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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Trustees and Provost promote learning technology that benefits trustee clients and is stolen from OSU alums

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 13, 2014, Updated Mar. 05, 2015 | PDF
Update, Aug. 18, 2014—The Investigation Continues:
"Outraged Buckeye Nation sparks whistleblowers: New evidence reveals even more widespread collusion..." Stay tuned.
Michael V. Drake, new President of The Ohio State University creates scandal during his first month in office. This does not bode well for his judgment and leadership.
Fig. A—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees.

Drake's arrogant disregard for the public outcry against this decision will likely get him run out of Ohio on rails, according to sources close to the situation. More below. Photo: Ohio State.
Jeffrey Wadsworth, OSU Trustee President; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute
Fig. B—Jeffrey Wadsworth, President, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth's lobbyist, McBee Strategic, has at least 12 contracts with Ohio State. Before coming to Battelle, Wadsworth had no prior ties to Ohio, Ohio State or the Big 10; neither did Michael V. Drake. Their ties are all in California, LLNL, Univ. of Calif., Stanford.
Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
McBee Strategic LLC — Ohio State Trustees Contracting Scandal

(Update, Aug. 15, 2014)—Investigation into the bizarre firing of Ohio State's beloved Marching Band Director, Jon Waters, has uncovered shocking conduct by Ohio State's Board of Trustees. See Ohio State band Director Jon Waters in action in this 2014 YouTube trailer. Compare that to Michael V. Drake's prior experience with the Stanford band at the 2013 Rose Bowl. The contrast in professionalism is stark.

Incoming President Michael V. Drake was supported in that decision to fire Waters without even a hearing by Jeffrey Wadsworth, President of the OSU Trustees.

Wadsworth is the CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute. He preceded Drake's move to Ohio, having moved from California where he was employed by Drake's alma mater, the University of California Trustees, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Curiously, Wadsworth's move to Ohio was at the same time as the theft of Leader Technologies' source code by The Eclipse Foundation / IBM, and Leader's research projects with Battelle and LLNL. Hmmmm. It is now evident that Eclipse simply gave Leader's invention to Facebook as it was coming off of Leader's engineering drawing board and was being secretly shuffled to them by Leader's Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley attorneys (Read: cronies of Drake and Wadsworth.)

McBee Strategic—Battelle's Top Lobbyist

Washington lobby databases show that Wadsworth employs McBee Strategic, a lobbying firm that "aligned" with Facebook's Cooley Godward LLP in April 2009 to help dole out the Administration's energy stimulus funds. Congressional testimony revealed that most of the $31 billion in taxpayer funds went to political cronies, and almost all of the projects have failed. Cooley Godward is the law firm at the center of the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal, where OSU graduate Michael McKibben's invention of social networking was confiscated by the federal government with Cooley's now evident assistance. See sidebar Request for Congressional Intervention.

Ohio State has contracts with at least 12 McBee Strategic clients. Four of those McBee clients are represented legally by Arent Fox LLP who has been appointed by Drake to the ongoing Waters affair. Jump to the McBee investigation results below.

Wadsworth's Double-dealing

Wadsworth's McBee Strategic ties are gargantuan conflicts of interest for the OSU Board of Trustees. The double-dealing by Wadsworth, and the evident collusion by others, corrupts all trustee proceedings, including the "unanimous" decision to fire Jon Waters. How or if the Waters affair and Wadsworth's McBee Strategic double-dealing are related remains a mystery. However, the facts are what they are.

Clearly, if the OSU Trustees are willing to cheat on contract awards, they are willing to cheat on the Waters firing too.

Michael V. Drake, new President of The Ohio State University creates scandal during his first month in office. This does not bode well for his judgment and leadership.
Fig. 1—Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University fired beloved OSU Band Director, Jon Waters, in one of his first acts as the new president of the university. The decision was unanimously supported by the OSU Trustees. The study used as justification relies on much fabricated data and half truths about an alleged "highly sexualized culture." More than half of the eight women cited refute the findings and the use of their names as a misrepresentation of their words. Those women support Waters' reinstatement.

The topic of sexual assault has exploded onto the national scene in the mainstream media in recent weeks. After all, who can argue that it is not a worthy topic at any time, anywhere? However, the overemphasis appears to be yet another distraction from analysis of the Obama Administration's mounting policy failures. The fact that OSU's Drake is playing that hand triggered AFI researchers to investigate his past. The skeletons were not hard to find.

