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Friday, October 7, 2022


Contributing Writers |Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 07, 2022 , Updated Mar. 07, 2023 | PDF |
AFI. (Oct. 07, 2022). Worldwide banking usury - the worship of Babylonian mammon – is the base sin humanity must overcome. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1—The Demon of Mammon. Rid the world of usury and humanity will see a new dawn. We must proclam a global reset of all debt in a Year of Jubilee!
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Breaking News: Nov. 08, 2022 (Election Day)

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, chief Bablyonian agent of Demon Mammon, dead at 91; note his 'help me I'm possessed' eyes
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, chief Babylonian Rādhānite agent of Mammon, dead at 91

Moloch / Ba’al: Canaanite/Babylonian deities associated in biblical sources with the practice of child sacrifice ca. 3000 B.C. Sir Eveyln oversaw the 4000-year pagan Babylonian Rādhānite usury slavery empire that worships Mammon, Ba'al, Moloch & Ahriman (see below).

Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild FKC died Nov. 8, 2022 at his London home. The financier was born in London on Aug. 29, 1931. He attended Harrow School and Cambridge before taking charge of N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd. between 1976 and 2003 that founded the biowarfare industry. The firm had earlier been inherited by future British prime minister Lord Rosebery from wife Hannah Rothschild, who had died mysteriously on Nov. 19, 1890 at age 39 from [Burroughs Wellcome-triggered] typhus. In the same year Hannah died, Rothschild banking partner Junius S. Morgan died mysteriosly in a Riviera auto accident on Apr. 08, 1890, after which J.P. Morgan ascended the demon throne in New York as N.M. Rothschild's secret agent—in conspiracy with Baring Brothers, John Barker (London Assurance Company), British Agent #7, Alexander Hamilton, and later Paul M. Warburg, the Rothschilds became the controlling stockholder of the U.S. Federal Reserve (1913), BNY Mellon (1784), Chase Manhattan (1799) and Wells Fargo Banks (1781), among others.
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Babylonian Eagle, Horse, Lion and Rādhānite fake “Jewish” pagan banker-merchant Pilgrim ca. 1000 B.C.
Fig. 2— The British Pilgrims Society crest (1902) is an in-your-face joke on humanity. They knew that unsuspecting British and American citizens would think the eagle represented America, the horse and lion Britain, and the rider an American Plymouth Pilgrim.

In the secret Pilgrims Society (1902), the images are Babylonian Rādhānite (ca. 1755 B.C.). In our opinion, the eagle, lion and horse are Babylonian pagan images from the Gate of Ishtar house of prostitution, and the rider is a Silk Road Babylonian Rādhānite fake Jewish banker. Note carefully that the header scroll emerges from "THE PILGRIMS" and represents their "here and everywhere" (HIC ET UBIQUE) control of railroads, shipping, transportation, construction, consumer goods, energy, shipping, people and roads, here (locally) and everywhere ("oversea").

Image Source: The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain. Profile Books (London: 2002). See also The Pilgrims Society of the United States. Profile Books (London: 2003). Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.

Lord Rosebery helped form the Knights of Malta, English Priory (1888), St. Elmo's Hall (Yale, 1888—where FL Gov. Ron DeSantis was a member [recently censored from their public record]), Pilgrims Society (1902), First Imperial Press Conference (1909), Empire Press Union (1909), MI6, MI5, GC&CS now GCHQ (1909), League of Nations (1920), Chatham House (1920), Council on Foreign Relations (1920), Institute of Pacific Relations (precursor of the United Nations, 1925).

Sir Evelyn had three wives: #1 Jeannette Bishop (1966-1971, murdered); #2 Victoria Lou Schott (1973-2000); #3 Lynn Forester (2000-present). His three children from #2 are Jessica de Rothschild (Jun. 05, 1974-), Anthony James de Rothschild (Jan. 30, 1977-), David Mayer de Rothschild (Aug. 25, 1978). His two stepsons from wife #3 are Benjamin Forester Stein (1985-) and John Forester Stein (1988-).

Sir Evelyn was chief strategist for the Pilgrim Society's new world order "Great Reset" plans. He was interlocked with IBM, DARPA, Crown Agents, Senior Executive Service (SES), SERCO, QinetiQ, World Economic Forum, Bank of England, Reuters, London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, DeBeers, British Crown-King Charles III, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Moderna, Pfizer, The Economist, Club of Rome, Rockefellers, Hemry Kissinger, Daily Telegraph, Conrad Black, Privy Council, Prescott-Daddy-Baby Bushes, New York Times, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Pehr Gustaf Gyllenhammar, Microsoft, BAE, Lockheed Martin, Clintons, London School of Economics (elites-slaves two-tiered communist economics), among many others. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1989, a year after former Pilgrim U.S. Sec. of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger. Photo: Getty Images crop. Fair Use relied upon.

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James P. Chandler, III dead at 83.Breaking News: Oct. 10, 2022

Attorney patent thief of social networking dead at 83 Click here for PDF

James P. Chandler, III, the thief of the social networking invention of Leader Technologies, dead at 83 (August 15, 1938 ~ July 16, 2022). His cause of death is not known. Arguably, Chandler's theft, as Leader's patent attorney, has done more than any single event in history to empower the Babylonian British Pilgrims Society in their quest to attempt to subdue all of humanity into their usury tyranny. (See post below.) Good riddance to a very evil man, in our opinion.

Chandler was one of America's most heinous spies. Bill & Hillary learned from Chandler. He collaborated with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in the British Pilgrims Society, U.S. and UK Patent Offices, Cambridge Analytica, Marconi, SERCO, QinetiQ, AstraZeneca, Rothschild & Sons, RCA, GEC, BAE, MI-6, MI-5, GCHQ, IBM, C.I.A., NSA, FBI, military-industrial corporations, judiciary, academia, Crown agents, Senior Executive Service (SES), Bill Clinton, daddy and baby Bush, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, and the infamous Andrew W. Marshall—the demon who weaponized stolen technologies for the U.S. and UK governments for almost 50 years inside DARPA, the Highlands Group (aka Highlands Forums) and British Crown Agents.

Chandler also lied to everyone about his ancestry. He said he was part Cherokee Indian. He was not. From his obituary we first learn that he was 25% Chocktaw Indian blood. His grandfather, farmer James Reuben Chandler (d. Dec. 12, 1920), married the full-blooded Choctaw Indian woman "Nettie West." His grandfather was granted citizenship in the Choctaw Nation on Jul. 25, 1903. He poisoned himself 17 years later and died on Nov. 12, 1925 at age 60. Why did Chandler lie about his black-native American heritage? Embarrassed he was not a British blue-blood with whom he conspired mightily for the Pilgrims Society in the spy and technology weaponization business? He did use "Chandler III" for a long time. Perhaps to emulate his FBI buddy "Robert S. Mueller III?" Tellingly, no one else in his lineage was a "James Phillip Chandler." So Chandler's use of "III" was woke window dressing, it appears. (In recent years he appears to have changed it to "Sr." in court records, even though there was no "Jr." Then, his family just used "II" in the obituary—a moniker he never used. This obfuscation was evidently intended to confuse ancestry searches. As usual, obituaries are one of the few times in a person's life when their families use enough truth to unravel such misdirection. In this case, his mother's and father's full names.)

Chandler was also silent about his father, Rev. Isaac Reuben Chandler, a descendant of "common laborers" (1940 Census) and farmers in Louisiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. "Elder" Chandler, as he was known by his parishioners, was a life-long pastor, evangelist and church planter in the Church of God (Anderson) (see photo) Wesleyan holiness movement. This church was mostly white with a few exceptions. "Bro. Isaac" was beloved by his two congregations: Bakersfield CA (33 yrs.), Los Angeles (25 yrs.). The just deceased James P. Chandler was one of 15 siblings, nine brothers and six sisters. No doubt his father Bro. Isaac's acceptance and leadership among "Christian white folk" did not fit son James' black prejudice schtick that he milked at every opportunity among woke blacks in Boston, NY, Chicago, Baltimore, and D.C.

