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Thursday, August 20, 2015


White House insiders run a secret spy state created by Obama's executive orders

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 20, 2015, Updated Sep. 06 | PDF
Hillary Clinton speaking in Ankeny, Iowa on Sep. 4, 2015. Photo: AP.
H in Ankeny, IA.
Sep. 06, 2015 Update—Hillary's "I wasn't thinking" explanation for her private email server rings hollow. The opposite is true. She did not want her IBM-Eclipse-Chandler Cartel spy-state digital takeover communications known or stored by the State Department. It was well thought out. She just got caught.
Jon Waters, Director, The Ohio State University Marching Band. Photo: AP.
Fig. 1—OSU Band Director Jon Waters, likely fired because his Apple commercial went viral and upset the all-IBM Eclipse Cartel's Ohio data takeover plans.
Sep. 05, 2015 UpdateApple Envy. Hillary Clinton's latest batch of emails are the gifts that keep on giving. They uncovered a Ford Foundation connection with two-timing new Ohio State President, Michael V. Drake, and Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle is a prime contributor to the spy-state theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention by the IBM Eclipse Cartel. See Michael McKibben's Ohio Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Mandamus against Michael Drake. See also Popular Posts (scroll down, on right).
STOP - Spy state abuses of property & privacy that are destroying our Republic; Demand that Congress use the power of the purse to defund the peretrators.
Aug. 27, 2015 UpdateWrite Congress (sample letter, Word *.doc) and demand that they user their power of the purse to defund the crony spy state immediately. PDF version.
Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton
New: Hillary's Timeline
Hillary's email domain was registered six (6) weeks after her nomination and one (1) week before her confirmation as Secretary of State. She set up her server just a week before becoming America's top diplomat. Chandler no doubt instructed her to do so as their way of communicating privately with their spy-state Cartel. See Sheryl Attkisson's timeline. AFI Hijack of Cyber World Timeline also updated.
Fig. 2— Obama and hillary have organized a spy state. Hillary now feigns ignorance about the efficacy of her personal email server. However, she belonged to an exclusive club of seven created by Obama Executive Order 13526 that set all policy for Federal information sharing. It also gave this group of six, including her, near dictatorial powers to change the rules at will, subject to Obama, "or" the Constitution. (Pay attention to their words—they're all lawyers who cannot be trusted.)
Photo: Washington Post.


(Aug. 20, 2015)—After his election in 2008, Barack Obama ordered a review of national security classification policies and procedures that resulted in a massive overhaul issued as Executive Order 13526 on Dec. 31, 2009. The order ballooned from 18 to 30 pages.

On May 27, 2009, Obama wrote in his order to begin the overhaul, "my Administration is committed to operating with an unprecedented level of openness."

Hillary had unprecedented policy control

One outcome of Executive Order 13526 was that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, became part of an inner circle of just six people who reported to the President and oversaw all Federal information sharing, including her personal email. The current spin that she was confused about classifications is balderdash. She was in charge of the rules for this Administration.

Another current spin from a Hillary SPOX claims that "she didn't really think it through" is also balderdash. She carefully timed her registration of

New: U.S. State Department censored Hillary's emails about "Internet Freedom" speech

Hillary & Bill spy-state access for sale
Bill Hillary
In 2006, Cisco paid Bill $300K for two speeches In 2009, Hillary invited Cisco to a classified tech dinner with 17 members of Eclipse. Invitees Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Google & Twitter were already feeding data to NSA PRISM.
In 2006, GE paid Bill $200K for a speech In 2009, GE assisted Hillary to solicit $5 million from Microsoft and more funds from 15 other unidentified companies. Microsoft was already spying for NSA PRISM
Clinton Eclipse Speech Totals (2001-2014): Cisco $1 million, Microsoft $400,000, GE $575,000, all Eclipse members $15.5 million. This evidence is judicially recognizable proof of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, in our opinion.
On Dec. 29, 2009, Hillary approved speech notes on "Internet Freedom." Ironically, the State Department has redacted the notes as classified. The unclassified portion is Hillary's guest list The list is almost exclusively IBM Eclipse Foundation members, including: Cisco, Yahoo, Symantec, Ebay, MicroTech, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Square (Larry Summers & Marc Andreessen, Facebook directors and advisors), Google, Mobile Accord, Howcast, MexTel (Carlos Slim, see Stratfor leaks), NYU, TechPresident and Harvard. Many of Bill Clinton's clients and business interests are on this list.

Then, a 13-month gap
Following these Dec. 29, 2009 redacted emails, there is a 13 month gap in Hillary's disclosures. They pick up again on Mar. 3, 2011. This is reminiscent of the gap in the Nixon tapes.

