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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Breaking News, Sep. 3, 2014, 10:05am
OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth, "counterattacks" the Band Alumni leadership
The OSU Trustee president, Jeffrey Wadsworth, the man whose Battelle Memorial Institute lobbyist, McBee Strategic, has 12 plum OSU contracts, including oversight over the new global learning system, MOOC, is now issuing false information to the press. The Trustees' PR machine stated that the Jon Waters action had been taken by the Trustees. However, the Trustees are saying privately that no such decision was ever made by the Trustees. Also, according to the ByLaws, Wadsworth has no executive authority, yet appears to have awarded himself privileges unilaterally. Why is Governor Kasich letting him get away with this lawlessness? Read TBDBITL Press Release.
Breaking News, Sep. 3, 2014, 5:28pm
Wadsworth crony J.P.Morgan tied to Judge & Attorneys (former Chris Glaros employer) in Leader v. Facebook judicial misconduct
In more bizarre twists to this growing scandal, Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam just filed papers today in the Delaware District Court (Wilmington, Delaware) seeking to set aside a judgment against her patents on Internet transactions due to judge bias and fraud on the court. Click here to read the motion to vacate. She complains that three judges in her case, Judge Richard G. Andrews, Judge Susan L. Robinson and Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark hold or should have known they hold large amounts of J.P. Morgan stock, yet failed to disqualify themselves from Dr. Arunachalam's patent infringement lawsuit against J.P. Morgan. Judge Stark was the trial judge in Leader v. Facebook. Stark also holds large amounts of stock in Facebook which he also failed to disclose during the trial.

OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbyist McBee Strategic also lobbies for J.P. Morgan and is partners with Facebook's attorney, Cooley Godward LLP. Chris Glaros, the author of the debunked Waters Report was formerly employed at Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook's other attorney. Thanks again to Wadsworth's misconduct in the Jon Waters affair, we discover more pointers that link the Leader and Waters mistreatment to the Facebook Cartel and one of its corrupt financiers. Theft of broad Internet patent properties is emerging as a common theme. But still, why target the OSU Marching Band? Go Buckeye Nation! Help us get to the bottom of this corrupt mess. There is obviously a common agenda here, but what is it?
Breaking News, Aug. 27, 2014
OSU Marching Band Squad Leaders
Current OSU Marching Band Squad Leaders call for a Drake public apology in support of their Director Jon Waters and his reeinstatement. The student leaders demand to be interviewed by the Betty Montgomery Task Force to correct the false and misleading statements in the Glaros Report.

In 2006, Betty Montgomery took campaign donations from Woodrow A. Myers, a Stanford colleague of new OSU President Michael V. Drake. Therefore, the bias in the selection of Montgomery to lead the Task Force is evident.

Click here to jump to the comment below.
Photo: Ed Crockett
Breaking News, Aug. 26, 2014Chris Glaros, author of the now discredited Jon Waters Report that disparaged the OSU Marching Band, is now tied to more attempts by the U.S. government and their industry collaborators to secretly confiscate broad Internet inventions, including Leader Technologies' invention of social networking which was invented in Columbus, Ohio. See Chris Glaros OSU bio.

Menlo Park, CA resident Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Internet pioneer and former director of network architecture for Sun Microsystems, holds over a dozen patents on Internet transactions. Companies who do Internet transactions would like her to disappear so they can infringe her patents with impunity. Her company, Pi-Net International, Inc., has sued dozens of banks, including JPMorgan, for patent infringement, captioned Pi-Net International, Inc. v. Citizens Financial Group, Inc., et al, 12-cv-00355-RGA (D. Del. 2012). In 2012, Dr. Arunachalam filed amicus curiae briefs in support of Leader in Leader v. Facebook. She exposed judicial misconduct. Since then the Federal Circuit chief judge and clerk have both resigned. Note: The Federal Circuit chief judge, Randall R. Rader, was a law student and collaborator with Professor James P. Chandler, Leader's patent attorney. See sidebar: "Federal Circuit Censored Docket."

Some banks have settled, but JPMorgan has not. Yesterday, Dr. Arunachalam filed a motion in Delaware federal disctrict court (Wilminigton, DE) revealing that Delaware judges involved in that case (Exhibit A), specifically chief judge Leonard P. Stark and trial judge Richard G. Andrews, both hold substantial amounts of JPMorgan stock, yet have not disqualified themselves from the case. Leonard P. Stark is the same judge who (1) Eric Holder moved into the Leader v. Facebook case just one month before trial, (2) allowed Facebook to add a new claim and blocked Leader from conducting additional discovery to build their defenses (abuse of due process), and (3) failed to disclose his substantial Facebook financial holdings. Stark was appointed to the bench just a week after the Leader v. Facebook trial by President Obama in an evident quid pro quo for his support of Facebook's fabricated last-minute claim.

Glaros worked for then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., (who also holds substantial Facebook and JPMorgan financial interests) when Stark was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Delaware. Professor James P. Chandler advised Holder and Glaros on intellectual property. Tellingly, Glaros then went to work for Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook's attorney in Leader v. Facebook. The deeper AFI digs, the pattern of relationships reveal an intent to control all Internet traffic, including Ohio State University's. How the OSU Marching Band and its innovative director, Jon Waters, became an obstacle in this global hegemony remains a mystery. But hopefully, this miscalculation will be the Facebook Cartel's undoing. Go Buckeye Nation!

Outraged Buckeye Nation provides new evidence that reveals collusion among certain OSU Trustees to cheat the Ohio State grad who invented social networking

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 20, 2014, Updated Sep. 03 | PDF
Michael V. Drake, Chancellor, Univ. of Calif. Irvivne
Fig. 1—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees. AFI's investigation as been propelled by an outraged Buckeye Nation that has revealed substantial collusion among members of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees.

Photo: Univ. of California, Irvine.

(Aug. 20, 2014)—Buckeye Nation is outraged by the firing of beloved OSU Marching Band Director, Jon Waters. The outrage shows no signs of subsiding. Despite the public outcry, Ohio State Trustees president, Jeffrey Wadsworth “stands firmly” behind the decision.

New facts reveal dramatic detail about Wadsworth and other OSU trustees and their collaborators.

Is the attack on Director Jon Waters and the famed OSU Marching Band a Title IX diversion gone wrong? Some insiders suggest that the trustees sacrificed Waters to divert attention from Athletic Director Gene Smith’s botched Title IX investigations.

Diversion from Gene Smith’s botched Title IX investigations?

Recently, according to Ohio State’s The Lantern, the Title IX coordinator in a Gene Smith investigation, Andrea Goldblum, left her position shortly after Smith fired the cheerleading coaches, including Coach Lenee Buchman. Her reasons for leaving are decidedly rote.

In addition, according to WBNS-10TV, Jon Waters reported the incident that triggered the band investigation to Athletic Director Gene Smith. Waters then took instruction from Smith on how to respond. The response was to disallow both students from future band travel. The woman complained that excluding her from travel unfairly punished her as the victim, so she filed a Title IX complaint. Waters then followed the recommendation of the Title IX coordinator and reinstated her, after which she says she was ostracized by fellow students for having made the complaint. No police report was ever filed, according to 10TV.

Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.
Fig. 2—OSU Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to ABC News. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University;

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.

Bottom line, Jon Waters said he reported the incident to the Athletic Department and they decided the response together. Gene Smith says Waters did not. One of them is lying.

It also appears that Drake & Co. played upon the historical jealousy of the OSU School of Music over the Marching Band’s popularity in order to get the cooperation of the provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, and the music school directors, Richard L. Blatti and Russel C. Mikkelson.

Waters and the OSU Marching Band recently generated $30 million for the music school from the Apple iPad commercial. Those funds were probably a source of jealousy and economic power. Waters was a highly productive innovator who was also showing them up in this departmental music rivalry.

What if OSU mega-donor Leslie Wexner had asked for his Victoria’s Secret models to dot the “i” at midnight ramp?

Attorney Abigail Wexner was appointed as OSU Trustee just 11 days before the Waters firing, along with former Battelle executive Alex R. Fisher.

Ironically, the Waters Report made salacious reference to some OSU band women purchasing underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Numerous OSU buildings are named after Wexner for his donations of Victoria’s Secret profits to OSU. By contrast, the reference to Victoria’s Secret in the Report contributed to a body of now refuted innuendo.

Presumably, had Leslie or Abigail Wexner asked for Victoria’s Secret models to grab sousaphones and dot the “I” during midnight ramp, the university would have publicized the event and negotiated royalties. The double standard is unmistakable.

Actors in this OSU scandal

Gene Smith, Athletic Director, The Ohio State University
Gene Smith
OSU Athletic Director. Photo: ESPN.
Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Michael V. Drake
OSU President; Stanford Black Alumni award. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Woodrow A. Myers, Wellpoint, Inc.
Woodrow A. Myers
CMO, Wellpoint, Inc.; former CCO, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; Stanford Black Alumni award; donor to 100's of Ohio politicians. Photo: Stanford.
Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; President, Board of Trustees, The Ohio State University
Jeffrey Wadsworth
OSU Trustee President; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; Dep. Dir. Sci. & Tech., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL); client of McBee Strategic LLC, Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP partner; signed the CRADA with Leader Technologies and Michael McKibben. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Alexander R. Fischer, Trustee, The Ohio State University
Alex R. Fischer
OSU Trustee; former Sr. VP, Battelle; former Chairman, OmniViz; quit Battelle Mar. 2009. Photo: Columbus Partnership.
James P. Chandler, III, President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute
James P. Chandler
National Intellectual Property Law Institute, Pres.; Leader Technologies’ former attorney; author of Trade Secrets Act and EEA; adviser to White House, Congress, DoE, NSA, CIA, FBI, Justice Dept.; the former Harvard Law professor. Photo: NIPLI.
Chris Glaros
Chris Glaros
Author of Waters Report; Chief Counsel, Children’s Defense Fund; former law clerk to Marbley and Holder Photo: Ohio State
Algernon L. Marbley
Algernon L. Marbley
OSU Trustee; mentor to Glaros and Barreras. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
Eric H. Holder, U.S. Attorney General
Eric H. Holder
U.S. Attorney General; mentor to Glaros; collaborator with Chandler; failed to discipline judges in Leader v. Facebook who all held stock in Facebook; Harvard Law grad. Photo: The Daily Sheeple.
Lori Barreras Fischer
Lori Barreras
Commissioner, Ohio Civil Rights Commission; sworn in by Marbley; married to OSU Trustee Fischer; former V.P. of HR for Wadsworth at Battelle; former OSU Asst. V.P. of HR; quit Battelle Mar. 2009. Photo:
David Vaughn
David Vaughn
Criminal Attorney; assigned to Drake probe; former Asst. U.S. Attorney under Eric H. Holder; UC, Stanford and Harvard grad. Photo: Vaughn Law.
Betty Montgomery
Betty Montgomery
Former Ohio Attorney General; assigned to Drake probe; recipient of Myers/Wellpoint, Inc. political donations Photo: Diverseducation..
Joseph A. Steinmetz, Provost, The Ohio State University
Joseph A. Steinmetz
OSU Provost; MOOC cheerleader; OSU School of Music boss; Jon Waters’ boss Photo: Psychological Science.

The mistreatment of Jon Waters shined a light on the corrupt agenda of some OSU Trustees: All roads wind back to Jeffrey Wadsworth and Battelle Memorial Institute

See the previous post for more information on Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic. At least 12 of McBee Strategic’s clients have contracts with Ohio State. Without a pretty good explanation, this conflict of interest and double-dealing alone should probably get Jeffrey Wadsworth fired. It certainly is an indication of his willingness to play fast and loose with ethical principles.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

We obtained various court records and reached out to sources, including Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio, for background on Leader’s past relationships to Battelle and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). We received a treasure trove of evidence tying Jeffrey Wadsworth, and his former VP, Alex R. Fischertwo Ohio State Trustees—to the misappropriation of Leader’s invention for social networking.

