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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mark Loughridge, IBM CFO, arranged $10 billion JPMorgan slush fund, Goldman Sachs Ponzi-like financing for Chinese while cronies financed Facebook for NSA snooping without Congressional oversight

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | May 14, 2015, Updated Nov 25 | PDF
Note to new readers (May 22): We include this news flash about Judge Sue L. Robinson in this coverage of the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption and NSA spying scandals because JPMorgan is Facebook's and IBM's underwriter funding much of this corruption. JPMorgan also benefits from the technology stolen by IBM, Facebook and Eclipse. Bottom line: They say their technology is Open Source, but that is a Big Lie. They stand tall on the backs of real inventors in America and Europe.
Sue L. Robinson, District Court of Delaware
Fig. 1– Judge Sue Lewis Robinson. Presided one+ year over JPMorgan case before admitting conflicts of interest with JPMorgan.
Photo: C-SPAN.
May 18, 2014 News Update! Judge Sue L. Robinson in Arunachalam v. JPMorgan (see previous post) recused herself from the case on May 15, 2014 following Dr. Arunachalam's motion to disqualify for conflicts of interest. This is great news for justice, it will likely unwind all judgments in the case for judge bias, and force a rehearing of the whole case. Shockingly, Robinson sent the case back to Judge Richard J. Andrews, whose now admitted relationships to and admitted holdings in JPMorgan are legion. The Delaware District Court appears to be imploding from self-inflicted wounds. The crooked Leader v. Facebook Judge Leonard P. Stark is now the chief judge in this district. Stark holds substantial Facebook and JPMorgan stock. JPMorgan is one of Facebook's and IBM's lead underwriters.

Today, on May 18, 2015, Dr. Arunachalam filed a Motion to Void the Judgments Ab Initio (from the beginning). She lays bare the "corruption and maliciousness" of the judges and their JPMorgan handlers. The Delaware Court is knee deep in a quick sand of corruption created by their collusion with JPMorgan, IBM and the Facebook Cartel.

May 20, 2015 Update: The two faces of Judge Susan L. Robinson: On Sep. 13, 2013, Judge Robinson told the Senate Judiciary Committee that "whether you're dealing with chemical patents or software patents, clearly the mechanics of a patent case are complex and burdensome..." Yet on Apr. 08, 2014, just seven months later, Judge Robinson replaced the presiding Judge Richard G. Andrews in Pi-Net (Arunachalam) v. JPMorgan, cv-282-RGA-SLR. Just a week later on Apr. 15, 2014, Robinson held the all-important Markman Hearing. In that hearing, she failed to disqualify a fraudulent JPMorgan technical expert, then ruled against Dr. Arunachalam's "complex" patent on May 14, 2014, a month later. Essentially, the American taxpayer is paying these judges to play patty cakes with monopolistic, deep-pocket litigants like IBM and JPMorgan who dump piles of procedural "motion practice" on these courts, then these judges whine about being overworked when they get caught colluding.
Mark Loughridge, CFO, International Business Machines (IBM); Director, The Vanguard Group

Fig.2—Mark Loughridge, IBM's Chief Financial Officer, recently retired, now a director at The Vanguard Group, was the longest running CFO in IBM history. He also presided over the greatest sellout of American sovereignty in history.

Photo: The VAR Guy;
Signature: IBM annual report.
Benjamin Franklin (1759): ''Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.''


(May 14, 2015)—The world went to hell in 2004, or so it seems. If America allows the Benedict Arnolds at IBM, Eclipse Foundation (IBM incognito), JPMorgan, NSA, Goldman Sachs and Facebook, identified below, to succeed, then we believe China will control the future of the Internet, tech and finance. It is not too late to stop them, but time is running out.

On Dec. 8, 2004, IBM’s chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, shocked the IBM world with his holiday-time announcement of the sale of IBM’s storied PC Group to the Chinese company, Lenovo.

IBM’s breach of fiduciary duty ushered in a sellout of America

The devil was in the details that Loughridge failed to disclose. It appears that IBM’s directors and officers breached their fiduciary duties by not warning shareholders and the public about the hidden agendas large enough to drive a Mack truck through.

IBM failed to disclose that:

  1. Stolen technology: IBM stole Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention via The Eclipse Foundation that started on Nov. 29, 2001.

  2. Counsel conflicts: IBM relied on the advice of intellectual property law adviser, Professor James P. Chandler, who was also Leader’s patent counsel. Chandler was also the author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, the Federal Trade Secrets Act, member of President Clinton's National Infrastructure Assurance Council and adviser to the Justice Department, FBI, NSA, CIA, White House and Congress.
Uncommonly unified competitors

This uncommonly unified Benedict Arnold activity could not have happened without Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies’ important social networking invention—which they all wanted for free from IBM’s Eclipse Foundation. In unison, the members of Eclipse turned a blind eye to questions of authorship of the invention to which they would receive enormous benefit. They chose instead to swallow hook, line and sinker.

Bottom line: IBM's Eclipse Foundation sold out America and American inventors in just 12 months.

The national security smoke screen

National security!” has become the excuse for this mobster thievery and obfuscation of discovery and FOIA requests. Zuckerberg's 28 Harvard hard drives have been protected by numerous federal judges on this cartel's payroll.

America's Founders feared the two-party system and the interference of banks and corporations. So did Abraham Lincoln (1863):
"The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy."
We must now add supranational law firms to this list of despotic corporations.
  1. Bogus open source claims: Via The Eclipse Foundation, IBM promoted the lie that Leader Technologies’ invention was Open Source and free for anyone to use. It was not. It was privately owned, proprietary software. Yet IBM induced most tech companies to participate in the theft.

  2. Conspiracy and racketeering: Secret plans were executed to privately control intelligence, judiciary and securities regulation. Key players were IBM’s chief counsel, David J. Kappos with Chandler, Eric H. Holder, Jr., NSA, Barack H. Obama, Eurotech, The White Oak Group, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Larry H. Summers, Sheryl K. Sandberg, Juri Milner, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, James W. Breyer, National Venture Capital Association, Fidelity, Vanguard, Latham & Watkins, Fenwick & West, Orrick Herrington, Cooley Godward, Weil Gotshal, Federal Circuit and Gibson Dunn.

