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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hillary emails prove State Dept. colluded with Obama and Clinton Foundation to give globalists like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs control of the Internet

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 02, 2016, Updated Oct. 05, 2016 | PDF
America's digital Benedict Arnold
U.S. State Dept. Telecom Ambassador, FCC chief counsel, globalist hack, Clinton Foundation co-conspirator, America's digital Benedict Arnold
Fig. 1–Philip L. Verveer. Traitor to American national interests. Architect of Net Neutrality and the divestiture of ICANN management of global domain naming to an international crowd of dictators, strongmen, corrupt multi-national corporations. Failed to disclose his close collaboration with the Clinton Foundation and their donors including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citibank, World Bank, Accel Partners (In-Q-Tel – C.I.A., Facebook), Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, John Podesta, Carlos Slim, Frank Giustra and Qualcomm.
Photo: ITU.
AFI highly recommends this 1.5 hr. video
Breaking News, Oct. 05, 2016—Guccifer 2.0 released yesterday a trove of Clinton Foundation documents. Readers are encouraged to download them immediately so they cannot disappear suddenly.

More: A Judicial Watch panel of experts blister the FBI, Justice Dept., State Dept., White House, Congress for permanently damaging public trust in the administration of justice in the government corruption surrounding the Hillary Clinton email server scandal. Judicial Watch link.


(Oct. 02, 2016)—Under court order, the State Department just handed over to Citizen's United a long stonewalled email exchange between Clinton loyalists at the State Department, including two Ambassadors, and the Clinton Foundation.

One of the obscured recipients, Philip L. Verveer, has just colluded with President Obama to give up America's control of Internet domain management (ICANN). The problem is that Verveer has undisclosed (and therefore fraudulent) ties to the Clinton Foundation beneficiaries of this decision—including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

WARNING: Chinese-style net censorship is next unless this decision is unwound. Our conclusion is that anyone in Congress who is FOR or NOT OPPOSING the ICANN transfer is either a globalist, a closet globalist, or is being blackmailed by them. This is a defining moment in the globalist takeover of the Internet. Will free people or immoral oligarchs define its future? The time for procrastination is over. Free people must ACT now. Congress failed to block it, so the official ICANN hand over date was last Saturday, Oct. 01, 2016. Now it must be unwound for fraud, which we prove in this post.

Christian Sass, Clinton Global Iniatiative to Melanne S. Verveer, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues, Email header, Sep. 17, 2010, CU v. U.S. State Dept., F-2015-16007, Doc. No. C05982380, 06/21/2016.
From: CHRISTINA SASS, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) program director
To: MELANNE S. VERVEER, U.S. State Dept. Ambassodor-at-large for Global Women's Issues (wife of Ambassador of Telcom PHILIP L. VERVEER, ICANN traitor)
Cc: RACHEL VOGELSTEIN, U.S. State Dept. director of global women's issues; GIULIA MARCHIORI, CGI government relations director; MYSTERY WO(MAN)
Subject: Updated Executive Round Table Briefing for Melanne Verveer
Date: Friday, September 17, 2010 1:07 AM
Attachments: [1] 2010.ERT - commitments by participants, 091610.DOC; [2] Girls and Women ERT Briefing 9 16 10.pdf
EMAIL (Doc. No. C05982380) (1 page, 201K) ATTACHMENT #1 (Doc. No. 05982381) (62 pages, 5 MB):
"2010.ERT - commitments by participants, 091610.DOC"
  ATTACHMENT #2:"Girls and Women ERT Briefing 9 16 10.pdf" appears to be missing from the State Department disclosure.

Source: United States. Department of State. (Aug. 23, 2016). Email Relase Part II, Citizens United v. US Dept. of State, Case No. F-2015-16007. Doc. No.C05982381, 06/21/2016 (see pp. 25, 27-87).

From the ICANN web site:
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces of the Internet - thereby ensuring the network's stable and secure operation. ICANN performs the actual technical maintenance work of the central Internet address pools and DNS Root registries pursuant to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority function contract.
Readers should familiarize themselves with the ICANN acronym because it is critical to First Amendment FREE SPEECH rights and everyone's use of the Internet globally. It means "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers." Without an ICANN domain name and number, a website is not accessible on the Internet. Simple removal of an ICANN listing shuts down that website from Internet access. Censorship of any Internet site will be at the whim of unscrupulous actors. Example: "Wat? You want to start an investigative news site focused on corrupt judges and bureacrats and want a new domain name? Bwahahahahah . . . TOO BAD! One won't be avaiable. It will be that easy to silence your voice.

This email shines light on an evident conspiracy by globalist forces aligned with Barack Obama and the Clinton Foundation to take over the Internet before Obama leaves office. In law, such fraud unwinds any and all decisions these people have made as the "fruit of a poisonous tree."