For the record, following is the issue of Isaac Reuben Chandler (1912-1971): Rev. Isaac Reuben Chandler, father, born Apr. 20, 1912, Fallis, OK; Lillie Mae Chandler (née Norling), mother, born 1915, OK; (Locations on Sep. 01, 1971); Dr. James P. Chandler, son, Boston, MA; Arnold Lewis Chandler, son, Davis, CA; Timothy Anthony Chandler, son, Davis, CA; Will Nathan Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Naham Demitri Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Dennis F. Chandler, Oklahoma City, OK; Juanita Florine Phillips (née Chandler), Los Angeles, CA; Edith Ann Sellers (née Chandler), Los Angeles, CA; Mildred Helen Thomas (née Chandler), Bakersfield, CA; Rebekah Queen Ella Benjamin (née Chandler), Bakersfield, CA; Alice Penelope Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Clarissa Lillie Mae Chandler, Bakersfield, CA; Ella Aires (née Chandler), Oklahoma City, OK; Phebe M. Chandler, Oklahoma City, OK.

This contributor personally observed Chandler's racism against whites numerous times. He carefully hid this trait from casual acquaintances, but over time the venom seeped out, even in a man of his wealth and stature. He never revealed the name of his father, Rev. Isaac R. Chandler, who was revered by his mostly white Church congregations in California. Another example, besides giving himself permission to steal the social networking invention from a white guy (!), he once nastily berated a hapless white hotel night clerk in Boston for racism because Chandler interpreted a silent glance by the clerk at Chandler's white guests as racist. In another affair, Chandler proudly tried to stir up racial trouble among black leaders across the country by exploiting the self-inflicted troubles of black Ohio State champion footballer Maurice Clarett, even though Chandler knew nothing about football. In fact, Chandler attended his first ever football game as Leader Technologies Michael McKibben's guest at the Harvard-Yale game also attended by Zuckerberg's glad-handing handler, Harvard president Larry Summers—Zuckerberg had already dropped out. Clarett's young, storied history was notorious for petulance (for which he has now apologized as youthful indiscretion). Chandler and his son Aaron also filed two lawsuits against the D.C. police for racism (both cases were thrown out after Chandler failed to defend his own accusations). See Case No. 08-1158-HHK-(D.D.C. 2008); see also Case No. 10-cv-00903-ABJ (D.D.C. 2010. (Note: The first case has been removed from the D.C. district court's own summary of opinions).

If one is reading quickly, and given our current "woke" culture where one is not permitted to have an un-woke opinion on certain subjects, one might be tempted to think we are being critical of Chandler as a black man. On the contrary, Leader was obviously not bothered that Chandler was black, otherwise they would never have engaged him as their patent attorney! AFI's research focuses on a person's conduct, not the color of his skin. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: "“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Now that the liar-in-chief James P. Chandler, III, Sr., or whatever, is dead, we encourage those with knowlege of his lies to enlighten the world on the depths of his treachery. Notably, we invite those with knowledge of Chandler's illegal activities in the "National Intellectual Property Law Institute (NIPLI)" and the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (later renamed National Infrastructure Advisory Council) (NAIC) (with Microsoft cardboard cutout Bill Gates) to come forward, most especially his former staff, members and speakers. Chandler was a convenor of the highly illegal Highlands Group—directed by Chandler and Andrew W. Marshall, the decades-long director of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA) (1973-2015) in the U.S. Department of Defense. ONA was formed in 1973 by President Richard M. Nixon and Rockefeller flunky and British Pilgrims Society leader (later vice president 2002-2010) Sec. of State Henry A Kissinger. The world demands to hear about the depths of this treachery against humanity. See Whistleblower Affidavit. Each person and company listed in these links is complicit in Chandler's crimes against humanity in their silence.

The scene of a millenial crime—Jun. 08, 2000
On Jun. 08, 2000, Chandler participated in seminal Leader invention design sessions in Columbus, Ohio where he learned the essences of Leader’s social networking innovations, ostensibly to use this knowledge in Leader patent applications. Fig. 3Pictured (back right) of the conference table is intellectual property law professor James P. Chandler, III, on Jun. 08, 2000, at a confidential product design conference conducted by Michael McKibben, Founder, Inventor, CEO of Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio (red shirt, back to camera). On the storyboards were key components of Leader’s social networking designs, still copied by Google, Facebook, Instagram, GAB, Truth Social, IBM, HP, Microsoft, AT&T, Washington Post, New York Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Reuters Thomson, BBC, HSBC, Bank of England, JPMorgan, Rothschild & Sons, Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Blackstone, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, ICE,, and the rest of the Bablylonian British Pilgrims Society's fascist corporate network worldwide—they are not Jewish (they hide behind Judaism and "antisemitism"). Here's their 4,000-year secret: they are pagan Babylonian Silk Road banker-merchants, descended from Rādhānites, via Ashkenaz (Turkey), Khazaria and Sogdia. Twelve (12) days after this Leader product design meeting, Chandler gave Sir Geoffrey S. Pattie, chairman of the British Intellectual Property Institute, an award in Washington, D.C., along with their fellow Pilgrims Society member Sir Caspar W. Weinberger, former U.S. Defense Secretary. British knights now run Facebook: Sir Nicholas Clegg, Lord Richard Allen. See Crimeline. See also Pilgrims Society of United States Officers (1973-1995). Note that Sir Geoffrey also founded SERCO, was the keeper of the Queen's "Golden Share" controls over all strategic British industries, and ran Marconi Wireless that became British Aerospace. British SERCO now controls the U.S. Patent Office and essentially runs the U.S. Navy through over $8 billion in U.S. contracts, along with another $8 billion in contracts by SERCO's sister company British QinetiQ. This is the secret company Chandler kept while he stole Leader Technologies' invention of social networking and sold America's sovereignty to the British Crown.

Issue of James P. Chandler, Sr., III, II, it changes
Elizabeth Chandler (née Thompson)  wife
Elizabeth "Lynne" Chandler daughter
Dr. James P. Chandler, Jr., III, IV, it changes son
Isaac Chandler son
Dennis Augustine Chandler son
Ruth Rebekah Chandler daughter
Aaron Daniel Pushkin Chandler son
David Martin Thompson Chandler  son
Matthew, Maria, Raymond, Donovan, Aaron, Joseph, Blaine, Marielle, and the late David and Jerry; great grandchildren Bailee, Carsynn, and Julio grandchildren
Table 1: Issue of James P. Chandler, Sr., II, III, it changes. See James Phillip Chandler, Sr., II, III it changes. (b. Aug. 15, 1938, d. Jul. 16, 2022). Obituary. [Note typo: should be James P. Chandler, III.] Pridgen Funeral Service. Tragically, Chandler promoted the careers of his children at the expense of others while hiding behind federal "state secrets" excuses for his criminality, we believe.

Now that we know where to look in history, the solutions can start to flow.

The Rothschilds (ca. 1744-present) did not invent mammon, but they currently lead his pagan Babylonian trek through history to control humanity through debt slavery.

Hammurabi Code
Fig. 4—The Hammurabi Code of laws ca. 1755-1750 B.C.)—a collection of 282 rules, established standards for commercial interactions and set fines and punishments to meet the requirements of justice. Hammurabi's Code was carved onto a massive, finger-shaped black stone stele (pillar) that was looted by invaders and finally rediscovered in 1901.

Stele (upright stone slab) with law code of Hammurabi, from Susa, Iran, ca. 1780 B.C. Basalt, 7’ 4” high. Louvre, Paris.

See L.W. King, translator. (Accessed Oct. 10, 2022). The Code of Hammurabi. Yale Law School.

See also: Aaron Miner. (Mar. 01, 2013). Debt and Its Solutions: A Compariative Study of the Biblical Jubilee Year and the Edict of Ammisaduqa. Stellenbosch University.

Jacob J. Finkelstein. (1972). Late Old Babylonian Documents and Letters, Yale Oriental Series, Babylonian Texts Vol XIII, incl. Edict of Ammiṣaduqa [c. 1646–c. 1626 BC, like mēšarum], 282 pgs. Yale University Press.

Johnnes Petrus Jacobus Olivier. (1977). PHD THESIS: The Old Babylonian Mēšarum-Edict and The Old Testament. University of Stellenbosch.

Some Sumerian, Amorite, Canaanite, Phoenician, Babylonian loans carried 33% annual interest rates!

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AhrimanBelow is a prime 705 page "history" example of a 1915 New York, London British Pilgrims Society (Babylonian Radhanite) WHITEWASH of ancient Babylonina history, we believe, to conceal the demonic 4000 Babylonian Radhanite (Fake Jewish) pagan history of banking and trading control. Note the glaring ommissions include: no mention of Radhanites, no mention of Babylonian banking by Jews, no mention of the Egibi "Jewish" banking family 5th-7th century BC, misdated the Murašû or Murashu Babylonian banking family archives (Fig. 15 below) by 1000 years to the fifth century AD instead of BC (!), deified Sir Henry Rawlinson @26:20 (British East India Company thief of the
Rev. Edward Hincks
Fig. 5—Rev. Edward Hincks (1792-1866).
cunieform decipherment of Chrisitan Rev. Edward Hincks; senior contemporary of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Rothschild, W.T. Stead, Alfred Milner, British South Africa Company)—an essentially criminal ommission, or rather misdirection.