  3. Other stolen contracts & technology: IBM willfully induced the misappropriation of multiple other intellectual properties and contractual claims important to social platforms (e.g., Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Johannes Van der Meer, Paul Ceglia).

  4. Misappropriation of funds: JPMorgan’s $10 billion line of credit was used to promote The Eclipse Foundation scam. JPMorgan is also a Facebook underwriter.

  5. Ponzi-like scheming with Lenovo’s banker: Goldman Sachs, another Facebook underwriter, arranged Lenovo’s debt financing of the IBM PC Group—no arm's length relationships.

  6. NSA backdoors breach reps and warranties: IBM provided intelligence snooping backdoors for the NSA and CIA, irrespective of laws broken.

  7. Embedded systems snooping: IBM’s embedded systems strategy was aimed at building permanent NSA backdoors through companies like Eurotech SpA and Ltd., even though U.S. laws prohibit such intrusion.

  8. Contempt of Congress: IBM, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs participated in a plan to privately fund American intelligence without Congressional oversight.

  9. Anti-trust Conspiracy: IBM used its monopolistic market position to steal innovations from Leader Technologies, Inc., a small Ohio business, and others.

  10. Judicial collusion: IBM, via its inside and outside counsel, induced members of the federal judiciary to violate their ethical Code of Conduct by holding stocks in IBM and cronies without proper conflict of interests disclosure, and by manipulating the impartiality of courts.

  11. Privately-funded intelligence agencies: IBM’s secret collusion with Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, In-Q-Tel (C.I.A.'s "private" venture capital company), Facebook and the NSA to construct privately-funded, offshore “dark profiles” on American citizens—out of reach of oversight by Congress.
Bookmark: #ibm-sellout-timeline
2004 Timeline of IBM Mark Loughridge’s sellout of America
Month Day Action
Jan All month Former PayPal executives, Harvard president and unscrupulous law firms coached the 19-year Mark Zuckerberg as the Manchurian candidate for Facebook.*

*Lawrence H. Summers, James W. Breyer, John P. Breyer, IDG Capital Partners (China)/Accel Partners LLP, Reid Hoffman, Matt Cohler, Ping Li, Jim Swartz, Latham & Watkins LLP, James P. Chandler, Fenwick & West LLP.
Zuckerberg implausibly claimed “one to two weeks” to build Facebook singlehandedly; was ambiguous about his idea, but crystal clear about doing it himself
Unprecedented Harvard Crimson coverage arranged for a 19-year old Zuckerberg between Aug. ’03 and Jun. ’04
Feb 2-5 EclipseCON (inaugural meeting of Eclipse Foundation); Who’s Who tech cast of characters; eagerly awaited Version 3.0 of Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking stolen by Eclipse and IBM’s lawyers
4 Facebook launched; began NSA feed on Jun. 6, 2009
Mar 3 Eclipse Foundation board appointed: IBM, Genuitec, Univ. of Washington, Ericcson, HP, Intel, MontaVista, QNX, SAP AG, Serena
May 13 James W. Breyer, Accel Partners, became chairman of National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) along with directors Gilman Louie (In-Q-Tel a.k.a. CIA), Robert Ketterson (Fidelity); Breyer now "super bullish on China"
27 JPMorgan issued $10 billion line of credit to IBM; Goldman Sachs provided the debt financing to Lenovo; (JPMorgan and Goldman are both Facebook underwriters; they were on both sides of the IBM-Lenovo deal)
Jun 6 Leader Technologies’ patent first published by Patent Office
29 James P. Chandler’s CRYPTO/Markland Technologies acquired by E-OIR (The White Oak Group); homeland security applications; no conflicts of interest disclosed to client Leader Technologies; E-OIR rated Top 100 defense contractors by 5/16/2006
Jul 27 Barack Obama introduced as Manchurian candidate to Democratic national convention; unseated Hillary Clinton; supported and funded presidential candidacy on Facebook using the software stolen from Leader
Aug   Peter Thiel invested $500K in Facebook
18 Google went public (an Eclipse member) using Facebook’s underwriters JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, among others; began NSA feed on Jan. 14, 2009
30 IBM proposed embedded systems Eclipse project (end result will be spying toasters and TVs)
Oct 27 Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) joined Eclipse
Dec 8 IBM PC Group, Mark Loughridge, CFO, sold to Lenovo (China) financed by Goldman Sachs’ Bob Yang, now executive to international money launderer, HSBC; IBM sold 750 patents to Facebook on Mar. 22, 2012; IBM just sold its server division to Lenovo on Oct. 1, 2014, underwritten by Facebook underwriters Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.
Eclipse Foundation claims to have "not unexpectedly" lost original “single company” platform contributor; “re-implements” foundational code (stolen from Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio by Eclipse principals' lawyers); certainly a dubious intellectual property foundation upon which to build America's and the world's digital future
Table 1: IBM's sellout of America to the Chinese—2004.


Now that we have summarized the 2004 smoking gun, we will back up and provide evidence sufficient to convince any reasonable person that America was sold out by people we trusted.

In the late 1990’s, Columbus, Ohio software innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. was referred to James P. Chandler,III, George Washington Law professor emeritus.

Chandler had a private intellectual property law practice in Washington, D.C.  His clients were a Who’s Who, including the White House, IBM, NSA, FBI, CIA, Congress, the Judiciary and the U.S. Department of Justice. Chandler had authored the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act.

Chandler advised David J. Kappos, then IBM’s chief intellectual property counsel, Mark Loughridge, IBM’s chief financial officer, and Eric H. Holder, Jr., then Assistant Attorney General.

No conflicts disclosed

According to Leader, Chandler agreed to represent Leader and did not disclose any conflicts of interest. Disclosure of conflicts of interest is an integral part of the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers and Code of Conduct for judges and judicial employees: “a lawyer should further the public's understanding of and confidence in the rule of law and the justice system because legal institutions in a constitutional democracy depend on popular participation and support to maintain their authority” and “a judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities.”

Confirmed by Leader prior to publication, not a single person identified in this article has ever disclosed even a single conflict identified here. The silence is deafening.

