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Monday, March 7, 2016


Attack on Trump hides sins: Romney, Obama and Goldman Sachs played shell games with $2.43 billion in solar energy deals while hiding Romney's interests

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 07, 2016, Updated Mar. 09, 2016 | PDF
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney deceived America in their faked energy stimulus opposition
Fig. 1 – Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both blowing smoke about Obama’s energy stimulus boondoggle. Both Obama and Romney pretended to be on opposite sides of the $90 billion Obama energy “stimulus.” However, Romney was a secret beneficiary in AGUA CALIENTE, LLC that received $967 million in stimulus funds, and was tied at the hip with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup who loaned another $1.46 billion to AGUA parent, First Solar.
Photo: New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR).

(Mar. 07, 2016)Mitt Romney just called Donald Trump a fraud and a phony. The accusations rang hollow given his enthusiastic previous acceptance of Trump's support for his failed 2012 presidential bid. With friends like Mitt, who needs enemies? Mitt's speech and actions didn't fit his squeaky clean persona. This triggered AFI researchers to dig into Romney's finances for clues to who was pulling his strings. It didn't take long to discover the puppet masters.

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Crony Capitalism Unhinged

Whose voices do our elected officials listen to? Constituents or donors? Click here to read an analysis of a secret meeting (with links to of insider politicians and their donor buddies just held off the Georgia coast at a remote private resort. Over 54 private jets descended on the tiny island. Read also: Grim, R (Mar. 07, 2016). At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump. The Huffington Post.

Can tech scoundrels swing elections by manipulating search results? Study: Yes.

Mitt Romney’s 2011 tax return contained a lone reference to “LEASE PAYMENT FROM AGUA CALIENTE, LLC___ $100.” It is buried on page 66 of 204 pages. (You read correctly, it is a one hundred dollar disclosure.) "Agua Caliente" is Spanish for "hot water."

Mitt Romney 2011 Tax Return, p. 66 Agua Caliente, LLC lease disclosure
Fig. 2—Mitt Romney's oblique 2011 tax return disclosure of Agua Caliente, LLC, page 66 of 204 pages.

In his 2012 presidential debates with Barack Obama, Mitt Romney decried the “$90 billion” that Obama handed out with a large chunk going to “solar and wind” energy companies that were either faltering or bankrupt. The “$90 billion” appears to have been inflated, but that is beside the point. It was tens of billions of dollars.

Romney: "Agua Caliente, LLC"

However, Romney hid his financial interest in a spinoff of First Solar, Inc. named AGUA CALIENTE, LLC.

In a spate of dubious transactions in late 2011 (see timeline below), Romney leased something to AGUA CALIENTE, LLC. It was so important that it deserved IRS disclosure. He provided no explanation, so how could the IRS assess it? It appears it was a CYA disclosure so that he could not be accused of totally hiding it—a favorite trick of the unscrupulous.

Romney's “$100 lease” shell game

On Aug. 05, 2011, AUGA CALIENTE was acquired by NRG Energy from First Solar. Goldman Sachs owned 5.9% of First Solar.

In Aug. 2011, AGUA CALIENTE received $967 million in Obama energy stimulus.

On Sep. 11, 2011, First Solar was loaned $1.46 billion by Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

On Oct. 10, 2011, NRG Energy formed NRG Solar Sonora in Delaware.

On Nov. 03, 2011, NRG Solar Sonora formed NRG Solar in Arizona.

Mitt Romney disclosed a 2011 AUGA CALIENTE lease. See Fig. 2.

The U.S. Department of Energy lists AGUA CALIENTE is owned by NRG Solar, the company formed on Nov. 03, 2011.

Therefore, Romney’s lease could not have occurred in Arizona until after the Nov. 03, 2011 incorporation of NRG Solar in Arizona.

Mitt Romney's 2011 energy stimulus nondisclosures
Fig. 3—Timeline of Mitt Romney's collusion with prime movers in Barack Obama's dubious energy stimulus.

Romney hid energy stimulus involvement while criticizing it

In misdirection we have come to expect from the Washington Cartel, Mitt Romney played it well. He led the American people to believe he was against the Obama energy stimulus while he was secretly invested in it.

Further, he clearly supported Goldman Sachs’ efforts to fund First Solar, NRG Energy, and thus AGUA CALIENTE. His 2011 financial disclosure reveals that he holds up to $25.1 million in Goldman Sachs funds.

Crony Capitalists: Left, Right and Center

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very evidently members of the same Crony Capitalist Club. Also evident is the fact that these scoundrels direct the “establishments” of both parties. In this small world, backroom deals are their bread and butter.

