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Monday, December 12, 2016


Why? The C.I.A. will lose control of its social networking spy platform when Trump takes power

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Dec.. 13, 2016, Jan. 04, 2017 | PDF
Drain the Swamp of the Shadow Government.
NOTICE TO READERS (12/09/16): Google began blocking reader comments on this site the same day the MSM "fake news" diatribe began in the U.S. and Europe supported by Hillary Clinton—the queen of lies. This is an unvarnished attempt to silence citizen resistance to the attempt by globalists to dumb down the electorate and establish a corporate world government. Therefore, we subscribed to a Leader Private Email account (the real inventors of social networking) to which you can email your comments and we will post for you. If this blog is blocked, no worries, we will repost everything on independent media. The truth cannot be silenced. Resist.
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Fig. 1: C.I.A. secretly controls social networking as a global spy system. Few citizens know that the C.I.A. runs a large private investment company in Silicon Valley named In-Q-Tel ("IQT") started on Sep. 29, 1999 by President Bill Clinton. Bottom line, C.I.A. liars gave birth to the liars of Silicon Valley—techies, lawyers and Wall Street. Main Street was screwed.

In-Q-Tel secretly created the social networking industry. That's right, the C.I.A. created Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and others. We believe the C.I.A. has emerged from the shadows after Donald Trump’s election because they are just about to lose control of their social media spy platform, as well as the technology relied upon by their co-conspirators Facebook, Google, AT&T, Verizon, AOL, What's App, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
Graphic: AFI.

C.I.A. created  social networking companies to work against  the American people & feed  the globalists, including the Clinton Fndn

Bookmark: #globalists-all-in-with-clintons
News Update, Dec. 30, 2016—Globalists are "all in" with the Clinton-Bush-Obama C.I.A. to take over America

Corruption watchdog Open Secrets reports that the Top 50 Contributors to American political campaigns gave $908 million in 2016.

Of that total, 58% went to Democrats, 37% Republicans and 5% Other. Remarkably, 30 of the 50 contributors are Clinton Foundation donors and/or sponsors of Clinton speeches. All 50 are substantial beneficiaries of the C.I.A.'s theft of the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies. The C.I.A. bastardized Leader's invention into a global spy platform. Click here for a spreadsheet XLS and PDF. (If you cannot download these files for any reason, feel free to write us and request copies at
James W. Breyer
James W. Breyer
Facebook, Accel Partners, IDG-Accel China, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie
C.I.A., National Venture Capital Association, IBM Eclipse Foundation

(Dec. 12, 2016)On May 13, 2004 (give the timeline time to load), the C.I.A.’s private venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel ("IQT"), Gilman Louie, CEO, became a director of the National Venture Capital Association ("NVCA")—A C.I.A. front, in our opinion—along with its newly-appointed chairman and Facebook financier, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP (Palo Alto, CA). Joining them were mutual funds including Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, and Silicon Valley robber baron venture capitalist Kleiner Perkins. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan underwrite these companies.

Lawrence H. Summers
Lawrence H. Summers
Executive branch, Facebook, Clinton Founation, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Peter A. Thiel
Peter A. Thiel
PayPal, Palantir, Facebook, LinkedIn, supplies spy software to the NSA and C.I.A.

Facebook had just launched eleven weeks earlier on Feb. 04, 2004, and curiously, all of these companies made many $10's of billions of dollars in the Facebook initial public offering on May 18, 2012. Breyer alone dumped $6.51 billion of his stock on the third day of trading in an unprecedent, probably illegal, and certainly unethical insider sale. This insider trading prompted Jim Cramer's famous CNBC rant against Peter Thiel for dumping $633 million while the opening stock price plummeted. Clearly, the C.I.A. influenced the SEC regulators to look the other way while Facebook insiders like Thiel, Breyer, Zuckerberg, Microsoft and . . . Goldman Sachs dumped their stock at an inflated valuation pumped up artificially by billions of dollars in dubious Moscow investments by Russian oligarchs Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov—both protégés of Larry Summers, the Harvard, World Bank, Clinton Treasury, Obama bailout, Instagram economist godfather of the modern corrupt Russian system of oligarchs. The SEC chair herself, Mary L. Schapiro, held over 45 mutual funds that were heavily invested in these globalists.

James W. Breyer, John P. Breyer - Super Bullish on China
National Venture Capital Association NCVA logo
Fig. 2—James P. Breyer is Facebook's largest institutional investor. He is closely allied with the C.I.A.'s venture capital company, In-Q-Tel. In May 2012, Breyer resigned as Wal-Mart director after the Mexican bribery scandal.

Breyer has shifted his venture capital investing priority outside the the U.S. to China where his reclusive father, John P. Breyer, moved to set up IDG-Accel and IDG Capital Partners. John P. Breyer, Andy Grove (Intel) and George Soros are fellow Hungarian refugees. (The web has been essentially cleansed of Breyer Sr.'s biographical information who was the founder of ComputerWorld (!), but AFI investigators found some information linked here)

Some of the Chinese officers of Breyer's IDG Technology Venture Investment III LLP and Wininchina, Inc. were identified by HSBC Swiss whistleblower Hervé Falciani as being involved with off-shore money laundering of dictators, drug and arms dealers. The HSBC money launderers fingered by Falciani include all of the Facebook IPO underwriters and several Facebook law firms.

Breyer is aso pressing Barack Obama to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which includes liberal intellectual property provision allowing infringing countries to rewrite their rules at any time to favor a local infringer like Facebook and other Breyer companies.
Photo:Der Spiegel; Graphic: NVCA.

