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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Staffer worked for Hillary and Bill to promote business and undermine U.S. Dollar

Federal Reserve Bank estimates about $1 billion per day in Bitcoin transactions

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 30, 2016, Updated Jul. 04, 2016—Happy Independence Day! | PDF
Hillary Clinton planted the false flag of racial profiling on Donald Trump when, in fact, she is the racial profiler
Fig. 1--Hillary Clinton's chief speech writer, Tomicah S. Tillemann (left), also acted as her personal staff venture capitalist during his six years at the State Department (2009-2014). He brokered some 100 technology deals for Hillary and her insider crony companies associated with the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA spy state. Tillemann now works with executives from Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank to promote Bitcoin—a new global digital "virtual" currency allied with George Soros and the Bilderberg Group. This currency, if it takes hold, will be controlled by international bankers and multi-national corporations, and not the U.S. government, or any government.
Graphic: Welt DE.

. . . all of the following emerged from one FOIA lie.

(Jun. 30, 2016)In the wake of release of the Benghazi Committee’s findings, the State Department just refused to provide the text of Hillary Clinton’s Jan. 6 or 21, 2010 (the documents are contradictory) on Internet Freedom to the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Ironically, the State Department FOIA officials censored a speech on Internet Freedom that condemns censorship! (Remember the Rule of Opposites: Hillary does the opposite of what she says. If she says she is against censorship, she is for it. If she says she is against racial profiling, she is for it. Etc.)

Bookmark: #censored-mckibben-foia-response
Censored Hillary Clinton "Internet Freedom" speech email provided on Jun. 24, 2016 to Michael McKibben, CEO & Founder, Leader Technologies, Inc.
Page 1-Cover Ltr.
Page 1, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 2-Cover Ltr.
Page 2, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 3-Cover Ltr.
Page 3, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
NOTE that all pages from Page 5 onward are blanked out by the U.S. State Department as classified, even though the documents are marked "UNCLASSIFED."
Page 4
Page 4, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 5
Page 5, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 6
Page 6, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 7
Page 7, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 8
Page 8, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 9
Page 9, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 10
Page 10, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 11
Page 11, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 12
Page 12, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Page 13
Page 13, Jun. 24, 2016, provided by Eric F. Stein, McKibben v. US State Dept, Case No. F-2016-05759, Segment EAN-00001
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs, now Tillemann Bitcoin partner
Cheryl D. Mills
Cheryl D. Mills
Huma Abedin
Huma Abedin
Tomicah S. Tillemann
Tomicah S. Tillemann, now promoting Bitcoin

The purpose of the redactions appears to be to obscure Hillary’s six-year relationship to her boyish-looking staff venture capitalist, Tomicah S. Tillemann (2009-2014). Tillemann now promotes the globalist Bitcoin virtual currency with Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

These email exchanges occurred among more than a dozen State Department staffers on email accounts and Hillary's private email server Recent information shows that hackers Guccifer 1.0 and 2.0, as well as Huma Abedin's Saudi Arabian family with Taliban ties, were probably monitoring these exchanges through "easy" hacks.

Even simple FOIA requestS are scrambleD

On May 23, 2016, Michael T. McKibben, CEO and Founder of Leader Technologies (“Leader”)—the actual inventor of social networking (that’s right, Mark Zuckerberg is a fraud, and his infringement of all 11 Leader patent claims was proven in federal court)—filed a Freedom of Information Act request for an un-redacted version of Hillary Internet Freedom speech. That was it. One request.

George Soros
George Soros
Alec J. Ross
Alec J. Ross
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter

The State Department response nonsensically handed back to Leader only one document—the Judicial Watch document McKibben had cited originally and which they knew he already had.

The continued obfuscation has now shined a light on the little amount of information that was not redacted. It disclosed the names of a dozen senior staffers who participated in the drafting, including new political advisor, Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of A New World Order (2004) and George Soros in-law, and new "Senior Advisor for Innovation," a boyish-looking Alec J. Ross.

AFI researchers have since found a copy of Hillary’s Internet Freedom speech published on the State Department website! This begs the question: “Why then, is the State Department going to such extraordinary lengths to obscure the record of a publicly available speech?”

