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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Did you know Obama runs a secret intelligence panel inside the White House? Members of Congress say they do not

Six people at the White House are driving America’s digital future by stealth executive orders

No wonder Silicon Valley wears out the White House carpet

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 02, 2016, Updated Jun. 04, 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton's secret offshore financial empire
Fig. 1—Hillary Clinton pledged in 2009 to follow Bill's 1995 Executive Order 12958 on handling the nation's secrets. On Jan. 22, 2009, Hillary signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) promising to protect America's most sensitive secrets. The NDA contained a stealth clause subverting the secrecy process by subjecting her activities to a secret White House panel where she would become a member. Incoming Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. could protect her from any action, no matter how wanton. Why would she harm America's vital information? Answer: To fill The Clinton Foundation coffers and reward her friends in Silicon Valley and Wall Street with insider deals to take over America's digital infrastructure.
Photo: The Atlantic.
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IBM Eclipse Foundation Membership logos, Page 1, as of Sep. 9, 2008 (Actuate, Beo, Borlan, Brox, Cloudsmith, Computer Associates, DevZuz, GenuiTec, IBM, Innoopract, Iona, Itemis, JPMorgan Chase, Motorola, Nokia, Open Methods, Oracle, SAP, Sonatype, SOPERA, Sybase, Wind River, Zend)
News Update: Jun. 6, 2016—
What Hillary's Hackers Don't Want You To Know
On May 20, we at AFI discovered that over 200 of our investigation documents had been hacked and deleted. Upon restoration, we discovered a clear priority for the hackers: proofs of the secret intelligence cartel operating out of the White House. Essentially, the entirety of Silicon Valley and Wall Street are complicit. Here is one proof the hackers did not want you to see: IBM Eclipse Foundation Membership Logos published Sep. 17, 2008 (just before the bank bailout)


(Jun. 02, 2016)On Jan.22, 2009, Hillary Clinton signed a nondisclosure agreement promising to keep the nation’s secrets safe from foreign nations.

In obvious violation of this promise, Hillary hired Bryan Pagliano, an unqualified political operative, to set up a private server in her Chappaqua, New York home. She proceeded to use this server for sensitive State Department business between 2009 and 2013—her entire tenure as Secretary of State.

Bryan Pagliano
Bryan Pagliano
Marcel Lazăr Lehel (”Guccifer”)
Sidney Blumenthal
Sidney Blumenthal

On Mar. 20, 2013, Romanian hacker Guccifer was identified by USA Today as having hacked into Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL email. Guccifer obtained emails Blumenthal exchanged with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed that she used a private, non-State Department email address. Guccifer then hacked Hillary’s server on multiple occasion, describing it as “easy;” understandable since Pagliano had no email security background.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

On May 10, 2016, the Kremlin announced that it was debating whether to release the 20,000 emails they have hacked off of Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Despite this evidence, Hillary, the Justice and State Departments all assert vehemently that no laws were broken.

Question: Why are Hillary and her retinue so arrogant and cocksure in the face of clear evidence of their duplicity?

Answer: Because they are unscrupulous lawyers and judges who know they have been gaming the legal system since Bill Clinton took office in 1993. They have used their positions of trust to embed sneaky gotcha laws, regulations, opinions, orders, secrecy, roadblocks, stonewalls, advisories and rulings to protect their hidden agenda throughout America's legal and administrative systems. That is why they are so smug, we believe.

Hillary’s claim of unintentionally is misdirection – the standard is “knowingly, willfully, or negligently.”

However, Hillary is evidently counting on most non-legal people not understanding that distinction.

Hillary claims she did not intentionally compromise national secrets while using her personal email server. However, this assertion is reckless and deceptive, especially coming from an attorney like her who is experienced in such matters—someone the American public would tend to trust given her honored position in the government.

With national secrets "lack of due care" is the broadest standard for assessing liability. Negligent handling of national secrets is criminal, whether or not one intended to compromise them. By way of example, if your competitor steals your company’s confidential business plan after you left it inadvertently at the library, you are liable for the damages even if you did not mean to leave it.

