index Fund Investor Shares (VIGRX) holds 10.5 million shares of Comcast valued at $545 million. It is the fund’s 6th largest holding.[14]

Vanguard Group also holds $264M in GE corporate bonds.[15] In addition, John J. Brennan, Chairman Emeritus and Senior Adviser of The Vanguard Group, Inc. is a GE director.[16]

JP Morgan Chase has a Feb. 28, 2012 Credit Agreement with Facebook, that includes the following JPMorgan Co-Agents:[17]

  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Deutshe Bank
  • Credit Suisse
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Wells Fargo

As of Feb. 3, 2014, BlackRock owns 361M shares of General Electric which represents 3.56% of the company.[18] As of Jan. 25, 2013, BlackRock holds $52M GE corporate bonds. On Jan. 15, 2014, BlackRock announced the appointment of former GE executive, Pamela Daley, to its board of directors.[19]


We found compelling evidence that two of the nine financial institutions are directly involved with ownership of ABC or its parent company (Disney) and/or corporate debt.


TIAA-CREF owns two funds that invest in ABC/Disney stock:

  • TIAA-CREF Equity Index Fund (TIEIX) holds shares ($48M) in Disney.[20]
  • TIAA-CREF Cap. Growth Value Index Fund (TILGX) holds shares ($16M) in Disney.[21]

TIAA-CREF also holds $30M in Disney corporate bonds as of 1/25/13.


Vanguard owns at least one fund that invests in ABC/Disney:

  • Vanguard Growth Index Fund Investor Shares (VIGRX) holds 6.6 million shares ($330M) as of Dec. 31, 2012.[22]

Vanguard also holds $16M in Disney corporate bonds as of 1/25/13.


CBS is owned primarily by Sumner Redstone, a Harvard graduate and billionaire. He also is the primary owner of CBS’ parent company, National Amusements, Inc. (NAI).

CBS has both direct marketing and financial relationships with Facebook and the Facebook Crowd.

The publishing house, Simon & Schuster, markets and distributes its products through Facebook.[23]

1. JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley.
According to the CBS Annual Report dated December. 31, 2012, there is a very significant financial relationship between CBS and JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley:[24]

“Amended and Restated $2.0 Billion Credit Agreement, dated as of March 16, 2011, among CBS Corporation; CBS Operations Inc.; the Subsidiary Borrowers Parties thereto; the Lenders named therein; JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Administrative Agent; Citibank, N.A., as Syndication Agent; and Bank of America, N.A., Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch, Morgan Stanley MUFG Loan Partners, LLC, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, and UBS Loan Finance LLC, as Co-Documentation Agents (incorporated by reference to Exhibit 10.1 to the Current Report on Form 8-K of CBS Corporation filed March 18, 2011) (File No. 001-09553)” (emphasis added).

2. Fidelity & BlackRock.
Further investigation is needed to validate two subsidiary references in the CBS Annual Report. Few details are available.

  • A subsidiary of CBS Corporation is named Central Fidelity Insurance Corporation in Vermont. Company Profile for this listing is for Central Fidelity Insurance Company's Single Location in South Burlington, VT. The company primarily operates in the Direct Insurance (except Life, Health, and Medical) Carriers industry. Central Fidelity Insurance Company was founded in 2009 and is privately held.  Central Fidelity Insurance Company has $160,000 in estimated annual revenue.  Central Fidelity Insurance Company employs 0-10 people.[25]
  • A wholly owned subsidiary of CBS Corporation is BlackRock Insurance Co. in New York. They are governed internally by CBS employees and their sole purpose is stated as providing property and casualty and terrorism insurance to CBS. The researchers are unsure why the name “BlackRock” was used and whether or not there is a relationship with the BlackRock financial services companies.[26] 


“There is little doubt that the Facebook Deep State Cartel directly influences the mass media.”

duck hiding in the grassGraphic:

There is little doubt that the Facebook Cartel directly influences the policies of the Mainstream Media. The influence includes the direct involvement of a Facebook senior executive (COO Sheryl K. Sandberg) serving as a member of the Board of Directors at ABC/Disney. A second senior media executive, Stephen Burke, CEO of NBC/Universal, sits on the Board of Directors at JP Morgan Chase.

The relationships are incestuous. The checks and balances of power are seriously broken. These people have betrayed the Constitution while they enjoy its privileges. Judges allowed themselves to be influenced. Mainstream journalists have failed to expose corruption. Businessmen have breached their good faith positions of trust. Bankers have lined their pockets with every manner of scheme. Investment funds have manipulated markets in self-dealing. Regulators turned blind eyes and pocketed the cash. Policy makers traded on insider tips. All of them ignored laws at their pleasure.

The Facebook Cartel financial involvement and support from Wall Street includes major stock ownership, corporate bond ownership, and even a two billion dollar level of credit (for CBS).

Very simply, there is clearly direct involvement of Facebook in the Mainstream Media.

In fact, the evidence is overwhelming….these are ducks and they do fly together. Sometimes you can’t see them. In fact, Donald Duck warned us about himself:

"I'm a camouflage painter." Donald Duck, The Vanishing Private (1942)[27]

* * *


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[1] Giant Ducks on Tiananmen Square, Sina Weibo?KQED caption: Tanks are replaced by giant ducks in this photoshopped version of the iconic Tiananmen Square image. It was posted on a popular Chinese microblog before being removed by censors.

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[16] John J. Brennan. (2012). Biography. General Electric Annual Report, PDF p. 31.

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[29] Press coverage of the Facebook ''dark pools'' funds:

* * *

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