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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The IBM “Internet of Things” really started in 1933 Nazi Germany with massive abuses of privacy, property & genocide

C.I.A. employed hundreds of Nazi scientists in mass mind control research

C.I.A. refined AGITPROP (agitation propaganda) now being used to demonize & undermine President Trump

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 24, 2016, Updated Apr. 21, 2021 | PDF |
he C.I.A. and IBM united in 1947 to engage in mind control that is being implemented on social networking technology stolen from Columbus Ohio inventor Leader Technologies
Fig. 1 – The IBM (C.I.A.) "Internet of Things." IBM began supplying Adolf Hitler computers starting in about 1934. Even then, they were promoting the concept of universal spying, using the sales byline "See Everything with Hollerith (IBM) Punch Cards." The Nazi scientists who had refined Hitler's mass mind control systems were hired by the newly-created C.I.A. in 1947 to continue their research after the war. Most people have looked up to IBM as an ethical company, and now we find that IBM's central role today in the warrantless mass surveillance shows that they are carrying forward their immoral WWII practices. It is evident that IBM seeks today to install the same kind of fascist socialist crony capitalism that became so efficient at population control of "unacceptables" in Europe during WWII—for which they were paid handsomely after the war. Their brazen theft in 2000 of Leader Technologies' social networking invention—without regard for Leader's constitutional rights—is yet more evidence of their intention to keep an iron grip on the dataflow of the Internet for use in rogue C.I.A.-inspired mass mind control.
Graphic: AFI.
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Editorial, Sep. 03, 2017: He Fights
This is an important perspective on why the average, non-elitist American supports President Donald J. Trump and strongly rejects MSM (should be renamed C.I.A. Mind Control Media (MCM)) and its breathless, dishonest, Alinsky attempts to prevent their choice for President from doing the job we sent him to Washington to do. Evan Sayet. (Sep. 02, 2017). HE FIGHTS. Townhall. We fight. MSM must be defeated.
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Newly discovered, Sep. 06, 2017: Whistleblower reveals C.I.A.-funded social media mind control program
DARPA C.I.A. mind control program uncovered: BAA 12-03 ASU 12040772.
In 2013, a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) whistleblower revealed to fellow scientists an active C.I.A. mind control project that targeted Christianity and Islam. The documents were just uncovered by an AFI researcher. The secret government program sought to induce and disrupt religious "narratives" with desired propaganda. This project (lead: Steven R. Corman PhD) entered its implementation Phase III in the run up to the 2016 election. The Arizona State project leaders are experts in
Father of Fake News?
Steven R. Corman, PhD, Arizona State University (ASU). C.I.A. DARPA Mind Control Researcher
Steven R. Corman, PhD, ASU, C.I.A. Mind Control "Narratives" Researcher
social media and received $6.1 million to develop actionable strategies to disrupt "master narratives" (like a person's Christian or Islamic beliefs) in the name of, naturally, controlling extremism. [Editor: The opposite is also true: one learns how to incite extremism also.] The program focused on finding trigger words and phrases that provoked desired emotional responses by using words in lieu of magnetic resonance pulses to the brain—irrespective of the truth or proper context of the information (aka "virtue signalling"). For example, "Crusades" emotionally triggers some Moslems, as does "jihad" for some Christians. Considering the inordinate number of times Hillary Clinton repeated it, an effective Corman-inspired (?) fake news propaganda trigger tied to candidate Donald Trump was evidently "p_ssy" and "(bent wrist) duhhh," among others. See Anonymous. (Jan. 29, 2013). (4.5 MB) Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project BAA 12-03 ASU 12040772 at Arizona State University—secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed. See esp. researcher concerns (including the whistleblower) about possible accusations, page 8: "This project is aimed at creating bad technologies like mind control, a narrative ray gun."


(Aug. 24, 2017)—America’s founder John Adams said that property and privacy were “inviolable precepts” if we are to be a free people.

America's Founders believed that a free people could not tolerate a government that confiscated personal property and rummaged through personal effects capriciously.

A rogue C.I.A.-controlled federal bureaucracy is currently engaged in AGITPROP (Agitation Propaganda) using invasion of privacy by warrantless surveillance and confiscation of property through regulatory abuse.

AGITPROP uses state-controlled news, arts and entertainment to demonize a target before taking him or her out (e.g., assassination, “car accident,” “suicide,” “plane crash,” coercion, blackmail, regime change, firing, resignation). By the time that happens, the public has become so dumbed down and fatigued by the lies and misinformation that they don’t protect the victim.

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Agitprop: failing propaganda weapon? The boy who cried wolf?

AGITPROP has worked. It has numerous successes like 9/11, the Adolf Hitler, Arab Spring, Afghanistan, Bolshevik Revolution, Bundy Standoff, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq, ISIS, Kosovo, Kristallnacht, Lewinsky Affair, Libya, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Rwanda, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Syria, Vietnam Antiwar protests, Waco, Watergate, World Trade Center. However, now it has devolved further into the abyss with historically illiterate air head accusations like Bolshevik!, Conspiracy Theorist! Dangerous!, David Duke!, Dead!, Demogogue!, Deranged!, Distrubing!, Dying!, Erratic!, Fascist!, Fearmonger!, Fringe!, Garbage!, Groper!, Grotesque!, Homophobe!, KKK!, Lord Voldemort!, Mental!, Monstrous!, Muddled!, Mussolini!, Mysogynist!, Nazi!, Neo-Nazi!, Nut Job!, Pathological!, Putin's Puppet!, Rasict!, Russian Agent!, Scary!, Sexist!, Swindler!, Tax Cheat!, Uncle Tom!, Unfit!, Unhinged!, Vulgar!, What-e-v-e-r Triggers a Snowflake!, White Nationalist!, White Supremecist!, Womanizer!, Wrecking Ball!, Xenophobe!, Astroturfing (fake grassroots comments on blogs) and WHATEVER FOOLS THE UNTHINKING, UNINFORMED AND UNSUSPECTING “MASSES.”

Advertisers and the C.I.A. have known about the effectiveness of immoral “virtue signaling” to trigger the unthinking masses with fabrications for many decades. Given the way these misanthropes have hurled every adjective in the dictionary against President Donald J. Trump, we can only hope and pray that we may finally be seeing the DEATH OF AGITPROP as an effective weapon of propaganda.

Given the lack of an uprising in the general American public to protect their privacy and property from the rogue C.I.A.'s warrantless surveillance and property confiscations through regulatory abuse, we can only conclude that, we are actually no longer a free people as we were in our parents' generation.

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The question is: Will we wake up before it is too late?

James P. Chandler, III
Fig. 2—James P. Chandler, III. Secret spymaster to Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama as well as Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Eric Holder, David Kappos, Larry Summers, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta; author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act; founder of the National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council (NIAC); founder of the IBM Eclipse Foundation; chief outside intellectual property counsel to IBM; patent attorney and director to Leader Technologies.

James P. Chandler & IBM —wolves in sheep’s clothing

Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies—the true inventors of social networking—discovered that their former patent attorney, James P. Chandler, III, and his client IBM are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

McKibben said, “Chandler was recommended to us by Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze (US Army ret.), the former #3 at the NSA. Freeze was our first outside company director in 2000. After meeting Chandler in Washington, D.C., just a few blocks from the White House, we engaged Chandler as our patent lawyer and second outside director. We naturally expected him to honor his Constitutional duty and protect our invention. Sadly, he personally stole it.”

“What was so important about our invention that Chandler sacrificed his integrity and honor to steal it? Now we know. Chandler's world of rogue C.I.A. spies wanted our social networking platform to spy on the planet, while making lots of money for themselves and their friends.”

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Chandler & IBM use social networking to spy on everyone

“To our horror, we have discovered that Chandler not only stole and distributed our invention through IBM, but they now use it to violate the privacy and property rights of EVERY American,” McKibben explained.

Leader Technologies, Inc. / Michael T. McKibben Miller Act Notice
See previous post AFI. (Jul. 24, 2017). Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government. Americans for Innovation. See also Miller Act Notice.

Chandler and IBM created several organizations to carry out their subversion under Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, including:

  1. National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) (with a permanent IBM/Cisco/C.I.A. agent—Thomas E. Noonan),
  2. National Security Staff (NSS) / Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and
  3. IBM Eclipse Foundation

According to former secretary of defense Robert M. Gates in Duty (2014), the NSS at the White House mushroomed from 50 people under Clinton to 350 under Obama. And yet, even the FBI says not a single terrorist has been caught as a result of all this spying. However, the WikiLeaks Podesta revelations reveal that the Deep State has made extensive use of these spy databases for blackmail and for covering up widespread Satanism, child sex trafficking and pedophilia among these elitists.

See Jenna McLaughlin. (Nov. 17, 2015). “U.S. mass surveillance has no record of thwarting large terror attacks.” The Intercept; See also FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson. (May 12, 2005). CIA, FBI Deep State shadow government operates “a rogue criminal enterprise within the government” to compromise Congress “through sex and drugs” blackmail.

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Why should you care if the gov't collects all of your personal information?

McKibben continued, “For example, take your personal family photos. Behind the scenes, the social sites run facial recognition programs on everyone in all your photos. Then, they store that “linking relationship” information in your “Dark Profiles.” In other words, even those who are not on Facebook are being secretly catalogued—adults and children alike—just like the Nazis catalogued Jews and other undesirable citizens in Germany on IBM computers. Their fate is infamously known, may God rest their souls.”

According to Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation, we now know the numerical categories of each of Hitler’s “unacceptables.”

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Fig. 2 – IBM sold and maintained leases on the Nazi's Holocaust infrastructure.IBM's service included providing maintenance personnel for their IBM punch card systems at the concentration camps including Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau. IBM forced the Nazis to purchase all their punch cards from IBM directly. The service contracts were not with IBM's German subsidiary, but with IBM New York directly. Remarkably, IBM was paid for these lease contracts after the war. [Editors: Is anyone else besides us thinking hush money?] Click here for an IBM History: 1930s, 1940s. Video: Edwin Black.
Leader Technologies, Inc. / Michael T. McKibben Miller Act Notice

Further References:

S. Hrg. MKUltra. (Aug. 03, 1977). CIA's Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification. Senate Subcommittee on Human Resources. 95th Congress, First Session. Stock No. 052-070-04357-1. GPO.

Karl Sie. (May 13, 2011). Hitler’s Mind Control Experiments and How They Influenced Modern Propaganda. Subversify Viral.

Nazi Disclosures. (Oct. 01, 1999). Implementation of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group, October 1999. An Interim Report to Congress. National Archives.

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Bill, Hill, Zuck + Carlos (NYT/C.I.A.), Sep. 08, 2014
Bill Clinton and Carlos Slim, Sep. 8, 2014 Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim, Sep. 8, 2014
Source: Mobster Slim is Thief Zuckerberg's new role model? Forbes, Sep. 08, 2014.

New! Aug. 29, 2017: Carl Bernstein. (2007). THE CIA AND THE MEDIA—How America's Most Powerful News Media [MSM] Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up. (“the New York Times provided cover for about ten CIA operatives . . . Many signed secrecy agrements . . . some signed employment contracts . . . 'The secrecy agreement was the sort of ritual that got you into the tabernacle. After that you had to play by the rules.' . . . separating the American press corps and government was often indistinguishable . . . journalists were put 'on a string' [of control] . . . at least 200 journalists signed secrecy agreements or employment contracts with the Agency in the past twenty-five years.” Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim—the world's richest man—now owns the New York Times and is the largest single donor to The Clinton Foundation.) Rogue C.I.A. agents? Most assuredly.

“There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.” Former FBI Agent-in-Charge (Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles) Ted L. Gunderson. (Apr. 02, 2005). Open Letter to Barbara Cartwell. Educate Yourself. See also Ted l. Gunderson. AFI Timeline.

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IBM and rogue C.I.A. use social media to catalog citizens in ways many times more effective than the Nazis

Once your personal data is collected, spies then use a Raytheon program named RIOT to find more linking relationships across all social platforms, Facebook, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook 360, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook Mail, Facebook Messenger, AOL, etc. All of that information is stored in your Dark Profile.

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Fig. 3 – Raytheon Riot program for warrantless mass surveillance across all social media platforms. Leaked to The Guardian on Nov. 16, 2010.
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Leader’s fight is our Republic’s fight

IBM German sales poster c.a., 1934 promoting government mass surveillance. Translation: "See Everything with Hollerith Punch Cards," Address: German Hollerith Machinery Society MBH, Berlin-Lighterfelde, Germany." Remarkably, IBM executives claim they did not know that the Nazis were using their computers to organize mass extermination. This claim is disingenuous since IBM was the SOLE supplier of the punch cards throughout the Third Reich and provided maintenance staff to each LEASED computer, even at the concentrations camps including the Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dacua extermination camps.
Fig. 4—IBM German sales poster c.a., 1934 promoting government mass surveillance. Translation: "See Everything with Hollerith Punch Cards," Address: German Hollerith Machinery Company MBH, Berlin-Lighterfelde, Germany." Click here for an IBM History: 1930s, 1940s.

McKibben asked, “Is it just a coincidence that the same IBM that catalogued Jews and other politically undesirable segments of the European population in WWII is using social networking to illegally catalog all Americans in 2017?”

“Why are we so blindly revealing all our friends and work connections through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, What's App, etc.? These people are stealing your privacy. Your privacy is much more valuable to you as a citizen in our Republic than your car or belongings.”

This rogue C.I.A. is softening the citizenry up for the kill in my opinion . . . so far we've let them get away with it without consequence.”

“Is it just a coincidence that both Hitler and Hillary Clinton considered the citizens who disagreed with them ‘unacceptable’ i.e., ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable’ and not worthy of respect?”

1937: Adolf Hitler (L) +
IBM Thomas Watson (C)
Thomas J. Watson (middle) head of IBM and president of the International Chamber of Commerce, and members of the ICG's board meet with Adolf Hitler in 1937.
Fig. 5—IBM Executives Lie: Remarkably, IBM executives claim they did not know that the Nazis were using their computers to organize mass extermination. This claim is disingenuous since IBM was the SOLE supplier of the punch cards used throughout the Third Reich. IBM even supplied maintenance staff to each LEASED computer all throughout the war—even at the Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dacau extermination camps. These death camps had their own IBM punch card codes: Auschwitz 001, Buchenwald 002 and Dacau 003. Although IBM founder Thomas J. Watson returned Hitler's Merit Cross of the German Eagle medal in 1940, that was a mere public relations ploy. IBM continued to service their equipment throughout the war. Evidently Hitler's blood money was too sweet to walk away from.

The truth is that IBM and the C.I.A. profited from (and continue to profit from) the blood of the innocents. See video, Fig. 2.

See Donald W. McCormick, James Curtis Spee. (Dec. 01, 2008). IBM and Germany 1922-1941. Organization Management Journal.

“What are they using this information for? Are they using it for our welfare? The answer is obviously not.