Hillary agreed to Executive Order 12958, Sec. 5.7 Sanctions (“shall be subject to appropriate sanctions if they knowingly, willfully, or negligently: (1) disclose to unauthorized persons . . .”). PDF version.

Information Dictatorship Smoking Gun: Bill Clinton Executive Order 12958 (Apr. 17, 1995)

The “Washington Cartel” has been patiently laying the groundwork for their takeover of the digital world since Bill Clinton’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 1993. Remember, one of his first hires was Harvard professor turned World Bank economist Lawrence H. Summers who was in the process of ruining the collapsing Soviet economy with his reckless voucher privatization recommendations. This program evidently provided the seed funds for their grand digital takeover scheme.

Tied to Summers' hip were three figures to play prominent roles in the Obama Administration and the Silicon Valley social networking corruption: Sheryl K. Sandberg (Summers Treasury chief of staff, Gmail, now Facebook COO), Russian Yuri Milner (DST,, Facebook investor), and Marne L. Levine Deutch (Summers Harvard chief of staff, AOL email, Hillary and Obama policy adviser, Facebook VP of public policy, now Instagram COO).

Participants in Larry Summers' "Cloud" (of corruption)

Marne L. Levine (Deutch)
Marne L. Levine (Deutch)
Harvard, AOL mail, Obama, Bank bailout (T.A.R.P. / Summers), Hillary, Facebook, Instagram
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Harvard, Treasury (Summers), Gmail, Facebook
Yuri Milner
Yuri Milner
Facebook, DST,, Digital Sky, Zynga, Groupon, VKontakte, Goldman Sachs, Dropbox
Larry H. Summers
Larry H. Summers
Harvard, Facebook, Instagram, Square, Squarespace, Andreessen-Horowitz
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Their smokescreen is “national security.” Look how they implemented the Patriot Act so quickly. Isn’t it amazing how these people had a 132-page act ready to go and signed into law 45 days after 9-11? Clearly, someone had drafted the Act and was ready for 9-11.

Every dictatorship in history has used national security as the excuse for their abuses. The last three American Administrations are no exception.

The “public-private partnership” perpetrators are close to accomplishing their goal of permanent control of the world’s digital communications infrastructure.

Case in point: Look at the noise certain of these cartel members are making in this 2016 election cycle with their ill-gotten billions contributed by Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, George Soros, The Clinton Foundation, Elon Musk, Larry Summers, Sheryl Sandberg, Marc Andreessen, Goldman Sachs and James W. Beyer.

Given that Bill and Hillary Clinton are married, and were married at the time Executive Order 12958 was signed, Hillary had a duty to disclose the conflicts of interest surrounding her signing the NDA when she became Secretary of State.

Section 13 of Hillary’s NDA makes Bill Clinton’s Executive Order 12958 signed 14 years earlier “controlling” over her handling of national secrets.

James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III, intellectual property counsel to IBM, Leader Technologies, NSA, Bush, Obama, ISCAP

On Apr. 17, 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12958 – Classified National Security Information. PDF version.

The order was undoubtedly drafted by Clinton’s top adviser on national security, James P. Chandler, III. Chandler was also drafting Clinton’s Economic Espionage Act, Trade Secrets Act and False Statements Accountability Act (all passed 18 months later on Oct. 11, 1996). Note that Subsection (b) of the False Statements Act made it legal to lie to Congress and the courts. See previous post.

ISCAP Information Dictatorship

Clinton’s order gave sweeping (de)classification powers to the President and certain agency heads. It also created the “Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel” (ISCAP) in Section 5.5 comprised of:

  1. Secretary of State
  2. Secretary of Defense
  3. Attorney General
  4. NSA Director
  5. CIA Director
  6. Archivist

ISCAP handled (and still handles) all matters regarding national security classifications.

The order gave ISCAP the ability to reclassify information requested in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, even if they were not classified previously.

In short, ISCAP was given dictatorial powers by Bill Clinton to handle the flow of all information within the government. And, within ISCAP, the Attorney General was given dictatorial powers to interpret the order, reporting only to the President.

