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Friday, June 11, 2021


Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 11, 2021, Updated Jul. 30, 2022 | PDF |
AFI. (Jun. 04, 2021). PART II: Proof Columbia University helped British saboteurs and American traitors takeover America in 1902. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1—Rothschild-protégé banker J.P. Morgan became a trustee of Columbia University while William J. Donovan (1903-1907) was being groomed by numerous founders of the British Pilgrims Society. By 1912, had purchased editorial control of all of America's major newspapers and in 1913 drove the formation of the Federal Reserve to be controlled by British banks aligned with the Pilgirms Society where Lord Rothchild was a co-founder with J.P. Morgan. L/R: William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan, J. Pierpont ("J.P.") Morgan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, all British Pilgrims Society founding members.

Columbia Law created globalist phantoms, specters and demons who have lumbered America's institutions with demonic laws since 1902

These demonic laws are so full of convoluted lawyer clap trap that demon-oppressed "lawmakers" now pass them without even reading them. This must stop. Now.

These demon-laws were specifically intended to destroy America's Judeo-Christian moral foundation, hasten a British takeover, and cull (murder) "deplorables," "useless eaters, "non-producers" from society—all of whom are loved by God and made in His image and likeness

The roots of the C.I.A. are the British Pilgrims Society's MI6 thru Columbia University Law

The official C.I.A. histories are all faked to conjure up American heroes out of demons and disguise its monopolist, warmongering, satanic, eugenicist British origins

Alleged C.I.A. founder William J. Donovan was a mere stooge for J.P. Morgan, Lord Rothschild and John D. Rockefeller who conspired with Columbia University to groom him (1903-07)

The Truth: C.I.A., NSA, FBI, DoD, DOS, SEC, Judiciary and multinational corporate intelligencers are American stooges controlled by the British Empire

American lizard clones
American intelligence is merely a clone of British intelligence
Fig. 2—American intelligence was created by British MI6, MI5, Post Office, Admiralty and GCHQ who still control it. If you doubt, just look at the number of U.S. Defense and Administration contracts run by the British Monarch's companies including SERCO, QinetiQ, British Aerospace, British Petroleum and Lockheed Martin.

Columbia University recruited and groomed William J. Donovan at the inception of the British Pilgrims Society in 1902 to organize American intelligence as a reflected lizard of British intelligence

Critical Memo: China (PRC) is also a British intelligence stooge, and always has been.

Editor’s note: We have all the supporting evidence for the information discussed in this article. It is being processed by the team and will be available shortly, so please return to download it.

Jun. 10, 2021On Jul. 16, 1902, the British Empire’s top “Empire Builders” formed The British Pilgrims Society at the Carlton Hotel, London. They were Privy Councilors, admirals, generals, spies, virologist (Sir Henry Wellcome), Guglielmo Marconi (wireless), bankers (Lord Rothschild), industrialists, lawyers, aristocrats, politicians, publishers and newspapermen.

British pirate dandies boarded America's ship of state 118 years ago helped by Columbia University

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Gabriel, McKibben. (Jun. 11, 2021). Phantoms and Specters of the British Monarchy. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 3Gabriel, McKibben. (Jun. 11, 2021). Phantoms and Specters of the British Monarchy. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. | (Raw *.mp4 video file).

Click three dots on the right of the audio player to download the raw (*.mp3) file. Then, check your Downloads folder.

Audio: AIM/AFI.

King Edwards' "Empire Builders" were a notorious mob of over-funded British pirates: bejewelled war lords, war criminals, murderers, royalists, warlocks, blackmailers, seditionists, aristocrats, terrorists, traitors, mercenaries, rapists, devil-worshipers, sodomoists, child molesters, luciferians, satanists, pedophiles, bi-sexuals, rapsts, liars, necromancers, homosexuals, propagandists, blasphemers, abusers, chauvanists, bullies, playboys, dandies, silver spooners, prevaricators, effete snobs, blowhards, addicts and power mongers deterimed to use the global power of the British Empire to sieze control of the world for themselves and their depravities, permanently.

Phantoms and Specters: A phantom is the aura of evil that forms around a person when he or she tells an unrepentant lie.

Phantoms travel with that person. If that person persists in compounding lie upon lie, they can create their own specter that resides where the lies are told. Some people have gifts of discernment and can sense phantoms and specters and call them out. (1 Corinthians 12:10).

A specter is a collection of phantoms that forms when a lie is solidified into an evil entity that inhabits a place, like an ill-advised law, social practice, policy or norm.

These specters reside in the geography of their creation and deploy demons to protect and perpetuate the specter.

Jesus Christ cast out the demons called Legion. (Luke 8:26-33). Later, Jesus cleansed the Temple of the defiling money changer specters. (Matthew 21).

The British Pilgrims Society has used its phantoms, specters and demons to create laws in the U.S. that are controlled by their demons, and not by We The People

Since those demonic laws are followed, the Pilgrims have cajoled the American citizenry into a witless conformity to their evil—thus transforming too many aspects in American society into a lie guided by the Pilgrims' demons. Take ghastly abortion as just one example—the murder of innocents. Why haven't we stopped it?

A specter-demon-law example: Roe v. Wade (Jan. 22, 1973)

Ask yourself, if today you were to encounter a person on a street corner preparing to dismember a helpless infant, would you not do everything in your power to stop him or her?

Wait, this happens every day in abortuaries... lies upon lies upon lies! And yet, We The People let it happen, funded by the state no less! This is a prime example of a demonic law specter that has overpowered America. Since the U.S. Supreme Court passed Roe v. Wade on Jan. 22, 1973, an estimated 63 million innocent souls have been brutally murdered in America.

Notably, Chief Justice Warren Burger who oversaw Roe v. Wade was a member of the British Pilgrims Society (as was EVERY member of the Nixon cabinet that was preparing to gut America further through the Pilgrim-concocted Henry Kissinger petro-dollar specteral demons. He could have so easily stopped the decision on common sense moral grounds. Instead, he acquiesced to the demonic sophistry of his Crown Court Pilgrims Society handlers in London.

To make this abortion demon-law worse, we do not stop the abortuary providers from trafficking in the dismembered baby parts for profit. Instead, we prosecute and fine whistleblowers who caught them red-handed selling murdered baby organs.

Phantoms & Specters: Lies upon lies upon lies...

Here we are fellow Americans and world citizens. We have choices to make.

Do we let these now-exposed phantoms, specters and their demons continue to rule us, or do we throw them down.

Click image to enlage
AFI. (Jun. 04, 2021). PART II: Proof Columbia University helped British saboteurs and American traitors takeover America in 1902. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 4: King Edward VII published a postcard entitled "King Edward & His Empire Builders." Of the 16 living Brits identified, 11 were founding members of the Pilgrims Society on Jul. 16, 1902. Those 11 "Empire Builders" were ALL organizers of the First Imperial Press Conference, Jun. 05-28, 1909 (link follows). Curator, Independent Analyst. (ca. 1907). King Edward & His Empire Builders, Postcard, with correlation between Pilgrims Society 1902 and First Imperial Press Conference, 1909. National Portrait Gallery, UK. Between Jun. 05-29, 1909, the Pilgrims Society organized the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909. The keynote speaker was Lord Rosebery (Rothschild). Lord L. Walter Rothschild was there too.

By 1902, the British Pilgrims had evidently already singled out selected American "Robber barons" that they would recruit to their “Empire Building,” many of whom were in Britain for the delayed coronation of Edward VII following the deaths of Queen Victoria and Cecil John Rhodes—their empire building prime mover. We will discuss their names below.

Wanted: Pilgrims CEO for the American "branch"

Among those Americans was a groom-in-process: Columbia University lawyer named William J. Donovan who would attend Columbia as an undergrad and law student (1903-1907).

British Pilgrims Society's Rhodes Imperative (ca. 1900): take back America

From the moment that Rhodes first wanted America back as a British colony, William J. Donovan's treasonous Pilgrims Society implemented Cecil Rhodes’ imperative to make American British again. It was a central component of Rhodes' plan to build a new corporatist British federal empire that was shielded from liability for ALL their evil acts by the Monarch's Bank of England and the Crown Courts hiding in a one square mile named The City of London, also named The City of London Corporation (not to be mistaken for Greater London).

