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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Freshman NJ congressman tied to Goldman Sachs pushed the False Statement [un]Accountability Act, then became a judge

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | jUN. 10, 2015 | PDF
Fig.1—Congress made lying to the Government and the courts legal. On Oct. 11, 1996, Congress passed the euphemistically named False Statements Accountability Act 18 USC § 1001. Subsection (b) of the Act made it legal to lie to courts and government agencies. Few Americans know about this law, but those unscrupulous lawyers who slipped it through Congress use it as their excuse to abuse power and line their pockets. This law must be rescinded with redress to its victims and punishment meted out to its perpetrators.
Graphic: Kushandwizdom.

(jUN. 10, 2015)—On Oct. 11, 1996, Congress passed the False Statement Accountability Act, 18 USC § 1001. On the same day, Congress passed the Economic Espionage Act, authored by Professor James P. Chandler, that has given rise to the current NSA and FISA Court abuses of Amercian privacy.

Perfect example of why Senator Rand Paul is Right about reading laws first
Senator Rand Paul (R Ky)
Congress should read laws before passing them. 18 USC § 1001(b) was a Cartel devil dressed up as "accountability."

The False Statement law gave judges, politicians, lawyers and their clients’ permission to lie in judicial proceedings, including federal agencies. Who is laughing besides the scoundrels who fooled Congress into passing this law?

Now we know why people like Lois Lerner (IRS), James Clapper (NSA), John Koskinen (IRS), Eric H. Holder, Jr. (DoJ), Todd Y. Park ( lied so blatantly in their hearings. They knew they were protected by this law, buried in the books.

Subsection (a) is consistent with moral law, well-settled precedent and common sense— don’t lie; tell the truth .

However, Subsection (b)  exempts liars .


Yes, it’s true.

More Cartel Plotting

Our investigation into the genesis of this law revealed a now familiar incestuous group of co-conspirators among IBM, Professor James P. Chandler, David J. Kappos, Eric H. Holder, Jr., The Eclipse Foundation, Facebook, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.

Subsection (b) was slipped into a law that had been unchanged since 1948. The 1996 revision ballooned from 81 to 284 words. How many Congresspersons read it before they approved it?

A real life "Get Out of Jail Free" Card:
"(b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding,* or that party’s counsel, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding."

* Judicial proceedings include administrative proceedings in government agencies: SEC, FEC, Commerce, Patent Office, HHS, IRS, DoE, DOD, FOIA, IG, Congress, DoT, etc.

Martini + Corzine = Cartel Agenda

L/R: Hillary R. Clinton, Jon S. Corzine, William J. Martini
Fig. 3–What role did Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have in putting forward the Subsection (b) "get out of jail free" card? Professor James P. Chandler was advising Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1996 on the Economic Espionage Act authority that the NSA used to spy on Americans. L/R: Hillary R. Clinton, Jon S. Corzine, William J. Martini. Click here for sample letter to Congress to repeal 18 USC § 1001(b).
Photo: Zerohedge.

The new law was sponsored by a one-term freshman Congressman from New Jersey, William J. Martini, who magically pushed it through in just seven months.

Martini was subsequently sponsored for a federal judgeship by then Senator Jon S. Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Coincidentally (?), on the same day (Oct. 11, 1996) as the passage of this False Statement Accountability Act, Professor James P. Chandler also pushed through the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (EEA). Chandler's EEA gave birth to the NSA spying on American citizens and its supposed oversight by the FISA Court, where 34,000 rubber stamped NSA requests have been approved and only 12 denied—a 0.03% rejection rate. Chandler agreed to become Leader Technologies' patent attorney in 2000 without disclosing his conflicting EEA agenda to co opt Leader's social networking invention for the NSA and its Wall Street and Silicon Valley cronies.

Ben Franklin: To sacrifice liberty for safety is to deserve neither

To put Corzine’s involvement in context, Corzine telegraphed his agenda as governor of New Jersey: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our citizens . . .” Despite this, he later bankrupted MF Global after losing $1.2 billion in customer funds. Lesson: Whenever the greedmeisters on Wall Street are concerned about American safety and security, run.