Ironically, Leader’s Chairman and Founder, Michael McKibben, was a four year member and squad leader of OSU’s TBDBITL (“The Best Damn Band in the Land”). McKibben knows Jon Waters and said Waters is one of the University’s most credible ambassadors. 

Jon Waters Mentors The Ohio School for the Blind Marching Band

McKibben pointed to Jon Waters’ work with the Ohio School for the Blind as an example. Waters prepared them for the first-ever appearance of a blind marching band in the Tournament of Roses Parade on Jan. 1, 2010. McKibben said, “An insensitive, incompetent, uncaring person doesn’t do that. Jon Waters is a person that the Ohio State administration should be heralding, not firing!”

We’ll start with information that stunned even Leader (you’re welcome!), who had not previously made the association to Wadsworth.

In 2002, Wadsworth, Battelle and LLNL promised to protect Leader Technologies’ secrets, yet appear to have helped give it to Zuckerberg and IBM’s Eclipse Foundation / MOOC

 Five sets of documents stood out:

  1. A 2002 CRADA contract between Leader and LLNL, signed by Wadsworth himself. See Fig. 3 below;
  2. A 2002 Leader-Battelle email string and business plan PowerPoint, including discussion about Fischer's Battelle subsidiary, OmniViz;
  3. A 2002 proposal for a IBM / Harvard University Initiative (18 months before Facebook started);
  4. A 2002 exploration of a business alliance with Alex R. Fischer’s Battelle subsidiary, OmniViz; and
  5. 2002 nondisclosure agreements signed by Battelle and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

The surprise: LLNL-LEADER CRADA – [Jeffrey Wadsworth]

In AFI's review of a Jun. 5, 2002 CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) between LLNL and Leader Technologies, we discovered that it had been signed by Jeffrey Wadsworth before he came to Battelle.

Leader's Michael McKibben had not previously made a connection. He said the CRADA relationship with LLNL was facilitated based entirely on the prior relationships of his attorney, James P. Chandler. McKibben said, "I had met with numerous LLNL personnel during the project, but never met Wadsworth. I assumed he was simply an uninvolved LLNL signature authority. That's why his name has never rung a bell with me until you found it."

Signature Block from CRADA No. W-7405-ENC-48, Rapidly Deployable Security System, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Leader Technologies, Jeffrey Wadsworth, Michael McKibben, Jun. 05, 2002

Fig. 3—Excerpts from the CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, and Leader Technologies, Columbus, OH. This agreement was facilitated by Leader's patent attorney, James P. Chandler. Jeffrey Wadsworth signed for LLNL and Michael McKibben signed for Leader. This document also reveals that Chandler, General James Freeze, and Kevin Kelso from Fenwick & West LLP were provided full copies of the agreement, including Leader's source code. Source: U.S. Courts.

Full Circle – Back to OSU Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz

Now we have come full circle, back to the data point that triggered this entire investigation:

MOOC - Massive Open Online Course logo
Fig. 4—MOOC logo. MOOC is founded upon exploitation of source code from The Eclipse Foundation, founded by IBM. Eclipse claims to have lost its knowledge of the source of their original code contributor, but AFI found them—Leader Technologies. See previous post. Source: Wikipedia.

OSU Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz’s May 2013 article for the Association for Psychological Science heavily promoted Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)—a conception for worldwide global education networking promoted by IBM’s The Eclipse Foundation. See previous post.

Steinmetz’s writings led us to an examination of MOOC vendors at Ohio State, including Oracle and Goggle. Those vendors led us to look into OSU Trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic, and the 12 plum contracts by McBee clients at OSU. McBee’s alliance with Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP on the failed energy stimulus raised the specter of likely OSU corruption even higher.

The uncanny connection among Wadsworth/Battelle, McKibben/Leader Technologies and the Battelle/LLNL misappropriation of McKibben’s invention into the hands of Zuckerberg, IBM, The Eclipse Foundation and MOOC just popped out!

Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Can. IV, St. 17, 1808

Alex R. Fischer, Lori Barreres, Battelle, Wadsworth, OSU and Fischer’s surprise resignation in 2009

A tip pointed us to these Fischer facts. Two former Battelle officials figure prominently in the firing of Jon Waters, Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreres (Fischer).

Governor John Kasich just appointed Alex R. Fischer as an OSU trustee on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the Waters firing, along with Abigail Wexner. Nothing in Fischer's background, other than his relationship to Wadsworth and Battelle, makes him a particularly notable candidate to be an OSU Trustee.

Fischer’s new wife, Lori Barreras, is a former OSU vice president of human resources. Barreres was recently sworn in as an Ohio civil rights commissioner by another OSU trustee, district court judge Algernon L. Marbley. Marbley and Attorney General Eric H. Holder are mentors to Chris Glaros, the author of the fallacious Waters Report. See’s Aug. 20, 2014 fact checking.

Fischer and Barreras both worked for Jeffrey Wadsworth at Battelle until their abrupt departures in Mar. 2009

Both Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreras resigned from Battelle and Wadsworth's employ in March 2009 [shout out to commenter Darren]. Later that year Fischer's wife filed for divorce, according to Franklin County Court records.  Battelle documents we obtained further reveal that Fischer said he knew Barreras before she started work for Wadsworth at Battelle in 2005.

The Wexner connection also raises questions of propriety. In various biographies, Fischer cites Leslie Wexner as his mentor. The fact that Fischer and Abigail Wexner joined the OSU Trustees together on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the firing of Jon Waters, raises more questions about OSU Trustee impartiality and insider dealing.

OSU Trustee Alex R. Fischer needs more due diligence
(Aug. 24, 2014 Update)—AFI researchers seek additional information about: (1) The Mar. 2009 Battelle Memorial Institute firings of executives Alex R. Fischer and Lori Barreras (now Fischer). (2) Fischer's hiring at the Columbus Partnership. Who sponsored him? What were his qualifications for the job? (3) Researchers also seek information to cooroborate commenter "truthteller's" assertions about Fischer's and Barreras' inaapropriate use of the Battelle corporate jet. What were those reasons? When did those uses occur? What did Jeffrey Wadsworth and other senior Battelle executives know and when did they know it? (4) Why is Wadsworth rehiring these individuals at Ohio State after such allegedly egregious misconduct at Battelle? And finally, (5) Who knew what and when about Battelle's misapproriation of Leader Technologies' invention? Has "national security" secrecy been invoked by the Administration to prevent disclosure of the confiscation of this technology by the U.S. government with Battelle's assistance?

Responses can be emailed anonymously to or simply posted as an anonymous comment.

We treat all such informaton as privileged newsgathering protected by the First Amendment freedom of speech and the press. These are public figures who have willingly subjected their conduct to the scrutiny of the public.

OSU Trustee Nepotism

Later, as President of the OSU Board of Trustees, Jeffrey Wadsworth appears to have arranged for his two former senior Battelle employees to land plum OSU jobs. Lori Barreras became OSU Vice President of HR, and now Ohio Civil Rights Commissioner, while her new husband, Alexander Ross Fischer, finds himself an OSU Trustee. Can anyone say nepotism? (Using one's position to give cush jobs to family and friends. Not OK in a major public university.)

In a case of turnabout is fair play, these facts could be interpreted as indications of an inappropriate Battelle relationship. But then again, no one knows for sure since we have not heard from Fischer and Barreras themselves.

However, if we use the OSU Trustees’ treatment of Jon Waters as the model for conducting investigations, we would interpret these facts salaciously and fire both Fischer and Barreras immediately.

Bottom line, drawing conclusions from incomplete facts is not fair play. Given the involvement of another OSU trustee, federal judge Algernon L. Marbley, makes this Jon Waters affair all the more suspicious. Federal judges are supposed to be impartial according to their Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges.

Fischer as Chairman of Battelle’s OmniViz figures prominently into the patent theft we cover below.

More proofs of collusion:

The OSU Trustees’ inter-relationships are convoluted, so stick with us.

Chris Glaros is the author of the Waters “sexualized culture” report. Glaros attended Columbia and Stanford. He clerked for then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, and for Judge Algernon L. Marbley, Southern District of Ohio (Columbus). At the time of his Holder clerkship, Professor James P. Chandler was working closely with Holder and the Justice Department on trade secrets and economic espionage. Chandler even cites Holder in a Mar. 28, 2001 trade secrets conference he sponsored.

Algernon L. Marbley is an OSU Trustee and Southern District Court judge in Columbus. He attended UNC and Northwestern and has taught at OSU and Harvard. He mentored Chris Glaros and swore in Lori Barreras Fischer as an Ohio Civil Rights Commissioner.

Lori Barreras (aka Lori Barreras Crouch) is married to Alexander R. Fischer, appointed OSU Trustee on Jul. 3, 2014, just 11 days before the Waters firing. She was appointed to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on Oct. 31, 2013 where she was sworn in by Algernon L. Marbley. She most recently served as Asst. VP of Human Resources at OSU. Prior to that she was VP of HR at Battelle, employed by Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO of Battelle.  Barreras attended the University of Arizona

Alex R. Fischer is an OSU Trustee, appointed just 11 days before the Waters firing on Jul. 24, 2014. Fischer was Sr. VP at Battelle, including chairman of a Battelle company, OmniViz. Fischer’s boss was Battelle CEO, Jeffrey Wadsworth. Fischer is married to Lori Barreras who served as V.P. or HR for Battelle under Wadsworth. Fischer attended the University of Tennessee.

Gene Smith is OSU Athletic Director who appears to have botched two recent Title IX investigations, the OSU cheerleaders and the OSU Marching Band. Smith attended Notre Dame.

Jeffrey Wadsworth is president of the OSU Trustees and CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth attended Sheffield in the UK and worked for the University of California Trustees at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

Michael V Drake is president of Ohio State. He attended Stanford. His Stanford medical colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, used his company, Wellpoint, Inc., to spread around political donations liberally in Ohio since 2006, including gifts to Betty Montgomery, whom Drake has appointed to the ongoing Waters probe. Drake has failed to disclose that his other choices for the Jon Waters probe, Arent Fox LLP and David Vaughn, are equally conflicted. See previous post.

Conspiracy to exploit the social networking invention exposed

On Mar. 19, 2002, Jeffrey Wadsworth, then Deputy Director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), signed a research and development agreement with Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies.

Copied on that agreement were Leader’s patent attorney and director, Professor James P. Chandler; Major General James E. Freeze (U.S. Army ret.), former #3 at the National Security Agency (NSA); and Leader’s corporate attorney, Kevin Kelso, Fenwick & West LLP (became Facebook's patent and corporate attorney, in addition to numerous other members of IBM's The Eclipse Foundation, which had been started just a few months earlier). Chandler was also IBM's outside patent counsel and worked closely with IBM chief intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos, who became director of the U.S. Patent Office in 2009.

That agreement, written by Chandler, contained an Appendix C provision whereby Leader “place in trust” hard copies of this LEADER2LEADER invention comprised of “823,150 lines of code.” Programming code is the software version of a book manuscript. Each line is roughly equivalent to a sentence of writing. A good programmer can produce about 200-300 lines of code a day. So 823,150 lines of code represent about 15 person-years of work. Mark Zuckerberg claimed to have written equivalent code to start Facebook in “one to two weeks” at Harvard.

Leader Technologies - Battelle Memorial Institute - University Initiative Business Discussions, Mar. 21, 2002

Fig. 5—Leader Technologies' University Initiative slides prepare Mar. 21, 2002 for meetings with Battelle. These ideas were proposed to senior executives of Battelle under the protection of a nondisclosure confidentiality agreement. Leader proposed that Battelle team with them to deploy its new invention in cooperation with IBM and Harvard. That is exactly what happened, but Battelle executives ignored the pesky little fact that it was not their invention.

