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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


While honest people work hard, evil people abuse and massacre our innocents to hide their plan for world control

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Feb. 21, 2017, Updated Feb. 23, 2017 | PDF
The Massacre of the Holy Innocents icon
Fig. 1: The Massacre of the Holy Innocents icon. Whether it is pedophilia, abortion, Satanic ritual abuse and murder, Planned Parenthood trafficking in aborted baby parts, unnecessary immunizations, addictions, technology dependencies, sexual confusion, pornography, video games, virtual reality, absentee parents, kidnapping, politicized cartoons, lack of discipline and moral role models, lack of morals, mind control, lack of spiritual training, broken homes, and GMOs, our children are being assulted. We also see Common Core and M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Course) attacking traditional family values through federalized C.I.A. brainwashing—producing easily manipulated moral snowflakes. These moral infants are being issued black masks and herded, like cattle, from protest to protest by George Soros' "Open Society" handlers. May the Lord have mercy on our souls for this systematic abuse of the innocents that we in the general public are not storming the gates to stop worldwide.
Photo: SFGate.
Call to Action: act now  to protect THE innocents from rogue C.I.A. pedophiles

(Feb. 21, 2017)—In the days and weeks after Christmas each year, the Christian Church around the world remembers the Massacre of the Holy Innocents. It is the biblical account of infanticide by Herod the Great, the pagan Roman appointed King of the Jews. See St. Matthew 2:16–18.

Following the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, Herod ordered the execution of 14,000 male infants from newborn to two-years old in and around Bethlehem. He feared that his power was threatened by the birth of the Christ Child.

St. Augustine (4th Century, Numidia―modern day Annaba, Algeria) said of these infants: “These then, whom Herod's cruelty tore as sucklings from their mothers' bosom, are justly hailed as ‘infant martyr flowers’; they were the Church's first blossoms, matured by the frost of persecution during the cold winter of unbelief.

Herod was willing to kill innocent babies to maintain his power. Such is the nature of evil people in power. In our time, progressivism, rogue Deep State C.I.A. spies, and their shadow government military-industrial minions, are repeating a version of Herod’s response.

Believe It: Pedophilia, Satanism and Child Sacrifice are rampant among today’s globalists

Perplexed and disbelieving readers of this blog often ask how we think the globalists can possibly hide their heinous sins for so many years. They ask: "With so many people involved, how could they keep such enormously evil secrets?"

We are talking about widespread collusion among bankers, politicians, media, educators, entertainers, clergy, businesspeople, judges, law enforcement, spies and their minions.
The answer is simple and timeless:

Human sin.

Today, these people wear hoodies and sip café lattes. Nonetheless, their sins are nothing new.

The globalists have a fundamental disrespect for the image and likeness of God in every human being. Curiously, neither secular nor jihadi globalists are bothered by the defiling of the very young. This spiritual flaw will lead to their damnation, we believe. No society can survive on a foundation of depraved disrespect for the human person, and especially the innocent and defenseless. Indeed, a special place in hell is reserved for such abusers.

Globalists fundamentally disrespect the human person

If I respect you as unique and wonderfully made, then I will honor your uniqueness and try not to do anything to abuse that divine stamp on your being.

However, if I disrespect your divine nature, if I demean you as a consuming animal or a mere lump of carbon and water, then you are someone that I can dominate, control, or even extinguish. You are merely an object for my desires and wishes, and I can do anything I want with you. For example, "You're fake news!" Why? "Because I say you are!"

The American Republic: Respect for inalienable human rights

The genius of America’s Founding Fathers and Mothers is a system of government based on the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Men. The Founders actually tried to learn from the long lessons of history. Admittedly, they had to table pragmatically the slavery issue due to stiff opposition from the southern colonies, but that was not for lack of trying.

Lord Acton (1887), a liberal Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, later summarized a fundamental principle behind the American "Republic-an" experiment:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

(Note: America is a republican form of democracy which we will discuss in a moment. This use of the word republican should not be confused with the Republican Party. Therefore, we will use "Republic-an" for the organizing principle of our Constitution, so that there is no confusion.)

The Founders chose Republic-anism over Democracy. History taught them that democracy always deteriorated into tyranny of the majority over the minority. Instead, they chose a Republic-an Democracy where the interests of the majority prevail without infringing on the rights of the minority.

In short, they chose a fundamentally Judeo-Christian approach to human government that respects the image and likeness of God in all Americans, majority and minority.

Further, Founder John Adams emphasized that our Constitution was based upon Judeo-Christian morals and could not be sustained without a citizenry that embraces these morals. That means, Radical Islamic Jihadis cannot be accepted within our Constitutional borders since their morals call for death and the subjugation of Westerners, Christians and Jews. In such an environment, Judeo-Christian morals require us to stand firm against the current globalist onslaught to destroy them, and America. That is not intolerant, that is wise and preserves our country.

That is the Republic-an Principle. Has it been implemented perfectly? Of course not, but that is not the point.

The Rule of Law sets a high moral standard to which fallible human beings must strive throughout their lives, but will always fall short. The journey is to be good, kind and to contribute positively to society is everything. The lifelong task is to live the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The destination is ever in front of us.

Said another way, "Republic-an" governance is a standard we will never reach, but to which we must strive, each of us for our lifetime.

Why isn’t pedophilia mainstream news?

. . . instead, the totalitarian left complains about Melania Trump praying the Lord’s Prayer while our children are sodomized & murdered for the vile pleasure of power

The evil secret of the Deep State shadow government is pedophilia and, shockingly, even child sacrifice—called "Snuff Parties" where children are abuse unspeakably while alive and after death. Lord have mercy.

"Snuff Parties" (the kidnapping, molesting, killing, then sodomizing the corpses of infants and young children) are so revolting that we don't even like writing about it, but write we must. Perhaps this revulsion by normal people is part of the vile psychology of these globalist miscreants: do something so heinous that no one will believe it, even if they hear about it.

Thankfully, after nearly 24 years of silence and lip service from the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations, as we write, tens of thousands of pedophiles and human traffickers are being identified and rounded up around the country and across the planet. Thank you President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Please do not stop until this scourge on humanity is wiped out. We also call upon the good people of the world to rise up, in unison, against this debauchery among our so-called leaders.

