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Friday, January 16, 2015


IBM and Eclipse shuffled Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention to Eclipse members to facilitate a global digital takeover

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jan. 16, 2015, Updated Feb. 14, 2015 | PDF |
Breaking News, Feb. 14, 2015: AFI investigators have just released the results of a year-long investigation, recently bolstered by the latest HSBC Swiss Bank leaks that proved long-suspected direct links between that banking scandal and the Facebook Cartel, especially Facebook's largest shareholder, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP. Read Findings of Fact & Timeline.
Breaking News, Feb. 09, 2015:
Facebook Cartel's "aSTROTURF" Propaganda exposed by former CBS investigative reporter Sheryl Attkisson
Emmy-winning investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson sheds light on "astroturf" propaganda (faking grassroots feedback) by deep pockets intent on bending or breaking the truth. “Astrotuf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you’re an outlier—when you’re not. Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy.” Full Story. See her TEDx talk on YouTube.
Fig. A—Sheryl Attkisson, former CBS investigative reporter, explains "astroturfing"—the new way deep-pocket bad boys and girls have created an entire new media propaganda industry to manipulate public opinion by planting false stories and then demeaning whistleblowers with epithets like "fraud, quake, nutty, paranoid and conspiracy theorist." Sharyl Attkisson. (Feb. 06, 2015). Astroturf and manipulation of media messages. TEDx Talks. (Raw. *.mp4 video file).
Breaking News, Feb. 05, 2015:
47 Inspectors General complain the Obama administration is stonewalling them
Reporter Sharyl Attkisson wrote this morning in her blog: "By all neutral assessments, it has to be regarded as stunning disregard for a carefully devised system of federal oversight: Inspectors General say they are not being allowed to properly oversee the agencies they are assigned to police." These Inspectors General include those at the Commerce Department, SEC and the Justice Department to whom Leader v. Facebook activists have complained numerous times. Full Story.
Judge Andrew L. Carter, Southern District of New York, U.S. v. Ceglia
Fig. B—Bill Maher speaks out on abuses of the Free Press by the Obama Administration. The Economic Espionage Act was written by James P. Chandler, Leader's attorney in 2001 when IBM formed The Eclipse Consortium.
Photo: Huffington Post.
Breaking News, Feb. 01, 2015:
Bill Maher speaks out on Obama's abuses of the Free Press
Comedian and political satirist Bill Maher turned his sights on President Obama's abuses of the Patriot Act. Read full story in THE HILL. Also read AFI's FISA Court exposé and analysis of Wall Street's control over the mainstream media. Click here to see the financial holdings of key FISA Court officials in information providers (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, Facebook) who cooperated with Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and who have been substantial 2008 and 2012 Obama donors. This development further illustrates the bipartisan nature of the concern over this Administration's abuses of the U.S. Constitution.
Breaking News, Jan. 27, 2015:
Facebook slapped with antitrust suit; biased Obama judge Stark assigned
On Dec. 29, 2014, Facebook was sued in Delaware federal court by Social Ranger over Facebook forcing app developers to use Facebook virtual currency. The ignoble Leonard P. Stark was just assigned as judge despite his mountain of financial holdings in Facebook interests. Stark appears to be doubling down on his Facebook corruption after his misconduct in Leader v. Facebook. So much for Canon 2 of the Code of Conduct that he pledged to follow: "A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities." Will Social Ranger's attorneys move immediately for Stark to be disqualified, or will they turn a blind eye and throw their client under the bus? Their email addresses are in the complaint. They should be given a heads up, then let's follow whether they operate in "good old boy" silence, or stand up for a fair trial for their client. AFI warned about "Facebook Credits" two years ago (p. 12) after Facebook claimed they had abandoned the initiative. They lied, again.
Small Victory for impartiality, or C.Y.A. for Facebook, IBM, Eclipse & NSA?

Judge Andrew L. Carter, Southern District of New York, U.S. v. Ceglia
Fig. C—Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr., recused himself on Jan. 8, 2015 from Eric Holder's dubious forgery case against Paul Ceglia in U.S. v. Ceglia, 12-cr-876-ALC (S.D.N.Y. 2012). Ceglia is the man who sued Mark Zuckerberg for breach of contract. Photo: WLCJ.
(Jan. 24, 2015 Update)—On Jan. 8, 2015, Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr. recused himself without explanation in U.S. (Zuckerberg, Facebook, Eclipse) v. Ceglia.  We claim this as a small victory for American justice, but let’s not celebrate very long. Carter’s replacement is Judge Vernon S. Broderick. Broderick is a new Obama judge, like Carter, who was magically elevated to the ACLU v. Clapper (NSA) appeals panel. Is Broderick running cover for The Eclipse Foundation (the NSA's embedded systems technology) and the Facebook Cartel ?

On July 29, 2014, we published our investigation into the financial holdings of Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr. in the USA v. Ceglia criminal trial. Eric H. Holder, Jr.’s Justice Department unconscionably sued Ceglia for wire fraud after Ceglia’s blistering deposition of Facebook experts, Bryan J. Rose and Michael F. McGowen,  Holder was very evidently attempting to bury Ceglia in more litigation to prevent further exposure of The Eclipse Foundation.

Rose and McGowen revealed for the first time that the “missing” Mark Zuckerberg Harvard evidence was never “lost,” but was in the hands of Facebook’s Leader v. Facebook appeals attorney, Gibson Dunn LLP the whole time. Facebook’s trial lawyers in Leader v. Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, told the court that Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 computer files and documents were “lost.” The Rose and McGowen testimony verified that Cooley Godward and Gibson Dunn lied.

Magically, Facebook resurrected those 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and emails for the Ceglia case just two days after the Federal Circuit court of appeals (the patent appeals court) in Washington denied Leader Technologies’ appeal. What were they so intent on hiding from Leader? When the judges were told about this new evidence, they ignored it. They also failed to disclose their substantial in Facebook, Facebook underwriters and stakeholders. Neither did they disclose their close relationships to Facebook's attorneys Gibson Dunn LLP, Cooley Godward LLP and Weil Gotshal LLP.

