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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Overwhelming evidence of judge bias on Mexican-American issues

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 08, 2016, Updated Jun. 12, 2016 | PDF
Trump University Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel
Fig. 1—Obama-appointed Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel placed his Mexican-American ethnicity squarely in the public arena at his Senate Confirmation on Mar. 28, 2012 and in his conduct as a U.S. Attorney between 1990 and 2012. As a result, his Mexican parentage, and how that might affect his decisions as a federal judge, are not only fair game for Donald Trump on general principle, but also because Judge Curiel very evidently withheld at least 13 sets of documents that would have described his opinions on various Mexican-American issues at the confirmation hearing. Willful failure to disclose information material to the Senate Judiciary confirmation process is criminal.
Graphic: Fox News (with spelling correction).

(Jun. 08, 2016)—Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s detractors have been quick to criticize his comments about the Mexican-American judge in his Trump University lawsuit, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel.

Mr. Trump complained that Judge Curiel has issued unfair rulings in the case.

For example, Judge Curiel recently allowed the woman who filed the suit, Tarla Makaeff, a yoga instructor, to withdraw from the complaint, yet allowed her to remain as essentially a behind-the-scenes hanger-on sub-plaintiff in one of the subsequent class-actions filed. Makaeff’s lack of confidence in her own case should have resulted in dismissal of at least her participation under the principle of res judicata —plaintiffs cannot make the same claims twice. But instead, Judge Curiel shuffled her aside into a parallel action and refused to dismiss her complaint.

Leonard P. Stark
Leonard P. Stark, Delaware Federal District Court. Obama nominated Stark after Facebook's devastating pre-trial loss of the pivotal Markman Hearing in front of 25-year veteran judge Joseph J. Farnan in Leader v. Facebook. One month before trial, Stark was ordered to take over the case even though he had not been confirmed. Stark is heavily invested in Facebook's largest mutual fund stockholder, Fidelity.
Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP
Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP. Chief Justice John G. Roberts was Hungar's legal mentor while Hungar represented Facebook when the Leader v. Facebook case came before Roberts, who just winked while counting his Facebook investment winnings and declined to hear Leader's petition.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. failed to recuse in Leader v. Facebook despite his financial holdings and Facebook lawyer relationships (and every federal judge, incl. Curiel, knows this).

We at AFI know about judge bias. We have investigated and proved scandalous judge bias in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case. That bias reaches right into the U.S. Supreme Court where Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. held substantial Facebook financial interests, yet failed to recuse himself when the petition came before him. Justice Roberts even mentors Facebook’s appeal attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LP, yet failed to disqualify himself. See Timeline for Hijack of the Cyberworld.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.—the fish rots from the head

With such non-stellar examples of judicial ethics as Justice Roberts', it is no wonder that lower court judges like Judge Curiel feel no compulsion to be ethical. Clearly, our justice system is on the verge of a "no confidence" vote by the American public. Much of the judiciary appears to be on the take from their deep pocket corporate cronies.

Donald Trump complained about Judge Curiel’s Mexican-American heritage as the clearest reason to him why he was not being treated fairly in Curiel's court.

Mr. Trump's opponents in both parties were quick to label the comment racist and fan the flames of this favorite narrative. Even Republican House leader Paul Ryan called the comment racist.

Q. Can a judge's family heritage ever be an issue without being labeled a racist for bringing it up? A. Yes.

Polemics aside, the real question is can a judge’s ethnic heritage ever be grounds for him or her to recuse from a case?

If we follow Donald Trump’s detractors, one would conclude that Americans must ignore ethnic and racial heritage in all lawsuits—even if that heritage biases the judge toward one of the litigants.

Even the rhetoric of groups like Black Lives Matter reinforces Trump’s position that race and ethnicity can and do bias policing and courts. In Trump’s case it’s a white billionaire with the bias complaint.

Is Donald Trump justified to raise the spectre of bias regarding Judge Curiel’s Mexican-American heritage? Since repatriating undocumented Mexican immigrants, building a wall, drug smuggling and crime figure so prominently in his political platform in this election, the answer is obviously yes.

The ethics standard for judge bias is stated in Canon 2 of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges:

Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges, Canon 2:

"A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities."

The U.S. Constitution promises every citizen the right to a fair and impartial tribunal. Questions of judge impartiality cannot be suspended for any reason including race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, social status, etc.

If Judge Curiel’s Mexican-American heritage predisposes him to actual bias—or even the appearance of bias in Mr. Trump’s case—then he has a solemn Constitutional duty to disqualify himself from the Trump University case.

Given the sharp rhetoric in the presidential campaign surrounding Mexican-American relations, any reasonable person can see that Judge Curiel’s Mexican-American heritage may bias the Trump University case, either way. The judge might favor Trump’s opinion. We doubt it, but we just don't know for the reasons discussed below. Given these reasonable questions and appearances, the possibility of bias is real and requires Judge Curiel's recusal.

The Senate judicial confirmation process

Before each presidential judge nominee to a federal court is confirmed, the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a confirmation hearing. Prior to that hearing, the candidate must submit written answers to a lengthy questionnaire about his or her personal, financial and legal background.