Even though the 1902 Pilgrims Society founders are all dead, their phantoms, specters and demons continue to direct their progeny, hence their devotion to inheritance, blood lines, titles, awards and honors.

Peter P. Strzok, II.
Fig. 5—Peter P. Strzok, II.
Peter Strzok II, a key FBI perpetrator of the Trump-Russia hoax, is a good example. His demons were evident to everyone in his Congressional Hearings, as are Senator Chuck Schmer's. His father, Peter Strzok Sr., was a career C.I.A. (British) traitor-spy. As was his Jesuit uncle Fr. James Strzok. Another uncle flew for AirAmerica, a notorious C.I.A. (British) front company. Another eight (8) Strzok family members appear to have been spies also.

Charles E. Schumer
Fig. 6—Charles E. Schumer
AFI researchers see "Jr.," "I, II, III" after the names of the predominantly American branch of the British Pilgrims. It indicates the passing of the demonic spectral baton, we believe.
The lord of death
Sculpture of Ahriman by Rudolf Steiner.
Fig. 7—Sculpture of Ahriman by Rudolf Steiner. Ahriman was seen by the great Christian thinker Rudolf Steiner as a manifestation in a human person of evil that uses technology to cut off communication with Christ— certainly an anti-Christ even if not the anti-Christ. Ahriman is the Lord of Death and his will is to change human thinking into dead thinking, effectively cutting off human beings from God – as an Ahrimanic form of immortality. This is nothing less than a spiritual death.

Rudolf Steiner was a contemprary of the "Empire Builders" (1861-1925). He sensed that an epoch spiritual disturbance was afoot in Victorian and Edwardian England in the activities of the British Pilgrims Society, and called out many of the chief proponents of their secret society as tools of Ahriman.

Steiner was so right.

He exorted that "he who does not rise from the temporal to the eternal [get over our fascination with gadgets and titillation] can never understand the evil." Let us pray that humanity rises, and the truths set forth herein help lead the way.

W.T. Stead, Cecil Rhodes' biographer, was an infamous necromancer spirtualist. He conjured up the dead, published Borderland quarterly, and even formed corporations on the instruction of dead spirits (e.g., "Julia's Bureau").

Oracle Larry Ellison's convicted pedophile baby daddy, First Church of Psycho Science Rev. Dr. Hugh "Sinclair" Moore was Stead's traveling secretary and seance assistant.

Note: the Oracle database is used by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, NSA, GCHQ, British Companies House (securities), C.I.A. Naval and Admiralty intelligence, etc. to catalogue data on every human being on the planet to be exploited by the Pilgrims' spectral demons to enslave all humanity.

After Rhodes' death, W.T. Stead most certainly conjured up the specter demons of Cecil Rhodes.

We posit that those are the Rhodes demons that have become incarnate in many demonic American laws controlling and empowering the so-called "Deep State," which should now be named:

The British Pilgrims Society.

Since spectral demons are limited to the geography of their conquests, we will find them today in the sites of those conquests, like Rwanda, Uganda, Transvaal, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Iraq, Ravensburg, Afghanistan, Auschwitz, Holodomor (Ukraine), The Gulag, Davos, Chur, Zurich, Brussels, WWI, WWII, Gulf of Tonkin, Coronavirus, Trump-Russia hoax, London, New York, Washington, D.C., etc.

Only the prayers and actions of the righteous keep these spectral demons at bay. Now that they are being identified, they can now be called out and vanquished.

Christ's promise to help is straightfoward:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.—Matthew 7: 7-8.

Evidently, God's people stopped asking when it came to defeating these evil beings. Granted, they did their evil deeds behind a pall of darkness in the form of government secrecy laws and "national security."

But now, their cover is blown.

We're not talking about the Plymouth Pilgrims

Ask yourself why you are having such difficulty believing that a group calling themselves "Pilgrims" are bad.

It is because their propaganda and brainwashing have been so devilishly effective. Even in hearing their name your brain is programmed to protect them from exposure.

Shed the brainwashing.

Hear the truth.

Vanquish these demons.

Hypothesis: Cecil Rhodes' evil specter and its demons have run the "Deep State" since his death on Mar. 26, 1902

Rhodes' phantom was conjured up by W.T. Stead, his necromantic biographer & Pilgrims Society chief "Government by Journalism" strategist

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. —Ephesians 6:12.

There is strong evidence that W.T. Stead's Victorian necromancy has driven the vision of the Pilgrims Society since its founding in 1902. Stead published this in 1902:

"The proposal to construct a bridge across the abyss will stagger most people by its audacity. Some will regard it as profane. But all those who have taken any intelligent interest in the progress of psychical research will admit that the time is at hand when such an enterprise ought to be taken in hand by serious investigators, and resolutely prosecuted to its final conclusion." (Emphasis ours).

W.T. Stead, May 01, 1909 (just two months before the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Jun. 05-28, 1909)

(This bears repeating: W.T. Stead's staff assistant when these words were spoken in 1909 was Oracle Larry Ellison's baby daddy convicted pedophile, Rev. Dr. Hugh "Sinclair" Moore, founder of the First Church of Psycho-Science, Oakland CA.)

A Parliament of the Press (248 pgs.) was printed within days of the end of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909. It was distributed to the 650 participants. It was not the only book lavished upon the delegates.

The delegates were given two other books provided by the imperial warmonger pharmaceutical Burroughs Wellcome & Co., now GlaxoSmithKline (Read: biochemical warfare was in the planning for the new and improved British Imperial Empire):

The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera (371 pgs.) and

Imperial Press Conference, Souvenir Guide to London (653 pgs.).

THE IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909—650 DELEGATES AT OPENING BANQUET, JUN. 5, 1909, SHEPHERD'S BUSH, WHITE CITY, LONDON—the site of the Rhodes spectral demons that still inhabit this space today—world propaganda central: BBC TV Centre
Click image to enlargeThomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS - THE FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G., p. 8a. London: Horace Marshall & Son.
Fig. 8Thomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS - THE FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G., p. 8a. London: Horace Marshall & Son (150 MB).

Important Historical Context: Lord Rosebery had inherited the N.M. Rothschild & Sons fortune at the suspicious death of his wife Hannah Rothschild at age 39 in 1890—the same year that J.P. Morgan's father died suspiciously in a traffic accident on the Riviera. Remarkably, Lord Rosebery was elected British Prime Minister just four years later on Mar. 05, 1994.
Source: Library warehouse of a Midwestern U.S.A. university.

Rhodes' spectral demon (and not a human per se) is directing the "Deep State"

Put simply, it is highly likely the British-UN "new world order" is being directed by no human being, but rather by the evil specteral demons of Cecil Rhodes and his diabolical vision for a British one world order.

Indeed, the Pilgrims' 24-step written strategy was discovered and published by the scrappy suffragette journalist Lillian Scott Troy in 1912. This Rhodes' strategy is still being implemented today, unchanged.

1912 was the year the Pilgrims ordered J.P. Morgan to buy up editorial control in all major U.S. newspapers.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was formed—all by members of the Pilgrims Society, including the British Pilgrims puppet President Woodrow Wilson.

The British Pilgrims and their American sychophants at Columbia University were preparing false flag propaganda (Germans were bayonetting Belgian babies and rendering soap and gun powder out of their little bodies—which was 100% fabricated by British newspapers to turn the British public toward supporting war) to start WWI and accuse Christian Czar Nicholas Romanov of disloyalty in not supporting his British cousins against Germany (Viscount Alfred Milner's specter).

Vanquish Rhodes' Demon Specter currently running the White House

This reliance on Rhodes' specter-driven inspiration only has power until we call it out. Remarkably, it appears that Rhodes' specter and its demons have dramatically influenced life on this earth for more than 120 years.

Thankfully, angelic forces have preserved humanity, despite these specters, and fight with us in love.