Almost lost in the disclosure is a recipient pverveer :

Christian Sass, Clinton Global Iniatiative to Melanne S. Verveer, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues, Email header, Sep. 17, 2010, CU v. U.S. State Dept., F-2015-16007, Doc. No. C05982380, 06/21/2016. Forwarded to Philip L. Verveer, Sep. 17, 2010.

This "pverveer" person is one of six people who received a 62-page Clinton Foundation leadership briefing. The document is titled "Clinton Global Initiative [CGI]- Executive Round Table Participants Commitment Highlights." The original version linked above is nearly unreadable due to an epically poor scan job. (Such obscuring of emails has become a telltale sign that the State Department is hiding something. Thanks to an AFI researcher that has spent the better part of two weeks transcribing the 62 pages linked in this paragraph. The American Republic thanks you!)

Rachel B. Vogelstein
Rachel B. Vogelstein
U.S. Dept. of State director, global women's issues, CGI promoter
Melanne S. Verveer
Melanne S. Verveer
Ambassador, U.S. Dept. of State, CGI facilitator
Giulia Marchiori Ceresa
Giulia Marchiori
CGI gov't relations
Christian Sass
Christian Sass
CGI director, "close" adviser to Bill Clinton

Rapist Bill's public-private female enablers

The sender was Christina Sass, Bill Clinton's "close" aide and Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) program director.

The primary recipient is Melanne S. Verveer, Hillary Clinton's first ever Ambassador for Global Women's Issues. Ambassador Verveer is a key CGI facilitator and presenter. Her Clinton Foundation programs include sponsorship by Goldman Sachs.

[Editorial: Are American leaders brain dead to let this epic corruption, collusion and conspiracy continue?! Are ALL American leaders on the Goldman Sachs payroll? We know Mitt Romney is. He has over 40 Goldman Sachs fund holdings. Goldman Sachs funds Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, etc. Goldman Sachs was lead underwriter for Facebook with whom Hillary's State Department had entered election rigging contracts starting in 2009 while obstructing justice in the Leader v. Facebook social networking patent infringement trial. ]

Copies went to Rachel B. Vogelstein, Hillary's State Dept. director of global women's issues, and Giulia Marchiori (Ceresa), CGI's head of government relations.

The revolving door between Hillary's State Department and Hillary's Clinton Foundation is evident.

John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta
Clinton mob boss
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
U.S. State Dept.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

The 62-page document attached to the email details the activities and commitments of over 600 companies and individuals supporting the Clinton Foundation with tens of billions of dollars in projects, mostly outside the United States. They include numerous Clinton Foundation and Hillary campaign donors, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays Bank, Citigroup, World Bank, Accel Partners (In-Q-Tel – C.I.A., Facebook), Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, John Podesta, Carlos Slim (part owner of The New York Times), Frank Giustra, Uranium One and Qualcomm, among many.

Who is Philip L. Verveer?

Philip L. Verveer, U.S. State Dept, FCC, Globalist hack
Philip L. Verveer
U.S. State Dept. Telecom Ambassador, FCC chief counsel, globalist hack, Clinton Foundation co-conspirator, America's digital Benedict Arnold

Philip L. Verveer was Obama’s U.S. Ambassador for State Department Telecommunications Policy until recently. His wife Melanne was Hillary Clinton's first ever Ambassador for Global Women's Issues. Two ambassadors in one larcenous family. Priceless.

Verveer is Obama’s chief legal counsel on the ICANN Internet domain name give away scheme set to take effect on Oct. 01, 2016.

Among the many scandalous activities revealed by this Hillary email, the attempt to obscure Verveer's involvement with the Clinton Foundation speaks volumes. Obama and the State Department do not want the American public to see how American interests are being sacrificed to their globalist cronies.

We will swing back around to the others involved with this email in the next post, but we'll focus on Philip L. Verveer, a modern-day Benedict Arnold, in this post.

the ICANN hand over is fraudulent for at least the following reasons:

  1. Violation of the public trust: Verveer, an attorney for Barack Obama's Executive Branch, signed an Ethics Agreement after being nominated by Obama on May 13, 2009 and before becoming Telecom ambassador shortly thereafter. Verveer promised to recuse himself in matters where he had a conflict of interest.

    Verveer failed to disclose his close associations with the Clinton Foundation and its donors who are direct beneficiaries of his recommendations to divest ICANN.

  2. Invalidated Obama's decisions: Barack Obama's decision to divest ICANN is tainted by Verveer’s undisclosed conflicts with the Clinton Foundation and its donors, most especially its technology donors like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm, Facebook and In-Q-Tel (via Accel Partners) who are direct beneficiaries of the divestiture.

