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Monday, April 20, 2015


Appeals court affirms Zuckerberg's debunked forgery story despite Secret Service Forensic authentication

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Apr. 20, 2015, Updated Apr. 23 | PDF
2nd Circuit opinion deteriorates to narcissistic National Enquirer  fiction
Guido Calabresi

Guido Calabresi
Jose A. Cabranes

Jose A. Cabranes
Reena Raggi

Reena Raggi

Fig. 1—The Second Circuit judges issued an opinion that runs roughshod over Paul Ceglia's most basic constitutional rights to a fair and impartial tribunal in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and U.S. v. Ceglia. These judges failed to disclose their substantial holdings in Facebook financial interests that betray their bias to rule in Facebook's favor.

The U.S. government is very evidently protecting Zuckerberg and Facebook. We believe this obvious abuse is designed to: (a) protect their personal financial holdings, and (b) to preserve the private agenda of the Facebook Cartel in collaboration with the FISA Court and the NSA to sieze control of America's digital infrastructure before President Obama leaves office. Ceglia is in their way.

Warning: Facebook's astroturfers will be out in full force defending these judges and calling Paul Ceglia every name they can think of. We have now come to expect such unsavory conduct from Facebook's "Punks with a Pen" (see previous post).

Photos: Calabrsi, Vimeo;Cabranes,
Hospital Newspaper; Raggi,

(Apr. 20, 2015)—No wonder Paul Ceglia left town with his family. The American justice system is out to put him away because, we believe, his claims upset a long-planned hijack of American digital infrastructure by Facebook’s handlers via the NSA, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation. In the process, judges are being handsomely compensated by Wall Street for going along.

The Facebook financial conflicts-laden Second Circuit in Paul Ceglia’s appeal (see previous post for analysis of their financial disclosures, also here: Cabraras | Raggi | Calabresi) took only one day to issue its opinion.  The hearing occurred in Manhattan only on Thursday.

Made-for-TV Opinion

This Made-for-TV opinion is replete with narcissistic references to Facebook’s "Academy Award-winning movie."

Remarkably, an allegedly-esteemed U.S. appeals court is taking its cue about the facts and the law from Hollywood. The National Enquirer would be proud.

U.S. Secret Service Forensics: The Ceglia-Zuckerberg contract is authentic

The “Summary Order” ignored the elephant in the room. The recent U.S. Secret Service Forensics report concluded that the CONTRACT IS VALID and NOT A FORGERY as claimed by Zuckerberg.

Despite this hard evidence, the Second Circuit continued to support the BIG ZUCKERBERG LIE—that the lower court got it right by so-called “clear and convincing evidence” that the contract was a forgery.

Abortion of due process

The lower court judge made that decision without a jury trial, and with a magistrate judge, Leslie G. Foschio, who issued a 155-page report using only Facebook’s forensic hired-liar experts whom he shielded from cross-examination by Ceglia’s experts. Ceglia was also blocked from discovery of Zuckerberg’s 28 hard drives and Harvard emails.

Ceglia’s appeal focused on these clear abuses of due process—which the Second Circuit IGNORED.

This is one of the most pathetic abuses of federal power in recent memory.  Like lemmings, these appeals court judges spout the Zuckerberg fiction while ignoring affirmed facts by the government’s own experts.

Ceglia says he is telling the truth. The Secret Service affirms that he is telling the truth. And yet, these judges ignore the evidence and say he is guilty.

The gross decline of Yale & Harvard Law integrity

These judges (Calabresi, Cabranes and Raggi) hail from Yale and Harvard Law. The quality of their legal and moral education is very evidently suspect.

Welcome to the kangaroo courts of the old Soviet Union folks. We've arrived. This opinion proves this thesis with empirical evidence.

Click here to read the Second Circuit opinion. Summary Order, Doc. No. 158-1, Ceglia v. Zuckerberg; Holder et al, 14-1365-cv; 14-1752-cv (2nd Cir. 2014).

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Email comment by fellow investigative journalist:

    Dear AFI: I'd like to speak with you if you have a few minutes. To be honest, I'm skeptical about some of the connections you draw, or at least what they may mean. But others seem more promising. You're clearly very knowledgeable. And I'm trying to figure out where to pursue the story, now that the civil case is shut down and the criminal case is on hold as long as Paul's at large.


    1. Dear [NAME] Skepticism comes with the profession, we understand. We have been careful to base our opinion on verifiable public facts. What in particular makes you uncomfortable? We can focus on those facts first.

