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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


IBM and "The Eclipse Foundation" Control Obama in the Shadows to Block Out Our Fundamental Rights

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Aug. 06, 2014, Updated Aug. 08, 2014 | PDF
Barack H. Obama
Fig. 1—President Barack H. Obama presides over the most secretive and massive government takeover of privacy and property in American history. Photo: Obeygiant.

(Aug. 06, 2014)—According to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the People have the power. However, the People have been usurped by a surveillance culture where President Barack Obama and his political appointees are merely running the interference.

AFI researchers recently stumbled upon the key that unlocks the secret to Obama’s defiant confidence in the face of multiple scandals. The scandals themselves appear to be merely diversionary tactics to mask the real agenda.

The key was a 2001 “Eurotech, Ltd.” press release. The document was missing from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s official EDGAR website where it should have been. Nevertheless, it was stored in several library aggregators.

The Key

The Aug. 7, 2001 Eurotech, Ltd. (AMEX:EUO) press release announced:

“Professor James P. Chandler Joins Eurotech’s as Director and Principal Advisor.”

We reached out to Leader who said they had no knowledge of Eurotech. We then knew we had discovered something important, akin to a whistleblower.

solar eclipse
Photo: Photography Life

Global Shell Games

Following the money trail, we discovered a convoluted tangle of Eurotech entity mergers; spin offs; reverse mergers; Cayman Island shell companies; surrogates; Chinese, Russian and Indian entities; brand name financiers; South African front men; name changes, missing public documents, disappearance of certain people’s names and backgrounds from the web, FOIA stonewalling, misdirection and doublespeak.

These trails wound through the secretive FISA Court, Justice Department, U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Circuit, district courts, Commerce Department, S.E.C., Patent Office, White House, three-letter agencies, Wall Street, Boston and Silicon Valley, then back onto Chandler’s doorstep.

Sounds like John Grisham fiction, doesn't it? Sadly, it is all too real, and all verifiable from public data. We will post just a few supporting items in this article.

* * *

In 2000, Leader Technologies sought out well-respected patent attorneys to protect its invention.

A friend had introduced Leader to Major General James E. Freeze, US Army (ret.), the former #3 at the NSA.

Freeze introduced Leader to Professor James P. Chandler, III, former patent law professor at George Washington University and Harvard, and a member of President Clinton’s National Infrastructure Assurance Council.

In turn, Chandler introduced Leader to Fenwick & West LLP.

The Fox Agreed To Guard The Hen House

Freeze and Chandler joined the Leader board of directors. Chandler and Fenwick became Leader’s legal counsel. Leader believed these men would provide ample protection for their invention. The opposite occurred, in the name of national security.

IBM was Chandler’s client for intellectual property matters. David J. Kappos led IBM’s intellectual property legal division and was a Chandler collaborator.

In addition, a U.S. Department of Justice document has just surfaced that proves a deep relationship in 2001 between Chandler and then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Eclipse’s Original Sin

On Nov. 29th, 2001, three months after the Eurotech/Chandler press release, IBM/Kappos founded “The Eclipse Foundation” to develop and promote royalty-free open source software. The founding members included numerous Fenwick & West LLP clients, including Red Hat and Merant. See Eclipse press release.

The Eclipse board minutes are online. On Dec. 4th, 2002, they stated:

“Eclipse 2.0 was primarily based on contributions of a single company.”

These minutes also discuss difficulties with the SWING protocol that was used in the Leader Technologies code. SWING is a method for displaying web pages that Leader chose initially, but Eclipse members wanted changed.

Eclipse became the catch basket for Leader Technologies’ source code as it came off the drawing board. That is illegal lawyer conduct. Your lawyer is forbidden from selling your secrets out the backdoor to cronies.

Eclipse code likely provided to Zuckerberg

On Feb. 4, 2008, Facebook launched. In his ConnectU deposition (the Winklevoss Twins), Zuckerberg was magically unable to remember the “other” sources for his platform ideas.

Facebook has consistently lied about Zuckerberg’s hard drives to mask the truth that Zuckerberg used The Eclipse Foundation code—Leader’s code. This helps explain why Paul Ceglia has become such a target of Eclipse surrogate, Attorney General Eric Holder. See previous post.