“One principle is certain: The collection and use of this information destroys our Constitutional rights to privacy and property. When our government reaches into our homes, businesses and thoughts and steals whatever it wants, we are not free.“

“Jesus Christ said you will know what's in a person’s heart by observing his or her actions. Therefore, we can see from the greedy, selfish and power mongering actions of these people that their hearts are empty of love for their fellow human beings. Instead, they lie, cheat and steal without remorse. They see us as little more than consuming animals who pollute their air with too much carbon dioxide,” said McKibben.

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“AGITPROP” demonizes opponents before taking them down

At the end of WWII, the newly-formed C.I.A. co-opted some 1,600 Nazi scientists, brought them to the U.S. and allowed them to continue their research. Some of them had worked on a Soviet mass mind control technique called AGITPROP (Agitation Propaganda).

AGITPROP stages events with messages reinforced by media, news, films, literature, plays, pamphlets and other art forms to demonize opponents and condition the general population for an eventual crackdown on those opponents.

Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) on Nov. 9-10, 1938 in Germany is a prime example. 7,000 Jewish businesses were confiscated (including the business and home of the family of an AFI editor), and 1,000 synagogues were burned. The German populace was largely silent. Hitler then ratcheted up this persecution that eventually led to 6,000,000 Jews killed in the "Final Solution" extermination camps. The property and privacy of the minority German Jewish population was ignored, along with those of Jehovah's Witnesses, Poles, gypsies, homosexuals, clergy, etc.

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C.I.A. hired over 330 Nazi Party mind control experts

The Bluebird Report to Congress (1999) revealed that:

“Between 1945 and 1955, 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the United States under Overcast, Paperclip, and similar programs. It has been estimated that at least half, and perhaps as many as 80 percent, of the imported specialists were former Nazi Party members.”

The rationale for bringing these scientists to the U.S. was to prevent them from working for the Soviets, Chinese or North Koreans. Some of these people had conducted murderous experiments on human subjects in concentration camps and were prosecuted as war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials. For example, Arthur Rudolph persecuted slave labor in the underground V-2 Nordhausen Concentration Camp in Germany, where thousands of prisoners died.

The CIA started in 1947 and exploited these scientists under various mind control programs including CHATTER, PAPERCLIP, OVERCASE, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN MKCHICKWIT, MKSEARCH and Operation Midnight Climax (yes, even targeting San Francisco brothels!).

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Beware the C.I.A. spymaster promoting a business opportunity

McKibben said, “Even after we met Chandler, we never gave him a full copy of our programming source code, which is the Holy Grail of any program. We had protected it so well that one former U.S. intelligence asset called us a ‘hard target,’ meaning our security was virtually impenetrable.”

“After dragging his feet for several years after promising to bring us business prospects, Chandler suddenly one day brought us what appeared to be a ready-made business opportunity through his friends at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).”

“They wanted us to test our new social networking technology with LLNL’s perimeter security cameras. The system passed with flying colors and was certified for use with Defense-grade encryption. Shockingly for us, after that our business prospect base just dried up, almost overnight.”

“Hindsight says we should have been wary of Chandler’s LLNL introduction. It was a Deep State set up. Chandler produced a 72-page LLNL license agreement. Tellingly, he wrote himself into the agreement so that he would hold a copy of the source code in a custody agreement for 'legal safekeeping.'

“The LLNL co-signer was Jeffrey Wadsworth, who we had never met, but soon thereafter appointed CEO of the Battelle Memorial Institute and president of the Ohio State Trustees—even though he is British with no Ohio loyalties. Ohio State then teamed up with IBM and John Kasich and moved the Ohio State data center off campus where it became the network hub for the national university equivalent of Common Core called 'Massive Open Online Course.'”

“Source code custody agreements are not uncommon in software. We actually thought we would be more protected since Chandler was our attorney.”

“On June 06, 2002, we provided Chandler with an encrypted CD-ROM containing $10 million worth and 650,000 lines of source code written with 145,000 man-hours of programming.”

On Aug. 29, 2002, eleven weeks later, the IBM Eclipse Foundation distributed our invention to all Eclipse members as Version 2.0.1. They had to wait another year for us to finish debugging that source code, which occurred on Oct. 28, 2003.

Magically, that’s the same night Mark E. Zuckerberg, who AFI researchers now believe to be a C.I.A. asset, hacked the House sites at Harvard to steal student photos and wrote in his online diary, “Let the hacking begin.”

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Property, privacy, contract abuses

McKibben says, “Our property was stolen. That property is being used to invade the privacy of billions of human beings on the planet.”

“Our patent contracts have not been honored. How much worse can the federal government’s conduct get? When King George sent soldiers into the homes of Boston arbitrarily and without notice, he provoked an uprising we now call the American Revolution.”

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Deep State Takeover: Obama actually wrote the IBM “Internet of Things” into executive order No. 13718! Could the crony capitalism be any more evident?
Barack Obama Executive Order 13718, Feb, 9, 2016, Sec 3(a)(ii)
Fig. 6Barack Obama Executive Order 13718, Feb. 09, 2016, Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity (CENC). Obama identifies IBM “The Internet of Things” market initiative and is attempting to codify its stability and adaptability. Obama fails to disclose that IBM's claim to the enabling social networking technologies is fraudulent, having been stolen from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc.

Read more at AFI. (Feb. 11, 2016). Obama promotes IBM criminality in latest executive order. Americans For Innovation.

“We appeal to real Americans to come to our aid. We have filed a Miller Act Notice. We have put President Trump’s White House on notice that his predecessors abused our property and we don’t ask or beg, we demand that our government pay us for this theft of our invention property for which the government has even signed multiple patent contracts and has enjoyed the benefits since 2000 without compensation, other than during Katrina.”

“Our claims are actually even stronger. Thanks to corruption watchdogs Judicial Watch and Citizens United, we discovered secret contracts between Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State and Facebook. Starting on Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary used State Department funds to hire Facebook to build election rigging software. Besides interfering in the election process, Hillary obstructed justice since we were suing Facebook at the time.”

“We can show that Barack Obama obstructed justice by raising money and sending propaganda through 'Obama for America' using our invention.”

“We can show that the Patent Office and former IBMer David J. Kappos and Patent Office director obstructed justice by setting up a Facebook page while we pursued our lawsuit with Facebook.”

“All the judges in our Facebook lawsuit held substantial Facebook financial interests in flagrant violation of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

“There's more, but I'll stop there.”

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Personal property = Liberty + Creativity

McKibben emphasizes, “My property is the use of my God-given liberty to create something of value and own it.”

“My Privacy is the right to enjoy my liberty without unlawful government interference. “

“A patent is a contract between an inventor and the American people.”

“My property right is crystal clear. I entered into contracts with the federal government that resulted in multiple patents. The government loved my inventions so much they stole them right off the design storyboards, even before they were fully functional! In addition, my patent attorney was an agent (albeit a secret spymaster) of the federal government as well. We also had five letters of engagement with him as an attorney.”

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Leader Technologies Miller Act Notice for Federal Works Projects 40 USC Sec. 3131 et seq. timeline
Fig. 7—JAMES P. CHANDLER, IIII, BILL CLINTON's SPY MASTER, IBM's CHIEF OUTSIDE COUNSEL, first learned about Leader / McKibben's social networking designs in early 2000. By this meeting on Jun. 8, 2000 he was studying every detail. This photo of a design storyboarding session captures the scene of the crime. Chandler is pictured here seated in the white shirt against the wall on the right side of this photo with his legal assistant Kelley E. Clements to the viewer's right. Co-inventor Michael McKibben and Jeffrey Lamb are picture standing in the back left of the photo. Photo: Leader Technologies, Inc.

“In fact, patents are the only property rights actually written into the U.S. Constitution. Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 ('[The Congress shall have power] To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.')”

“Clearly the Deep State ignores patent property rights, when it suits them. As a result, the legal sophistry that we have encountered is off the charts corrupt.”

“My shareholders and I have been denied all three of these fundamental Constitutional rights: property, privacy, contract.”

McKibben said, “In our case, the federal government marched in with jack boots and just confiscated our social networking invention ‘for the greater good.’ Those were the very words of my patent attorney James P. Chandler to me once. AND THEN, THEY USED THE INVENTION AGAINST US ALL.

Bookmark: #wouldnt-you-expect-payment |

If you did the work, wouldn’t you expect payment ???!!!

Ask yourself, if you had spent five years, $10 million and invested 145,000 man-hours into building something, wouldn’t you expect to be paid by anyone who used what you built?

Exactly. Well, so do social networking inventor Michael McKibben and his stockholders in Leader Technologies.

Worse, the federal government is using Leader’s invention as a global spy machine to engage in “Collect it All” warrantless surveillance on everyone.

This theft is wrong on so many levels.

We call upon all real Americans to speak up for Leader’s property rights, as well as the privacy rights of every American—it's that important, for all of us.

Hopefully, the age of CIA-IBM-Deep State mind control is coming to an end.

Taking care of real inventors like Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies is a good first step.

Support the Leader Technologies / Michael McKibben Miller Act Notice. Ask President Trump to take care of these American entrepreneurs like he promises.

* * *

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C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp calls for social-civil revolution against the Shadow Government to restore the Constitution | Raw *.mp4 video file
Fig. 8 – C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp exposes the Shadow Government and how it is manipulated by the Deep State. Shipp calls for a social-civil revolution to restore the U.S. Constitution that has been hijacked by the Deep State and which wholly controls the Shadow Government (bribed and blackmailed Congress, Judiciary and unelected Bureaucracy). Video:
Bookmark: #kevin-shipp-shadow-government |
Kevin Shipp: Key elements of the unconstitutional American Shadow Government
Shadow Government Slide: Kevin Shipp. (Aug. 23, 2017). CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government. GeoEngineeringWatch.
Fig. 9 – Unconstitutional American Shadow Goverment. C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp has taken great risks to reveal the structure of the illegal “shadow government” that operates outside the U.S. Constitution. See VIDEO, Fig. 8. Click here for a PDF of this slide.
Bookmark: #kevin-shipp-deep-state |
Kevin Shipp: Key elements of the American Deep State
Deep State Slide: Kevin Shipp. (Aug. 23, 2017). CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government. GeoEngineeringWatch.
Fig. 10 – American Deep State that funds and profits from the Shadow Goverment. C.I.A. Whistleblower Kevin Shipp has taken great risks to reveal the structure of the illegal “shadow government” that operates outside the U.S. Constitution. See VIDEO, Fig. 8. Click here for a PDF of this slide.
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George Soros openly admits  that he betrayed his fellow Jews to the nazis—without remorse!
Steve Kroft, George Soros, 60 Minutes, Dec. 20, 1998
Steve Kroft. (Dec. 20, 1998). 60 Minutes George Soros interview. CBS. Raw *.mp4 video file | AFI Timeline.. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.
Fig. 11—George Soros, International criminal, funder of the radical left, and self-confessed NAZI SYMPATHIZER told to Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes on Dec. 20, 1998 that he was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII in Hungary who felt no guilt about turning in his fellow Jews to the Nazis. According to the National Committee for Attending Deportees (DEGOB), between May 15 and July 9, 1944 the over 437,000 people in Hungary were deported by the Nazis (with whom Soros had been collaborating) to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps to achieve the demonic Nazi “Final Solution” annihilation of the Jewish race. Video: CBS. Fair Use.
The fact that so-called “liberals” would take money, direction and inspiration from such an evil person as George Soros (British Pilgrims Society) is a sad commentary on the state of their moral and ethical development as human beings. Soros has made his blood money billions of dollars using mainstream medias to destabilize markets for his profit. He buys and sells stocks depending upon which fake message he wants the MSM to propogate. That is not financial “player” genius, that is just pure evil.
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Warning: C.I.A. Deep State with IBM are close to a full takeover | Raw *.mp4 video file
Fig. 12 – IBM FIRST CENTRALIZED DATA ON CITIZENS FOR NAZI, GERMANY STARTING IN 1933. Today, IBM and the C.I.A. have continued that goal with different packaging, calling it IBM "The Internet of Things." The illegal mass surveillance of Americans has been bad at stopping terrorists, but it has been good at collecting all information about a person (work history, bank accounts, education, political beliefs, spirituality, opinions, relationships, health history, etc.)—the real goal of the program—to develop a highly accurate mathematical profile. Author Edwin Black shows how this is exactly what IBM achieved for Adolf Hitler that made his "Final Solution" against the Jews so effective. The Nazis had embraced the teaching of American eugenicist Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) in their beliefs about race and genetic superiority. Those same goals have been repackaged with cute emogis to lull citizens to sleep while their civil liberties are destroyed . . . in the name of safety and counter-terrorism.
Video: Infowars.
IBM, C.I.A. Internet of Things is a continuation of the Nazi Germany 1933 'Final Solution'
Mainstream Media creates false flag events in attempts to discredit President Donald Trump, his supporters and to undermine our Republican form of democracy

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    Email comment by TEX:

    Please do NOT use the $1, $20, $50 or $100 bills any more as they depict slave owners on them. Gather all of these hideous symbols of racism and trash them. Throw them out.

    While we are at it, please eliminate July and August from your calendars ..... they were named after the two Roman "Caesar" emperors that used slaves. Oops, the Egyptians use slaves to build the pyramids. Tear those down!!!! And after the Scottish invasion of Ireland, the Scots enslaved the Irish. No more Scotch whiskey or hop scotch or those cute kilts for me. And , by the way, we must quit using the word "slave", it is not a nice word. It comes from the root word "slav". The Slavs (South, Central and Eastern Europe) were captured and enslaved by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD. Whoops, that messes up the jihadi narrative.

    Twenty million Africans were enslaved from the mid 1200's to the mid 1800's, the majority of whom were captured and sold by other blacks. It's not justifiable but it was accepted at the time. It's a dark part of human history, but history nonetheless. Can't we just admit that it was a terrible practice and just move on. Should we ban baseball because they didn't allow black players in the league until Jackie Robinson put on the uniform? Same with football. And the NY Philharmonic. And school teaching, and IVY League schools. Should we ban school buses because early on black kids couldn't ride with whites? And that "Black History Month" should be removed from our calendar as well. It's a hurtful reminder of how bad we are in this country. History can no longer tolerated.

    And by the way, the Democrats were always the party of slavery. And they still are. Every heard of Senator Byrd? He was a Democratic Senator and the grand poopah of the KKK at the same time. As the loving liberals expand the scope of entitlements, they steal the individual dignity of earning one's way. Welfare is slavery. Taxes are sharecropping. By supporting abortion, liberals encourage death of minorities. By supporting the attack on our police officers, the Democrats encourage destruction of our inner city life. Crime , especially gang warfare, has taken over Chicago and Baltimore. Our nation's capitol has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the whole world. All three of this cities have been controlled by Democrats for years. Maybe it's because George Washington and Lord Baltimore had a few slaves. Surely we are going to eliminate that wooden-toothed George Washington from our history books. By the way, at the end of his life he freed every one of them and gave them a monetary stipend to help them begin their free life in America.

