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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Mueller's Deep State relationships will politicize the FBI yet again

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | May 18, 2016, Updated May 23, 2017 | PDF
Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)
Fig. 1 – Robert S. Mueller. FBI director for 12 years from 2001 to 2013 under George Bush (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat). His 2011 financial disclosure revealed investments in two hedge funds with assets held in 55 other hedge funds valued at $106.2 billion. One third of those funds are headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Mueller did not disclose the components of those exclusive, invitation-only funds as financial disclosure ethics law requires. A director of one of his funds, Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund, LLC, is Harvard Professor Benjamin M. Friedman. Friedman was chair of Lawrence "Larry" H. Summers' dissertation committee. This relationship to Summers is a massive conflict of interest since banks in which Mueller is invested were beneficiaries of the 2008 TARP bank bailout that Summers directed. None of those bankers has ever been prosecuted for the toxic mortgage criminality.
Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters (2011 Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing) / AFI Graphic.
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News Update! May 22, 2017
Rosenstein's wife represented  Bill Clinton in 1998—court records are missing—ethics rules required his recusal
Lisa H. Barsoomian
Lisa H. Barsoomian, U.S. Attorney, wife of Assistant Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. Graduated from Georgetown Law. Protégé of James B. Comey and Robert S. Mueller. Represented Bill Clinton in 1998. Researchers say the Internet has been cleansed of information about Barsoomian which is a telltale sign of a protected rogue Deep State C.I.A. operative. She has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community.
Rod J. Rosenstein has no business being involved at all in the Hillary Clinton/DNC-triggered Russia investigation, much less the selection of his mentor Robert S. Mueller, III as special counsel. This is because Rosenstein's wife, Lisa H.Barsoomian (no photo available), represented Bill Clinton in 1998 with her boss, R. Craig Lawrence (6,459 cases, 321 pgs. 10 MB) . Lawrence also represented Mueller (3 times), Comey (5 times), Obama (45 times), Kathleen Sebellius (56 times), Bill (40 times) and Hillary (17 times) between 1991-2017. Barsoomian has herself represented the FBI (at least 5 times). Barsoomian's loyalties are clearly tainted. How could such "pillow talk" not have influenced Rosenstein? This clearly violates the "appearance of impropriety" lawyer rules. It is obvious they owe their careers as U.S. Attorneys to Comey, Mueller, Obama, Bush and the Clintons, and CANNOT therefore be impartial. The other odd situation is Barsoomian's NIH (National Institute of Health) email address even though she has been involved in 100's of cases representing the D.C. Office of the U.S. Attorney. Is she on loan from the C.I.A.? The C.I.A. often uses another organization as "cover" for their activities.
Judicial Corruption Alert! All Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg v. Clinton 98-cv-01459-TPJ (DC District Court) and its appeal Hamburg, Al v. Clinton, William J., Case No. 99-5053 (DC Circuit Court) have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court dockets.
Lisa Barsoomiam. (Jun. 11-1998). Representation of William J. Clinton in Hamburg v. Clinton, 98-cv-01459-TPJ.
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News Update! May 20, 2017
False Flag Alert! Rosenstein & Deep State sent Mueller back to destroy evidence of the 9/11 inside job?
Rod Jay Rosenstein
Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, chose his mentor and fellow former U.S. Attorney Robert S. Mueller to lead the Russian investigation based on breathless MSM vaguaries. Rosenstein is yet another Harvard Law insider—the most popular law school for the sedition of the Deep State.
Robert S. Mueller, III became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001. Tellingly, he stepped out of the spotlight twelve years later, just months after NSA director James Clapper lied to Congress about NSA surveillance on Mar. 12, 2013, and Edward Snowden's disclosure of that PRISM program on Jun. 06, 2013. Snowden also revealed the profound collusion among Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon, Skype, Apple, AOL, Instagram, WhatsApp, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Reddit and hundreds of others with this rogue C.I.A. / NSA group. These men, women and companies have a lot to hide. So far, they have all, including Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, escaped accountability.

Mueller knew that Clapper lied to Congress, and yet he did not investigate him. He failed the American people. This material omission alone disqualifies him and proves his evident culpability. His silence is criminal. No one could be FBI director and not have condoned the illegal surveillance activity. His predecessor J. Edgar Hoover used salacious illegal surveillance to blackmail his opponents. Likewise, Mueller has been doing the same thing for the Deep State, according to many whistleblowers. Mueller is not credible, despite ignorant, complicit or blackmailed politicians who say his "reputation for integrity and honesty is above reproach." Mueller also did not investigate Silicon Valley and Wall Street's collusion with Clapper either. And yet, Mueller made sure his net worth increased dramatically from $1.8 million (2001) to up to $7.0 million (2011) in ten years while pulling down his FBI salary. See previous post.

Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and Deep State need to destroy 9/11 evidence

Numerous whistleblowers, like former FBI superstar Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson, say that 9/11 was an "inside job." They say 9/11 was fabricated to scare Americans into The Patriot Act—as the pretext for dubious new laws and executive orders allowing the state to seize property and privacy. In other words, their plan was to undermine The Bill of Rights. Gunderson called them a "rogue outfit" and "a covert military criminal government enterprise."

The return of Mueller begs the question: "What's their real goal?" Knowledgeable insiders all say there is no evidence to support the allegations—including civil libertarian Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz—and yet, the MSM pumps out breathless calls for impeachment hourly!

Lisa Barsoomian: FOIA obstructer in chief
Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian. Barsoomian represented the FBI against Judicial Watch and many other FOIA requesters to block disclosure requests.

See Judicial Watch v. FBI, 01-cv-00248-RMU among her 165 cases as U.S. Attorney (with Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein).

She even represented the C.I.A. in opposing FOIA requesters.
So, what are Mueller and the Deep State up to? What activity are they hiding behind this smokescreen? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could have picked anybody, and yet he picked his old colleague—the man with 9/11 blood on his hands. In fact, since Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey were all close U.S. Attorney colleagues inside the intelligence apparatus, the 9/11 Deep State inside job and cover-up could bring them all down. Now, that is understandable motive to appoint Mueller.

Readers are encouraged to study the 2001 TIMELINE closely. (Please be patient to let the timeline load, it will then take you automatically to the 2001 bookmark.) The collusion within the intelligence community is obvious when seen in context. Mueller was appointed director of the FBI just seven days before 9/11, which C.I.A. whistleblower Susan Lindauer said was a widely known plan inside the agency from at least Apr. 2001—at least six months earlier.

Mueller knew about 9/11. He and his FBI / C.I.A. colleagues allowed it to happen. They even aided the "terrorists" with training, manpower, materiel and intelligence. It is now public that Mohammed Atta was a C.I.A. asset (ref. Abel Danger—the Wikipedia write up is an evident cover-up given all the whistleblower testimony). Lindauer and other whistleblowers say the FBI also provided the explosives for the first World Trade Center bombing. Mueller failed to prosecute a single complicit insider. In fact, Gunderson said the FBI and C.I.A. have been behind every major false flag act of terror since Clinton when globalist new world order operatives inside the US government began to consolidate power via technology and the Internet (ref. Jun. 07, 1993 FBI encryption backdoor key conference). To cover up for the Deep State, Mueller helped persecute whistleblowers.

Mueller's appointment is an insult to common sense and decency. It is also a flagrant breach of ethics laws. He deserves jail, or worse, in our opinion, not a microphone. No doubt the FBI shredders are busy this weekend. Spread the word.


(May 18, 2016)—It is a huge surprise that former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III has been chosen to lead the FBI Russia investigation, because there seem to be direct ties between him and the Deep State.

Mueller is invested in 20 Clinton / Obama corporate funders

This is a remarkable decision since Mueller holds financial investments in twelve (12) investors/donors to Bill & Hillary Clinton and eight (8) members of Barack Obama’s technology inner circle who supported Hillary for President. See Obama’s Technology CEO Council and Obama’s Silicon Valley Dinner (After you click on the link, please be patient for timeline to download and go to the bookmarks).

Mueller investments in Clinton / Obama political collaborators: AT&T, Autodesk, Bank of America, Cisco, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, State Street, Vanguard, Wells Fargo.

Mueller invested in untraceable funds in the Cayman Islands

One can hardly imagine a more biased individual to run the Russia investigation. In addition, Mueller has two financial holdings of specialized hedge funds (Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fd LLC and Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC where they manage $106.2 billion with secretive reporting rules) with 36% headquartered in the Cayman Islands where HSBC, whose directors included former FBI Director Comey, managed money laundering operations. Mueller's Harvard political economy professor Benjamin M. Friedman was a director in the dubious Mellon fund.

For a full analysis of Mueller’s financial relationships, see our previous post: Betrayal: Former FBI director [Robert S. Mueller] colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens (AFI, Mar. 25, 2016).

Acting FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, yet another Harvard Law insider, appears to have either: (a) thrown his new boss, Donald Trump, under the bus in one of Rosenstein's first official acts, or (b) expects Mueller to hang himself in this very public arena.

Rosenstein’s appointment raises the question as to whether Deep State operatives like him and former Goldman Sachs executives, like Steve Mnuchin, can change their allegiances once they have been so tightly enmeshed in the Deep State’s secret society of drugs, sex, pedophilia and blackmail.  See FBI Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson statement.

Mueller and Rosenstein have been Deep State law colleagues for decades

Rosenstein has worked closely with Mueller at the Justice Department since 1990. Both Rosenstein and Mueller worked with then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. during the Bush presidency.