IBM-biased legal advice

Hindsight is 20-20. After studying Leader’s Internet software invention in 2000, Chandler gave Leader a piece of horrible legal advice. This patent law professor advised that Leader should take another two years and “reduce the invention to practice” before he would file the patents. He also told Leader they had “at least 60 patentable inventions.”

(It turns out that Chandler's patent estimate was a low-ball. Fenwick & West LLP, another Leader attorney recommended by Chandler, has now filed hundreds of social networking patents for Facebook without seeking a waiver of conflicts from Leader either. This doesn't count the thousands of patents that IBM has filed off the same Leader invention.)

Hindsight shows that Chandler fed Leader’s ground-breaking software invention to IBM and IBM’s cronies. These Chandler cronies supported Chandler’s vision for national security and a stealth way to quietly reward judges with insider financial tips in exchange for crooked decisions. However, Chandler’s vision required the theft of Leader’s intellectual property to accomplish these intertwined goals.

By mid-2002, Chandler had extracted over $500,000 in legal fees from Leader. As mentioned above, he also encouraged Leader to hire Silicon Valley law firm, Fenwick & West LLP. The two firms then waited for Leader to do the hard work to engineer its invention.

That opportunity came on Jun. 6, 2002.

When unscrupulous attorneys want their hands in your knickers, they disguise their schemes with high-sounding legal sophistry

Chandler wrote himself into the source code custody clause of a “Smart Camera” research contract with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) that he brought to Leader. Leader thought the opportunity was a big break, but it was a Chandler double-cross. As a part of that contract, Chandler received a copy of Leader’s full source code. Fenwick received a copy as well. Fenwick’s clients included Facebook’s first venture capitalists, James W. Breyer and Accel Partners LLP.

Leader “University Initiative” planned in early 2001

Leader’s inventor, Michael McKibben, had a son attending Harvard as an undergraduate. In early 2001, McKibben developed a “University Initiative” to involve IBM and Harvard—both Chandler relationships—in implementing Leader’s social networking invention.

IBM launched Eclipse in late 2001

Unknown to Leader, on Nov. 29, 2001, IBM “donated” $40 million (from CFO Mark Loughridge) to start The Eclipse Foundation to offer “open source” software (free of licenses, fees and royalties). See also IBM Annual Report, p. 21.

Chandler’s IBM cronies, David J. Kappos and Mark Loughridge, provided the perfect cover for Chandler to feed Leader’s invention to IBM out his back door without detection. Tellingly, Eclipse board minutes in Dec. 4, 2002 stated that the original source code platform for Eclipse came from “a single company” (never identified by name). But then by Dec. 8, 2004, just two years later, these lawyers stated disingenuously that they were “not unexpectedly” “unable to locate” the original contributor. All signs point to Leader Technologies as the contributor, via its ne'er-do-well attorneys Chandler and Fenwick.

Feb. 4, 2004 —Leader’s University Initiative renamed “Facebook”

Like a phoenix, Facebook came out of nowhere and launched on Feb. 4, 2004 at Harvard with a plan that mimicked Leader’ University Initiative written 18 months earlier. Hindsight shows that Harvard alums, James W. Breyer, and Accel Partners LLP funded the launch, supported by Harvard’s president, Larry Summers.

Mark Zuckerberg claims to have done it all by himself as a sophomore in “one to two weeks” while drinking, chasing girls and studying for mid-terms. No self-respecting engineer would claim such a Herculean fete. But a pathological liar supported by Hollywood “narratives” did.

Numerous Facebook projects were in play at Harvard in 2003. Paul Ceglia, the Winklevoss Twins (ConnectU), Aaron Greenspan (HOUSEsystem) and even Harvard's computer group was planning one. Zuckerberg was evidently tasked with stalling all of them until Leader's invention (via IBM / Eclipse) was ready and Facebook could launch. Zuckerberg was never more than a face on the Facebook cereal box. The public and media bought well-acted The Social Network film fiction uncritically.

Tellingly, Facebook’s phalanx of lawyers, with complicit judges (see IBM's Benedict Arnold Minions below), have stonewalled all legal efforts to study Zuckerberg's 28 computers and email from his Harvard days in 2003-2004.

Unscrupulous double down

It is illogical to expect these people to see the error of their ways voluntary, repent, and change their wicked ways. They are going to have to be confronted and battled. We hope our untainted elected representatives use the powers delegated to them by the People to stop this criminality before these bullies do much more damage to our Republic.

Fenwick & West LLP, after representing Leader Technologies during the critical research and development phase, including learning the "secret sauce," has gone on to become Facebook’s securities and patent attorney without seeking conflicts of interest waivers from Leader Technologies. Fenwick also took Obamacare architect Todd Y. Park's company, Castlight Health, Inc. public, while Park was the White House chief technology officer without a single word from Obama about this impropriety.

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have gone on to underwrite Facebook’s initial public offering and fund many other infringers of Leader Technologies' patents—earning them billions of dollars in fees and stock.

James W. Breyer and Accel Partners LLP became Facebook’s second largest shareholder. Breyer declared in 2012 that his is “super bullish on China.” No wonderHe is ceding America’s sovereignty to China where intellectual property is not respected and likeminded oligarchs rule.

James P. Chandler visited Russia and China to cement the theft of his client Leader Technologies’ invention and his private national security NSA agenda.

David J. Kappos was appointed Patent Office director and ordered Leader Technologies’ patent invalidated as one of his final acts; appointing IBM cronies, like chief administrative judge Stephen C. Siu, inside the Patent Office to do his dirty work.

Eric H. Holder, Jr. was appointed Attorney General and has turned a blind eye to all federal judges’ conflicts of interest in Leader v. Facebook, right up to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. who holds substantial stock in JPMorgan and Facebook cartel interests. Holder himself is loaded up with Fidelity and T. Rowe Price holdings.

Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and Fidelity became large Facebook investors.

Yada, yada, yada.

Collusion among IBM & Harvard principals

Following the adage “follow the money,” all roads lead to IBM’s chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge. He paid Chandler’s consulting fees, donated $40 million to start Eclipse, and led to the Chinese Lenovo sale, which he explained to nervous IBMers.