Don't be silent any longer. You are not alone. Report what you know. How? Whistleblow. Post evidence anonymously. Document your information. Write real news sources like The Daily Caller, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Infowars, Alex Jones, David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Paul Joseph Watson, Lee Ann Mcadoo, Before It's News, Dave Hodges, The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Roger Stone, Dr. Sharyl Attkisson, Lisa Haven News, Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Matt Drudge, Hagmann Report, Larry Hagmann, Robert David Steele, Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden. See more here.

For example:

  • 42 in Memphis; 8,779 more identified in Memphis by these arrests
  • 474 in Los Angeles; dozens of children rescued
  • 5 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • 108 in Illinois
  • 178 in Texas
  • 70,000 member Internet pedophile ring
  • 670 in European Rescue, incl. 230 children in 30 countries.

Law enforcement inisiders say up to 1/3rd of Washington, D.C. politicians are engaged in ***pedophilia***

Multiple law enforcement insiders familiar with the contents of Anthony Weiner’s seized computer hard drives reveal that up to 1/3rd of Washington, D.C. are pedophiles, including household names. This seems absolutely crazy, but readers must realize that our mainstream media are not publicizing this because many of their leaders are pedophiles or are otherwise compromised themselves.


Nathaniel Mauka. (Feb. 19, 2017). Ashton Kutcher Testifies as Thousands of Sex Trafficking Busts Occur. Waking Times.

As we know, power corrupts . . .

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light within you has turned into darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matthew 6:22-23 (ISV).

Look at their eyes, the gateway to their souls.

Jeffrey E. Epstein
Jeffrey E. Epstein
Hillary Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
Bill Clinton
William J. Clinton
Lindsey O. Graham
Lindsey O. Graham
John R. McCain
John S. McCain
John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta
Charles Ellis 'Chuck' Schumer
Charles E. Schumer
Dianne G.B. Feinstein
Dianne G.B. Feinstein
Nancy D. Pelosi
Nancy D. Pelosi
Barney Frank
Barney Frank
Barney Frank
W. Michael Blumenthal
Timothy M. Kaine
Timothy M. Kaine
Anthony T. Podesta
Anthony T. Podesta
. . .

This evidence NAMES NAMES . . . Includes 16 video proofs:

Bohemian Grove Mock Poster - Because it's perfectly normal for the world's elite to do mock sacrifices under a giant owl statue...

Reader Notice: The links below contain outrageous graphic evidence of child molestation, mutilation and ritual murder—called a "Snuff Party." Read and weep. Then, ACT, all across the world from New York, Washington and Los Angeles, to Tokyo, Bangkok, Riyhad, Moscow, Paris and London. These globalists are demons attempting to sieze control of our world.

Dave Hodges. (Sep. 17, 2016). "Globalists Are Pedophiles – Practices and Beliefs. Before It's News. 24 pages.

Alex Jones. (Oct. 01, 2000). Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length. Infowars. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Alex Jones. (Jan. 17, 2006). The Order of Death, Alex Jones Documentary, Full Length. Infowars. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Paul Bonacci. (Apr. 30, 2013). Paul Bonacci - Bohemian Grove - Elitist Pigs & Pedophile Murdering Lust. Abel Danger. (Raw *.mp4 video file.)

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care program, Jul. 15, 2000 - Bohemian Grove Printed Program, Jul. 15, 2000
Cremation of Care. Annual attendees: The world’s power brokers. Bohemian Grove  Opening Cremation Ceremony before the Giant Owl of Bohemia. Ceremony & Symbolism combines: - Scottish Masonic Rite - Pagan Midsummer Rite
- Tyre-Babylonian-Canaanite Cult of Molech or Baal Rite. Member Program. “The Owl is in His leafy temple. Let all within the Grove be reverent before Him... Gather ye forest folk and cast your spell over these mortals! ...Our funeral pyre awaits the Corpse of Care!” Cremation Graphic (of a sacrificed child). Camp Sign.

Who is involved in pedophilia and child sacrifice?

At its root, pedophilia is an abuse of power. Innocents cannot fight back, so they  need us to speak and fight for them.

Abuse of power is like a drug. Once you do it, you want more.

What satisfied you early in your abuses creates a lust for more and more depraved acts. Eventually, such abuses evolve into ritual murders of the defenseless.

Rogue spies affiliated with Obama, Clinton, Podesta and the C.I.A. use abuse of innocents for blackmail and recruitment

The spy world has long used blackmail to illicit cooperation. They gather compromising information, then use it to blackmail the target into giving up state secrets, betraying friends, stealing inventions, or even murdering opponents.

In the old days, cheating on one’s spouse was enough for blackmail. When spousal cheating became passé, spies turned to threatening exposure of homosexual encounters.

Today, the blackmail tool of choice is pedophilia. As a result, the rogue spy world covers up pedophilia—it is good for business. The more bizarre the predilection, the more useful the blackmail. Pedophiles have developed an entire lingo around pizza toppings to hide their orders of children (e.g., black, white, brown, male, female, age, attractiveness, etc.).

Innocents suffer in silence while the vile power bodies get away with it

Pedophilia is now rampant among most power groups one can think of:

  1. Clergy
  2. Politicians
  3. Bankers
  4. Academics
  5. Law Enforcement
  6. Children’s Services
  7. Judges
  8. Media
  9. Teachers
  10. Coaches

Do not let the mainstream media bully you into thinking that pedophila is not occurring among America's power set.

Globalists have a total Package of Child Enslavement and destruction

In addition to abuses of children through pedophilia, abortion, trafficking in aborted baby body parts, unnecessary immunization, Common Core round out the package of enslavements.

Why haven’t we heard about this embedded pedophilia?

Other than the people involved, law enforcement and intelligence know. We will all know more soon. More and more patriots within law enforcement and intelligence are coming forward as whistleblowers. These whistleblowers are getting unprecedented support from Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In the past, the globalist threatened people who would otherwise expose them through threats of defamation lawsuits and/or blackmail. The NSA’s mass surveillance of all citizens generates all sorts of personal information that can be used for coercion and twisted into threats.

