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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Whistleblower unearths notes showing law Professor James P. Chandler met secretly with county officials on behalf of himself, Patent Office, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Mar. 10, 2015, Updated Mar. 22 | PDF
Paul Ceglia
Paul D. Ceglia
u.s. secret service logo
Paul Ceglia's contract is genuine, according to Larry F. Stewart, former director of the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Laboratory, and many other forensic experts.
Graphic: FICO.
Update Mar. 22, 2015
Friends of Paul Ceglia issue press release
Click here for "Friends of Paul Ceglia" press release
. The release exposes more C.I.A./NSA ties to the Facebook-U.S. government collusion. (James P. Chandler, see below, advised the C.I.A., NSA, Patent Office (David J. Kappos), Justice Department (Eric H. Holder, Jr.) and the White House simultaneously, according to Washington insiders who wished to remain anonymous.)
Preetinder Bharara, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder
The Harvard Law Amigos. L/R: U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Three Amigo's in the crimes against Paul Ceglia. All Harvard Law protégés of James P. Chandler. See a pattern?
Photo: The Last Civil Right.
Whistleblower Edward Snowden has already revealed substantial Facebook collaboration with the NSA/CIA in PRISM.) According to the release, Paul Ceglia is the victim of a political hit job to protect Facebook in who all of the judges and U.S. Attorneys have investments and relationship conflicts. We suggest you send this press release to decision influencers you know. The "Court of Public Opinion" may be the only court that can stop the evident corruption in our legal system. After all, these judges collect their paychecks from "We The People." Why are we continuing to pay for this abuse of power? Click here for Wellsville (NY) Daily Reporter coverage.

Click here to read the just published forensic results that support Paul Celgia and prove unequivocally that the Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract is genuine (NOT a forgery, as Eric Holder's minions concocted). One of the forensic experts cited is Larry F. Stewart, former director of the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Laboratory.
Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
On Aug. 30, 2002, Professor James P. Chandler discussed the use of his client Leader Technologies' invention of social networking for the benefit of IBM, the Patent Office and C.I.A. with Montgomery County, Maryland officials. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
Graphic: Chandler Law.
Beware of the C.I.A.'s Cloud–era update (Mar. 15, 2015)
—The newly-leaked Chandler notes refer to the Central Intelligence Agency ("C.I.A.") and a "National Security Academy" sponsored by Chandler's "NIPLI" (National Intellectual Property Law Institute) for which there is "no info. on www." This is consistent with the experience of the AFI university law research librarians who could find nothing on the World Wide Web about Chandler's activities.

Will an Internet Cloud founded upon theft, lies, avarice, deception & lawlessness serve humankind morally & make us safer?
". . . like a foolish man who built his house on sand."
Matthew 7:26.
"Paper presented to C.I.A." Chandler's notes disclose a C.I.A. National Security Academy that he is promoting for which there will be no public accountabilty.

"Chandler has faith in the government." This affirmation of faith from a law professpr emeritus of George Washington University, member of President Clinton's National Informaiton Assurance Council, and author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act, would certainly lead a hearer to believe that Professor Chandler will follow the very laws he helped create.

"JPC [James P. Chandler] enjoys his life in Montgomery County." Chandler appears to be making his physical proximity to the proposed IBM/The Eclipse Foundation facilities in Montgomery County as a selling point. This note smacks of nepotism.

C.I.A. and the Facebook Cartel are heavily invested in Cloudera "Big Data" storage. It did not take AFI investigators long to discover deep connections among these Chandler notes, the C.I.A. and the Facebook Cartel. Cloudera's $1.2 billion in investors includes the C.I.A. (In-Q-Tel), Accel Partners, Meritech Capital Partners and T. Rowe Price. These In-Q-Tel investing partners are the largest of Facebook's investors. Accel Partners (James W. Breyer) is Facebook's largest, Meritech was the sixth largest beneficiary of insider trading on Day 3 of the IPO. T. Rowe Price held more than 5% of the Facebook pre-IPO stock. Leader Technologies' other attorney, Fenwick & West LLP, is Facebook's securities and patent attorney. Cloudera's own PR says they are "founded by leading experts on big data from Facebook." These misappropriations of Leader's invention and trade secrets are no longer in doubt.
The 2002 scene of the crime that became Facebook, and the rest of the "social" world
Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
2002 Scene of the "Social" Crimes
Full Timeline
2001 Scene of the Social Networking Technology Crime
Mar. 12, 2015 Update
—Newly leaked evidence from 2002 completes the puzzle of events that laid the foundation for the Phoenix-like rise of "social" technology from the ashes of foundering "open source" initiatives—all based on Leader Technologies' invention.