Cecil Rhodes' phantom & Specter continue to subdue humanity today using British state power—call them out and thus disempower them
Cecil Rhodes' phantom & Specters
Fig. 9—Cecil Rhodes' specter allied with hundreds of British and American phantoms to create a massive specter that is still taking orders from Rhodes in some sort of psycho-science body that was first conjured up by his biography and chief journalism strategist, W.T. Stead, that Donovan likely attended in London in 1909, as the designated American branch chief of the newly formed MI6. Nothing has changed. The British Pilgrims Society today contiues to follow Rhodes' 1900 strategy for British one-world domination. CONCLUSION: We believe that Cecil Rhodes' satanic specter runs the "Deep State," and even the Roshchilds take their orders from it.

Arguably, since president Woodrow Wilson (1913-21) ceded control of American monetary policy to the Federal Reserve (Rothschild-controlled foreign banks) in 1913, American policy has been dictated by the British Empire via the Pilgrims Society.

Donald Trump was a bump in the road. Now that they have climbed back in the saddle under Pretender Biden and Vice Pretender Kamala D. Harris, they will continue their diabolical plan to choke out the lives of God-fearing Americans. They are trying to replace love with a psychotic, demonic, hate-filled cancel culture.

Both Biden and Harris are evidently handled by British Privy Councilor Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of SGO Smartmatic (interlocked with Dominion Voting Systems) and Sir Nigel Knowles, director of SGO Smartmatic, chairman of DLA Piper law, as well as lead trustee of the Prince’s Trust run by British Pilgrim Prince Charles Windsor.

Besides controlling American banks and elections, the British seized control of American intelligence and its media agents at the First Imperial Press Conference 1909 organized by the Pilgrims Society.

Out of that conference came the Empire Press Union by its many surrogate names including Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, BBC, CNN—the source for one-world propaganda for the British Empire), MI6, MI5 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ, as well as the seeds for the FBI (ordered by Pilgrims Attorney General Harlan F. Stone to be modeled after Scotland Yard in 1924), C.I.A. and NSA. American intelligence has ALWAYS been a mere branch of British intelligence since Jul. 29, 1909 and William J. Donovan's employment by the Rockefeller Foundation and J.P. Morgan.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that without Columbia University's long-term treason, many phantoms and specters of the British Pilgrims Society, harbingers of a reengineered British Empire, may not have emerged to plague humanity and attempt an American coup d'état in Donald J. Trump and the takedown of the American Republic.

Henry C. Potter, bishop of New York, Trustee, was one of the first traitors from Columbia University—first Pilgrims president

See selected pages from The Columbia, Columbia University, Yearbooks, 1903-1909.

Search subjects: henry murray butler, henry codman potter, benjamin duryea woodward, elihu root, elihu root, jr., harlan fiske stone, walter rothschild, j. pierpont morgan, william joseph donovan, franklin delano roosevelt

1903 | 1904 | 1905 |1906 | 1907 |1908 |1909

The Columbian Archive Sources:
RIGHT REV. HENRY CODMAN POTTER, b. 1834, d. 1908 suspiciously from possible viral poisoning; trustee, Columbia University (1903-1908); lionized in the New York and British press as an exemplary Anglophile; Co-founder, honorary secretary, Pilgrims Society (1903-07); proponent of the “Social Gospel” (eg., John Ruskin - Victorian commun-ism); Bishop of the Episcopal (Anglican) diocese on New York (1883-1908); too many awarded doctorates of divinity, laws, arts from Oxford, Cambridge (Cantab. - selected preacher), St. Andrews, Yale, Harvard, Bishops, Union, Trinity, Brown, Kenyon, South, Columbia to be actually earned (evident Pilgrims cardboard cut out); spouses Eliza Rogers Rogers (m. 1858, d. 1901), Elizabeth Scriven (m. 1902); President, Kenyon College (1862); five daughters, one son. Photo Source: The Pilgrims Society; Other Source: Pittsburgh; Daily Post, pp. 1,4. Jul. 22, 1908.
Fig. 10—RIGHT REV. HENRY CODMAN POTTER, b. 1834, d. 1908; trustee, Columbia University (1903-1908); lionized in the American and British press as a quinessential American anglophile; Co-founder, honorary secretary, Pilgrims Society (1903-07); proponent of the “social Gospel” (e.g., John Ruskin - Victorian commun-ism, liberation theology); Bishop of the Episcopal (Anglican) diocese on New York (1883-1908); too many awarded doctorates of divinity, laws, arts from Oxford (Oxon.), Cambridge (Cantab.), St. Andrews, Yale, Harvard, Bishops, Union, Trinity, Brown, Kenyon, South, Columbia to be actually earned (evident Pilgrims cardboard cut out); spouses Eliza Rogers Rogers (m. 1858, d. 1901), Elizabeth Scriven (m. 1902); President, Kenyon College (1862); five daughters, one son. Photo Source: The Pilgrims Society; Other Sources: The Columbian, Columbia University; Pittsburgh Daily Post, pp. 1,4. Jul. 22, 1908.

A few months after the British Pilgrims organized on Jul. 11, 1902, the British founders chose Henry Codman Potter, the Bishop of New York, to organize the first meeting of the American Pilgrims at the Waldorf Astoria in New York on Feb. 04, 1903. They asked Potter to become the first president of their American "branch" (from 1903-07).

In Britain, nine months earlier, the first president was Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts—the army field marshal butcher of the Transvaal.

What true Christian would become knowingly associated with a proven butcher of innocents in South Africa? The evident answer: a vocal Pilgrims Society proponent of the "social gospel."

Maybe they didn't know, you say?

Yes they did! Here are 1901-02 British Parliamentary records variously titled, including SOUTH AFRICAN WAR—MORTALITY IN CAMPS OF DETENTION proving the British government knew (and sanctioned) the murder of over 60,000 non-English-speaking whites and blacks, including over 14,000 white children, some of whom were used in Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine and chemical experiements.

Anglican/Episcopal Bishop Henry C. Potter was also a trustee of Columbia University. He was also a much-ballyhooed anglophile graduate of Cambridge University (UK). Potter was a vocal proponent of Marxist liberation theology, sometimes called the “social gospel,” mislabeled as Christian, when it emerged out of godless Jesuitism. Communism was fashionable in those days, and still is, the Pilgrims' -ism of choice to subdue the masses while the self-anointed elitists live in luxury. See Potter's portrait in the The Columbian, 1980.

The Soviet Union had implemented this very two-tiered system: communism for the masses and material plenty for the elitists. They even had special dollars stores for good Communist Party members and their families.

Potter evidently schooled his British Pilgrims brothers, notably future New York Times editor British MP Philip Whitwell Wilson who groomed Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in London starting in 1902, and later in Zurich sponsored by Klaus Schwab’s Escher-Wyss turbine-nuclear company. Wilson was a prime mover in the agenda of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, when British MI6 and modern day propaganda were mounted.

Potter was a trustee-controller at Columbia when William J. Donovan arrived in 1903, as was Nicholas Murray Butler and Rothschild-mentored banker J. Pierpont Morgan.