Mueller failed to prosecute obvious criminality associated with the Deep State takeover

During their Justice Department employment, numerous major scandals were not prosecuted like the 9/11 cover-up, NSA warrantless surveillance of Americans, encryption backdoor for the C.I.A. and FBI in 1993, the seditious 2008 bank "bailout" raid of the Federal Reserve and TARP, theft of social networking invention by the Deep State, energy stimulus, Obamacare robbing of Fannie and Freddie, The Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, Clinton Haiti fraud, global pedophilia rings, IRS political targeting of the Tea Party, BLM land redistribution, America Invents Act, Fast and Furious, Hillary email scandal, etc.

Given Rosenstein’s decades of ties to the Deep State, one wonders why President Donald Trump appointed him. The Deep State is now engaged in brazen acts of treason apparently to bring down Donald Trump’s duly-elected administration. For example, GQ news commenter Keith Olbermann just called for foreign intelligence agencies to help the Deep State bring down Mr. Trump’s administration—the definition of sedition.

How can Mueller be impartial?

One would expect Mueller will politicize the FBI investigation, yet again.

In conclusion, the facts are unavoidable. Robert S. Mueller has substantial conflicts of interest and should recuse himself as Special Counsel, before the public demands he be fired.

The temptation for Mueller to politicize this investigation to benefit his Deep State handlers seems just too high.

Why is the President of the United States being investigated when the Clintons, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are still at large and most certainly should have had a special prosecutor investigating them? And, what about all those calls for special counsel to look into Justice Scalia’s wiretapping and suspicious death.

The irony is, the Clinton matters were then FBI Director Mueller’s decisions to make, and he refused. What does that tell you?

* * *

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Mark Twain: Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Many NSA and C.I.A. whistleblowers confirm JFK's warning
Will we choose accountability to God or enslavement to bullies?
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | May 09, 2017, Updated May 14, 2017 | PDF
John F. Kennedy (1961): "I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."
Fig. 1: President John F. Kennedy saw the evil nature of the C.I.A in the 1960's. Today, little has changed—the C.I.A. continues unchecked.
The whistleblowers cited below confirm that the C.I.A., in likely collusion with the Chicago mob and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, assassinated President Kennedy and covered it up. Of course, an age-old disinformation tactic labels such information as "conspiracy theory." The tactic is repeated to this day because it works to discredit truth tellers. However, the fact is, President Kennedy was killed soon after making his statement to dismantle the C.I.A. Coincidence? In President Kennedy's day, the official Deep State media narrative was controlled by the TV networks ABC, CBS and NBC. Today by contrast, cable news, as well as the alternative media, can now provide more truthful alternatives to the sycophant mainstream. As a result, America today has a unique historical opportunity to stop the global tyranny of this rogue C.I.A. before it completely takes over global communications infrastructure and snuffs out competitors.
Graphic: AZ Quotes. JFK Quote Source: Peter Kornbluh. (Dec. 21, 2014). END C.I.A. COVERT OPERATIONS. The New York Times. Senior analyst, National Security Archive; Peter Kornbluh. (2014). Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havana. UNC Press.
Racketeers are people who make money from a pattern of illegal activities.

(May 09, 2017)—Have Americans become cowards?

Is America’s Judeo-Christian spiritual heritage vanquished?

Are we so addicted to TV binge watching that we will sacrifice our Republic in exchange for perpetual titillation?

Why do we so readily ignore the destructive jihadi foundations of Islam? Why are we so accepting of the unholy alliance between the radical left and jihadi Islamists? Are these seemingly unlikely allies playing our traditional Judeo-Christian culture like a fiddle? (Yes.)

How many C.I.A. / FBI / NSA whistleblowers do we need before the American people will wake up and take action? Edward Snowden is just one of our patriots. This article highlights others below.


The video testimonies of the following NSA and C.I.A. senior whistleblower agents are available below:

  1. FBI: Ted L. Gunderson
  2. NSA: William Binney
  3. CIA: Kevin Shipp
  4. CIA: Robert David Steele
  5. CIA: Susan Lindauer

Perhaps former decorated C.I.A. Agent Kevin Shiff said it best:

"The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It supersedes every other law in the US criminal justice system and the judicial branch. That's worth remembering. When the US government violates the Constitution, they are committing multiple felonies based on the foundation of our government."

Regarding the C.I.A. secrecy and fraud: "The Founding Fathers wrote document after document after document saying the Constitution was created to protect the people from the tyranny of government because government will go evil every time. That's its nature."

"The Bill of Rights was not written to govern the people. It was written to protect the people from the tyranny of government.