Obama's spy state heated up in 2010
Kate Duval, Fixer
Catherine Sudek Duval, Catherine S. Duval, Catherine Duval, Kate Duval, Kate Sudek, Catherine Sudek (attorney aliases to evade search engines), Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP, Planned Parenthood lobbyist, 1998-2000, Email production counsel for IRS and State Department
New: Kate Duval, Williams & Connolly LLP, "Fixer"
Hillary's State Department's Email "fixer," was paid $1.1 million to lobby for Planned Parenthood 1998-2000. Her aliases:
- Catherine S. Duval
- Catherine Sudek Duval
- Kate Duval
- Kate Sudek
- Catherine Sudek
Bill Clinton made 11 speeches for Eclipse members in 2010, including some on Hillary's guest list above (Microsoft, Cisco), generating $2.2 million in fees. In 2012, Bill gave 16 Eclipse speeches, including most of Facebook's underwriters and attorney, generating $3.2 million in fees for the Clinton's war chest. Bill's speeches for Eclipse occurred during the Leader v. Facebook litigation, obviously prejudicing the proceedings. On Jun. 16, 2009, Hillary had solicited funds from Microsoft and GE. GE was already a Bill Clinton client and Microsoft became one. Both companies were/are members of Eclipse.

Spy-state Master James P. Chandler's Surrogate, Kate Duval, is protecting Hillary & Bill from evident conflicts
The State Department has concealed this evidence of a serious Hillary Clinton conflict of interest in her use of her official position to promote Bill's private speeches, not even counting Obama's spy-state accomplices, and Hillary's use of her official position to obstruct justice in Leader v. Facebook. House Oversight has identified the State Department censor as Catherine S. Duval from the Washington, D.C. firm Williams & Connolly LLP. In 1998, Williams & Connolly LLP senior partner and Harvard Law alum. Paul Mogin, collaborated with fellow Harvard Law alum, Professor James P. Chander, in the first prosecution of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996U.S. v. Hsu.

James P. Chandler is the mastermind

Campaign to stop cronyism:
Moratorium. Certify. Verify.
Click here to read more.
Professor James P. Chandler
Fig. 3–James P. Chandler
Leader Technologies' patent counsel. Took custody of Leader's source code, then just 11 weeks later, Leader's innovations appeared en masse in IBM Eclipse Foundation version 2.0.1 on Aug. 29, 2002, the day before he met with Montgomery County, Maryland officials promoting IBM, Eclipse, the CIA and the Patent Office. See previous posts.
Photo: NIPLI.

Law professor James P. Chandler once told a client interviewed recently by AFI, "The best way to defeat one's enemy is to take him down without him ever knowing who did it to him." At the time he said this, he was advising Bill Clinton, the NSA, the C.I.A., the Departments of Justice, State, Commerce, Energy, Congress and the White House. See NIPLI.

Chandler is famous in Washington, D.C. circles for his speeches and interminable lectures on American sovereignty. However, what if Chandler's real enemy is the very Constitution he says he defends? What better way to defeat it, than to wrap one's self in it?

Obama hired Chandler; they started "the Cartel" to whom all favors flow

Obama hired James P. Chandler, his long-time Harvard legal advisor, to prepare the Executive Order. Keep in mind that Chandler is also a Clinton confidante. Obama, Bill, Hillary, Chandler are all peas in the same pod. Current attempts to imply petty rivalries among these insiders is still more made-for-TV balderdash.

Chandler's security overhaul elevated a group of White House insiders, including the Secretary of State, to near dictator status. They were empowered to write their own rules, and they were answerable only to Obama. We call them "the Cartel." So now does Senator Ted Cruz.

OBama's Cartel will live on by design

This group is allied with cronies in Silicon Valley and Wall Street to whom the Cartel issues massive, long-term government contracts. These contracts are designed to continue for decades after Obama leaves office, which explains why many of Obama's staff are taking jobs there.

Chandler's secret White House spy agency included Hillary

Chandler's changes, codified in Executive Order 13526, consolidated the ability of these insiders to hide their activities from the public. This included FOIA stonewalling, which likely flows through Chandler at the White House. In a previous post, we called this group the White House Intelligence Agency (W.H.I.A).

Buried in the legalese of Obama’s Executive Order 13526 is more proof of W.H.I.A.’s existence and practices.

America is "a republic, if you can keep it"

Benjamin Franklin (1787) - A republic, if you can keep it.

In 1787, Benjamin Franklin famously answered Mrs. Powel when she asked what kind of government the Founders had established, Franklin replied, "A republic, if you can keep it."

By contrast, our 44th president, Barack H. Obama, never uses the term "republic." The preamble to Executive Order 13526 (p. 1) betrays Obama's profound misunderstanding of the Constitution. He refers to "our democratic principles" and "our democratic institutions." However, America is a Republic and not a Democracy. The Founders intentionally chose a Republic over a Democracy or Monarchy.

A Republic follows the wishes of the majority without violating the rights of the minority. Democracies on the other hand have historically deteriorated into tyrannies of majorities over minorities. The Founders knew that and specifically rejected both democratic and monarchical rule in favor of republican rule.

Republican government and Republican Party are different

Left & Right United Against Obama's Spy State
CREDO logo
CREDO, the left-leaning political action group, calls upon Obama to come clean about his unconstitutional NSA mass surveillance program. (Started under Clinton, increased under Bush, now a child predator under Obama.)

