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Thursday, January 24, 2019


Rhodes Scholarships groom teenage soldiers for Cecil Rhodes' 200-year British federalist plan to be the Anglo-Saxon "real rulers of the world"

Rhodes' Jesuit-inspired secret Round Table "Society" (1888) weaponized propaganda, psychiatry, wireless technology and banking with many fronts, most notably the Council on Foreign Relations today

Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and Rothschilds established the modern framework 100 years ago using a racist, sexist, totalitarian “tail male” dynastic grip on power reaching back to the British East India Company (founded in 1600)

Instruments of this world hegemony: The Privy Council, The Round Table, ‘Milner’s Kindergarten,’ De Beers, Fabian Society, Wall Street, Rhodes Scholarships, Pilgrim Society, Wellington House, Imperial War Cabinet (1917), BPS, Tavistock Institute, Frankfurt Institute, SOE, OSS, Stay-behind Units, C.I.A., CFR, WEF, EU, Rio Tinto, League of Nations, UN, SERCO, SES, OPIC, USAID, US State Dept, Integrity Initiative

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jan. 25, 2019, Updated mar. 06, 2023 (censored videos restored) | PDF |
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AFI. (Jan. 24, 2019). So you thought Rhodes Scholarships Were Good? Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1Cecil John Rhodes (b. Jul. 05, 1953, d. Mar. 26, 1902), benefactor of the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University. By 1916, the British Parliament had seized control of the Rhodes Trust, the selection of trustees, and abolished German candidates. Viscount Alfred Milner became the spiritual leader of the Trust after Rhodes' death in 1902. Milner focused on selecting teenage candidates put forward by the political, academic, commercial, media and banker elites who were equally dedicated to the Rhodes Manifesto—

—promoted with Jesuit stealth through The Round Table (1888) and Milner's Kindergarten (1902), now the Council on Foreign Relations (1921) and the Atlantic Council (1961)—to develop a permanent British Anglo-Saxon federal corporatist rule over the world. Their main push today is the European Union and the United Nations. Milner's influence was unstoppable during the Robber Baron era, even though he was personally responsible as Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa) for the deaths of 14,000 children in his Second Boer War (1899-1902) concentrations camps. During World War I, Milner remained one of Prime Minister Lloyd George's closest advisers throughout the war, second only to Bonar Law.
Rhodes Photo Source:Unknown.
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We have a large number of source links to add to this post starting tomorrow, but we wanted to get the narrative moving prior to having all the link documents full processes and indexed. They will be added over the coming week. We assure you that every item of information in this post is supported by unassailable evidence.

Here's an excellent Rhodes, Milner, NWO history from Nexus magazine.
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Gabriel, McKibben. (Jan. 25, 2019). Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 2Gabriel, McKibben. (Jan. 25, 2019). Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.| (Raw *.mp4 file)
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.

(Jan. 24, 2019)—The extensive evidence in this post has been difficult to frame. Remarkably, we have discovered several very long historical threads that dictate the current explosion of fake news and breathless cries for impeachment of President Trump and those that elected him.

Never mind that in President Trump's first two years the American economy has reversed from being on life support after Obama to an unemployment rate under four percent; Black, Asian and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in history; jobless claims are at a near 50-year low; and, consumer confidence is at 18-year high.

What is wrong with President Trump's breathless detractors?

Therefore, what is wrong with President Trump's detractors? They seem mentally deranged. When asked to provide facts to support their rage, their knee-jerk reaction is to spew unconvincing breathless epithets like "racist!" "misogynist!" "homophobe!" "xenophobe!" "toxic male!" "whatever!"

Our research has discovered unmistakable evidence that these triggered anti-Trumpers are, by and large, the victims of 100-years of continuous brainwashing by self-styled one-world elitists who currently control propaganda, psychiatry, wireless technology (the IBM Internet of Things), commerce and banking.

Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar for two years from 1968-1970
Future U.S. President Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar groom between 1968-1970 before dropping out. Many of America's self-styled elitists were indoctrinated into the Rhodes 200-year racist, misogynist, thieving, Anglo-Saxon white supremacist, Imperial federalist Manifesto. Created by then Cape Colony Governor Lord Alfred Milner with John Buchan his chief of staff, the Second Boer War Concentration Camp deaths of 14,000 children made it possible. God rest their souls †. These men did not care who they killed along the way toward British hegemony and their Rhodes "Manifesto" leadership over it. See more below.