Judge nominee Curiel answered his confirmation questions on Mar. 28, 2012.

DECEPTION—Curiel omitted disclosure of 13 major speeches and writings on drug trafficking over 20 years

We will jump directly to what we consider the most glaring problem with Curiel’s Senate Judiciary disclosure.

While Judge Curiel was able to provide transcripts and recordings of innocuous speeches to his charter schools, endorsements and family court trainings, his disclosure was remarkably devoid of such information for any significant event in his career involving Mexican border issues, drug trafficking and illegal immigration.


Gonzalo P. Curiel's excuses to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He concealed ALL writings and teaching on his immigration beliefs.
  1. As case summary writer (1986) for the Daily Appellate Report of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, he was unable to provide even a single writing from the daily.
  2. As lead attorney for the Presidential Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) from 1999 through 2002, he was unable to provide a single report or memorandum. He claimed that the office did not maintain such records.
  3. As guest speaker (2011) at the La Raza (translated: “The Race”) Lawyers of San Diego Membership Development Luncheon he was unable to provide any notes, transcripts or recordings.
  4. Ironically, as a continuing legal education panel member (2010) on discovery and disclosure, he was unable to provide any information.
  5. As keynote speaker (2010) for the Spanish Honors Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica) he was unable to provide any information.
  6. As a presenter at a bi-national UN (2009) US drugs and crime conference he was unable to provide any information about his comments on drug trafficking prosecutions and the manufacturing of illegal drugs.
  7. As the honored guest (2007) at the La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego, he was unable to provide any information about his speech.
  8. As international coordinator and teacher (2005) at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles on mutual legal assistance and provisional arrests, he was unable to provide any information from his writings and teachings.
  9. As a trainer (2000) for Colombian prosecutors and law enforcement officers in Bogota, Colombia on money laundering, he was unable to provide any information from his trainings.
  10. As a presenter (1999) at an international seminar for Mexican federal judges in Veracruz, Mexico, he was unable to provide any information from his trainings.
  11. As a trainer in professional responsibility issues (1999) as Professional Responsibility Officer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he provided no information about his writings or trainings.
  12. As an instructor (1999) to Costa Rican magistrates and law enforcement officers on available means to investigate and prosecute organized criminal organizations, he provided no information about his writings or trainings.
  13. As an instructor (1991-2000—nine years) in “up to four” bi-national conferences of prosecutors from Mexico and the US on investigating and prosecuting international drug traffickers organized by the Department of Justice Executive Office and Office of International Affairs, he was unable to provide any information from his writing and training.

Withholding required information is inexcusable

This pattern within the Obama Administration to withhold, suppress, stonewall, lie, fabricate, spin, and obfuscate has been elevated to a new anti-ethical art form. For example, Barack Obama's college transcripts are still sealed. Add this to a laundry list of documents withheld about IRS targeting, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, AP snooping, Zuckerberg's 28 computer hard drives and Harvard emails, Obamacare and Hillary's private emails—all supressed illegally. However, a maddening fog has settled over officialdom that saps the righteous indignation we need from our law enforcement officials to seize the withheld information.

Judge Curiel: Sloppy Record Keeper or political Deceiver?

Sins of omission and commission often carry the same penalty in law

At the very least, the Judge Curiel omissions are either: (1) very sloppy record keeping, or (2) they were intentional.

Either way, the omissions prove that Judge Curiel is unprofessional and unfit to be a judge in the Trump University case, or perhaps in any other case for that matter.

A reasonable person will assume that these omissions were intentional. Obama’s nominee withheld all writings and information that would have described Curiel’s opinions on a range of Mexican-American issues at the heart of this 2016 presidential race.

Aside: Senate Judiciary Committee is asleep at the wheel

Why did the Senate allow Judge Curiel's glaring omissions? This signals a breakdown in the Senate confirmation process. The committee appears to be little more than an old boy rubber stamp.

Incorrect Citations

In reviewing Curiel’s disclosure of “interviews you have given to newspapers, magazines and other publications, or radio or television stations," several things stand out:

  1. 49 of 49 citations of drug trafficking related. Clearly, drug prosecutions are Curiel’s expertise, not business law.
  2. We were not able to source all 49 citations, but of the 10 we did read, at least two of those do not mention Curiel. Here are two of his cited references that don’t even mention him that we have found so far:
    1. Anne-Marie O’Connor, Seduction of a Generation. Los Angeles Times, July 28, 2002.
    2. Chris Kraul, The Collapse of Mexico’s ‘Invincible’ Drug Cartel, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 16, 2002.

Judge Curiel wears his ethnicity on his sleeve

Judge Curiel trades on his Hispanic roots, as does the U.S. Justice Department. Therefore, by his self-promotion, Judge Curiel puts his ethnicity in play in the public square. Donald Trump is therefore well within the bounds of public discourse to raise conflicts of interest issues about the judge’s Mexican heritage.

For example: Tim Weiner, New Web of Trust Topples a Mighty Mexican Cartel, New York Times, Apr. 26, 2002.