Click here for a full copy of this PowerPoint.

Facebook launched on Feb. 4, 2004, just three months after Leader completed the debugging of a key component that was a cornerstone of the innovation. That was the very same night, Oct. 28, 2003, that Zuckerberg wrote in his online diary "Let the hacking begin." See also The Social Network Hacking Scene Lie to Fool the Masses, YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg Deposition ("one to two weeks" to build Facebook; vaguely admits "other" sources for his ideas), Apr. 25, 2006, ConnectU LLC v. Zuckerberg et al, 04-cv-11923-DPW (D.Mass. 2004).Source: U.S. Courts.

Zuckerberg's claim to have built all of Facebook in "one to two weeks" is not credible, yet no one in the media has investigated these facts. Instead, a gullible public and Wall Street lapdog media has swallowed The Social Networking movie fiction hook, line and sinker.

property theft is justified in the name of "national security"—Didn't you get that memo?

Two years earlier, the purpose of the LLNL agreement was to prove-out McKibben’s (social networking) invention for use in U.S. government applications as a “Rapidly Deployable Security System.” Trouble is, the US government executives liked McKibben's invention so well that they conspired and stole it . . . in the name of "national security."

Battelle elicited the contact with Columbus-based Leader Technologies

On Feb. 21, 2002 Battelle proposed a meeting to explore a business alliance with Leader and a Battelle company named OmniViz. Three weeks later, on Mar. 29, 2002, Leader prepared a 50-page business plan. That plan included a proposed IBM and Harvard “University Initiative” with Battelle.

Three months earlier, on Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler, with the help of Fenwick & West LLP, had created The Eclipse Foundation with source code whose authorship they were “unable to determine” eighteen months later. That source code from Leader Technologies forms the foundation of the current global education initiative named MOOCSee previous post.

Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, Invention Timeline
Fig. 6—Leader Technologies, Inc., columbus, Ohio, Invention Timeline. Invention is difficult to achieve, but easy for predators to copy. Click here to see confirmation that Facebook started (Feb. 4, 2004) during the first ever EclipseCon 2004 conference on Feb. 2-5, 2004 underwritten by IBM with a huge smokescreen of branded hangers on.

Ohio State’s Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz sang the praises of MOOC in an article for the Association for Psychological Sciences in May 2013 after which Ohio State embraced its MOOC vendors, including Google and Oracle, two clients of OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbyist, McBee Strategic LLC. This is the definition of feathering one's nest. It's an illegal conflict of interest, especially for university officials entrusted with impartiality.

McBee's lobbying partner is Cooley Godward LLP, Facebook's lawyers in Leader v. Facebook whose partner, Donald K. Stern, advised the White House to replace the judge in the Leader case to a Facebook-friendly Obama nominee, Leonard P. Stark, one month before trial. Stark's first act as judge was to allow Facebook to add a new "on-sale bar" claim, and block Leader from conducting addition discovery to prepare its defenses. See Request for Congressional Intervention.

On Jul. 27, 2010, in a split verdict, Leader nevertheless proved that Facebook infringes its patent on 11 of 11 claims and that there is no prior art (the meat of a patent case). Facebook prevailed only on the on-sale bar claim with fabricated evidence which the courts affirmed in lockstep right up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The corruption has become obvious to all knowledgeable observers. However, Eric H. Holder's Justice Department has systematically turning a blind eye to propriety.

All of the judges in the Leader v. Facebook case hold substantial amounts of Facebook interests which they did not disclose, even when asked to do so. Facebook's appeals attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, failed to disclose his conflicting relationships with the appeals judges. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. failed to disclose his conflicting relationship with Hungar and Gibson Dunn. We're just getting warmed up on this corruption, but we digress.

Steinmetz is the boss of the OSU School of Music which was quick to swoop in to run the band following the Waters firing. The jealousy of the School of Music toward the popularity of the marching band is well-known and deep-seated. Steinmetz appears to have thrown the Music School leadership Richard L. Blatti and Russel C. Mikkelson a bone for not yet known favors.

MOOC evidently had its origins in the Mar. 29, 2002 Leader PowerPoint business plan created by Michael McKibben for Leader’s business opportunity discussions with Battelle.

Facebook’s true origins

This new evidence validates long-held suspicions of widespread collusion among participants in the “Facebook Cartel.” Battelle was long suspected of involvement, but proof was elusive, until the Jon Waters band scandal focused attention on the OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth.

Leader had the idea for a Harvard University Initiative involving IBM and Battelle two years before Facebook went live on Feb. 4, 2004—while Zuckerberg was still in high school.

Alex R. Fischer and Battelle-OmniViz

On Jul. 3, 2014, Alex Fischer was appointed to the OSU Board of Trustees. Fischer's official OSU biography says he was Chairman of OmniViz. However, on Feb. 21, 2002, Leader Technologies prepared a business plan with Battelle-OmniViz for their confidential business discussions.

In addition to the PowerPoint that specifically mentioned OmniViz, Leader also provided a copy of email correspondence showing that OmniViz participated in business discussions with Leader on Feb. 25, 2002. Those OmniViz discussions were protected by the nondisclosure agreements. ANY unauthorized use of that information for the benefit of Battelle or OmniViz was prohibited. See Battelle nondisclosure confidentiality agreement.

According to Leader, no one from Battelle or LLNL past or present has ever contacted Leader to license their intellectual property.

Battelle Email to Leader Technologies asking for a meeting, Feb. 21, 2002
Fig 6—Battelle Feb. 21, 2002 Letter to Leader Technologies requesting meeting to discuss Leader's inventions. Including in this meeting were executives from Battelle subsidiary OmniViz. Leader's proposed Harvard - IBM University Initiative was explored. These ideas were likely given to Fenwick & West LLP's (Leader's other attorney) client Accel Partners LLP, who took the idea to Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers, and they together contrived the Facebook's launch at Harvard, replete with a next-Bill-Gates front man, the 19-year old Mark Zuckerberg.

In the twelve months from Aug. 2003 to Jun. 2004, the 19-year Zuckerberg and thefacebook garnered more articles and attention from Harvard President Larry Summers' The Harvard Crimson journalists than any world leader or subject, bar none. Other nascent facebooks on campus (Winklevosses, Greenspan, Harvard Tech Office) had only a few. Looming just behind the door was IBM, The Eclipse Foundation and Battelle with Leader's University Initiative blueprint.

Click here to read the full email thread. Source: U.S. Courts.

Fischer and Battelle went on the commercialize OmniViz and sold the company on Jan. 29, 2007.

AFI had previously received reports that Zuckerberg had a copy of a Leader PowerPoint, but this is our first view of the actual document. It is no wonder that the boy wonder could move so quickly, Leader had already produced “823,150 lines of code” and placed it “in trust” with Chandler, who proceeded to supply it to Jeffrey Wadsworth at LLNL, then Battelle and IBM via The Eclipse Foundation, Chandler's other client, we believe.

Indeed, Chandler's Jun. 05, 2002 letter to Leader confirms that he gave the source code to Fenwick & West LLP (Kevin Kelso) and retired NSA chief, General James E. Freeze. Many Fenwick clients are members of The Eclipse Foundation, and suspiciously, Fenwick became Facebook's patent and corporate attorney several years later.

Fenwick has filed hundreds of patents for Facebook starting in about 2007. Also illegal, Fenwick did not disclose their knowledge of Leader's invention in any of Facebook/Zuckerberg's filings, which they are required by law to do. Tellingly, they did disclose Leader's patent in two earlier Marc Andreessen patents. Such conduct is the patent equivalent of fraud called "inequitable conduct."

Facebook’s attorneys lied to the court in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case that started on Nov. 19, 2008. They told the court they "lost" ALL of Zuckerberg’s hard drives and Harvard emails from 2003-2004. Yet magically, just two days after the Federal Circuit supported a verdict for Facebook based on fabricated evidence never put before the jury, Facebook’s attorneys magically “found” 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and emails in the Paul Ceglia v. Mark Zuckerberg case (see Rose & McGowan depositions). Imagine that.

The perpetrators are clearly hiding their connections to IBM, Battelle, Chandler, Wadsworth, LLNL, ORNL, DoE, NSA, Justice, Holder, The Eclipse Foundation, MOOC, etc. Can anyone say massive hidden agenda? No wonder Washington is dysfunctional. These people are drunk on the power they've accumulated by stealth. See Request for Congressional Intervention.

Prediction – OSU Information Technology “Reorganization”

If OSU allows President Michael V. Drake to remain in office after this Waters debacle, we predict that Drake will announce a reorganization of the OSU Information Technology Office. This will enable his MOOC friends to finish laying their digital pipelines at OSU without interference from “old fashioned” privacy- and security-minded technologists, which were likely blocking their agenda.

* * *


Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.

Fig. 5—The Ohio State University Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to ABC News. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University; YouTube

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.


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  1. Wow!
    Just read new post and thought I would respond to truthteller’s previous comment and add a bit more info on Alex and Lori even though it is mentioned a bit in the post.
    I wonder if this is what truthteller was talking about.
    2009 March: Alex Fischer leaves Battelle. "I took on enormous responsibility and found myself on the road, traveling internationally and in meetings 200 nights a year, and it was causing major problems in my personal life,"
    He said he wants to pay more attention to personal and family matters. He declined to say what he'll do next professionally.
    Everyone was asking, why?
    2009 March: Lori Barreras leaves Battelle.
    A little curious, isn’t it? They both leave Battelle at the same time.
    2009 December: Alex’s divorce from wife finalized.
    2010 March: Lori hired by OSU
    2013 November: Alex and Lori marry.
    To quote the OSU Investigation; Alex and Lori, two of the parties involved, knew or reasonably should have known about this culture but failed to eliminate the “major problems”, prevent its recurrence, and
    address its effects!!! (Emphasis added)
    Are their ethics and morals a little skewed to be judging somebody else’s Life’s work? A reasonable person might see their actions in the OSU, Waters incident, as questionable?
    Maybe Alex was trying to dodge unfavorable press by voluntarily stepping down from Battelle. In a recent article about fraternizing employees, Bob Lincoln, director of human resources at Battelle Memorial Institute, which employs 7,000 worldwide including 3,000 in Columbus, said “Battelle doesn't have a policy governing office relationships, because it is a personal issue. However, the company does have formal guidelines on appropriate behavior for managers that address a relationship between the manager and a reporting employee. "That is where we have a concern -- that it could be perceived as a conflict or favoritism," Lincoln said. "Our position is that the manager decides to end the relationship or move out of the role as manager of that individual." In the latter case, Lincoln said, it is not a punitive measure toward the manager -- Battelle wants to find a good solution. "We want to work with our people and, when at all possible, would find another position within the company," he said. "But many times the subordinate will come forward and say `I would like to transfer.' But it really does fall to the manager. It is a responsibility by virtue of accepting a management position."
    I am not throwing stones here as I will probably be accused of it, but AFI took my thunder!
    You be the judge!

