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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hillary contracted with Facebook in 2009 for 'election winning' software at State Dept, and is now using it to fix our presidential election

Alarm! Oct. 16, 2016: A lame duck Obama government, the Clintons and George Soros are moving America to the brink of war with Russia using a cyber attack pretense in order to distrupt the U.S. election and ensure a globalist takeover. Contact your Senators and Congressperson immediately to stop this megalomaniacal madness in its tracks. More details.
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 14, 2016, Updated OCt. 17, 2016 | PDF
Bill and Hillary Clinton are planning to steal the 2016 election
Fig. 1–On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary and the State Department contracted with Facebook for a “template for winning elections.” Never mind that it is illegal for federal officials to tamper with U.S. elections. Never mind that Columbus innovator Leader Technologies had filed suit against Facebook for infringing their social networking patent, thus rending Hillary's activity obstruction of justice, and making the Hillary's collaboration with Facebook RICO racketeering—organized crime. Then they placed their surrogate Joe Lockhart at Facebook. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now know that Lockhart at Facebook is a "key" surrogate for Hillary's campaign and is feeding Facebook's data to Hillary's data manipulators to steal this election.
Photo: Politico.

(Oct. 12, 2016)—The latest batch of WikiLeaks Podesta emails confirms what we have long suspected—Facebook is conspiring to steal the election for Hillary.

The WikiLeaks email is the third leg of this election rigging collusion. The AFI timeline contains the first two legs, linked below.


On Sep. 26, 2009, Secretary of State Clinton signed contracts with Facebook for a “template for winning elections.” Never mind this collusion with Facebook was illegal obstruction of justice in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case in progress—a case where Leader Technologies proved that Facebook infringes their social networking patent on 11 of 11 claims. Only massive judicial corruption including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (the overseer of the secret FISA Court that approves nearly all NSA snooping requests on American citizens) blocked a complete Leader court victory.

Joe Lockhart, Facebook spokesman, former Clinton press spokesman
Fig. 2—On Jun. 14, 2011, Joe Lockhart, former White House Press Secretary for Bill Clinton (1998-2000) was hired by Facebook as vice president of communications. Two weeks earlier, Fidelity invested $74 million in Facebook pre-IPO stock. Two weeks later, former White House bailout czar, Larry Summers, joined Facebook director Marc Andreessen's company just prior to Facebook's Instagram purchase from Andreessen. Hillary Clinton stonewalled release of her emails on this Lockhart subject. Four weeks earlier, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, became Facebook lead Federal Circuit appeals attorney, despite his conflict of interest as a former attorney for the Federal Circuit judges themselves.
Photo: Wikipedia.


On Jun. 14, 2011, Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s former White House press secretary (1998-2000) was hired by Facebook as Vice President of Communications, where he works today.


WikiLeaks just released an email dated Mar. 08, 2015 with the subject: “Re: Press and Surrogate Plan.”

"Lockhart: Key wjc/hrc surrogate"

The email identifies Joe Lockhart as a “Key WJC/HRC [William Jefferson Clinton/Hillary Rodham Clinton] surrogate to be on standby" along with Joel Benenson of Benenson Strategy Group, a New York firm whose website boasts:

“Joel Benenson, founder and CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, is the only Democratic pollster in history to have played a leading role in three winning presidential campaigns — making him the ‘go-to guy for any politico wanting to take the public's temperature,’ according to GQ.”

Americans citizens are mere pavlov's dogs to be taught obedience

QUESTION: How does Benenson sustain such epic results?

ANSWER: Blackmail? Coercion? Payola?

Bookmark: #demonic-clinton-obama-admission

It is easy to control your outcomes when you are fed the dirt on every citizen on the planet by a secret White House spy agency without Congressional oversight. This spy agency secretly runs the NSA and directs public-private partners like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Apple, Skype and Yahoo. Thanks to Edward Snowden we learned about the treachery of these unscrupulous actors in this tragedy. The user information from these providers is all sent to a Big Brother database that is then used to manipulate the lives, behaviors, attitudes and thinking of our entire unsuspecting citizenry, like Pavlov's dogs.

