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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


McKibben says Donald Trump is a problem solver and Hillary Clinton lacks a moral compass

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Sep. 14, 2016, Updated Sep. 28 2016 | PDF
Hillary Clinton stonewalling Congress
Fig. 1–Donald J. Trump, Republican candidate for President of the United States.
Photo: WND.

Bookmark: #fbi-hillary-data-dump

News Update, Sep. 26, 2016: FBI protects Hillary Mystery Man who dumped her emails on Gmail
A new FBI Hillary document dump last Friday afternoon reveals astounding breaches of national security and cover-up. Full Story.
Michael T. McKibben
Fig. 2—Michael T. McKibben, Founder & Chairman, Leader Technologies, Inc.


(Sep. 13, 2016)—Columbus innovator Michael McKibben today endorsed Donald Trump for President.

In 1997, McKibben founded Leader Technologies (“Leader”) in Columbus, Ohio when the commercial Internet had fewer than 10 million users. He had just rebuilt AT&T’s email system before starting Leader.

He says the AT&T experience gave him a bird’s eye view of the emerging Internet and the weaknesses of existing IBM, Microsoft and Xerox approaches to large-scale collaboration. He says in the late 1990’s Leader “cracked the code” on how to handle millions of simultaneous Internet users. All told, they risked $20 million in investments and wrote 650,000 lines of computer source code.

The rigged system that Donald Trump speaks about failed to protect McKibben's patent—stolen by Clinton, Bush, Obama intelligence insiders to control the Internet and global information flow. McKibben hopes a Trump Presidency will restore law and order to a U.S. patent system currently hijacked by Hillary’s and Obama’s corrupt globalist cronies.

Why he endorses Donald Trump

About Donald Trump, McKibben said, “Beneath the braggadocio I see a good man. Just look at his children. Despite their wealthy upbringing, they seem to be hard working and level-headed. That is good parenting. Trump also surrounds himself with men and women of character. Those are the traits of a leader who knows how to hire well, then delegate and manage―precisely the characteristics of a good President.”

Regarding Trump’s penchant for hyperbole, McKibben said, “He’s a gregarious personality. In the end, given a choice between PC hot air and results, I’ll take results. That said, it appears he is learning a better balance. After all, he did knock down 17 PC Republicans in the primaries. That is both humorous and very impressive.”

“Very few people seem to have read Mr. Trump’s most recent book or his online position papers. They are detailed and hit the mark. Hopefully voters will see through the superficial radio and TV spin. I do not recall an election in my lifetime where the mainstream media has chosen sides so blatantly. This bias is destroying the public trust in a Free Press no matter who prevails. Press privileges are granted to hold the powerful accountable.”

McKibben graduated from The Ohio State University in civil engineering. His late father was a well-respected civil engineer whose structures include sports arenas, convention centers, roads, bridges, power plants, office buildings and even roller coasters.

America needs more problem solvers like Donald Trump

McKibben said, “My problem-solving heritage cringes at our litigious business culture.  For the longest time, I expected lawyers to fix things. I finally realized that the rewards for attorneys are all wrong, in court and in Washington. Attorneys are incentivized to make more billable hours by keeping things stirred up.”

“Long before Donald Trump, I concluded that Washington needs more engineers and business people fixing things, and fewer attorneys pretending to fix them.”

“While Donald Trump is a businessman and not an engineer, he employs hundreds of engineers, is familiar with completing projects on time and in budget, and is himself a proven problem solver who knows how to create jobs. Half of his Trump executives are women and his business conduct proves the accusations of racism, xenophobia, bigotry and misogyny are unfounded. If I thought they were true, I would not support him.”

“Hillary Clinton on the other hand is a typical attorney who mistakes talking for results. Despite her numerous public positions, she has few positive contributions to show for her lifetime of effort.”

“Donald Trump understands this difference and Hillary does not, I believe.”

Donald Trump promises to restore the Rule of Law

"Obama, Hillary and friends stole our invention and are exploiting it to pursue their 'new world order.' The courts failed to protect us. In secret, crony judges chose to protect their friends and line their pockets rather than preserve, protect and defend the Constitution."

"I would not wish on anybody our experiences with property confiscation by a federal government that can use its powers to crush anyone at will."

“I have four daughters and two sons,” McKibben said. “Hillary’s future for them is one of big government and globalist oligarchies who leach off the ideas of others.”

“Donald Trump, on the other hand, promises to help restore the Rule of Law which levels the playing field for inventors and entrepreneurs to be able to reap the rewards of their labors. That is the future I want for my shareholders and for my children and grandchildren.  Without new ideas and new blood, corporate welfare runs out of ideas and falters.  This is why the Founders wrote intellectual property protection into the Constitution.”

“Hillary and Obama have a history of making wild promises to women and minorities and then not delivering. Einstein’s truism would say insanity is choosing these same people and expecting a different result. By contrast, Trump has made his career creating new wealth.”

Attorneys have rigged the system

“Barack Obama is a Harvard Law attorney who has hired a majority of attorneys in his cabinet and agencies. I believe that Washington is overrun by attorneys schooled in making problems, not fixing them. Worse, these attorneys have now rigged the system and lined their pockets.”

“America’s Founders warned about a breakdown in the separation of powers like this.“

“America needs a courageous leader to wrestle down this attorney-created monster and restore true separation of powers to our Republic.”

“I believe Donald Trump, with a good team around him and with the support of We The People, can accomplish this task.”

“This is why I endorse Donald Trump for President.”

Michael McKibben: The true inventor of social networking

McKibben’s invention is the foundation engine of social networking. He holds the patent and proved in federal court that Facebook infringes his patent on 11 of 11 claims.

“We have been ripped off by the Clintons, Obama and their corrupt community of globalist judges, lawyers, bankers and technology companies,” said McKibben. “Thanks to courageous whistleblowers we can now prove it. Accurate, independent information sources were made public by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, David Bossie, Citizens United, Hervé Falciani, SwissLeaks, DCLeaks and The Panama Papers, among others.”

"By contrast, Mark Zuckerberg claims he created Facebook in 'one to two weeks' while drinking, chasing girls and studying for Harvard midterms. Curiously, when he was asked to produce his code for Leader’s review during the trial, he said he 'lost' it—all of it, just like Lois Lerner 'lost' all of her IRS emails."

"After our appeal, Zuckerberg magically 'found' his files located on 28 'lost' computers—they were being hidden by his attorney the entire time. Nevertheless, our corrupt courts continue to block review of that evidence. We believe we now know why."

"It will prove Facebook is a fraud, the contract with Paul Ceglia is valid, The Social Network movie was a lie, and that Zuckerberg was simply implementing the code provided to him by The IBM Eclipse Foundation—innovations stolen from us and others. IBM wanted to fabricate a Bill Gates 2.0 Harvard story and Zuckerberg was a willing tool, we believe."

When McKibben sought attorneys in Washington, D.C. for patent protection, his problems began. “The bottom line is the federal government confiscated our invention and freely distributed it to its corporate intelligence suppliers. But our shareholders have not received one dime of compensation.”

“Judicial Watch recently uncovered secret Hillary contracts with Facebook starting in 2009—these contracts were entered into during our Leader v. Facebook patent infringement lawsuit. Besides obstructing justice, Hillary’s contracts paid Facebook to write election rigging software. She even published a four-part Facebook ‘field guide.’”

McKibben said, “Hindsight shows that Hillary tampered with Facebook witnesses in our case and that a fair trial was impossible. In fact, she is caught on a State Department video promoting Facebook at an Alliance of Youth Movements Summit in Mexico City, Mexico in 2009 while Zuckerberg lied about 'losing' his 2003-2004 Harvard files and emails.”

“Citizens United, Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks also recovered correspondence between Hillary and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. The State Department had stonewalled release of these documents. This collusion proves that Hillary has no moral compass. She cheated us as the rightful inventor and patent holder of social networking for her own agenda.”

“For these reasons, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, and I endorse Donald Trump for President.”

* * *

Backgrounder: For full background on Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies, read previous posts on this AFI site, and go to Timeline: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

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  1. This is an example of the incredible corruption of Hillary Clinton and, sadly, the corruption of the judicial system. Trump will make every effort to clean house - together with the organizations listed in the post above. We are at a turning point and Donald is the person to make the needed change.

  2. Email comment by Retired Fortune 50 Exec:

    You are correct in that the people who are corrupt are like vampires. They cannot create anything themselves so they have to prey upon the creative intelligence of others. My years of problem solving at [redacted] is testimony to this statement. Our corporations have become rampant with vampires and too few creative problem solvers. This will lead to a non-competitive ecosystem and destroy the ability to compete globally. This is not good for America.

    1. This person has give us permission to identify his former employer: BOEING.

  3. Email comment by GH:

    The Donald. (Sep. 13, 2016). HUGE! New Clinton leaks reveals Donor list. Big donors were awarded federal positions after their donations! Reddit.

    1. RUSSIAN HACKERS HAVE A MEDIA FIELD DAY, which has reported Russian ties, obtained copies of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's personal emails. Powell calls GOP nominee Donald Trump a "national disgrace," takes issue with being dragged into Hillary Clinton's email scandal, calls Benghazi a "witch-hunt," and criticizes Donald Rumsfeld with Condoleezza Rice. Russian hackers also claimed responsibility for hacking and releasing the information of top U.S. athletes from the World Anti-Doping Agency. [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

    2. Colin Powell Called Benghazi A “Stupid Witch Hunt” — And Condi Rice Agreed
      Powell said about the fatal attack on the diplomatic compound in 2012, “basic fault falls on a courageous ambassador who thoughts Libyans now love me and I am ok in this very vulnerable place.”

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    I am not big on endorsements , per se. However, Mr McKibben's support of Donald Trump made me think about the underlying nature of our candidates and their running mates. Being a simple guy , I tried to analyze the pasts of these people rather than what they want us to believe they are. We are all a compilation of our actions , our perceptions, and our personal experiences. Here's my opinion and endorsement.

    Hillary is driven by power . She has survived her broken marriage, her past legal and moral woes , her current decline in health and her challenges of faith by dreaming of history and power. She could care less about governing as long as she is elected as the first woman president of this great country. She could give a flip about stabilizing our fiscal distortions or creating actual jobs . Despite what she says, women are not her thing, they are Slick Willy's. She has proven that she will say anything, and do anything, without the slightest remorse, to get this job. She believes that she is owed this by the people that serve her. Hillary is Saul Alinsky meets George Soros with female parts. She is clearly a serial liar and master deceiver.

    Tim Kaine is a loon. He claims to be an ardent Catholic but supports gay marriage and abortion on call. He is also an avowed socialist . He received his indoctrination to how the world should work from radical Jesuit priests in Honduras that fought for socialism and liberal Catholic thought. It was called Liberation Catholicism. Kaine's current local Bishop recently reprimanded this not so Catholic fraud and is refusing to give him Holy Communion. He is Karl Marx meets Che Guevara with a soft smile and a tie. If he becomes President due to something untoward happening to Hillary, America will see the most misguided socialist President ever and he will harmonic us into the dustbin of history.

    Mike Pence is a solid American citizen. He grew up in Indiana , has been involved in elected government at both the state and federal levels. He has experience with small business, is an active Christian, a strong believer in family and responsibility, and has a son serving in the US military. It's impossible to find dirt on this guy. He represents those he serves, he's honest, and transparent. Indiana is better because of his hands on leadership. He would be a solid fill in for any presidential vacancy. What can be said ? He's rich, he's successful, he's smart, and he is abruptly outspoken to every class of citizen. He can offend people that are not offendable. He has proven that he wins. Has he made some business mistakes? Absolutely. Does he tiptoe around political agendas? Not for a second. He is built to fix and rebuild things. Bingo !!! He is better known as " Mr. Clean up on aisle three". Trump is FA Hayek meets Don Rickles with a splash Bill O'Reilly. The con artists , corrupt bureaucrats, and blood sucking foreign leaders had best straighten up.

    TEX endorses Trump. !!!!!!!! Have a great "make America great again "day.

  5. Email comment by DL:

    Andrew P. Napolitano. (Sep. 14, 2016). In Clinton email investigation, what is FBI hiding? Creators Syndicate. Mass Live.

    Earlier this week, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress took the FBI to task for its failure to be transparent. In the House, it was apparently necessary to serve a subpoena on an FBI agent to obtain what members of Congress want to see; and in the Senate, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee accused the FBI itself of lawbreaking.

    Full article:

  6. Email comment from WikiLeaks:

    TISA - Another attempt by the globalists to take over world trade - bigger than TPP.

    September 15, 2016 Publication

    Today, Thursday, 15 September 2016, 11:00am CEST, on the eve of new negotiations, WikiLeaks releases new secret documents from the controversial Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) currently being negotiated by the US, EU and 22 other countries that account for over 2/3rds of global GDP.

    Full story and link to the TISA documents:,%202016%20Publication

  7. Email comment by JM:

    Now Elizabeth Warren can regain some of the credibility she lost in being a disingenuous Hillary/DEM shill.

    Avi Asher-Schapiro. (Sep. 15, 2016). Senator Elizabeth Warren Requests Formal Investigation About Why The Obama Administration Did Not Prosecute Wall Street
    International Business Times.

    Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Thursday requested a formal investigation into why the Obama administration did not bring criminal charges individuals and corporation involved in the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

    In a letter sent Thursday to Michael E. Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, Warren said her staff had found that members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) had referred 25 cases to the Justice Department for potential prosecution. None of those referrals were pursued.

    Full article:

  8. Mr. Trump says his companies will essentially go into a blind trust. By contrast, when Hillary became Secretary of State, she set up her private email servers to keep coordinating the Clinton Foundation criminal enterprises. Hillary has never created a thing during her entire career other than fleecing the public for her's, Bill's and Chelsea's personal benefit. Can anyone say "abuse of public trust?"

    Read this: Sandy Fitzgerald. (Sep. 15, 2016). Trump: If Elected 'I Would Have Nothing to Do With My Company'. Newsmax.

  9. Email comment by GH:
    LEAKS: DNC calls own ambassador donors "clowns"
    Whitney Webb. (Sep. 15, 2016). BREAKING: New DNC Leaks Blow Hillary’s Health and Obama’s Corruption Wide Open. Anonymous/TrueActivist.

    The new leaks show that Obama operated a “pay to play” scheme for ambassadorships and other positions and also imply that Hillary has a life-threatening condition called sinus thrombosis, helped create ISIS, and was responsible for the death of Americans in Benghazi.

    A few weeks ago, Julian Assange of Wikileaks told the world that he had incriminating information that could further damage Hillary Clinton’s chances at the presidency. The DNC leaks, realized by hacker Guccifer 2.0, have already brought tremendous embarrassment and added scrutiny to the DNC, which has since struggled to recuperate popular legitimacy. The DNC, in an effort to divert attention from its criminal actions, has sought to refocus public attention on Russia.

    Ultimately, the leaks reveal a “pay to play” scheme so widespread that it is essentially a black market for the buying and selling of political influence and US assets. The scheme was so out of control that the DNC went so far as to call their own donors “clowns.” Another email from Organizing for America, formerly Obama for America, references the “pay to play” scheme directly in asking to handle pay-to-play donations most effectively. DNC emails also acknowledge that the DNC believes that Hillary and Obama were responsible for the creation of the Islamic state (ISIS).

    Full article:

    1. New York's top court on Thursday refused to revive Facebook Inc.'s two-year-old attorney deceit claims against three law firms that formerly represented Paul Ceglia, the now-fugitive who claimed an 84 percent ownership stake in the social media giant.

    2. “The U.S. political system was once the envy of many nations. Over the last two decades, however, it has become our greatest liability. Americans no longer trust their political leaders, and political polarization has increased dramatically. Americans are increasingly frustrated with the U.S. political system,” The Harvard Business School asserts in a study entitled, “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided,” published Thursday. AND MOST OF THE DIVIDED NATION FROM HARVARD??
      Read more:

    3. Peter Thiel, famous for making billions off stolen idea Facebook, tells us he’s finally found “utopia” – New Zealand.Thiel has been investing heavily in the country he invested $4 million in Pacific fibre, an ambitious company that is building a fibre-optic cable from Australia to New Zealand to the US and is raising $300-400 million more to do so. In October 2010, he invested $3 million in online accounting firm Xero. FOR WHAT SPYING?? Peter Thiel, Joe Lonsdale, Alex Karp, Stephen Cohen, Nathan Gettings. Headquarters, Palo Alto, California. Products, Palantir Gotham, Palantir Metropolis. Number of employees. 1,500. Website, Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company, specializing IN SETTING ITS SELF UP IN Palo Alto, California to see what it can STEAL
      Mark Zucerberg and his little rocket operated by the aerospace company SpaceX explodes on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral where it was being test-fired ahead of a launch. As far as the Israeli communications satellite industry is concerned, this is a very severe blow [SPY SATELLITE WORKING WITH WHO] SpaceX Elon Musk KNEW FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED
      Peter Thiel KNEW FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED, Microsoft KNEW FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN and so invested in facebook , Peter Thiel, Joe Lonsdale, Alex Karp, Stephen Cohen, Nathan Gettings. Headquarters, Palo Alto, California. Products, Palantir Gotham, Palantir Metropolis. Number of employees. 1,500. Website, Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company, specializing in working for the .. CIA?

  10. Email comment by JM:

    Brian Beutler. (Sep. 16, 2016). It’s Not Too Late for the Media to Fix Its Election Coverage - A final plea for sanity in how we report on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    In defending their recent coverage of this year’s presidential race, reporters and representatives of major media organizations have frequently suggested—in various ways, implicitly, and explicitly—that their liberal critics are motivated by crude partisanship rather than any neutral or high-minded concerns.

    The most irony-rich example came earlier this week from New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel, who compared growing alarm among liberal critics about the normalization of Donald Trump to a much-mocked form of conservative media criticism: that polls sponsored by mainstream outlets are skewed in favor of Democratic candidates.

    Full article:

  11. Email comment by JM/AS:

    More FBI lies about the San Bernadino phone. What didn't they want the public to know about government ties to the terrorists? Was San Bernadino another made-for-TV Obama/Clinton terrorist attack to continue the push for gun control? Perhaps the "Basket of Deplorables" are not so dumb after all.

    Steve Dent. (Sep. 16, 2016). The FBI missed a trick to hack the San Bernardino iPhone - A researcher proved he can bypass the protection chip.

    Full article:

  12. Amazing! Ohio innovator Michael McKibben endorsed Donald Trump and suddenly Trump surged to a 5 point lead in Ohio CNN poll. I wonder if he realized that his opinion had that much influence!

  13. Email comment from DL:


    Tyler Durden. (Jul. 24, 2016). Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion. Zero Hedge.

    There are three key findings to emerge from yesterday's dump of leaked DNC emails released by Wikileaks:

    -There had been a plot designed to smear Bernie Sanders and to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary on a silver platter

    -There has been repeated collusion between the DNC and the media

    -There has been questionable fundraising for both Hillary Clinton and the DNC
    First, a quick recap for those who missed the original report, yesterday Wikileaks released over 19,000 emails and more than 8,000 attachments from the Democratic National Committee. This is what the whistleblower organization reported:

    Full article:

    1. Found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton email archive is an email with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ in which Soros makes clear to Clinton that “two things need to be done urgently.” He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.” Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.

    2. the case of Chris Christie and the fact that top George Soros hedge fund executives are funding his re-election campaign. The Washington Times reports:
      New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is cashing checks from all sorts of unlikely places, from George Soros‘ hedge fund executives to professors at the University of California at Berkeley, a Newark Star-Ledger review of state and federal records found.
      Five executives at Soros Fund Management — including the liberal billionaire’s protege and chief investment officer, Scott Bessent — have donated a combined $19,000 to the governor’s re-election campaign, The Star-Ledger reports.
      polls show Mr. Christie, a Republican, gaining popularity among Democrats and independents as experts and donors speculate on a potential run for the White House in 2016.
      Few things will scare a true conservative more than the thought of Chris Christie being the 2016 Republican nominee for the White House but it could happen. Politico reports:
      New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the most popular potential 2016 presidential hopeful, a new poll finds.
      Fifty-two percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Christie, according to a Gallup poll released Friday. The poll compares favorability ratings of Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), all of whom are seen as possible contenders for the 2016 presidential race.
      Republicans and Democrats are, however, divided over which Republican officeholder they prefer. Christie remains the most popular among Democrats with 54 percent viewing him favorably. Just 17 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Ryan. Among Republicans though, Ryan becomes the most popular with 69 percent favorability compared with Christie’s 53 percent.
      It seems that the more liberal a conservative candidate is today, the more chance he or she has of progressing in the Republican party. What is wrong with this picture America?
      Can the Republican party be saved? I doubt it. I suppose it depends on your view of what saving the party means. If it means a total sell out to make this into a party of “pseudo-socialism” versus the hard left’s full-blown socialism then the party can and probably will succeed.

    3. The leak reveals that Soros was the puppet master behind Hillary Clinton’s decisions as Secretary of State.

      One of the emails, dated January 24, 2011, reads:

      Dear Hillary,

      A serious situation has arisen in Albania which needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government. You may know that an opposition demonstration in Tirana on Friday resulted in the deaths of three people and the destruction of property. There are serious concerns about further unrest connected to a counter-demonstration to be organized by the governing party on Wednesday and a follow-up event by the opposition two days later to memorialize the victims. The prospect of tens of thousands of people entering the streets in an already inflamed political environment bodes ill for the return of public order and the country’s fragile democratic process.

      I believe two things need to be done urgently:

      1. Bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama to forestall further public demonstrations and to tone down public pronouncements.

      2. Appoint a senior European official as a mediator.

      While I am concerned about the rhetoric being used by both sides, I am particularly worried about the actions of the Prime Minister. There is videotape of National Guard members firing on demonstrators from the roof of the Prime Ministry. The Prosecutor (appointed by the Democratic Party) has issued arrest warrants for the individuals in question. The Prime Minister had previously accused the opposition of intentionally murdering these activists as a provocation. After the tape came out deputies from his party accused the Prosecutor of planning a coup d’etat in collaboration with the opposition, a charge Mr. Berisha repeated today. No arrests have been made as of this writing.

      The demonstration resulted from opposition protests over the conduct of parliamentary elections in 2009. The political environment has deteriorated ever since and is now approaching levels of 1997, when similar issues caused the country to slide into anarchy and violence. There are signs that Edi Rama’s control of his own people is slipping, which may lead to further violence.

      The US and the EU must work in complete harmony over this, but given Albania’s European aspirations the EU must take the lead. That is why I suggest appointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt, Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak, all of whom have strong connections to the Balkans.

      My foundation in Tirana is monitoring the situation closely and can provide independent analysis of the crisis.

      Thank you,

      George Soros

  14. Cindy I have a bridge to sell you. But thank you for a great laugh!

    1. "Brett mudley" is obviously an Astroturfer (fake grass roots) who can't even get the capital "M" right on his own name. We'll leave it posted for humor.

    2. Hay Brett mudley I will show you my bridge but you mite faint

  15. WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master

    Jay Syrmopoulos August 11, 2016 68 Comments


  16. BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases New Email Bombshell on Hillary About Libya

  17. Email comment by DL:

    This 2013 article about Soros, Zuckerberg and Republicans was a prophetic warning. Look at the way John Kasich is sucking up to Obama/Soros on TPP. Soros donated money to Kasich's failed presidential candidacy a few months back.

    Are Soros and Zuckerberg Attempting to Buy The Republican Party?
    Posted on June 17, 2013 by Dean Garrison

  18. Email comment by TEX:

    Our world is changing quickly and not all is good. Ponder, if you will, what is happening around our country and around the world.

    - free money from world wide central banks is about to end. Despite stated intentions to create new opportunities for middle and lower class citizens, the opposite happened. Middle class shrunk in the developed world. America has 94 million people out of the workforce? Why ? Free money and our penchant for equality created bad unintended consequences. The super rich are compounding their wealth. The poor see no future. No hope. Our solution seems that if we don't like something, we tax it and regulate it into submission . When we do, we wipe out the poor and middle class. Markets are about to hemorrhage money because our "progressive" economy is stagnant . Companies can not outrun the government-imposed taxes and regulations. The rich will panic and hoard their new found wealth. They know our debt is not sustainable.

    - immigration that allows millions of non assimilating newcomers to swarm our cities is an invasion, not immigration. They are colonizing us. Our leaders have been duped. Our traditions and societies are going to disappear. This failure to assimilate will not turn out well.

    The first to riot will be France and Germany. Then hang on, it will grow in our country as well. This will not be understood by all but it is coming.

    - lawbreakers are being coddled and law enforcers are castigated. Our current administration tells us that due to prior national policies , thugs have no other options except to be thugs. It seems that the police must be nicer to these guys that shoot at them. When a society denigrates its legal enforcers, anarchy is nearby. Humans without rules encourages chaos. Vigilante groups are already forming all around the world.

    - the new future will be determined by how we deal with chaos. We are about to have huge opportunities to use our capacities to solve problems with leadership and new technologies . We have had chaos before in America. We always respond. Innovations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon will be challenged with new ideas from a new slate of creative thinkers. Innovation has been bottled up. Trump will turn it lose.

    - the 1960's feminist movement and sexual revolution has led to two income families, lack of traditional parenting, a "pick your sex today" mentality, a massive expansion of inner city gangs due to no parenting, extensive drug dependency, and other slow growing societal cancers has been questioned. Was it worth it? Are women , children, or men better off? NO.

    I , for one, am ready to try something new. The history of the human world ( 5,000 years) has been influenced by maybe 50 different powerful people. They were obviously out of step with status quo. Some were good, some were bad. The outcome was always "change". There was action and then reaction. Revolution , then counter revolution. Wars and then peace. We are no different. Do we see an out of step game changer ? I do.

    I hope the so called millennials get it. They are about to see massive chaos. Safe spaces will not insulate them . More of the same is not a possibility . We can not elect the people that caused this mess to be the ones to fix it. Get out and vote.

