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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The IBM “Internet of Things” really started in 1933 Nazi Germany with massive abuses of privacy, property & genocide

C.I.A. employed hundreds of Nazi scientists in mass mind control research

C.I.A. refined AGITPROP (agitation propaganda) now being used to demonize & undermine President Trump

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 24, 2016, Updated Apr. 21, 2021 | PDF |
he C.I.A. and IBM united in 1947 to engage in mind control that is being implemented on social networking technology stolen from Columbus Ohio inventor Leader Technologies
Fig. 1 – The IBM (C.I.A.) "Internet of Things." IBM began supplying Adolf Hitler computers starting in about 1934. Even then, they were promoting the concept of universal spying, using the sales byline "See Everything with Hollerith (IBM) Punch Cards." The Nazi scientists who had refined Hitler's mass mind control systems were hired by the newly-created C.I.A. in 1947 to continue their research after the war. Most people have looked up to IBM as an ethical company, and now we find that IBM's central role today in the warrantless mass surveillance shows that they are carrying forward their immoral WWII practices. It is evident that IBM seeks today to install the same kind of fascist socialist crony capitalism that became so efficient at population control of "unacceptables" in Europe during WWII—for which they were paid handsomely after the war. Their brazen theft in 2000 of Leader Technologies' social networking invention—without regard for Leader's constitutional rights—is yet more evidence of their intention to keep an iron grip on the dataflow of the Internet for use in rogue C.I.A.-inspired mass mind control.
Graphic: AFI.
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Editorial, Sep. 03, 2017: He Fights
This is an important perspective on why the average, non-elitist American supports President Donald J. Trump and strongly rejects MSM (should be renamed C.I.A. Mind Control Media (MCM)) and its breathless, dishonest, Alinsky attempts to prevent their choice for President from doing the job we sent him to Washington to do. Evan Sayet. (Sep. 02, 2017). HE FIGHTS. Townhall. We fight. MSM must be defeated.
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Newly discovered, Sep. 06, 2017: Whistleblower reveals C.I.A.-funded social media mind control program
DARPA C.I.A. mind control program uncovered: BAA 12-03 ASU 12040772.
In 2013, a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) whistleblower revealed to fellow scientists an active C.I.A. mind control project that targeted Christianity and Islam. The documents were just uncovered by an AFI researcher. The secret government program sought to induce and disrupt religious "narratives" with desired propaganda. This project (lead: Steven R. Corman PhD) entered its implementation Phase III in the run up to the 2016 election. The Arizona State project leaders are experts in
Father of Fake News?
Steven R. Corman, PhD, Arizona State University (ASU). C.I.A. DARPA Mind Control Researcher
Steven R. Corman, PhD, ASU, C.I.A. Mind Control "Narratives" Researcher
social media and received $6.1 million to develop actionable strategies to disrupt "master narratives" (like a person's Christian or Islamic beliefs) in the name of, naturally, controlling extremism. [Editor: The opposite is also true: one learns how to incite extremism also.] The program focused on finding trigger words and phrases that provoked desired emotional responses by using words in lieu of magnetic resonance pulses to the brain—irrespective of the truth or proper context of the information (aka "virtue signalling"). For example, "Crusades" emotionally triggers some Moslems, as does "jihad" for some Christians. Considering the inordinate number of times Hillary Clinton repeated it, an effective Corman-inspired (?) fake news propaganda trigger tied to candidate Donald Trump was evidently "p_ssy" and "(bent wrist) duhhh," among others. See Anonymous. (Jan. 29, 2013). (4.5 MB) Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project BAA 12-03 ASU 12040772 at Arizona State University—secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed. See esp. researcher concerns (including the whistleblower) about possible accusations, page 8: "This project is aimed at creating bad technologies like mind control, a narrative ray gun."


(Aug. 24, 2017)—America’s founder John Adams said that property and privacy were “inviolable precepts” if we are to be a free people.

America's Founders believed that a free people could not tolerate a government that confiscated personal property and rummaged through personal effects capriciously.

A rogue C.I.A.-controlled federal bureaucracy is currently engaged in AGITPROP (Agitation Propaganda) using invasion of privacy by warrantless surveillance and confiscation of property through regulatory abuse.

AGITPROP uses state-controlled news, arts and entertainment to demonize a target before taking him or her out (e.g., assassination, “car accident,” “suicide,” “plane crash,” coercion, blackmail, regime change, firing, resignation). By the time that happens, the public has become so dumbed down and fatigued by the lies and misinformation that they don’t protect the victim.

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Agitprop: failing propaganda weapon? The boy who cried wolf?

