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Friday, May 29, 2015


Ben Franklin: To sacrifice liberty for temporary safety is to deserve neither

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | May 29, 2015, Updated Jun. 08 | PDF
Update, Jun 08, 2015:
Soliciting Ideas On Legal Rationale for "Fraud on The People" by Obama, Harvard Law, his attorneys, law firms, colluding judges & judicial employees
Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, House Oversight Committee on Government Reform, hearings on FOIA, Jun. 2, 2015
L/R Jim Jordan (OH), Jason Chaffetz (UT)
Laywers & Judges can Lie, Legally

No wonder Hillary lies about her email server and laughs. Government officials in lawsuits and tribunals are allowed to lie—even though their oaths of
ethics say the opposite. Congress allowed across-the-board lying with revisions of 18 USC 1001(b) on Oct. 11, 1996—just weeks after Congress passed James P. Chandler's Economic Espionage Act of 1996. This is yet more koinky dink timing for the IBM / Chandler / Eclipse Foundation / NSA / Facebook cartel—a year after IBM's Eurotech Ltd/SpA embedded systems front company with Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and Wind River was formed—"The Internet of Things."

Legal Ethics Farce on the People:
18 USC 1001(b) (revised Oct. 11, 1996) Attorney Rules of Prof. Conduct 3.3 a(1) Federal Rules of Evidence 410 Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges, Canon 3
Fraud laws do not apply to judicial proceedings "A lawyer shall not knowingly . . . make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal" False statements under oath are admissible A judge shall be fair and impartial
Click here for legislative history of this Fraud on The People
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Chairman, House Oversight Committee, just revealed on Jun. 2, 2015 that on Apr. 15, 2009, just two weeks after Eric H. Holder's, Jr.'s appointment as Attorney General (a Chandler protégé), the Obama (another Chandler protégé) White House sent a memo that directed all FOIA requests and Congressional inquiries and subpoenas to be reviewed first by White House counsel. White House counsel was controlled by two Facebook law firms then: (1) Donald K. Stern, Cooley Godward LLP (Leader v. Facebook), and (2) husband and wife Robert F. & Anita B. (Dunn) Bauer, Perkins Coie LLP, Obama's personal counsel. This memo signals clear intent by the White House to control a big hidden agenda. Such hidden agendas by public officials constitute fraud. They were clearly hiding their plans to "fundamentally transform" cyberspace through the IBM / Chandler / Eclipse Foundaiton / Facebook / NSA / Wall Street Cartel. Such fraud is "Fraud on The People." In law, fraud voids judgments and decisions. "Fraud on The People" may consistute the vehicle by which Congress can correct the damage done by the endemic corruption of the Obama Administraiton. We solicit your thoughts in the comments on legal precedent for a charge of "Fraud on The People."
Update, Jun. 05, 2015:
FISA Court is a cronyistic fraud: result of judge "self-policing"
Judge Jose A. Cabranes is a FISA judge who makes his fortune on mutual fund insider dealings with spy-state apologists like IBM, Facebook & JPMorgan.
Jose A. Cabranes
Magically, Cabranes also popped up in the 2nd Circuit panel that denied Paul Ceglia's appeal against Zuckerberg. Ceglia just filed another appeal proving judge Zuck-love. Just denied. More Zuck-love.
Former New York Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano just published an article in The Washington Times on May 27, 2015 in which he exposed the secret FISA Court as nothing but fraudulent spy state apologists. This site has helped expose the identities of the FISA court's task masters: Chandler, IBM, Eclipse Foundation, Holder, Kappos, JPMorgan, Breyer (Soros), Sandberg, Summers, Facebook, NSA.
FISA Court Score:
Police State: 34,000
Citizens: 12
Napolitano stated: "In the 14 years of all this spying, the NSA has made more than 34,000 requests of the FISA court; only 12 have been denied." This court was supposed to provide constitutional checks and balances against NSA abuses. However, it is merely a rubber stamp for a secretive group of bankers, lawyers and judges who mock the Constitution behind a national security smoke screen. Their vices are as old as Cain and Able: Money, greed and power.