Judge Andrew L. Carter, Southern District of New York, U.S. v. Ceglia
Fig. D—Judge Vernon S, Broderick replaced Judge Andrew L. Carter on Jan 8, 2015 in U.S. v. Ceglia, Among other conflicts, Broderick failed to disclose his numerous financial holdings in Facebook interests, including IBM, Morgan Stanley (Facebooks co-underwriter), Eclipse and NSA. This photo is taken from his appearance on C-SPAN in ACLU v. Clapper (NSA). Photo: C-SPAN.
Zuckerberg cites Business Insider  securities fraudster Henry Blodget as a fact source for his Harvard history

More evidence of Eric Holder’s brutishness came on Oct. 20, 2014 when Facebook and Zuckerberg sued ALL of Ceglia’s attorneys for persecuting them with frivolous claims (age-old  scoundrel tactic: accuse your victims of what you are doing). Most telling in Zuckerberg’s complaint is his reliance on alleged evidence of his 2003-2004 activity by Henry Blodget, co-founder of Business Insider. Blodget became a journalist after he was permanently banned from the securities business and fined $4 million for securities fraud.

We believe Zuckerberg and Facebook hired Blodget and David Kirkpatrick (The Facebook Effect) as their early hired media liars whom the NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, WSJ mainstream media quoted as fact sources in subsequent years. See "Obama's Wall Street handlers gag the mainstream media." See also previous post on mainstream media investments by the Facebook "dark pools" cartel. In his new complaint, Zuckerberg kept repeating that it was well known that he didn’t conceive of Facebook until Dec. 2003, citing Blodget as his primary evidence. Is America really this brain dead that we’ll let this guy get away with such brazen deceptions?

Replacement judge Vernon S. Broderick is likely even more dirty. Stay tuned. Like Carter, Broderick is another recent Obama appointment who was magically elevated to the Second Circuit appeals panel to hear the ACLU v. Clapper (NSA) complaint about the NSA’s wiretapping of American citizens. While employed at Weil Gotshal LLP (remember Randall R. Rader's resignation over his BFF [best friends forever] relationship to Weil's Edward R. Reines scandal at Federal Circuit Court?), Broderick previously represented a number of General Electric Cayman Islands investment funds with relationships directly implicated in "Kremlin Gate"—the $4.8 billion IMF money laundering scheme using clearing house companies controlled by Broderick's client. Juri Milner, one of Facebook largest Russian investors, is also tied to the bank at the center of Kremlin Gate, Bank Menatep
Judge Andrew L. Carter, Jr.'s unexplained recusal notice on Jan. 8, 2015 in US v. Ceglia, 12-cr-876-ALC-VSB (SDNY 2012)
Fig. E—Judge Andrew L. Carter's unexplained recusal notice in US v. Ceglia on Jan. 8, 2015. What kind of conflicts of interest shell game are Carter, Borderick playing? Who is pulling their strings? Graphic:
Barack Obama half-heartedly salutes U.S. soldiers
Fig. 1—Barack H. Obama doing his unconvincing best to pitch his "net neutrality' initiative on Jan. 14, 2015. Is it just us, or does he look like a guy who is being muscled by Silicon Valley and Wall Street handlers? (Similar to the way Chief John J. Roberts, Jr. looked after redefining Obamacare as a tax). His body language says: "Help Me, I'm drowning in my lawlessness and lies!"

Note: On Dec. 30, 2014, The Daily Telegraph disclosed that a shadowy group that actually named itself "The Cartel" was implicated in insider currency trading, including JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS, Citigroup and British Petroleum. These banks are ALL Facebook underwriters, and ALL members of The Eclipse Foundation with IBM.
Photo: The New York Times.


We admit that this sounds like a Tom Clancy plot. But, we assure you the threats are real and upon us. We include plenty of proof below and in the AFI archives (see sidebar).

(Jan. 16, 2015)—On Jan. 14, 2015, President Barack Obama announced his “Net Neutrality” initiative. Sounds very democratic, doesn't it? To the contrary, beware of this wolf in sheep's clothing.

Obama's spin describes a "free and open internet" without tolls or fees. That’s the pitch for the unthinking “low information voters” who accept his words uncritically anyway.

Buried in the details is a federalization of the Internet. We at AFI predicted that this would be his next move. He has many Silicon Valley IOUs to cover before leaving office. Six years of this president have taught us that he smothers his actual agenda in flowery opposites.

Proven Obama lies and misdirection

Facts are pesky things. They keep floating back to the surface.

Topic: What Obama says: What Obama does:
Healthcare “You can keep your doctor.” Lie.  Jonathan Gruber admitted this was a lie.
Transparency “Most transparent government in history.” Lie. Obama’s agencies stonewall everyone.
IRS Email Archives “Lois Lerner’s Email hard drives were ground up after six months.” Lie. They never looked, and when they did, they found them.
Benghazi “Sparked by a video demonstration; too late save Ambassador Stevens.” Lie. Video story was fabricated; WH failed to give rescue go ahead to assets in the air and on the ground.
IRS Tea Party targeting “I knew nothing.” Lie. White House directed it.
Innovation “America Invents Act will foster innovation.” Lie. Greatest boon to thieving big infringers in history.
Press freedom “I knew nothing.” Lie. Associated Press snooping directed by the White House.
Security & Privacy “NSA does not collect data on American citizens.” Lie. NSA collects data on all Americans.
Fast and Furious “I knew nothing.” Lie. Eric H. Holder, Jr. directed it.
Table 1: Statements by President Barack Obama that were lies.

