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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


McKibben says Donald Trump is a problem solver and Hillary Clinton lacks a moral compass

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Sep. 14, 2016, Updated Sep. 27 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton stonewalling Congress
Fig. 1–Donald J. Trump, Republican candidate for President of the United States.
Photo: WND.

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News Update, Sep. 26, 2016: FBI protects Hillary Mystery Man who dumped her emails on Gmail
A new FBI Hillary document dump last Friday afternoon reveals astounding breaches of national security and cover-up. Full Story.
Michael T. McKibben
Fig. 2—Michael T. McKibben, Founder & Chairman, Leader Technologies, Inc.


(Sep. 13, 2016)—Columbus innovator Michael McKibben today endorsed Donald Trump for President.

In 1997, McKibben founded Leader Technologies (“Leader”) in Columbus, Ohio when the commercial Internet had fewer than 10 million users. He had just rebuilt AT&T’s email system before starting Leader.

He says the AT&T experience gave him a bird’s eye view of the emerging Internet and the weaknesses of existing IBM, Microsoft and Xerox approaches to large-scale collaboration. He says in the late 1990’s Leader “cracked the code” on how to handle millions of simultaneous Internet users. All told, they risked $20 million in investments and wrote 650,000 lines of computer source code.

The rigged system that Donald Trump speaks about failed to protect McKibben's patent—stolen by Clinton, Bush, Obama intelligence insiders to control the Internet and global information flow. McKibben hopes a Trump Presidency will restore law and order to a U.S. patent system currently hijacked by Hillary’s and Obama’s corrupt globalist cronies.

Why he endorses Donald Trump

About Donald Trump, McKibben said, “Beneath the braggadocio I see a good man. Just look at his children. Despite their wealthy upbringing, they seem to be hard working and level-headed. That is good parenting. Trump also surrounds himself with men and women of character. Those are the traits of a leader who knows how to hire well, then delegate and manage―precisely the characteristics of a good President.”

Regarding Trump’s penchant for hyperbole, McKibben said, “He’s a gregarious personality. In the end, given a choice between PC hot air and results, I’ll take results. That said, it appears he is learning a better balance. After all, he did knock down 17 PC Republicans in the primaries. That is both humorous and very impressive.”

“Very few people seem to have read Mr. Trump’s most recent book or his online position papers. They are detailed and hit the mark. Hopefully voters will see through the superficial radio and TV spin. I do not recall an election in my lifetime where the mainstream media has chosen sides so blatantly. This bias is destroying the public trust in a Free Press no matter who prevails. Press privileges are granted to hold the powerful accountable.”

McKibben graduated from The Ohio State University in civil engineering. His late father was a well-respected civil engineer whose structures include sports arenas, convention centers, roads, bridges, power plants, office buildings and even roller coasters.

America needs more problem solvers like Donald Trump

McKibben said, “My problem-solving heritage cringes at our litigious business culture.  For the longest time, I expected lawyers to fix things. I finally realized that the rewards for attorneys are all wrong, in court and in Washington. Attorneys are incentivized to make more billable hours by keeping things stirred up.”

“Long before Donald Trump, I concluded that Washington needs more engineers and business people fixing things, and fewer attorneys pretending to fix them.”

“While Donald Trump is a businessman and not an engineer, he employs hundreds of engineers, is familiar with completing projects on time and in budget, and is himself a proven problem solver who knows how to create jobs. Half of his Trump executives are women and his business conduct proves the accusations of racism, xenophobia, bigotry and misogyny are unfounded. If I thought they were true, I would not support him.”

“Hillary Clinton on the other hand is a typical attorney who mistakes talking for results. Despite her numerous public positions, she has few positive contributions to show for her lifetime of effort.”

“Donald Trump understands this difference and Hillary does not, I believe.”

Donald Trump promises to restore the Rule of Law

"Obama, Hillary and friends stole our invention and are exploiting it to pursue their 'new world order.' The courts failed to protect us. In secret, crony judges chose to protect their friends and line their pockets rather than preserve, protect and defend the Constitution."

"I would not wish on anybody our experiences with property confiscation by a federal government that can use its powers to crush anyone at will."

“I have four daughters and two sons,” McKibben said. “Hillary’s future for them is one of big government and globalist oligarchies who leach off the ideas of others.”

“Donald Trump, on the other hand, promises to help restore the Rule of Law which levels the playing field for inventors and entrepreneurs to be able to reap the rewards of their labors. That is the future I want for my shareholders and for my children and grandchildren.  Without new ideas and new blood, corporate welfare runs out of ideas and falters.  This is why the Founders wrote intellectual property protection into the Constitution.”

“Hillary and Obama have a history of making wild promises to women and minorities and then not delivering. Einstein’s truism would say insanity is choosing these same people and expecting a different result. By contrast, Trump has made his career creating new wealth.”

Attorneys have rigged the system

“Barack Obama is a Harvard Law attorney who has hired a majority of attorneys in his cabinet and agencies. I believe that Washington is overrun by attorneys schooled in making problems, not fixing them. Worse, these attorneys have now rigged the system and lined their pockets.”

