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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Judge Andrew L. Carter failed to disclose his and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Facebook holdings

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jul. 29, 2014 | PDF
Judge Andrew L. Carter, Southern District of New York, U.S. v. Ceglia
Fig. 1—Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr., presides over the U.S. Government's forgery case against Paul Ceglia in U.S. v. Ceglia, 12-cr-876-ALC (S.D.N.Y. 2012). Ceglia is the man who sued Mark Zuckerberg for breach of contract. AFI believes this case to be fabricated by the Eric Holder-led Justice Department to protect Facebook and Holder's personal financial holdings and other economic and political interests, as well as those of his Facebook Cartel cronies.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder stepped into the middle of this case after a blistering deposition of Facebook's forensic experts by Ceglia's attorney in Ceglia's civil case against Zuckerberg. This obstruction prevented Ceglia's attorneys from having access to Zuckerberg's 28 Harvard hard drives and emails from the critical 2003-2004 period in question in the case. This is a egregious abuse of due process.

On Jul. 22, 2014, Judge Carter also blocked access to Zuckerberg's hard drives so that Ceglia could build his defenses. Notably, these hard drives have been protected by every judge in whose court they have been the subject of discovery. Also notably, every judge who has blocked access holds stock in substantial Facebook interests, yet has not recused himself/herself. Photo: WLCJ.

(Jul. 29, 2014)—On Jul. 22, 2014 Reuters reported that Mark Zuckerberg will be called to testify in U.S. v. Paul Ceglia. Whether he turns out to be the key witness for Paul Ceglia or the government remains to be seen. Readers are encouraged to read the Reuters coverage for background.

At the July 22nd hearing before District Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr., the judge denied Ceglia’s request for warrants to be able to review Zuckerberg 2003-2004 Harvard computer hard drives, emails, cell phone, email and bank account information. But these materials are directly relevant to the government accusations. Ironically, judges have allowed government and Facebook lawyers to practically ransack the same information from Ceglia.

Click here to read the arguments made by Ceglia’s lawyers to be given access to Zuckerberg’s information.

Click here to view the U.S. v. Ceglia docket.

Judge Andrew L. Carter’s Massive Facebook Conflicts of Interest

Sensing conflicts, AFI investigators began analyzing the background of Judge Andrew L. Carter. Here’s a now all too familiar pattern telegraphing control of Judge Carter by the Facebook Cartel:

  1. Judge Carter is another Harvard graduate (1994).

  2. Judge Carter was placed by President Obama in the Southern District of New York district court (2011) with U.S. Attorney Preetinder “Preet” Bharara, the prosecutor assigned to the Ceglia case, another Harvard graduate (1990).

  3. Judge Carter holds up to $1,230,000 investments in at least 60 stocks in Facebook interests, three of which, Fidelity (3) and Vanguard (3) hold Facebook stock directly, not even through nested shells. Carter also has numerous holdings in Facebook's underwriters Goldman Sachs (3), JP Morgan (10), Morgan Stanley (4), and BlackRock (3).

  4. Judge Carter holds Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX), along with Eric Holder and three Leader v. Facebook judges (John Roberts, Kimberly Moore and Evan Wallach). Contrafund holdings in Facebook may top $1 billion. Holder and Carter will benefit handsomely from decisions favorable to Facebook.

  5. Judge Carter refused to allow access to Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 emails and hard drives, even after Facebook’s own forensic experts, Bryan J. Rose and Michael F. McGowan, admitted that they contained information important to Ceglia’s defenses. See Rose deposition; McGowan deposition.

  6. Facebook’s attorney in the Ceglia case, Gibson Dunn LLP, was also Facebook’s attorney in Leader v. Facebook. Even though Gibson Dunn had custody of the Zuckerberg hard drives, they lied to the court and said they were lost. However, they magically produced them just two days after the appeals ruling in Facebook’s favor.

  7. U.S. Attorney Preetinder “Preet” Bharara who is prosecuting Ceglia used to work for Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook’s attorney in the case, but has refused to disqualify himself.

  8. Judge Andrew L. Carter holds large amounts of Facebook interests, yet also has failed to recuse himself.

Eric H. Holder and his U.S. Department of Justice minions are ignoring Paul Ceglia’s fundamental Constitutional rights in order to protect Facebook and the personal financial, political and commercial interests of his cronies.

All too sad for our republic. All too familiar.