  3. Public Corruption – Epic Obama collusion with Clinton donors: Barack Obama's conflicts of interest with the same Clinton Foundation and Hillary for President donors disqualifies him from any involvement in decisions that will benefit these companies.

    On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code:IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure
    Fig. 2On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama and senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code: IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron Technology, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical "Net Neutrality" changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure, which the FCC changes to Internet regulation helped facilitate.

    Photo: IBM.
    On Feb. 17, 2011, Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO).
    Fig. 3On Feb. 17, 2011, Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO).

  4. Fraudulent B6 exemption claims hide public property: The State Department fraudulently claimed a “B6” personal privacy exemption for the Verveer’s email address when he is clearly a State Department Ambassador!

    In any event, a person’s email domain name hardly qualifies for a healthcare or personnel records privacy B6 exemption. The State Department is evidently hiding Verveer's identity for the reasons we describe in this post, we believe.

Fraud unwinds decisions of public officials

Fraud unwinds legal decisions. When public officials are found to have been corrupt, the decisions they have made must be unwound as if they had never happened.

At a minimum, this bombshell discovery requires a full and fair investigation before ICANN is handed over to globalist forces aligned with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation (and therefore George Soros).

Epic revolving door betrayal of America:

White House + State Department + Clinton Foundation + Globalist Clinton Donors

Revolving Doore between Clinton Foundation and U.S. State Department

The stonewalled email and 62-page Clinton Foundation document (5 MB) reveal an epic level of collusion among the State Department, Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama and globalist Clinton Foundation and Hillary for President donors.

In fact, it appears that the Clinton Foundation has been driving the State Department and Obama from the beginning of Obama's first term on Jan. 20, 2009.

Stay tuned for a fuller analysis of the more than 600 Clinton Foundation corporate and individual sycophant donors that reads like a Who's Who of the globalist, anti-American agenda.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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  1. Email commeht by TEX:

    Once again, the NYTimes is writing that Trump has gamed the tax system and pays no Federal taxes. The folks that think he should not follow the tax code and not take allowed deductions are just ignorant . These wimpy little non productive writers that have never produced anything in their lives other than a bunch of malicious , ignorant words are so jealous of Trump's success . Perhaps they should dig into the Clinton's " charity" foundation and try to figure out where the billions of dollars went that were not spent on charity. What have the Clintons produced to earn hundreds of millions? Records show that less than 6% of all CF monies went to charity. And where did those dollars come from? Do those little wormy , creepy writers believe that foreign countries, the super elitists, and folks like George Soros are putting their cash into The Clinton Foundation without strings attached? And do these little slugs believe that the donors to the Clinton pay for play scheme pay more taxes than they should? Let's figure out which of these two actions is criminal. If these morons think Trump is filing fraudulent tax returns, then get after him. Put him in jail. If they believe that tax laws should be changed, write about it. Don't conflate the two. Get a friggin real job and produce something so someone can write about you, you NYT slimeballs.

    And how about the celebrity actors ? They get on a stage, try to be someone else , memorize words written by someone else, told how to act by someone else, have their acting edited by someone else, and then want us to believe that they are smarter than us normal Americans, otherwise known as deplorables . Actors want to make us believe that being cool and pretty , but otherwise utterly useless , gives them authority to tell us who to vote for. I have personally refused to pay one dime to go to a movie made by these phonies , or one movie recommended by the NYT.

    And how about our academians at the collegiate level. What a bunch of wimpy losers. What do they produce other than a bunch of selfish cry baby kids that want safe spaces , aren't sure what sex they are , and demand free stuff ? Once professors get tenured, they begin teaching their own agendas. They rewrite history and distort the real world. These are the people that are controlling our future generations. And when this generation takes control, OUCH.

    Do you understand how these three groups are changing the direction of America? The men in these groups are turning into women. The women have become men . How is this working out? Please, oh please, do not elect Cooked Hillary Clinton. She will only extend the destruction of our country.

    The AFI post above is a huge setback for freedom of American speech. Obama had his mind set in marginalizing American exceptionalism. Think about the basic facts.....military weakened, debt burgeoning, education declining, cities are burning, Islamic radicals funded and emboldened, racism encouraged, and lying accepted. Am I missing anything?

    Have a deplorable day, TEX

    P.S. Drudge Reports that creepy NYT paid no taxes in 2014. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Tex, You put your finger RIGHT ON IT! The good news is that the NYT's incredible stupidity and TOTALLY evident bias is losing them credibility AND readership (I already know 3 ..."Aghast, I never realized!!) by the day. Trump has paid MILLIONS in taxes, despite resenting the way the money he has contributed has been squandered. WHY hasn't the NYT gone after the Clintons and their proven OBSCENE corruption?? (rhetoric). This latest posting, above, is SO revealing about the TRULY AWFUL things being perpetrated by the Clintons - can't wait to see what the NYT says about these revelations. Oh, I forgot - they don't have real investigative journalists, so probably absolutely nothing...