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Nicholas Murray Butler, presidents of Columbia, British Pilgrims Society & Carnegie Fndn—2nd Specter of the "Deep State"

Fig. 11—NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER (1862-1947).
  • founder, British Pilgrims Society, London (1902-45)
  • president, Columbia University, Pilgrim J.P. Morgan (Lords Rothschild protégé) trustee (1902-45)
  • founder, British Pilgrims Society, American “branch” (1903-45)
  • recruited & groomed, William J. Donovan (John D. Rockefeller protégé, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Columbia Law (1903-1907)
  • co-organizer, Pilgrims’ First Imperial Press Conference, London (1909)
  • co-founder, British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (now GCHQ) recruiting Press Conference newsmen as agents (1909)
  • overlord, Pilgrims David Sarnoff, Guglielmo Marconi, British Marconi Wireless, RCA, NBC (1909-46)
  • co-founder, Carnegie Endowement for International Peace with Elihu Root (1910)
  • overlord, Carnegie Foundation rewriting of British histories in American schools, universities and libraries (1910-present)
  • sanctioned, J. Edgar Hoover appointment by his former Columbia professor Harlan F. Stone, FBI (1924)
  • president, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1925-46)
  • president, Pilgrims Society (1928-46) overlord, American O.S.S, C.I.A. and secretly, British-U.S. intelligence “special relationship” (”(Pilgrims) Five Eyes”) (1946-present)
NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, b. 1862, d. 1947; an arrogant man prone to “interminable miasmas of guff,” totally blind by 1946; BA, Columbia (1882); MA, Columbia (1883); PhD, Columbia (1884); Befriended future Secs. of War and State Elihu Root (Paris, 1885); Staff, Columbia (1885); Co-founder (with John Dewey), NY School for Training of Teachers, later Teachers College Columbia University (1887); delegate, RNC conventions (1888-1936); lecturer, Johns Hopkins (1890-91); founder, British Pilgrims Society (1902-45); president, Columbia University (1902-45); founder, British Pilgrims Society, American “branch” (1903-45); chairman, Lake Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration (1907-12); co-founder, adviser, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1910); adviser, campaigner, for Elihu Root for President (1916); president, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1925-45); president, Pilgrims Society (1928-45); president, Pilgrims Society (1928-46); recipient, Nobel Peace Prize (1931); gold standard advocate for Pilgrims Society and Carnegie Foundation (1936); member, NY Society of Cincinnati (1937); director, Pulitzer board (ca. 1941). Sources: The Columbian, Columbia University; The Gazette (Montreal), p. 21, Dec. 08, 1947, other.

Murray's demonic specter sees three three classes of humans: Those who: (1) make things happen, (2) watch things happen and (3) don't know what is happening.

Nicholas Murray Butler. (Jul. 13, 1931). Mankind divides into three classes. Dayton Daily News. ("Nicholas Murray Butler divides mankind into three classes. First, there are those who make things happen; second, those who watch things happening; and third, the vast majority who have no notion what is happening.").

Columbia’s president Nicholas Murray Butler (from 1901 to 1945) was a founding American Pilgrim and served as the Pilgrims American president for 18 years (1928-46). Butler had become the president of Columbia University in 1902 and remained so until his retirement in 1945 soon before his death in 1946.

J.P. Morgan, an intellectually atrophied trustee, evidently at Columbia to groom Donovan to oversee the Pilgrims' spying, propaganda, bioweapon and banking plans

Remarkably, J. Pierpont ("J.P.") Morgan appeared on the board of trustees soon after Donovan arrived in 1905 as a student, and was there until his death in 1913.

J. PIERPONT MORGAN (1837-1913).
Fig. 12—J. PIERPONT MORGAN (1837-1913). b. 1837, d. 1913; British merchant banker, NY agent, director, George Peabody (secretly financed by Baron Rothschild), Morgan & Co. (1857-1900), with various names and partners including Duncan Sherman, J.S. Morgan, Dabney Morgan, Drexel Morgan, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Grenfell; half-hearted sabotage of wireless telegraphy and free energy, financier, Nikola Tesla (1900-1906); co-founder, British Pilgrims Society (1902); co-founder, British Pilgrims Society, American “branch” (1903); trustee, Columbia University (1905-12); groomer, William J. Donovan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Columbia University (1903-1907); spouses Amelia Stugest, m. 1861, d. 1862; Frances Louise Tracey, m. 1865.

Owned controlling interest in:
  • U.S. Steel
  • General Electric
  • International Mercantile Marine
  • International Harvester
  • Pullman Palace Car
  • Western Union
  • 21 railroads
Sources: The Columbia, Columbia University,1903-1912; various sources.

Notably, J.P. Morgan ceased to be a Columbia trustee at his death in 1913, after he had: (1) used the Pilgrims Society to cajole president Woodrow Wilson into ceding control of the Federal Reserve to British Pilgrims bankers, notably to his and his father's mentors, the Lord Rothschilds, and (2) after he carried out Pilgrims instructions to purchase monopolistic editorial control of all American newspapers.

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Harlan F. Stone, Donovan's Columbia law professor

HARLAN FISKE STONE, b. 1872, d. 1946; J.D. Columbia Law (1895-98); married Agnes E. Harvey (1899); partner, Satterlee Stephens LLP, now Sullivan & Cromwell (Herbert L. Satterlee married Louisa Pierpont Morgan, daughter of J.P. Morgan, 1900); lecturer, Columbia Law (1899-1904); adjunct professor (1903-05); partner, Satterlee LLP, J.P. Morgan, trustee, Pilgrims Society groomer for his law students William J. Donovan and Franklin D. Roosevelt (1907-11); professor, dean, Columbia Law (1910-24); War Department Board of Inquiry (ca. 1918); promoted “legal realism”/relativism; represented J.P. Morgan/House of Morgan at Satterlee/Sullivan & Cromwell (1923); U.S. Attorney General (1924); appointed Pilgrim J. Edgar Hoover as director of the FBI(1924); Associate Justice (1925-40); Chief Justice (1941-46); supported the Roosevelt/Pilgrims Society “New Deal;” provided dubious ABOVE TOP SECRET political cover for BRITISH [Pilgrims Society]-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT a.k.a. “Five Eyes” organized by his former law students: Pilgrims Franklin D. Roosevelt and William J. Donovan (Mar. 05, 1946); died suspiciously in chambers from a massive cerebral hemorrhage one month later (Apr. 22, 1946); sons Lauson H. Stone, Marshall H. Stone.
Fig. 13—HARLAN FISKE STONE, b. 1872, d. 1946; J.D. Columbia Law (1895-98); married Agnes E. Harvey (1899); partner, Satterlee Stephens LLP, now Sullivan & Cromwell (Herbert L. Satterlee married Louisa Pierpont Morgan, daughter of J.P. Morgan, 1900); lecturer, Columbia Law (1899-1904); adjunct professor (1903-05); partner, Satterlee LLP, J.P. Morgan, trustee, Pilgrims Society groomer for his law students William J. Donovan and Franklin D. Roosevelt (1907-11); professor, dean, Columbia Law (1910-24); War Department Board of Inquiry (ca. 1918); promoted “legal realism”/relativism; represented J.P. Morgan/House of Morgan at Satterlee/Sullivan & Cromwell (1923); U.S. Attorney General (1924); appointed Pilgrim J. Edgar Hoover as director of the FBI(1924); Associate Justice (1925-40); Chief Justice (1941-46); supported the Roosevelt/Pilgrims Society “New Deal;” provided dubious ABOVE TOP SECRET political cover for BRITISH [Pilgrims Society]-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT a.k.a. Pilgrims' Commonwealth+US “Five Eyes” organized by his former law students: Pilgrims Franklin D. Roosevelt and William J. Donovan (Mar. 05, 1946); died suspiciously in chambers from a massive cerebral hemorrhage one month later (Apr. 22, 1946); sons Lauson H. Stone, Marshall H. Stone.

Harlan F. Stone was William J. Donovan's Columbia law professor (1899-1923). Stone also taught future president Franklin D. Roosevelt in Donovan's 1907 Columbia Law class.

Harlan F. Stone was appointed Attorney General for one year in 1924. During that year he appointed J. Edgar Hoover as FBI director under Pilgrims orders to have the FBI copy the organizational structure of London’s Scotland Yard/MI5.

President Calvin Coolidge then appointed Stone as Associate Justice (1925-41).

President Franklin D. Roosevelt then appointed Stone as U.S. Supreme Court chief justice (1941-46) just as the Pilgrims were confiscating over 50,000 Axis patents and giving them to their crony insider companies—many name brands today.

The uncontrolled "Five Eyes" "special relationship" demon-specter—on the surface, Donovan complained about not being appointed C.I.A. director, while he was secretly setting up British Pilgrims controls over it

During that time (1941-46) Roosevelt appointed Donovan to create the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the post-war “Five Eyes” secret intelligence-sharing deal known only to Pilgrims insiders for 64 years.

In 2010 the world first saw this secret, demonic agreement between self-anointed elites in Britain and America called "Five Eyes." Donovan brokered "Five Eyes" for Roosevelt.