Sir Henry Rawlinson was just dubbed ("Indiana Rawlinson" @ 26:20) (YouTube version queued) by Irving Finkel, curator, The British Museum, on Jan. 18, 2019: "You know better than me, especially in this august institution, that the discovery of things and the invention of things is usually accredited to the wrong person. This is a fixed law of the universe. It is certainly applicable here. Rawlinson was really good at mountain climbing [and copied off critical texts] . . . the person who really deciphered the Babylonian [Darius inscription] was this crusty and unappetizing looking individual called Rev. Edward Hincks (1792-1866), who should have been memorialised in this building [British Museum] as much as any other human being because he was one of these amazing persons. He was a clergyman in Killyleagh in Northern Ireland. He had a parish. He had five daughters. . . He deciphered with a great deal of intellectual brilliance. . . And Rawlinson hated his guts."

BRITISH RADHANITE BABYLONIAN FAKE HISTORY (1915): Morris Jastrow, Jr. (1915). The Civilization of Babylonia and Assyria. J.B. Lippincott Company (London, New York). This fake history was published and placed in library reading rooms across America at the same time that Andrew Carnegie and JPMorgan were funding massive pro-British fake history propaganda in American newspapers, publishers, libraries and schools.

We believe Sir "Indiana Rawlinson" (1810-1895) was hired to rid written history of the truths about the Babylonian Rādhānite fake Jewish banking and trading demons of Mammon, Ba'al, Molloch and Ahriman.

See more evidence of this hidden agenda to rid humanity of an awareness of the 4000-year Babylonia Rādhānite banking conspiracy: W. George Rawlinwson (1812-1902, brother). (1898). Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson [1810-1895], forward by Field-Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar, 432 pgs. Longmans, Green and Co. Sir Henry's brother biographer William George ("W.G.") Rawlinson was a member of the British Pilgrims Society and was a collaborator with new world order Bablylonian Rādhānites incl. Sir Alfred Milner, John Buchan, Lord Rothschild, and Sir Arthur Balfour.

The Babylonian Hammarabi Code (ca. 1755–1750 B.C.) permitted usury (item 100), including in the city of Nippur.

Five hundred years later in 1186 B.C. (12th century B.C.) the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt into Canaan, under the leadership of Moses occurred.

The Canaanites (called Phoenicians by 500 B.C.) worshipped Ba'al and Moloch, practiced child sacrifice, and were charged usury by the Israelites.

Fifteen centuries later, the Babylonian Banking Houses of Egibi and Murašû (Nippur) were the actual “Jewish” subjects of admonition by many of the Jewish Prophets against usury (ca. 6th-8th centuries B.C.).

The detailed archives discovered in 1874 of the Egibi and Murašû (prounounced Murashu) Banking Houses in Babylon show that these "Babylonian Rothschilds" did not follow the instruction of the Jewish Prophets against usury. See e-book version.

These Rādhānite* “Jews” controlled the Babylonian banking system, controlled the Silk Road trade with China, intermarried with the Turkic peoples of Persia, Khazaria and Sogdia and ceased to be Judean (truly Jewish) many centuries earlier.

Click to enlarge this map of Babylon showing Rādhān
Location of Rādhān in Babylon/Baghdad

* Named after a suburb of Babylon; The name occurs in two forms: Rādhāniya (as recorded by ninth century Arab geographer Ibn Khurradādhbih) and Rāhdāniya (by fellow geographer Ibn al-Faqīh).

In short, the "Jewish" controllers of banking in Babylon were fake Jews, and have been to this day.

Some 27 centuries later, the Rothschilds and their fellow fake-Jewish bankers—worshipers of Ba'al, Moloch and Mammon (via Sabbatean Frankism)—continue the evil pagan traditions of debt slavery, usury, human trafficking, and child sacrifice. These Babylonians rebranded themselves as “Ashekenazi”—while hiding as Judean Jews and using "anti-semitism!" propaganda epithets to mask their promotion of the usury sin. (They're not Jewish nor semitic.)

Mammon and the sin of usury is the central demon plaguing our world today; he must be cast out (and we must stop practicing usury as both purveyors and co-dependent victims).

The Year of Jubilee must be declared.


Oct. 07, 2022—The practice of usury has been almost universally condemned as unfair, exploitive, discriminatory, and sinful by moral men and woman of the world since time immemorial—no matter their religion be it Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, or philosophy be it Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, or Aquinas.

Remarkably, the law and accounting practices of usury that lure its victims into debt slavery are exactly the same today as 3000 years ago.

The Case for Global Debt Reset to defeat the demon of Mammon
Click this image to play video.
Fig. 6—Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 06, 2022). Debt Jubilee for Christians and Jews. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. YouTube version. (Raw *.mp4 video file). Video: AIM/AFI.

Note: The mask shown above is an 8th century A.D. mask of an intoxicated Sogdian King. The foreign origins of this mask from China are here implied by his exaggerated facial features. These include an aquiline nose (hooked), elongated earlobes, prominent cheekbones, and deep-set eyes surmounted by lashed eyebrows. Source: Smithsonian Institution. Source: Smithsonian Institution, Freer Sackler, The Sogdians, Influencers on the Silk Road.

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Click this image to play video.
Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 14, 2022). Candace Farmer is a British Spy and American Traitor. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 7—Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 14, 2022). Candace Farmer is a British Spy and American Traitor. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. Brighteon version. (Raw *.mp4 video file). Video: AIM/AFI.

Click here for more detailed analysis showing the interlocking relationships that tie Candace Owens' treachery to the Rothschilds and the British Pilgrims Society where her newly-minted father-in-law Lord Michael S. Farmer is a kingpin: Anonymous Patriots. (Oct. 13, 2022). Candace Owens' GLORIFI tied to Rothschild and Sons. American Intelligence Media. (PDF).

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Click this image to play video.
Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 14, 2022). Candace Farmer is a British Spy and American Traitor. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 8—Ramola D. (Oct. 29, 2022). Report 299 | Global Debt Jubilee Not CBDCs: Tracing Usury's Agenda of Slavery Back to Babylon, interview with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel. Ramola D. Reports. Brighteon version. Rumble version. Odysee version. Bitchute version. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

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Click this image to play video.
Free. (Nov. 12, 2022). The Babylonian Cartel, Rhadanites & Stolen Identity: A Discussion w/AIM. YouarefreeTV.
Fig. 9—Free. (Nov. 12, 2022). The Babylonian Cartel, Rhadanites & Stolen Identity: A Discussion w/AIM. YouarefreeTV. Rumble version. Brighteon version. Bitchute 1 version. Bitchute 2 version. Truth Social version. Gab version. Spreely version. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Click this image to play video.
Gabriel, McKibben. (Nov. 18, 2022). The Biggest Scam in History. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 10—Gabriel, McKibben. (Nov. 18, 2022). The Biggest Scam in History. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. YouTube version. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Click this image to play video.
Free. (Nov. 22, 2022). CARTEL BABYLON, Part 2: GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT, interview with Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben. YouAreFreeTV.
Fig. 11—Free. (Nov. 22, 2022).  CARTEL BABYLON, Part 2: GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT, interview with Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben. YouAreFreeTV. (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Click this image to play video.
John B. Wells. (Dec. 07, 2022). McKibben launches truth torpedoes into globalist operations. Ark to Midnight.
Fig. 12— John B. Wells. (Dec. 07, 2022). McKibben launches truth torpedoes into globalist operations. Ark to Midnight. YouTube Version. Source: (Raw *.mp4 video file).

So, why do we accept usury as our way of life today?

Credit cards, house mortgages, loans, bonds, consumer debts, college debts, car debts, business debts, debt, debt, debt.

Interest-bearing credit engulfs our modern societies

Who is to blame for this sinful state of affairs?

Well, certainly us as the victims. We have allowed this practice to continue.

We are similar to the enablers in the alcohol addiction of a family member—we enable the addiction by acquiescing to the dysfunction.

Usurious fiat banking system is humanity's primary spiritual enemy

More directly, the blame must be laid squarely at our fiat banking and currency system, and the people who control it, and have done for some three millennia, as we shall prove.

Compared to the arc of history, the Jew Rothschilds and other fake Jewish  families like the Barings and Warburgs are almost contemporary history as compared to the long line of usurers over the last 27 centuries who have so sinfully influenced human affairs.