"Dark Pool" Cartel Club Membership

Corzine’s friends included a bevy of Harvard graduates, including Henry Paulson (Treasury), Barack Obama, Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan), Eric Holder (Attorney General), Preetinder Bhararra (US Attorney, NY), James W. Breyer (Accel Partners) Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs), Lawrence Summers (Instagram) and Professor James P. Chandler (IBM / EEA / Eclipse / NSA). These individuals were all involved, with numerous other Obama agency heads, in some way or another with the pre-IPO marketing of  billions of dollars in Facebook insider “dark pool” stock using offshore money laundering havens recently exposed by HSBC whistleblower, Hervé Falciani. See previous post.

While the Facebook “dark pools” were being sold to the likes of Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, Facebook lawyer, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, lied to Leader Technologies and the court in Leader v. Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg’s 28 computer hard drives and Harvard emails were lost. Magically, however, two days after Leader's appeal was denied by the Federal Circuit court to whom Hungar had lied (Chandler's former law student, Randall R. Rader, presided as chief judge without disclosing his conflict), Zuckerberg' information appeared intact in Ceglia v. Facebook.

Call to Action: Congress must repeal Section (b) A.S.A.P. to prevent further damage

No American citizen is shielded from the damage this law has caused.

How many tens of thousands of business and lives have been destroyed by this pernicious legislation that only benefits wicked people?

Click here for a sample letter to your elected representatives (Word *.doc file).

Click here for Contacting Congress contact information for your elected officials.

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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Even as far back as Socrates, it has been known that the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the State. The final threshold for enforcement of the laws in the USA has been the " judges" whose mandate was strict interpretation . No personal agendas, no personal gains or losses. Total neutrality. Political theorists proffer that if these purity mandates are violated, the State would (and has many times in history) collapse .

    Sadly , in the modern world , bureaucrats and judges tend to take actions that are similar to their own idealistic or personal agendas , especially if the leadership is an "agenda driven " assemblage. In that Obama, et al, are the most politically agenda driven administration in my lifetime, it seems that bureaucrats and judges have no fears. Why should they? Obama picked them because they fully endorse his " we are smarter than them" philosophy and " our actions are for the greater good even if they abrogate our laws" attitude. Without exception, Obama's appointed "skanks " have violated the trust of the American people. Want examples? State Department, DOJ, IRS, EPA , ICE, NLRB, and the U.S. court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit , to name a few. Do you trust Eric Holder, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, or Barack Obama? If we have no faith in these agencies or leaders, how can we survive as a nation of laws ? Literally, Obama has their back , not ours.

    Ironically, bureaucrats are easy to hire and difficult to fire. Shouldn't it be just the opposite? I put non elected, lifetime appointed judges in that category. Even though criminal violations are flagrant and plentiful , such as has been the rule in the patent office , there is little risk and huge upside for these criminals. They are unopposed. Our media has absolutely failed our country. Suppose that the AFI findings are only half true, would that still require investigation? At half true , should we be concerned ? At half true, shouldn't the media be digging for answers?

    I suspect that bureaucrats and politicians ( our public servants) receive a fair salary and extensive benefit package for their dedicated work. But even given that, how do so many end up being so rich? And why are there so many of these folks so intertwined in previous business and legal relationships without ever disclosing or recusing ? Could that be why they all have massive wealth ? They are public servants, not risk taking entrepreneurs. Could there actually be something nefarious going on in this great country of ours ? As Socrates might say, me thinketh so.