Mark Loughbridge failed to disclose is numerous hidden-agenda associations to IBM shareholders:

  1. IBM chief financial officer
  2. David J. Kappos, IBM colleague
  3. Eclipse Consortium funder
  4. James P. Chandler client
  5. JPMorgan client
  6. Fenwick & West LLP client
  7. James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP colleague
  8. Robert C. Ketterson, Fidelity Investments colleague
  9. Chinese Lenovo deal selling out the IBM PC Group
  10. Vanguard Group director (major Facebook shareholder)
  11. William R. Brody, IBM director, T. Rowe Price director (5.2% Facebook shareholder, 6.9% Baidu (China) shareholder)

As a fiduciary in IBM and Vanguard, Loughbridge has an affirmative duty to disclose conflicts of interest that can taint his judgment and impartiality. This is a firm requirement of the Business Judgment Rule.

Mark Loughridge’s fiduciary duty sins

To what extent are IBM's earnings since 2004 fraudulent as a result of Mark Loughridge's nondisclosure? IBM's use of its monopoly to oppress small American inventors is exactly the sorts of despotic powers America's founders decried as deadly to the Republic.

When in doubt, the corrupt double down

David J. Kappos left the Patent Office, after assigning IBM crony judges to invalidate Leader Technologies’ patent, and then went to work for Cravath Swaine LLP. On Jan. 23, 2014, Kappos’ Cravath Swaine facilitated the sale of IBM’s server unit to Lenovo.

IBM's Benedict Arnolds

Leader v. Facebook patent & related officials with Fidelity, Vanguard and Other Facebook “Dark Pool” Holdings / Conflicts of Interest
Gov't Official Agency Title Fidelity Vanguard T. Rowe Price / Other
Holder, Jr., Eric H. Justice Department Attorney General 9 (incl. Contrafund)   5
Kappos, David J. Patent Office Director   13 Former IBM employee; current Cravath Swaine LLP partner that handled latest IBM sale of server unit to Lenovo
Blank, Rebecca M. Commerce Secretary 10 9 TIAA CREF, 20
Grove, Robert M. Commerce Director 19   TIAA CREF, 6;
Goldman Sachs, 1;
Morgan Stanley, 1;
JPMorgan, 1
Kerry, Cameron F. Commerce General Counsel 16 7  
Shapiro, Mary L. Securities & Exchange Chair      
Roberts, John G., Jr. Supreme Court Chief Justice 10 (incl. Contrafund) 2  
Lourie, Alan D. Federal Circuit Chief Judge   16  
Moore, Kimberly A. Federal Circuit Circuit Judge 8 (incl. Contrafund) 3  
Wallach, Evan J. Federal Circuit Circuit Judge 6 (incl. Contrafund)    
Stark, Leonard P. Dist. Court, Del. 2nd Trial Judge 7 1  
Summers, Lawrence H. White House Director   4 Bank of America, 34;
Fees: JPMorgan; Goldman Sachs
Farnan, Joseph J. District Court, Del. 1st Trial Judge 0 0  
Petravick, Meredith PTAB Patent Judge 3rd Reexam X X Failed to disclose holdings in multiple FOIA requests
Stoffel, William J. PTAB Counsel 3rd Reexam X X Failed to disclose holdings in multiple FOIA requests
Siu, Stephen C. PTAB Patent Judge 3rd Reexam Former IBM, Mircosoft employee; failed to disclose financial holdings in multiple FOIA requests; his Leader v. Facebook patent reexamination court staff have issued 189 patents to IBM
Todd Y. Park White House, HHS CTO The Obama Administation has stonewalled all FOIA requests to review Park's financial disclosures. Park is Obama's chief architect of Obamacare. Park's company, Castlight Health, Inc. went public on Mar. 14, 2014 led by Facebook's attorneys, Fenwick & West LLP and Cooley Godward LLP, with Facebook's underwriters Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. It is unprecedented to allow a sitting White House officer take a private company public without his recusal from his public job. The ties to this IBM cartel are evident, begging serious questions about the true intentions of Obamacare. See Chinese Involvement in Obamacare hidden by missing SEC certifications.
Table 2: X = conflicting associations with Facebook interests. The only honest broker in this list appears to be Judge Joseph J. Farnan. He oversaw Leader v. Facebook up to one month before trial, after which he “retired” to make way for Obama nominee Leonard P. Stark. Judge Stark was formally appointed to his judgeship by President Obama just a week after the trial—evident reward for giving the administration the verdict they wanted. On Jan. 20, 2010, Judge Farnan had conducted the pivotal Markman Hearing which was a disaster for Facebook. Just a week later, on Jan. 26, 2010, Judge Farnan suddenly announced his “retirement” having previously told the litigants he was looking forward to the trial. He still practices law in Delaware.

Judge Joseph J. Farnan appears to have been the only honest broker in this cast of characters. Tellingly, he was pressed into retirement just a month before trial. Actually, Judge Farnan did not retire. He went into private practice and continues to practice law in Delaware. Strange conduct from someone who said he was looking forward to the Leader v. Facebook trial just months earlier. It appears that the Facebook cartel did not like Judge Farnan’s Markman opinion.

[Editorial Note: These investing geniuses should run the Federal Reserve since their returns beat the market so dramatically. All of them have become multi-millionaires in a few short years. Simply astounding!]

The financial holdings by judges and others involved in this criminal cartel involved in the Leader v. Facebook matter are evident. When in doubt about how to behave, the corrupt double down. This cartel must be broken up and imprisoned. The health and future of the American Republic may hinge on it.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    There are three ways to control an agenda involving is persuasion, another is coercion , and the third is a combination of the two. As a dad, I tended to use coercion most often when the kids were younger, a combination as they grew into adolescence, and now it appears that persuasion is my best hope. As a grand dad, I use candy ( bribery). It matters not what human organization or nation one chooses, those are the tactics to used control the herd.

    It seems to me that our progressive , socialist , and amateurish president has made a mess of things because he failed to use these tools in a proper order in every challenge he has faced. He told us that he would be open and forthright on Obamacare ( persuasion) but instead he was coercive by hiding his intentions and passing the law with arcane , middle of the night tactics. He then tried to tell us that this law would help Americans generally and it didn't. Instead of debating strengths and weaknesses, he used name calling ( coercion) to silence his critics. Racist, misogynist , homophobe, and greedy capitalist were terms used every day by his spokesmen. He used the IRS, DOJ, EPA, and other strong armed bureaucracies against ( coercion) our own citizens. Clearly, his intentions were power, not problem solving.