A year earlier, on Nov. 03, 2011, Breyer infamously proclaimed that he was “Super bullish on China” where his reclusive father, John P. Breyer, and he help drive the exploding Chinese venture capital market while gutting America's, in our opinion.

These NVCA companies, along with their corrupt bankers and lawyers, created social media to look diverse, but was, in fact, one big universal C.I.A. spy platform.

Convoluted, intertwined relationships hide their China first globalist agenda

These robber barons devised a scheme to hide stock in their globalist companies inside certain mutual funds. Then, they doled out insider tips to select judges, politicians and bureaucrats. The ethics rules had been recently changed to permit these public officials to invest in these mutual funds without disclosing the crony globalist stocks that comprise the funds. This way, public officials could benefit from decisions favorable to these globalists without disclosing their conflicts of interest.

C.I.A. created  social media and is protecting their deformed creature from exposure by Donald Trump

The first serious breach of the public trust was President Bill Clinton allowing the C.I.A. to run a private venture capital company, In-Q-Tel, in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley on Sep. 29, 1999. [Readers are encouraged to read this gushing C.I.A. press piece. It sounded all so good, all wrapped up in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger. Too bad they gave birth to a demon, in our opinion.] Public agencies are generally prohibited from holding stock in private companies, yet the C.I.A. was allowed to massively invest. Clearly, these investments created subservience to the C.I.A. agenda.

Since 1993 when Bill Clinton became president, the C.I.A. helped devise a private intelligence operation run out of the White House. See previous post. Then, the C.I.A. supported IBM and the formation of the IBM Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse stole the social networking invention of Columbus, OH, innovator Leader Technologies, in addition to other inventions, to build a universal spying system.

James P. Chandler was a coordinator between the C.I.A. and IBM

David J. Kappos
David J. Kappos
IBM, Patent Office, Cravath Swaine LLP
James P. Chandler
James P. Chandler
Executive branch, Judiciary, Intelligence, Legislature

Absolute proof of this IBM-C.I.A. collaboration was revealed by a whistleblower that included a stenographer’s notebook from James P. Chandler, III, last year. See Timeline, Nov. 29, 2001. See also Timeline, Aug. 30, 2002. Chandler was patent counsel to Leader Technologies, but was secretly loyal only to the C.I.A., IBM and Microsoft.

This IBM-C.I.A. collaboration CREATED the social networking media industry with the full faith and credit of the unwitting U.S. taxpayer. Despite virtually unlimited funds, their IBM, Microsoft and Xerox “groupware” technologies had a problem that they could not solve. Their legal consiglieri, James P. Chandler, met Leader Technologies in early 2000. Once Chandler learned that Leader had solved the technical problem, he set out to steal their social networking invention. Leader had solved the problem of large-scale transactions in the Internet.

C.I.A. is creating “fake news” to try and silence truth tellers who expose their tyranny

Fake news, violation of free speech

The C.I.A. has largely hidden in the background of this corruption, until this latest “fake news” attack on the alternative media that actually exposes this deep state agenda. Perhaps this is because their other institutional partners are being discredited by the alternative media.

Robert B. Baer
Robert B. Baer
Former C.I.A. operative being used by globalists to create a Russian "fake news" false flag

Then on Sunday, former C.I.A. operative Robert Baer on CNN cited unnamed C.I.A. sources to support the narrative that the Russians interfered with the U.S. election, and therefore, tried to delegitimize the Trump election.

Why are we listening to the C.I.A.?
—proven liars!!

Why are we listening to the C.I.A.?

  1. They illegally fund a private Silicon Valley venture capitalist In-Q-Tel.
  2. They secretly control social networking globally as a universal spy surveillance platform.
  3. They abuse the privacy and property of Americans via social networking.
  4. They are known as assassins who destabilize regimes around the world.
  5. They have historically been prohibited from being involved in the U.S. by law.

. . . and why isn't the FBI telling the C.I.A. to keep out of domestic politics?

The C.I.A. has no charter to operate within American borders. That is the jurisdication of the FBI. So, why are we even talking about the C.I.A. here? Why are they sticking their noses into the 2016 election? Could it be because some members of the NSA and FBI who have been in cahoots with the C.I.A. and globalists, are reluctant to act?

Question: Why are some C.I.A. operatives attacking Trump?

Answer: Because they will lose the soCIAl networking platform they created

The C.I.A. knows they will lose their social networking universal spy machine if Trump is allowed to take power. Why? Trump promised to “drain the swamp.”

In addition, we believe these rogue spies are blackmailing politicians, judges and bureaucrats to save their social networking capability.

They are attempting to coerce their minions in Congress and the courts to invalidate the Electoral College.  

Will these rogue C.I.A. agents assassinate Donald Trump? We certainly hope they will not even try. But they do it all over the world.

Some in the C.I.A. are openly attacking Donald Trump’s election.

Is an insurrection in process?

The C.I.A. and its New World Order globalist co-conspirators are attempting to use “fake news” as a Russian bogey man to block a Donald Trump presidency.

Knowledge is power.

America is under attack. Resist.

* * *

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Monday, November 14, 2016


Picturebook of globalists aligned with Clinton Fndn who continue to benefit from their theft of the social networking invention to manipulate MSM & Washington, D.C.