“Net Neutrality” – Obama's smokescreen for a federal takeover of broadband where he'll push management contracts to Cronies in The Eclipse Foundation

Obama's deceptions on Net Neutrality
Topic: What Obama says:          What Obama does:
Gatekeepers “No gatekeepers controlling access.” Lie. Federal control will give monopoly to federal suppliers like Obama friends IBM, Facebook, Cisco, Google, athenahealth, Castlight Health, etc. (The Eclipse Foundation)
Small Business “This is about small business.” Lie. This is about Obama’s deep-pocket friends' efforts to institutionalize their digital monopolies so they can more effectively fleece small business. Obama has eviscerated small inventor rights in the America Invents Act.
Fees “No toll roads on the information superhighway” Lie. Obama’s advertising friends will drive access. The “free” offers fool “stupid” Americans into going along.
Freedom “Abandoning these principles would threaten to end the Internet as we know it.” Lie. Obama intends to turn over control of the Internet to his IBM and Eclipse Foundation digital taskmasters before he leaves office.
Free! “Laying out a plan to keep the Internet free and open” Lie. Obama will impose monopolistic federal regulation over the Internet that will permanently favor government infrastructure suppliers like IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Cisco, etc.
Table 2: "Net Neutrality" statements by President Barack Obama that are lies.

the Internet a decade ago—founded on Leader Technologies’ social networking invention

A newly compiled timeline pulls back the covers on IBM's scheme, cooked up by a predominance of Harvardians, to wrest control of Leader Technologies’ invention in 2001. The technology was placed in the hands of the people and companies that President Obama is now promoting in his 2015 “net neutrality” push. This group worked to smother Leader’s patent property rights in a blizzard of legal sophistry.

IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions

For readability, this chart is best printed on Ledger paper (11 in. x 17 in.)

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: "IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions" ANALYSIS, Jan. 15, 2015

AFI. (Jan. 15, 2015). ANALYSIS: IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Jan. 15, 2015). ANALYSIS: IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 2—Timeline: IBM plots digital control with federal judges; steals inventions. We recommend that readers download this document, familiarize yourselves with and verfiy the evidence, then send it to as many decision influencers as you are able, such as elected representatives, investigators, law enforcement, intelligence, education, TV, radio, academia, etc. No stone should go unturned. Real Americans must stop this hegemony before this Cartel succeeds at grabbing digital control globally. Click here to DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY this PDF.

What is now apparent is that Leader’s lawyers fed Leader’s invention to IBM just as it was coming off the drawing board.

The secret beneficiary was a newly-formed “The Eclipse Foundation” whose pump was primed with $40 million IBM dollars on Nov. 29, 2001. In so doing, they hid behind the foundation “membership” for cover and pretended Leader’s invention was “open source” (free to all).

One has to admire the fiendish Eclipse legal mind(s) that wrote this excuse for losing track of the original creators of the social networking technology on Dec. 8, 2004:

“But not unexpectedly the Foundation has been unable to locate each and every contributor . . . will require us to . . . re-implement functionality.” Eclipse Board Meeting Minutes, Dec. 08, 2004.

This was written just 24 months after they wrote that the original contributor was a “single company [Leader Technologies].” Eclipse Board Meeting Minutes, Dec. 4, 2002. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg consistently breaks the law in concealing his 28 Harvard computer hard drives behind his Gibson Dunn LLP lawyer's coat tails. Here's the trail of this criminality:

The 7-step lawyer shuffle from proprietary to "open Source"

(1) Leader Technologies' invention of social networking (proprietary trade secrets, patented)
(2) stolen by> James P. Chandler
(3) stolen by> Fenwick & West LLP (now Facebook patent attorney)
(4) stolen by> David J. Kappos
(5) stolen by> IBM
(6) stolen by> IBM Eclipse Foundation
(7) stolen by> the whole tech world in 2004 ("re-implemented" magically as open source).

If these people truly lost track of the authorship of social networking, then Chandler, Fenwick & West LLP and the other geniuses at The Eclipse Foundation have incompetently breached one of the most fundamental tenants of patent and copyright law—authorship attribution. This is yet another example of this fraud. In patent and copyright terms it is called "inequitable conduct." Note: Fenwick failed to disclose Leader's invention in prior art in hundreds of Facebook patents they began filing by 2007—yet more lawlessness from the Patent Office.

Clearly, “the dog ate it” tactic was afoot to steal Leader Technologies’ invention by an over-lawyered group of IBM, Harvard and Eclipse sycophants who have obscured their identities for more than a decade. But, even these chickens are coming home to the roost now.

The Harvard Law, IBM, Facebook, The Eclipse Foundation Shell Game
Fig. 3—The mantra of Obama's Cartel: In Confusion there is Profit.

These actors appear to be getting anxious to get their digital pipes and controls laid while Obama still controls the three-letter regulatory agencies (FCC, FEC, SEC, HHS, DOC, FTC, etc.)

It behooves all Americans to stop this “eclipse” of the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps "The Eclipse Foundation" name was Freudian, in more ways than one.

Congressional spending riders need to compensate for patent property and civil rights confiscated by the Obama government

We need to ask Congress to start attaching riders to spending bills to compensate true American inventors whose inventions have been confiscated by this cartel.

We also need to ask Congress to figure out how to put these people in jail for their crimes and abuses of the U.S. Constitution.

* * *

On Simplicity: AFI readers ask regularly for Cliff's Notes of our posts. We made an editorial decision some time ago to err on the side of giving you the full facts, rather than try and summarize them prematurely. Here’s the problem: This corruption is perpetrated by devious minds who hide their misconduct in misdirection and sophistry (e.g., you and I say "He lied" while they say "He ran afoul of the situation with misperceived facts."). You'll read this in spades in the tortured 13-page Office of Government Ethics (OGE) advisory linked below. While these guys get paid $800 an hour, the rest of us must do real work. So, it stands to reason that our findings will be complex. That said, now that the pegs are starting to drop into their respective holes, perhaps we will be able to start summarizing soon. We invite those who have knowledge of these events to anonymously email us at: (Thank you to those who have already!)


Click "N comments:" on the line just below this instruction to comment on this post. Alternatively, send an email with your comment to and we'll post it for you. We welcome and encourage anonymous comments, especially from whisteblowers.