    ---END, TEX comment, Part 1---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 2---

      In the " Arab Spring" melee, Obama threw away our fall back position ( coercive military strength) , and tried to use persuasion. The leaders of the theocratic Muslim world saw him as weak and incompetent. The same is true of Putin and the Chinese regimes. You can see the amusement in the eyes of these powerful leaders when Obama speaks. Let's try to persuade those that want to destroy us, and coerce our own citizens.......isn't that backwards ? I think Obama is a scaredy cat wimp.

      In this latest streak of our policemen shooting young black law breakers, some justified and some questionable, national leaders jumped quickly on law enforcement as being the criminals, and the criminals as being victims. That is truly coercion. Can you imagine the laughter from the streets if police were asked to leave their weapons at home, and just persuade these criminals to stop their nefarious acts ? The appropriate response would be persuasion to calm the riots and a strong show of force to protect the citizens ( coercion) . This would be a combination for those of you keeping score. And then a strong leader would look to his presidential agenda to see why so many young blacks are uneducated, in jail, on drugs, and roaming the streets killing other young blacks. These kids want to show their machoism hiding behind hoodies, tattoos, pistols, ear rings , and baggy pants. I have seen young people not only stand by while women are being raped and middle aged folks are pummeled , but also cheering with delight. Obama is an absolute disaster for minorities in this country. The lowest unemployment rates per category are blacks and women. And yet they voted him back in office. The tools Obama used to fight this growing cancer did not raise all boats, it actually gave the ultra rich a few more yachts at the expense of the truly needy.

      This blog clearly points out that usurping laws " for the greater good" is a symptom of a collapsing nation. The integrity of our culture is dissipating before our eyes. The persuasion used to change our culture has been coming at our young folks for many agendas, movies, TV, music, comedy, pornography, and even liberal theology. With the advent of social media , the hijacking of our culture was cemented into history. One election will not change it. The progressives knew that they were only one generation away from " transforming America". It is happening. And we, hopefully, are one generation away from restoring it. The revolution now is incumbent on those that believe that the idea of America was a good one. America is not just rock and dirt, it was an experiment of small government to encourage freedom and personal advancement. We wanted no king, no emperor. We diminished federal power on purpose. The leaders were to serve, not master. In a properly led Republic, all citizens have an opportunity to learn, compete, prosper , and live with with human dignity. Where did that go ?

      Have a great day, TEX

  2. JPMorgan, dismissed Dr. Arunachalam’s patent infringement appeal on trivial procedural grounds, And the US justice Department is set to rip up its agreement not to prosecute UBS Group for rigging the benchmark interest rates JPMoran Chase & c Co, Barclarys, Citygroup and Royal Bank of Scotland Group will likely enter pleas related to antitrust violations. Well it looks like JPMoran gone from manipulating currency markets to manipulating District Court Judges, Delaware District Court Judge Richard G. Andrews and Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark. hold mountains of investments in JPMorgan and the Facebook cartel, all appointment by Obama
    Party revolt blocks Obama trade push President Barack Obama has been thrown under the buss by his own party BUGGER so who got that number plate massive JPMorgan holdings & ibm / eclipse foundation / Facebook

  3. Sorry, before I go to bed. The Great Lie. IBM and the Eclipse Foundation provided Leader's code to the world??? LOL.

    Do you understand what "Open Source" means? If IBM had actually provided any part of Leader's code to the world, then it would be "open". Anyone on the planet could access it. So where is it? The cricket sounds are deafening.

    1. Email comment by TEX:

      Hey Bill, your comment is so very typical of a Saul Alinsky lawyer.
      You stated, "Do you understand what " Open Source" means?". Excuse me , Bill, do you know what "patent" means? Do you know what" recusal" means? Do you know what "collusion"means? Do you know what a" hucksterberg" is? Can you imagine that these crooks parlayed this theft into billions of dollars of illicit wealth? That's a hucksterberg . And you proffer the argument that it is Open Source , with no regard for how very difficult it is to write the base platform for this " gift to the world". Bill, it was stolen ! Since Bernie Madoff donated to a few charities, does that mean that the theft was justifiable? C'mon man, grow some juevos and spill your guts. It is the right thing to do. Ends do not justify the means....

      Have a reasonably good day,TEX

  4. Dear Bill, We have deleted your two other comments for the same reasons we kept telling you we would under your various pseudonyms. However, this one deserves special treatment. It is curious that you Facebook astroturfers now defend IBM with the same vigor. One and the same? Whoops. You're being too transparent now. Isn't it interesting that you want to rewrite the history of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial where Leader proved to a jury (people you hadn't completely bought off like Judge Leonard P. Stark who sold his soul to the cartel before he was even appointed as judge) that Facebook literally infringes Leader's invention on 11 of 11 claims. Everybody can see this is why you and your fellow criminals are guarding Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails so closely. The truth will destroy you. You're hearing your own crickets.

    Also telling, you never provide counter facts to prove your snark. Could that be because that is all it is? Smoke and mirrors.

    We hope the person sitting over your shoulder watching you type your astroturfing drivel will turn you in since you appear to have drunk the Kool-Aid. But then again, any human being is worthy of redemption, even you, Bill.

  5. Barack & Michelle Obama released their required 2014 financial disclosure on May 13, 2015. Noteworthy are their Vanguard investments since Vanguard is where IBM's longtime CFO, Mark Loughridge, is now a director. Vanguard is also one of the top 10 mutual fund investors in Facebook. This doesn't even count the obvious reliance on his JPMorgan accounts. Birds of a feather flock together. No wonder Obama wants that TTP trade authority so badly. His IBM, Vanguard and JPMorgan handlers want it so they can swing their corrupt bats freely in Asia without US Congressional oversight.

  6. Looks like James Chandler and Lynn Mattice from Boston Scientific PLOTTED to set up Leader for the on-sale bar (open source) claim that Facebook zeroed in on at trial.

    Chandler knew Leader could easily disprove it with expert testimony, so they evidently instructed the newly-Obama-minted Judge Stark to block all such evidence gathering and testimony. Mattice's contact information even shows up on that whistleblower disclosure.