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    Our laws are written to protect the citizenry from one another, from foreigners that violate our rights , and from an overzealous government. Of ultimate importance is our right to protect private information, especially such things as tax returns. When the NYT published Trump's tax info, his right to privacy was violated at the highest level. As he expected, he has been blistered because he used a large business loss to offset a large business gain resulting in no taxes owed. The paper virtually stole the returns and now claims that Trump is some kind of a cheater for tax evasion ......this is comical. To make matters even more ridiculous, we find that the NYT and the Clintons did the same thing . They used losses to offset gains......legally.....just like Trump did.

    As Secretary of State, Hillary took an oath to protect both the lives of our Americans under her State Department and the secret information of our nation under her control. We know about the deaths of four Americans lost in Benghazi due to her poor judgement. Now we learn about the extreme disregard for our nation's highest secrets with her email/ server decisions. The damages done by her failures and illegal actions are enormous. According to the NYT, the fact that Trump paid the taxes he owed ( zero) is worse than her failure to protect information and protect lives under her authority.

    So here's what Trump is being hammered on......he called an overweight reigning beauty queen fat. I guess that his comments killed a few folks and put our nation in jeopardy. Right ? Nope. It has turned out that this "lady" was doing a few porn films on the side . That's good for the pageant, huh ? Hillary said he hates women and this proves it. What Hillary did to Bill's rape and molestation victims through the years is light years more malicious that calling a fat girl fat. Give me a break.

    The Democrats are screaming because Trump paid all of the taxes that he owed under the happened to be zero. The NYT , the Washington Post, and Hillary's ads makes all of this appear scandalous while the Clinton Foundation is literally a cash laundering mechanism in a pay for play scheme unlike any ever created on our planet. Seriously, America, can the Clinton/ Obama cabal do any more damage to our country? She really should be in jail.

    Have a deplorable day, TEX

  4. Email comment by DL:

    Facebook Could Owe IRS Billions, Continues To Ignore Tax Summons

    29 Jul 2016 - The IRS has alleged that Facebook has failed to comply with a 7th ... could be
    subject to additional federal income taxes of $3 billion to $5 billion.

    Facebook Doesn't Pay Taxes On Its Profits: So What? - Forbes

    18 Feb 2013 - We've a rather breathless report designed to stir up outrage over the manner in
    which Facebook isn't going to pay the corporate income tax on ...


  5. Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:

    Sharyl Atkkisson. (Oct. 02, 2016). The clearest (no spin) summary of Clinton & Trump campaign bucks. Full Measure.

    In the coming weeks on Full Measure, I’ll be reporting on the big money backers behind the candidates. Why does it matter? This money is what’s being used to influence much of what you see on the news and the Internet. And, as you can imagine, the budget is huge. Political, corporate and special interests whose financial fate rests with who gets elected are spending hundreds of millions of dollars — often in surreptitious ways — to convince you to vote for their candidate (or against the other guy/gal).

    Full Story:

  6. Email comment by GB:

    Douglas Wright. (Oct. 01, 2016). Doug Collins Proves Without A Doubt That FBI Director James Comey Covered Up Hillary Clinton's Lies.

    Its a sad day, Rep. Doug Collins (9th GA) former Air Force member current Congressman and Air Force Reserve walks James Comey through a couple different cases where marines and service men were charged with handling classified information wrong and they did a lot less than Hillary did, James Comey refuses to admit that he could have prosecuted Hillary but Doug Collins lets him know that he could have and that he blew it.

    Full Video:

  7. Dr. James Dobson’s Analysis of the U.S. Election Drama
    A Christian Pastor’s Analysis of the U.S. Election Drama

    By: Dr. James Dobson

    Is Trump good for America?

    I mentioned Sunday that I would speak on this next week. Unfortunately, I found that I was shoehorning this topic into my planned message. To properly present what I want to speak on Sunday, I may have to leave the Donald out of it! But let me take a minute for those that wonder and give some of my thoughts.

    When I first heard that Trump (DT) was entering the race last year, I told my wife that perhaps it was a good thing for the party and America. I knew that he was not a “saint,” but I thought that he would be like a bull in a china shop. He is a disrupter and I believe America could use a fresh thinker especially in the political arena. I didn’t think he would get the nomination, but that he would shake up politics as usual. I was correct on the shaking up!

    Lance Wallnau likens him to a biblical Cyrus. Someone who is dynamically used of God even though not perceived by many as a God follower. God has used many people in history that I would probably not like or agree with. I’m not sure I would have liked all the disciples, or David, or Moses. Somehow, God did not seem compelled to consult with me on His choices!