Ironically, Hillary said in her Internet Freedom speech on Jan. 21, 2010:

Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary Clinton
HILLARY: “As I speak to you today, government censors somewhere are working furiously to erase my words from the records of history. But history itself has already condemned these tactics.” 

Trapped by her own words

Hillary condemned her censorship, and that of the State Department, by her own words. And yet, more "Punks with a Pen" protect her lawlessness. See Fig. 2 following for the full Pagliano deposition video.

Bookmark: #justice-outrage
More "Punks with a Pen"
Steven Meyers, Department of Justice
Steven Meyers, U.S. Department of Justice
Mark J. MacDougall
Mark J. MacDougall, Akin Gump LLP
Outrage! see firsthand how U.S. courts have been hijacked by devils in pinstripes
The deposition of Hillary's private email geek, Bryan Pagliano, in Judicial v. State Dept. (Hillary).   Pagliano is seen being smoothered by his mob lawyers Mark MacDougall and Steven Meyers.

Fig. 2—Deposition of Bryan Pagliano, Jun. 22, 2016. Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State, Case No. 13-cv-1363-EJS (DCDC 2013) at 1100 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

A devilish little lie with many tails. The prize? Bitcoin.

In Leader’s version, ref. F-2016-05759, Doc. No. C05767009 just released:

  1. Hillary is not identified as a recipient.
  2. Tomicah S. Tillemann circulated the draft, but his email address was redacted claiming a “B6” exemption (Personal privacy information)—this is a lie, he worked for the State Department and thus had no such privacy right, see below.
  3. The entire speech draft is redacted as a “B5” exemption (Interagency or intra-agency communications forming part of the deliberative process, attorney-client privilege, or attorney work product). This exemption is a license to play for government attorneys.
  4. Other participants in the drafting were a Who’s Who of Hillary scandals:
    1. Tillemann, Tomicah S.
    2. Crowley, Philip J.
    3. Mills, Cheryl D.
    4. Muscatine, Lissa
    5. Ross, Alec J.
    6. Slaughter, Anne-Marie—A New World Order (Princeton Press, 2004)
    7. S_Special Assistants
    8. Sullivan, Jacob J.
    9. Toiv, Nora F.

In the State Department’s current online Reading Room version of the Leader/McKibben document, the content is doctored. The first page of Leader’s disclosure was moved to page 12 online. Hillary is not identified as a recipient on this version either.

Tampering with evidence like this is a criminal offense.

Nonetheless, numerous other versions of the email string (not provided to Leader Technologies) are available on the State Department FOIA website.

Many of these versions identify Hillary and her personal email server interacting with the list of State Department recipients above.

These versions were not provided to McKibben and Leader Technologies. Since the documents exist, and they have already been made available, the State Department had a duty to provide all of them to McKibben and Leader, not just one of them.

So why the obfuscation?

QUESTION: What are they hiding if not Hillary's infamous private email server?

ANSWER: Hillary & Bill's involvement in the current development of an unregulated global currency—Bitcoin (formerly Facebook Credits). (Be sure Larry Summers and James W. Breyer are lurking in the shadows.)

PROOF: the State Department lied about Tomicah S. Tillemann

It is a felony for a federal official to knowingly provide false or misleading information, as the State Department FOIA response clearly did to McKibben and Leader Technologies.

Tomicah S. Tillemann
Fig. 3—Tomicah S. Tillemann, Hillary Clinton's boyish-looking crony capitalist deal maker inside the State Department (2009-2014), who is now working on making Bitcoin the unregulated global currency.

Tomicah S. Tillemann: Hillary’s staffer & crony capitalist deal maker

This finding confirms Donald J. Trump's recent accusations that Hillary was running the State Department like her private hedge fund—trading on her influence to make money.

Tillemann’s job working for Hillary, besides writing speeches, was to facilitate commercial deals trading on Hillary's influence as Secretary of State.

This conduct was given academic blessing by the unimaginative Princeton lawyer and professor Anne-Marie Slaughter. Her worn out Fascist philosophy to “tie private incentives to public goals” is the same philosophy employed by Adolf Hitler. Like Obama and Hillary, Hitler left his cooperating companies free to exploit the nation as long as those companies supported his war effort and agenda. This is crony capitalism at its ugliest.