James E. Freeze, former Leader Technologies Director; Chairman of Pinkerton Government Services; former head of the U.S. Army Security Agency; former Asst. Deputy Dir. of the National Security Agency (NSA); author of 'The Freeze Report' on national laboratory security.
Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze (Army, NSA ret.)
Professor James P. Chandler, former Leader Technologies Director, IP Counsel; President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute; Partner, Chandler Law Firm Chartered; Professor Emeritus George Washington University; adviser to Congress on intellectual property matters including trade secrets, patents, economic espionage.
Prof. James P. Chandler
Starting in late 2001, Leader directors James P. Chandler and James E. Freeze secretly repurposed Leader's innovations and business plans for their Eurotech, Ltd. (aka Eurotech, SpA) colleagues recently retired from NASA, NSA, Navy and Department of Energy. They used a federal research program as their vehicle to gain custody of Leader's source code for IBM / Eclipse, the NSA and Fenwick & West LLP—all in the name of national security, of course. The obscene irony here is that Chandler wrote the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and the Federal Trade Secrets Act. He was circumventing his own laws. He then leveraged his Harvard relationships to press his agenda for politics, law, technology, security and race relations—all hidden from public view and accountable to no one.

This "CRADA" (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) gave Leader access to Department of Defense cryptographic programs—which Chandler and Freeze repurposed using Leader's homeland security business plans for Battelle Memorial Institute, Etelix and Eurotech, aka, aka Markland Technologies, aka, Technest, aka AccelPath, aka EOIR Technologies, aka The White Oak Group which has over $1 billion in defense contracts currently. All this is in addition to the repurposing by IBM, Xerox, Facebook, Fenwick & West LLP, The Eclipse Foundation and their "open source" devotees. (Read: We like open source software, as long as somebody else spent the money to create it.) Leader spent over $10 million and 145,000 man-hours. That was a pretty good head start for these theives. Chandler described these activities as a "coup" to Maryland development officials in a secret meeting revealed by meeting notes from that Sep. 06, 2002 meeting just leaked by a whistleblower. Read more.


Montgomery County, Maryland appears to be swimming with world-class intellectual property sharks like James P. Chandler, the U.S. Patent Office, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. Sharks in sheep's clothing
Fig. 1—Montgomery County, Maryland— appears to be swimming with world-class intellectual property sharks like James P. Chandler, the U.S. Patent Office, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. Sharks in sheep's clothing.
Photo:Montgomery County.
James P. Chandler
James P. Chandler
Photo: NIPLI.

(Mar. 10, 2015)—AFI received stunning new evidence from a whistleblower just as news of Hillary Clinton’s secret email system broke. Notes of secret conversations from Aug. to Nov. 2002 meetings provide more proof of law Professor James P. Chandler’s collusion with the Patent Office, Justice Department, IBM and even Montgomery County, Maryland, to steal Leader Technologies’ invention—his client.


Equally stunning is the level of braggadocio and self-interest exhibited by the professor. For example:

“We do valuable work for our country and it is important for that to be understood and acknowledged”
Chandler claimed that the Patent Office deferred to him for decisions on the “whole intellectual property history [of the United States from] 1790 to present . . . “JPC [Chandler] made tentative decision to begin with the TM [trademark] collection – 42 classes… Patent Classes – many many more.”
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 2—Chandler concealed his private representation of the Patent Office. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 3—Chandler claimed much control over intellectual property policy. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 4—Chandler demands respect from total strangers. Doug Duncan was the Montgomery County Executive at that time. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 5—Chandler's scheme to "contract back" prior art search services to the Patent Office. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
“Where US policy is being made on an I.P. [issue] – Chandler generally has a say in it.”
“DO NOT GO PUBLIC with this.”
“Chandler hasn’t been in touch with Senators, Congress, etc. [As an Institute, we cannot lobby, can only educate]… if we get it in place – they want to contract back to do the [patent prior art] searches . . . this is a huge opportunity for the State/County (kind of a ‘coup’ of sorts) . . . the USPO”
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 6—Chandler indicates that the uspto gift of patent and trademark inventory since 1790 to cHANDLER is a done (no-bid) deal. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation. IBM 2001 Annual Report announcement of $40 million funding of The Eclipse Foundation
Fig. 7—Chandler solicited Montgomery County, Maryland officials to partner with IBM/Eclipse. Evidence of an illegal solicitation? NIPLI is Chandler's organization, the National Intellectual Property Law Institute. Click here for full whistleblower notes.