Drake's arrogant disregard for the public outcry against this decision will likely get him run out of Ohio on rails, according to sources close to the situation. Photo: Ohio State.

(Aug. 13, 2014)—A regular AFI commenter provided a heads up about the  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiative. That investigation has opened Pandora’s Box. Readers will be surprised at the path those facts have taken. Strap on your seatbelts.

MOOC is a heavily promoted education initiative of The Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse is also the source of the theft of Leader Technologies’ source code as AFI has only recently discovered. Eclipse illegally gave Leader’s code to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, among others. See previous post.

Eclipse was founded by IBM in late 2001 while Leader was perfecting its invention and sharing the progress with their attorneys. Hindsight shows those attorneys were untrustworthy. IBM’s attorneys included Leader’s attorney, James P. Chandler, III, and David J. Kappos, later Obama’s Patent Office director. According to Leader, Chandler did not disclose his conflict of interest which now appears to be the genesis of Eclipse… and therefore, MOOC.

As a parting act, Kappos secretly ordered Leader’s patent invalidated last year, even though Leader proved in federal court that Facebook is guilty of infringing this patent on 11 of 11 counts. Kappos was obviously under orders from his former employer. See previous post.

As we reported in the previous post, Eclipse promotes “The Internet of Things” whereby Eclipse members control all digital communications globally, right down to your toaster.

Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Fig. 2—Joseph E. Steinmetz, Ohio State Provost, sang the praises of MOOC in his final editorial as president of the Association for Psychological Sciences. A few months later, OSU vendors Google and Oracle announced MOOC initiatives to which Ohio State has joined. Steinmetz failed to disclose that OSU Trustee President, Jeffrey Wadsworth's lobbying firm, McBee Strategic, benefits from OSU decisions favorable to Oracle, Google and MOOC. Photo: OBS.

Eclipse wants control of global education via MOOC

MOOC surrogates have been moved into prominent academic positions to facilitate Eclipse hegemony.

Take Ohio State University for example. MOOC advocates have targeted Ohio State and Columbus-based Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle has $6.2 billion in annual revenue, much of it from government contracts. Ohio State’s budget for 2014 is $5.2 billion.

Ohio State’s Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz pitches MOOC

In May 2013, Ohio State’s current Provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, heavily promoted MOOC in his farewell Observer article as outgoing President of the Association for Psychological Science.

In the article Steinmetz sang the praises of “Big Data” and Internet-based education. He wrote “The Internet is changing this world” and singled out MOOCS. Four months later, Google announced its commitment to MOOC. Oracle followed in lockstep.

Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University
Fig. 3—Jeffrey Wadsworth, President, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth employs McBee Strategic as a Washington D.C. lobbyist. At least 12 of McBee Strategic's clients have key contracts and relationships with Ohio State University. Decisions favorable to these firms benefit Wadsworth personally, as well as Battelle. Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.

Jeffrey Wadsworth, OSU Trustee President, gives contracts to Google and Oracle, who are clients of his Battelle lobbyist, McBee Strategic

The President of the Ohio State Board of Trustees is Jeffrey Wadsworth. Wadsworth has been the CEO and President of Battelle since December 2008, and an OSU trustee since June 2010. Between 1992 to 2002 Wadsworth was Deputy Director of Science and Technology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) managed by the University of California trustees.

One of Wadsworth/Battelle’s Washington DC lobbyists is McBee Strategic LLC. McBee lists at least twelve (12) current clients with Ohio State contracts and relationships, including Oracle and Google. Other relationships include Alcoa, Babcock & Wilcox, Boeing, Charter Communications, Enterprise Community Partners, GE Energy, Honeywell, JPMorgan, Praxair and Time Warner Cable.

OSU leadership conflicts map
Fig. 4—Ohio State University. Conflicts of Interest Map among the senior leadership of The Ohio State University.

OSU decisions that benefit Google, Oracle and 10 other firms also benefit McBee Strategic, Wadsworth's lobbyist—classic conflicts of interest

By promoting MOOC and McBee’s dozen Ohio State clients, Steinmetz and Wadsworth are benefiting Wadsworth personally. Such conduct is a classical conflict of interest.

As AFI readers know, McBee Strategic plays prominently in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Facebook’s trial attorney in Leader v. Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, is partners with McBee, and those two firms are believed to have directed much of the cronyism of the failed energy stimulus in which tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars were shuffled to political hacks of the current Administration.