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Nov. 14, 2016, Updated Aug.08, 2017 | PDF
Drain the Swamp of the Shadow Government.
Fig. 1: Washington, D.C., Wall Street and Silicon Valley sabOTEURS are still in place. They must be dismantled and prosecutied. Since these technology thieves still control our digital networks, they continue to monitor all data communications, globally. If you doubt this, just look at the websites for our federal agencies as an example. They are covered with illegal data siphons to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. These sites send your personal information to a poorly controlled NSA intelligence operation and allow these Shadow Government companies to exploit your data illegally for personal enrichment. This is treasonous crony capitalism at its finest.
Graphic: AFI.
Bookmark: #we-found-the-drain-cork
Breaking News, Dec. 06, 2016:
Donald Trump draining the Washington-New York-Silicon Valley swamp of corruption
We found the way to remove the cork and drain the swamp!!
The cork has been the Executive Order 12958—Classified National Security, signed by Bill Clinton on Apr. 17, 1995. (Note: Page will take a few seconds to load.)

It was the first in a string of 30 executive actions that created the secret deep spy state run out of the White House without accountability to Congress. The Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations steadily expanded the reach of this new spy agency with each successive alleged threat and hidden agenda—Oklahoma City, 9/11, terrorism, The IBM Internet of Things / Eclipse Foundation, Black Lives Matter, Open Society Foundations (George Soros), Open Source, Clinton Foundation, racism, Islamaphobia, immigration, misogyny, bigotry, police hatred, fake news.

This Executive Order 12958 established an insider appeal group of six presidential appointees accountable only to the President. This group was relying on deceptive, unconstitutional intepretations of these orders that in fact consolidated dictatorial powers in the Presidency. Clinton, Bush and Obama have all used these powers to enrich their crony capitalist friends and work to establish globalist control over America. This evil must be resisted. The defeat of Hillary Clinton stalled their takeover, but their current attempts to censor patriots shows their fundamental disdain for democratic principles and Western values. The team working on this investigation would appreciate any help you can give.

Full investigation TIMELINE (Note: Page will take a few seconds to load.)
Bookmark: #clapper-quits-nsa
News Update, Nov. 19, 2016:
Click video to watch 34 sec. C-SPAN3 video

James R. Clapper denied NSA surveillance of Americans and lied to cover it up in this 35 sec. video evidence. Video: C-SPAN3. (Note: Google censored all AFI-hosted YouTube videos on 11/29/2016). | Raw *.mp4 file
Clapper quits the NSA
James R. Clapper, the NSA director who flat out lied to the Senate, resigned yesterday. He told the Senate on Mar. 12, 2013 that the NSA was not enaged in warrantless surveillance of Americans. Nine weeks later, Edward Snowden showed that the NSA was monitoring . . . EVERYTHING.

Clapper's big lie:
Sen. Ron L. Wyden (D-OR) asked Gen. Clapper: "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions, of Americans? Clapper flat out lied: "No, sir," rubbing his head. Sen. Wyden then asked, "It does not?" Still rubbing his head, knowing the NSA was engaged in high crimes and he was covering it up: "Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly." Edward Snowden blew the whistle on Clapper nine weeks later on Jun. 06, 2013. Clapper was undoubtedly feeding salacious blackmail data to the DNC, Clintons and Podesta—an age-old spy tactic to compromise a target. See video evidence of Clapper's cover up and lie. See the official Senate transcript. Attorney General Eric H. Holder was obviously in on this, which is why it has taken three years for Clapper to go.


(Nov. 14, 2016)—AFI has quietly and methodically built a photo database of names and organizations involved with the theft of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies' social networking invention. We began building this database because we could see that these people were up to no good. They not only stole Leader Technologies' invention, but they were also hiding in the shadows of Fast & Furious, Obama's executive orders, the Facebook IPO, the suspension of monoploy checks and balances at the SEC, FEC, HHS, IRS and Commerce Departments, Benghazi, IRS targeting of the Tea Party, the Obamacare lies, spying on journalists Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen, the persecution of FBI and NSA leakers, Hillary Clinton's private email server and cover-up, Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Arunachalam v. JPMorgan, etc. etc. etc.

These criminals can be given no quarter

We hoped the day would come when the storm clouds surrounding this corruption would break so that the light of truth could shine through. The glimmer we see today will surely fade if we do not hold all these Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation surrogates accountable for their crimes. They can be given no quarter.

It turns out that not even John Grisham would have dared suggest the scale of their vulgar abuses of power. Presented in the notorious public interest.

Thanks to Donald Trump for exposing the globalist treason

The candidacy of Donald Trump brought the globalist agenda into sharp focus and has smoked out the big dogs in this secret agenda.

Little did we know in 2012 that we had a front-row seat to the attempted takeover of the American Republic by the Establishment political parties and their globalist techno-bankers.

Lesson: When unscrupulous lawyers are allowed to seize control of a Republican Democracy, liberty dies

Of the 350 people on our list, OVER HALF are attorneys.

The AFI website contains details and documents to show why we placed these people on the list. Readers should consult one or more of three sources for more information: (1) the blog search tool above, (2) the TIMELINE: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet which contains a search tool and expansive bibliography of source documents, (3) Faces of the Facebook Corruption and (4) click Ctrl-F to invoke the Find tool on your browser for this page.

The picturebook below and these supporting files will be updated as new information is received. Latest rev: 05/27/2017.

Click here to download this list: PDF | XLS

Click here for the picturebook shown below: PDF | HTML

New! Click here for a list of the organizations associated with the swamp dwellers.