“America’s Founders warned about a breakdown in the separation of powers like this.“

“America needs a courageous leader to wrestle down this attorney-created monster and restore true separation of powers to our Republic.”

“I believe Donald Trump, with a good team around him and with the support of We The People, can accomplish this task.”

“This is why I endorse Donald Trump for President.”

Michael McKibben: The true inventor of social networking

McKibben’s invention is the foundation engine of social networking. He holds the patent and proved in federal court that Facebook infringes his patent on 11 of 11 claims.

“We have been ripped off by the Clintons, Obama and their corrupt community of globalist judges, lawyers, bankers and technology companies,” said McKibben. “Thanks to courageous whistleblowers we can now prove it. Accurate, independent information sources were made public by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, David Bossie, Citizens United, Hervé Falciani, SwissLeaks, DCLeaks and The Panama Papers, among others.”

"By contrast, Mark Zuckerberg claims he created Facebook in 'one to two weeks' while drinking, chasing girls and studying for Harvard midterms. Curiously, when he was asked to produce his code for Leader’s review during the trial, he said he 'lost' it—all of it, just like Lois Lerner 'lost' all of her IRS emails."

"After our appeal, Zuckerberg magically 'found' his files located on 28 'lost' computers—they were being hidden by his attorney the entire time. Nevertheless, our corrupt courts continue to block review of that evidence. We believe we now know why."

"It will prove Facebook is a fraud, the contract with Paul Ceglia is valid, The Social Network movie was a lie, and that Zuckerberg was simply implementing the code provided to him by The IBM Eclipse Foundation—innovations stolen from us and others. IBM wanted to fabricate a Bill Gates 2.0 Harvard story and Zuckerberg was a willing tool, we believe."

When McKibben sought attorneys in Washington, D.C. for patent protection, his problems began. “The bottom line is the federal government confiscated our invention and freely distributed it to its corporate intelligence suppliers. But our shareholders have not received one dime of compensation.”

“Judicial Watch recently uncovered secret Hillary contracts with Facebook starting in 2009—these contracts were entered into during our Leader v. Facebook patent infringement lawsuit. Besides obstructing justice, Hillary’s contracts paid Facebook to write election rigging software. She even published a four-part Facebook ‘field guide.’”

McKibben said, “Hindsight shows that Hillary tampered with Facebook witnesses in our case and that a fair trial was impossible. In fact, she is caught on a State Department video promoting Facebook at an Alliance of Youth Movements Summit in Mexico City, Mexico in 2009 while Zuckerberg lied about 'losing' his 2003-2004 Harvard files and emails.”

“Citizens United, Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks also recovered correspondence between Hillary and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. The State Department had stonewalled release of these documents. This collusion proves that Hillary has no moral compass. She cheated us as the rightful inventor and patent holder of social networking for her own agenda.”

“For these reasons, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, and I endorse Donald Trump for President.”

* * *

Backgrounder: For full background on Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies, read previous posts on this AFI site, and go to Timeline: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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Friday, September 9, 2016


Williams & Connolly LLP at epicenter of Washington corruption & warrantless surveillance

Proof some large law firms tend to destroy republican governance

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Sep. 09, 2016, Sep. 13, 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton stonewalling Congress
Fig. 1–Hillary Clinton testifying to Congress and Benghazi—The law firm she and Bill used in 1997 to set up The Clinton Foundation, Williams & Connolly LLP, is the same law firm representing Hillary in Congressional Hearings, and was also hired by the State Department (not to mention the IRS) to stonewall emails and documents related to The Clinton Foundation—actions for which the State Department Inspector General made a criminal referral to the FBI! What are those cozy relationships worth to the Clintons? Priceless. Williams & Connolly LLP is very evidently covering up their own duplicity in this ghastly corruption. Pictured in this photo on the right is David E. Kendall, Williams & Connolly LLP.
Photo: C-Span3.
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Breaking News! Sep. 11, 2011: Another Cover-up—Hillary has Parkinson's Disease
Click lower right corner of video for full screen view.
Fig. 2—Hillary Clinton leaves the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony abruptly with a Parkinson's Disease episode. Collapses while waiting for her car. Look how unsurprised her aids appear. A Secret Service whistleblower confirms that she has Parkinson's. In addition, on Oct. 25, 2011, Hillary's aide Jake Sulivan researched the drug Provigil often used in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. It is also believed that she has tumors in her brain and lungs. Video source: John Cardillo.

(Sep. 09, 2016)—This post will be short because it is so explosive. New evidence has just surfaced fingering the law firm Williams & Connolly LLP at the epicenter of the corrupt Clinton Foundation machine. Hillary and Bill used this law firm in 1997 to set up The Clinton Foundation. It is the same law firm hired by the State Department (not to mention the IRS) to stonewall discovery of emails and documents related to The Clinton Foundation. What are those cozy relationships worth to the Clintons? Priceless.

