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All candidates for presidential appointment must submit an Office of Government Ethics Form 278 financial disclosure during the confirmation process, and then annually. These disclosures are to be publicly available by law. The OGE website provides a search tool.
U.S. Office of Goverment Ethics - Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch
Executive Branch
Likewise, federal judges are required to submit the same Form 278. Several watchdog websites make these disclosures available. Judicial Watch is one of the better ones.
Judicial Watch logo
Federal Judges
Federal politicians and lobbyists are also required to submit Form 278 (politicians) and lobbying disclosures (who, when, fee, client) annually. provides a thorough database.
Politicians & Lobbyists

The following charts tally the number of investments made by federal judges associated with Leader v. Facebook  and members of the Barack Obama White House in any of the following funds and companies with known conflicting relationships to Facebook.

1-2 Funds = Green: fits market averages
3-5 Funds = Yellow: possibly coincidental connection to the Facebook Club
6+ Funds = Red: more than coincidental connection to the Facebook Club

  1. Fidelity
  2. Vanguard
  3. T. Rowe Price
  5. Blackrock
  6. JP MorganChase
  7. Morgan Stanley
  8. Goldman Sachs
  9. State Street Corp
  10. Microsoft
  11. IBM
Federal CircuitFederal Circuit Judges, 2010 Financial Disclosures: Alan D. Lourie; Bryson, Willam C.; Clevenger, Raymond C.; Dyk, Timothy B.; Horbaly, Jan; Linn, Richard; Mayer, Haldane R.; Moore, Kimberly A.; Newman, Pauline; O'Malley, Kathleen M.; Prost, Sharon; Rader, Randall R.; Reyna, Jimmie V.; Schall, Alvin A.; Wallach, Evan J.
View PDF Portfolio (6.4 MB) Click to enlarge
Supreme CourtSupreme Court Justices, 2012 Financial Disclosures: Alito, Samuel A.; Breyer, Stephen G.; Ginsberg, Ruth Bader; Kagan, Elena; Kennedy, Anthony M.; Roberts, Jr., John G.; Scalia, Antonin; Sotomayor, Sonia; Thomas, Clarence; Farnan, Joseph J.; Stark, Leonard P.
View PDF Portfolio (12.1 MB) Click to enlarge
CommerceCommerce Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Blank, Rebecca M.; Boyd, April S.; Groves, Robert M.; Kappos, David J.; Kerry, Cameron F.; Locke, Gary F.; Lubchenco, Jane A.; Pritzker, Penny S.; Sanchez, Francisco J.; Siehndel, Kathryn W.; Siu, Stephen C.; Strickling, Lawrence E.
View PDF Portfolio (26.8 MB)
View ZIP Portfolio (26.2 MB) Click to enlarge
SEC, FBI, GSA, FCC, OPM, FEC, Fed. ReserveThree-letter Agencies, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Berry, M. John; Genachowski, Julius M.; Gensler, Gary; Hochberg, Fred P; Johnson, Martha N.; Meuller, III, Robert S; Orszag, Peter R.; Shapiro, Mary L.; Sullivan, John J.; Tarullo, Daniel K.
View PDF Portfolio (18 MB) Click to enlarge
DefenseDefense Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Carter, Ashton B.; Flournoy, Michele A.; Gregson, Wallace C.; Hale, Robert F.; Johnson, Jeh C.; King, Elizabeth L.; Miller, James N.; Nacht, Michael
View PDF Portfolio (20.6 MB) Click to enlarge
EnergyEnergy Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Chu, Steven; Harris, Scott B.; Koonin, Steven E.; Newell, Richard G.; Triay, Ines R.
View PDF Portfolio (7.8 MB) Click to enlarge
JusticeJustice Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Breuer, Lanny A.; Holder, Eric H.; Johnsen, Dawn E.; Kagan, Elena; Kris, David S.; Ogden, David W.; Perez, Thomas E.; Perrilli, Thomas J.; Smith, Mary L.; Stern, Donald K.; Tomkins, Hilary C.; Varney, Christine A.; Weich, Ronald H.; West, Derek A.
View PDF Portfolio (25.8 MB) Click to enlarge
AgricultureAgriculture Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Adelstein, Jonathan; Concannon, Kevin W.; Harden, Krysta L.; Leonard, Joe E.; Merrigan, Kathleen A.; Miller, James W.; Reed, Pearlie S.; Shah, Rajeev J.; Tonsager, Dallas P.; Vilsack, Thomas J.
View PDF Portfolio (105.2 MB) Click to enlarge
Army, Navy, Air Force, Vet. AffairsArmy, Navy, Air Force, Veterans Affairs, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Lamont, Thomas R.; Remy, Donald M.; Mabus, Raymond E.; Darcy, Jo-Ellen; Morin, Jamie M.; Blanchard, Charles A.; Gould, William S.; Gunn, Willie A.; Shinseki, Eric K.
View PDF Portfolio (16.4 MB) Click to enlarge
TreasuryTreasury Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Geithner, Timothy F.; Madison, George W.; Wallace, Kim N.
View PDF Portfolio (10 MB) Click to enlarge
