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Friday, September 11, 2015


Fourth and Fifth Amendment privacy and property protections are destroyed

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Sep. 11, 2015 Updated Sep. 17 | PDF
Barack Obama. Photo: The Daily Caller
Fig. 1—Barack Obama signed "Nudge" Mind Control Executive Order. On Sep. 15, 2015, Obama authorized funding for his cronies to engage in more mind control studies extending research he used to craft his Obamacare lies. The specter of 2016 election rigging by Obama's Spy State Cartel looms large. After all, they did it in 2008 and 2012.
Photo: The Daily Caller.
Sep. 17, 2015 Update
Obama's "Nudge" Executive Order funds spy state cronies to work on government mind control & election rigging
On Sep. 15, 2015, President Obama ordered behavioral experiments on the American public. The intiative is supported by Obama's now familiar Spy State Cartel cronies at the University of Chicago, MIT, Harvard Law (Chandler) and The Bookings Institution (e.g., Summers, Sandberg, Clintons, Goldwyn). Obama's fact sheet is smothered in deceptive language familiar to students of Orwellian doublespeak (talk about "improved services" while secretly "nudging" citizens to think your way.) See Election rigging with search results.

Obama has signed other suspicious Executive Orders this year designed to bind private Cartel systems to the federal government's information technology infrastructure.

Feb. 13, 2015: E.O. 13691: Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing
Mar. 19, 2015: Presidential Memorandum appointing a Director of White House Information Technology giving the President "exclusive" control and ownership of White House data. MEMO TO OBAMA: All powers exercised by the President are delegated by The People who has the sole claim to exclusivity. The President is not delegated this authority. This memorandum is grossly unConstitutional. Reading between the lines, this person is probably destroying Presidential data as we speak—covering the Spy State Cartel's tracks.
Jul. 29, 2015: E.O. 13702: Creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative

Obama, Chandler & Co. are busy greasing the skids for their Spy State Cartel. (Whisteblowers take good notes.) The future of the American Republic may depend upon your courage to do the right thing.


James P. Chandler,
Fig. 2— Law Professor James P. Chandler, with the help of Bill, Hillary and Barack & Co. is positioning his Harvard sycophant cronies as a permanent ruling class. Did you get the memo? Didn't think so. They must be stopped.
Photo: NIPLI.

(Sep. 11, 2015)—Were the victims of 9/11 sacrifices in vain? You decide after reading these conclusions by AFI investigators.

While the American public went about its business, Harvard lawyers hatched a scheme in the early 1990's to create a permanent ruling class that some researchers have started calling totalitarian liberals.

Republicans & Democrats exploited equally

They want you to call them "progressive liberals," but we have concluded that this is inaccurate. Progressive liberals are Americans. These people are globalists who have no use for the U.S. Constitution. They exploit the Democratic and Republican Parties equally.

In fact, many of these people have become experts in Constitutional law in order to destroy it.

They hatched their scheme at Harvard in the early 1990's where law professor, James P. Chandler, and economics professor, Larry Summers, taught and basked in the glow of their oversized egos.

Harvard Sycophants

plural noun: sycophants

a servile self-seeking flatterer : a person who praises powerful people in order to get their approval : a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage : a suck-up : doormat : flunky : lackey. (Various sources.)

They reached out to sycophants in banking, technology, politics and the judiciary to perfect this scheme. They picked IBM as their data sharing platform.

IBM's Internet ideas were failing

By the late 1990’s, IBM’s platform was not working well. It was not “scaling” in tech talk. Scaling simply means the ability to grow so that more and more people in various locations can use the same system to communicate.

IBM and its subsidiary, Lotus Notes, were OK with small groups, but were cumbersome, expensive, hard to learn and horribly inefficient (used too much computer processing power) when too many people tried to use it. This was also true for Microsoft's Internet platforms.

However, by this time, the Cartel had begun forming their political, banking and bribery (mutual fund and offshore money laundering fronts) backstories, so they were becoming desperate to have a technology platform they could all use in secret to organize their hegemony.

Chandler was big man on campus in 1996. He slipped in the law that officially sanctions lying to congress and courts

Their spirutual leader was law professor James P. Chandler, III, who had pushed through Congress three seminal laws in 1996: (1) the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, (2) the Federal Trade Secrets Act, and (3) the False Statements Accountabilty Act of 1996 (officially sanctioning lying to Congress and the courts).

Leader invented the solution to scalability—aka "social networking"

Unbeknownst to these elitist misfits, innovators in Columbus, Ohio had broken the sound barrier on scalability. Leader Technologies, and its intrepid founder, Michael McKibben, had figured out what we now call “social networking.”

McKibben’s development team included all proven leaders. They had each built major systems for telecommunications, commerce, banking and the military. So, when their “ah ha” moment came, McKibben made a beeline for Washington, D.C. to protect their important invention.