Irony: Ohio State steals valuable intellectual property from an Ohio State grad—Michael McKibben

Ironically, since MOOC relies on Eclipse source code originally stolen from Columbus, Ohio-based Leader Technologies, Inc., Ohio State is promoting the stolen property of one of its own—Leader’s inventor, Michael McKibben, who is a ‘73 Ohio State civil engineering graduate and 4-year member as well as squad leader of the famed OSU band. We asked him for his reaction to these new developments regarding MOOC and OSU. He said, "I am not surprised, but I am saddened that the ethical standards among the OSU leadership are simply following the herd."

McKibben continued, "That's probably why they are attacking the band. The OSU band is where I first encountered a culture that worked hard, strived for excellence, knew how to have fun in working hard, and took the high ground. The Animal House innuendo is so not who we were, or who the current band is. It's an insulting, nasty smear campaign."

Michael V. Drake’s conflicts of interest

OSU Trustee President Wadsworth’s University of California ties to Ohio State’s new president, Dr. Michael V. Drake, have come under scrutiny in recent weeks. Drake was director of policy for the UC medical schools and was chancellor at UC Irvine. Wadsworth worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which was managed by the UC Trustees. Neither man had prior ties to Ohio or Ohio State.

Drake fired Ohio State’s beloved marching band director, Jonathan Waters, during his first week on the job. The charges now appear to be fabricated. The purpose of the Waters’ mistreatment is unclear.

Waters is the creator of the animated marching formations that went viral last year on YouTube, and were then featured on an Apple iPad commercial. The iPad commercial generated $30 million to the University, according to Yahoo News.

Betty D. Montgomery
Fig. 5—betty D. Montgomery, former Ohio Attorney General, was selected by President Michael V. Drake to lead a continuing investigation into allegations of a "culture of sexualization" within the Ohio State University Marching Band. Drake fired the band director, Jon Waters, prior to this investigation. Montgomery has failed to disclose that she took political contributions from Drake's friend and Stanford colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, in 2006 when he was Chief Medical Officer at WellPoint, Inc. Photo:

Undisclosed financial ties have been discovered between Drake and former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery. Those ties involve a Stanford medical colleague, Woodrow A. Myers, and a fellow Black Community Services award winner and officer of Wellpoint, Inc. Wellpoint made a political donation in 2006 to Montgomery.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” about a political donation made to Betty Montgomery by his Stanford colleague, Woodrow A. Myers

Using Drake’s argument for firing OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters, Drake “knew or should have known” that Betty Montgomery had taken political money from his Stanford colleague Woodrow A. Myers.

Woodrow A. Myers
Fig. 6—Woodrow A. Myers, former Chief Medical Officer of Wellpoint, Inc. During that time, Wellpoint made at least one political contribution to Betty Montgomery. Myers is a fellow recipient, with Michael V. Drake, of the Stanford Black Alumni Hall of Fame Community Service Award. Myers was also the Chief Medical Director at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. OSU Trustee Erin P. Heoflinger, is President of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio. The bottom line there are multiple conflicts of interest among Drake's friend Myers and Ohio State trustees. Photo: mozambiquehealth.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that his friend Woodrow A. Myers’ association with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is in conflict with OSU Trustee Erin P. Hoeflinger, on all matters she advocates

Myers was also corporate medical director at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. OSU Trustee Erin P. Hoeflinger is the current president of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Ohio. This conflict of interest casts a cloud of bias over Drake’s and Hoeflinger’s association on the OSU Trustees, especially on healthcare-related matters.

McBee Strategic
Fig. 7—McBee Strategic is a Battelle Memorial Institute lobbyist in Washington D.C. McBee was formed in partnership with Cooley Godward LLP to dispense billions of dollars in the Obama Administration's energy stimulus funds. Those stimulus failures included $535 million at Solyndra and $529 million at Fisker Automotive. See CNN Money for a complete list of stimulus failures. Photo: Foursquare.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that Arent Fox LLP represents at least four clients of the OSU Trustee President Jeff Wadsworth’s lobbyist, McBee Strategic

Drake selected the Arent Fox LLP law firm to conduct further investigations into the OSU band. However, he failed to disclose that Arent represents at least four of McBee Strategic’s Ohio State clients (Google, Oracle, Honeywell, Time Warner), and therefore cannot be impartial.

David P. Vaughn
Fig. 8—David P. Vaughn, Criminal Attorney, was selected by OSU President Michael V. Drake to continue the OSU Marching Band "culture" investigation. Vaughn is a long-time former Assistant U.S. Attorney who only tried criminal cases. He created his "David Vaughn Consulting Group" website less than two weeks before Drake appointed him. Vaughn's company name does not appear in the business entity records of the California Secretary of State.