James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Williams & Connolly LLP is also tied to the secret White House spy agency formed in 1995 by Bill Clinton’s Executive Order 12958. This order was likely drafted by Clinton legal confidante James P. Chandler—who also advised the FBI, NSA and Judiciary. This secret agency grew legs under George W. Bush and has been running under Barack Obama using warrantless wiretaps on anyone on the planet to gather dirt for blackmail and coercion, we believe. This explains how Bill Clinton's speaking fees could be so consistently extravagant. We believe that these globalists need Hillary Clinton's election to perfect their globalist takeover, which is not yet complete.

In 2000, Chandler agreed to represent Columbus innovator Leader Technologies as their patent attorney after seeing Leader’s pioneering social networking invention. What Leader had no way of knowing was Chandler's plan with IBM to control the emerging Internet (for national security, of course). On Nov. 29, 2001, Chandler and IBM formed The Eclipse Foundation which would become the distribution vehicle for Leader’s invention once Chandler got his hands on the proprietary Leader source code.

Williams & Connolly LLP—epicenter of Washington corruption

Many winding trails are leading back to one Williams & Connolly LLP law firm.

AFI researchers located the State of Arkansas public incorporation records that identify the actual start date of The Clinton Foundation as Oct. 23, 2007. The mainstream media uniformly says the foundation was only established after Bill Clinton left the Presidency in 2001. This misinformation is likely intended to obscure Hillary's liability in failing to disclose the 30 related Clinton Foundation entities in her Jan. 05, 2009 Senate Ethics Statement in which she discloses only three of the 30 Clinton Foundation aliases.

The difficultly in finding the mother lode with The Clinton Foundation is that it has over 30 different names in the form of various “initiatives,” “foundations” and even at least two for-profit entities in Bogota, Columbia of all places—Acceso Fund LLC and Ciudad Verde Amarilo Frailejon III.

The Arkansas Secretary of State lists many of the Clinton Foundation iterations listed on its public certificate, but those recorded are incomplete and have been supplemented below with more current IRS Form 990 Foundation reports.

  1. Acceso Fund LLC (Columbia),
  2. Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation,
  3. Ciudad Verde Amarilo Frailejon III,
  4. Clinton Climate Initiative,
  5. Clinton Foundation,
  6. Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative,
  7. Clinton Foundation Hong Kong,
  8. Clinton Foundation Insalingstiftelse (Sweden),
  9. Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership,
  10. Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative,
  11. Clinton Global Initiative,
  12. Clinton Global Initiative - Asia,
  13. Clinton Global Initiative University,
  14. Clinton Health Access Initiative,
  15. Clinton Health Matters Initiative,
  16. Clinton Hunter Development Initiative,
  17. Clinton Institute,
  18. Clinton Small Business Initiative,
  19. Forty Two, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project,
  20. The Clinton Foundation,
  21. The Clinton Initiative,
  22. The Clinton Museum Store,
  23. The William J. Clinton Foundation,
  24. The William J. Clinton Presidential Center,
  25. Too Small To Fail,
  26. West Wing,
  27. William J. Clinton Foundation,
  28. William J. Clinton Foundation (India),
  29. William J. Clinton Fndn (Kenya) Char Trust, and
  30. William J. Clinton Foundation UK.

Who else do you know that needs 30 aliases?

A Clinton Foundation IRS Form 990 annual financial disclosure for 1998 provided the proof regarding Williams & Connolly’s duplicity on page 7.

Williams & Connolly represented the Clinton Foundation at inception on Oct. 23, 1997 as evidenced by this Apr. 13, 1999 entry on the IRS Form 990, p. 7
Fig. 3IRS Form 990. (Apr. 13, 1999). William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation financial disclosure for FY 1998, p. 7.

It disclosed that the Clinton Foundation had paid the law firm $88,200 in legal services.
OK, so why is this a problem?

This means that Williams & Connolly LLP had a client relationship with the Clintons and The Clinton Foundation (including its 30 aliases) from 1997 while Bill Clinton was President and Hillary was First Lady.

Paul Mogin, Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP
Paul Mogin,
Williams & Connolly LLP
Catherine S. Duval, Associate, Williams & Connolly LLP
Catherine S. Duval,
Williams & Connolly LLP
David E. Kendall, Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP
David E. Kendall,
Williams & Connolly LLP

This also means that Williams & Connolly LLP is forbidden from representing parties adverse to the Clintons in the future—like the State Department. The State Department Inspector General even referred Hillary Clinton to the FBI for possible criminal charges for goodness sake. Normally this rule protects former clients. But in this case, the rule protects the public from this unscrupulous law firm.

Hillary Memo to the U.S. Citizenry: My law firms and I are above the law.

On Sep. 9, 2016 at a fundraiser, Hillary referred to half of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables." This reveals her contempt for large swaths of humanity. Will she suddenly stand up for their rights once elected—approximately 25% of the population? Her loathing for those who oppose her greed and powermongering is not even being hidden any longer. They must be worred because yesterday, even the mousy Dustin Moskowitz, one of Mark Zuckerberg's larcenous Harvard sidekicks, just donated $20 million to Hillary's campaign. The globalist hounds of hell have been unleashed.