Bill Ivey Admission of conspiracy: "We've . . . conspire[d] to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry."

Indeed, this disrespect of the American citizenry was further revealed in an email from Obama cultural war operative Bill Ivey. Ivey was Bill Clinton's former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and Team Leader for Arts and Humanities in the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition.

"And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging." — Bill Ivey
Here is an expert from the WikiLeaked Podesta email with the relevant text highlighted:
And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging. — Bill Ivey
Fig. 3—Bill Ivey's assessment of the American Citizenry to John Podesta, Mar. 13, 2016. Click here for PDF version.

(Note: Curiously, Snopes immediately jumped to Ivey's defense. They allowed him to add new words around this quote to help minimize the damage. Wait, we thought Snopes was only about the facts and truth! Shame on Snopes for breaching the public's trust by cooperating in such an obvious propaganda stunt. Busted. Now we need to fact check the fact checkers.)

Again, this secret White House intelligence agency confiscated the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies in 2001.

They then created Facebook and other social media outlets in 2004 like music producers recruit singers and build boy bands—fabricated, formulaic bands directed by unseen players behind the scenes. They wanted to create the appearance of choice while collecting data from all these services into a common data repository. It was a spy's dream—universal spy data collection. A dragnet. Collect everything on everybody. No holds barred.

Facebook was used to get Barack Obama elected in 2007.

Starting in 2009, Secretary of State Hillary hired Facebook to build “a template for winning elections.” Hillary used Facebook to help foment the ill-fated Arab Spring. Her four-part Facebook Field Guide created leaking security seives in our embassies around the world as they tried to implement her eDiplomacy inititative using a massively insecure Facebook platform. They irresponsibly and probably criminally used notoriously insecure Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo for sensitive diplomatic communications.

They exploited Facebook again in 2012 to get Obama reelected.

Now they want to steal the election for Hillary.

Facebook's finger is on the election scale

Make no mistake, Facebook’s finger is on the scale of this election.

Look around, Facebook’s logo and links are plastered everywhere. They're watching and gathering data that is continuously fed into analytical hoppers. Hillary then changes her positions on a daily basis and says whatever the Facebook data tells her to say to fool a voter block into voting for her. This lie today, that lie tomorrow. Then that data is stored in your "dark profile" to be further refined as more data is collected on you.

Why do you think we had Obamacare? Better health? Certianly not. It was to aggregate all that health data about you in your 'dark profile. That data is collected now, and notice how no one is bothering to fix the mess now that the masses have been deceived into giving up their data. Remember Obama's "Big Data" giveaway in healthcare "Datapalooza?" That was intended to feed even more data to Silicon Valley cronies and your "dark profile."

Why do you think we have Common Core (ungraduate) and M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Courde, graduate level)? Better education? Certainly not. It is to "dumb down" the citizenry and aggregate so much data on the way you think that those who control the data will be able to predict your behavior to better control you.

Why do you think Obamacare was tied to the IRS systems? Better taxation? Certainly not. More 'dark profile" financial data.

Why do you think Obama ceded control of the ICANN Internet address management system to foreign powers on Oct. 01, 2016? So all that data about you can be stored and exploited offshore, out of the reach of U.S. law. It also can now abolish free speech a mere flip of the switch, as well as cause unwanted websites to suddenly have inexplicable "outages." (Gosh, we cannot figure out what is wrong. Oh, you want to visit? You are welcome to visit us in Outer Slabovia. Wat? You don't know where that is? Didn't think so. Good luck.)

Why do you think Obama is pushing the disastrous TPP (Asia) and TiSA (Europe) trade deals? So American economic dominance will be broken in preference to globalist crony capitalism.

Why do you think Facebook is plastered everywhere in mainstream media outlet imaginable?

Get the picture? If NSA data collection via Facebook is so harmless, then why have they made such a priority to collect it and shove the Facebook logo down your throat?

Universal data collection on "an unaware and complaint citizenry."