The U.S. Constitution is merely a speed bump.

Given the theft of global Internet infrastructure currently at play via the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention, it appears the Constitution’s days of separation of powers, mutual accountability and fairness as institutional norms are numbered.

What can you do?

Resist in any way you can. Start stepping away from the cliff’s edge. Get your feet planted on firm moral ground. Americans have allowed themselves and the Constitution to be compromised. That acquiescence must stop. Knowledge is power. [NOTE: For example, stop using Facebook and comparable social platforms. Stop backing corrupt politicians. Vote for people who may start cleaning up our corrupt government . . . ]

* * *

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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  1. At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump
    Billionaires, tech CEOs and top members of the Republican establishment flew to a private island resort off the coast of Georgia


  2. Secret meeting of top Tech CEOs and Republicans to stop Trump
    Apple CEO Tim Cook’e [FBI] lock down the iPhone to hid criminal activity’’ Google co-founder Larry Page [friend of Obama the puppet master] Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker[ knew facebook was stolen]SpaceX Elon Musk [knew facebook was stolen]and Tesla Motors all attended. So did Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), political guru Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), who recently made news by saying he "cannot support Donald Trump Along with Ryan, the House was represented by Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (Mich.), Rep. Kevin Brady (Texas) and almost-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), sources said, along with leadership figure Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas) and Diane Black (Tenn.).


  3. Email comment by GH:

    FISA court strikes again, in secret... trust us folks. (My trust is earned, not owed. These people have proven they are not trustworthy. Any time a substantive answer could be given, they throw the blanket of secrecy over their hair-brained scheming. I have no confidence that these people are doing anything besides lining their pockets at the American people's expense.)

    Ackerman, S. (Mar. 08, 2016). FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans. Guardian (UK).

  4. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday signed on to a brief submitted to the Supreme Court urging the justices to support President Obama’s executive actions that temporarily protect some
    immigrants from deportation and gives them the ability to legally work in the United States. The brief is signed by a mix of 63 companies and individuals, including Reid Hoffman, the CEO of LinkedIn

  5. Email comment by GH:

    This Snowden comment supports the suspicion that the US Government is trying to hide something damaging on the San Bernardino phone. I have long suspected this Administration has orchestrated events to CREATE demand for policy changes on gun control, for example.

    Gibbs, S. (Mar. 09, 2016). Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bullshit'. The Guardian (UK).

    NSA whistleblower rubbishes claims that only Apple can unlock killer’s iPhone 5C, indicating FBI has the means itself.

    Edward Snowden, the whistleblower whose NSA revelations sparked a debate on mass surveillance, has waded into the arguments over the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to help it unlock the iPhone 5C of one of the San Bernardino shooters.

    The FBI says that only Apple can deactivate certain passcode protections on the iPhone, which will allow law enforcement to guess the passcode by using brute-force.

    Talking via video link from Moscow to the Common Cause Blueprint for a Great Democracy conference, Snowden said: “The FBI says Apple has the ‘exclusive technical means’ to unlock the phone. Respectfully, that’s bullshit.”


    Here's the previous AFI comment where you layout all the NSA backdoors into Apple iPhone hardware and software.


  6. The Republican and Democrat "establishment" aren't even hiding their cooperation, it seems.



    Chiacu, D. (Mar. 9, 2016). Republicans sue State Department for Clinton emails. Reuters.

    Taking bets that if Hillary loses the election, Obama will pardon her on about January 19, 2017, just before he leaves office.

    Bill Clinton did the exactly same thing when he pardoned former CIA director, John M. Deutch, on January 19, 2001. Deutch was being indicted for classified information on his home computer. Same legal adviser. Who might that be .... James P. Chandler III ???

    Coincidentally, Marne L. Deutch, John's daughter-in-law, is a serial employee of Larry Summers since Harvard in the early 1990s. She worked for him when he ran Clinton's Treasury Dept. Then, she followed him as his chief of staff when he was president of Harvard (during Zuckerberg's time). Then, Marne became Summers' chief of staff as chairman of the National Economic Council in 2009 (the bank bailout). Then, she worked for a while at AOL. In 2010, just before the Leader v. Facebook trial, Marne became a Facebook VP. She is now chief operating officer at Instagram where Summers is a director. ANYONE WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED BY JUST STUDYING MARNE L. DEUTCH SHOULD HAVE HIS OR HER HEAD EXAMINED !!!!

    As we have seen in this Romney expose post, the Republican and Democratic "establishment" are sleeping in the same bed and taking payola from the same Wall Street bank corruptors.

