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Monday, March 14, 2016


Abuses of privacy, property, fraud and greed drive their platforms. Americans no longer believe their lies.

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 14, 2016  | PDF
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney have contributed to the distrust of political life in America
Fig. 1 – Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton & their Wall Street donors and investment managers have contributed equally to the toxic level of distrust in both political parties. The average American is in revolt against these scoundrels who have corrupted American business and politics to consolidate their wealth into the top 1/10th of 1 percent.
Photo: Myra Adams.

(Mar. 14, 2016)Pundits scratch their heads at why outsiders like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing so well in the 2016 popular vote. We believe the reason is that Americans no longer trust the “establishment” candidates in either party.

The lies are well known. Obama lied about Obamacare. Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi and her private email. Hillary obstructed justice in Leader v. Facebook while she promoted Facebook inside the U.S. State Department. Mitt Romney hid his investments in Obama’s energy stimulus. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner flip flopped like wet dish rags after the Republicans gained a majority in 2014. Voters across the board believe they are being lied to and manipulated.

thieves and scoundrels dressed up as “establishment elites”

The following chart illustrates the problem (Fig. 3). It shows how both the Democratic and Republican establishments are secretly united against the interests of the Republic.

The recent Republican meeting on a private Georgia resort unmasked their contempt for the American voter. Mark Halperin's SHOWTIME special captured Ed Rogers, former Reagan and Bush adviser, puzzling over Donald Trump’s popularity, said of  Donald Trump, “All he has going for him is a lot of votes.”

Ahhhemmm, the last time we checked the votes of “We The People” are supposed to govern our democratic Republic. This cynical comment from a former White House adviser proves what more and more voters now conclude: that elected officials use voters to get elected, then march to the tune of their financial handlers . . . into great wealth for them and their cronies. That’s the game, and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are right. It is a rigged system. The chart below proves it. And, the perpetrators are robbing all of us of our liberty, property and privacy to gain power.

Fig. 2—Mark Halperin, MSNBC political analyst, interviewed members of the Republican Establishment on their views of 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ed Rogers, former Reagan and Bush adviser, expressed his disdain for the views of the voting public (@49secs). Video: The Circus.

We chose to illustrate the financial holdings and related relationships of five prominent Democratic and Republican players: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. This vividly illustrates their common taskmasters.

Top 50 oligarchies that rule and spy on America

BOTH the Republican and Democratic "Establishment" think very little of the voting public who elect them
Fig. 3—Comparison of the similarities in donations, fees and investments among Republican and Democrat "Establishment" figures in their associations with Wall Street and Silicon Valley cronies. Click here to download this PDF. Compiled by Americans for Innovation.

What can you do?

Resist in any way you can. Dismiss untrustworthy candidates and their crony bureaucrats. Start stepping away from the cliff’s edge. Get your feet planted on firm moral ground. Americans have allowed themselves and the Constitution to be compromised. That acquiescence must stop. Knowledge is power. [NOTE: For example, stop using Facebook and comparable social platforms. Stop backing corrupt politicians. Vote for people who may start cleaning up our corrupt government . . . ]

* * *

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  1. Here is yet another example of the utter arrogance of this Administration. Eric Holder called blockage of President Obama's Supreme Court nominee the "height of arrogance." Excuse me. This is the man who allowed the NSA to collect phone and internet data on all Americans without a warrant -- an action that was declared ILLEGAL. This is the man who picked and chose what laws he would enforce. This is the man who gave arms to Mexican drug smugglers that got U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry murdered.

    Eric Holder should be muzzled, then jailed for his criminality.

    Cathy Burke. (March 14, 2016). Holder: Senate Blocking SCOTUS Nominee 'Height of Arrogance'. NewsMax.

  2. Proving the premise of this post that "establishment" Repubs and Democrats are secretly aligned to feed each other, check this out about Ohio Governor John Kasich, who just had Mitt Romney and Senator Rob Portman (Cartel suck ups) stumping for him yesterday:

    Pfeiffer, A. (Mar. 14, 2016). Soros Associate Gives $200,000 To Pro-KAsich Super PAC. The Daily Caller.

    The fact that George Soros loves Republican establishment candidates tells all.

    1. This hit the wires today:

      Mider, A. (Mar. 15, 2016). Soros, Alarmed by Trump, Pours Money Into 2016 Race. Bloomberg News.

      The liberal New York financier George Soros, whose effort to unseat President George W. Bush in 2004 shattered political spending records, is returning to big-ticket giving after an 11-year hiatus.

      Soros has spent or committed more than $13 million to support Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this election cycle, already more than his total disclosed spending in the last two presidential elections combined.

      Soros has expressed alarm over the past few months at the candidacies of Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In a statement last week about a new group he's funding to increase voting by Latinos and immigrants in the election, he again mentioned the two candidates by name.

  3. Whatever Soros doesn't like, I like.

    1. Soros made his hedge fund billions by manipulating the rise and fall of stock prices through fabricating news. That's not brilliance, that's fraud. He transferred those "skills" to our broken political system, especially following Citizens United. He knows that the political winds are easily stirred by the stupidest lies which can be purchased from any unscrupulous public relations firm. We need a citizenry not so easily fooled.

    2. Email comment by TEX:

      Just a yourself a favor and Google George Soros/ Auschwitz . Read of his history of being a Nazi informer against his Jewish brethren at this death camp. Soros is funding the attacks on Trump .Google Hillary Clinton/ college thesis . You will discover her love of the radical Saul Alinsky. She wrote her thesis on this American hater. Google Barack Obama/ Bill Ayers. You will see a relationship of great admiration between our America hating president and a man that killed Americans by blowing up police stations and US Post Offices.

      If you haven't figured this out, Trump is proud of America. Bernie and Hillary hate America. Barack is literally dismantling our great nation. Trump is a spanner in their wheel of destruction. In my opinion, in four years, Donald Trump might have done more good things for this country than any man since Calvin Coolidge. I may be wrong but who cares.

      Have a great day, TEX

    3. We published research about George Soros in our timeline, including:

  4. A spokesman for President Barack Obama said the president would sign a Freedom of Information Act reform bill that the Senate passed Tuesday, if it reaches his desk intact. (Politico)

    1. • WhatsApp has become the latest tech company to fight a federal wiretap warrant, suggesting that the FBI plans to widen its “war” on encryption to apps. Meanwhile, President Obama has called on technology companies to help with criminal investigations, adding to pressure on app operators to take sides in the issue. (Wired) WHAT LIKE FACEBOOK? AND PAID OF LAWYERS

      If your going to vote for Trump at least know who your voting for

    2. Minister accused of buying FB likes from “click farms” for Cambodia Prime Minister, Facebook war goes to court


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