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Monday, March 30, 2015


Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Gibson Dunn LLP and James Chandler make their own law

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Mar. 30, 2015 Updated Apr. 03, 2015 | PDF
Update, Apr. 03, 2015
What Facebook must produce:
Judge Broderick ordered Zuckerberg to give up stonewalled evidence; what's on the list?
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Fig. 1:—Zuckerberg Deleted Harvard Emails in 2010. Mark Zuckerberg was permitted to login to his Harvard email account in Oct. 2010 and delete email. Why did Harvard allow a 2nd-year dropout such extraordinary access, especially since both the Ceglia and Leader Technologies lawsuits were in process? Such destruction of evidence during active lawsuits is a criminal offense, just like it is for Hillary Clinton.
Photo: EliteDail
On Mar. 30, Judge Vernon S. Broderick ordered Facebook and Zuckerberg to produce information from 2003-2004 "promptly." See Mar. 31 News Alert below.

On Mar. 27, 2014, Paul Ceglia's counsel, Gil Messina, had asked to review Zuckerberg's "Emails on Harvard Backup" and "Zuckerberg's Computer Hard Drives." The judge's order dialed back Messina's full request, for now, but what has been ordered casts a wide net that should include the detailed items anyway.

Messina's letter says Facebook is attempting to restrict Ceglia's current defense counsel from reviewing the evidence. (Editorial: If Zuckerberg is innocent, then what's the worry?) Zuckerberg's attorney, Gibson Dunn LLP, argues that since they have sued Ceglia's attorneys in New York state court, those attorneys should not be allowed to review the evidence.

In the spy business, Gibson Dunn's conduct is called "lawfare."

In keeping with his forgery story, Zuckerberg has sued all of Ceglia's lawyers for knowingly participating in a scheme to defraud Zuckerberg by putting forward a contract that they knew to be a forgery. However, on Mar. 23, 2015 this forgery story collapsed with the release of the government's own Secret Service forensic tests showed it to be genuine. This new lawsuit against the Ceglia's lawyers appears to be have been designed to try and ice them out form being able to review Zuckerberg's evidence.

Messina's bucket list for Zuckerberg's stonewalled evidence includes:

Zuckerberg's Harvard email—All Harvard stored emails from Mar. 2003 to June. 2004 from his Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences ("FAS") email account. These exist, according to Messina, because "evidence shows that Zuckerberg accessed his Harvard student account in October 2010, after the [Ceglia] complaint had been filed, when he was able to delete emails from his account."

Harvard anti-logo
Zuckerberg was permitted by Harvard to delete email in Oct. 2010 !!!
Curiously Judge Broderick and U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara are Harvard Law graduates, and protégés of former Harvard Law professor James P. Chandler. Zuckerberg was at Harvard. Harvard president Lawrence Summers arranged massive news coverage for the 19-year old Zuckerberg in The Harvard Crimson. Facebook largest shareholders from Accel Partners LLP (James W. Breyer, James Swartz, Ping Li) are Harvard graduates. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. is a Harvard graduate. Barack Obama is a Harvard graduate. Sheryl K. Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, is from Harvard. She was mentored by then professor Larry Summers. JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon is from Harvard. Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein is from Harvard. Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is from Harvard. Yada, yada, yada. Harvard has a clear bias toward Facebook in these proceedings. One will probably have to hack this Harvard hubris with a macheti. Will Broderick hold these alums of his alma mater accountable for their misconduct?

Zuckerberg's 28 computer hard drives—Zuckerberg's computer hard drives exist and are in the custody of Zuckerberg's attorney in this case, Gibson Dunn LLP. This is known from the testimony of Zuckerberg's own expert witnesses Rose and McGowen. Zuckerberg and his counsel concealed this evidence in Leader v. Facebook and Ceglia's cases. The Federal Circuit court also ignored this concealment in Leader v. Facebook while also failing to disclose the prior relationships of the judges themselves with Gibson Dunn LLP, who had represented them and now disgraced chief judge Randall R. Rader in 2010 in a conflicts of interest case.