From The New York Times article:

According to participants on both sides, the Mexicans looked across the table at Mr. Chavez, Mr. Vega and Mr. Curiel, all born of Mexican parents, and the spark of recognition lit a fire.

''It couldn't but help,'' Mr. Curiel said. ''We were working without the disconnect of interpreters and barriers of culture. When it comes down to it, this involves the country of our parents.'' Mr. Vega, now in private practice, said the simple fact that the meetings were conducted in Spanish ''broke the ice.''

''It was confianza,'' he said, the Spanish word for trust.

Bias #1: Barack Obama-nominated judges appear to be:
1st political,
2nd self-enriching,
3rd cronyistic, and
4th oh yeah, lawful

On Nov. 10, 2011, Barack Obama nominated Gonzalo P. Curiel. This was the same day that conservative commentator Glenn Beck began exposing hedge fund financier George Soros and his plans for a “New World Order” on Fox.

Soros notoriously funds Obama, Clinton and various left-leaning PACs contributing tens of millions to Obama and Clinton political causes. While Glenn Beck is no Trump fan, the spectre of Curiel’s political bias against Trump as a conservative is obvious nonetheless. Curiously, a week later Obama nominated Evan J. Wallach to the Federal Circuit. Wallach was subsequently assigned to the Leader v. Facebook appeal and protected Obama’s go-to propaganda tool, Facebook, despite having no patent law experience and having substantial Facebook interests.

There are plenty of judges who could have been assigned to the Trump University case other than someone recently appointed by Barack Obama—one of Donald Trump’s chief political foes in the 2016 presidential election. Indeed, the Trump University case, which was filed on Apr. 30, 2010, was transferred three years later to Judge Curiel on Jan. 30, 2013, well after Trump had announced his presidential exploratory committee.

Bias #2: Judge Curiel & the Trump University Case—Like sending a school nurse to perform brain surgery

Judge Curiel is a 23-year criminal drug trafficking prosecutor. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals docket contains 68 unique cases between 1990 and 2012 where Curiel was often the sole U.S. Attorney on the case. All 68 cases are criminal drug trafficking cases. He received his commission to be a federal judge on Oct. 01, 2012. Trump University was his second case. Imagine that.

Usually judges are assigned to cases in which they have legal expertise. This is pure common sense. They also are required by law to check for conflicts of interest. But, Judge Curiel has very little business law experience. Therefore, assigning Curiel to the Trump University case is a little like sending a school nurse to perform brain surgery (no disrespect to school nurses). Such political assignments have occurred regularly during the Obama reign and are a travesty of due process and fair play.

For example, on a summary judgment motion, Judge Curiel has no experience as a judge with which to assess motivational real estate sales and investing training, much less a yoga student’s naive assessments of its value. Judge Curiel understands drug dealers, not sophisticated real estate investing case law.

Any motivational educator knows that most people who sign up for sales training never implement their training for a variety of reasons. It is classic for the student to blame the teacher for the lack of follow through to protect the student's ego and excuse the student's lack of follow through.

Sales 101: Be positive and sell to your strengths without misleading the prospective customer

It is highly unlikely that Judge Curiel has ever attended a motivational business seminar of the kinds provided by Trump University. How can he possibly then hold himself out as an impartial judge in this matter when he has zero understanding of the business context? Of course, he cannot.

The authors have not attended a Trump University program, but the average real estate program is always full of positivism. That is just the nature of real estate development and sales, and of selling in general. Salespeople magnify their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. That is their JOB. Anyone with business experience knows this. The authors are very familiar with such dynamics and find Judge Curiel's agenda to draw out the litigation for political purposes quite evident.

Only a judge savvy in the ways of business, investing and sales can understand these dynamics well enough to make fair decisions. Students in such situations often expect magic, miracles, quick fixes and instant results. The Trump University programs promised training in good processes, not individual results.

By comparison, business school MBA educators do not promise that every student or any student will make a million dollars by age thirty after getting their MBA. Instead, they present good processes that people who do make that kind of money use. It’s up to the student and his or her circumstances whether or not the million dollar income happens.

Bias #3: Judge Curiel’s numerous Hispanic Law Associations

Judge Curiel disclosed that he is or has been a member of the following groups:

  1. Hispanic Advisory Committee of the Commission on Public Understanding about the Law (1993-1994)
  2. Hispanic National Bar Association, Life-time Member
  3. La Raza Lawyers of San Diego (SDLRLA - San Diego 's Latino/Latina Bar Association)
  4. Latino Judges Association
  5. National Hispanic Prosecutors Association

The literal translation of "La Raza" as “The Race” has been floated as its own form of Latino racism. However, we have it on good authority from a Spanish linguist that "La Raza" in this context should be translated "The People." While "The Race" makes for a juicier story, the facts are damning enough without this sensationalized interpretation.

In Summary

Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel promised to judge impartially at his Senate confirmation hearing. As his conduct in et al v. Trump University shows, he lied.
Fig. 2—Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel promised to judge impartially at his Senate confirmation hearing on Mar. 28, 2012. As his conduct in et al v. Trump University shows, he lied.
Photo: Unknown.