    And let's not forget that it's the Democrats that want no borders and they want our country to be managed in a One World Order. Why? Because America is bad, really bad. Thus, Americans are bad, really bad. And folks in other societies can do a better job of offering freedom, peace, and prosperity for all. After all, 250 years ago we had slaves. Well so did every country, every race, every tribe, and every religion throughout history.

    Where will this end? George Soros is loving every minute of it. Evil has grabbed this great nation by the neck and is choking our ability to survive. The agenda proposed by President Trump has the makings of significant solutions. I am mad as hell that he continues to take the bait. His mouth could be his downfall. He still has a chance but he had best move from the bully pulpit to the persuasion pulpit ...... and do it soon. Even his strongest supporters are questioning his approach to management. History is watching.

    Have a great day, TEX

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  2. Email comment by GH:

    Aaron Klein. (Aug. 23, 2017). EXCLUSIVE – NSA Whistleblower: Russia ‘Hack’ of DNC Server an ‘Outright Lie’. Breitbart Jerusalem.

    TEL AVIV — The narrative of a Russian hack into the computer system of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is an “outright lie” and “manipulation process,” William Binney, a former highly placed NSA official, claimed during in a radio interview.

    Utilizing recently unlocked information from data that purportedly originated on the DNC’s servers, Binney claimed that he is “something like 99%” sure that the DNC servers were not hacked from the outside. He urged the U.S. Intelligence Community to immediately release any evidence utilized to draw the conclusion that Russia may have been associated with the breach of the DNC servers.

    Binney was an architect of the NSA’s surveillance program. He is a former NSA technical director who helped to modernize the agency’s worldwide eavesdropping network, co-founding a unit on automating NSA signals intelligence. He became a famed whistleblower when he resigned on October 31, 2001, after spending more than 30 years with the agency.

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  3. Email comment by JM-GN:

    Mariella Moon. (Aug. 25, 2017). CIA uses a secret tool to spy on NSA, FBI and other intel partners. Engaget.

    Apparently, nobody's exempt from the CIA's intelligence gathering, not even its own intelligence partners. According to a set of documents published by WikiLeaks, the CIA uses a tool called "ExpressLane" that hides behind a fake software update to collect information from agencies around the world that use its biometric collection system. In the US, the list includes fellow government agencies like the FBI, the NSA and Homeland Security. These partners are supposed to share data with the CIA, but clearly, the intelligence service wants to make sure they're not keeping anything from the agency.

    Based on the info written in the documents, the CIA pre-installed ExpressLane in the systems of newer partners. For older ones, it gets installed by an agent personally visiting a partner site under the guise of installing a software update. ExpressLane disguises itself as a harmless exe file in Windows' System 32 folder, but it actually collects files of interest. When an agent inserts a thumb drive to run the fake software update, ExpressLane automatically uploads the compressed and encrypted files it gathered.

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    Kevin Schiff calls for a social-civil revolution to restore the Constitution

    Rogue C.I.A. directs the Mainstream Media and Silicon Valley

    Deep State profits from and funds the rogue C.I.A.

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  5. Email comment by DL:


    Chelle Ann Fuertes. (Aug. 16, 2017). Mozilla Firefox Initiative to Eliminate Fake News From its Browser. Edgylabs.

    Mozilla Firefox, a non-profit organization that runs the Firefox internet browser, announced last week that it would be joining the fight against ‘fake’ news.

    According to reports, the company will be launching a new program to help solve the issues surrounding false reports. Dubbed as the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI), the project aims to bring together businesses and interest groups from around the world to better understand fake news and find ways to resolve it.

    The U.S.-based open source group stated that they would be “investing in people, programs, and projects” as part of an initiative to curb the spread of online misinformation

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  6. Email comment by GH:

    Kristie McDonald. (Aug. 23, 2017). Boston Antifa Protesters Chant “GEORGE SOROS, WHERE’S OUR MONEY!” [VIDEO]. OccupyDeplorables.

    We wonder whether we’ll see this video on CNN. One America News just released a shocking video showing ANTIFA thugs chanting: “George Soros, where is our money?”.

    The video, posted by Beverly Hills Antifa, features a quote which reads: “Antifa demands George Soros pay us the money he owes. Unite comrades and fight for $15/hour. #Resist”
    We already knew that George Soros was behind the disruption and violence and has been from the start. He needs that to promote his agenda in America and in the world.

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  7. Email comment by PL:

    GOOD RIDDANCE COHN, WE DIDN'T WANT YOUR GOLDMAN SACHS BUTT IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE. You even look like a crook who would steal the last dime from his own mother. Go ahead and play the "I'm Jewish" card. That's weak. You hide behind your ethnicity when you cannot come up with a real defense for your conduct, which has nothing to do with your ethnicity. That is not why I don't like you. I don't like you because of your work history of stealing for the robber barons at Goldman Sachs. We've got your number.

    Andrew Harrer-Pool. (Aug. 25, 2017). NYT: Cohn Drafted Resignation Letter in Wake of Charlottesville. Newmax.

    White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn drafted his resignation letter in the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlottesville and President Donald Trump's responses to them, The New York Times reported Friday.

    The news comes a day after the former Goldman Sachs executive publicly admonished Trump and the administration for its reticence to properly condemn white supremacists in the aftermath of Charlottesville.

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  8. Email comment by GH:

    Dave Hodges. (Aug. 24, 2017). Proof of 50 Dollar per Hour Soros Paid Protesters at Phoenix Rally. Common Sense Show.

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  9. Email comment by GH:

    WikiLeaks Revelation

    Staff. (Aug. 25, 2017). CIA is supposed to have spied partner agencies with snooping software. Der Speigel.

    The CIA apparently also spied partners like the FBI and the NSA and secretly read out biometric data. This is from secret documents published by WikiLeaks.

    According to information from WikiLeaks , the US intelligence agency CIA apparently spied his own partners with a trick. According to the secret documents published on the Julian Assange's unveiling platform on Thursday, the CIA has secretly read out biometric data from government agencies such as the FBI , the NSA, and the Ministry of Homeland Security. To this end, the CIA has used a snooping software called ExpressLane, is asserted in the documents dated to the year 2009.

    According to WikiLeaks, this espionage tool has undetected CIA agents to their own biometrics software. This was also made available to other services, in return, the authorities provided certain biometric data to the CIA. According to WikiLeaks, CIA employees have consciously tapped the software, in order to be able to read data records independently of the agreed cooperation. Biometric features that might be of interest to authorities are, for example, the fingerprint of a person or his face, captured by biometric passport photos.

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  10. Email comment by GH:

    SOROS' MINIONS ARE SCREAMING NAZIS! AGAINST ANTI-NAZIS TO HIDE SOROS' EVIL PAST AS A LITERAL NAZI SYMPATHIZER WHO RATED OUT HIS FELLOW JEWS. This is not even creative any longer. They are breaking a fundamental Saul Alinsky rule: When your strategy stops working, abandon it. That probably explains the sudden pivot now to "DIMENTIA" AND "UNHINGED". We've got your number folks.

    Jim Hoft. (Aug. 24, 2017). Soros-Funded Website Uses Trump Assassination Wish to Fundraise for Far Left Sen. Chappelle-Nadal

    Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal hoped for the assassination of President Trump in a Facebook comment last Thursday. She then deleted it in a panic.

    She even acknowledged she would get a visit from the Secret Service when she posted her comment.

    Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook comment was so egregious that even ABC News reported on the story.

    Here's actual proof that Soros is a NAZI in his own words:

    George Soros interviewed by Steve Kroft, CBS, Dec. 20, 1998.

  11. Email comment by GH:


    Anonymous. (Aug. 25, 2017). Alert: UN Makes Its Move… Issues “Concrete Measures” Order to US Authorities. Anonymous EXPOSED.

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  12. Email comment by WT:

    Staff. (Aug. 26, 2017). JUDGE DROPS A BOMB ON IRS TEA PARTY SCANDAL. The HORN News.

    So far, the administration of former President Barack Obama has gotten away scot-free with targeting Tea Party groups, using the IRS to harass conservatives, and denying patriots their First Amendment rights.

    But that could all change soon. Experts say it looks like liberal lawbreakers could be getting set to face some jail time after a federal judge gave an order that could blow the entire conspiracy wide open this week.

    The judge looked the IRS’s lawyers in the eye and demanded that they name every official involved in the scandal to deny Tea Party groups their First Amendment rights. He wanted all the details that would let him punish the guilty parties.

    “Lay it on the line. Put it out there,” Judge Reggie B. Walton said.

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  13. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Staff. (Aug. 26, 2017). BLACK LIVES MATTER FOUNDER CLAIMS TRUMP IS TRYING TO COMMIT HITLER-LIKE GENOCIDE [VIDEO] - “We wouldn’t as a movement take a seat at the table with Trump because we wouldn’t have done that with Hitler.”

    The co-founder of Black Lives Matter believes President Trump is “literally” trying to “kill our communities” on a scale comparable to Adolf Hitler.

    “We wouldn’t as a movement take a seat at the table with Trump because we wouldn’t have done that with Hitler. Trump is literally the epitome of evil, all the evils of this country, be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia and he has set out the most dangerous policies not just that impacts this country but that impacts the globe,” Patrisse Cullors, one of BLM’s three co-founders, told the Los Angeles Times in a Friday interview.

    “And so for us, the answer is not to sit with Trump but to resist him and to resist every single policy that he’s implemented that impacts our communities,” Cullors said. “I’m thinking about what I want my children to know in 30, 40, 50 years and I want them to know that I resisted a president at all costs because this president literally tried to kill our communities.”

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    1. Antifa/BLM = The pot calling the kettle black. Or, in George Soros' and Saul Alinsky's world = Accuse your enemies of being who you are.

  14. Email comment by PR:

    State of the Nation. (Aug. 25, 2017). It all comes down to the next 2 months. The Millenium Report.

    What the whole world is still watching is Trump swing his wrecking ball at Deep State. After 8 years of presidential pawn Barack Obama carrying oceans of water for Deep State, Trump has pledged to drain the D.C. swamp.

    The real problem, however, is that virtually every square inch inside the Beltway is nothing but swampland, and home to every sort of subversive swamp creature.

    The iceberg and the Titanic (or is it an icebreaker)

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  15. Email comment by GH/RP:

    Sean Adi-Tabatabai. (Aug. 16, 2017). BUSTED: Unite The Right’s, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN. NewsPUNCH.

    Jason Kessler, the man who organized the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, was on the payroll of CNN.

    As a result of the rally, one person died and at least twenty others were injured when a car, driven by a Hillary Clinton supporter, smashed into protestors.

    Thanks to Internet sleuths, a CNN report on Occupy Wall St. from five years ago was uncovered, which credits “CNN Assignment Editor Jason Kessler.”

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  16. Email comment by Roger Stone:

    Roger Stone. (Aug. 14, 2017). Roger Stone Launches fire attack on Deep State Plotters. Stone Cold Truth.

    Roger Stone Launches fire attack on Deep State Plotters.

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  17. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Alex Jones. (Aug. 04, 2017). General McMaster Panics As Journalists Expose Him As Greatest National Security Threat. Infowars.

    As journalist expose National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster's past, the General panics, knowing his plans into the future are now at risk of total collapse as he undermines President Trump.

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  18. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Lew Rockwell. (Aug. 26, 2017). THE NAZIS WERE ACTUALLY LEFTISTS - Hitler’s party grew out of leftist ideas. Infowars.

    Is it too much to say that since the French Revolution, the left has been the source of virtually all political evils, and continues to be so in our day?

    There can be no doubt that great cruelty and violence can be and have been inflicted in the name of preserving the existing order.
    But when we compare even the worst enormities of the more distant past with the leftist totalitarian revolutions and total wars of the twentieth centuries, they are in general a mere blip. The entire history of the Inquisition, said Joe Sobran, barely rises to the level of what the communists accomplished on a good afternoon.

    The French Revolution, and particularly its radical phase, was the classic manifestation of modern leftism and served as the model for still more radical revolutions around the world more than a century later.

    As that revolution proceeded its aims grew more ambitious, with its most fervent partisans demanding nothing less than the total transformation of society.

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  19. Email comment by KL:

    Staff. (Aug. 26, 2017). Analyzing Charlottesville’s Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream (Video). Before It's News.

    Ford Fischer began LiveStreaming video 7 minutes 40 seconds before the charlottesville car attack. His video is an absolute bombshell for the following reasons:

    1. He films the murder vehicle (a Dodge Challenger) on Water Street 7 minutes before the attack.

    Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...
    2. He films the maroon van involved in the incident 5 minutes before the attack. It is already at the intersection of 4th and Water. Ford’s video shows that it does not move in the intervening 5 minutes, despite being able to. Nobody appears to be in the front seat.

    3. Ford abandons the protest and the neo-Nazis he claims to be following and waits on 5th and Main St for 3 minutes before reacting to the attack. Why is he waiting? He seems to know that something will occur nearby.

    We need to look at Ford Fischer and his video very closely. Some questions to consider:

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  20. Email comment by JM-GN:

    Son. (Oct. 24, 2016). The Hillary Clinton-Saul Alinsky Connection. Son of Tiamat.

    A brief look into Hillary Clinton's senior college thesis There Is Only The Fight: An Analysis of The Alinsky Model
    Full story[VIDEO]:

  21. Email comment by GH:

    Jazmine Ulloa, (Aug. 27, 2017). California passed a law boosting police transparency on cellphone surveillance. Here's why it's not working. LA Times.

    Several years ago, little was known about the StingRay, a powerful surveillance device that imitates the function of a cell tower and captures the signals of nearby phones, allowing law enforcement officers to sweep through hundreds of messages, conversations and call logs.

    The secrecy around the technology, which can ensnare the personal data of criminals and bystanders alike, spurred lawsuits and demands for public records to uncover who was using it and the extent of its capabilities. In California, a 2015 law requires law enforcement agencies to seek permission at public meetings to buy the devices, and post rules for their use online.

    But a Los Angeles Times review of records from 20 of the state’s largest police and sheriff’s departments, plus the Alameda County district attorney’s office, found some agencies have been slow to follow or have ignored the law. Several that partner with federal agencies to work on cases are not subject to the law’s reporting requirements. The result is that little information on StingRay use is available to the public, making it hard to determine how wide a net the surveillance tools cast and what kind of data they gather.

    Full story:

  22. Email comment by GH:

    (Aug. 25, 2017). WHOA! Did “White Supremacist” Who Organized Charlottesville Protests Work For CNN? Were Protests Manufactured To Create Hate For Right and Trump?

    Has anyone seen Barack Obama lately? What about Valerie Jarrett, who actually MOVED IN to the Obama household shortly after exiting the White House? Why would Obama’s 60-year old former senior advisor move into his house with his wife and daughter who is still in high school? Unless there was some obvious reason for her living with the Obama’s, it makes no sense whatsoever. Why does no one in the media find this arrangement to be even remotely odd? Is it possible that Barack Obama and his evil puppet-master had something to do with orchestrating what many believe was a fake protest in Charlottesville, as a way to create hate for white people, the Right and more importantly to give Americans a reason to blame President Trump and the Republican Party for the actions of the racist groups who participated in the protests.