AGITPROP has worked. It has numerous successes like 9/11, the Adolf Hitler, Arab Spring, Afghanistan, Bolshevik Revolution, Bundy Standoff, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq, ISIS, Kosovo, Kristallnacht, Lewinsky Affair, Libya, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Rwanda, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Syria, Vietnam Antiwar protests, Waco, Watergate, World Trade Center. However, now it has devolved further into the abyss with historically illiterate air head accusations like Bolshevik!, Conspiracy Theorist! Dangerous!, David Duke!, Dead!, Demogogue!, Deranged!, Distrubing!, Dying!, Erratic!, Fascist!, Fearmonger!, Fringe!, Garbage!, Groper!, Grotesque!, Homophobe!, KKK!, Lord Voldemort!, Mental!, Monstrous!, Muddled!, Mussolini!, Mysogynist!, Nazi!, Neo-Nazi!, Nut Job!, Pathological!, Putin's Puppet!, Rasict!, Russian Agent!, Scary!, Sexist!, Swindler!, Tax Cheat!, Uncle Tom!, Unfit!, Unhinged!, Vulgar!, What-e-v-e-r Triggers a Snowflake!, White Nationalist!, White Supremecist!, Womanizer!, Wrecking Ball!, Xenophobe!, Astroturfing (fake grassroots comments on blogs) and WHATEVER FOOLS THE UNTHINKING, UNINFORMED AND UNSUSPECTING “MASSES.”

Advertisers and the C.I.A. have known about the effectiveness of immoral “virtue signaling” to trigger the unthinking masses with fabrications for many decades. Given the way these misanthropes have hurled every adjective in the dictionary against President Donald J. Trump, we can only hope and pray that we may finally be seeing the DEATH OF AGITPROP as an effective weapon of propaganda.

Given the lack of an uprising in the general American public to protect their privacy and property from the rogue C.I.A.'s warrantless surveillance and property confiscations through regulatory abuse, we can only conclude that, we are actually no longer a free people as we were in our parents' generation.

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The question is: Will we wake up before it is too late?

James P. Chandler, III
Fig. 2—James P. Chandler, III. Secret spymaster to Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama as well as Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Eric Holder, David Kappos, Larry Summers, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta; author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act; founder of the National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council (NIAC); founder of the IBM Eclipse Foundation; chief outside intellectual property counsel to IBM; patent attorney and director to Leader Technologies.

James P. Chandler & IBM —wolves in sheep’s clothing

Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies—the true inventors of social networking—discovered that their former patent attorney, James P. Chandler, III, and his client IBM are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

McKibben said, “Chandler was recommended to us by Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze (US Army ret.), the former #3 at the NSA. Freeze was our first outside company director in 2000. After meeting Chandler in Washington, D.C., just a few blocks from the White House, we engaged Chandler as our patent lawyer and second outside director. We naturally expected him to honor his Constitutional duty and protect our invention. Sadly, he personally stole it.”

“What was so important about our invention that Chandler sacrificed his integrity and honor to steal it? Now we know. Chandler's world of rogue C.I.A. spies wanted our social networking platform to spy on the planet, while making lots of money for themselves and their friends.”

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Chandler & IBM use social networking to spy on everyone

“To our horror, we have discovered that Chandler not only stole and distributed our invention through IBM, but they now use it to violate the privacy and property rights of EVERY American,” McKibben explained.

Leader Technologies, Inc. / Michael T. McKibben Miller Act Notice
See previous post AFI. (Jul. 24, 2017). Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government. Americans for Innovation. See also Miller Act Notice.

Chandler and IBM created several organizations to carry out their subversion under Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, including:

  1. National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) (with a permanent IBM/Cisco/C.I.A. agent—Thomas E. Noonan),
  2. National Security Staff (NSS) / Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and
  3. IBM Eclipse Foundation

According to former secretary of defense Robert M. Gates in Duty (2014), the NSS at the White House mushroomed from 50 people under Clinton to 350 under Obama. And yet, even the FBI says not a single terrorist has been caught as a result of all this spying. However, the WikiLeaks Podesta revelations reveal that the Deep State has made extensive use of these spy databases for blackmail and for covering up widespread Satanism, child sex trafficking and pedophilia among these elitists.

See Jenna McLaughlin. (Nov. 17, 2015). “U.S. mass surveillance has no record of thwarting large terror attacks.” The Intercept; See also FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson. (May 12, 2005). CIA, FBI Deep State shadow government operates “a rogue criminal enterprise within the government” to compromise Congress “through sex and drugs” blackmail.

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Why should you care if the gov't collects all of your personal information?