  1. Having contributed to this research, it is crystal clear that the firewall of integrity between Harvard Business and Harvard Law crumbled in the 1990's. By the time Larry Summers became president of Harvard in 2001, he was overseeing little more than a mob enterprise. The Harvard Law and Harvard Finance scoundrels were coaching each other on how to fleece America and undermine our Republic with their ghastly philosophy of self-aggrandizement. That is when they hand picked Obama and Holder as their wind up toys. All roads lead back to Harvard. James W. Breyer (Accel Partners, Facebook's largest shareholder) graduated from Harvard. Professor James P. Chandler taught at Harvard Law, so when Leader Technologies selected him to be their Washington patent and copyright attorney, they had no idea that he would so flagrantly and completely abandon his ethical oath. One lesson to real inventors is beware of patent attorneys making promises.

  2. This latest post makes no logical sense and is riddled with false statements. Let's take some of the most egregious.


    A while ago, some commenter claimed that the original source code for the Eclipse Foundation came from Leader. There is zero evidence that this actually occurred, but nonetheless this blog has now decided that this statement should be taken as gospel.

    It is categorically false. See Specifically (and not surprisingly) it reveals "In the case of the Eclipse Project, the initial code base was contributed by IBM." Not surprising, since IBM founded the Eclipse Foundation.

    This blog does not seem to understand anything about what the Eclipse Foundation is or what it does. It is a massive open-source project which counts hundreds upon hundreds of companies as members. Basically the entire tech world.

    The reason that this blog's position makes absolutely no sense is the very nature of the Foundation itself. It is OPEN SOURCE, meaning that its code is available freely to anyone. Think about the logic here for a moment. This blog claims that Leader invented the most amazing code ever written and as a result, an entire secret government society stepped in to steal that code and use it to take over the world. Let's set aside the chuckles there and focus on what they supposedly did with that code.

    Did they--as you would expect such nefarious actors would do--keep that code secret and use it to accomplish their evil goals? Did they use this supposedly incredible technological edge to muscle out everyone else in the tech world? NO! They did exactly the opposite of what they should have done if they had actually stolen code. They made the code OPEN SOURCE! Yes, they took this incredibly top-secret, groundbreaking code and made it so that ANYONE could use it, study it, create derivative works from it, etc. Basically, they did the LAST POSSIBLE THING YOU WOULD DO IN THE WORLD if the supposed plot that this blog has laid out were even remotely true.

    And here’s the really telling fact. Leader’s code is supposedly now the foundation for open source software. Show me a single instance--ANYWHERE--where an Eclipse module implements Leader’s technology, or a single instance where even a line of Leader’s code appears anywhere in this open source community. It’s all there. It’s all freely accessible. And yet all we hear are crickets.

  3. Deer Beer, you are wasting your time with this crowd. It's funny that this blog posted the "in confusion there is profit" graphic, because that is exactly what goes on here. In fact, that is all that goes on here. Over the past two years, we have seen wild conspiracy theory after wild conspiracy theory, but no proof of any wrongdoing. What this blog does is try to line up random, unconnected events on a timeline, and then claim that is evidence. It's like the 6 degrees of separation Kevin Bacon game that we used to play in junior high. It ignores one of the fundamental tenets of statistics, namely that correlation does not equal causation.

    You are spot on about the Eclipse Foundation. If you're capitalizing on ground-breaking technology to implement some master plan to take over the Internet (or rig elections, or orchestrate stock scams, etc.), the last thing you would do is make that software open source. You would keep it as secret as possible, never distribute it to another entity, and make sure the whole thing stays under wraps. Giving it to an open-source community is literally the last thing you would do. And I agree with your point that there is no Eclipse module that incorporates Leader's code, nor a single example of Leader's code appearing anywhere in the world of Eclipse software, which is freely accessible. If what this blog claims happened actually happened, then it would be incredibly simple to locate Leader’s code (or even Leader’s functionality) in Eclipse software. It’s telling that never happened.

    You overlooked the other big lie that this blog has put forth, namely that investment in mutual funds somehow constitutes a conflict of interest. It's so ridiculous that I don't even know where to start.

    Let's take the JP Morgan example from a couple of posts ago. This blog admitted that the JP Morgan holdings in a mutual fund constituted ".0017%" of the value of the fund. Think about that for a minute. The holdings constitute less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the fund. And yet this blog would lead you to believe that this miniscule holding is somehow motivation for a judge to rule In JP Morgan's favor. Even if the value of JP Morgan quadrupled, it would have virtually no effect on the fund. There is no motivation whatsoever for a judge to rule in favor of JP Morgan on this basis, and this is the very reason that diversified mutual funds do not constitute a conflict of interest.

  4. But this blog takes it WAY beyond that! Take a look at the list of supposed "conflicts" by Judge Siu in the previous post. It includes 27--yes 27--supposed conflicts, including entities such as Bank of America, Citicorp, Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, etc. These are banks that have literally THOUSANDS of investments in various companies. So by the logic of this blog, a judge holding this fund would be required to recuse himself from literally thousands of cases that involved any of these companies. And this would have to happen daily, as judges get new cases on their docket on a constant basis. Essentially, judges would be "conflicted out" of probably 95% of the cases that come before them. Probably even more. And this blog would require the judge--again daily-- (1) examine his mutual fund holdings to find out every underlying company included in the fund and then (2) somehow examine the investments of every one of those companies! So basically, the conflict check for each and every case could take weeks to perform. Again, this is the very reason that diversified mutual fund holdings do not constitute conflicts of interest. I don't know why this blog can't seem to understand this.

    Actually, I take that back. The purpose of this blog appears to be nothing more than to sling mud around and create the appearance of impropriety. But when you pull back the curtain, you see that the complaints actually have no substance. This explains why this story has not been picked up by the media, congress, or any entity over the past 3 years. It's a hollow, empty shell.

  5. Dear Michael and Deer Beer--

    You seem to have a problem understanding facts.

    1. Open Source means that the source code is publicly available to be used.
    This is not the case with Leader's Code. Leaders proved in court that Facebook infringed on all 11 of 11 claims of infringement. Facebook then used that code as publicly available source code--as have the U.S. Government and the Eclipse Foundation.

    An an analogy, if your cars had been stolen and called "public transportation" by a thief, you probably would have reported the theft to the police and requested return of your cars. That's what Leader Technologies did in FEDERAL COURT, and the evidence supported the infringement claims.