Unfortunately, the names of America's two parties, Republican and Democrat, create confusion. The American Constitution codifies a republican form of government, not to be confused with the Republican Party. Hopefully, both parties embrace republican principles of government. Indeed, many in both parties have abandoned republican governance principles in favor of oligarchies who want the few to rule the many.

Obama's words: Government vs. the People

Obama's Executive Order preamble describes "the Government" as an existence separate and apart from "the American people."

He also juxtaposes his "discretionary authority" as separate and distinct from his "constitutional [authority]." Executive Order 13526, Sec. 5.3(e). Such codified words by a sitting President are deeply troubling since he attempting to wield power apart from The People who delegated his power to him.

Such misconceptions about our system of government betray Obama's misguided order, drafted by his Harvard Law mentor and spy master, James P. Chandler.

Hillary's Private Cartel Email Server

Regarding Hillary's private email server, it was likely set up to communicate "off the grid" with a small group of White House insiders identified in the order. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 4.3(b)(6). This group reports only to the President, who can change his "discretionary authority" at any time. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 5.3(e):

  1. President
  2. Secretary of State
  3. Secretary of Defense
  4. Secretary of Energy
  5. Secretary of Homeland Security
  6. Attorney General
  7. Director of National Intelligence (C.I.A.)

Obama signed off. set sanctions.

President Obama not only had to know about Hillary’s private email server, he would have had to approve it by inference if not outright signoff. In fact, anyone who received Hillary's emails was liable for its contents as if they had created the message themselves. If they forwarded Hillary's emails to others, then they were misappropriating government secrets and liable themselves.

Indeed, Executive Order 13526 itself warns that criminal, civil and administrative sanctions may be imposed for "an individual who fails to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure." Executive Order 13526, Sec. 4.1(b). The fact is, all of Hillary recipients who signed nondisclosure agreements are liable for Hillary's misconduct by their silence. Ignorance is not bliss or an excuse with the nation's security. Whistleblowers, please step forward and save yourselves.

Chandler cronies like Hillary communicate off the very grid they want to control

Tellingly, Obama's inner spy circle included the very same people with whom Professor James P. Chandler worked closely while authoring the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act as advisor to Bill & Hillary.

Mar. 2, 2015 Barack Obama & Valerie Jarrett meeting with The Eclipse Foundation Internet Takeover Council: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC, 19 days after Obama signed Executive Order 13591 "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing."
Fig. 4— On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with his Internet Cartel takeover council—the bosses who drive The Eclipse Foundation (and the theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention). Shown here are PRESIDENT OBAMA and his senior adviser,VALERIE JARRETT, with six prime movers of the  THE ECLIPSE FOUNDATION: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC.

Tellingly, this meeting occured just 19 days after Obama signed Executive Order 13691, "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing," on Feb. 13, 2015. This order opened the floodgates for his agencies to enter into long term contracts with his crony Cartel technology firms. This action is no doubt designed to ensure funding to Obama's Cartel cronies right through the next Administration. This was evidently the kick off meeting. See Fig. 3 below for more.
Photo: IBM.

Chandler also advised IBM who was working closely with the FBI at the time of the Act, according to the Senate testimony of FBI Director Louis J. Freeh.

On Nov. 29, 2001, IBM and Chandler formed The Eclipse Foundation as the repository to distribute as "Open Source" the social networking inventions of Chandler's law client, Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies.

In short, Chandler betrayed Leader to aid IBM and his Silicon Valley cronies supporting the FBI, NSA and C.I.A.. IBM is Chandler's technology platform of choice for the secret White House spy-state intelligence agency he formed out of Executive Order 13526. See Disastrous rise of a lawless C.I.A.

Earlier, on Feb. 15, 2001, while Chandler was also legal counsel to Leader Technologies, he quietly registered trademark. This occurred just one month after Bill Clinton appointed him to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council.

Chandler's personal crypto interests specifically exempted from disclosure in the order

Evidently, Chandler could not resist the temptation to feather his personal nest in the Executive Order. Obama exempted cryptologic systems from declassification “that would impair” U.S. cryptologic systems or activities. Executive Order 13526, Sec. 3.3(b)(3). The telling new language not in previous versions is “that would impair.” Impairment is subjective. Therefore, Chandler could effectively block any and all discovery of his activities.

This likely explains the Patent Office invoking presidential executive privilege when asked to provide FOIA details about Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos' corrupt conduct in Leader v. Facebook. Kappos was a Chandler confidante at IBM.

Odd “nonhuman” exemption added (Read: NSA)

Buried in Executive Order 13526, Sec. 3.3(b)(1) of the order is customary language protecting intelligence agents. However, Chandler expanded it to include anything that would "impair the effectiveness" of "nonhuman intelligence source[s]."

Since impairment is a subjective assessment, this addition is likely to hide the NSA’s bulk surveillance of American citizens, among other things.