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  23. Email comment by GC:

    Glenn Canady. (Aug. 27, 2017). Fireman Saw Nobody at Sandy Hook! Google Banned This! Before It's News.

    I just uncovered shocking new information on the Sandy Hook hoax pulled on us by Barack Obama and the criminal Fake News! A man I’ve known casually for about 3 years told me some incredible testimony from two different sources. This video was banned by Google in 30 minutes so need everybody to share in Facebook, Twitter, good websites and all email lists!

    His first source came from people in the local funeral home business in a small town in Florida that knew the people who handled the Sandy Hook funerals! He was told by his friend that the entire thing was fake! The coffins were all bought the week before the event! Then when the hoax was staged and it was time for the fake funerals, the coffins were loaded with rocks for burials! He told me this before I began taping him with his permission.

    Full story:

  24. Email comment by JM/GH/TY:

    Amber Randall. (Aug. 26, 2917). DC COUNCIL MEMBER WANTS POLICE TO INVESTIGATE PRO-TRUMP FLYERS. the Daily Caller.

    A Washington, D.C. council member urged his constituents Friday to report “xenophobic” flyers declaring “build the wall” to the police department.

    Residents from Ward 4 have said that posters focused on illegal immigration and building the wall have cropped up around the area, the DCist reports. Council member Brandon Todd has told residents to call 911 if they are handed one of the flyers.

    “Xenophobic and hostile flyers in Ward 4 will not be tolerated,” Todd wrote in a Facebook post. “All residents, regardless of background, deserve to feel safe in their community. If you receive one of these hateful flyers, call the Metropolitan Police Dept. at 911 immediately. I will remain in close contact with 4D Commander and Police Chief. Ward 4 must and will remain welcoming to all.”

    One of the posters features Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg with “Even RBG backs the ban. Build the wall,” emblazoned over her face, while another urges people to “Report illegal aliens to DHS or ICE” and tells the story of a man who allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly lady after being deported more than 20 times. Another poster has Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s face on the still image from “Debbie Does Dallas,” a 70’s porn movie. This poster features the phrase “Debbie Does Pakistan.”

    Full story:

  25. Email comment by GH:

    AFI is right on... again!

    Carl Bernstein. (2007). THE CIA AND THE MEDIA

    How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

    n 1953, Joseph Alsop, then one of America’s leading syndicated columnists, went to the Philippines to cover an election. He did not go because he was asked to do so by his syndicate. He did not go because he was asked to do so by the newspapers that printed his column. He went at the request of the CIA.

    Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty‑five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. Some of these journalists’ relationships with the Agency were tacit; some were explicit. There was cooperation, accommodation and overlap. Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple intelligence gathering to serving as go‑betweens with spies in Communist countries. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without‑portfolio for their country. Most were less exalted: foreign correspondents who found that their association with the Agency helped their work; stringers and freelancers who were as interested in the derring‑do of the spy business as in filing articles; and, the smallest category, full‑time CIA employees masquerading as journalists abroad. In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.


    To understand the role of most journalist‑operatives, it is necessary to dismiss some myths about undercover work for American intelligence services. Few American agents are “spies” in the popularly accepted sense of the term. “Spying” — the acquisition of secrets from a foreign government—is almost always done by foreign nationals who have been recruited by the CIA and are under CIA control in their own countries. Thus the primary role of an American working undercover abroad is often to aid in the recruitment and “handling” of foreign nationals who are channels of secret information reaching American intelligence.

    Many journalists were used by the CIA to assist in this process and they had the reputation of being among the best in the business. The peculiar nature of the job of the foreign correspondent is ideal for such work: he is accorded unusual access by his host country, permitted to travel in areas often off‑limits to other Americans, spends much of his time cultivating sources in governments, academic institutions, the military establishment and the scientific communities. He has the opportunity to form long‑term personal relationships with sources and—perhaps more than any other category of American operative—is in a position to make correct judgments about the susceptibility and availability of foreign nationals for recruitment as spies.

    “After a foreigner is recruited, a case officer often has to stay in the background,” explained a CIA official. “So you use a journalist to carry messages to and from both parties”

    Journalists in the field generally took their assignments in the same manner as any other undercover operative. If, for instance, a journalist was based in Austria, he ordinarily would be under the general direction of the Vienna station chief and report to a case officer. Some, particularly roving correspondents or U.S.‑based reporters who made frequent trips abroad, reported directly to CIA officials in Langley, Virginia.

    Full article:

  26. Email comment by WR:

    Staff. (Aug. 21, 2017). Bannon aims his cannon at Deep State and its primary agents in the White House. The Millennium Report.

    State of the Nation

    How does Ivanka Trump have the reckless audacity to take credit for ousting Steve Bannon from the White House? IVANKA TAKES CREDIT FOR BANNON OUSTER

    To take down the CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign, and subsequent White House Chief Strategist, who was truly responsible for her father’s victory is not good form. Nor is it good politics.

    Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner was also a constant irritant to Bannon as he attempted to keep Trump’s campaign promises to the Right. Bannon knew that if those promises were broken, and many have been, Trump was toast. Forget about 2020.

    Perhaps the following announcement is a sign that Jared is experiencing instant karma for using Ivanka to push Bannon out. Breaking: Jared Kushner is on his way OUT of the White House

    Full story:

  27. Email comment by GH:

    This is excellent journalism on a disgusting, immoral arms trade promoted by the US military industrial complex DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT. Who wins here? Only the traders. Human beings lose all around, on all sides. This inhumanity must stop.

    Dilyana Gayandzhieva. (Feb. 07, 2017). 350 DIPLOMATIC FLIGHTS CARRY WEAPONS FOR TERRORISTS.

    Azerbaihan's Silk Way Airlines transports weapons with diplomatice clearand for Syria, Iraq, Afghaistan, Pakistan, Congo.

    Full story:

  28. NEW! AUG. 29, 2017: Carl Bernstein. (2007). THE CIA AND THE MEDIA—How America's Most Powerful News Media [MSM] Worked Hand in Globe with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up.

    Bookmark: #bernstein-msm-cia


    Bernstein: “the New York Times provided cover for about ten CIA operatives . . . Many signed secrecy agrements . . . some signed employment contracts . . . 'The secrecy agreement was the sort of ritual that got you into the tabernacle. After that you had to play by the rules.' . . . separating the American press corps and government was often indistinguishable . . . journalists were put 'on a string' [of control] . . . at least 200 journalists signed secrecy agreements or employment contracts with the Agency in the past twenty-five years.” Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim—the world's richest man—now owns the New York Times and is the largest single donor to The Clinton Foundation.)

    Rogue C.I.A. agents? Most assuredly.

    “There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.” Former FBI Agent-in-Charge (Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles) Ted L. Gunderson. (Apr. 02, 2005). Open Letter to Barbara Cartwell. Educate Yourself. See also Ted l. Gunderson. AFI Timeline.

    1. Here's a TinyURL on the comment above:

      Spread the word that a group of moral media, banking and spy misfits are trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution.

  29. Email comment by GH:

    Admin. (Aug. 27, 2017). Congressman Confirms FBI Awan Probe Involves Bigger Crimes & Accomplices; Possible ‘Ties’ to Wasserman Schultz (VIDEO). True Pundit.

    Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz just dropped an anvil on the FBI’s Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud investigation which is showing increasingly strong signs of becoming a Congressional albatross, despite assurances from the officials implicated that the case is baseless.

    The case, Chaffetz said, is much larger than mere bank fraud. True Pundit reported on Tuesday, six days before the Chaffetz revelations, the Awan case was much larger than believed and the family was tipped off prior to the indictment by Congress.

    Chaffetz, who retired just weeks ago, predicted the Awan and Alvi bank fraud indictment could explode and expand into something much larger. He said the case could prove the proverbial tip of the iceberg, involving accomplices, according to the former chairman of the Oversight Committee for the House.

    Full story:

    1. Email comment by GH/LP:

      Staff. (Aug. 22, 2017). BOMBSHELL: Schultz IT Aide May Have Sold State Secrets to Russia, Pakistan. Conservative Fighter.

      Federal investigators are worried that the shady IT staffer at the center of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ widening scandal may have sold intelligence to foreign governments, particularly Russia and Pakistan, reports the New York Post.

      According to officials, the government is currently probing whether Imran Awan, Schultz’ top computer technician, had access to sensitive emails and other communications and then sold that information to foreign intelligence agencies.

      The investigation of Awan began in April of 2016, when Congressional staffers noticed several “irregularities” in the Capitol’s computer equipment and billing information. What began as a suspected case of fraud is now spiraling into a “massive scandal” according to one government aide.

      Authorities now believe Awan had access to secret material, and moved that information from government-owned servers to private devices, possibly with the intent to distribute the classified information.

      Full story:

  30. Email comment by GH:

    Georg Szalai. (Aug. 29, 2017). SKY DROPS FOX NEWS IN U.K. The Hollywood Reporter.

    "It averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.," says 21st Century Fox. "We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K."

    21st Century Fox has decided to stop airing Fox News in the U.K., ending a long-running carriage deal in Britain with pay TV giant Sky.

    "21st Century Fox has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the U.K.," the conglomerate said Tuesday. "Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K."

    It added: "We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K." A Fox representative said the news network's U.K. feed came to an end Tuesday afternoon.

    Full story:

  31. Email comment by DL:


    * Leaked TSA documents reveal New York airport's wave of security lapses
    * US government pushed tech firms to hand over source code
    * At the US border: Discriminated, detained, searched, interrogated
    * Millions of Verizon customer records exposed in security lapse
    * Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA
    * Inside the global terror watchlist that secretly shadows millions
    * FCC chairman voted to sell your browsing history — so we asked to see his
    * With a single wiretap order, US authorities listened in on 3.3 million phone calls
    * 198 million Americans hit by 'largest ever' voter records leak
    * Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy'
    * Microsoft says 'no known ransomware' runs on Windows 10 S — so we tried to hack it
    * Leaked document reveals UK plans for wider internet surveillance

    * Leaked TSA documents reveal New York airport's wave of security lapses

    * US government pushed tech firms to hand over source code

    * At the US border: Discriminated, detained, searched, interrogated

    * Millions of Verizon customer records exposed in security lapse

    * Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA

    * Inside the global terror watchlist that secretly shadows millions

    * FCC chairman voted to sell your browsing history — so we asked to see his

    * With a single wiretap order, US authorities listened in on 3.3 million phone calls

    * 198 million Americans hit by 'largest ever' voter records leak

    * Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy'

    * Microsoft says 'no known ransomware' runs on Windows 10 S — so we tried to hack it

    * Leaked document reveals UK plans for wider internet surveillance


  32. Email comment by GH/LN/JM:

    WAT ??? FBI SEZ we aren't interested in Hillary selling us down the river !!! They obviously live on CORRUPTION PLANET.


    It was just over a year ago that James Comey boldly consolidated the roles of investigator, lawyer, judge and jury when he announced that, although Hillary was "extremely careless" in her mishandling of classified State Department emails, no reasonable prosecutor would be willing to bring charges against her.

    The decision sparked national outrage, particularly since it came just a few days after Bill Clinton happened to be spotted by a local reporter meeting privately with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix. Combine that with Comey's admission under oath that Loretta Lynch clearly attempted to interfere in the FBI's investigation and it all wreaked of just another Clinton coverup...said another way, just a bunch of Republicans trying to "criminalize things that are normal."

    Be that as it may, at least one attorney, Ty Clevenger of New York, has been working diligently to make sure that Hillary and various members of her staff face at least some consequences for their alleged crimes which range from perjury under oath to willful destruction of evidence protected by a Congressional subpoena (see: The "Oh Shit" Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena), among many others. We noted the efforts of Clevenger to get Hillary disbarred in the state of Arkansas back in June in a post entitled "Hillary Not "Out Of The Woods": Arkansas Bar Considers Disciplinary Action Over Email Scandal."

    Full story:

  33. Email comment by JM-GN:

    Staff. (Aug. 29, 2017). Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit. Before It's News.

    The war on truth has reached a fever pitch as Google has made it their mission to annihilate the independent media. The ‘New Media’ lead by the likes of Infowars, Breitbart, Natural News and many other great independent sites will have an uphill battle when it comes to getting their content in front of readers. Google has announced they will be doubling down on their ‘Orwellian’ practice of making stories disappear from their monopolistic search engine. Outlined in their Gestapo like 160-page handbook, Google describes exactly how they plan to suppress any information they deem unfit for readers. Highlighted at the bottom of page 108 Google states:

    Full story:

    1. Truthstream Media has read the leaked Google censorship plan that is innocuously named “Search Quality Rating Program” (18 MB, 160 pages). Linked and downloadable below. This 12 minute video is well worth the time to educate yourself on your future if we don’t stop this madness in its tracks.

      Staff. (Aug. 09, 2017). It's Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell's 1984... Truthstream Media.

    2. Here's the leaked Google censorship document analyzed by Truthstream Media:

      Staff. (Jul. 27, 2017). General Guidelines Overview [Orwellian Censorship]. Search Quality Rating Program. Google.

    3. Here's a TinyURL on the previous three comments regarding Google's / CIA's plan for mind control:

      Spread the word.

  34. Email comment by Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones. (Aug. 30, 2017). EMERGENCY! PURGE OF CONSERVATIVE SITES AND PLATFORMS HAS BEGUN - The internet overlords will not allow dissent. Infowars.

    Full story:

    1. Here is a TinyURL for the previous comment:

      Spread the word.

  35. Email comment by GH/DL/JM-GN:

    Jason Chaffetz. (Aug. 30, 2017). Chaffetz on Clinton emails: The deep state is fighting back. Fox News.

    Aug. 30, 2017 - 2:06 - FBI nixes request for the former secretary of state's email records; reaction on 'Outnumbered'. Jason Chaffetz, former chair of the House Oversight Committee on Government Reform says the corrupt Deep State shadow government is strangling Washington, D.C. and is sounding the alarm.

    Full story:

  36. Email comment by Joseph Farah:


    Staff. (Aug. 31, 2017). HOUSTON RESCUER'S CONFEDERATE BANNER TRIGGERS EX-HILLARY STAFFER - 'When they dropped me off, I'd tear off the flag and drop it into the flood'. WND.

    It didn’t take long for the politicization of the Texas floods to shift from First Lady Melania Trump’s high heels to the tried-and-true meme of the Confederate battle flag.

    Logan Anderson, 24, a former digital strategist for the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, took to Twitter to vent over white men in an airboat rescuing black people trapped by Hurricane Harvey’s high water because the boat sported the “Southern Cross” – the battle flag of Confederate fighting men.

    “Y’all, the Confederate flag crowd is helping black people evacuate in Houston,’ she tweeted, adding three skull emojis to her message.

    Full story:

  37. Email comment by KL:

    Jessica Chasmar. (Aug. 30, 2017). Indiana teacher asks first-graders to stop talking about God in class. Washington Times.