Bitcoin proclaims a new world order but is just more of the same: greed, envy, pride, greed and lust

Where is Tillemann today?

He is preparing the takeover of global money via Bitcoin with Goldman Sachs

Tillemann is promoting the dubious new Bitcoin company Bitfury Group.

Bitfury is swimming in incestuous Silicon Valley relationships associated with the global digital takeover by the NSA, IBM, and the IBM Eclipse Foundation—all companies and agencies that have supported Barack Obama’s rise to power and now want Hillary as President. Jeb Bush would have been fine too.

The Federal Reserve Bank estimated in its May 2016 payments studies that Bitcoin processes about 100,000 transactions per day, totaling about $1 BILLION in dollar value.

Robert R. Dykes
Robert R. Dykes

For example, one of Tillemann’s Bitfury investors is Robert R. Dykes. Dykes was CFO of Juniper Networks. Juniper was recently caught providing a universal encryption backdoor to the NSA. That arrangement was made on Dykes' watch, we believe.

Question: When you read Dykes resume, you’ll ask yourself how he could have held so many jobs?

Thomas E. Noonan
Thomas E. Noonan

Answer: Dykes is one of the Cartel executives who is orchestrating this global takeover of the Internet. That’s why he gets around, we believe. IBM's spy state flunky, Thomas E. Noonan, is another such tasking goat for the Cartel with a similar epic resume. See previous post.

Another of Tillemann's Bitfury investors is QueensBridge Venture Partners. QueensBridge boasts intimate relationships with Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs
William J. Clinton
Bill Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Bill & Hillary Clinton have been paid $1,150,000 by Goldman Sachs and $1,020,000 by Deutsche Bank for speeches. Goldman Sachs was the underwriter on Bill Clinton’s UrAsia uranium mining junket that netted The Clinton Foundation $154 million in payola donations.

See previous post—AFI. (Jan. 29, 2016). Clinton 2005 uranium junket netted $152 million for the Clinton Foundation and $3.1 billion for donor. Americans For Innovation.


Tomicah S. Tillemann’s State Dept. email address is not (B6) “personal privacy information”

It always seems to be the stupid little slip ups that catch these unscrupulous actors in their web of lies.


* * *

We close with the words of Patricia Smith, the mother of Hillary's slain employee—U.S. information management officer Sean Smith in Benghazi. Ever since his death, Mrs. Smith has blasted Clinton many times for “lying” to her and for how the State Department handled the attack.

Patricia Smith

Smith spoke with Deirdre Bolton on Fox Business’ Risk & Reward two days ago, and she made it clear that only Clinton’s conviction will give her closure.

“Hillary is a liar,” Smith said. “All they said, all they reported, I imagine, I haven’t seen the report yet, but, all the reporting is what Hillary told them. And I say she lied to them.”

Smith said she would like to “see Hillary in stripes,” and she demanded that the media “do something” to pin down the former Secretary of State.

The "Big Three" media outlets are Hillary and Bill Clinton sycophants (for those who don't have time to look it up, it means "suck-ups" in everyday language).

Perhaps our mainstream media propagandists should join Hillary and Bill in adjoining jail cells for their negligent failure to protect America as a free and independent press.

Even though Hillary, their boss, lies about them to preserve the "Clinton brand,"

we nevertheless honor them for serving us bravely.

Never Forget.

Never forget the four Americans who died in Benghazi: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. May their memories be eternal.

May their memories be eternal.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Friday, June 24, 2016


Facebook & NSA feed data to Hillary’s Cartel to manipulate voters and maintain power

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 24, 2016, Updated Jun. 25, 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton planted the false flag of racial profiling on Donald Trump when, in fact, she is the racial profiler
Fig. 1--Hillary Clinton pounced on Donald Trump’s suggestion to temporarily stop immigration from troubled Muslim countries until America develops a way to identify anti-American ISIS and Al-Qaeda allegiances. Trump’s detractors called the suggestion racist profiling, conjuring up America’s controversies surrounding racial profiling. The illogic of not weeding out people dedicated to destroying America aside, Hillary’s accusations are a false flag to hide her massive racial profiling activity.
Graphic: Wire Photos.