    This whistleblower information disproves the idea that Leader released its own source code (which is silly anyway since no developer ever does that even when they are showing their finished product). The trial testimony shows that Leader was talking with Boston Scientific (at Chandler's introduction and with his trade secrets oversight) about "Leaderphone" and "smart camera" and not "leader2leader" anyway. Heck, Leader had the author of the federal trade secrets act in the room with them when they were speaking with Boston Scientific. If they weren't safe from inadvertent disclosure of trade secrets, what American would be? None apparently. It's all just one big friggin game to these legal criminals.

    Bill's comments betray that he is a tricky s__t attorney thinking he can rely on tricky s__t legal games to cover over Facebook's and IBM's crimes. Excuse the truncated French.

  7. Did the sale of the IBM PC and Server Groups to China have anything to do with China's new warheads just announced? IBM's Mark Loughridge and IBM have much to answer for given the revelations of this blog!!!

    Sanger, D.E., Broad, W.J. (May 16, 2015). China Making Some Missles More Powerful. New York Times.

    Beamon, T. (May 16, 2015). China Adding Multiple Warheads to Long-Range Weapons. Newsmax.

  8. Wow. Over and over I keep thinking this blog has hit rock bottom. But it continues to impress.

    1) Judge Robinson failed to disqualify a "fraudulent" expert. We'll that's news. No evidence whatsoever to support that.

    2) Bogus open source claims? Really? Show us a single instance where IBM or the Eclipse Foundation ever claimed that Leader's technology had anything to do with the foundation. And, whoops. Another Great Lie. "IBM claims that the original contributor of source code came from a single source [Leader Technologies]." No. They don't. The source of the original code is very clear. It's IBM. "In the case of the Eclipse Project, the initial code base was contributed by IBM." This is a such a basic, fundamental misrepresentation that this blog continues to repeat. Again, Eclipse code is OPEN SOURCE. It is available to anyone on the planet. Ever seen a snippet of evidence that even a line of Leader's code is out there as open source? Where is there even a line of Leader's code circulating in public? Facts are indeed stubborn things.

    3) Zuckerberg could not build Facebook in 1 to 2 weeks. Another Great Lie. There was a mildly amusing YouTube video on here yesterday that showed someone typing at 200 words per minute. It has now disappeared. This is another fundamental misrepresentation. Leader seems to think that Facebook and Leader are identical. If you look at Leader, it's actually a hodge-podge of video-conferencing, voice-conferencing, alerting, etc. Not even sure what it ultimately encompasses. But look at the original Facebook page. It was incredibly simplistic and basic. So could this have been coded in 1 to 2 weeks? God yes. Probably could have been coded in a day or two. This is not rocket science.

    More to come.

    1. I rarely comment, but could not let Bill's lies go without comment. I will prove his biggest lie is false using IBM/Eclipse's own documens. Bill said "the initial code base is very clear, it's IBM." Unless IBM was unable to locate itself in 2004, Bill is making a WILLFUL FALSE STATEMENT. Took me a while, but I found the Eclipse board meeting minutes from December 8, 2004.

      The Eclipse Foundation. (Dec. 08, 2004). Minutes of the Eclipse Board Meeting, Dec. 08, 2004.

      ECLIPSE: "But not unexpectedly the Foundation has been unable to locate each and every contributor to the projects over the past three years. In order to ensure the intellectual property of Eclipse is of the highest quality, the EMO will require the PMCs to re-implement any functionality which the EMO is unable to have explicitly re-contributed under the Eclipse Public License."

      Lawyer-speak for steal.

      Bill, you seem to know only one thing: add lies on top of lies. This site has your number. Shame on you. But I doubt if shame is even in your vocabulary. Your mother cannot be proud of you. You need to change your wicked ways, son.

    2. Bill's lies really bug me. So, I just sent this letter to my Congressman, Senators and IBM's compliance officer. Feel free to cut and paste as you wish:

      [Address for you Senators and Representatives can be obtained here:]

      Dear NAME:

      Regardless of your political perspective, Senator Rand Paul's filibuster of the Patriot Act has brought attention to matters hopefully of concern to every American. It is certainly close to Leader Technologies' fight for justice.

      Dr. Paul stated on the Senate floor yesterday:

      "There comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. That time is now and I will not let the Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged."

      Leader Technologies' liberty is suffering. Their inventors relied upon their liberty and hard work, with the support and funding of many entrepreneurial investors, to invent what is now called "social networking." The Founders of America developed a profound formula for freedom from tyranny:

      Property = Liberty + Hard Work

      Recent discoveries have put the finishing touches on who and how Leader's invention was confiscated by a consortium of individuals intent on hijacking our liberty in their misguided view that the American experiment in republican government is over, and that they know what is best for us and our property.

      I did not receive this memo and neither have my friends. Leader's shareholders deserve to be rewarded by the fruits of their PROPERTY. No amount of legal and judicial sophistry can deny those rights and privileges.

      ---I must split this letter into two because Blogger says it is too long.....

    3. ....OK, here's the rest of my letter....

      All roads in this Leader v. Facebook corruption lead to IBM as the central actor in the theft of Leader's inventions. This is not the first time IBM has abused its monopoly. In the 1930's, Adolf Hitler used IBM computers to catalog Jews, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, and Gypsies in his diabolical quest for Aryan supremacy. That data was relied upon in the extermination camps. I have friends whose relatives were murdered in those camps, so this concern is especially real to them.

      Once again in our day, IBM is colluding with the likes of the NSA, Facebook and American judges to build a universal database on each American. An expose by Mark Zuckerberg's former speech writer, Katherine Losse, revealed they call these databanks "dark profiles" since the data is collected without the person's knowledge or permission. Facebook pretends that they stopped this program, but nobody believes them since they lie whenever their lips are moving. Much of this data is stored offshore (Lulea, Sweden, for example), out of the reach of U.S. law (not that that matters much considering the current lawlessness of our federal judges). For more information on this investigation, go to

      Please open inquiries into the conduct of IBM and The Eclipse Foundation in their monopolistic schemes to collect privacy data and seize permanent control of the embedded technical infrastructure of the Internet. With that underhanded control, politicians can talk all they want while these people secretly manipulate voters with interminable "narratives," "optics" and titillation. I hold IBM stock and have just written the IBM compliance officer to open inquiries as well.