    Have a great day, TEX =

  19. Email comment by CTM:

    The U.S. Army identifies Hillary Clinton as an "Insider Threat" to national security!!!!

    Jacqueline Klimas. (Aug. 23, 2016). Army confirms: Training slide lists Hillary Clinton as insider threat. FoxNews/Washington Examiner.

    An Army training presentation lists the woman who could be the next commander in chief as an insider threat, underneath the sailor who carried out the Navy Yard shooting.

    A photo posted to the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook page on Sunday shows an unclassified Army training slide on insider threats and handling classified information. An Army spokesman has since confirmed that the image is authentic.

    Full article:

  20. Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:

    Sharyl Attkisson. (Sep. 17, 2016). Selective Editing Syndrome and the News. Full Measure.

    A fuss was raised this week when The CBS Evening News edited out a few words in an interview with President Clinton. Clinton was answering a question from Charlie Rose about whether Hillary Clinton’s health concerns are serious. The controversy is summed up in an article in The Hill:

    . . . CBS News responded with a statement saying the edit was purely a matter of time: that the three seconds saved by editing the clip were crucial in a half hour broadcast: . . .

    In broadcast news, edits for the sake of time are made all the time. And it’s true that sometimes even a few seconds matter. This instance is a question of motive and judgement. It would be unethical for an edit to be made if it misrepresents the interview or changes important context. Had it been my story, I would have considered the President’s equivocation between “frequently” and “rarely” to be significant for viewers to hear so they could make up their own mind about what they think. After all, the two words are antonyms and, in context, may add to the uncertainty surrounding Hillary’s health in the minds of some. Others might conclude the President misspoke and corrected himself. But it should be left up to viewers to judge.

    Full article:

  21. Email comment by GH:

    Rick Moran. (Sep. 17, 2016). Why the Clinton Foundation is One Gigantic Scam. PJ Media.

    According to tax returns filed by the Clinton Foundation, only 5.7% of the funds raised actually went to charitable organizations. The rest went to salaries and benefits for employees and "other expenses."

    A well-run charity spends only about 25% on administrative costs.

    Daily Caller:

    The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

    That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

    Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”

    . . .

    Notice that, although this isn't news to anyone who is paying attention, we're not hearing of any donors demanding their money be returned. This is a clear indication that the donors and the Clintons are in on the scam together, with both parties going into the transactions with a clear understanding of what's expected.

    If there's a better definition of "pay for play," I have yet to hear it.

    Full article:

  22. I don’t care if you hate him or love him, you have to read this. Click on the blue highlighted words to read the article written at the time the deed was done!!!

    Liz Crokin. (Jul. 10, 2016). Trump Does The Unthinkable.

    Full web article:

    Donald Trump is a racist, bigot, sexist, xenophobe, anti-Semitic and Islamophobe -- did I miss anything? The left and the media launch these hideous kinds of attacks at Trump everyday; yet, nothing could be further from the truth about the real estate mogul. As an entertainment journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to cover Trump for over a decade, and in all my years covering him I’ve never heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was running for president.

    Keep in mind, I got paid a lot of money to dig up dirt on celebrities like Trump for a living so a scandalous story on the famous billionaire could’ve potentially sold a lot of magazines and would’ve been a “huge” feather in my cap. Instead, I found that he doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, he’s a hardworking businessman and totally devoted to his beloved wife and children. On top of that, he’s one of the most generous celebrities in the world with a heart filled with more gold than his $100 million New York penthouse.

    In 2004, the first season of “The Apprentice” aired and at that time I worked as an entertainment columnist for the “RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune” and as a freelancer for “Us Weekly”. I had a gut feeling that Chicago contestant, Bill Rancic, was going to win the reality show. So I contacted him and covered the hit show the entire season. I managed to score an invite to New York for the show’s grand finale and after-party. This is where I first met Trump and got to ask him a few questions.

    That year, Rancic did win “The Apprentice”. I attended “The Apprentice” finale the next two years in a row. Between that and the frequent visits Trump and his family made to Chicago during the construction of their Trump International Hotel & Tower, I got a chance to meet most of his family too and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them.

    Since the media has failed so miserably at reporting the truth about Trump, I decided to put together some of the acts of kindness he’s committed over three decades which has gone virtually unnoticed or fallen on deaf ears.

    In 1986, Trump [ ] prevented the foreclosure of Annabell Hill’s family farm after her husband committed suicide. Trump personally phoned down to the auction to stop the sale of her home and offered the widow money. Trump decided to take action after he saw Hill’s pleas for help in news reports.

    In 1988, a commercial airline refused to fly Andrew Ten, a sick Orthodox Jewish child with a rare illness, across the country to get medical care because he had to travel with an elaborate life-support system. His grief stricken parents contacted Trump for help and he didn’t hesitate to send his own plane [ ] to take the child from Los Angeles to New York so he could get his treatment.

    In 1991, 200 Marines who served in Operation Desert Storm spent time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina before they were scheduled to return home to their families. However, the Marines were told that a mistake had been made and an aircraft would not be able to take them home on their scheduled departure date. When Trump got wind of this, he sent his plane [ ] to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami to safely return the Gulf War Marines to their loved ones.


    1. START OF PART 2

      In 1995, a motorist stopped to help Trump after the limo he was traveling in got a flat tire. Trump asked the Good Samaritan how he could repay him for his help. All the man asked for was a bouquet of flowers for his wife. A few weeks later Trump sent [ ] the flowers with a note that read: “We’ve paid off your mortgage.”

      In 1996, Trump filed a lawsuit [ ] against the city of Palm Beach, Florida accusing the town of discriminating against his Mar-a-Lago resort club because it allowed Jews and blacks. Abraham Foxman, who was the Anti-Defamation League Director at the time, said Trump “put the light on Palm Beach – not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination.” Foxman also noted that Trump’s charge had a trickle-down effect because other clubs followed his lead and began admitting Jews and blacks.

      In 2000, Maury Povich featured a little girl named Megan who struggled with Brittle Bone Disease on his show and Trump happened to be watching. Trump said the little girl’s story and positive attitude touched his heart. So he contacted Maury [ ] and gifted the little girl and her family with a very generous check.

      In 2008, after Jennifer Hudson’s family members were tragically murdered in Chicago, Trump put the Oscar-winning actress and her family up [ ] at his Windy City hotel for free. In addition to that, Trump’s security took extra measures to ensure Hudson and her family members were safe during such a difficult time.

      In 2013, New York bus driver Darnell Barton spotted a woman close to the edge of a bridge staring at traffic below as he drove by. He stopped the bus, got out and put his arm around the woman and saved her life by convincing her to not jump. When Trump heard about this story, he sent the hero bus driver [ ] a check simply because he believed his good deed deserved to be rewarded.

      In 2014, Trump gave $25,000 [ ] to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after he spent seven months in a Mexican jail for accidentally crossing the US-Mexico border. President Barack Obama couldn’t even be bothered to make one phone call to assist with the United States Marine’s release; however, Trump opened his pocketbook to help this serviceman get back on his feet.

      In 2016, Melissa Consin Young attended a Trump rally and tearfully thanked Trump for changing her life. She said [ ] she proudly stood on stage with Trump as Miss Wisconsin USA in 2005. However, years later she found herself struggling with an incurable illness and during her darkest days she explained that she received a handwritten letter from Trump telling her she’s the “bravest woman, I know.” She said the opportunities that she got from Trump and his organizations ultimately provided her Mexican-American son with a full-ride to college.

      END OF PART 2

    2. START OF PART 3

      Lynne Patton, a black female executive for the Trump Organization, released a statement [ ] in 2016 defending her boss against accusations that he’s a racist and a bigot. She tearfully revealed how she’s struggled with substance abuse and addiction for years. Instead of kicking her to the curb, she said the Trump Organization and his entire family loyally stood by her through “immensely difficult times.”

      Trump’s kindness knows no bounds and his generosity has and continues to touch the lives of people from every sex, race and religion. When Trump sees someone in need, he wants to help. Two decades ago, Oprah asked Trump in a TV interview [ ] if he’d run for president. He said: “If it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally, because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country.” That day has come. Trump sees that America is in need and he wants to help – how unthinkable!

      Are these the actions of a racist, bigot, sexist, xenophobe, anti-Semitic and Islamophobe, misogynist?

      Jesus said that one can know a person from the fruits of his deeds.

  23. Email comment by DL:

    HILLARY PITCHES A BENGHAZI SHUTOUT (Wall Street Journal Editorial)

    Wikileaks reveals Hillary Clinton was sent a damning account of her actions in Benghazi, written by Michael Hastings. 5 months later he was murdered in a car crash.

    Full Hastings Hillary Email on Hillary's private email server:

  24. Trump refuses to tell the press that he believes that Obama was born in the United States, despite the fact that campaign spokesperson Jason Miller told CNN, “Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when. but who owns CNN, You have 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton supported the idea all the way back in 2008 was Obama was born in the United States?? Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States.
    Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations

    1. Mr. Paul asked about Mrs. Clinton's recent ill health in one breath and then in the next declared that, if he had been president, he would have fired her for Benghazi. Calling the killings the "worst tragedy" since Sept. 11 was insulting to the nearly 8,000 soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan or the many hundreds of Americans killed in senseless gun violence each year. We know politicians are short on perspective, but some is required

  25. Email comment by Alex Jones:


    "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time".

    Video summary of evidence:

  26. Email comment by GH:


    The cry from the innocents continues. Hillary and Bill's claims to have done so much good with The Clinton Foundation is all smoke and mirrors press releases. Bernie Sanders made exactly the same claims to his "investors" also known as "the fleeced."

    Tyler Durden. (Sep. 18, 2016). Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!". ZeroHedge.

    Full article:

  27. The Clinton News Network (CNN) is now openly proving it is nothing more than a propaganda rag sheet for the totalitarian progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

    Eric Mack. (Sep. 18, 2016). Clinton's First Response to 'Bombing' Edited Out by CNN. Newsmax / The Hill.

    Hillary Clinton called the New York and New Jersey attacks "bombings" before responding to criticism of Donald Trump’s own use of the term "bomb," according to an ABC news transcript; yet, CNN edited out Clinton’s opening sentence referencing "bombings" in its breaking news coverage Saturday night, as reported by The Hill.

    Full article:

  28. Email comment by JM:

    Shane Harris. (Sep. 17, 2016). Either Edward Snowden Is Lying—or His Former Boss Is. The Daily Beast.

    Either Edward Snowden is lying or his former boss is. That’s one way to read contradictory statements from the two men about whether Snowden actually knew that much about one of the most controversial surveillance programs that he exposed to the world three years ago.

    It’s a program that gives the National Security Agency access to data from the world’s biggest technology companies, including Facebook and Google, and it features prominently in the new Oliver Stone biopic “Snowden,” which premieres Friday and portrays its namesake as a genius hacker who saw first-hand how the NSA abused its formidable powers. That movie has renewed a long-simmering battle between Snowden and his critics. And it’s revealing new information about the biggest leak from the U.S. intelligence community in decades.

    Full article:


    Mary Wilder. (Sep. 15, 2016). Hillary avoided ER to hide information about her health from being leaked. NewsTarget.

    One of the most talked about issues concerning the 2016 presidential election has become Hillary Clinton’s seemingly poor health, which has appeared to grow increasingly terrible over the past few weeks. While many alternative media outlets have been reporting on her apparent sickness for years now, visual evidence is finally being brought to light thanks to increased press coverage on the presidential hopeful.

    As a result, the Clinton campaign has been going out of their way to assure voters that Hillary is in perfectly good health . Of course, they’ve also claimed that she had an allergic reaction, pneumonia and was overheated all at once, but they continue to assure the easily manipulated voters on the Regressive Left that Hillary Clinton will live forever.

    Read this full story:

    1. Cindy emailed a clarification, pointing out that spouses secretly running the country when the President was ill has precedent.

      First Lady Edith Wilson ran the country after Pres. had a stroke.

      President Wilson suffered a severe stroke in October 1919. Edith Wilson began to screen all matters of state and decided which were important enough to bring to the bedridden president. In doing so, she de facto ran the executive branch of the government for the remainder of the president's second term, until March 1921.[1][2] She was the first First Lady to assume presidential functions.

  30. Email comment by GH:

    WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) tweeted at 8:10 AM on Mon, Sep 19, 2016:

    The next #TiSA negotiation round begins today. Find all our releases on the controversial trade deal at

  31. Email comment by GH:

    THE HAITIAN PEOPLE APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN ANOTHER SET OF CLINTON FOUNDATION PATSIES. The Clinton's motto appears to have been "Never let a set of victims go unfleeced by our not-for-profit foundation. Bwahahahahaha."

    Mary Anastasia O'Grady. (Sep. 18, 2016). More Clinton Shenanigans in Haiti - Emails show the State Department and the Clinton Foundation collaborated on policy. The Wall Street Journal.

    On Jan. 27, 2011, Clinton Foundation Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham sent an email to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills, voicing concern about a rumor. Ms. Graham had heard that Foggy Bottom was thinking about revoking the U.S. visa of Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive. “Wjc will be v unhappy if that’s the case,” Ms. Graham warned Ms. Mills, using the initials of the former president.