Social media has made the threats ten times easier. The rogue C.I.A. spies who created social networking simply search your “dark profile” for a suitable piece of salacious blackmail. They find something, anything that they can spin to silence you. An embarrassing photo, salacious video, vulgar language, tweets, texts, unwise email, etc.

These rogue C.I.A. spies have turned to pedophilia as their blackmail tool of choice to silence whistleblowers and opposition.

Speak up for the Innocents!

How will history judge you on your response to the abuse of innocents?

Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Perhaps for the first time in modern history, the good people of this world have a champion in the White House ready to put the world’s pedophiles in prison.

Our martyred innocents implore us for justice

It is imperative that good people across America and around the world step up, now, to help President Donald Trump, Secretary Rex Tillerson and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and this new Administration to stop the depraved global scourge of pedophilia and the abuse of innocents.

* * *

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Postscript, Feb. 23, 2017: $10,000 reward to whistleblowers announced by james O'Keefe, Project Veritas

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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Friday, February 10, 2017


Judge Michelle Friedland’s nomination was backed by Facebook, Cisco & Google, who gave $1.5 billion to Hillary’s digital campaign

“The Eric Schmidt Project” was renamed the U.S. Digital Service and run for Hillary out of the White House—a Hatch Act violation

Friedland bias discredits decision and is grounds for her impeachment

Drain the Swap

Bookmark: #sedition
Vault 7
WikiLeaks Vault 7 release on the Deep State is imminent. The information comes from American patriots with knowledge of the rogue C.I.A. treachery, says Dr. Steve Pieczenik, not "the Russians." Pieczenik should know—he helped bring down the communist globalists in the U.S.S.R. (ca. 1979-89).
Breaking! Feb. 18, 2017:
Crisis Alert: Open C.I.A. Sedition at the State Department
State Department whistleblower says coup against President Donald Trump is under way among rogue C.I.A. agents running the Deep State shadow government. Veteran investigator Dave Hodges (among many) encourages patriots to flood Congressional representatives and senators, in large numbers, immediately, and demand that they actively support our lawfully-elected President and protect our Republic from these brainwashed  C.I.A.–Soros-funded seditionists.

See also Alex Jones' Red Alert. | Raw *.mp4 video file. Barack Obama is setting up a seditionist 'shadow government' in Washington D.C. with 30,000 OFA soldiers (Obama for America, Organizing for Action). See also Paul Sperry's interview with Alex Jones. Paul Sperry. (Feb. 12, 2017). How Obama is Scheming to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency - Working behind scenes to set up shadow government to sabotage incoming administration's popular “America First” agenda. Infowars; also LouDobbs. (Feb. 15, 2017). Obama creating a ‘shadow government?’ interview with Paul Sperry, The New York Post. FoxBusiness.


Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Feb. 10, 2016, Updated Feb. 19, 2017 | PDF
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Michelle T. Friedland failed to recuse herself due to her conflicts of interest with Google, Facebook and Cisco, all notorious supporters of Hillary Clinton
Fig. 1: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Michelle T. Friedland failed to recuse herself due to her conflicts of interest with Google, Facebook and Cisco, all notorious supporters of Hillary Clinton.
Photo: SFGate.

(Feb. 10, 2017)Canon 2 of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges states that "A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All Activities." This means that a conflict does not have to actually exist, but even if there could be the public perception of a conflict, the judge should recuse.

Sounds good on paper, but our courts mostly ignore it, and our politicians and lawyers are afraid or unwilling to challenge judges who violate it (because the sad truth is, many of them are in on the same globalist scams to take down America). It appears that it is past time for the Court of Public Opinion to step up and hold our public officials accountable and liable for their corruption.

Michelle T. Friedland
Michelle T. Friedland
9th Circuit Court (SF, CA)
Google, Facebook, Cisco

Too many of our judges, like Judge Michelle T. Friedland, curry favor and treats from globalist corporations. They hold stock directly in deep-pocket litigants. Alternatively, they have exempted their reporting of mutual fund holdings by declaring that mutual fund holdings are not "financial interests" for the purposes of financial disclosure!!!

Canon 3(C)3(c)(i) "ownership in a mutual or common investment fund that holds securities is not a 'financial interest' in such securities . . ." (even though the judge pays income taxes on those holdings and benefits FINANCIALLY!) One hears the Church Lady saying about this obvious sin of omission: "How conveeeeenient!"

Too many judges suddenly become wealthy investing geniuses once they don their robes from evident stock tips from their deep pocket crony law firms and their clients. Judges show favoritism to lawyer friends from law school and previous law firms. They take bribes held for them in blind offshore accounts. The list of corrupt practices is substantial.

Last night's 9th Circuit sham threatens America's safety & the President's constitutional authority to govern

Last night, Judge Michelle T. Friedland was one of a three judge 9th Circuit Court panel in San Francisco, CA, who refused to overturn Judge James Robart’s lower court block of President Trumps temporary ban on immigration from seven high risk countries.

Oddly, the 29-page opinion did not contain even a single statute upon which the judges based their decision. Instead, it was a romp through past legal cases. The decision was cobbled together to look official, but it wholly lacked Constitutional credibility. It was a political statement dressed up like a legal opinion.

Epic Failed 9th Circuit Legal Arguments

As it should and did, President Trump's EXECUTIVE ORDER: PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES, Jan. 27, 2017, specifically claimed his statutory authorities as 8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq., and section 301 of title 3, United States Code; section 212(f) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f); section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12); U.S.C. 1222; and sections 221(c) and 281 of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1201(c) and 1351

Incompetence or Sedition?

The Ninth Circuit's job is to oversee the legal issues of a case. Therefore, their solemn duty was to evaluate the President's statutory claims in light of the statutes claimed, and therefore, to evaluate these specific LAWS. However, the Ninth Circuit Court did not evaluate even a single one of the President's statutes. This omission is either incompetence or sedition.

'Sedition' means 'incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority' (Merriam-Webster).