Other current American Rhodes Scholars include:

  • Ashton Carter (DoD, Clinton)
  • Bill Clinton (Clinton Foundation)
  • Charles Conn (Rhodes Trust CEO)
  • Cory Booker (House, DNC)
  • George Stephanopoulos (ABC)
  • Leonard P. Stark (Delaware Fed Court)
    (Judge shoehorned by Obama three weeks before the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial, Jun. 24, 2010
  • R. James Woolsey Jr. (C.I.A., Five Eyes)
  • Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)
  • Richard Lugar (Senate, RNC)
  • Wesley Clark (US Amry, NATO, Clintons)
  • More

They have mixed these powers into a deadly brew that preaches: (1) socialism to the masses, while (2) secretly consolidating their corporatist wealth and power into the hands of a few one-world government dynasty banker families who continue to follow Cecil Rhodes' 200-year Manifesto implemented by his Rhodes Scholar army.

Cecil Rhodes' Anglophiles stole social networking, just like they stole Tesla's wireless 100 years ago

Our focus at Americans for Innovation since inception has been to expose the injustices heaped upon American social networking inventor Michael McKibben and his shareholders in Leader Technologies, Inc. See American Intelligence Media's blockbuster six-video interview with Michael McKibben The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All.

McKibben and his shareholders have never received a single dime of compensation for their breakthroughs in Internet scalability. Their contributions are now valued into the multiple trillions of dollars for technology stolen by the U.S. federal government and distributed free to Silicon Valley by the IBM Eclipse Foundation. See their Miller Act Notice currently on the President's desk.

Click image to view PDF version.
Anonymous Patriots. (Jan. 27, 2019). Cecil Rhodes' 200 year Propaganda War Uncovered. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.
Fig. 3Anonymous Patriots. (Jan. 27, 2019). Cecil Rhodes' 200 year Propaganda War Uncovered. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.
Graphic: Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.

Red Pill: America's true history

One big picture conclusion we have drawn from our deep research is that the American government that We The People thought we had is a fiction.

America since 1776 has remained in the clutches of war lord banking family dynasties that employ multi-generational "tail male" inheritance to maintain control of commerce and social discourse, and have done so since world's first corporations.

To accomplish this, these dynasties employed propaganda to fool the masses into thinking they were free and had rights, while secretly controlling them at every turn. For example, today they embrace socialism for the masses (the promise of free stuff), while amassing ever more power and wealth from which they will dole out meager baubles, bangles and beads through "philanthropy" and "charity."

Perhaps the most notable of these first corporations were the German Hanseatic League (ca. 1358), namely the British (1600) and Dutch (1602) East India Companies ("merchants with a sword"). Bankers of that day seized control of global trade and have never stopped, much less loosened the reigns, to this day. The fact that the public consciousness does not know about them is a testament to their successful propaganda.

Case in point: Wikipedia is scandalously silent about the banks who financed these first corporations through the centuries. For example, prominent among them were and still are Rothshild, Warburg, Schröder, Rockefeller, Oppenheim, Morgan, J.P. Morgan, Goldman-Sachs and Berenberg families. However, these banker families are not even mentioned in the Wikipedia propaganda.

Mind control: 'Wikipedia does not mention it, so it must not be true' (subconscious conditioning)

Thes Wikipedia omissions are just one example of "subconscious conditioning" mind control. If the public does not know the truth, then they cannot defend themselves against the lies and half truths.

We must remember that these dynasties were and are committed to maintaining power at all cost. They found an unlikely ally in socialism as a tool to placate the masses while maintaining control of a country's resources and money.

For example, British utopian socialist Robert Owen (financed by  utilitarian Jeremy Bentham), gave speeches to the U.S. Congress on Feb. 25 and Mar. 07, 1825 where he outlined his socialist beliefs and plans for a utopian community in New Harmony, Indiana (later in Yellow Springs, Ohio). His audience included U.S. presidents (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison), in addition to outgoing U.S. president James Monroe, and president-elect John Quincy Adams.

Using Owen for the propaganda, the banking dynasties learned how to divert the attention of the public away from their perpetual power grabs. They learned that they could fund "philanthropy" and "charity" as a way to hide their rapacious stripping of a country's resources.

Rhodes Scholarships Recruit Soldiers for the banking dynasties

In Cecil Rhodes, the banking dynasties, most notably the Rothschilds, discovered a different kind of ideologue. Rhodes preached a hackneyed, but influential vision of British racial superiority perpetuated by a federal corporatist monarchy.

Rhodes wrote in his Will dated Mar. 12, 1902:

“I humbly believe that one of the secrets of England’s strength has been the existence of a class termed ‘The country landlords’ who devote their efforts to the maintenance of those on their own property.”

In ca. 1877 Rhodes wrote:

"I contend that we are the finest race [Anglo-Saxon] in the world and the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race... Africa is still lying ready for us, it is our duty to take it."