The self-deception: "I know the NSA listens to me, I don't have anything to hide"

Really? How about the loss of your liberty and right to privacy? History's long lesson is that once a people cede their right to privacy and property to bullies, totalitarianism is ALWAYS the end result.

When you waive away concern over all this data collection on you, you fall right into the hands of people who want to manipulate you for various purposes not in your interest. Voter manipulation, buying habits, extortion, moral choices, resisting tyranny.

Exposing this evil conduct is the best disinfectant against this unprecedented corruption—Get moving, while we still have republic to save!

What can you do? Monitor this election from top to bottom and shine a light into every nook and cranny of the election process. We must fight to ensure free and fair elections. It is our most basic right as Americans. See previous post.

If your state election officials resist your citizen involvement in the process, remind them that an election is the PEOPLE'S business, and you will not take "no" for an answer.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Oh the irony of this election.......those emails from Wikileaks are quite revealing.

    Hillary's folks have not a ounce of respect for faithful Catholics. They ridiculed them and spoke of creating " uprising" in the pews. Catholics are idiots.

    Hillary shouts that Putin/Russia are Trump's best friend, yet in her speeches to the banks she lauds Putins brilliance.

    She trashes Trump for his potty mouth while reports from her Secret Service protectors said she used words regularly that sailors wouldn't use. Really bad words about grabbing men by their male parts.

    She bashes Trump for getting rich, she is rich. For using tax exemptions to reduce taxes, she pays very little taxes .

    She says Trump hates all women. She has bashed men and women at every turn to get her way and protect her rapist husband.

    Hillary does not drive automobiles, and hasn't for 20 years. Yet she claims to be one of us.

    She wears $15k pant suites and claims that Donald has no regard for the needy.

    She attacks the banks, takes large donations from them, and gets massive stipends for speaking to them. Yet, she will not release the speech content.

    She wants to lead America into a one world borders, no police, no private guns, no personal wealth. Just one big commune, Alinsky style.

    Hillary is the most corrupt politician to ever run for high office.......including Idi Amin .

    Just for the heck of it, I think she is "deplorable" .......and we the people are " adorable"

    Have a great day, TEX=

  2. Just days after Hillary Clinton’s private email use was revealed to the world, the former secretary of state approved a top aide’s plan to push back on the fledgling scandal by filing records requests for Congress members’ emails, newly released emails show.
    The requests would have been pure political theater since Congress’ emails are not covered by the Federal Records Act, in contrast to the State Department’s and other executive agencies.
    But Clinton didn’t want the aide’s fingerprints on the project, so she suggested that he find someone else to carry it out.

    “I told HRC yesterday I was going to submit FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests to the Rs on the committee and [Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz] etc just to trigger their offices sending me replies that Congress is exempt from FOIA and therefore they are rejecting my request,” Philippe Reines wrote in a March 5, 2015 email to John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman whose hacked emails have recently been released by Wikileaks.

    Read more:

  3. Email comment by GH:


    Jim Hoft. (Oct. 13, 2016). NY Times Gets Punked=> Fake Groping Victim Used Velvet Underground Song to Describe Trumped-Up Attack. Gateway Pundit.

    The hacks at The New York Times released a hit piece on Donald Trump tonight.
    (Gee, who could have seen that coming!?!)

    In their article a woman says she was groped by Donald Trump. In his 70 years of being in the media spotlight Donald Trump HAS NEVER been accused of groping or assaulting a woman. But their candidate Hillary needs some assistance.

    So The New York Times ran with the hit piece, anyway.

    Too bad they got punked.

    The woman in their story fed them lines from a Velvet Underground song. Oh-My-God!

    Full Story:

  4. NOTICE TO "Aaron" by all your astroturf names. We're done giving you a forum for your nonsense. You are wasting our time and appear dedicated to your fantasies. Go make your atroturfer wage elsewhere.

    1. With your two new posts just now, we have tagged you as SPAM. Go away. Your comments are no longer welcomed or accepted.

  5. Podesta described the timing of the leak - released late Friday - as a “curious coincidence”, coming shortly after The Washington Post published a shock video of Donald : IM CURIOUS HOW HE CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION ??