Leader researchers consulted with a leading senior New York City immigration attorney. He counseled that the law in question is very clear. The President has the authority to protect our country and our people. His Executive Order was written properly. The legal battle is clearly a political one and threatens the security of our citizens.

If the decision itself weren't inadequate enough, if she were an ethical person, Judge Friedland would have recused herself due to her conflicts of interest in this matter.

Friedland has close relationships with Silicon Valley companies including Google, Facebook and Cisco. She is clearly biased in fact. But even if not in fact, she has the appearance of bias. Either way, she should have recused.

These companies were/are notoriously-known contributors and backers of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation. They even wrote her letters of recommendation after her nomination on Aug. 1, 2013 by Barack Obama.

But this story of judicial corruption is much worse ...

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt
Google, C.I.A., In-Q-Tel

On Mar. 19, 2014, the GSA formed "18F"  with a mission to simplify the government's digital services. 18F was staffed with Presidential Innovation Fellows. According to Google internal documents, 18F has "informal ties to USDS" (U.S. Digital Service, see below). 18F targeted various federal agencies, most notably the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

FEC documents confirm that the effort was to move all FEC data processing to the cloud and thus under the control of the IBM Eclipse Foundation established by IBM's chief inside counsel David J. Kappos—Obama's director of the Patent Office—and IBM's chief outside counsel, James P. Chandler—who was also counsel to Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, from whom The IBM Eclipse Foundation—fronting for the C.I.A.—stole Leader's social networking invention that was being implemented by 18F, USDS and Google.

Michelle T. Friedland
Michelle T. Friedland
9th Circuit Court (SF, CA)
Google, Facebook, Cisco

On Apr. 10, 2014, Friedland was confirmed by the Senate. Friedland had previously submitted her letters of recommendation from Google, Facebook and Cisco.

On Apr. 15, 2014, Google CEO Eric Schmidt proposed Notes for a Democratic Campaign" to Obama and Hillary.  The White House and Hillary campaign actually called it “The Eric Schmidt Project.”

On Apr. 28, 2014, Friedland joined the 9th Circuit Court bench.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

On Jun. 29, 2014, Robby Mook, Hillary’s Chief of Staff, sent an urgent message to John Podesta asking for him to help recruit a Google executive to “The Eric Schmidt Project. Mook was organizing “the Eric Schmidt project.” — "development of a single record for a voter that aggregates all that is known about them."

John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta
Hillary Clinton
Chief of Staff;
Clinton Foundation

Mook wanted to recruit Dickerson to run it. However, Dickerson was “a little worried about how legit it was.” Mook clearly needed Podesta to strong arm Dickerson into accepting the appointment. The subsequent events show this effort was for Hillary Clinton’s election.

WikiLeaks revealed that Robby Mook was “close” to Robert Creamer, the top Hillary operative just caught in an undercover sting video by Project Veritas Action. Creamer is captured on tape bragging about his various exploits to rig the election and disrupt Trump and Pence rallies.  

On Jul 21, 2014, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warns “Google is not what it seems.”

Assange: "Google is not what it seems."
[It's a rogue C.I.A. front.]

On Aug. 20, 2014, Google loaned an executive Mikey Dickerson to the White House for “The Eric Schmidt Project” renamed the U.S. Digital Service. Dickerson’s first reaction when learning about the project was “a little worried about how legit it is.

Todd Y. Park
Todd Y. Park
/Obamacare CTO;
Hillary Clinton
digital advisor

On Oct. 28, 2014, Barack Obama loaned the White House chief technology officer Todd Y. Park (who oversaw the botched Obamacare roll out) to San Francisco CA to help Hillary with her digital campaign.

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt
Google, WH,
U.S. Digital Service, In-Q-Tel,
C.I.A., Pentagon

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks:
Google is not what it seems.

Never mind that this activity is an egregious violation of The Hatch Act that prohibits public agencies from funding political campaigns, including loaning and paying personnel, as happened here involving Park and Dickerson.

On Mar. 02, 2016, Eric Schmidt was appointed to chair a Pentagon Defense Innovation Advisory Board. Google was also a member of the C.I.A. organized IBM Eclipse Foundation and technology backer of the C.I.A.’s so-called private venture capital arm In-Q-Tel. See previous post.

Friedland's failures dictate impeachment

Because Hillary’s eventual opponent was Donald J. Trump, Friedland’s relationship to Google, Facebook and Cisco clearly biases her rulings involving Donald Trump since Hillary’s failed campaign was heavily supported by her friends at Google, Facebook and Cisco.

Friedland’s financial disclosures are nowhere to be found

Does anyone have Friedland’s financial disclosures? So far, they have eluded numerous experienced legal researchers. This is odd since such disclosures are normally readily available. One wonders what additional conflicts of interest they hide. Our guess is direct investments in backers of Hillary Clinton, C.I.A.-backed companies, and other globalists who are trying to put the United States under U.N. globalist corporate control.


The Ninth Circuit decision is tainted by substantial undisclosed conflicts of interest, spying and election corruption.

The government lawyers should immediately file a 60B motion to undo the judgment for fraud on the court.

Judge Michelle T. Friedland should be impeached for her evident involvement in election corruption and the related misconduct surrounding this immigration case.

We need to find every way to resist these globalists

* * *


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Donald Trump is spied upon by his CISCO PHONE on his Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.
Fig. 2: NSA Backdoor Spy Key—AFI posted an expose of the nearly universal NSA backdoor key in Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Juniper Networks, Qualcomm, Intel, Xerox, Micron Technology, Oracle, Nokia, Samsung, EMC, Apple, Dell, etc. software and hardware: AFI (Nov. 06, 2015). Complicit encryption geeks enable the American spy state. Americans For Innovation.

This Oval Office photo shows President Trump's CISCO IP Phone. CISCO has registered over 40 different CISCO hardware and software technologies that embed the DRBG spying algorithm—a backdoor key.

