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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Facebook underwriters & principals tied to sheltered HSBC cash funding dictators, arms, drugs, securities fraud, bribery and organized crime

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Feb. 17, 2015, Updated Mar. 06 | PDF
New (Mar. 06, 2015):
Cyber World Hijack Database Released

—AFI investigators just released a Cyber World Hijack Timeline Database listing over 400 key items of evidence, organized by date, painstakingly compiled and verfied over the last 18 months (thank you to our many sources!). The collusion of members of the Obama Administration with Wall Street, the Judiciary and Silicon Valley becomes quite apparent by just following the file names by date alone. Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet (*.XLS). Alternatvely, click here to use the search engine to find the content by topic. We encourage you to add your own research data to the spreadsheet to help flesh out the full story of this corruption of American governance by these misguided individuals. We believe you will see a tight correalation to other Obama scandals (IRS, Fast & Furious, Associated Press snooping, Obamacare, Benghazi, etc.). We believe all these scandals are being perpetrated by the same group of individuals we call the Facebook Cartel. In fact, JPMorgan's conspirators in currency manipulations in London actually called themselves "The Cartel," so the moniker is accurate. Please submit your own analyses for us to publish.
Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with his Internet takeover council—the bosses who drive The Eclipse Foundation. Photo: IBM.
Takeover Timeline updated (Mar. 04, 2015)—AFI investigators have updated their timeline to include the latest moves on Feb. 26, 2015 by President Obama's FCC cronies to seize cyber control. Click here (or in the upper right sidebar). Especially telling was a little publicized meeting on Mar. 02, 2015—four days later—between President Obama and his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, with six prime movers of the illegitimate The Eclipse Foundation: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC. The takeover of the Internet by well-funded corporations using the power of the U.S. government to bully inventors and confiscate their property without compensation is coming out of the closet.
Big Brother is Watching

Apparently not satisfied having one The Eclipse Foundation from which to steal inventions, these companies have opened a second front named "AllSeen Alliance," ostensibly to "accelerate" the "Internet of Everywhere." It walks and talks just like an Eclipse duck though. Of all the names to pick, the Masonic-esque sounding symbolism is curious.

Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
JPMorgan lawyers complain about the way words are typed rather than substance
Graphic: JPMorgan.
JPMorgan corruption update (Feb. 28, 2015)—Yesterday, JPMorgan's Daniel A. DeVito lawyer filed a very strange motion at the Federal Circuit in an obvious attempt to smear Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam and divert attention from their theft of her important inventions. See previous JPMorgan post. JPMorgan is a card-carrying member of The Eclipse Foundation which was started on Nov. 29, 2001 by Leader Technologies' attorneys James P. Chandler and Fenwick & West LLP with David J. Kappos from IBM to secretly exploit Leader's social networking invention. The exploitation included starting Facebook with Harvard buddies in Silicon Valley, notably Accel Partners LLP, IDG, James W. Breyer, John P. Breyer and a myriad of others. See previous post.

Humorously, the motion states: "The AFi blog baselessly accuses JPMC's counsel of corruption" and "[AFI is] her personal blog, or a blog she contributes to." (Perhaps we should file a complaint about JPMorgan's $1000 per hour lawyers ending a phrase with a preposition.) "Baselessly?" Let's see, this is the same JPMorgan that paid Attorney General Eric H. Holder $13 billion to try and wash away its sins regarding JPMorgan's 2008 corrupt mortgage lending practices—all blessed by these same lawyers. JPMorgan paid its crony, Eric Holder, monies rightly due to Dr. Arunachalam. The bank's corruption knows no bounds, it appears—all whitewashed by its consiglieres. Sorry fellas, would that washing one's sins away were that easy, or that disparaging true inventors will be any more convincing or efficacious. By the way, our First Amendment-protected newsgathering sources are none of your business. As attorney John Adams said in 1770 in defense of the British soldiers: "Facts are stubborn things." We can read the court's PACER filings just like you. Suggestion: Before the window of opportunity closes, one of you should muster the courage to whistleblow, just like Hervé Falciani at HSBC.
Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
Mark Zuckerberg's chickens return to the roost
Graphic: Chipur.
Concealed Zuckerberg Email Surfaces (Feb. 24, 2015)—The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals today approved a rarely-granted motion by Paul Ceglia to supplement the civil record in Ceglia v. Facebook to include a previously concealed (by Facebook) Aug. 18, 2003 email from Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard email account to Paul Ceglia discussing a second proposed contract. (Zuckerberg has claimed he had no contracts in his possession, much less a second contract.) The very same Gibson Dunn LLP who lied about the existence of Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives in Leader v. Facebook represents Facebook in Ceglia's appeal. The actual Zuckerberg Harvard email is sealed. Why is the court protecting Zuckerberg? Facebook has concealed far too many crimes behind court secrecy veils. American courts are little more than the Facebook Cartel's playground. This email should be available to the public. Click here to read Paul Ceglia's motion.
Zuckerberg Subpoenaed for hard drives (Feb. 18, 2015)—Yesterday, despite his substantial financial holdings in Facebook interests (see previous post), Judge Vernon S. Broderick nevertheless ordered Facebook's attorney, Gibson Dunn LLP, to comply with a subpoena from Paul Ceglia to Zuckerberg and Facebook to produce all contracts and electronic communications from 2003-2004 from anywhere, including Mark Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and emails for evidence of his truthfulness. Will this become another Lois Lerner "Golly Beaver, we just can't find what you are asking for" moment, or justice for Mr. Ceglia? Shouldn't Leader Technologies and the family of the late inventor Johannes Van Der Meer be given equal access to those "lost" Zuckerberg hard drives as well? Click here for the Feb. 20, 2015 Zuckerberg Subpoena.
Original Post
HSBC helped tax dodgers hide hundreds of billions—largest banking leak in history reveals; leaks uncover Facebook’s largest investor, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, and his global play for control of Chinese as well as Western social tech
Fig. 1—HSBC helped tax dodgers hide hundreds of billions—largest banking leak in history reveals; leaks uncover Facebook’s largest investor, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, and his global play for control of Chinese, Russian and Western social tech.
Photo: IB Times (PDF version).
Feb. 20 update:
Facebook underwriters & attorneys (click here) associated with HSBC bank accounts in the secret "parallel economy." HSBC is the world's second largest bank.