Judges swear a solemn oath to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all their activities (Canon 2). Judges are supposed to self-police their conflicts. In other words, if they discover they have a conflict, they are duty-bound to recuse themselves, without being asked.

However, almost no judge does this. To the contrary, litigants must challenge the judge’s conflict, then chip away at his or her intransigence with an ice pick.

Judges and sycophant lawyers argue that more frequent recusals would overwhelm the courts with frivolous requests for impartiality.

Really? We heartily disagree. The U.S. Constitution promises a fair and impartial judiciary. When conflicts of interest are pointed out, recusal should occur without fuss. The fuss comes when judges become obstinate (which is the norm today) as if they are oligarchs who work for themselves, and not the citizens.

Fox News' commentator-lawyer Megyn Kelly expressed the view that more frequent judge recusals would harm the judicial system. Bill O'Reilly disagreed. While hedging his bets in labeling Curiel a "fair judge," O'Reilly nonetheless called on Curiel to recuse himself. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR and ABC commentators are coyly silent on this topic.

As this post has proven, Curiel is anything but fair and honest. As long as the mainstream media remain silent on judicial corruption, the light of justice will not be shined into this dark corner of the American Republic, and establishment weasels will rule.

Clearly, judges with hidden financial and political agendas who are working to fix a case for their friends will become obstinate when asked to recuse.

Like the sycophant judges in every Banana Republic, it is evident that Judge Curiel is carrying out political orders to extend the Trump University case with fabricated legal justifications.

Judge Curiel's confirmation omissions/lies, combined with his Mexican heritage, is clear evidence of bias or an appearance of bias

Judge Curiel certified that his Senate confirmation disclosure was truthful. His failure to disclose at least 13 sets of material documents means his certification was a lie. Had Judge Curiel not withheld ALL of his substantive writings, opinions and teachings in his Senate confirmation hearing, perhaps we could conclude he is able to be objective, despite his Mexican heritage.

However, since he withheld ALL of his information in 13 substantial matters, and since border and immigration issues with America's southern board figure so prominently in this 2016 presidential campaign, a reasonable person can only conclude that Judge Curiel has a political agenda that supports his sponsor: Barack Obama and his Washington Cartel surrogate Hillary Clinton.

The withholding of confirmation information aside, Judge Curiel's extensive activity in various Hispanic law associations shows he has a dog in this hunt.

Suspiciously, he allowed the lady who brought the original Trump University complaint to withdraw in such a way that her involvement is protected while the case proceeds with people who joined the original complaint.

Logic says if the original complaintant is dismissed, so should the case.

Something smells.

Trump rightly called Judge Curiel out for more scrutiny about his potential bias against Trump’s Mexican issues of obvious interest to Curiel.

Thanks to the whitewashed Senate Confirmation Hearing, we have little idea what Curiel’s real opinions are about Mexican border issues and illegal immigration since he withheld at least 13 sets of documents that would have otherwise informed the American public.

Demand that Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel produce the 13 sets of evidence of his speeches and writings that he withheld from his Senate Confirmation Hearing.

Allowing the original Trump University complaintant to leave the case, yet allowing the case to continue is odd.

Just like Hillary Clinton must produce the transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches, Judge Curiel must produce the 13 sets of documents that he withheld from his Senate Confirmation.

Truth and justice demand that Judge Curiel come clean, or be impeached.

* * *


  1. Full Senate Judiciary Hearings incl. Curiel (919 pgs., 44.7 MB):
    S. Hrg. 112-72 pt2. (Mar. 28, 2012). FULL RECORD: Gonzalo P. Curiel Senate Confirmation Hearing. Serial No. J-112-4 Part 7, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. GPO.
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  4. AFI. (Jun. 08, 2016). FINDING: Trump University judge misled Senate at confirmation. Americans for Innovation.

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  1. Does it not occur to those members of the media who jumped on Trump SO FAST with cries of 'racist' to even check into this matter, this judge?? DO they not question WHY of ALL the judges available, this one WITH NO RELEVANT experience and clear indications of bias, was chosen?? It is SO OBVIOUS !

  2. LYIN' HILLARY. Check out Hillary's bobbing and weaving as she avoids answering Bret Baier's question about why she refused to be interviewed by the State Department Inspector General.

    Bret Baier. (Jun. 08, 2016). Special Report. Hillary Clinton interview. Fox News.