      In our opinion, you should focus on the recent Secret Service Forensic analysis which discredits this latest 2nd Circuit appeal. It's actually laughable when one reads their citation to the movie and the Academy Awards. For God's sake, the Secret Service discredits this court, yet they IGNORED that analysis of the government's own experts!!! (Sorry for the exclamation marks.) The movie actually shows Zuckerberg to be a criminal, and yet the court cites it as a validation? Give us a break.

      BTW. This appeal is not over since litigants can always petition for en banc rehearing and fraud on the court given the judge's conflicts of interest. This is messy.

      Hopefully you are up to doing some serious investigative journalism into this emerging Big Brother cartel.

  2. Email comment by fellow investigative journalist:

    Well, Paul [Ceglia] filed his case in 2010. You don't think it was more a matter of the trial date getting close?

    I have read the Secret Service report and discussed with his lawyers. Is the idea that it doesn't explicitly rule out the possibility the "Work for Hire" contract is genuine? Or am I missing something?

    1. [NAME]:

      The nearness to trial supports Ceglia, not Zuckerberg. Ceglia’s appeal is seeking a fair hearing and not a railroad job. Magistrate Faschio declared that he was not subject to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence in ruling the contract a forgery without cross-examination. How much more blatant can a court be than to deny its own standards of fairness? BTW. Judge Aracara, his boss, holds massive amounts of Facebook cartel stock and should have recused himself.

      The fact that it is Zuckerberg who stonewalls discovery in both cases says it is Zuckerberg, and not Ceglia, who fears taking the stand and/or being cross-examined in deposition.

      The legal standards required to convict Ceglia are clear and convincing evidence (in the civil case) and beyond a reasonable doubt (in the criminal case). However, the government’s Secret Service Forensics opinion supports neither standard. That report totally discredits the 2nd Circuit.

      They indicted Ceglia based solely on Faschio’s reliance on Facebook’s expert, that he did not permit to be cross-examined, and now the government’s expert has proven that testimony false. The Post Office also relied on Facebook’s expert without performing their own arm’s length test. This new Secret Service Forensic testimony proves that both the civil case and criminal indictment had no basis in fact.

      The Secret Service Forensic Lab set a 4-point test. The resulting equation is simple math.

      Ceglia 2, Zuckerberg 0

      Two of the four criteria support validity and the other two were inconclusive. Hence, Zuckerberg cannot support either legal burden of proof. Said another way, NOTHING in the test would indicate that the contract was a forgery. And, in the alternative, all the available evidence says it is genuine. Therefore, it must be presumed genuine, especially since Zuckerberg cannot even produce his own copy of the contract, and the August 18, 2003 email proves Zuckerberg lied about his denial of a second contract (and has yet to produce the attachment to that email showing the contract draft).

      In short, NOTHING in the evidence supports Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s accusations are based solely on innuendo, surmise, attorney fabricated evidence, slander and astroturfing. Ask yourself why no one has ever been able to evaluate Zuckerberg' 28 hard drives and Harvard emails and why the law firm who has them, Gibson Dunn LLP, is the one getting away with hiding them (and being allowed by the government to intervene in the criminal case).

      Hope this helps.

  3. Email comment by fellow investigative journalist:

    Interesting. No question, Facebook has been very careful, and successful, in avoiding turning over all that 2003-2004 evidence.

    1. Scratch that surface and your Pulitzer awaits. Are you in touch with the ICIJ and their HSBC investigations? These are intertwined and you can leverage their research.

      We gotta admit, we hesitate using "successful" with this criminality since we choose to equate "success" with positive, life-affirming virtues. How about "immoral" or "unscrupulous?" One always has a natural early advantage when one bends the rules to take advantage of people with integrity. That's not "success" in our minds. But, we know what you mean.

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    Bizarro world discussed above, facts do not seem to matter. The only thing that matters is " agenda". As the great progressive criminal Saul Alinsky stated ( I paraphrase), " matters not how one does it, just accomplish your task" ( the means justifies the end). So where are we under this brilliant philosophy? In my opinion, collapsing. Our Congress is not only inept, they are mostly corrupt. Our courts are not only corrupt, they are inept. Our President is not only inept and corrupt, he is also a liar, a coward, and totally feckless as a manager. At least we elected a black man. I must be a racist because that was not important to me, one way or the other.

    I only know one person that has stood up to this ruinous upheaval in America......Flavia. She got tired of it, and beat the hell out of Harry Reid in a convenience store in Las Vegas. She was furious when he described her as a treadmill. As I understand it from her phone messages, she is now looking for Lois Lerner and this Costinen character ( new IRS head honcho) that lies repeatedly without ever blinking his eyes. Evidently, Flavia does not care much for liars that don't blink.....just ask Harry.