These notes provide hard proof of Chandler’s promotion of “IBM Incorporating Members, Business Model – different from current business model . . . consider some approach to partnering with IBM.” According to IBM’s 2001 Annual Report, they funded The Eclipse Foundation with over $40 million on Nov. 29, 2001.

Chandler even promotes IBM and Eclipse involvement to the county from whom he is seeking special favors so that he can establish a facility for the USPTO that they will contract back to him. Chandler admits he is not allowed to lobby as an Institute, but he is clearly doing just that in these meetings.

Chandler dropped the names of numerous influential people, including Bruce Lehman, then current commissioner of the Patent Office, and Doug Duncan, the well-connected Democrat county executive. Chandler alludes to his mastery over Congress and the Courts, stating “NIPLI and Chandler drafted the [Federal Trade Secrets Act]. In that same exchange he alludes to his mastery of the Justice Department as well where his close confidante, Eric H. Holder, was then assistant attorney general and being advised by Chandler on trade secrets, as Chandler says in these notes.

AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Lynn Mattice, former Chief Security Officer, Boston Scientific Corporation
Lynn Mattice, former Chief Security Officer, Boston Scientific Corp.
Photo: ISC West.
Fig. 8—Lynn Mattice, Boston Scientific meetings were arranged for Leader by Chandler. Facebook blindsided Leader just days before trial with fabricated on-sale bar evidence surrounding these Boston Scientific meetings. Judge Stark refused to allow Leader to depose Boston Scientific witnesses or Professor Chandler. Curiously, Chandler's discussion with Montgomery County centered on prior art searching, for which he was angling for the global franchise. Click here for full whistleblower notes.

Exploratory conversation with Boston Scientific figured prominently in Facebook’s 11th hour introduction of dubious on-sale bar evidence in Leader v. Facebook. Those meetings were arranged by Chandler, as these notes confirm. The notes even detail Chandler's travel schedule to Boston. Lynne Mattice was the chief security officer at Boston Scientific and a Chandler colleague in NIPLI.

Leonard P. Stark
Leonard P. Stark
Photo: US Courts.

Hindsight shows that Facebook was evidently coached by Chandler on how to most effectively blindside Leader with prior art arguments at trial in order to give crony Judge Stark the excuse he needed to support the bogus on-sale bar verdict.

Judge Leonard P. Stark blocked Leader from being able to interview Boston Scientific witnesses once the Boston Scientific evidence emerged on the eve of trial.

AFI. (Feb. 13, 2015). Findings of Fact and Timeline, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Americans For Innovation.
Fig. 9—Chandler's travel schedule to Boston for the Leader Meeting he arranged with Lynn Mattice, which became the focus of Facebook's last minute on-sale bar blindside at trial. "(614) 890-3141" is a Leader Technologies number. Click here for full whistleblower notes.
Mitch Kappor, founder of Lotus Corp; founder of Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF); likely a James P. Chandler ''ombudsman'' to funnel Leader Technologies' source code to IBM and The Eclipse Foundation
Mitch Kappor.
Findings Timeline, No. 33..
Photo: Foundersatwork.

Tellingly, Chandler mentioned the name of former Patent Office commissioner, Bruce Lehman. Lehman disclosed in his Senate testimony that Lotus Corporation and Adobe Systems are his former clients. Lotus’ founder, Mitch Kappor, started “Project Chandler(see No. 33)” on Oct. 21, 2002 ostensibly to disseminate open source software (Leader Technologies’ invention). Kappor appears to have become one of the "ombudsmen" Chandler sought in these conversations.