Barack H. Obama
Barack H. Obama

Embedded FOIA stonewalling

This secret ISCAP dictatorship explains why Barack Obama issued a three-paragraph memo on Apr. 15, 2009 to his agencies ordering all FOIA requests and Congressional inquiries and subpoenas to first come to the White House counsel for review.

Who in America knows about this dictatorship panel at the White House?

We’ve asked many Members of Congress. They don’t know about it.

Hillary did not disclose her conflicts of interest with the master legal mind behind Bill’s intelligence and national security plans—James P. Chandler.

Considering the degree to which Chandler has continued to shape and influence national security and intelligence policy through the last three administrations, and considering the degree to which Barack Obama has continued to rely on Chandler in 2009 (and to this day), Hillary had a duty to disclose this intimate insider relationship to the American public, especially when one considers that the entire data flow of the United States hangs in the balance. Putting this much power and influence into the hands of one un-elected, unaccountable private person is unconscionable.

Absolutely no oversight by Congress of the secret White House ISCAP panel

This secret, dictatorial White House intelligence panel is absolutely counter to the balance of powers intent of the U.S. Constitutions. Congress has not even been informed of these non-enumerated powers, so it cannot provide oversight.

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Hillary also knew that Obama’s coming Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr. was given even greater dictatorial powers in overarching internal ISCAP legal authorities.

She also knew that fellow ISCAP members NSA, CIA and Department of Defense were exploiting Facebook and social networking companies for illegal mass data collection. She failed to disclose her intention to exploit that information for personal enrichment.

She and her fellow ISCAP panel members knew they relied on the social networking inventions of Columbus innovator, Leader Technologies. She did not disclose these conflicts.

According to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, five months after Hillary signed her NDA, Facebook began feeding customer data to the NSA. Eight months later, on Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary wrote her first “communications services” contract with Facebook for 2010 “election winning templates.” See previous post.

Tampering in American elections is a violation of the Hatch Act. Interfering in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement lawsuit that was in progress is obstruction of justice. She disclosed none of these conflicts.

Congressman Darrell Issa holds up fully redacted IRS document

The Obama administration wasted no time in stonewalling FOIA requests which is both a violation of general law and even Hillary's “controlling” Executive Order 12958, Sec. 1.8 (“In no case shall information be classified in order to: . . . prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of national security.”). To the extent that Hillary and the State Department participated in this stonewalling, she failed to disclose these conflicts.

On the one hand, one might argue that Hillary had no duty to disclose her conflicts of interest surrounding Executive Order 12958 in signing her NDA since she was not Secretary of State in 1995. However, she was the wife of the President and was being delegated near cabinet-level status over health care reform. Her influence then was unmistakable.

Hillary's intimate knowledge of this long-planned digital takeover plan is nothing short of racketeering at the highest levels of government and commerce.

Clearly, we have two branches of government that are out of control—Executive and Judiciary. The Judicial branch via the FISA Court is collaborating with ISCAP insiders to craft the results they want.

Congress needs to assert its authority and reign in these runaway branches of American government while we still have a Republic worth preserving.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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  1. It is incredible that people even consider Hillary as a candidate for president! She has a record of a STRING of FAILURES and NO accomplishments. She is constantly under investigation for doing outrageous almost certainly criminal acts...look at what is now being revealed...UNBELIEVABLE! There is no way this person can be allowed to represent this great country.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    What we are seeing in our country today is symptomatic of several diabolical human conditions festering all at once......envy, greed, dishonesty, unnatural perversion, prejudice, selfishness, and delusion. The body politic has learned to twist the mind of the vulnerable to distort their arguments and win their elections. The "unbelievable" is now probable.