McKibben continued, “For example, take your personal family photos. Behind the scenes, the social sites run facial recognition programs on everyone in all your photos. Then, they store that “linking relationship” information in your “Dark Profiles.” In other words, even those who are not on Facebook are being secretly catalogued—adults and children alike—just like the Nazis catalogued Jews and other undesirable citizens in Germany on IBM computers. Their fate is infamously known, may God rest their souls.”

According to Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation, we now know the numerical categories of each of Hitler’s “unacceptables.”

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Fig. 2 – IBM sold and maintained leases on the Nazi's Holocaust infrastructure.IBM's service included providing maintenance personnel for their IBM punch card systems at the concentration camps including Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau. IBM forced the Nazis to purchase all their punch cards from IBM directly. The service contracts were not with IBM's German subsidiary, but with IBM New York directly. Remarkably, IBM was paid for these lease contracts after the war. [Editors: Is anyone else besides us thinking hush money?] Click here for an IBM History: 1930s, 1940s. Video: Edwin Black.
Leader Technologies, Inc. / Michael T. McKibben Miller Act Notice

Further References:

S. Hrg. MKUltra. (Aug. 03, 1977). CIA's Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification. Senate Subcommittee on Human Resources. 95th Congress, First Session. Stock No. 052-070-04357-1. GPO.

Karl Sie. (May 13, 2011). Hitler’s Mind Control Experiments and How They Influenced Modern Propaganda. Subversify Viral.

Nazi Disclosures. (Oct. 01, 1999). Implementation of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group, October 1999. An Interim Report to Congress. National Archives.

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Bill, Hill, Zuck + Carlos (NYT/C.I.A.), Sep. 08, 2014
Bill Clinton and Carlos Slim, Sep. 8, 2014 Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim, Sep. 8, 2014
Source: Mobster Slim is Thief Zuckerberg's new role model? Forbes, Sep. 08, 2014.

New! Aug. 29, 2017: Carl Bernstein. (2007). THE CIA AND THE MEDIA—How America's Most Powerful News Media [MSM] Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up. (“the New York Times provided cover for about ten CIA operatives . . . Many signed secrecy agrements . . . some signed employment contracts . . . 'The secrecy agreement was the sort of ritual that got you into the tabernacle. After that you had to play by the rules.' . . . separating the American press corps and government was often indistinguishable . . . journalists were put 'on a string' [of control] . . . at least 200 journalists signed secrecy agreements or employment contracts with the Agency in the past twenty-five years.” Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim—the world's richest man—now owns the New York Times and is the largest single donor to The Clinton Foundation.) Rogue C.I.A. agents? Most assuredly.

“There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.” Former FBI Agent-in-Charge (Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles) Ted L. Gunderson. (Apr. 02, 2005). Open Letter to Barbara Cartwell. Educate Yourself. See also Ted l. Gunderson. AFI Timeline.

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IBM and rogue C.I.A. use social media to catalog citizens in ways many times more effective than the Nazis

Once your personal data is collected, spies then use a Raytheon program named RIOT to find more linking relationships across all social platforms, Facebook, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook 360, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook Mail, Facebook Messenger, AOL, etc. All of that information is stored in your Dark Profile.

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Fig. 3 – Raytheon Riot program for warrantless mass surveillance across all social media platforms. Leaked to The Guardian on Nov. 16, 2010.
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Leader’s fight is our Republic’s fight

IBM German sales poster c.a., 1934 promoting government mass surveillance. Translation: "See Everything with Hollerith Punch Cards," Address: German Hollerith Machinery Society MBH, Berlin-Lighterfelde, Germany." Remarkably, IBM executives claim they did not know that the Nazis were using their computers to organize mass extermination. This claim is disingenuous since IBM was the SOLE supplier of the punch cards throughout the Third Reich and provided maintenance staff to each LEASED computer, even at the concentrations camps including the Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dacua extermination camps.
Fig. 4—IBM German sales poster c.a., 1934 promoting government mass surveillance. Translation: "See Everything with Hollerith Punch Cards," Address: German Hollerith Machinery Company MBH, Berlin-Lighterfelde, Germany." Click here for an IBM History: 1930s, 1940s.

McKibben asked, “Is it just a coincidence that the same IBM that catalogued Jews and other politically undesirable segments of the European population in WWII is using social networking to illegally catalog all Americans in 2017?”

“Why are we so blindly revealing all our friends and work connections through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, What's App, etc.? These people are stealing your privacy. Your privacy is much more valuable to you as a citizen in our Republic than your car or belongings.”

This rogue C.I.A. is softening the citizenry up for the kill in my opinion . . . so far we've let them get away with it without consequence.”