In Jul. 1899, Rhodes refused to give scholarships to women. (p.121).

So, we can readily observe that Rhodes was a racist, misogynist, power monger, imperialist and greedy with megalomaniacal visions of grandeur and world control. We also see from his history that he had a brooding personality that craved solitude and the company of men.

Brooder Rhodes had uncanny ability to bend opinions to his will

Rhodes' biographer, W.T. Stead, said Rhodes had an uncanny skill at winning over opponents to his points of view, even if they were determined to hold their ground.

Rhodes’ British Empire corridor through Africa
"All that Red" - "that's my dream!" [The "Red Ribbon"] Cecil Rhodes. Source: South Africa History Online.

In 1896, following Rhodes' devastating military loss in the First Boer War as Cape Colony's prime minister, the Rothschilds nonetheless funded Rhodes to start De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. (Mar. 12, 1888) with the aim to control diamond mining in Southern Africa. Rhodes' vision was to control all African mining resources in a "Red Ribbon" stretching from Egypt in north Africa to the Cape of Good Hope on Africa southern-most point.

Rhodes' control over vast swaths of Africa's resources gave him and his followers great power in London.

Lord Alfred Milner became Rhodes global hit man for world domination at all cost

Alfred Milner
Viscount Alfred Milner, member of Rhodes' small inner circle; ran concentration camps during the Second Boer War that murdered 14,000 children through deprivation that one M.P. (Jun. 17, 1901) described as “barbarous, outrageous, scandalous, and disgraceful, the way in which these wretched, unfortunate and poor women and children have been treated in South Africa.”

Rhodes' inner circle included Lord Alfred Milner most notably. Milner succeeded Rhodes as Governor of Cape Colony 1897-1901), Transvaal Administrator (1901-1902) and Transvaal Governor (1902-1905).

Milner led the Second Boer War (1899-1902). He destroyed all of his non-British competition in Southern Africa, including indigenous tribes as well as citizens with Dutch, German, Swedish and Norwegian heritage (Afrikaners).

Stop the Boar War!
Stop the Boer War!
Cecil Rhodes' Quest to Seize Africa's Wealth to Finance his 200-year Imperial Federalist Manifesto for Anglo-Saxon control of the world
Cecil Rhodes' Quest to Seize Africa's Wealth to Finance his 200-year Imperial Federalist Manifesto for Anglo-Saxon control of the world

While Milner was High Commissioner of Cape Colony, and fighting the Second Boer War, members of Parliament began exposing tens of thousands of deaths in Milner’s concentration camps. For example, on Jun. 17, 1901, M.P. C.P. Scott from Lancashire said “some 60,000 women and children” were being held in what another M.P. William Redmond of Waterford denounce as “barbarous, outrageous, scandalous, and disgraceful, the way in which these wretched, unfortunate and poor women and children have been treated in South Africa.” On Mar. 04, 1902, MP J. Chamberlain of Birmingham, Secretary of State for the Colonies, said the number of prisoners in Milner’s concentration camps had grown to “130,000 women and children” and 14,000 children had died.

Rhodes' 200-Year Manifesto For Anglo-Saxon World Domination

Philosophically, Rhodes and Milner were tight. Milner embraced Rhodes' vision for an English-speaking world controlled by Anglo-Saxons to usher in permanent world peace. They had a three-fold plan as hand written by Rhodes in the autumn of 1891:

"What a scope and what a horizon of work, at any rate, for the next two centuries, the best energies of the best people in the world ; perfectly feasible, but needing an organisation, for it is impossible for one human atom to complete anything, much less such an idea as this requiring the devotion of the best souls of the next 200 years. There are three essentials: (1) The plan duly weighed and agreed to. (2) The first organisation. (3) The seizure of the wealth necessary." W.T. Stead, p. 76 (PDF p. 89).

At that time, in addition to being prime minister of Cape Colony, Rhodes had also been consolidating his diamond mining monopoly in Kimberly since his Oxford days.

History teaches us that Rhodes meant it when he said: "The seizure of the wealth necessary."

Rober Barons
Robber Barons exploit the world's resources to enrich their dynasties and control the masses to use their labor to add to their wealth, while using propaganda to convince the masses stay submissive to this tyranny.

Rhodes was watching his fellow “Robber Barons” of the late 1800’s seizing monopolies in the world’s resources including steel, railroads, newspapers, technology, wireless telegraphy, oil, minerals, mining, shipping, property in the Dominions that had been exploited for hundreds of years by the British East India Company. The Robber Barrons were such men as J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Rothschild, Bush, Milner, Rhodes, Harriman, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Hearst.