    2. The evidence was pushed aside by corrupt judges who had conflicts of interest. You comment that the amount of the conflicts was small. But even Clayton M. Christensen, the notable Harvard professor who wrote the best selling book called the Innovator's Dilemma has states that there is no minimum level of lying or stealing. If you lie or steal a SMALL AMOUNT, where do you draw the line on when to stop? One must not lie or steal at all.

    We have been given the rules by a higher power. The Ten Commandments and U.S. law clearly state that we must not steal or bear false witness. Those rules are simple. What don't you understand about the behavior or justification of the people who have stolen Leader's property?

    Judges are smart people. They can read a simple mutual fund prospectus and understand their potential conflicts of interest. If they can't, they shouldn't be passing judgment over the rest of us.

    The late George Carlin was quoted as saying: "The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post 'Thou shall not steal,' 'Though shalt not commit adultery'" and 'Thou shalt not lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment."

    Seriously, we can do better than that! And I sincerely hope your property never gets stolen (especially property that took years and ~$15M dollars to create).

  6. Cathy, I appreciate your comments but you have misread the posts above.

    The whole point is that Leader's code was never provided to the Eclipse Foundation. If the code were supposedly so valuable, the last thing IBM or Chandler or whoever this blog claims had the code would do is make it open source so that anyone could use it.

    And the proof is already out there. If Leader's code had been taken by Eclipse, then it would be out there, freely accessible by anyone (including Leader!). It's not. That is why I do not believe for a second that Eclipse has anything remotely to do with Leader. Prove me wrong.

    And as to the judge's "conflicts", there just weren't any. Mutual funds aren't conflicts. This is very well-settled law. And the other conflicts that this blog claims are just silly.

    As to your last point, this is how business works, and Leader's failure had nothing to do with Facebook. Leader was out selling their product a good 2+ years before Facebook even launched. If Leader's product was going to succeed, it would have happened then. It didn't. And the fact remains that Leader's business-focused product is entirely different from Facebook's consumer-focused platform. Facebook's success had absolutely nothing to do with Leader's target market.

    1. Michael, looks like the Facebook cartel is getting worried and paying you your overpaid lawyer fees to post your lies and misdirection.. Keep lying until your lies become truth. We get it. I will point out just one of your many misdirections above since I too have followed this blog and read the evidence, The law on mutual funds is hardly "well settled law." In fact, there is almost no case law on it, so that disproves your statement on its face. What is well settled is how the so-called "mutual fund" advisory is being abused by your kind. "Canon 2: Avoid even the appearance of impropriety" is the standard, not "Cartel 2: I can hide investments in litigants all day long inside my mutual funds because Michael Krecht and his crooked friends say it is well-settled that I can."

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    Michael Krecht, First , a hat tip to you for advocating quite well for your client. You represent them in a professional manner. But that doesn't change the facts.....

    The Eclipse Project was started several years before the Eclipse Foundation was launched. The Project was searching for a platform. When the platform was found, the Foundation was launched. It appears that the Leader code ( which had a DNA complexity about it ) heist and the launch of the Eclipse " Foundation" were basically at the same time that the Winklevoss twins claim that the Zuckster stoled the ConnectU idea for Facebook. They made a movie out of that fiasco ( The Social Network) and the Zuckster paid them $65 million in a settlement. Ironically , the Zuckster was stealing another part of the Facebook plan from Leader even though there were patents ( 11 of them ) to protect their invention. The twins had no such patents . Through a series of nefarious " legal maneuvers " and a bunch of blind judges , Facebook prevailed because of a Leader email that was claimed to be an " on- sale" bar patent disqualifier . Think about the timing.......all occurred within months of each other. The Foundation found a code . By making it "open source" it took on the air of something noble. And Facebook became a company worth $34 billion.

    Do you, Mr Krecht, believe in the notion of follow the money ? Or do you believe in moon dust ? Zuckerberg was and remains a thief and not just once. Many times. Is he smart ? Absolutely. Does that make it ok with you ? I regret to say that it appears so. These kinds of inventions and research/ development don't fall out of the sky. They take thousands of very smart man hours, unswerving dedication, and millions of dollars. That's why we patent these precious inventions.

    Have all of the fun you want firing salvos at the inventors of the source code.....then turn your hat around and imagine this happening to you, your company, or your client. You were hacked, cheated, and scorned. Feel pretty good ?

    Have a nice day. TEX

  8. Email comment by dd:

    Read this example of "progressive" liberal values on free speech. "Progressive" should read "Regressive".

    Former Obama Aide Furious Over Newsmax TV

    Reminded me to look back at the AFI analysis of how the Facebook mutual fund cartel has the mainstream media in its pocket:

  9. Wow!!! Apparently I hit a nerve and someone is very afraid of the truth! Very telling.

    1. Tex, I appreciate your comments, but here's the rub. I've followed this blog for 2+ years, along with Donna Kline's blog. After having seen all of the evidence, I do not believe, for a second, that anything was stolen from Leader. I say this for a number of reasons.

      First, I don't think that what Leader patented was anything special. If you read this blog, you would think that Leader had invented the microprocessor, the internal combustion engine, and the Internet itself. In truth, Leader came up with a very mundane concept that adds additional metadata to a file. That's it. Leader didn't invent social networking. Leader's idea was to provide a corporate online whiteboard. Never did Leader pitch or promote the idea of social information sharing as we have seen with Facebook. And even Facebook wasn't original; it was essentially a copy of existing sites such as Friendster, MySpace, etc.

      Second, Leader was provided with Facebook's source code in the trial. This is very well documented. If Facebook had actually incorporated Leader's code, then it would have been glaringly apparent during that inspection. That's your smoking-gun evidence right there, and it was absent.

      Third, and similarly, if the Eclipse project or the Eclipse Foundation actually took Leader's code, again, it would be child's play to locate it and identify it, as the code is open source. There's no evidence here.

      This blog has tried to weave the most convoluted conspiracy theory of all time. At the end of the day, I believe the true story is very simple. Leader sold its product too early. The company tried to cover it up, and the jury saw through that. The Federal Circuit deferred to the jury, as an appellate court almost always does. And the Supreme Court denied cert, as they do with 99+% of all of the petitions. That's it.