    An Indiana elementary school teacher stirred controversy after sending a letter home to parents asking them to tell their children not to talk about God in the classroom.

    An unnamed first-grade teacher at McCordsville Elementary School sent a letter home to parents on Aug. 23 saying a group of about five students had mentioned the words “God, Jesus and Devil” during a conversation in class, and that it wasn’t the appropriate place to be holding a theological debate.

    Full story:

  38. Email comment by PL:


    Something fishy is afoot. This much data can only be handled by state-sponsored actors and large corporations

    (Almost all of our stakeholder’s email addresses are on this list)

    You may need to change your email passwords on your PCs and smart phones immediately.

    “E-mail users affected by the massive breach, which saw 711 million address e-mail addresses leaked, have been advised to change their passwords right now”

    The breach, one of the largest of its kind, also saw passwords linked to millions of the affected e-mail accounts published. To check if your e-mail address has been affected by the breach, you need to go to

    Dion Dassanayake. (Aug. 31, 2017). E-MAIL WARNING - If you’re on this list of 711 million accounts, change your password NOW. - MORE than 700 million e-mail accounts have had their e-mail addresses leaked by a spambot - and the information is being used to spread dangerous banking malware.

    Alex Hern. (Aug. 30, 2017). Spambot leaks more than 700m email addresses in massive data breach. The Guardian. - Millions of passwords also contained in breach, a result of spammers collecting information in attempt to break in to users’ email accounts

    1. Here's the TinyURL for the previous comment:

      Spread the word to limit the damage caused by this obviously well-planned release by state forces (Deep State rogue CIA?). Hmmmmmmm.

  39. Email comment by AS:

    Staff. (Aug. 15, 2017). BOOM: CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE OFFICER TELLS ALL! Headlines With A Voice.

    Police: Charlottesville Was ‘Inside Job’ To Ignite Race War

    A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protesters. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites.

    “We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away."

    “The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”

    Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, ordered police to stand down during the most chaotic and destructive period of the protests – despite police protests against the orders.

    “We wanted to do our job and keep the peace. But these mother******s in charge really want to destroy America.”

    Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene in Charlottesville and he backs up the police officer’s claims.

    “I can say, having been in Emancipation Park from early on that morning, that what I saw with my own two eyes confirms what this law enforcement source told us. At least from all visible appearances. We saw people coming out of that park who had head wounds, who were bleeding from the head, people walking into that park with bats, with sticks — you saw what they were wearing — helmets, body armor, they had come — and this pertains to both sides — they had come to do damage.. you cannot help but notice from that video that police had been more pro-active, they could have potentially calmed this thing down to some degree.” ...

    Full story:

    1. Here is a TinyURL of the comment above:

  40. Email comment by JM:

    IMHO: We actually live in a 'simulation' and 98% of the people are 'asleep' inside a mental disorder called 'cognitive dissonance'....where one perception is always in conflict with the observable is induced, one observed, and the result is 'disbelief'. It is a state of being created by media, information, technology, and massive input of 'shit'. The young generations are being 'isolated' by technology' to 'sub-optimize' their humanity...many young people who have grown up with 'smart phones' and being connected all the time...function at the level of classic autistic children. They 'MUST' have a 'controlled' environment, which is the goal.

    1. Here is a TinyURL to the comment above:

  41. Email comment by DL:


    As FBI director last year, James Comey began writing drafts of a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton, even before all witnesses in the investigation — including Clinton herself — had been interviewed.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee obtained the Comey memos as part of its investigation into his firing by President Trump, which occurred on May 9.

    The revelation that Comey had begun drafting memos of his exoneration statement comes from transcripts of interviews given last fall by two FBI officials.

    James Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff, and Trisha Anderson, the principal deputy general counsel of national security and cyberlaw at the FBI, gave the interviews as part of an investigation conducted by the Office of Special Counsel into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

    In a July 5, 2016, press conference, Comey said that he would not be recommending charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information despite her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

    Full story:

    1. Here is a TinyURL for the Comey comment above:

      Spread the word.

  42. Email comment by GH:

    TOTAL MSM BLACKOUT: State Dept confirms death of Diplomatic Security Agent; Kurt Smolek's body was "pulled out of the Potomac" last night and the media has done zero reporting on it.


    1. Staff. (Aug. 31, 2017). Diplomatic Security special agent, former Dayton police officer, found dead in Potomac River. WHIOTV (Dayton).

      Kurt Smolek, a Diplomatic Security special agent with the State Department and a former Dayton police officer, was found dead in the Potomac River on Wednesday and the cause is listed as undetermined pending an autopsy. 

      We're hearing tonight that Smolek, 45, is a 1998 Dayton police academy graduate and one of his assignments as a special agent was as a member of Condoleezza Rice's security team.

      According to the bulletin, Smolek was last seen wearing a blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and was operating a gray 2011 GMC Terrain SUV with tinted windows bearing Virginia tags XGG6532.

      Diplomatic Security Services of the Department of State is charged with global responsibilities, including the safeguarding of American diplomatic personnel, property and classified information. DSS also has jurisdiction over classified communications, such as secure email and other platforms.

      Thursday, Spero News reported the following statement, attributed to Christian Schurman, deputy assistant secretary of state and assistant director for International Programs:

      "It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the death of Diplomatic Security Special Agent Kurt Smolek. Kurt was found deceased today and the DS [Diplomatic Security agency] is working closely with local authorities to investigate the circumstances of his death. Please keep the Smolek family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."

      Full story:

    2. Jim Hoft. (Aug. 31, 2017). Federal Security Agent Found Dead – Body Pulled from Potomac – Media Silent. Gateway Pundit.

      Full story:

    3. Here is a TinyURL of the previous comment:

  43. Email comment by David Knight:

    Christophe Morin. (Sep. 01, 2017). INSIDER: GOOGLE GREATEST THREAT TO CONSERVATIVISM. Newswars.

    A former think tank program director and antitrust expert suggested he was fired after criticizing Google, warning the rise of monopolistic companies like Google are a threat to society - a fear validated after the company recently warned a conservative website to censor content or lose ad revenue.

    Barry Lynn, the former director of the Open Markets program at New America, a prominent think tank in Washington DC, and the author of "Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction," detailed his firing from the organization after publishing a piece praising the European Union's decision to fine Google for violating antitrust laws.

    "For the last fifteen years, I’ve done my antimonopoly writing and research at a think tank in Washington named New America," he wrote. "This last June 27, my group published a statement praising the European Union for fining Google for violating antitrust law. Later that day I was told that Google — which provides substantial support to other programs at New America — said they wanted to sever all ties with the organization."

    "Two days later I was told that the entire team of my Open Markets Program had to leave New America by September 1."

    Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former State Department staffer under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who now serves as president of New America, denied Lynn was fired because of his comments on Goggle - yet, in her email to Lynn she suggested he was "imperiling the institution as a whole."

    New America has received more than $21 million from Google, executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, and his family’s foundation since the think tank’s founding in 1999. Schmidt currently serves as chairman emeritus of New America's Board of Directors, alongside board members including Jonathan Soros, David Bradley (chairman of the Atlantic Media Company), and CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

    Full story:

    1. Here's a TinyURL for the previous comment:

  44. Email comment by JM-GN:


    Tom Fitton. (Sep. 01, 2017). JW Pres. Tom Fitton on Comey’s Clinton Investigation, Ruling on Clinton Emails, & Lawsuit on FBI. Judicial Watch.

    JW President Tom Fitton discusses Comey’s Sham Clinton Email Investigation, New Court Ruling in Clinton Email Case, & New Lawsuit Targeting FBI Coverups

    Full story[VIDEO]:

    1. Here is a TinyURL of the previous comment:

  45. Email comment by Julian Assange:


    State Department. (Oct. 28, 2008). Subj: Group Destination All-American Diplomatic Posts. Secretary of State. WikiLeaks.

    "We are latching onto the latest U.S. privately developed technology -- Facebook and Google, for example -- against the violent extremists. Our belief is that the private sector understands how to use this technology to connect with millions of people far better than we in government understand it. We are hitching a ride on their fast-moving train."

    Full story:

    1. Here is a TinyURL on the previous comment:

  46. Email comment by RW:


    More than 75,000 people have signed a White House petition that would declare billionaire Democratic donor George Soros a terrorist.

    Anyone can create a petition on the White House website, and those with at least 100,000 signatures in 30 days require an official response from the executive branch.

    The petition regarding Soros, which asks the government to seize his assets under federal laws, was posted Aug. 20.

    The petition lists several reasons why Soros should be declared a terrorist, including his purported attempts to "destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens."

    Full story:

    1. Tucker Carlson. (Sep. 01, 2017). BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 9/1/17: Proof that Comey's probe of Clinton a sham? Fox News.

      The FBI paid for the creation of the "Trump dirty dossier."

      GOP senators seek more information on Comey and Clinton

      Full story[VIDEO]:

    2. Here are TinyURL's for the two previous comments:

  47. Email comment by JD:


    More than 75,000 people have signed a White House petition that would declare billionaire Democratic donor George Soros a terrorist.

    Anyone can create a petition on the White House website, and those with at least 100,000 signatures in 30 days require an official response from the executive branch.

    The petition asks the government to seize his assets under federal laws, was posted Aug. 20.

    The petition lists several reasons why Soros should be declared a terrorist, including his purported attempts to "destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens."

    Full story:

    1. Email comment by


      Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

      Sign the Petition:

    2. Here's a TinyURL of the previous two Soros comments:

  48. Email comment by GH:

    REMINDER TO READERS: GOOGLE + FACEBOOK + TWITTER are creations and controlled by a ROGUE C.I.A. funded by the Deep State and blackmailing the shadow government.


    [EDITOR'S NOTE: This article fingers Anne-Marie Slaughter, president of New America as a chief censorship villian. We concur. Slaughter was one of Hillary Clinton's first hires, senior advisor and primary philisophical guru of the A NEW WORLD ORDER (Princeton Press, 2004) at the State Department, SEE LINK FOLLOWING. Slaughter is also related to George Soros by marriage.]

    IN 2010, while I was pushing to break up big banks because they had become too powerful, I started to realize that the problem in America wasn’t just big banks, it was corporate monopolies. But it was hard to find a strong contemporary voice writing about it or thinking about it, without going back a few generations.

    Then I found Barry C. Lynn and the Open Markets team at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C. They were doing deep investigations into the agriculture industry, looking at Monsanto and Tyson, and they were looking into how big companies privatize courts through arbitration. They were also looking at a troubling new feature of our digital economy – the great power wielded by a handful of tech companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google. The Open Markets team was grounded not only in critique, but solutions: showing how old antitrust laws and principles could address the political and economic distortions caused by monopolies in our turbulent era.

    . . .

    New America’s leadership must have gotten an earful. Within 72 hours, New America’s president, Anne-Marie Slaughter, told Lynn that he — and all of us on the Open Markets team — had to leave. As the New York Times reported yesterday, Slaughter emailed Lynn to say that “the time has come for Open Markets and New America to part ways,” and the email accused Lynn of “imperiling the institution as a whole.” (After the Times story was published, Slaughter tweeted that the article was “false,” though she later added, “facts are largely right, but quotes are taken way out of context and interpretation is wrong.”)

    Full article:

    1. Email comment by DL:


      THE NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION’S Open Markets group was a rare, loud voice of protest against Google’s ever-growing consolidation of economic and technological power around the world. But New America, like many of its fellow think tanks, received millions in funding from one of the targets of its anti-monopoly work, and according to a New York Times report today, pulled the plug after the company’s chief executive had enough dissent.

      After EU regulators fined Google $2.7 billion earlier this summer, Barry Lynn, who ran the Open Markets division, cheered the decision, adding that “U.S. enforcers should apply the traditional American approach to network monopoly, which is to cleanly separate ownership of the network from ownership of the products and services sold on that network, as they did in the original Microsoft case of the late 1990s.” It didn’t take long for Lynn and his colleagues to suffer the consequences, the Times reports:

      Full story:

    2. Here's a TinyURL for the two previous Google monopoly comments:

    3. Email comment by CN:


      Google is increasingly similar to Big Brother's Oceania in 1984

      Google is “coming after critics in academia and journalism,” according to the Washington Post, who added that the company “is forming into a government of itself.”

      “Google has established a pattern of lobbying and threatening to acquire power. It has reached a dangerous point common to many monarchs: The moment where it no longer wants to allow dissent,” claimed Zephyr Teachout, an academic, activist, and former Democratic political candidate in an article for the Washington Post.

      Referencing the news this week that members of the Open Markets team she was part of at the Google-funded New America Foundation think tank had been kicked out after they praised the European Union’s decision to fine Google for violating anti-trust regulations, Teachout highlighted the irony of Google’s former slogan “Don’t be evil,” adding, “It appears that Google may have lost sight of what being evil means, in the way that most monarchs do: Once you reach a pinnacle of power, you start to believe that any threats to your authority are themselves villainous and that you are entitled to shut down dissent.”

      “Google is forming into a government of itself, and it seems incapable of even seeing its own overreach. We, as citizens, must respond in two ways,” proclaimed Teachout. “First, support the brave researchers and journalists who stand up to overreaching power; and second, support traditional antimonopoly laws that will allow us to have great, innovative companies — but not allow them to govern us.”

      Full story:

    4. Email comment by DL/GH:


      Google shows what 'Silicon Valley progressivism' means: being the Left's enforcers in the culture wars, in exchange for dispensation for economic sins.

      I wrote recently about how Google is in danger of breaking the implicit social contract with its users by becoming seen as a politicized organization. But that was when Google was seen by the Right as being politicized for firing an engineer who expressed politically incorrect ideas.

      Now Google is using its political influence against the Left by getting a group of scholars bounced out of a center-left think tank for supporting antitrust action against Google’s “monopoly.”

      Now, all of a sudden, Google being politicized is bad. I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

      Full story:



    Email comment by Ales Jones:

    Washington Examiner. (Sep. 01, 2016). USPS LOSES $1.46 FOR EVERY PACKAGE AMAZON DELIVERS - ‘Amazon now enjoys low rates unavailable to its competitors’. Infowars.

    An old salesman joke: A salesman says, “We sell below cost.” A customer asks how he can do that. “Simple,” he says. “We buy below cost.”

    For a day or so last week, Jeff Bezos passed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. And that’s pretty much how he did it.

    Bezos runs Amazon, which is primarily a shipping business. It relies on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver two-thirds of its packages. In many places now, it locates a depot near a post office, presorts the packages, and delivers them to the post office. The Postal Service, which has a monopoly on last-mile delivery, does the rest.

    Full story:

    1. Here is a TinyURL for the comment above:

  50. Email comment by JM:


    Yes, the MSM [mainstream media] has admitted they got 2016 exactly wrong and that they are out-of-touch with the average American. What truly terrifies the media about 2016, though, is something that has remained largely unspoken.