What other profession is allowed to choose the foxes guarding the hen house? These are the people who pretend to be a noble group who live above the fray. The facts show they are lining their pockets at the citizen's expense; hence they become wealthy after becoming a judge. The judges have forgotten they work for The People . . . and The People are letting them get away with it.
Disinformation from spy-state apologists:
No. Lie: Truth:
A. America is less safe after turning off NSA bulk metadata collection. FBI says not a single terrorist was caught using NSA bulk metadata collected on American citizens under the Patriot Act, despite billions of dollars invested. Who benefited since the American public did not? Follow the purveyors radiating out from law emeritus Professor James P. Chandler. He is a central figure as a primary security adviser to NSA / IBM / Eclipse Foundation / Holder and his Harvard Law/Stanford cronies. His, Holder's and IBM / David J. Kappos' historical relationships have been stripped from the research web, according to major university law library researchers. See also The Washington Post.
B. FISA Court protects citizens from NSA abuse. FISA Court approved all but 12 of NSA’s 34,000 NSA request—that’s the definition of a “rubber stamp” kangaroo court. Chandler is a long time adviser to FISA Court on economic espionage and trade secrets, having authored the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. NSA, IBM, FISA Court, trade secrets, economic espionage, patent theft, Kappos, Patent Office. See a pattern?
C. NSA does not collect content. To the spy-state cartel, relationship metadata is the content!
D. Bulk metadata helps connect the terrorist dots. See A.

Not effective. No oversight. Cost billions. So why are so many government officials frothing at the mouth over Senator Rand Paul's rightful protection of the Fourth Amendment? Could they be on the spy-state cartel's mutual fund gravy train? Where did that metadata content really go? We believe to the spy-state cartel led by IBM and The Eclipse Foundation with Facebook and the rest of the "social" world in tow as their dutiful data collection minions—Obama's mechanism for "fundamental transformation."

Benjamin Franklin - ''Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.''
Fig.1—Benjamin Franklin signed a solemn pledge two hundred and thirty six years ago. The final sentence of the Declaration of Independence is a promise among the Signers, to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.” Many of the Signers and their fellow patriots did, in fact, sacrifice their lives and fortunes in service to our country.

Are the scoundrels who are attempting to hijack America by electronic stealth with their totalitarian liberal mentality worthy of the Signers? Is it moral to try and get away with a deception just because you can?
Graphic: Americans For Innovation.


(May 29, 2015)—Americans have a Fourth Amendment right to privacy against illegal search and seizure by the government. Sadly, IBM has returned to the scene of its WWII crimes with Adolf Hitler by underpinning the NSA's bulk data collection scheme and feeding that data to its Silicon Valley "Big Data" cronies. See previous post.

Since the early 2000’s, proponents of an electronic spy state have been at work. They discovered an invention that would give them what they wanted, if they could control its continued development and distribution. In the process, they would build in permanent backdoor keys for themselves. That innovation was Leader Technologies’ social networking invention.

Ohio innovator, Leader Technologies, walked into a Washington, D.C. trap disguised as legal advise

In 2000, Leader was introduced to George Washington Law professor, James P. Chandler. Chandler was the NSA’s chief intellectual property counsel. Chandler also advised IBM, Congress, the Federal Judiciary and the White House on information security. This introduction was dumb luck for Chandler, who was actively seeking a new Internet platform with IBM to achieve his vision of bulk surveillance. He fooled Leader into thinking they were in capable legal hands.

But capable of what? As it turns out, theft—the exact opposite of his "I'll protect your trade secrets" sign on the door.

Totalitarian Liberal Logic

Chandler’s totalitarian liberal logic was that Americans are not capable of securing themselves, so he and his friends will do it for us. And of course, it was only fair that they take good care of themselves. This is a quote from Chandler's Aug. 30, 2002 handwritten notes recently disclosed by a whistleblower (See Fig. 2):

Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: We have no relunctance to share info. with the County - DO NPT GO PUBLIC w/ this
Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknolwedged, Doug Duncan is aware
Professor James P. Chandler, III, engaged in secret negotiations for the Patent Office, IBM and CIA to hijack his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for secret government uses: NIPLI to define space specs, what we need, what we don't need, IBM Incorporating Members, Business Model - different from current business model, consider some approach to partnering w/ IBM
Fig. 2—On Aug. 30, 20002, whistleblower information proved that James P. Chandler was colluding with IBM (David J. Kappos, chief intellectual property counsel) and the U.S. Patent Office were colluding in the formation of The Eclipse, Foundation. Doug Duncan was Montgomery County, Maryland executive (mayor). Kappos was appointed director of the Patent Office by President Obama in a rare recess appointment on Aug. 07, 2009. Soon after, Kappos converted all of his IBM stock to Vanguard stock. IBM's chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, is now a director of Vanguard. Loughridge wrote the $40 million "donation" check at IBM to fund The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001. Chandler's whistleblown notes experts here show he is starting to spend the Eclipse cash and recruit IBM partners without disclosing his conflicts of interest to his other client, Leader Technologies, Inc.

TRANSCRIPT of Kelley Clements' stenographer's notes above:

We have no reluctance to share info. with the County - DO NOT GO PUBLIC w/ this
We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged
-Doug Duncan is aware [Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive]
NIPLI [Chandler's National Intellectual Property Law Institute] to define space specs
- what we need
- what we don't need

IBM Incorporating Members [The Eclipse Foundation]
Business Model - different from current business model
-consider some approach to partnering w/ IBM
Graphic: Chandler notes.
"We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged."—James P. Chandler, III

He appears to have reasoned that taking care of himself and his friends along the way, well, that was only fair.