Donovan organized the deal for a secret, totally rogue Pilgrims Society spy agency, while publicly lobbying to be director of the C.I.A. in 1947. He was allegedly passed over, but that all appears to have been simply false flag drama meant for TV. Since then these phantoms, specters and demons have become the perveyor of mass surveillance and weaponized technologies to supress humanity.

See AFI. (Jun. 25, 2019). The British “Inner Sanctum” of Modern Weaponized Intelligence Discovered. Americans for Innovation.

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Benjamin D. Woodward, Columbia professor. Pilgrims honorary secretary at founding

BENJAMIN DURYEA WOODWARD, Ph.D., Bes.L., Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures; 1868; Assistant Commissioner of the United States’ exhibit at the Paris Exposition of 1900; Columbia University professor (ca. 1901-07); Co-founder, first honorary secretary of the Pilgrims Society of the United States (1903-04); banker and president of the Trinidad-Tarouba Oil Development Company ca. 1909-. Source: The Columbian, Columbia University, 1907.
Fig. 14—Benjamin Duryea Woodward, Ph.D., Bes.L., Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures; b. 1868, d. 1948; B.A., Columbia (1888); world traveler (1884-98); assistant commissioner-general for the United States’ exhibit at the Paris Exposition of 1898-03; married Gladys Van Buren Piver (Paris, Sep. 12, 1903); Columbia University adjunct/professor (1895-07); Co-founder, first honorary secretary of the Pilgrims Society of the United States (1903-04); banker and president of the Trinidad-Tarouba Oil Development Company (mining, refining, paint, 1912-). Sources: The Columbian, Columbia University, 1907; New York Times.

Another Columbia professor, Benjamin Duryea Woodward (romance languages) “was elected honorary secretary (1903-04), the beginning of a long connection between the Pilgrims and Columbia.”

By about 1908, Woodward abandoned his professorship to become a banker and oilman headquartered in British Trinidad. Trinidad-Tarouba Oil Development Company.

It appears that great swaths of academicians today have followed the Woodward Pilgrims' path into the banking and commerce ABYSS.

Such evil specters and their demons now appear to govern much of the academy today, from pre-school to advanced studies. They must be called out and disempowered.

Eight leaders of Columbia University & Lord Rothschild oversaw William J. Donovan’s grooming to the Pilgrims Society from the American side

In summary, the British Pilgrims Society—American "branch,"—included at least nine principals of Columbia University (See The Columbian, 1903-09 for a primary source for each Pilgrims listed below.)

  1. Henry C. Potter, trustee;
  2. Elihu Root, honorary doctor, secretary of war, Columbia University, Carnegie Foundation, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller attorne; co-founder, Pilgrims Society;
  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt, law student;
  4. Harlan F. Stone, law professor; Donovan/Roosevelt overlord; U.S. Attorney General, Associate, Chief Justice; overlord, U.S.-British intelligence "special relationship;"
  5. J.P. Morgan, trustee; Lord Walter Rothschild disciple; Lord Rosebery (Rothschild) protégé;
  6. Nicholas Murray Butler, president, etc.;
  7. William J. Donovan, law student;
  8. (Lord) Walter Rothschild, mystery student (1905-06); collected and catalogued promising viruses, bacteria and poisons along with Henry Wellcome, Wellcome Trust;
  9. Elihu Root, Jr.; and
  10. Benjamin Duryea Woodward, languages professor, became banker and oilman after 1909 in British Trinidad (Trinidad-Tarouba Oil Development Company)

On Jun. 5-28, 1909—within a year of Donovan’s Columbia graduation—the British Pilgrims organized the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909. It defies credulity to think that Donovan was not a shadow participant in the Conference.

After all, Donovan was being groomed to take charge of the American side of this British media, intelligence, communications, chemical and vaccine treachery.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, this sequence of events needs to be burned into our brainwashed psyches so that we will understand how the British Empire plotted to put their American colony back in the Monarch's toy box, albeit through multi-national Pilgrims corporations, NGOs and foundations.

1917 Fake News written by The Wellington House, precursor to the Tavistock Institute
Editor. (Apr. 18, 1917). German Ghouls - Corpses Converted to Soap and Explosives, Dividends from Death [The Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, formed Aug. 1914, anti-German propaganda]. Yorkshire/Sheffield Evening Telegraph and Star.
Fig. 15Editor. (Apr. 18, 1917). German Ghouls - Corpses Converted to Soap and Explosives, Dividends from Death [The Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, formed Aug. 1914, anti-German propaganda]. Yorkshire/Sheffield Evening Telegraph and Star. Incl. Transcript.

Challenge: As you read this fake article, list the journalistic illogic (e.g., exquisite details about the operations of an allegedly secret operation where even the workers are prisoners!) meant to bend British public opinion against Germany (remember, the Rockefellers (Standard Oil), Rothschilds, Kuhns, Loebs, Bernard Baruch, J.P. Morgan, Eugene Meyer;  Paul Warburg, Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Louis Brandeis and Royal Family all loaned war money to both sides and profitted handsomely from the carnage).

"[I]n 1925, the British Government announced that there had never been any foundation for the story."The British Newspaper Archive

By 1914, the Pilgrims had used their control of media propaganda to whip up anti-German sentiment with fake news to start WWI ,and thus consolidate their banking power and allow their insider corporations to flourish by supplying both sides of the war with food, ammunition, gun powder, steel, vehicles and weapons.

By then, the Pilgrims had so heavily infiltrated President Woodrow Wilson's cabinet that the British Pilgrims had effectively taken control of America.

Historical Benchmark: as the British Pilgrims were taking over in the United States, IBM-Microsoft silver spoon baby Bill Gates' maternal great grandfather, James W. Maxwell, who was a Baron Walter Rothschild protégé, became president of the National City Bank of Seattle, president of the Clearing House Association of Seattle, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, member of the Federal Home Loan Bank Advisory Council, director of the Northern Life Insurance Company and life member of the Washington State Press Club. [CITE to follow.]

In 1915, the Pilgrims ordered JP Morgan to take over editorial control of all influential American newspapers, pumping centrally-written British propaganda throughout the world via cable and wireless (and now Internet).

By 1916, nine years after graduating from Columbia, Donovan was already representing the Rockefeller Foundation on global junkets to Switzerland, Bulgaria, Holland, Sweden, Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Norway and two redacted countries.

Also by 1916, the Rockefeller Foundation began financing brainwashing and psychological warfare studies at the London Tavistock Clinic, now Tavistock Institute.

In 1919, Columbia alum and Pilgrim Franklin D. Roosevelt, as deputy secretary of the U.S. Navy, ordered the creation out of thin air of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) by the forced pooling of wireless telegraphy patent licenses among British Marconi Wireless, AT&T, Westinghouse, United Fruit Company (Tropical Radio and Telegraph Company), Western Union, General Electric, Western Electric.

Roosevelt, Donovan and their Pilgrims cronies totally ignored Nikola Tesla—the true inventor of wireless telegraphy (even though J.P. Morgan was financing his work, albeit half-heartedly, and with the intent to dry him on the vine). . . . Lies built upon lies make demonic specters that are running our mass surveillance telecommunications infrastructure to this very moment.

RCA/AT&T/GE/NBC: Fascist Pilgrims from inception

This was a blatantly fascist Pilgrims move since all would-be competitors in the American market had to allow RCA to have a government-created monopoly.

This RCA amalgamation—still with us today—facilitated the permanent takeover and control of America’s telecommunications infrastructure to British control—facilitated by Pilgrims Donovan and Roosevelt, with the help of another fellow Pilgrims, David Sarnoff, who formed NBC to further their monopoly of propaganda just seven years after starting RCA, but only after starting the BBC in 1922.