McKibben was recommended to a law professor who was purported to be the Holy Grail—law professor emeritus, James P. Chandler. Chandler immediately agreed to represent Leader and file their patents.

Chandler plotted to steal Leader's idea from the beginning

Hindsight shows that Chandler’s first recommendation was for the Cartel's best interests and not Leader's. He recommended that Leader “reduce the invention to practice” before he would file it. In other words, even though Leader already had the idea for the software in hand, Chandler said he wanted to be convinced by seeing it actually work first.

This recommendation made no sense, but since Chandler was the hands-down consensus expert, even advising the White House, FBI, CIA, NSA and Judiciary on patenting and intellectual property, Leader followed his advice.

Hindsight shows that Chandler had an ulterior motive. He wanted the invention for himself and his other clients IBM, NSA, C.I.A., his fellow Harvard cronies and their Wall Street and Silicon Valley sycophants (the Cartel).

The Digital Kool-aid

The Spy State Cartel's aim is to become a permanent ruling class using the Internet as their mechanism to simultaneously: (1) manipulate populations through mainstream media “narrative” tuning; (2) titillate the pathetically gullible masses with games, entertainment, pornography and coupons; and (3) use the platform for their secret offline communications, like Hillary Clinton did on her private email servers. See previous posts.

After studying McKibben’s invention as a part of his legal "due diligence," Chandler and IBM hatched an elaborate plan to steal it. They knew the invention would deliver what they needed. They knew that Leader’s innovations had, in effect, broken the sound barrier on scalability.

While the country reeled from 9/11, IBM and Chandler plotted the takeover . . . disguised as national security

They named their theft agency "The Eclipse Foundation" which they formed on Nov. 29, 2001, just six weeks after the 9/11 tragedy. See People we trusted are now hijacking the cyber world TIMELINE.

On Jun. 5, 2002, Chandler wrangled a copy of Leader’s source code for supposed safekeeping in a contract that Chandler had arranged with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

IBM Eclipse Foundation Membership logos, Page 1, as of Sep. 9, 2008 (Actuate, Beo, Borlan, Brox, Cloudsmith, Computer Associates, DevZuz, GenuiTec, IBM, Innoopract, Iona, Itemis, JPMorgan Chase, Motorola, Nokia, Open Methods, Oracle, SAP, Sonatype, SOPERA, Sybase, Wind River, Zend)
Fig. 3—IBM Eclipse Foundation Members, page 1, prepared as of Sep. 09, 2008 and reported to the Board of Directors on Sep. 17, 2008. Click here for image of page 2.

See The Eclipse Foundation (Sep. 09, 2008). Membership Logos [Board minutes]; See also The Eclipse Foundation (Sep. 17, 2008). The Members of Eclipse, Minutes of the Eclipse Board Meeting, Sep. 17, 2008; AFI. (Jan. 15, 2015). IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions, p. 6.
Graphics: IBM Eclipse Foundation..

The LLNL signatory was Jeffrey Wadsworth, who is now the Spy-state Cartel's iron-fisted ruler, president of the Ohio University State Trustees and CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus.

Facebook merely renamed Leader's university initiative; Zuckerberg is a fraud

In 2001, Leader had confidentially presented their "University Initiative" idea to Battelle. That idea was renamed "Facebook" by the Cartel. Zuckerberg was to be the front, and criminal fall guy if necessary.

On Aug. 29, 2002, eleven weeks later, Leader’s social networking invention appeared for the first time in Eclipse’s version 2.0.1.

The IBM-Eclipse code was then redistributed under an illegitimate IBM copyright claim as "Open Source" to essentially every emerging Internet player on the planet. Fig. 2 has their complete list.

Edward Snowden spilled the cartel beans

On Jun. 6, 2013, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that these spy-state sycophants had all signed on to the secret NSA PRISM program to collect personal data on Americans. Of course they would, after all, they all owed their "social" Internet existence to IBM-Eclipse's theft of Leader Technologies wonderful invention. They were products of the Big Lie.

NSA PRISM data collection program exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden on Jun. 6, 2013
Fig. 4— NSA PRISM. American whistleblower patriot, Edward Snowden, leaked the exact dates when the Spy-state Cartel Eclipse Foundation members each signed on to the NSA's illegal spying program. See The Guardian.
Photo: NSA / Guardian / Edward Snowden.

The spy-state Harvard totalitarian elitist takeover march was on.

The Spy-state NSA Providers: Microsoft » Yahoo » Google » Facebook » PalTalk (video chat) » YouTube » Skype » AOL » Apple (a year after Steve Jobs died)

Everything about you, all the time, is stored offshore by the Cartel sycophants in "dark profiles"

In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg’s speech writer, Katherine Losse, revealed that Facebook was building “dark profiles” on non subscribers and storing the data in places like Lulea, Sweden, outside the reach of U.S. law.