    A man known for doing nothing for 74 unproductive years , Bernie, is looking at a serious possibility of becoming the nominee for the largest political party. The reasons for this phenomena is multidimensional, but it boils down to the absence of Hillary's lack of probity and her long track record or criminal activity and incompetence. This woman is truly a serial liar. If Bernie wins California, and he just took the polling lead, the super duper delegates may switch their support. If Hillary gets indicted, as she should, the super dupers will switch. To say that the Clinton machine is in trouble is an understatement. To say Bernie would be a strong leader is laughable. Not one of you had ever heard of this man until he stumbled to the microphone and announced his program of taking from the productive greedy capitalists and giving to unproductive socialist millennials . Bingo....the crowds began to grow , the pot began to flow, and the utopian Marxist dream was happening again. Bernie has not one accomplishment to show for his inept years in politics. Yet, he is now iconic. The problem is that this is the country ( the USA) that demonstrated to the world how free enterprise, constitutional integrity, and honesty could produce " leave it to Beaver" lives. The world saw America as the perfect way to fulfill human possibilities . The international population has to be astonished at how fast Obama tanked our country. If Hillary had an ounce of honesty , this Bernie phenomena could have never been possible. History will not be nice to Hillary. She lost to an insignificant minority community organizer in 2008 and will probably lose to an inept Marxist nursing home candidate this time around.

    And then we have the Donald. His mouth , not his brain, is not politically correct. He says what most of us mutter under our breathe . His brain , however, is spot on . He says basically what Bill Clinton said about most social issues, our borders , redistribution of wealth , taxes and the military. The Obama/ Clinton team has tried to trap Trump like they did Romney.....racial comments, homophobic comments , and misogynist comments. They use every trick to encourage divide due the human conditions mentioned above. But Trump is better at this than anyone imagined. The reason is that he is actually very brave. He has learned to think, anticipate counter attacks, and establish strong negotiating positions. The polls do not scare him. He probably could care less about a second term. He wants to win and change our direction in four short years. He wants our great country to flourish again.

    Mike Tyson once said, " I always had a plan for every fight. But the first time they hit me in the face, I forgot my plan". That's Trump. Trump has a plan. Hit him in the face, the plan gets lost. He will fight to win. He's smart, he's fearless, and his agenda is to make America great again. Not just for us old white guys but for everyone that cares about being Americans. Hillary calls Trump dangerous. I call him a breath of fresh air. I know Hillary is wrong because she is a serial liar and because I love fresh air.

    Have a great day, TEX.


    Readers are encouraged to pay close attention to the "Cloud" SPAM filters that block spam from coming to your email Inbox. Any Internet service provider with a political bias can easily mark a political candidate's emails to you as SPAM and you will likely never realize it. That candidate will just go silent.

    We receive campaign emails from all candidates, Hillary, Bernie and Trump. However, just yesterday Trump's email messages stopped coming and we noticed they were REDIRECTED to our online SPAM folder. This change was made unilaterally and without our permission or knowledge by our provider. Had we not checked the SPAM folder, we would just think that Trump didn't like us anymore.

    We had been receiving Trump's messages. This is proof that some engineer in charge of the SPAM filter settings at our Internet Email service provider chose to CENSOR Donald Trump's campaign emails to us.

    If this provider/engineer bias is repeated on a national scale to tens of millions of people, a close election can be swung to the engineer's preferred candidate. Scientific studies in India have proven that such manipulation in search engine results can swing elections by over 10% toward the candidate preferred by the criminal manipulators.

    American citizens must DEMAND transparency from the largely left-leaning Internet service email and search providers. This latest AFI post explains why these providers are so pro-Obama and pro-Clinton.

    Despite your political leanings, as an American you should be horrified at the unaccountable power being placed in these people's private hands to manipulate our political discourse.

    SPEAK UP. SPEAK OUT. DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. Don't take silence and lame excuses.

  4. Do you feel safe? I don't.

    Now another major government agency is now using Facebook extensively.

    I encourage you to go to the Social Security Administration home page ( and type in the word Facebook in the search field. You'll quickly see how extensively that (actually Leader Technology's) technology is being used.

    According to the Social Security Administration's own 2015 "Fact Sheet," 59 million Americans (9 out of 10 aged 65 or older) received benefits in the amount of $870 billion thanks to its 65,000 employees. So much for protecting the privacy of Americans....The tentacles of Facebook keep infiltrating our society.