Vaughn's bio says he graduated from UC Berkeley, then attended UC Hastings law school, then received an MPA from Harvard. His pedigree fits the now familiar profile of the corrupt Facebook Cartel. Photo: ZoomInfo.

Michael Drake “knew or should have known” that David Vaughn Consulting Group was formed less than two weeks before he hired Vaughn

A criminal lawyer, David Vaughn Consulting Group, was hired for the Waters investigation. Vaughn’s website is only one page and was created less than two weeks before he was hired by Drake. This gives the impression that the website was created just for the OSU affair. The site is poorly implemented, which further supports the notion that it was thrown up hurriedly for his friend, Michael V. Drake, and Betty Montgomery .

Since Jon Waters was fired on July 24, 2014, Michael Drake has dodged questions from reporters.

Bizarre Linkage—Culture of Undisclosed Conflicts

The conflicts of interest among Drake, Steinmetz, MOOC, Oracle, Google, The Eclipse Foundation, Myers, Montgomery, Vaughn, Arent Fox, UC, Stanford, McBee Strategic, Wadsworth and Battelle, and this bizarre set of linkages among the Jon Waters affair, the theft of Leader Technologies’ code, and the global MOOC initiative, are puzzling facts.

MOOC certainly figures prominently into the misconduct of the OSU leadership. But, how did Director Jon Waters and the OSU Marching Band threaten that collusion?

Regardless of the marching band connection, OSU's leaders have much to answer for regarding their "Culture of Undisclosed Conflicts."

Perhaps it is all just coincidental. However, the coincidences in the Leader v. Facebook matter are now piled so high and deep that they are starting to block out the sun… can anyone say “eclipse?”

* * *

OSU Marching Band 2014 Trailer, Jon Waters, director

Source: YouTube


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  1. Just the facts maam. Taking bets Ohio State sees a new president and provost shortly, not to mention a shakeup in the trustees. These conflicts make Tressel's tattoo-gate, Gee's joke-gate and Waters' ramp-gate look absolutely juvenile. Our PC world is upside down... and no, I'm not from Ohio.... but I read, and think, which puts me in a species threatened with extinction.

  2. Email comment by R&A (reposted):


    You may find this interesting. I sent this link to the Drudge Report. It will be interesting to see if they publish it. It is scary!

  3. Email comment by: HooHooNeighbor

    Ohio State people need to go right at the credibility of these bullies individually. Forget about discrediting the report, that's a given. Discredit those who created this false crisis. They are not acting in good faith. This post gave plenty of clues. Think about it, no self-respecting incoming president of a major university starts his or her job by creating such acrimony against a man he has never even met, and who just generated $30 million for the university.

  4. LOL. By comparison, the Schottenstein family donated a mere $10 million to get their name on the Schottenstein Center, Ohio State's new basketball arena. This situation is absolutely surreal. I hope Jon hangs in their while us fans grab our pitchforks and head to Drake's office. I'd hate to see us lose such a talent. I don't have a good feeling about Drake at all.

  5. Email comment by Clarke:

    The more I check this out, the more I believe you might find Sidney Powell's book to prove relevant to your important work. Suggest you check out her website.

    "Licensed to Lie is the true story of the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power."

    1. This would be the newly-minted "David Vaughn Consulting Group?"

      Vaughn has spent his whole career as a federal prosecutor. He seems to be trying very hard to hide this fact. His California background with Michael Drake, the Arent Fox LLP law firm, and Ernst & Young need to be investigated. This is getting smellier by the moment.

      For those of us who follow the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal, this Ohio State scandal seems quite familiar. It reads like the same perpetrators. It is certainly a similar pattern of behavior by the bad guys. Similar university backgrounds. etc. etc. etc. etc. Gag.

  6. Email comment by TEX:

    Dear Dr Drake,

    Petty tough start at OSU, huh? After looking at your past experiences and track record, including your hiring, firing, and re-hiring ( in about 30 minutes) of left wing loon , radical lawyer Erwin Chemerinsky in 2007 as Dean of UC Irvine law school, I must say that you are an enigma. I sincerely hope that you have become engaged with the Eclipse group by innocent mistake rather than by greedy design. They will use you, eat you up, and spit you out. (Oops, probably shouldn't have used that phrase since Jeffrey Dahmer was an OSU grad).

