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Thursday, August 20, 2015


White House insiders run a secret spy state created by Obama's executive orders

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 20, 2015, Updated Sep. 06 | PDF
Hillary Clinton speaking in Ankeny, Iowa on Sep. 4, 2015. Photo: AP.
H in Ankeny, IA.
Sep. 06, 2015 Update—Hillary's "I wasn't thinking" explanation for her private email server rings hollow. The opposite is true. She did not want her IBM-Eclipse-Chandler Cartel spy-state digital takeover communications known or stored by the State Department. It was well thought out. She just got caught.
Jon Waters, Director, The Ohio State University Marching Band. Photo: AP.
Fig. 1—OSU Band Director Jon Waters, likely fired because his Apple commercial went viral and upset the all-IBM Eclipse Cartel's Ohio data takeover plans.
Sep. 05, 2015 UpdateApple Envy. Hillary Clinton's latest batch of emails are the gifts that keep on giving. They uncovered a Ford Foundation connection with two-timing new Ohio State President, Michael V. Drake, and Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle is a prime contributor to the spy-state theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention by the IBM Eclipse Cartel. See Michael McKibben's Ohio Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Mandamus against Michael Drake. See also Popular Posts (scroll down, on right).
STOP - Spy state abuses of property & privacy that are destroying our Republic; Demand that Congress use the power of the purse to defund the peretrators.
Aug. 27, 2015 UpdateWrite Congress (sample letter, Word *.doc) and demand that they user their power of the purse to defund the crony spy state immediately. PDF version.
Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton
New: Hillary's Timeline
Hillary's email domain was registered six (6) weeks after her nomination and one (1) week before her confirmation as Secretary of State. She set up her server just a week before becoming America's top diplomat. Chandler no doubt instructed her to do so as their way of communicating privately with their spy-state Cartel. See Sheryl Attkisson's timeline. AFI Hijack of Cyber World Timeline also updated.
Fig. 2— Obama and hillary have organized a spy state. Hillary now feigns ignorance about the efficacy of her personal email server. However, she belonged to an exclusive club of seven created by Obama Executive Order 13526 that set all policy for Federal information sharing. It also gave this group of six, including her, near dictatorial powers to change the rules at will, subject to Obama, "or" the Constitution. (Pay attention to their words—they're all lawyers who cannot be trusted.)
Photo: Washington Post.


(Aug. 20, 2015)—After his election in 2008, Barack Obama ordered a review of national security classification policies and procedures that resulted in a massive overhaul issued as Executive Order 13526 on Dec. 31, 2009. The order ballooned from 18 to 30 pages.

On May 27, 2009, Obama wrote in his order to begin the overhaul, "my Administration is committed to operating with an unprecedented level of openness."

Hillary had unprecedented policy control

One outcome of Executive Order 13526 was that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, became part of an inner circle of just six people who reported to the President and oversaw all Federal information sharing, including her personal email. The current spin that she was confused about classifications is balderdash. She was in charge of the rules for this Administration.

Another current spin from a Hillary SPOX claims that "she didn't really think it through" is also balderdash. She carefully timed her registration of

New: U.S. State Department censored Hillary's emails about "Internet Freedom" speech

Hillary & Bill spy-state access for sale
Bill Hillary
In 2006, Cisco paid Bill $300K for two speeches In 2009, Hillary invited Cisco to a classified tech dinner with 17 members of Eclipse. Invitees Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Google & Twitter were already feeding data to NSA PRISM.
In 2006, GE paid Bill $200K for a speech In 2009, GE assisted Hillary to solicit $5 million from Microsoft and more funds from 15 other unidentified companies. Microsoft was already spying for NSA PRISM
Clinton Eclipse Speech Totals (2001-2014): Cisco $1 million, Microsoft $400,000, GE $575,000, all Eclipse members $15.5 million. This evidence is judicially recognizable proof of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, in our opinion.
On Dec. 29, 2009, Hillary approved speech notes on "Internet Freedom." Ironically, the State Department has redacted the notes as classified. The unclassified portion is Hillary's guest list The list is almost exclusively IBM Eclipse Foundation members, including: Cisco, Yahoo, Symantec, Ebay, MicroTech, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Square (Larry Summers & Marc Andreessen, Facebook directors and advisors), Google, Mobile Accord, Howcast, MexTel (Carlos Slim, see Stratfor leaks), NYU, TechPresident and Harvard. Many of Bill Clinton's clients and business interests are on this list.

Then, a 13-month gap
Following these Dec. 29, 2009 redacted emails, there is a 13 month gap in Hillary's disclosures. They pick up again on Mar. 3, 2011. This is reminiscent of the gap in the Nixon tapes.

Obama's spy state heated up in 2010
Kate Duval, Fixer
Catherine Sudek Duval, Catherine S. Duval, Catherine Duval, Kate Duval, Kate Sudek, Catherine Sudek (attorney aliases to evade search engines), Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP, Planned Parenthood lobbyist, 1998-2000, Email production counsel for IRS and State Department
New: Kate Duval, Williams & Connolly LLP, "Fixer"
Hillary's State Department's Email "fixer," was paid $1.1 million to lobby for Planned Parenthood 1998-2000. Her aliases:
- Catherine S. Duval
- Catherine Sudek Duval
- Kate Duval
- Kate Sudek
- Catherine Sudek
Bill Clinton made 11 speeches for Eclipse members in 2010, including some on Hillary's guest list above (Microsoft, Cisco), generating $2.2 million in fees. In 2012, Bill gave 16 Eclipse speeches, including most of Facebook's underwriters and attorney, generating $3.2 million in fees for the Clinton's war chest. Bill's speeches for Eclipse occurred during the Leader v. Facebook litigation, obviously prejudicing the proceedings. On Jun. 16, 2009, Hillary had solicited funds from Microsoft and GE. GE was already a Bill Clinton client and Microsoft became one. Both companies were/are members of Eclipse.