    It is what Trump’s victory said so clearly about the MSM’s inability to influence public opinion and, by extension, the outcome of elections. What has also remained unspoken is the media’s desperate and dangerous reaction to this waning influence.

    As a 25 year media-watcher, I have never seen anything close to the propaganda campaign the national media launched to defeat Donald Trump last year. It was 24/7, it was coordinated across every news outlet, it was all-hands-on-deck. And Trump still won. Which can only mean that the media’s influence has eroded to a point where, despite hurling every kitchen sink available, they suffered a humiliating loss last November.

    Before I get into the grit of the nit, it is important to keep in mind that our media is nothing more than the communication branch of the Democrat Party. When you look at everything the media does — the lying, the campaigns of personal destruction, the fake news, the focus on stuff like Melania’s shoes — this explanation is the only one that makes sense. The media is a full-blown leftwing political operation run, for the most part, by former Democrat operatives like Jake Tapper, George Stephanopolous, and Chuck Todd, as well as those related to Democrat operatives.

    Full story:

    1. Tweet this important Nolte story above! Here's a TinyURL:

  51. Email comment by TP:


    Here's the email I just received from "Kasich for America." Sound familiar: "Obama for America." Notice how he announces this on the CIA News Network -- CNN and in the CIA-controlled Washington Post. Hmmmmmm. See a pattern?

    LET'S NOT BE FOOLED ANY LONGER BY THESE DEEP STATE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES. Kasich is a proven SOROS liar and weasel of the Establishment LEFT-RIGHT (Sure, I'll support the Republican nominee). We didn't vote for you Mr. Kasich because something is wrong with your character. You are not the person you pretend to be!

    ===here's the Kasich email===>>>

    [MY FIRST NAME], this week, I joined Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and six other governors - Republicans, Democrats & Independent - in presenting a blueprint for a fair health care fix.

    Obamacare has major flaws and if Congress does not work to stabilize the markets, return control to the states and create incentives for innovation, governors from both parties will be left with a very serious mess.

    Please take a moment to watch my recent CNN interview and sign our petition if you agree:

    You can also help right now by sharing this page on social media and encouraging your friends and family to show their support by signing our petition:

    *Read More: Washington Post: Three cheers for eight governors on health-care reform

    Thank you for all that you're doing to help!


    1. Here'sa TinyURL for this Kasich-Soros warning:

      Spread the alert!

  52. Email comment by CM:

    Evan Sayet. (Sep. 02, 2017). HE FIGHTS. Townhall.

    My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.” Here’s my answer:

    We Right-thinking people have tried dignity. There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency. We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized “collegiality” as John McCain? We tried propriety – has there been a nicer human being ever than Mitt Romney? And the results were always the same.

    Full article:

    1. Here is the TinyURL for this important article:

  53. Email comment by JM:

    I was censored across all media and Google emails, which means I can’t use YouTube either, within minutes of posting the correlation between the Muslim refugee invasions and the need for OPEC to reduce its banking liabilities based on the political structure where oil is the only revenue and the people basically live on welfare from the state, similar to Alaska’s per diem on oil exports. Arab oil producers have to 'unload' people they are supporting. As the price per barrel drops to $40/barrel, it will go lower as America's energy production from fracking puts over 1 million wells back into production. The price may go as low as $20/barrel, which will decimate the OPEC countries. As soon as I posted that....I was censored, within minutes. No one is talking about this or reporting a correlation. Very strange, as it is inevitable within a year. What better economic move than to move millions to the welfare states of Europe and save the ‘ruler’s’ investments in those countries.

    1. Here's a TinyURL for this important revelation:

    2. Email comment by SAW:

      I have been noticing the drop in oil; it's in relation to our increased energy production at home, in my opinion. I've felt all along that Trump's push for 'energy independence' would decimate OPEC; I won't shed a tear, though - why cry over not funding terrorist nations? They hate us anyways; they just love the dollar.

    3. Email reply from JM:

      Totally true. I've been trying to figure out the relationships and connections between the political factions and the petro-dollar. Nations need do they obtain dollars? They need dollars to buy oil. If they do not need dollars, the trillions of dollars in circulation become worthless, and they come home to America creating massive inflation and political disruption. Is this the "September surprise" that is on the 'wire' now? Without the petro-dollar, the Fed cannot keep the Ponzi debt scheme alive. The neo-cons can't keep the military industrial machine alive either. So, it doesn't seem to make sense that the greatest weapon, the petro-dollar, would be undermined by our 'domestic policy' when in fact it will destroy our 'military policy' being underwritten by 'inflationary debt'.

    4. Email reply by SAW:

      What better way to get America out of economic malaise....declare war?

      "Dead men can't flip burgers" - Bob Goldthwait

  54. [Editor: This research is very accurate.]


    Full story:

    1. Email comment by PP:

      How have Hillary and Bill gotten away with this level of sinfulness? The rogue Deep State C.I.A. protects her because she helps them secure their unelected control of the world. She's their sociopathic drone. She is and always has been. So, when she gets caught by the system, they rig it to get her off. Is our notion of our Republic merely a deception to keep the good and honest people of our country quiet and quietly living in fantasy land?

  55. Here's a TinyURL for the previous two comments:

  56. Email comment by GH:

    Andrew McCarthy. (Sep. 02, 2017). It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s S

    The thing to understand, what has always been the most important thing to understand, is that Jim Comey was out in front, but he was not calling the shots.

    On the right, the commentariat is in full-throttle outrage over the revelation that former FBI Director Comey began drafting his statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in April 2016 – more than two months before he delivered the statement at his now famous July 5 press conference.

    The news appears in a letter written to new FBI Director Christopher Wray by two senior Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham. Pundits and the Trump administration are shrieking because this indicates the decision to give the Democrats’ nominee a pass was clearly made long before the investigation was over, and even long before key witnesses, including Clinton herself, were interviewed.

    Full story:

    1. Email comment by GH:


      President Donald Trump reacted to reports that former FBI Director James Comey already started drafting a statement clearing Hillary Clinton two months before she was interviewed by the FBI.

      “Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over… and so much more,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “A rigged system!”

      In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Republican senators revealed transcripts of an Office of Special Council interview with Comey’s Chief of Staff and other FBI officials.

      “Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation,” the letter from Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham read. “The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy.”

      Full story:

  57. Email comment by Joseph Farah:


    President Donald Trump’s proclamation that Sunday, September 3, shall be a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey follows a tradition first established by George Washington and continued by presidents including Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, as well as being ratified by Congress.

    “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States,” Washington declared in his first Inaugural Address, the first words uttered by a president of the United States.

    It is therefore hardly surprising that when the first Congress passed a resolution on September 25, 1789, calling upon Washington to proclaim a National Day of Prayer, the Father of His Country issued a proclamation to all Americans that November 26, 1789, would be a day to “offer our prayers and supplications to the Great Lord and Ruler of Nations, and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions.”

    Full story:

  58. Pam Key. (Sep. 03, 2017). Dem Rep Admits Trump Derangement Syndrome — I Would Oppose Mother’s Day If Trump Endorsed It. Breitbart.

    This week in an interview with the Los Angeles Times editorial board, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), who filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, said “Trump derangement syndrome” was so strong with his Californian constituents, he would be forced to oppose Mother’s Day if Trump endorsed it.

    Sherman said, “Then we have a Trump derangement syndrome where — thank God he didn’t put out a message on Mother’s Day because there would have been pressure on me to come out against Mother’s Day.”

    He added, “If Trump takes a position, then you must take an equally extreme and opposite position. He’s for Mother’s Day — you must be against Mother’s Day. He’s for a wall — you have to be for unlimited immigration from all places.”

    Full story:

  59. Email comment by WT:


    Yes, the MSM has admitted they got 2016 exactly wrong and that they are out-of-touch with the average American. What truly terrifies the media about 2016, though, is something that has remained largely unspoken.

    It is what Trump’s victory said so clearly about the MSM’s inability to influence public opinion and, by extension, the outcome of elections. What has also remained unspoken is the media’s desperate and dangerous reaction to this waning influence.

    As a 25 year media-watcher, I have never seen anything close to the propaganda campaign the national media launched to defeat Donald Trump last year. It was 24/7, it was coordinated across every news outlet, it was all-hands-on-deck. And Trump still won. Which can only mean that the media’s influence has eroded to a point where, despite hurling every kitchen sink available, they suffered a humiliating loss last November.

    Full story:

  60. Email comment by PL:

    This claim that Trump Tower was not wiretapped is BS. It is public knowledge that the NSA/CIA can tap into any hardware, software and firmware ON THE PLANET... thank you WikiLeaks and NIST (NSA backdoor key registry discovered by AFI).

    CNN... sorry, the CIA News Network lies again. Here's the story:


    “Both FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets,” the department’s motion reads.

    The Justice Department said in a court filing Friday evening that it has no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s assertion in March that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower before last year’s election.

    “Both FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets,” the department’s motion reads. NSD refers to the department’s national security division.

    The motion came in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by a group pushing for government transparency, American Oversight.

    On March 4, Trump tweeted: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

    Full story:

    1. Here is one of our previous posts exposing the NSA backdoor encryption key registries managed by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology). NIST has been involved in the Deep State/shadow government takeover of the Internet since Bill Clinton became President in 1993.

      AFI (Nov. 06, 2015). Complicit encryption geeks enable the American spy state. Americans For Innovation.

  61. Alex Jones. (Sep. 03, 2017). RED ALERT: US PREPARING TO STRIKE NORTH KOREA AFTER NEW HYDROGEN BOMB TEST - Tensions heightened on Korean Peninsula following sixth nuclear test. Infowars.

    Alex Jones breaks down the dire situation with North Korea following the country’s sixth nuclear test of a suspected hydrogen bomb.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

    1. Here's a TinyURL for this alert:

      Spread the word!!!

  62. Email comment by JLP:


    Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson exposes senator who 'fooled public, pretended to be Republican'

    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? – Jeremiah 17:9

    Sen. John McCain is at it again!

    Sen. McCain recently wrote a scathing column for the Washington Post attacking President Donald Trump as “poorly informed” and “impulsive.” McCain stated, “We are not his subordinates. … we don’t answer to him.”

    The Arizona senator also called for compromise on a litany of important items, including on Trump’s campaign promise to build a “big, beautiful wall.” McCain wrote that “a literal wall might not be the most effective means” to secure the border. Instead, he wants a “comprehensive” bill Democrats can get behind.

    John McCain is losing it! Or, perhaps this is the real McCain finally coming out. During his 30 years in the Senate, McCain has fooled the public and pretended to be a conservative Republican. The fake news media have depicted him as a “maverick” who isn’t afraid to stand up to his own party. But McCain has always been a RINO, and he is not an honorable man. The election of President Trump is exposing his true nature and lack of character.

    Full story:

  63. Email comment by GH:


    America tried to let Hillary Clinton off the hook. Despite cries of “Lock her up” during the campaign, most of the nation had little appetite for prosecuting her after the election, with even Donald Trump willing to give her a free pass.

    “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump told the New York Times two weeks after his victory. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

    But the Clinton email scandal, like Clinton herself, won’t go away. It remains a blot on the legacy of the Obama administration, the Justice Department and the FBI, and now comes fresh evidence that the investigation that cleared her was a total sham.

    The revelation from the Senate Judiciary Committee that J. Edgar Comey drafted his statement exonerating her about two months before FBI agents interviewed Clinton or 16 other witnesses confirms suspicions that the probe was neither honest nor thorough. When the outcome is decided long before the investigation is over, the result can’t be trusted.

    Full story:

  64. Email comment by DL:


    Stephen Lam. (Sep. 02, 2017). Russia: U.S. closure of diplomatic sites a 'blatantly hostile act' - The Russian flag waves in the wind on the rooftop of the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, California, U.S. Rueters.

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Moscow denounced the American decision to close three Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States as a “blatantly hostile act” that violated international law and demanded Washington reverse the order on Sunday.

    The United States has ordered the closure of the Russian consulate in San Francisco and two buildings housing trade missions in Washington and New York. It is the latest broadside in a tit-for-tat exchange between the countries that has helped push relations towards a new post-Cold War low.

    Russian diplomats were working to vacate the properties over the weekend, including the six-story consulate.

    Full story:

  65. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    Bob Unruh. (Sep. 03, 2017). OBAMA CRITIC CHARLIE DANIELS SAYS BARACK RIGHT ABOUT 1 THING - Comment comes as Americans volunteering to help in Texas. WND.

    Longtime Barack Obama critic Charlie Daniels says the ex-president was right about one thing:

    “They do cling to their God,” he writes in his most recent Soap Box commentary posted online.

    “The guns are not clung to, but you can bet they’re around.”

    Daniels was referencing Obama’s comment during the 2008 presidential race, when he was criticizing Americans who live in “old industry towns decimated by job losses.”

    Obama said, “They [Americans] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    In the Soap Box by the hall of fame country-rock musical artist, who at more than 80 years old still carries a full load of touring and recording duties, he talks about bringing out the best in America.

    He talked about friends who are “loading pickup trucks with water and other basics and heading out for Texas to help” in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s decimating 50 inches of rain and damaging winds.

    Charlie Daniels’ “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government” explains how America, Christianity and liberty are threatened by the Trojan horse of globalism.

    Full story:

  66. Email comment by TC:

    Staff. (Sep. 04, 2017). [Miracle Video] Virgin Mary statue only thing left after fire. The Horn News.

    A family from Robstown, Texas lost almost everything in a tragic house fire during Hurricane Harvey.

    While they surveyed what was left of their home, they were shocked to see the only thing left standing in the ashes was a statue of Virgin Mary, Oklahoma 4 reported.

    The Rojas family has multiple homes that were destroyed in the fire, but their faith was restored when they discovered the statue.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  67. Email comment by FT:

    Aaron Klein. (Sep. 02, 2017). LISTEN – Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: UN Agency Fueling ‘Fake’ Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Crisis. Breitbart.

    TEL AVIV — In a radio broadcast, Aaron Klein, Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior reporter, slammed the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which ministers to so-called Palestinian refugees, for “distorting history” and perpetuating a “fake” refugee crisis as a threat to Israel.

    “They have distorted the very concept of what a refugee is,” stated Klein. “The Palestinians and the Arab nations …working hand-in-hand with the United Nations … have fabricated history to manipulate the entire international community into believing that something called a Palestinian refugee even exists when it largely does not.”

    Klein was speaking about his recent reporting on UNRWA on his Sunday night talk radio program, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

    Listen to the radio segment here:

    Full story:

  68. Email comment HY:




    Chinese security officers assaulted a number of priests and laypersons last week in China’s northern Shanxi province as the Christians tried to defend church property from demolition.

    Government officials beat Fathers Chen Jun, Gao Binglong, Ma Ning, and Shen Xuezhong as well as several laypersons including Cui Hewen, who was assaulted by workers and suffered injuries to the head. The officials had come to demolish a building belonging to the church, but the priests along with hundreds of laypeople sat in front of backhoes and other heavy machinery to block the demolition work.