Rhodes' Manifesto & scholarships continue to dictate world economic policy toward a one-world government

We have now reached the nexus of this post, which is how Rhodes, Milner and their true believers in his 200-year Manifesto seized control of propaganda (media), Oxford scholarships, wireless technology and psychiatry in order to carry out Rhodes' 200-year plan, for which we are at the half-way mark.

Milner's chief of staff from 1896 was the British writer John Buchan. Buchan helped Rhodes and Milner organize several "Societies" using Jesuit-inspired stealth and secrecy. These groups included The Round Table movement (the 'Society' that Rhodes articulated in 1888), 'Milner's Kindergarten' (1902), The Fabian Society (1884), The Anglo-American League (1898).

Tesla's invention of wireless telegraphy (1891) enabled the Robber Barons to accelerate their plans by pushing perpetual wars for profit using propaganda and psychiatry mind control

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla, the true inventor of wireless telegraphy (not Marconi)

These facts are not disputed. On May 20, 1891, Nikola Tesla first demonstrated wireless transmissions during a scientific lecture at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

On Mar. 1, 1893, Tesla gave his first public demonstration of radio in St. Louis.

G. Marconi was the first cardboard cutout in modern communications

The man pushed forward by the British government as the inventor of wireless telegraphy was Guglielmo Marconi. However, it was not until Dec. 1894 that he demonstrated a radio transmitter and receiver to his mother. Marconi claimed that Tesla had stolen his patents, but on Jun. 21, 1943, the U.S. Supreme Court in MARCONI WIRELESS T. CO. OF AMERICA v. U.S., 320 U.S. 1 (1943) affirmed that Nikola Tesla, not G. Marconi, invented wireless telegraphy. However, by then the British had already deployed Marconi's stolen version of Tesla worldwide, and it was a cornerstone technology of foreign policy.

Rhodes and Milner were heavily involved in building communications lines along the "Red Ribbon" from Egypt to the Cape of Good Hope. They were also using propaganda heavily to promote British interests in the First and Second Boer Wars as well as their Round Table and Milner's Kindergarten.

As early as 1896, the British Admiralty and Post-Office had selected Marconi as their provider and started entering into secret contracts with Marconi in America and Britain. Tesla's legitimate ownership claims to the invention were totally ignored by the British Governnment who was hell-bent to sieze a monopoly on wireless technology—a monoply that exists to this day.

The Internet of Things, v. 1, was Britain's nationalized Marconi "Chain"

Parliamentary records bear this out. Inventorship controversies aside, the British Post-Office entered into a secret monopoly contract with Marconi Wireless on Mar. 07, 1911 to build a "chain of Imperial wireless stations" around the globe.

When members of Parliament learned about the secret Marconi-Post-Office contract, they forced the Government to open the terms for public debate.

Marconi was nationalized by the British Government from inception

Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman
Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman, director, British War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), a.k.a. Wellington House

On Aug. 08, 1913, Parliament formally approved a 28-year public contract with Marconi. That debate was chaired by Charles F.G. Masterman, Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Charles F.G. Masterman was a relative of Cecil Rhodes and had family banking ties with the Rothschilds.

Rhodes' great uncle John Masterman was a City of London MP with Lionel Nathan Rothshild (1847-1857). He was also a director in the British East India Company as well as ran a law firm in The City.

British War Propaganda Bureau (1914) started by a Rhodes relative, staffed by Milner's former Chief of Staff John buchan

On Sep. 15, 1914, thirteen months later, 'Wireless Masterman' became 'Propaganda Masterman' when he was asked by prime minister Lloyd George to start the British War Propaganda Bureau (BWPB) popularly called “The Wellington House” which was the London headquarters of the National Insurance Commission where Masterman was chairman.

'Propaganda & 'Wireless Masterman' immediately began including British psychiatry into his propaganda campagins for public “opinion making.” He then became 'Propaganda, Wireless & Psych Masterman.'

Masterman gathered the most distinguished novelists of that era to write his lies for King and Country. They included John Buchan (The Thirty-Nine Steps), H.G. Wells (The War of the Worlds), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Homes) and Rudyard Kipling (The Man Who Would Be King), to name just a few.

By Sep. 1916, Masterman had amassed an impressive array of secret collaborators that he described in a detailed secret 129-page report on the success of his propaganda efforts in Britain and America. At least five of those collaborators cited in his report were insiders in the Rhodes Round Table and the Rhodes Scholarship program. They were Milner, Buchan, Fischer, Grey and Rosebery. Rosebery was married to Hannah de Rothschild (m. 1878; d. 1890).