    Ms. Graham, who was also chief of staff to Mr. Clinton at the foundation, had other...

    To Read the Full Story:

  32. Project Veritas Action. (Sep. 10, 2015). Clinton Campaign: "Whatever you can get away with, just do it."

    Hidden cameras capture Clinton campaign staff in Nevada not only skirting election law but mocking it.

    Christina Gupana, a Hillary campaign worker and Las Vegas attorney: is caught by Project Veritas Action journalists advising her fellow campaign workers to “do whatever you can, whatever you can get away with just do it.”

    Project Veritas Action cameras capture numerous Clinton campaign workers boasting that it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

    Full video:

  33. Email comments by GH/JM:

    Nozomi Hayase. (Sep. 19, 2016). Assange, Manning and Snowden, Standing with the Conscience of Truthtellers. Common Dreams.

    Last week, Oliver Stone’s biopic “Snowden” hit the theaters. The film illuminates the life of Edward Snowden between 2004 and 2013, aiming to humanize one of the most wanted men in the world. Just before its release, a public campaign was launched urging President Obama to pardon this renowned NSA whistleblower.

    The massive US government persecution of truthtellers over the past years has exiled conscience from civil society, locking it behind bars and driving it into asylum. Yet, despite these attacks, it refuses to die.

    Full story:

  34. Combetta works as a computer technician for Platte River Networks, a Denver-based tech firm that Clinton hired in 2013 to manage her email system. He refused to testify at a House Oversight hearing held last week, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

    Earlier on Monday, TheDC reported that Combetta appears to have published a Reddit post on July 24, 2014 asking for advice on how to “strip off” the email address of a “VIP” client that his company was working for. Hillary Clinton’s Computer Technician Asked For Advice On How To ‘Strip Out’ Her Email Address)

  35. Email comment by LK:

    Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

    Mark Rockwell. (Sep. 15, 2016). Tap DHS for help protecting voting systems, officials urge. GCN.

    Full article:

    1. Email comment by JM:

      Hey LK. This guy George Soros even has a Greek sounding name! LOL.

      Wire Story. (Sep. 20, 2016). Soros to invest $500 million to help refugees and migrants. Associated Press.

      UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Billionaire George Soros is pledging to invest up to $500 million in startups, established companies, "social impact initiatives," and businesses started by refugees and migrants.

      Soros, who chairs the Open Society Institute, made the announcement Tuesday, following the first-ever U.N. summit on migrants and refugees and ahead of a meeting chaired by President Barack Obama to spur pledges to help the world's 65.3 million displaced people.

    2. For the record. George Soros, while he picked a common Greek Christian name, is Jewish and was born in Hungary. During World War II he collaborated with the Nazis in the confiscation of Jewish properties in what Jews call "blood money." Soros told Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes that he feels no guilt from this betrayal of his fellow Hungarian Jews. He is now a self-professed atheist and a heavy promoter of all causes Islamic as way of breaking down the Judaeo-Christian moral base underpinning Western society and laws. He exploits the market data from his Open Society Foundations to manipulate currency markets.


    This is just further proof that the FBI and NSA are just using terrorism as an excuse to spy on us and feed that dirt to their cronies for blackmail.

    They say they find terrorists with metadata, and yet, here the FBI had direct knowledge of a terrorist from the guy's own father, and yet they let him perform terror acts!!!

    Is our entire government just a bunch of two-bit mobsters?

    Newsmax Wire. (Sep. 20, 2016). NY Times: Bomb Suspect's Father Warned FBI 2 Years Ago Son Was Terrorist. Newsmax / New York Times.

    Authorities were warned two years ago that Ahmad Khan Rahami — the suspect in Saturday's bombings in New York City and New Jersey — was a terrorist, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

    Two senior law enforcement officials told the newspaper that in 2014, Rahami's father told police that his son was a terrorist. The accusation prompted "a review by federal agents" that was dropped when the father later recanted.

    Breaking News at

  37. Email comment by JM:


    Andy Sullivan. (Sep. 20, 2016). Despite flaws, paperless voting machines remain widespread in the U.S. Reuters.

    One in four registered voters in the United States live in areas that will use electronic voting machines that do not produce a paper backup in the November presidential election despite concerns that they are vulnerable to tampering and malfunctions, according to a Reuters analysis.

    The lack of a paper trail makes it impossible to independently verify that the aging touch-screen systems are accurate, security experts say, in a year when suspected Russian hackers have penetrated political groups and state voting systems and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said the election may be "rigged."

    Election officials insist the machines are reliable, but security experts say they are riddled with bugs and security holes that can result in votes being recorded incorrectly.

    Full story:


    Here is an instruction sheet on how to organize bipartisan networking monitoring of the State Tabulator system in order to detect "man-in-the-middle" diversion of votes before they are recorded in the "official" tally:

    CALL TO ACTION: How U.S. citizen election observers can detect and prevent vote counting fraud.

    What is Man-in-the-Middle? (and how to detect it)

  39. Email comment by Breitbart:

    John Hayward, (Sep. 20, 2016). Hillary Clinton Rewarded 194 Donors With Seats on State Dept. Advisory Boards. Washington Examiner / Breitbart.

    The Washington Examiner reports that 194 of Hillary Clinton’s donors were named to advisory boards while she was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2012.

    These were all people who donated to “either to her family’s foundation, her political campaigns, or both, or were affiliated with groups that had,” according to the Examiner’s review of federal records. Fully 40 percent of the State Department advisory appointments during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State went to her donors.

    Full article:

  40. The most recent leak of Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s emails revealed his often-entertaining opinions about fellow politicians, including his musings that Clinton isn’t a good candidate because of her advanced age, greed, and a husband “still dicking bimbos.”
    One of the most significant portions of the leaks involve clear attempts at pay-to-play politics within the party. High-ranking DNC officials were working with the White House to get high-paying donors placed in political positions. The leak revealed a price sheet of sorts which revealed how much you had to give to be made an ambassador for a cushy state like France or Germany.
    DNC is now fear-mongering so extremely that Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile said that even reading the leaks might get the reader hacked by Russia as well (complete and total B.S.), it’s hard not to root for more and more released information. COLIN POWELL IS IN LOVE WITH HIS OWN IMAGE JUST LIKE BONO WET

  41. Email comment by GH:

    Bill Clinton pardoned his buddy Marc Rich among 450 people pardoned on his last day in office on Jan. 20, 2001. Curiously, Bill Clinton APPOINTED James P. Chandler, III -- Leader Technologies' patent attorney - to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) on Jan. 18, 2001 along with Bill Gates.

    Clearly, these criminals were setting up a private White House spy agency that Clinton, Bush and Obama have all been in on ... and taking orders from their spymasters James P. Chandler and George Soros.

    WikiLeaks. (Sep. 20, 2016). Pardon me? Before the Clinton Foundation there was the Clinton Library. Twitter.

    Marc Rich--This is the pardon that a New York Times editorial called, "a shocking abuse of presidential power." Rich was on the FBI's most wanted list for illegal commodities trading with countries like North Korea, Iran, Cuba and the Soviet Union. He fled to Switzerland in 1983 to avoid conviction in America.

    Leading up to the pardon, Marc's wife Denise Rich donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library and forked over $1 million to Democratic campaigns. Rich died in 2013, and critics say the Clinton's are still benefiting from the pardon.

    Rich's friends, lawyers and business partners have donated millions to the Clintons since the pardon was granted.

    [The IBM Eclipse Foundation was started in 2001, judges decided in conference to allow themselves to hold Clinton crony mutual funds, the Clinton Library is one of 45 aliases for the Clinton Foundation. Clearly, the criminal enterprise grew legs in 2001, Doug Band started the Clinton Global Initiative. All this in 2001 the moment Clinton left office. Evidently, George Bush was playing along.]

    Full tweet:

  42. That Bill Gates knew Facebook was stolen that is why he invested in facebook he is a fucking little shit

    1. By Caitlin Dewey

      A "non-techie" Twitter sleuth with 3,000 followers has just caused Hillary Clinton's campaign a new headache: According to screenshots she published Sunday - which are now reportedly under review in the House Oversight Committee - the IT specialist who deleted Clinton's emails may first have turned to Reddit for advice on the technology.

      The Reddit posts in question come from a user named stonetear, and were made in July and December 2014. @GOPPollAnalyst, the woman who unearthed the posts, claims stonetear is Paul Combetta, a computer specialist with Platte River Networks who worked with Clinton's staff during her time as secretary of state. The email address was used to register a Facebook profile for a "Paul Hamilton," which is mostly blank and has only 40 friends. One of them is, however, a woman whose maiden name appears to have been Combetta until a 2015 wedding.

      - The timing of two of Stonetear's Reddit posts coincides with events in the Clinton email saga. One post, dated July 24, 2014, came one day after the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the State Department reached an agreement on producing records. The second, which is dated Dec, 10, 2014, and describes a 60-day email retention policy, came the same month that a longtime Clinton aide requested that their email retention policy be shortened to 60 days.

      @GOPPollAnalyst did not immediately respond to The Washington Post's request for comment, but it would appear that she's not quite done yet. The (yet-anonymous!) woman, who has said she's studying law "with concentrations in eDiscovery/eLitigation," has spent the past 36 hours tweeting constantly with conservative power-users and media outlets.
      She credits the story's virality to the Twitter parody account @RepStevenSmith, who retweeted her findings shortly before they were picked up by Reddit.
      "The power of Twitter," she posted Tuesday morning. "Thank you everyone. ... Great job to Twitter and Reddit users for blowing this up."

    2. Here's a full citation to the Dave123 Washington Post article above:

      Caitlin Dewey. (Sep. 21, 2016). Hillary Clinton’s IT guy asked Reddit for help altering emails, a Twitter sleuth claims. The Washington Post.

    3. Wells Fargo has fired 5,300 employees after it was discovered that they were engaging in illegal sales tactics. wasn't Obama suppose to have fix this i keep forgetting that little shit was full of it

    No wonder the Republican Establishment caved in to Obama, Clinton and Soros. They're on the same team of corruption!!!

    Lee Fang. (Sep. 20, 2016). John Boehner Cashes Out, Joins Corporate Lobbying Firm That Represents China. The Intercept.

    JOHN BOEHNER, THE RETIRED speaker of the House, is monetizing his decades of political relationships and cashing out to serve some of the most powerful special interests in the world.

    Boehner is joining Squire Patton Boggs, a lobbying firm that peddles its considerable influence on behalf of a number of foreign nations, including most notably the People’s Republic of China. Serving Beijing is somewhat appropriate: Boehner has long been a supporter of unfettered trade, helping to lead the effort to grant Most Favored Nation status to China. Squire Patton Boggs also represents a long list of corporate clients, including AT&T,, Goldman Sachs & Co., Royal Dutch Shell, and the Managed Funds Association, a trade group for the largest hedge funds in the country.

    Full article:


    Rebecca Mansour. (Sep. 21, 2016). Politico: Bill Clinton ‘Furious’ at Clinton Cash Attacks ‘Smearing’ His Foundation Legacy. Breitbart / Politico.

    Annie Karni writes in Politico about former President Bill Clinton’s efforts to use the final meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative to rebut the “smearing of his life’s work” at the Clinton Foundation, which has been tarnished by the “Clinton Cash” pay-to-play scandals.

    Full story:

    1. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan fried IRS commissioner John Koskinen today. Enjoy (or weep at the criminality of our government).

      Rep. Jim Jordan. (Sep. 21, 2016). Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 2nd Q/A on IRS commissioner impeachment. US House of Representatives.

    2. The Clinton Crime Machine has persisted all these years by silencing enemies, intimating opponents and relying on a lapdog media to cover it all up.

  45. Food convey got bombed an eye witness said it just look like a SpaceX explosion on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, looks likes Obama and Zuckerberg wont be grand standing for a long time.
    Mark Zuckerberg said We remain committed to our mission of connecting everyone, [using the stolen plate form]an Israeli-built communications satellite for Facebook

    1. New ICIJ offshore leak names 175,000 companies registered in the Bahamas
      Former EU competition commissioner Neelie Kroes spent six years between 2004 and 2010 as the EU’s corporate enforcer, hounding big corporations and warning them they couldn’t “run away” from the EU’s rules.

      But the ICIJ leak shows that Ms Kroes was also listed as a director of an offshore company in the Bahamas from 2000 to 2009 – something she never disclosed.

    2. BREAKING: Judge Orders Release of Clinton Security Training Docs To Begin In Five Days

  46. This website,, proves that the Department of Homeland Security is in bed with the globalists. Just look at their promotions, white papers and articles. All singing the praises of IBM's "Internet of Things" where even your toaster will be spying on you.

    DHS TO HELP NINE STATES WITH VOTING SYSTEMS, and yet, they themselves just exposed thousands of people to one of their databases!!!!



    This is the biggest globalist organized crime racket in history.

  47. Email comment by TEX:

    In the spirit of the upcoming Presidential Debate ( and a nice bottle of wine) , the twins, Mavis and Flavia, decided to have their own debate last night. After a best two out of three arm and leg wrestling battle, Mavis earned the right to be Trump. It was only fitting because when Mavis was young she made marvelous towers out of Tinker Toys. Flavia would knock them down and then lie about it. Flavia began wearing pant suits at age three.