Being “Jewish” on the China Silk Road

We feel compelled to put “Jewish” in quotes because we have discovered that the Rothschild-esque bankers today are not Judean or even Jewish—they are pagans.

Rather, they are from Turkic-Persian-Babylonian-Sogdian-Khazarian stock whose convert progenitors melded into the various kingdoms of the ancient world, notably Persia and Babylon; they were put in charge of their banking, currency, taxation, administration, engineering, industry, shipping, communications, accountancy, trade, commerce, industry, and law along the Silk Road to China.

These fake-Jews became the intermediaries between the kings and queens and their subjects. As long as these fake Jews collected the taxes successfully, they were given the keys to the empire.

This fake Jew dominance of Babylonian banking occurred before the 7th century B.C.—at the time of the writings of many Scriptures, including Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Zephaniah, Nahum, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah, Zephaniah, Psalms, Haggai, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

Rome was founded (ca. 753 B.C.); Athens was ascendant (ca. 490 B.C.)

In short, around the 7th century B.C., humanity saw a burst of spiritual energy in both the seen and unseen realms to lead humanity on a higher pathway. God was speaking mightily to the world through the children of Israel during this period.

“London is a modern Babylon” Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)
Click image to enlarge it. Babylonian "Radhanite" Fake Jewish Bankers— “London is a modern Babylon” Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881).
Fig. 13—The British Pilgrims Society controls modern Babylonian banking and debt slavery, empowered by the demons Mammon, Ba'al and Moloch. Jesus Christ came to free humanity from sin, and learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. Mark 12:31.

God was calling the Children of Israel to repentance; to turn from their evil ways and seek righteousness.

God, through his Prophets, repeatedly condemns usury—

For example: Exodus 22:25-27, Deuteronomy 23:19, Ezekiel 18:13, Psalm 15:5, Leviticus 25:36, Proverbs 22:7, Nehemiah 5:10-11, Ecclesiastes 2:26.

The 7-year Jubilee from debt never happened

Indeed, Deuteronomy 15:1-7 called for a “Year of Jubilee” where all debts would be cancelled every seven years; so did Leviticus 25:1–7, Leviticus 25:8–17, Nehemiah 5, and Numbers 36:4.

The wealthy "Jewish"  Banking Houses of Egibi and Murašû—the Babylonian Kingdom's bankers ("Babylonian Rothschilds") — described below, ignored the pleas of the Prophets to forgive debts so as not to make the people debt slaves. Nothing in their archives describes forgiveness of debt.

Nehemiah 5:9-13 pleaded with the Houses of Egibi and Murašû (yes, these very Houses):

“Let us abandon this exacting of interest. Return to them this very day their fields, their vineyards, their olive orchards, and their houses, and the percentage of money, grain, wine, and oil that you have been exacting from them.”

Here we have indictable proof that the exact evil banking practices of the fake-Jewish Banking Houses of Egibi and Murašû in Babylon—at the height of their power and influence—has continued in an unbroken timeline to the fake-Jewish House of Rothschild today.

In the actual writings of the Egibi and Murašû, we have hard evidence that they ignored the admonition of the Prophets against charging interest on debt.

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Kathryn Ann Hain. (Dec. 01, 2016). PhD Thesis: THE SLAVE TRADE OF EUROPEAN WOMEN TO THE MIDDLE EAST AND ASIA FROM ANTIQUITY TO THE NINTH CENTURY, trafficked by 'Jewish' Rādhānite bankers and traders from Babylon. University of Utah.
Fig. 14—Kathryn Ann Hain. (Dec. 01, 2016). PhD Thesis: THE SLAVE TRADE OF EUROPEAN WOMEN TO THE MIDDLE EAST AND ASIA FROM ANTIQUITY TO THE NINTH CENTURY, trafficked by 'Jewish' Rādhānite bankers and traders from Babylon. University of Utah.

Worse, they funded human trafficking of all sorts, including branding slaves, castrating males to sell them as eunuchs, selling boys and girls for pedophilia, selling women into prostitution.

Babylonian fake-Jewish banking in Babylon continued along the Silk Road trade with China from 130 B.C. to 1000 A.D., according to some historians. Others believe Babylonian Silk Road usury dates back to the Hammarabi Code ca. 1755–1750 B.C.

The Holy Lance of Antioch

The breaking point between Babylon, Islam and Europe was the rise of Seljuk Turk Islam. They overran Babylon, redirected Silk Road commerce, blocking it from their enemies, then attacked the Holy Land, triggering the First and Second Crusades (1096-1099 A.D., 1147-1149 A.D. respectively).

Michael T. McKibben, compiler. (Mar. 19, 2021). The Holy Lance of Antioch Timeline.
Fig. 15—The Holy Lance of Antioch, also called The Spear of Destiny, is a legend centering around the spear that pierced Jesus' side by the Roman centurion Longinus during His crucifixion ((John 19:31-37). According to the legend, the Spear of Destiny was passed down through a line of kings, after being found in Antioch during the First Crusade (1098) by soldier Peter Bartholemew and Commander Raymond of Toulouse, founder of the Knights Templar. According to Peter's dreams, the holy spear would lead the 5:1 outnumbered and encircled crusaders to victory against the Seljuk Turks. It did. The actual lance, or its blessed replicas, are said to have given many powerful rulers their authority, plus the ability to control their own destiny. It is also sometimes called the "Holy Lance." The lance shown above was discovered in the last five years at a Knights Templar consistory, forensically confirmed to be a 1st century Roman centurion's lance blade. It is currently in the loving stewardship of an American patriot—We The People.

Perhaps the ultimate counterpart to the evils of Babylonian bank usury and human slavery system that was disrupted, was the miraculous and well-documented discovery of the Holy Lance of St. Longinus in Antioch by Peter Bartholomew and Raymond of Toulouse. Raymond was the conqueror of Jerusalem and later founder of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar created the first Christian no-interest loans not based on usury.

It was the Holy Lance that led the first Crusaders to victory in Jerusalem against Babylon's fake-Jewish usurers. (That very lance of St. Longinus is believed to exist today and is in the stewardship of a patriot.)

The Seljuk Turks disrupted the southern route of the Silk Road —through Persia—that had been controlled by the fake-Jewish Babylonian bankers

The Seljuk Turks forced the fake Jewish (Turkic-Persian-Sogdian-Khazarian) banking houses of Babylon, then well known in Europe as Rādhānites, to move north into Turkey.

Babylonian "Radhanite" Fake Jewish Bankers— “London is a modern Babylon” Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881).
Fig. 16—Babylonian "Rādhānite" Fake Jewish Bankers— “London is a modern Babylon” Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881). The usurous Babylonian debt system, predating 1755 B.C., and the worship of Mammon, Ba’al and Moloch, have never stopped. Instead, they have been remade by “Rādhānite” Babylonian merchants and bankers along the Silk Road, and in the courts of Europe—clothed in a fake Christianity and fake Judaism. Rādhānites control banking today via the secret British Pilgrims Society in The City of London—the mammonic successors of the pirates, drug smugglers, human traffickers and usurers of the British East India Company from ca. 1902 to today.

Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, Order of the Garter, was twice British prime minister (1868, 1874-1880, chancellor of the exchequer (British treasury department, 1866-1868), Tory opposition leader (1880-1881). Worked closely in banking and mining with Lord Rothschild, Moses Monetfiore and Goldsmids, despite converting to Anglicanism for political advantage. There is strong evidence that he rewrote his ancestry to obscure his Sephardic mercantile associations. (In that age of exquisite documentation of family heritage and politics, any time one reads descriptions like "details of his schooling are sketchy" and "reasons for doing so are unknown" usually means some element of history is being censored by the writer.

"Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8.

Ashkenazi means Babylonian, Turkic, Khazarian, RAdhAnite fake Jew, we believe

These fake Jews rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi,”** and had earlier, as Rādhānite (Babylonians), encouraged their brother Khazarians to “convert” to Judaism in order to open a northern route for the Silk Road through the Khazarian empire in the Crimea and over the Caspian Sea.

** Name chosen from the Noahic (Mt. Ararat) cities in Turkey named İşkenaz, Eşkenez, Aşhanas, and Aschuz.

See: Ranajit Das et al. (Jun. 21, 2017). The Origins of Ashkenaz, Ashkenazic Jews, and Yiddish. Frontiers in Genetics.