. . . That's our government. They want us to be scared of them with this big mean face, but they're a bunch of little tiny bureaucrats pulling levers trying to make you afraid of them ... the only thing that is going to change this is courage."
Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

In an unprecedented departure from history, America’s Founders placed all political power in the hands of “We the People. “

America’s Founders implemented a radical departure from the rule of men. In the American Republic, all government activity derives its power from The People.

However, even Benjamin Franklin expressed some doubt about the will of We the People to maintain and nurture the responsibility that comes with power. When asked by a politically active Philadelphian, Mrs. Powel [this is the correct spelling], "What kind of government have you given us?" Mr. Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

As Shipp emphasized, the U.S. Constitution was written to protect the People from the tyranny of government, not to protect government from the power of The People.

When The People fear the government, tyranny rules.

When the government fears the people, freedom rules.

Freedom is not political

However, the current state of affairs in America should raise the alarm for all freedom-loving people of every race, creed, color and political leaning left to right.

The pace of whistleblowing about an uncontrolled global spy state has increased exponentially. Do we really need more evidence than we already have?

Indeed President Kennedy warned about the dangers of our current surveillance state and collusion with the mainstream media "fake news" on Apr. 27, 1961 in his address to the American Newspaper Publishers Association:

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. 

This post reviews some of the more prominent contemporary whistleblowers:

Bookmark: #fbi-ted-gunderson
FBI: Ted L. Gunderson

FBI Special Agent In Charge Ted Gunderson was an FBI superstar. He was chief of the Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles FBI Offices. He was a candidate for FBI Director in 1979. He spent his retirement exposing the profound corruption within the American intelligence community in collusion with the political and commercial establishment.

"Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen, there are people in our government, a rogue outfit, whatever I’m not sure, who are actually behind these terrorist acts. The reason they're behind terrorist acts is so they can pass bills like the Patriot Act. The reason the Congressmen and Senators vote for these stupid bills, stupid by our terms, in our definition, is because many of them have been set up and framed through sex and drugs."

See TIMELINE - Ted L. Gunderson (May 12, 2005): People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Bookmark: #nsa-william-binney
NSA: William Binney

William Binney was the chief architect of the NSA system until 2001. He resigned after discovering that a secret group within the NSA was collecting metadata and content intelligence on American citizens in clear violation of the law that prohibits the NSA from spying on Americans.

See TIMELINE - William Binney (Oct. 31, 2001): People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Bookmark: #cia-kevin-shipp
C.I.A.: KEvin ShiPP

Kevin Shiff published From The Company of Shadows. He was a decorated C.I.A. officer who went on deadly assignments for our country. But, the higher he rose in the ranks, the more immoral and out of control he found the leadership to be.

"But the higher I got up in the Agency, the more I began to see illegal, unconstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the Agency, and some other sectors of the shadow government, I call it, were doing things that were illegal and unconstitutional . . . It is almost too late to stop what is now a post-constitutional government."

See TIMELINE - Kevin Shipp (Aug. 05, 2016): People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Bookmark: #cia-robert-david-steele
C.I.A.: Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele was a C.I.A. Agent from 1979-1993. He wrote the Marine Corp Master Intelligence Plan and is widely publicized having authored eight books.

"It had never occurred to me that our entire intelligence community was a fraud. Never mind all the atrocities, OK? Never mind the drone assassination program that kills 98% innocents, or the torture and rendition program, or the fact that we bribe people for a living, OK? Never mind all that. The fact is the U.S. intelligence community is a fraud. And now, it's a dangerous fraud because, since 9/11, NSA has basically been surveilling, spying on all U.S. politicians, and CIA has been blackmailing U.S. politicians, including Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham.

See TIMELINE - Robert David Steele (Apr. 17, 2017): People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Bookmark: #cia-susan lindauer
C.I.A.: Susan Lindauer

Susan Lindauer was a C.I.A. Asset. She was the liaison between the U.S. government and the Libyan and Iraqi governments, via their UN Missions, at the time when the U.S. did not have formal diplomatic contacts. She revealed that it was common knowledge within the senior Bush Administration that plans were being made to fly jets into the World Trade Center as early as April 2001. She further testified that demolition explosives were placed inside the Towers to ensure their controlled collapse. She agrees with FBI Agent In Charge Ted Gunderson that the World Trade Center was intended to be a Pearl Harbor-like event to push passage of The Patriot Act.

"Above all, to understand why 9/11 was an 'inside job,' it's critical to understand that its completion resulted from opposing forces colliding against each other - one side working aggressively to stop the attack, and the other undercutting every proactive move."

See TIMELINE - Linda Lindauer (ca. Apr. 15, 2001): People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Hopelessly brainwashed, or ready to fight for our rights?

Will humanity turn over its will to this global technocratic tyranny?

Is humanity already so brainwashed by the mainstream media and education propaganda machines that this tyranny is an inevitability?