    Back to your opening salvo.....firing a beloved band leader. I have a couple of questions for you. Are you aware that your new Harvard cohorts , albeit indirect, have a long tradition of getting naked and running around screaming like a bunch of ninnies on the night before they start their final exams? I have seen some of those people clothed....not that attractive. And, are you aware that your alma mater, Stanford, has naked things daily? Do you recall"full moon on the Quad"? How about " frolicking around three virgins"? Or, how about " Columbae" at the library? Did you ever get curious and frolicking with them ? Heck, the Stanford band is the biggest bunch of goofballs on the planet.

    I proffer the following.....rehire the beloved band director. Then spend your time on providing your students with a "full " education rather than imposing the "MOOC" agenda that the serial Facebook thieves are providing. If the core of the fruit is rotten then it is only a matter of time that the fruit becomes rotten throughout. Let's teach them about how good America is.... not how bad it is. Let's teach them about the beautiful design of our Constitutional republic rather than the benefits of central control and socialism. Let's teach them that socializing should include respectful one on one conversation and not just texting and face booking. Let's teach them that getting naked and groping each other is unacceptable, and that respect for others begins with respecting oneself. And let's remind them that naked tuba players are not attractive to the cute flutist.

    Well, it's been great visiting with you, Dr Drake.

    Sincerely, TEX

    1. Just to be clear, Dahmer did not graduate from Ohio State University. He dropped out after a single quarter.

  7. Some links to interesting articles from a variety of sources on the bullying of the OSU Band by the incoming Ohio State president Drake:

    The Anatomy of a Scandal

    Jonathan Waters’ employment file packed with praise, little criticism

    4 Women Named in OSU Band Investigation Send Letter to President Drake

    Ohio State Band Members Claim Hazing Investigation Failed To Interview Them

  8. Email comment by TEX:

    A nation or a civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.


    Follow this... more financial nested dolls to hide cronyism and payola.


    XCEL ENERGY is also lobbied for by CAPITAL COUNSEL

    CAPITAL COUNSEL lists numerous OHIO STATE VENDORS as clients, including:

    1. Cardinal Health
    2. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    3. Time Warner

    One OSU Trustee is ERIN P. HOEFLINGER, President of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio. So much for an unbiased Jon Waters investigation by these trustees.

  10. This is a very sweet and short (1 min. 40 sec.) video that shows the Ohio State band for those unfamiliar with their traditions. Several readers have sent it today. It features fired Director Jon Waters. What the heck is going on in Ohio? They eat their own apparently.

  11. Email comment by Huh?


    For grins I just read through their allegedly unbiased report about the "Midnight Ramp." They said "She also stated
    that female members have gone shopping together at Victoria’s Secret to buy underwear for the event."

    What a bunch of flaming hypocrites!!!! Some of the most prominent buildings at Ohio State are now named after the FOUNDER of Victoria's Secret ----- LESLIE WEXNER-------- Wexner Center for the Arts, Wexner Medical Center, The Les Wexner Football Complex... I wonder if Wexner gave $30 million for the three? Jon Waters generated $30million real dollars last year for the university in the Apple iPad commercial and I don't see Waters' name going up on any buildings. Instead, these b____s fire him!!

    The trustees like WEXNER'S money, but they don't like his product that makes his money???? Huh. You can tell this was written by a male outsider. First, if he was from Ohio he would have known this was a horribly contradictory statement, and if he was a women he'd know that most of us buy product (and support Ohio State) from that store. So what's the big deal? Oh my goodness, the OSU band girls buy underwear!!!! This situation just gets more ignorant every time I think about it.

    Logic now says if the Trustees are going to fire Waters because his female band members buy from Victoria's Secret, then WEXNER'S name should be pulled down from every building at the University immediately.

    These Trustees must be fired by the Ohio legislature immediately. They are a disgrace.

  12. [Editors’ Note]

    Huh! and other Readers should realize that this OSU Trustee Cartel has been forming for a long time. In fact, Michael V. Drake’s Stanford Black Alumni crony Woodrow A. Myers has been spreading Ohio campaign donations around liberally since the 2006 election cycle through his company, WELLPOINT, INC.

    Our investigators had gathered this information for this post, but focused initially only on Betty Montgomery’s tie to Michael Drake and Jeff Wadsworth. However, since Huh! has proposed the possibility that the Ohio legislature step in and sanction the OSU Trustees, you should realize that I-OWE-YOU'S going back to 2006 and Betty Montgomery will be called in to stop that, we believe.