Abrogates American sovereignty to foreign treaties, like TPP; makes White House more secret, not less

Among its many troubling provisions, Obama subjects U.S. policy declassification decisions to the content of foreign treaties. Both the new Executive Order 13526, 2.3(b)(9) and old Executive Order 12958, 3.4(b)(9) state that documents would not be declassified if such action would “violate a statute, treaty, or international agreement.

However, Obama added “…that does not permit the automatic or unilateral declassification of information in 25 years.” This unilaterally abrogates American sovereignty and allows the W.H.I.A. to manipulate the language of foreign treaties to hide their agenda into future administrations, if this Executive Order is perpetuated into future administrations.

So, for example, if the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty does not permit automatic declassification, then nothing can be declassified automatically. This clause renders Obama's order a cruel hoax; just more tricky lawyering to deceive the masses.

One thing is evident from our review of Executive Orders. Most language in these orders is perpetuated by sheer bureaucratic inertia from administration to administration. A new administration must intentionally hire someone besides Chandler to take a meat ax to this intelligence hairball.

By subjecting his order to the absence of an automatic declassification provision in foreign treaties, Obama ensured more secrecy, not less.

More Orwellian doublespeak from Obama & Hillary

Under the guise of openness, Obama doubled down on the secrecy of his administration in Executive Order 13526. Hillary is complicit. Her email server is clearly an intentional act to keep Cartel communications from being discovered by unsuspecting State Department employees.

The order enabled Obama's inner circle and Chandler to hide all their activities behind ambiguity and doublespeak.

Obama’s executive orders consistently encourage public-private partnerships around cybersecurity.

Obama's elections were fueled by Silicon Valley and Wall Street money. Those relationship are being supported behind the scenes through these Executive Orders.

"Cybersecurity information sharing" = long term contracts to Silicon Valley spy-state cronies

For example, Obama recently signed Executive Order 13691, "Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing," Feb. 13, 2015. This order provides the authority for Obama's agencies to enter into long term cyber contracts with Cartel cronies.

These contracts will span the next administration and solidify spy-state control in private hands . . . run by Obama and his cronies when he is out of power. This is likely what he meant when he promised to "fundamentally transform America."

In confusion there is profit

This order can say whatever an agency wants it to say. It's a hairball. The following illustration maps the linkages that key off of this one 5-page Executive Order 13691.

Click here for PDF version of the map below.

Executive Order 13691, Feb. 13, 2015, nested orders and directives map
Fig. 5—E.O. 13691 nested orders and directives map. Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13691, Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing on Feb. 13, 2015. This order paves the way for his agencies to contract with private technology companies to ensure the continued flow of government funds to Silicon Valley spy-state cronies for decades after Obama leaves office. This flow can be stopped by Congress, if Congress has the will and can break free of the funding chains the Cartel has placed on them. Click here for a spreadsheet delineating the nest relationships.

What the American public can do to stop this corruption in its tracks

The Cartel would like average Americans to think that they are powerless against this corruption. Not so. Three simple steps will stop this hemorrhaging of American tax dollars and sovereignty to private and foreign powers.

Recognizing that many (if not most) Senators, Congresspersons and Federal bureaucrats have fallen prey to the bribery of The Cartel (they have been building to this point for 20 years), it falls upon The People to demand that our corrupt politicians implement this procedure immediately despite their personal conflicts.

They must rise above their personal faults and corruptions and do what's best for the people they were elected to serve.

Step 1. Moratorium on New Contracts. Congress can place a moratorium on funding authorizations for all cyber contracts pending top down Inspectors General reviews.

Step 2. Certify No Conflicts. The Inspectors General shall require companies to certify that no financial or relationship conflicts of interest exist between the company and the Federal agency with whom they wish to do business.

Step 3. Verify No Conflicts. The Inspectors General shall verify that the certifications are true, including publishing the certifications and holding public hearings. Where an Inspector General finds fraud and misrepresentation, that company shall be barred permanently from doing business with that agency.

We must stop cronyism in its tracks now, while we still have a Republic to defend

Join the movement. Demand action from your elected representatives to stop cronyism in public life.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. SHERYL ATTKISSON, AUG. 20, 2015
    Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline

    Interesting syncs with the AFI timeline


    DEC 01 - Hillary Clinton nominated for Sec. of State; Eric Holder nominated as Attorney General

    DEC 05 - Donald K. Stern, Cooley Godward LLP (FACEBOOK'S ATTORNEY in Leader v. Facebook), appointed to pick judges and advise Holder. Later he switched out the Leader v. Facebook judge one month before trial with Leonard P. Stark, who worked at Skadden Arps LLP where Hillary's chief of staff, Christina M. Chen, worked as a $2.2 million annual salaried partner. Stern/Obama pushed out veteran judge Joseph J. Farnan who had expressed interest in running the Leader v. Facebook trial. How was Farnan muscled out? Was Farnan threatened?