EducationEducation Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Ali, Russlyn H.; Cunningham, Peter P.; Duncan, Arne S.; Easton, John; Gomez, Gabriella C.; Kanter, Martha J.; Lynn, William J.; Martin, Carmel M.; Miller, Anthony W.; Rose, Charles P.
View PDF Portfolio (40.1 MB) Click to enlarge
HHS, HUDHUD, HHS, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Hamburg, Margaret A.; Koh, Howard H.; Roubideaux, Yvette D.; Sebelius, Kathleen G.; Donavan, Shaun L. S. ; Henriquez, Sandra B.; Kanovsky, Helen R.; Marquez, Mercedes M.
View PDF Portfolio (51.5 MB) Click to enlarge
Interior, TransportationInterior, Transportation Departments, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Salizar, Kenneth L.; Suh, Rhea S.; Rivkin, Robert F.; Kienitz, Roy W.; Szabo, Joseph C.
View PDF Portfolio (5.2 MB) Click to enlarge
CIA, Homeland Security, Nat. Intell.National Intelligence, Homeland Security and CIA, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Blair, Dennis C.; Guthrie, Priscilla E.; Litt, Robert S.; Fong, Ivan K.; Heyman, David F.; Napolitano, Janet A.; Panetta, Leon E.; Preston, Stephen W.
View PDF Portfolio (26.3 MB) Click to enlarge
Vice PresidentVice President Office, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Bernstein, Jared; Biden, Jr., Joseph R.; Hogan, Cynthia C.; Klain, Ronald A.; McKeon, Brian P.; McSweeney, Terrell; Vela, Moises
View PDF Portfolio (8.9 MB) Click to enlarge
StateState Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Clinton, Hillary R.; Feltman, Jeffrey D.; Jenkins, Bonnie D.; Koh, Harold H.; Lew, Jacob J.
View PDF Portfolio (5.6 MB) Click to enlarge
White House—Non-Attorneys, A-NWhite House, Attorneys, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Abbott, Sherburne B.; Aldy, Joseph E.; Axelrod, David M.; Barnes, Melody C.; Brennan, John O.; Brown, Elizabeth M.; Burton, William A.; Carrion, Adolfo; Chopra, Aneesh; Coven, Martha B.; Crutchfield, Danielle M.; De Sio Jr., Henry F.; Dillon, Michael P.; Dycke-Norris, Jacqueline A.; Earnest, Joshua R.; Emanuel, Rahm I.; Feinberg, Sarah E.; Fernandez, Micaela J.; Froman, Michael B. J.; Frye, Jocelyn C.; Furman, Jason L.; Gaspard, Partick H.; Gibbs, Robert L.; Gips, Donald H.; Goolsbee, Austan; Holdren, John P.; Jarret, Valerie B.; Johnston, Camille Y.; Jones, James L.; Kale, Katy A.; Kang, Chris D.; Kelleher, Jr., Francis Michael; Kennedy, Sean D.; Kerlikowske, Richard G.; Kocher, Robert, MD; Mastromonaco, Alyssa; McDonough, Denis R.; Messina, James A.; Moran, Ellen L.; Munoz, Cecilia; Nicholson, Marvin D.
View PDF Portfolio (135.5 MB) Click to enlarge
White House—Non-Attorneys, O-ZState Department, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Ogden, Lisa B.; Papa, Jr., Gregory James ; Park, Todd Y.; Perez, Alejandro; Pfeiffer, Howard D.; Phillips, Robert M.; Psaki, Jennifer R.; Reynolds, Elizabeth C.; Rhodes, Benjamin J.; Rogers, Desiree G.; Romer, Christina D.; Rouse, Cecilia E.; Rouse, Peter M.; Rundlet, Peter F.; Sears-Smith, Elizabeth S.; Stoneman, Shelly O.; Summers, Lawrence H.; Sutley, Nancy H.; Sweeney, Sean F. X.; Tibbits, Nathan D.; Turton, Daniel A.; Walsh, Joani L.; Williams-Bennett, Kenneth F.; Wilson, Denise R.; Winter, Mellisa E.; Zichal, Heather R.
View PDF Portfolio (58.5 MB) Click to enlarge
White House—AttorneysWhite House, Attorneys, 2009 Financial Disclosures: Beliveau, Emmett S.; Browner, Carol M.; Burman, Kendall C.; Butts, Cassandra; Caldera, Louis E.; Camunez, Michael C.; Craig, Gregory B.; Crawford, Susan P.; Davies, Susan M.; DeParle, Nancy-Ann M.; DeRosa, Mary B.; Donilon, Thomas E.; Dunn, Karen L.; Eisen, Norman L.; Favreau, Jonathan E.; Kirk, Ronald; Maher, Shawn; Marantis, Demetrios; Meltzer, Danial J.; Miller, Paul S.; Morrison, Trevor W.; Nathan, Alison J.; Obama, Barack H.; Samuels, Jonathan D.; Sapiro, Miriam E.; Schiliro, Philip M.; Shaw, Katherine A.; Sher, Susan S.; Singiser, Dana E.; Strautmanis, Michael; Tchen, Tina M.; Terrell, Louisa M.; Weideman, Christian A.
View PDF Portfolio (54.5 MB) Click to enlarge

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  1. I find it hard to believe that our government as it stands can be fixed. It needs to be dismantled and redone without any of these bad actors and I am afraid that there is one one or two ways to actually be rid of them, the criminals that is. It's probably good that I have no military experience. What a crying shame they have so corrupted this country so deeply.


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