Despite AFI's many warnings that these people must be stopped, America's elected representatives remain silent while these spy state purveyors continue their Harvard sycophant march.

Hard to believe? Here’s a snapshot. We suggest you start paying attention. In this case, what you don't know is destroying your property, your privacy and your Republic.

Political data feedback manipulation

Fig. 5— Rep. John Boehner's web page is being fully monitored and catalogued offshore by the Spy-state Cartel. See

Healthcare data feedback manipulation

Fig. 6— web page is being fully monitored and catalogued offshore by the Spy-state Cartel. See

Diplomacy feedback manipulation

Fig. 7— U.S. Department of State citizens' interaction is being fully monitored and catalogued offshore by the Spy-state Cartel. See Department of State.

Are all Politicians, regulators, judges and bureaucrats feeding at the Spy state Cartel's data trough and then lying to cover it up?

The NSA has not stopped a single snooping program. As you can see above, they have doubled down through their Spy-state Cartel. They lie to Congress with impunity. They lie boldly because their spy-state spymaster, James P. Chandler, arranged to have the "uncontroversial" False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 (FSAA) passed whose Subsection (b) says NSA officials can lie to courts and Congress without liability, and they do.

How much more controversial can an act of Congress be than to formally sanction lying in court and to Congress?

Curiously, the FSAA was passed almost unanimously by the 1996 Congress. John Boehner voted for it. So did John Kasich. Click here to see who voted for to sanctioning lying to Congress and the courts. Did they know what the were voting for? AFI researchs believe Subsection (b) was slipped in by Chandler during last minute drafting.

Since our politicians, regulators, judges and bureaucrats seem to all be feeding at this spy-state trough, it falls on The People to stop this destruction of the Republic.

Will you stop it, or are you too hooked on their digital drugs to resist?

Don’t think for a second that there is nothing you can do. That’s what these sycophants want you to think.

STOP - Spy state abuses of property & privacy that are destroying our Republic; Demand that Congress use the power of the purse to defund the peretrators.

"We the People" must exert our control over our Republic to stop this lawlessness—NOW!

Resist. Boycott. Protest. Defund. Defend. Speak out. End silence. Vote out of office. Sue. File complaints. March. Make noise. Be determined. Be resolute. Be persistent. Don’t take no for an answer. Disturb this nest of thieves. Make their lives miserable. Expose them. Shame them. Engage in civil disobedience.

The Cartel is trampling the Fourth & Fifth Amendments

The Fourth Amendment protects your privacy from unlawful government search and seizure. The Fifth Amendment prohibits the government from taking your property without compensation, like it has taken Leader Technologies' and others. The Spy-state Cartel and its phalanx of crooked law firms show no care for these fundamental principles of the American Republic.

The future of the American Republic is hanging in the balance. And, as we have just illustrated, the sycophants are well down the path of becoming a permanent ruling class.

Forewarned is forearmed.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Hillary Clinton knew Facebook was stolen the FBI NSA CIA THEY ALL KNEW Facebook was stolen and zuckerberg was a plant a puppet a fake, the CIA was funding facebook and not only that it was also funding Hillary Clinton, Hillary solicited $5 million from Microsoft and they knew facebook was stolen and Microsoft was already spying for NSA PRISM the FBI and CIA was grooming Hillary Clinton in the early days of stolen facebook 2004 These contracts will span the next administration and solidify the spy-state control in private hands Hillary invited Cisco to a classified tech dinner and they all knew about NSA PRISM spying ring Hillary's private email server, was set up to communicate off the grid Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, became part of an inner circle of just six people, so how do you become a member of the inner six INSIDER INFORMATION Hillary Clinton" Law professor James P. Chandler once said ["The best way to defeat one's enemy is to take him down without him ever knowing who did it to him."] dos this include grooming Hillary Clinton with out her knowing? (but their was a time when you Hillary Clinton decided to STAB THE TRUTH in the back,) At the time he said this, he was advising Bill Clinton, the NSA, the C.I.A., the Departments of Justice, State, Commerce, Energy, Congress and the White House. Hillary Clinton i have a word for you "WALNUTS", and as for you FBI your own BOSS was fucking lying to you???? [Robert Mueller] Hillary approved speech notes on "Internet Freedom. the State Department has redacted the notes as classified, So how do you classify "FREEDOM" get your black boss to indorse it,
    Hillary Clinton became aware that facebook was stolen about 6 to 8 month before establishing her private email server between nomination and appointment, MAR 18 - Hillary started using her private email system and yes she needed approval from Obama to do this, Obama Come clean about AT&T’s willingness to help” the NSA" the NSA knew facebook was stolen??. spy-state schemers and sum bags. #Give Back Our FREEDOM" FREEDOM" FREEDOM"
    Obama finding it hard to find rare earth elements i see China got the monopoly on this, Obama when you stole the idea facebook you stole from someone that was smarter then you dip shit and as for you Robert Mueller pay back is a beach.


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