1917 British Imperial War Cabinet

On Dec. 09, 1916, new British Prime Minister David Lloyd George announced a five-person War Cabinet. How close were Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner?

Writing to his biographer W.T. Stead  in 1880, Rhodes criticized Stead for not supporting the First Boer War. Rhodes wrote (remember: the Chairman of De Beers diamonds and a very powerful man in the Empire not prone to idle talk): "You will support Milner in any measure that he may take short of war. I make no such limitation. I support Milner absolutely without reserve. If he says peace, I say peace; if he says war, I say war. Whatever happens, I say ditto to Milner." After this, Rhodes removed Stead from his will and added Milner as a trustee. He also decided to use the bulk of his funds to endow Oxford scholarships to augment his long term propaganda campaign for world hegemony.

Propaganda Ministry of Information (2017)

John Buchan
John Buchan, progaganda writer, Wellington House; Director, Propaganda Ministry Information, War Cabinet

On Feb. 20, 1917, nine weeks later, prime minister Lloyd George formalized the Wellington House as an official cabinet position called the Ministry of Information (also the Propaganda Department). Milners former chief of staff, John Buchan, was made the director.

Buchan wasted no time in pressing the Rhodes-Milner secret Round Table agenda. He used the full power of the British propaganda machine using wireless telegraphy and psychiatry mind control. This included luring promising Oxford-bound teenagers into their lair with free Rhodes Scholarship money.

With 'Propaganda, Wireless & Tavistock Psych Buchan' now in charge, the Rhodes-Milner Round Table stealth agenda moved rapidly.

On May 18, 1917, Buchan asked for permission to turn his propaganda guns on his fellow British citizens in a request titled “Propaganda at Home.”

The day the music died in Britain (Aug. 14, 1917)—Government approved to lie to the public

On Aug. 04, 1917, Lloyd George approved domestic propaganda which he euphemistically named the “National War Aims Committee.” Arguably, on this day all semblance of accountability to the public died in the UK... to this day.

On Dec. 17, 2017, 'Propaganda, Wireless & Tavistock Psych Buchan' proposed a “Secret Psychological Offensive” for the War Cabinet to promote the Rhodes-Milner Round Table dream for “a League of Nations.”

The history of Marconi and the British Government is one of pure monoply. Even within this threat one can see the seeds of the British intention to control American technology and propaganda as well.

Marconi became RCA, NBC, GEC and now British Aerospace (BAE), Lockheed Martin & SERCO—all controlled by the Queen's Golden Share

Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company (1900-1963) has had a state monopoly since the 1912 contracts cited above. It was renamed Marconi Company Ltd (1963-1987), combined with GE-RCA as GEC-Marconi Ltd (1987-1998, RCA Photophone Limited, 1929, renamed RCA Great Britain Limited, 1956, renamed RCA Limited, 1969, renamed SERCO LIMITED, 1987), Marconi Electronics Systems Ltd (1998-1999), Marconi Plc (1999-2003) and Marconi Corporation Plc (2003-2006). GEC-Marconi’s subsidiary RCA created NBC (1926).

New Supreme Court records reveal that RCA acquired all of Marconi's patents on Nov. 20, 1919. Seven years later, RCA incorporated NBC. Jeff Zucker left NBC for CNN on Jan. 01, 2013. This lineage ties NBC and CNN directly to the initial British weaponization of Tesla's wireless telegraphy patents.

On Mar. 05, 1946, the American, British and Dominion (Commonwealth) intelligence agencies signed a secret agreement to share ALL or almost all intelligence collected by any of them. This evidently formed the basis of the corrupt "Five Eyes" intelligence cabal whereby "stay-behind networks" from Word War II became the rogue C.I.A. First declassified and revealed to the public on Apr. 08, 2010, just months before the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial when Facebook was about to be forced to give Zuckerberg's 28 Harvard computers and emails. This agreement was used to lock down Zuckerberg's drives.

RCA was renamed as SERCO Limited under Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, a member of the Queen's Privvy Counsel and director of the propaganda firm Strategic Communications Laboratories Ltd (SCL) that owns Cambridge Analytica—the propaganda and "mind bending" company that pushed the "dirty dossier" attempt to frame President Donald J. Trump and get him removed from office.

From Jun. 1990 to 1999, Privy Counselor Geoffrey E. Pattie was chairman of Marconi before merging it with British Aerospace (BAE).

Geoffrey E. Pattie
Geoffrey E. Pattie, Privy Counselor, founder of SERCO, former chairman of Marconi

On Sep. 22, 1994, Pattie oversaw a War Cabinet-like consolidation of the British Intellectual Property Institute into the hands of five trustees, all peers: Sir David Alan Walker, Sir Stephen Paul Steward, Sir Robin Buchanan and Sir Sir Alfred Joseph Shepperd.