    The debate started with Trump calling Hillary fat , smelly and a liar. Our moderator, Homer ( our office geek) , tried to break up the fight and was taken to the emergency room for stitches . He's ok. After a moment or two of relative calm, Trump called Hillary a crock and a crook. Hillary responded with Trump was a fraud, never had built anything, and had an ugly wife. Finally our small audience laughed. It was becoming civil.

    They went back and forth until Homer came back from the ER. Here's a summary of the remaining key points.
    - on terrorism.
    Hillary. We must ban pressure cookers.
    Trump. If they kill us, we will kill them back.

    - on immigration.
    Hillary. We are all immigrants
    Trump. You are stupid.

    - on tax returns.
    Hillary. I released mine.
    Trump. I released mine to the US government ( the IRS). When they finish up, you can see

    - on jobs.
    Hillary. What? ( cough)
    Trump. We'll have so many jobs that you will beg me to stop. Here's a cough drop.

    - on guns
    Hillary. White people with guns are the cause of crime and riots.
    Trump. You are stupid.

    Old TEX caught all of this on my video recorder. It went viral but our biased friends at Facebook, Twitter, and Google took it down. Imagine that !!!

    Let's get ready to rumble. Have a deplorable day, TEX

  48. Email comment by GH:

    More slimy mainstream "journalism" from the Washington Rag, sorry Post. It is sad sad sad to see this newspaper slide from having a Woodward-Bernstein tradition to being a totalitarian leftist progaganda rag sheet. This occured after Amazon's Jeff Bezos bought it. Just proves Silicon Valley executives are greedy idiots whose mothers kicked them out of the house at 13 before they had been weened.

    Charles C. Johnson. (Sep. 21, 2016). BREAKING: Trump Charity Reporter David @Fahrenthold’s Wife Works For Clinton-Funded NGO Run By Mexican President. GotNews.

    Washington Post reporter David Farenthold recently broke a story about alleged misdealings by the Trump Foundation charity.

    Farenthold claims to have found evidence Donald Trump may have violated “laws against ‘self-dealing.'” The Donald Trump campaign has categorically denied the claims.

    At no point in the story did the Washington Post disclose that their reporter David Farenthold’s wife works for a non-profit funded by the Clinton Foundation, with a Mexican president on the board of directors.

    Full article:


    Polish MP Demands ‘Pest’ Soros Is Stripped Of Country’s Highest Honour


    The recent deterioration of George Soros’s public image has been astonishing. Following coverage of his subversive operations across the world – including his efforts to destabilise Poland – now even the establishment media have picked up on his destructive activities, with Bloomberg recently covering his plan to marginalise Israel.
    Similarly, the list of Soros’s safe havens has also been shrinking dramatically.

    Until recently, out of all the EU countries, only his native Hungary had the courage to suggest his carefully crafted image of ‘global philanthropist’ may be a smoke screen. The country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban pointed out that Soros is acting to destabilise Europe by supporting illegal migrants from the Middle East. Now his hold over Eastern Europe seems to be waning even further with Polish politicians also picking up on his suspicious activity.

    Full story:

  50. Email comment by TEX:

    Under President Jimmie " the wimp " Carter, the US stopped payment of funds owed to the Iranian government of the Shah of Iran when Islamists violently took over and held Americans hostage. Iran has since been an avowed enemy of the West and is the most active financiers of world terrorism. They have and will continue to kill Americans with their financial support.

    All of a sudden, Obama and Hillary decided to make a one sided, ambiguous nuclear deal with Iran that shook the Middle East. We guaranteed that within 15 years they would have a big bomb ! Since the second week of this agreement, Iran has consistently violated the " red line" terms. We have yet to require observance of terms. To celebrate this wonderful deal and to get a few hostages back, Obama unilaterally decided to send the "Shah cash " plus interest back to Islamic Iran. We saw pictures of an unmarked private aircraft delivering millions of dollars in a mix of foreign currencies . Coincidentally, this is just what terrorism funding requires. Barack Hussein claims that we had to to send cash because the current banking restrictions did not allow wire transfers. Today it was reported that as much as a billion dollars was wire transferred prior to the cash transaction. He had no Congressional authority to do either transfer . This is treason. Hillary was an originator and was complicit in this entire process.

    Now Hillary says that she, and only she, has the experience to deal with terrorists. " I sat in the situation room ( except the night of Benghazi) " , she stated. Here's a fact . ISIS did not exist before Barack Hussein and Hillary took over. It was a JV , they said. Now she blames Trump for their expansion. He was building things and creating jobs. When did he poke the jihadists into a tithy ? What did he do to allow them to expand into 28 countries? Trump says her supposed "experience" and very poor decisions caused this mess. I agree.

    CNN has become a Hillary Super PAC. Their reporters suggest that the key issue now is the " birther" issue. Trump is a racist, they say. No, Trump believes in a nation of laws. Barack Hussein's timeline was not well documented . There were questions. Both his father and step father were foreign Muslims. His mother and grand parents were avowed Communists. This deserved questions. And now with terrorism and Arab world conflagration, even more questions must be answered. Why should Obama/ Hillary want more Muslim unknowns in our communities? Why aren't they sending them to Hollywood or the Hamptons?

    One last statement. The Obama elitist cabal has been in charge for eight long years. All areas of there terrible leadership have decayed. Nothing is better. Hillary helped cause it with her misguided beliefs. She can not fix it.........only a deplorable can. She belongs in jail, not the White House.

    Have a deplorable day, TEX

  51. ZUCKERBERG FRAUD WARNING: If you take any of Zuckerberg's money, you will be aiding and abetting a crime. Zuckerberg's underlying value was STOLEN PROPERTY from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, not to mention his valid contract with Paul Ceglia and his theft of other technologies used in Facebook, including from inventors Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam and Johnnes Van Der Meer.

    Read more here:

    Anyone besides me find this koinky dink just precious? On the very day that Bill Clinton officially left his Clinton Global Initiative (yeh right, one of its 30 Clinton Foundation aliases spread all over the planet). Mark Zuckerberg announced a $3 billion "Chan Zuckerberg Initiative" to eradicate ALL diseases (in the next 100 years). You heard me: ALL. 100 years. ROTFL !!!! The criminality and hubris of this larcenous couple knows no bounds, not even death - oh wait, they will cure aging and dying too, what was I thinking? How totally and utterly fake! Just goes to show you what ill-gotten gain, zero morals and no brain can produce.

    By the way, ALL the mainstream suck up news outlets carried this headline yesterday. These people are so corruptly predictable:

    Michelle Castillo. (Sep. 21, 2016). Chan Zuckerberg donate $3 billion toward curing all disease by next 100 years. CNBC.


      Auckland-based Rocket Lab has unveiled what it says is the world's first battery powered rocket engine.

      The engine on its Electron rocket will do away with expensive and complex gas generators and instead use small high-performance electric motors and lithium polymer batteries to drive its turbo pumps. The engine will also incorporate parts made by 3D printers to cut costs and speed up the manufacturing process.

      The carbon-composite Electron would launch satellites for about $6.6 million. To get satellites into space with other companies can cost more than $100 million, Beck said.
      The company also says its engine will be the first to use 3D printed parts for all its primary components including its engine chamber, injector, pumps and main propellant valves.

  52. House Panel Approves Contempt Charge For Clinton IT Guru

    Read more:

    BREAKING: Harvard Loses Almost $2 Billion in Endowment Value ​Harvard Management Company lost almost $2 billion in endowment value during a “disappointing” fiscal year 2016, posting its worst endowment returns since the nadir of the financial crisis

  53. It would be nice if Dave could take the f-word out of his comments.
    Thank you!!

  54. That crazy lawsuit by John Waters against Ohio State was tossed by both the Ohio state courts and the federal courts. But I'm sure those decisions had nothing to do with the fact that the suit was frivolous. I'm sure it's all part of some massive conspiracy involving the Russians, Soros, Hillary Clinton, Facebook, and the hundreds of tech companies that are members of the Eclipse Foundation. :)

    1. More misinformation from "LawBlogger 949". In all your alleged reporting you have forgotten to mention that Jon Waters has appealed. Paying judges to go along with you is called bribery. Ohio State has become a data hub for globalist MOOC. That is a fact, but you don't like facts, we forgot.

  55. Arasmus, your comment makes no sense.

    Facebook proved in federal court that Leader's patent is invalid. That verdict was upheld by the Federal Circuit and then the Supreme Court denied cert. So that verdict is now final and there is no legal avenue for Leader to change it. Additionally, the USPTO invalidated the patent, so Leader cannot assert it against any other party.

    The same is true for that Van der Meer patent. The claimed inventor is deceased and his estate sold that patent to a holding firm. The court ruled that the firm waited to bring a claim, so any suit it barred by a legal doctrine known as laches.

    I have no idea who this Dr. aranchulan is but a quick search shows she never sued Facebook. Her filings that I found however sure do show the work of a patent troll! In any event, any suit by her would now be barred by the statute of limitations.

    So the bottom line here is that any party taking money from Facebook has no reason to be concerned. I am frankly kind of shocked at your comment. Mark Zuckerberg is donating billions of dollars toward an incredibly worthy cause. I don't see how you could take issue with that.


    1. Hay Aaron Johanasson go and Discover the life and works of L. Ron Hubbard and when you lose all your life works don't cry to me like a little ........

    2. Dear "Aaron,"

      Yawn, your tromp through the weeds is amusing. You are obviously a paid troll. Come back when you have had your intellectual property stolen. Your facts are all wrong. Yours is a position in search of validation. That is not the way of truth bro. You, in all your various aliases have yet to affirm that Leader Technologies PROVED in 11 of 11 claims that Facebook infringes their patent and that Facebook's alleged on-sale bar evidence was attorney-fabricated. Whoops. Paying judges to go along is called bribery. You need to stop speaking your ignorance. It only embarrasses you.

    3. The fact that old Aaron doesn't know who Dr. Arunachalam is shows that he is a complete ignoramus. She is one of the true pioneers of the Internet. Aaron, how does talking out of your ass really feel?

  56. Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis was outraged that Kirkland & Ellis, a top Manhattan law firm, would send a young rookie attorney to defend Facebook after the social media giant was accused of facilitating terrorism Thomas Aulden Burcher II was the rookie attorney assigned by Kirkland & Ellis law firm to defend Facebook against two suits. The judge dismissed the young attorney from court after saying, "I've been a lawyer for 41 years and a judge for 16 years and I'm not having this discussion with you."

  57. Email comment by GH:

    Staff. (Sep. 23, 2016). Top Clinton aide headed to PRISON? The Horn News / AP.

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email woes aren’t done yet.

    Clinton’s previously tight-lipped former email chief Brian Pagliano, who set-up her controversial email server and refused to answer previous questions in public, may soon be facing a large fine — or even prison time — for ignoring a Congressional subpoena.

    Could this threat of punishment finally motivate the email guru to spill the beans in public? Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump certainly hope so.

    A House committee voted on Thursday to hold Pagliano in contempt of Congress for his refusal to appear before them. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved the contempt resolution on a 19-15 party-line vote. The resolution states that Bryan Pagliano, the computer specialist tasked with establishing Clinton’s server while she was secretary of state, did not comply with two subpoenas ordering him to appear before the panel.

    The committee chairman, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, said the contempt resolution was forced by Pagliano’s refusal to comply with the subpoenas.

    Full story:

  58. Email comment by GH/DL/AS:

    WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) tweeted at 6:53 PM on Fri, Sep 23, 2016:
    FBI report reveals that Obama used a secret pseudonym to send emails Clinton and these emails ended up on her private server.

  59. Email comment by GH/DM:

    WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) tweeted at 5:05 PM on Fri, Sep 23, 2016:
    FBI dumps 189 pages of heavily redacted Clinton witness interviews under the cover of Friday evening #FBIFriday

  60. Email comment by The Intercept:

    David Dayen. (Sep. 22, 2016). A Vast Scheme Uncovered. The Money is Gone. The Intercept.

    Part 1
    After a stock analyst lost $1 million on one penny stock, he set off to find out how — and soon discovered signs of a far bigger scheme than he had ever imagined.

    Full stories:

  61. Email comment by GH, JM, Newsmax:

    Yet another OBAMA LIE (No knowledge of Hillary's private email server). This really has been an a year organized crime racket...

    Jason Devaney. (Sep. 23, 2016). The Hill: Obama Used Fake Address When Emailing Clinton. Newsmax.

    President Barack Obama used a fake name and address while communicating with Hillary Clinton via email when she was secretary of state, according to FBI documents.

    The Hill reports that Friday's document dump by the FBI contains notes from the bureau's interview with longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin. She was asked about a particular email from an address that "is believed to be a pseudonym used by the President."

    Abedin claimed she did not recognize the name in question and "expressed her amazement" that the president used the tactic to hide who he was.

    "How is this not classified?" Abedin reportedly asked the agents during the interview.

    Full Story:

  62. FBI RELEASED MORE HILLARY EMAILS ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, SEP. 23, 2016. AFI readers asked to download, review and comment immediately, before the Monday evening debate.