    2. "Michael," you have repeated your opinions many times under different pseudonyms, but they remain unconvincing and founded on innuendo, haughty, elitist conclusions, and tired "conspiracy theory!" epithets. Leader's and America's problem is not lack of evidence to support blind justice, its a legal system that is not blind and is lining its pockets with your bribes. This site and other judicial corruption sites are providing ample evidence that your judge cronies are corrupt. You boys must be denied your toys. We encourage your colleagues to come forward and tell the truth on you. First one in can probably cut a deal.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hey In your back yard! Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Back your stock or quit sniveling. Leader invented one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. Facebook and their ilk stole it and we're trying to help you get it back and protect ALL real American inventors from this lawlessness.. If you like investing in criminal enterprises, then its never too late. Why don't you call up the Facebook cartel and ask for another stock tip? Geeesh.

    5. The fundamental flaw in "Michael Krecht's" premise is his assumption that Leader has faced impartial tribunals, which this site has clearly shown with hard evidence that they have not. Therefore, his conclusions are all drawn from a faulty premise. Out of one side of his mouth he wants us to accept his premise that "Leader didn't invent anything special," but ignores that Leader proved Facebook infringes Leader's invention on 11 of 11 counts, and that there was no prior art (the proof that would have proved it wasn't special, which Facebook with its millions to hire for experts, couldn't conjure up.)

      Then, he harkens back to corrupt Delaware District Court and Federal Circuit courts (his playground) where ALL the judges held Facebook stock and were Facebook attorney BFF buddies for proof that they can't all be wrong. Proof AFI has amply shown.

      So Michael Krechts' premises are faulty, and therefore bogus. You cannot build a solid house on a faulty foundation. Even my kids know that.

      Shout out to TEX.

    6. Email post by TEX:

      Hey IYBY, I guess we are weird in Texas but when a man is robbed of his possessions , we don't attack him, we pursue the robber. Leader was robbed , which in turn, according to your post, caused you to be indirectly robbed. Because the robber took your money by stealing from Leader, you would join the robbers gang? WOW.... nice thinking.

      Have a great day, unless you have something better to do. TEX

  10. [Editors]: We have removed "Michael Krecht's" latest post for violation of the editorial rules on his wild speculation about anonymous contributors, but we are re-posting his comment which further illustrates his uncommon knowledge of even other Facebook-related cases. What is most interesting is that he allegedly knows why Judge Carter recused himself when not even defendants' attorneys were told why (we know because we do our investigative work properly and checked). Further, he continues his fishing expedition on Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails. We won't help him there since we have also done our investigative homework and don't get paid his $1,000 per hour fee by Facebook to interminably float his speculation, misinformation and misdirection. BTW, "Michael Krecht," we have indeed taken an objective look at the Ceglia facts. The record shouts a gross violation of Ceglia's due process rights, for starters. You don't get to violate the Constitution, then call it a slam dunk case for the government.

    ------Re-post of Krecht comment, below:------

    [REDACTED NAME], for god's sake. It's over. It was over 2 year ago. It's really time to stop beating this dead horse. Ceglia is as guilty as they come. Take an objective look at the evidence.

    And Judge Carter did not recuse himself; this was a routine reassignment based on caseload.

    And this claim that the Facebook emails were lost? Complete fabrication. If this were the case, there would have been a motion to compel filed by Leader. Why in the world is this evidence lacking?

    1. Email comment by TEX:

      Old TEX learned a long time ago that a good and civil society can not tolerate basic liars, cheaters, obfuscators , manipulators, killers, and/or a majority other immoral citizens , or else it collapses under its own vileness. History is replete with examples of empires, countries, businesses, and individuals that survived moral turpitude for a while but ultimately just went too far and it caught up to them. I proffer Bernie Madoff, Enron, Soviet Union, Adolph Hitler, and yes even Barack Hussein Obama as examples of lies and deceit being discovered , judged, and finally castigated into the evil dust bins of history. Fear not, Obama will get there.

      Facebook is one of those that will collapse. It was founded on theft, lies, and manipulation. Clearly the Zuckster used all of the above. Clearly the investment group around him used , among other things, their Harvard connections, coupled with the Russian mob money, to control its destiny. It appears that certain judges were inculcated into the scheme as well. It operates today as a gatherer of personal data that is nefariously being sold to others to be used , without full disclosure, to control human behavior while casting itself to the public as "a real sweet way for friends and families to stay in touch ". Obama knows the story . Eric Holder knows the story. James Chandler wrote the first chapter to the story. The scary part is that a bunch of people know the story, and it will become much more difficult over time to control the message, huh ? And you know the story, Michael Krecht, aka , lawyer for the defense. Lots of people are involved.

      So Michael Krecht, attorney at law, should Leader really give up ? I don't think matter of fact, you boys had better pray that a Donna Kline, Sharyl Attkisson , or Charlie Gasparino don't put a full court press on this story. And others may , if they don't. This could be a career maker. As you know from your trial work, commission and omission are considered to be equal in the eyes of the real justice system. You might want to rethink your eagerness to defend Facebook's actions. Who knows when the lid will be removed? So, giving up isn't going to happen anytime soon. Have a nice day.....TEX

  11. Death inquiry points to Putin's Mafia state, the same Mafia state that knew
    Facebook was stolen and made millions from facebook's rip of IPO Bill Gates
    knew facebook was a stolen idea and made millions from this rip of IPO.
    Alexander Litvinenko A former Russian agent who became a Britain based
    critic of the kremlin he fell ill on November 1 2006 after drinking tea with
    two Russian men at a London hotel he died three week's later aged 43 Why use
    polonium 210?


  12. Only two weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a strongly worded #JeSuisCharlie statement on the importance of free speech, Facebook has agreed to censor images of the Prophet Mohamed in Turkey — including the very type of image that precipitated the Charlie Hebdo attack.

    It’s an illustration, perhaps, of how extremely complicated and nuanced issues of online speech really are. It’s also conclusive proof of what many tech critics said of Zuckerberg’s free-speech declaration at the time: Sweeping promises are all well and good, but Facebook’s record doesn’t entirely back it up.