Spy-state Master James P. Chandler's Surrogate, Kate Duval, is protecting Hillary & Bill from evident conflicts
The State Department has concealed this evidence of a serious Hillary Clinton conflict of interest in her use of her official position to promote Bill's private speeches, not even counting Obama's spy-state accomplices, and Hillary's use of her official position to obstruct justice in Leader v. Facebook. House Oversight has identified the State Department censor as Catherine S. Duval from the Washington, D.C. firm Williams & Connolly LLP. In 1998, Williams & Connolly LLP senior partner and Harvard Law alum. Paul Mogin, collaborated with fellow Harvard Law alum, Professor James P. Chander, in the first prosecution of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996U.S. v. Hsu.

James P. Chandler is the mastermind

Campaign to stop cronyism:
Moratorium. Certify. Verify.
Click here to read more.
Professor James P. Chandler
Fig. 3–James P. Chandler
Leader Technologies' patent counsel. Took custody of Leader's source code, then just 11 weeks later, Leader's innovations appeared en masse in IBM Eclipse Foundation version 2.0.1 on Aug. 29, 2002, the day before he met with Montgomery County, Maryland officials promoting IBM, Eclipse, the CIA and the Patent Office. See previous posts.
Photo: NIPLI.

Law professor James P. Chandler once told a client interviewed recently by AFI, "The best way to defeat one's enemy is to take him down without him ever knowing who did it to him." At the time he said this, he was advising Bill Clinton, the NSA, the C.I.A., the Departments of Justice, State, Commerce, Energy, Congress and the White House. See NIPLI.

Chandler is famous in Washington, D.C. circles for his speeches and interminable lectures on American sovereignty. However, what if Chandler's real enemy is the very Constitution he says he defends? What better way to defeat it, than to wrap one's self in it?

Obama hired Chandler; they started "the Cartel" to whom all favors flow

Obama hired James P. Chandler, his long-time Harvard legal advisor, to prepare the Executive Order. Keep in mind that Chandler is also a Clinton confidante. Obama, Bill, Hillary, Chandler are all peas in the same pod. Current attempts to imply petty rivalries among these insiders is still more made-for-TV balderdash.

Chandler's security overhaul elevated a group of White House insiders, including the Secretary of State, to near dictator status. They were empowered to write their own rules, and they were answerable only to Obama. We call them "the Cartel." So now does Senator Ted Cruz.

OBama's Cartel will live on by design

This group is allied with cronies in Silicon Valley and Wall Street to whom the Cartel issues massive, long-term government contracts. These contracts are designed to continue for decades after Obama leaves office, which explains why many of Obama's staff are taking jobs there.

Chandler's secret White House spy agency included Hillary

Chandler's changes, codified in Executive Order 13526, consolidated the ability of these insiders to hide their activities from the public. This included FOIA stonewalling, which likely flows through Chandler at the White House. In a previous post, we called this group the White House Intelligence Agency (W.H.I.A).

Buried in the legalese of Obama’s Executive Order 13526 is more proof of W.H.I.A.’s existence and practices.

America is "a republic, if you can keep it"

Benjamin Franklin (1787) - A republic, if you can keep it.

In 1787, Benjamin Franklin famously answered Mrs. Powel when she asked what kind of government the Founders had established, Franklin replied, "A republic, if you can keep it."

By contrast, our 44th president, Barack H. Obama, never uses the term "republic." The preamble to Executive Order 13526 (p. 1) betrays Obama's profound misunderstanding of the Constitution. He refers to "our democratic principles" and "our democratic institutions." However, America is a Republic and not a Democracy. The Founders intentionally chose a Republic over a Democracy or Monarchy.

A Republic follows the wishes of the majority without violating the rights of the minority. Democracies on the other hand have historically deteriorated into tyrannies of majorities over minorities. The Founders knew that and specifically rejected both democratic and monarchical rule in favor of republican rule.

Republican government and Republican Party are different

Left & Right United Against Obama's Spy State
CREDO logo
CREDO, the left-leaning political action group, calls upon Obama to come clean about his unconstitutional NSA mass surveillance program. (Started under Clinton, increased under Bush, now a child predator under Obama.)

Unfortunately, the names of America's two parties, Republican and Democrat, create confusion. The American Constitution codifies a republican form of government, not to be confused with the Republican Party. Hopefully, both parties embrace republican principles of government. Indeed, many in both parties have abandoned republican governance principles in favor of oligarchies who want the few to rule the many.

Obama's words: Government vs. the People

Obama's Executive Order preamble describes "the Government" as an existence separate and apart from "the American people."

He also juxtaposes his "discretionary authority" as separate and distinct from his "constitutional [authority]." Executive Order 13526, Sec. 5.3(e). Such codified words by a sitting President are deeply troubling since he attempting to wield power apart from The People who delegated his power to him.

Such misconceptions about our system of government betray Obama's misguided order, drafted by his Harvard Law mentor and spy master, James P. Chandler.

Hillary's Private Cartel Email Server

Regarding Hillary's private email server, it was likely set up to communicate "off the grid" with a small group of White House insiders identified in the order. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 4.3(b)(6). This group reports only to the President, who can change his "discretionary authority" at any time. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 5.3(e):

  1. President
  2. Secretary of State
  3. Secretary of Defense
  4. Secretary of Energy
  5. Secretary of Homeland Security
  6. Attorney General
  7. Director of National Intelligence (C.I.A.)

Obama signed off. set sanctions.

President Obama not only had to know about Hillary’s private email server, he would have had to approve it by inference if not outright signoff. In fact, anyone who received Hillary's emails was liable for its contents as if they had created the message themselves. If they forwarded Hillary's emails to others, then they were misappropriating government secrets and liable themselves.

Indeed, Executive Order 13526 itself warns that criminal, civil and administrative sanctions may be imposed for "an individual who fails to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure." Executive Order 13526, Sec. 4.1(b). The fact is, all of Hillary recipients who signed nondisclosure agreements are liable for Hillary's misconduct by their silence. Ignorance is not bliss or an excuse with the nation's security. Whistleblowers, please step forward and save yourselves.

Chandler cronies like Hillary communicate off the very grid they want to control

Tellingly, Obama's inner spy circle included the very same people with whom Professor James P. Chandler worked closely while authoring the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act as advisor to Bill & Hillary.