Anit-corruption suggestion box
When will judges fight back against Gibson Dunn LLP-esque justice?
The $64,000 question is: Will Judge Broderick cave to the pressure of this obvious bias against Paul Ceglia hovering over his court? We hope he will stand up for justice and the U.S. Constitution. The modus operandi with Gibson Dunn LLP has been interminable lying, misdirection and delay. They've done it for a decade to hide the truth about Mark Zuckerberg and the truth about Facebook's origins, why should they stop now? Our hunch is: expect more misdiretion. That is what these unscrupulous people believe is real work.
News Alert, Mar. 31, 2015
A first in Facebook lawsuits:
Zuckerberg and Facebook ordered to give up stonewalled evidence; but, does Judge Broderick have the backbone not to cave to Gibson Dunn LLP's lies?
Mark E. Zuckerberg
Fig. 2:—Mark Zuckerberg's opinion of U.S. judges and the law? It's time to pop the kid's bubble. C'mon Judge Broderick, show everyone you've got a backbone. Put him in jail for lying about the Paul Ceglia contract.
Photo: EliteDaily.
On Mar. 30, 2014, Judge Verson S. Broderick ordered Zuckerberg and Facebook to "promptly" produce all information from Jan. 1, 2003 to Jul. 29, 2004 that relates in any way to Zuckerberg and Ceglia. In yet more bend-over-backards protection of Zuckerberg, the court redacted a quote from a Aug. 18, 2003 smoking gun Zuckerberg Email.

(This is Gibson Dunn LLP's worn out modus operandi to seal court records so the truth about Zuckerberg stays hidden behind gag orders, euphamistically named "Protective Orders." )

Court records discussing this email say Zuckerberg and Ceglia were actually discussing the second contract that Zuckerberg claims was a forgery. The Government's own forensic experts now agree with the defense: the contract is genuine.

Put in cyber hijack timeline, Aug. 18, 2003 was two months before Leader Technologies debugged its key invention module for social networking—on Oct. 28, 2003. This was the very same night that Zuckerberg wrote in his online diary: "Let the hacking begin." Ceglia's lawyers also asked for access to Zuckerberg's Harvard Emails, but Broderick deferred that decision as an apparent carrot to get Ceglia to turn himself in. According to Ceglia father, he was threatened and left town with his wife, children and dog on about Mar. 10, 2015 after removing the GPS device strapped to his ankle.

Given the judicial abuses Ceglia has suffered at the hands of the Chandler-Holder-Bharara kangaroo courts, who can blame him for trying to protect himself and his family from this government oppression?

"You can't handle the truth"
(When men write their own rules about the good of others. Chandler justifies his actions for the good of national security, just like Jack Nicholson's character.)

Zuckerberg now has to prove that he isn't lying about the contract. If he is lying (which now the government forensics people say he is), then he committed fraud on the court. That could mean major jail time for him and his accomplices, including his attorney, Gibson Dunn LLP. If so, this attempt by the Obama-Holder-Chandler cartel to intimidate Paul Ceglia with criminal charges will have blown up in their faces. This appears to be the Kevin Bacon scene from A Few Good Men where Bacon's character takes the general, played by Jack Nicholson, into custody for lying to the court.

Montgomery County, Maryland appears to be swimming with world-class intellectual property sharks like James P. Chandler, the U.S. Patent Office, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. Sharks in sheep's clothing
Fig. 3—Professor JAmes P. Chandler, III The Obama Administration's Legal and Intelligence Puppet master. Chandler is uniquely qualified to have directed the unholy alliance among Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the NSA and the Justice Department during the Obama administration.

Ironically, Chandler is the author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act. Chandler was a law professor at Harvard Law. He is a mentor to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and David J. Kappos, former IBM chief intellectual property counsel and later director of the U.S. Patent Office. Chandler has also advised U.S. Attorneys like Preetinder Bharara (U.S. v. Ceglia) on trade secrets and economic espionage. Apparently that advice extended beyond how to defend against it . . . all in the name of "national security," of course, including the NSA's exploitation of Facebook customer data and slimy carte blanche user license.


(Mar. 30, 2015)—American law says destruction of evidence during a lawsuit is a criminal offense. However, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner and Gibson Dunn LLP (Facebook) have destroyed evidence, and have gotten away with it during Obama’s presidency, so far.

American judges should stay away from these legal professionals who have shown no respect for our justice system.

If Hillary, Lois Lerner & Gibson Dunn LLP get away with destroying evidence, everybody will do it

Hillary just wiped her personal email server clean while she was under investigation by Congress. Likewise, Lerner claimed that her hard drive was “fried” and her emails lost. Gibson Dunn LLP claimed in Leader v Facebook that all of Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 emails and documents were “lost." They stonewall current attempts in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and U.S. v. Ceglia for the same discovery.

Magically, Gibson Dunn LLP has now found all of the previously "lost" Zuckerberg computers. However, now they refuse to produce them in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and U.S. v. Ceglia. They tell Ceglia's attorneys that they'll never get them.

How do they know unless Judge Vernon S. Broderick is in their pocket?

Destroyers of Evidence . . . with impunity?
Mark E. Zuckerberg Lois G. Lerner Hillary R. Clinton Theodore B. Olson, Gibson Dunn LLP
Fig. 4—L/R: Mark E. Zuckerberg, Lois G. Lerner, Hillary R. Clinton, Theodore B. Olson (Gibson Dunn LLP).
Photos: Zuckerberg (EliteDaily), Lerner (C-SPAN), Clinton (NBC News), Theodore Olson (LawDragon).

