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Friday, April 3, 2015


Gibson Dunn defied the court order in a “labyrinth of babble,” “whining” email about an “anonymous group” supporting justice for Ceglia

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Apr. 03, 2015, Updated Apr. 06 | PDF
uPDATE, aPR. 06, 2015
U.S. Attorney must now investigate Zuckerberg's fraud on the court
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Fig. 1:—Mark Zuckerberg refused to answer any questions about his 2003-2004 activities in Leader v. Facebook. His attorney, Cooley Godward LLP, said all the 2003-2004 information was lost. Magically, that information reappeared in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg just two days after Leader's appeal was denied. The newly produced Aug. 18, 2003 email between Zuckerberg and Ceglia proves that Zuckerberg perjured himself in Leader v. Facebook. The U.S. Attorney Preetinder "Preet" Bharara is duty-bound to investigate this fraud by his star witness.
Photo: EliteDaily.
Timeline of Criminality

He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. Matthew 26:52

Mark Zuckerberg claims Paul Ceglia forged the contract over which Ceglia sued him in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg.

However, the government recently produced a Aug. 18, 2003 email where Zuckerberg is shown discussing his contract with Ceglia. This email has never been produced in any Facebook litigation. As a result, it not only proves Ceglia's claim, it also proves that Zuckerberg perjured himself in Leader v. Facebook by claiming that all of his 2003-2004 files and documents were lost.

We believe that Judge Broderick is now duty-bound to allow Ceglia to thoroughly investigate Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails. Further, we believe U.S. Attorney Preetinder "Preet" Bharara is now duty-bound to prosecute Zuckerberg for fraud on the court in accusing Ceglia falsely, and in lying to Leader Technologies.

2007: ConnectU v. Facebook, Facebook and the Winklevoss Twins’ fast-and-easy lawyers, Quinn Emmanuel  LLP, agreed on a search of Zuckerberg’s hard drives that was so limiting that it avoided the smoking guns. In the deal, Quinn agreed to muzzle the analyst and seal the existence of the drives from public knowledge. Later, Quinn received their fees, but not before a two-year discovery battle where Zuckerberg instant messages were suppressed to speed up Quinn getting their fees in the $65 million "secret" settlement. This settlement occurred just ten days before Leader Technologies asked for ConnectU's Zuckerberg documents in Leader v. Facebook. Subsequently, ConnectU obfuscated and produced nothing, consistent with Facebook's "Gee Beav, the dog ate everything" fabrication.

2009-2012: Leader v. Facebook
Stonewallers Zuckerberg / Cooley Godward LLP refused to answer any questions about 2003-2004

Zuckerberg deposition stonewalling
Fig. 2:—Mark Zuckerberg refused to answer any questions about his 2003-2004 activities in Leader v. Facebook. His attorney, Cooley Godward LLP, said that all of the 2003-2004 Zuckerberg information was lost. Magically, that information reappeared in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg just two days after Leader's appeal was denied. The newly-produced Aug. 18, 2003 email between Zuckerberg and Ceglia proves that Zuckerberg had a valid contract with Ceglia, and that he perjured himself in Leader v. Facebook. The U.S. Attorney Preetinder "Preet" Bharara is duty-bound to investigate this fraud by his star witness.
Photo: EliteDaily.
Click here for this motion, Doc. No. 530.

Facebook stonewalled discovery for almost a year. Then, on the eve of being ordered to give up the information, Facebook's attorney, Cooley Godward LLP, claimed that the Zuckerberg drives and files were all lost. They also instructed Zuckerberg not to answer any questions about 2003-2004 (p. 13). See Fig. 2.

Leader proved literal patent infringement on 11 of 11 claims anyway (the most serious kind). Gibson Dunn LLP had custody of Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails the whole time—even though they had an ethical duty to disclose the existence of the drives to the court, most especially after they became Facebook's appeals attorney on this case (see Rose & McGowen depositions below). Withholding evidence is a crime.

2010-2015: Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Facebook and Judge Richard J. Arcara stonewalled all Facebook discovery to this day, while ordering all Ceglia discovery. Ceglia even asked for the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives in 2011 and never received them. Nonsensically, Arcara claimed that he was not subject to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence in his rulings.