(Jun. 23, 2016)—Donald Trump called for a temporary halt to immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. He suggested that America needed to figure out a better system to weed out anti-American ISIS soldiers and sympathizers.

Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Never-Trump Republicans pounced on this suggestion as racial and religious profiling.

Hillary’s Racist False Flag

The lunacy of indiscriminate admission of immigrants aside, the attempt to label Trump as a racist profiler is a false flag.

False flags are used in espionage to paint one’s opponent with one's weaknesses to try and diminish his support and gain advantage.

Hillary uses racial profiling to cajole the Black vote. Her profiling tells her their hot buttons and she punches them. However, she knows African-Americans hate racial profiling. So, she planted a false flag lie that Donald Trump is the racial profiler. While Trump defends himself, she exploits those Blacks whom she has profiled and gets their vote while they think Trump, and not Hillary, is the racist.

In the spy world, if you want to hide your activity, sometimes the best tactic is to plant a false flag by accusing your opponent of what you are doing. This diverts attention from you to your opponent who must then spend resources proving a negative—that they are not doing something. The whole time, you are the one doing it. The same tactic is used by both Democrats and Republicans in national elections. The strategy is: if your candidate has a weakness, attack the opponent on that issue. It tends to even out the playing field in a wall of smoke.

Trump simply voiced common sense: America should not invite people in UNTIL their backgrounds can be vetted to smoke out those who are dedicated to destroying America. It makes no sense to do otherwise, and yet, Hillary used a racial profiling false flag to paint Donald Trump as the racist.

Donald Trump stated the obvious: ISIS hates America and Americans

ISIS soldiers and sympathizers are infiltrating the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. Therefore, until we figure out a way to weed them out, the U.S. should stop admitting people from the high risk countries.

For that, Trump was labeled a racist and racial profiler. Why?

Because Hillary wants to hide her massive racial profiling from being found out.
Hillary and her Establishment cronies on both sides of the isle don’t want to get caught, at least until after the election when they are able to seize power, probably permanently.

Hillary Clinton the “Profiler-in-Chief”

On Sep. 26, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton started paying Facebook for election rigging software. This software used Facebook user data also being given to the NSA and used it to manipulate U.S. election results.

Edward Snowden proved that the NSA collects bulk profiling data (racial and otherwise)

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s donors are the same people who supply the NSA technology to spy on Americans. IBM, The Eclipse Foundation, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, AOL, Apple, Wind River, Symantec, Xerox, EMC, Oracle, SAP, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Andersen Consulting, PWC,, etc.

This surveillance program was declared unconstitutional by the 3rd Circuit, but continues nonetheless.

It is human to profile in assessing risk

Profiling is not the issue, indiscriminate, illegal and unfair profiling is.

After 9/11, everyone on the planet looked twice at persons of Middle Eastern origin. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or deceiving themselves. This understandable caution is back due to the ISIS threat.

Donald Trump proposed to stop letting people in indiscriminately until some method to check people’s backgrounds for ISIS sympathies was in place. This kind of profiling is wise, moral and common sense.

This contrast was sharply illustrated after 9/11 when a Black comedian said in a sketch: “The brothers and I used to sit around and complain about racial profiling, but after 9/11, we call it damn fine police work.” Some people just call it smart policing.

Trump detractors pounced

Hillary Clinton and colluding elements of the DNC and RNC, on the other hand, comb through massive piles of Facebook and NSA profiling data to manipulate American elections.

One day they target Blacks, the next day Gays, then next Latinos, then White Women, then Students in general, then African-American Students, then Latino Gays, then Black inner city unemployed, etc.

Trump proposed profiling to protect Americans from outside forces.

Hillary profiles Americans to benefit outside forces.

The contrast could not be starker.

Hillary Clinton’s profiling of people based upon their demographic profiles is indiscriminate and insincere. While it may or may not be illegal, it is certainly immoral.