* * *


  1. Paul Ceglia is a New York entrepreneur who was asked by several Harvard students named Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes to help them start a campus facebook at Harvard. An AOL friend from New Zealand, David London, was also active in the little project. London found an advertisement by Ceglia on Craig's List for a software program called "Street Fax" that Ceglia was promoting. London thought they might be able to retrofit that program for their facebook idea. Moskovitz and Hughes had a roommate named Mark Zuckerberg, who when he found out about Ceglia, rushed out to meet him at the Radisson Hotel near their Kirkland House dorm along the Charles River, and signed a quick deal with Ceglia to ostensibly help him with programming for StreetFax.

    Zuckerberg shared the contract with London who told him he was not interested in StreetFax, but wanted to use it to build a campus facebook. Zuckerberg then rushed back out to Ceglia and entered a signed a second contract with Ceglia for "the facebook." Hence, the two contracts.

    Even though these contracts were in dispute in Ceglia's civil suit against Zuckerberg, once Zuckerberg's hard drives were at risk of being examined in the Ceglia civil suit, Attorney General Eric Holder preempted that by filing a criminal suit against Ceglia, claiming the second Zuckerberg contract was a forgery. This is yet another case where the government is turning a blind eye to the rule of law and due process, and the right of litigants and the jury, the fact finders, to have access to ALL the evidence/facts. The top law enforcement officer in the USA is clearly hiding something so big for the Facebook Cartel that he is breaking many US laws to do it, not to mention his sacred duty.

    1. Wow. You might want to dig into the facts a bit more before you jump on the Ceglia bandwagon.

      You should read Facebook's motion to dismiss the Ceglia civil lawsuit (which was granted by both the magistrate judge and the regular judge). In short, there is massive, overwhelming evidence that Ceglia was a complete fraud who attempted to fabricate evidence for his claim. This provides a very concise summary of the absolute avalanche of evidence that proved he had no case.

      Ceglia created multiple forged paper contracts, tried to fake evidence by burning the paper, threw away a flash drive that had the smoking gun fraud evidence on it, fabricated emails, and tried to manipulate his system clock in order to forge electronic evidence. The summary is absolutely astounding. It should come as no surprise that Ceglia has a long history of trying to swindle others as well.

      And I don't know what you're smoking when you say the Zuckerberg hard drives "were at risk of being examined." They were painstakingly examined by one of the finest forensic evidence firms in the country. The evidence (which included analysis of the Harvard servers), showed that all of Ceglia's supposed email evidence was a complete sham.

      Finally, this story above regarding David London is also likely a sham. David has said that he sent "hundreds" of emails and IM's to hundreds of journalists, officials, etc. and that these emails supposedly showed that Zuckerberg stole Facebook. Soooo....where is a single one of these emails or IM's? London even signed an affidavit on behalf of Leader in an Ohio Civil suit (where Donna Kline interviewed him) but didn't produce a single email? Come on now.

    2. ... and you just stumbled on this site. You get four Pinocchios Mr. "Greg Fitzsimmons."

      You have amazing grasp of the scam against Ceglia. No doubt you are one of his persecutors. Whistle blowers across the hall from you are encouraged to come forward... we are confident they will.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Jill, I would have to agree. I only came across this blog about a month ago, but everything seemed fishy. I've read through the entire blog history, along with Donna Kline's archive. I haven't seen anything yet that suggests there was anything improper here. Our justice system isn't perfect, but all of the "conflicts" that have been identified here just aren't conflicts. Mutual funds aren't conflicts--especially when you look at the fact that even in the most "notorious" funds (such as Contrafund), Facebook holdings are less than 2%. A massive increase in Facebook would have, at best, a very negligible effect on fund price. There's just no incentive for a judge, official, whatever, to favor Facebook.

    5. And sorry, one more point. Jill you are dead on. David London says he has these emails and IMs that show Zuckerberg stole Facebook?? And he supposedly emailed this evidence to hundreds of people? Where is this incredible smoking gun evidence? Seriously. This is evidence of the supposedly greatest theft in the history of the world. David has posted hundreds of comments on this blog but has never sent a single one of these emails or IMs? I mean come on. Put up or shut up, not to be too cliche'.

    6. greg and jill stop taking the trollbait. this is all a joke for gods sake. fucking tools.

    7. LOL. The Facebook Cartel is worried about Ceglia!!! Good. I hear certain groups on the East Coast have picked up this scent.

    8. After many warnings, we have removed a comment above where the commenter was speculating about the identity of anonymous posters. This site welcomes anonymity, especially from whistle blowers.... as if anyone believes for a second that "Greg", "Allison" and "Jill" are their real names!

