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Friday, June 16, 2017


President Trump and our Republic are in peril from Deep State operatives like Robert S. Mueller

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 16, 2016, Updated Jun. 19, 2017 | PDF
Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)
Fig. 1 – Robert S. Mueller. The mainstream media portrays Mueller as a man of "impeccable integrity." This could not be more false. Mueller—along with Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Chandler, James Comey and Rod Rosenstein—turned his back on the Republic and the Rule of Law during his 12 years as FBI Director.
Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters (2011 Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing) / AFI Graphic.

(Jun. 16, 2017)—Here are 12 reasons why Robert Mueller must be immediately relieved of his duties as Special Counsel in the Russia probe.

With the collapse of the "Russians-did-it" fake news narrative, the radical left of Soros-funded Clintonistas are now morphing Mueller's investigation to focus on President Trump’s alleged obstruction of the non-existent Russian story. He was never hired for that, so how is that possible? Who is really running Washington, D.C.?

Trump clearly stated his support of investigation of Russian interference. Comey even stated that the President wanted the investigation to be thorough and to include even his "satellite" associates.

The level of mental illness among the Clintonistas has become dangerous. The baseball field shooting of Republican members of Congress illustrates this.

In law, Comey’s contradictory statements on Trump’s alleged obstruction must be thrown out as false statements since one or the other of his statements is a lie, and therefore, Comey is not a credible witness.

Here are 12 reasons why Mueller is profoundly unqualified to be Special Counsel. It is evident that Mueller's real task is to take down his Deep State political enemy: President Donald J. Trump.

  1. Mueller became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001, just seven days before 9/11. Do you think this is a "coincidence?" 9/11 was a false flag "inside job" according to numerous NSA/C.I.A./FBI whistleblowers like Susan Lindauer, William Binney, Ted Gunderson, Kevin Shiff, James Bamford, Thomas Drake, J. Kirk Wiebe, Colleen Rowley and Robert Steele. (See TIMELINE for the string of Deep State personnel "coincidences" before and after 9/11.)

  2. Mueller promoted the Deep State’s abuses of privacy under The Patriot Act; the Deep State used 9/11 as a "false flag" to scare Congress into passing the most massive give away of American constitutional privacy rights in history—this paved the way for the NSA/C.I.A. warrantless surveillance program first exposed by NSA leaker/patriot Edward Snowden

  3. Mueller abused the secret, unaccountable FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court and Project Stellar Wind to obtain dictatorial warrants on Americans at will. His powers to abuse privacy dwarf any such powers that former FBI J. Edgar Hoover used.

  4. Protected the Deep State takeover of the Internet. On Sep. 11, 2007, Microsoft started turning over user data to the NSA. On Jun. 03, 2009, Facebook did as well . . . See Timeline from Edward Snowden's release.

  5. Exploited NSA blackmail data to retain power—just like his predecessor FBI director J. Edgar Hoover

  6. Mueller held exclusive Cayman Island offshore personal investments

  7. Wrote a recommendation letter for Pres. Obama's Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland back in 1995 when Bill Clinton nominated him to be DC circuit judge—Mueller is clearly a Deep State Democrat operative. Here's is Mueller's Nov. 30, 1995 Garland letter.

  8. Failed to bring forward any prosecutions in:

    1. Fast & Furious

    2. 2008 Banking “bailout” (Wall Street tax dollar feeding frenzy); See 2008 TIMELINE

    3. Energy stimulus boondoggles

    4. IRS targeting of Tea Party

    5. The Clinton Foundation's enrichment in the Khazak, UrAsia / Russian Uraniaum One deal giving away 20% of America's uranium reserves to Russia

    6. Bureau of Land Management land redistributions (to give the Chinese more mining rights)

    7. America Invents Act (AIA) corruption that allowed deep-pocket globalist companies to file for "patent reexaminations" as many times as they wished, thus tying up real inventors in endless litigation while the globalist companies exploit the inventions with impunity. See AFI. (Nov. 26, 2014). How Judges Grow Rich On The Backs Of American Inventors.

    8. Theft of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. Failed to investigate Mark Zuckerberg's perjuries on the [IBM Eclipse Foundation] origins of Facebook. This is the motivating underlying subject line that triggered the creation of the AFI TIMELINE that discovered the Deep State shadow government's treachery.

    9. NSA / C.I.A. warrantless surveillance; see 2001 Project "Stellar Wind" setup, execution

    10. Judicial mutual fund bribery rules changes (See AFI. (Nov. 26, 2014. How Judges Grow Rich On The Backs Of American Inventors for an analysis of this scandal.

    11. 9/11 C.I.A. inside job

    12. Offshore money laundering

    13. Obamacare conflicts of interest fiasco

    14. Allowed Bilderberg Group sedition

    15. Allowed Davos World Economic Forum sedition

    16. Allowed Trilateral Commission sedition

    17. Allowed U.N. Commission sedition

    18. Allowed George Soros Open Society Foundations (Soros) sedition. See also AFI. (Aug. 21, 2016). George Soros: The epic global meddler. Americans for Innovation.