Click here for a list of globalist collaborators in Congress and government. PDF | HTML

If you require more research, data or assistance, email us.
More than 50% of these traitors are lawyers
Madeleine J. Albright
1. Madeleine J. Albright
Executive branch
Saul D. Alinsky
2. Saul D. Alinsky
Executive branch
Ramsey M. Al-Salam
3. Ramsey M. Al-Salam
Patent Office
Tom Amis
4. Tom Amis
Patent Office
Gregg Anderson
5. Gregg Anderson
Patent Office
Marc L. Andreessen
6. Marc L. Andreessen
Facebook, Instagram, Andreessen-Horowitz
Richard G. Andrews
7. Richard G. Andrews
Gay Ann-Spahn
8. Gay Ann-Spahn
Patent Office
Brett Sinclair Armitage
9. Brett Sinclair Armitage
Patent Office
John D. Ashcroft
10. John D. Ashcroft
US Justice Department
Donald B. Ayer
11. Donald B. Ayer
Executive branch
Georgianna W. Baden
12. Georgianna W. Baden
Patent Office
Stewart A. Baker
13. Stewart A. Baker
Executive branch
Steven A. Balmer
14. Steven A. Balmer
Microsoft, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Douglas J. Band
15. Douglas J. Band
Clinton Foundation
Lisa H. Barsoomian
16. Lisa H. Barsoomian
Justice Department, Clinton Fndn, CIA, Rod J. Rosenstein
Carol A. Bartz
17. Carol A. Bartz
Yahoo, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robert F. Bauer
18. Robert F. Bauer
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Facebook
Robert S. Bennett
19. Robert S. Bennett
Executive branch, Skadden Arps LLP
George Best
20. George Best
Patent Office
Preetinder Bharara
21. Preetinder Bharara
Gina Bianchini
22. Gina Bianchini
Marc Andreessen
Joseph R. Biden
23. Joseph R. Biden
Executive branch
James Bidzos
24. James Bidzos
Verisign, RSA, NSA, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Kenneth J. Blackwell
25. Kenneth J. Blackwell
State executive
Lloyd Blankfein
26. Lloyd Blankfein
Goldman Sachs
W. Michael Blumenthal
27. W. Michael Blumenthal
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Sidney Blumenthal
28. Sidney Blumenthal
Executive branch
Jackie W. Bonilla
29. Jackie W. Bonilla
Patent Office
Eric J. Boswell
30. Eric J. Boswell
State Department, CIA
Martina L. Bradford
31. Martina L. Bradford
AT&T, Harry Reid
Gene Branch
32. Gene Branch
Patent Office
Elizabeth J. Branda
33. Elizabeth J. Branda
DC Bar Ethics
John J. Brennan
34. John J. Brennan
General Electric, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John O. Brennan
35. John O. Brennan
John T. Brennan
36. John T. Brennan
Military, Intelligence, NSA
Stephen G. Breyer
37. Stephen G. Breyer
James W. Breyer
38. James W. Breyer
Facebook, Accel Partners, IDG-Accel China, CIA
John T. Breyer
39. John T. Breyer
ComputerWorld, IDG-Accel China
Hung H. Bui
40. Hung H. Bui
Patent Office
Reeve T. Bull
41. Reeve T. Bull
Patent Office
Ursala M. Burns
42. Ursala M. Burns
Justin Busch
43. Justin Busch
Patent Office
George H.W. Bush
44. George H.W. Bush
Executive branch, CIA
George W. Bush
45. George W. Bush
Executive branch
John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush Sr.
46. John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush Sr.
Roel Campos
47. Roel Campos
Executive branch, SEC
Stephen M. Case
48. Stephen M. Case
AOL, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John T. Chambers
49. John T. Chambers
Cisco, IBM Eclipse Foundation
James P. Chandler
50. James P. Chandler
Executive, Clinton Fndn, IBM Eclipse, Judiciary, Microsoft, NAIC, NIPLI, CIA
Raymond T. Chen
51. Raymond T. Chen
Patent Office
Richard B. Cheney
52. Richard B. Cheney
Executive branch
Dennis Cheng
53. Dennis Cheng
Patent Office
David P. Chiappetta
54. David P. Chiappetta
Patent Office
Derek H. Chollet
55. Derek H. Chollet
Executive branch
Aneesh Chopra
56. Aneesh Chopra
Executive branch
Steven Chu
57. Steven Chu
Executive branch
James R. Clapper
58. James R. Clapper
Craig W. Clark
59. Craig W. Clark
Patent Office
Matt Clements
60. Matt Clements
Patent Office
William J. Clinton
61. William J. Clinton
Executive branch
Hillary R. Clinton
62. Hillary R. Clinton
Clinton Foundation
Chelsea V. Clinton
63. Chelsea V. Clinton
Clinton Foundation
Matthew R. Cohler
64. Matthew R. Cohler
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
James B. Comey
65. James B. Comey
FBI, HSBC, Lockheed
Justin G. Cooper
66. Justin G. Cooper
Clinton Foundation
Jon S. Corzine
67. Jon S. Corzine
Goldman Sachs, TENEO, Clinton Foundation, MF Global
Dick Costolo
68. Dick Costolo
Twitter, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robert Creamer
69. Robert Creamer
DNC, Clinton Foundation
Stephen D. Crocker
70. Stephen D. Crocker
Bob Cruikshank
71. Bob Cruikshank
Kit Crumbley
72. Kit Crumbley
Patent Office
Ward G. Cunningham
73. Ward G. Cunningham
Eclipse Foundation, Wiki
Joseph P. Cutler
74. Joseph P. Cutler
Patent Office
Pamela Daley
75. Pamela Daley
William Danoff
76. William Danoff
Fidelity Contrafund, CIA
Gordon K. Davidson
77. Gordon K. Davidson
Fenwick & West LLP, Facebook, Leader Techs, Castlight , CIA
F. Gary Davis
78. F. Gary Davis
Gov't Ethics
Janice L. DeGarmo
79. Janice L. DeGarmo
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation
Michael S. Dell
80. Michael S. Dell