Mar. 2, 2015 Barack Obama & Valerie Jarrett meeting with The Eclipse Foundation Internet Takeover Council: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC, 19 days after Obama signed Executive Order 13591 "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing."
Fig. 4— On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with his Internet Cartel takeover council—the bosses who drive The Eclipse Foundation (and the theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention). Shown here are PRESIDENT OBAMA and his senior adviser,VALERIE JARRETT, with six prime movers of the  THE ECLIPSE FOUNDATION: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC.

Tellingly, this meeting occured just 19 days after Obama signed Executive Order 13691, "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing," on Feb. 13, 2015. This order opened the floodgates for his agencies to enter into long term contracts with his crony Cartel technology firms. This action is no doubt designed to ensure funding to Obama's Cartel cronies right through the next Administration. This was evidently the kick off meeting. See Fig. 3 below for more.
Photo: IBM.

Chandler also advised IBM who was working closely with the FBI at the time of the Act, according to the Senate testimony of FBI Director Louis J. Freeh.

On Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler formed The Eclipse Foundation as the repository to distribute as "Open Source" the social networking inventions of Chandler's law client, Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies.

In short, Chandler betrayed Leader to aid IBM and his Silicon Valley cronies supporting the FBI, NSA and C.I.A.. IBM is Chandler's technology platform of choice for the secret White House spy-state intelligence agency he formed out of Executive Order 13526. See Disastrous rise of a lawless C.I.A.

Earlier, on Feb. 15, 2001, while Chandler was also legal counsel to Leader Technologies, he quietly registered trademark. This occurred just one month after Bill Clinton appointed him to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council.

Chandler's personal crypto interests specifically exempted from disclosure in the order

Evidently, Chandler could not resist the temptation to feather his personal nest in the Executive Order. Obama exempted cryptologic systems from declassification “that would impair” U.S. cryptologic systems or activities. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 3.3(b)(3). The telling new language not in previous versions is “that would impair.” Impairment is subjective. Therefore, Chandler could effectively block any and all discovery of his activities.

This likely explains the Patent Office invoking presidential executive privilege when asked to provide FOIA details about Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos' corrupt conduct in Leader v. Facebook. Kappos was a Chandler confidante at IBM.

Odd “nonhuman” exemption added (Read: NSA)

Buried in Executive Order 13526, Sec. 3.3(b)(1) of the order is customary language protecting intelligence agents. However, Chandler expanded it to include anything that would "impair the effectiveness" of "nonhuman intelligence source[s]."

Since impairment is a subjective assessment, this addition is likely to hide the NSA’s bulk surveillance of American citizens, among other things.

Abrogates American sovereignty to foreign treaties, like TPP; makes White House more secret, not less

Among its many troubling provisions, Obama subjects U.S. policy declassification decisions to the content of foreign treaties. Both the new Executive Order 13526, 2.3(b)(9) and old Executive Order 12958, 3.4(b)(9) state that documents would not be declassified if such action would “violate a statute, treaty, or international agreement.

However, Obama added “…that does not permit the automatic or unilateral declassification of information in 25 years.” This unilaterally abrogates American sovereignty and allows the W.H.I.A. to manipulate the language of foreign treaties to hide their agenda into future administrations, if this Executive Order is perpetuated into future administrations.

So, for example, if the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty does not permit automatic declassification, then nothing can be declassified automatically. This clause renders Obama's order a cruel hoax; just more tricky lawyering to deceive the masses.

One thing is evident from our review of Executive Orders. Most language in these orders is perpetuated by sheer bureaucratic inertia from administration to administration. A new administration must intentionally hire someone besides Chandler to take a meat ax to this intelligence hairball.

By subjecting his order to the absence of an automatic declassification provision in foreign treaties, Obama ensured more secrecy, not less.

More Orwellian doublespeak from Obama & Hillary

Under the guise of openness, Obama doubled down on the secrecy of his administration in Executive Order 13526. Hillary is complicit. Her email server is clearly an intentional act to keep Cartel communications from being discovered by unsuspecting State Department employees.

The order enabled Obama's inner circle and Chandler to hide all their activities behind ambiguity and doublespeak.

Obama’s executive orders consistently encourage public-private partnerships around cybersecurity.

Obama's elections were fueled by Silicon Valley and Wall Street money. Those relationship are being supported behind the scenes through these Executive Orders.

"Cybersecurity information sharing" = long term contracts to Silicon Valley spy-state cronies

For example, Obama recently signed Executive Order 13691, "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing," Feb. 13, 2015. This order provides the authority for Obama's agencies to enter into long term cyber contracts with Cartel cronies.

These contracts will span the next administration and solidify spy-state control in private hands . . . run by Obama and his cronies when he is out of power. This is likely what he meant when he promised to "fundamentally transform America."

In confusion there is profit

This order can say whatever an agency wants it to say. It's a hairball. The following illustration maps the linkages that key off of this one 5-page Executive Order 13691.

Click here for PDF version of the map below.

Executive Order 13691, Feb. 13, 2015, nested orders and directives map
Fig. 5—E.O. 13691 nested orders and directives map. Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13691, Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing on Feb. 13, 2015. This order paves the way for his agencies to contract with private technology companies to ensure the continued flow of government funds to Silicon Valley spy-state cronies for decades after Obama leaves office. This flow can be stopped by Congress, if Congress has the will and can break free of the funding chains the Cartel has placed on them. Click here for a spreadsheet delineating the nest relationships.

What the American public can do to stop this corruption in its tracks

The Cartel would like average Americans to think that they are powerless against this corruption. Not so. Three simple steps will stop this hemorrhaging of American tax dollars and sovereignty to private and foreign powers.

Recognizing that many (if not most) Senators, Congresspersons and Federal bureaucrats have fallen prey to the bribery of The Cartel (they have been building to this point for 20 years), it falls upon The People to demand that our corrupt politicians implement this procedure immediately despite their personal conflicts.

They must rise above their personal faults and corruptions and do what's best for the people they were elected to serve.

Step 1. Moratorium on New Contracts. Congress can place a moratorium on funding authorizations for all cyber contracts pending top down Inspectors General reviews.