    Have a great day, TEX

  2. For god's sake. This matter was dead years ago. I'll just leave this here.

    1. Email comment by TEX:

      If you, Mr Bellman, think that judicial integrity is dead, I must concur. If you think that the integrity of the USPTO office is dead, I must concur. If you think that these thieves and liars can go on without being highlighted as thieves and liars for a very long time, sit back and watch. Have a great day, TEX

  3. Jonathan Bellman, your astroturfing is quit transparent. If we followed your advice, you wouldn't enjoy the freedom this country gives you to even do your astroturfing. Your feigned smugness is obvious bro. For you to so wantonly wave off the facts of these various cases means that you are incredibly ignorant, or you are a foot soldier in this cabal, and know the mistreatment of multiple American inventors, with multiple sets of facts, and multiple claims is all a part of your cabal's grand scheme.

    Your hubcaps are flying off bro. Be the first to turn the bad boys and girls in. It is not too late to save yourself.

  4. For Readers who have followed the Ohio State University administration corruption surrounding the bizarre dismissal of their beloved marching band director, Jon Waters, by the Facebook cartel. Here's an update. This new information only further confirms that the scandal had everything to do with the Cartel tapping into Ohio State's research data and student communications streams with MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) -- the university equivalence of Common Core. Apparently, the progressive liberal agenda means to manipulate the State of Ohio's influence over presidential elections, by hook or crook. Mostly crook[s]. (They are sick and tired of it. Didn't you get that memo? To them, Jon Waters and the band are dispensable peons in the face of their grand beneficence )

    Etchison, A. (May 6, 2015). School of Music director: Decision to fire Jon Waters was ‘done without my knowledge’. The Lantern.

    Binkley, C (May 7, 2015). Ohio State music school director decried firing of Jonathan Waters in letter. The Columbus Dispatch.

    Etchison, A. (May 8, 2015). Jon Waters files second lawsuit against Ohio State. The Lantern.

  5. President Barack Obama (appointed Leonard P. Stark to the judge's seat in Delaware Federal District Court eight days after Stark's court allowed Facebook to get away with jury and court manipulation of an on-sale bar verdict which was attained without a single piece of hard evidence; Barack and Michelle Obama were evidently protecting their 47 million "likes" on Facebook)

    Lawrence "Larry" Summers (Harvard President who aided Zuckerberg's light-speed rise to prominence with unprecedented Harvard Crimson coverage; Obama bailout chief; Clinton Treasury Secretary; World Bank Chief Economist; "Special Advisor" to Marc Andreessen in Instagram; co-creator of the current Russian robber baron economy; Marc L. Andreessen (Zuckerberg coach; client of Fenwick & West LLP and Christopher P. King aka Christopher-Charles King aka Christopher King aka Christopher-Charles P. King; Summers' sponsor during Instagram-scam; Facebook director) close 20-year relationships with protégés Sheryl Sandberg & Yuri Milner; aided in recommendations that created the Russian robber baron economy—and Yuri Milner/DST/Asmanov's money used to purchase Facebook stock)

    Goldman Sachs (received US bailout funds; then invested with DST in Facebook private stock via Moscow; took Facebook public; locked out American investors from investing)

    James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP; Facebook director; client of Fenwick & West LLP since the 1990's; apparently received technology from other Fenwick clients that was shuffled to Zuckerberg, incl. Leader Technologies' inventions)

    Peter Thiel (19-year old Zuckerberg coach; PayPal; Facebook director; CEO, Clarion Capital)

    David Kerkpatrick (Business Insider; "The Facebook Effect"; PR cleanse-meister re. Facebook origins) he got all the IMs and Emails on how this was done

    Morgan Stanley (received US bailout funds; took Facebook public; probably participated in oversees purchases of Facebook private stock before IPO)
    State Street Corporation (received U.S. taxpayer bailout money along with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley; consolodating control of ATM banking networks internationally
    JP Morgan Chase (received U.S. taxpayer bailout money along with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and State Street Corporation)

    On September 15, 2008 Lehman Brothers investment bank was forced to declare itself BANKRUPT

    Robin "Handsome Reward" Yangong Li (CEO, Baidu, Inc. (ADR); appointed Jan. 2004, the same month that Mark Zuckerberg obtained Leader Technologies' social networking source code to start Facebook; Robin Y. Li is very likely associated with John P. and James W. Breyer through their Chinese entities, including IDG Capital Partners, IDG-Accel and other variants; Li appointed a junior attorney from Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto/Mountain View, namely Parker Zhang, to be his "Head of Patents;" Fenwick & West LLP represented both Leader Technologies, Inc. and Accel Partners LLC in 2002-2003 and had Leader's source code in their files.)