See also: Moshe Gil. (Sep. 01, 1974). The Rādhānite Merchants and the Land of Rādhān. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Sep., 1974), pp. 299-328 (30 pages). Brill.;

Eran Elhaik, Paul Wexler, Mehdi Pirooznia, Ranajit Das. (Mar. 03, 2016). Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz, Vol. 8, Iss. 04, Apr. 2016, Pgs. 1132-1149. Genome Biology and Evolution (Oxford University).

The Rādhānite (Babylonian) fake Jews had offices all over Europe. It appears that they rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi,” introduced their secret Yiddish trading language, and ensconced themselves into the royal houses of Europe as “Court Jews.” They also engaged in espionage, carrying secret messages along their long network from Europe to China. See Oxford University Silk Road trade route map overlayed on new DNA studies.

Since we have discovered that these fake Jews ran Babylon, it is inconceivable that they did not take over the royal "Christian" houses of Europe, then engaged their fellow Turkic Rādhānite banker brothers as "Court Jews" and as the excuse to continue charging interest in these Christian countries where usury was forbidden.

So in reality, we are concluding that the crowns of Europe were deceiving the public about their blood relationship with their Court Jews. This deception enable their Ashkenazi-Khazarian-Sogdian-Turkic cousins to charge interest in banking so that they would be seen not to be violating the Scriptures against usury.

The most cruel hoax of history

Even the hardened socialist British historian Sir Arthur Koestler (1977) call this “the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

Curiously, at this very time, The Knights Templar (1118-1312 A.D.) were chartering the first banks that DID NOT charge interest on loans.

This Knights Templar plan was wiped out when the Pope stripped the Templars of their assets and gave them to the Knights Hospitallers (1099-present, The Knights of Malta), who would acknowledge the Pope’s ownership of papal lands they had been contributed by crusaders.

(Questions: Were the Pope, his bankers and the kings he controlled closet Rādhānite-Ashkenazi Babylonian usury-loving infiltrators? Were the so-called "pogroms" actually propaganda smokescreens, false flags, for the Rādhānite-Ashkenazi pagan Babylonian banking insiders to wipe out their debts periodically [secret jubilees for themselves—knowing that compound interest would otherwise crush them], no matter if their unsuspecting brethren and the greater population suffered?)

The fact is, when the Knights of Malta, English Priory was formed, its formation in 1888 was led by three Babylonian Rādhānite "Jewish" Rothschilds, namely Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, Baron Lord Henry deWorms (maternal Rothschild), Lord Rosebery (inheritor of the N.M. Rothschild & Sons fortune). The Order charter requiring the member to be a Christian in good standing was dropped allowing Jews, Muslims and secularist to be members, to this day.

* * *

Mammon-demon possession of fake-Jews proved in 1874 archives uncovered in Babylon

In 1874 on the site of the ancient city of Babylon (Djumdjuma), a secret archive of about three thousand well-preserved terra-cotta jars, packed full of small tablets covered with writing, were unearthed by Arab diggers and archeologists.

The British Museum purchased one of these troves. They were “contract tablets” that described several centuries of immense Egibi & Sons and Murašû & Sons wealth and influence transacting carefully dated money affairs of every kind and size, including tax collection, checks, bank drafts, securitized money-lending with interest and penalties, conduct commercial courts, penal legislation.

Egibi and Sons appear to have reached the zenith of its wealth and power under Nebuchadrezzar. Professor Friedrich Delitzsch tells us, " All the financial business of the court was entrusted to this firm through several centuries.

The Banking Houses of Egibi and Murashû were wealthy fake Jewish trade merchant families in Babylon in the 6th and 7th century B.C. who actually controlled the commerce of Babylon.

The Egibi banking family was founded by “Jacob” who most scholars agree was Jewish. (Wikipedia censors make a feeble attempt to distance Jacob from Judaism.)

The Egibi and Murašû families traded in gold, silver, spices, leather, perfume, currency, banking, law, accounting, debt, commodities, branded male and female slaves, boys, girls, castrated eunuchs, cattle, grain, etc.

The "Jewish" Babylonian Banking House of Egibi Archives ("Babylonian Rothschilds")
ca. 602 B.C. to 486 B.C.
The House of Egibi trafficked in slaves. Cuneiform tablet: agreement regarding disposition of slaves, Egibi archive ca. 540 BC. This contract is part of 1700 tables of The House of Egibi Bankers from Babylon.
Fig. 17—The House of Egibi trafficked in slaves. Cuneiform tablet: agreement regarding disposition of slaves, Egibi archive ca. 540 BC. This contract is part of 1700 tables of The House of Egibi Bankers from Babylon. Source: The Met.
The "Jewish" Babylonian Banking House of MuraSHÛ Archives
ca. 539 B.C.
Matthew W. Stolper. (Oct. 01, 1976). The Genealogy of the Murašû Family (leading Jewish banker in Babylon ca. 5th century BCE), Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Vol. 28, No. 4, 12 pgs., PDF p. 13. The University of Chicago Press.
Fig. 18—Matthew W. Stolper. (Oct. 01, 1976). The Genealogy of the Murašû Family (leading Jewish banker in Babylon ca. 5th century BCE), Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Vol. 28, No. 4, 12 pgs., PDF p. 13. The University of Chicago Press. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.

Click here for the Stolper caption text contained in this graphic.

See also:
Albert T. Clay. (1912). Business Documents of Marishu Sons [Murašû Sons] of Nippur Dated In The Reign Of Darius II, 317 pgs. Vol X. U. Penn Dept. of Archaeology and Palaeontology.

Alan D. Crown (1932-2010), professor. (Apr. 15, 2019). The First Diasporas: Egypt and Babylonia [incl. Murašû Banking tablets], The Alan Crown Lecture by Gary A. Rendsburg (Mar. 28, 2019), MesArch 68. Mandelbaum House, Rutgers University.

Mammon, Moloch and Ba’al

We are discovering three interlocked demons from ancient Babylon: Mammon, Moloch and Ba’al. Many among The Children of Israel—since before 600 years before Christ—worshipped these demons. They loved money and sacrificed their own, and their children, to this day.

The Bible confirms this multiple times. For example:

Leviticus 18:21: “Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Moloch, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD”);  

Jeremiah 32:35: “They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Moloch, though I never commanded—nor did it enter my mind—that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.”

Matthew 6:24: JESUS CHRIST: “No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” (Emphasis added.)

Babylon means “sown in confusion.” Mammon is old Aramaic for “riches.”

Since nearly a millennia before Christ, these demons have directed fake-Jew dominance in banking, money, trade, gold, silver, law, commerce, debt, tax collection, contracts, civil engineering and government, almost always for foreign kings and princes.

The challenge of reading Jewish history is to understand what “Jewish” even means.

Originally it was the Twelve-Tribe descendants of the biblical patriarch Jacob Deuteronomy 27: 12. The Quran (7th century A.D.) Surah 7 (Al-A'raf) verse 160 even states that the people of Moses were split into twelve tribes who fled Egypt in 1513 B.C. and settled in Canaan.

  1. Reuben (Hebrew רְאוּבֵן‎‎ Rəʼūḇēn)
  2. Simeon (שִׁמְעוֹן‎‎ Šīməʻōn)
  3. Levi (לֵוִי‎‎ Lēwī)
  4. Judah (יְהוּדָה‎‎ Yəhūdā)
  5. Issachar (יִשָּׂשכָר‎‎ Yīssāšḵār)
  6. Zebulun (זְבוּלֻן‎‎ Zəḇūlun)
  7. Dan (דָּן‎‎ Dān)
  8. Naphtali (נַפְתָּלִי‎‎ Nap̄tālī)
  9. Gad (גָּד‎‎ Gāḏ)
  10. Asher (אָשֵׁר‎‎ ’Āšēr)
  11. Benjamin (בִּנְיָמִן‎‎ Bīnyāmīn)
  12. Joseph (יוֹסֵף‎‎ Yōsēp̄), later split into two "half-tribes":
    1. Ephraim (אֶפְרַיִם‎‎ ’Ep̄rayīm)
    2. Manasseh (מְנַשֶּׁה‎‎ Mənašše)

Within 1000 years after the Exodus, "Jewish" merchants, traders and bankers are to be found living and working all over Europe, Middle East, Eurasia and China.

For example, the Book of Deuteronomy was written in the 7th century (641-609 BC). Indeed, the Bible called on the Children of Israel to declare a “Day of Jubilee” (canceling of debt) every seven years. Deuteronomy 15 called on the Children of Israel to stop occult practices like the sacrifice of sons and daughters in the fire, sorcery, omens, witchcraft, spells, spiritism. Deuteronomy 18:9-13.