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    In a sympathetic way, we should cut a few of these folks some slack. It appears to me that many of these being identified on this site are not knowingly complicit . Out of their zeal to be a part of the "in crowd", they have fallen into line, attended the cocktail parties, and posted selfies of themselves with the "big boys". Most are well educated , drive Beamers, and have their weekly manicures. Their innocence in this masterful heist is obvious but ignorance is no excuse. They continue to perpetuate this fraud by playing along and enjoying the fruits that they are offered. Generally, the same thing happens in every fraud of this magnitude. As a comparison, the Madoff theft was a big deal to the press and to the legal system because it harmed hundreds of really important people and involved billions of dollars. The Leader heist , on the other hand, involved only a small , unimportant company in a small community in Ohio, led by a nobody from a podunk Midwestern university and included billions of dollars. The Madoff scandal was heinous because some of the victims were in the " in crowd" , while the Leader scandal was not heinous because it was for the greater good and the victims were not that cool. Both entailed billions of dollars and both became obviously nefarious and illegal when the layers of the corruption were pealed back. There is one major difference........the peel back to expose the perpetrators on the Leader heist included some really important elitists that wanted to stay in the shadows and keep their new found wealth. Since the adjudication process was feathered with friends in high places, the obvious IP infringement was quashed at every level. It's as if a patent was never filed and never recognized. I am still aghast that not one brave, honest ,informed citizen has put sunlight on this slimy collusion. That's all it took to bring down ol' Bernie........c'mon, if you speak up, you have a chance to get a selfie with me if you do. I will even bleach my mullet.

  3. Email comment by Anonymous:

    The interesting thing about the Alumni Association is that apparently it's no longer independent of the University. I've been told the University swallowed it up, but I can't find anything confirming that. No one seems to know if Archie is a public employee or private. Now if this is a secret, then something is fishy. . I guess the only way to find out is to do a FOIA request.

    This falls into the narrative of power, control, and money. I've also been told that the University is going around to all the Alumni groups and asking them to give up their independence. I've been told that they did this with the band alumni group and they flat out told the University no.

    More notes:
    • Around the same time of the cheerleading controversy 3 freshman OSU football players were accused of rape. The rape allegedly happened Oct. 21st, wasn't reported until Nov. 10th and evidence/interviews weren't collected until Feb/Mar. The interesting thing about this is that the player at the center of it, Sevann Pittman, was conveniently allowed to leave the program a week before this incident was published.

    • Gene Smith got a huge promotion to VP in January 2014. There's nothing to suggest he earned this and the timing is very suspect. Also, the word on the street is that Gene has never been a fan of the band, he wants to change it by "adding more skin on the field", and he doesn't like that the attention Jon Waters brought it overshadows the football team.

    This is a big time for Mr. Smith. He's really moving up the ladder and gaining more power. Some seem to think he's putting his ducks in a row to become OSU president someday.

    Besides Wadsworth, Smith is the only person at OSU brazen enough to destroy the band and Jon Waters. Also, Jon Waters is one of the few people with the courage to tell him no and I'm sure Smith didn't like that Waters isn't a yes man.

    • The firings of basketball coach Jim O'Brien and football coach Jim Tressel show that the Athletic Dept has a clear MO when dealing with controversy- the coach takes the fall, not the AD or the school.

    • I'd love to know what Chris Glaros has to gain from all this. He apparently is very politically motivated and really wants to move up the ladder. His conflict of interest with shady Board of Trustee member Algenon Marbley is interesting, so is his connection to Eric Holder.

    • I'd also love to know why the feds were investigating OSU for Title IX. What prompted this? OSU's PR office makes it sound like it was no big deal and that they weren't actually being investigated. Why the spin? At this point we know that whatever the PR people say the exact opposite is true. What prompted the investigation? The athletic department, the fact that the University covers up a lot of rape incidents, or both. I would imagine that there is a rape case or a few out there that we've never heard about involving kids of influential people.

    1. Let's hope Archie Griffin is not involved. He is a shareholder of Leader Technologies. He's a straight up guy from everything I know. I have many friends who have golfed with him many times over the years.

  4. Email comment by Cow Town:

    Look into Mark Kvamme and his company Drive Capital. I know he's tied up with the Silicon Valley dealings. There are some extremely shady things going on with him. He was appointed by Governor Kasich, who selects OSU's Board of Trustees, to run JobsOhio, which is surrounded in controversy.

    The real insider info deals with the question -- who connected him to OSU?

    1. Try investigating the private Columbus Cigar, Car and Gun Club. Mark Kvamme likes that group.

  5. Mark Kvamme is most assuredly a card-carrying member of this Battelle // Eclipse / Facebook white collar racketeering. He became a board member of LinkedIn right when the Eclipse Foundation/IBM/NSA was taking delivery of Leader's debugged code... at the same time Zuckerberg received it. Too bad Kasich hasn't seen through this Cartel. Kvamme is in Ohio to keep watch over the pesky Ohioans who invented the code he and his cronies have exploited. Any time you see a resume with so many achievements. Run.


    AFI has been forwarded a copy of an email just sent out by the OSU Marching Band Alumni leadership, here reproduced in shortened version due to character limitations for a comment:

    Thank you for continuing to support the OSUMB, Jon and his family, and the TBDBITL Alumni Club. This has been an especially tough week for the OSUMB. Please keep them in your thoughts and continue to support them every day and in every way.

    As I mentioned last week, this year's Reunion will be the biggest ever.
    There has been discussion as to how we will carry on in light of the current situation. There are many ways we can choose to protest and "make a statement." We have chosen the best statement we can make - to show up in record numbers, march our tails off, and show 105,000 Buckeye fans and the university that TBDBITL Alumni will not fold, that we are a first class organization, and that we are there to SUPPORT the 247 men and women of The Ohio State University Marching Band!

    If you wish, wear your 'We Stand With Jon' apparel all Reunion week long. On Saturday during the game, we will wear our standard Reunion uniform with class, dignity, and pride. This will be strictly enforced.


    On Sunday September 14th, from 1-4 pm, Terri Levine (Band Mom of Former 4 year in S Row), Andy Marks (Drum Major 1984) and Alecia Larsen (Mother of Current Assistant Drum Major) are hosting the "Rally Fore Jon" to be held at the Four Seasons Golf Center at 5000 East Broad Street. This event is to show up and support for the Waters family and TBDBITL and promises to be fun for all ages. Jon will be in attendance as well as the TBDBITL Alumni Band.

    Contact: Terri Levine: or at 614-975-0081. Andy
    Marks: or at 614-940-5922.

    On Saturday September 20th, starting at 3pm, The TBDBITL Alumni Club is hosting a We Stand With Jon Waters Benefit at Flannagans 6835 Caine Rd.
    off of Sawmill in Dublin. This event is also to support Jon, his family, to further raise and maintain awareness and to raise funds for Jon. This is a family friendly event with appearances by Jon Waters, the TBDBITL Alumni Band and other live entertainment soon to be named.

    100% of door charges, raffles, silent auction items, and a portion of bar sales will benefit the MarchingForWaterLegalFund.


    We hope to see you at "Rally Fore Jon" and "We Stand With Jon Waters"

    Next Thursday and Friday, The OSU Board of Trustees will meet. Both Jon and the Club submitted requests to be included on the agenda and were subsequently denied. The public meeting times for the committee meetings August 28 and the full board meeting August 29 will be posted by the end of the day tomorrow at this site:

    TBDBITL Board of Governors members still plan on attending.

    The Special Committee consisting of Shelley Graf, Dr. Paul Droste, Gary J. Leppla, and I are currently working to finish our rebuttal to the "report" released by the university. We are seeking any and all positive letters you have written on behalf of and in support of Jon and the OSUMB, especially during Jon's tenure. If you wish to include your positive letter, please email to

    For more information on you can help, please visit the following

    Info -

    Legal fund -

    General fund -

    Petition -

    Our Honor Defend,

    Brian J. Golden, President
    TBDBITL Alumni Club Board of Governors
    TBDBITL Alumni Club

  7. Email comment by OSUGuy

    Drake met this afternoon with the OSU band in a secret meeting to discuss his firing of their Director Jon Waters. One 4-year member talked to the NBC affiliate and said Drake mostly listened. He said they told Drake they didn't like the way the band was being MIScharacterized nationally. When asked if the band could carry on without Waters, the bandsman declined to respond. DRAKE REFUSED TO BE INTERVIEWED. What a coward. Former President Gordon Gee was always up front and straightforward. This guy Drake is a snake. O-H B-O

    1. Here's the NBC4i TV coverage to which OSUGuy refers:

  8. Email comment by TEX:

    The difficulty with any association or organization, including government and the church, is to identify the most efficient size and scope. Humans were given an innate desire to seek power beyond their capability to lead and manage. And, sadly, many of our current leaders were educated beyond their base intelligence. In Texas we call that "outrunning your punt coverage". Throw into that ugly mix , a touch of greed and larceny and, wahla, you have the " transformation of America" . Our President was proud of his dreams in this regard and he is doing his best to golf us into final submission. His golf swing really sucks. But back to business. Harvard's been pressing Obama's learned vision since A Lawrence Lowell was the school's president. (He was a "science of government professor.") The connections between Ivy League graduates is at the highest level in most control and government. It's not that they are the best equipped necessarily, it has more to do with the closed loop. The commoners from podunk schools are generally excluded and ridiculed. As a side note, I will tell you that my son is a Princeton graduate . I am proud to say that he is not a typical elitist. He and some of his colleagues are following this blog with great interest.

    I don't know much about music or marching bands.....can't even whistle Dixie.....but I know about herd mentality. These boys have poked an ant bed. Wouldn't it be ironic that the string that unraveled the elites hold on education , social media, and government, begins with a very proud marching band. Go gettum ,you Buckeye soldiers.

  9. Just a coincidence two senior vps at battelle and oak ridge "quit" their jobs in March 2009? Person relationships even illicit ones are not against corporate rules but using Corp assets like private jets to maintain them are
    Wonder who got Alex his sweet gig at columbus partnership ?

    1. Very interesting new facts truth teller. Also, the last time I checked, office romances are frowned upon when one's mistress is the boss's assistant. Gives new meaning to "inside the beltway."

  10. Email comment by TEX:

    This site is so entertaining because of all of the mathematically improbable coinky dinks....Truth Teller brought up one more that just sent chills up my shaved back....I asked my personal assistant if she had ever had an affair and she said she had. I asked her about the lucky guy and she said it was our postman who had just returned from World War II. And what was really ironic, she had been a baton twirler , in the band, the year FDR was elected. How about those odds ? I'll tell ya, Flavia is still a looker. I'm gonna have to let her go, though, because her Henry Mill typewriter literally fell apart last week. But that's another story.

    The really sad part of this entire Facebook scenario is the total lack of moral turpitude that has been on display since the Zuckster began his journey to ill gained fame and riches. I hope he ,along with the rest of you co-conspirators , learns, before it's too late, that the real currency in life is not money or big houses or cars. The real currency is respect from others earned through honest and moral actions . A person is judged by his character. And , guess what, no one but you, is in charge of your personal character. It's never too late to do the honorable thing. It seems that doing the right thing these days is so rare that when an ordinary person rejects immoral actions of others, we tend to call that person a hero. Truth Teller, I hope you will be an inspiration to others to speak up and stop this deceitful activity. America needs heroes right about now. And Flavia needs a new hearing aid and a nap. Both are serious challenges.

  11. In regard to Tressel:
    Tressel revealed to the world just how absolutely ignorant, incompetent, and untrustworthy he is when he said that he did not know who to contact when he learned about the violations and also claimed to not have done anything about those violations because of confidentiality concerns.
    1. If Tressel was telling the truth, who would have any respect for him or hire him for any job due to his gross lack of intelligence and for being so grossly incompetent?
    2. If Tressel was NOT telling the truth, who would have any respect for him or hire him for any job for being such a liar and using such lame lies?
    Those who don't have the courage to accept the truth.