Step 2. Certify No Conflicts. The Inspectors General shall require companies to certify that no financial or relationship conflicts of interest exist between the company and the Federal agency with whom they wish to do business.

Step 3. Verify No Conflicts. The Inspectors General shall verify that the certifications are true, including publishing the certifications and holding public hearings. Where an Inspector General finds fraud and misrepresentation, that company shall be barred permanently from doing business with that agency.

We must stop cronyism in its tracks now, while we still have a Republic to defend

Join the movement. Demand action from your elected representatives to stop cronyism in public life.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Bill's executive orders created a White House spy-agency controlled by Wall Street & Silicon Valley; Hillary allowed to hide information

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 12, 2015 Updated Jun. 22, 2016 | PDF
More Breaking News, Aug. 16, 2015:
Bill & Hillary fiddled while Rome burned in 2008
Fig. 1—Bill Clinton. On Nov. 15, 2008, Bill flew to Germany a week after Obama's election to collect a $450,000 speaking fee from his financial planner.
Photo: America Rising PAC.
New: Obama's freudian slip in Executive Order 13691, Feb. 13, 2015
Barack Obama revealed his pathology that Executive Orders and American law are not the same. In giving more private crony tech company access to his spy-state machine, he stated in Sec. 8(a)(i): "Nothing in this order shall ...impair ...the authority granted by law or Executive Order ..." Former Clinton advisor, James P. Chandler, continues his secret re-write of the Constitution.
A week after Barack Obama's election—during America's worst economic crisis since the Great Depression—Bill Clinton flew to Germany to give a $450,000 speech to AWD Holdings AG. AWD is a personal financial planner with no business in the U.S, now called Swiss Life. The $450,000 fee is his largest ever reported. A week later, Obama appointed Lawrence "Larry" Summers, Bill's former Treasury Secretary, to oversee the bank bailout. Summers protégés, Sheryl K. Sandberg and Russian oligarch Yuri Milner, figure prominently in the Facebook spy-state surveillance platform. AWD wrote in 2008 that the U.S. banking crisis "strengthened us." This trading on inside knowledge is evident. Exploitation of children by the spy-state is clearly not an issue for the ambitious couple.

New: Obama's Executive Order shell game
On Feb. 13, 2015, Obama issued Executive Order 13691 to help his IBM Eclipse private sector spy-state cronies. Buried in Sec. 5(g) is an amendment to EO 12829 that designates EO 12356 (Apr. 6, 1982) as the new authority. However, EO 12356 was revoked on Oct. 14, 1995 according to EO 13292, Sec. 6.2(d)—during the time of the hearings for Chandler's Economic Espionage Act. Obama also cites the wrong date for EO 12356 (Apr. 2, 1982). These built-in ambiguities ensure that ALL interpretations of the order will return to its author, James P. Chandler, our secret, unelected and unaccountable spy-state master. Confused yet? Precisely.
Between 2001-2015, Bill & Hillary gave 75 speeches to members of IBM's The Eclipse Foundation—the technology behind White House spy-state surveillance that was stolen from Ohio innovator Leader Technologies by Professor James P. Chandler, Leader's attorney and Clinton's adviser. Up to the 2008 banking crisis, Bill Clinton was paid $4 million for 26 speeches to Eclipse members. In 2008, Bill gave only one Eclipse speech on Nov. 15, 2008 to AWD Holdings—this was 11 days after Obama's election and eight days before Larry Summers assumed bank bailout control. Summers immediately gave $13 billion to Goldman Sachs. See 2008 Clinton Timeline. In 2010, Bill made $2.2 million for 11 Eclipse speeches. In 2012 (the year Facebook went public), Bill made $3.2 million for 16 Eclipse speeches. One 2012 speech was to Facebook's attorney, White & Case LLP. (On Dec. 5, 2008, Obama picked another Facebook attorney from Cooley Godward LLP, Donald K. Stern, to help him pick judges, one of whom was the last-minute replacement judge in Leader v. Facebook, Leonard P. Stark, who as a rookie muscled out 25-year veteran, Joseph J. Farnan.) His 2012 speeches also included six Facebook underwriters (JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs,UBS, Deutsche Bank,Bank of America and Vangaurd. See Clinton-Eclipse Speech Map below.

Bill and Hillary Clinton 2008 Timeline of Corruption
Fig. 2—Bill & Hillary Clinton 2008 Timeline. Bill & Hillary fiddled while Washington, D.C. burned.
James P. Chandler
Fig. 2—Professor James P. Chandler may have recommended the wiping of Hillary's servers. He certainly wrote the executive orders. To make sure the Clintons were untouchable, on Oct. 11, 1996, Chandler slipped through the law that makes lying to Congress not punishable.
Photos: NIPLI.
Breaking News, Aug. 15, 2015:
hILLARY WIPED SERVERS— James P. Chandler wrote Bill's security rules in 1995
Spy-state Smoking Gun Executive Order 12958, Apr. 17, 1995
Exec. Order No. 12958, Sec. 6.1(b), Attorney General's role, Apr. 17, 1995
Exec. Order No. 12958, Sec. 5.4(a), Oversight Panel, Apr. 17, 1995
On Aug. 13, 2015, Hillary Clinton just turned over an empty private email server to the Justice Department. However, the Justice Department is not impartial since they had oversight of Hillary's activities, along with Hillary herself, as Secretary of State.

On Apr. 17, 1995, Bill Clinton's national security confidante, Professor James P. Chandler, drafted Executive Order No. 12958Classified National Security Information. Successive Presidents cite back to this order in dozens of related orders, so it governs Hillary Clinton's current email server conduct. Section 6.1(b) authorizes the Attorney General to interpret the Order. Sec. 5.4(a) established the Secretaries of State & Defense, Attorney General, C.I.A Director and two Presidential aides as oversight. If the principals are colluding, then accountability is non-existent.

Truly, the foxes are guarding the White House hen house.