    DEC 12 - FISA court issued amendment giving Attorney General near dictatorial powers over NSA surveillance of American citizens without warrants (Chandler cronies)


    JAN 13 - Hillary registered

    JAN 21 - Senate confirmed Hillary

    MAR 18 - Hillary started using her private email system (Her email contact list will be telling)

    MAR 27 - Senate confirmed Holder

    By establishing her private email server between nomination and appointment, she showed a willful intent to deceive the American public. This information further confirms the research in this post that this insider group within the White House intended FROM THE INCEPTION OF THIS ADMINISTRATION to communicate USING A PRIVATE SYSTEM apart from official federal systems established for that purpose.

    1. Kuddos to one of our researchers for reproducing Sharyl Attkisson's Hillary Email Timeline as a PDF here:

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    Explosive new findings.

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    One of the most obvious reasons that the Progressives have managed to take control of the steering wheel in America is that Conservatives are more apt to remain " individual" in their tasks. Getting a bunch of Conservatives together is hailed by the press as a gaggle of radical kooks that hate women, blacks, homosexuals, dogs, trees, solar panels, and porn sites. As Obama said, they cling to their guns, religions, and ( my addition) the Constitution. The press gasps and calls them , God forbid, "The Tea Party" . It is more apt to be a NASCAR race.

    Last night in Alabama, and the night before in New Hampshire, and the night before in Iowa, a crazy new candidate set the political gatherings on fire with bombastic rhetoric centered on going back to the basics that made America the envy of the world. Of course that person is The Donald. His theme is stronger economic growth by bringing jobs back to our shores from China and Mexico, a stronger military to avoid future conflicts and instill fear in the hearts of our enemies, establishing new and innovative tax and healthcare laws, and putting to rest this politically correct nonsense. Real jobs, not more government bureaucrats . There was no TelePrompTer , no prepared mundane bullet points, no placating his lobbyists, no fear of reprisal. His standard thought is that America will rise again when common everyday folks have self worth again and they , too, can find jobs in which they are productive. The Donald is totally refreshing to TEX , except for that hat. I know he wears it to irritate the pompous asses at The New York Times so never mind, I like it.

    When he wins by a landslide in 2016, the history writers will scratch their respective heads. Is he a buffoon like Jessie Ventura ? Or is he a genius that actually feels America's pain and angst? I can't wait to see his " apology tour". He will apologize to the world because we let them down by becoming mediocre. He will apologize to the Vets that die every day because America forgot them. He will apologize to our allies like Israel that feel abandoned. He will apologize to the police and doctors and entrepreneurs. He will re- establish our sovereign borders and apologize to the folks that live in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California for allowing invaders to over run their land and personal lives. And I think he will apologize to the societal misfits, the military traitors, the drug dealers, and the criminals that have had a good eight year run.......they are going to have a tougher go of it. And to those that grab Americans and cut their heads off, " prepare to die".

    Now the competing gang on the GOP side will paint him as a non Conservative. Get over the labels. He is regurgitating the things that we need. His platform is a winner. Trump has energy....

    ---END, TEX comment, Part I---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part II---

      Here's my other recommendations......Vice President, Ben Carson. Give him the task of cleaning up our healthcare where in fact Americans can get better healthcare for fewer dollars. Of course his is capable of much more but he is the top of the line in the medical world. Carson is the smartest person running for office. Chris Christy , Secretary of State. The guy is pretty tough. Trey Gowdy, Attorney General, DOJ. Wow, do we need him after Eric Holder. He scares me and I am honest. Carly Fiorina, Secretary of Commerce. She and Trump could be a strong job generator team. General Odierno , who just retired from the military, as Secretary of Defense. Let's compete again, let's win again, let's be America, the greatest political idea that the world has ever seen.

      And finally, Old TEX, sees a new about a new review committee that has the task of deeply evaluating and incarcerating the monster spy regime that now exists. My recommendations.....Mr McKibben, the originator of the platform used by the Cartel to control information flow, should be Chairman. Mr Jordan, the Congressman from Ohio, Sheryl Adkisson , the gutsy journalist , and Donna Kline, the bravest investigator ever , should be on the committee. Apparently Obama has made a few rooms available at GITMO as a new home for the Zuckster and his cadre of thieves. Let's fill it up and water board them until we get back our billions of ill gotten gains. I believe in mercy and I believe in justice but leaning a little more to the latter.

      All aboard for the Donald train !!!!!!

      Have a nice day, TEX=

  4. CREDO, the prominent left-leaning political action organization is just as disturbed by the illegal spy-state abuse of civil liberties as moderates and conservatives. This petition validates AFI's experience that privacy and property abuse by the Federal government and its Wall Street and Silicon Valley cronies is an AMERICAN issue and not partisan. We must all work to protect the Constitution from spy-state schemers who would take away our freedoms via the unseen digital domains.