    Jun. 08, 2016 - 8:40 - On 'Special Report,' the presumptive Democratic nominee discusses Sanders, lessons learned from her husband's presidency, economy, e-mail investigation, issues important to her campaign

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    I read today that George Soros has taken a "short position" against all optimistic financial positions known to WallStreet. In other words, he is "all in " on collapse rather than success of American enterprise. He sure has been lucky before's almost like he knows what is about to happen in Washington DC that could cause financial collapse. It's just really amazing how he funds Obama's " fundamental transformational change" while he knows that it causes severe financial distress. Being a conspiracy guy at heart, I wonder if Obama has a piece of the action. With only a few months to go, it sure would be nice if Barry and Michelle could be as rich as the Clintons. The only kink in the wringer could be a Trump victory in November. We all know the Obama/Clinton good old boy machine is fully engaged with Soros. It is clear that Bernie was not included because no one , including the idiot Bernie himself, saw him coming. He actually is a socialist.....who would have thought that a man of such insignificance could be left of Soros? And BTW , folks in VT lost more money in Bernie's wife's college bankruptcy than did the Trump University enrollees. NOTE: No one died in Trump University......on the other hand, Hillary and Barack have a pretty good track record of losing Americans in the disaster at Benghazi and the Fast/Furious gun running. Let's get real here.

    This little episode with the judge on the Trump University case is just a harbinger of the massive trap that the criminal minds in this administration have laid for the GOP this next few months. These are really diabolical folks with one goal in mind........control through power. The key components ( media, academia, ignorant millennials, multi class divide ) are all in place. The neutralization of law enforcement is in place. The marginalization of the US military is in place. The attack on gun ownership, the destruction of our borders, the attack on Christianity, and massive usurpation of our Constitution has been completed . The final straw is that none of us know what bathrooms to use.

    This AFI discovery on Curiel's racist past is quite disturbing. How could he not be biased ? Even Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor has admitted that her Hispanic heritage will, undeniably, make her biased. Hillary's entire campaign is gender biased. Obama's tenure as our alleged President was totally biased.....Obama hates everything about America. Joe Biden is biased against brains . Elizabeth Warren is a faux Native American biased against herself although she claims that she never knew what she isn't. And none of them know what bathroom to use.

    What a mess. Have a great day, TEX

    And oh, if Trump wins in November, America WILL be great again and Soros could lose his bet to the good guys. And if that happens, I will no longer lift the lid when I use the bathroom formerly known as the ladies bathroom.

  4. I just noticed that my Trump emails are not coming in and are getting flagged and redirected to my online SPAM filter which I rarely check. But, my Bernie and Hillary emails are getting through fine. What gives?

    I love America and find any form of censorship, left or right, totally unAmerican and unacceptable.

    I have just sent this message to my Internet Service Provider from whom I have my email account. Suggest you might consider sending a similar message to YOUR Internet email provider ASAP to put them on notice that we are watching them for tech-censorship as we march toward our election in November.

    This just started happening in the last few days.

    ---SAMPLE TECH MESSAGE, start---

    Message: I am noticing that even messages on my safe-list with "Trump" in the content are being flagged and sent to SPAM, thus I am not receiving them in my Inbox. An unusually high number, just recently.

    No such flagging seems to be be happening on messages with "Hillary" or "Bernie" or "Elizabeth Warren" content. I have a number of political clients and this trend is disturbing to me and them.

    Will you kindly look into this and assure me that this is not some new tech form of political censorship?

    What will be unacceptable is to get back some technobabble answer that requires me to jump through hoops and spit nickles to solve the problem. I just want my Trump, or Hillary, or Bernie, or Warren messages to get to me WITHOUT CENSORSHIP FROM THE TECHNOLOGY COMMUNITY.

    It would be too easy for Internet Service provider engineers to sit secretly at the controls of the Internet SPAM keyword filters and manipulate what I read and don't read depending upon their political views and without my knowledge or permission.

    Censorship is an evil, ugly monster that we cannot permit in our Republic. I hope you agree and are watching our backs. Our free society counts on you to be honest, moral and trustworthy stewards of our information flow.

    Thank you.
    --- SAMPLE TECH MESSAGE, end ---

  5. Email comment by GH:

    Grab your wallets and your freedoms folks. Barack Obama is giving away the store and Internet controls to his internationalist cronies in Silicon Valley who are all moving offshore to operate.

    Baeir, B. Obama administration backs plan to relinquish Internet control. Fox News.

    The Obama administration is getting behind a plan that would have the U.S. government relinquish its last bit of control over the Internet – a move Republican lawmakers are fighting tooth-and-nail.

    The transfer was set in motion two years ago when a Commerce Department agency said it would cede oversight over an obscure, but powerful, Los Angeles-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

  6. Email comment by GH:

    Nahhhhh. Conversing on drone strikes on an insecure private email system -- -- is not a breach of national security. What was I thinking? ... I feel a hairball rising.

    Herridge, C., Wall Street Journal. (Jun. 09, 2016). Emails at center of Clinton FBI probe focused on drone strikes, report say. Fox News.

    A series of emails between American diplomats in Pakistan and Washington over drone strikes are the focus of the criminal probe involving presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information, according to a report Thursday by The Wall Street Journal.

    The emails in 2011 and 2012 were sent through a "computer system for unclassified matters" that gave the State Department input into whether a Central Intelligence Agency drone strike went forward, congressional and law enforcement officials briefed on the FBI probe told the Journal.

    1. Email comment by GH:

      OK folks, I got that hairball coughed up. Whew. Then I received this:

      Rosen, J. (Jun. 10, 2016). White House confirms 'criminal' probe over Clinton emails, 'shreds' campaign claim. Fox News.