    19. Allowed The Clinton Foundation sedition

    20. Allowed Federal Reserve sedition

  9. Mueller's Net Worth increased from $1.8M (2001) to up to $7.0M (2011) on an FBI director salary! This period includes the disastrous 2008-2009 crisis and drop in the stock markets.

  10. His former Harvard professor Benjamin M. Friedman is director of one of his super exclusive Cayman Island offshore investments Mellon Optima L/S (long/short) Strategy Fund LLC, N-CSR 

  11. Mueller has more than 20 years of conflicts of interest with Rod J. Rosenstein, James B. Comey and Clintons. See numerous previous posts, search "Comey" "Mueller" and "Rosenstein".

  12. Failed to prosecute rampant rogue C.I.A.-run  global pedophilia blackmail rings.

Since our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. seem incapable of draining the swamp of people like Mueller, We the People are going to have to do it. Washington's impotence was affirmed this morning by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who said he is leaving Congress because neither Republicans nor Democrats want to change anything.

It is now evident that the Washington, D.C. "Establishment" is compromised by sex and drugs, just as former FBI superstar Special Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson said. It appears that former FBI Director Mueller was directing the C.I.A. pedophilia blackmail rings instead of prosecuting them.

We will be linking the 12 points above to the AFI TIMELINE this weekend, but wanted to get these points into the national dialog without delay. Here is the latest version of the AFI DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT POSTER.

Here our previous posts on Robert S. Mueller and James B. Comey:

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Robert S. Mueller, III
Robert S. Mueller
Mueller is a Deep State Clintonista:
AFI. (May 18, 2017). PROOF: Robert Mueller cannot be impartial in the Russia investigation. Americans for Innovation.
AFI. (Mar. 25, 2016). Betrayal: Former FBI director colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens. Americans for Innovation.
James B. Comey
James B. Comey
Comey is a deep state Clintonista:
AFI. (Apr. 01, 2016). Hillary Server-gate covered up by FBI directors. Americans for Innovation.
AFI. (Jul. 05, 2016). FBI Director Comey not qualified to decide on Hillary Emailgate. Americans for Innovation.
Click flow chart to view full five-page PDF flowchart and legend.Clinton-Comey Connections


Charles Benninghoff. (Oct. 05, 2016). COMEY-CLINTON CONNECTIONS [Flowchart]. Pray for Us.
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FBI whistleblower: Cesar Paz's questions not  asked to James Comey by the Senate Intelligence Commitee

FBI Special Agent (Retired), Former U.S. Immigration & Naturalization U.S. Border Patrol Agent; full biography | Raw *.mp4 video file |
"Isn't it true, Mr. Comey, that . . ."
"Mr. Comey, you've been PNGed [Persona Non Grata]"
Bookmark: #monika-wesolowski-whistleblower
Monika Wesolowski
Monika Wesolowski
Breaking News! Jun. 19, 2017:
State Dept Whistleblower needs the protection of publicity. Why isn't the FBI protecting her?
State Dept. whistleblower Monika Wesolowski has had her brakes cut for the second time in three weeks. She was also poisoned recently, as were her animals, with "uranium"-related substances.
Eric F. Stein
Eric F. Stein, Clinton/Obama FOIA State Dept. holdover and stonewaller
Janice L. DeGarmo
Janice L. DeGarmo, Clinton/Obama FOIA State Dept. holdover and stonewaller
Larry L. Palmer
Ambassador Larry L. Palmer, Clinton/Obama FOIA State Dept. holdover and stonewaller
Ms. Wesolowski said in an interview with veteran corruption watchdog Dave Hodges [RECORDED INTERVIEW] that her Obama holdover bosses, notably Ambassador Larry L. Palmer, Eric F. Stein and Janice L. DeGarmo continue to stonewall FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. She said her boss, Ambassador Larry L. Palmer—an unalloyed Clinton / Bush / Obama Deep State sycophant—had her charged under the Hatch Act simply for displaying Donald J. Trump election posters during the campaign. Such electioneering is expressly permitted for government employees under the Hatch Act! This radical leftist bullying is out of control. She said that her bosses are literally behaving like emotional children after Hillary's election loss. Ms. Weslowski says the attempts on her life have motivated her to speak to civilian whistleblower outlets like Dave Hodges' The Common Sense Show. She says she feels unsafe. So far, she has received no response to her appeals for protection from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. If these were conservatives involved in workplace harassment of liberals, the screams of sexism and Soros-funded demonstrations would receive breathless front-page MSM coverage. But, since Ms. Wesolowski is a female conservative, the MSM is silent. These people condemn themselves.