Evidently the Privy Council and the Rhodes-Milner Round Table, now renamed the Council on Foreign Relations (formed 1921) and, SERCO and the Senior Executive Service (SES)(formed 1978), had all "The Internet of Things" technology that they believed they need to faciliate their takeover.

It should be noted that SERCO has been awarded over 5,000 GSA contracts in America. This includes management of all patent applications at the U.S. Patent Office since May 17, 2006. Serco was awarded a $610 million contract to manage FEMA Region 9 that covers Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. On Jul. 16, 2013, Obama awarded Serco a $1.2 billion. Serco also manages the air traffic control towers in 63 U.S. airports, and was most recently awarded more than $95 million to run the U.S. Patent and Trademark examination processes. See our previous post linked to Serco evidence.

What they did not yet know they needed was Michael McKibben's and Leader Technologies' groundbreaking social networking invention that solved the problem for running corporate computers in the Internet without running into high volume capacity digital logjams. The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All.

James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III, National Security Advisor to Clinton, Bush, Obama, Highlands Group, NAIC, FBI, NSA, C.I.A., IBM Eclipse Foundation; intellectual property attorney and thief of his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for the benefit of his other intelligence clients.

By 1999, IBM and Microsoft realized their groupware technologies were incapable of such large scale. They were stuck. This was exactly the time in early 2000 when McKibben sought out intellectual property legal counsel to protect his inventions and was introduced to intellectual property law professor James P. Chandler, III.

Rhodes Scholars enable weaponization of communications inventions for 100 years psychiatry for one-world government

Hindsight shows us that the American government treated McKibben and his company Leader Technologies just like the British treated Tesla. They actively ignored them as the true inventors, funded their cardboard cutouts to supply them, then pressed the fiction using their control of propaganda and brain washing that Marconi and Zuckerberg were the inventors.

We have compiled a visual timeline to show that history from 100 years ago is driving current events today.

You are invited to add your perspectives. There are many forks in this story, but we now see the pattern of corruption that is attempting, through propaganda, social networking technology and wireless devices to takedown America and make it a socialist system overseen by wealthy monarchical corporations.

Citizens of the former Soviet Union used to joke sarcastically, borrowing from George Orwell's 1984 dystopian novel:

'We are all equal. Some are just more equal than others.'

In conclusion, what this research shows is an unbroken Cecil Rhodes Round Table agenda to takeover the world in the name of an Anglo-Saxon elitist secret society, run like the Jesuits, who are Anglo-Saxon white supremacists, misogynist and racist.

These centuries of evil must be dismantled.

We encourage teenagers to stop seeking funding from the Rhodes Scholarship for their education, and thus, not be associated with this century of corruption.

* * *

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Gabriel, McKibben. (Feb. 01, 2019). No one goes to jail in the swamp because it is legal to like. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 4Gabriel, McKibben. (Feb. 01, 2019). No one goes to jail in the swamp because it is legal to like. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. (Raw *.mp4 video file).
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.


Will Banyan. (Starting Dec. 01, 2004). A SHORT HISTORY OF THE ROUND TABLE, Parts 1 to 4, Vol. 12, Nos. 1-4. Nexus.

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  2. This post demonstrates WHY it is so important to know real history and to realize the INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS POWER OF PROPAGANDA. Rhodes was a mega-criminal and many Jesuits are totally corrupt - and their affect is so apparent and relevant, today. NOW YOU SEE THE CONNECTION between marconi, RCA, GE, SERCO, NBC and CNN., This proves we have been lied to for 100 years by weaponized wireless media, for which Rhodes has been recruiting his scholars for his vile plans, all this time. The 200 year plan must be SHUT DOWN, NOW.

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      Spread the truth.

  3. Thank you for an outstanding compilation of verified facts, names, dates, and places. I am an amateur student of what I've been calling the "Hidden History", and your article and the YouTube video linked herein are both wonderful presentations. I did not find one thing within either of them with which I might disagree, and I can assure your other readers here that your statements are verifiable in numerou published books, from the Carroll Quigley books to those of Antony C. Sutton and Anton Chaitkin.
    Thank you sincerely for this outstanding work!
    Elias Alias, founder, The Mental Militia (1999)

    1. Thank you Elias! We have encountered your great work, cited it, and it is nice to e-meet you. Please feel free to continue posting here and including links to your work. We will share your links with others in a networked grid. This helps all of us get around the censoring and shadow banning. For example, just last week our entire set of 100 comments on the Tavistock-related research was removed by Google Blogger without warning or explanation.
      Salute back!