    I have always admired Winston Churchill. He is seen as one of the greatest national leaders in the 20th century. Last year, I had the privilege of going through the War Museum in London. Winston is a key feature. His life is controversial. He was not always celebrated as a great leader. He was a bombastic, cigar smoking, at times crude, even misogynistic leader. It is alleged that he told off color stories to his children before bedtime! A woman once told him he was disgustingly drunk. His response was “My dear, you are disgustingly ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly!”

    There are many websites that discuss the outlandish comments and activities of this great world leader. But, he had exactly what was needed to stop Hitler at the Channel, to rouse a nation to never give up and to partner with America to find final victory in Europe. You probably wouldn’t want him as your pastor, maybe not even your father, but he was the right leader for that moment in England’s history. Such a brazen man that would go up to the roof of his quarters in central London and smoke cigars as Hitler’s air force bombed all around him. I’m not sure I would have voted for him…. but he was the right man!

    I think it would be awesome to have a righteous leader, one that understood the intricacies of the economy, health care, defense, immigration, with great sensitivity to religious institutions, a heart for the poor, a vision for the future. If that leader was a praying person, formidable in the word of God and loved the local church, I would rejoice! I do not think that is the choice we will have in November.

    Instead….we will look for someone who is imperfect, yet will fit the times we are living in. Particularly, that ‘whoever’ we vote for, will be someone who might possibly have the opportunity to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. That could radically shape our culture in America for the next 30 years. The America of our grandchildren could be very different….and that may not be good. We cannot stand on the sidelines. A non-vote is a passive vote for a direction we may very well regret.

    1. here's the rest of this article ...

      So…is Donald Trump good for America? I honestly believe that he has been already. He has shaken the political system. Do his comments offend me? At times! Do I agree with all he says? Not at all! But could he be a “Cyrus” being raised up by God to preserve America? Nobody liked Gen. Patton, but he sure WAS an instrument of the United States for the right things.

      This I know. I will vote for the best chance for America. I will pray for our leaders as I have already. In the end – God will continue to be my source and my hope. I do believe that God has had a hand in America’s history. I hope and pray that He will also have a saving hand in America’s future.

      Here’s Dobson complete follow-up statement on Trump’s alleged conversion:

      “Only the Lord knows the condition of a person’s heart. I can only tell you what I’ve heard. First, Trump appears to be tender to things of the Spirit. I also hear that Paula White has known Trump for years and that she personally led him to Christ.

      “Do I know that for sure? No. Do I know the details of that alleged conversion? I can’t say that I do.

      “But there are many Christian leaders who are serving on a faith advisory committee for Trump in the future. I am among them. There are about 45 of us that includes Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jack Graham, Ben Carson, James Robison, Jerry Johnson, and many others whom you would probably know.

      “We’ve all agreed to serve. How will that play out if Trump becomes president? I don’t know. It is a good start, I would think.

      “If anything, this man is a baby Christian who doesn’t have a clue about how believers think, talk and act. All I can tell you is that we have only two choices, Hillary or Donald. Hillary scares me to death.

      “And, if Christians stay home because he isn’t a better candidate, Hillary will run the world for perhaps eight years. The very thought of that haunts my nights and days. One thing is sure: we need to be in prayer for our nation at this time of crisis.”

  8. Read more:

    As part of its immunity deals with Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, the Justice Department agreed to destroy laptops the attorneys turned over to federal investigators and to limit searches of the devices to documents created before Jan. 31, 2015.
    The mystery surrounding that conference call has led to speculation that Mills, Kendall and Combetta (who also received DOJ immunity) discussed the deletion.

    Comey said last week that investigators found no evidence that Mills ordered Combetta to delete the emails. But the revelation of the side agreement raises the question of whether Comey was asserting that no evidence obtained before Jan. 31, 2015 pointed to obstruction of justice.
    “Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Goodlatte wrote to Lynch.
    In the letter, the Republican also asks whether a grand jury was convened as part of the Clinton email probe.

    1. Combetta was asked in his Feb. 18 interview about what was said in that conference call, but his attorney directed him to not answer the question, citing “protections under the Fifth Amendment.”

      “It is odd, however, that after granting him immunity, there appears to be no record that the FBI questioned him about the March 31 conference call and no record of his description of Director Comey September 28, 2016 that call, the only topic which he had previously refused to testify,” the letter reads.

      But in a memo released earlier last month, the FBI stated that Combetta refused to answer the questions based upon the assertion of attorney-client privilege.