JPMorgan-Wall Street

One thing led to another. Chandler's federal judge friends complained about their pay and how unappreciated they were. So, with JPMorgan’s help, Chandler and JPMorgan concocted a way to make judges wealthy through changes to mutual fund disclosures that Chandler used his Washington law influence to push through unsuspecting judicial conferences. Asking those judges to then rule his way on occasion, well, that was only a fair.


Chandler's client, IBM, was still licking its wounds at being eclipsed by Silicon Valley. So Chandler decided IBM would drive this bus and make Silicon Valley ride. Well, that was only fair.

Patent Office

Chandler's client, the Patent Office, would be instructed to cooperate, on occasion, whenever a pesky inventor whose technology they would steal, made a claim against this hegemony. To insure this, Chandler arranged with his buddy Obama to have his buddy at IBM, David J. Kappos, appointed Patent Office director in a rare recess appointment. Kappos's cooperation in killing patents Eclipse and IBM wanted to steal, well, that was only fair.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's top thieves venture capitalists played along with Wall Street to create a stream of IPO spin offs off of Leader Technologies' social networking invention. JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and a slew of offshore money launderers constructed this Ponzi scheme on a heretofore unseen scale. The fact that all these conspirators pocketed fortunes themselves, well, that was only fair.

Mutual funds like Fidelity, Vanguard and T. Rowe Price were invited into the fold to create special mutual fund bribery vehicles to garner the dutiful cooperation of judges, bureaucrats and politicians. (Tip: "Invest in XYZ mutual fund and ask no questions." Wink. Wink. Don't worry, the "safe harbor concept" we slid through the Judicial Conference in 2001 will be your excuse if this scheme is exposed.)


Chandler's client, the NSA, wanted all the backdoor keys, which Chandler arranged with IBM's full support. After all, IBM had prior experience with Adolf Hitler and state surveillance. To reward the people and companies who helped the NSA achieve this goal, well, that was only fair.

(Well, aren't these people just a right fair bunch? Never mind they severely damaged propriety and the world economy in the process.)

IBM: Once a monopoly, always a monopoly. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." See previous post, IBM SOLD OUT AMERICA IN SALE OF PC GROUP TO CHINESE IN 2004.

How did Chandler unify all these disparate elements into a common cause?

solar eclipse
Photo: Photography Life

U.S. Constitution eclipsed by Eclipse

Voile! On Nov. 29, 2012, IBM / Kappos and Chandler formed a fake foundation named "The Eclipse Foundation." IBM "donated" a mere $40 million (Leader Technologies had already invested $10 million and 145,000 man-hours). The term “Eclipse” is Freudian, as in block the U.S. Constitution in the process of building this secret spy engine.

Obama: Fundamentally Transforming America

Obama (and his cronies in banking, tech and the judiciary) would have had this Eclipse agenda in his head when he promised in 2008 to "fundamentally transform(ing) the United States of America."

With The Eclipse Foundation, these disparate players each received what they wanted. The NSA constructed backdoor keys; IBM drove global architecture; Silicon Valley cooked up IPOs with the help of a phalanx of crooked law firms; the Government gave "big data" metadata to feed crony Silicon Valley companies; Wall Street and mutual funds created "deal flow;" judges, bureaucrats and politicians grew rich by riding along and occasionally clear regulatory problems. Facebook took a piece, so did Instagram, Linked In, athenahealth, Castlight Health, Baidu,, Groupon Zynga, Microsoft, wikis, blogs, yada yada yada.

Ben Franklin scolded Chandler’s spy-state mentality centuries ago:

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” —Ben Franklin (1759)

Ask your Senators to vote to stop NSA bulk data collection and related authorizations

Professor James P. Chandler
Fig. 3–James P. Chandler
Leader Technologies' patent counsel. Also trade secrets and economic espionage counsel to IBM, Patent Office, Congress, the White House, Fenwick & West LLP, NSA, DOE, FBI, Justice Department, Judiciary. A real life Treadstone?
Photo: NIPLI.

No one in their right mind is against Constitutional law enforcement practices. Equally, no freedom-loving American should tolerate unConstitutional practices where personal information is stored in bulk, without a warrant that is approved by an impartial judge who is not an insider in the cronyistic secret spy state FISA court.

Totalitarian regimes collect bulk data. The American Republic should not.

The U.S. Senate meets in a special Sunday session to vote on whether or not to extend The Patriot Act and its bulk data collection program

Click here to find contact information for your Senator.