    1. Instagram was a stolen idea and they knew facebook was stolen

  7. This video is less than four minutes and is well worth it. I have summarized some of the key points below.

    Think about it. FEDERAL GOV'T EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE CONFLICTED OUT OF VOTING ABOUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING REFORMS THAT COULD ELIMINATE THEIR JOBS (since they will benefit by decisions favorable to them keeping their jobs).

    Government Gone Wild. (May 2, 2011). Special Interests...EXPOSED!!!


    Government itself is its own special interest, and will do and or say almost anything to protect itself. . . our freedoms may be at stake if we don't cut government soon.

    Our federal government has seen an explosion in its size over the last ten years, and both political parties are to blame for this. How big has it grown? Over the last decade, the number of private sector employees has grown only 1%. But, the number of federal government employees has grown 15%. We are now out of the era of big government and into the era of enormous government.

    Basically, Congress used this recession to expand government and entrench government workers.

    When this recession started, while you are worrying about paying the bills and keeping a roof over your family's head, the Transportation Department had just one (1) employee making over $170,000 per year. Today, that number is 1,690 employees making over $170,000 per year.

    When this recession started, while you were worrying about keeping your job and putting food on your table, the Department of Defense had 1,868 employees making over $150,000 a year. Today, that number is 10,100 employees making over $150,000 a year.

    The number of federal employees making more than $100,000 doubled during this recession, in less than two years.

    In 2009, the average total compensation for PRIVATE SECTOR job is $61,051, and $123,049 for a FEDERAL SECTOR job.

    There are approx. 21,300,000 gov't employees (16% of voting electorate).

    Do you think they are going to vote for government reform when they are feeding at the trough? Add spouses of federal employees to this total and we get 32% of voting electorate will vote to keep their job.

    In other words, federal government employees and their families are conflicted out on the subject of their compensation. THE BUSINESS JUDGMENT RULE DICTATES THAT THEY RECUSE THEMSELVES FROM VOTES ON GOVERNMENT REFORM.

    In public corporations, officers are not allowed to vote on their own salaries and benefits. They must recuse.

    Our government has gone rogue.

  8. Email comment by DL (UK):

    By my calculation, about 45% of Obama's guest lists are his capitalist cronies in the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA Spy State public-private corruption -- the SAME PEOPLE who backed Mitt Romney and the Georgia Island hit squad trying to unseat Trump's lead. African-Americans are bonkers to be voting for this Obama deceiver and his Hillary clone.

    NYT Article: "The guest lists of White House state dinners are boldface ledgers showing the people whom presidents want to influence and reward. On Thursday, President Obama’s state dinner is for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. Here we deconstruct the guest lists of the previous nine."

    1. Here's a PDF of an analysis of the NYT article.

  9. Inside the State Dinner Guest Lists
    WHAT'S ON THE MENU For tonight's Canadian state dinner. And a history of who President Barack Obama has invited to the affairs. [CNN]

    Guests include (bundlers in all categories are shown in bold): Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs; Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group; Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway; Kenneth Chenault, American Express; Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Fred Eychaner Newsweb Corporation; Larry Fink, BlackRock; Mark Gallogly, Centerbridge Partners; James Gorman, Morgan Stanley; Jeff Immelt, General Electric; Hamilton (Tony) James, Blackstone; Thomas F. (Mack) McLarty III, McLarty Associates; Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Co.; Scott A. Nathan, the Baupost Group; Indra Nooyi, Pepsico; Virginia M. Rometty, IBM; Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone Group; Carlos Slim, Telmex; and Robert Wolf, UBS. Steven Ballmer, Microsoft; Marc Benioff,; Tim Cook, Apple; Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks; Larry Ellison, Oracle; David Friedman, Sandy River Health System; Reed Hastings, Netflix; Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos; Billie Jean King, tennis champion; Michelle Kwan, Olympic figure skater; Robert Manfred, Major League Baseball; Marissa Mayer, Yahoo; Rory McIlroy, golf champion; Elon Musk, Tesla and Space X; Mark Sanchez, New York Jets; Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook; John Scully, former Apple executive; Sally Susman, Pfizer; Steve Westly, venture capitalist; and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.

    1. Here's a PDF of an analysis of the NYT article.

  10. Google Joins Facebook-Led Initiative That is Rewiring Data Centre's Search-engine giant contributing designs for high-voltage server racks to Open Compute Project Foundation. The search engine giant, part of Alphabet Inc., on Wednesday said it is contributing designs for its high-voltage server racks to the non profit Open Compute Project Foundation, an effort to share designs for data-center equipment that has changed the balance of power in the computer-hardware industry.