    We know this crowd. They have been patiently building to this point for many years. We are still baffled why they have singled out the OSU Band and Jon Waters, but that question mark aside, will loyal Buckeyes hear more crickets when they march to the statehouse? We believe only if they, metaphorically speaking, tuck their tails between their legs and walk away when they encounter more abusive conduct.This OSU Trustee Cartel is a beast that must be taught to sit. They work for the citizens of Ohio, at their pleasure, not the other way around.

    Here’s proof that the OSU Trustee Cartel may have bought off many Ohio legislators:

    2006 - - - - Ohio Campaign donations by WELLPOINT, INC. (244 Ohio candidates, including Betty Montgomery)

    2008 - - - - Ohio Campaign donations by WELLPOINT, INC. (150 Ohio candidates)

    2010 - - - - Ohio Campaign donations by WELLPOINT, INC. (139 Ohio candidates)

    2012 - - - - Ohio Campaign donations by WELLPOINT, INC. (134 Ohio candidates)


      I just took a look at the Ohio Joint Legislative Code of Ethics. It’s pretty much the same in my state on “Voting Abstention.” If a motion to reinstate Jon Waters comes before The Ohio General Assembly, first they’d be obliged as Buckeyes to play the official state rock song, Hang On Sloopy, by the Ohio State Marching Band, LOL. Ouch.

      Then, any Ohio legislator with conflicts would be obliged to abstain from the vote. That would include anyone who took a donation from WELLPOINT, INC,, BETTY MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL V. DRAKE, WOODROW A. MEYER, BATTELLE, STANFORD, UC, LIVERMORE LABS, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, OAK RIDGE LABS, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, ORACLE, MOOC, ECLIPSE FOUNDATION, ET. or was associated with or benefited from MCBEE STRATEGIC, or any of McBee Strategic’s clients. Given the probable compromise of the OSU Board of Trustees, any legislator with a relationship, including family members and employers, to any of the OSU TRUSTEES, should also abstain....oh what a mess this is.

      Once the group of legislators eligible to vote is determined, however, small, only then could a vote be taken.

      The general ethical principle is that the legislator should “avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.” The OSU Trustee president and the other trustees appear to have ignored this fundamental ethical principle. What nefarious agenda is afoot? My guess: Get the MOOC/IBM/THE ECLIPSE FOUNDATION/NSA pipelines laid at Ohio State University before Obama leaves office. There, I said it.

    2. Could you please come to the FB group #westandwithjonwaters ? You might be able to add valuable assistance. The admin of the group is Mike Constantine. Tell him you were invited by a fellow OSU Marching Band alum.

  13. These OSU Trustee GOONS are part of the same group people and thug law firms that are bullying the US Congress into total ineffectiveness, so the people of Ohio State should be a piece of cake. Right? (I am cheering for Buckeye Nation to come to the Nation's rescue.)

  14. If you want more evidence of corruption look into new Ohio state trustee Alex Fisher and his history with wadsworth and why he was forced out of battelle

    1. Dear truth teller,

      Can you give us any more detail? It will save us time on the research. If you are not comfortable posting it publicly, please email it to

      Thanks for the heads up!

      --AFI Investigators

    2. We have begun our investigation of the new OSU Trustee Alex R. Fisher mentioned by "truthteller" above. Interestingly, Fischer was appointed as Trustee on Jul. 3, 2014, only eleven (11) days before the Trustees (including Fischer) "unanimously" agreed to fire OSU Marching Band Director on Jul. 24, 2014. What could Fischer possibly have learned about Waters so quickly that he would fire Waters without a hearing just eleven days into his tenure? We note he came from Wadsworth's Battelle. Readers should familiarize themselves with Fischer's resume and his Battelle time and affiliations.

      Here is Fischer's official OSU biography:

  15. Obama What's the difference between the Wolf of Wall Street and Dot Com? One made his money filing shares, the other made his money sharing files, So which camp are you in Obama "Dirty Politics

  16. Anyone in this group that is able to add assistance, please jointhe FB group #westandwithjonwaters. I will give the group's admin a heads up.

  17. Thanks DanielChapterNine,

    For obvious reasons, this blog boycotts Facebook. Any links you provide to us are helpful and much appreciated tho. We're seeing a lot of click-thrus from Facebook from this post. Don't be surprised if they start censoring those links. They've done it MANY times before to AFI supporters. The excuse is always the same generic excuse for their Gestapo stonewalling tactics: "your post violates community standards." It's a moving target, much like the incomprehensible standards used to condemn OSU Director Jon Waters. They make no sense because they have no sense. They're just a diversion for what is really going on behind the scenes.