Theft and misuse of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention enabled exploiting bulk metadata collection for mass profiling—Hillary & Bill drive the bus

Hillary and Bill have participated in the exploitation of the theft of the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies. The invention enabled them to begin collecting metadata on citizens on a mass scale, an ability that had eluded them with IBM, Microsoft and Xerox technologies previously.

They have used the technology to manipulate American elections and line their pockets. See previous posts and Timeline for People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

Hillary Clinton is the racist profiler, not Donald Trump

The attempt to label Donald Trump a racist will ultimately fail because it is not factual.
However, facts don’t matter in this election. Sadly, fleeting impressions and “narratives” rule. They don’t have to be true, they just need to finagle unsuspecting voters a few percentage points toward one candidate or another.

Such a view of ones fellow human being as nothing more than a Pavlovian animal to be manipulated is inhuman and as Machiavellian as it gets.

Reverse the Psychology: Read every Clinton false flag as an admission of her personal guilt

Citizens of the former Soviet Union used to joke wryly that they had become experts at reading between the lines. In other words, whatever they read in print, they looked for the truth in the white space between the lines. If the government said something was white, it was black in reality. If the government told you to go right, you should go left. 

From now on, readers are encouraged to listen to Hillary and the Establishment with new ears.

  • If Hillary accuses Trump of racism, she’s the racist.
  • If Hillary says Trump is a bad businessman, he’s a good one. She’s the bad deal maker.
  • If Hillary says The Clinton Foundation gives 80% to charity, it gives less than 20%.
  • If Hillary praises Mark Zuckerberg as a genius, she’s dishonest and praises thieves.
  • If Hillary calls you a friend, you are an enemy.
  • If Hillary says she never sent emails marked classified, she sent many and exposed our country’s secrets.

In Hillary’s world of opposites, lies are her truths.

AFI writers support various political candidates. Some support Donald Trump enthusiastically, others do not, at least not yet.

However, they all agree that American political discourse must return a semblance of honesty and fair play. Telling lies all the time is destroying America's social fabric and destroying public trust.

What we see in Hillary Clinton, the current DNC, elements of the RNC and our colluding judiciary has destroyed trust in our leaders and the institutions we have let them run (into the ground).

We The People must throw them out and demand higher standards of ethics and morality in American society.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Friday, June 17, 2016


Deal mired in Clinton pay-to-play, patent theft, privacy invasion, fraudulent inducement and racketeering

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 17, 2016, Updated Jun. 20, 2016 | PDF
Microsoft's $26.1 billion Ponzi scheme
Fig. 1—Microsoft's $26.1 billion offer for LinkedIn is a money laundering scheme. The big offshore money launderers like HSBC, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and UBS are Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn underwriters. This deal is nothing more than a shifting of the deck chairs on the Titanic of international corruption. It also serves to top up the coffers of Barack Obama and his cronies as he prepares to leave office.
Graphic: JTF News.

(Jun. 17, 2016)—Announced then lost in the fog of the tragedies in Orlando was Microsoft’s intent to buy LinkedIn for $26.1 billion. The obscene valuation signals another effort by Barack Obama to bankroll his retirement and ongoing efforts to create his new world order.

Microsoft and LinkedIn (more specifically ex-PayPal executives) are key players in the carefully crafted emergence of social networking as a universal spy data gathering utility for the NSA.

Larry Summers
Larry Summers
Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie
James W. Breyer
James W. Breyer

New, Jun. 19, 2016: The very same former PayPal owners "founded" all things Facebook (e.g., Reid Hoffman, James W. Breyer, Peter Thiel, Joseph Lonsdale, Matt Cohler). In 2004, Breyer became chairman of the National Venture Capital Association with fellow director Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, the C.I.A. private venture capital business. Londsdale and Theil formed Palantir in 2004 to sell special data snooping services to the NSA. 2004 was a magical year for the rise of social networking thanks to Columbus OH innovator Leader Technologies finally getting their invention debugged on Oct. 28, 2003—the same magical night that Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg hacked the Harvard dormitories for student photos with president Larry Summers' full blessing, we're sure. See 2004 Timeline from People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

George Soros
George Soros
Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter

Question: How can a public entity like the C.I.A. justify operating a private Silicon Valley venture capital business like In-Q-Tel?