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. And we now have concrete proof about the author of this blog and its comments (including "Rain Onyourparade" and "Tex". Thanks!

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. You forgot the TEX-denyer, "Jason Atha"

    13. Jill, didn't your mother tell you "curiosity killed the cat." Your speculation is amusing and against our "community standards." Turnabout is fair play.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    I am back........TEX here. Did ya miss me ? I had to lay low with the drones hovering over my palatial acreage, the black SUV's out front, the IRS audits, the NSA phone hackings and all. I am guessing that the confluence of government activity in my life was just a coinky dink. Let me start out by saying that I must give myself a few Pinnocchios ......the comments I made in the past about Obama, Holder, Lois Lerner, Larry Summers, Sheryl Sandberg, the Harvard gang of dishonest techies, Zuckerberg, the Russian mafia, the various judges and lawyers , and the financing experts that circumvented Wallstreet traditions , well, those comments were just over the top. There was not a smidgen of dishonesty. To think that the Zuckster actually stole Mr McKibben's platform was absurd, even though he could not explain how the platform worked and that he accidentally destroyed computers that verified his perfect theft. What was I smoking ? Pot ? Well that's almost not illegal, but Ms. POTUS says eating corn syrup fructose is worse.

    I am going to be a little critical here......even after a record setting number of golf rounds for a President that is overseeing a world on fire, a terrible economy, a loss of national pride, and pretty much the most feckless elected official of all time, Obama's golf swing is pitiful........take some lessons !! And, oh, your jump shot sucks. Are you still smoking? Michelle can smell it, you know.

    So back to what made the Zuckster the wealthiest criminal of all time. I understand that the web of intrigue is growing with this topic........I bet you 50 Bitcoins that it touches every little corner of the Bilderberg world. Folks, the financial world is currently VERY fragile. Don't accept the BS coming from this White House........when we abrogate rules of private property ( patents) , disregard the balance of power, and eliminate our sovereign borders, we are by definition, no longer a sovereign nation.

    One last thought ........Jason Atha, you hurt my feelings when you called me "fabricated" . I went to school ,not at a liberal arts college like Harvard, but a " conservative" arts university, Oklahoma State. Being called a fabricated anything are fighting words. As Terry Hatcher said on Seinfeld, " I am real and I am spectacular". Get used to it.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Mike, please. There are multiple metadata and contextual tells that reveal that Tex is a completely fabricated entity of your imagination.

    3. These posters reflect a haughty pseudo-intellectualism. Let us not wake them from their slumber. Tex, please feel no obligation to take time away from preening your freshly shorn mullet to respond. You have already provided your background in this post adequately. Clearly "Mark" chooses to believe you are a "Mike" and chooses to live in his fantasy bubble. They're trying to divert attention from Judge Carter's corrupt conduct.

  3. Check out this expose of the banks behind the Facebook Cartel. They're supporting international terrorism:

    HSBC Whistleblower: Banks Are Financing Terrorism

    1. More revelations today. The CIA has been spying on the Senate. This Facebook Cartel has no scruples whatsoever:

      Brennan Apologizes For CIA Monitoring of Senate Computers

      How much is Brennan's apology worth?

  4. Welcome back Tex!
    It’s been kind of “quiet” on this blog for a while, nice to have you back. All the ones that just “STUMBLE” across this site are graduates of speed reading courses. Amazing how they can peruse 10’s of thousands of documents and then their only comments are about “bit” players, (their words), obscure thoughts and an obsessive need to know the “it” behind a blog that has proven the “Dark side” of the so called “founders” of social media and the unethical practices of our judicial system.
    Ethics seem to be an obscure term that only is to be followed by the unwashed masses, who by the way, don’t take an oath when they become a public servant or a lawyer!
    They seem to not see the “elephant” in the room they are only interested in the insignificant scuff on the floor where someone drug their shoe!
    Again, welcome back!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Start behaving yourself Jill. If you don't choose to deal with hard facts, and you continue your wild speculation about the identities of posters, then your posts will not be accepted permanently. Your conduct and that of your cronies is a fascinating view into your twisted thinking. Thanks for the tutorial. Judge Carter holds Facebook stock and other interests which he has not disclosed. The mental gymnastics to excuse such conduct is unavailing. He has failed his ethical duties and the Code of Conduct. Your efforts to change the subject are transparent.

  6. Wow Jill. You go girl! The hypocrisy on this blog was truly over the top. You can never hide from the truth. After reviewing everything here, it's clear that regular media would be covering this issue if there were something there. They aren't. It's amusing to watch the six degrees of separation game that this blog plays, but at the end of the day there is nothing there. Mutual funds aren't conflicts, and that is the only "conflict" that supposedly ever existed.