How is this abuse of privacy fixed? Order and certify the immediate removal of the DRBG algorithm and related backdoor encryption keys from all hardware, software and firmware across the board. Privacy is a Constitutional right not be be given away in exchange for some etherial promise by spies (liars by profession) of greater security.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


Click "N comments:" on the line just below this instruction to view comment on this post. On about Dec. 05, 2016, Google began blocking comments to this blog. However, if you email your comment to a secure email website we have established at:: we'll post it for you. We welcome and encourage anonymous comments, especially from whisteblowers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The coin of the realm in the Clinton-Bush-Obama shadow government has been bribery, blackmail, money laundering, pay-to-play, insider tips, influence peddling, staged crises (false flags), threats and murder

Breaking! Feb. 05, 2017: Deep State Shadow Government WANTED POSTER Released HTML | PDF
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jan. 17, 2016, Updated Feb.. 06, 2017 | PDF
Donald Trump challenges C.I.A. Director John Brennan's truthfulness
Godspeed President Donald J. Trump!

Fig. 1: New research shows why it is imperative that Donald Trump reorganize the C.I.A., including its thousands of silicon Valley hacks, before they destroy the constitution.

Barack H. Obama
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
Few citizens know that the C.I.A. runs a large private investment company in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley named In-Q-Tel ("IQT") started on Sep. 29, 1999 by President Bill Clinton. Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama have perpetuated and grown the company. Bottom line, C.I.A. liars gave birth to the liars of Silicon Valley—techies, lawyers and Wall Street. Main Street was screwed. Silicon Valley is building the Deep State communications system to destroy our Constitutional rights to privacy and security. Stop feeding these Silicon Valley theives your personal information.

Notice: Every assertion in this post is supported by facts which we will be linking over the next few days. Please return to see the updated version that will contain a mountain of evidence. Alternatively, use the AFI search tool to find the evidence yourself. See also the TIMELINE: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet for a full bibliography of support evidence. Note: We have downloaded all the source documents cited herein and will post the PDFs and soon as they are ready. In the meantime, let's see whether the actual source document disappear suddenly.
Graphic: AFI.
Bookmark: #roger-stone-assasination-attempt
Breaking News, Jan. 18, 2017:
Trump advisor and NYT best-selling author Roger Stone survives assassination attempt

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Roger Stone's doctors confirm that he was likely poisoned in December 2016 by radioactive polonium while writing his new book The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution to be released in Jan. 2016. Polonium is a byproduct from a nuclear reactor, and as such, can only be produced by countries with nuclear capabilities. It is highly toxic to life. Ostensibly, the Russians used polonium to assassinate their former Russian FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko. However, new information points to British MI6 agent Christopher Steele as the most likely hit man. Steele was recently identified as the author of the smear "dossier" that the Democrats have been trying to pin on Donald Trump. Did Steele poison Roger Stone also?

Roger Stone responded on his way in to the Donald Trump inauguration ceremony a few minutes ago: "Pure, unadulterated crap." Stone said he welcomed Congressional scrutiny of his assertion that he has no contact with Russians. He accused the C.I.A. Deep State shadow government of fabricating these falsehoods that Dr. Ulfkotte says the C.I.A. does routinely.

Stone believes the attack on him was meant to shut him up before he could debunk the lie that the Russians hacked the U.S. election.

Where are the MSM reports on this attempt to assassinate a Donald Trump advisor? Their silence tells us all we need to know.

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Breaking News, Jan. 20, 2017:
C.I.A. Whistleblower found dead: "We all lie for the C.I.A. ...I'm fed up with this propaganda"
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
May God bless you
Dr. Ulfkotte. We must all tell your story now so that your death will have not been in vain.

George Soros-funded globalist surrogate Media Matters (founded by Clinton advisor David Brock) trumpets a The New York Times article yesterday accusing Trump advisor Roger Stone of being a Russian agent. (Remember, The New York Times is now owned by Mexican globalist Carlos Slim—the largest donor to The Clinton Foundation. Remember also, Soros' hedge funds make money from wars and rumors of wars as currency values go up and down in response—which feed more propaganda in a never ending stream of conflicts and money-making by globalists.) Curiously, this occurred at the same time that C.I.A. media whistleblower Dr. Udo Ulfkotte was found dead at age 56. See Ulfkotte video.


(Jan. 17, 2017)—John Grisham’s fiction warned us about a Deep State takeover. Former C.I.A. operative and patriot, Steve Pieczenik, was a Grisham advisor. He is currently helping to prevent a takeover of America by the Deep State shadow government that does not control Donald Trump.

Charles Ellis 'Chuck' Schumer
Charles Ellis 'Chuck' Schumer

The current C.I.A. attempts to smear President-elect Donald Trump, just days before his inauguration, have exposed their undemocratic treachery. For example, on Jan. 7, 2017 Senator Chuck Schumer issued a not-so-veiled threat to Donald Trump not to mess with the C.I.A. because they had "six ways from Sunday of getting back at you." Is Senator Schumer inadvertently admitting that the C.I.A. is a rogue agency?

Senator Chuck Schumer Threatens Donald Trump with retribution — saying [rogue] C.I.A. uses powers for revenge  proves The Agency is out of control

Fig. 2—Top Senate NY Democrat Charles "Chuck" Schmumer essentially threatened Donald Trump with harm during this Jan. 07, 2017 interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Maddow calls Trump's Tweet 'unsolicited' in evident nervousness at possibly 'blindsiding' the senator. As a result, we may be observing a rare moment of unscripted globalist Schumer candor. Video: MSNBC.

Shockingly, the current attempts by the C.I.A. rogue-backed globalists are not part of a Grisham spy novel, they are real and actually happening. Fortunately, as the Deep State actors step from the shadows to protect their turf from Donald Trump, they themselves are providing the missing pieces in this puzzle of treachery and treason.

Mena, Ak; London, UK; Moscow

Lawrence H. 'Larry' Summers
Larry Summers
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
George Soros
George Soros

The C.I.A. treachery of the shadow government can trace its contemporary roots back to Mena, Arkansas and London, England.