Zuckerberg was fraudulently misrepresenting his intentions to Ceglia in 2003. The only way out of that for the Facebook Cartel was to accuse Ceglia of Zuckerberg’s sins and make him prove a negative.  “When will you stop beating your wife?”

On Dec. 8, 2004, the Eclipse minutes stated:

“But not unexpectedly the Foundation has been unable to locate each and every contributor to the projects over the past three years” and proposed to “re-implement any functionality” not “re-contributed.”

“Unable to locate” indeed. “Re-implement any functionality?”

They lost track of their “single company” contributor. This is lawyer BS for theft.

Notice to IBM and The Eclipse Foundation:

AFI found your “single company” contributor!

Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.

Although the Eclipse documents eagerly identify their rapidly increasing membership, they never identify the single source of their founding code base.

All the evidence points to Chandler and Fenwick, and therefore Leader Technologies, as their source.

"Disappointing, Shocking News"

AFI asked Leader founder and inventor, Michael McKibben, if he was aware of any of this activity by his legal counsels Chandler and Fenwick. “No way,” McKibben said. “They came highly recommended for their professionalism and integrity.”

McKibben said, “Ever since the Facebook S-1 registration in 2012, we knew Fenwick was behaving badly, but did not know its origin or scope. Professor Chandler had introduced us to Fenwick, but we never for a minute suspected collusion.”

“This Eurotech press announcement is shocking. It shows that Professor Chandler was engaged in other activity in the same technology space as us without telling us. And, it was occurring at the same time we were perfecting our inventions. Professor Chandler and Fenwick knew everything as our trusted advisors.”

McKibben concluded, “We have always held Professor Chandler in high regard. In fact, one of my daughters interned with him for a summer. He once made a puzzling statement to me about sacrificing individual interests for the common good, but I never for a moment thought he was talking about sacrificing Leader’s interests. We were his client!”

Lawyer Ethics 101: duties to present and former clients require prior disclosure and written waivers

The attorney Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to disclose conflicts of interest before engaging in activity that is potentially competitive to their client, or former client.

Eclipse Controls The Social Web

Eclipse has defined the social web. It has almost 200 members. It’s a veritable Who’s Who of modern computing, including IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Computer Associates, Intel, Wind River, SAP, Motorola, IDG, Blackberry, Sybase, Hitachi, BEA, Adobe, HP, Borland, Toshiba, AOL, Cisco, Siemens, TIBCO, Google, Novell, NetApp, Rational, Texas Instruments, Red Hat, SAS, JPMorgan, NASA, Eurotech, Nokia, Compuware, Actuate, AMD and the U.S. Government.

The Eclipse Foundation Board Meeting Minutes, MEMBERSHIP LOGOS, Sep. 17, 2008

Fig. 2—The Eclipse Foundation Membership on Sep. 17, 2008.

The give-away of Leader’s invention spanned the globe, from the US and Canada to Europe, Russia and Asia.

Fenwick & West LLP represents many of these companies. Edward Snowden revealed that many of these companies provide a backdoor to the NSA.

This brings us full circle back to Chandler and Freeze, Leader Technologies’ first directors.

According to Congressional records, Freeze helped lead the NSA before meeting Leader. Chandler consulted to the NSA and Department of Justice before meeting Leader.

The Eclipse Foundation was founded by IBM and David J. Kappos. In 2009, Kappos was appointed by Obama as director of the Patent Office. Eric H. Holder, Jr.  was appointed Attorney General in 2009.

Goodbye privacy; hello surveillance state

One of Kappos’ parting acts as director of the Patent Office was to issue a secret administrative order to invalidate Leader’s patent using Patent Office cronies who were loyal to IBM, Microsoft and Xerox—dues-paying Eclipse members and collaborators.

Obama announced his candidacy in 2007 on Facebook, one of Eclipse’s beneficiaries.

The Eclipse Foundation members are providing most if not all the key programming, equipment and embedded systems to and the IRS.

Are you getting the picture?

Our international digital communications infrastructure is controlled by IBM and its crony Eclipse membership. The Facebook Cartel uses the Eclipse code.

