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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Judge Broderick inherited a nest of conflicts involving JPMorgan and Facebook from Judge Carter

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Apr. 08, 2015, updated Apr. 18 | PDF
Judge Broderick inherited a nest of conflicts involving JPMorgan and Facebook from Judge Carter.

Fig. 1— News Flash!—Gibson Dunn whistle blower says Snyder & Southwell will likely stonewall orders: "Just like Hillary Clinton has been instructed"

Judge Vernon S. Broderick's Good Friday order rebuked Facebook's defiance of his earlier Order. In response, sources at Gibson Dunn LLP say attorneys Orin S. Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell remain defiant; showing no intention of providing the Zuckerberg information to anyone, including the newly-appointed Broderick. These are the same men who obsequiously "thank[ed] the Court for its kind consideration" when they needed the judges' approval to enter the case. See Fig. 2. Now out come the fangs.

The source says Synder and Southwell have gone through the motions and have regurgitated information they have already provided. In other words, they sent nothing new. Concealing evidence is a criminal offense.

The source says Gibson Dunn did not check the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails.

Alexander Southwell wrote to Ceglia's attorney on Monday, Apr. 08, 2015, stating defiantly: "Don't get too excited, you're not getting anything the government doesn't already have" (paraphrase).

Breaking News, 7:08 MST—As we were publishing this post, we received notice of a new docket entry regarding the Facebook document production. Paul Ceglia's attorney, Robert Ross Fogg, filed a "Noncomplaint Production under Rule 17 Subpoena" letter to Judge Broderick. Fogg confirmed by reference our whistle blower information and described Gibson Dunn's production as "gratuitous" and "deliberate evasion." Click here for the Fogg Letter.

Are Synder & Southwell too big for their britches?
Photo: C-SPAN in ACLU v. Clapper (NSA).

(Apr. 08, 2015)—Mark Zuckerberg’s and Facebook’s Gibson Dunn LLP attorneys, Orin S. Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell, were allowed to enter the U.S. v. Ceglia by the previous judge, Andrew L. Carter.

Synder and Southwell forced their way in as self-designated "victims" of a now debunked alleged fraud. New forensic evidence by the government's own Secret Service forensic lab proved last month that the Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract is genuine.

Zuckerberg & Gibson Dunn fraud nullifies Arcara judgment / debunks criminal action

In short, if the new evidence stands, then this means that it is Zuckerberg and Gibson Dunn LLP who have been committing fraud on the court for almost five years, not Ceglia.

A white collar criminal's modus operandi is often to accuse the target of the crimes he is committing. This forces the victim to prove a negative, e.g., "How long has it been since you stopped beating your wife?" These schemers have kept this plate spinning for five years—all through the Facebook IPO season.

Judge Carter & Gibson Dunn tainted this case on Jun. 26, 2014

Judge Carter tainted this case when he allowed Southwell and Snyder to enter the case on Jun. 26, 2014.

Southwell was simultaneously counsel to JPMorgan in U.S. v. JPMorgan et al in a $614 million mortgage fraud settlement with the U.S. government, as evidenced by Southwell's entry of appearance (Mar. 14, 2014) in that case just a few months before his entry in the Ceglia case. JPMorgan is a key Facebook underwriter and beneficiary.

Judge Andrew L. Carter's approval of Orin Snyder and Alexander H. Southwell intervention in the US v. Ceglia case, Jun. 26, 2014
Fig. 2Orin Snyder's and Alexander H. Southwell's request to intervene (left) in U.S. v. Ceglia, submitted and ordered by Judge Andrew L. Carter on Jun. 26, 2014.
Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, signature on JPMorgan $614 million settlement with U.S. Government, Jan. 31, 2014
Fig. 3—Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, certification of his representation of JPMorgan Chase, as shown here (p. 19, US v. JPMorgan), at the same time as he and Orin S. Snyder made their appearance in U.S. v. Ceglia. Judge Andrew L. Carter held 9 investments in JPMorgan which he failed to disclose prior to ordering Southwell and Snyder into the case.

Judge Carter failed to disclose his JPMorgan financial holdings

Fig. 4—Andrew L. Carter, Financial Disclosure, 2012 showing some of his financial holdings that created a conflict with his allowing JPMorgan's and Facebook's counsel, Gibson Dunn LLP, to intervene in U.S. v. Ceglia. Click here to download Andrew L. Carter Financial Disclosure, 2012.