James Lawrence Fly, Chairman. (May 2, 1941). Investigation of Chain Broadcasing, 163 pgs., p. 11, PDF . 20. Commission Order No. 37, Docket No. 5060. FCC.
Fig. 16James Lawrence Fly, Chairman. (May 2, 1941). Investigation of Chain Broadcasting, 163 pgs., p. 11, PDF . 20. Commission Order No. 37, Docket No. 5060. FCC.
Graphic: Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

By 1920, Donovan was working for Pilgrims Society co-founder J.P. Morgan in his newly-formed Foreign Commerce Corporation of America that was poised to finance Europe’s post WWI recovery, push the League of Nations, and make Pilgrims companies highly profitable from their post War fleecing of European "recovery" (read: license to print money). This financial profligacy of the Pilgrims Society specters triggered the Great Depression (1929-33).

On Jun. 19, 1926, the year after Donovan’s law professor, Pilgrim Harlan F. Stone, became Associate Justice, RCA created (as illustrated above) National Broadcasting Company (NBC) using RCA assets and giving RCA prime use of radio spectrum (frequency bands), giving RCA/NBC a fascist, government-created media, communications  and surveillance monopoly. The creation and growth of both RCA, NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR were ultimately overseen by another Pilgrims Society stooge: David Sarnoff. Donovan coordinated the intelligence and propaganda elements.

The Pilgrims Society specters created and control the BBC, RCA and NBC— the prime voices with Reuters and the Associated Press of the British Empire with their mockingbird American press in tow.

Stone said Donovan was an “atrocious” law student, but gave him a diploma anyway. He was evidently ordered by his British Pilgrims handler to pass Donovan, and then he exploited that favor throughout his too-storied-to-be-true judicial career. Stone’s mentors were all British and American Pilgrims.

By the time Donovan graduated from Columbia in 1907, the British Pilgrims Society was deep into its plans to create the new “British Empire” conceived of and promoted by Cecil J. Rhodes.

The Rothschilds had already seized African, Australian and Canadian mines.

(Sir) Henry Wellcome was busy cataloguing with Lord Walter Rothschild. Rothschild was a British Zionist who wanted a permanent British colony in the Middle East. Both Wellcome and Rotshchild funded expeditions throughout the world to discovery new viral and bacteriological candidates for bio weapons. Rothschild's much ballyhooed affinity for zoology instead of banking was evidently a propaganda cover for his Zionism (Balfour Declaration) and his Pilgrims Society hegemony.

Lords Burnham (Daily Telegraph) and Northcliffe (Daily Mail) were busy unifying Commonwealth news control via cable and emerging wireless technologies.

Oxford and Cambridge universities were busy centralizing control of their sources for new Pilgrims recruits via the Rothschild-controlled Rhodes Scholarships.

The “social gospel” theories of Bishop Henry C. Potter were marching lockstep across the seminaries of Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard. They were busy concocting a moral theology to serve communism, in league with Rhodes Scholarship (Oxford), Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Foundation. In short, the brainwashing of the world's seminaries was afoot to de-Christianize the West. The Pilgrims saw true Christianity as a threat to their hegemony.

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Carnegie's greed, lies & self-promotion for his British Pilgrims handlers had no bounds
Editor. (Apr. 18, 1917). German Ghouls - Corpses Converted to Soap and Explosives, Dividends from Death [The Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, formed Aug. 1914, anti-German propaganda]. Yorkshire/Sheffield Evening Telegraph and Star.
Fig. 15The American traitor Andrew Carnegie (Schwab / Fauci-like 1900's pitchman for globalism and a British imperial new world order) was lionized for his alleged philanthropy to American schools, libraries and universities ca. 1907 onward. His evil secret was that he was doing it to fullfil the British Pilgrims Society plan conceived by Privy Councilor Cecil J. Rhodes to takedown the American Republic and reunite with Great Britain. In other words, Carnegie was committing treason.

Andrew Carnegie was busy funding libraries and schools in America with the explicit intention of rewriting American textbooks to be more friendly to Britain and its hegemonic institutions.

See A Declaration of Interdepence. See also Carnegie millions spent in the US to promote King Edward VII.

See also Bulletin. (Nov. 30, 1909). The American Library Association, includes ledger of Andrew Carnegie donations to U.S. Libraries, Vol. III, Jan-Nov, 1909, 851 PDF pages. ALA. (See 421 references to Carnegie (Pilgrims) grants to libraries across America, including a seminal $2 million grant (PDF p. 11) to the The American Library Association itself. This endowment was invested in communications and rail companies (AT&T, Western Union, Missouri Pacific, Cleveland Terminal, N.Y. Central, Seaboard Air Line) who then distributed Carnegie's books (Pilgrims Society pro-British and insider trading propaganda) to small town libaries across the United States free of charge.

The average Carnegie donation to a city was between $5,000-30,000 in 1909 dollars, which equates to $150,000-900,000 (2,900% higher) in today's dollars. The pre-1909 grants ranged from Atlanta GA $30,000, Hollywood CA $15,250, Harrisburg IL $10,000, Milo MA $2,000, Houston MI $6,000, East Orange NJ $19,000, Mount Vernon NY $20,000, Miamisburg OH $12,500, Younstown OH $50,000, Enid OK $7,500, Stamford TX $15,000, Seattle WA $105,000, Plymouth WI $5,000 and Douglas WY $10,000.

Remember, Andrew Carnegie was awarded a "dukedom" by the newly-crown King Edward VII on or about Oct. 25, 1902--just four months after the British Pilgrims Society was formed on Jul. 16, 1902 with King Edward as honorary royal chairman.

We must acknowledge the courageous suffragette-journalist Ms. Lillian Scott Troy for exposing, on the record, these Pilgrims Society demon-specters early.

On Sep. 17, 1922, Ms. Troy escoriated "Quite a few" American men for being "effeminate looking" with "quite nice waists." She called then "distinctly feminine." She was disgusted at the way emasculated American men were not standing up to the British Pilgrims Society takeover. Was she fingering the Pilgrims specficially? Most definitely, as we learn for the first time in this article. It says that her first trip to Britain after university was at the invitation of none other than W.T. Stead himself.

We know that Stead's private secretary then was Oracle Larry Ellison's baby daddy, the convicted pedophile and psycho-science spiritualist and necromancer Rev. Dr. Hugh "Sinclair" Moore. Stead was believed to be bi-sexual, while many others in the Pilgrims inner circle were notorious gay-bobs, including J.P. Morgan, Viscount Alfred Milner, the concentration camp murdering butcher of the Transvaal, and John Buchan, WWI propaganda and disinformation minister and future Governor General of Canada. (1935-40). It was Buchan who first proposed that the Imperial War Cabinet turn its propaganda against British citizens domestically on May 18, 1917.

Ms. Troy was banished from Britain in 1919 for "activities detrimental to the British and allied cause." (Huh? WWI ended just three days earlier! The Great War was over, or was it just a murderous false flag? The Pilgrims through the British War & Propaganda Cabinet were secretly preparing to establish the League of Nations with Woodrow Wilson in tow.)

Miss Troy appears to have spurned Pilgrims' sexual advances and quickly fallen out of Stead's favor. Any real woman with morals and a spine would. Subsequently, Troy was caustic in the press about the Pilgrims Society's new world order American takeover agenda—a W.T. Stead-led Pilgrims conception with Cecil Rhodes. Andrew Carnegie hated her for questioning his citizenship. As this article says, Britain deported Ms. Troy in Apr. 1919 for "activities detrimental to the British and allied cause." Ms. Troy evidently wielded such a powerful pen that the Pilgrims gay-bobs did not want her near their specters.

See Andrew Carnegie. (1898). The Reunion of Britain And America: a Look Ahead. New York: [s.n.], 41 pgs. Univ. of Minn.

See also Editor. (Sep. 17, 1922). British Persecute Her for Defending America Woman Writer [Lillian Scott Troy] Claim. The Washington Times (Washington, D.C.).

American higher education was neutered with free flowing Carnegie Pilgrims Society funds before 1909

In short, the British Pilgrims Society used Carnegie's massive library endowments to neuter American higher education for over a century in one stroke of evil specter genius.

In Conclusion to Part II

A lie founded upon a previous lie creates phantom spirits who inhabit the person who lied. Those phantoms grow insidiously the more the person lies.

At some point when those lies and phantoms become many, the demons that inhabit them become specters. Specters are limited in their power to geography.