Please ask your Senators to vote to stop the un-American NSA bulk data collection program. The spy state apologists argue that no one can prove that the data has been abused. This is a self-serving argument since it is all secret. In any event, the very fact that it is being collected at all is an abuse of the U.S. Constitution. Senator Rand Paul rightly says: "We don't have to choose between fighting terrorism and obeying the Constitution."

Only police states spy indiscriminately

Only police states spy indiscriminately on its citizens to gain advantage. The NSA's spy-state apologists in Silicon Valley and Wall Street are using this metadata to manipulate public opinion, pad their coffers and influence votes. Count on it. America is being fundamentally transformed . . . in secret.

* * *

Control of the Internet
Fig. 4—Do the IBM/Eclipse/NSA/Facebook Cartel and the Obama administration plan to seize control of the Internet before this administration leaves office? Seems they do. Blanket NSA metadata collection facilitates that goal since it allows IBM, Eclipse members, including Facebook, to know everyone's connections and networks, intimately. Once they know your networks they can control you. The agenda here is utterly immoral, yet packaged in a floury national security or protect-our-kids rationale.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Repost of Rain's comment from previous Post:

    Tell your Senators to vote against NSA bulk data collection. (They vote in special session on Sunday, so do it today!) You can go to their contact page at:

    Here's what I wrote. FEEL FREE to use it!

    Dear Senator NAME,

    I agree with the principle that a warrant must have a real name. I am against, on constitutional principles, the idea of a blanket warrant given to a telecom company by a government agency that can make up its own rules as it goes in secret. This is the definition of totalitarianism. There must be public accountability. A secret FISA court is not public accountability, especially since these courts are stacked with like-minded cronies

    Please vote against NSA bulk data collection.



  2. Repost of Arasmus comment from previous Post:

    Several of us just watched a PBS Independent Lens documentary last night called "1971." It is well worth the time IMHO.

    PBS TRAILER: "On March 8, 1971, a group of citizens broke into a small FBI office in Pennsylvania, took every file, and shared them with the public. Their actions exposed the FBI's illegal surveillance program of law-abiding Americans. Now, these previously anonymous Americans publicly share their story for the first time."

    OUR COMMENTS: Every patriot of any political stripe should watch this. It chronicles activists protesting FBI J. Edgar Hoover's police state and the widespread violation of First Amendment rights in 1971. The FBI was conducting dragnet surveillance on anyone whose political activity Hoover considered anti-American--even mothers' support groups Hoover considered "Feminist Activists." The parallels to the NSA's bulk collection of our phone records is disturbing. (What else are they doing that we don't know about?.)

    It appears that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Chandler, FISA Judge Reggie Walton (signed the opinion ceding dictatorial powers to Holder in 2008) and Loretta Lynch are our black J. Edgar Hoovers, on steroids. Payback's a bitch?

    The Constitution and property rights are collateral damage, it would seem.

    SYNOPSIS OF NSA SIMILARITIES : Chandler was legal counsel to Leader Technologies, yet gave away Leader's invention / Arunachalam's invention / Van der Meer's invention / Ceglia's contract rights / etc. via Chandler's clients, David J. Kappos (later Obama's Patent Office director, IBM and Fenwick & West (Accel Partners - Facebook's largest insider shareholder)). MEMO: Chandler decided these proprietary properties should be given to IBM as "Open Source." Why? Because His Beneficence thought they should, it created more legal fees from IBM, and it made him big man on campus... and oh by the way, it aided national security--Hoover's excuse to do it all in secret too.

    Chandler then arranged for his other clients, Eric Holder / Loretta Lynch, to be granted almost dictatorial powers to seize data on Americans and store it in Facebook's databanks outside the United States, via an obscurely written "advisory opinion" that only this group would know how they intended to abuse it.

    FACT: Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah, currently fighting for extension of the Patriot Act, is also a Chandler client. There are probably lots of skeletons in these closets. Chandler is calling in markers, for sure. Disgraced Leader v. Facebook Federal Circuit Chief Judge, Randall Rader, worked for Hatch and with Chandler at the Senate.

    So you see, this corruption is no respecter of party.

  3. Repost of Arasmus comment from previous Post:

    The American surveillance state apologists are in full spin mode after the FBI said they could not identify a single terrorist captured by the NSA bulk data collection program. They're also saying there is no proof hat the metadata has been abused.

    The fact that it has been collected and kept secret without oversight is big evidence of abuse! Second, how would we ever know since they have operated in secret and without oversight?

    Most telling are the $$$ billions of dollars put into a program for such allegedly meager returns. This spin is likely all misdirection.

    We should be asking who has had access to this data all along. Taking bets its the same Obama Facebook Cartel that has been building backdoor data-sucking siphons into data with the help of Obama's chief hack, Todd Y. Park (athenahealth, Castlight Health, Obamacare architect, Data Palooza organizator).