    2. Three months after leaving the White House in 2001, former President Bill Clinton arrived in India to cheering throngs to help those who had just lost a million homes in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that killed 20,000 and injured 166,000.
      In classic Clinton style, he solemnly promised that his new nonprofit — called the American India Foundation (AIF) — would rebuild 100 villages. Rajat Gupta, his millionaire co-chairman, pledged $1 billion for the victims.
      It never happened. Years later, AIF’s annual reports were reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation and show only seven villages were partially rebuilt by Clinton’s group, and a mere $2.7 million of $53 million raised over a decade went to the earthquake victims.
      The rest went for completely unrelated projects, including “accelerating social change,” fighting AIDS, “sustainable development,” and working for “digital equalizers.”
      Paltry aid for the victims notwithstanding, Clinton handsomely profited from the charity as AIF’s top officers poured more than $13 million into the Clinton Foundation and others generously gave to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns.
      Bill’s personal buddies who joined him at AIF look like a den of thieves — eight AIF officers, including two co-chairmen, five trustees and a director, are felons. RELATED: (“Seven ‘Facts’ Politifact Got Flagrantly Wrong In Defending Clinton Foundation.”)

      Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and an outspoken critic of the Clinton Foundation, claims AIF stands out for its high number of felons in leadership positions and for the eventual financial enrichment of the Clintons.

  9. I was one of the saps that woke up early to watch the much ballyhooed WikiLeaks Julian Assange news conference in Germany. What a joke!

    After all the hype about new revelations about Hillary Clinton, he produced NOTHING, Nada, zilch. It was a totally amateurish event that my high school kids could have produced better... in fact, they have produced better. Poor microphones, self-absorbed journalist speakers, computer lock ups without backups, and a over-hyped promo for coming books and DVDs. It was activism gone wild. It was in fact a stupid event in my opinion.

    My respect for Assange has grown with time, but this was a definite setback for me. I kept waiting for the meat, but it never came. I think that this guy just pulled off one the greatest bait and switch events of all time. Reminded me of Geraldo Rivera's unsealing of Al Capone's hidden basement, only to find NOTHING. If ole Julian doesn't start producing the promised results in the next week or so, his credibility as a whistleblower activist is pretty much over with me. He will have become just another non-profit pitch man who has found a shtick to milk.

    I feel badly and appalled by his mistreatment and house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and for that reason I will give him some slack for this lapse in judgment. Time will tell where I land, but his credibility took a nose dive this morning. C'mon Julian, you are better than last night's amateur hour. Your supporters deserve better than you gave last night.

    P.S. That academic lecture on the three kinds of media was just over the top stupid and uncalled for.

    Did somebody get to him, or threaten him, threaten his friends, or make him promises in return for his silence? Something appears amiss here. His presentation was so untypical and out of focus.

    1. WikiLeaks' 'October Surprise' fails; Assange promises more to come

      Staff. (Oct. 04, 2016). WikiLeaks' 'October Surprise' fails; Assange promises more to come. FoxNews.

      Full story:

  10. Email comment by GH:

    C. Ervana. (Oct. 03, 2016). STUNNING SECRET of Julian Assange & Obama’s Internet Surrender to ICANN!! The Phaser.

    Most people don’t understand the truth behind Obama surrendering the internet address book to ICANN: it wasn’t exactly about handing over control the UN. Most people think this, but there’s more to the story of Obama, ICANN, and why this institution now controls the internet address book.

    Full story and video:

  11. Email comment by GH:

    Staff. (Sep. 08, 2016). Julian Assange Confirms Sanders Was Threatened. Bients.

    Julian Assange has confirmed that Bernie Sanders was threatened into pulling out of the Democratic race in July.

    During a recent interview with Australian journalist John Pilger, Assange said that Bernie Sanders was forced to drop out of the race due to threats from the Clinton campaign.

    Assange’s admission appears to substantiate claims by the Kremlin who revealed they had evidence that Jane Sanders was physically threatened in order to “get Bernie on board” with Hillary’s campaign.

    Full story:


    Linsey O'Donnell. (Oct. 03, 2016). 5 Ways IBM Is Upping The Ante On The Internet Of Things. CRN.

    Pumping Up IoT For Partners

    IBM has been hitting the Internet of Things market hard, and the company isn't slowing down anytime soon. On Monday, IBM announced it is pumping $200 million into a new global headquarters for its Watson IoT business in Munich, which will be home to some of the industry's first cognitive IoT laboratories.

    In addition, IBM unveiled new IoT capabilities around blockchain [Bitcoin globalist currency] and security, available on its Internet of Things Watson platform.

    Full story:

    1. Here is our previous post exposing Obama's collusion with IBM:

      AFI. (Feb. 11, 2016). Obama promotes IBM criminality in latest executive order. Americans For Innovation.

  13. TRUMP FAILED TO RENEW A STATE CERTICATION TIMELY FOR HIS FOUNDATION. Wowa, some bureaucrat is crying in his beer!

    Someone posted on Google+: What sort of administrative skills does this demonstrate from someone who wants to run the government? Trump Foundation notice of violation from New York attorney general.