Hillary Clinton
Fig. 3—Queen Hillary acts lawlessly because Executive Orders issued by Bill, and perpetuated by George Bush and Barack Obama, give secret instructions to insiders to which Congress and the general public are not privvy. Her mentor in this Executive Order oligarchy is George Washington Law Professor Emeritus, James P. Chandler. In 1996, Chandler deceived Congress into passing the False Statements Accountability Act of 1996, Subsection (b), that permits Hillary to lie to Congress with impunity. Chandler was Columbus innovator Leader Technologies,' patent attorney at the time he handed Leader's source code for social networking to IBM to start The Eclipse Foundation for use by the W.H.I.A.
Photo: New York Magazine..

(Aug. 12, 2015)— How many laws can Hillary Clinton break and stay out of jail? (Memo to Saul Alinsky's Useful Idiots: Hillary & Bill are above the law, by Executive Order.)

Answer: Husband Bill issued Executive Order No. 13130 on Jul. 14, 1999 called the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) to "enhance the partnership of the public and private sectors in protecting our infrastructure."

New investigations reveal that Hillary relies on a string of Executive Orders related to NIAC that have been promulgated by her husband and his successors to protect herself from liability. Apparently, she hopes Saul Alinsky's army of "Useful Idiots" (the unthinking American public) will forgive her and vote for her anyway.

Bill started a White House spy agency that writes its own rules—without Congress

These national security Executive Orders set up a private intelligence agency operating out of the White House. The C.I.A. is subservient to it, so is the NSA, FBI, DIA, NRO. . . —all U.S. intelligence operations.

White House Intelligence Agencey (W.H.I.A.)

For this article we'll call this super agency the White House Intelligence Agency (W.H.I.A.).

W.H.I.A. makes its own rules, gets stealth funding from other agencies, classifies and declassifies its own secrets, co-opts, protects (and sometimes threatens) private industry cronies. W.H.I.A. is accountable only to the President—not Congress or the Courts. In fact, the Courts and the Patent Office tucked tail long ago.

W.H.I.A. operates totally outside Constitutional checks and balances. In reality, W.H.I.A. seems to answer only to designated "critical infrastructure partners" in Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

C.I.A., NSA and FBI report to W.H.I.A.

Until this new research emerged, AFI investigators had concluded that an out-of-control C.I.A. was the agency that was scrambling our republican governmental processes. However, the last three American presidents have each used W.H.I.A. as their private White House intelligence operation.

W.H.I.A. makes Nixon's Plumbers look like school boys

Richard Nixon resigned over a bungled third rate burglary of the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate apartment complex in Washington, D.C. By contrast, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama have each used W.H.I.A. to get what they wanted by subverting the checks and balances of the Constitution itself. Nixon's Plumbers look like school boys by comparison.

Bill Clinton used these orders to invoke national security over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He alleged that Monica worked for Israeli intelligence and that Bill was working her for counterintelligence. Who could prove him wrong since W.H.I.A. operates under the unilateral control of the President? Since W.H.I.A. never received Congressional authorization, no normal due process accountability structures exist.

George Bush used W.H.I.A. to justify the second Iraq war, including the lies about weapons of mass destruction. It was on George's watch that W.H.I.A. stole Leader Technologies' social networking invention. The theft was led by W.H.I.A. progenitor, Professor James P. Chandler—Bill & Hillary's mentor and Leader's attorney. W.H.I.A. turned Leader's invention into a spy-state surveillance platform by luring users, including children. Facebook is just one of their many social creations.

Barack Obama has used W.H.I.A. to fool Saul Alinsky's "Useful Idiot" masses into electing him, funding his campaigns and stonewalling efforts to get information from this Administration—the "most transparent administration in history."

Now, Hillary Clinton relies on W.H.I.A. executive orders to justify her lies to Congress about Benghazi, her email servers and The Clinton Foundation, by its various names*

* Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Development Initiative, Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership Initiative, Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), Clinton Foundation in Haiti, Clinton Health Matters Initiate, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, Too Small to Fail, and The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. See Tan, S., Hamburger, T., Helderman, R. (Jun. 02, 2015) [PDF]. How the Clinton Foundation is organized. The Washington Post.

The Clintons front for W.H.I.A.'s GLOBAL AGENDA

James P. Chandler, III
Fig. 4—JAmes P. Chandler, III. Bill & Hillary Clinton lead national security adviser and legal consiglieri to the White House Intelligence Agency which is his brainchild. Chandler also represented IBM and Leader Technologies when he shuffled Leader's invention of social networking out the backdoor to IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. This communications platform was given to Facebook.
Photo: Nipli.

The many Clinton foundations are very evidently fronting organizing activity for W.H.I.A. Their rhetoric is awash in Orwellian double-speak about national security, privacy, economic well-being and security. But, the fact is that their efforts undermine American sovereignty, collect Orwellian "dark profiles" on every citizen, and improverish the economy.

W.H.I.A. Godfather James P. Chandler was appointed to NIAC just two days before Bill Clinton left the White House

On Jan. 18, 2001, two days before his departure, Bill Clinton appointed Leader Technologies’ patent attorney, James P. Chandler, to his National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC). NIAC members read like a Who’s Who of IBM's Eclipse Foundation.

For Bill, this last Executive Order was merely a stepping stone into his Pied Piper work for his foundations where he has pursued the spy-state agenda with a vengance. It was only the end of Chapter 1 of the takeover by a totalitarian left.

On Mar. 14, 2001, Chandler pushed through sweeping Judicial Conference changes to the mutual fund ethics disclosure guidelines. These changes opened the door to widespread abuse by judges and judicial employees who now hide their deep-pocket investments behind mutual fund veils. Then for example, even if JPMorgan is a litigant in the case, the judge who holds JPMorgan stocks in various mutual funds will preside over the case while silently making decisions favorable to JPMorgan (and his stock portfolio). See Hijack of the Cyberworld Timeline.

The Cartel works closely with certain mutual funds, notably Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, BlackRock as well as their underwriters JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutshe Bank, RBS and Citigroup. The reforms sounded innocuous enough—"safe harbor" guidelines. But in reality, they have made a mockery of ethical principles on impartiality. See How Judges Grow Rich on the Backs of American Iinventors.

On Mar. 21, 2001, social networking inventor Michael McKibben, Leader Technologies, presented a plan to Chandler and Battelle Memorial Institute to implement his invention at Harvard with IBM. It was called "The University Initiative." The Chandler and the Cartel stole Leader's plan, which became the spy-state platform Facebook.

Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses
Fig. 5—On Aug. 30, 2002, whistleblower information proved direct relationships among Professor James P. Chandler and IBM, Eclipse, Facebook, C.I.A., NSA, Meritech, Accel Partners, James Breyer, Kleiner Perkins, In-Q-Tel, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, NVCA and “Big Data” Cloudera; no conflicts with Leader were disclosed.

TRANSCRIPT of Kelley Clements' stenographer's notes above:

paper presented to C.I.A.
made public, provide the same to,

>programs of NIPLI [Chandler's National Intellectual Property Law Institute] as well as depth,

Reference to Nat'l Sec. Acad.,
no info on WWW [world wide web],

Chandler has faith in the government, JPC [James P. Chandler] enjoys his life in Montgomery County
Graphic: Chandler Notes.

On Nov. 29, 2001, ten months later, Chandler and IBM formed another foundation, The Eclipse Foundation, to hijack Leader Technologies’ social networking invention.

In 2009, IBM’s inside counsel, David J. Kappos,was appointed by Obama to run the Patent Office in 2009. Eric H. Holder, Jr. was appointed as Attorney General. Both men are Chandler understudies.

Obama follows along in lockstep

On Feb. 13, 2015, just six months ago, Barack Obama doubled-down on W.H.I.A. with Executive Order No. 13691, "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing." Both Holder and Kappos have moved to Cartel jobs since leaving Obama, as have many others in this White House.

Executive Branch stonewalling emanates from W.H.I.A.

Obama's latest order is just the latest in a string of related orders he has issued since 2009. These orders have given the Attorney General (Eric H. Holder, Jr.) almost dictatorial powers over W.H.I.A.

Among these W.H.I.A.orders were authorizations to issue security clearances for commercial vendors, to classify and declassify documents by their own rules (Hillary's email server was not classified if she said so), and invoke executive privilege on information requested by subpoena and FOIA requests. W.H.I.A. appears to be the authority being used by the White House to stonewall Congress, Inspectors General and FOIA requests.

Orders establishing W.H.I.A. are a rat's nest of legal gobbledygook

The Executive Orders are chock full of bureaucratic legalese and gobbledygook. No human can decipher the nested references from one order to another. Consequently, they are an unscrupulous lawyer's playground, which appears to be by design.

For example (now stay with us):

Fig. 6Executive Order No. 13549. (Aug. 18, 2010). Classified National Security Information Program for State, Local, Tribal and Private Sector Entities. Barack Obama. White House, p. 5. GPO.
Graphics: Government Printing Office.

Got it? Exactly. Only the mother of a monster could love what you just read.

James P. Chandler's sellout of his client, Leader Technologies, Inc. (whistleblower revelations)

Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: We have no relunctance to share info. with the County - DO NPT GO PUBLIC w/ this
Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknolwedged, Doug Duncan is aware
Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: NIPLI to define space specs, what we need, what we don't need, IBM Incorporating Members, Business Model - different from current business model, consider some approach to partnering w/ IBM
Fig. 7—On Aug. 30, 20002, whistleblower information proved that James P. Chandler was colluding with IBM (David J. Kappos, chief intellectual property counsel) and the U.S. Patent Office were colluding in the formation of The Eclipse, Foundation. Doug Duncan was Montgomery County, Maryland executive (mayor). Kappos was appointed director of the Patent Office by President Obama in a rare recess appointment on Aug. 07, 2009. Soon after, Kappos converted all of his IBM stock to Vanguard stock. IBM's chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, is now a director of Vanguard. Loughridge wrote the $40 million "donation" check at IBM to fund The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001. Chandler's whistleblown notes experts here show he is starting to spend the Eclipse cash and recruit IBM partners without disclosing his conflicts of interest to his other client, Leader Technologies, Inc.

TRANSCRIPT of Kelley Clements' stenographer's notes above:

We have no reluctance to share info. with the County - DO NOT GO PUBLIC w/ this
We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged
-Doug Duncan is aware [Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive]
NIPLI [Chandler's National Intellectual Property Law Institute] to define space specs
- what we need
- what we don't need

IBM Incorporating Members
Business Model - different from current business model
-consider some approach to partnering w/ IBM
Graphic: Chandler notes.

A stupid smart law professor created W.H.I.A.

What would possess a Washington, D.C. insider to conceive of such a scheme and think he could get away with it? Only a well-healed national security law professor like James P. Chandler could keep an operation like this together and secret through three presidents.

Chandler is intelligent and cunning. He appears to be almost single handedly responsible for much of the racial agenda emerging from the White House. His oversized intellect keeps him ahead of most people. In Chandler's mind, payback would indeed be a bitch, we believe.

Chandler was a Harvard Law professor. Barack Obama appears to be Chandler's Manchurian candidate. The same is true for two other Chandler protégés: Eric H. Holder, Jr. as Attorney General and IBM's David J. Kappos as Patent Office Director.

This doesn't even count Lawrence "Larry" Summers who was president at Harvard when Chandler, Fenwick & West LLP and James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, came to him with the Leader Technologies' University Initiative, albeit repackaged as Facebook.

Summers hired his former Harvard student, Sheryl K. Sandberg, and fledgling Russian banker Yuri Milner as his researchers when he became Chief Economist at the World Bank in 1992. See Summers-Sandberg-Milner Timeline. Does anyone think it is coincidence that Sandberg is Facebook's chief operating officer and Milner's Moscow, Russia investments drove Facebook's pre-IPO valuation to $100 million by 2012?

Instead of doing the right thing, Breyer deployed his venture capital influence at the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) to carve up and fund exploitation of Leader's invention into market-by-market pieces. Facebook for universities, LinkedIn for professionals, Instagram for pictures, Twitter for messages, Groupon for coupons, Zynga for games, Palantir for spy-state surveillance, athenahealth for medical offices. . . you get the picture.

It was a feeding frenzy. That's when 19-year old Mark Zuckerberg agreed to lie for them and be their Harvard front man in 2003.