However, Judge Carter failed to disclose his nine (9) financial holdings in JPMorgan. He also holds substantial investments in other notorious Facebook pre-IPO beneficiaries, including Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) and Vanguard Funds.

Carter's and Southwell's common interests in JPMorgan meant that Carter was not impartial, in evident violation of Canons 2 and 3 of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges.

Canon 2: A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities.

Canon 3: A judge should perform the duties of the office fairly, impartially and diligently.

On Jan. 08, 2015, Carter withdrew inexplicably from the case. Judge Vernon S. Broderick was assigned.

Carter's withdrawal cannot undo the damage his JPMorgan conflict of interest with Gibson Dunn LLP's has done. The precedential U.S. Supreme Court case Tumey v. Ohio, 273 US 510 (1927) explains why a judge with a financial interest in one of the litigants taints the proceedings ("direct pecuniary interest in the outcome" and "motive to convict").

Southwell, Snyder, Gibson Dunn, Bharara, Holder and Arcara were all beneficiaries of the $614 million mortgage fraud settlement with JPMorgan

Eric H. Holder, as U.S. Attorney General, benefited from the $614 million Justice Department settlement with JPMorgan. Holder also holds up to $22.5 million in investments in in Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard which are notoriously known Facebook investors. These funds also hold substantial amounts of JPMorgan stock. Therefore, Holders investments do not satisfy the so-called judicial "safe harbor" exemption, since the appearance of impropriety alone is audacious in its ignoring of long-standing ethics conflict of interest principles.

Judge Richard J. Arcara, the judge who proclaimed the Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract a forgery without even allowing Ceglia to conduct discovery, also holds four (4) JPMorgan investments, along with Fidelity (4 holdings), and the following Facebook IPO underwriters: Goldman Sachs (4 holdings), Bank of America (4 holdings), Citigroup (3 holdings), Wells Fargo (2 holdings) and Credit Suisse (1 holding). This is at least 22 reasons he made decisions favorable to Facebook. If he attempts to hide behind the so-called "safe harbor" exemption scam, that's just more proof he's a crook, we believe. Any reasonable person can see these investments required disclosure and recusal. Instead, he declared the contract a forgery without even having a government expert opinion. He took Facebook's hire-a-liar expert's word alone.

The same thing occured in Leader v. Facebook. Obama-nominee judge Leonard P. Stark affirmed a Facebook on-sale bar claim that he allowed them to add just three weeks before trial. He then blocked Leader from obtaining discovery on the new accusation. Leader proved infringement on 11 of 11 claims anyway. Facebook presented no expert testimony at trial (which is required to prove on-sale bar claims about computer source code), yet Stark ruled in Facebook's favor anyway. Leonard P. Stark also did not disclosue his substantial financial holdings in Facebook interests.

Carter and Holder are both invested in Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)—the largest mutual fund in Facebook

Like Judge Carter, Eric H. Holder, Bharara's boss, is also a Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) investor—the largest mutual fund in Facebook.

Koinky dink alert:
The following judges in Leader Technologies v. Facebook also held and still hold Facebook Fidelity Contrafund.

  1. John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice (Supreme Court), a mentor to Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP;

  2. Kimberly A. Moore Circuit Judge (Federal Circuit Patent Court), a client of Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP;

  3. Evan J. Wallach, Circuit Judge (Federal Circuit Patent Court), a client of Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP; and

  4. Stephen C. Siu, Patent Judge (Patent Office), former employee for IBM, vendor of 750 patents to Facebook two months before the Facebook IPO on May 22, 2012; Facebook insiders cashed out over $16 billion shares on Day 3 of the IPO, including Mark Zuckerberg and James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP (see Transcript), Zuckerberg's Harvard handler, along with former Harvard president, Lawrence "Larry" Summers.
See notoriously-known public confirmation Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)'s leading role in the financing and valuations of Facebook: Weiss, M. (2011, Jun. 1). Fidelity’s Danoff Bets on Social Networking With Facebook Shares. Bloomberg News; See also Lucchetti, A., Demos, T. (2012, Aug. 24). Morgan Stanley Funds in Big Facebook Bet. The Wall Street Journal; Demos, T. (Apr. 24, 2012). Who Else Has a Big Bet on Facebook [Vanguard, Morgan Stanley, Facebook insiders, Mark Zuckerberg, Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs, Baillie Gifford (Vanguard associate), BlackRock, T. Rowe Price, Sands Capital, Jennison, Capital Research ]. The Wall Street Journal; Pilon, M. (Apr. 16, 2011). T. Rowe Price Invests in Facebook. The Wall Street Journal.
Paul Ceglia's Chief Persecutors
Write your own caption for this group:
e.g. Nice Fellows, Best Buds, Rogues Gallery, Den of Thieves . . .