Time will tell.

The Bible in The Book of Genesis 1:27 says human beings are made in the image and after the likeness of God:

"And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."

Since the stamp of the Almighty is imprinted on the heart of every human being, that person is deserving of respect for that image of God stamped on his or her soul, no matter who they are. This is a theological essence of both Judaism and Christianity.

By contrast, To a technocrat you are a waste of air, soil and water

Technocratic tyrants are on record as believing the exact opposite to the Judeo-Christian view of humankind.

They reject God. They praise Lucifer. They believe human beings are mere lumps of flesh. These self-described “elites” use pedophilia, including child sodomy and sacrifice to feed their lusts. They intentionally contaminate vaccines and infuse the atmosphere with harmful aerosols in jet streams (now admitted by C.I.A. Director Brennan) as experiments in weather warfare for depopulation. The virtues of character are turned upside down as mechanisms of deception and control.

These tyrannies are not new; they have been with us since the dawn of time.

What is different today is the ability of these people to control information flow digitally. This control of the Internet is quickly devolving humans into a jellyfish existence.

Have we become too tolerant of intolerance?

The future of our Republic is in your hands. Will you act to stop it? Or, will you excuse this misconduct and just hope it goes away so you don't have to deal with it?

"Post-Constitutional Government . . . in a tyrannical form"

These whistleblowers have all said the same thing: a rogue C.I.A. runs America. Kevin Shipp believes "It is almost too late to stop what is a post-constitutional government. The People are no longer ruling our country. The government in a tyrannical form is now ruling the people by subversion, force and fear."

Will you muster the courage to resist, or will you just let it happen? What kind of world will you leave for your family and friends? Do you want "He/she did nothing while America was destroyed" on your tombstone?

"Let your light shine"

For those Christians who believe they should withdraw from this fight and pray in a closet, we remind you of Christ's words in the Gospel of Matthew 5:15-16:

"Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Prayer takes many forms. We posit that it is a combination of praying on your knees, speaking out with your voice, and taking action with your feet. Indeed, St. James wrote: "Faith without works is dead." James 2:14-26.

Choose wisely. The future of the American Republic hangs in the balance.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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Friday, April 28, 2017


The C.I.A. learned “lawfare” from the Soviets and now use it against us
C.I.A. Lawyers and judges use legal power to reward friends and punish enemies
More than 4.8 million Americans are forced to waive the Bill of Rights to work for the government
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Apr. 28, 2017, Updated: May 02, 2017 | PDF
Deep State to Trump: We got your back.
Fig. 1: The Deep State's tool for sedition is the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement. Government employees sign away ALL of their Constitutional rights. Therefore, Deep State lawyers and judges for the C.I.A., NSA, FBI, Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, NOAA and the National Weather Service have instituted a modern form of slavery. They intimidate employees and politicians into silence through blackmail data gathered from illegal mass surveillance of email and the social Internet.
Photo: Branco. Liberty Alliance.
Racketeers are people who make money from a pattern of illegal activities.

(Apr. 28, 2017)—The Soviet KGB disinformation department devised “lawfare” (Be patient: This URL links to a timeline that may take time to load) as an offensive political weapon against the West. The laws of the target country are used to bury them in uncreative and time wasting lawsuits, lawyers and legal expense. The techniques of lawfare are now being used by the United Nations, rogue C.I.A. shadow government, and globalists like George Soros.

Insurrection by lawyer

Saul Alinsky, the communist community organizer who advised the Clintons and Obama, wrote in Rules for Radicals: “Rule Four: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.”

Likewise, the Deep State is engaged in lawfare against the American people.

Many large, multinational law firms are Constitutional rogues. Ironically, many of them advertise as experts in ethics and constitutional law. Beneath this ruse it is clear that they study those subjects in order to subvert them. They are the $1,000 per hour “hired liars” for their globalist corporate clients. Mega law firms should be banned. The number of partners in a law firm should be limited. They have ruined our judicial system with their cronyism and secrecy. The U.S. Constitution is for everyone else, not for them.

Where are the whistleblowers?

On Aug. 05, 2016, Kevin Shipp, a decorated C.I.A. agent turned whistleblower and author of FROM THE COMPANY OF SHADOWS (2013), spoke on the subject of “Where are the whistleblowers?”

He opened his talk by saying:

“But the higher I got up in the Agency, the more I began to see illegal, unconstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the Agency, and some other sectors of the shadow government, I call it, were doing things that were illegal and unconstitutional.”

“When the US government violates the Constitution, they are committing multiple felonies based on the foundation of our government.”

Shipp continued,

“So, as a federal agent I had to swear an oath to the Constitution, to defend the Constitution and our country against enemies foreign and domestic. The problem was there were some that were domestic. And, there were some that happened to be in our own government.”