“Is it just a coincidence that both Hitler and Hillary Clinton considered the citizens who disagreed with them ‘unacceptable’ i.e., ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable’ and not worthy of respect?”

1937: Adolf Hitler (L) +
IBM Thomas Watson (C)
Thomas J. Watson (middle) head of IBM and president of the International Chamber of Commerce, and members of the ICG's board meet with Adolf Hitler in 1937.
Fig. 5—IBM Executives Lie: Remarkably, IBM executives claim they did not know that the Nazis were using their computers to organize mass extermination. This claim is disingenuous since IBM was the SOLE supplier of the punch cards used throughout the Third Reich. IBM even supplied maintenance staff to each LEASED computer all throughout the war—even at the Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dacau extermination camps. These death camps had their own IBM punch card codes: Auschwitz 001, Buchenwald 002 and Dacau 003. Although IBM founder Thomas J. Watson returned Hitler's Merit Cross of the German Eagle medal in 1940, that was a mere public relations ploy. IBM continued to service their equipment throughout the war. Evidently Hitler's blood money was too sweet to walk away from.

The truth is that IBM and the C.I.A. profited from (and continue to profit from) the blood of the innocents. See video, Fig. 2.

See Donald W. McCormick, James Curtis Spee. (Dec. 01, 2008). IBM and Germany 1922-1941. Organization Management Journal.

“What are they using this information for? Are they using it for our welfare? The answer is obviously not.

“One principle is certain: The collection and use of this information destroys our Constitutional rights to privacy and property. When our government reaches into our homes, businesses and thoughts and steals whatever it wants, we are not free.“

“Jesus Christ said you will know what's in a person’s heart by observing his or her actions. Therefore, we can see from the greedy, selfish and power mongering actions of these people that their hearts are empty of love for their fellow human beings. Instead, they lie, cheat and steal without remorse. They see us as little more than consuming animals who pollute their air with too much carbon dioxide,” said McKibben.

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“AGITPROP” demonizes opponents before taking them down

At the end of WWII, the newly-formed C.I.A. co-opted some 1,600 Nazi scientists, brought them to the U.S. and allowed them to continue their research. Some of them had worked on a Soviet mass mind control technique called AGITPROP (Agitation Propaganda).

AGITPROP stages events with messages reinforced by media, news, films, literature, plays, pamphlets and other art forms to demonize opponents and condition the general population for an eventual crackdown on those opponents.

Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) on Nov. 9-10, 1938 in Germany is a prime example. 7,000 Jewish businesses were confiscated (including the business and home of the family of an AFI editor), and 1,000 synagogues were burned. The German populace was largely silent. Hitler then ratcheted up this persecution that eventually led to 6,000,000 Jews killed in the "Final Solution" extermination camps. The property and privacy of the minority German Jewish population was ignored, along with those of Jehovah's Witnesses, Poles, gypsies, homosexuals, clergy, etc.

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C.I.A. hired over 330 Nazi Party mind control experts

The Bluebird Report to Congress (1999) revealed that:

“Between 1945 and 1955, 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the United States under Overcast, Paperclip, and similar programs. It has been estimated that at least half, and perhaps as many as 80 percent, of the imported specialists were former Nazi Party members.”

The rationale for bringing these scientists to the U.S. was to prevent them from working for the Soviets, Chinese or North Koreans. Some of these people had conducted murderous experiments on human subjects in concentration camps and were prosecuted as war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials. For example, Arthur Rudolph persecuted slave labor in the underground V-2 Nordhausen Concentration Camp in Germany, where thousands of prisoners died.

The CIA started in 1947 and exploited these scientists under various mind control programs including CHATTER, PAPERCLIP, OVERCASE, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN MKCHICKWIT, MKSEARCH and Operation Midnight Climax (yes, even targeting San Francisco brothels!).

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Beware the C.I.A. spymaster promoting a business opportunity

McKibben said, “Even after we met Chandler, we never gave him a full copy of our programming source code, which is the Holy Grail of any program. We had protected it so well that one former U.S. intelligence asset called us a ‘hard target,’ meaning our security was virtually impenetrable.”

“After dragging his feet for several years after promising to bring us business prospects, Chandler suddenly one day brought us what appeared to be a ready-made business opportunity through his friends at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).”

“They wanted us to test our new social networking technology with LLNL’s perimeter security cameras. The system passed with flying colors and was certified for use with Defense-grade encryption. Shockingly for us, after that our business prospect base just dried up, almost overnight.”