On Sep. 17, 1992, George Soros crashed the UK Pound and pocketed $1.4 billion overnight. Two weeks later, Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President of the United States and immediately appointed Harvard wonk and World Bank chief economist Larry Summers to the U.S Treasury. Summers immediately hired Russian Yuri Milner—later, DST, VKontakte (Russian Gmail and Facebook), and Sheryl K. Sandberg—later Gmail and Facebook. The recommendations pressed by this trio destroyed the emerging Russian economy. They pressed unworkable World Bank and IMF privatization policies that ushered in the current oligarch banking corruption upon which these criminals built their fortunes . . . with the help of George Soros. Their scheme to takeover global digital Email and social networks is evident in hindsight.

Saul D. Alinsky
Saul Alinsky
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Yuri Milner
Yuri Milner

Soros would go on to repeat this money market manipulation across the world for decades. These funds were used to finance Bill & Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, Barack Obama, his takeover of the U.S. Democratic Party and his Open Society Foundations globalist "new world order" political agenda.[437] See also George Soros: The epic global meddler.

Bill Clinton served two terms as governor of Arkansas (1979–1981, 1983–1992). During their time in the state house, Bill and Hillary Clinton perfected their corruption skills which they brought to Washington, D.C. when Bill became president in 1993. They learned how to smuggle, sell and launder $100 million a month in cocaine through a small airport in Mena, Arkansas. They covered up their activities through bribery, offering government employment, coercion . . . and murder, as needed, of judges, police and the media.

Hillary is a disciple of the anarchist and Luciferian—Saul Alinsky. Alinsky loathed the Judeo-Christian natural order and morality. Hillary famously conjured up Eleanor Roosevelt and visited a Los Angeles witch’s coven regularly. Their former political fixer, Larry Nichols, exposed this conduct in his documentary The Clinton Chronicles (1994).

Washington, D.C. digital communications infrastructure

James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Lawrence H. 'Larry' Summers
Larry Summers
John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta

Bill Clinton was inaugurated to his first term on Jan. 20, 1993.

Within months he teamed up with three equally ambitious individuals, John Podesta, Larry Summers and law professor James P. Chandler, III.

On Jun. 07, 1993, (the digital sellout of America began this day—all the while, Bill and Hillary Clinton's former bodyguards and campaign staff were dying left and right, God Rest Their Souls) just five months after Clinton's inauguration, these men used White House influence to convene a meeting of leaders in technology, law, commerce and education with the singular focus to create a rationale for giving the FBI an encryption backdoor key. The C.I.A. was not mentioned, but lurked in the shadows as the real beneficiary.

C.I.A. forbidden from operating inside the USA

However, the C.I.A. and NSA are forbidden by law from spying on American citizens inside the United States. That said, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama executive orders have chipped away at dubious exceptions that empower the President to sneak around the law, ostensibly for our "security."

To get the backdoor key approved, Podesta schmoozed politicians, Summers bankers and Chandler lawmakers and judges.

Dubious executive orders

The Clinton White House took control of the nation’s intelligence infrastructure through a string of dubious executive orders. Chandler created the legal framework to pave the way for this takeover. He even rewrote the Economic Espionage Act and got the Congress to approve lying to Congress and courts. That’s right. it is legal to lie to Congress without legal penalty—False Statements Accountability Act of 1996, subsection (b). Summers worked on the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Among other things, this enabled him to launder the $10’s of billions he was accumulating from his offshore Russian oligarch accounts.

Congress was totally unaware of this Deep State agenda

On Sep. 29, 1999 a lynchpin for this takeover plan was the formation of In-Q-Tel by the C.I.A.

On the surface it sounded all sweetness and light. It would “unleash” the creativity of the private sector for the benefit of the C.I.A.―who was ostensibly protecting the homeland from global threats. Who could argue with that? Right?

Wrong. The C.I.A. lies and deceives for a living. American justice can barely survive such wanton conduct. Placed in the hands of unscrupulous actors, such talents will pull down any country ostensibly ruled by law and not men.

No one appears to oppose this illegal C.I.A. takeover of Silicon Valley hardware and software companies. Intelligence activities inside the United States are (should be) the exclusive domain of the FBI. One wonders how they have gotten away with it.

The current officers and trustees of In-Q-Tel prove without question that America’s digital infrastructure was hijacked under Bill Clinton and that George Bush and Barack Obama also approved this immorality.

Three organizations run the illegal Deep State shadow government:

  1. In-Q-Tel run by the C.I.A. to pump billions of dollars in public funds to buy private companies in Silicon Valley. Once formed, the C.I.A. uses Wall Street to launder funds globally and create trillions of dollars in value to perpetuate this evil bubble. See also AFI Timeline, search "in-q-tel"

  2. NIAC (National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council) created by a string of dubious executive orders. See also AFI Timeline, search "niac"

  3. The IBM Eclipse Foundation created by the Deep State to provide the common social technology infrastructure around the planet using Leader Technologies’ social networking invention as its foundation. See also AFI Timeline, search "eclipse"
Deep State organizational chart
Fig. 3—Deep State rogue C.I.A. shadow government organization.

The Deep State discovered that they had no Internet-scale platform when they wanted to get rolling in the late 1990’s

As with every evil scheme, the Deep State plan had an Achilles’ Heel.

The technology infrastructure plan in the late 1990’s was to rely on IBM, Microsoft and AT&T for the technology.

However, they had a collective problem. They had been so busy selling their legacy “client-server” systems (PC’s linked together in networks) during the 1990’s that they had grown lax in research and development for the emerging Internet.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates admitted that he was late to the Internet game, as were IBM and AT&T.

During the mid-1990’s, a Columbus, Ohio inventor-entrepreneur named Michael McKibben had saved AT&T from great embarrassment. AT&T Bell Labs discovered that they were not prepared with new email software for the much ballyhooed introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 95.

McKibben’s team came to the rescue and built for $1 million in six months what Bell Labs had estimated would cost $6 million and three years. During that time McKibben and his team supported AT&T’s global infrastructure. McKibben’s company and Disney were two of the first ten commercial websites set up by AT&T WorldNet.

Engineer McKibben saw a gaping hole in IBM, AT&T and Microsoft capabilities to support large-scale Internet collaboration. They could not scale to the volumes of transactions that Internet users would expect. 