Dell, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
John M. Deutch
81. John M. Deutch
Danny Devito
82. Danny Devito
Skadden Arps LLP, JPMorgan Chase
Mikey Dickerson
83. Mikey Dickerson
Executive branch, Google, Obamacare, IBM Eclipse Foundation, US Digital Service
Alan Dillman
84. Alan Dillman
Man-in-the-Middle Election Rigging
Jamie Dimon
85. Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John Doerr
86. John Doerr
Kleiner Perkins, IBM Eclipse Foundation, CIA
Michael V. Drake
87. Michael V. Drake
Ohio State, Academia, M.O.O.C., Battelle, CIA
Kristen L. Droesch
88. Kristen L. Droesch
Patent Office
Anita B. Dunn
89. Anita B. Dunn
Executive branch, Perkins Coie LLP, Facebook
Dermot-Mark Durcan
90. Dermot-Mark Durcan
Micron Technoloy, White House CEO Council
Catherine S.  Duval
91. Catherine S. Duval
Williams & Connolly LLP, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Timothy B. Dyk
92. Timothy B. Dyk
Robert R. Dykes
93. Robert R. Dykes
Moukhtar Dzhakishev
94. Moukhtar Dzhakishev
Clinton Foundation
David A. Ebersman
95. David A. Ebersman
Alicia K. Edwards
96. Alicia K. Edwards
Patent Office
Larry J. Ellison
97. Larry J. Ellison
Rama Elluru
98. Rama Elluru
Patent Office
Rahm I. Emanuel
99. Rahm I. Emanuel
Executive office
Jeffrey E. Epstein
100. Jeffrey E. Epstein
Pedophile Consultant, Clinton Foundation
Dianne G. B. Feinstein
101. Dianne G. B. Feinstein
Congress, Clinton Foundation
William A. Fenwick
102. William A. Fenwick
Fenwick & West LLP, CIA
Addison M. Fischer
103. Addison M. Fischer
Executive office, Clinton Foundation
Michael Fitzpatrick
104. Michael Fitzpatrick
Patent Office
Barney Frank
105. Barney Frank
James E. Freeze
106. James E. Freeze
Pinkerton, Intelligence, NSA, CIA
Benjamin M. Friedman
107. Benjamin M. Friedman
Richard C. Fuisz
108. Richard C. Fuisz
Merrick B. Garland
109. Merrick B. Garland
Melinda A. Gates
110. Melinda A. Gates
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Gates Foundation
William H. Gates
111. William H. Gates
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Gates Foundation
David R. Gergen
112. David R. Gergen
Executive branch; media
Bart A. Gerstenblith
113. Bart A. Gerstenblith
Patent Office
Thomes L. Giannetti
114. Thomes L. Giannetti
Patent Office
Ruth B. Ginsburg
115. Ruth B. Ginsburg
Frank Giustra
116. Frank Giustra
Clinton Foundation, UrAsia, Uranium One
Sol Glasner
117. Sol Glasner
Executive office, Mitre, Clinton Foundation
Andrew D. Goldstein
118. Andrew D. Goldstein
US Justice Department, JPMorgan
Albert A. Gore
119. Albert A. Gore
Executive office
Porter J. Goss
120. Porter J. Goss
Susan P. Graber
121. Susan P. Graber
Lindsey O. Graham
122. Lindsey O. Graham
Congress, Clinton Foundation
Laura Graham
123. Laura Graham
Clinton Foundation
Randolph A. Graves
124. Randolph A. Graves
Eurotech, NASA, Clinton Foundation
Saul Greenberg
125. Saul Greenberg
Facebook, Academic
Rae Lynn Guest
126. Rae Lynn Guest
Patent Office
Don V. Hahnfeldt
127. Don V. Hahnfeldt
Navy, Eurotech, Clinton Foundation
Monica R.  Hanley
128. Monica R. Hanley
Ann M. Harkins
129. Ann M. Harkins
Executive branch, Podesta, Clinton Foundation
Karen M. Hastings
130. Karen M. Hastings
Patent Office
Wilmost R. Hastings
131. Wilmost R. Hastings
Michael V. Hayden
132. Michael V. Hayden
John L.  Hennessy
133. John L. Hennessy
Stanford, Academia
Elizabeth A. Herman
134. Elizabeth A. Herman
DC Bar Ethics
Marc Hoff
135. Marc Hoff
Patent Office
Reid G. Hoffman
136. Reid G. Hoffman
LinkedIn, Facebook
Eric H. Holder
137. Eric H. Holder
Executive branch, Judiciary, Intelligence
Jan Horbaly
138. Jan Horbaly
Linda Horner
139. Linda Horner
Patent Office
James Housel
140. James Housel
Patent Office
Deandra M. Hughes
141. Deandra M. Hughes
Patent Office
James R. Hughes
142. James R. Hughes
Patent Office
Todd M. Hughes
143. Todd M. Hughes
Patent Office
Chris Hughes
144. Chris Hughes
Larry Hume
145. Larry Hume
Patent Office
Thomas G. Hungar
146. Thomas G. Hungar
Facebook, Gibson Dunn LLP, Microsoft, Judiciary
Valerie J.B. Jarrett
147. Valerie J.B. Jarrett
Executive branch
David R. Johnson
148. David R. Johnson
Wilmer & Hale LLP, Clinton Foundation
James L. Jones
149. James L. Jones
NSA, Hillary Clinton
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
150. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
Clinton Foundation
Hung J. Jung
151. Hung J. Jung
Patent Office
Paul Kagame
152. Paul Kagame
Clinton Foundation/CIA
Elena Kagen
153. Elena Kagen
Timothy M. Kaine
154. Timothy M. Kaine
Congress, Clinton Foundation
Scott Kamholz
155. Scott Kamholz
Patent Office
David J. Kappos
156. David J. Kappos
IBM, Patent Office, Cravath Swaine LLP
Phil Karn
157. Phil Karn
Qualcomm, White House CEO Council
Alexander C. Karp
158. Alexander C. Karp
Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA
John R. Kasich
159. John R. Kasich
Governor, Congress
Deborah Katz
160. Deborah Katz
Patent Office
Heidi L. Keefe
161. Heidi L. Keefe
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, White & Case LLP
Declan Kelly
162. Declan Kelly
Clinton Foundation, Executive branch, TENEO Holdings
David E.  Kendall