Readers are encouraged to: (1) spread the word about Ms. Wesolowski's plight, (2) support her courage and patriotism, and (3) call for the immediate removal of Stein, Palmer and DeGarmo by Secretary Tillerson.

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Paul Ceglia’s attorney asks, again, for access to review Zuckerberg’s 28 Harvard computer devices and emails for hard proof of Facebook's perjury

FBI Mueller and Comey have failed to investigate Zuckerberg’s many crimes

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 07, 2017, Updated Jun. 11, 2017 | PDF
Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)
Fig. 1 – C.I.A. Asset Mark Zuckerberg. The rogue C.I.A. has hidden their pawn Zuckerberg's 28 computer devices and Harvard emails from 2003-2004. Multiple judges and lawyers in multiple cases who are evidently controlled by the Deep State have clearly violated the law. They have covered up for: (a) Zuckerberg's theft of the social networking technology from Columbus OH innovator Leader Technologies, as well as (b) fabricated evidence to hide the fact that NY entrepreneur Paul Ceglia.had two verified genuine contracts with Zuckerberg—entitling him to 50% of Facebook, like he has claimed all along. Mr. Ceglia and his family were forced to flee the country after death threats. Ceglia's attorneys have regrouped and are focused on getting the court to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure for a change and actually allow them to examine Zuckerberg's stonewalled evidence.
Illustration: Photo: Central Intelligence Agency / CNBC.

Jun. 06, 2017—Facebook is currently engaged in wanton censorship in violation of the First Amendment. This is because Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are not who they want us to think they are.

They are, in fact, part of a rogue C.I.A. surveillance system. These globalists operate outside of all government checks and balances. They have systematically bribed, bought, cajoled, sexually compromised, threatened and blackmailed so many American leaders that they have become an unelected shadow government. Facebook is just one of their brainwashing creations.

Attorney Paul Argentieri just filed a blistering letter to the court in U.S. (Facebook) v. Paul D. Ceglia that helps prove the rogue nature of these criminals.

Bookmark: #argentieri-letter
Paul Argentieri's letter to Judge Vernon S. Broderick proving facebook's fraud on the court

Argentieri Letter (19 pgs) — Exhibit 1 (2.5 MB) | Exhibit 2 (2.0 MB) | Exhibt 3 (2.5 MB) | Exhibit 4 (938 K)

U.S v. Ceglia, 12-cr-876-VSB (SDNY). Suspended docket after Paul Ceglia fled into exile.

See previous Paul Ceglia v. Zuckerberg analysis and coverage from AFI:

For years Facebook has been successful at fooling an unsuspecting public who believed the movie The Social Network—that a 19-year old Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook all by himself in “one to two weeks” while he was drinking, chasing girls and studying for finals. The story makes no logical sense, yet has never been questioned by a psychophant mainstream media. Courts have been equally psychophantic. They have allowed Facebook lawyers to actually quote from the movie and the equally fictional book The Facebook Effect as if it is fact.

During Zuckerberg's short time at Harvard he received more news coverage in the Harvard Crimson than any world figure or world event. He was stalling various campus facebook initiatives by Paul Ceglia, Aaron Greenspan and the Winkelvoss Twins until Columbus inventor Leader Technologies' 750,000 lines of social networking programming were ready and supplied to him via the C.I.A. IBM Eclipse Foundation. That day came the night of Oct. 28, 2003 (Zuckerberg wrote: "Let the hacking begin.")

Tellingly, Bill Clinton's former Treasury Secretary Larry H. Summers just happened to be Harvard president at the time. Imagine that. Summers' Harvard chief of staff was his perennial staffer Marne L. Levine (Deutch). Deutch's later father-in-law, John M. Deutch, was Clinton's former C.I.A. Director (1995-1996) who Clinton pardoned on Jan. 18, 2001—for keeping C.I.A. information on his personal computer! This is another example showing that Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing in setting up her private email server. At the time of Deutch's 2001 Clinton pardon, James B. Comey was Managing Assistant United States Attorney in the Clinton Justice Department.

Summers appeared almost overnight in Silicon Valley in 2011 as the sole director of Andreeseen-Horowitz—just before they sold Instagram to Facebook for $1 billion. Andreessen is a Facebook director. Summers' Levine (Deutch) perennial staffer is currently chief operating officer at Instagram, after stints working for Facebook and Hillary Clinton at the State Department. She worked on "gender strategies" (Read: the wussification of men with estrogen mimickers, vaccines, GMOs, barium-laden chemtrails and politically correct virtue signaling) on Mar. 27, 2012 with Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Marne Levine and . . . Sheryl K. Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook and Larry Summers' former chief of staff as Treasure Secretary. Sandberg also set up Gmail at Google. Sandberg is clarly Zuckerberg's handler at Facebook.