This Cartel has established a multitude of off-shore Cayman Island shell companies to hide tens and maybe hundreds of billions of dollars that is out of reach of Congress and American law.

"The One People" of America have been robbed of their sovereignty

The People of the United States are no longer in control of their government.

The Internet of Things
Fig. 3—The Internet of Things. While this Chandler/IBM-driven schema sounds good in theory, the surveillance and death of privacy and property devil is in these details. The tech world is teeing up absolute power into the hands of the digital purveyor Cartel, in secret. Photo: Beacham Research / Cisco.

IBM through The Eclipse Foundation, along with the Facebook Cartel, is consolidating control of our global communications and transaction infrastructure, as we speak.

Obama’s job appears to be to orchestrate misdirection while the Eclipse members complete their work to establish digital control via their vision called “The Internet of Things.”

FYI, the same month that IBM produced this "Internet of Things" PowerPoint for an Eclipse board meeting, Russian oligarch Yuri Milner paid $100 million for a mansion in Silicon Valley. Milner financed his purchase by buying billions of dollars in private market Facebook stock, and selling the shares..... Milner's exploits were approved by cronies at the SEC and arranged by cronies at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Goldman Sachs was Milner's partner in Moscow. Milner is a protégé of Obama's bailout director, Lawrence "Larry" Summers, along with Facebook's COO, Sheryl K. Sandberg, from the early 1990's when these plots were being hatched at Harvard and the World Bank.

Even your toaster will monitor you in the coming days… be careful about your breakfast conversations!

… from places like China and Russia where surveillance is a way of life, if the Cartel has its way.

Don't give them their way.

It's our country they are selling into digital slavery.



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    1. Dear dave123,

      We have removed your first three posts because they were just too long and very difficult to read. We have emailed you what you posted so you haven't lost any of your thoughts. We suggest you shorten your posts and very much hope you will get some help on editing!

      The AFI Staff

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  4. Email comment by TEX

    Holy moly, what a post regarding the secretive world of NSA , Eclipse, Holder, Obama, et al. It is incredibly difficult to believe that this type of intrigue, and chicanery could really exist. Out of sheer frustration and because this site said that my toaster could be spying on me, I water boarded the darn thing this morning and it confessed. Yep, my toaster had a small burnt man in there that was filming my every move. So I water boarded him ,too. The problem is that I forgot to unplug my toaster. But what a light show !!!! By the way, I had to destroy his tiny little undercover film because Michelle would have me incarcerated for eating grape jelly on my toast.

    But how about the aforementioned connection to Holder, Kappos, Fenwick, and the rest of these Harvard erudites ? That is amazing. I have a few good friends but not one of these old farts could keep a secret for ten minutes, especially if they outfoxed someone and made a few quick bucks. I suspect that this ring of thieves is now molded by fear as much as anything. I must respectfully disagree with the writer in that I believe Obama is incapable of orchestrating anything.......he is just so ideologically predisposed and so eager to be liked by everyone that he is just doing his best Lon his own to destroy our country any way he can. He is not being used by design but rather by sheer luck . Surely the cartel saw that he was and is totally incompetent but knew that he is driven to be really important . What a truly lucky election for the whiz kids. The real genius is Biden..... One could actually believe that he is a buffoon. No one could possibly be that simple minded yet believe that they are smart. Thus, I think he is really the guy that set this whole scheme in motion. He must be one tough and scary guy to keep this massive collaboration out of the news. I am , however, sending him the phone number of my one-eyed mullet barber, Sneezy Miller. Old Sneezy had to quit using scissors after his big accident. VP Bidens hair plugs are not looking that good these days. A nice swath of hair on his neck could perhaps help his image. Someday we will find out that he, not Al Bore, invented the internet which Biden dreamed up while riding the train to DC.....or something. Biden did say recently that the " globe "in his library is not warming as far as he could tell , so he thinks that his buddy Al Bore might be deceiving us about global warming, too.

    So here we have it......a magicians dream come true. Deceptions and allusions everywhere. A prize of power and billions of dollars. .......all created when a man in a small company in Ohio designed a platform for social networking, a design that criminal minds knew could control the new progressive world. Stay tuned, this could be fun to unravel.