Social networking was invented by the real developers in Columbus, Ohio—Leader Technologies

Facebook Hacks

Shergyl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg, Summers hack, Facebook, Gmail
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Mark E. Zuckerberg, 19-yr. old immoral hack

So, rather than tell anyone what he saw, McKibben quietly formed Leader Technologies in 1997, raised his own funds, hired world-class talent,  and ran the research and development himself. He invented what we now know as “social networking” over the next three years. By the early 2000’s he had invested $10 million and created 650,000 lines of programming source code. At 66 lines per page, that’s a 10,000-page book. By contrast, Mark Zuckerberg’s lie is that he invented Facebook in “one to two weeks” while drinking, chasing girls and studying for midterms.

Zuckerberg has yet to produce any evidence of his fake story as perpetuated in The Social Network. That's right, Zuckerberg was and is merely a C.I.A. hack.

Knowing that their invention was too early for an Internet market with less than 10 million users, McKibben sought to protect these innovations with copyrights and patents. He sought the best patent advice he could find in Washington, D.C. See Leader v. Facebook trial transcripts.

The Deep State schemed to steal social networking

Through various people, McKibben was introduced to law professor James P. Chandler, III. Chandler saw instantly that McKibben had solved the technology problems his Deep State shadow government was having with IBM and Microsoft Internet platform software.

Rather than file the patents immediately, which experts say would have been normal advice, Chandler advised Leader to “reduce the invention to practice” before he would file the patents. Since Chandler was advising the Clinton White House, Congress and the Courts on such matters, Leader assumed his advice was sound.

Hindsight shows that Chandler’s advice was a self-serving effort to steal the invention for the Deep State.

Ironically, Chandler, Clinton, Summers and Podesta had formed In-Q-Tel on Sep. 29, 1999. Leader Technologies was first introduced to Chandler just a few months later in Jan. 2000.

Attorney-client privilege confidentiality is a Deep State fiction to fool unsuspecting inventors

Chandler agreed immediately to become Leader’s patent attorney and even to become a member of Leader’s board of directors. Leader was flattered by Chandler’s interest and naturally assumed that attorney-client confidentiality would be honored.

Chandler’s organizing role in the C.I.A. Deep State shadow government has taken many years to uncover. It is pretty well hidden.

However, various whistleblowers and FOIA disclosures to groups including Judicial Watch and Citizens United have now exposed Chandler’s central role. Leader’s personnel say that Chandler never disclosed his conflicts of interest with the Clinton White House, IBM, Microsoft, C.I.A., the NSA and the shadow government.

Deep State legal justification: National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC)

On Jan. 18, 2001, Bill Clinton appointed Bill Gates and James P. Chandler to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) which he had formed and empowered by a succession of executive orders. George Bush renamed it the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (also, NIAC) and layered on more executive orders.

Deep State technology distributor: The IBM Eclipse Foundation

Islamic crescent (moon eclipse)

Fig. 4—The IBM selection of this imagery for The IBM Eclipse Foundation appears to be appropriate since the symbol of Islam is an eclipse of the moon.

Six weeks after 9/11, on Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler formed The IBM Eclipse Foundation with a $40 million IBM “donation” to promote “open source.” Pundits know that IBM and “open source” are oil and water since IBM is the largest holder of patents on the planet.

Hindsight shows that the term “Eclipse” may have been well-chosen imagery for the coming radical Islamic jihadi onslaught promoted by Obama’s Deep State as he has apparently attempted to destroy Western economies in favor of China and the New World Order globalists.

On Aug. 29, 2002, all of Leader Technologies technical innovations appeared overnight in the IBM Eclipse Foundation distribution of source programming code to a suddenly rich assortment of “members” including SAP, Microsoft, HP, Oracle and IBM. IBM claimed copyrights on it all.

A series of laughable narratives by various Eclipse parties tried to cover over this theft of Leader Technologies innovations with nonsensical cover stories.

The C.I.A. created  much of modern day Silicon Valley illegally—social media is a fraud because its foundation was stolen, and the C.I.A. funded its expansion as an illegal spy tool

Now we roll this story forward to today to prove that the C.I.A. CREATED the “social” Silicon Valley as the excuse to steal all data from all users, globally, not just in the USA.

Three Silicon Valley venture capital companies figure prominently in C.I.A. In-Q-Tel:

  1. James W. Breyer
    James W. Breyer
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel NVCA chairman; Facebook chairman; Accel Partners; IDG-Accel Capital (China)
    Howard E. Cox
    Howard E. Cox
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Trustee; Greylock CEO
    Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
    Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
    C.I.A. In-Q-Tel; Trustee, Kleiner Perkins, NVCA director
    Kleiner Perkins, Ted Schlein:
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, AOL, Verisign, Zynga, Cisco, Genentech, Netscape, WebMD, Intuit, Coursera, Groupon

  2. Greylock, Howard E. Cox
    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Cloudera, Dropbox, Groupon, Pandora, Airbnb, Digg, Zend, Constant Contact, Workday

  3. Accel Partners, James W. Breyer
    Facebook, BitTorrent, Cloudera, ComScore, DropBox, Etsy, Groupon, Raytheon BBN
C.I.A. spies run the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
James W. Breyer
James W. Breyer
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel / NVCA chairman; Facebook chairman; Accel Partners; IDG-Accel Capital (China)
Theodore E. ('Ted') Schlein
James W. Breyer
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel NVCA director, Kleiner Perkins
Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel CEO, NVCA director

These facts prove that Silicon Valley is essentially nationalized. Readers should remember recent history: Nazi Germany permitted private industry to flourish as long as the companies like Krupp, VW, BMW, IBM, Mercedes, Siemens, Ford and Opel supported the Nazi political agenda. The involvement of these 'private' companies in this secret White House intelligence operation parallels Nazi Germany's corporate corruption.

Kleiner and Greylock are current trustees of In-Q-Tel.

Accel Partners and its founder James W. Breyer facilitated the rise of In-Q-Tel while Breyer was Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA, 2004) where In-Q-Tel’s founding CEO Gilman Louie was also a director (1999-2006), as was as In-Q-Tel trustee Theodore "Ted" E. Schlein, CEO of Kleiner Perkins.