    1. The idea that a subject is not valid unless the mainstream media covers it is wrongheaded. During Stalin's mass starvation of up to 40 million Ukrainians, British journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge, was practically the only "mainstream media" reporter willing to write about it. The mainstream media in the West has always been the tool of advertisers. Your argument betrays you yet again.

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    Just got back from the barbershop.... got my mullet trimmed. Checked the website and saw lots of attacks ( and veiled threats) to those of us that believe, honestly, that the basic facts line up ( in a very convincing .....prima that Mr Zuckster did kinda permanently "borrow" Mr McKibben's elaborate, patented, novel, extremely elaborate platform for social interaction on the internet. I get the fact that the Zuckster made it into a pretty cool enterprise but do the "ends justify the means " ? Mr McKibben clearly proved in court that the DNA of his platform was the DNA that the FB cabal used to launch their idea. Do any of you, no matter what parasitic wealth you now have sucked off of this heist, believe that the Zuckster really wrote those programs? I really doubt guess is that you just think it turned out OK. Now I know you folks believe that you are really smarter than us "commoners " therefore you are better equipped to control the important toys. And that may be true.... but that doesn't mean theft isn't theft. This deal makes Bernie Madoff look like a small town huckster. Simply put, this is the biggest theft in world history. The further into this simple computer hack job these boys wandered, the bigger the collaborative effort to cover tracks and dole out rewards. This, like DNA , is too perfect to be luck.

    By the way, just got a new Hummer...looking for a Prius to run over. But that's another subject.

    Let's do lunch.

  8. Since our Facebook-lover commenters appear to suffer from arthritis when trying to click through to judicial ethics rules that Judge Carter swore an oath to follow, thought I'd cut and paste the headlines so they cannot avoid reading them (the all BOLD text comes directly from the US Court's website):







    "JUDGE WALLY: Gee Beaver, if I choose to ignore these oaths, is that wrong?"
    "BEAVER: Yes Judge Wally, that is wrong."

  9. Email comment by TEX:

    I forgot how much fun this is.....Well I think Jill is really Tex and Mike is Bill and Larry is Megan. I think also that Michael Moore is really Rosie O'Donnell in a baseball hat. Seriously , have you ever seen them on a stage together at the same time?

    Ok, Greg and Jill , close your eyes and think how you would feel if someone broke into your home and stole your personal belongings... your wedding pictures, your jewelry, and your Facebook options. Then you find out that a man in town was talking about his new stuff.... which was yours. Now his friends are the cops, and the judge. They laugh at you. They hire shills to comment on blogs. Would you shrug your shoulders and quit , or would stay focused on justice ?

    No , I am not Mike . I am not an employee of Leader or their lawyer or a family member. I am a citizen that loves this country... and I deplore dishonesty, sham fame, and stupidity. I don't believe that we would get along very well. Can't wait to meet you , however, to find out what year you attended Harvard.

  10. One thing has continued to escape my understanding, after actually having followed and participated, on this blog (and not just claiming that I ‘stumbled upon it’, or that I have read the archives in its entirety –yeah, right). So, I must pose this question to the Facebook…I’m sorry…the naysayer crowd, “Why bother”?

    I mean, you guys (and I’m speaking to the Jills, the Dereks, the Gregs, and now our new kool-aid drinker, Mark) have nothing better to do with your self-righteous time than perpetually stumble upon this blog site? Even if you fellows are associated with Facebook, and I do say ‘if’; what do you care what we’re talking about? You, and I believe some of your words were, “I have no dog in this fight”, really seem to care about these ‘accusations’, these ‘half-truths’, these ‘misrepresentations’ that are hurled at Der Fuhrer (Zuckerberg).

    You guys seem to know a lot more than some passer-by. But, instead of manning-up, and revealing your true nature, you would rather try and discredit people on this blog as being the figment of someone’s imagination. Imagine all you want, guys, but I do know more than you think we peasants are capable of comprehending.

    You say that these things didn’t happen. That justice was served. That we are fools for believing in some grand conspiracy. If that be the case, then riddle me this, Batman:
    • How did the media know, before Leader’s attorneys, that Leader’s request for appeal at the Federal Circuit Court was denied?
    • Why was Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam's Amicus brief denial returned to her postmarked the same day (the same day that federal judges weren’t even present to read, debate, and deny the motion)? –UPS receipt verified this
    • Why, when talking to a secretary in the Clerk’s office, at the Federal Circuit Court, was no record of above said Amicus brief not even on file?
    • Nor was there any record of any FOIA acts filed (and there were numerous on record)

    No, Jill, Derek, Greg, Mark, these things did actually happen. You can deny them all you want, but they did.