      Cynicism runs deep in our current political climate. I get that. However, "We the People" are the only keepers of our U.S. Constitution. Indeed, George Washington said, "The power under the Constitution will always be in the people."

      If we permit these oligarchies to hijack our government and steal our property, then we deserve the results. However, if we expose the fraudulent conduct of IBM, Facebook, Eclipse Foundation, NSA and their crony judges, then the current judgment against Leader Technologies will be null and void, as if it had never occurred. That is the goal of these inquires: to expose the corruption and restore Leader's property unblemished by this corruption.

      To restore Leader's property is to restore our LIBERTY.

      Your truly,


      NOTICE: My message may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification.

  9. We get what you are doing, Bill.

    From Wikipedia: The BIG LIE: A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff.

    Fascinating that you have switched allegiances now from Facebook to Eclipse and IBM. Your common knowledge of the perpetrators speaks volumes. How much are they paying you to astroturf drivel?

  10. Bill is a paid Facebook / IBM / Eclipse / bribed judiciary........SHILL. He is clearly too lazy to read the evidence himself, OR, he wants us to chase his rabbits.

    Suggest you go to Senator Rand Paul's petition against renewal of the Patriot Act, and send him a message of support at:

    It's about time our elected officials started standing up for our principles of liberty instead of sucking up to the likes of the Facebook and IBM CARTELS.


  11. Linda, your facts are flat-out wrong. I don't know how else to put it.

    The original code for the Eclipse Foundation was provided by IBM. See Specifically, "In the case of the Eclipse Project, the initial code base was contributed by IBM. Over time, Eclipse Foundation projects have become populated with code provided by many different contributors and as result, different portions of the code have different copyright holders."

    The Board minutes you are referring to are from 2004--years after the Eclipse Foundation was founded in 2001. Yes, 2001--YEARS before Leader supposedly debugged its code and before Facebook was launched. At no point has the Foundation ever claimed that it lost the "original" source code. In fact, December 4, 2002 minutes from the Foundation, which this blog previously posted, state that the original code for Eclipse was based primarily "on the contributions of a single company [IBM]". The minutes that you cite are entirely different. They state that the Foundation was not able to locate "each and every" developer that had contributed code over that time period. Which makes perfect sense in an open-source development community. Anyone, from anywhere, can contribute code. There were likely thousands of contributors to the code during that three year period. The minutes simply state that every single one of those contributors could not be located, and for the ones who could not, the functionality that they provided would need to be re-implemented under a new licensing agreement. I don't know how you are coming to the conclusion that this has anything remotely to do with Leader.

    And again, here's the million dollar question. Leader is now claiming that its code was the foundation for the Eclipse Foundation--an open source community. Open source means that the code is available to ANYONE on the planet. It's real simple folks. If the Eclipse Foundation took anything from Leader, it's out there for public consumption. It's open. It's public. So again, where is there an example of a single line of Leader's code in any Eclipse software?

    1. Bill, you suffer from a fatal disease, you mistake your palaver for truth. I am not going to take the time point out your plethora of errors. You must be ignorant of them, otherwise you'd tell the truth. Right? Seems not. We have your attorney-number, namely when faced with the truth, you lie; and faced with a lie, you tell more lies.

      It is amazing how much you seem to know now about Eclipse Foundation and IBM, as well as Facebook. You don't know that much however, because your mastery of the Leader Technologies and Eclipse timelines has gaping holes which we are not about to fill in for you. After all, you're the one charging out your lying palaver at $800 per hour.

    2. Rain, you are entirely missing the point. First off, I am not an attorney. And what I am presenting is not argument. It's cold, hard facts.

      Again, you make this wild claim that IBM and entire tech world conspired to steal Leader's code and provide it the Eclipse Foundation and make it OPEN SOURCE. This means that Leader's code is out there, freely available to anyone. But it's not. This blog has never posted a smidgen of evidence to show that there is so much of a line of Leader's code in any Eclipse module. I have not provided "counter" facts because there are no FACTS to counter. If what you claimed actually happened, then there would be facts that could be addressed. But there is nothing here except wild innuendo.

    3. "Bill" it is remarkable how you are so misunderstood and everyone else besides you is missing the point. IBM is the now obvious culprit, not the entire tech world. The tech world may be the children, but IBM is the Pied Piper. We will not provide you with the additional attorney proofs you seek other than what we have already provided, which is more than ample to prove your clients guilty. Either you cannot read and click links, or you conveniently forget what doesn't fit your false "narratives." Your claim not to be an attorney is disingenuous. "Wild innuendo" is your and your client Facebook/IBM/Eclipse Foundation's domain, Mr. "Bill," not ours.

      "You can fool most of the people most of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. --Abraham Lincoln (attribution)

  12. Professional Pensions
    How the banks finally admit they rigged the FX markets

    Four Banks Guilty of Currency Manipulation but, as Usual, No One's Going to Jail

    1. Here are working URL links to dave123's comment:

      AllGov. (May 22, 2015). Four Banks Guilty of Currency Manipulation but, as Usual, No One’s Going to Jail.

      Davis, O (May 18, 2015). As Banks Face Historic Guilty Pleas Over Foreign Exchange Manipulation, Critics See Regulators Going Easy. International Business Times.

  13. Several of us just watched a PBS Independent Lens documentary last night called "1971." It is well worth the time IMHO.

    PBS TRAILER: "On March 8, 1971, a group of citizens broke into a small FBI office in Pennsylvania, took every file, and shared them with the public. Their actions exposed the FBI's illegal surveillance program of law-abiding Americans. Now, these previously anonymous Americans publicly share their story for the first time."

    OUR COMMENTS: Every patriot of any political stripe should watch this. It chronicles activists protesting FBI J. Edgar Hoover's police state and the widespread violation of First Amendment rights in 1971. The FBI was conducting dragnet surveillance on anyone whose political activity Hoover considered anti-American--even mothers' support groups Hoover considered "Feminist Activists." The parallels to the NSA's bulk collection of our phone records is disturbing. (What else are they doing that we don't know about?.)