Even more telling, according to The Eclipse Foundations own meeting minutes, they released version 1.0 of the Eclipse “open source” software on Mar. 06, 2002—the same moment that Leader Technologies placed its source code in Professor Chandler’s and Fenwick & West LLP’s custody, ostensibly as a part of their Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) project escrow. See Findings of Fact and Timeline.

George Will said Sunday of the Clintons that they "could find a loophole in a stop sign." The individuals just exposed by this whistleblower will start digging for their loopholes, but they're going to need some pretty deep holes. Rarely do such insider notes as this surface, so the opportunities to corroborate this evidence are many.

Readers should know that AFI has engaged the services of experienced law librarians from a major university who were quite frustrated by the lack of evidence about all these Chandler activities, which were clearly many, and all done in secret. Their conclusion was that the web itself was intentionally cleansed of information about him and his many associations, just like it has been for John P. Breyer, the father of Accel Partners LLP's James P. Breyer, Fenwick & West LLP's client in 2002 when the theft of Leader Technologies' code occurred.

It appears that we finally have a date for the theft of Leader's invention—Mar. 6, 2002.

IBM 2001 Annual Report announcement of $40 million to fund The Eclipse Foundation

According to IBM’s 2001 Annual Report, they funded The Eclipse Foundation with over $40 million on Nov. 29, 2001. IBM's chief inside intellectual property counsel was David J. Kappos. James P. Chandler, III, was IBM's chief outside intellectual property counsel. Mitch Kappor had cashed out Lotus via IBM and maintained strong ties. Kappos was appointed director of the U.S. Patent Office in an unusual recess appointment by President Barack Obama on Aug. 07, 2009—without Congressional approval. Graphic: IBM 2001 Annual Report.

* * *


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Holy crackers.....a cold case is resurrected !
    Time to plea bargain, fellas. Get out in front of your potential term in the slammer. If you think that AFI and those harmed by these criminals are going away, think again. Whistleblowers can save some personal integrity and can receive redemptive powers. As this case continues to evolve , my advice is "eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation". Have s great day, TEX=

  2. Yikes Batman, Lynn Mattice looks like a gangster and Kappor looks like he's already in handcuffs. Probably just me, but Kappor and Kappos differ in only one letter. Wouldn't that be poetic if we find out they are related? I cannot discover much of anything about Kappos' IBM days, his biographies and writings for his first 20 years at IBM are nowhere to be found, just like Chandler's. No doubt the devil is in those details and that is why they are missing.

  3. Ex-NBC Reporter Meyers: Journalists 'Appear to Have Chosen Sides'

    (Mar. 12, 2015)--Former NBC reporter Lisa Meyers tells The Des Moines Register the quality of television journalism is going downhill and that reporters have picked sides.

    Meyers is scheduled to give a talk in Des Moines on Thursday, and told the Register, "I am going to talk about the deterioration in the quality of journalism you see on TV. There is less and less interest in network television today holding the White House or any other part of government accountable."

    On Feb. 14, 2014, AFI identified the financial stranglehold that Wall Street and Silicon Valley have over the mainstream media. See this previous post:


  4. Huh? Looking through these notes I don't see anything that remotely suggests that Chandler had anything to do with Leader during this time period or that he provided anything Leader-related to any third party.

  5. Deer Beer, the timeline and the evidence you are pretending not to see buries your CARTEL... I hear the clank of jail cells. Your people are starting to leak. Olly Olly in free. "Golly judge, I didn't think the law was for ME too."