One would have found great humor in being a fly on the wall at the Williams & Connolly LLP partner ethics conflicts check meeting where they convinced themselves they could represent both Hillary and the State Department in the same matters. (Shhhhh: Never mind they needed to cover-up their own duplicity.) Such large law firms really do believe they are above the law, along with their above-the-law clients like Hillary.

Such representation violates propriety and common sense, not to mention multiple Rules of Professional Conduct like Rule 1.9 – Duties to Former Clients, including (b)(1)

“[A lawyer shall not . . . represent a person] whose interests are materially adverse to that person.”

By representing the State Department in the Hillary Clinton private email scandal, Williams & Connolly has broken one of the most basic tenants of the public trust—avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Thanks to Julian Assange, Citizens United, DCLeaks, SwissLeaks, The Panama Papers, Edward Snowden, Judicial Watch, WikiLeaks and other whistleblowers and watchdogs, the evidence proves that Williams & Connolly LLP was likely protecting itself in stonewalling Hillary Clinton's collusion with the Clinton Foundation—their former client.

Could this sin get worse?

Yes. Williams & Connolly LLP ("W&C") is also covering up their culpability in multiple scandals involving the Clintons and their globalist retinue as enumerated below, most occuring concurrently:

  1. IRS stonewalling—W&C represent IRS,
  2. Benghazi stonewalling—W&C represents State Dept.,
  3. Hillary’s private server stonewalling—W&C represents State Dept. & Hillary,
  4. Secret White House Executive Order spy agency cover-up—W&C worked with James P. Chandler, III on Clinton executive orders,
  5. Hillary secret contract with Facebook for an election rigging template stonewalling—W&C represents Hillary,
  6. Leader v. Facebook and the theft of social networking (see Timeline)—W&C colleague of James P. Chandler (Leader patent attorney) and Obama Admin. on The IBM Eclipse Foundation theft of Leader's proprietary software code,
  7. Secret White House spy agency/NSA bulk surveillance of Americans via social networking cover-up—W&C worked with James P. Chandler, III on Clinton executive orders,
  8. Deepak Verma
    Energy stimulus funds fed to the Clinton Foundation via India by a shadowy figure by the name of Deepak Verma. Verma incorporated the Clinton Foundation in India in 2007. Verma was also director of at least 35 non-operating green energy Indian shell companies—20 of which he resigned at the same time in Dec. 2011. This all occured during the Obama energy stimulus giveaway—overseen by Hillary's globalists cronies McBee Strategic LLC & Cooley Godward LLP—Facebook's attorney in Leader v. Facebook (yet more obstruction of justice). This was precisely when Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg were stonewalling release of his 2003-2004 Harvard information and emails in Leader v. Facebook, which they subsequently said they "lost," just like the IRS's John Koskinen "lost" Lois Lerner's emails.

Economic Espionage Act of 1996
" Even the much ballyhooed Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (EEA)—authored by James P. Chandler, III & promoted by Williams & Connolly LLP—was a billy club to drag out whenever globalist monopolies are threatened by new inventions, and equally to be ignored whenever globalists are stealing those inventions, as occured in Leader v. Facebook. "

—Anonymous Insider
Many roads in the Clinton Foundation corruption story are suddenly terminating at Williams & Connolly’s front door.

As further evidence of Williams & Connolly LLP's duplicity in all things Clinton, they were James P. Chandler, III’s choice under Bill Clinton for the first prosecution of the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) in US v. Hsu (1998).

The globalist club is suddenly getting quite small.

Election bottom line

Saul D. Alinsky
Dedicated to Lucifer
George Soros
Self-proclaimed Atheist

The choice in this election appears to boil down to: (1) Hillary/Soros globalism and return to the divine right of (banker) kings, or (2) U.S. Constitution.

Hillary Clinton wants globalism—Rule of Man. Her legal abuses prove she has no respect for the Constitution. Her and Barack Obama's community organizing mentor, Saul Alinsky, studied and used Chicago mobster tactics. He dedicated his book Rules for Radicals (1971) to Lucifer. All facts folks.

Benjamin Franklin (1787): 'A republic if you can keep it.'

Donald Trump is committed to restoring respect for and allegiance to the Constitution—Rule of Law. Say what you will about his shortcomings, at least he doesn't elevate them to the divine right of kings like Queen Hillary and King Bill. Constitutional ideals are what have made America great, warts and all.

Continue striving for greatness under a Constitutional Rule of Law, or get in line for handouts from globalist overlords under a Rule of (Wo)men?

We'll soon know which it will be.

All Americans have an interest in guarding against Man-in-the-Middle vote shifting. The real and present danger to a fair vote is the fact that the technology vendors are uniformly aligned with the globalists. The IBM Eclipse Foundation. The Allseen Foundation. Palantir. Diebold. ES&S. Sequoia. Microsoft. Oracle. Apple. IBM. EMC. Facebook (Hillary's "template for winning elections" State Dept. hidden contracts). LinkedIn. Ebay. Google. WhatsApp. Instagram. Reddit. YouTube. Skype. Yahoo. PalTalk. Amazon. Eurotech. SAP. Rational. Sybase, HP. Xerox. Dell. Intel. Cisco. Etc. All of these companies have installed NSA / White House spy agency backdoors. However, the backdoors are not all fully integrated since they want even more government "Big Data" to make their population control algorithms deadly accurate. They also want to hand control of domain naming to their globalist buddies offshore. That makes censorship factors easier. Then, to cut somebody off globally, they will simply delete that person's or company's ICANN registry listing (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Censorship will be effortless.