    And let's talk 2016 Presidential election. If either a Clinton or a Bush is our next American CEO, I am confidant that I actually will live to see the last chapter of the great American experiment. Our Republic was created to forever avoid dynastic family royalty. Let's see, Clinton was elected because George HW Bush was not effective. Clinton had scandal after scandal and his wife was a party to all of them. Miraculously, Hillary found her way into New York just in time to become a Senator. Then another Bush was elected President and ultimately was battered by the left for being a war hawk even though they all supported his actions. Obama then came in and , wow, where should I start ? I can not name one area that improved under this con man. So now we want another Bush or Clinton ? How about Michelle or Malia? And soon Chelsea. Or George P Bush. They just keep coming.....just like King George the first, the second, the third, etc. Amazing how this works when the citizens get distracted with freebies.

    How about we go back to basics ? Let's not accept a candidate that has been embroiled in scandal and has lied her entire life. Let's not accept a candidate that has a history of being a Bush. Let's not accept a fresh new face that has no record of success in economic growth, American traditions, or understanding of Judeo/Christian ethos. I understand how we elected Obama, a socialist America hater, the first time because he is an excellent liar......but how could it happen again? Well, he is an excellent liar. Apparently we don't care what the facts are anymore . The Clinton's are padding their wealth by hundreds of millions and , while doing so, attack the 1% 's in their fake protest ( a wink here, and a wink there). Hillary Clinton is a phony. How many abhorrent scandals can we tolerate from our these thugs? Evidently, it is unlimited. Just look at the comments above and read the courts recent rulings on the life of Mark Zuckerberg. Never did I believe that I would see systemic corruption such as this in our judicial system. It now permeates the DOJ and even our Supreme Court.

    Perhaps, the Zuckster would be a good President for the new Amerika that will be the result of our collapse . The man has lied without blinking for years . Evidently, eye lids are not necessary for our highest positions. One word of advice to these liars...... if you see Flavia, blink as fast as you can. She is a treadmill waiting to happen.

    Have a great day, unless you have something better to do, TEX=

  5. In the name of public interest STOP stonewalling discovery Zuckerberg?. when one bends the rules to take advantage of people it's a criminal act. just turn over all the 2003-2004 evidence. all the IM's and Emails and let the people see the truth that's all the 28 hard drives and Harvard emails zuckerberg. judges are being handsomely pad and if they don't play the game there money and stoke is held hostage.

    Big Brother cartel: Pay Pal is working on ingestible identification: Obama care??

  6. Facebook stole British data centre design Facebook stole the like button idea Facebook stole the source cod from Michael Mckibben Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole Wirehog source cod from Sean Parker and not long after that Sean Parker got arrested for cocaine, so Kirkpatrick had to make and fake a new creation idea of how facebook started, Zuckerberg got complete managerial control of the company Because of Parker's arrest for cocaine work, Zuckerberg today controls 3 out of the 5 seats on the company's board of directors. That means he has absolute control and cannot be unseated. Zuckerberg and Lisa Simpson (Facebook evidence-destroyer) then sewed eduardo Savrin out of facebook.
    Zuckerberg found all his homes on Craigslist. His first place was a sparse one-bedroom apartment that Tyler Winklevoss described as something like a "crack den." and at this crack den one-bedroom apartment Mark Zuckerberg set out creating a dating site Face Smash, after this girl rejected him. zuckerberg was slaging her off – calling her a bitch and a whore on line, [the crack den one-bedroom apartment was on the east cost] Zuckerberg went on to call it Facemash comparing photos [this is zuckerberg inability to compare ]

    Obama's chief economic advisor is Larry Summers, it was clear that Summers and Geithner were going to play major roles as advisors, Larry Summers who played a MAJOR role in the Deregulation of Derivatives, And became PRESIDENT of HARVARD in 2001 And Knew that FACEBOOK was stolen, The Facebook Club Larry Summers used the promise of wild Facebook IPO returns as the currency for their plans to install Barack Obama as President and press their global data gathering agenda, David Kirkpatrick say's Zuckerberg really is not focused on money. If he had been he would have accepted Microsoft's offer in the fall of 2007 to buy Facebook for $15 billion but Bill Gates knew facebook was a stolen idea. LIBOR The strategy wasn’t a secret. Each morning at a meeting of UBS’s interest-rate-derivatives desk in Tokyo, Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down thank's to David Kirkpatrick. Eric Holder’s 2009 disclosure shows his ownership of 22 funds valued up to $22.4 million. How is it possible for licensed public servants to generate such holdings in their spare time? The recent movie Inside Job comes to mind. Insider trading is supposed to be illegal, except, it seems, for those assigned to investigate such unethical and illegal practices