      Perhaps it was an unguarded moment, but the White House has confirmed that the Justice Department is conducting a “criminal investigation” regarding Hillary Clinton’s personal email use – despite repeated and persistent claims from the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee that investigators are pursuing a mere “security inquiry.”

      Press Secretary Josh Earnest used the term at Thursday’s briefing, after being asked by Fox News about whether President Obama’s newly unveiled endorsement of Clinton might apply pressure to investigators assigned to the Clinton case.

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    Romney....a loser being pitiful. Hey loser go back to Utah and churn milk. Quit being such a cheap shot artist. It's not very attractive. You had Obama on the ropes and you gave him smelling salts. Trump is right.... you are a real loser. Go away.

    Have a great day, TEX =

    1. For readers who missed the earlier post, AFI exposed Romney's duplicity with the Clintons et al here:

      AFI. (Mar. 07, 2016). Mitt Romney concealed stake in Obama energy stimulus while attacking it. Americans for Innovation.

      Here are Romney's Top (Wall Street) 2012 donors:

      Here is a list of Romney's $45.1 million investments in Goldman Sachs.


      Go away Mr. Romney, you are embarrasing yourself.

    2. "Can anybody say" not "Can anybody way"


  8. Email comment by GH:

    Another hairball is forming. Our Republic is toast if this Hlllary Clinton criminal is allowed to be President.

    Jorgenen, S., LoBianco, T., Fitzpatrick, D. Gapuoutte, N., Koran, L. (Jun. 11, 2016). Clinton donor received top spot on State Department intel board. CNN.

    Washington (CNN)A major political donor to the Clintons and other top Democrats was selected by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to serve on a key State Department intelligence board in 2011, despite having no clear background in the area, according to emails released this week.

    Rajiv Fernando has donated $9,400 to Clinton's two White House bids -- first her 2008 run and again this year -- and has been a generous donor to Democrats running for the House and Senate and to President Barack Obama.

    Fernando, a Chicago securities trader, has also been a prolific donor to the Clinton Foundation, giving at least $1 million to the organization, according to its website.

  9. Email comment by JPM:

    Dalton, A. The NSA want to spy on The Internet of Things. Engadget.

    We already know the National Security Agency is all up in our data, but the agency is reportedly looking into how it can gather even more foreign intelligence information from internet-connected devices ranging from thermostats to pacemakers. Speaking at a military technology conference in Washington D.C. on Friday, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett said the agency is "looking at it sort of theoretically from a research point of view right now." The Intercept reports Ledgett was quick to point out that there are easier ways to keep track of terrorists and spies than to tap into any medical devices they might have, but did confirm that it was an area of interest.

    When asked whether the entire Internet of Things -- that is, everything from a kid's WiFi enabled toy to someone's biomedical device -- would be a boon for the NSA or just a whole lot of digital noise to sift through, Ledgett replied, "Both."

  10. Email comment by DL and GH:

    Staff/ (Jun. 03, 2016). SHOCK: Trump Univ. Judge Humiliated After Having to Undo His Own Ruling. ETF News.

    Last Friday, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, a leftist with a heavy bias against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, gave an order to release several documents pertaining to Trump University.

    Yesterday, after the liberal media and Democrat machine had surfed through every nook and cranny of the published files, the judge removed the online documents, claiming that he had “mistakenly” had them released, according to Breitbart.

    Well, you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. The rashness and carelessness of this leftist judge will definitely cost him some of his professional dignity — if he had any in the first place.

  11. Judge Jeanine. (Jun. 12, 2016). 'The Fix Is In': Judge Jeanine Says Obama Is Complicit in Hillary Email Scandal. Fox News Insider.

    Hillary Clinton's utter confidence that she will not be indicted in her private email server scandal suggests that President Obama and his Justice Department are complicit, Judge Jeanine said in her opening statement last night.

    "He was aware of her private email server and actually communicated with her on it," Judge Jeanine stated.

    She pointed out that within 24 hours of Clinton saying she was absolutely certain no indictment was forthcoming, Obama officially endorsed her.

    Why would the president do that? Judge Jeanine wondered, suggesting it might be because Clinton sent Obama 18 emails from her private email address, and he replied to at least two of them.

    "Translation: Barack, you knew the one way that I communicated. And if I’m indicted, you will be my first witness, because you knew in real time as secretary of state that I was communicating on a private server. You knew, as did everyone. I dare you."

  12. Google is manipulating search results for Hillary.


    Google Censors Hillary Clinton Controversy

    Here's Why Some Say Google Is Skewing Search Results to Favor Hillary

  13. Email comment by GH:

    Duetsche Bank is a member of the Clinton-Obama Cartel and underwriter for Facebook.

    Gray, M. (Jun. 12, 2016). Why are so many bankers committing suicide? New York Post

    Three bankers in New York, London and Siena, Italy, died within 17 months of each other in 2013-14 in what authorities deemed a series of unrelated suicides. But in each case, the victim had a connection to a burgeoning global banking scandal, leaving more questions than answers as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths.
    The March 6, 2013 death of David Rossi — a 51-year-old communications director at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world’s oldest bank — came as the institution teetered on the brink of collapse.