Globalist George Soros has been funding efforts to increase the use of electronic voting in the U.S. As the Man-in-the-Middle overview above shows, electronic voting makes it much easier to steal elections.

"Vote shifting" is an easier task and a much greater threat than even Voter ID fraud. Vote tallies can get changed with the click of the keyboard by a "man in the middle" between the precincts, counties and the state tabulator. We suggest you ensure that bipartisan citizen digital traffic monitoring be placed at every State election tabulator computer to make sure that signals are not being re-routed.

It's our election, let's take charge of it.

These bipartisan citizen observers (not State employees) must also be permitted to inspect the actual software code being used on EVERY electronic voting machine for vote shifting algorithms. Random testing is inadequate and easily circumvented by clever coding.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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Friday, August 26, 2016


Clinton Foundation, Facebook, Joule Unlimited (Putin), false FOIA marking, Leader v. Facebook obstruction of justice

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 26, 2016, Updated Sep. 08, 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton's phone logs are proof of State Dept. cover-up
Fig. 1–Hillary Clinton's State Dept. Phone Logs—1,200% more calls were made to Hillary from the Clinton Foundation staff than from White House chiefs of staff. There were more calls from Facebook executives than from National Security Adviser Susan Rice. 88% of the Clinton Foundation and 100% of the Facebook calls were redacted (blanked out) fraudulently under the "B6" exemption for personnel and medical records. Hillary had entered into election rigging contracts with Facebook, therefore Facebook was a State Department vendor and not qualified to receive the B6 exemption for business activities.
Photo: Esquire.
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Douglas J. Band
Douglas J. Band
Creator of the Clinton Global Initiative (2001) renamed The Clinton Foundation
Breaking News Sep. 02, 2016:
2001 Clinton Foundation creator—Douglas J. Band—ordered diplomatic passports from Huma Abedin in 2009 email on Hillary's private server —just months after setting it up
Judicial Watch just uncovered a Jul. 27, 2009 email from Douglas J. Band to Hillary's aide Huma M. Abedin. He asked for diplomatic passports. Such privileges to third parties are only given to contractors. Since the State Dept. has redacted all of Band's emails as "B6" personal (using their fraudulently expanded definition), they are admitting that this request is fraudulent. This is yet more evidence that The Clinton Foundation and George Soros were slated to run the U.S. State Deparment during the Hillary-Obama reign in order to solidify their globalist agenda. They relied on immoral pliable youngsters like Tomicah S. Tillemann, Alec Ross, Jean-Louis Warnholz, Bryan Pagliano, Huma Mahmood Abedin, Dennis Cheng and Marne L. Levine as "Senior Advisors" in this racketeering. Whistleblowers please come forward.

Bookmark: #soros-ran-state-dept
Leonard P. Stark
Jean-Louis Warnholz
Soros Econ. Dev. Fund, Senior Hillary State Dept. Adviser for Haiti/Africa
Breaking News Aug. 31, 2016:
Soros drove Haiti profit making from State Dept.
New stonewalled Hillary emails (Call Logs, Part 2 below) show George Soros directed the Haiti relief via English middleman Jean-Louis Warnholz and Clinton Foundation Douglas J. Band using Hillary's private email server. The State Department marked the details "Page Denied.." Remarkably, the boyish Warnholz left Soros to become "Senior Advisor" to Hillary in 2010. His credentials were limited to one 2007 university "working paper" on poverty reduction as a profit-making opportunity. Warnholz is now partnered with Cheryl D. Mills in BlackIvy Group LLC alleged African poverty reduction. Evidently, Hillary's State Department was "advised" by amateurs who took orders from George Soros and The Clinton Foundation.


Bookmark: #tabloid-rhetoric
Hillary's Condensed Anti-Trump tabloid rhetoric
Fig. 2–Hillary's hackneyed attempt at a Reno NV diversion—In an evidently desperate attempt to distract low information voters from her Clinton Foundation criminality, Hillary condensed every negative stereotype ever conceived against opponent Donald Trump into a single speech in Reno NV on Aug. 25, 2016. Such tabloid rhetoric signals an inability to present anything other than fickle poll-of-the-day talking points? Video: Roku /

(Aug. 26, 2016)—On August 23, 2016, Judge Rudolph Contreras ordered the State Department to release stonewalled Hillary phone logs to corruption watchdog Citizens United. The 176 pages were dated between Jul. 06, 2010 to Mar. 29, 2012. Another 130 pages of Huma Abedin's emails showing the close collaboration between the State Department and Clinton Foundation were also turned over.

A shout out thank you to Citizens United for your dogged persistence, along with fellow watchdogs Judicial Watch.