    Just this December, Facebook agreed to censor the page of Russia’s leading Putin critic, Alexei Navalny, at the request of Russian Internet regulators. (It is a sign, the Post’s Michael Birnbaum wrote from Moscow, of “new limits on Facebook’s ability to serve as a platform for political opposition movements.”) Critics have previously accused the site of taking down pages tied to dissidents in Syria and China; the International Campaign for Tibet is currently circulating a petition against alleged Facebook censorship, which has been signed more than 20,000 times

    Prince Andrew his best friend a convicted paedophile and likes making deals with foreign despots and propping up his ex wife with taxpayer money.
    Technology giant Jack Ma of Alibaba Newbe to DAVO'S.
    Sheryl Sandberg of facebook was put there by Larry Summers who is best friend's of Moscow partners Alisher Asmanov, Yuri Milner, DST, and Digital Sky Technologies invested up to $3 billion in private Facebook stock to become the second largest shareholder using stolen bailout funds and they all knew how facebook was stolen?. Summers is the shadow power behind Facebook where Sandberg and Zuckerberg were merely follow orders.
    Marissa Mayer of yahoo is spinning off the company's prized stake in China's Alibaba in a move that will enable Yahoo to avoid paying billions of dollars in future Taxes? .

    If tax loopholes are not closed nothing will change but those at Davos only represent the interest of the very wealthy the trickle down disciples believe more of the same will lift people out of the mess but evidence suggests we are heading in the opposite direction and in a few short years half the world's wealth will belong to just 100 people and most of it will be stolen?.

  14. From

    Bill Maher says Obama “is perhaps the worst president…clamping down on the press”
    by sattkisson on January 31, 2015 in News

    Bill Maher adds to the chorus of voices criticizing Obama administration crack down on press freedom. “I don’t understand why he is perhaps the worst president we’ve had on clamping down on the press,” Maher said.

    Bill Maher is throwing some shade on President Obama's credentials as a supposed champion of freedom of the press.

    The host of HBO's "Real Time" sat down Friday to discuss media coverage of secret government work with documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, one of the journalists centrally involved in bringing revelations from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden to light.


    "He's used the Espionage Act more than any other president, right?" Maher added.

    Read the entire article at the link below:

    1. And who wrote the Economic Espionage Act of 1996? Leader's former lawyer and IBM's/Eclipse Foundation/USPTO/Kappos/Fenwick/Holder counsel, PROFESSOR JAMES P. CHANDLER. The "coincidences" just keep piling up.

  15. One of our readers should send the AFI links to Mr. Maher so he can learn the extent of Obama's Patriot Act abuses, and what Obama and his cronies aim to accomplish: CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL DIGITAL PIPES and to amass dark, cradle to grave digital profiles on every American.

    Suggest that Mr. Maher start with this latest post and read the blogs in reverse order.

    The evidence is all there. It was given flight by the unilateral powers that the FISA court gave to Eric Holder soon after Obama came to power:

  16. Email comment by Tucson Group:

    Tex, I have a simple question, regarding the numerous comments made by Michael Krecht, and that is, if all of the years of investigation and blogging from Donna Kline and Americans for Innovation is a farce, then why has he been following this so closely for over 2+ years? That ins't the path of a non-believer. That is the path of a believer and someone who knows they are on the wrong side.

    Tucson Group

  17. Email comment by TEX:

    Hey Tucson group, you have asked the correct question about Krecht. Why hang around to disengage a bomb if no bomb exists ? My first response is to follow the money. Somewhere, somehow , this person is engaged because of money. That's ok, it's the American way. But my question is why jeopardize one's personal character when being on the other side could actually create much more real ,and honorable , wealth......I feel confident that a whistleblower with intimate knowledge of the nefarious history of the Facebook heist could become very wealthy while remaining incognito. This would be money paid for doing the " right thing" rather than earning blood money to disrupt a journey of seeking justice. And if being famous sounds interesting, that is almost a given if the whistleblower had courage. I wish I had hard evidence of how this heist went down , I would love to be rich and famous. I promise you, I have the guts. How about you" Krecht" ? Give it a thought. Have a great day, TEX.

  18. Reposted this down here so no one would miss this fact about which Bill Maher complained above.:

    And who wrote the Economic Espionage Act of 1996? Leader's former lawyer and IBM's/Eclipse Foundation/USPTO/Kappos/Fenwick/Holder counsel, PROFESSOR JAMES P. CHANDLER. The "coincidences" just keep piling up.

  19. Email comment by TEX:

    I just listened to a conversation on NBC regarding the "deflate gate" episode. Chris Collingsworth suggested that the NFL was opening a can of worms. And inside , he said, were some worms. I agree and I hope the NFL buries anyone that cheated.....

    This is just one of a million fractures in the total integrity of what America stands for. Think about the various institutions that we want to trust but just can't. The media, the school systems. the judiciary, the White House ( especially the alleged President), our churches who distort Scripture, the institution of family ( 50% get divorced and ,now , same gender marriages), our military ( they have bowed to political correctness) , the IRS, the DOJ, and even corporate America.

    The NFL commissioner must take this seriously and be a example. This year alone he has dealt with a myriad of terrible issues, including murder. So far, I give him a very poor grade. Baseball let drug use go too far. The NBA is made up of mostly thugs. College coaches are not teaching young men about being strong men and women later in life, it's all about winning. Even in the band scandal at Ohio State we saw a collapse of integrity. I hate war but war is better than allowing a growing group of jihadists to behead Americans and get away with it. Obama has put this free world in a big mess. We are in real trouble in this country.

    I played four sports in high school and boxed in junior Golden Gloves. I played D1 sports in college, and played a professional sport as an adult. Cheating, quitting, lying, etc. , were not even a thought for me or others. I served in the military. Same thing. Been in business for 40 years. Same thing. What the heck happened to us ? Today, we can see these flaws in everything Americans do. It's everywhere, it's ubiquitous, and it permeates our entire society. It makes me sick.