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  4. Email comment by GH:

    Roger Stone. (Jan. 25, 2019). Roger Stone’s Emergency Message To Trump Post Indictment. Infowars.

    Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live over the phone to issue an emergency message to President Trump as his lines of communication are cut off and the mainstream media ignores his actual statements regarding his indictment.

    Full story [VIDEO):

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      Spread the truth. Support Roger's Defense at:

    2. Email comment by MP:

      Rowan Scarborough. (Jan. 07, 2019). WikiLeaks' Assange issues official denial of Trump election contacts. The Washington Times.

      In this file photo dated Friday, May 19, 2017, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange looks out from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

      WikiLeaks director Julian Assange said on Monday that his anti-secrecy organization never provided election information to Donald Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone or to Jerome Corsi, a conservative author and conspiracy advocate.

      He made the claims in a paper posted on his official Twitter account.

      Wikileaks during the campaign posted thousands of emails the U.S. said were stolen by Russian intelligence officers who now stand indicted by a grand jury on evidence presented by special counsel Robert Mueller.

      Full story:



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    What was World War One about? How did it start? Who won? And what did they win? Now,
    100 years after those final shots rang out, these questions still puzzle historians and laymen
    alike. But as we shall see, this confusion is not a happenstance of history, but the wool that
    has been pulled over our eyes to stop us from seeing what WWI really was. This is the story
    of WWI that you didn't read in the history books. This is The WWI Conspiracy.

    Full story [VIDEO]:

    ------PART II-----

    PART II. (Nov. 19, 2018). The WWI Conspiracy - Part Two: The American Front. The Corbett

    Difficult as it had been for the Round Table to maneuver the British Empire into the war
    with Germany, it would be that much harder for their American fellow travelers to coax the
    United States out of its neutrality and into World War One. The cabal was going to have to
    leverage its control of the press and key governmental positions to begin to shape public
    perception and instill pro-war sentiment. And once again, the full resources of these
    motivated co-conspirators were brought to bear on the task. Join The Corbett Report for
    Part Two of The WWI Conspiracy.

    Full story [VIDEO]:

    -----PART III----

    PART III. (Nov. 30, 2018). The WWI Conspiracy - Part Three: A New World Order. The Corbett

    In the first two parts of this series we have seen how the WWI conspiracy came to be. But
    more important by far is the question of why it happened. For what purpose was such
    carnage released upon the world? What did the First World War mean? Discover the hard
    truth about the Frist World War this week on The Corbett Report as we conclude The WWI

    Full story [VIDEO]:

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  6. Email comment by TG/AP:

    Anonymous Partiots. (Jan. 26, 2019). Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Corrupt Mueller ‘Witch Hunter’ Coming for Roger Stone. Patriots for Truth.

    The Ham Sandwich Mueller Criminal Complaint against Roger Stone.

    Given to an Obama judge with Fast & Furious blood on her hands.

    HUGE JUDGE JACKSON CONFLICT OF INTEREST Note: Her former law partners at Trout Cacheris, PLLC boast on their website that they have been permitted by Mueller to make appearances in the Mueller Witch Hunt, despite the fact that their partner Amy Berman Jackson is the judge in the case.

    HUGE JUDGE JACKSON CONFLICT OF INTEREST Note: Her former law partners at Trout Cacheris, PLLC boast on their website that they have been permitted by Mueller to make appearances in the Mueller Witch Hunt, despite the fact that their partner Amy Berman Jackson is the judge in the case.

    COMPLAINT, DOCKET. (Accessed Jan. 25, 2019). US v. Roger Jason Stone, Jr., Case No. 1:19-cr-00018-ABJ (Amy Berman Jackson) (D.D.C. 2019).

    Full story:

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    2. Email comment by Anon/GN:

      Alex Jones. (Jan. 26, 2019). America Is Now Under The Fourth Reich & Mueller Is The Fuhrer. Infowars.

      Alex Jones presents live video footage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where an angry mob, likely manufactured by the mainstream media, shouts Roger Stone down as he attempts to refute the crimes charged against him before the press.

      Full story:

  7. Email comment by BR:


    -Rosenstein, Mueller and FBI Coordinate With CNN for Exclusive Pre-Dawn Raid and Arrestof Roger Stone

    -Tom Fitton Threatens FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How CNN Was Tipped OFf on Roger Stone Raid

    -Why FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka Is the DOJ's Invisible Man

    -England Murder Rate Jumps 14 Percent as Violent Crime Continues Rapid Rise

    Full Stories:

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  8. Email comment by GH:

    Google now controls the People's Internet?