    The New York attorney general has notified Donald Trump that his charitable foundation is violating state law — by soliciting donations without proper certification — and ordered Trump’s charity to stop its fundraising immediately, the attorney general’s office said Monday.

    My response: This appears to be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Organizations often forget to renew prefunctory certification paperwork. I have had it happen to me in both my past companies and non-profits. Bureaucratic government paperwork is not first on the list of priorities in running an organization. These state lawyers could send friendly reminders, but they are too lazy to. This is an infinitesimal issue by comparison to Bill and Hillary taking $145 million into The Clinton Foundation after using their influence to get their friend Frank Giustra a plum Kazakhstan uranium contract via UrAsia Mining, or the tens of millions diverted from Haiti relief.

  14. Email comment by DL:

    Snowden and AFI called it exactly right. The spy state snoops on EVERYBODY to manipulate us.

    Zack Whittaker. (Oct. 04, 2016). Yahoo "scanned customer emails" under top-secret order. ZDNet.

    The request likely came from the National Security Agency.

    Yahoo was forced by a secret court order to build a tool that scanned all of its customers' emails for specific information supplied by US intelligence agencies.

    The report comes from Reuters, citing three sources who are familiar with the events.

    According to the report, the tool was built in 2015 at the behest of either the NSA or the FBI (it's not clear which, given the NSA usually funnels its requests through the FBI), according to the sources.

    If source code gets into the wrong hands, the damage would be incalculable.

    Engineers at the company were told to build the tool "to siphon off messages containing the character string the spies sought and store them for remote retrieval," the report said.

    Full story:

  15. Email comment by JM:

    Ed Klein. (Oct. 04, 2016). Author: Loretta Lynch had Secret White House Meetings About Email Probe - 10/4/16. TheDailyTrump / FoxNews.

  16. Lifelong Democrat is Fed Up with Hillary and Dem Nonsense, and Backs Trump


  17. Email comment by DL:



    Many of you have been waiting for this, some even asked me to do it.

    So, this is the moment. I hacked the Clinton Foundation server and downloaded hundreds of thousands of docs and donors’ databases.

    Hillary Clinton and her staff don’t even bother about the information security. It was just a matter of time to gain access to the Clinton Foundation server.

    Here’s the contents of one of the folders that I got from there.

    Full story:





  18. Email comment by GH/JM:

    STILL MORE PROOF BILL & HILLARY MUST GO TO JAIL. It's pretty sick when a British tabloid is doing better Free Press journalism than the American mainstream media.

    David Martosko. (Oct. 04, 2016). Revealed: How Bill Clinton plotted to 'bushwhack' attorney general on airport tarmac and got a promise that Hillary wouldn't be prosecuted over classified emails.

    -Bombshell Clinton tell-all from Ed Klein, titled 'Guilty as Sin,' spells out how Bill Clinton charmed and intimidated Attorney General Loretta Lynch

    -Lynch was presiding over a Justice Department that nervously awaited the FBI's recommendation on whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton

    -Hillary had exposed classified information to hackers and foreigners by running her State Department emails through an unsecured server

    -Bill, Klein writes, extracted a promise from Lynch that Hillary would never face criminal charges

    Hillary Clinton was never in any danger of prosecution for mishandling classified documents on her infamous homebrew email server, according to a book set to rock the election season.

    Full story:

    1. The Clinton Foundation got millions from people associated with Uranium One, a uranium mining company, after Clinton helped approve the company’s selling shares to Rosatom in 2010.

      Clinton was one of the voices on the Committee on Foreign Investment to approve the deal, but she didn’t disclose people associated with the Uranium One deal donated $8.65 million to the Clinton Foundation between 2008 and 2010.
      Read more:

    2. The owner and creator of the idea BITCOIN set up the idea so that every coin and every transaction can be followed and tract back to its original source and the only thing that was open source,
      The Winklevoss say BITOIN was open source (IT WAS NOT) Mr London explained that to the Winklevoss in Emails to them?? The Winklevoss say they heard about the digital currency while holidaying in Ibiza in 2012, BULL SHIT, The Winklevoss know the truth about bitcoin SAYING BITCOIN IS OPEN SOURCE SO THEY CAN STEAL THE IDEA LIKE THEY DID FACEBOOK?? THE IDEA FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN BY MARK ZUCERBERG THE WINKLEVOSS KNEW OF THIS AND EXTORTED MILLIONS OUT OF FACEBOOK AND THEY KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT BITCIN

      Craig Wright SAYS HE IS Satoshi Nakamoto BULL SHIT. Associates and financial backers of Craig Wright are outlining plans to apply for “hundreds” of patents, patents devised with Wright front and center as Satoshi Nakamoto. AND HELPING THEM IS GOOGLE AND IBM??