    I just want to pose one question, and any of you can answer this:
    If Facebook was found guilty of literally infringing Leader Technologies’ patent, then whose code is Facebook using on their site?

  11. Steve n Amy, what are you thinking? You are using logic and facts to form your opinion. How novel.

    1. Sorry, logic happens to be a silly habit of ours. We will try harder to blather out nonsensical half-truths and distortions. In the mean time, could anyone recommend a good therapy group?

    2. Perhaps Founder Benjamin Franklin joined your therapy group after he said, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

      The therapy group is our grand "experiment" (George Washington, 1st inaugural address) called The United States of America.

      Our Founding Fathers risked their lives and fortunes to secure our liberties. Compare their pledge to that of the liars and thieves of the Facebook Cartel:

      "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." (last sentence of the Declaration of Independence).

  12. Email comment from TEX:

    The ancient Roman philosopher, Seneca, understood 2000 years ago what life would bring if laws were abrogated, crimes by the leaders went unpunished, morals were abandoned, and torpor became the lifestyle of the average citizen. Later, Plato and Socrates wrote and spoke continuously about these issues. I knew these guys in high school. They were both too short to play sports. Seneca said" successful and fortunate crime is commonly called virtue" and he said " time discovers truth".

    Consider his first quote.........It certainly seems to fit the Zuckerberg heist , the complicity of the venture capitalists , the Zuckster's mentors, and the compliant legal system including the convenient loss of evidence by the defendants, appeals quashed for insignificant or fabricated technicalities, and the failure of timely recusals, all add up to a "successful and fortunate crime". The Facebook story is certainly considered virtuous by the media , our government, and millions of innocent users. Without question, it is right up there in terms of obvious injustice with OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, and the Irish Gardner Museum fine art heist that has befuddled fair minded people everywhere.( I just threw in the fine art heist because I like to draw) . But even lesser crimes like tax evasion ( Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, and Charles Rangel) , lying to a Grand Jury ( Bill Clinton), and bombing the Pentagon ( Bill Ayers, Obama' s mentor ) go without punishment and today are seen as virtuous. We frown on some of that stuff in Texas.

    So are we finally putting our foot down ? Let's see....Obama claimed openness and transparency . He's not, didn't happen. Obama claimed that Obamacare was not a tax. It is. He claimed we would all save $2500 per year and keep our doctor. Didn't and can't .Obama hates the rich although he is, Hillary is, Kerry is, Biden is, Holder is , Pelosi is, Reid is, Katy Perry is, Beyoncé is, and on and on and on. He does not know any poor people. Our government believes that the only answer to our decline is to double down. It is OK to add government if the elite runs things. The only answer to failed government is more government. And, It is OK to support interwoven theft of new innovation if the elite can control it. OMG, can you imagine how bad the world would be if that McKibben guy controlled his own invention? We would be one massive "dislike". ( I checked on this terminology with my grandson)

    And now to the second quote......truth. I am going to disagree with his brevity here. Time doesn't discover truth, honest people do. If this country got as mad about this injustice as they have about the name Washington Redskins, the Zuckster would be trying to find some new friends. You see, the folks around him could care less about him as a human. Sure he can be benevolent with his new fortune, but his current buddies know that he is a thief. Let's be clear. Breaking laws is not the way to break away from historical orthodoxy. If we, as Americans, do not believe in patent protection, change the laws. If do not want borders, change the laws. And if we don't care about our future, just sit back. Torpor is our biggest enemy. Anarchy will set in......

    And for you erudites, eschew your obfuscation, espouse elucidation or you will suffer along with us commoners. You know, I am sure, that your Harvard shield of arms has the word VERITAS on means truth. Take a peek at it. You might want to consider the word "virtue" as well. If Mr McKibben is telling the truth, would you deniers want the truth to come alive? Can you handle the truth? ( I love that line) . Your opinion can evolve, you know. It happens all of the time.

    Gotta go. I hear drones overhead.....and yes I took my medicine. TEX

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Repost of dave123

      Facebook's Harvard classmate of Zuckerberg, Sean Eldridge, is buying his way into the New York Hudson Valley?

      Sean Eldridge knew Facebook was a stolen idea, and has profited from it. In Chicago that's called mob money.

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