    Who do these people thing they are. Oh, that's right, the rogue C.I.A. and their Senior Executive Service (SES) minions.

    Lily Hay Newman. (Jan.29, 2019). GOOGLE TAKES ITS FIRST STEPS TOWARD KILLING THE URL. Wired.

    IN SEPTEMBER, MEMBERS of Google's Chrome security team put forth a radical proposal: Kill off URLs as we know them. The researchers aren't actually advocating a change to the web's underlying infrastructure. They do, though, want to rework how browsers convey what website you're looking at, so that you don't have to contend with increasingly long and unintelligible URLs—and the fraud that has sprung up around them. In a talk at the Bay Area Enigma security conference on Tuesday, Chrome usable security lead Emily Stark is wading into the controversy, detailing Google's first steps toward more robust website identity.

    Full story:

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  9. Email comment by Anon:

    Brian Cates (@drawandstrike) tweeted at 1:23 PM on Tue, Jan 29, 2019:

    Great breaking news article up at @EpochTimes from crack reporter @IvanPentchoukov revealing that *all* emails Hillary Clinton sent while Secretary of State were being forwarded to a foreign party:

    Full tweet:

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  10. Email comment by BR:

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller sued Roger Stone on juvenile process charges
    unconnected to Russian election hacking allegations with Rhee as lead prosecutor
    US v. Stone

    Jeannie Rhee is the Special Prosecutor assigned to prosecute Roger Stone, despite the fact that: (a) she is an obvious career-long DNC/WilmerHale hack, and (b) her husband’s Knight Foundation-funded (QuartzNewsGuard) employer viciously attacks Roger Stone’s employer, Infowars and Alex Jones.

    Rhee’s bias is unmistakable. Her resume is off-the-charts unimaginable unless she
    was being groomed for these events at WilmerHale by Robert Mueller.

    Name variants used:
    1. Jeannie S. Rhee
    2. Jeannie Hae Rhee
    3. Jeannie H. Rhee
    4. Jeannie Sclafani Rhee

    In addition to the obvious DNC, Hillary, Clinton Foundation and Obama insider relationships, a previously unreported conflict of interest was discovered during this research:

    Jeannie H. Rhee’s husband Christopher M. Rhee (aka Christopher M. Sclafani aka Christopher M. Sclafani-Rhee) is employed as a “Contributor” for Quartz, funded by Knight Foundation, which funds Newsguard, whose #1 political target is Infowars, Alex Jones and Roger Stone. It would appear Chris consumes too many soy products.

    Full Biography & Timeline:

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  11. Email comment by GH:

    Chuck Ross. (Feb. 01, 2019). JUDGE IS CONSIDERING GAG ORDER AGAINST ROGER STONE. The Daily Caller.

    The federal judge handling the case against Roger Stone said Friday she is considering imposing a gag order against the longtime Trump confidant, who was indicted on Jan. 25 in the special counsel’s investigation.

    “This is a criminal proceeding, and not a public relations campaign,” District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in a hearing attended by Stone in Washington, D.C.

    Jackson went on to suggest that Stone was handling the case so far “like a book tour,” according to reporters in the court room.

    Stone, a longtime GOP political operative, has said he will appeal any gag order imposed by Jackson, who has also handled the special counsel’s case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

    Stone noted at a press conference Thursday that he makes his living as a public relations consultant and by discussing and writing about politics. He is a correspondent for Infowars as well as men’s fashion editor for The Daily Caller. He has given numerous interviews in the week since his indictment, including with The Caller.

    Stone was indicted on seven counts in the special counsel’s investigation. Five charges are for making false statements to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during a deposition on Sept. 26, 2017. Prosecutors allege that Stone lied during his House testimony when he denied discussing WikiLeaks with associates and Trump campaign officials.

    The indictment does not accuse Stone of having contact with WikiLeaks or Russian operatives or of conspiring with either to hack and release emails stolen from Democrats.

    Full story:

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  12. Email comment by DL:

    Ryan J. Farrick. (Jan. 31, 2019). Mark Zuckerberg Under Fire After Reveal Report Exposes Facebook’s Profiteering Off Children. Legal Reader.

    A Reveal News report dug into a 2016 settlement to uncover evidence of Facebook taking advantage of children. For years, the company employed dubious tactics designed to infiltrate parents’ pocketbooks through their own kids’ addiction to online games.

    A Reveal News investigation suggests that Facebook knowingly tricked children into spending their parents’ money on the social media platform, later refusing to process or grant refunds for affected families.

    Full story:

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