Citizens United court ordered FOIA release of Hillary Clinton Documents: Call Logs, Part 1 | Call Logs, Part 2 | Huma Abedin Emails, Part 1 | Emails, Part II

Bookmark: #hillary-ethics-statement
New Sep. 08, 2016: Hillary Jan. 05, 2009 Senate Ethics Statement on Clinton Foundations
Hillary Clinton's Jan. 05, 2009 ethics statement
Fig. 3–Hillary's Ethics Statement (Lies) on Jan. 05, 2009 to U.S. Senate (the American People). Click here for Hillary Clinton's Ethics Statement.

. . . 8 days later, Hillary registered

. . . 14 days earlier, Michael Connell, RNC IT guru & digital vote rigger, died in a suspicious plane crash

See TIMLEINE. Jan. 05, 2009, People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

The scanned documents were in poor condition. One could be excused for thinking that the State Department attorneys used a special “make this email nearly unreadable” printer setting.  Many of the scans were skewed and pixilated, making them hard to read. The sloppy condition forced AFI investigators to painstakingly review them page by page. Automatic searches were impossible.

In general, our researchers have found a correlation: the more damning the document, the more degraded the reproduction. The bottom line is that our taxpayer-funded State Department lawyers are using their salaries to hide and deface public property.

Bookmark: #b6-exemption-abuse

Misuse of (B)(6) exemption

The FOIA attorneys liberally claimed the “B6” exemption in blanking out Hillary’s log entries.

The 5 U.S. Code § 552(b)(6) actually says:

(b)(6) personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy;

However, the State Department fraudulently misstates the statute, broadening it from "personnel and medical files" to "Information" and even wholly rewritten to just "Personal privacy information." Such obviously intentional misstatements of the law to protect Hillary are themselves aiding and abetting the crimes:

(b)(6) Information that would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

(b)(6) Personal privacy information.

State Department misstatement of 5 USC 552(b)(6) exemption
State Department misstatement of 5 USC 552(b)(6) exemption
Fig. 4—State Department misstatements and reinterpretations of 5 U.S. Code § 552(b)(6) exemption from FOIA disclosure in Citizens United v. U.S. Department of State, Case No. F-2014-15277, Date: 04/27/2016 disclosures on Aug. 23, 2016.
Bookmark: #shove-it
Harvard Law Obama & Yale Law Clintons essentialy said "shove it" to conflict of interest laws
President Barack Obama (R) stands with former President Bill Clinton before speaking at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on September 22, 2009 in New York City. The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) brings together leaders in politics, business, science, academics and religion to discuss global issues such as climate change and peace in the Middle East. Getty Images.Former President Bill Clinton (L) and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton look on after Hillary spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) September 25, 2009 in New York City. The fifth annual meeting of the CGI gathers prominent individuals in politics, business, science, academics, religion and entertainment to discuss global issues such as climate change and peace in the Middle East. The event, founded by Clinton after he left office, is held the same week as the General Assembly at the United Nations, when most world leaders are in New York City. Getty Images.
Fig. 5—Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hosted and spoke at the Sep. 22, 2009 conference of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. The larcenous trio has promoted a revolving door among the State Department, White House,The Clinton Foundation and its donors. As lawyers who know better, they very evidently set out to destroy the ethics of avoiding even the appearance of conflicts. Their clear message is "In your face, America. After America's new President and his Secretary of State erased the firewall between public and private relationships, it appears their corporate donors began eight years of rapacious theft and profit making. Click for evidence of the depths of this ethical depravity in a CGI 2009 project summary (pgs. 25-87). (Note the defaced quality of this scan). Photos: Getty Images.
Dennis Cheng
Dennis Cheng,
Middleman between Clinton Foundation & U.S. Dept. of State
Huma Mahmood Abedin (Weiner) - full name source Citizens United v. US Dept. of State, Case No. F-2016-00374, Doc. No. C06035312, 06/21/2016.
Huma Mahmood Abedin (Weiner)

Huma M. Abedin
Dennis Cheng

Here is another clearly fraudulent use of B6 to hide the identity of a correspondent from the Clinton Climate Initiative. B6 is also used for Dennis Cheng, the middle man between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. In this email, Cheng's Clinton Foundation email address is blanked out using B6. Here Cheng asked Abedin for her full name—Huma Mahmood Abedin—and asks if her personal email is working yet—an evident effort to hide their unethical coordination.

Derek H. Chollet
Derek H. Chollet

New, Sep. 07, 2016: Another Hillary insider who was a likely go-between for The Clinton Foundation, George Soros' Open Society Foundations and the secret executive order White House intelligence agency was Derek H. Chollet.

Chollet helped edit Hillary's first speech on "Internet Freedom" that promoted Facebook and Twitter as political tools for election rigging. Chollet is a former adjunct professor at George Washington University (where James P. Chandler is emeritus professor intellectual property). He was on Obama's transition team and worked for Hillary from as principal deputy director of policy planning (2009-2011). Then he became Obama's senior director on the national security council. He has now hit the book circuit as a Obama / Clinton surrogate.