The puppet master: Professor James P. Chandler, III

What do these attorneys have in common?

It is Professor James P. Chandler, III, whose knowledge of American law is uniquely qualified to circumvent it to benefit himself, his cronies and his private national security agenda.

Chandler and the Clinton's are tight. Chandler was appointed to Bill Clinton’s National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) on Jan. 18, 2001—just 10 months before Chandler organized The Eclipse Foundation with IBM and Fenwick & West LLP on Nov. 29, 2001. Three months earlier, on Aug. 07, 2001, Chandler had joined the board of Eurotech, Ltd. which was staffed with former commanders and directors of the Department of Energy, NASA and the NSA. Trouble is, neither Chandler nor Fenwick sought a conflict of interest waiver from their client, the true inventor of social networking, Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, Inc., who Chandler and Fenwick were ostensibly "advising" on their legal strategies. See Hijack of the Cyberworld Database and Timeline.

Fenwick & West LLP is now Facebook's chief securities and intellectual property counsel. Imagine that. Can the collusion get any more obvious?

Eclipse’s own meeting notes discuss a “single source” for the original source code that became social networking (a source which they were "unable to locate" just 18 months later - LOL - and were forced to "re-implement" - LOL - lawyer term for steal). In 2000, Chandler had been hired as Leader Technologies' patent counsel. A review of the timeline makes evident Chandler's collaboration with IBM, Fenwick & West LLP, Gibson Dunn LLP and the NSA. Trouble is, they were basing their plans on intellectual property theft. That is illegal and un American.

Gibson Dunn LLP—"One of the most corrupt law firms in America"

This cartel very evidently tapped Gibson Dunn LLP to take custody of the Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails and conceal them from scrutiny by all comers.

Reporter Julia Davis investigated Gibson Dunn LLP. She credits the firm with the reason why not a single Wall Street banker has gone to jail since 2008. Davis wrote: "Skillful manipulation of the firm’s extensive media connections allows Gibson Dunn to promote their causes, while simultaneously smearing their opponents and silencing embarrassing news coverage."

Only shocking to those who don’t see Chandler’s unseen hand, the judge and U.S. attorney in U.S. v. Ceglia have allowed Gibson Dunn and Zuckerberg to enter the Ceglia case to prevent access to Zuckerberg’s 28 computers and emails from 2003-2004.

American intelligence & Justice directed out of a garage in Potomac, Maryland

The six-year pattern of stonewalling in Washington points to the unique experience of Professor James P. Chandler, III, who, according to Montgomery County, Maryland property records, appears to coordinate America's national intelligence strategy out of his garage in Potomac, Maryland. As a former law professor, his students now run many of our courts. As advisor to the Justice Department on economic espionage, U.S. Attorneys and judges have relied upon him for decades. As advisor to the NSA and C.I.A., he appears to have stepped over the line when he stole his client's social networking invention and colluded with Wall Street to line their collective pockets with Facebook ecosystem stock manipulation. As the saying goes, power corrupts . . .

The epidemic of legal misconduct in Washington appears to have been empowered by Professor James P. Chandler under the secrecy guise of the FISA court, and in the name of national security.

Advice: the ship of this massive collusion is listing badly. Whistleblow while you can.

* * *

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  1. Email comment RT:

    It is amazing that these people are doing this and nobody is taking action against them. Who in the government is going to do something about this. Is there a committee that can be set up to control the lawless people in these higher offices?


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    Consumer Alert: DROPBOX is making a big push into the market right now. Be warned that Dropbox is a creation of Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners LLP, two of the prime players in the Facebook Cartel, once you click on the DROPBOX link just once, you will be giving away permission to the cartel to snoop into your computer and phone any time their tech goons wish Dropbox know and knew that Facebook was a stolen idea DATA HARVESTING for the CIA NSA and FBI Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners KNEW facebook was a stolen idea Sam Lessin knew Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook

    62,320 Emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton 31,830 Deemed by Clinton and her lawyers to be personal in nature she says she has deleted about her yoga her mothers funeral and her mothers funeral and daughters wedding plans THAT'S 31,830 EMAILS? Hillary just wiped her personal email server clean while she was under investigation by Congress

    Before the Government can bring criminal charges against a citizen, it must have probable cause. In this case, the Government was required to be relatively certain that Zuckerberg’s forgery charges against Paul Ceglia were more likely than not to be true.