    It appears that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Chandler, FISA Judge Reggie Walton (signed the opinion ceding dictatorial powers to Holder in 2008) and Loretta Lynch are our black J. Edgar Hoovers, on steroids. Payback's a bitch?

    The Constitution and property rights are collateral damage, it would seem.

    SYNOPSIS OF NSA SIMILARITIES : Chandler was legal counsel to Leader Technologies, yet gave away Leader's invention / Arunachalam's invention / Van der Meer's invention / Ceglia's contract rights / etc. via Chandler's clients, David J. Kappos (later Obama's Patent Office director, IBM and Fenwick & West (Accel Partners - Facebook's largest insider shareholder)). MEMO: Chandler decided these proprietary properties should be given to IBM as "Open Source." Why? Because His Beneficence thought they should, it created more legal fees from IBM, and it made him big man on campus... and oh by the way, it aided national security--Hoover's excuse to do it all in secret too.

    Chandler then arranged for his other clients, Eric Holder / Loretta Lynch, to be granted almost dictatorial powers to seize data on Americans and store it in Facebook's databanks outside the United States, via an obscurely written "advisory opinion" that only this group would know how they intended to abuse it.

    FACT: Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah, currently fighting for extension of the Patriot Act, is also a Chandler client. There are probably lots of skeletons in these closets. Chandler is calling in markers, for sure. Disgraced Leader v. Facebook Federal Circuit Chief Judge, Randall Rader, worked for Hatch and with Chandler at the Senate.

    So you see, this corruption is no respecter of party.

  14. The Australian Financial Review
    Move over, Google. Facebook is the latest American tech giant that Europeans love to hate.

  15. Fitzgerald, A. (May 22, 2015). Bankers from major institutions still haven't been held responsible for financial crash. Center for Public Integrity.

  16. The American surveillance state apologists are in full spin mode after the FBI said they could not identify a single terrorist captured by the NSA bulk data collection program. They're also saying there is no proof hat the metadata has been abused.

    The fact that it has been collected and kept secret without oversight is big evidence of abuse! Second, how would we ever know since they have operated in secret and without oversight?

    Most telling are the $$$ billions of dollars put into a program for such allegedly meager returns. This spin is likely all misdirection.

    We should be asking who has had access to this data all along. Taking bets its the same Obama Facebook Cartel that has been building backdoor data-sucking siphons into data with the help of Obama's chief hack, Todd Y. Park (athenahealth, Castlight Health, Obamacare architect, Data Palooza organizator).

    Also taking bets that we'll find this NSA data not only in Utah, but in our "dark profiles" in Sweden, China, Brazil and other BRIC countries where the Accel Partners / IDG / Goldman Sachs / Morgan Stanley / JPMorgan are shifting all their assets.

  17. "JPMorgan Chase to Lay Off 2% of Workforce Amid Cost Cuts. The Street.

    JPMorgan is the master of misdirection. They are doing it in the Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam patent cases, Paul Ceglia cases, Leader Technologies patent case, yada yada yada. Therefore, we must start looking for nefarious activity in the midst of the crowd in these layoffs. What bad actors are they trying to hide in the layoff crowd? Those scoundrels probably got a big bonus with strings that the money continued as long as they remained silent about JPMorgan's IBM / Eclipse Foundation / Facebook / NSA collusion. It only takes one whistle blower.

    Suggestion to potential JPMorgan whistle blowers: be smart about it. Place the documents and hard evidence in multiple locations for insurance. Stay away from the mainstream media news editors. They have all drunk the Kool-Aid and will report you through back channels. Stay away from the FBI and Justice Department. Eric Holders' minions will back channel you also. Even Fox is questionable since one of their board members, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, is the second largest shareholder in Facebook, and therefore is a JPMorgan flunky.

    Discretely contact non-mainstream or former mainstream people and groups. Go to all these sources directly, not through their staffs, if you can: Sheryl Attkisson (former CBS reporter turned First Amendment advocate), Judicial Watch, Center for Public Integrity, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Jim Jordan, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Americans For Innovation, Lawless America, various Tea Party groups, Rocky Mountain Legal Foundation, American Center for Law and Justice (Jay Sekulow). Meet them where you are less likely to be monitored.

    Anonymize your communications, remember, your computer's Internet browser (incl. the one on your phone) have a unique ID, so even though sites don't see your name, they do see your Internet browser ID and the domain number/address (its like a street address on the Internet) of your local Internet Service Provider (like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, etc.), so its pretty easy to figure out who you are by triangulating that with some other activity where you are identified by name. These cartel members sell that data to each other. It's called "data mining." There are plenty of good sites discussing how to anonymize your Internet identity. What you don't see, can hurt you, so be smart about it. However, don't fall for the proxy servers. Those are mostly Internet predators disguised as anonymizers. They'll load bad stuff on your machine to take it over for their purposes.

    Unplug your computer/phone from Internet connections and turn off you computer, including take the battery out, when you are not using it. Most of the nefarious activity occurs when you are asleep or when the machine/phone is idle.

    1. One more thing. Documents you create on your computer carries "metadata" embedded in the file that identifies information about you, your program and your computer. That metadata can be STRIPPED OUT. Learn how to do that with the files you create.

  18. Tell your Senators to vote against NSA bulk data collection. (They vote in special session on Sunday, so do it today!) You can go to their contact page at:

    Here's what I wrote. FEEL FREE to use it!

    Dear Senator NAME,

    I agree with the principle that a warrant must have a real name. I am against, on constitutional principles, the idea of a blanket warrant given to a telecom company by a government agency that can make up its own rules as it goes in secret. This is the definition of totalitarianism. There must be public accountability. A secret FISA court is not public accountability, especially since these courts are stacked with like-minded cronies

    Please vote against NSA bulk data collection.



    1. This principle should also apply to "cloud" internet service providers too.

  19. Belgian Privacy Commission have tolled Facebook stop tracking people with the social buttons. President Barack Obama (appointed Leonard P. Stark to the judge's seat in Delaware Federal District Court eight days after Stark's court allowed Facebook to get away with jury and court manipulation of an on-sale bar verdict which was attained without a single piece of hard evidence; Barack and Michelle Obama were evidently protecting their 47 million "likes" on Facebook) The evidence that to much finance damages economic stability and growth and distorts the distribution of INCOME.


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