America's Digital future is sliding into the hands of these unscrupulous Men and their cronies—secretly financed by JPMorgan, IBM & the NSA

See AFI. (Mar. 16, 2015). People you trusted on now hijacking the cyber world. Findings of Fact, Timeline, Database. Americans For Innovation (HTML version). See also PDF version.

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Eric H. Holder, Attorney General
Andrew L. Carter
Judge Andrew L. Carter
James P. Chandler
James P. Chandler, NSA et al adviser
Preetinder ''Preet'' Bharara
Preetinder Bharara, U.S. Attorney
Orin Snyder
Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP
Alexander H. Southwell
Alex H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP

Judge Richard J. Arcara

Fig. 5
—Left to Right, Top to Bottom; U.S. v. Ceglia / Ceglia v. Zuckerberg (conflict threads in red).
  1. Eric H. Holder—U.S. Attorney General; Fidelity Contrafund investor—Facebook investor; IBM / The Eclipse Foundation / James P. Chandler adviser;

  2. Andrew L. Carter—U.S. Judge #1 in U.S. v. Ceglia; JPMorgan investor; Fidelity Contrafund investor; Chandler protégé;

  3. James P. Chandler—trade secrets and economic espionage advisor to FISA Court, NSA, Eric Holder, Justice Department, Snyder, Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP; Fenwick & West LLPFacebook's patent and securities attorney; co-founder of IBM / The Eclipse Foundation;

  4. Preetinder Bharara—U.S. Attorney in U.S. v. Ceglia; former Gibson Dunn LLP partner; JPMorgan beneficiary; Chandler protégé;

  5. Orin S. SnyderGibson Dunn LLP partner; Square, Inc. counsel (Harvard's Lawrence Summers director, mentor to Sheryl K. Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer); Chandler protégé;

  6. Alexander SouthwellGibson Dunn LLP partner; counsel to JPMorgan; Chandler protégé; and

  7. Richard J. Arcara—U.S. Judge in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg; JPMorgan investor; Facebook investor.
Photos: Holder, Press Hearald; Carter, ShalomLife; Chandler, NIPLI; Bharara, USDOJ; Snyder,; Arcara,; Southwell, Bloomberg; .

After Snyder’s openly arrogant letter to Judge Broderick last week, AFI investigators decided to learn more about these men. We quickly discovered substantial conflicts of interest with U.S. Attorney Preetinder “Preet” Bharara and the U.S. government, cited above.

Too connected for the good of the American judicial system

Snyder and Southwell are prime candidates for a new cause of action against uber-connected attorneys:

Banishment from the practice of law for we-cannot-help-but-be-corrupt insider trading and influence peddling. (Similar to the anti-trust breakup of a monopoly.)

In the Southern District Court of New York alone, Snyder is listed as attorney on 125 cases. Southwell is listed on 170 cases. At what point should such attorneys be banished from the practice of law?

Synder and Southwell, practically speaking, monopolize lower Manhattan legal activity in certain subject areas. Indeed, there comes a point with such individuals where they can no longer resist the temptation to abuse their knowledge of the weaknesses of our system of justice for themselves, their cronies and the highest bidder.

Facebook and JPMorgan must be paying them a pretty penny to tell their lies.

Incestuous government bias

Snyder is a former prosecutor and Southwell a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Bharara’s Southern District Court of New York (SDNY).

Snyder’s and Southwell’s former employment by the U.S. government disqualifies the government from permitting them to enter this case. This bias cannot be any more evident.

Such incestuous relationships among Snyder, Southwell and Bharara double down on the bias against Paul Ceglia, especially since Bharara formerly worked for Gibson Dunn LLP.

Snyder & Southwell False and Misleading Public Statements about the Ceglia matter

Orin S. Snyder’s Gibson Dunn biography referring to Ceglia v. Zuckerberg  states: “Obtained expedited discovery that culminated in a dismissal of the action as a fraud on the federal courts.”

He does not disclose that Gibson Dunn LLP stonewalled the discovery and prevented Ceglia from being able to examine 28 Zuckerberg computer hard drives and Harvard emails to prepare his defense.

Snyder also does not disclose that Gibson Dunn concealed the existence of those drives in Leader v. Facebook.