Shipp: Wake up call. It’s almost too late.

“It is almost too late to stop what is now a post constitutional government. The People are no longer ruling in our country. The government in a tyrannical form is not ruling people by subversion, force and fear.”

Shipp zeroed in on the “secrecy agreement” or “nondisclosure agreement” as the primary weapon used by the government against potential whistleblowers. He went on to describe his moral decision to resist the intimidation, follow the truth, and follow his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution as his higher, righteous calling.

The C.I.a. Secrecy Agreement Weapon: Form SF312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

C.I.A. uses threats and Intimidation to muzzle citizens from holding their government accountable

Shipp said all intelligence employees and contractors must sign Form SF312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. (Sometimes called the “Secrecy Agreement.”)

On the surface, it is a simple two-page agreement.

However, those two pages directly incorporate 1,242 pages of nested laws, directives, orders and regulations to which the person is committing! Do you think anybody has read those pages?

We just did. We actually compiled those pages below. Here are the laws, orders and regulations referred to directly in the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement:

  1. Executive Order 12356, later became 13526 (18 pgs.). National Security Information. This order binds the following laws, orders and regulations INSIDE it:
    1. 5 USC 552. Public information; agency rules, opinions, records, and proceedings (29 pgs.)
    2. USC Title 44. Public Printing and Documents (317 pgs.)
    3. 42 U.S.C. §§ 2011-2021, 2022-2286i, 2296a-2297h-13. Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (543 pgs.)
  2. 18 USC 641. Public money, property or records (2 pgs.)
  3. 18 USC 793. Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information (3 pgs.)
  4. 18 USC 794. Gathering or delivering defense information to aid foreign government (3 pgs.)
  5. 18 USC 798. Disclosure of classified information (3 pgs.)
  6. 18 USC 952. Diplomatic codes and correspondence (1 pg.)
  7. 18 USC 1924. Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material (1 pg.)
  8. 50 USC 783. Communication of classified information by Government officer or employee (2 pgs.)
  9. 50 USC 421-426. Protection of certain national security information (4 pgs.)
  10.  5 USC 7211. Employees' right to petition Congress (1 pg.)
  11. 10 USC 1034. Protected communications; prohibition of retaliatory personnel actions (4 pgs.)
  12. 10 USC 1054. Defense of certain suits arising out of legal malpractice (1pg.)
  13. 5 USC 2302. Prohibited personnel practices (8 pgs.)
  14. 5 USC App. Inspector General Act of 1978. U.S. Federal Register (57 pgs.)
  15. 50 USC 403. Director of National Intelligence (3 pgs.)
  16. Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949. (6 pgs.)
  17. 32 CFR 2001. Classified National Security Information, Final Rule (in 70 pgs. Fed. Reg.)
  18. Classified Information SF312 Briefing Pamphlet (65 pgs.)

The total number became not two, but 1,242 pages!

In this environment judges rule by fiat. Perhaps he decides in one case to be decent. But then, when a globalist crony is in the docket, she rules for her crooked friends. It’s pure lawyer street rule. We the People are not even in their equation.

Nobody can follow these nested laws

Our calculation of 1,242 pages above does not incorporate the additional pages incorporated within those 1,242 pages of nested regulations. For example, one page counted above contains 26 embedded references to other regulations:

10 USC 1054. Defense of certain suits arising out of legal malpractice (1 pg.), contains 26 pages of nested laws:

  1. 28 USC 1346. United States as defendant (5pages)
  2. 28 USC 2672. Administrative adjustment of claim (2 pgs.)
  3. 32 USC 316. Details of members of Army National Guard for rifle instruction of civilians (1 pg.)
  4. 32 USC 502. Required drills and field exercises (3 pgs.)
  5. 32 USC 503. Participation in field exercises (3 pgs.)
  6. 32 USC 504. National Guard schools and small arms competition (1 pg.)
  7. 32 USC 505. Army and Air Force schools and field exercises (2 pgs.)
  8. 28 USC 2677. Compromise (1 pg.)
  9. 28 USC 2680. Exceptions (3 pgs.)

5 USC 2302 (8 pgs.) contains much more than 275 pages of nested laws. Note, two sections are completely open-ended references to "any other provision of law designated that the Director of the Office of Personnel Management designates:" That makes no sense. An applicant is being required to follow the future thoughts of the Director. This scam gives new meaning to the idea of illegal contract fine print.