Facebook went public on May 19, 2012. Most if not all of the judges and judicial employees involved in these cases benefited financially from the Facebook public offering. They held stock in both Facebook and its primary stakeholders, including Microsoft, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and Vanguard, among others.

In August 2012, Facebook flip-flopped its accusation claiming a two-page instead of a one-page forgery. (Both claims were recently debunked by the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Lab.)

When Ceglia’s attorneys were finally permitted in 2012 to depose Facebook’s forensic experts, Bryan J. Rose (Jul. 18, 2012) and Michael F. McGowen (Jul. 19, 2012), those experts publicly confirmed the existence of 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails. These experts melted down under the scorching cross-examination of Ceglia's attorney, Dean Boland. This deposition is believed to have triggered Facebook to seek a criminal indictment—anything to slow down the damning effects of their experts' testimony. These depositions occurred just two days after the Leader v. Facebook appeal was denied (Jul. 16, 2012).

On Oct. 23, 2012, Ceglia was arrested on criminal charges. In Mar. 2013, Arcara recommended dismissal of the civil case, then dismissed it in Mar. 2014, forcing the current appeal.

2012: U.S. v. Ceglia, while the Ceglia v. Zuckerberg civil case was proceeding, prosecutors arrested Ceglia for forgery. In 2014, prosecutors turned over an Aug. 18, 2003 email between Zuckerberg and Ceglia discussing the second contract which Zuckerberg had told the court was a forgery. Fraud on the court is a crime. Recently, the prosecution's own U.S. Secret Service Forensic Lab experts have validated that the contract is genuine.

Facebook’s perjury in Leader v. Facebook  should satisfy Judge Broderick’s “for cause” criteria in the second subpoena—Zuckerberg lies and always will lie

The Aug. 18, 2003 Zuckerberg email was not produced in Leader v. Facebook. Facebook’s attorneys said it was lost. Presumably this was not the only item of information turned over to Ceglia’s attorneys by the prosecutors. Therefore, whether it was 1, 10, 1000, 10,000 items, even one proves Facebook’s perjury in Leader v. Facebook.

In addition, Harvard allowed Zuckerberg to access his Harvard email account and delete emails in 2010. This occured during the Leader v. Facebook case. Yet another fraud on the court.

U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara has a real problem. Now that Zuckerberg has produced evidence of his fraud on the court in Leader v. Facebook, that fraud must be imputed to U.S. v. Ceglia on the same subject matter. As a result, Judge Broderick will certainly permit the second subpoena to examine the totality of the 28 Zuckerberg computer hard drives and Harvard emails.

Judge Broderick must order the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails subpoena filed by Ceglia's attorneys, because that is the best, most neutral evidence to confirm whether or not there is the fraud, since the government does not know.


Judge Andrew L. Carter, Southern District of New York, U.S. v. Ceglia
Fig. 2—On Good Friday, Judge Vernon S. Broderick issued a rebuke of Facebook's defiance of his Order.

(Apr. 03, 2015–Good Friday)—Judge Vernon S. Broderick issued a Good Friday Order in U.S. v. Ceglia setting April 6, 2015 as the date for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to provide documents to Paul Ceglia’s attorneys.

Broderick's order was in response to an Apr. 2, 2015 email sent by Gibson Dunn partner Orin Snyder, counsel to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

The actual Snyder email is unavailable on the court docket because Facebook is not a party in the case. However, the scorching response of Ceglia’s attorney, Robert Ross Fogg, is available.

“Labyrinth of babble”

Fogg summarized nine Facebook complaints after “wading through the labyrinth of babble.”

Notably, Gibson Dunn LLP complained that (as a non-party) they were not given an opportunity to contest defense counsel’s request. Huh? Let's get this straight. Facebook's Gibson Dunn LLP lawyers were allowed to intervene in this case on a very limited basis.

Easter 2015 Update (Apr. 05, 2015)
IBM on the move
On Mar. 31, 2015, IBM announced it would spend $3 billion to push forward James P. Chandler's and The Eclipse Foundation's "The Internet of Things" to which Facebook is a prime beneficiary.

This will perfect their hold on the embedded infrastructure of the Internet before Obama leaves office. IBM sold 750 "junk" patents to Facebook two months before the Facebook IPO and is Chandler's client. Chandler and former IBMer David J. Kappos launched IBM as the mother of all "patent trolls" in the late 1990's. It's no surprise that Obama appointed Kappos director of the Patent Office in 2009. Chandler looms large in Obama's hidden agenda.