We believe that the evidence shows that Zuckerberg is a C.I.A. MKUltra recruit who was selected to be the face of Facebook because he fit the profile of a recruited C.I.A. drone asset: pathological liar and devoid of empathy.

Zuckerberg is known to have picked up dates on Craig's List back then. The juxtiposition of Zuckerberg's time at Harvard, the veritable concrete tomb built around his 28 computer devices and emails from 2003-2004 by his lawyers and colluding courts, his use of Craig's List (that is how he met Paul Ceglia), his serial patholigical lies and thefts, his instant messages about unmarked burlap sacks, a pizza shop apartment and poison ivy, and the still unsolved murder of Jessica Taylor in 2003, ostensibly by the "Craigslist Killer,"are notable coincidences.

A quality control test in the MKUltra recruiting program is to order drones to murder on command. According to superstar FBI Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson, the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVay was one such C.I.A. MKUltra drone. The investigation records for the FBI's illegal raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas disappeared completely out of the Oklahoma City FBI offices after the blast (read Gunderson's video transcript).

Fifty (50) adults and twenty-five (25) children were murdered by Bill Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno-ordered Waco raid. It would appear that all the Clinton White House justice, law enforcement and intelligence cabinet members were psychopaths. Coincidentally, four of Bill & Hillary Clinton's Arkansas bodyguards were executed with shots to the head during the Waco raid. (C. LeBleu/T., T. McKeaham, R. Williams, S. Willis). Another one of Bill & Hillary's bodyguards, Alan G. Whicher, died in the Oklahoma City blast as well. Please pray for us gentlemen.

In addition to Waco, these same Clinton cabinet psychopaths, including Attorney General Madeleine Albright, approved encryption backdoor keys to the NSA / FBI / C.I.A., the Rwandan massacre, the Kosovo Islamist takeover, the Iraq sanctions starving 500,000 children (please be patient, the May 12, 1996 bookmarked timeline entry "Cry of the Innocents" should load automatically), abolished Glass-Steagall banking controls, established In-Q-Tel as a private funding arm of the C.I.A., the explosion of C.I.A.-managed satanism and pedophilia (blackmail and MKUltra mind control tool), and C.I.A. Asset Osama bin Laden. They also laid the executive order legal groundwork for the Deep Spy State takeover of the Internet. For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, there is obvious evil intent here. (Jeremiah 5:21: "Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear.")

See Timeline for facts and analysis of each of the events above (use the search tool or Ctrl + F find function on your browser to search the keywords).

The truth about Facebook is stranger than fiction

Facebook is a spy surveillance grid run by a rogue C.I.A. Their rogue C.I.A. controllers appear to stop at nothing to maintain their access to unlimited amounts of blackmail and population mind control data.

WARNING: Google's Home and Amazon's Echo Dot devices being heavily promoted currently are primarily Deep State spy listening devices.

Don't invite these spies into your private family life! You don't have anything to hide? Think. Yes you do—your private life should remain private from state-sponsored snooping. We fought a Revolution over this issue of illegal search and seizure!

Tellingly, as many times as Facebook and Zuckerberg have been sued, Zuckerberg has never produced his 28 Harvard computing devices and emails for a fair analysis. The ConnectU Winklevoss "analysis" in 2005 was so limited as to be laughable. Then, the record was sealed by the court.

One of the early lawsuits filed against Zuckerberg after ConnectU was by Paul Ceglia. Ceglia produced two contracts that he signed with Zuckerberg in April 2003 regarding his software ideas for "StreetFax" and "thefacebook." One of Ceglia’s New York attorneys was Paul Argentieri.

Then in 2009-2010, Facebook lied in Leader v. Facebook (which is yet more fraud on the court). They told the court just before trial that Zuckerberg's devices were "lost." This was only after stonewalling for nine months while Leader's attorneys pressed to review the Zuckerberg computer evidence.

The ConnectU court had sealed that evidence from public knowledge and Facebook's lawyers failed to tell the court that these devices were not lost at all. In fact, they were in the custody of Zuckerberg's attorneys McManus Faulkner LLP and Gibson Dunn LLP the entire time.

Preetinder 'Preet' Bharara
Preetinder 'Preet' Bharara, former U.S. Attorney for the New York Southern District, arrested Paul Ceglia for the Deep State on now disproven pretext charges. Bharara is currently singing the praises of Mueller's selections for special counsel staff. In our opinion, Bharara is an utterly corrupt lawyer who has mercilessly persecuted Paul Ceglia to protect Zuckerberg, Facebook, Obama, Bush, 9/11 collusion, Clinton and the Deep State. So, his praise of Mueller and his picks bodes ill for the objectivity of the special counsel—which Comey admitted he wanted to trigger by his illegal leak of his Trump meeting notes, created on his personal computer while FBI Director, to The New York Times!

The first time the public learned of the existence of these devices was at the release of transcripts of a blistering deposition cross examination of Facebook's forensic experts by Ceglia's attorney Dean Boland on July 18-19, 2012.