“Hindsight says we should have been wary of Chandler’s LLNL introduction. It was a Deep State set up. Chandler produced a 72-page LLNL license agreement. Tellingly, he wrote himself into the agreement so that he would hold a copy of the source code in a custody agreement for 'legal safekeeping.'

“The LLNL co-signer was Jeffrey Wadsworth, who we had never met, but soon thereafter appointed CEO of the Battelle Memorial Institute and president of the Ohio State Trustees—even though he is British with no Ohio loyalties. Ohio State then teamed up with IBM and John Kasich and moved the Ohio State data center off campus where it became the network hub for the national university equivalent of Common Core called 'Massive Open Online Course.'”

“Source code custody agreements are not uncommon in software. We actually thought we would be more protected since Chandler was our attorney.”

“On June 06, 2002, we provided Chandler with an encrypted CD-ROM containing $10 million worth and 650,000 lines of source code written with 145,000 man-hours of programming.”

On Aug. 29, 2002, eleven weeks later, the IBM Eclipse Foundation distributed our invention to all Eclipse members as Version 2.0.1. They had to wait another year for us to finish debugging that source code, which occurred on Oct. 28, 2003.

Magically, that’s the same night Mark E. Zuckerberg, who AFI researchers now believe to be a C.I.A. asset, hacked the House sites at Harvard to steal student photos and wrote in his online diary, “Let the hacking begin.”

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Property, privacy, contract abuses

McKibben says, “Our property was stolen. That property is being used to invade the privacy of billions of human beings on the planet.”

“Our patent contracts have not been honored. How much worse can the federal government’s conduct get? When King George sent soldiers into the homes of Boston arbitrarily and without notice, he provoked an uprising we now call the American Revolution.”

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Deep State Takeover: Obama actually wrote the IBM “Internet of Things” into executive order No. 13718! Could the crony capitalism be any more evident?
Barack Obama Executive Order 13718, Feb, 9, 2016, Sec 3(a)(ii)
Fig. 6Barack Obama Executive Order 13718, Feb. 09, 2016, Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity (CENC). Obama identifies IBM “The Internet of Things” market initiative and is attempting to codify its stability and adaptability. Obama fails to disclose that IBM's claim to the enabling social networking technologies is fraudulent, having been stolen from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc.

Read more at AFI. (Feb. 11, 2016). Obama promotes IBM criminality in latest executive order. Americans For Innovation.

“We appeal to real Americans to come to our aid. We have filed a Miller Act Notice. We have put President Trump’s White House on notice that his predecessors abused our property and we don’t ask or beg, we demand that our government pay us for this theft of our invention property for which the government has even signed multiple patent contracts and has enjoyed the benefits since 2000 without compensation, other than during Katrina.”

“Our claims are actually even stronger. Thanks to corruption watchdogs Judicial Watch and Citizens United, we discovered secret contracts between Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State and Facebook. Starting on Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary used State Department funds to hire Facebook to build election rigging software. Besides interfering in the election process, Hillary obstructed justice since we were suing Facebook at the time.”

“We can show that Barack Obama obstructed justice by raising money and sending propaganda through 'Obama for America' using our invention.”

“We can show that the Patent Office and former IBMer David J. Kappos and Patent Office director obstructed justice by setting up a Facebook page while we pursued our lawsuit with Facebook.”

“All the judges in our Facebook lawsuit held substantial Facebook financial interests in flagrant violation of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

“There's more, but I'll stop there.”

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Personal property = Liberty + Creativity

McKibben emphasizes, “My property is the use of my God-given liberty to create something of value and own it.”

“My Privacy is the right to enjoy my liberty without unlawful government interference. “

“A patent is a contract between an inventor and the American people.”

“My property right is crystal clear. I entered into contracts with the federal government that resulted in multiple patents. The government loved my inventions so much they stole them right off the design storyboards, even before they were fully functional! In addition, my patent attorney was an agent (albeit a secret spymaster) of the federal government as well. We also had five letters of engagement with him as an attorney.”

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Leader Technologies Miller Act Notice for Federal Works Projects 40 USC Sec. 3131 et seq. timeline
Fig. 7—JAMES P. CHANDLER, IIII, BILL CLINTON's SPY MASTER, IBM's CHIEF OUTSIDE COUNSEL, first learned about Leader / McKibben's social networking designs in early 2000. By this meeting on Jun. 8, 2000 he was studying every detail. This photo of a design storyboarding session captures the scene of the crime. Chandler is pictured here seated in the white shirt against the wall on the right side of this photo with his legal assistant Kelley E. Clements to the viewer's right. Co-inventor Michael McKibben and Jeffrey Lamb are picture standing in the back left of the photo. Photo: Leader Technologies, Inc.