Are Facebook's phalanx of attorney firms the equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirts? IBM computers enabled Adolf Hitler to catalog Jews, Poles, gypsies, homosexuals and other undesireables before World War II. Many millions of those souls perished in the Nazi death camps. Now, Facebook is helping IBM build secret "dark profiles" on every American citizen via Facebook,, transportation, the "cloud," couponing, gaming and IRS "big data."

Paul Ceglia's claims are annoying them. Will Judge Broderick be the first federal judge to break ranks with the Facebook / IBM Cartel?
Now Gibson Dunn LLP demands the right to file briefs like a party to the suit. However, the public is not permitted to read what they send to the judge. Hopefully Judge Broderick will permit the public to read all of Facebook's communications to the court forthwith.

Fogg called the Snyder email “their whining lamentation” where they express dissatisfaction with the government’s efforts and make an arrogant attempt to advocate on behalf of the prosecutors. (This arrogance telegraphs who thinks they are running the show, as has long been suspected by those of us who follow this case.)

“Anonymous group” (supports Ceglia's Constitutional Rights)

Snyder evidently complained of “press releases authored by an anonymous group” and the court’s “lack of control over the media, public opinion, and Mr. Ceglia.”

Fogg's retort:

"For over five years the media and public opinion have condemned, maligned and prejudged Paul Ceglia as a ‘fraudster,' 'scammer,' 'criminal' and so on; defamations which continue to this date and about which the [Facebook] attorneys [Gibson Dunn] have made no issues.”

Fogg highlighted Gibson Dunn's hypocrisy in saying nothing when the mainstream media lemmings favored Facebook, but now suddenly express outrage when their conduct is the focus of unfavorable review. Apparently turnabout is not fair play at Gibson Dunn LLP.

New: Friends of Paul Ceglia's Constitutional Rights Press Releases that Facebook is whining about
  1. Friends of Paul Ceglia. (Mar. 19, 2015). Facebook, Gibson Dunn LLP, Orrick Herrington LLP, U.S. Attorney Preetinder ''Preet'' Bharara and courts conspire to deny Paul Ceglia his civil rights.
  2. Friends of Paul Ceglia. (Mar. 26, 2015). U.S. Government uses old KGB-style tactics to persecute Paul Ceglia.
  3. Papaserge, R. (Mar. 20, 2015). 'Friends of Ceglia' group shows support for Wellsville man, criticizes alleged ties between government, Facebook. Wellsville Daily Reporter.

“Poisonous Rhetoric”

Fogg described the Snyder email as “poisonous rhetoric” that taints the court and the proceedings.

The intervention by Gibson Dunn LLP as a non-party in this case is unusual. They clearly stepped over the line. Their arrogant attempt to lecture the judge and re-argue on behalf of the government telegraphs a judicial system run amok. It is further evidence of the unnatural influence of Gibson Dunn LLP in America’s jurisprudence and politics.

See Davis. J. (Apr. 10, 2012). Everybody hates whistleblowers. ("Gibson Dunn places emphasis on the need to identify and discredit the source of the whistleblowing disclosure, instead of correcting the issues they’ve reported."); PDF version (all the "Likes" on this article have been removed). More attempts at Facebook/Gibson Dunn hegemony over American public life and discourse.

Lady Justice cheered today

Lady Justice

Kudos to Judge Broderick for doing the right thing. Lady Justice cheered for you on this most solemn of Christian Holy Days—Good Friday.

May our readers, their friends and loved ones have a Blessed Easter.

A Special Message to Paul Ceglia and his family:

Wherever you are, may God bless you and keep you. We pray “the Truth will set you free.”

We stand with you.

* * *

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  1. LOL. Prospective Facebook whistle blowers gotta be getting nervous. If they whistle blow AFTER the lid is blown, they'll join their fellow conspirators in the next cell.

  2. (Apr. 04, 2015). Judge Orders Facebook and Zuckerberg to Turn Over Documents. Newsmax.

    This article is pretty accurate, except for one GLARING ERROR. They wrote that the prosecutor's forensic analysis proved that Ceglia had altered the contract, when in fact, the OPPOSITE IS TRUE. The prosecutors' forensic analysis has proven that the contract is GENUINE and NOT A FORGERY. Newsmax got it completely BACKWARDS!