Other current C.I.A. In-Q-Tel trustees and officers include:

C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Management/Agents
Download all these CIA In-Q-Tel biographies, accessed Jan. 17, 2017

Lastname Firstname Fullname In-Q-Tel position Organization / C.I.A. Operative
Crow Michael M. Michael M. Crow Chairman Arizona State University
Adams Bruce Bruce Adams General Counsel Arnold & Porter LLP
Barksdale James L. James L. Barksdale Trustee Netscape
Barris Peter Peter Barris Trustee New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Bowsher Steve Steve Bowsher Managing Gen. Partner InterWest, E-Trade, Stanford
Cox Howard Howard Cox Trustee Greylock
Darby Chris Chris Darby Trustee Intel, Symantec, HP, Northern Telecom
Gleichauf Bob Bob Gleichauf Director, Lab41 Cisco
Jones Anita Anita Jones Trustee University of Virginia
Krongrad A.B. “Buzzy” A.B. “Buzzy” Krongrad Trustee DLA Piper LLP, C.I.A.
Misick Jami Jami Misick Trustee Kissinger Associates
O’Toole Tara Tara O’Toole Director, B. Next DHS, DOE
Louie Gilman Gilman Louie CEO emeritus "Once C.I.A., always C.I.A."
Mullen Mike Mike Mullen Trustee Bush/Obama military advisor, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman
Paté-Cornell M. Elisabeth M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell Trustee Bush Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
Porter Lisa Lisa Porter Director, Cosmiq Works IARPA, NASA
Poulos Lisabeth Lisabeth Poulos Chief of Staff BAE, Microstrategy
Radosevich Will Will Radosevich EVP, Technology Programs Mobile System 7
Schlein Ted Ted Schlein Trustee Kleiner Perkins, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Shea Teresa Teresa Shea Director, Cyber Reboot NSA
Strottman Matthew Matthew Strottman COO Friedman Billings, PWC, Notre Dame, Georgetown
Tenet George J. George J. Tenet Trustee C.I.A. Director, Allen & Co
Vickers Mike Mike Vickers EVP DoD
Table 1—C.I.A. managers/agents of In-Q-Tel.
Michael M. Crow
Michael M. Crow
C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Chairman; Arizona State University (ASU)

The illegal collusion of the Deep State military-industrial complex is grossly evident just in the list of In-Q-Tel trustees. When we add the list of members in the NIAC and IBM Eclipse Foundation, the evident corruption of the shadow government is glaring. Again, one wonders why no one in government, intelligence, commerce or the military blew the whistle on this massive collusion.

It appears that when the rogue public-private C.I.A. operatives came out of the woodwork to smear Donald Trump with all the talk of fake news and supposed Russian dossiers, they over-played their hand, thankfully.

2,387 technology financings by C.I.A. officers

"The Internet of Things:" Even your alarm, toaster and fridge now spy on you for the C.I.A. thanks to these traitors.

These three “vulture” capitalists have together funded 2,387 financings of largely Silicon Valley companies that are heavily committed to the C.I.A. “The Internet of Things” social technologies. Accel Partners, Greylock, Kleiner Perkins.

Click here for an Excel | PDF full downloads of the CrunchBase financing summaries for Accel Partners, Greylock and Kleiner Perkins.

James W. Breyer, John P. Breyer - Super Bullish on China
Fig. 5—James P. Breyer is Facebook's largest institutional investor. He is closely allied with the C.I.A.'s venture capital company, In-Q-Tel. In May 2012, Breyer resigned as Wal-Mart director after the Mexican bribery scandal.

Breyer has shifted his venture capital investing priority outside the the U.S. to China where his reclusive father, John P. Breyer (the web has been essentially cleansed of Breyer Sr.'s biographical information who was the founder of ComputerWorld (!), but AFI investigators found some information linked here), moved to set up IDG-Accel and IDG Capital Partners. John P. Breyer, Andy Grove (Intel) and George Soros are fellow Hungarian refugees.

Some of the Chinese officers of Breyer's IDG Technology Venture Investment III LLP and Wininchina, Inc. were identified by HSBC Swiss whistleblower Hervé Falciani as being involved with off-shore money laundering of dictators, drug and arms dealers. The HSBC money launders fingered by Falciani include all of the Facebook IPO underwriters and several Facebook law firms.

Breyer is also pressing Barack Obama to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which includes liberal intellectual property provision allowing infringing countries to rewrite their rules at any time to favor a local infringer like Facebook and other Breyer companies.
Photo:Der Spiegel; Graphic: NVCA.

C.I.A. operatives like Breyer are “super-bullish” on China

Many technology operatives are now meeting in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. They are openly complaining about Donald Trump’s populist victory in America, and Brexit in the UK. Tellingly, one of the keynote speakers was Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China is promoting Internet censorship of populist movements worldwide

The Chinese president is openly calling for censorship of the American populist alternative media. Davos globalist disciples are now looking to Communist China to save their 100-year One World Government agenda (e.g., Rothchilds, Bilderberg, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan) to establish corporate control of world government--a movement that is now being resisted worldwide.

The American Republic is teetering

No wonder the American Republic is teetering.

An entire generation of technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley has been morally and ethically ruined by this rogue group of C.I.A. spies and their global accomplices.

These In-Q-Tel people elected themselves to dictate the rules of our business and social discourse. The American Republic is under attack.

We need to find every way to resist these globalists.

* * *

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Poscript, Jan. 20, 2017 Update:

Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on C.I.A. Media Control Drops Dead at 56; says C.I.A. rogues are fomenting global wars

Fig. 6—Jan. 20, 2017: Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist and whistleblower who spoke out against fake news from government and intelligence sources, has died from a heart attack at the age of 56. He said on Mar. 30, 2016: “We All Lie for the CIA.”

Dr. Ulfkotte said the mainstream media is completely fake. | Raw *.mp4 video file

"We all lie for the C.I.A... I'm fed up with this propaganda"

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