    FYI, we're also seeing lots of click thrus from sports blogs, so those links are much appreciate also.

    If people on other blogs are asking questions to which you'd like AFI researchers to respond, we will do so here, then you are free to re-post those answers on other blogs. Also if you copy and paste the time link above each comment you can paste the actual comment URL.

    We welcome whistleblowers.


    AFI Investigators

  18. I've read through all of this pretty quickly, so maybe I missed something but what I see is that Jon was fired because he brought a load of money and publicity to the University through APPLE and not IBM.

  19. Suggest you take a breath and slow down, your facts are all mixed up.

  20. Chris Glaros, author of the report that claims a "sexualized culture" within the Ohio State University Marching Band, is also a Stanford graduate and previously clerked for the Honorable Algenon L. Marbley in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Algenon L. Marbley is now an OSU Trustee.

  21. Email comment by TEX:

    Since I don't have much to do, I spend a little time looking at cause and effect in this screwed up world that is evolving before our eyes. It seems that the more our bureaucratic elite get involved in our lives, the bigger mess we make , and thus the need for even more elite intervention. What a circle.....Most of the things that Texans get fussy about involve separation of folks by classes of distinction ( straight vs gay, black vs white, men vs women, rich vs poor, etc.) by our elitist leaders. The more division they create , the more we need their brilliance. I live in a neighborhood of mixed race families, mixed faiths including atheism, CEO's, worker bees, tall people, short people.......we get along quite nicely. Liars, thieves, trouble makers, and beggars are not tolerated. Our local Texas charities feed the poor, educate the less fortunate, and our homeowners shoot home intruders. We have lots of folks without government papers and not much is said because they have become inculcated into our way of life. They are trying their best to add value to society.

    Now let's go to the inner cities of this nation......most successful folks ( all colors and sex orientation) live outside of the blighted inner city area. They migrate each day with their eyes closed to the life that these folks are living in the slum areas in the inner loop. Our " elite leaders" tax and regulate us to " care for these needy". But the money doesn't quite get there. And if it does, it is a handout , not an investment in their personal potential. Without being caustic, what incentive are we giving folks to improve their human condition ? Funny how that cash from the workers ends up in the pockets of the cronies of our elected officials,not in the investment ( education) of the most needy, huh ?

    That's what happening in Ferguson, MO. This isn't about a black kid getting shot.....that happens hundreds of times every day in Thugcago and Destoyt . No, this is about no chance for the rioters to gain personal human dignity with their food stamps, no jobs, and government intervention. Angry , unemployed kids will always find trouble. Plus, It creates a stigma that is very degrading. The thing about the Facebook theft and the other wonderful things that the elitist erudites are forcing on us sheep is the fact that the consequences of their actions are destroying this once great nation. Just think what the collapsing of our southern border will do to our sovereignty, our safety, our debt, etc. It's a massive and perhaps fatal mistake. Who is leading the charge? The Zuckster. What a benevolent man. He is so corrupt , top to bottom, hair to toes, that he actually believes himself. Sadly, it is much like our President, VP, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and on and on. They are so corrupt that us lowly minions can even imagine it......and yes they think that all of this will make us more loving and productive .

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  27. Good lord. I've been reading the blog for a couple of months and I've seen a steady decline in sanity. This last post is so over the top that I feel like I have to chime in.

    I've noticed a very disturbing trend in the posts here. Essentially, this blog will create a post that contains some sort of wild supposition. Then, in the next post, this blog will quote that supposition as fact.

    For example, the last post claimed that the Eclipse foundation had stolen Leader's code and had "never identified the source" of the original code.

    Oh my. Let's start with the basics. The Eclipse Foundation's code base is absolutely massive. I mean, tremendously, tremendously massive. Eclipse's code is a huge online repository of open-source software that covers virtually every aspect of programming. Java, C, HTML, Javascript, Scheme, Perl, Apps, PHP, Fortran,Cobol, Ajax, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, VB, etc. The scope is incredible.

    1. Leader's patent was absolutely miniscule in comparison. It covered a very simple method of associating metadata with a programming object. That's it. The idea that this massive repository of code--containing literally trillions of lines of code--was based off of one obscure patent is about as delusional as they come.

      And as to the claim that the Eclipse Foundation never identified the founding source of its code? Well....yes, actually it did. Right there on the main page: "In the case of the Eclipse Project, the initial code base was contributed by IBM." See Given the immense scope of the Eclipse universe, it is no surprise that the original code would come from such a massive company as IBM.