    1. I have never commented on the Tressel situation before, and certainly can't argue with Tim's raw logic. A lie is a lie. But, the standard seems to be that one lie will get you fired at OSU, but a decade of lies will get you and your buds cush Trustee appointments, gargantuan social networking stock payouts, and sweet OSU contracts.
      The comparison is grotesque when you think about it. There is no comparing the scope of sins between the current OSU Trustees and the relative pettiness of Tressel's Tattoo-gate.
      The bigger question is why didn't Gene Smith get the axe as the OSU Athletic Director during Tattoo-gate? Fire Tressel but keep his boss Smith? Compared to this scandal, Tattoo-gate is downright silly. So Tressel tried to cover for juveniles who'd made some bad choices. What parent doesn't do that? By contrast, the OSU Trustees are covering up conspiracy, bid-rigging and patent theft. Now those are serious offenses.
      If, like Tim says, a lie is a lie, then the Trustees lied in the Jon Waters investigation and should all be sacked immediately, without a hearing.

  12. Given the timing of the appointment of Personal-Corporate-Jet" Alex R. Fischer, along with Abigail Wexner, to the Trustee board just 11 days before the Jon Waters firing, you gotta wonder what gifts were given to Governor John Kasich's gubernatorial campaign in exchange for Fischer's nonsensical appointment. What is Fischer's achievement anyway?
    He sucked up to Jeffrey Wadsworth for a decade and is keeping Battelle's theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention their little secret? Presumably Lori Barreras knew the dirty secrets also.
    The Jon Waters Title IX accusations are just diversionary smokescreens IMHO. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain who has been feathering his nest for a decade.

  13. Email comment by TEX:

    I knew that voicing my thoughts on this blog would get me in trouble.......Flavia wants a full apology or she is going to shred my business files. It seems that talking about her baton days opened a personal sore issue.....her crooked nose. Evidently she could twirl that thing 50 feet in the air but wasn't that good at catching it . And of course the older she got, the thinner her hair, and the more noticeable the scars on her scalp......sorry, Flavia, please forgive me. I need those files for tax receipts even with Lois Lerner gone. That scandal was more than one person deep. And God help me if Eric Holder and his DOR ( Department of Revenge...."justice "left the building) gets his hands on me.

    And now to Tim's and Dragons comments. You have stopped about five rungs short on your ladder. If lying is a reason to replace leadership, we might not have a government today. It's as if we , the new proletariat, don't give a hoot about honesty or integrity. In the past six years, not one person in this administration has had the courage to tell the truth....not one. Sadly ,liars are entrenched at every level because we , the podunk, are too cowardly and lazy to do anything about it. The lying started from day one with Obama and the team he picked. I could fill a page on this site with his ,and his mesmerized apostles , lies. It is non stop. And it occurs across the aisle as well. I have to admit some of these deceptions are masterful in their wording.

    We have forgotten that America is not a country of rocks and dirt , per se. There are lots of beautiful places on this planet with rocks and dirt. America is an "IDEA". It was an experiment on the importance of government relegated to the lowest level, closest to the people. It was about personal freedoms and personal property and personal opportunity. It was about getting a chance to compete on a level field , with both winning and losing as possibilities. It wasn't about everyone getting the same results , it was about personal ,not collective, outcomes. It was about self governing, not an imperial monarchy.

    I received an email that I must share......sorry if it offends someone.....get over it.

    - America is capitalist and greedy, yet half the population is subsidized by the greedy.
    - half the population is subsidized, yet they claim to be victims
    - they think they are victims, yet their representatives run our government and lie openly to the greedy to appease the subsidized
    - their representatives run the government, yet the greedy get richer and the poor get poorer
    -they get poorer ,yet they have things that 90% of other people on our planet can only dream about having someday
    -they have things that people in other countries can never have, yet our government wants us to be just like the other countries.

    IDIOTS !!!!!!

    So I say to all of you that are thinking short on the ladder......if this country wants to be the best we can be, stop the attack on personal property and innovation. We have a mess on our hands and we, the podunk, must do what we can for our future generations. Big problems are solved in little pieces. Identifying and culling out elitist collusion is a good start.

    1. Well put... and sorry you're in trouble with Flavia.

      Dime to a donut we'll see a new crop of made-for-TV crises pop up here and their this week to give the Wall Street lapdog mainstream media an excuse not to cover this growing scandal.

  14. Former OSU Band Director [Dr. Paul Droste] Talks About Waters' Firing

    We reached out to Leader's founder, Michael McKibben, for comment about Dr. Paul Droste's tenure as director of the OSU Marching Band. He said Dr. Droste replaced Dr. Charlie Spohn in 1970 after McKibben's freshman year in the band. He described Dr. Droste as "a class act." He said Droste made many changes like expanding the size of the band from 120. Droste introduced a new Conn trombonium designed especially for the OSU band. He said he even played in off-season brass quintets with other bandsman and Droste, who is accomplished on the euphonium. He said Droste oversaw the Title IX transition from all male to coed between the '72 and '73 seasons. McKibben said Droste's decision was accepted by most, but not popular with a few traditionalists. He remembers Droste providing firm leadership through the implementation of that dramatic evolution of the band's tradition.

  15. OSU TBDBITL Band Alumni Board of Governors are gearing up for open warfare with the new OSU President and a recalcitrant Board of Trustees. They just sent out this notice to their members. Given the level of misconduct by the trustees already uncovered by AFI, the trustee wheels will fall off and perhaps people will go to jail for their gross misconduct while in a public office. We're taking bets on the TBDBITL Alums:

    Five Facts:

    1. The Investigation Report is an attack on all current and former band members not just Jon Waters. It grossly distorts band culture, which is one of precision, discipline, hard work and mutual respect. Otherwise, the band could not possibly put on its highly complex and precise halftime shows.

    2. To the extent that occasional issues arose, Jon Waters was part of the solution, and not the problem. Current and former band members have publicly confirmed that Jon Waters tolerated no inappropriate behavior of any kind.

    3. In his last personnel evaluation, Jon Waters received the highest possible rating, including accolades for causing cultural change within the band.

    4. The Investigation Report has been repudiated by those involved in the investigation. Current and former band members have stated publicly that the Report bears no resemblance to what they said when they were interviewed. Others who were discussed in the Report have stated publicly that it got the facts wrong.

    5. The university's conduct is unconscionable. Jon Waters was summarily fired without any opportunity to defend himself, and without any severance package of any kind.

    TBDBITL Alumni Board of Governors
    TBDBITL Alumni Club

  16. When it is obvious that people are lying and sneaking around, the mind wanders.

    What has never made sense to me until now about Drake is why he would come into his new job making such a stink with such a beloved institution as the OSU Marching Band. Seeing this new info on Glaros helps explains it. He has no plans to be at OSU long, so this would be a very big diversionary stink. His task is to run interference for the MOOC OSU digital pipeline-laying schemes. Provost Steinmetz was another of the cartel's shills.

    Without Ohio States's cooperation, these people can't control the Big 10 Midwest--------the US heartland. It dawned on me that Drake is there simply to bully and stall until the cartel completes its task. If Drake gets prosecuted for his crimes, the current President will just pardon him. That's why he doesn't care about the optics of his despicable behavior.

    What a deal! Drake's offshore bank account awaits. He will never think about a Buckeye again.

    I'm just sayin'

    1. Power, Money and Statistics. "He who wins Ohio wins the White House." These social media geeks have learned that the masses follow whatever shiny things are dangled in front of them. They needed to get the people of Ohio -- the statistical swing state -- to believe their lies.

  17. Email comment by TEX:

    I don't mean to go on about Flavia but I have to tell you about her twin sister, Mavis. She worked for my lawyer , Will Cheatem. She tried to unionize his firm.... only one problem. She was the only employee. Her only threat was that if he wouldn't allow the vote, she would quit using that Nair cream on her facial hair. Man , she started looking like a Taliban field commander. Flavia was real proud of Mavis . She won the vote and struck the place. Will Cheatem quit law practice after that and became a singing waiter at Hooters. Just had to share this story. Go Buckeyes.


    Aug 26, 2014


    The student leadership of the 2012 and 2013 Ohio State Marching Band approached TBDBITL Alumni Club and asked for assistance in disseminating the following statement and supporting documents. We are so doing. The Alumni Club did not solicit, encourage, nor contribute in any way to the following statement or supporting documents.

    For your convenience, the six supporting documents are available for download, both as PDFs and as plain text files (.txt)

    This email and documents are also available on the TBDBITL website.


    Leadership Statement

    We, the 2012 and 2013 student squad leadership of The Ohio State University Marching Band, know that the allegations reported in the Investigative Report produced in July by the Office of University Compliance and Integrity, the Glaros report, which directly led to the firing of OSUMB Director Jonathan Waters, are false and misleading. As a group of squad leaders in the OSUMB, who served under Mr. Waters, we have unique and valuable insight into how Mr. Waters instituted widespread cultural change through the band staff to the students as well as a well-received and effective cultural grassroots movement. Jon Waters is more than a director of halftime shows. He is an advocate for student safety, equality, and respect between all members. The groundswell of support for Jon would never have occurred if this was not the case.

    First and foremost, sexual harassment and hazing of any kind was not tolerated by the marching band staff. Such conduct was met with a zero tolerance policy. Obviously, with a faculty to student ratio of nearly 50 to 1, it is nearly impossible for the staff through limited resources to wholly police the organization both on and off marching band time. It was up to the student leadership to act as stewards in enforcing the policies instituted by Jonathan Waters and to oversee their respective sections in addition to enforcing band policy and procedures.

    We know that the "investigation" is severely flawed for many reasons, based upon our own personal knowledge and experiences. No one knows the truth better than those who saw it themselves. The lack of a representative sample size coupled with interviews of only a of few witnesses, several of whom have directly and publicly refuted the Report's conclusions, undermines the findings and conclusions of the Report itself. Individually and as a collective group we have attached specific examples of cultural changes, sexual harassment training, and hazing training. None of this was considered by the university during their investigation. We have also included specific examples of how sexual harassment, hazing, and improper behavior were handled by the marching band staff under the leadership and direction of Jonathan Waters.

    The culture of The Ohio State University Marching Band is one of determination, respect, community and volunteerism. The evidence of this positive culture is revealed in the experiences and first hand accounts of current and former band members. Our goal is to provide detailed evidence of these cultural policies ignored in the Report which directly led to the University Administration's uninformed reaction and dismissal of Mr. Waters. We ask that the University issue public apologies to the current band, its alumni, and Mr. Waters and immediately reinstate him as the Director of The Ohio State University Marching Band. We hereby submit ourselves to be interviewed by the task force and have relevant information pertaining to this investigation.

    Please review the attached documents. We believe the truth is paramount.

    See next comment for the signatories and documents...