    FBI Records: The Vault. (Sep. 23, 2016). Hillary R. Clinton Part 03 of 03. FBI.

    Downloadable PDF:

    1. The FBI said in a summary of its report released to Congress earlier this month that in December 2014 "a top Clinton aide" told Denver-based Platte River Networks to destroy an archive of e-mails from her private server, but the company failed to do so.

      Then, after The New York Times reported in early March 2015 details of then-Secretary Clinton’s use of a private server, the House committee investigating the deadly attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, ordered that her e-mails be preserved, and subpoenaed those related to the attack. Three weeks later, the story goes, the engineer responsible for deleting Clinton’s archive suddenly remembered the failed duty, and acted on it by deleting the e-mails with a program (wonderfully named BleachBit) that apparently rendered most of them unreadable.

      Around the time of Paul Combetta's sudden recollection, Platte River officials joined a conference call with Hillary Clinton attorneys Cheryl Mills and David Kendall, according to the FBI report.

  63. Email comment by GH:

    CNN - The Clinton News Network - is protecting its Clinton Foundation donors in the Middle East. More proof on video.

    Logical Campaign (@LogicalCampaign) tweeted at 3:51 PM on Sat, Sep 24, 2016:

    #CNN journalist admits CNN censors news on behalf of Crooked Hillary Clinton donors #CrookedHillary #TrumpTrain #Trump2016

  64. Email comment by GH/JM:

    Martin Walsh. (Sep. 08, 2016). FBI Director Comey sat on board that donated $81m to Hillary (spread this).

    In July, everyone sadly remembers when FBI Director James Comey held his press conference indicating that he would be recommending no charges be brought against Hillary for using an illegal, secret, unsecured, private email server that was undoubtedly hacked by various foreign governments and hackers.

    This month, on the eve of Labor Day weekend, the FBI tried to covertly release their official documents on their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails as if they were hoping people wouldn’t notice. Well, we did; and we are even angrier at the “system” now than we were before. As a reminder, Comey stated in July that “we [the FBI] can’t establish… that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.” The documents released from the FBI paint a much different picture.

    FBI documents revealed that Hillary Clinton used not one, but three, private servers while Secretary of State and all were kept in her basement. The FBI determined that ZERO of her e-mails used encryption, and they stated that Clinton’s server was successfully hacked in January of 2013. Comey also revealed that Hillary lost quite a bit of property containing some of our nations top secrets.

    This is from an official document received from HSBC’s site indicating that James Comey – yes, THAT James Comey – resigned from HSBC’s board of directors in 2013. Odd, so is it possible that Comey recommended no chargers against Hillary Clinton after the banks he was a board director on gave $81 MILLION to Hillary’s Foundation? Coincidence? Think again.

    Full article:

    1. Some FBI agents are angered by plan to extend tenure of Director ... ROBERT MULLER
      James Comey – resigned from HSBC’s board of directors in 2013. Odd, so is it possible that Comey recommended no chargers against Hillary Clinton after the banks he was a board director on gave $81 MILLION to Hillary’s Foundation? Coincidence? Think again.
      19 May 2011 ... President Obama's plan to keep FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III in office beyond
      his ... is considering whether to grant Obama's request to allow Mueller two more
      years in office — an ... This isn't the time to change directors.''.

  65. FBI Director Comey fabcricated his "intent" defense for Hillary. Here's proof of her intent to obstruct justice and hide her criminal activity. People better get this proof off the web before it is scraped down by the dark forces.

    IWB. (Sep. 23, 2016). Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The “Intent” That The FBI Missed After Months “Investigating”. InvestmentWatch.

    Earlier this week, a twitter user named “Katica” seemingly proved the “intent” of the Hillary campaign to destroy and/or tamper with federal records by revealing the Reddit thread of Paul Combetta (aka the “Oh Shit” guy; aka “stonetear”). But what’s most crazy about this story is that “Katica” was able to discover the greatest “bombshell” of the entire Hillary email scandal with just a couple of internet searches while the FBI, with unlimited access to government records, spent months “investigating” this case and missed it all. The only question now is whether the FBI “missed” this evidence because of gross incompetence orbecause of other motivating factors?

    Now, courtesy of an opinion piece posted on The Daily Caller, we know exactly how “Katica” pieced her “bombshell” discovery together…the folks at the FBI may want to take some notes.

    Per the twitter discussion below with @RepStevenSmith, “Katica” discovered Combetta’s Reddit thread on September 16th. But while she suspected that Paul Combetta and the Reddit user known as “stonetear” were, in fact, the same person, she had to prove it... [She did...)

    Full story.

    1. BOMBSHELL - PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: AFI investigators have worked this morning on this story and discovered that Katica's research was easily more thorough than the FBI's on determining "intent" by FBI Director James B. Comey.

      Several news outlets contributed to this research. We have included this information in this article:

      Tyler Durden. (Sep. 23, 2016). Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The "Intent" That The FBI Missed After Months "Investigating". ZeroHedge.

      Full story:


    Combetta who asked for Reddit’s Help in Deleting Clinton’s Emails Now under Subpoena After Deleting his Reddit Posts.
    Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US
    WikiLeaks: Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly Are Clinton Operatives
    BUSTED! New Clinton Scandal Rocks The Internet!
    The Secret Cause of Dollar Collapse on 27 September 2016
    BOMBSHELL: Haitian President EXPOSES #ClintonFoundation at #Trump event: “Hillary tried to bribe me!” He saved all documented proof
    Class Action Attorney Has Evidence That Could End Hillary’s Run
    Hillary has volunteer event in OHIO. NO ONE shows


    The FBI redacted the name of the person who was working with Hillary's aide MONICA R. HANLEY. The link to page 21 of the FBI release is included below:

    "(U/FOUO) In February 2014 [REDACTED] worked with MONICA HANLEY to import an archive of HILLARY CLINTON's email from an Apple MacBook to the PRN-maintainted [Platte River Networks] server hosted for the CLINTON EXECUTIVE SERVICES CORPORATION (CESC). This server hosted CLINTON's email account. HANLEY told [REDACTED] the MacBook contained old email that only existed on the laptop and HANLEY did not want to lose it. The email was stored in Mac Mail within folders labeled by your as 2009 Inbox, 2009 Sent Items, 2010 Inbox, 2010 Sent Items, etc [REDACTED] tried to effect the transfer of the archived email through a remote session using ScreenConnect, but the WiFi connection was intermittent and the MacBook repeatedly turned itself off. Therefore, HANLEY shipped the MacBook to [REDACTED] was unaware of a USB flash dirve containing an identical set of the email files.

    (U/FOUO) [REDACTED] tried various tools and Googled for solutions to effectively transfer the email files. After researching options, [REDACTED] transferred all of the email content to the "dummy" gmail account [REDACTED] [REDACTED] connected to the administrative server to the gmail account and used it as a bridge to move the email into a mailbox named themselves on the Exchange server. . . "

    Full FBI Hillary Part 3 Sep. 23, 2016 Release:


    Google Terms of Service:

    Your Content in our Services:

    . . . When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works . . .

  68. paul Combetta is “Stone Tear.”paul knew of the emails that were on Hillary Clnton server that showed how Zuckerberg stole Facebook he knew FB was stolen. the total number of publicly known immunity deals given in the Clinton case is five. With no prosecutions did the FBI “missed” this evidence because of gross incompetence or because of other motivating factors? “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy. Around the time of Paul Combetta's sudden recollection, Platte River officials joined a conference call with Hillary Clinton attorneys Cheryl Mills and David Kendall, according to the FBI report.

  69. The Hillary for Prison T-shirt has always bothered me as disrespectful, but after reading this, I am going to order one. Her compromise of her communication and her silly backroom parlor tricks to avoid the official State Department email system is thoroughly disgusting.

    Hillary for Prison! Go Mr. Trump!

  70. What? is Obama Pseudonym.....CATFISH

    It was recently revealed that 500 million Yahoo email accounts were hacked in 2014 – making it the largest data breach in U.S. history. Even more troubling is the fact that the perpetrators have been reported to be “state-sponsored” actors – with China and Russia among the likely suspects.

    Yet, in the face of such vulnerabilities, President Obama wants to give the Chinese and Russian governments more control over how the Internet operates. The President has promised to shut down the federal government budget so that he can meet his goal of giving away a portion of America’s control over the Internet to these foreign governments by October 1, 2016.

    Rushing headlong to meet an arbitrary date to hand over Internet control is incredibly foolish. In fact, it is stupid. No one rewards a criminal for their criminal acts, but that is exactly what the President’s policy does.

    Read more:

  71. Email comment by TEX:

    TEX take on the debate :

    When Hillary went after Trump on paying minimum or no taxes on his personal and/or business returns , my answer would have been :
    " Hillary, since you are a tax expert, and you pay more than required on yours and Bill's tax return, and more than you are required to pay on your honest Foundation returns, it appears that you are accusing me of breaking the tax laws . That is quite an accusation. Would you want me to pay more than the law allows? "

    When Hillary talked about her experience , my answer would have been:
    " 30 years of mediocre performance usually produces mediocre outcomes. In your case, that would be a compliment to you . Did your experience teach you to abandon Americans being murdered on our foreign soil under your watch as in Benghazi ? Did it teach you to call the women " bimbos" that were accosted by your husband ? Did it teach you that abrogation of sovereign borders and federal laws were the proper outcome for American society? "

    When Hillary suggested that taxing the rich would make our economy work better for all, my response would have been :
    " Hillary, you are aware that we owe $20 trillion dollars currently and $120 trillion in committed but unfunded obligations under Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and government pensions. Our economy is smaller than our current debt. Our government could , and you would, take every dollar of every earner making more than $66,000 per year in our country and it wouldn't make a dent in what we owe and what we are spending under the Obama/ Clinton administration. In order to deal with our current trend of spending we will need everyone's total paycheck. But that would be socialism. Oh, I forgot, that's what you propose."

    When Hillary called her email server choices a "mistake", my answer would have been :
    " you claim that you will go to war with ISIS , especially Cyber War. What a bunch of baloney. You gave the world a free look at every move our State Dept was making for four years, and then for a while they saw our most closely held confidential secrets after you left to run for President. ISIS enjoyed every word of your emails. You should be ashamed of what you did, and the FBI should have charged you with every violation of law available to them. Your senior people took the fifth and then Comey gave you a free pass. What the heck is happening to our country?"

    When Hillary went off about our unjust criminal system, my response would have been:
    " Hillary, are you more concerned with being a nation of laws and borders , or a nation that rewards bad behavior with no punishment and no borders? Are you looking for global control of our country ? Are you ready to give up on our Constitution, our Federal laws, our police, our border guards, and our military ? "

    I thought Trump was quite restrained. Maybe next time he will prepare a little better so he can nail Hillary with the truth about her lying, cheating, felonious history . She has ransacked her way through life and come out a " victim" . She can not be our president.

    Have a deplorable day. TEX =

    1. Trump said:

      I will release my tax returns, against my lawyer's wishes, when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. As soon as she releases them, I will release my tax returns, and that's against — my lawyers say don't do it. ...

      When you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment, taking the Fifth so they are not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it's disgraceful. And believe me, this country thinks it's disgraceful — really thinks it's disgraceful, also. ...

      Why did she delete 33,000 (emails)?

  72. Libya was a failure of policy and worldview, not intelligence. [SO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING THEY KNEW BUT DID NOTING] Why won't the Libya story go away? Why can't the memory of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff be consigned to the same sad-and-sealed file of Americans killed abroad in dangerous line of duty?
    How has an episode that seemed at first to have been mishandled by the Romney camp become an emblem of a feckless and deluded foreign policy? The story-switching and stonewalling haven't helped. But let's start a little earlier.
    The hour is 5 p.m., Sept. 11, Washington time, and the scene is an Oval Office meeting among President Obama, the secretary of defense, the national security adviser and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi has been under assault for roughly 90 minutes. Some 30 U.S. citizens are at mortal risk.

    The whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens are unknown. What is uppermost on the minds of the president and his advisers? The safety of Americans, no doubt. So what are they prepared to do about it? Here is The Wall Street Journal's account of the meeting: "There was no serious consideration at that hour of intervention with military force, officials said. Doing so without Libya's permission could represent a violation of sovereignty and UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05796209 Date: 11/30/2015 inflame the situation, they said. Instead, the State Department reached out to the Libyan government to get reinforcements to the scene."• So it did. Yet the attack was far from over. After leaving the principal U.S. compound, the Americans retreated to a second, supposedly secret facility, which soon came under deadly mortar fire. Time to call in the troops?
    "Some officials said the U.S. could also have sent aircraft to the scene as a 'show of force' to scare off the attackers," the Journal reported, noting that there's a U.S. air base just 450 miles away in Sicily. "State Department officials dismissed the suggestions as unrealistic. 'They would not have gotten there in two hours, four hours or six hours." The U.S. security detail only left Washington at 8 a.m. on Sept. 12, more than 10 hours after the attacks began. A commercial jet liner can fly from D.C. to Benghazi in about the same time.