    Rossi was found dead in an alleyway beneath his third-floor office window in the 14th-century palazzo that served as the bank’s headquarters.

    A devastating security video shows Rossi landing on the pavement on his back, facing the building — an odd position more likely to occur when a body is pushed from a window.


    Microsoft and LinkedIn together stole Leader Technologies' social networking invention with the help of IBM and the NSA. Now they are going to pump $26.2 billion more in dirty offshore money into our already overheated tech bubble. This is a very bad sign folks that the Silicon Valley crowd is moving for an internationalist digital takeover.

    They know they will never get away with this scam in a Donald Trump administration and a Securities & Exchange Commission that actually follows our laws.

    Read all the BULLSH_T being spewed by the criminal Reid Hoffman and Microsoft's sychphants.

    Reuters. (Jun. 13, 2016) Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2B. Fox News.

  15. Email comments by GH and JPM:

    Staff. (Jun. 10, 2016). Google accued of manipulating searches to be pro-Hillary. AOL.

    Google is in hot water for potentially swaying searches for Hillary Clinton in the presumptive Democratic nominee's favor.

    Some are noticing a difference between the autofill suggestion for searches of Hillary Clinton on Google, compared to other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

  16. Here's a great seven minute Youtube video on the subject. It looks like it's time to boycott Google and use another search engine (and stop using gmail?!)

    1. Since we are talking about election rigging, check out this proof that Bernie Sanders had the Democratic nomination stolen from him by electronic vote rigging by Hillary's people:

    2. AFI writers cited and made a PDF of this astounding election rigging finding, it is significant and we recommend that readers SEND THIS ARTICLE AND COMPLAIN to the ELECTION COMMISSION IN YOUR STATES. We must shine a light immediately on this bipartisan attempt to rob us of free and fair elections.

      Don't allow your bureaucrats to sweep this finding under the rug. Don't take no for an answer.

      Ellsworth, E. (May 29, 2016). Protecting Our Election. Presentation of Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lor Grace from Enlightened Films.

      Corte Madera, CA – A major lawsuit is on the precipice of being filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the implications of which could dramatically alter the landscape of the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

      The group claims that in about eleven states, there has been noted a significant difference between the exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries. These differences show votes appear to be shifted from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. The chances of this kind of shift happening are considered to be statistically impossible between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in these eleven states. See the chart below [in the article].

  17. Email comment by GH.

    That pesky hairball is giving me fits.

    Staff. (Jun. 13, 2016). Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton's Intercepted Emails.

    Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server from the time she was U.S. Secretary of State. The release would, the messaging indicated, prove that Secretary Clinton had, in fact, laid open U.S. secrets to foreign interception by putting highly-classified Government reports onto a private server in violation of U.S. law, and that, as suspected, the server had been targeted and hacked by foreign intelligence services.

    The reports indicated that the decision as to whether to reveal the intercepts would be made by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, and it was possible that the release would, if made, be through a third party, such as Wikileaks.

  18. Email comment by TEX:

    Are we crazy? Obama tells us not to jump to conclusions about the motive of this savage killer in Orlando as he screamed about how great his god is. As he stood ready to open fire and slaughter dozens of Americans , he pledged allegiance to ISIS. Hey Obama, that is clearly his motive.

    The concept of Islam is simply more than just a religion. The attacks by Islamists around the world since the late 1990's only make sense if we eliminate the word "religion" and use the word " society" when describing Islam. The Koran teaches a complete way of life.....politics, social interaction, personal attire, roles of men and women, the exact way to pray, acceptable arts and sciences, education, etc. . If a follower fails to follow the Islamic rules, severe punishments , including beheadings and honor killings, follow. It's in their book. My concept of my religion is a separation from politics , not a total integration. It's a personal , deep belief in creation, a Creator, and his creatures , all centered on LOVE. That's in our book. The center/core basis of Islam is a god that wants followers to die for their faith, strap a bomb on for their faith, and kill for their faith , while my God actually strapped a bomb ( crucifixion) on for me and insisted that I don't kill on his behalf, only love all humans regardless of their beliefs or sins. Islam is a society, much more than just a religion. A society devoid of American beliefs can not integrate into America, it can only hope to overwhelm it. If Muslims want to live and pray here they must separate out their faith from the other societal teachings and learn to tolerate and fight for America. That may be a lot to ask.

    This is why we don't hear significant outcry from so called "moderate" Muslims when these things happen everyday around the world. This is why they don't completely integrate into our society......they oppose our society. Their fundamental belief is that our society is totally wrong and their god hates it. For the Islamist, America and all of western society is way too tolerant. I am an American ......but my Americanism goes beyond my right to enjoy my legal rights. I love our society. I can practice my faith here freely. The non believers and I can get along just fine. I dislike a lot of things that happen in our sinful society, but we don't kill each other as part of our core teachings. Those that hate our society not just our religions, should not be allowed to destroy it or us ......period.