      Leader seems to think that because they had hired a lawyer who, at the same time, was representing another client was evidence that its code was stolen? Sorry guys, but I have news for you as to how the world really works. Lawyers are typically representing 20, 30, 50, 100 clients at a time. Firms are typically representing 1000, 5000, 10000 clients at a time. Of course there is overlap. Everywhere. This is evidence of absolutely nothing.

      On top of that, the whole premise that the Eclipse Foundation "stole" code makes absolutely no sense. Eclipse is OPEN SOURCE. This means that all of the code is publicly accessible by ANYONE. If you're looking to create a secret system to control the world, the last thing you would do is make that system open source. I mean come on.

      On top of that, given that the Eclipse software is all open source, all Leader would have to do is review that code to determine whether its own code was included in it. Really, this is software 101. If Leader's code was actually contained in any Eclipse module, it would be child's play to find it.

    2. And now this whole Ohio State post? Wow. Let's again start with the basics. Eclipse has virtually nothing to do with the whole MOOC movement. Look a their Wikipedia page. Not even mentioned.

      And this blog doesn't seem to understand what the MOOC movement really is. It is a worldwide, free education initiative that is not controlled by anyone. The idea is that the public should be entitled to obtain information from universities and scholars free of charge. Essentially, this is a means to unshackle the masses from poverty and ignorance. It is potentially one of the most important developments in society, and again it is a completely decentralized system. No one is in charge. No one is in control. The concept is simple--put your lessons on the Internet and make them accessible by anyone. That's it.

      So now this blog claims that a Trustee's praise of this new development is somehow evidence that IBM and Facebook are seeking to take over Ohio State? First off, if you're trying to hijack the world's educational system, you don't do it with some podunk school in Ohio.

      And then the notion that the firing of a band leader who oversaw years of sexual assault and abuse has anything to do with this? I mean really, what are you smoking? The marching band for years implemented a culture of sexual abuse. He let it slide. A new president came in and decided to shut this crap down, finally. And somehow this is evidence that Facebook is trying to take over the world?

      I can only weep for the author of this blog. Your mind has become so obsessed that you cannot begin to see the truth in anything on this planet. I can only be blunt. The Leader patent was of an obscure, limited scope. It was then invalidated by a jury. End of story. The rest was just part of the standard story that jury verdicts are almost never overturned, and the Supreme Court hears fewer than 1% of cases brought before it.

    3. We have come to expect such haughty chatter from the paid Facebook bloggers. Facts are an annoyance, aren't they? We find your reference to Ohio State as a "podunk school in Ohio" fascinating. What non-podunk school did you attend?

      Your removal of five of your drafts is also interesting. Hard time crafting your lies properly? Or, did you have to get clearance from your mother ship? Try honesty, you might like it.

    4. Sounds like, Gregory Pullins, that you are one of the colluders. Thank you for your comments.

    5. Email comment by TEX:

      Well darn, Gregory Pellins (whatever), I did not know that I could expend thousands of hours and spend millions of dollars to submit and receive an approval for a numbered/ protected patent, and have it invalidated by a " court" ( judge) , and have it dismissed by the USPTO kingpin as he left his appointed position, all because it was insignificant relative to the ultimate use of that intellectual property. That is very enlightening.....and quite handy for those of you that usurp the laws to create billions of dollars in value for themselves while claiming " greater good" for society.

      Now I know that because you are obviously smarter than me, you believe that you have the obligation to educate me and my toothless family in your MOOC movement , and I guess I will be forever grateful. I wrote a letter to my podunk alma mater this morning and asked for my money back since they have not jumped into your elitist movement, " potentially one of the most important developments in society". I always thought football was. I was particularly impressed with your analysis that no one is in charge, no one is in control. It's kinda like a drone for education. Wow, that is awesome and not podunk.

      I also heard this morning that Bill Clinton found out that the OSU band was experiencing some sexual publicity and announced that he is a great clarinet player and will contact the school soon...with that, he also declared that everyone but Hillary was podunk. But back to you..... I had no idea we could "unshackled the masses" with a derivative of Leaders stolen patent. How cool is that ? That is right in the socialist play wheelhouse, huh? Let me say, that we, in Texas, are really excited about the work in which you are engaging and want to thank you for lucid explanation as to how society will be better off if the patent office is turned into a Harvard dropout think tank. It was worth getting out of bed this morning.

  28. NBC4 Fact Checks OSU President's Remarks About TBDBITL Report

    OSU President Michael V. Drake's facts...Fiction...fiction...fiction

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