  73. JERRY SHENK: Hillary's email saga isn't over
    The Mercury
    Although prepared, as a politician, Hillary Clinton isn't very skillful or ... mirror Clinton's persistent efforts to conceal her criminal misuse of private email

    1. Here is the actual citation for dave 123'
      s comment:

      Jerry Shenk. (Sep. 27, 2016). JERRY SHENK: Hillary’s email saga isn’t over. The Mercury.

      Hey dave123. We love you man, but would you start posting proper URL links and CITATIONS for with your comments? It would save our VOLUNTEERS a lot of time! Thanks.

  74. Looks like old Bill and Hill are up to their old tricks. These hand signals to Lester Holt are pretty obvious. Either that, or Hillary has an itchy rash at various strategic spots on her face. Also, notice the stare downs of old Lester when Hill is not pleased when the dog doesn't bark on cue.

    Chris Menahan. (Sep. 27, 2016). WATCH: DID HILLARY CLINTON GIVE HAND SIGNALS TO DEBATE MODERATOR LESTER HOLT? Scratching one's face is one of the oldest signals in the book. Alex Jones/Infowars.

    1. HAY Cindy did see the part where Hillary did a BIG crap in her pants when TRUMP talk about the Emails she look like she was about to run of to the toilet

  75. Email comment by TEX:

    Have you thought about who a Commander in Chief commands ? Have you thought about how the Commanders commanding ability affects you?

    The CIC commands our military. ....Army, Navy, Air Force , Marines, Coast Guard . Include the Border Patrol, FBI, Secret Service, intelligence operatives, ICE, and other protective agencies. The CIC is over the DOJ and , ultimately, our police forces. These groups are trained to blow things up, kill our enemies, protect our American way of life. We know now that Hillary has intentions as CIC of following Barack Husseins agenda of diminishing these various levels of protections because she has openly and regularly sided with our president. Under Barack/ Hillary, our enemies have been emboldened rather than blown up and killed. They are infiltrating our cities and society. We are literally being colonized by folks that hate everything about us except our prosperity. Obama claims that they are war torn refugees. She claims that her 30 years of corrupt experience is the solution to what ails us. Maybe some refugees should be allowed to enter and maybe she is the answer, but don't we really want to know who are new friends are anyway? Ironically, we know who she is. ......a world class liar, a fake , a phony, and power hungry beyond imagination.

    I find it quite unusual that most of our military, border agents, and intelligence agents support Trump. Why? Because they are up close and personal to the corrupt and inept commanding of our current Commander. Hillary was an implementer of Obama's diabolical agenda. Nukes and money have been gifted to our enemies. Border guards were told to stand down. Thugs are more important than our local police. Cities are burning, crime is up, and inner city kids feel hopeless. Home grown terrorism is growing. And Hillary wants more of it.

    Trump is being attacked for his abrupt and clumsy way of telling the truth. It's not pretty. Hillary is praised for her articulate and smooth way of lying. She looks so comfortable doing it that it is disarming. Holy crap......what is happening to us? Have we gone mad? Trump is attacked on his taxes that are now being scrubbed by the IRS , and you know they are looking for any flaws. His accountants followed the law and took all allowable deductions. If that means tax " deferral" , then good for him. The tax laws are for everyone and everyone should follow the law, including the wealthy. If Hillary is honest, she will accuse Trump of tax evasion or shut up. She is so ignorant of business that she doesn't realize that businesses of the size of the Trump organization pay millions upon millions to local, state, and federal agencies just to be in business. His thousands of employees pay millions in taxes. She can sure lie smoothly and frequently......and she is ignorant of the world the rest of us live in. He generates taxes, she spends it. That's the ugly truth from a deplorable that's been doing it for 50 years .

    This momentum that is leading America into globalism is evil. Do you want to be an American or a member of everyone else's society.......are we willing to go backwards and be satisfied with mediocre futures, and mediocre leadership? Should our CIC lead us into being stronger or lead us into oblivion? What will the world surmise if Hillary is our next president? Give me a glass of wine !

    Have a deplorable day, TEX

  76. Email comment by GH:

    I thought you might be interested in this article:

    FBI Director James Comey testified Wednesday that former Hillary Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and another top aide had “some” classified material on laptops they turned over to the bureau in its probe of Clinton's private server use as secretary of state -- yet the aides still received immunity.

  77. Email comment by JM:

    This video was pulled from over a copyright issue. We are re-posting it for educational purposes only. Fair Use.

    Chris Menahan. (Sep. 28, 2016). WATCH: Did Hillary Clinton Give Hand Signals to Debate Moderator Lester Holt? Alex Jones / InfoWars.

    Scratching one's face is one of the oldest signals in the book

    Video analysis of the debate shows Hillary Clinton “giving hand signals” to Lester Holt to indicate she wants to respond to something Donald Trump said with a zinger.

    According to a viral video titled, “Signaled and Triggered #RiggedDebate,” which was shared yesterday on YouTube, Hillary was signalling Holt to cut to her by subtly scratching her face.

    Scratching one’s face is one of the oldest signals in the book. You can be sure if this was a blackjack table and the house noticed a player making similar signals to a dealer they’d be investigated.

    Hillary was also seen concealing some sort of a device in her pantsuit:

    1. Here is a raw *.mp4 VIDEO file of the Hillary Debate hand gesturing to Lester Holt. The copyright issue that scraped it down from InfoWars is a signal that Hillary is not pleased at getting caught. Therefore, we encourage all our readers to download and share this complete file and repost it as many times as you can under FAIR USE EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY to get the word out.

      The raw video file is only 68.5 MB.

    2. Here's the YouTube version of the DEBATE RIGGING video:

  78. Email comment by GH:

    Weasel FBI Director James B. Comey:

    The tech specialist who scrubbed Hillary Clinton's email archive and was recently found to have sought help on Reddit for how to hide a certain "VIP's" email address was acting at the behest of Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a top House Republican charged Wednesday.

    1. Email comment by Newsmax:

      Greg Richter. (Sep. 28, 2016). Newt: Comey Would Have Covered Up Watergate. Newsmax.

      If FBI Director James Comey had held that position in 1973, the Watergate scandal never would have come to light because Comey would have covered it up, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday.

      "You're seeing the first clear, visible corruption at the FBI," Gingrich said on "The Mike Gallagher Show."

      "And Comey is the agent, and it's sad. It's going to destroy his career."

      Full article:

    2. The Justice Department granted immunity to Hillary Clinton lawyer Cheryl Mills in order to gain access to a laptop computer that would have otherwise been tied up in litigation for years, FBI Director James Comey testified Tuesday.

      “Having done this for many, many years, a grand jury subpoena for a lawyer’s laptop would likely entangled us in litigation over privilege for a very long time,” Comey told Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing.

      “And so by June of this year I wanted that laptop, our investigators wanted that laptop, and the best way to get it was through negotiation.”

      Read more:

  79. Email comment by GH/JM/PO:


    Warner Todd Huston. (Sep. 26, 2016). Top Rated Talk Show Host Michael Savage Pulled Off the Air After Discussing Hillary’s Health. Breitbart.

    Top rated radio talk show host Michael Savage was abruptly pulled off the air on Monday afternoon after launching into a segment on Hillary Clinton’s delicate health. The talker called his abrupt removal an act of “sabotage.”

    Savage, host of the nationally syndicated The Savage Nation radio program, was discussing Hillary’s health and suggested she may have Parkinson’s disease when he was alerted that his show had been pulled from the air on New York’s WABC radio.

    The host discovered that The Savage Nation was pulled off the air and replaced by the “Curtis And Kuby Show,” in the Big Apple.

    Full article:

  80. Email comment by Breitbart:

    Neil W. McCabe. (Sep. 29, 2016). Trump to Iowa Supporters: To Understand the Clintons, ‘Follow the Money’. Breitbart.

    Donald Trump is drawing further attention to the Clinton family’s history of corruption.
    In a rally at Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump says, “Everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton can be understood with this simple phrase: Follow the money.”

    Trump referred to the testimony earlier in the afternoon by FBI Director James B. Comey Jr., in front of Congress–when Comey had to answer for his decision to grant associates of Clinton immunity from prosecution.

    “Her staff took the Fifth and her ringleaders are getting immunity,” he said.

    It looks like something you would see dealing with the mob, he said.

    Full article and video:

  81. Email comment by TEX:


    This is absolutely brilliant. A surprising article from the New Yorker Magazine. This magazine has always been a left wing apologizer so this article is even more amazing. Don’t pass it up.

    The author is the political correspondent for Bloomberg and wrote extensively about Obama even before he was nominated.


    "Who is Donald Trump?" The better question may be, "What is Donald Trump?"

    The answer? A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment.

    Some Trump supporters are like the 60s white girls who dated black guys just to annoy their parents. But most Trump supporters have simply had it with the Demo-socialists and the "Republicans In Name Only." They knew there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between Hillary Rodham and Jeb Bush, and only a few cents worth between Rodham and the other GOP candidates.

    Ben Carson was not an "establishment" candidate, but the Clinton machine would pulverize Carson ; and the somewhat rebellious Ted Cruz will (justifiably so) would have been tied up with natural born citizen lawsuits (as might Marco Rubio). The Trump supporters figure they may as well have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails at Wall Street and Georgetown while they watch the nation collapse. Besides - lightning might strike, Trump might get elected, and he might actually fix a few things. Stranger things have happened (the nation elected an [islamo-]Marxist in 2008 and Bruce Jenner now wears designer dresses.)

    Millions of conservatives are justifiably furious. They gave the Republicans control of the House in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014, and have seen them govern no differently than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yet those same voters are supposed to trust the GOP in 2016? Why?

    Trump did not come from out of nowhere. His candidacy was created by the last six years of Republican failures.

    No reasonable person can believe that any of the establishment candidates [dems or reps] would have slashed federal spending, rein in the Federal Reserve, cut burdensome business regulations, reform the tax code, or eliminate useless federal departments (the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, etc.). Even Ronald Reagan was unable to eliminate the Department of Education. (Of course, getting shot at tends to make a person less of a risk-taker.) No reasonable person can believe that any of the nation's major problems will be solved by Rodham as she is simply the third verse of Obama’s waning swan song.

    Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
    • Anyone named Bush
    • Anyone named Clinton
    • Anyone who's held political office
    • Political correctness
    • Illegal immigration
    • Massive unemployment
    Our out of control federal spending
    Our National Debt that exceeds our GDP (Can you say Greece?)
    • Phony "official" unemployment and inflation figures
    • Welfare waste and fraud
    Money being spent on Illegal immigrants
    • People faking disabilities to go on the dole
    • VA waiting lists
    • TSA airport groping
    • ObamaCare
    • The Federal Reserve's money-printing schemes
    • Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
    • Michelle Obama's vacations
    • Michelle Obama's food police
    • Barack Obama's golf
    • Barack Obama's arrogant and condescending lectures
    • Barack Obama's criticism/hatred of America
    • Valerie Jarrett
    • " Holiday trees"
    .Hollywood hypocrites
    • Cop killers while Black Lives Matter
    • Gun confiscation threats
    • Stagnant wages
    • Boys in girls' bathrooms
    . Whiny, spoiled college students who can't even place the Civil War in the correct century... and that's just the short list.

    ---END, TEX, Part 1---

    1. ---START, TEX, Part 2---

      Trump supporters believe that no Democrat wants to address these issues, and that few Republicans have the courage to address these issues. They know that Trump is their way of saying, "Screw you, Hillary Rodham and all the Do Nothing Republicans!" The more the talking head political pundits insult the Trump supporters, the more supporters he gains. (The only pundits who seem to understand what is going on are Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell and Republican John LeBoutillier.

      But America does not need a tune-up at the same old garage. It needs a new engine installed by experts - and Hillary Rodham is not a mechanic; she merely manages a garage her philandering husband abandoned. Trump is also not a mechanic, but he knows where to find the best ones to work in his garage. He won't hire his brother-in-law or someone to whom he owes a favor; he will hire someone who lives and breathes cars.

      "How dare they revolt!" the "elites" are bellowing. Well, the citizens are daring to revolt, and the RINOs had better get used to it. "But Trump will hand the election to Clinton !" That is what the Karl Rove-types want people to believe, just as the leftist media eagerly shoved "Maverick" McCain down GOP throats in 2008 - knowing he would lose to Obama. But even if Trump loses and Rodham wins, she would be nothing more than a caretaker, not working to restore America 's greatness but merely presiding over the collapse of a massively in-debt nation. A nation can perhaps survive open borders; a nation can perhaps survive a generous welfare system. But no nation can survive both - and there is little evidence that Hillary Rodham understands that. The United States cannot forever continue on the path it is on. At some point it will be destroyed by its debt.

      Yes, Trump speaks like a bull wander[ing] through a china shop, but the truth is that the borders do need to be sealed; we cannot afford to feed, house, and clothe 200,000 Syrian immigrants for decades (even if we get inordinately lucky and none of them are ISIS infiltrators or Syed Farook wannabes); the world is at war with radical Islamists; and we cannot continue trying to spend our way out of debt.