Unless most of Hillary’s interactions with Clinton Foundation employees, Facebook and John Podesta were about health and personnel records, which they were not, none of them should have been redacted.

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Fraudulent Facebook B6 claims

Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg,
shilled for Gmail before Facebook

The logs show that Hillary interacted with three Facebook executives. The State Department marked them all "B6:"

  1. Sheryl K. Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer
  2. Marne L. Levine, VP, and
  3. Erskine Bowles, Director.

However, Judicial Watch uncovered State Dept. contracts with Facebook starting on Sep. 26, 2009 (in the amount of $120,000) and on Sep. 29, 2010 (in the amount of $265,000) for “a template for winning elections.”

Discrepancies in Hillary Clinton's State Department Contracts with Facebook
Fig. 6—Evidence of collusion among Hillary Clinton, State Department, Facebook and Dmitry Shevelenko. Two State Department contracts with Facebook in 2009-2010 have just emerged in the latest trove of Hillary Clinton emails. The first $120,000 contract on Sep. 26, 2009 was for State Department “communications services.”  According to GSA records, the next three contracts paid $250,000 for “Peace Corp advertising services.” Then, a $265,000 contract on Sep. 30, 2010 was issued for more State Department “communications services.” Dmitry Shevelenko's LinkedIn Profile reveals his true agenda for these contracts: November 2010 election manipulation. See previous post.
Source: Judicial Watch.

Therefore, the B6 exemption used to blot out information about Facebook and their executives is fraudulent since Facebook was/is a vendor, albeit a secret one, which Hillary and the State Department have gone to great lengths to conceal. The public has a right to see these public records without redactions to protect Hillary's Facebook chums.

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Hillary tampered with Facebook witnesses in Leader v. Facebook

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton,
hired Facebook to build "a template for winning elections"

Hillary broke one of the cardinal no-no's in American jurisprudence in her collusion with Facebook. Public officials are forbidden from interfering with potential witnesses in an active lawsuit.

Hillary’s obstructing fingerprints are all over Leader v. Facebook. First, she entered into contracts with Facebook. Do ya think Facebook was certain they were immune for bad trial results since Hillary was contracting with them to build "a template for winning elections?" !!!

David J. Kappos
David J. Kappos
Obama USPTO Director,
IBM Eclipse Foundation,
IBM Chief Counsel,
Chandler protégé
James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Creator of the secret White House intelligence agency via executive orders
Leonard P. Stark
Leonard P. Stark
Obama's quid pro quo to Stark was to protect Facebook & Chandler

A newbie magistrate judge Leonard P. Stark (just nominated by Obama a few months earlier) was parachuted in a month before trial, replacing a veteran judge who had just eviscerated Facebook in the all-important Markman Hearing.

Stark allowed Facebook to add new claims, then blocked Leader from conducting additional discovery to build their defenses. Those defenses would have included deposing James P. Chandler, III, Leader’s former patent attorney, which Stark prevented. Chandler was a Hillary and Bill's legal adviser, adviser to the NSA, and adviser to the IBM Eclipse Foundation that stole Leader Technologies invention.

John G. Roerts, Jr.
John G. Roberts, Jr.
Chief Justice, Facebook chief protector
Thomas G. Hungar
Thomas G. Hungar
Gibson Dunn LLP,
Facebook punk with a pen attorney

Despite one hand tied behind their backs, Leader proved nonetheless to a jury that the social networking engine running Facebook is their invention on 11 of 11 claims. Despite this proof, the courts protected Facebook right up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The judges all failed to disclose that they all held massive Facebook interests. Chief Justice Roberts also failed to disclose that he was best buddies with Facebook’s Gibson Dunn LLP appeal attorney, Thomas G. Hungar.

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Clinton Foundation, Joule Unlimited (Putin) “B6” claims are fraudulent

Declan Kelly
State Department,
Douglas J. Band
The Clinton Foundation
Laura Graham
The Clinton Foundation

The logs overwhelmingly prove that Hillary was doing business first and foremost to promote the The Clinton Foundation.

The evident point persons were Douglas L. Band, Declan Kelly and Laura Graham.

Laura Graham was The Clinton Foundation chief operating officer. Doug Band was the originator of the foundation in 1997 at the beginning of his second term in the White House, and has been its chief counselor for more than a decade.

Douglas L. Band is now President and Declan Kelly is CEO of TENEO HOLDINGS, which is deploying The Clinton Foundation's winnings and influence around the planet. In fact, some say TENEO is attempting to establish a global government with tentacles everywhere and headquartered nowhere. Former State Department Hillary employee Declan Kelly left the State Department during Hillary's rein to become CEO of TENEO HOLDINGS. See Huma Abedin emails.

Two TENEO employs appear on Hillary's logs as well: Nora F. Toiv and Delcan Kelly.