Ethically, Chandler evidently prefers patent theft, subversiveness, deception and skin color over legal acumen, morals and common decency. . . all for the common good and national security, of course.

Chandler also appears to be the person within the White House who orchestrates the FOIA stonewalling that was recently revealed to the House Oversight Committee.

Washington, D.C. court records show that Chandler has been involved in at least three civil rights cases, one involving himself, and two his son. All three cases were complaints involving police. His case was settled and his son's were dismissed. This focus on race cases may help explain why the flames in Ferguson are fueled by well-financed outsiders. Chandler appears to have his largesse stashed in the Cayman Islands in James LLC, among others.

Chandler demands public admiration

Chandler's recently leaked stenographer notes from 2002 revealed a Trump-sized self-promoter when he told Montgomery County, Maryland officials: "We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged." See Fig. 5.

IBM Eclipse Foundation Membership logos, Page 1, as of Sep. 9, 2008 (Actuate, Beo, Borlan, Brox, Cloudsmith, Computer Associates, DevZuz, GenuiTec, IBM, Innoopract, Iona, Itemis, JPMorgan Chase, Motorola, Nokia, Open Methods, Oracle, SAP, Sonatype, SOPERA, Sybase, Wind River, Zend)
Fig. 8—IBM Eclipse Foundation Members, page 1, prepared as of Sep. 09, 2008 and reported to the Board of Directors on Sep. 17, 2008. Click here for image of page 2.

See The Eclipse Foundation (Sep. 09, 2008). Membership Logos [Board minutes]; See also The Eclipse Foundation (Sep. 17, 2008). The Members of Eclipse, Minutes of the Eclipse Board Meeting, Sep. 17, 2008; AFI. (Jan. 15, 2015). IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions, p. 6.
Graphics: IBM Eclipse Foundation..

Chandler formed The Eclipse Foundation in 2001 with IBM, his go to W.H.I.A. technology provider

On Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler formed The Eclipse Foundation, ostensibly to become a repository for "contributed" IBM Open Source software, an oxymoron in itself.

IBM is the largest holder of patents on the planet. IBM does not do Open Source. What IBM did was receive was Leader's source code from Chandler, then IBM claimed Leader's invention as their own. In short, the Eclipse IDE (interface development environment) is Leader's invention.

The innovative elements of the Eclipse IDE were not IBM's and Chandler's property to give away.

Bill & Hillary (and Barack) are pied pipers for The Eclipse Foundation, Facebook & W.H.I.A. agenda for global domination—no wonder they raised $2 Billion (with a "B") for their foundations!

An analysis of Hillary Clinton's 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014 financial disclosures reveal a correlation between Eclipse Foundation members and Bill's speaking 126 speaking engagements over a 40-month period, 22 companies are direct members of Eclipse, while dozens others are financiers and customers of those Eclipse vendors that include Microsoft, Cisco,, DocuSign, Verisign, CareerBuilder, Visa, McAfee, Delloitte & Touche, Oracle, UBS, AT&T, SAP, Deutsche Bank, Castlight Health, eBay, Qualcomm, Xerox, GE, Vanguard, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, and Barclays. Over half of these companies are Facebook underwriters and beneficiaries. See The Washington Post. [Return shortly to this post for a link to a spreadsheet being prepared to be linked here.]

Hillary's financial disclosures contain criminal omissions

Prior to Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State in 2009, she submitted a financial disclosure on Jan. 05, 2009. However, her 2008, 2009 and 2010 disclosures have disappeared from the Office of Government Ethics website.

AFI obtained a copy nonetheless from Click here for Hillary Clinton's 2008 financial disclosure. Why did the White House block public access to Hillary's financial report, which had been public? It is evidently because she totally neglected to disclose her financial interests in her foundations.

Hillary failed to disclose her Clinton Foundation and PAC activities in any manner that an experienced attorney like her knows she should. For example, here is the extent of her now concealed 2008 disclosure:

Hillary R. Clinton, 2008 Foundation disclosure
Fig. 9—Hillary R. Clinton's only disclosure about her foundations in her 2008 financial disclosure. The disclosure omits the tens of millions accumulated to her benefit by Bill Clinton's speaking fees, which averaged $117,000 per event. Such nondisclosure is illegal, if it was a knowing omission intended to deceive the public.

Hillary did not disclose a single dollar of financial interest associated with her foundations or PACs. However, according to The Washington Post, Bill and Hillary have raised over $2 billion for the foundations. Propriety dictates that such enormous cash flow must be disclosed. Failure to disclose is not inadvertent, but obviously willful, and therefore criminal.

Bill Clinton has made over $104.9 million in speeches since leaving office in 2001 to promote The Eclipse Foundation and W.H.I.A, also according to The Washington Post. Hillary disclosed nothing about the financial's of her foundations in 2008. Perhaps this explains why the White House has removed that report from the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) website.

Bookmark: #hillary-clinton-financial-disclosures
New: Clinton, Hillary R., 2000-2015 Financial Disclosures
2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2014 | Combined (all years)

Total Speaking Fees, All Events (2000-2014): PDF | Excel Spreadsheet (*.xlsx)
Total IBM Eclipse Foundation Speaking Fees (2000-2014): PDF | Excel Spreadsheet (*.xlsx)
Fig. 10—Hillary R. Clinton's Financial Disclosures (2000-2015).
Public Data Sources: U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE);

Christina M. Chen, Hillary's Chief of Staff, is equally deceptive

The financial disclosure for Christina M. Tchen, Hillary's chief of staff, has also disappeared from the OGE website. However, AFI was able to obtain a copy from a whisteblower. Click here for Christian M. Tchen 2008 Financial Disclosure.

Tchen apparently couldn't get a good scanner on her $2.2 million Skadden Arps LLP annual Chicago lawyer salary before coming to work at the White House. Here is her disclosure in regular and zoomed modes:

Tina M. Tchen Disclosure @ 100% (full size) Magnification (illegible):

Christina M. Tchen, 2008 financial disclosure, 100% magnification - full size
Fig. 11—Christina Tchen 2008 Financial Disclosure. Tchen was Hillary Clinton's chief of staff. She was formerly employed at Skadden Arps LLP in Chicago. Skadden Arps has a sullied reputation as an uber-corrupt law firm.
Data: U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE).