    Witnessed posted a video of the clash between government representatives and the Christians and the faithful can be heard shouting “Jesus save me!” and “Mother Mary, have pity on us.”

    Despite the beatings, news of which went viral on the internet, many more Christians went to the site to give their support to the Church, and reportedly some 2,000 Church members gathered at the property to block the demolition, forcing the workers and security officials to leave the venue.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

    1. Here's a TinyURL for the previous comment:

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  69. Email comment GH:

    Andrew C. McCarthy. (Sep. 02, 2017). IT WASN'T COMEY'S DECISION TO EXONERATE HILLARY – It Was Obama’s. National Review.

    The thing to understand, what has always been the most important thing to understand, is that Jim Comey was out in front, but he was not calling the shots.

    On the right, the commentariat is in full-throttle outrage over the revelation that former FBI Director Comey began drafting his statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in April 2016 – more than two months before he delivered the statement at his now famous July 5 press conference.

    The news appears in a letter written to new FBI Director Christopher Wray by two senior Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham. Pundits and the Trump administration are shrieking because this indicates the decision to give the Democrats’ nominee a pass was clearly made long before the investigation was over, and even long before key witnesses, including Clinton herself, were interviewed.

    It shows, they cry, that the fix was in!

    News Flash: This is not news.

    Full story:

  70. Email comment by DL:

    This is a MUST SEE Moyers interview:

    Mike Lofgren, Bill Moyers. (Feb. 21, 2014). THE DEEP STATE IS HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT. Moyers and Company.

    Greed & Power Group Think has seized Secret America.

    Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, joins Bill Moyers to talk about what he calls Washington's "Deep State," in which elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. "It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war," Lofgren tells Moyers.

    Lofgren says the Deep State’s heart lies in Washington, DC, but its tentacles reach out to Wall Street, which Lofgren describes as “the ultimate backstop to the whole operation,” Silicon Valley and over 400,000 contractors, private citizens who have top-secret security clearances. Like any other bureaucracy, it’s groupthink that drives the Deep State.

    by Mike Lofgren and Bill Moyers
    12 January 2017

    1. Here's a TinyURL of the previous Moyers comment:

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      Here's a link to the article that Lofgren wrote to accompany his Moyer interview:

      Download and distribute widely.

  71. Email comment by AT:

    Just curious is Clinton Foundation doing anything to help? Or are they just there to take pot shots like Chelsea had been doing? or if the foundation has been closed due to the possibilities for influence selling now gone what has happened to all the accumulated funds? I know if this were anyone not being in lock step with the liberal Globalist agenda or worse yet a Republican the big media would be on a blitz to want answers. Anyone heard any mention of this in the media? When it comes to anyone not in lock step with the liberal agenda, according to the big media, your right to know supersedes your right to exist! Possibly the money is better used by the Clintons...


    Here is an ongoing steam of e nails that a very dear friend and I had this morning. These are pertinent enough questions that I wanted to share from this stream. If you scroll back to the beginning items you can get into the flow.


    One more. On top of all of your questions and my questions, the big media and the liberal's had the nerve to say that Trumps $1 million dollar donation of his own money to the Houston recovery was not enough. This war against Trump has almost become a laughing matter but it is truly a tragedy. Remember how they chirped when he said he started his empire with a million dollar loan from his dad and how much that was! Now that they need to figure a way to turn good to bad, a million dollars is not enough...what hypocrites!


  72. Email comment by GH:

    Dr. Jerome Corsi. (Sep. 06, 2017). CLINTON FOUNDATION FACES INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS - Financial analyst exposes Clinton Foundation UNITAID fraud, faulty HIV/AIDS medications to Africa. Infowars.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Charles Ortel, the noted Wall Street financial analyst who has charged the Clintons with running the Clinton Foundation as a vast international criminal conspiracy, has produced new research, suggesting the Clintons could face the possibility of international investigations over their administration of UNITAID funds.

    Ortel has previously argued the story of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)/UNITAID scam is one of the most poignant alleged Clinton Foundation abuses demonstrating how the Clintons used their tax-exempt foundation to conduct a “reverse Robin Hood,” robbing the average air traveler in France to benefit the rich, namely themselves, at the expense of short-changing those inflicted by HIV/AIDS from treatment that the World Health Organization had promised the international community represented would be delivered honestly.

    Ortel explained to that the Clinton fraud with UNITAID could lead to criminal investigations in countries including France and Great Britain, even if the U.S. Justice Department continues to decline any serious criminal investigations into Clinton Foundation activities.

    Full story:

  73. Email comment by GH/LP:


    Congress issues subpoena regarding the the whole Russia affair and the fake news associated with it.

    Congress issues subpoenas regarding the whole Russia affair and the fake news associated with it.

    It appears to be “Irma to the rescue” for the mainstream media. There are not many major news networks (since they lean so hard left) that want to talk about the headline from the Gateway Pundit today: “Congress Subpoenas AG Sessions & FBI Director Wray Over Trump Dossier.” A hurricane gives them an excuse to duck and dodge this monumental shift in current politics.

    It is being reported that the Department of Justice and the FBI both have been given subpoenas “in order to obtain documents relating to ‘Trump dossier’ author Christopher Steele.”

    Full story:

  74. Email comment by GH:

    Staff. (Aug. 31, 2017). WIKILEAKS FINALLY DID IT…SHE’S DONE. Breaking News 365.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

    1. Email comment by JM/GL:

      Staff. (Sep. 01, 2017). Wikileaks Exposes 6 Top Republicans Bribed By Hillary Clinton To Destroy Trump!!! Global News.

      Wikileaks exposes 6 top republicans bribed by Clinton to destroy Trump. Paul Ryan, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain were all named in the latest Wikileaks release

      Full story[VIDEO]:

  75. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    Luke Rosiak. (Sep. 07, 2017). BOMBSHELL: DEM IT STAFFER PLANTED COMPUTER FOR FEDS TO FIND, LEFT LETTER FOR DOJ/POLICE - This information found in the laptop will destroy the Clinton crime syndicate if it gets out. Infowars.

    A laptop that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since-indicted staffer, Imran Awan, along with a letter to the U.S. Attorney.

    U.S. Capitol Police found the laptop after midnight April 6, 2017, in a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn House Office Building, according to a Capitol Police report reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. Alongside the laptop were a Pakistani ID card, copies of Awan’s driver’s license and congressional ID badge, and letters to the U.S. attorney. Police also found notes in a composition notebook marked “attorney-client privilege.”

    Full story:

  76. Email comment by KL:


    Bloomberg. (Sep. 08, 2017). CREDIT AGENCY CYBER HACK EXPOSES 143 MILLION AMERICANS TO IDENTITY THEFT - Equifax execs dumped stocks before breach revealed. Infowars.

    Equifax Inc. said its systems were struck by a cyberattack that may have affected about 143 million U.S. customers of the credit reporting agency, shedding light on one of the largest and most intrusive breaches in history.

    Intruders accessed names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers, Equifax said in a statement. Credit card numbers for about 209,000 consumers were also accessed, the company said. Equifax shares dropped more than 8 percent in after-hours trading.

    “This is clearly a disappointing event for our company, and one that strikes at the heart of who we are and what we do. I apologize to consumers and our business customers for the concern and frustration this causes,” Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith said.

    Full story:

  77. Owen Shroyer. (Sep. 08, 2017). DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ IS SCARED FOR HER LIFE - The Democrats are in danger of a total collapse. Infowars.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the rest of the Democrats are fearing for their lives right now, as an investigation retains possession of potentially incriminating information.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  78. Email comment by GH:

    Tony Lee. (Sep. 08, 2017). BANNON ON 60 MINUTES: PAUL RYAN, MITCH MCCONNELL ‘TRYING TO NULLIFY 2016 ELECTION’ - “That’s a brutal fact we have to face.” Breitbart / Infowars.

    Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) are trying to “nullify” the 2016 election because they do not believe in the economic nationalist agenda that got President Donald Trump elected.

    In an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose that will air on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Bannon said that is why he is going to “war” with the Republican establishment. He also revealed that McConnell even told Trump’s team to “back off” the “drain the swamp” talk during one of their first meetings.

    “The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election,” Bannon told Rose, in a clip that the CBS Evening News previewed on Thursday evening. “That’s a brutal fact we have to face.”

    Fulls story[VIDEO]:

  79. Email comment by PL:

    WND. (Sep. 08, 2017). NEW EVIDENCE BACKS TRUMP VOTE-FRAUD CLAIM - Out-of-state voters may have swung New Hampshire for Dems. Infowars.

    The discovery that more than 6,000 people used out-of-state driver’s licenses to vote in New Hampshire last November bolsters Donald Trump’s claim he lost the state because thousands of Massachusetts residents came in to vote.

    Trump claimed in February that out-of-state voters tipped the New Hampshire election, both against him and incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte. The Boston Globe at the time dismissed his allegation as “groundless.”

    But the vast majority of the 6,000 voters have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle since the November vote, according to an inquiry by Republican Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper, the Washington Times reported.

    Full story:

  80. Email comment by DL:



    Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The MSM created the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign worked with Russia during the 2016 election. Although no information at this point has never been substantiated.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  81. Email comment by DL:

    Tucker Carlson. (Sep. 08, 2017). BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 9/8/17: Obama still running the FBI. Fox News.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  82. Email comment by Alex Jones:

    RT. (Sep. 09, 2017). WELCOME TO 1984: BIG BROTHER GOOGLE NOW WATCHING YOUR EVERY POLITICAL MOVE - We aren’t talking about your average car company here. Infowars.

    Google has taken the unprecedented step of burying material, mostly from websites on the political right, that it has deemed to be inappropriate. The problem, however, is that the world’s largest search engine is a left-leaning company with an ax to grind.

    Let’s face it, deep down in our heart of hearts we knew the honeymoon wouldn’t last forever. Our willingness to place eternal faith in an earth-straddling company that oversees the largest collection of information ever assembled was doomed to end in a bitter divorce from the start. After all, each corporation, just like humans, has their own political proclivities, and Google is certainly no exception. But we aren’t talking about your average car company here.

    The first sign Google would eventually become more of a political liability than a public utility was revealed in 2005 when CEO Eric Schmidt (who is now executive chairman of Alphabet, Inc, Google’s parent company) sat down with interviewer Charlie Rose, who asked Schmidt to explain “where the future of search is going.”

    Schmidt’s response should have triggered alarm bells across the free world.

    Full story:

  83. Email comment by DL:


    Once again, a huge Trump-Russia story that relied upon anonymous sources has fallen apart.

    NBC News dropped what the network hyped as a “potential bombshell” last week. “Manafort Notes From Russian Meet Contain Cryptic Reference to ‘Donations,'” the original headline read. The story claimed that Manafort’s notes from the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with White House aide Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer included the word “donations” near a reference to the Republican National Committee.

    NBC began walking back the “potential bombshell” almost immediately, issuing a correction the same day noting that the word “donation” didn’t actually appear in the notes, but quoting one source who said the word “donor” was in the notes.

    But NBC’s corrected story still wasn’t accurate, according to a new Politico report, which said that the word “donor” didn’t appear in Manafort’s notes. Moreover, Manafort’s notes “are not seen as damaging to the Trump family or campaign officials,” Politico reported. The outlet cited several sources who have seen Manafort’s notes, while NBC relied on “two sources briefed on the evidence” to make its claim.

    Even before Politico fully debunked NBC’s reporting, the network’s decision to publish the story came under fire. The day after NBC originally published the story, The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple criticized the story, which he said “provides only fodder for innuendo and conspiracy, not for sound conclusions about what happened.”

    Full story:

  84. Email comment by Press Room:

    C.I.A. and IBM stole social networking to TAG you and TRACK you - just like a Nazi tattoo


    Sep. 08, 2017—Take it for what this is worth from keen observers of current trends: As free Americans, our window to act to stop this madness is closing rapidly. The eugenicist’s plan for our planet is very close to full control. When the rogue C.I.A. stole Leader Technologies’ social networking invention in 2000, they knew they had the technology to speed up their timetable. They retooled it with their rogue programmers into a universal spying and profit making machine.

    Today, these corporatists have deployed C.I.A.-developed mind control systems through social media (like “virtue signaling”). They have also embedded encryption backdoor keys into all digital technology—PCs, mobile phones, laptops, cards, appliances, servers, TVs, everything. These keys were developed with funding given to Bill Clinton, John Podesta and James P. Chandler from the Carnegie Endowment in 1993.

    In the same way that IBM punch cards in 1933 helped Hitler organize his “Final Solution” for people with allegedly inferior genetics, Americans today are being similarly profiled by “the IBM Internet of Things cloud.” The excuse used for collecting this data is to “combat terrorism.” However, even the FBI now admits they have too much data. However, this data provides juicy blackmail information being used instead to control our government and manipulate our society.

    Historian Edwin Black explains in this video the connection between the IBM of 1933 New York and Nazi Germany with the IBM of 2017.

    Full story [VIDEO].

  85. Email comment by Roger Stone:

    NevoNews. (Sep. 05, 2017). Sen. John McCain Refuses Questions On $9 Million Dollars.

    ( The question we all want to know, is where did it come from? John McCain keeps hiding and refuses to answer that question!

    What we do know, thanks to an investigation by The Daily Caller, is that the McCain Institute for International Leadership received a VERY GENEROUS donation from none other than George Soros.

    The institute is intended to serve as a “legacy” for McCain. It “is dedicated to advancing human rights, dignity, democracy and freedom”. It is also a tax-exempt non-profit foundation with assets valued at $8.1 million and associated with Arizona State University.

    John McCain turned over nearly $9 million in unspent funds from his failed 2008 presidential campaign to a new foundation bearing his name, the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  86. Email comment by KL:


    Cohn is a psychopathic putz. He thinks he's powerful because he threw around billions of dollars in Goldman Sachs blood money. Just look at him. His body language says it all. He is a morally sick person whose eyes and expressions cannot lie.

    Svea Herbst-Bayliss, Jeff Mason. (Sep. 07, 2017). TRUMP ANGER AT COHN RAISES DOUBTS ABOUT HIS WHITE HOUSE TENURE.Trump anger at Cohn raises doubts about his White House tenure: sources, Reuters.

    BOSTON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A newly fraying relationship between U.S. President Donald Trump and top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn has raised questions about how long Cohn will stay in his job, say two people with close ties to the White House.

    Several sources said Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, had long planned to stay in his post for at least a year. But one source said concern had grown among Cohn’s allies over the past 24 hours that he might be pressured to leave.

    Full story:

  87. Email comment by DL:


    While appearing on 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose, Steve Bannon calls out establishment republicans, such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, for wanting to remove President Trump from office.

    Full story:

  88. Email comment YT:

    The Daily Caller. (Sep. 09, 2014). ROGER STONE TO CALL ON TRUMP TO PARDON BUNDY - Standoff with federal government in 2014 led to Bundy arrest. Infowars.

    Longtime GOP strategist Roger Stone will petition his former boss, President Donald Trump, to pardon the ringleader of a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents.