  5. LOL. While Tex was water boarding his toaster, President Obama ordered air strikes in Kurdistan. Is it just me, or is this a pattern? Every time this blog outs another aspect of Obama's scandals, something erupts somewhere in the world to divert the attention of the lemmings in the mainstream media? Made for TV crises. Hmmmm.

    This ISIS invasion feels more like big boys and their tech toys rather than a sober policy move. Look at the timing. This expose on The Eclipse Foundation posts Wednesday morning, then Wednesday night at 7pm Obama acts out of character order use of big boy toys... but no boots on the ground. Brilliant Mr. President, tell the enemy part of your strategy. Any grade schooler knows you don't give away your intelligence advantage knowing what you won't do is just as useful as knowing what you will.

    Not for nothing did outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower warn us to beware the military industrial complex.

  6. Email comment from TEX:

    Well said, Rain.....I' m no big time political analyst on TV but maybe I should be.....I can see clearly that these Harvard boys are making a real mess of things. Apparently the TV commentators that should be highly trained to spot things like this , have missed this critical common trait . The Harvard goons leading America now are really incompetent and mainly liars. There are so many of them now with these traits that it must be a required subject in class there. The former Harvard president, Larry Summers, set the bar high.

    Can you think of one accomplishment that advanced the poor or middle class since these socialists took over ? Our political system is in shambles, our medical care is disintegrating, our borders are just mere suggestions, we spy on ourselves and despise successful businessmen. Our education, our military, and our international prestige are dwindling. These so-called "America's brightest" are apparently really good at being obfuscators and thieves but terrible at getting things accomplished in honest and routine ways. They are pretty good at dividing our wealth amongst themselves and then screaming about those greedy 1%-ER's . They are pretty good at devising reasons to herd the people through regulations and taxes. Remember the old East Germany that kept their people behind a wall ? Our President wants to stop ( a regulatory wall) companies from migrating to lower tax havens but invites , with open borders, every living human to come on in and enjoy the benefits provided by the few remaining hard working Americans. There are only three ways for the gubmit to fund this mission.....taxes, inflation, and/ or stealing. We have seen all of these in recent years. By controlling the herds with critical information through the IRS, the NSA, and Facebook/ Twitter, the elite will win. Why do you think that they want to destroy the fabric of marriage, the strong beliefs in a higher power, and take you guns and ammo? These are roadblocks to total victory. And, boy, would they like to bust the patriotic spirit of Texas. Pretty sure that they are in over their precious little heads on this one. But, to any observer with a brain, this is serious stuff.

    The most recent calculation of "total world wealth" ( every thing of value on our planet) is close to 245 trillion dollars. Now think about this.... The total , unfunded US obligations are now approximately 130 trillion dollars. Yep, unfunded but committed. This includes Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, government pensions, etc. . That is more than 50% of ALL of the wealth on our little blue planet. And our current govt spending is pretty much equal to our total Gross Domestic Product ( our economy) . Why bring this up on this site? Because the theft by Zuckster of the Leader platform codes , armed this cabal with the necessary information flow to complete the progressive, socialist agenda. You yo-yo's that are belittling the data on this site had better wake up . This is really bad for you too. I just hope that one non- Harvard magistrate sits on the bench when all of the facts are admitted in a fair and honest trial........isn't that the way it was designed ?


    U.S. Attorney Preetinder “Preet” Bharara was employed for four years by Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook’s attorney in Leader v. Facebook. Bharara’s attorneys assigned to the Ceglia case are also former Dunn attorneys. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., mentors Gibson Dunn, and merely pretended to be unbiased when Leader filed its Writ of Certiorari.