    Sign CREDO's Petition: "Tell President Obama: Come clean about AT&T’s “extreme willingness to help” the NSA"

  5. Email comment by TEX:

    Those of us that just go about our routine lives everyday trying to survive , are aghast at the facts being uncovered by AFI. How could our country become so corrupt so quickly? It obviously festered after 9/11 due to the fear created when our planes hit our buildings. Additionally, we were going through a massive loss of wealth with the " tech bubble". Those days were scary. But remember the words of the Greek philosopher, Rahm Emanuel, " never waste a good crisis"( or something like that ). Even though we had a conservative minded President ( Dub ) , the progressives made hay. We were vulnerable. Chandler , Leader's lawyer, could see a golden opportunity to seize a patented platform for " the greater good", and create a secret spy state that the average Joe ( me and you, not Biden ) could not see. It had to do with massive amounts of world data that could be gathered by allowing folks to talk about themselves (Facebook). By linking this underground data gathering machine ( NSA) to social networking, the elite group formed to fund it and to inculcate it into our everyday lives, became some of the wealthiest folks on our planet. You have to give them credit, they seized a moment by using the crisis.

    The interesting part of all of this is how Obama, the Clintons, Eric Holder, and even Federal judges were sucked into the web. With all of this data being gathered , the commoners still don't know , for certain, some very important facts about the Obamas past , and the Clintons illegal and arrogant actions. It is clear to me that they had to be involved from the git go. Obama's job was to divert attention ( race divide, income divide, gender divide, etc. ) and he is really good at that. Holder's job was to bury the lawlessness . And he is really good at that. The Clintons? The task was to keep Hillary traveling overseas, hit her in the head a few times, and send Bill emails about sex parties around DC.

    And now the rubber meets the road. The Obamas and the Clintons hate each other and they both have intimate knowledge of the others indiscretions. If Obama backs Biden and bumps Hillary off of the perch, the flood gates may open up. I would love to hear the threats being tossed around right now. The Cartel must be in a war room panic mode. This could be very entertaining.

    Have a great day, TEX

    1. TEX, you get a gold star. Excellent summary. Can I use it? Do I need to credit Flavia and Mavis too?

  6. This POLITICO article is a must read for readers who care about ensuring free and fair elections. Being forewarned is forearmed. AFI has been raising this alarm for several years. Finally, a mainstream psychologist has confirmed our concerns and whistleblower evidence with more empirical public proofs.

    Epstein, R. (Aug. 19, 2015). How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election - Google has the ability to drive millions of votes to a candidate with no the wiser. Politico.

  7. Here's an unverified link from a reader. We would appreciate other readers verfying this information and post your findings here, please!

    Willis, T. (Aug. 26, 2015). Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Funneled $992.2 Million To Planned Parenthood. Liberal America.

    1. VERIFICATION: Zuckerberg supports a charity that provides financing to at least seven Planned Parenthood operations around the country.

      Zuckerberg donated $992.2 million of his ill-gotten Facebook shares to Silicon Valley Community Foundation in Mountain View, CA.

      Source: Bermudez, C. (Feb. 9, 2014). No. 1: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Philantropy.

      Silicon Valley Foundation is directed by IBM The Eclipse Foundation old boys from Facebook, JPMorgan, eBay, KPMG, Microsoft.


      Planned Parenthood is among the charity's investing priorities.

      Source: Martin, C. (Feb. 12, 2014). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $992 Million to Charity Funding Planned Parenthood.

      The Charity's tax return discloses that they support FIVE Planned Parenthood offices:

      (1) Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. 434 West 3rd Street, New York, NY

      (2) Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Inc., 1605 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126-2203

      (3) Planned Parenthood Association of Cameron and Willacy County, 104 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78201

      (4) Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., Development Department, 434 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001-2601

      (5) Planned Parenthood of North Florida, Inc., 3650 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207

      (6)Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, 128 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 301, Burlington, VT 05401


  8. Email comment by TEX:

    American leaders lie to us .......

    In 2009, Obama said that he would have the most open and transparent administration in U.S. history. I don't have time nor space to record his many non transparent actions but let's just say he has been the most dishonest and non transparent leader in U.S. history. We can't see his "sealed" college transcripts, we can't find any close friends from his past, and so on. Yes , that's old news but if we look at his seven years in office, we have the IRS scandal ( no real facts disclosed ) , the Benghazi murders, and now an Iran agreement that is not completely disclosed. He just makes stuff up and we smile. History will show that his NSA / Facebook cartel was the most opaque and corrupt government collaboration in our history , yet we just shake our heads. We do nothing.