  6. David kirkpatick set this up on facebook

    The strategy wasn't a secret. Each morning at a meeting of UBS's interest-rate-derivatives desk in Tokyo, Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down Originally, the purpose of the feature was to allow users to inform their friends This feature first became available in September 2006 updates were followed by the "What are you doing right now in March 2009, the question was changed to "What's on your mind? (move it up or no move it down ) Facebook than added the feature to tag certain friends (or groups, bankers lawyer Shady traders etc.) The ponzi scheme had everything it needed, Larry Summers + President Barack Obama Sean Parker Facebook extortionist James W. Breyer David kirkpatick they all know how facebook was stolen.
    LIBOR: widespread regulation a tepid stance on addressing new practices. However, even this has been met with reticence, such as RBS' recent attempt to limit Forex fixings, They say the entire chain of events cannot be viewed as having a definitive beginning and an end, as nobody truly knows when Libor-fixings started, but David Kirkpatick and Henry Bloget knew about libor fixing back in 2004 David Kirkpatick in an email said he was going to meet Mr. Hayes in london, about libor fixing and he did, David Kirkpatick did not say what happen at the meeting but i got a reporter to ask him about it and he says he did not find a thing but this is crap David Kirkpatick Henry Bloget said he knew how to do libor fixing, David Kirkpatick and Henry Bloget knew that Facebook was stolen,
    39-year-old Gabriel Magee, vice president of technology operations, died after falling from JPMorgan's London headquarters Third JP Morgan employee has died jumped from the roof of Charter House, the 30 floor skyscraper Hong Kong headquarters of J.P.M Major world banks are under regulatory scrutiny over their so called multi-billion dollar rigging of benchmark and commodity rates.

    Larry Summers was profoundly conflicted when he was appointed Director of the National Economic Council by President Obama in 2008. He had close personal and professional relationships with Sheryl Sandberg and Yuri Milner who were both clients and partners with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley at Facebook and DST-Moscow. Goldman and Morgan received $30 billion in U.S. taxpayer bailout funds. Then, Goldman funneled billions of those monies overseas. Then, within a year billions came back in the form of Goldman purchases of Facebook pre-IPO insider shares which boosted Facebook's valuation to $100 billion. Facebook declined to make executives available for interviews before the IPO offering, The power that Larry Summers wields over the stolen company Facebook makes meaningless the notion of investor Democracy. THE FACEBOOK CLUB was organized and controlled by lawrence larry summers soon to be Obama's chief economic advisor THIS WAS THE SET UP to use stolen bailout funds to pay for and set up of Facebook FOR vote rigging on facebook and the rip of IPO offering, Half of the people that Obama appointed were from Goldman Sachs the same people that did more damage then 911 Obama what was your mental state of mind when you did this?. Larry Summers knew facebook was stolen plaintiff Wayne Chang alleges that the Winklevosses cheated him out of the stolen idea facebook 60 Minutes is investigating the stolen bank computers files


  7. Obama chose Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary, Geithner was president of the new york federal reserve and a key player in the decision to pay Goldman Sachs 100 cents on the dollar for its bets against mortgages. the new president of the new york Fed is William Dudley the former chief economist of Goldman Sachs who praised derivatives and Geithner's chief of staff is Mark patterson a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs and Lewis Sachs who oversaw Tricadia a company heavily involved in betting against the mortgage securities it was selling and Obama picked Gary Gensler a former Goldman Sachs executive who band the regulation of derivatives and to run the Securities and Exchange commission Obama picked mary Schapiro the former CEO of Finra and Obama chief of staff is Rahn Emanel who was on the board of freddie mack and Martin Feldstein and Laura Tyson are members of OBAMA Economic recovery board and Obama's chief economic advisor is Larry Summers the guy who know that facebook was stolen. OBAMA DON'T SAVE US IT'S WE THAT NEED'S TO BE SAVED FROM YOU F.B.I the NSA and CIA got their global data pay off from FACEBOOK But it cost tens of millions of people their life savings their jobs and their HOMES. Lawrence “Larrry” Summers is an “ethically challenged” individual Obama no better

  8. I know this has said before in some form, but I don't know what you guys are smoking.

    I have gone through the entire set of "whistleblower" notes and the picture it paints seems awfully clear to me. And it has nothing to do with Leader. The USPTO had hundreds of thousands of trademarks and copyrights sitting in un-archived storage in Virginia. Chander--looking to build a legacy--saw an opportunity to put all of these into an electronic database that would be searchable. This is hardly rocket science. And he then worked to move a facility into his home county of Montgomery, MD. He talked about moving these materials into a non-profit, since Congress would be much more likely to allow that to happen. And when you're building a massive online database, what's the first place you would go? Probably IBM. Or Oracle. But Chandler's contacts were of course with IBM, so it's no surprise that's where he was looking.