    Also taking bets that we'll find this NSA data not only in Utah, but in our "dark profiles" in Sweden, China, Brazil and other BRIC countries where the Accel Partners / IDG / Goldman Sachs / Morgan Stanley / JPMorgan are shifting all their assets.

  4. Read this:

    Freedom Act Does Little to Curtail Dragnet NSA
    Thursday, 28 May 2015 10:19 AM
    By Andrew Napolitano

    . . . After the House Judiciary Committee took all this into account in its redrafting of the proposed Patriot Act, the House Republican leadership and the George W. Bush White House pulled a fast one. They switched the painstakingly negotiated version of the Patriot Act for the original version and posted the original version on the House intranet, and leadership scheduled a vote within the hour of posting. . . .

    Let's ask our Senators to kill all this unconstitutional skullduggery.

  5. SENATOR RAND PAUL has it right, and he has b-ipartisan support. Here's his email today. A take away: "We don't have to choose between fighting terrorism and obeying the Constitution."

    RAND PAUL'S May 30, 2015 EMAIL:

    Tomorrow I will force the expiration of the NSA's illegal spying program.

    I will not allow any bill extending illegal NSA spying to be rushed through ahead of the deadline.

    My oath is to support and defend the Constitution and I won't back down.

    The abuse of general warrants and the attack on the Bill of Rights must stop once-and-for-all.

    We don't have to choose between fighting terrorism and obeying the Constitution.

    That's why, two years ago, I sued the NSA.

    It's why I proposed the Fourth Amendment Protection Act to force our government to abide by the Bill of Rights.

    It's why I have fought for a full, open and honest debate on warrantless domestic spying -- a debate that is always kicked down the road in the name of "security."

    So last week, with the proponents of this illegal spying rushing toward a deadline to ram through renewing illegal spying, I took a stand.

    I filibustered for over 10 hours to shine a light on the vast expansion of the spy state and the erosion of our liberties.

    I stood on the Senate floor until the early hours of the morning and helped block any short-term extension of these powers.

    Tomorrow, the Senate will come back from recess with just hours left before the NSA's illegal spying powers expire.

    And I won't allow defenders of the spy state to legislate through a manufactured crisis by holding a deadline over the head of Congress.

    Let me be clear: I believe the number one job of the federal government is national defense.

    I believe we must fight terrorism and I believe we must stand strong against our enemies.

    But we do not need to compromise the Constitution in the process.

    In fact, we must not.

    I am ready and willing to start the debate on how we fight terrorism without giving up our liberty.

    This can't be delayed any longer.

    I do not do this to obstruct.

    I'm fighting for a strong national defense that upholds the Constitution and protects Americans from enemies who seek to do us harm.

    So I hope I can count on you to sign your petition and stand with me as I force illegal NSA spying to expire and stand strong against any deals or threats.

    In Liberty,

    Rand Paul

  6. Email comment by TEX:

    A few years ago, there was a movie made about a man named Bob Kearns. In a number of ways, the story of Mr Kearns parallels the Leader Vs Facebook story. Seems that Mr Kearns, an engineer by education, invented and patented the first intermittent windshield wipers. He took his new invention to Ford and Chrysler . Both auto makers rejected his idea. However, in a couple of years , both included these wipers with variable speeds on their new cars. Mr Kearns knew, with certainty , that his idea was stolen. He spent years pursuing an equitable remedy but the big money seemed to win at every turn. They tried to beat him down, discourage him, threaten him . Without question, they underestimated his toughness and resolve. He ultimately prevailed. The movie , Flash of Genius, was not a box office hit and the producers of the movie were castigated by industry peers for their efforts to tell a true story against industry giants. Nonetheless, the theft was exposed and he gained his justice.

    Sound familiar? Apparently, auto makers wanted those wipers to be "open source". It was better to let everyone have it's application than to pay royalties to the inventor. After all, it was for the common good. In this movie, the names of Ford and Chrysler are interchangeable with Chandler, Facebook, IBM, et al. The name Kearns could be Leader Technologies. It appears that the inventors of the patents ( Leader) used by Facebook and others , are just as tenacious. The difference , however, is that there appears to be a new layer of complicity in the Leader case.......the judges . This is a layer Kearns didn't have to overcome.

    Interestingly enough, IBM has patent theft issues of their own. Over the last few years they have sued Twitter, Priceline, and Amazon over patent infringement. Since they are such strong proponents of "open source" , why would they give a hoot about someone stealing their IP ? Gosh, is that only applicable to others ? The website , , demonstrates the seriousness of patent protection for companies that spend millions on R&D. You will see billions of dollars of lawsuits involving IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others , because IP is an asset on the balance sheet just like a building, an account receivable, or cash. It you pirate IP, it is theft. My concern is that if theft does occur, and judges are complicit, what chance does a peanut company have against the financial giants? If the little inventor has no method to protect his invention, why bother? I will assure each of you, if IBM sees a conflict of interest from a sitting judge, the word" recusal" would be heard loud and clear.