    A British company specialising in the design of data centres filed a lawsuit against Facebook claiming that the social media giant stole its designs and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden The extensively redacted suit was filed by the BladeRoom Group, which has offices in both the UK and California, on the 23rd of March in San Jose, California and does not detail the circumstances in which its intellectual property was allegedly exposed to Facebook. BladeRoom specialises in scalable, modular data centres with low PUE, and is accusing Facebook of having passed IP-protected designs to the Open Compute Project, which was established by Facebook in 2011 as an open repository of innovative data centre design.

    “Facebook claimed that it developed an innovative, pre-fabricated and modular construction approach and, extolling its benefits, encouraged the entire datacenter industry to shift from traditional practices to this new method. What Facebook did not disclose, however, was that this methodology and the detailed know-how supporting its use had in fact been STOLEN BY FACEBOOK from BRG,”


  11. Email comment by CM:

    ONLY 1 IN 100 UNDECIDED VOTERS IN THIS STUDY REALIZED THEY WERE BEING MANIPULATED by the search results. The results alone changed real election results in India by 12.5% to the favored candidates.

    Timberg, C. (May 12, 2014). Research in India suggests Google search results can influence an election. The Washington Post.

    The researcher was the former editor-in-chief of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, Robert Epstein.

  12. A new, real threat to our economy is developing.

    Goldman Sachs alumni have now literally taken over as Presidents of four Federal Reserve Banks. In January, the 4th President started his reign at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Previously, was hired by Hank Paulson (former CEO of Goldman Sachs and Sec. of the Treasury) to be the Asst. Sec. of the Treasury and "czar" of the $700B+ Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailout program. The others control three of the largest Feds--New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

    Excerpt from the Neel Kashkari entry in Wikipeida:

    In early November 2015 Kashkari was named president and CEO of the Minneapolis Fed. He was chosen by the Minneapolis bank board (excepting representatives from the financial industry), approved 5-0 by the Federal Reserve Board in Washington and assumed the Minneapolis position on January 1, 2016. With the presidents of the New York (William C. Dudley), Dallas (Robert Steven Kaplan) and Philadelphia (Patrick T. Harker) regional Fed banks, Kashkari will become the fourth sitting regional Fed chief to have Goldman Sachs in his resume. Kaplan and Harker both assumed their positions in 2015.

    On February 16, 2016 while giving a speech at the Brookings Institute, Kashkari recommended that in order to stave another potential financial meltdown, the big banks should be broken up, saying, "I believe the biggest banks are still too big to fail and continue to pose a significant, ongoing risk to our economy."

    Use your own common sense about the Goldman Sachs concentration of power at the Federal Reserve Bank level. In January, Goldman Sachs announced that it has been find $5.1 BILLION for its handling of mortgage-backed securities. The company has about $40 billion in annual revenue, so it will probably cut some other costs and move forward with it's traditional practices, some of which include "betting against" its own clients. But now they have four alumni controlling the monetary policies of our country.

    Kashkari says he will focus on "Too Big to Fail" issues. Perhaps he should focus part of that effort not just on the largest banks (who now have more market concentration than before the Great Recession), but also on financial firms like his old employer.

    1. Thanks Cathy. what do we do about this? Can you make some recommendations? Thank you.

  13. Email comment by GH:


    I thought you might be interested in this article:

    Herridge, C., Browne, P. (Mar. 11, 2015). Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness.' FoxNews.

    Former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a key witness in the email probe who struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department, has told the FBI a range of details about how her personal email system was set up, according to an intelligence source close to the case who called him a “devastating witness.”

    1. The January 2009 classified information non-disclosure agreement signed by Clinton says she understood that classified information could be marked and unmarked, as well as verbal communications.

  14. Germany court rules against Facebook 'like' button [SEE JURIST report]

    In December 2014 Facebook failed to dismiss a lawsuit [JURIST report] that claimed it scanned users' private messages for the names of websites.

    the court stated that "a mere link to a data protection statement at the foot of the website does not constitute an indication that data are being or are about to be processed

    1. "a mere link . . . does not constitute an indication" is a landmark statement. The IBM Eclipse Foundation end user license agreement was slaved over for years by a swarm of slimy lawyers who have used that link as the excuse for their clients -- the service providers, social sites -- to rape and pillage user's information without their knowledge.

      This European decision is the first semblance of a moral decision to stop this wholesale robbery.