    Newsmax was quoting Facebook's hired forensic liars. The prosecutors hired the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Laboratory who VALIDATED the contract documents as GENUINE.

    Here is the actual Secret Service forensic report:

    Here's our full blog post about this report:

    C'mon Newsmax. This is sloppy journalism that is very unfair to Paul Ceglia. A correction is in order in the name of justice and fair play.

    1. NEWSMAX apparently was quoting FOXNEWS which was quoting the ASSOCIATED PRESS

      ALL THREE NEWS AGENCIES HAVE THE STORY ON THE FORENSIC TESTS BACKWARDS. Facebook's case collapsed a week ago when the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Laboratory affirmed them as genuine and NOT FORGIES.

      This glaring error is absolute proof of media bias.

      Corrections should be demand by all their readers.

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    Trust me , they say........" I am not a crook" RM Nixon. " I did not have sexual relations with that women" WJ Clinton. " We will put the negotiations on C-Span ", BH Obama. "You can keep your doctor, it will lower your costs, I first heard about these charges just like you did ( in the news) ", BH Obama. " My computer crashed", Lois Lerner. " Iraq has WMD " GW Bush. "ISIS is a JV", BH Obama. " I invented the Internet", Al Gore. " Our plane was under fire", HR Clinton. " I gave up all of my non personal emails ", HR Clinton. " We have doubled the miles our cars can go on a gallon of gas", BH Obama. "Congress is always fully informed", BH Obama. " The man had his arms up in surrender when he was shot", E Holder. " The men in Benghazi died because of a video", BH Obama, E Holder, HR Clinton, S Rice. " My emails and hard drives have no evidence on them " , M Zuckerberg. " Racism is rampant.....a lady at Walmart recently asked me to get something off of a shelf for her", M Obama. " We left the White House broke", HR Clinton. " We have to pass it to see what's in it", N Pelosi. " Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in ten years ", H Reid. All of these people make me sick.......

    This revelation about an honest judge that also may be sick of this stuff, is quite refreshing. America was an "idea" that was founded on trust and morality. Our Founders risked their lives so we could live in a free and wholesome society. Politicians were meant to be servants , not elitists. Hard work used to be honored. Thieves, liars, con artists, cheaters, and scoundrels were castigated. Lawyers were trained to study and enforce the law, not be rewarded for usurping it. Can we swing back to a more honest, productive society ? Absolutely. Will it be easy ? No. But it starts with legal outcomes that punish offenders. Perhaps this " judge" will perform his duty honorably. And then , who knows, maybe America will begin to slow down our obvious self inflicted implosion. =

    ....Have a great day, TEX.


  4. Orrick perjury and conspiring along with Zuckerberg to protect his stolen empire. You now the truth about facebook, zuckerberg caught hiding and attempting to destroy evidence Facebook’s Document Experts Admit Damaging Ceglia Contract, Lisa Simpson of Orrick the firm Eduardo Savrin accused of conspiring with Zuckerberg to deprive him of his shares when zuckerberg stole the idea facebook, David Kirkpatick in an email said he was going to meet Mr. Hayes in london, and he did, David Kirkpatick did not say what happen at the meeting, but Henry Blobet knew about libor fixing and knew facebook was stolen and passed the info on to David Kirkpatick and Kirkpatrick set up libor manipulation info on facebook

    Baidu (ADR), China’s version of Facebook and Google combined, was started the same month as Facebook, Robin Yangong Li and Google know how facebook was stolen Robin stole the idea facebook and started his own version of Facebook Baidu, Google in an email said they did not wont to invest in the idea facebook and know how facebook was stolen Russian Juri Milner started Digital Sky Technologies (DST) aka funded by oligarch Alisher Usmanov and they know how facebook was stolen, the guys at paypal know how facebook was stolen Obama Colleagues Summers and Furman Talk Economic Growth, Larry Summers knew facebook was stolen? a Former Harvard University President at the time facebook was stolen Summers has corrupted the study of economics itself because they argued it for their own BENEFIT.

    Hillary wiped her personal email server clean, Lerner claimed that her hard drive was “fried” Gibson Dunn LLP (Facebook) have destroyed evidence and know facebook was stolen

  5. The truth about Orin Snyder


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