    When Obama and Hillary conflate the word "religion" with the word " total society" when describing Islamophobia , be concerned. They are not interchangeable in America .

    Have a great day, TEX

  19. OK folks, this is yet another BOMBSHELL. The Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman posted last night and then quickly removed from his website an admission that he is funding 20% of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. However, Zero Hedge journalist Tyler Durden quickly grabbed a screenshot of the English translation.

    Saudi financing of U.S. elections is as illegal as hell, excuse the French. It is a clear violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits foreign involvement in U.S. elections.

    Durden, T. (Jun. 14, 2016). Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims. Zero Hedge.

    1. AFI researchers have made a PDF of this important Zero Hedge article. We suggest that readers across the country immediately file complaints with the Federal Election Commission:

      Kevin R. Salley, FEC EEO Director
      Telephone: 202-694-1228

    2. Email comment by GH:

      Thought you would be interested in this update on Hillary's Anti-Gay Muslim Donor.

      Hannity. (Jun. 14, 2016). Here's The List Of Anti-Gay Muslim Nations From Whom Hillary Has Taken Millions Of Dollars. Fox News.

      Following Sunday's terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, the violently anti-gay stance of the Islamic ideology is coming under increased scrutiny. Specifically, GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump is criticizing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for taking funds from foreign states whose legal codes reflect this radical ideology.

  20. Email comment by TEX:

    OBAMA/Clinton Logic:
    -the terrorist in Orlando was an American .( According to this administration, the fact that he was a Muslim is insignificant and the fact that his father is an Afghan that sympathizes with the Taliban is also insignificant) .
    - we do not need borders or barriers to becoming an American or even entering America. That alone is racist.
    - the Muslim terrorist bought a gun legally .
    - He killed all of those night clubbers only because he had a gun, not because he was a Muslim.
    - therefore, we must create gun laws that take away our right to bear arms and better enforce laws that protect Muslims.

    TEX logic :
    - the terrorist in Orlando was an American that hated American society. He was an American in name only.
    - we make it too easy to become an American in name only.
    - we must erect some speed bumps to make it difficult for radicals from around the world to enter ,stay here , and kill us.
    - innocent Americans must be highly prepared to defend themselves, their families, and their friends from radical nut cakes.
    - rather than apologizing for being an evil country , our leaders should emphasize the greatness of our country. Every young American ( girls, boys, and combination) aged 18-21 should be drafted into military service and taught how to use weapons and other forms of self defense.
    - self defense should be taught in public schools including use of firearms.
    - terrorists can no longer feel comfortable or have a chance of success in our great nation.

    Let's be clear.......we have lots of laws on gun control. We don't need more laws.....lets enforce the ones we have. What we don't have is an informed and prepared citizenry. Not all Muslims are radicals , yet almost all radical killers are Muslim. We have to have help from the peace loving American Muslims in this country to bring security and safety inside our American borders . We have lots of good laws on how our borders work and how immigrants can become real Americans. Our borders must become difficult to penetrate . Hillary will blame lack of laws rather that Obama's lack of enforcement for these massacres. What the hell are we doing?

    Have a great day, TEX =

    1. Obama's no longer not so hidden agenda to fabricate a reason, any reason, to destroy the 2nd Amendment. CREDO dutifully sent out a petition to ban AR-15s. Right on cue. Is anybody besides me finding these events all a bit too well timed?

      In war, military leaders consider the deaths like Orlando as "collateral damage." Why do I have this sense that Obama's anger is a Freudian signal that his staged events are not going his way any longer?

      Call me crazy.

    2. Email comment by GH:

      Sean Hannity. (Jun. 14, 2014). Bombshell: Whistleblower Claims DHS Scrubbed Records That Might Have Prevented Orlando And San Bernardino Attacks. Fox News.

      As we continue to learn details about the terror attack that took the lives of 49 people at a popular Orlando nightclub, we're now learning that the attack might have been preventable. A whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security has come forward to claim that the department scrubbed records that tied Muslims to terrorism, records that might have prevented the attacks in both San Bernardino and Orlando.

      Philip Haney was a founding member of the DHS, beginning his work for the department in 2003. His job, as he explains it, was "connecting the dots" between individuals, organizations, and networks across the country that may have had ties to terrorism.

  21. Email comment by GH and JPM:

    MEMO TO YOU STUPID, STUPID AMERICANS: Hillary does not believe that taking up to $50 million from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait in her Clinton Foundation affects her impartiality as an American politician.

    Editorial Board. (Jun. 15, 2016). Funding terrorism — and the Clintons. New York Post.

    In the wake of Orlando, Hillary Clinton called out Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait for “funding extremist organizations” and “supporting radical schools and mosques all over the world.” What she didn’t mention is that all three also fund … her.

    The three countries are all guilty as charged. And they’re not just funders of terrorism: All three make homosexual acts punishable by prison or even death.

    But the Clintons have taken millions of dollars from those same governments through their family foundation.

    Which rather tarnishes Clinton’s proud post-Orlando vow to the LGBT community that she “will keep fighting for your right to live freely, openly and without fear.”

    Which they can’t do in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait.


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