The Babylonian (Rādhānite) fake-Jewish banks controlled the Chinese Silk Road trade and were only disturbed by the rise of the Seljuk Turks.

With that event ca. 1000, they rebranded themselves as "Ashkenazi," constructed a new trading language, Yiddish, and took over the royal lines of "Christian" Europe, we believe these new facts are telling us.

The Ashkenazi-Persians-Babylonian-Turkic-Khazarian fake-Jewish bankers opened a northern route through Khazaria, and simultaneously bifurcated the royal families of Europe into fake Christian rulers and their fake "Court Jews."

Historians tell us that Sogdian-Khazarians had large aquiline or hooked noses that set them apart in China.

In fact, the capital of Khazaria, Atil or Khazaran, was a western-most trading hub along the Silk Road (at the mouth of the Volga River in present day Astrakhan, Russian Federation.

The Babylonian (Rādhānite) traded spices, dyes, perfume, porcelain, horses, camels, honey, wine, incense, medicines, steel weapons, furs, gold, silver, paper, gunpowder, jewelry, silk, eunuchs, women, girls, boys, eunuchs, camels, wool, brocade, linen, glassware, pearls, precious stones, leather, royal purple, coral, castor, slaves.

Curiously, the Silk Road Turkic brother-merchants of Sogdia and Khazaria just disappeared from history after the 8th century for the Sogdians, then 11th century for the Khazarians. More likely, they were censored out of our collective consciousness.

Eran Elhaik, University of Sheffield (UK), National Science Foundation. (Sep. 05, 2018). Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA. The Conversation.
Fig. 19—Eran Elhaik, University of Sheffield (UK), National Science Foundation. (Sep. 05, 2018). Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA, p. 2. The Conversation.

Genetically, Yiddish-speaking Ashkanazi fake Jews (Rādhānite) emerged from four towns in modern-day Turkey, namely İșkenaz, Eskenaz, Așhanaz, and Ashkuz.

Sir Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) rose to prominence during the emergence of a new and ruthless British banking corporatism (the British Pilgrims Society) that has now enslaved the world in onerous debt.

The central controller of this agenda is the British Pilgrims Society headquartered in the The City of London financial, press and legal district.

Sir Arthur Koestler
Fig. 20—Sir Arthur Koestler (1905-1983). (1977). The Thirteenth Tribe - The Khazar Empire and its heritage. Pan Books (London). Koestler was born to Jewish (Khazar-Rādhānite?) parents in Budapest, Hungary.

See p. 16: "The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated."

Sir Arthur Koestler was born in Budapest, Hungary to a Jewish family, lived on a kibbutz, was a Zionist, communist, Marxist-Leninist, parapsychologist, and a prolific historian and novelist. He was knighted by the Queen in 1972 (New Year’s Honours) as an author.

European Jews, RAdhAnites, Khazaria and the Aryan Race

The “hoax” Koestler decries is the largely successful censorship of the true history of the Jews of Europe.

Koestler believed that had this true history of the Jews been told, the six million Jews murdered by the Germans in the concentration camps in WWII would not have happened—because they were Kazarian fake Jews who were neither Hebrew nor semitic, and in fact,

… they were more Aryan than the Germans!

Koestler shows with thoroughly sourced scholarship that the Ashkenazi fake Jews of Europe are descended from semi-nomadic, Turkic, Sogdian, Khazarian traders from the Caucuses who converted to Judaism ca. 8th century, and are not from semitic Hebrews.

Vigorous attempts are made to discredit this hypothesis, but they ring hollow. They are buried in misdirection and scrambled DNA verbosity. These counters typically start with snarky, unscholarly comments that turn off sincere scientists, and overwhelm civilians.

For example, just look at the extensive information on their Silk Road trading partners to their east, the Sogdians. Note: Some editor inserted the unsupported, dubious statement at the end of the Smithsonian website on the Sogdians.

The "RAdhAnites" (Babylonian fake Jews) opened a northern route on the Silk Road thru Khazaria, then rebranded themselves "Ashkenazi"
Click map to enlarge it
Judith A. Lerner and Thomas Wide. (Accessed Oct. 17, 2022). Who were the Sogdians, and Why Do They Matter? Freer Sackler, Smithsonian Institution.
Fig. 21—Judith A. Lerner and Thomas Wide. (Accessed Oct. 17, 2022). Who were the Sogdians, and Why Do They Matter? Freer Sackler, Smithsonian Institution.

During the first millennium, the "Silk Road" trade routes across Asia were both land-based and maritime, and were controlled by RĀDHĀNITES (bankers & merchants from Babylon) Babylonian-Sogdian-Khazarian “Jewish” Bankers; they had little to no Jewish blood—rather, they were syncretic (fused various religions together) Babylonian pagans who worshipped Mammon, Ba’al and Moloch, and became masters of adapting into whatever culture they inflitrated with banking usury, including their secret language of Yiddish, and now digital encryption.

Click map to enlarge it
Judith A. Lerner and Thomas Wide. (Accessed Oct. 17, 2022). Who were the Sogdians, and Why Do They Matter? Freer Sackler, Smithsonian Institution.
Fig. 22—Eran Elhaik, Paul Wexler, Mehdi Pirooznia, Ranajit Das. (Mar. 03, 2016). Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz, Vol. 8, Iss. 04, Apr. 2016, Pgs. 1132-1149. Genome Biology and Evolution (Oxford University).

DNA overlays now prove that Rādhānite "Jews" (who renamed themselves Ashkenazi "Jews" in the 11th century A.D.) are descended from Babylonian Persians (now Iraq, Iran) and the Silk Road lands from Babylon to China, including Persia, Sogdia, Khazaria and the other Turk peoples who controlled the Silk Road between China and Europe. The Rādhānites were the "Jewish" bankers, merchants and spies of Babylon.

Note Rādhān was suburb of Babylon that Rādhānites effective controlled economically, religiously and politically for more than 1000 years. Their "Judaism" appears to be fake and used only to bolster trade and banking, including the pragmatic "conversion" of the Khazarians so they could get in on the Silk Road economy. They invented Yiddish as a secret banking language. The Talmud appears to have been one of the ways they differentiated their Judaism from the Hebrews of the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. These books demanded that they flee USURY.

Torah (Real Jews) vs. Babylonian Talmud (Fake RAdhAnite Jews)

The Babylonian Rādhānite Talmud finessed the subject of usury by making a distinction between personal and business usury; allowing business usury. The Pharisees at the Temple in Jerusalem in Jesus' time regularly sent their rabbis to Babylon to study the Babylonian Talmud.

See Hillel Gamoran. (1976). Talmudic Usury Laws and Business Loans. Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Period, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1976), pp. 129-142 (14 pages). Brill. (p. 142: "The [Babylonian Rādhānite] Talmudic literature shows how the rabbinic authorities created an anti-usury structure made largely of straw.").

However, these mercenary historians want us Westerners to believe that the Jewish-convert Khazarians were bereft of a rich cultural history over hundreds of years like their fellow Turkic Sogdian neighbors? This is preposterous. Khazarian history has been censored from our collective consciousness, we believe.

(NOTE: Modern archeology shown at the Smithsonian has discovered Sogdian art and writings in China that describe a people with large, hooked noses as sculpted on Sogdian art displayed at the Smithsonian [add image here]. Notably, the Sogdians and Khazarians are both of Turkic stock and likely share common facial features. Indeed, Sogdians were alternatively sought out, and at other times persecuted in China, and were identified by their large noses.)


We believe this censorship is designed to protect the British Zionist fiction of the “Great Diaspora” as a centerpiece of their dominance of Israel and the Middle East in the 20th century.

We believe it is also designed to mask the Khazarian convert heritage of its banking and corporate aristocracy led by the Windsors (Saxe-Coburg and Gotha), Rothschilds and other Rādhānite (Babylonian) German families.

The British Pilgrims Society’s Jewish hegemony fiction dies when the truth of their fake-Jewish Turkic blood actually being Khazarian-Sogdian since ca. 1000, and not semitic, becomes known.

The “antisemitic” and “pogrom” propaganda screeds that have worked so well will lose their potency as this becomes widely known.

In short, the argument against Kharzarian origins of fake Jews is the best fake history (“hoax”) that money can buy from mercenary historians, as Koestler—a likely Khazarian-Sogdian fake Jew himself—points out.

These historians jump through hoops to dismiss multiple new haplogroup (DNA) studies that discredit the classical stories of the "diaspora" of Israeli and Sephardic Jews “migrating” into the Rhineland (Germany).