    In a first for a U.S. stock exchange, Nasdaq OMX Group on Thursday agreed to pay $26.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit involving its bungling ...[ Rip-off FACEBOOK IPO]

    For the second time this month, Facebook was hit with a privacy lawsuit in Illinois over its face-recognition technology lawsuit-alleges-social-network-created-shadow-profiles of non-users.

    more instance of

    Confidant: How are you going to get around Eduardo?

    Zuckerberg: I'm going to buy the LLC

    Zuckerberg: And then give him less shares in the company that bought it

    Confidant: I'm not sure it's worth a potential lawsuit just to redistribute shares. You have nothing to gain.

    Zuckerberg: No I do because until I do this I need to run everything by Eduardo. After this I have control

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    Our alleged President just mumbled perhaps the most ignorant statement of his Mickey Mouse tenure...." The reason that Baltimore is burning is because Republicans refuse to help inner city poor". Flavia , "the treadmill", is on her way to talk to the President about how utterly stupid that statement is. Hey, Barack, one of the reasons that the city is burning is that the police in that city have been dealt a bad hand. The crime rate in Baltimore is double most American cities. The murder rate is double and the % of kids that stay in school is one half the national average. 67% of all children in that Baltimore inner city are born out of wedlock. Who is teaching these kids about right from wrong? Who is mentoring these kids? Where is their hope ? Many live on the streets looking for mischief.

    It's not the fact that the government isn't paying them enough, it's that we made it too easy for them to NOT be responsible. The government can not be their daddy. These kids have never enjoyed the human dignity of earning, or learning, or achieving, or playing a competitive contest that is guided by borders and rules. Let's start with the mom's who truly love their children but couldn't see the need to not get impregnated by an irresponsible man. For goodness sake, stop fooling around. It seems that in these inner city areas , a young girl has a trophy when they have a baby. And , of course, the fathers feel no sense of responsibility because that's the local law of the land. The tragedy isn't the father or the mother, it's the baby that grows up with a dark hole in his heart. The mom's work long hours to feed and clothe them, but not enough hours at home nurturing them. The mentors are the local tough guys....the drug dealer, the Crips , or the Bloods. Because these neighborhoods are dangerous and very rough, the police become , perhaps, a little aggressive. Yes , some even break the law.

    Are there bad police? Of course. Do police get killed when they are not on the top of their game? Absolutely. If a policeman breaks the law, put them in jail. If a criminal breaks the law , put them in jail. I personally grew up in a tough mining town that endured bad actors on both sides. I saw violence that was almost beyond belief. It wasn't until the parents, the family structure, became actively involved, that the gang atrocities stopped. I have scars on my body that prove how dangerous it is for young folks in that environment. I am thankful that my parents were tougher than the thugs.

    ---END, PART I---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX, PART II---

      Once again we must go back to basics. Our central authorities are condoning law breaking. Think about these past few years.....our borders are violated, our drug laws mitigated, the IRS scandal, the school cheating scandal, the lies surrounding Benghazi, court case after court case that uses arcane or invisible evidence to enforce the notion of greater good, the break down of marriage, the brazen constitutional abrogation by our president, the pay for play Clinton Foundation, and all of the local scandals by our mayors, teachers, church leaders, coaches, and so on. We are imploding. The reason that these folks are burning down America ,and anarchy is growing , isn't solely about police brutality. It's about our structural framework collapsing. It's about hope dissipating. It's about leadership. It's about morality, ethos, and civil laws.

      When Obama was elected , I had hope that he would address the issue of black inner city family structure. Perhaps that is too painful for him. He was born with a black , absent father and an activist white mother that farmed him out to white grandparents. They told him, according to his book, how white people hated him. He came to believe that the only solution was to take something from the rich whites guys and give it to the poor inner city folks. Sounds good, but, as we know, the bureaucrats have a way of stealing that money along the way. That doesn't work, sir. Safety nets are necessary for the truly needy, but safety nets are a curse to those that are capable of better things. The only way to solve these very scary issues is to focus on building family values. We are a generation behind the curve but it must begin now. If we don't , we will have no cities left unburned . I hope our next cadre of leaders have the vision and willpower to begin the transformation of these hopeless Americans.

      Have a great day, TEX


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