Three months later, on Oct. 26, 2012, the Deep State, clearly panicked, had Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara arrest Ceglia on fabricated charges of forgery. This effectively shut down the civil case. While Ceglia was out on bail, his life was threatened so he fled the country with his family and is currently in exile.

Update: President Trump fired Bharara recently.

The courts have consistently protected Facebook from all challengers.

On May 07, 2017, Paul Argentieri wrote Judge Vernon S. Broderick in the criminal case to ask for a thorough review of the stonewalled computer data and emails (see the full court filing above).

“Zuckerberg, and his lawyers, are subversives to our administration of justice.”

Argentieri stated:

“Zuckerberg, and his lawyers, are subversives to our administration of justice.”

He said,

“This is not a complex case, but a complex fraud by Zuckerberg.”

Argentieri said he was trained as an FBI special agent and stated:

“This application is not my opinion, but what I can prove.”

The truth of Facebook’s rogue C.I.A. public  origins must be exposed

James B. Comey
James B. Comey, former FBI Director, failed to investigate Zuckerberg's and Facebook's crimes.
Robert S. Mueller, III
Robert S. Mueller, former FBI Director, current Special Counsel, failed to investigate Zuckerberg's and Facebook's crimes.

Since the rogue C.I.A. Deep State is known to be abusing the privacy of Facebook users, the American public has a right to know the true origins of the Deep State PUBLIC origins of Facebook. Public organizations do not enjoy the protection available to private organizations.

The FBI under Robert S. Mueller and James B. Comey have refused to investigate Facebook's and Zuckerberg's criminality.


See previous AFI posts:

On Meuller:

AFI. (May 18, 2017). PROOF: Robert Mueller cannot be impartial in the Russia investigation. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Mar. 25, 2016). Betrayal: Former FBI director colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens. Americans for Innovation.

On Comey:

AFI. (Apr. 01, 2016). Hillary Server-gate covered up by FBI directors. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Jul. 05, 2016). FBI Director Comey not qualified to decide on Hillary Emailgate. Americans for Innovation.

The answer is obvious, Comey and Mueller are members of the Deep State who benefit from these crimes.

What is Facebook hiding on Zuckerberg’s 28 computer devices and emails?

Here’s what we think:
  1. The IBM Eclipse Foundation supplied Zuckerberg the program; Zuckerberg was merely a C.I.A.-recruited MKUltra drone front face, who fit the profile as a pathological liar with no empathy.

  2. Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ invention formed the base of Facebook's social networking platform, as Leader later proved in federal court on 11 of 11 claims—even without having the benefit of reviewing Zuckerberg's stonewalled files.

  3. The Ceglia contracts are genuine, and therefore Paul Ceglia has a legitimate claim to 50% of Facebook.

  4. Zuckerberg was recruited by rogue C.I.A. Agents, including Harvard alums Larry H. Summers, James W. Breyer, Ping Li, Jim Swartz, Sheryl K. Sandberg, James P. Chandler, Marne L. Levine as well as Hillary & Bill Clinton, John D. Podesta, John M. Deutchand the “PayPal Mafia” insiders Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Matthew R. Cohler and Joseph Lonsdale, among others.
Facebook's rogue C.I.A. handlers
Larry H. Summers
James W. Breyer
Ping Li
James Swartz
Reid Hoffman
Peter A. Thiel
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Yuri Milner
Marne L. Levine (Deutch)
John M. Deutch
Marc L. Andreessen
Matthew R. Cohler
Joseph Lonsdale
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
James P. Chandler
John D. Podesta
Eric Schmidt

Tellingly, these C.I.A criminals are present or former principals of:

  1. Facebook—Summers, Breyer, Li, Sandberg, Milner, Deutch, Levine, Thiel, Andreessen, Chandler, Podesta, Clintons, Hoffman
  2. Instagram—Cohler, Andreessen, Summers, Levine
  3. Palantir (NSA spy tool)—Thiel, Lonsdale, Schmidt, Chandler


The rogue C.I.A. runs Facebook. Therefore, Facebook is a public utility.

Justice and public transparency demand that Zuckerberg’s 28 computing devices and Harvard emails be thoroughly analyzed to expose the levels to which the rogue C.I.A. Deep State shadow government has gone to sieze globalist control over the Internet.

Public networks (as Facebook & Google are) require public accountability.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Either this swamp will get drained, or the American Republic will likely die in the Deep State's corruption.