163. David E. Kendall
Williams & Connolly LLP, Hillary Clinton
Patrick F. Kennedy
164. Patrick F. Kennedy
Executive branch
Stuart Kern
165. Stuart Kern
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Robert C. Ketterson
166. Robert C. Ketterson
Vanguard, Facebook
Thomas J. Kim
167. Thomas J. Kim
Executive branch, SEC, Latham & Watkins LLP
Grant E. Kinsel
168. Grant E. Kinsel
Patent Office
David Kirkpatrick
169. David Kirkpatrick
Facebook, Fortune
Robert Kocher
170. Robert Kocher
Executive branch, Obamacare, Castlight Health, athenahealth
John A. Koskinene
171. John A. Koskinene
Mark Kvamme
172. Mark Kvamme
LinkedIn, Facebook, John Kasich
Ann H. Lamont
173. Ann H. Lamont
Facebook, Meritech, Castlight Health, athenahealth, IBM Eclipse Foundation
David H. Laufman
174. David H. Laufman
CIA, Justice Department
Lois G. Lerner
175. Lois G. Lerner
Marne L. Levine-Deutch
176. Marne L. Levine-Deutch
Facebook, Executive branch, Instagram, Clinton Foundation
Arthur D. Levinson
177. Arthur D. Levinson
Genentech, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John R. Lewis
178. John R. Lewis
Legislature, Benghazi, IRS, Clinton Foundation
Ping Li
179. Ping Li
Facebook, Accel Partners, IDG-Accel China, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robin Yangong Li
180. Robin Yangong Li
Baidu ADR, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Ron Limieux
181. Ron Limieux
Patent Office
John Lindfors
182. John Lindfors
Goldman Sachs, DST,, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Bruce R. Lindsey
183. Bruce R. Lindsey
Clinton Foundation
Steven B. Lipner
184. Steven B. Lipner
Mitre, Microsoft, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Joseph Lockhart
185. Joseph Lockhart
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Facebook
Joseph Lonsdale
186. Joseph Lonsdale
Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Mark Loughridge
187. Mark Loughridge
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Lenovo
Gilman Louie
188. Gilman Louie
CIA, National Venture Capital Association, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Alan D. Lourie
189. Alan D. Lourie
Jay Lucas
190. Jay Lucas
Patent Office
Loretta E. Lynch
191. Loretta E. Lynch
Executive branch, Judiciary, FBI
Allen R. MacDonald
192. Allen R. MacDonald
Patent Office
Mark J.  MacDougall
193. Mark J. MacDougall
Executive branch, Judiciary, FBI, Akin Gump LLP
Alexandra Mahaney
194. Alexandra Mahaney
Patent Office
Algernon L. Marbley
195. Algernon L. Marbley
Giulia-Ceresa Marchiori
196. Giulia-Ceresa Marchiori
Clinton Foundation
Jeff Markey
197. Jeff Markey
McBee Strategic LLC, Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch
Brett Martin
198. Brett Martin
Patent Office
William J. Martini
199. William J. Martini
Legislature, Judiciary, Clinton Foundation
Lynn Mattice
200. Lynn Mattice
Boston Scientific, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Terry R. McAuliffe
201. Terry R. McAuliffe
Clinton Foundation
Steve McBee
202. Steve McBee
McBee Strategic LLC, Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch
Andrew McCabe
203. Andrew McCabe
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Barbra Jill McCabe
204. Barbra Jill McCabe
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
John S. McCain
205. John S. McCain
Congress, Clinton Foundation
James R.  McCullagh
206. James R. McCullagh
Patent Office
Michael F. McGowan
207. Michael F. McGowan
Facebook, Stroz Friedberg LLP
Dave McKone
208. Dave McKone
Patent Office
Matthew McNeil
209. Matthew McNeil
Patent Office
Sally Medley
210. Sally Medley
Patent Office
Kenneth A. Mendelson
211. Kenneth A. Mendelson
Stroz Friedberg LLC, Executive branch
Steven Meyers
212. Steven Meyers
Executive branch, Judiciary
Michael R. Miles
213. Michael R. Miles
Lois Lerner, IRS
Cheryl D. Mills
214. Cheryl D. Mills
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Yuri Milner
215. Yuri Milner
Facebook,, DST, Digital Sky Technologies, Vkontackte
Paul Mogin
216. Paul Mogin
Williams & Connolly LLP, Hillary Clinton, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Steven M. Mollenkopf
217. Steven M. Mollenkopf
Qualcomm, White House CEO Council, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robby E. Mook
218. Robby E. Mook
Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton
Bryan Moore
219. Bryan Moore
Patent Office
James T. Moore
220. James T. Moore
Patent Office
Kimberly A. Moore
221. Kimberly A. Moore
Matthew J. Moore
222. Matthew J. Moore
Judiciary, Latham & Watkins LLP
Shea B. Morenz
223. Shea B. Morenz
Stratfors, CIA
Jason V. Morgan
224. Jason V. Morgan
Patent Office
John Morrison
225. John Morrison
Patent Office
Ardavan Farhad Moshiri
226. Ardavan Farhad Moshiri
Alisher Usmanov, Yuri Milner, Facebook
Dustin Moskovitz
227. Dustin Moskovitz
Robert S. Mueller
228. Robert S. Mueller
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Michael B. Mukasey
229. Michael B. Mukasey
Justice Department
Nursultan A. Nazarbayev
230. Nursultan A. Nazarbayev
Clinton Foundation, UrAsia, Uranium One
Thomas A Noonan
231. Thomas A Noonan
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA, Intelligence