    On another subject. It's been pretty wet here in Texas for the last month. Flooding, tornadoes, and storm damage are everywhere. I have been amazed at the generosity of Texans, neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger. Our state has its share of problems, but Texans understand, overall, that doing the right thing improves our ability to live a quality life. Do yourself a favor today, look around you and help someone in need .....

    Have a great day, TEX

  7. In 2007, Allan Sloan published an article about the CDOs issued during Paulson last months as CEO House of junk how mortgages went bad. When the financial crisis stuck before the 2008 election Obama pointed to wall street greed as examples of the need for change in America, after taking office spoke Obama spoke of the need to reform the industry but the financial reforms were weak and it was all a lie what can i say it's a wall street government, how can there be reform when the bankers and lawyers that Obama appointed were the cause of the financial crisis, bankers, lawyers and judges who mock the Constitution behind a national security smoke screen. Money, greed and power Zuckerberg is only the wind up toy they put out in front of this parade with Obama Mark Zuckerberg appears to have actually stolen the engineering source code when he stole the idea facebook, Obama NSA have allowed Facebook to get away with jury and court manipulation the NSA knew facebook was stolen and the FBI wonted in on this as well. And it was Obama that appointed all the lawyers and judges.

  8. Read Sheryl Attkisson's Congressional Testimony about the utterly corrupted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process and weep at the depths of lawlessness reached by this Obama Administration.

    Testimony of Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson - House Oversight Committee Hearing on Federal Agencies Violating the Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act or FOIA should be one of the most powerful tools of the public and the press in a free and open society. Instead, it’s largely a pointless, useless shadow of its intended self.

    Federal bureaucrats paid tax dollars to act on our behalf routinely break the law with impunity, treating public material as if it’s confidential, secret information to be controlled by a chosen few. They withhold it from the public, its rightful owners, while sharing it with select partners such as corporations or other so-called “stakeholders.”

    In 2013, the Defense Department finally responded to a FOIA request I’d made in 2003. Too late to be of use for the news story I was working on back then—ten years before.

    For perspective: my daughter was eight years old when I made the request. When the Pentagon finally replied, she was going off to college.

    Last October, I filed a FOIA request when CDC was not forthcoming about the epidemic of Enterovirus EV-D68 possibly linked to the deaths of 14 children and the paralysis of 115 children.

    In December, long past the supposed 20-day response time allowed under FOIA, I asked about the status. CDC answered, incredibly, that they were just too busy with the Ebola crisis to process my FOIA. But even now with the Ebola crisis excuse gone, CDC still hasn’t provided a single page of Enterovirus information eight months after I asked.

    Filing a lawsuit to force the government to comply with FOIA law takes too much time and money, and the agencies still play the delay game. In court, the Justice Department—itself among the worst of FOIA offenders—spends our tax dollars defending violators in their effort to keep public documents secret.

    In one lawsuit I filed, the FBI spent months repeatedly claiming that it didn’t have information it had previously acknowledged, in writing, that it did have.

    I also filed a lawsuit for material I sought in 2012. Apparently, the government didn’t bother to start looking for documents when I requested them—only now in 2015 are they beginning to do so under court pressure. But documents provided so far are redacted beyond reason.

    In 2014, when the State Department finally sent some emails responsive to a request I made in 2012, just about everything was redacted except the address line.

    It should come as no surprise that federal agencies often treat Congress with the same disdain and lack of transparency.

    They guard and redact information Congress requests, as if Congress is a foreign enemy rather than representatives of the rightful owners of the information.

    When pressed to provide material to Congress, federal officials often exert dictatorial control—creating strict terms and rules such as: only allowing review of the material during certain times in special rooms, all under the watchful eye of federal agency minders. This is not transparency.

    --- END, Sheryl Attkisson Congressional Testimony, Part A---

    1. --- BEGIN, Sheryl Attisson Congressional Testimony, Part B---

      The FOIA process is improperly politicized. Federal agency press flacks intervene to withhold potentially embarrassing documents. FOIA law does not permit this political intervention, but it’s routinely done.

      Federal agencies increasingly employ new tactics to obfuscate and delay.

      They say they don’t understand a FOIA request.

      They claim it’s too broad.

      They say a search would be unreasonable.

      When they do provide a sensitive document, they redact nearly everything using exemptions such as b(5) deliberative process—which has become so ridiculously overused, it’s earned the nickname: the “withhold it because you want to” exemption.