* * *

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Mueller's Deep State relationships will politicize the FBI yet again

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | May 18, 2016, Updated Jun. 05, 2017 | PDF
Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)
Fig. 1 – Robert S. Mueller. FBI director for 12 years from 2001 to 2013 under George Bush (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat). His 2011 financial disclosure revealed investments in two hedge funds with assets held in 55 other hedge funds valued at $106.2 billion. One third of those funds are headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Mueller did not disclose the components of those exclusive, invitation-only funds as financial disclosure ethics law requires. A director of one of his funds, Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund, LLC, is Harvard Professor Benjamin M. Friedman. Friedman was chair of Lawrence "Larry" H. Summers' dissertation committee. This relationship to Summers is a massive conflict of interest since banks in which Mueller is invested were beneficiaries of the 2008 TARP bank bailout that Summers directed. None of those bankers has ever been prosecuted for the toxic mortgage criminality.
Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters (2011 Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing) / AFI Graphic.
Bookmarks: #google-censorship #bilderberg-2017
Censorship Notices, Jun. 03, 2017:
Our previous Jun. 12, 2013 post that analyzed the substantial holdings of Facebook financial interests by Obama-appointed Judge Leonard P. Stark in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial disappeared! We have now restored it for your review in how the Deep State shadow government corrupts our federal judges. AFI. (Dec. 06, 2012). Leonard P. Stark failed to disclose conflicts in Leader v. Facebook. Americans for Innovation. (Note: We used the posting slot from an earlier post, hence the new earlier date now.) Remember to download the PDF version of the article linked in the author/date header. This helps defeat web censoring by making many copies of the article that can be reposted and sent around by email.

Bilderberg Group is meeting behind closed doors in Chantilly, Virgina at the Westfields Marriott hotel, Jun. 01, 2017
Bilderberg globalists
A "forum" of 131 self-styled "elites" from 21 countries is meeting in Chantilly, Virginia at the Westfields Marriott hotel behind a heavily guarded, fenced-off compound—despite the fact that many of them support open borders! Strangely, this collusion among bankers, politicians, spies, money launderers, drug dealers, technology providers, pedophiles, human traffikers, satanists, arms dealers and eugenicists has received almost no mainstream media coverage in the U.S. outside the patriot real news media and the British press—even though it is arguably a much more significant meeting of world leaders than the G8. Thankfully, Infowars' David Knight and Owen Shroyer are there, as is Canadian Dan Dicks from Press for Truth. Watch as the Bilderberg participants arrive at Dulles Airport and systematically refuse to answer basic Dan Dicks questions about the proceedings that include public officials, includng Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Tom Cotton, in likely violation of the Logan Act (unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments).

Lawrence 'Larry' H. Summers
Lawrence H. "Larry" Summers - Bilderberg 2017 participant; Harvard, World Bank, Clinton, Bush, Obama NSA / C.I.A, Facebook/Instagram, Google/Alphabet, Open Society Foundations; Clinton Foundation Spy State organizer; leading globalist organizing the George Soros-funded, unelected "New World Order" international corporate combine collective.
The Bilderberg participants include at least 3 companies and individuals who were major beneficiaries in the May 18, 2012 Facebook intitial public offering—very evidently the funding kick off event for the New World Order run by the Deep State shadow government and policed by a rogue C.I.A. Facebook relies on the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies from whom the C.I.A. stole it in 2001-2003. See Timeline.

Larry Summers was at Bilderberg 2017. Consistent with the stream of lies and deceptions of the Bilderberg globalists, Harvard's Lawrence "Larry" H. Summers attended Bilderberg and refused to answer even simple questions from the public by Press the Truth as he departed from Dulles Airport. Summers has been at the center of the New World Order globalist plan since George H.W. Bush days. He forced the ill-fated privitization vouchers on the Soviets at the World Bank, He was Bill Clinton's former Treasury Secretary, Obama's bailout director, Russia's Yuri Milner's banking coach, Facebook's Sheryl K. Sandberg's mentor, and Silicon Valley's Instagram director where his former chief of staff Marne L. Levine (Deutch) is the chief operating officer. Watch "no comment" Summers squirm when Press the Truth asked him about his participation at Bilderberg.