Tina M. Tchen Disclosure @ 200% (2x) Magnification (still almost unreadable):

Christina M. Tchen disclosure header
Christina M. Tchen disclosure body
Fig. 12—Christina Tchen 2008 Financial Disclosure. Tchen's disclosure is intentionally obscured and almost unreadable. One can just make out that her salary at Skadden Arps LLP law firm before becoming Hillary Clinton's chief of staff was $2.2 million per year. Apparently, Skadden Arps' scanner was on the fritz the day Ms. Tchen prepared her financial disclosure for public review.
Data: U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE).
Christina M. Tchen
Fig. 13—Christina M. Tchen. Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, former partner at the corrupt Skadden Arps LLP international law firm. Despite her $2.2 million salary at Skadden, she had difficult scanning her, cough, financial disclosure before working for The People.
Photo: Wikipedia.

An AFI researcher studied the Tchen's disclosure until her eyes bled. (Eyes folks, eyes [inside joke for those following Donald Trump's dust up with FoxNews' Megyn Kelly].) She determined that Tchen worked for Skadden Arps LLP. Skadden Arps currently represents JPMorgan in Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam's patent infringement battle. Arunachalam-Pi-Net v. JPMorgan. Skadden has been proven to lie for JPMorgan in every court filing and in front of the judge.

One judge in that case, Richard G. Andrews, actually admitted on the record that he holds JPMorgan stock, yet still refused to disqualify himself, citing the "safe harbor rule," which is not a rule or even and opinion. The Advisory where it appears (p. 200) refers to it merely as a "concept" with four pages of exceptions. Earlier in the advisory, in Section 20 on page 24, it says that even one share of stock held by a spouse requires a judge to recuse! And, yet, these corrupt judges have created their excuse and they're sticking too it. Tchen's association with the crooked Skadden Arps law firm speaks volumes about her ethical standards brought to Hillary and The White House.

Montgomery County, Maryland appears to be swimming with world-class intellectual property sharks like James P. Chandler, the U.S. Patent Office, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. Sharks in sheep's clothing
Fig. 14—Professor James P. Chandler, III, The Obama Administration's Legal and Intelligence W.H.I.A. spy master. Chandler is uniquely qualified to have directed the unholy W.H.I.A. IBM Eclipse Foundation alliance among Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the NSA and the Justice Department during the Obama administration.

Ironically, Chandler is the author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act. Chandler was a law professor at Harvard Law. He is a mentor to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and David J. Kappos, former IBM chief intellectual property counsel and later director of the U.S. Patent Office. Chandler has also advised U.S. Attorneys like Preetinder Bharara (U.S. v. Ceglia) on trade secrets and economic espionage. Apparently that advice extended beyond how to defend against it . . . all in the name of "national security," of course, including the NSA's exploitation of Facebook customer data and exploitation of children.

Tchen disclosed that her salary at Skadden Arps in Chicago was $2.2 million per year. She also disclosed that had up to $8,725,000 in financial holdings.

Hillary's chief of staff, a seasoned attorney, filed an illegible financial disclosure by accident? Um, uh huh.

Chandler's greed, arrogance & narcissism

In conclusion, Bill & Hillary work for the W.H.I.A. Eclipse Cartel. This Cartel stole Leader Technologies' social networking patent, gave it to IBM, Eclipse and Facebook, used it get Barack Obama funded and elected, twice. Obama's social networking cronies have been raping and pillaging ever since.

The NSA has exploited the user data of the world's children, then lied about it to Congress. It took a brave whisteblower named Edward Snowden to reveal the truth about this illegal activity.

It took another brave whistleblower, HSBC Swiss Hervé Falciani, to reveal that this Cartel is cavorting with drug and arms dealers in offshore banks to hide their illegal activity.

New: It took the bravery of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to blow the whistle on Austin-based Stratfor by releasing five million emails from this C.I.A. disinformation front. These documents validated that Facebook was founded and funded by the C.I.A. and this same group of technology providers and banks cavort with the arms and drug leaders exposed by Falciani. See previous post: Facebook started by C.I.A. as spy-state tool.

The current bastardization of Leader Technologies' social networking invention by the Eclipse Foundation cartel started when a previously well-respected law professor, James P. Chandler, who ignored his ethical oath, betrayed his client, then sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver.

Like Narcissus, Professor Chandler's admiration of himself will likely be his undoing. He does not appear to be as smart as advertised, in our opinion.

Whistleblowers we await your additional revelations! If you wait too long, your information will lose negotiating value.

* * *

New, Aug. 15, 2015
Hillary & Bill Clinton Speaking Fees between 2001-2015 from IBM Eclipse Foundation Members

Fig. 15—Between 2001 and 2015, Bill & Hillary Clinton disclosed in public financial disclosures that they have been paid $15.5 million from 75 events ($206,000 average) for IBM Eclipse Foundation members. Overall, they have been paid $117 million from 593 events ($117,000 average). The Eclipse IDE (Interface Development Environment) is based on the inventions of Columbus, Ohio innovator, Leader Technologies, that were stolen and shuffled to IBM and Eclipse for exploitation by the C.I.A., NSA and W.H.I.A. in general by James P. Chandler, who in 2001 was intellectual property patent counsel to both IBM and Leader Technologies.Click here for Hillary & Bill Clinton 2001-2015 IBM Eclipse Foundation Member Speaking Fee Summaries: Excel Spreadsheet (*.xlsx). Click here for a PDF Version.

IBM Eclipse Members from whom Bill & Hillary Clinton received $15.5 million in speaking fees between 2001 and 2015: AT&T, Autodesk, AWD, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, BBC,, Castlight Health, Cisco, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Dell Deloitte & Touche, Deutsche Bank, DocuSign, eBay, Experian, Fiserv, GE, Goldman Sachs, IBM, JPMorgan, KPMG, McAfee, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PriceWaterhouse, Qualcomm,, Samsung, SAP, UBS, Vanguard, VeriSign, Visa, Vista Equity, White & Case and Xerox.
Graphics: Google Maps | Data: U.S. Government Ethics Office;

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