    1. Signatories and documents associated with the parent comment above.

      OSUMB Squad Leaders 2012-2013 [HSL = Head Squad Leadeer; ASL = Assistant]

      Tyler Provo: ASL, I-Row 2012
      Ben Hyun: ASL, A-Row 2012
      Zachary G. Naughton: ASL, K-Row 2012, HSL K-Row 2013-2014 Jacob Evans: ASL, T-Row 2012 Jocelyn C. Smallwood: ASL L-Row 2012, HSL L-Row 2013 Chris Wiet: HSL, E-Row 2011-2012 Mike Johnson: HSL, L-Row 2012 Allen Sun: HSL, Q-Row 2012 David Lee: ASL, HSL B-Row 2010-2012 Andy Hall: ASL, F-Row 2012 Joshua C. Clasen, HSL, T-Row 2012-2013 Alexander Jones: HSL, S-Row 2012-2013 Nickolas S. Ater: HSL, K-Row 2012 Jaclyn Schilling: ASL, HSL, E-Row 2011-2013 Joseph Plattenburg: ASL, X-Row 2013 Matt Engle: ASL, E-Row 2013 Ross Runyan: HSL, X-Row 2012-2013 Davidson Sacolick: SL M-Row 2012-2013 George Farris: HSL, C-Row 2012-2013 Phil Kirkendall: HSL, X-Row 2012 Evan Greene: ASL, A-row 2011, HSL A-row 2012 John Joyce: HSL, R-Row 2012-14 Kelton Rieske: ASL, R-Row 2012-14 Tyler Russell: ASL, HSL H-Row 2010-2012 Jarrod Maynard: HSL, I-Row 2012 Tyler Johnson ASL, F-Row 2013 Austin Willman: HSL, I-Row 2013 Brett Samsen: ASL, J-Row 2012 Tyler York: HSL, M-Row 2012 Andrew Giljahn: ASL, C-Row 2013


      Supporting Documents:

      Personal and Collective Evidence
      PDF (74 kB)
      Text (29 kB)

      Policies and Procedures, 2012 Season
      PDF (750 kB)
      Text (59 kB)

      Squad Leader Responsibilities, 2012 Season
      PDF (26 kB)
      Text ( 2 kB)

      Squad Leader Retreat Itinerary, 2012 Season
      PDF (22 kB)
      Text (2 kB)

      Squad Leader Retreat Itinreary, 2013 Season
      PDF (19 kB)
      Text (1 kB)

      Trip Policy 2012 Season vs. 2013 Season
      PDF (4.4 mB)
      Text (22 kB)

  19. Email comment by TEX:

    I am sitting on the back porch, having some lovely Cabernet Sauvignon from a beautiful box, and thinking about the unbelievable and massive divide in this country. The Harvard progressives seem to have a theory that if they just give the masses a little more here, and a little more there, that the podunk voting population will fall in line and they will keep power forever. It has garnered a pretty consistent majority for their cause ( power and control) .And it has been working. Well , I have a plan to stop their winning approach in its tracks.......and it has a bearing on things highlighted in this blog's agenda. Here it is. The conservative 50% of the population in the US should just outbid them. Whatever they do , we do it bigger. That's just the way we do things in Texas ( soon to be northern Mexico/ Guatemala) .

    For example. Obama wants a $10.10 per hour minimum wage, we propose $100 .They want a 38% corporate tax, we propose 100%, with no exemptions. They propose a 40% personal tax rate, we propose 100%, no exceptions. We'll tell them that we want to give socialism a really good effort. We will point out that Obama and Harvard his minions have failed to complete the task at hand. They are incompetent at everything they do. They want to abort babies through the third trimester, we propose the third grade. They propose the addition of "gay marriage", we propose no human marriage whatsoever. Who really wants that responsibility? They propose more violent protests for inequality issues, we propose that all skin must be covered ,all of the time, for everyone. And everyone would wear a Darth Vader helmet so your accent would not be discernible. Then it would just be about individual behavior and not skin pigmentation, or location. They say that man is killing the earth, we say earth is killing man. ( not sure about this one, but neither will they) .They say guns kill, so we say that we will execute any gun that misbehaves. They want open borders, we say ,not only are the borders open but we also want no border patrol, no military, no policemen, and all houses are open to any one that's wants your stuff can just come and get it. Without question, this could keep the folks real busy 24/7 upgrading their personal property without having to earn any of it. They say we don't need English as an official language, we say that only "expressive grunts "are allowed. No language anywhere, anytime. Try teaching math with grunts ! We won't need such government agencies as the USPTO because ideas are not the individual's property anyway. They become collective ideas......pretty like Leaders patents.

    Now there are many other things wherein we could outbid them but that's for my next glass of wine. I hope you'll endorse my plan because we don't really have to do any of it when we get elected. We have learned the last ten or twelve years that politicians and bureaucrats are not held to account in this country. Lying is a given. Obfuscation is ok and encouraged by the media. We can trick them, dazzle them, and then do what in the hell we want. It's becoming American tradition . I have actually witnessed a " re-election" of men that have perfected this tradition.

    Pouring my second glass. Will get back to you on more items on our new agenda. Good night, from the porch.


    NBC4TV: OSU $5 Million Donor Rethinks Future Gifts After TBDBITL Report

  21. Some of us have been actively following the Leader v. Facebook judicial and patent corruption scandal for years. We know these malcontent lawyers and their methods now. Hope this perspective helps.

    I hazard a suggestion to Buckeye Nation on this scandalous misconduct by the current crop of OSU "leaders." They are infused with unscrupulous lawyers and law firms (sorry for the redundancy). Their playing field is our US court system which people like them have corrupted. They want to draw Waters and his attorney into a lawsuit. My suggestion is don't take the bait. Don't fight this on their playing field. Fight it on yours. In their playing field, all the rules are rigged in their favor. If they cannot win an argument straight up, they will bribe their way forward. In your playing field there is more common sense and good old Midwestern values of honesty and fairness. The people you are fighting are bi-coastal crooks from Washington DC and California. Betty Montgomery was bought and paid for long ago, as so it appears were many Ohio legislators who took political donations from Drake's crony Woodrow Myers from Wellpoint, Inc.

    If you file a lawsuit, these people will have the perfect excuse not to answer further questions ("cannot comment about an active lawsuit"). It will also be the excuse that Ohio legislators need to stay quiet about the events as well ("we cannot interfere in the administration of justice by inquiring into an active lawsuit"). Bottom line, the court of public opinion will be stymied by a lawsuit.

    Instead, keep this controversy moving in the court of public opinion. Then these yahoos cannot use these stock excuses to avoid their day of reckoning. There is clearly fraud involved here, so Jon Waters has claims that will last many years before he will have to file something. By then, Drake & Co will be long gone. Then file the suit and bring them back in chains. In my opinion some of this collusion is fraudulent and therefore criminal.

  22. They are the luckiest guys in the world---wow! discovering a genius high school kid and the stork dropped off more than 800,000 lines of code at the lawyer's doorstep.

  23. MORNING MUSINGS. I woke up thinking about this which my co-worker calls “cognitive dissonance”
    The Ohio State Lantern student newspaper and other blogs contain an unusual number of pro-OSU administration and pro-Drake firing commenters. A number of people I know have observed this incongruity since Buckeye Nation doesn’t yet know anything about the new president Michael Drake. Drake is from California, so Buckeye Nation has no history with him from which to form and opinion about his judgment, one way or another.
    What we do know so far is that Drake was hired by Jeffrey Wadsworth, who steals stuff from inventors. So, if Wadsworth chose Drake, then what does that say about Drake? Birds of a feather???
    A quick thumbnail survey of these pro-Drake commenters reveals two trends in their comments.
    1. they want Waters to sue.
    2. they want Waters to move on.
    Since Drake has messed with a beloved OSU institution in the Marching Band, we must extrapolate that these commenters are outside agitators.
    Waters should do the opposite of what they want.
    Go Buckeye Nation! Stick together.

    1. One other question: What were Leslie and Abigail Wexner's roles in this debacle?

    2. A Waters lawsuit is similar to the Eric H.Holder Wall Street Bank lawsuits aka sleight of hand magic. Holder let them each make $100's of millions in 2008 from their dirty mortgage deals, then in 2012-2014 he slapped them on the wrists with paltry fines to "settle" accounts, which the Department of Justice spends on more of its insider schemes. Bwahaha.

      A Waters settlement will just pull a few million dollars from the $30 million that Waters made for them with the Apple iPad commercial, so the university has a net gain from Waters' own contributions! Bwahahaha. Of course they want a lawsuit. This turns it over to dirty lawyers at Arent Fox. It also gives Drake, Steinmetz, Blatti, Mikellson, etc. an excuse to "move on" and stop commenting or having to answer questions from investigators, as Rain said, "we cannot comment on an active lawsuit."

      Nice trick, but we're on to your games boys and girls.

    3. Remember folks, Drake's pick of lawyers for the "ongoing investigation," Arent Fox LLP, is the lawyer for about a half dozen vendors of Ohio State that are clients of OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsorwoth's lobbying firm, McBee Strategic. In short, these people are running a racket, and they think that "podunk school" Buckeye Nation is too ignorant to stop them.

  24. The Buckeyes should start turning up the heat with the individual OSU Trustees. Each trustee is participating in this scandal by his or her silence. They're hiding behind Drake, Wadsworth and Steinmetz... the lovers of all things MOOC/Eclipse. Truth is, they're California Dreamin'

    In my experience with political action, people go on these boards for the prestige and connections, not to be the focus of a scandal.

    Email them, call their offices, send them letters, confront them at public events, picket, write about their conduct, give them a failing grade as a trustee who is supposed to be overseeing the proper functioning of this great university. Fire them. Truth is, they are turning OSU into a joke that let in Californian interlopers who are now raping and pillaging.

    1. Current Ohio State Trustees, as of Aug. 28, 2014

      1. Jeffrey Wadsworth, Chair (2019)
      2. Ronald A. Ratner, Vice Chair (2015)
      3. Alex Shumate, Vice Chair (2020)
      4. Algenon L. Marbley (2016)
      5. Linda S. Kass (2017)
      6. Janet B. Reid (2018)
      7. W. G. Jurgensen (2018)
      8. Clark C. Kellogg (2019)
      9. Timothy P. Smucker (2020)
      10. Cheryl L. Krueger (2021)
      11. Michael J. Gasser (2021)
      12. Brent R. Porteus (2022)
      13. Erin P. Hoeflinger (2022)
      14. Alex R. Fischer (2023)
      15. Abigail S. Wexner (2023)
      16. G. Gilbert Cloyd - Charter Trustee (2015)
      17. Corbett A. Price - Charter Trustee (2017)
      18. Alan VanderMolen - Charter Trustee (2017)
      19. Stacie E. Seger (2015)
      20. Steven M. Loborec (2016)

      Hey Buckeyes. These people work for you. Fire them if they are not performing.

    2. Three names stick out as risk averse:

      Clark C. Kellogg, the ESPN basketball announcer
      Timothy P. Smucker, of Smucker's Jam fame
      Abigail S. Wexner, wife of Leslie Wexner, Limited Brands

      Smuckers likes to be squeaky clean. So do Kellogg and Wexner.

      They should all be called on the carpet in any forum that they care about.

  25. I suggest calling for a nationwide boycott of Smucker's Jams..yes Smucker’s.
    Timothy P. Smucker is a member of tOSU's Board of Trustees. And with his silence, he is in 'collusion' with the abominable decision to fire Jon Waters and embarrass TBDBITL in the process.

    I would also call a boycott for any of the Limited Brand products (Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Pink, La Senza, Henri Bendel).
    Abigail S. Wexner may be on the Board of Trustees by virtue of her husband’s wealth and connection to tOSU, but he certainly won’t stand for any sudden drop in sales.

    If there is one thing that people these understand, it is the power of the purse. So, let’s hit Mr. Smucker and Mrs. Wexner where it hurts…their wallets.

  26. Email comment by TEX:

    Kathy Lee, you may be on to something here. There are some very puzzling numbers in this Leader vs Facebook dispute that just don't compute for old TEX. Although I had a cat once named Socrates, I personally am no Socratic thinker. But I can add and subtract. I wonder if the long list of Harvard judges in this amazing venture includes an honest human with a logical mind. If so, they would see the sophistry in the Zuckster's story. Maybe not honest, but surely they can add and subtract. This isn't that difficult to figure out. Follow me as I brilliantly lay out the numbers that Flavia and Mavis discovered.

    Leader posits that they can prove that their patented source code was identical to the one The Zuckster claimed ,under oath ( he called it duress), he wrote in approximately two weeks. The Leader source code has 823,150 lines. Leader spent over $4.5 million and 145,000 expert, sophisticated, educated man-hours in finalizing this novel platform code. Zuckster spent zero dollars and does not have a college degree as far as I know. That number didn't compute to me Maybe a half of a Harvard degree is better than my podunk degree. Whatever.

    So I put the "v" twins on a task of counting non stop , one number at a time , without interruption , to determine how long it would take to simply count to 823,150. When one counted, the other slept, ate, etc. and vice versa. I wish you could have heard the foul language. Mavis could have been a navy corpsman with that filthy mouth and those tattoos.