Jeffrey Norberg
232. Jeffrey Norberg
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP
Barack H. Obama
233. Barack H. Obama
Executive branch
Michelle L.R.  Obama
234. Michelle L.R. Obama
Executive branch
Theodore B. Olson
235. Theodore B. Olson
Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook
Samueal O'Rourke
236. Samueal O'Rourke
Facebook, White & Case LLP, Cooley Godward LLP
Juan P. Osuna
237. Juan P. Osuna
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Bryan Pagliano
238. Bryan Pagliano
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Chung K. Pak
239. Chung K. Pak
Patent Office
Larry L. Palmer
240. Larry L. Palmer
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation
Edward Y. Park
241. Edward Y. Park
Executive branch, Castlight Health, athenahealth
Todd Y. Park
242. Todd Y. Park
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, Facebook, Castlight Health, Obamacare, athenahealth
James Payne
243. James Payne
Patent Office
Nancy D. Pelosi
244. Nancy D. Pelosi
Legislature, Clinton Foundation
Glen J. Perry
245. Glen J. Perry
Patent Office
Meredith C. Petravick
246. Meredith C. Petravick
Patent Office
Lynne Pettigrew
247. Lynne Pettigrew
Patent Office
John D. Podesta
248. John D. Podesta
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Joule Unlimited, Wyss Foundation, Spirit Cooking
Anthony T. Podesta
249. Anthony T. Podesta
Lobbyist, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Donna Praiss
250. Donna Praiss
Patent Office
Penny S. Pritzker
251. Penny S. Pritzker
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Hyatt Hotels
Miriam Quinn
252. Miriam Quinn
Patent Office
Randall R. Rader
253. Randall R. Rader
Judiciary, Weil Gotshal LLP
Theresia-Gouw Ranzetta
254. Theresia-Gouw Ranzetta
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Harry M. Reid
255. Harry M. Reid
Legislature, Clinton Foundation, Judiciary
Edward R. Reines
256. Edward R. Reines
Judiciary, Weil Gotshal LLP
Janet W. Reno
257. Janet W. Reno
Executive branch, Justice Department
Michael D. Rhodes
258. Michael D. Rhodes
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP
Daniel C. Richman
259. Daniel C. Richman
Columbus Law, FBI, James B. Comey
James L. Robart
260. James L. Robart
John G. Jr. Roberts
261. John G. Jr. Roberts
Judiciary, Gibson Dunn LLP
Sue L. Robinson
262. Sue L. Robinson
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation
Anne Rockhold
263. Anne Rockhold
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP, National Venture Capital Association
Dana T. Rohrbacher
264. Dana T. Rohrbacher
Virginia M. Rometty
265. Virginia M. Rometty
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
Mitt Romney
266. Mitt Romney
Goldman Sachs
Bryan J. Rose
267. Bryan J. Rose
Stroz Friedberg, Facebook
Rod J. Rosenstein
268. Rod J. Rosenstein
Justice Department
Alec Ross
269. Alec Ross
Executive branch, Facebook
Marco A. Rubio
270. Marco A. Rubio
Congress, Goldman Sachs
Catherine M. Russel
271. Catherine M. Russel
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
William Saindon
272. William Saindon
Patent Office
Sheryl K. Sandberg
273. Sheryl K. Sandberg
Facebook, Hillary Clinton, Google, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner
Frank M. Sands, Jr.
274. Frank M. Sands, Jr.
Sands Capital
Frank M. Sands, Sr.
275. Frank M. Sands, Sr.
Sands Capital
Margaret H. Sanger
276. Margaret H. Sanger
Planned Parenthood, KKK
Christina Sass
277. Christina Sass
Clinton Foundation
Eduardo Saverin
278. Eduardo Saverin
Patrick Scanlon
279. Patrick Scanlon
Patent Office
Alvin A. Schall
280. Alvin A. Schall
Patent Office
Mary L. Schapiro
281. Mary L. Schapiro
SEC, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Theodore E. Schlein
282. Theodore E. Schlein
Kleiner Perkins, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Eric Schmidt
283. Eric Schmidt
Google, Clinton Foundation
Nicole Seligman
284. Nicole Seligman
Sony, Clinton Foundation
Mike Sheehy
285. Mike Sheehy
Nancy Pelosi, Brightsource, McBee Strategic
Dmitry Shevelenko
286. Dmitry Shevelenko
Facebook, Hillary Clinton, Executive branch
Kathryn Siehndel
287. Kathryn Siehndel
Patent Office, Clinton Foundation
Lisa Simpson
288. Lisa Simpson
Facebook, Orrick Herrington LLP
Pradeep Sindhu
289. Pradeep Sindhu
Juniper Networks, NSA, Intelligence, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Stephen C. Siu
290. Stephen C. Siu
Patent Office, IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, Clinton Foundation, CIA
Vladimir Skoch
291. Vladimir Skoch
Alisher Usmanov, Facebook
Anne-Marie Slaughter
292. Anne-Marie Slaughter
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Clinton Foundation
James Donald Smith
293. James Donald Smith
Patent Office
Neil Smith
294. Neil Smith
Patent Office
Sheridan Snedden
295. Sheridan Snedden
Patent Officwe
Orin S. Snyder
296. Orin S. Snyder
Gibson & Dunn LLP, Ceglia persecution
John D. Sonderman
297. John D. Sonderman
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Daniel Song
298. Daniel Song
Patent Office
George Soros
299. George Soros
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Leonard P. Stark