Synder's assertions about Ceglia's alleged fraud on the court are now proven false by the government’s own Secret Service forensic analysis. Zuckerberg is the fraudster, not Ceglia.

Alexander H. Southwell’s Gibson Dunn LLP biography repeats the same Snyder false statements. He says he was instrumental in “developing evidence of spoliation of evidence and fraud” in the Ceglia case. This statement has now been discredited by the new Secret Service forensic report proving the contract to be genuine.

Was Southwell’s use of “developing evidence” a euphemistic deception for his work to fabricate evidence they used to frame Paul Ceglia? Evidently.

If Zuckerberg is innocent, then why the Gibson Dunn LLP "Punks with a Pen?"

Mr. Ceglia is certainly getting the attention of some of Manhattan’s most pernicious legal insiders.

Their body language and rapacious activity says it all.

One is reminded of Shakespeare's line in Hamlet (1602):

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Go Judge Broderick! True inventors and our Republic need you to do the right thing.

* * *

2nd Circuit appeals court stacked with facebook cronies—Another ambush to protect Facebook—the N.S.A.'s favorite spy platform
Ceglia Appeal Docket, Apr. 16, 2015; Jose A. Cabraras (JAC), Reena Raggi (RR) and Guido Calabresi (GC)
Judge Jose A. Cabraras, 2nd Circuit; FISA Court
Fig. 6—2nd Circuit Judge Jose A Cabraras. Judge Cabraras was just assigned to the Ceglia appeal despite his substantial financial holdings in Facebook interests, and his FISA Court membership—which ties him to Eric H. Holder, the plaintiff in U.S. v. Ceglia, and the defendant in the ACLU v. Clapper (NSA) appeal being heard by Judge Broderick, who presides over U.S. v. Ceglia.

What ethics school did these people attend? Oh right. They skipped class.
Photo: Dartblog.
Cutting through the Gibson Dunn astroturfing slander of Paul Ceglia, do you need to know more about this case? Secret Service Forensics just validated  the contract, and Paul Ceglia has been blocked  at every turn from conducting thorough discovery on Mark Zuckerberg . . . for five years. What are  they hiding? Why was a FISA judge assigned while Broderick is srutinizing FISA-NSA in the ACLU v. Clapper  appeal in this same court? The ambush is evident.
(Apr. 16, 2015 Breaking News)—An appeals court hearing was held this morning in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and U.S. v. Ceglia. The three-judge panel assigned was composed of Jose A. Cabraras (JAC), Reena Raggi (RR) and Guido Calabresi (GC). See the cryptic docket entry above. Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, Case No. 14-1365 (2nd Cir. 2014).

Evident Abortion of Impartiality

Analysis of their Senate confirmation and financial disclosures has uncovered an evident abortion of impartiality. Conflicts analyses: Cabraras | Raggi | Calabresi. Our opinion is that this panel is more of the same judicial bias that swirls around Facebook. Review of the Raggi, Cabrares and Calabresi financial disclosures reveals the now familiar pattern of massive holdings in Facebook and the Cartel.

Judge Reggie B. Walton
Fig. 7—FISA Court Presiding Judge Reggie B. Walton. On Dec. 12, 2008, Walton signed a FISA "supplemental opinion" giving the incoming
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Photo: DOJ
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. almost dictatorial powers to override constitutional checks and balances... in the name of national security. Here's the authority, buried in sophistry, where your sacred American rights to privacy were trampled by attorneys and judges for the U.S. government:

“the Court is persuaded that this objective is better served by the interpretation that the records sought in this case are obtainable pursuant to a section 1861 order.”

Photo: PBS.
Cabraras is a FISA Court judge (PDF) where Reggie B. Walton is presiding judge—both cronies of the secretive NSA kingpin, Professor James P. Chandler. The FISA court is the secret court that granted Eric H. Holder, Jr. almost dictatorial powers to override the U.S. Construction in the name of national security. These powers allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on American citizens on the flimsiest of probable cause.

Professor James P. Chandler
Fig. 8–James P. Chandler
Leader Technologies' patent counsel.
Photo: NIPLI.
These Cabraras-Broderick-Holder-Chandler-Walton-Facebook-NSA-FISA Court interconnections hopelessly taint this panel. They are either brain dead as to their conflicts of interest, or this was very intentional (we don't think they are brain dead).

See previous post ''Eric Holder Exploits Secret FISA Laws For Personal Gain'' by Americans For Innovation, Jul. 02, 2014.