  5. Email comment by GH:

    Wonder who will be the first to blow the lid off of Ms. Hillary?

    The Hill. (Jun. 04, 2016). Clinton IT aide Pagliano ordered to produce DOJ immunity agreement. FoxNews.

    A federal judge ordered the man who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server Friday to produce the immunity agreement he had reportedly struck with the Department of Justice as part of her investigation.

    According to The Hill, the judge’s order postpones Bryan Pagliano’s deposition with the watchdog group Judicial Watch indefinitely. The interview had been scheduled to take place Monday.

    Pagliano planned to assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answers questions over an open records lawsuit, according to court documents obtained Wednesday by Fox News. His lawyers also asked a federal judge to block Judicial Watch from recording his deposition, stating that a written transcription should be enough.


    The facts are that Thiel helped finance the Greatest Financial Fraud in the History of the World in the theft of the social networking invention from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies.

    Clynes, T. (Jun. 4, 2016). Peter Thiel’s Dropout Army. The New York Times.


    Staff. (Jun. 02, 2016). NSA Whistleblower: US Has Created Nazi Germany Worldwide. Before It's News.

    Tuesday, National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney not only compared the US surveillance program to Nazi Germany, according to Cassandra Fairbanks of We Are Change. The former high-ranking agency official also explained how most Americans have been brainwashed to accept dangerous surveillance state standards and dismiss people of goodwill, including targeted individuals attempting to raise awareness and halt the spiraling global Nazi state.

    1. AFI covered NSA whistleblower William Binney in our previous post:



    The New York Times just published an explanation of how people like Bill and Hillary hide their money. We are just stupid for letting them get away with it... and voting for them anyway. The Republic of our Founders is dead when the citizens do not assert their We The People power and give that power instead to these immoral, power hungry scoundrels.

    Gates, G. (Jun. 05, 2016). Mossack Fonseca Helped Clients Skirt or Break U.S. Tax Laws With Offshore Accounts. The New York Times.

    "Clients convey their money to one or a series of corporations that Mossack Fonseca creates in spots around the world. In some cases, the firm has advised clients to justify the money flow out of the United States by falsifying receipts for imaginary purchases, or claiming they had made bad investments and lost the money."

    INTERESTING OMISSION FROM THE NYT ARTICLE: Revenue from social media "advertising." This is probably this biggest scam of all. If I see another "deal" for a mobile phone or Internet service I am going to puke. "Advertising" is the money laundering vehicle of choice for Wall Street and Silicon Valley, it seems.

    1. Thanks to an AFI reader for making a downloadable PDF of this New York Times article:

  9. Judge Jeanine. (Jun. 12, 2016). 'The Fix Is In': Judge Jeanine Says Obama Is Complicit in Hillary Email Scandal. Fox News Insider.

    Hillary Clinton's utter confidence that she will not be indicted in her private email server scandal suggests that President Obama and his Justice Department are complicit, Judge Jeanine said in her opening statement last night.

    "He was aware of her private email server and actually communicated with her on it," Judge Jeanine stated.

    She pointed out that within 24 hours of Clinton saying she was absolutely certain no indictment was forthcoming, Obama officially endorsed her.

    Why would the president do that? Judge Jeanine wondered, suggesting it might be because Clinton sent Obama 18 emails from her private email address, and he replied to at least two of them.

    "Translation: Barack, you knew the one way that I communicated. And if I’m indicted, you will be my first witness, because you knew in real time as secretary of state that I was communicating on a private server. You knew, as did everyone. I dare you."

  10. Google is manipulating search results for Hillary.


    Google Censors Hillary Clinton Controversy

    Here's Why Some Say Google Is Skewing Search Results to Favor Hillary

  11. There is no question Google 'favors' people, subjects. What is depressing is the major issues get distorted. eg., To better understand our serious situation re radical muslims, everyone should see by Raheel Raza
    This is incredible factual information...and oh so hard to find. I wonder why, or if you will even see this...


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