    So , it took the ladies nine and a half days , with no thought about how the previous lines , or the next line, of a novel source code input could affect the code outcome. One number every second for nine and one half days. So based on my protocoled ,human trial , the Zuckster had potentially the greatest two weeks of conceptualizing ever.....It took God seven days to create all matter. Granted he had a few explosions and wild gases and stuff but the Zuckster's feat is right up there. And what a marvelous coinky-dink that his code and Leaders patented code are identical....and then there was his unbelievable loss of memory when he testified that he kinda forget a few of the details on its structure and design. His epiphany went away?

    Nine and a half days versus two weeks. Just simple monotonous counting by our irritated ladies versus his claim of creating the basis for the massive social networking phenomena today. And , wow, he must not have slept, or eaten or visited the outhouse, cause that would be even better than God. Perhaps his pomposity is deserved after all.

    1. LOL TEX. One correction to your math. Double Leader's R&D cost for those 145,000 programmer-hours. Michael McKibben testified at trial that Leader's cost was $10+ million. Mavis and Flavia would be upset, me thinks, at being told the wrong cost, them being such sticklers and all.

    2. Email comment by TEX:

      I told Flavia that the number was $10 million and she said she wasn't counting to 10 million. She grabbed my mullet and drug me all over the office. She actually tore off the curly part.

    3. not only did Zuckster spent zero dollars on the platform code he stole the hole idea facebook

  27. Email comment from TBDBITL Alumni Club President:

    My TBDBITL Alumni Family:

    Let me start by saying I still love The Ohio State University. Always have, always will even though that love is being tested in ways I could never have imagined.

    I love The Ohio State University Marching Band.

    The OSUMB is a family; my family. On September 11, 2001, I was working in lower Manhattan and across the street from the twin towers when the unthinkable happened. Tryouts had just started when the news broke.
    What did Jon Waters do? He stopped what he was doing, found my wife who was trying out for her final year, and did everything he could to help her. I will never forget what he did for me and for my wife that terrible day. THAT IS FAMILY.

    What is happening right now to my family and my beloved university is both incomprehensible and heartbreaking.

    I would like to share with you what the TBDBITL Alumni Club has sent to the media today:

    "The administration, now running our University, should be encouraged to embrace communication, to solve problems objectively and honestly, and to embrace the Honor and Friendship which has always epitomized Ohio State. It is the University of our parents and children as well. We feel as though we are being "handled" simply by another large corporation. It feels like we are an opponent in a political campaign.

    We are Family. It does not feel like Ohio State any more.

    Attached is the Open Letter sent to President Drake and the Board of Trustees by the TBDBITL Alumni Club seeking repudiation of the wrongful Glaros Report and reinstatement of Jonathan Waters.

    The TBDBITL Alumni Club is aware that the university administration has replied to the detailed information provided by Squad Leaders last night with a dismissive response indicating a continuing unwillingness to deal openly and honestly with the defects in the Report and the facts as are now publically known. Executive Sessions, refusals to meet, and avoidance will never solve these issues or heal the festering wounds."

    The TBDBITL Alumni Board of Governors encourages everyone to show up tomorrow to the Board of Trustees meeting to show your support for Jon, the OSUMB, and your fellow TBDBITL Alumni. Bring your signs, bring your instruments. I have spoken with the OSU Police Dept. and they fully support our First Amendment Rights and to show support in a respectful way.

    Please show your support in a manner that conveys the dignity and class TBDBITL Alumni have always shown before. Let's not give the university a leg up. We have the leg up. Let's keep it that way.

    Our Honor Defend...

    Brian J. Golden, President
    TBDBITL Alumni Club Board of Governors
    TBDBITL Alumni Club

    The Open Letter follows in the next comment.

    1. An Open Letter to OSU President Michael Drake and the Board of Trustees…..

      "Our Honor Defend..."
      "How Firm Thy Friendship..."

      Mr. President, our Honor has been attacked and sense of Friendship shaken.

      The words of the Buckeye Battle Cry and Carmen Ohio reflect a commitment by decades of students and supporters, their families and friends, to education, to OSU athletic teams and to generations of Ohio State University Marching Band members.

      The so-called Glaros Report incredibly and falsely, vilifies the Marching Band, bizarrely claiming the existence of a "sexualized"

      We call upon you to repudiate that claim and to immediately disavow this wrongful attack, as we have. You know the Report is wrong.

      The Marching Band includes over 240 dedicated students who are living their dream, as did we, in support of The Ohio State University. More than 7000 alumni have worn the Band's uniform, in firm friendship and defense of the honor of the University. Their legacy and reputations have been falsely dishonored.

      Words cannot convey our outrage that your new administration has dealt this unimaginable blow to the Marching Band and our great University.

      Why would your staff investigate so hastily, and write such preposterous alleged "facts" and "conclusions," which have been proven to be suspect
      - and often false - over the last 4 weeks?

      Why place such innuendos and half-truths in a public report, other than to satisfy a hidden agenda? You know the Report is wrong.

      Current and past band members have publically repudiated the Glaros Report. For example, five female band members whose nicknames were described as sexual and offensive have written to you, emphatically stating they were neither harassed nor "sexualized" by anyone in the band, and that it was the Glaros Report which first made them victims by subjecting them to offensive comments about their character and physical appearance.

      The Glaros Report claims that Band Director Jonathan Waters did not do enough to change the culture but ignores that, in his recent performance evaluation he was praised for remarkable success in making swift and positive changes in Band values and traditions.

      The Band puts its true culture on display nearly every Saturday during football season. Its precision marching, musical performances and countless volunteer and charitable activities - coupled with jaw-dropping formations created by Jonathan Waters - require incredible teamwork based on mutual respect, caring and discipline. You know the Report is wrong.

      President Drake, we respectfully ask you to do the right thing. You are now aware of the grievous errors in the Glaros Report. More surface daily. You have now heard from scores of Band members and alumni about the true Band culture. The limited charge given to Betty Montgomery involves recommendations for best practices for the future. Her report should not be allowed to paper over the wrongfulness of the Glaros Report.

      You can end this nightmare by immediately reinstating Jonathan Waters as OSU Marching Band Director. You can repudiate the false Glaros Report and begin the slow process of restoring the magnificent reputation of The Ohio State University Marching Band. Jonathan Waters is uniquely situated to work with your administration, the current Band members and alumni to restore the image and reputation of "The Best Damn Band In The Land."

      Our honor defend...

      TBDBITL Alumni Club Board of Governors on behalf of The Ohio State University Marching Band Alumni

      August 26, 2014


    NBC4i.COM TV
    Publishers Won't Let Ohio State Band Play Their Music

  29. Nolo Law defines a "fishing expedition" as "Legal grasping at straws; the use of pretrial investigation discovery or witness questioning in an unfocused attempt to uncover damaging evidence to be used against an adversary."
    Trustees meet on first day; refuse to be interviewed; Ohio State Surveys Band Members On Current Culture

    1. Recommendation to current OSU Marching Band members: Don't take the bait. These unscrupulous attorneys depend upon the unsuspecting character of honest people to trip them up with trick questions and deception which they will manipulate in ways you cannot imagine. Your best answer to all questions that thwarts this agenda is "I don't recall." Remember this during your career. Information you give unscrupulous attorneys can never help and will always hurt you. Learn this lesson early in your career.

  30. Email comment by Puzzled No More:

    It never made sense to me why after a century of the quarter system, that OSU converted to semesters, at great expense. Was the MOOC agenda, like Common Core, the underlying motivation for the switch. That way, all of Ohio State's classes could then be loaded onto Provost Steinmetz's MOOC train.

    1. Dear Puzzled,

      Don't forget to acknowledge the MOOC agenda (capture the minds of the young forever) of at least two of Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbyist's (McBee Strategic) clients, Google and Oracle. This fleecing of American rights and sovereignty is an inside job, and we must start exposing its leaders and footsoldiers. Drake and Steinmetz are its foot soldiers. Wadsworth is one of the leaders, in our opinion.

    2. This is a very well written article on Common Core and collectivism.

      SIGN UP for the American Thinker Email Newsletter:


    Jon Waters' Father Makes Remarks Following Rally At Board Of Trustees Meeting

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - For the first time, the father of fired Ohio State University band Director Jon Waters is speaking about his son’s firing.

    Ohio State's Board of Trustees has refused to allow Waters to address the board, but that did not stop Waters’ supporters from letting their voices being heard.

    Outside the Ohio State University Longaberger Alumni House on Friday, a musical protest by Band Alumni played in support of former band Director Jon Waters.

  32. Ohio State Hears From Ex-Band Director's Backers [at Trustees meeting yesterday - Aug. 29, 2014]

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - Angry backers of Ohio State's fired marching band director made a splashy showing at a trustee meeting Friday, playing their horns, wearing T-shirts supporting him and urging the board to keep discussions on the matter open.

    NBC4i TV


    Ohio State trustees give brief forum for band complaints after protests overshadow meeting

    When the Ohio State Board of Trustees met Friday morning, its purpose was to hear committee reports and approve decisions on its agenda. The proceedings, however, were largely overshadowed by people protesting the firing of marching band director Jonathan Waters.

    In the hour before the meeting, band alumni and others met outside the Longaberger Alumni House. Many came with their instruments and sheet music, playing songs as a plane flew over bearing a “We Stand With Jon” banner.

    Board meetings rarely become a media frenzy, but local television and radio news outlets came out to film the proceedings and document the actions of protesters.

  34. We all have got to continue to unfortunately realize that this decision has again been made in the name of money..Our Country is deteriorating in the name of what you have and what you can keep getting..("the material world") People like the trustees are being driven by pay-offs and special treatments..We have got to fight this corruption or we all will have no future! Stay strong ..don't stop the fight for Waters and what he represents..Believe that what you know is what is right! Let's save our Republic and never stop fighting the good fight!

  35. Isn't interesting how none of our regular pro-Facebook Cartel commenters have posted on these last two posts re. the Ohio State Marching band scandal and the connections to Leader v. Facebook and the Facebook Cartel? It appears that they were reassigned to posting anti-OSU Marching Band, anti-Jon Waters and pro-Drake/pro-Waters firing comments on all the Ohio State blogs and at the OSU Lantern. They really do think that the American public is so gullible that if they keep re-posting and repeating their lies, eventually the public believes them. Let's hope the American public is finally waking up to this gross manipulation of public opinion by well-funded goons who are the equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

    Paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. "It played a key role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s."

  36. Email comment by TEX:

    Old TEX , that's me, has been around a while.....probably beyond my level of " productivity vs consumption" . I have been thinking about a lot of things, especially how the stronger men in this country are sadly eschewing leadership roles......just when we need them the most. In the PC game of neutralizing our stronger , opposite minded potential leaders, the elites paint them as racists, homophobic, misogynist, uncaring, selfish, greedy, etc. The attached article is spot on, even in the distinct Jon Waters saga. Take a peek......we had best wake up. We have two separate enemies lurking," us " and "them". The liberal goons are part of us but want to destroy "us" and the "them" is chopping off our heads without resistance from us.

  37. America was founded on a balanced approach to governance where the wishes of the majority prevailed without depriving the rights of the minority. It was a republic where all power was given to the people, and very intentionally not to tyrants and oligarchs on one side or anarchists on the other. This Cartel of Harvard and Stanford goons thinks they know that an oligarchy ruled by them is best for us all. Anyone who does not embrace their elevated self importance must be crushed. Disagreement with this new intellectual collective cannot be tolerated because dissent spoils the luster of the "social media" shiny things they wish to dangle for universal admiration. This is clearly the path they are on. Go Buckeye Nation. Take the Facebook Cartel down. They evidently think that your "Podunk" school would be unable to resist their intellectual superiority.