Snowden disclosed ties between NSA-FISA and Facebook

Whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed that Facebook began cooperation with the NSA on Jun. 06, 2009, after Obama's White House cabinet was set. U.S. v. Ceglia lower court judge Vernon S. Broderick is currently presiding in the 2nd Circuit in the ACLU's complaint against the NSA where Eric Holder is a defendant.
Barack Obama and Eric Holder exploit the secret FISA laws for personal financial gain
Fig. 9—Barack Obama, James P. Chandler & Eric H. Holder have presided over perhaps the greatest abuse of American security and privacy via the NSA, JPMorgan, Gibson Dunn, Fenwick & West and Facebook in the history of the Republic. Paul Ceglia is in their way, among others. How dare he upset this predominantly black agenda? There, we spoke about the elephant in this room. The other race card.
Photo: Politico
What seems evident is that the FISA court and Chandler are in damage control, having tapped Broderick to control the ACLU case, and Cabraras to ensure the proper outcome in U.S. v. Ceglia.

Ceglia just filed a motion in Broderick's court to review Zuckerberg 28 hard drives and Harvard emails. Broderick has not yet ruled on this motion. Is his FISA crony Cabraras running interference so that he won't have to order Zuckerberg's computers up for analysis at last? How Broderick rules will tell us everything about his intentions to run an impartial tribunal, or circle the wagons even tighter around Facebook—the NSA's favorite spy platform. Is Broderick his own man, or a Cartel puppet. We'll know by how he rules on hacker-thief Zuckerberg's evidence—which the public has a right to see at this point.

That public is now watching.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder exploit the secret FISA laws for personal financial gain
Fig. 10—Facebook's "Punks with a pen"
at Gibson Dunn, Orin S. Synder, Alexander H. Southwell and Thomas G. Hungar are teamed up to oppose release of Microsoft discovery which would have a spill over effect in Ceglia. These people do not appear to respect American due process. Their licenses to practice law are a privilege granted by the American people and should be revoked. They have forgotten their ethical oaths. If the judicial system will not police these legal punks, then the People will.
Thomas G. Hungar
Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen
Orin S. Snyder
Orin S. Snyder, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen
Alex H. Southwell
Alexander H. Southwell, Gibson Dunn LLP, Punk with a Pen
Composite Graphic:; Photos: Hungar, Gibson Dunn, yellow triangle = toxic waste warning; Snyder,; Southwell, Bloomberg
Birds of a Feather
Update Apr. 18, 2015—Facebook's Gibson Dunn LLP attorneys in the Ceglia cases, Alexander H. Southwell and Orin S. Snyder, recently teamed up with Facebook's Gibson Dunn Leader v. Facebook attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, who failed to disclose the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives in his possession. They oppose an attempt by the U.S. government to obtain discovery from Microsoft customers outside the U.S. Microsoft is a large Facebook stockholder in which all of the judges in Ceglia and Leader v. Facebook are invested. Facebook has used its ill-gotten revenues to build a massive data center in Lulea, Sweden. If this Microsoft email discovery is allowed, it would give precedent in Ceglia and Leader Technologies for more access to Facebook's evidence hidden overseas. Overseas is one thing, but we know the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails are in California—hidden by Zuckerberg's attorneys Gibson Dunn LLP and McManus Faulkner LLP—and the courts to date have blocked Ceglia from reviewing them for five years. Facebook's own forensic experts, Rose and McGowen, confirmed their existence (even though Facebook said they were lost in Leader v. Facebook). Also noteworthy, another Facebook lawyer in Ceglia, Orrin Herrington LLP, is defending Microsoft. The koinky dinks are piled a mile high. Too bad we have an Attorney General and Justice Department that play paddy cakes with these unscrupulous attorneys and judges.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. The headline reads,

    "Judge Fines Gibson Dunn Following Partner's Misconduct"

    The first sentence starts out with,
    “Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, along with the Republic of Djibouti, has been ordered by a British high court judge,”

    Interesting headlines!

    Seems that there is a pattern growing at Gibson Dunn!

    We now have the Montana Supreme Court accusing Gibson Dunn of “misconduct”, as stated in a previous post.

    Then there is testimony at a congressional hearing, WASHINGTON, Dec. 05 /CSRwire/, that “Chevron, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a leading partner at the American law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher tried to mislead Congress about the oil giant's $18 billion environmental liability in Ecuador for the dumping of toxic waste and the decimation of indigenous groups, according to a letter submitted to the congressional record by lawyers for the affected Ecuadorian communities.”