Answer: Easy, just dial up your crony Princeton law professor Anne-Marie Slaughter (George Soros in-law) and order her to write a book singing the praises of "public-private partnerships" and name it "A New World Order"—which she did on or about Apr. 12, 2004.

Note that Slaughter was one of Hillary Clinton's first political hires as Secretary of State in 2009.

Peter A. Thiel
Peter A. Thiel
Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman
Joseph Lonsdale
Joseph Lonsdale
Matthew R. Cohler
Matthew R. Cohler
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Through the issuance of a string of Executive Orders since Bill Clinton in 1995, this illegal spying on U.S. citizens has been justified. The leadership also patiently placed loyalist weasel attorneys, largely from Harvard Law, inside the regulatory agencies who, when given the signal, looked the other way.

For example, Facebook’s unprecedented exemption on Oct. 15, 2008 from the 500 shareholder rule was decided by Thomas J. Jim, a Harvard Law graduate and Latham & Watkins LLP attorney.

John G. Roberts, Jr.
John G. Roberts, Jr.
The Latham firm is peopled with insiders loyal to James W. Breyer, Facebook's venture capitalist, a fellow Harvardian. Breyer's venture capital firm Accel Partners LLP is also peopled with Harvardians. Over two thirds of the U.S. Supreme Court justices are Harvard Law graduates, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.—sole overseer of the FISA Court.

During the energy stimulus boondoggle, Energy Secretary Steven Chu closed his eyes and approved tens of billions of dollars to Harvardian Barack Obama donors, like Elon Musk, with no experience in energy. His energy “advisers” were McBee Strategic LLC and Cooley Godward LLP, Facebook’s attorney.

Spoiler Alert:
These same people favor repeal of the the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. (Would-be totalitarian weasels always do.)

Closer to home, who do you think wrote those long, slimy customer license agreements that you ignore when you sign up for a service? These same weasel attorneys wrote them. The devil is in that detail. You give up all to your personal privacy and data when you click them. That provider can do whatever they want to do with your data, including feed it to the NSA, which they do.

Therefore, the NSA via its crony providers already has your permission to steal from you. Legally.

Facebook and Google End License Agreements
Fig. 2—Facebook and Google End User License Agreements do not protect consumers— ALL privacy and intellectual property rights are sacrificed to use "free" services. To simply click on and print the Google and Facebook end user license agreements took a skilled clerical professional 31.75 hours for the Facebook terms and 28.5 hours for Google. This person discovered that buried in each license were links to the other licenses in the Cartel. Experienced legal observers believe this is so weasel attorneys for these social networking companies can argue their way out of all liability for anything under the sun. AFI does not believe these agreements satisfy consumer protection laws protecting against such predatory practices.

This might be indecent, immoral, deceptive, but it is probably “legal.” We say “probably” because the legality of these 1,600+-page online agreements has not been tested by consumer protection laws. AFI researchers recently analyzed the Google and Facebook end user licenses, including embedded links. We stopped at 8 layers deep and printed every page. They totaled over 800 pages with easily an additional 800 pages if we had kept clicking. [Return in a few days to this article and we will show you a photo of these user license licenses to steal your Constitutional rights to privacy and property.)

Logic says that these weasel attorneys should not be allowed to deceive unsuspecting customers like this. But right now, they do, and are getting away with it.

James P. Chandler, III

The Clinton Foundation was founded 1997. The Clintons and IBM relied heavily on the legal counsel of James P. Chandler, III. This is well known in Washington, D.C. from the many attendees at Chandler's trade secrets, encryption and economic espionage conferences in which he often reminded his audiences of his prowess and access.

Chandler agreed to become Leader Technologies’ patent attorney in 2000 while meeting with inventor Michael T. McKibben. McKibben described his social networking invention to Chandler at a pre-engagement meeting at the Taberna del Alabardero restaurant in Washington, D.C. near Chandler’s law office on Apr. 06, 2000. McKibben told another director that day: “He'll be able to watch our backs.”

He was so wrong.