  38. #1.It seems to an outsider of OSU that the University has more conflicts of interest and ethical problems than the latest one.
    Trying to use John Waters as a scapegoat to avert attention from their own impropriety being one.
    A recent article states, While Drake was Chancellor at the University of California Irvine, 12 days of controversy swirled when Drake hired and then fired the head of his new law school.
    The article goes on to say, then just one week later before Chemerinsky could start the new job Drake flew to Duke and fired him. At the time Drake said he wasn’t aware that Chemerinsky political views would make him a target for conservatives.
    You mean he didn’t do his homework there, either? The OSU president’s own judgment comes into question with his snap decision on Waters.

  39. #2.Now we have the questionable hiring of trustee, Alex Fisher, and the hiring of his present wife to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Lori Barreras.
    Although she was appointed by Governor John Kasich, just where did her glowing recommendations come from. Did they come from Jeff Wadsworth?
    Did Alex Fischer’s recommendation to be a Trustee of the University also come from Jeff Wadsworth?
    Does Jeff Wadsworth hold information over these two since he was their employer and is most likely to have known the real reason Alex Fisher and Lori Barreras resigned from Battelle the same month.
    Truthteller asked the question about possible misuse of Battelle’s Corporate jet for their personal use, and the time frame is while Alex was still married, but not to Lori.
    I know that OSU has an Ethics and Morals clause.
    Why was it overlooked in the hiring of these two to put them in the positions that they are now judging a moral and ethical issue against another individual.
    These two screwed up themselves. (Pardon the pun), but they want you to believe that they are upstanding citizens and shouldn't be judged for their actions.
    Where are the Moral and Ethical standards of the person who helps coverup misbehavior and then gves glowing recomendations to get a person hired in where they continue to have influence over them?

  40. #3. Then we come to Alegnon Marbley. As of late May 2014, he was under ethical scrutiny. The article referenced states; The ethics commission previously issued opinions that said trustees at Kent State and the University of Toledo were prohibited from holding paid teaching positions. Those opinions were advisory and not part of an investigation.
    Ohio State asked only for a commission opinion, but, the panel launched an investigation in February because a potential conflict had already occurred.
    “This question for us is not about the quality of the instruction but rather the legality of the contract,” said commission director Paul Nick.
    Another issue for the commission is a 2009 advisory opinion for federal judges advising that judges should not serve as trustees at public universities.
    Larry James his lawyer said “that opinion, which is only a recommendation, is not within the ethics commission’s jurisdiction.”
    Amazing how the judge and the University were only asking for an "Opinion"!
    When the "Opinion" isn’t favorable and doesn’t follow what they want, they say they are not bound by an Opinion.
    One other thing that the article said they were looking into with the judge is, “the commission is also investigating any potential conflict of interest with the University’s hiring of Marbley’s daughter-in-law while he served as trustee.
    Marbley says he wasn’t aware she been hired until after she got the job. Nepotism? (Appearance of Impropriety?)
    Canon 2B. Testimony as a character witness injects the prestige of the judicial office into the proceeding in which the judge testifies and may be perceived as an official testimonial. A judge should discourage a party from requiring the judge to testify as a character witness except in unusual circumstances when the demands of justice require. This Canon does not create a privilege against testifying in response to an official summons.
    Since the firing of Jon Waters was not a court hearing, wasn’t the judge's vote as a Trustee against Jon Waters character in violation of Canon 2B because he cannot remove his judicial hat at the whim of the university.
    And isn’t the judge in violation of Canon 2 with his conflict of interest by being a trustee at Ohio State University.
    Also in Canon 2 it states, A judge must expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny and accept freely and willingly restrictions that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen.
    These are the standards he swore to uphold, but it seems these standards don't fit his agenda. I am sure he has good intentions but you know what they say! (Quote for another time)!

    If John Waters can be judged by the statement he knew or should have known, then OSU President Drake, Alex Fischer, Lori Barreras and Judge Marbley should be judged by the same standard.
    They knew or should have known of their ethics violations and conflicts of interest and bad moral judgments and recuse themselves from judgment against another person!

  41. By the way, did you see the HLN news broadcast on the "sexualized culture" at the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. If you use the standards set by the OSU trutees then they seemed to have made the rookies dress up in "sexual suggestive" outfits!

  42. Email comment by a conservative reader of this blog:

    From a Bible Study

    "Left" and "Right"

    Remember what Jesus said: 'Goats on the left, sheep on
    the right' (Matthew 25:33).

    Jesus also told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish do it
    from the right side of the boat. They did and filled the
    boat with fish.

    John 21:6 (NIV) He said, "Throw your net on the right
    side of the boat and you will find some." When they
    did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the
    large number of fish."

    Origin of Left & Right... I have often wondered why it
    is that conservatives are called the "right" and
    Liberals are called the "left".

    By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:

    Ecclesiastes 10:2
    (NIV) - "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but
    the heart of the fool to the left." Thus says the Lord. Amen.

    It surely can't get any simpler than that.

    Spelling Lesson :

    The last four letters in American..........I Can

    The last four letters in Republican........I Can

    The last four letters in Democrats.........Rats

    Math lesson....we are out of
    Money !!!

    End of lesson. Test to follow on November 6, 2014. Class dismissed.

  43. Email comment by TEX:

    Finishing off my box of Cabernet this evening from last week and am plenty mad. First of all, there are really bright (?) celebrities that have posed naked on the internet that want the FBI to track down the hackers who later also put them on the internet. Huh? Eric Holder wants to get to the bottom of this, so to speak. Hey Obama, you hack, hire these hackers to fix the Obamacare website!!!! Put their brilliance to work. Flavia wanted to know who to contact about this naked cloud stuff so I gave her Holders' email. She'll send a few pictures tonite. That will cause a pause in the action !

    Our President (?) is in Estonia today because our fellow Americans are being beheaded in Estonia. Oh wait, never mind. Hey Obama, our issue is in the Middle East . The headless Americans are in Iraq !! Go there.

    Our President is playing golf every chance he gets yet we have the greatest world terror threat in 1200 years telling us that they are really serious about coming to America. They are rich, they are brutal, and the extremism is growing. Obama is delusional. And his aides are golfed out. Focus, Mr President, focus.

    The President gave a speech in Detroit about minimum wage when most of the folks there have no wage. He talks about fairness and then gets in his big old jet and flies to a club and tees off. No problem, the productive tax payers can cover it. He is delusional.

    Here are some of my other concerns. How about that cash for clunkers idea, or GM being bailed out and having millions of subsequent recalls ? How about our diminishing property rights due to taxes, regulations, and things like the USPTO not recognizing patents. Our Republic was designed for private property and the freedom to savor it. Taxes and regulations take those things away.

    I am concerned about Obama care destroying our medical care . I am concerned that the world is laughing at us with our lack of strategy to confront the people that are planning 24/7 to kill us. I am concerned about foreigners running amuck across our borders. Have you thought about being on your knees while one of these animals saws on your neck ?

    I am concerned about legalizing mind numbing drugs, and I am concerned about our kids being encouraged to forget about being better than their folks. I am concerned about companies that don't want to be here anymore and CEO's that are called greedy for trying to perform. I am concerned about our leaders that use the UN to get control of our personal weapons and lie with impunity about global temperatures. How many losers in a row is he allowed before we question his ability ?

    I am concerned about the thugs in Missouri getting more attention than our men and women in the VA. I am concerned that we have lost our focus and there are no leaders in sight. Name just one person that you think can fix this mess. ?

    So , what should we do ? Anybody ? Anybody ? Harvard, is this the best you can do ? If you need a few ideas. give old TEX a call.


    Email comment by the TBDBITL Alumni

    (Columbus, Ohio) From TBDBITL Alumni Club

    Friday, within an hour and a half after finally agreeing to allow a mere
    5 minutes for public comments on their 60 minute agenda, the chair of
    the OSU Board of Trustees empowered the new OSU PR reps to fire back.
    While ignoring our public open meeting comments (other than to suggest a
    continuing study may present useful results), OSU Board of Trustee
    Chairman Dr. Wadsworth proceeded to authorize a counterattack by press

    That counterattack suggested inaccurately once again that the Ohio State
    University Board of Trustees had taken action which in fact never
    occurred and that it had endorsed the irresponsible actions of President
    Drake towards the Marching Band and Jon Waters. No action had been
    taken by this Board of Trustees. To suggest otherwise is to disregard,
    once again, the Ohio open meetings law.

    The Chair of the Board of Trustees simply has the power to preside at
    meetings not to substitute opinions for Board action.

    We know the Members of the Board of Trustees are not happy with the
    handling of the OSUMB and Jon Waters situations by this administration.
    That handling has thoughtlessly brought about division and strife. It
    has brought inappropriate shame to the institution which the Chair
    ironically calls "our world class marching band."

    We know the individual Trustees want a dialogue. We will have that
    dialogue, supported by our own pending investigation report.

    TBDBITL Alumni Club Board of Governors
    on behalf of The Ohio State University Marching Band Alumni


    1. More from the OSU TBDBITL Alumni email comment:


      On Sunday September 14th, from 1-4 pm, Terri Levine (Band Mom of Former
      4 year in S Row), Andy Marks (Drum Major 1984) and Alecia Larsen (Mother
      of Current Assistant Drum Major) are hosting the "Rally Fore Jon" to be
      held at the Four Seasons Golf Center at 5000 East Broad Street. This
      event is to show up and support for the Waters family and TBDBITL and
      promises to be fun for all ages. Jon will be in attendance as well as
      the TBDBITL Alumni Band. There will be a live auction of OSU, TBDBITL,
      and other sports merchandise. The Frostop Soda Jerks will be there
      selling their world famous root beer floats and the putt putt course
      will be open for play by the young and young at heart. Foodie Cards
      will have a table set up. They are looking for volunteers to help at
      the event, vendors to participate, and items that can be included in the

      40% of proceeds from Frostop and 100% of auction items go to Jon's legal
      defense and some people will have tables benefiting Jon's personal
      expenses as they have been doing (Foodie Cards and "We Stand with Jon"
      Shirt sales)

      Contact: Terri Levine: or at 614-975-0081. Andy
      Marks: or at 614-940-5922.

      On Saturday September 20th, starting at 3pm, The TBDBITL Alumni Club is
      hosting a We Stand With Jon Waters Benefit at Flannagans 6835 Caine Rd.
      off of Sawmill in Dublin. This event is also to support Jon, his
      family, to further raise and maintain awareness and to raise funds for
      Jon. This is a family friendly event with appearances by Jon Waters, the
      TBDBITL Alumni Band and other live entertainment soon to be named.
      There are plans for a live auction of OSU, TBDBITL, and other sports
      memorabilia and we are looking for items that we can include in this
      live auction.

      100% of door charges, raffles, silent auction items, and a portion of
      bar sales will benefit the MarchingForWaterLegalFund.

      We are looking for another band or two to play on the evening of 9/20 at
      Flannagans. If interested, please email at


    2. UPDATE ON "WE STAND WITH JON" black shirts

      These shirts are black with four silver stripes denoting the rank of
      director and emblazoned with the message WE STAND WITH JON. Shirts will
      be sold starting at $10 dollars a shirt in order to raise money for the
      We Stand With Jon Waters fund below -

      $600 has been raised so far and an additional $2000 is expected to be
      raised after all the shirts are sold. More shirts have been ordered for
      Alumni Week. 100% of the profits from the sales are being donated.

      Shirts will be for sale at the following locations and times:

      Alumni Game rehearsal Friday September 12. Shirts will be available at
      5:30 pm in St John Arena during the family fun event.

      If none of these times work for you, please don't hesitate to contact
      Allen Sun at 614-561-0330, or at to make other


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