    You be the judge!


  2. The previous post ties in with the conduct that is now being shown by the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, (GDC), lawyers involved in the Ceglia case.

    On August 18, 2011, Orin Snyder, Alexander H. Southwell and others filed a “redacted” (what are they hiding?) memorandum of law. In it they are trying to get an email attachment from Paul Ceglia.
    They, (GDC), were adamant and seem to be whining to the court that Ceglia hadn’t turned over an attachment to an email. They want Ceglia to identify and produce “all electronic copies or images of the purported contract,” “all electronic versions or purported versions of any contract,” and “all electronic versions of any emails or purported emails” among the relevant parties.” (Does this request seem familiar?)
    They cite many cases why he should.
    Ceglia did finally comply.
    Now we are at present day and the arrogance of GDC is shining bright.
    They are in “defiance” of Judge Broderick’s court order for discovery.
    Their statement to Mr. Fogg is essentially addressed to the Judge since it was the courts order for them to deliver the evidence to Ceglias attorney!

    The court order states, “Facebook, Inc., and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg shall promptly produce to defense counsel Robert Ross Fogg all production responsive to the previously issued Rule 17(c) subpoenas duces tecum, (see Docs. 137, 138), with any appropriate confidentiality designations under the Amended Protective Order.”

    GDC refuses to turn over evidence that they are knowingly withholding! Shouldn't they be held to the same standards in their memorandum of law that they filed?

    Anyone seeing a pattern of “MISCONDUCT” rearing its ugly head?
    You be the judge!


  3. As a side note, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, (GDC), also tried to school the lawyers for Paul Ceglia in their memorandum of law the filed on August 18, 2011.

    In it they write,
    “See N.Y. Rules of
    Professional Conduct, Rule 1.2(d) (“A lawyer shall not counsel a client to engage, or assist a
    client, in conduct that the lawyer knows is illegal or fraudulent . . . .”); Rule 8.4 (b)-(d) (“A
    lawyer or law firm shall not . . . engage in illegal conduct . . . ; engage in conduct involving
    dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; [or] engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the
    administration of justice.”).”
    Could the “Pot be calling the Kettle black” here.
    Who was and is in possession and knowledge of the whereabouts of the Zuckerberg hardrives?
    Who was aware and had possession of the documents that Mr. Fogg writes to the court about that are said to “contain evidence of other versions of contracts between Messrs, Zuckerberg and Ceglia which were prepared by Mr, Zuckerberg that will support the authenticity of the “Work for Hire Contract.””

    I think all of Paul Ceglia’s lawyers need to request from the court the same request made by GDC in their memorandum.

    They stated: “This Court should also award Defendants
    their attorneys’ fees and costs, and all other relief to which they may be entitled.”

    The same standards should apply to Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher!
    You be the judge!


  4. Email comment by TEX:

    I just paid my taxes and am a little grumpy especially after hearing Obama is playing golf again. Americans , however, have learned to accept legalized theft by our government since Salmon P Chase convinced Congress to tax the income of US citizens to fund our ( un) Civil war between the states in 1862. Not only was it a war that saw brother kill brother, neighbor kill neighbor, but it also set the stage for a slow process of socialism that set up a way for our government to take from one citizen and give it to another under the guise of greater good. Up until that time, the U.S. had funded its needs by applying tariffs and special fees on gold, silver, etc. The key, however, was the low level of federal government spending . The IRS was essentially formed in 1862. That bureau was given the right to foreclose property and even imprison tax cheats. From 1862 to 1913, the IRS used taxes as coercion against whiskey producers, tobacco growers, and other "sin" consumables. The trend to control actions through coercion in other areas began. The IRS transcended just producing government revenue as we saw a few years ago with Lois Lerner. In 1913, a permanent income tax policy was created to fund WWI and look what we have today. A behemoth , out of control , ineffective, government that is consuming our future.

    But Uncle Sam didn't stop there. We established agencies, thousands of agencies, to benefit the citizens.....what a unwieldy mess. Not only do they not benefit the citizenry, they actually have become the citizenry. The power today, for really the first time in our history, lies not in the hands of the productive, but in the hands of the parasites. Never before have so many had so much power that literally make no contribution to our GDP , our innovation, or our future success. Without being unctuous , I hereby state with an open microphone, that academia, the main stream media, our elected politicians and their sniveling bureaucratic administrators, our hand picked appointed judges, and the citizens that are able to work but do not because they make more money by being on the gravy train . The non productive are sucking the life out of the productive citizens . And the aforementioned folks that scream about income inequality, racism, sexism, and so on, now represent the power block in America. No skin in the game, yet they control our country.