What Leader did not know was that Chandler was already plotting a takeover of the emerging Internet with Bill & Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, IBM, Microsoft and NSA insiders. Clinton’s Executive Order 12958 setting up a secret intelligence agency run without Congressional oversight out of the White House was already operating.

Whistleblowers have since exposed the agenda to mass-distribute the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies so that the NSA could control a universal backdoor to the emerging “social” Internet.

By early 2004, the whole technology world had signed up to receive the social networking goodies stolen from Leader Technologies. Chandler had cajoled for himself a “file copy” of Leader’s source code, then immediately fed it to IBM Eclipse, who in turn, fed it to the entire technology world as “open source” (free and without copyrights).

Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO)
Fig. 3—On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama toasted their deception of the American public and the world with 13 members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley. Conspirators pictured are Barack Obama, U.S. President; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO; Steve Jobs, Apple CEO; Steve Westly, Westly Group Partner; John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Partner; Ann Doerr, John Doerr Spouse; Eric Schmidt, Google CEO; Art Levinson, Genentech Chairman); John Chambers, Cisco CEO; Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO; Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO; John Hennessy, Stanford Univ. President; Carol Bartz, Yahoo CEO and Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO.

On Nov. 29, 2001, IBM “donated” $40 million to form The Eclipse Foundation. This was just six weeks after 9/11.

Constitutional weasels at the White House

Chandler’s White House intelligence operation dictates the decisions of the FISA Court, and controls nominations to federal judgeships. Therefore, this private intelligence agency is constitutionally rogue and operates to this day.

Barack Obama and his political cartel have exploited this secret agency’s control over the NSA and the whole of American government. Obama has been unable to completely hide his co-conspirators.

On Feb. 17, 2011 Barack Obama organized a private dinner for his Silicon Valley co-conspirators on a trip to California. An intrepid photographer photographed their toast. See Fig. 2.

On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code:IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure
Fig. 4—On Mar. 02, 2015. President Obama and senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code: Ursula M. Burns, Xerox;[177]  Michael S. Dell, Dell;[178] Dermot Mark Durcan, Micron Technology;[179] Steven M. Mollenkopf,Qualcomm;[180] Virginia M. Rometty, IBM[181] and Joseph M. Tucci, EMC.[182] 

IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron Technology, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure, which the FCC changes to Internet regulation helped facilitate.
Photo: IBM.

On Mar. 02, 2015, Obama organized another meeting with additional co-conspirators at the White House, attended only by his consiglieri, Valerie Jarrett. See Fig. 3.

Edward Snowden’s patriotism

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain on this secret White House intelligence agency when he revealed that AT&T has been feeding customer data illegally to the NSA since about 2005 and Microsoft signed up on Sep. 11, 2007.

Whistleblowers from HSBC bank, WikiLeaks and the Panama Papers have further opened the curtain on this rogue agency and have revealed that it is funded by offshore money laundering.

American and Chinese technology public offerings appear to be the vehicle of choice for moving their dirty money into large markets.

Indeed, the Chinese ties to Obamacare are unmistakable. See previous post.

LinkedIn is an NSA spy-state creation, like Facebook

Look at any major website today and you will see the same NSA Cartel members beckoning users to “Like.” Google, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Twitter.

The surveillance loop is being perfected in Barack Obama’s lame duck season.

Microsoft has been right there, they have just had to play coy due to past anti-trust prohibitions against predatory monopolism. That said, the University of Washington has been among their surrogate members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation since 2001. So has Hewlett-Packard and Facebook (in which Microsoft is a major shareholder).

By supposedly “acquiring” LinkedIn, Microsoft believes it can come out of the social media closet, it appears.

LinkedIn’s dirty little secret is that its founders also own Palantir, founded by former PayPal executive Reid Hoffman and Joseph Lonsdale. Palantir has provided data snooping software to the NSA since 2004. Therefore, Microsoft won’t have to hide its cooperation with Palantir and the NSA any longer either.

Social Networking is an NSA monopoly dressed in diversity

On the surface, users have a lot of choice:

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Reddit

But in reality, there is no choice. All data flows through the NSA. This is a monopoly like the world has never seen.