300. Leonard P. Stark
Judiciary, Facebook, Skadden Arps LLP, CIA
Elizabeth Stemeshkin
301. Elizabeth Stemeshkin
Cooley Godward LLP
Eric F. Stein
302. Eric F. Stein
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation
Jay B. Stephens
303. Jay B. Stephens
Executive branch, Raytheon
Donald K. Stern
304. Donald K. Stern
Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch, Judiciary, Facebook
Terrence P. Stewart
305. Terrence P. Stewart
Judiciary, Federal Circuit Bar Association
Mike Strauss
306. Mike Strauss
Patent Office
Allan E. Suchinsky
307. Allan E. Suchinsky
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Cassidy Sukhinder-Singh
308. Cassidy Sukhinder-Singh
Google, Amazon, News Corp
Jake Sullivan
309. Jake Sullivan
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Lawrence H. Summers
310. Lawrence H. Summers
Executive branch, Facebook, Clinton Founation
James Swartz
311. James Swartz
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP
Alexander Tamas
312. Alexander Tamas
Goldman Sachs, Facebook
Ian Tefler
313. Ian Tefler
Clinton Foundation, Uranium One
Maurice Tempelsman
314. Maurice Tempelsman
Barrick Gold Corporation
George Tenet
315. George Tenet
Executive branch, DCI, Intelligence
George J. Terwilliger III
316. George J. Terwilliger III
Executive branch
Peter A. Thiel
317. Peter A. Thiel
PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA
John W. Thompson
318. John W. Thompson
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Symantec, IBM
Lee Tien
319. Lee Tien
Executive branch, Electronic Frontier Foundation, CIA
Tomicah S. Tillemann
320. Tomicah S. Tillemann
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, Facebook
Catherine Timm
321. Catherine Timm
Patent Office
Nora F.  Toiv
322. Nora F. Toiv
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation
Joseph M. Tucci
323. Joseph M. Tucci
EMC, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
Theodore W. Ullyot
324. Theodore W. Ullyot
Facebook, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Alisher Usmanov
325. Alisher Usmanov
Facebook,, DST, Digital Sky Technologies, Vkontakte
Michael Vachon
326. Michael Vachon
George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Executive branch
Erich Veitenheimer
327. Erich Veitenheimer
Patent Office
Israelian Verdi
328. Israelian Verdi
Goldman Sachs, Facebook
Deepak Verma
329. Deepak Verma
Clinton Foundation
Philip L. Verveer
330. Philip L. Verveer
Executive branch, ICANN
Melanne S. Verveer
331. Melanne S. Verveer
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Rachel B. Vogelstein
332. Rachel B. Vogelstein
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Jeffrey Wadsworth
333. Jeffrey Wadsworth
Executive branch, Intelligence, Clinton Foundation, Common Core, M.O.O.C.
Evan J. Wallach
334. Evan J. Wallach
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid
Reggie B. Walton
335. Reggie B. Walton
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation, Intelligence, FISA Court
Jean Louis Warnholz
336. Jean Louis Warnholz
Patent office
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
337. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
DNC, Hillary Clinton
James D. Watkins
338. James D. Watkins
Eurotech, Navy, Clinton Foundation
Derrick K. Watson
339. Derrick K. Watson
Dan K. Webb
340. Dan K. Webb
NSA, E&Y, GE, Microsoft, Verizon, Cisco, Pfizer and Deloitte & Touche
Anthony D. Weiner
341. Anthony D. Weiner
Legislature, Clinton Foundation, Executive branch, DNC
Mark R. Weinstein
342. Mark R. Weinstein
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, White & Case LLP
Steve Westley
343. Steve Westley
IBM Eclipse Foundation, Clinton Foundation
Stacey White
344. Stacey White
Patent Office
Joe D. Whitely
345. Joe D. Whitely
Executive branch, Intelligence
Valerie Wiener
346. Valerie Wiener
Stephen Wolff
347. Stephen Wolff
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Cisco, Internet2, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Richard Wolpert
348. Richard Wolpert
Facebook, Accel Partners
Bob Yang
349. Bob Yang
Goldman Sachs
Rodney S. Yanker
350. Rodney S. Yanker
Bank of New York (BNY), Robert S. Mueller investments
John C. Yoo
351. John C. Yoo
US Justice Department, CIA
Nancy Youman
352. Nancy Youman
George Soros, Open Society Foundations (OSF), Open Society Initiative (OSI)
Michael Zecher
353. Michael Zecher
Patent Office
Parker Zhang
354. Parker Zhang
Baidu ADR, Fenwick & West LLP
Mark E. Zuckerberg
355. Mark E. Zuckerberg
Facebook, Clinton Foundation, CIA
Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg
356. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg
Facebook, Clinton Foundation

If these people are allowed to continue in their official, unofficial and secret positions of influence, the American Republic remains in peril

President Trump has no choice, he must Drain the Swamp

These zebras will not change their stripes


Bookmark: #ron-paul-warning-on-shadow-govt

Ron Paul warning to Donald Trump about "shadow government" infiltration

* * *

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