    Stone announced on Twitter Friday night that he would appeal to Trump on behalf of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who will stand trial Oct. 10 for inciting a rebellion against Bureau of Land Management officials that attempted to stop Bundy from illegally grazing his cattle on federal land.

    Full story:

  89. Email comment by JM:

    Wilson is correct when he says the America no longer functions under the "rule of law". It functions on the principle of class, wealth, race, gender, etc. These are the tools of destruction. With meta-data, we now have the tools for MAB or "mutually assured blackmail".

    Brian Wilson. (Sep. 09, 2017). MAB Is The New MAD. LewRockwell.

    At the daily press briefing, Sarah Huckaby Sanders responded to a reporter’s assertion President Trump’s decision to end DACA was “cold hearted”. Ms. Sanders responded, “It’s not cold hearted for the president to uphold the law. We’re a nation of law and order. And the day that we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to come to our country….”

    With respect to Ms. Sanders, that car has left the showroom. America has long ceased to be a “nation of law and order”, morphing into a nation of selectively applied laws with enforcement depending on class, income, race, sexual orientation, political agenda or special interest group.One look at Clinton, Clapper, Comey, Koskinen, Lerner, Lynch, Holder, Abedin, Brazille, Podesta, Rice, Waters, Sharpton, the Clinton Foundation – all roaming the country freely, some getting new, high-paying jobs and the continued adoration of the MSM. A “nation of law and order” or a nation of Special Rules for Special People? That’s a tough one.

    Full story:

  90. Email comment by TEX:

    This Marine nailed it!

    From a Marine: "If you are paid $25.00 an hour to show up to a rally to "counter" the other party using physical force and violence, you are not a "counter protestor." You are a mercenary.

    There is no need for further debate on this. You were paid to attack someone you don't know for reasons that you couldn't care enough about to go there for free. You did your "job" and collected your check and your reimbursement of expenses. You're a mercenary.

    Not a Patriot. Not a Social Justice Warrior. Not a Defender of Freedom or Liberty. Not an upholder of Truth or Justice. None of those things you claim to be. You are a mercenary.

    And mercenaries are not lawful combatants and deserve whatever comes their way at the hands of the people they are attacking.

    You have no 1st Amendment rights when you're a mercenary.

    Doesn't matter what side you're on. Doesn't matter what cause you're showing up to disrupt. If you can't express yourself peacefully through diplomatic means, then you better be prepared to meet your maker at the hands of someone who is only barely keeping their own violent tendencies at bay through a massive exercise of self-control.

    I know it sounds romantic to attend these rallies and get shit started with the other side. And when you're young and passionate, it's really easy to get whipped up into a frenzy of raw emotions. There is a reason why young people are preferred when it comes to warfare. They are easy to manipulate and control and set off.

    But I'm telling you all this right now. You've got no idea what road you are starting down. Romance and idealism wears off really fast when you're laying in a pool of your own blood trying to stuff your intestines back into your torn abdomen.

    I've been lucky enough to go forty-two years without having to put the skills I learned in the Marines to use. I continue to train and keep those skills up to date because I see the madness that is happening all across this country. I don't train to attack others like you do. I train to defend others FROM you. I'm not alone either.

    There are thousands of men and women in this country who have seen war and death and don't want any more to do with it. They want to live in peace. They want to forget the things they've had to do in the service of their country. They want to raise their kids and have family BBQs and build tree houses and soap box derby cars and have tea parties.

    They don't want this stuff that you're selling.

    You have the extremist left and the extremist right that are doing their best to get something started. To force us into a Civil War. Even in the 1860's, the violence between the North and South was nowhere near what we see today. Not even close.
    And yet we still had a war of ideology that consumed hundreds of thousands of lives.

    All you young and naive kids on both sides of this equation who think that having a Civil War will advance your agenda or restore your vision of what you think is America, just remember this... Those of us older generations aren't having any of this shit. And if you jump off, you better be prepared to deal with US. We don't care what color you're wearing or what sign you're holding if you come after us, our friends, our family, our co-workers, our neighbors, etc., WE will [redacted] you.

    So remember that when you're thinking that it's just Left vs Right, or Liberal vs Conservative, or Commie vs. Fascist. We are the variable you're not considering.

    That "Silent Majority" that you pretend does not exist is getting really sick and tired of your bullshit.

    Geoffrey B. Higginbotham
    Major General, USMC (Ret.)

  91. Email comment by LP:

    ZeroHedge. (Sep. 10. 2017). PAY-TO-PLAY: 70% OF RAHM EMANUEL DONORS RECEIVED LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS - Beating the Clintons at their own game Infowars.

    What do you get when you combine the most corrupt city in the United States with a mayor that got his political debut serving in the Clinton White House? Well, according to data presented by the Chicago Tribune today, it may just all add up to the second most sophisticated ‘pay-to-play’ operation in history…you know, because no one will ever come close to beating the Clintons at their own game.

    After reviewing more than 500 contributions made to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel of at least $5,000 since July 2015, the Tribune reports today that nearly 70% of them came from people who have received, or are seeking, lucrative contracts with City Hall. Frankly, we are ‘shocked.’
    This Marine nailed it!

    Full story:

  92. Email comment by LL:

    Tucker Carlson. (Sep. 08, 2017). TUCKER WARNS ABOUT ‘OMINOUS’ GOOGLE CENSORSHIP OF POLITICAL CONTENT - ‘Somebody needs to keep track of what Google is doing’. Fox News.

    Tucker Carlson slammed Google’s apparent censorship of content not politically agreeable to them company.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  93. Email comment by DL:


    Leading anti-Trump “resistance” group Refuse Fascism has condemned House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other critics of Antifa, saying they are abetting the “fascism” of the Trump administration.

    The resistance group issued a statement Saturday declaring its support for Antifa and hammering its critics, even as Pelosi and others on the left attempt to distance themselves from Antifa, the violent far-left movement that federal authorities have said is engaging in domestic terror activity. Refuse Fascism specifically noted Pelosi’s criticisms of Antifa, before attacking all critics of Antifa as siding with “fascism.” The statement was titled “Shameful, Dangerous, Wrong Attacks on Antifa.” (RELATED: Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Groups Spreading North Korean Propaganda)

    “Differences over tactics, where they exist, must not divide the people’s resistance. Distancing and effectively joining in the threats and attack by this fascist regime, and other government authorities, is not only morally bankrupt, it also accommodates and quickly leads to collaboration with fascism,” Refuse Fascism stated.

    Full story:

  94. Email comment by GH:


    There are eleven counties in California with more registered voters than voting age adults in the county.

    Ten of the Eleven counties voted for Hillary Clinton.

    The counties include San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

    Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

    The letter reads, in part:

    NVRA Section 8 requires states to conduct reasonable list maintenance so as to maintain an accurate record of eligible voters for use in conducting federal elections.1 As you may know, Congress enacted Section 8 of the NVRA to protect the integrity of the electoral process. Allowing the names of ineligible voters to remain on the voting rolls harms the integrity of the electoral process and undermines voter confidence in the legitimacy of elections.

    As the top election official in California, it is your responsibility under federal law to coordinate California’s statewide effort to conduct a program that reasonably ensures the lists of eligible voters are accurate.

    Judicial Watch lays out the specifics: “[T]here were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).” The letter notes that the percentage in L.A. Country may be as high as 144%.

    Full story:

  95. Email comment by WR:

    Paul Joseph Watson. (Sep. 12, 2017). HILLARY CONFRONTED DURING BOOK SIGNING: “WHAT HAPPENED TO SETH RICH?” “What happened to your 33,000 emails?” Inforwars.

    Hillary Clinton was confronted by Laura Loomer during her book signing for What Happened moments ago, with Loomer asking Hillary, “What happened to your 33,000 emails?”

    The event was held at Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Hillary’s new book, What Happened, has been panned by critics as yet another example of Clinton’s inability to take personal responsibility for her election defeat.

    “So the American people would like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?” What happened in Benghazi?” asked Loomer, to which Hillary responded, “Go read the book.”

    What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?” asked Loomer, a charge Hillary then claimed was “untrue”.

    “What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health Hillary?” asked Loomer before she was told to leave by security.

    Loomer then spotted Huma Abedin and approached her before asking, “When are you gonna divorce your husband for texting underage girls?”

    Loomer was subsequently dragged out by Secret Service and suffered a cut to her foot.

    Full story:

  96. Email comment by WR:

    Roger Stone. (Sep. 12, 2017). ROGER STONE: WHY DID DONALD TRUMP’S BODY GUARD/BEST FRIEND RESIGN? The elite are pushing all of Trump’s closest colleagues out of his circle

    Roger Stone gives Alex Jones the inside scoop about what’s going on with Donald Trump’s White House.

    Full story[VIDEO]:

  97. Email comment by Joseph Farah:

    Leo Hohmann. (Sep. 12, 2017). GOP CONGRESS KILLS LEGISLATION BANNING TAXPAYER FUNDING OF HAMAS - House leadership bends to furious Islamist lobbying effort. WND.

    Rack up a win for the Council on American-Islamic Relations and a network of other U.S. Islamist organizations controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Not only has the Brotherhood thus far managed to avoid the Trump White House designating it a terrorist organization, but its U.S. affiliates still hold enormous sway over the Republican-dominated Congress.

    The latest evidence of that fact played out on Capitol Hill last Thursday, in a stunning turn of events that received no coverage from the national media and elicited nary a peep out of the conservative media.

    Islamic Relief Worldwide, or IRW, a United Kingdom-based humanitarian relief agency with a U.S. chapter, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. federal grants in recent years, including $370,000 for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Quite naturally, IRW wants to keep the spigot of federal dollars flowing, despite the charity’s links to the terrorist group Hamas.

    U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., introduced an amendment to the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act that would have banned all federal funding of IRW and its affiliates.

    Full story:

  98. Email comment by DL:


    A secret server is behind law enforcement’s decision to ban a former IT aide to Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the House network.

    Now-indicted former congressional IT aide Imran Awan allegedly routed data from numerous House Democrats to a secret server. Police grew suspicious and requested a copy of the server early this year, but they were provided with an elaborate falsified image designed to hide the massive violations. The falsified image is what ultimately triggered their ban from the House network Feb. 2, according to a senior House official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

    The secret server was connected to the House Democratic Caucus, an organization chaired by then-Rep. Xavier Becerra. Police informed Becerra that the server was the subject of an investigation and requested a copy of it. Authorities considered the false image they received to be interference in a criminal investigation, the senior official said.

    Full story:

  99. Email comment by GH:

    Margaret Menge. (Sep. 12, 2017). ELECTION WATCHDOG: NEW JERSEY VOTER ROLLS A 'PRETTY WILD MESS' - More than 600 noncitizens found to be registered in the Garden State despite warning signs. LifeZette.

    Voting records from New Jersey show that 616 noncitizens were registered to vote in 11 different counties, and that many of them had said upfront they were noncitizens — but were registered anyway.

    “It’s a pretty wild mess that we’re seeing here,” said Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which sent out letters earlier this year asking all counties in New Jersey for information on voters who were found not to have met the citizenship requirement.

    Some counties, such as Hudson County, which sits just across the river from New York City in northern New Jersey, with Jersey City as its county seat, responded it had no such records.

    Full story:

  100. Email comment by GH:


    In the hours leading up to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s hotly-contested speech at the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a fierce proponent of free speech, issued a blunt warning to colleges that restrict free speech on their campuses.

    Speaking to The Daily Wire on Tuesday, Jordan, who chaired the Congressional hearings in July to discuss free speech on college campuses at which Shapiro testified, issued this statement:

    Colleges have historically been that place where you make your best argument, have a full and robust debate, and let ideas flow. But now we often find that if you’re libertarian or conservative and are invited to speak on campus, you later get disinvited. If they’re allowed to speak at all, conservatives and libertarians get shouted down or in some cases actual riots break out. If public colleges and universities continue to allow this to occur, Congress may have to get involved.

    Full story:

  101. Email comment by PL:

    Staff. (Sep. 13, 2017). IS HURRICANE JOSE'S PATH BEING PURPOSELY DIRECTED? HEADS UP NEW YORK (Video). IBPEarthwatch / Before It's News.

    Possible problem here. Heads up & let’s hopw weather wars will stop their insanity!
    Hurricane Jose Turns/Strengthens/Eyes NYC

    Source BP Earthwatch

    Irma Already Proven Deadly Now Jose Heading to NY: How Much Has Geoengineering Played a Part in These Devastating Hurricanes? (Video) click here

    Hurricane Jose path update: Models spark fears Jose could hit New York or Washington

    The SVWX aggregated storm track model has brought together different possible tracks and shows that Hurricane Jose is likely to curve away from America and out to sea.

    But one outlier track shows that Jose could veer off course and hit the US East Coast near New York. Another track shows Jose could even pass near Washington.

    Full story:

    1. Owen Shroyer. (Sep. 11, 2017). CBS ADMITS WEATHER MODIFICATION LASERS ARE IN OPERATION - Infowars has been covering weather modification for decades, but MSM is just starting to talk about it

      Live on CBS Michio Kaku accidentally admits that they are shooting trillion watt lasers into the atmosphere in order to affect the weather.

      Full story:


  102. Business Insider. (Sep. 12, 2017). STANFORD PROFESSOR THINKS AI WILL BE ABLE TO DETECT YOUR POLITICS, IQ, AND SEXUALITY - Sexual orientation is just one of the many things that AI will be able to determine… Infowars.

    A Stanford University professor who went viral last week after publishing a study that suggested artificial intelligence (AI) can tell whether a person is gay or straight based on photos believes AI will also be to determine a person’s IQ and their political leanings, simply by looking at their face.

    Michal Kosinski is cited in The Guardian saying that sexual orientation is just one of the many things that AI will be able to determine in the coming years by looking at our faces.
    He predicts that self-learning algorithms with human characteristics will also be able to identify:

    • a person’s political beliefs
    • whether they have high IQs
    • whether they are predisposed to criminal behaviour
    • whether they have specific personality traits
    • and many other private, personal details

    Read more

    Full story:

  103. Email comment by JM-GN:

    Staff. (Sep. 12, 2017). HILLARY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED OVER DESTROYED EVIDENCE: JUDGE NAPOLITANO - “I think it’s a terrible decision not to prosecute”. Infowars.

    In an interview with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the Justice Department “should prosecute Mrs. Clinton because there’s ample evidence of her guilt…”

    Full story:


  104. Email comment by GH:

    Staff. (Sep. 13, 2017). Anonymous - There is Something They Aren't Telling You... (WEATHER IN AMERICA 2017-2018). Annoymous Official.

    Anonymous Message Strange Events Worldwide Events The Past Week Jason A Current Events Prophecy End Times HAARP Government Manipulated Weather 2017 2018

    Hurricane Irma
    Hurricane Harvey

    Photos of HAARP reveal reveal hundreds of pylons creating an 'antenna field' where interlinking wires create a net of electricity just below the clouds, with the potential to send energy beneath the ground, too.

    Full story[VIDEO]:


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