Normally, Summers is all too eager for publicity and attention. Yet tellingly, even though he was just sitting in Dulles Airport waiting for his plane following his Bilderberg participation, he was uncharacteristically tight-lipped. Public figures do not have the presumption of privacy. They are required to speak about matters affecting the welfare of the public.
Bookmark: #rosenstein-conflict
News Update! May 22, 2017
Rosenstein's wife represented  Bill Clinton in 1998—court records are missing—ethics rules required his recusal
Lisa H. Barsoomian
Lisa H. Barsoomian, U.S. Attorney, wife of Assistant Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. Graduated from Georgetown Law. Protégé of James B. Comey and Robert S. Mueller. Represented Bill Clinton in 1998. Researchers say the Internet has been cleansed of information about Barsoomian which is a telltale sign of a protected rogue Deep State C.I.A. operative. She has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community.
Rod J. Rosenstein has no business being involved at all in the Hillary Clinton/DNC-triggered Russia investigation, much less the selection of his mentor Robert S. Mueller, III as special counsel. This is because Rosenstein's wife, Lisa H.Barsoomian (no photo available), represented Bill Clinton in 1998 with her boss, R. Craig Lawrence (6,459 cases, 321 pgs. 10 MB) . Lawrence also represented Mueller (3 times), Comey (5 times), Obama (45 times), Kathleen Sebellius (56 times), Bill (40 times) and Hillary (17 times) between 1991-2017. Barsoomian has herself represented the FBI (at least 5 times). Barsoomian's loyalties are clearly tainted. How could such "pillow talk" not have influenced Rosenstein? This clearly violates the "appearance of impropriety" lawyer rules. It is obvious they owe their careers as U.S. Attorneys to Comey, Mueller, Obama, Bush and the Clintons, and CANNOT therefore be impartial. The other odd situation is Barsoomian's NIH (National Institute of Health) email address even though she has been involved in 100's of cases representing the D.C. Office of the U.S. Attorney. Is she on loan from the C.I.A.? The C.I.A. often uses another organization as "cover" for their activities.
Judicial Corruption Alert! All Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg v. Clinton 98-cv-01459-TPJ (DC District Court) and its appeal Hamburg, Al v. Clinton, William J., Case No. 99-5053 (DC Circuit Court) have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court dockets.
Lisa Barsoomiam. (Jun. 11-1998). Representation of William J. Clinton in Hamburg v. Clinton, 98-cv-01459-TPJ.
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News Update! May 20, 2017
False Flag Alert! Rosenstein & Deep State sent Mueller back to destroy evidence of the 9/11 inside job?
Rod Jay Rosenstein
Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, chose his mentor and fellow former U.S. Attorney Robert S. Mueller to lead the Russian investigation based on breathless MSM vaguaries. Rosenstein is yet another Harvard Law insider—the most popular law school for the sedition of the Deep State.
Robert S. Mueller, III became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001. Tellingly, he stepped out of the spotlight twelve years later, just months after NSA director James Clapper lied to Congress about NSA surveillance on Mar. 12, 2013, and Edward Snowden's disclosure of that PRISM program on Jun. 06, 2013. Snowden also revealed the profound collusion among Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon, Skype, Apple, AOL, Instagram, WhatsApp, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Reddit and hundreds of others with this rogue C.I.A. / NSA group. These men, women and companies have a lot to hide. So far, they have all, including Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, escaped accountability.

Mueller knew that Clapper lied to Congress, and yet he did not investigate him. He failed the American people. This material omission alone disqualifies him and proves his evident culpability. His silence is criminal. No one could be FBI director and not have condoned the illegal surveillance activity. His predecessor J. Edgar Hoover used salacious illegal surveillance to blackmail his opponents. Likewise, Mueller has been doing the same thing for the Deep State, according to many whistleblowers. Mueller is not credible, despite ignorant, complicit or blackmailed politicians who say his "reputation for integrity and honesty is above reproach." Mueller also did not investigate Silicon Valley and Wall Street's collusion with Clapper either. And yet, Mueller made sure his net worth increased dramatically from $1.8 million (2001) to up to $7.0 million (2011) in ten years while pulling down his FBI salary. See previous post.

Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and Deep State need to destroy 9/11 evidence

Numerous whistleblowers, like former FBI superstar Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson, say that 9/11 was an "inside job." They say 9/11 was fabricated to scare Americans into The Patriot Act—as the pretext for dubious new laws and executive orders allowing the state to seize property and privacy. In other words, their plan was to undermine The Bill of Rights. Gunderson called them a "rogue outfit" and "a covert military criminal government enterprise."

The return of Mueller begs the question: "What's their real goal?" Knowledgeable insiders all say there is no evidence to support the allegations—including civil libertarian Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz—and yet, the MSM pumps out breathless calls for impeachment hourly!

Lisa Barsoomian: FOIA obstructer in chief
Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian. Barsoomian represented the FBI against Judicial Watch and many other FOIA requesters to block disclosure requests.

See Judicial Watch v. FBI, 01-cv-00248-RMU among her 165 cases as U.S. Attorney (with Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein).

She even represented the C.I.A. in opposing FOIA requesters.
So, what are Mueller and the Deep State up to? What activity are they hiding behind this smokescreen? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could have picked anybody, and yet he picked his old colleague—the man with 9/11 blood on his hands. In fact, since Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey were all close U.S. Attorney colleagues inside the intelligence apparatus, the 9/11 Deep State inside job and cover-up could bring them all down. Now, that is understandable motive to appoint Mueller.

Readers are encouraged to study the 2001 TIMELINE closely. (Please be patient to let the timeline load, it will then take you automatically to the 2001 bookmark.) The collusion within the intelligence community is obvious when seen in context. Mueller was appointed director of the FBI just seven days before 9/11, which C.I.A. whistleblower Susan Lindauer said was a widely known plan inside the agency from at least Apr. 2001—at least six months earlier.