    Then, interspersed in here, you have some notes stating that Chandler attended some meetings on behalf of Leader. Which we already know. There's nothing to suggest remotely that his efforts to establish this USPTO archive had anything to do with Leader. Instead, what we see is a chronological logbook of his activities, as you would expect his assistant to maintain.

  9. All of this logic aside, there is one giant, glaring, gaping hole that Leader has never addressed. Leader claims that the grand scheme here was for Chandler to funnel Leader's code to the Eclipse Foundation and then make it open source.

    SO WHERE IS LEADER'S CODE?? Seriously. Where is there even a smidgen of evidence to suggest that any module, ANY MODULE, from the Eclipse Foundation even resembles Leader's code. It's open. It's out there. Sooooooo????? Until this blog can address this fundamental, obvious question, this is all a joke.

  10. What dog to you have in the Eclipse hunt, Michael? If Eclipse is on the up and up, as you imply, then you're getting all hot and bothered for no reason. The truth will win out. But you forget, again, that Leader already proved that the prolific Eclipse user Facebook infringes Leader patent on 11 of 11 counts. I realize that is the elephant in the room that your client keeps trying to obscure. Whoops.

  11. Oh by the way, Michael, you succeeded in using some good Astroturfing phraseology for Sheryl Attkisson's libarary:

    1. I don't know what you guys are smoking.
    2. gaping hole.
    3. this is all a joke.

    We'll not help you fill in your holes just now.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Rain, you're totally missing the point. At trial, Leader demonstrated that Facebook infringed on 11 claims (out of many more that were part of the Leader patent). This had absolutely nothing to do with the Eclipse Foundation, which has hundreds of members. The point that I am making above is that this blog has magically invented the notion that IBM/Chandler/Patent Office/US Government/CIA/You name it conspired to steal Leader's code. It's just ridiculous.

    The proof is in the pudding. Again--and this is so simple--this blog claims that the Eclipse Foundation was formed to exploit Leader's code and make it open source. Do you understand what "open source" means? It means that it's accessible and usable to anyone. It's in the public domain. Show me a single example where Leader's code ever surfaced in the public domain. THAT is why this blog is so ridiculous. When it comes down to hard proof, there is nothing there. Instead, this blog simply libels and besmirches the reputations of countless individuals. It's pretty disgusting when you think about it. That's my dog in this hunt.

  14. Michael, then allow Leader to examine Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives that magically appeared 2 days after Facebook denied their existence to the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Or is that another 'elephant in the room' you want to ignore?

  15. Congratulations Michael, six more Astroturfing phrases in your two short paragraphs.

    1. totally missing the point
    2. just ridiculous
    3. so ridiculous
    4. nothing there
    5. libels and besmirches
    6. pretty disgusting

    Facebook's attorneys aren't anything if not predictable. You attorneys and your paid astroturfing goons are the ONLY people defending this corruption?

    Your comments about Leader's patent: (1) proves you are a patent litigation attorney since no layman has a clue what you are talking about with regard to the total number of claims in a patent, and (2) if you were truthful, you would also tell the reader that Leader did assert more than 11 claims; you would tell them that the judge is the one who asked Leader to narrow down the number pursued at trial for the sake of "judicial economy" and to shorten the trial. You are caught again in your misinformation.

    The conduct of the people identified in this blog condemn themselves with their immorality. Perhaps their reputations are not well deserved. Money can buy many things, but not integrity. John Adam said it well, "Facts are stubborn things."

  16. Rain is correct, in Leader's COMPLAINT against Facebook, Leader asserted all 35 claims of U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761.

    If we were true to Michael Krecht's Astroturfing modus operandi, we'd conclude with comments like "he just pulled that argument out of his nether parts" and accuse him of being "nothing but a paid shill" and a "nut case," But we won't do that.

  17. Rain, you understand nothing about patent law. Of course Leader asserted all 35 claims at the pleading stage. The company was trying to cast as wide a net as possible.

    The fundamental question remains unanswered. Where is the Leader code in any Eclipse open source module? Until Leader answers that question, this is all wild speculation and innuendo. Facts are indeed stubborn things.