“In fact, patents are the only property rights actually written into the U.S. Constitution. Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 ('[The Congress shall have power] To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.')”

“Clearly the Deep State ignores patent property rights, when it suits them. As a result, the legal sophistry that we have encountered is off the charts corrupt.”

“My shareholders and I have been denied all three of these fundamental Constitutional rights: property, privacy, contract.”

McKibben said, “In our case, the federal government marched in with jack boots and just confiscated our social networking invention ‘for the greater good.’ Those were the very words of my patent attorney James P. Chandler to me once. AND THEN, THEY USED THE INVENTION AGAINST US ALL.

Bookmark: #wouldnt-you-expect-payment |

If you did the work, wouldn’t you expect payment ???!!!

Ask yourself, if you had spent five years, $10 million and invested 145,000 man-hours into building something, wouldn’t you expect to be paid by anyone who used what you built?

Exactly. Well, so do social networking inventor Michael McKibben and his stockholders in Leader Technologies.

Worse, the federal government is using Leader’s invention as a global spy machine to engage in “Collect it All” warrantless surveillance on everyone.

This theft is wrong on so many levels.

We call upon all real Americans to speak up for Leader’s property rights, as well as the privacy rights of every American—it's that important, for all of us.

Hopefully, the age of CIA-IBM-Deep State mind control is coming to an end.

Taking care of real inventors like Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies is a good first step.

Support the Leader Technologies / Michael McKibben Miller Act Notice. Ask President Trump to take care of these American entrepreneurs like he promises.

* * *

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C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp calls for social-civil revolution against the Shadow Government to restore the Constitution | Raw *.mp4 video file
Fig. 8 – C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp exposes the Shadow Government and how it is manipulated by the Deep State. Shipp calls for a social-civil revolution to restore the U.S. Constitution that has been hijacked by the Deep State and which wholly controls the Shadow Government (bribed and blackmailed Congress, Judiciary and unelected Bureaucracy). Video:
Bookmark: #kevin-shipp-shadow-government |
Kevin Shipp: Key elements of the unconstitutional American Shadow Government
Shadow Government Slide: Kevin Shipp. (Aug. 23, 2017). CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government. GeoEngineeringWatch.
Fig. 9 – Unconstitutional American Shadow Goverment. C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp has taken great risks to reveal the structure of the illegal “shadow government” that operates outside the U.S. Constitution. See VIDEO, Fig. 8. Click here for a PDF of this slide.
Bookmark: #kevin-shipp-deep-state |
Kevin Shipp: Key elements of the American Deep State
Deep State Slide: Kevin Shipp. (Aug. 23, 2017). CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government. GeoEngineeringWatch.
Fig. 10 – American Deep State that funds and profits from the Shadow Goverment. C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp has taken great risks to reveal the structure of the illegal “shadow government” that operates outside the U.S. Constitution. See VIDEO, Fig. 8. Click here for a PDF of this slide.
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George Soros openly admits  that he betrayed his fellow Jews to the nazis—without remorse!
Steve Kroft, George Soros, 60 Minutes, Dec. 20, 1998
Steve Kroft. (Dec. 20, 1998). 60 Minutes George Soros interview. CBS. Raw *.mp4 video file | AFI Timeline.. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.
Fig. 11—George Soros, International criminal, funder of the radical left, and self-confessed NAZI SYMPATHIZER told to Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes on Dec. 20, 1998 that he was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII in Hungary who felt no guilt about turning in his fellow Jews to the Nazis. According to the National Committee for Attending Deportees (DEGOB), between May 15 and July 9, 1944 the over 437,000 people in Hungary were deported by the Nazis (with whom Soros had been collaborating) to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps to achieve the demonic Nazi “Final Solution” annihilation of the Jewish race. Video: CBS. Fair Use.
The fact that so-called “liberals” would take money, direction and inspiration from such an evil person as George Soros (British Pilgrims Society) is a sad commentary on the state of their moral and ethical development as human beings. Soros has made his blood money billions of dollars using mainstream medias to destabilize markets for his profit. He buys and sells stocks depending upon which fake message he wants the MSM to propogate. That is not financial “player” genius, that is just pure evil.
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Warning: C.I.A. Deep State with IBM are close to a full takeover | Raw *.mp4 video file
Fig. 12 – IBM FIRST CENTRALIZED DATA ON CITIZENS FOR NAZI, GERMANY STARTING IN 1933. Today, IBM and the C.I.A. have continued that goal with different packaging, calling it IBM "The Internet of Things." The illegal mass surveillance of Americans has been bad at stopping terrorists, but it has been good at collecting all information about a person (work history, bank accounts, education, political beliefs, spirituality, opinions, relationships, health history, etc.)—the real goal of the program—to develop a highly accurate mathematical profile. Author Edwin Black shows how this is exactly what IBM achieved for Adolf Hitler that made his "Final Solution" against the Jews so effective. The Nazis had embraced the teaching of American eugenicist Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) in their beliefs about race and genetic superiority. Those same goals have been repackaged with cute emogis to lull citizens to sleep while their civil liberties are destroyed . . . in the name of safety and counter-terrorism.
Video: Infowars.
IBM, C.I.A. Internet of Things is a continuation of the Nazi Germany 1933 'Final Solution'
Mainstream Media creates false flag events in attempts to discredit President Donald Trump, his supporters and to undermine our Republican form of democracy