  1. 42 U.S.C. 2000e–16. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (10 pgs.)
  2. 29 U.S.C. 621. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (22 pgs.)
  3. 29 U.S.C. 201. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (54 pgs.)
  4. 29 U.S.C. 791. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (2 pgs.)
  5. Unspecified law: Sections 2108, 3305 (b), 3309, 3310, 3311, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3315, 3316, 3317 (b), 3318, 3320, 3351, 3352, 3363, 3501, 3502 (b), 3504, and 4303 (e) and (with respect to a preference eligible referred to in section 7511 (a)(1)(B)) subchapter II of chapter 75 and section 7701 (at least 21 pgs.)
  6. 10 U.S.C. 943. Organization and employees (2 pgs.)
  7. 10 U.S.C. 1784. Employment opportunities for military spouses (2 pgs.)
  8. Section 1308(b) of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (1 pg.)
  9. The Foreign Service Act of 1980, Section 301(c) of (159 pgs.)
  10. 38 USC 106 (f). Certain service deemed to be active service (3 pgs.)
  11. 38 USC 7281 (e). Employees (2 pgs.)
  12. 38 USC 7802 (5). Duties of Secretary with respect to Service (2 pgs.)
  13. 39 USC 1005 (a). Applicability of laws relating to Federal employees (3 pgs.)
  14. Open-ended: Any other provision of law that the Director of the Office of Personnel Management designates in regulations as being a veterans’ preference requirement for the purposes of this subsection (N pgs.)
  15. Open-ended: Any regulation prescribed under subsection (b) or (c) of section 1302 and any other regulation that implements a provision of law referred to in any of the preceding subparagraphs (N pgs.)
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Absurdities buried in the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement

Buried deep inside the second layer of links in the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement is 39 USC 1005 (a). Applicability of laws relating to Federal employees (3 pgs.).

For Postal Service employees, the term below subjects the agreement to UNSPECIFIED (open ended) "procedures established by the Postal Service."

"Applicability of laws relating to Federal employees (a)(1) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the provisions of chapter 75 of title 5 (Adverse Actions) shall apply to officers and employees of the Postal Service except to the extent of any inconsistency with (B) procedures established by the Postal Service and approved by the Civil Service Commission."

Therefore, if the C.I.A. decides to persecute a Postal Service employee, they merely need to have the Postal Service implement an "exception" to be applied only to their targeted employee. Such corrupt lawyering is an example of how the rogue C.I.A. maintains its power and intimidates whisteblowers.

Unless the C.I.A. officer overseeing the Secrecy Agreement specifically pointed this out to a prospective Postal Service employee, then this ommission would nullify for fraud the Secrecy Agreement signed by Postal Service employees pursuant to the Restatement (Second) of Contracts (1981) cited at the end of this post.

In addition, the "Statute of Frauds" would also nullify the contract also since such open-ended terms, as just illustrated, must be spelled out specifically so that the applicant knows exactly the objective terms and conditions to which he or she is committing before the contract can be enforced.

Some pages will have more, others fewer nested pages. So, for the purposes of this example, we will use a conservative factor of 13 as the average number of nested regulations per page.

If this 13:1 ratio holds, that would increase the total number of pages referenced in the secrecy agreement from:

Nested layers of regulations (pages):

  1. 1,242
  2. 16,146
  3. 209,898
  4. 2,7 million
  5. 35.5 million
  6. 461.1 million, then
  7. 6  billion

“Law nesting” empowers only crooked Deep State judges and attorneys

C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement contains probably infinite nested links

Clearly, this lawfare nesting of regulations inside of regulations ad infinitum is designed to destroy our Constitution as moral standard.

Whenever judges want to rule against something to support their globalist handlers—no matter whether legal precedent constrains them or not—they’ll just rummage through these nestings until they find something to justify ruling for their globalist handlers anyway. Then, if that decision is challenged, they'll deny appeals using the now meaningless excuse of "judicial discretion."

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Leonard P. Stark
Fig. 4—LAWFARE Judge Leonard P. Stark,
Obama's last minute replacement judge in Leader v. Facebook. Played a bogus "judicial discretion" privilege to protect Facebook, in whose financial interests he was substantially invested. He was also recommended to Obama for appointment by Facebook's attorney, Cooley Godward LLP.

For example, in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement battle, Obama's one-month-before-trial replacement Magistrate Judge Leonard P. Stark engaged in lawfare. He cited an 1898 criminal law to support his negation of Leader Technologies' victory over Facebook that proved on 11 of 11 claims that the engine running Facebook is Leader's invention. Stark ignored well-established patent law precedent. Wantonly, he excused his misconduct, saying "There is nothing impermissible* about such an analysis" in dredging up the 1898 criminal law that has NEVER been used in a patent case in the history of our Republic . . . until Judge Stark (still a Magistrate Judge at the time) overrode many decades of precedent and gave himself permission to do what was "not impermissible." This decision appears to have been the Obama/Clinton/Soros/globalist quid pro quo for his appointment right after the trial. This illustrates how subtly and under-handedly Deep State shadow government corruption has crept in to American jurisprudence.