    Allow me to vent a little more.
    ---we won't allow a Christian cake maker that does not want to conduct business at a gay couple wedding while , at the same time, we make monumental secret agreements with Iran that executes gay people because it is against the Muslim faith. And, BTW, there was over 25 other cake makers in the phone book that would have loved to have the business. Of, course while the cake makers are following the teachings of St Paul , the apostle who wrote the Pauline letters, Iran supports terrorist groups that want all of us dead. A cake lasts maybe a week, a nuclear Iran will change the face of our planet.
    ---Obama uses every psychotic mass murder situation to attack the Second Amendment . He uses every thug that gets killed attacking a policeman , to berate our law enforcement heroes and create civil unrest. And he uses every chance to degrade our world military capability . Why? Who knows, he hides his agenda. I assure each and every one of you that his real agenda is not to keep America safe and strong.
    ---the Clintons, the Obamas , the Bushes, the Pelosi's , and many other leaders have become massively rich while in office, yet they bash those in our society that have actually taken on the challenge of creating a strategic value to society and become wealthy......the American Dream. They say that the new " Dream "is that all incomes, not contributions, should be equal. Let's not hurt anybody's feelings.
    ---in that regard , we are becoming more like China, Cuba, Iran, Europe, South America while the people in those countries can only dream about coming to America. It seems that almost half of our citizens are content that America is no longer driven by competition and successes. They no nothing about the way of life under socialist regimes but it sure sounds good on paper.
    ---and now we have Hillary , Trump, Biden, Bush, etc. They are less than truthful about their past actions, their true capabilities, their true beliefs, and their true intentions for our nation . TEX is no prude or Bible thumper, but I want a leader that knows that this world was not created by randomness . I want a leader that knows that divine guidance is truly a good path to follow. I want them to clearly understand fairness vs charity, personal responsibility vs safety nets for the needy, government obligations vs government waste/ fraud.
    ---capitalism is a functioning system until government imposes limits and restrictions that dilutes the free market flow and outcomes . Our ineptness over the last few years has allowed China to build the world's second largest economy at our expense. Trump is spot on. A communist country is handing us a real beating because we are moving towards central planning at a break neck speed . Can you imagine that we owe China over one trillion dollars ? That's a thousand billion.
    ---and finally, our sovereignty. No laws, no borders.... America is truly deteriorating before our eyes.

    We had best pay attention. This is serious stuff.

    Have a great day, TEX

  9. (August 28, 2015). Appeals court reverses ruling that found NSA program illegal. AP. MSNBC.

    Here's a link to the opinion:$file/14-5004-1570210.pdf

    Here's a link to Circuit Judge Stephen F. Williams's 2010 Financial Disclosure (his portfolio is chock full of NSA IBM Eclipse Facebook Spy Cartel stock):

    Most notably:
    Goldman Sachs
    Morgan Stanley

    Spy State Master Jim Chandler couldn't have that decision on the books going forward, now could he? The best legal decision a crony could dictate.

  10. Email comment by TEX:

    I soon will be 70 years old. I was in the military during the Vietnam War. I saw flag burning , hippies, flower children, and I experienced soldiers get spit upon. Students at Kent State were shot and riots blew up all over the country. I remember John Kerry calling our soldiers " baby killers" and I remember Jane Fonda sitting on a tank in Hanoi in a treasonous manner. Our country was a mess. We healed. It took a while. We had to overcome Lyndon Johnson , Richard Nixon, Jimmie Carter, a couple of Bushes and our sex maniac, Bill Clinton. Thank goodness we had Reagan. And then came Barack, Barry, Soetero, Obama. Not only did he speed up our demise, he actually now has us on the brink. Think about it.......what area has he made better?

    Can we even imagine that a pure Marxist socialist is exciting the Democratic Party , Hillary Clinton ( the heir to the demise throne) truly has big time legal problems, and oddball Donald Trump has all of us excited on both sides. Does this not delineate the division better than any other metric? Sanders vs Trump. Now that's a huge differential. The Democratic Party is , without doubt, the new Socialist Party. Obama is so proud of his own usurpation of the law. Can you believe the things he got away with? The GOP , on the other hand, is the party that stands for capitalism, faith, the Constitution, sovereign borders, and competition. But recent GOP leaders are anything but honest and competent. What a mess !!!!

    But now really ugly things are coming out of the theories espoused by the Socialists......dead cops, gang wars, drug warlords invading our cities, cities have chosen to disobey Federal laws, our military is laughable, we support terrorist nations, and give the middle finger to our allies. Our kids rank 35th in the world in education while we spend double per student compared to others. We have the most expensive healthcare in the world but poor to average outcomes relative to other nations. We spy on our population but politicians get to lie and deceive with impunity. And our press is complicit.

    So what happened to our patriotism , our unity , and our common objectives ? Do you remember the books, " I'm OK, You're Ok", " Physco Cybernetics" , and Dianetics? All were written about personal pleasures, desires, self interests, and self gratification. My generation grew up reading and believing that crap. And to make it worse, we raised our kids to think that way. For goodness sake, let's not let our kids learn to scrap or compete. We have a generation of social misfits and wimps. Look what we got out of that. A bunch of sniveling spoiled brats. To make it a really toxic environment, we threw in the "race and gender biased " cards. God has been belittled and family structure has been literally harpooned. Why not two mommies, or two daddies, or mommies with lots of babies and no dads ? Really ? Procreation and child rearing requires balance in parenting or young minds will not fully develop.