Think about it. There was no need to “migrate” like inchworms. These locations were a month’s journey by land or a single ship ride by sea.

Those haplogroups favor Khazarian/Turkic origins of Jewish converts from the land mass spanning Turkey in the southwest, to the Aral Sea in the east, to Kiev across to Rostov-on-the-Don in the north.

History shows us that the Turkic Khazarians and Sogdians to their east were great traders along the Silk Road from China into Byzantium and Europe.

They traded in spices, silks, furs, women, girls, gold, silver, luxuries and slaves. These facts are undisputed.

Khazaria became the favored "northern route" into China once the Moslem Seljuk Turks captured Babylon.

Why wouldn’t the fake “Christian” crowns of Europe and their fake Jew banker Rothschilds et al brothers want us to know this history?

We believe the answer is because it would reveal that the " Christian" nobility and "Jewish" bankers of Europe were both Khazarian-Babylonian-Rādhānite-Turkic-Sogdian.

It would also reveal that the Babylonian-Rādhānite "Ashkenazi" rebranding at the time of the fall of Babylon was a complete hoax.

The conspiracy is between fake Jewish bankers and their fake Christian royal blood brothers.

They have protected usury behind the propaganda of "antisemitism."

Finally, we have an explanation for the fact that a preponderance of the bankers and corporate leaders in our world are fake Jews and Christians—they are, in fact, Khazarian-Sogdian from the steppes of Eurasia.

They are the blood beneficiaries of “The most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.” (Koestler).

This also explains why these “Jews” are largely anti-Israel and anti-Russia, we believe. They are not Hebrew nor are they semitic, and they seek revenge for the Rus ruler Sviatoslov I driving them out of Khazaria in 965-969 A.D.

Usury—the charging of interest.

Usury is condemned in the Bible.

The exception was that is can be charged to foreigners.

This means that Jews cannot charge interest to fellow Jews, nor Christians to other Christians.

See Deuteronomy 23:19, Deuteronomy 23:20), Leviticus 25:35-38.

The Talmud, by contrast, emerged in Rādhānite Bablylon and creates so many loopholes that it essentially permits usury.

Jesus said you cannot serve God and money (mammon) Matthew 6:24). 

St. Paul said the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Timothy 6:9-10).

Proverbs says “The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the Lord will prosper.” Proverbs 28: 25.

The demons who promote usury

The U.S. Treasury reports that the total national debt for 2021 was $1.32 quadrillion. That’s $1,315,070,000,000. That is $3,092 for every citizen in 2021 alone.

The Treasury writes:

“The U.S. has carried debt since its inception. Debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War amounted to $75 million, primarily borrowed from domestic investors and the French Government for war materials.” (emphasis added).

This is a boldfaced lie. The City of London (British)  banks associated with the Pilgrims Society, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Barings and the London Assurance Company (John Barker, John Barker Church, Geo. Washington's aide de camp), who were in league with Alexander Hamilton (also a Geo. Washington aide de camp).


When the historical investigation focuses on usury as human society's core sin, suddenly, the Babylonian worship of mammon, Ba'al and Moloch (Sabbatean Frankism) can be seen, unwound and destroyed.

The fake Christian and fake Jew banker and royal proponents of usury must be exposed.

A global Year of Jubilee debt reset must be declared.

* * *

Click image to view video.
Freeman Fly. (Nov. 12, 2012). Ashkenazi [Babylonian Rhādānite Fake] Jews Of Khazaria A History, interview with Gaylon Ross Sr. The Freeman Perspective, Blue Fly Productions.
Fig. 23—Freeman Fly. (Nov. 12, 2012). Ashkenazi [Babylonian Rhādānite Fake] Jews Of Khazaria A History, interview with Gaylon Ross Sr. The Freeman Perspective, Blue Fly Productions. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. (Raw *.mp4 video file). Right click and select "Save As," then check your Downloads folder.
Jesus Christ exorcised the Temple of Mammon, Ba'al, Moloch & Ahriman on Great and Holy Monday
Cleansing of the Temple of the Bank of Babylon
Fig. 24: Jesus Christ cleansed the Temple of the Bank of Babylon (Babylonian Rhādānite - Mammon, Ba'al, Moloch, Ahriman) Fake Jewish money changers on Great and Holy Monday. Graphic source: Tyler Cocchiola.

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

Described above is abject immorality on the part of the Pilgrims Society and their demons.

Morality must win the day.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

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Reminder Re. the Miller Act Notice—The Perpetrators of this Epic Fraud must disgorge their ill-gotten gain
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How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic
Fig. 25—The First Amended Miller Act Notice. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking). See also, Complaint against Judge Leonard P. Stark's fraud against his own court in Leader v. Facebook and 2,400 other patent cases.
Federal British-American Patent Weaponization Thieves
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall

Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE to President Trump (the then-current President) It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government's 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

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  1. Email comment by PG:

    Hopefully Jewish friends (claiming they are Zionists, following the Talmud) & Proclaimed Christian Zionists (dispensational doctrine) will see the Light too! Too many confused, me 2 at times, & too many bad biblical interpretations on Christian Channels & Bible study groups. I said it out loud in 2017, “what are you all talking about, we’re still in Babylon!”

    Something must be said about the “Scofield Bible” & attorney general of Kansas along with Darby’s Rothschild Satanism in America. Indians siding with the Brits in the South & following the Freemasons, Aleister Crowley, witchcraft... Mafia basically. This “Israel” situation is really bad out here! If I say one word that addresses the manipulation from Israel aka Brits, I’m chastised by evangelicals, Nazarenes, Zionists, Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, etc. - “Israel, not Israel, God’s chosen people.”🤯

    The things I’ve heard from so many are a challenge & difficult to combat with Facts! Need to use the Keywords like Zionist, John Hagee, etc... many more!

    These are the kind of Jewish people (Doug and Stacy follow the Torah, eat kosher) that the Rothschilds and their ilk hide behind and throw under the bus.

    The fake Jews have always used passages in the Babylonian talmud as a "hall pass" for psychopathic and sociopathic behavior ignoring the fact that those people who call themselves Jewish are supposed to follow the Torah and obey the Ten Commandments.

    We are doing historical research to show how Hebrew, religious Jews were USED by fake Jews who called themselves Jews, but are not, really. We want to single out the FAKE JEWS and together, Christian and Jews, can overturn the money lenders and their usury practices.

    YIPPEE! 🎉🎊🎈 - This is exciting to see! Did you know the 2011 NIV is gender neutral? All churches signed onto it too. I have a copy. None of the numerous versions I have make much sense to me... years missing, names without any follow up (Enoch referenced but no book ), apocrypha in 1800s version included, the Kolbrin Texts, the translations from whom & where, when, how, what, why, the Dead Sea scrolls (Israel claims the Copyright, really?). After trying to get answers from the People who claimed to know the Bible, I gave up on my maps, spreadsheets, timelines, research bc no one could answer my questions, yet again! Stick to my usual prayers daily & it’s a better day for me!

    With Love, PG

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  2. Email comment by L

    Honestly, you’ve nailed it! (Although it’s not the first time you’ve connected the dots.) But this time you drilled down to the cause and core of systemic ‘slavery’ on the planet today. I’m wondrous at how you put this document together with such elegance and seeming simplicity. Deep bow of gratitude to you all.

  3. Email comment by Pat C

    This excellent historical analysis leads me to recommend: “Don’t dishonour your basic ‘promise’ to a bank!” Simply deduct the usury component from your repayments and repay the principal only over the agreed term, as per your underlying ‘promise’.

    The reason will become clear when the conclave applies its talents to exposing the brilliantly concealed criminal fraud underlying all credit-based bank “lending”.

    To perceive the crime, first understand the difference between the respective obligations arising from: (a) a “unilateral promise”; and (b) a “bilateral loan contract” (e.g., to lend (and borrow) money).

    Only (b) involves a true debt obligation, whereas bank “lending” is based on (a), which does not involve a debt obligation at all, since no bank asset moves from the “lending” bank to its customer in response to the customer’s “promise”. Banks simply establish an accounting process to monitor and document the keeping of that promise.

    Every bank simply converts (i.e., steals) the customer’s asset (credit-balance in the bank’s liability account) in order to create the false impression that it can “lend” such “credit” to the customer. But it can’t do this because no one can lend their own liability (AND such credit is already the customer’s asset, ab initio).

    The fundamental crime is the initial conversion of the customer’s negotiable instrument (promise). This is aggravated by fraudulent deception, which is intended to conceal the true bookkeeping processes involved.