* STARK: "There is nothing impermissible" plays a bogus "judicial discretion" excuse. He is essentially saying: "I am a federal judge and I can interpret the law anyway I please." The fact was that nothing in law or precedent justified his opinion other than his profligate abuse of his judicial discretion for his globalist handlers. On appeal, each additional judge had a clone of Stark's financial and relationship conflicts of interest. They were all invested heavily in Facebook financial interests and attorney relationships. Chief Justice Roberts was even an admitted mentor to Facebook's attorney. See Leader Technologies' Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.

If permitted to do that long enough, these globalist lawfare judges create new precedent out of thin air.

“Post Constitutional Form of Government”

This, we believe, is what Mr. Shipp refers to when he said we are in a “post constitutional” form of government. The rule of law has been replaced by judicial fiat where the highest bidder in the judge’s chambers rules.

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AFI researchers are now familiar with this Deep State modus operandi. These are the same lawyers who wrote the deceptive 1,500+ user license agreements for Google, Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. where users are fooled into giving up all their privacy rights and property in exchange for free stuff. The illustration below stopped at eight link layers deep into the unintelligible legal nesting.

Unconstitutional Gov't fraud and misrepresentation amounting to slavery
Facebook, FacebookMail, Instagram, LinkedIn, What'sApp, Google, Gmail, YouTube, Hotmail, WindowsLive, Skype, Yahoo, YahooMail, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Apple, AppleTalk, PalTalk, SnapChat, IBM Websphere, Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, etc. all deploy a rogue C.I.A.-inspired end user license agreement drafted by the IBM Eclipse Foundation starting in late 2001. You give up all your information and Constitutional privacy and property rights.

(Rogue C.I.A.) social networking end user licenses all use the same nesting of terms charade employed in the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement. The original name was the Common Public License Version 0.5 provided to Eclipse Foundation members on Aug. 29, 2002. The source code provided carried fraudulent IBM copyright claims (TIMELINE ENTRY) over the inventions of Leader Technologies, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam and others.
Facebook and Google 800+ page end user license agreements with nested links running on ad infinitum

Institutional Slavery

Then, as if the lawfare nesting is not harmful enough, these lawyers then have their government employees, numbering over 4.8 million people according to Agent Kevin Shipp, sign their life to the Agency, essentially engaging in institutional slavery:

6. I understand that the United States Government may seek any remedy available to it to enforce this Agreement including, but not limited to, application for a court order prohibiting disclosure of information in breach of this Agreement.

Both sides lie in Section 12: Built in fraud

12.  I have read this Agreement carefully and my questions, if any, have been answered. I acknowledge that the briefing officer has made available to me the Executive Order and statutes referenced in this agreement and its implementing regulation (32 CFR Part 2001 , section 2001 .80(d)(2) ) so that I may read them at this time, if I so choose.


This Secrecy Agreement is clearly the binding element of the Deep State shadow government.

“4.8 million Americans (and those are just the ones we know of) hold government security clearances” and are bound by and threatened by the secrecy agreement to stay silent” Now the figure is a lot bigger than that, but that’s a lot of people, and their families, and everybody that they’re connected to. Do you think they’re going to speak up if it means total destruction? Probably not.

Common sense says that the briefing officer did not provide 6 billion seventh layer of nested documents at the signing of the Secrecy Agreement.

But, since: (1) the C.I.A. officer misrepresented himself or herself by not providing the 6 billion nested regulation pages (or 35 million in the fifth layer; or even the 16,146 in the second layer), and (2) the applicant did not review those 6 billion pages of regulations; both sides lied and committed fraud.

Given this fundamental fraud, the law says the Secrecy Agreements are fundamentally null, void and unenforceable, since they were entered into under false pretenses.

Restatement (Second) of Contracts (1981) (numerous provisions regarding lack of good faith, fraudulent inducement, misrepresentation, threat, duress, when contract is voidable, retraint on competition, interference, recklessness, negligence, unenforceable by public policy, incl. Sec. 164 (p. 23): "If a party's manifestation of assent is induced by either a fraudulent or a material misrepresentation by the other party upon which the recipient is justified in relying, the contract is voidable by the recipient."


In conclusion, the C.I.A. Secrecy Agreement is a total fraud that has undermined the Republic.

The solution is to wipe the slate clean of this fraudulent tool of globalist Deep State shadow government threats and intimidation that has harmed so many people, and has made America less secure—the polar opposite of its stated aim. The Secrecy Agreement is clearly the shadow government's central organizing tool.

Then, use simple, straightforward, unnested, common sense law.

While we are at it, let’s move our government agencies out of Washington, D.C. around the country, to more down-to-earth places with traditional values like North Platte, Nebraska, where the lawyers will have to do real work again instead of ruin our Republic.

* * *

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