    As I follow this blog, I see that bad actors really do exist. They benefit personally while claiming " greater good". Obama and his thieving buddies just make me sick. And their power came from the parasites. What a crock of moon dust. How did this happen? Well, it happened one step at a time. It has been a slow water torture that began when we agreed to "share crop" ( income taxes) with an out of control, corrupt, inept, power hungry , and overall wasteful government in 1913. Our friend ,Woodrow Wilson, saw an opening. He was a perfect elitist aristocrat that knew he was smarter than the commoners. We needed his help. Obama and Hillary have that same pompous arrogance. We have to stop this tragedy .

    So where are Krecht and Cranbrook these days? Are you boys watching this Ceglia case unravel? You know this evidence can lead to a new Leader case, right? Why don't clear your respective heads and come forward ? Tell us what you know.....we have to reshape the country that once was an example for the world. It can only be done the way it was stolen, one baby step at a time. Patent theft identification and appropriate remedies is a good first step.

    Have a nice day, TEX

  5. Facebook stole British data centre design
    the social media giant facebook stole its designs for a more efficient data centre, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden. And facebook Mark zuckerberg announced to the world it had developed a revolutionary new method of constructing large mission critical data centers” in January 2014, Facebook has passed IP-protected designs to the Open Compute Project, which was established by Facebook in 2011 as an open repository of innovative data centre design.

    The suit claims that at the January meeting Facebook (mark zuckerberg) encouraged and induced others “to use BRG's intellectual property as well by revealing BRG's confidential information,

    BladeRoom also cites the UK company Bripco, a licensor of technology to BladeRoom, though the company’s role in the assertions is unclear. The Blade Room Group is seeking an undisclosed sum in damages, and also legal fees for misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of good faith, unfair business practices, unfair competition and unjust enrichment at its expense.The company, which has provided facilities three times for the Olympic games, has undertaken project work for food production systems, What type of person steals Food zuckerberg

    WIREHOG what was Wirehog?
    Sean Parker fondly looks back at Wirehog. According to him and author David Kirkpatrick it was a side-project that Mark Zuckerberg found interesting 2004 to 2005. According to both of them, it was also the thing that almost killed Facebook. So what was Wirehog? It was a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing service that (they say) was hooked up to Facebook. When it launched in 2004, it was Zuckerberg thinking ahead of his time, Parker (shill) says. It was an app that worked on top of Facebook?. they say This was well before f8, before the Platform??. It existed until early 2006 when, according to Kirkpatrick, it died “because Sean killed it.” --- BUT COD WAS STOLEN

    When Facebook launched in 2004 David Kirkpatrick said the idea facebook was Sean Parker creation but Sean Parker got arrested for cocaine, so Kirkpatrick had to make and fake a new creation idea of facebook, in the first year of facebook all that zuckerberg did was work on Wirehog it was a dating site zuckerberg was talking about creating a dating site Face Smash, after this girl rejected him. zuckerberg was slaging her off – calling her a bitch and a whore on line, Kirkpatrick and Sean Parker had to kill Wirehog? to get zuckerberg to work on facebook


    JPMorgan's ne'er-do-well CEO, Jamie Dimon, has just predicted a new financial meltdown on the horizon.

    Dimon: 'There Will Be Another Crisis'
    Friday, 10 Apr 2015 08:00 AM
    By Dan Weil

    Let's see, the last time Chicken Little predicted a financial meltdown in 2008, JPMorgan netted hundreds of billions in bailout funds and fees. Will we be fooled by these self-serving predictions again? Let's hope not.

    1. Here's a PDF of this article on JPMorgan and Jamie Dimon:

  7. Challenge To IPR, 'Patent Death Squads' Hits 4th Circ.
    By Kelly Knaub

    Law360, New York (April 14, 2015, 2:57 PM ET) -- ECharge Licensing LLC urged the Fourth Circuit on Monday to overturn the dismissal of the company's constitutional challenge to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's inter partes review process, saying that the personnel overseeing the process are "patent death squads" and that it violates U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

    The patent licensing company and inventor J. Carl Cooper say in their opening brief that inter partes review contradicts the high court’s ruling in McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. v. C. Aultman & Co., which they say held that...

    Heads up: The Facebook Cartel ASTROTURFERS will be crawling all over this challenge to their hegemony at the U.S. Patent Office.