  6. Email comment by GH:

    MAINSTREAM MEDIA SUCK UPS CONFIRMED BY WIKILEAKS. Please post the documents I just sent.

    *Glenn Greenwald, Lee Fang. (Oct. 09, 2016). EXCLUSIVE: New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship. The Intercept.*

    Internal strategy documents and emails among Clinton staffers shed light on friendly and highly useful relationships between the campaign and various members of the U.S. media, as well as the campaign’s strategies for manipulating those relationships.

    The emails were provided to The Intercept by the source identifying himself as Guccifer 2.0, who was reportedly responsible for prior significant hacks, including one that targeted the Democratic National Committee and resulted in the resignations of its top four officials. On Friday, Obama administration officials claimed that Russia’s “senior-most officials” were responsible for that hack and others, although they provided no evidence for that assertion.

    Full story:

    *John Podesta. (Mar. 08, 2015). Subject: Re: Press and Surrogate Plan. Email From: Cc: John Podesta. EmailID No. 3209. WikiLeaks.*

  7. In a 2015 email from Podesta to Clinton discussing her Benghazi hearing, Podesta suggests shifting the blame onto the Republican Party. Podesta suggested that Clinton’s team could ask why the Benghazi committee was “spending over US$4 million dollars and two years on a tragedy involving the death of four Americans” while Republicans were not concerned about thousands of American lives lost to firearms, cigarette smoking, work injuries and cancer.

    The email stated that the hearing “is about PEOPLE and not about Hillary Clinton,” and that this approach would put “Benghazi Republicans on the defensive while siding with Americans.

    During her time as U.S. secretary of state, Clinton took responsibility for a number of security breaches stemming from her use of a personal email account for classified communications during the hearing set up to investigate the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

    1. The latest leak also details how Clinton’s staff prepared for the hearing through a number of draft statements and how they planned to account for deleted emails.

      “Off-record: If pressed on whether we are essentially admitting the possibility that she deleted some emails


    2. "Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them" - In November 2014, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook emailed Podesta about the urgency of pushing a bill to move the Illinois primary out of March, refers to a “lifeline to a moderate Republican candidate.” Illinois was offered “a bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move to April and 20% if they move to May,” but didn’t change the date as it had already done so in 2008. (link)

    3. RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 6 (almost 2000 new emails)… #HillaryClinton #PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails6

      Dear Mr. Podesta,

      I am writing to follow up on my message below. Please let me know if you are available to join Mr. and Mrs. Soros one weekend at their residence in Southampton. Weekends that would work well for a visit are August 7th-10th or August 28th-31st.

    4. CNN & the Clintons coordinated a "story" re: Gowdy ...

      ... "From: Frates, Chris Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 12:52 PM To: '' Subject: CNN deadline question Importance: High Hey Nick, I’m writing a story about the formal request Chairman’s Gowdy office sent to David Kendall today asking that Sec. Clinton hand over her email server to the State Dept IG or another independent third party. I’d like to know whether the secretary plans to do so and if she has any response to the letter. I’m on deadline now. Thanks, Chris Frates CNN Investigative Correspondent 202.630.0191 | @frates "

      ..." ... From: Philippe Reines > Date: Friday, March 20, 2015 at 2:32 PM To: Cheryl Mills >, NSM > Cc: John Podesta >, Huma Abedin >, Jacob Sullivan >, David Kendall >, Jennifer Palmieri >, Kristina Schake >, Heather Samuelson > Subject: Re: CNN | Gowdy's Server Request Worth remembering though that Gowdy last week on the record said his committee doesn’t have the authority to seek her server. "

      ..."... Off the record: Rep Cummings' statement makes some important points about standards that I hope you’d point out in your reporting. "

      ... "... Cheryl’s feedback was that the last line ("This goes far beyond normal practice, and anything further is simply playing politics") was too much, particularly based on the teachings of the vulnerability meeting today, so I’ve revised and she asked me to put the question to you all. Revised version below. "

      email transcript : >>>

      ... hey FBI Distractor Comey Chameleon, tell us again why Cheryl Mills got her immunity?


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