      Is Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not. Neither was Ronald Reagan. But unless we close our borders and restrict immigration, all the other issues are irrelevant. One terrorist blowing up a bridge or a tunnel could kill thousands. One jihadist poisoning a city's water supply could kill tens of thousands. One electromagnetic pulse attack from a single Iranian nuclear device could kill tens of millions. Faced with those possibilities, most Americans probably don't care that Trump relied on eminent domain to grab up a final quarter acre of property for a hotel, or that he boils the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs running the Council on American-Islamic Relations. While Attorney General Loretta Lynch's greatest fear is someone giving a Muslim a dirty look, most Americans are more worried about being gunned down at a shopping mall by a crazed [islamic] lunatic who treats his prayer mat better than his three wives and who is fool enough to think that 72 virgins are waiting for him in paradise.

      The establishment is frightened to death that Trump will win, but not because they believe he will harm the nation. They are afraid he will upset their taxpayer-subsidized apple carts. While Obama threatens to veto legislation that spends too little, they worry that Trump will veto legislation that spends too much.

      You can be certain that if Hillary wins in November 2016 … [her] cabinet positions will be filled with the same people we've seen before. The washed-up has-beens of the Clinton and Obama administrations will be back in charge. The hacks from Goldman Sachs will continue to call the shots. And American will continue her continuing decline as other great democracies in history.

      If the establishment wins, America loses.

      Roy Kaplan

      --Have a deplorable day. TEX

  82. White House Calls Senate Override Of Obama 9/11 Bill Veto 'Embarrassing'
    Obama Refuses To Say Islamic Terrorism During Military Town Hall
    Clinton Supporter Alicia Machado On Accusations She Abetted Murder: 'That Happened 20 Years Ago' [VIDEO]
    Obama Administration Official: We Don't Screen Refugees For Radical Views
    EXCLUSIVE: Broken Promises Abound At State Dept.-Funded Nonprofit Run By John Kerry's Daughter
    Clintons' Payments To Email Technician Match Up With Tax Deductions
    FBI Director Says Black Lives Matter 'Uninformed, Anecdotally Driven'
    Comey told the committee that the FBI has plans to build and maintain a database on deadly police shootings. He said to expect the database within the next year or two.

    First Lady Michelle Obama Attacks Trump As 'Erratic And Threatening'
    FBI Director: An FBI Agent Would 'Be In Big Trouble' If They Did What Hillary Did
    Hillary Rallygoers Yell 'No!' When Told Obamas Have To Leave White House

    Congressman: Cheryl Mills 'Lied To Everybody' About Hillary's Server

    State Agency Wrote Anti-Trump Tweets During The Debate
    FBI Director Explains Why Hillary's Lawyer Received Immunity [VIDEO]

    Email comment by JM:


    Staff. (Sep. 30, 2016). BREAKING: Tens of thousands of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse. Christian Times Newspaper.

    Election officials in Franklin County, Ohio are reportedly stumped over what one maintenance worker found in a dilapidated downtown Columbus warehouse earlier this week.

    According to sources, Randall Prince, a Columbus-area electrical worker, was doing a routine check of his companies wiring and electrical systems when he stumbled across approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates.

    “No one really goes in this building. It’s mainly used for short-term storage by a commercial plumber,” Prince said.

    Full story:

    1. Here's the PDF of this BREAKING NEWS:

  84. You have got to be kidding me. An unnamed source. A fringe newspaper. They are unable to obtain a copy of the supposed fake ballots? But yet they have this hilarious picture with the boxes all conveniently marked "ballot box?" I guess people will fall for anything.

    1. Astroturfer alert #1: "fringe" "hilarious"

    2. Given the well-known Mainstream Media drive to control this election "narrative" it doesn't surprise me in the least that a small Christian newspaper would break this story. Thank God for alternative media. Sadly, the mainstream media have become organs of lies and propaganda. Shame on you Aaron for being a willing tool of lies and deceit. Such immorality destroys your soul. I too will pray for you.

  85. Oh my God, even better. Look at the picture! They superimposed the words "ballot box" with Photoshop. The letters don't even line up properly with the boxes! And G isn't it funny that the picture is inside of a moving truck when the boxes were supposedly found in a warehouse. Absolutely hilarious.

    1. Astroturfer alert #2: "Absolutely hilarious." Of course the "BALLOT BOX" texts are Photoshopped labels, that was obviously added to get reader attention. The devil in the details is what is in those boxes. Nice try at misdirection.

  86. And look at the box the guy is carrying. You can plainly see that it says something other than "ballot box." They very poorly blacked out that text on the other boxes and then superimposed "ballot box" on them. I hate to say anything about the intelligence of Trump supporters but jeez.

    1. Astroturfer #3: "intelligence of Trump supporters". Interesting misdirection again. All citizens have an interest in fair elections. Both Dems and Reps are disturbed by this. Nice try at marginalization Mr. Saul Alinsky. It is sad that you don't love the promise of the American FREE vote. Without that, America is toast. We will pray for you.

  87. Things aren’t just getting ugly…..they’ve been ugly for too long “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Flea Bag Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse

  88. dave123, for someone who supposedly invented Facebook, invented Bitcoin, invented Instagram and had personal conversations with Bill Gates, I would expect you to be able to spot a bad photoshop job.

    1. K. CraineOctober 1, 2016 at 6:56 AM

      Astorturfer #4: Attack individuals when you have no real arguments. Thanks for the lesson RULES FOR RADICALS Mr. Aaron Alinsky. Paired well with the morning coffee.

      We presume you are equally unfamiliar with the facts of the proven Ohio 2004 vote rigging. To help you out, here is a post for your education:

      AFI. (Jul. 22, 2016). Will Hillary steal the election, again? Americans for Innovation.

    2. Our old buddy Aaron wants us to believe that BALLOT STUFFING won't happen (or be attempted) among the Corrupt Hillary crowd?! I have some swamp land in Florida I'll sell you too. This is the woman who pedaled her influence for friend Frank Giustra to get a $3 billion uranium deal in Kazakhstan, then received a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation months later from Giustra. This woman wants power so badly she'll readily stuff Ohio ballot boxes, and in every swing state if she can get away with it. Don't kid yourself.

    3. Clinton knew what she did was wrong when she did it. she sent and shed classified information when she was talking to a friend about yoga this friend said this is classified information Hillary said it is not and then asked how to delete the word secret and classified on the Email and then re sent the same Email with the words secret and classified deleted
      Hay Aaron were you home schooled squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak

  89. Email comment by Western Journalism:

    The FBI gave immunity to five Hillary Clinton State Department advisors that they had said had not done anything wrong, yet gave them immunity anyway, nor did the immunity produce any evidence leading to a prosecution.

    Jack Davis. (Sep. 28, 2016). Gowdy Says Lies Show Sufficient Intent To Prosecute Clinton In Email Scandal. Western Journalism.

    With the FBI investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server having revealed careless conduct, flouting of the rules for handling sensitive documents, and attempts to cover up the scandal, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., wanted to know on Wednesday what — exactly — the FBI’s standard would have been to have prosecuted Clinton for breaking the law.

    “What would she have had to do to warrant your recommendation for prosecution?” Gowdy asked FBI Director James Comey during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday.

    Comey, as he has before, said that he would have to be able to prove intent. On Wednesday, he replied to Gowdy that he would have had to be able to prove Clinton knew what she did was wrong when she did it.

    Full article:

  90. You can call it astroturfing as much as you want but the simple fact is that you are citing to an obviously fake article with a picture that has been manipulated to create a false narrative. If this actually happened, FOXNews and every mainstream right wing media outlet would be all over it. Trump would be all over it. Thinking that this actually occurred is, by definition of the word, delusional. Yes, I realize that is another astroturfing term.

    Believe me, I have no issue with the truth and I welcome it. But this is so obviously false that you are doing a disservice to the public by even claiming that it is the case.

    1. Disservice? Sharyl Attkisson has thoroughly exposed the massive astroturfing" (FAKE GRASSROOTS) being paid for by the liberal mainstream. All fake. All false. All CYNICAL, misleading misdirection meant to manipulate the opinion of low information voters toward LIBERAL candidates. By comparison, AFI openly allows a comment about one article by a small publication about vote rigging -- which is a KNOWN problem -- and it is labelled a "disservice" by Aaron? Hardly comparable by scale to the sins being committed by the Left. AFI is against it no matter which side is doing it.

      The MSM faithfully reported Hillary's string of lies about Benghazi and her coverup of the murder of four brave Americans employed by her. Was that reporting a disservice?



      Sharyl Attkisson. (Jul. 28, 2016). Top 10 Astroturfers. Full Measure.



      Sharyl Attkisson. (Feb. 06, 2015). Astroturf and manipulation of media messages. Sharyl Attkisson / TEDxUniversityofNevada.

  91. And of course, now confirmed false.

    1. Who made Snopes the guardians of truth-telling? The article indicates that more disclosures are on the way. Since it only surfaced on Friday, and since the Ohio Secretary of State just commented on Friday, and it is only Sunday, and we know state bureaucrats don't work on weekends - - - It is astounding that the all-knowing Snopes already knows the information is not true. That to me is highly suspicious speed from Snopes.

      The assumption that Fox News or the "right wing media" would be all over it is also a fallacious argument, especially since it is a developing story. Election rigging is a bipartisan concern. This site already showed that Ohio election rigging occurred by Republicans and Karl Rove in 2004. The rigging of our election system by "Establishment" in both parties shows that the collusion is no respecter of party.

      Let's start working to ensure that our election is free and fair and stop this side show about a developing story. History shows us ballot stuffing is for real. Dead people love to vote when they can get away with it. Shame on them, and shame on us for letting them get away with it!!!!

    2. Here again is our investigation into the 2004 Republican election rigging in Ohio:

      AFI. (Jul. 22, 2016). Will Hillary steal the election, again? Americans for Innovation.

  92. Although CTN presents itself as a legitimate publication (by imitating the name of the genuine Christian Times newspaper), the web site has invented and promoted numerous conspiracy theories, including false stories reporting that Donald Trump was removed from primary ballots, that Clinton said "Harambe" was a victim of racism, that an African-American Trump supporter was killed in Chicago, and that the 4th of July had been cancelled due to fears of terrorism.

    While the web site does not explicitly label their content as fiction, they do carry a disclaimer exempting themselves from responsibility for their efforts:

    Christian Times Newspaper is your premier online source for news, commentary, opinion, and theories. Christian Times Newspaper does not take responsibility for any of our readers' actions that may result from reading our stories. We do our best to provide accurate, updated news and information.

    1. Such disclaimer language now appears on just about every news and opinion site on the planet. Blame predatory attorneys. Political correctness is run amok.

  93. Email comment by GB:

    Stefan Molyneux. (Sep. 30, 2016). THE INTERNET TAKEOVER IS HAPPENING.

    Judge refuses injunction, handover of global DNS etc at midnight

    YouTube Video:

  94. If you read the Snopes article you would see that this picture was actually a picture from an election in ENGLAND and that the "Christian Times" manipulated the picture to create a false story. From Snopes:

    Christian Times Newspaper's report described the above-displayed photograph as showing "Randall Prince" with his discovery of pre-marked Clinton ballots, but this picture was actually taken in 2015 in Birmingham, England, and simply captures a man unloading a truck of ballot boxes at a polling station. It appears that CTN altered the photograph (removing "Ballot Box" from some of the boxes and reversing the image) in an apparent attempt to make it difficult to find the original picture.

    And you can see the original picture right there on Snopes. Oops.

    1. Time will tell. It was obviously illustrative, but that appears to be a concept unfamiliar to you. There was no claim that it was the actual photo. Vote defrauders don't tend to share photos of their warehouse booty. If the State of Ohio and police are investigating, which we assume and hope they are, then the next release of information will hopefully reveal more. However, the fix may already be in and the evidence quashed since the federal judge in the Southern District of Ohio is a globalist sympathizer named of Algernon L. Marbley who took years to the throw out the 2004 election rigging trial after the key witness, Michael Connell, died in a mysterious plane crash just months before Barack Obama took office and an new group of engineers moved in. Marbley quashed key evidence in the 2004 case for many years under seal. The facts are what they are.

    2. "There was no claim that it was the actual photo."

      Umm, yeah. The caption in the article says "Prince, shown here, poses with his find, as election officials investigate."

      Whoops. You truly cannot be this gullible.

    3. Time will tell. Yeah, it turns out this was one of the most infamous hoaxes and so ridiculously easy to spot from the very beginning. Yet once again Republicans prove their low IQ and inability to spot even the most basic scams.

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  96. Blessed Michael McKibben:
    I am with YOU, 100%. I'm a scientist, 75 an American, with massive "trade secrets IP." I comprehend the corruption of .gov in America and left in 1987. Me must be in contact; IBM US .gov and their proxies of the "shadow government" and "deep state," tried their dance games with me, and failed completely. You can find me on fb (its a tactic = let sleeping dogs lie." Please may be in CONTACT, I have what you need, to clobber these dogs. And Trump needs and wants it, yesterday for his MAGA agenda. Thanks and Blessings, yy

    1. Dear yy:

      Kindly send us your contact information by email to and we will make sure that Mr. McKibben receives it.

      Blessings and Happy New Year!


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