    Chandler and Fenwick KNOW AND KNEW that facebook was stolen they sent McKibben source code to David London thinking it was Mark Zuckerberg they thought david was on mark zuckerberg computer. David London contacted Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes about an idea that david had called Facebook and ask them to help to start a campus facebook at Harvard, Moskovitz and Hughes had a roommate named Mark Zuckerberg he said he wonted to be on the idea facebook. so we needed a software program so david look on Craig's List London found an advertisement by Ceglia on Craig's List for a software program called "Street Fax but steet fax was to small for facebook David ask Paul Ceglia do you have something bigger Ceglia no not at this time. Zuckerberg shared the steet fax contract with David London who told him he was not interested in StreetFax . It was not long after this that zuckerberg said he was not interested in the idea facebook david london then got an email from Ceglia saying he got a plat form to run facebook on david london contacted Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes about this and tolled them that david was going to SIGN the contract they tolled zuckerberg and he ran up and SIGNED the contract, not long after this david got an email from Chris Hughes saying he was not interested in the idea facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook the name facebook the concept and the execution of facebook he stole the source code from McKibben and stole the like button idea

    lisa simpson was made a were of the fact that ZUCKERBERG had sign a contract to PAUL CEGLIA years a go 'and was a were that on a video disk ZUCKERBERG openly admitted saying that facebook was not his idea Lisa Simpson got a court order to get the video disks and distorted the sound track on the disk in a deliberate act to hid the fact zuckerberg stole the idea facebook The court order went out to a reporter and Robert Muller of the F.B.I yes the fbi knew that facebook was stolen

  8. Buy mid-2010, not a single senior financial executive had been criminally prosecuted or even arrested not a single firm had been prosecuted criminally for securities or accounting fraud, and Obama has made no attempt to recover any compensation it was MONEY IN THE BAG, and the F.B.I Barack Obama press their global data gathering agenda. And the global economic crisis of 2008 20,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO IT COST tens of millions of people their life savings their jobs and their HOMES. Lawrence “Larrry” Summers is an “ethically challenged” individual who become leader of the U.S. Federal Reserve as a pay off from Obama the F.B.I got their global data pay off FACEBOOK "BUT AT WHAT COST". Obama chose Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary, Geithner was president of the new york federal reserve and a key player in the decision to pay Goldman Sachs 100 cents on the dollar for its bets against mortgages. the new president of the new york Fed is William Dudley the former chief economist of Goldman Sachs who praised derivatives and Geithner's chief of staff is Mark patterson a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs and Lewis Sachs who oversaw Tricadia a company heavily involved in betting against the mortgage securities it was selling and Obama picked Gary Gensler a former Goldman Sachs executive who band the regulation of derivatives and to run the Securities and Exchange commission Obama picked mary Schapiro the former CEO of Finra and Obama chief of staff is Rahn Emanel who was on the board of freddie mack and Martin Feldstein and Laura Tyson are members of OBAMA Economic recovery board and Obama's chief economic advisor is Larry Summers the guy who know that facebook was stolen. OBAMA DON'T SAVE US IT'S WE THAT NEED'S TO BE SAVED FROM YOU dip shit.................David London submitted to a polygraph test by senior polygraph experts: “No Deception Indicated (Truthful).” OBAMA knew facebook was stolen (more about this later) What i can tell you about this is the truth will SHOCK YOU

  9. We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other. John Adams (1735 - 1826)

  10. Email comment by TEX:

    The number one statement in Texas before an accident is " hey Bubba, hold my beer and watch this".... I have just learned that the Harvard boys are pretty like the rest of us. The number one statement made by the elite before a big accident is" hey ,you big silly, hold my man bag and Cognac and watch this". We are all the same until it comes to the important stuff. Some of us respect private property and some of us don't. Some us of create value and some of confiscate it. Steve and Amy have it right . Few things in this world rise to the level of greater good. The elite thieves that devised the Leader theft claim greater good when in fact things are really for their own good. The reason that our brilliant Founders devised a Constitution based on a higher power is simple. First of all there is one. Secondly, men left to their own will do very bad things " for greater good". History is replete with these actions. This Leader story is a good place to stop our total collapse.

  11. Check out MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

    The Eclipse Foundation disciples have been busy. The deviousness of this collusion is truly breathtaking. Can anyone say “ Absolute power corrupts absolutely? ” As Tex rightly observes, these Harvard goons are screwing up every institution they touch, so why not our education system too? It’s time for American citizens to return their Republic to rule by THE PEOPLE and not these 1%-ers masquerading as saviors.

  12. Email comment by R&A:


    You may find this interesting. I sent this link to the Drudge Report. It will be interesting to see if they publish it. It is scary!


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