For example, this is why the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab return each year to Davos, Switzerland, near Anthony Fauci's maternal ancestral lair: Chur, Switzerland. Fauci's great great uncle, Raget Abyss, was the Secretary War and progenitor of the pernicious evil of Swiss banking secrecy.

Another example, is the BBC. BBC TV Centre was built over the very site of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 in Crystal City, Shepherd's Bush, London. The specters that created the Pilgrims Society's control over propaganda, bio-chemical warfare, mass surveillance and monopoly were born on that site, and remain in charge today.

God's people can dis-empower demonic specters with their prayers & by their presence: Pilgrims Society BBC specters received a godly visitor in London calling them to repentance

That very same BBC site had a Gospel music visitor on Jan. 02, 1979.

Editor. (Apr. 18, 1917). German Ghouls - Corpses Converted to Soap and Explosives, Dividends from Death [The Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, formed Aug. 1914, anti-German propaganda]. Yorkshire/Sheffield Evening Telegraph and Star.
Fig. 17—Living Sound sang Gospel music group on Jan. 02, 1979 as special guest of American country star George Hamilton IV at BBC TV Centre, Shepherd's Bush, London. On Jul. 1981, Living Sound sang on national Soviet TV in Moscow, singing on top of more British Pilgrims Rhodes demonic specters that created the Bolshevik Revolution with Lenin and Stalin, their disciples.

The spiritual-antidote presence of Living Sound continued for over a decade to invade the Pilgrims Society's evil specters in places like Poland and Estonia and Russia as well as Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Vatican, Trafalgar Square, London, Canterbury, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Miamisburg, Ohio (Monsanto DOE Mound Labs), South Africa and most of Western Europe—most every haunt of the Pilgrims Society today.

In 1973 in South Africa, Living Sound performed the first-ever mixed audience (no apartheid) Gospel concert tour with Andrea Crouch and the Disciples.

The Cecil Rhodes / Pilgrims Society specter and demons were surely not pleased to hear the Christian, pro-human, anti-apartheid Gospel being proclaimed in the public arenas in their Transvaal birthplace.

Andrea Crouch ca. 1972

Social networking inventor (20 years later) Michael McKibben booked his Gospel music group, Living Sound, for a BBC country music TV special with George Hamilton IV. Charley Pride also performed at the Shepherd's Bush TV Centre—literally built over the site of the evil 1909 Press Conference.

Living Sound sang Let Your Spirit Sing, God Can Do It Again (Miracles) and One Day at a Time (based upon Matthew 6:25-33—don't worry) to the Pilgrims Society demonic specters who have inhabited that site since the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 when they initiated their evil plans to takeover the world.

Living Sound also sang as a guest of the new Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in St. Peter's Square 20 months later (Aug. 13, 1980), but we'll save that story for another post. More specters encountered.

The Holy Scriptures have much to say on the subject of confronting evil, but awareness of these truths has been drummed out of great swaths of humanity with propaganda, brainwashing, 5G harm to blood-oxygen levels in the brain, falsifying histories, toxins, GMO, fluoride calcification of the pineal gland in the brain, etc.

St. Paul called these phantoms, specters and demons sorcerers, false prophets and children of the devil. Acts 13: 6-10.

I Samuel 28:1-20 calls them mediums and spiritists as the ones who conduct séances: “Consult a spirit for me,” he said, “and bring up for me the one I name.” (This is exactly what W.T. Stead advertised his dead spirit visitations to do in Julia's Bureau in 1909.)

As discussed earlier, W.T. Stead, Cecil Rhodes’ initial heir, biographer and chief strategist co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society, helped create the fascination in Victorian and Edwardian Britain for necromancy—conjuring up the dead.

Notably, W.T. Stead is widely considered to be the father of modern tabloid journalism, today called fake news—creating a news event rather than just reporting it

As stated earlier, Stead promoted “Government by Journalism” as a main Pilgrims strategy (and therefore British Empire foundation stone)  for “creating opinion” – manipulating public opinion, like a bull is lead around by a rope tied to his nose ring.

Subdue the demonic specters who inhabit Pilgrims Society lairs in London, Washington, New York, Beijing, Malta, Vatican, Silicon Valley and Zurich

Any historian that has ignored these truths should be publicly shamed, discredited and made to pay damages for the way his or her histories have misled our societies these last 120 years.

History must start telling the truth about the C.I.A. and Columbia University's central role in perpetuating the lie and the demons it has spawned.

Their lies are phantoms, propaganda stories, false flags that hide the British Pilgrims Society specters and their demons who inhabit and control Washington, D.C., New York, London and Silicon Valley.

Call to Godly People: Show up and keep showing up until these phantoms, specters and their demons are vanquished.

Peacefully demonstrate at the sites of these demon specters around the world. When there, pray. Call out and cast out the evil spirits and proclaim them impotent by the power of God, His Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the Cherubim and Seraphim, and the Heavenly Hosts. Pray for the wisdom of St. Mary, the Godbearer, the most blessed of human beings whose humble cooperation in the Incarnation called all of humankind to the Light of Christ, her Son.

It is time for America and the world to cast out these demons and usher in a spiritual awakening like this planet has not seen since Jesus Christ changed us through His incarnation and with His love.

In fact, it is His Incarnation that gives us the strength and power to overcome "the spiritual wickedness in high places."

Just showing up his half the battle. Your presence alone is spiritual power over evil forces. Use it.

(Postscript: Happy anniversary to a very special woman!)

* * *

Described above is abject immorality.

Morality must win the day.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

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Reminder Re. the Miller Act Notice—The Perpetrators of this Epic Fraud must disgorge their ill-gotten gain
Click image to open PDF of this and the next slide
How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic
Fig. 18—The First Amended Miller Act Notice. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking).
Federal British-American Patent Weaponization Thieves
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall

Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE to President Trump It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government's 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

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War Between The White House and CIA? President Trump finally implementing JFK's Executive Order dismantling the out-of-control C.I.A. who were conspiring with the British Pilgrims Society
Fig. 19Daniel Natal. (Dec. 01, 2020). War Between The White House and CIA? The New American Video. | (Raw *.mp4 video file).
Video: The New American Video.
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U-T just censored this: Our Republic is fighting the same battle now as we did 245 years ago!
Click image to play video.
Free. (Dec. 09, 2020). Our Republic is fighting the same battle now as we did 245 years ago! You Are Free TV.
Fig. 20Free. (Dec. 09, 2020). Our Republic is fighting the same battle now as we did 245 years ago! You Are Free TV. ***HAS BEEN CENSORED***@*** No worries, view it here:| Raw *.mp4 video file.
Video: You Are Free TV.

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  1. Humanity must learn the secret history of those planning to destroy the “lower classes” of humankind.

    Read the words of British Pilgrims Society founder, American Nicholas Murray Butler and understand the context that his specters and demons intend to destroy you.

    We must overcome this satanism.

    Nicholas Murray Butler. (Jul. 13, 1931). Mankind divides into three classes. Dayton Daily News.

    See also AFI. (Jun. 04, 2021). PART II: Proof Columbia University helped British saboteurs and American traitors takeover America in 1902. Americans for Innovation.

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      COVID Medical Tyranny: Federal Judge Rules Companies Can Require Employees to be Injected with Experimental Gene Therapy

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  5. Email comment by BR:


    Psycho Science is being used to push Pseudo Science to conjure up false Economic Science

    While the DNC plotted coup against Trump in 2017, bank-tech-media-pharma traitors were in Beijing conspiring with Xi Jinping to take down Trump and the American Republic.

    The British-American Pilgrims Society seized full control of the 700-member National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) by May 09, 2005 to surrender America’s Christian moral force and economic might to Muslim jihadi terrorist hordes and communist China.

    Full stories:

  6. Email comment by TP:

    Here are 18 traitors that sold out American corporations to China. Come inside and see what we found on these globalist scumbags.