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Bush, Chertoff, Army, FEMA, DHS relied on Leader’s invention for post-Katrina life saving after government systems had failed

In secret, FBI Mueller and DHS Chertoff were illegally spying on Americans using Leader’s invention via Project Stellar Wind

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 10, 2016, Aug. 18, 2017 | PDF
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BREAKING! Aug. 17, 2017:
The White House accepted
delivery of the Leader / McKibben
July 28, 2017 4:09am by M NADO
George W. Bush oversaw the expansion of warrantless surveillance of Americans
Fig. 1 – George W. Bush, like his JAmes P. Chandler co-collaborators Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, oversaw the dramatic expansion of illegal warrantless surveillance for the Deep State shadow government. Tellingly, Robert S. Meuller, III was Bush's FBI Director. It now appears that Meuller was given free reign to collect personal data and papers to blackmail members of Congress, the media, the bureaucracy and the Courts, in collusion with crony insiders within the military-industrial complex. Given the incompetence and foot dragging surrounding the Katrina response, it is evident that federal officials were more interested in making sure their offshore bank accounts were unaffected than they were in rescuing citizens suffering at the Super Dome. Many Louisianians died unnecessarily due to their greed, lust for power and incompetence.
Photo: Newsweek.
President George W. Bush receives a briefing from U.S. Army Lt. General Russel Honore, left, inside the Emergency Operations Center in Baton Rouge, La., Monday Sept. 5, 2005, as Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, second from right, and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, right, participate the meeting. The polycom device on the conference table is linked to Leader Technologies alert, conferencing and document management services employed by federal, state and local officials.
Fig. 2 – Pres. George Bush, DHS Sec. Chertoff, LA Gov. Kathleen Blanco being briefed by Lt. Gen. Honoree: From the Bush White House Archives: "President George W. Bush receives a briefing from U.S. Army Lt. General Russel Honore, left, inside the Emergency Operations Center in Baton Rouge, La., Monday Sept. 5, 2005 [Labor Day], as Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, second from right, and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, right, participate the meeting."
Photo: Bush White House Archives.

(Aug. 20, 2017)—The State of Louisiana and the federal government both came to Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio on Aug. 28, 2005 to bail them out after Hurricane Katrina had destroyed their emergency communications systems.

A newly-released recording from Labor Day, Sep. 5, 2005 (Day 7) inside the Louisiana Disaster Response Command Center chronicles the dire straits that state and federal officials were in after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Some of the reports in this recording describe whole parishes being cut off without food, fuel, communications and water. One parish said that even after a week, FEMA had not yet come to their aid. By contrast, the efforts of Louisiana's Fish and Wildlife agents with their boats were heroic—they became the front line in the life saving. Other recordings chronicled the nightly death toll.

Katrina Landfall, Day 7, Louisiana Emergency Operations Recording: | Raw *.mp4 video file | Raw *.mp3 audio file (7.3 MB) | AUDIO TRANSCRIPT
Fig. 3 – Moderator Andy Kopplin, Chief of Staff to Governor Kathleen Blanco. (Sep. 05, 2005). Louisiana Emergency Operations Center Hurricane Katrina response coordination conference call on Labor Day using Leader Technologies' social networking inventions to communicate with all their federal, state and local first responders and elected officials. Leader Technologies. This recording started at 10:00pm CST whereas the meeting with President Bush and Sec. Chertoff at the same location occurred earlier in the day.

[Editorial: It is just obscene and immoral that the federal government is failing to protect its patent contracts with Leader Technologies, most especially after their heroic efforts in the Katrina Disaster Response. It is equally obscene that the federal government uses Leader's groundbreaking social networking inventions without compensating them. We The People must demand that President Trump honor Leader's Miller Act Notice without delay, see below.]