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Entries from Hillary Clinton State Department Call Logs between Jul. 06, 2010 to Mar. 29, 2012

ADD to this body of Clinton Corruption Timeline Work: Click here for Excel (*.xlsx) overlay of these Call Log entries with Bill & Hillary SPEAKING FEES 2001-2014.
Huma Mahmood Abedin (Weiner) - full name source Citizens United v. US Dept. of State, Case No. F-2016-00374, Doc. No. C06035312, 06/21/2016.
Huma Mahmood Abedin (Weiner)
Reminder: The B6 exemption is limited to health and personnel records. The Huma Abedin emails prove that the communications involved tight coordination of State Department and Clinton Foundation activities in such places as Haiti and Ireland.

Therefore, these Abedin emails alone prove the B6 redactions are fraudulent—by the State Department's own evidence.

New Aug. 30, 2016: Huma Abedin announced yesterday that she is separating from her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, after he was caught in another sexting act. What Abedin secrets will Weiner use as blackmail in the future if his future ex-wife should become Hillary's First Girlfriend? What is it with these women and the deviant sexual behavior of their husbands? Do we put the leadership of the nation into such hands?
Name Organization Number of entries Entries marked B6 % marked B6 (personal)
Laura Graham

Laura Graham
Clinton Foundation,
Chief Operating Officer

James Rosen. (Aug. 22, 2016). Mark C. Toner spokesman for State Department Can't Answer Clinton Foundation Questions! Bows Head in Shame! Fox News / World News Daily.
134 134 100%
Doug Band

Douglas J. Band

Clinton Foundation,
Originator, Chief Counsellor







31 13 42%
Raj Shah USAID, former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation officer 27 1 4%
John Podesta

John D. Podesta
Clinton Foundation, Counsellor

Joule Unlimited (Putin, Chubais, Rusnano, Goldman Sachs)

24 20 83%
Denis McDonough WH Chief of Staff 11 9 82%
Jack Lew WH Chief of Staff 5 1 20%
Susan Rice WH National Security Adviser 5 1 20%
Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl K. Sandberg
Facebook, Chief Operating Officer 4 4 100%
Nora F. Toiv

Nora F. Toiv

See Huma Abedin emails
3 1 33%
Anne-Marie Slaughter Hillary political adviser, George Soros in-law, author of A New World Order 3 0 0%
Erskine Bowles Facebook, Director 2 2 100%
Declan Kelly

Declan Kelly

See Huma Abedin emails
2 2 100%
Marne Levine Facebook, Vice President 1 1 100%
Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase & Co., CEO 1 1 100%
Barney Frank U.S. Representative 1 1 100%
Fig. 2—State Department call logs for Facebook, Clinton Foundation and TENEO employees as compared to other prominent members of the Obama Administration. Part 1 | Part 2.

A “B6” marking is limited to health and personnel records. It is not to be used to obstruct the course of justice as the State Department is doing.

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Let us count the ways that Hillary Clinton has violated her oath of office:

5 C.F.R. Part. 2635.101(b):

(7) Employees shall not use public office for private gain.

(8) Employees  shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment  to any  private organization or individual.

(11) Employees  shall  disclose waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption to appropriate  authorities.

(14) Employees shall endeavor to avoid any actions creating the appearance that they are violating the law or the ethical standards set forth in this part.

The evidence clearly PROVES that Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators are grossly violating all of these. They were not redacting Hillary’s self-proclaimed “boring emails” about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding plans. They were redacting important national information—all public property, not their private stash.

John Podesta, Joule Unlimited & Vladimir Putin

John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta
Larry H. Summers
Larry H. Summers
George Soros
George Soros

As the table above shows, John Podesta made more logged phone calls to Hillary than the White House chiefs of staff. This occurred while Podesta was teamed with Vladimir Putin, Anatoly Chubais and $35 million of Rusnano investments in Joule Unlimited based in Boston. The State Department marked all of those communications as B6. Podesta was clearly colluding with a foreign government and coordinating his efforts privately with Hillary Clinton, on the State Department's (American taxpayers') dime.

Yuri Milner
Yuri Milner
Shill for Bank Menatep,, VKontakte,

We have already written at length in the previous two posts about:

  1. Podesta's associations with Vladimir Putin,
  2. Podesta's associations with George Soros,
  3. Putin's Rusnano business partner Anatoly Chubais,
  4. Chubais's associations with Facebook-Instagram director, Obama advisor and former Clinton Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, and the failed World Bank Soviet privatization voucher program,
  5. The involvement of Facebook principals Sheryl K. Sandberg and Yuri Milner with Summers,
  6. Summers's association with the IMF/World Bank diversions by Yuri Milner and Bank Menatep, and
  7. the global takeover of the Internet by these criminals.

See Hillary's Diabolical Ties to Russia.

These criminals, along with a crowd of "suddenly sniveling" Establishment Republicans, support Hillary Clinton for U.S. President. They loathe Donald Trump.

Does any American wanting to save the Republic need to know more?

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Click image for enlarged view.
Clinton riches bankrupting U.S.
Fig. 7—Clinton Corruption Map. An AFI reader just asked us to post this graphic that summarizes many of the elements of the Clinton corruption across the globe. The reader also asked that other readers pass on this graphical overview describing why we cannot allow such a corrupt person as Hillary Clinton to ever be President of the United States. Source: Unknown.

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