Mueller knew about 9/11. He and his FBI / C.I.A. colleagues allowed it to happen. They even aided the "terrorists" with training, manpower, materiel and intelligence. It is now public that Mohammed Atta was a C.I.A. asset (ref. Abel Danger—the Wikipedia write up is an evident cover-up given all the whistleblower testimony). Lindauer and other whistleblowers say the FBI also provided the explosives for the first World Trade Center bombing. Mueller failed to prosecute a single complicit insider. In fact, Gunderson said the FBI and C.I.A. have been behind every major false flag act of terror since Clinton when globalist new world order operatives inside the US government began to consolidate power via technology and the Internet (ref. Jun. 07, 1993 FBI encryption backdoor key conference). To cover up for the Deep State, Mueller helped persecute whistleblowers.

Mueller's appointment is an insult to common sense and decency. It is also a flagrant breach of ethics laws. He deserves jail, or worse, in our opinion, not a microphone. No doubt the FBI shredders are busy this weekend. Spread the word.


(May 18, 2017)—It is a huge surprise that former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III has been chosen to lead the FBI Russia investigation, because there seem to be direct ties between him and the Deep State.

Mueller is invested in 20 Clinton / Obama corporate funders

This is a remarkable decision since Mueller holds financial investments in twelve (12) investors/donors to Bill & Hillary Clinton and eight (8) members of Barack Obama’s technology inner circle who supported Hillary for President. See Obama’s Technology CEO Council and Obama’s Silicon Valley Dinner (After you click on the link, please be patient for timeline to download and go to the bookmarks).

Mueller investments in Clinton / Obama political collaborators: AT&T, Autodesk, Bank of America, Cisco, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, State Street, Vanguard, Wells Fargo.

Mueller invested in untraceable funds in the Cayman Islands

One can hardly imagine a more biased individual to run the Russia investigation. In addition, Mueller has two financial holdings of specialized hedge funds (Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fd LLC and Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC where they manage $106.2 billion with secretive reporting rules) with 36% headquartered in the Cayman Islands where HSBC, whose directors included former FBI Director Comey, managed money laundering operations. Mueller's Harvard political economy professor Benjamin M. Friedman was a director in the dubious Mellon fund.

For a full analysis of Mueller’s financial relationships, see our previous post: Betrayal: Former FBI director [Robert S. Mueller] colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens (AFI, Mar. 25, 2016).

Acting FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, yet another Harvard Law insider, appears to have either: (a) thrown his new boss, Donald Trump, under the bus in one of Rosenstein's first official acts, or (b) expects Mueller to hang himself in this very public arena.

Rosenstein’s appointment raises the question as to whether Deep State operatives like him and former Goldman Sachs executives, like Steve Mnuchin, can change their allegiances once they have been so tightly enmeshed in the Deep State’s secret society of drugs, sex, pedophilia and blackmail.  See FBI Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson statement.

Mueller and Rosenstein have been Deep State law colleagues for decades

Rosenstein has worked closely with Mueller at the Justice Department since 1990. Both Rosenstein and Mueller worked with then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. during the Bush presidency.

Mueller failed to prosecute obvious criminality associated with the Deep State takeover

During their Justice Department employment, numerous major scandals were not prosecuted like the 9/11 cover-up, NSA warrantless surveillance of Americans, encryption backdoor for the C.I.A. and FBI in 1993, the seditious 2008 bank "bailout" raid of the Federal Reserve and TARP, theft of social networking invention by the Deep State, energy stimulus, Obamacare robbing of Fannie and Freddie, The Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, Clinton Haiti fraud, global pedophilia rings, IRS political targeting of the Tea Party, BLM land redistribution, America Invents Act, Fast and Furious, Hillary email scandal, etc.

Given Rosenstein’s decades of ties to the Deep State, one wonders why President Donald Trump appointed him. The Deep State is now engaged in brazen acts of treason apparently to bring down Donald Trump’s duly-elected administration. For example, GQ news commenter Keith Olbermann just called for foreign intelligence agencies to help the Deep State bring down Mr. Trump’s administration—the definition of sedition.

How can Mueller be impartial?

One would expect Mueller will politicize the FBI investigation, yet again.

In conclusion, the facts are unavoidable. Robert S. Mueller has substantial conflicts of interest and should recuse himself as Special Counsel, before the public demands he be fired.

The temptation for Mueller to politicize this investigation to benefit his Deep State handlers seems just too high.

Why is the President of the United States being investigated when the Clintons, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are still at large and most certainly should have had a special prosecutor investigating them? And, what about all those calls for special counsel to look into Justice Scalia’s wiretapping and suspicious death.

The irony is, the Clinton matters were then FBI Director Mueller’s decisions to make, and he refused. What does that tell you?

* * *

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Mark Twain: Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.

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