    Wake up, peasants. This is a seminal moment in American history. We just released hundreds of billions of dollars to Iran to build missiles, bombs, and armies. We provided them cover to build nukes. Why are we , the peasants, standing by and letting this happen ? Israel will attack Iran before the New Year. They must preempt now. Waiting is inviting annihilation.

    The scary thing for me is that Trump is sounding quite good. He is bombastic but he has identified, with great clarity, what must change. I need a drink.

    God Bless America. Have a great day, TEX =

  11. Yesterday, Sep. 04, 2015. Leader Technologies' Founder and Chairman, Michael McKibben, filed a PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS against Ohio State's embattled President, Michael V. Drake.

    The function of the writ of mandamus is often to force public officials to disclose their financial holdings.

    The footprints of the IBM/Eclipse/Chandler Cartel are all over Drake's glaring lack of disclosure. In fact, AFI carried several posts on the OSU Marching Band scandal that surfaced Battelle Memorial Institute's role in the theft of Leader's invention:


    Researchers also now believe they have uncovered the unlikely tie between the theft of Leader Technologies' invention and the firing of beloved Ohio State band leader, Jon Waters: APPLE ENVY.

    Evidently, the OSU Trustees (read: Cartel "lemmings") were unhappy that Waters' Apple commercial went viral and made Ohio State look like "an Apple shop." After all, the Cartel is run by IBM and Eclipse. They have been working for over a decade to make the global spy state "an IBM shop."

    In order to control Ohio (and thus the national presidential vote), a takeover at Ohio State was a must. Maestro Jon Waters' powerful baton was giving people the impression that the Cartel had lost control of IBM's hegemony. Thus, they fired Waters who had done absolutely nothing wrong but be a successful music educator.

    BTW. Michael Drake has ordered the Ohio State University data center to be MOVED EN MASSE to the State of Ohio's data center... for no good reason any of our researches could get out of insiders. Can anyone spell M.O.O.C.? Massive Open Online Course.

    Click on the GREEN drop-pin and see who's face pops up.

    Being forewarned is forearmed.

  12. Law360, New York (September 1, 2015, 7:58 PM ET) -- The Second Circuit on Monday refused to reconsider an appeal from fugitive Paul Ceglia,


    Lawrence Lessig (Harvard professor) announced this weekend that he will be joining the Presidential race as a Democratic candidate. In his TED TALK1 (below) he discusses his solution for retrieving our lost republic by changing election funding laws. In his TED TALK2 (below) he discusses reducing the rights of original intellectual property creator rights—which would likely include Leader and its social network invention, and consider it to be open source, by anyone to create “amateur” derivative works. It’s a very entertaining lecture—and emphasizes creativity over property rights.

    While his election reform comments make sense, he does not address how the wealthy and powerful will continue to influence politicians and elected officials after funding reform occurs. His intellectual property argument may increase the creativity of secondary users but will likely reduce the incentives of primary creators.

    Make up your own mind!


    TED TALK 1: We the People and the Republic We Must Reclaim

    TED TALK 2: Laws that Choke Creativity

    1. Exactly Kathy. Lessig has always been a Harvard spy-state proponent that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He promotes "derivative works" of free software which is inherently contradictory.

      How can you derive more creativity from secondary users when you have DRIVEN AWAY all the CREATORS who have now been dis-incentivized by Lessig's ridiculous theories from spending the time, energy and money to INVENT (since these secondary developers are just going to steal it).

      It appears that Lessig is just another lawyer looking to get into other people's pockets.

      (Just checked. Yep, Lessig is another Harvard Law lawyer.) Isn't it interesting that it is all these lawyers who have never invented anything that want to make sure that real inventors like Leader Technologies and Michael McKibben are not protected by the very laws they pretend to uphold?


  14. Hillary Clinton knew Facebook was stolen the FBI NSA CIA THEY ALL KNEW Facebook was stolen and zuckerberg was a plant a puppet a fake, the CIA was funding facebook and not only that it was also funding Hillary Clinton, Hillary solicited $5 million from Microsoft and they knew facebook was stolen and Microsoft was already spying for NSA PRISM the FBI and CIA was grooming Hillary Clinton in the early days of stolen facebook 2004 These contracts will span the next administration and solidify the spy-state control in private hands Hillary invited Cisco to a classified tech dinner and they all knew about NSA PRISM spying ring Hillary's private email server, was set up to communicate off the grid Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, became part of an inner circle of just six people, so how do you become a member of the inner six INSIDER INFORMATION Hillary Clinton"

    Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole British data centre design Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole the IDEA facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole Leader's source code from Michael McKibben
    The social media giant facebook stole its designs for a more efficient data centre, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden. And facebook Mark zuckerberg announced to the world he had developed a revolutionary new method of constructing large mission critical data centers but it was all STOLEN” in January 2014, Facebook has passed IP-protected designs to the Open Compute Project, which was established by Facebook in 2011 as an open repository of innovative data centre design
    Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook and was covered by the FBI and CIA and NSA they all knew facebook was stolen and the source code was stolen from Michael McKibben


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