      Federal agencies claim they lack funding and staff. But they have created their own FOIA backlog by unnecessarily requiring even the simplest requests to go through the onerous FOIA process.

      And when a court finds a federal agency violated FOIA law, penalties are almost never imposed. And if the court orders the agency to repay the plaintiff’s legal costs, the agency uses your tax dollars… so there’s no deterrent to stop the bad behavior. In other words, they’re using our money to withhold our own information from us.

      In short, FOIA law was intended to facilitate the timely release of public information. Instead, federal officials have perverted it —and use it to obfuscate, obstruct and delay. The system is not broken by accident, it’s by design.

      In my view, the only thing that could make FOIA work as designed would be meaningful criminal penalties for violators.

  9. Email comment by TEX:

    The guiding lights for a civil society are the laws.....this piece by Sharyl Attkisson literally scares the snot out of me . How can we as a nation stand by this obvious abrogation of laws and not go ape s**t ? These people are thumbing their noses at our laws and our court system. They have disintegrated our borders, destroyed our middle class, and melted down our family structure. Police are criminals. This is a mockery of justice. It is time to go ballistic. We have to either elect a new batch of thieves or begin rioting. Have a great day, TEX

    1. When some Leader Technologies shareholders filed FOIA requests at the Patent Office. They were stonewalled in exactly the same ways as Ms. Attkisson describes. By the way, the Patent Office FOIA officer worked for Facebook's lawyer in Leader v. Facebook, but the Inspector General said that conflict was OK! Oh really? Asleep at the wheel or complicit? Anyway, the first response was they had nothing responsive. On appeal, a few documents with highly redacted contents were provided. They also claimed Executive Privilege! Obama? (Hindsight says Chandler/NSA.) On second appeal, a few more documents were magically discovered, with yet more redactions. They then said if you still were unhappy, you could sue them in federal court. Taking a different tack, these people started searching on their own and discovered from the breadcrumbs they were given who these judges and who they had worked for and were invested in: Cartel members IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and Xerox - all prior art patent holders that Facebook kept putting forward and losing on. It took a totally corrupt kangaroo court to get their way. This group of patent judges had issued 169 patents to IBM alone. This IBM mercantile spy-state cartel clearly has the senior federal judiciary in their back pockets.

  10. Here's our previous post exposing the Fraud Against the Patent Office perpetrated by David J. Kappos and his other IBM crony judges and staff inside the Patent Office:

  11. WIND RIVER "The Internet of Things" SCAM ALERT:

    They want you to have the impression that you have no choice but yield to their inevitability. Ever since this site started exposing IBM, The Eclipse Foundation, and their "The Internet of Things" propaganda, their "IoT" partners have been spending big on advertising to drowned out the truth-tellers about their theft.

    Watch for the names: IBM, Intel, SAP, Wind River, Cisco, Microsoft, JPMorgan, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Fidelity, blah blah blah.

    Here's new Wind River propaganda being pumped out by their tech propagandist ZDNet:

    Don't be fooled. We don't have to buy their inevitability. Andersen Consulting was once the largest consulting firm in the world, but is no more. These tech monopolies must fall too.

  12. The United States of America is no more.

    We are now:

    The Great Mercantile Spy State of America

    Wall Street and Harvard Law have taken over America by deception and stealth, using the justice system to grease their skids; and using Silicon Valley deal scams to line their pockets. The bribes and payoffs are based on money laundered from offshore and injected into America via IPO stock purchases at ridiculous valuations. All the while, Obama has let Silicon Valley steal our privacy through "big data" government give aways thru the IRS and Let's make sure jail cells await these criminals. Sheryl Sandberg's husband died mysteriously probably because he was not a Cartel insider and knew too much.

    Let's take our Republic back from these people. We fought a Revolution over this sort of monarchical arrogance.

    1. Nakashima, E. (Jun. 4, 2015). Chinese breach data of 4 million federal workers. The Washington Post.

      Uncanny timing. Almost too perfect, don't you think? Every time the IBM / Eclipse Foundation / Facebook / James W. & John P. Breyer China Office / Accel Partners / IDG-Accel China / Obama Cartel start feeling the heat of discovery and exposure, they orchestrate another "crisis" to divert the attention of us poor, stupid masses.

      What?! You're not fooled anymore?

      Good for you.

    2. Remember, two of Facebook's largest mutual fund investors, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard (Baillie Gifford) are the largest investors in Baidu China (a clone of Facebook-Google). JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, two of Facebook's largest underwriters and investors, played on both sides of the sale of IBM PC group to the the Chinese in 2004.

      Creepy cozy criminals who are attempting to hijack America by digital stealth. Are we going to let them?