      Buy with Bank: HSBC by manybtc. ... Buy bitcoins using Bank: HSBC with Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). user manybtc wishes to sell bitcoins to: CEO, Goldman. Sachs, now. Tillemann. Bitcoin partner. Cheryl D. Mills. Huma Abedin. TOMICAH S. TILLEMANN, now promoting. Bitcoin


    3. Yahoo scanned hundreds of millions of incoming Emails after receiving a CLASSIFIED demand from NSA or FBI?

      MICROSOFT says it has never engaged in the secret scanning of Email traffic

      GOOGLE says no way
      this is like saying Bill Clinton never got a blow job?, i would be concerned if these kinds of arrangements were occurring with out LEGAL AUTHORITY

  19. Email comment by GH:



    Justin L. Mack and Holly V. Hays. (Oct. 04, 2016).State Police raid Indy office in growing voter fraud case. IndyStar.

    Indiana State Police investigators on Tuesday searched a voter registration agency on Indianapolis' north side as they look into a voter fraud case that spans nine counties.

    The investigation began in late August when police learned of the filing of fraudulent voter registration forms in Marion and Hendricks counties.

    The investigation has expanded from Marion and Hendricks counties to include Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties, according to a statement from State Police.

    Craig Varoga, president of Patriot Majority, said because the IVRP has been specifically referenced in a statement from Secretary of State Connie Lawson, the investigation could impede the processing of the 45,000 voter registration cards that have been completed through the organization across the state.

    Full story:

    1. Hundreds of foreigners are expected to enter America within the next month in order to observe the American electoral process.

      The United States sends representatives to other nations with dubious democratic processes to survey the voting systems and look for fraudulent practices. But now it seems that America is the one being inspected and scrutinized.

      Read more:

  20. Email comment by JM/GN:

    Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne. (Oct. 05, 2016). DOJ abruptly drops case against arms dealer who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings. FoxNews.

    Federal prosecutors faced a Wednesday deadline to turn over discovery documents to the legal team of American Marc Turi, who had been charged with selling weapons to Libyan rebels. Late Tuesday, an announcement came that the government was dropping the case, which was set to go to trial on Nov. 8 – the day American voters choose between Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump. The move may avert a release of potentially explosive documents.

    Full Story:

  21. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials let the attorney for two of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s closest aides shape the FBI’s investigation into her private email server, including allowing the assistants to destroy official records and laptops.

    Four leaders of key House and Senate oversight committees pointed to two June 10, 2016, letters Beth Wilkinson drafted in conjunction with DOJ officials saying the FBI could only review Clinton email archives dated between June 1, 2014, and Feb. 1, 2015, and maintained by the Colorado firm Platte River Networks. The letters also “memorialized” the FBI’s agreement allowing the Clinton aides to destroy their records and laptops.

    “The Wilkinson letters raise serious questions about why DOJ would consent to such substantial limitations on the scope of its investigation, and how Director (James) Comey’s statements on the scope of the investigation comport with the reality of what the FBI was permitted to investigate,” the four told Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a letter made public Wednesday. “This is simply astonishing given the likelihood that evidence on the laptops would be of interest to congressional investigators.”
    Read more:

    1. A 2013 Senate investigation found that Apple has structured two Irish subsidiaries to be tax residents of neither the United States, where they are managed and controlled, nor Ireland, where they are incorporated,” CTJ notes in its report.

      The report also points to a recent ruling handed down by the European Commission, which found that Apple paid only 0.005 percent of its European profits in taxes in 2014. The commission ordered the company to pay Ireland $14.5 billion it owes in back taxes.
      Cook is a major backer of Clinton’s campaign and her family charity, the Clinton Foundation. In August he hosted a $50,000-a-ticket fundraiser for the former secretary of state at his home in the San Francisco area. A co-host of the function was Apple executive Lisa Jackson, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency who was embroiled in a scandal involving her use of a pseudonymous email account while in office.

      In August, Cook told The Washington Post that he sought out Bill Clinton’s advice in 2013, just before he was set to testify in front of the U.S. Senate regarding corporate tax policy.

      Cook has denied allegations that Apple avoids paying U.S. taxes. He called the suggestion “total political crap” during a “60 Minutes” interview last year.

    2. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to review the relationship between corporations and the general public, promising to “repair” free markets when they don’t work properly.

      During her closing speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Wednesday, Ms. May announced the decision to rein in corporate misconduct. A small number of British businesses misbehave, she said, tarring “the reputation of the many.”

      Scrutiny on big businesses in the U.K. is often not strong enough, Ms. May said. Later this year, the government will publish a detailed set of proposals on how to improve corporate culture and corporate behavior in Britain.


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