This recording is an important missing piece of the historical record on Hurricane Katrina heroism, bureaucratic ineptitude, systemic corruption and duplicity.

Leader’s founder Michael McKibben said that Leader finally decided to release the recording after waiting a decade for federal authorities to show any interest in this important piece of history. He said, "Sadly, at least at the federal level, their priorities appear to have been more focused on self-aggrandizement, lining their pockets, spying on their neighbors and 'The Internet of Things' blackmail and bribery to maintain power."

U.S. Government steals from patent holders; legal environment for real inventors has become toxic

McKibben said, "Hindsight is 20-20. This recording is more proof that the federal government has utterly failed to honor its patent contracts with us—even after we busted-butt to help them coordinate the Katrina recovery. While we had our heads down helping save lives —which we were only too honored to do—the FBI, C.I.A., NSA and Facebook, among others, were busy ripping us off and building their castles in 'the cloud.'"

"In fact, when Hurricane Rita hit three weeks later, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers received their first reports of new levee breaches from local political leaders who were dialed in to Andy Kopplin's nightly briefings using our system. I heard those reports myself in real time that night. You can bet these same greedy federal officials made sure their offshore bank accounts were unaffected while they left Louisiana's citzens to suffer for weeks in the Super Dome."

McKibben sighed, "I listened to the body count report each night from the chief medical officer. For the most part, our respect for the many lives lost in Katrina and Rita is why we have waited a decade to talk about this injustice to Leader. No amount of money can bring those blessed souls back. So, even our trillion dollar Miller Act claim now isn't enough to restore their families. However, with those funds, our shareholders can each shine a light in their communities on the evil and corruption that has overtaken our American Republic."

Federal government has not honored its own patent contracts with Leader

"Despite the fact that we received patents for these inventions two years later, that same government that awarded those patents has systematically failed to honor those patent contracts," said McKibben.

"When their backs were up against the wall after Katrina’s landfall, the federal government begged us for help. This was the largest natural disaster in history. We were only too glad to help. We dropped everything and assigned our engineers 24x7."

Washington, D.C. moral climate: a toxic blackmail brew

"All the while, we now know thanks to courageous whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Ted Gunderson, William Binney, J. Kirk Wiebe, Tom Drake, James Bamford ("wrongdoing masquerading as patriotism"), Robert David Steele,  Ed Loomis, John Craine, Kevin Shiff,  Diane Roark, Susan Lindauer and many others that President Bush's FBI Director Mueller and Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff were secretly gathering blackmail data on all American citizens through dubious projects like Stellar Wind. This environment makes rampant blackmail inevitable and the moral climate in Washington, D.C. a toxic brew."

McKibben said, "I am proud to say that our system NEVER went down despite the heavy demand from all of Louisiana's agencies and federal emergency agencies. For example, Fish and Wildlife agents with their boats coordinated rooftop rescues using our system. Hospitals organized. Paymasters worked to get money to people stranded in shelters. Transportation organized buses to get people out of harm's way. Engineering reported the structural damage to bridges and roads. Schools organized new sites for the children. Police coordinated efforts to stop looting. In fact, on the first Thursday after landfall, the looting in New Orleans had gotten so bad that Governor Blanco walked into the call and gave the 'shoot to kill' order. This was life and death."

"No previous technology I know of back then could have done what we did to cover the whole state and the federal agencies so quickly or efficiently. That was the beauty of our innovations."

Trillions of dollars in unpaid benefit are due Leader Technologies

McKibben concluded, "Within two years, we received patents on that technology. And yet, outside of Katrina, the federal government and its crony public-private partners like Facebook have enjoyed literally trillions of dollars in benefits from our inventions without paying us a dime for the privilege."

On Jul. 23, 2017, McKibben and Leader Technologies filed a Miller Act Notice (effectively a lien) with President Trump asking him to compensate Leader for the trillions of dollars in benefits received by the federal government and cronies like IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Google and Facebook without any compensation to Leader and its shareholders.

McKibben emphasized, "President Trump had nothing to do with this theft of our social networking invention. But, the Miller Act requires us to serve our notice to the Executive. That is why it is addressed to him. We look forward to him doing right by the U.S. Constitution where patents and copyrights are the only property right actually written into the Constitution."

See previous post, AFI. (Jul. 24, 2017). Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government. Americans for Innovation.

We remember the vicitims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and their families. May their memories be eternal, and may justice and truth prevail.

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New, Aug. 16, 2017: MSM is faking crises —just what Soviet Pravda  did during the Cold War

Mainstream Media creates false flag events in attempts to discredit President Donald Trump, his supporters and to undermine our Republican form of democracy

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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