  3. Email comment by TEX:

    Can we be a bigger bunch of liars ? Where , oh where, would a guy begin this list? Let's start with John Kerry. He lied about his Vietnam Nam experiences, he called fellow soldiers baby killers, he recently lied about his global warming leadership, and he is now lying about this Iran deal. And who on the Iranian side would doubt for a minute that America is a bunch of wimps. Have you seen or listened to "our" crack negotiating team ? They might as well wear their ball caps backwards and let their pants fall off. And what's with the guy that thinks he's George Washington ? They make me sick. Grow some.......

    And how about our National Security Director , Susan Rice? Could she be a bigger liar? And Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney's failure to pay taxes for 10 years while Mr Reid was at the Speakers podium ? The list for Harry Reid alone over the last six years could take three pages. I wish I had blackened his eye. How about Nancy Pelosi , Eric Holder , and Hee Haw Joe Biden ? Just incredible. The IRS scandal , the Benghazi coverup, the EPA, Obamacare , the NLRB, the DOJ, and virtually every other Obama department is founded on lies and deception.

    But the real winners are the Clinton's. Bill had a substantial lead over Hillary in blatant lies but Hillary, the competitor that she is, has run right past this sexual pervert. How far can Hillary go before even the very liberal media begins to doubt the veracity of her every word ? She is a serial liar that truly believes that her crown makes her impervious to criticism from her followers. As an alleged lawyer ( a license that has been taken from her) , Hillary knows the seriousness of a request from a House oversight committee to produce emails on her unlawful use of a private server for highly confidential government work. She was not just a clerk, she was Secretary of State ! After receiving notice to produce them, she scrubbed them from her server. Now what are our cowards in the House going to do now ? Are we watching our nation of laws collapse right before our eyes ? Hilary has a rap sheet for obfuscation almost as long as Obama's......and that, folks, is almost impossible. Put her in jail, not the White House.

    Doesn't this whole scenario look familiar to AFI followers ? Lies, cheating, cover-ups, pay offs, power plays, etc. are so rampant in so many ways in our country that it is almost irreversible. Even though the sordid web described by the AFI investigators appears to be " out there" , it is now most apparent that it is just another piece to the puzzle Obama calls the " transformation of America" . And as Saul Alinsky writes, the " ends justify the means", or " the lies are not important, if the goal is reached" . Sometimes the truth about lies needs to be discussed. Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation. Have a nice day, TEX

    1. Email comment by The Optimist:

      TEX, I feel your pain. Then, I am reminded that Enron is no more. MCI is history. Andersen Consulting is no more. Bernie Ebbers and Joe Nachio are in jail. Let's hope we will be saying pretty soon that corrupt law firms and banks like Gibson Dunn LLP, Cooley Godward LLP, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are no more. Taking bets that as they go down, some of their insiders will start squealing, especially now that they cannot trust that their handlers won't be exposed and rat on them in a plea bargain.

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    The DOJ is going after Senator Bob Menendez ( D) for corruption charges because ,according to White House spokesmen, " we will not tolerate corruption". I had to take a "deep breathe" pill.....really ? No corruption tolerated? Eric Holder was held in contempt by the House. Al Sharpton has committed a federal crime by not paying over $4 million in taxes due. Hilary , oh how can I count the ways? What about Lois Lerner, and Obama's NSA cabal ? And what about the USPTO ? And Obama, well he is the greatest liar by any standard ,in the history of presidential politics. He actually got a Nobel Peace Prize for his audacious diatribes. So why Menendez? Because he didn't play ball......he was opposed to Obama's embracing of Castro and Obama's embracing of Iran. Did he fail to report gifts from his very rich boyhood best friend ? Yes. And shame on him. Did Obama take gifts from some very rich new adult best friends that are now in prison or should be in prison ? Yes. Ever heard of Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers ? Did Hillary get gifts from her chicken producer friends in Arkansas and bet $1000 on futures ( the first and only trade in her life) and make a cool $100,000 in weeks. She proffered that it was just a lucky hunch. And what about Al Gore? Think he took a gift or two to become a spokesman for the green movement? What about Bill Clinton? Oh, never mind.

    ....Have a great day, TEX.


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    Former University President Larry Summers and Jason L. Furman ‘92, the current Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, discussed domestic economic growth at a packed JFK Jr. Forum at the IOP Monday night.

    The documentary genre has the potential to impact cases... because of its inherent and presumed journalistic ethics. And yet, as entertainment, the form falls under the danger of breaching that code of conduct in the push for sensationalization. When the content is working to convict a suspect rather than free the wrongfully accused, that inherent possibility is much more problematic."


    Trying to outrun the sheriff?

    IBM to Invest $3 Billion in 'Internet of Things' Unit

    NEW YORK — Mar 31, 2015, 5:39 PM ET
    By BARBARA ORTUTAY AP Technology Writer


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