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  5. [Editors]

    James P. Chandler, III, the thief of Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking, dead at 83 years old

    James Phillip Chandler, II (b. Aug. 15, 1938, d. Jul. 16, 2022). Obituary. [Note typo: should be James P. Chandler, III.] Pridgen Funeral Service.

    The scene of Chandler’s crime against humanity, we believe (below):

    Pictured at the back right of the conference table is intellectual property law professor James P. Chandler, on Jun. 08, 2000, at a confidential product design conference conducted by Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio (red shirt, back to camera). On the storyboards were key components of Leader’s design, still copied by Google, Facebook, Instagram, GAB, IBM, HP, Microsoft, AT&T,, SAP, Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), Baidu, Twitter, Amazon, etc. today.

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    2. Email comment by TG:

  6. Email comment by Jay:

    His REAL story needs to be told again and again


    Today’s bankers are usurious Babylonian pagan parasites on humanity


    1. Withholding of the interest (usury) component of agreed "loan" repayments, with a request for "proof of debt", could be used immediately, rather than waiting for the banker to offer "Jubilee" forgiveness of the alleged debt.

      Such "proof of debt" will be in the bank's accounting records and will show a credit (withdrawal) entry in a bank ASSET account, indicating that the bank actually loaned its own asset to you.

      We now know that such proof is impossible because the "credit" they do provide you is already your asset (I.e. a bank LIABILITY). And NOBODY can lend their own liability.

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  8. Email comment by JJ:

    “Israel perceives [the Babylonian Radhanite state of] Azerbaijan as an advanced satellite state for Mossad”

    The truth in Armenia EXPOSED after midnight attack on sovereign soil | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    Hundreds of soldiers and civilians have been killed in Armenia in a conflict with Azerbaijan. Armenia is now asking Russia for assistance due to a long-standing treaty. We break down the timing of this attack and the implications for the rest of the world. Journalist Kevork Almassian joins us to break it all down.

    Editor’s Note: Both Armenia and Azerbaijan formed the southern most boundaries of the Khazarian Empire (c. 650–969), and were therefore under the banking and merchant control of the pagan Babylonian Radhanites, just when the Seljuk Turks were capturing Babylon and the Radhanites were rebranding themselves as “Ashkenazi” and opening a northern route for the Silk Road through Khazaria, centered in Atil, today named Astrahan (mouth of the Volga River emptying into the Caspian Sea). Today this region is called the Crimea.


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  9. Email comment by AUS:

    Science for Hire - A Gary Null Production
    GaryNullFilmLibrary Published October 11, 2022

    Science for Hire takes us on a journey through the most critical scientific issues that directly affect our health and well-being, shedding light on the hidden secrets of the scientific, pharmaceutical, and military industrial complexes. Following a long history of systemic corruption across medical organizations and schools, scientific publications and federal regulatory agencies, we enter a world where pseudo-science and misinformation rules.

    Billions of dollars are spent to manipulate and buy the allegiance of elected officials and the media. Those who speak up against modern science's culture of corruption risk having their careers destroyed. Governments operate in lockstep with the pharmaceutical ambitions to erect an unregulated global regime, a "Great Reset," that will dictate what we can eat, what medical interventions are permitted and banned, and the rewards and punishments that legislate our choices.

    Science for Hire describes a broken system and offers hard hitting solutions to spark clarion calls to take heed of the realities facing humanity today.

    Gary Null Ph.D.

    Full video:

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  10. Email comment by JM:


    Here is the U.S. Treasury Policy Committee that sells out America to the British Pilgrim pagans (Babylonian Radhanite DEMONS OF USURY) on a daily basis

    Beth Hammack, chair. (Accessed Nov. 14, 2022). Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC) Members. U.S. Dept. of the Treasury. Source:

    1. American Bankers’ Association (ABA)
    2. Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
    3. Bank of America
    4. Barclays
    5. BlackRock
    6. Bridgewater
    7. Citigroup
    8. Columbia
    9. Deutsche Bank (Germany)
    10. Fidelity
    11. Goldman Sachs
    12. JP Morgan
    13. Merrill Lynch
    14. MetLife
    15. MIT
    16. Mitsubishi (Japan)
    17. Morgan Stanley
    18. PIMCO-Allianz (Germany)
    19. PNC
    20. Princeton
    21. Stanford
    22. UK Capula Investments
    23. US Federal Reserve
    24. UK Financial Conduct Authority
    25. US-UK Element Capital (Jeffrey Talpins)
    26. Vanguard

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  11. Jesus and the Money Changers - Who do you serve? God or Mammon?

    Do you serve Jesus or the Money Changers (Mammon)?


    Babylonian Radhanite banker-usurers had control of the Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus drove them out

  12. American Patriots HEADS UP

    How can these “proud American” shills love a bank that does not yet exist?

    Larry Elder
    Dr. Ben Carson
    John Rich

    Are they CLUELESS DUPES or Babylonian Radhanite agents?

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    2. A troller posted a nasty last night saying that we had "piss poor research" and that Old Glory Bank did exist.

      Old Glory Bank has not yet opened for business. Here is a "we're coming soon" quote just now, Nov. 24, 2022 08:23 am EST, from their website:

      "Old Glory Bank. A real bank for real Americans. Everything a bank should be. Secure. Modern. And on your side.

      ***We’re coming soon *** and we’d like you to be a citizen of Old Glory Nation.™ (Emphasis ours.)

      Old Glory Bank. We stand with you.™"

      Stand up for what
      you believe in.
      Reserve your place
      in history

      Sorry Buckwheat, you are wrong again and need to get a life where you value truth over your evil thoughts and failed attempts at propaganda.

    3. ROTFL, way to pwn yourself. If you had kept reading there, you would have seen the paragraph stating that "Old Glory Bank" is simply the new name--new rebranding--of a very old, well-established bank. Srsly, how do you miss this kind of stuff? LOL. Keep up that great "research!"" :):):)

    4. Um, no. Right on their website. "On November 30, 2022, First State Bank will be renamed Old Glory Bank." whoops.

    5. We posted "Anonymous' " comment two comments above just to show readers the sorts of people who are backing Candace Owens, GLORIFI and "Old Glory Bank." They cannot address facts, so they snark, carp and attempt to bully endlessly. These are the "customer service" people at Old Glory Bank who will be managing your account, presumably. Good luck getting them to even call you back much less be nice to you. Your money will be safe with these grifters.

  13. With Ron DeSantis in the news right now, we repost here our deep dive research into his heavily censored background. He is not the man the MSM propaganda media want him to be. Ask him about his sister Christina who died mysteriously in London and her fiance who worked for eight years with the Queen's Bank, Coutts Bank, not to mention her employment at KPMG Volcker on "covered [special accounts for the aristocracy] accounts.":

    AFI. (Jun. 22, 2022). Ron DeSantis fails an acid test of loyalty to the American Republic. Americans for Innovation.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    – Vladimir I. Lenin (groomed by the British Pilgrims Society in London, 1902-1912)

    AFI. (Oct. 01, 2019). Vladimir Lenin & Communism were created by newspaper intelligence globalists from the British-American Pilgrims Society. Americans for Innovation.

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  14. Email comment by TG:

    EMERGENCY - China Has Erupted - REVOLUTION!!!

    Spread the truth.

  15. Email comment by JB:

    (Jewish) ADL (Anti-defamation League) is a thoroughly British (Radhanite Babylonian) creation planted in America
    Now we know the ADL was protecting the Babylonian Radhanite secret origins – and they are not Jewish.

    John Coleman. (Nov. 01, 1991). Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story Of The Committee Of 300, 4th edition, 251 pgs. ark:/13960/s26vzsrs9wp, video speech linked. Open Source. Source:

    Also at:

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  16. Email comment by AM:

    Justice is Coming….

    Dianne Marshall. (Dec. 17, 2022). The Smoking Gun In The Social Media Disinformation Campaign! The Marshall Report.

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    2. you guys still pushing that miller act crap? talk to a lawyer who actually does that kind of work because you are way off base. only for construction and you're 20 years too late anyway.

    3. Dear Anonymous:

      Spoken like a good legal shill for the morally bankrupt British Inner Temple and its lackeys at the American Bar Association. Hang on to your lawfare all you like. We The People are taking charge now, and you are going to jail.

    4. Lawyers are nothing but shills for the Babylonian Radhanite Fake Jews. We've got your number. Your lawfare claptrap is all gobbledygook. Consider yourself on notice to preserve all your documents. We have ways of knowing if you don't.


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