(Feb. 17, 2015)—The recently leaked bank account records from the HSBC Swiss private banking whistleblower, Hervé Falciani, reveal that Facebook’s largest shareholders and IPO underwriters are prime movers in a “murky” world of money laundering. According to the leak, this laundering involves drug and arms trafficking, securities fraud, bribery, organized crime and government corruption. Full ICIJ Story (PDF version).

James W. Breyer, Facebook, Accel Partners LLP
Photo: Der Spiegel.

The HSBC leaks show that “IDG Technology Venture Investment III, L.P.” (“IDG”) incorporated in Delaware, USA on Mar. 2, 2005—two months before IDG founder, James W. Breyer, managing partner of Accel Partners, LLP, and an IDG founder with his elusive Chinese venture capital father, John P. Breyer, founder of Computerworld, invested $13 million in Facebook on May 26, 2005. The junior Breyer is now Facebook’s largest inside investor. See AFI Findings of Fact and Timeline (PDF).

Fig. 2—The ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database cracks open the impenetrable world of offshore tax havens. Users can search through more than 100,000 secret companies, trusts and funds created in offshore locales such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore. Click here to go directly to the ICIJ HSBC Offshore Database. Source: ICIJ.
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 3—Magically, Facebook (USA) and Digital Sky (Russia) were founded and funded within the same four month period. These ostensible "founders" of social media were all protégés of Harvard's Lawrence "Larry" H. Summers—Obama's 2008 bank "bailout" director who funneled 10's of billion of dollars in U.S. taxpayers funds to this offshore cartel. Click here for full Findings of Fact and Timeline.

Hey American taxpayers, angry yet? Not a single one of these conspirators has been prosecuted by Attorney General Eric H. Holder.

A week later, on Jun. 1, 2005, Russian Juri Milner started Digital Sky Technologies (DST) aka funded by oligarch Alisher Usmanov—now called “Russia’s richest man.” Milner and Facebook chief operating officer, Sheryl K. Sandberg, were staffers to Harvard’s Lawrence H. Summers, Obama’s 2008 bank bailout director, when Summers was the World Bank’s chief economist in 1992. The threesome, recommended the disastrous Russian voucher system that helped create the current system of corrupt oligarchs like Usmanov. Milner (directly and through DST and is now Facebook’s largest outside investor.

The HSBC leaks provided a break in our investigation when they revealed that IDG formed “WininChina, Inc.” in the Cayman Islands on Dec. 12, 2006. HSBC and SEC records identify three Breyer associates running IDG: Patrick J. McGovern, Hugo Shong and Xin Xu. WininChina was formed just a month after the U.S. Patent Office awarded the patent for social networking, U.S. Pat. No. 7,139,761, to Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies.

China's version of Facebook-Google, Baidu, was funded by the same Facebook "murky" offshore mobsters

Baidu (ADR), China’s version of Facebook and Google combined, was started the same month as Facebook and the first annual EclipseCON in Feb. 2004 by a young Robin Yangong Li who holds his stock in the British Virgin Islands under the company name “Handsome Reward.” He owns 32% of the company. Baidu’s chief intellectual property counsel is Parker Zhang, who went from being an associate at Fenwick & West LLP to that position almost overnight. Baidu’s two largest shareholders are also Facebook’s T. Rowe Price (6.9%) and Baillie Gifford (7.5%) (Vanguard’s “adviser”). See previous post on Baidu.

Fig. 3—Tax Havens 101: The high cost of going offshore. Source: ICIJ.
DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Findings of Fact and Timeline in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal

Fig. 4—Findings of Fact and Timeline in LEader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal. This 2000-2015 timeline and supporting facts provide unmistakable evidence of collusion, dereliction of duty, fraud, corruption, the appearance of corruption, racketeering, monopoly and anti-trust by senior United States government officials, Harvard and Stanford academics, judges, law firms and their commercial accomplices. Click here to DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY this PDF.

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