    1. Mr. Krecht, call me all the names you like, it only further proves my point about you and your ilk. This blog has presented volumes of solid evidence, unlike you. As was mentioned earlier, it was the judge who asked Leader to reduce the number of claims, but you knew that. You are pretending not see and understand. The record shows this is a popular Facebook attorney tactic. And by the way, you used two more Astroturf terms in your latest comment:

      1. you understand nothing about patent law
      2. wild speculation and innuendo [predictable, accuse others of what you are doing]

      That's 11 Astroturf epithets in your last three posts. Which continuing education class was that at your Crooked Law Firm? The worst thing this country has done is permit national and international law firms. You need to disappear the way of Andersen Consulting and Arter & Hadden.

  18. Not sure about Michael Krecht yet? As pointed out earlier, “you attorneys”, is a good clue. One might even suggest he may be associated with the firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher! Just researching that firm, you will find phrases used about them, “GDC abused the discovery process”, “GDC impeded fair discovery by interjecting a “high number of obstreperous and excessive objections and interruptions”. Also, “was obstructive and manipulative, in violation of the rules of discovery.” Along with, “GDC’s conduct was highly reprehensible.” Then, "None of the conduct at issue was accidental; GDC acted with actual malice!" (emphasis added). By the way, those are the words of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Montana in 2007! Stated elsewhere, “The court found that the firm, which employs about 800 lawyers, acted with a “high level of misconduct” and is using the courts as a “tool” in an attempt to intimidate.”
    Then there is the Chevron case where GDC attorneys were sanctioned again for “harassment of a witness” in 2011!

    The time frame for all of this is just before and during the Leader v. Facebook and ongoing with the Ceglia trial.

    Anyone see a pattern? These are not the only cases about GDC.

    Michael Krecht why don’t you stop with the “wild speculation and innuendo” and produce the original code that the Eclipse Foundation started with! “The proof is in the pudding. Again—and this is so simple” “Facts! (emphasis added) are indeed stubborn things.” to quote an Astroturfer!

  19. Instagram is a stolen idea and the makers of Instagram know facebook was stolen and the cod by mark zuckerberg David London was going to put the idea instagram on facebook but zuckerberg stole facebook and the people at instagram stole the idea instagram and on jun 29 2011 larry summers joined andreesen horowitz right befor facebook paid $1billion for andreesen client instagram and summers played both sides of the deal by simultaneously advising Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Anderesen who was invested in the stolen idea Instagram than got zuckerberg to pay $1billion for this stolen idea and they all know that facebook was stolen. the like button is stolen the cod is stolen TheFacebook feature called "Visualize Your Buddy." was stolen from John Thomson the Winklevoss brothers and Tim McGinn know of this and facebook is stolen.

    Perhaps the lesson here is that competing with and using your "friends" in serial fashion until you totally and completely ravage each relationship is key to achieving financial success—but then it's certainly no way to define friendship. As a practice it's wrong, and it is in many cases illegal, easily violating state unfair business practices statutes in addition to qualifying as outright fraud. (In Massachusetts, fraud means making a false representation with the intent to deceive, and another person acting on that representation to their detriment. It's also worth noting that it comes at a real Economic Price F,B.I and N.S,A and CIA thay did more damage than 911 and you helped them.

    David Kirkpatrick set up libor manipulation info on facebook, Robin Yangong Li knows facebook was stolen, James W. Breyer knows facebook was stolen, Russian Juri Milner knows facebook was stolen, lisa Simpson knows facebook was stolen, Bill Gates knows that facebook was stolen, An effective way to burnish your legacy as a public servant to is to rebut your critics before you’ve even left office. Eric Holder seems to be trying to do just that Eric Holder just a lap dog to Obama and Obama just a lap dog to larry summers


    Harkness, K. (Feb. 12, 2015). Senator to Loretta Lynch: Why Did No One Go to Jail for Laundering Money to Terrorists? The Daily Signal.

    "Instead of criminally prosecuting those individuals responsible, Lynch helped negotiate a $1.92 billion dollar settlement with HSBC in December 2012."

    See AFI's previous post on HSBC collusion with all the key players in the Facebook Cartel.

  21. Paul Ceglia is the victim of a political hit job to protect Facebook the FBI KNOW OF THIS they said to david london we will help you get facebook back if you get use inside NO BULL


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