  8. Email comment by TEX - PART I

    I see a pattern here. The OBKCH ( Obama/Biden/Kerry/Clinton/Holder) administration is on an unhindered roll that boggles my mind . I see new moves on the horizon that will further our demise . Give me a martini and lets talk.

    First, let's talk facts, not conjecture. What is the "pattern" ? You might recall that OBKCH wanted to transform America. Transform it, not just improve it. Why? Because they didn't like it. Michelle admitted that she had never liked it. That was a good start for their legacy, huh ? So what have they done? Well, OBKCH neutered and wussified our military, FBI, CIA, DEA, and Homeland security including our border patrol. OBKCH gave guns to cartels while attempting to take away guns and ammo from honest citizens. We drew red lines that weren't red lines. We allowed American soil to be attacked by Islamists and citizens killed without response. OBKCH uses social issues to justify an elitist takeover all parts our society. Marriage is now less important, religion has been given negative connotations, and successful folks are chastised. 47,000,000 folks are on food stamps. Our work force is shrinking, and incomes are not going up. OBKCH have socialized our medicine, and invited the entire world into our country to reap the free benefits funded by the " lucky" that did not ( according to them ) build their own businesses. OBKCH forced our tax collecting arm to become a liberal gestapo. Our borders have collapsed , literally. I have seen it with my own eyes. On the other side of the world, Islamic visionaries are murdering innocent folks , building highly destructive weapons, and terrorizing the world. OBKCH are emboldening these animals by pushing back on our allies and creating friendly relationships with these most horrific murderers since Hitler and Stalin.

    ---END,TEX comment, Part I---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part II---

      So what else can they do? I believe that they are running up our national debt on purpose so that the only solution will be to take all of the natural resources away from private enterprise and nationalize them......oil, natural gas, pipelines, refineries. That will also include minerals such as gold, silver, potash, gypsum, and so on. Remember the song, ' this is my land, this is your land" ? Listen to the words. That is OBKCH in musical form. Has this happened any where else in the world ? Yep. Russia, China, all of the Middle East, Venezuela, Mexico, Nigeria, and Norway. That will be their excuse. In the mean time OBKCH will overtax our energy usage in the form of "highway taxes", carbon usage, and luxury taxes. Global climate scare will be intensified . Wealth taxes will be imposed on big estates, cash accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. . It will be a reverse capital gains tax....if it is idly in an asset, it will be taxed. Redistribution from you to them, because only they are for the little people and you are not.

      The scariest scenario is already occurring. The patent office will cease to exist and will become the Registration office. All new ideas and inventions must belong to the people ( the greater good). And because the social networks are already " big brother" , companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, will be rolled up into the government agency that will control the Internet. This is OBKCH ' s greatest dream scenario. These platforms are so inculcated into our daily lives that the proletariat will embrace it without knowing the consequences that follow. And after his second term expires, Obama will pursue the position of leader of the world through the United Nations. Why else has he so heavily endorsed every non- American UN position? Why else has he tried to water down America's importance in the world and give to the UN? Why else does he do apology tours and take actions so unfavorable to his citizens ? Why else is he trying to control our lives through UN treaties? He needs America to be weak, The Internet will be a big part of that ultimate collusion. And he does have a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Think I am nuts ? Probably am. My advice? Get those socialists out of Washington before we can't stop it. If we don't, you can kiss your sweet freedom and liberties good- bye.

      Have a great day, TEX=

  9. Email comment by TEX:

    "Republicans believe everyday is the 4th of July; Democrats believe that everyday is April 15th". Ronald Reagan

    Have a great day, TEX=

  10. This is a good video discussing why small business patenting is threatened by deep-pocket infringers in their current lobbying to change legislation. Also remember, our research has uncovered that IBM / David J. Kappos and Professor James P. Chandler, IBM's patent attorney, devised the whole concept of the "patent troll" so IBM could make more money licensing its "junk patents." Then, they took some of that money and hired PR firms who push the idea that small inventors are the trolls, not poor little IBM. Then, IBM and Chandler stole key social networking inventions like Leader Technologies' to sustain their theft. Along the way, they instructed Obama to install Kappos as director of the U.S. Patent Office and IBM sold 750 of those junk patents to Facebook so they could harass companies just like IBM does. Slick tricks from slimy dudes.

    Inventor's Project: The Importance of Strong Patents




    Who gave the government permission to record our futures?

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    1. Bob Dylan's Stealing of James Damiano's Songs Preview


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