  6. Email comment by TEX:

    Oh come on Dave, do you want us to believe that these Harvard geeks are this crooked and this smart? .......never mind. Have a great day ,TEX

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    There are three ways to control an agenda involving is persuasion, another is coercion , and the third is a combination of the two. As a dad, I tended to use coercion most often when the kids were younger, a combination as they grew into adolescence, and now it appears that persuasion is my best hope. As a grand dad, I use candy ( bribery). It matters not what human organization or nation one chooses, those are the tactics to used control the herd.

    It seems to me that our progressive , socialist , and amateurish president has made a mess of things because he failed to use these tools in a proper order in every challenge he has faced. He told us that he would be open and forthright on Obamacare ( persuasion) but instead he was coercive by hiding his intentions and passing the law with arcane , middle of the night tactics. He then tried to tell us that this law would help Americans generally and it didn't. Instead of debating strengths and weaknesses, he used name calling ( coercion) to silence his critics. Racist, misogynist , homophobe, and greedy capitalist were terms used every day by his spokesmen. He used the IRS, DOJ, EPA, and other strong armed bureaucracies against ( coercion) our own citizens. Clearly, his intentions were power, not problem solving.

    ---END, TEX comment, Part 1---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 2---

      In the " Arab Spring" melee, Obama threw away our fall back position ( coercive military strength) , and tried to use persuasion. The leaders of the theocratic Muslim world saw him as weak and incompetent. The same is true of Putin and the Chinese regimes. You can see the amusement in the eyes of these powerful leaders when Obama speaks. Let's try to persuade those that want to destroy us, and coerce our own citizens.......isn't that backwards ? I think Obama is a scaredy cat wimp.

      In this latest streak of our policemen shooting young black law breakers, some justified and some questionable, national leaders jumped quickly on law enforcement as being the criminals, and the criminals as being victims. That is truly coercion. Can you imagine the laughter from the streets if police were asked to leave their weapons at home, and just persuade these criminals to stop their nefarious acts ? The appropriate response would be persuasion to calm the riots and a strong show of force to protect the citizens ( coercion) . This would be a combination for those of you keeping score. And then a strong leader would look to his presidential agenda to see why so many young blacks are uneducated, in jail, on drugs, and roaming the streets killing other young blacks. These kids want to show their machoism hiding behind hoodies, tattoos, pistols, ear rings , and baggy pants. I have seen young people not only stand by while women are being raped and middle aged folks are pummeled , but also cheering with delight. Obama is an absolute disaster for minorities in this country. The lowest unemployment rates per category are blacks and women. And yet they voted him back in office. The tools Obama used to fight this growing cancer did not raise all boats, it actually gave the ultra rich a few more yachts at the expense of the truly needy.

      This blog clearly points out that usurping laws " for the greater good" is a symptom of a collapsing nation. The integrity of our culture is dissipating before our eyes. The persuasion used to change our culture has been coming at our young folks for many agendas, movies, TV, music, comedy, pornography, and even liberal theology. With the advent of social media , the hijacking of our culture was cemented into history. One election will not change it. The progressives knew that they were only one generation away from " transforming America". It is happening. And we, hopefully, are one generation away from restoring it. The revolution now is incumbent on those that believe that the idea of America was a good one. America is not just rock and dirt, it was an experiment of small government to encourage freedom and personal advancement. We wanted no king, no emperor. We diminished federal power on purpose. The leaders were to serve, not master. In a properly led Republic, all citizens have an opportunity to learn, compete, prosper , and live with with human dignity. Where did that go ?

      Have a great day, TEX


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