    James W. Breyer
    Timothy D. Cook
    Henri de Casties
    Christopher B. Galvin
    Carlos Ghosn
    Terry Gou
    Maurice Raymond “Hank” Greenberg
    Ahmet M. Kent
    Mike McNamara
    Satya N. Nadella
    Nitin Nohria
    Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
    David M. Rubenstein
    Stephen A. Schwarzman
    Martin Senn
    Risto K. Siilasmaa
    John L. Thornton
    Mark E. Zuckerberg

    Full stories:

    1. Email comment by TG:


      Moderna’s P-4 bioweapons lab in Indiana named Catalent producing the mRNA COVID DNA poison is controlled by British peers loyal to the Queen, Pilgrims Society, QinetiQ, C.I.A., MI6 and Wellcome Trust’s Coronavirus Pirbright patent

      China is merely their dutiful front man.

      While DNC plotted coup against Trump in 2017, bank-tech traitors were in Beijing conspiring with Xi Jinping at Tsinghua University

      Full stories:

  7. Email comment by JB:


    This is an excellent compilation of the history of the Rothschilds, using research from Americans for Innovation. The link takes you to a digital book that you can easily share with others. It shows your the historical evidence of how the Rothschilds control the world – and everything is backed by FACTS and EVIDENCE.

    The Rothschild plan to take-over the world and destroy humanity is no longer conspiracy.

    Full stories:

    1. Previous comment:

      Spread the truth

  8. Email comment by Anonymous Scientist

    Dear AFI researchers:


    I wanted to point out Columbia University also helped the Pilgrim Society, at the turn of the century, by corrupting physics and later controlling the U.S. patent office… which you and American Intelligence Media has pointed out in previous AIM articles!

    Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, Army. PhD, and his team had major energy breakthroughs, denied by a corrupt “Patent Office” because they had orders not to permit any energy technology which successfully exploited the “spacetime” principle. Dr. Bearden explains that Nature does not insist on conserving energy in three dimensions (x, y, z) because nature exists in four dimensions (x, y, z, time) from video linked article Pulling Energy from Vacuum at I have time outlined this video below.

    Again, at the turn of the 20th century, to keep anyone from following Tesla’s discoveries involving zero point energy, J.P. Morgan corrupted Columbia’s College physics, and other physic departments throughout the world, by artificially restricting Maxwell’s equations of nature, through the elimination the fourth dimension of time. This is excellently detailed in the following video: Pulling Energy from Vacuum

    (see link: ).

    ***END, PART I***

    1. ***BEGIN, PART II***

      Here is a breakdown of the video by minute …

      01:00 Overview of twenty years of Research and Development (1984-2004) discovering how to extract energy from vacuum.

      06:30 Nature does not insist on conserving energy in three dimensions (x, y, z) because nature exists in four dimensions (x, y, z, time)

      12:00 There is a history of ‘over unity’ energy systems. Examples include Nikola Tesla’s work in New York, when he created a magnetizing transformer back at the turn of the 20th century (see AIM article: ). Other examples of suppressed ‘over unity’ successes cited include T. Henry Moray (1930s), Gabriel Crone (for Navy) and up to fifty other inventors who have made casual natural energy devices over time. There were also Russian advances in ‘over unity’ inventions prior to WWII documented.

      17:19 How suppression of energy technology occurs and who is doing it. (Back to the Pilgrim Society)
      20:00 How do cartels (Pilgrim Society) attack and destroy threats.

      26:00 Must educate inventors and scientists on how present energy systems, controlled by the cartels, are polluting and destroying the environment.

      29:30 If we fail to break up the elite energy cartels (controlled by Pilgrim Society) and allow suppressed energy technologies to fulfill their role for humanity, as fossil fuels shrink, world wars will arise again like WWI and WWII. Civilization will enter another Dark Age.

      33:30 We need another great Manhattan Project, with evil cartels push aside by Congress, where scientists and engineering will be allowed to finally develop all the viable energy solutions surrounding humanity.

      39:50 Private Sector advances are typically slowed down and stalled out by frivolous cartel (Pilgrim Society) lawsuits claiming fraud, patent thief…anything which might bankrupt or delay licensing for decades. This preserves the cartel’s monopoly.

      41:00 Why inventors should be wary of Venture Capital.

      42:10 The patent office has been positioned as another barrier to energy advancements (by the Pilgrim Society). The patent office will not permit any technology which has not been approved and accepted by the science institutions. These science institutions are funded by the energy cartels. They will only permit classical thermal dynamics (based on three dimensions) not non-classical thermal dynamics (which includes the passage of time).

      43:00 The public has to recognize the fact, like any other profession, science and scientists can be corrupted (by the Pilgrim Society). The cartels buy and corrupt science to do their bidding. These corrupted professionals become gate keepers and will cry out “perpetual motion” fraud based on three dimensional solutions…not four-dimensional solutions which is the true nature of energy in the vast universe.

      44:20 The entire structure of science, of industry, of the patent office, are against the advancement of any disruptive energy technology (which would harm Pilgrim Society illegal energy monopolies). If you can’t get a patent, how do you get a license to commercialize?

      44:50 The remaining option inventors have to battle the cartels is communication. We have the internet. We need to let other energy inventors know they are not alone in their battles with the energy cartels. We are all in the same boat.

      Bearden’s biography can be found at the following link: ).


      Anonymous Scientist

      In the attachment, President Trump, encouraged the world to learn what is possible with the reinstatement of the time dimension, t, in Maxwell’s equation. While the Pilgrim Society has been denying endless, inexpensive energy to the inhabitants of Earth, Tesla’s work has been benefitting our Secret Space Program since the early 1950’s when the Navy patented ‘anti-gravity’ in October of 1954. See email attachment

    2. British SERCO-run U.S. Navy and U.S. Patent Office issued anti-gravity machine patent 10,144,532 on Dec. 04, 2018

      Anonymous Scientist. (Compiled Jun. 14, 2021). Inventions suppressed by British Pilgrims Society global banking. Anonymous Patriots.

      U.S. Pat. No. 10,144,532. (Issued Dec. 04, 2018). CRAFT USING AN INERTIAL MASS REDUCTION DEVICE, inventor: Salvatore Cezar Pais, assignee: U.S. Navy Secretary. USPTO.

  9. Email comment by UKprounder:

    Proof BoJo & CaJo are a British Pilgrims Society Rockefeller agent-handler of Pretender Biden and Vice-Pretender Harris

    The freshly-minted First British Baby Mommy, Carrie Symonds, works for the $48 million Rockefeller Foundation 501(c)(3) slush fund Oceana in Washington, D.C.

    Oceana orders Chinese garbage ships to dump trash in the middle of the Pacific as false flag climate change propaganda

    Carrie’s illegitimate bloodline includes British Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, Earl of Oxford, Prime Minister (1908-1916), who co-founded the British Pilgrims Society, helped orchestrate the current British Pilgrims hijack of U.S. institutions (the “Deep State”), fomented WWI, and formed the modern fusion of propaganda (lying) and intelligence (spying) and vaccine/chemical weaponization (killing)

    Carrie’s parents and grandparents helped perpetrate the British fraud that is modern propaganda journalism as a tool of totalitarian corporatist state-ism (communism 3.0).

    The Corrupt Couple Highlights:

    1. Prime Minister Boris Johnson (“BoJo”) was president of the Oxford Union (1985) when FISA Court Judge James E. “Jeb” Boasberg was at Oxford University—the FISA judge who approved the surveillance of George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.

    2. Carrie Symonds Johnson “advises” the Rockefellers at Washington, D.C.-based Oceana.

    3. Carrie’s father Matthew Symonds worked for the Larry Ellison (Oracle database) Foundation until late last year when it was closed abruptly following exposes of Ellison’s close ties to British intelligence—Ellison’s Oracle database stores the demonic collection of personally identifiable data by British Pilgrims Society criminals.

    4. Carrie’s grandmother Anne Hilda Symonds was London editor of the BBC propaganda machine; she was also the illegitimate daughter of British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith, a co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society and Prime Minister when MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ were founded by newspapermen attending the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 in London.

    5. Carries grandfather Baron Ardwick, worked for The Mirror Group formerly owned by Gislaine Maxwell’s father Robert (Jeffrey Epstein’s madam).

  10. Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
    by Catherine Austin Fitts


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