  13. A British company specialising in the design of data centres filed a lawsuit against Facebook last month, claiming that the social media giant stole its designs for a more efficient data centre, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden. The filing states that in January 2014 Facebook “announced to the world it had developed a revolutionary new method of constructing large, mission critical data centers” and continues “Facebook claimed that it developed an innovative, pre-fabricated and modular construction approach, What Facebook did not disclose, however, was that this methodology and the detailed know-how supporting its use had in fact been stolen by Facebook from BRG,”Chandler arranged for his other clients, Eric Holder / Loretta Lynch, to be granted almost dictatorial powers to seize data on Americans and store it in Facebook's databanks outside the United States, via an obscurely written "advisory opinion" that only this group would know how they intended to abuse it. The American surveillance state apologists the FBI said they could not identify a single terrorist captured by the NSA bulk data collection program. They're also saying there is no proof that the metadata has been abused.
    Obama spoke of the need to reform the industry but the financial reforms were weak and it was all a lie what can i say it's a wall street government, how can there be reform when the bankers and lawyers that Obama appointed were the cause of the financial crisis, bankers, lawyers and judges who mock the Constitution behind a national security smoke screen. Money, greed and power Zuckerberg is only the wind up toy they put out in front of this parade with Obama Mark Zuckerberg appears to have actually stolen the engineering source code that runs facebook when he stole the idea facebook, Obama NSA have allowed Facebook to get away with jury and court manipulation the NSA knew facebook was stolen, Belgian Privacy Commission have tolled Facebook stop tracking people with the social buttons
    Obama pays John Key to run for election that John Key didn't wont to run for John Key knew Kim Dotcom had no emails John Campbell gone and a Former New York Superior Judge Andrew P. Napolitano just published an article in The Washington Times on May 27, 2015 in which he exposed the secret FISA Court as nothing but fraudulent spy state .... AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION
    Obama says its china no its china no its china no its china no F-----YOU

  14. Email comment by TEX:

    Dave123. I have no idea who you are or where you live, but you are a Texan at heart. Thank you for fighting a good fight. These criminals are thumbing their noses at us. Obama is either a mad genius or a pawn . Historians will talk about this period of American history like they do with the collapse of the Roman and Byzantine empires.

    Again, thanks for your tenacity. Have a great day, TEX

  15. Thanks for the info Dave123!

    In reading thru the redacted version of the complaint. The similarities about the theft of Leaders product and the Blade Room Group product are glaringly the same!

    In the complaint it states,

    "Instead, on information and belief: Facebook, together with Emerson, simply stole the BRG Methodology and passed it off as its own."
    It then goes on to state,
    "Facebook's misdeeds might never have come to light had it decided that simply stealing BRG's intellectual property was enough.
    Instead, Facebook went further when it decided to encourage and induce others to use BRG's intellectual property as well by revealing BRG's
    confidential information through an initiative created by Facebook called the "OpenComputeProject" ("OpenCompute'').
    According to the initiative 's website, available at, the goal of Open Compute is to give the public "full access to
    the specifications" used by Facebook in its data centers in order to "spark a collaborative dialogue" about how to improve its approach to data centers."

    Later they reveal that,
    "In his blog post, Mr. Magarelli claims that the RDDC concept ((Facebook Representative), added for clarity)) began with what he
    terms as a "hack": ·"In October 2012, our data center strategic engineering and development team
    and several experts in lean construction came together to hack on a design for a data center that
    would look less like a construction project and more like a manufactured product."

    Anybody see a pattern, or uncanny similarities?


  16. Email comment by TEX:

    Flavia and Mavis, my twin assistants, have gone over the edge. Both of these nitwits had crushes on Bruce Jenner for years. As I told you before, Mavis was the state high school shot put champion her senior year. She once threw a refrigerator about 30 ft in the air. Broke the ice feature because the water was still connected. Flavia was a cheerleader.... she held up the entire three layered pyramid by herself during regional championships. These are strong women.

    So now , since Bruce is Caitlyn, they are going to become Bill and Phil. They will be competing for his attention. That will be quite entertaining. Another issue is , will they still vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman ? Or will they vote for a man simply because he is a man ? I guess they could vote for Bernie Sanders since he appears to be both. These are exciting times in America. What was, isn't. What could be, won't . What shouldn't be, will. No one tells the truth, and others don't seem to care.

    When truth, laws, borders, neutral professors, neutral judges, neutral media, etc. are non existent, we can not survive. When families are destroyed and gender is negotiable at age 50, we have a problem. Had enough yet ?

    Have a nice day, TEX, and Bill and Phil

  17. Email comment by "I don't know why I bother being law abiding:"


    Here's a good summary:

    "3. What effect does an act of "fraud upon the court" have upon the court proceeding?

    "Fraud upon the court" makes void the orders and judgments of that court."


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