Will We The People wake up to this threat to every principle of freedom that America stands for? Even the Congressional website is compromised.

Do you like the idea of all digital communications being in the hands of secret, unaccountable crony capitalists? Didn’t think so.

Do something about it.

Don’t say I can’t.

Don’t take no for an answer.

Why is the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal dirty?

Obama's Regulators
Obama Administration Regulators
(Read: Fellow weasel attorneys from Harvard Law)

Note: The moniker "weasel attorneys" was proposed recently by The Center for Public Integrity to replace adjectives refering to them as "elite" since nothing in their conduct is anything but base immorality dressed in a Harvard blazer.

The deal makes perfect sense if you are an offshore money launderer like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of New York or HSBC looking to move tens of billions of dollars sitting in the Cayman Islands into the American market.

The best time to do it is while Obama’s regulators are getting cricks in their necks looking the other way.

Various whistleblowers have proven that Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s underwriters, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Bank of America and State Street, all operate offshore money laundering operations in places like the Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Panama. Numerous ones have now been tied to the Clintons, George Soros, Facebook, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners, Peter Thiel, Yuri Milner, Lawrence H. Summers, Sheryl K Sandberg, former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, and the Clinton's and Obama's favorite Russian oligarch, Alisher Usmanov. See numerous previous posts.

NSA/CIA self-funds through manipulation of U.S. law—Congressional oversight is a fiction—lawlessness rules their decisions

We also know that the C.I.A.’s “private” venture capital arm In-Q-Tel invests in companies like Facebook and LinkedIn along with numerous mutual funds like Fidelity, Vanguard, BlackRock and T. Rowe Price. This way, the public U.S. government can siphon private returns through the companies in which In-Q-Tel invests, thus private funding intelligence activities without the hassle of Congressional oversight.

Ask Yourself: How can a public CIA own and manage a private In-Q-Tel Silicon Valley venture capital firm? It is an obvious abuse of common sense and the separation of powers. It is an excuse for bureaucrats to gain private wealth and power.

We have proven that an essentially unaccountable, private U.S. intelligence operation has been created and operational for over a decade by way of Executive Orders starting in 1995 with Executive Order 12958 and right through three presidents—all without Congressional oversight.

Microsoft-LinkedIn is a dirty NSA merger

This $26.1 billion Microsoft-LinkedIn merger is obscene on numerous levels.

  1. Monopolistic: It is monopolistic. Microsoft is a large Facebook shareholder and already dominates the global personal computer operating system market.

  2. Revolving door of conflicts among former Obama staff: Obama’s SEC and Commerce regulators will surely turn a blind eye to the true public interest in this deal. Hundreds of former Obama officials now work in Silicon Valley. Previously, the Commerce Department’s U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) began its own Facebook page before Leader Technologies’ trial against Facebook. The lawlessness is rampant.

  3. Stolen Social Networking Technology: Like Facebook, LinkedIn uses the social networking invention that the IBM Eclipse Foundation stole from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies.

  4. Fraudulent Conveyance of Stolen Property: A Microsoft-LinkedIn sale will add a minimum of $26.1 billion to the damages done to Leader Technologies. Willful damages could multiply these damages by three to over $78 billion.

  5. Purchase scoffs at the 3rd Circuit Ruling against the NSA: Both Microsoft and LinkedIn feed data to the NSA according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Further consolidation of this immoral data surveillance scoffs at U.S. Constitutional rights to property and privacy.

  6. HSBC leaks and The Panama Papers prove convoluted and “illegal as hell” money laundering: Unless and until the SEC is able to vet and approve foreign and domestic sources of cash sloshing around for this deal, it should not be permitted.

Crony capitalism or a Republic?

Our American Constitutional Republic can likely not survive four more years of this lawless crony capitalism, "disaggregation" of governance (Anne-Marie Slaughter A New World Order terminology), secret White House intelligence agency, and takeover of the global digital infrastructure by a secret, self-funding public-private intelligence agency.

The facts are stark:

  1. Hillary Clinton organizes, aids and abets this lawlessness.
  2. Donald Trump does not appear to.

We appear to be at a fork in the road.

* * *

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