  15. 2 ex-bankers get jail time for manipulating LIBOR rate

    Judge critical of failure to prosecute individual bankers in 2008 financial crisis
    While announcing the sentences, Rakoff criticized the U.S. government's failure to prosecute individuals from large financial institutions in connection with the 2008 financial crisis.

    Rakoff said he was "mystified" that prosecutors only went after institutions since punishing individuals has a deterrent effect on others in a profession where stepping over boundaries can be tempting if there is seemingly no penalty for doing so.

    He said the United States, breaking a tradition of going after individuals when widespread financial crimes occur, had decided after the most recent financial crisis that it was best "extracting money from corporate parents, usually at the cost to their innocent shareholders."

  16. Email comment by GH:

    WITH THE CARTEL, WE MUST START ASSUMING THE TRUTH IS THE OPPOSITE WHATEVER THEY ARE SAYING AND DOING. "Security updates" are nothing more than installing more ways to spy on us.

    I thought you might be interested in this article:

    The fix covers 23 holes in the Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS.

    Miot, S. (Mar. 11, 2016). Adobe issues fix for critical Flash bug. FoxNews / PC Magazine.

  17. Email comment by BB:

    New York Eastern District federal judge just inadvertently confirmed that Edward Snowden's leaks about the NSA PRISM program of bulk data collection collected emails on Americans without a warrant.

    Hayward, J. (Mar. 12, 2016). Federal Judge Inadvertently Confirms Existence of NSA Spying Program. Breitbart.

    The National Security Agency’s data harvesting program, PRISM, has been the subject of much speculation and controversy since its existence was revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in 2013.

    PRISM is widely regarded as “the NSA spying on everyone’s Internet activity” by the public, which is left to guess at the true extent of the program from a few scraps of hard data, since so much of it remains classified. Recent stories have suggested the scope of NSA surveillance was considerably more narrow than critics feared, but now a ruling from a federal judge suggests that surveillance remains more broad than privacy activists might have hoped.

    1. We obtained District Court Judge John Gleeson's opinion here:

      OPINION (Judge John Gleeson). Doc. No. 165, US v. Hasbajrami, Case No. 11-cr-00623 (EDNY 2011).

  18. President Barack Obama has a message for technology workers: The government needs you.[At South by Southwest, the huge technology-and-arts conference] The president described areas where the government could use tech help, including making it easier for people to vote,[ making it easer to rig the election like ordering pizza]

    1. Our ne'er do well president skipped Nancy Reagan's funeral to deliver this silly message. A telling glimpse into the character of the man.

  19. Email comment by TEX:

    I had a horrible dream last. Here it is. In my dream, my house was forming huge structural cracks even though I had previously spent thousands of borrowed dollars to "fix it". In one case the crack was wider than my front door. The problem was that I had hired a contractor to fix the growing structural problems but he took my money and put in new landscape. The structural problems got worse so he asked me to borrow more money so he could put a new coat of paint on the outside. It covered up the cracks but they seemed to just get bigger. And my debts were growing beyond the value of my house. So I decided to finally replace this guy . I even suspected that this person I trusted was taking kickbacks, and breaking other laws. Shame on me.

    So I interviewed two completely different contractors. One was pretty slick, and seemed to tell me that things would get better if I could give half of my house to folks that didn't have a house. Additionally, it was suggested that I should keep my door unlocked so anyone that chose to, could enter my house , take up their way of life, and do whatever they wanted regardless of cost and my family's safety. When I inquired as to what her plans were to fix my structural problems, she said that new landscape and paint was required. And ,of course, more debt was the answer. Because this contractor was a woman, she claimed that I surely must be a misogynist if I didn't hire her. And if I didn't , she would have protestors attack my neighborhood. As time went on, I discovered that in 30 years on the job, she had created criminal scandal over and over again . She was not trusted by anyone that had been aware of her history.

    The second contractor was a loud mouth, trash talking , hard working man that had a long list of producing good results. He called everyone involved in "my bad situation" an idiot, liar, and suggested that they should go f- bomb themselves. I cringed. Not only was he opposed to open doors, and free stuff, he suggested that intruders were destroying our neighborhood. He met with my neighbors to form a co-op for a change in the way construction projects were to be done. He identified layers of fraud, corruption, and incompetence. He caused an uproar, but my neighbors and other town folks began to see his brilliance. He could fix, not just repaint, problems. He could perhaps put Americans, not intruders, to work on these projects. Was he a guy you want teaching your kids Sunday school class ? NO. But he is the guy you would choose to fix your crumbling church building. He is the guy I want fixing my house. I hope he performs but ,even more, I will hold his feet to the fire.

    Have a great day, TEX


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