    I am going to challenge all readers of this AFI blog to work hard to elect honest politicians. Challenge dishonest businessmen, cancel dishonest publications and turn off dishonest TV networks. Do not go to trashy, immoral movies. If sports allow cheating, quit supporting them. Take a stand, America. We are on the edge of total collapse. And, yes, I took my meds. Go Seahawks. Have a great day, TEX

  20. More examples of Obama & Co. and the Cartel to suppress free speech, civil and property rights.

    Govt. Officials Escort Reporters to Bathroom - FEB 01, 2015

    “It was a police state. It was absurd how heavy handed the capitol police and Democratic staff were in trying to control everywhere the press went,” New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said in an interview.

    from Politico

  21. More proof of the Cartel's attacks on American innovation and the patent system.

  22. Email comment by XO:

    Surprised? Our President appears to be a liar.

  23. OUR PRESIDENT ROBS EVERYTHING - decency, history, inventions, property, truth. I received this from a friend:

    President Obama seems to enjoy throwing Christians under the bus in the name of trying to sound fair. At the National Prayer Breakfast today he reminded people that extremism in the name of in religion isn't exclusive to Islam and has been carried out by Christians as well.

    People are very willing to "hijack religion for their own murderous ends. [R]emember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ," Obama said. "In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

    So even though Islam is the greatest murderous ideology in the history of the world with at least 250,000,000 dead according to historians, we must not forget Christians have done evil, too.

    Here's the error in this flawed argument of moral equivalency. When Muslims commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam, i.e. beheading, kidnapping women and children, assassinating critics, etc., they are simply doing what Mohammed did. This is recorded in the Koran and the other authoritative books of Islam.

    When Christians use their religion to justify murder and injustice they are acting diametrically AGAINST the principles of Christianity. According to Obama, "We see ISIL, a brutal vicious death cult that in the name of religion carries out unspeakable acts of barbarism claiming the mantle of religious authority for such actions." Where did they learn to be so vicious?

    According to Islam's own account ...

    613: Mohammed begins his public preaching in Mecca
    622: Mohammad consummates his marriage to a nine-year-old wife.
    624: The Nakhla raid begins violence in the name of Islam
    624: The Battel of Badr, Muslims attack and defeat the Meccans
    624: Mohammed attacks the Qaynuqa Jews and exiles them from Medina.
    625: The Battle of Uhud where the pagan Meccans defeats the Muslims
    625: The siege and exile from Medina of the Jewish Nadir tribe
    627: The Battle of Trench: The Jewish Qurayzak tribe betrays Mohammed
    627: Mohammed beheads the males of the Qurayzak tribe and enslaves the women and children.
    628: Mohammed and the Muslims besiege Khaybar oasis and exile the Jews from it
    630: Mohammed and the Muslims conquer Mecca
    630: The Battle of Hunayn and Mohammed becomes the master of Arabia
    630: Warfare against the Christians
    •Three people are assassinated on Mohammed's orders for making fun of him; Abu Afak; Asma bint Marwan (Poetess); Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf.


    • Number of wars Christ led: 0
    • Number of people Christ killed: 0
    • Number of women and children Christ enslaved: 0
    • Number of assassinations ordered by Christ: 0
    • Number of children and women sexually exploited by Christ: 0

  24. AFI has been calling "Astroturf"propaganda right for years! How many Facebook goons have called this site names in their posts? All of them! "crank, quake, nutty, lies, paranoid, conspiracy"


    Here’s my TEDx talk on the increasingly artificial paid-for reality we get…and how to recognize the truth.

    “Astrotuf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you’re an outlier–when you’re not.”

    “Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy.”

    “Beware when an interest addresses an issue by controversializing or attacking the people, personalities and organizations surrounding the issue rather than the facts. That could be astroturf.”

    Here's the TED talk YOUTUBE to this must-see Sheryl Attkisson lecture:

  25. Email comment by TEX:

    The mind wanders when one realizes that one's President is lying to us about just about everything.

    Wedding Ring Repair?

    The Wedding ring is in for repair again this year. Since when does a plain wedding band need repairs, along with your watch, for a whole month? In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch. When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs. No reason was given for the missing watch. You may recall that it has been repaired at the same time the last few years.

    So it's just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan...

    Can't possibly be that, because although he hasn't gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he's a committed Christian "cause he said so during his campaign". And don't forget his latest Prayer Breakfast wherein he blamed the Crusades for ISIS. Oh , and let's remind ourselves that Rev Jeremiah Wright was first a Muslim and Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran. Fact check that!!!

    This is the same president that spent the Christmas holidays in Hawaii to avoid religious obligations as president at the White House. His children do not receive Christmas presents. Let's just face the facts and quit trying to distort the truth, we have a Muslim for president in the White House, and he has no knowledge of American traditions or history. Remember, it is OK in their Islam faith to deceive ( lie) non believers.

    I truly hope that I am a lunatic nutcase rather than Obama being a sleeper , one man Islamic cell that we naively gave eight unfettered years to destroy our country, one fabric at a time. I would say the jury is out for both of these options.

    Have a great day...... TEX

    1. On the issue of Muslims and the ethic of telling the truth, we reached out to an eminent theologian who is expert in both Christianity and Islam. He lives and works in a country where the citizenry is predominantly Muslim.

      "Hello!, how are you? I am in Egypt now, tomorrow I am returning back to COUNTRY-NAME. According to the Qur'an people of the book (Westerners, Christians and Jews) are the worst of all creatures (Qur'an 98:6), and Muslims are not to befriend them Q.3:51).Therefore if Muslims are feeling that they are in the position of feeling threatened they can lie to them (Q.3:28). Please read those verses. You can find them on line (free online Qur'an in English). God bless you.


  26. Wow. Just wow.

    Tex, I have enjoyed your comments over the years, but you really need to step away from Fox News. I find you to be an intelligent person, but your mind is being corrupted in real time by those hacks.

    You stated that "last week" President Obama was seen without his wedding ring and watch. And you are claiming that this is evidence that he is a secret Muslim, because Muslims don't wear jewelry during Ramadan. That statement is actually false, but you might want to check your calendar. Ramadan this year starts in June. As in 3+ months from now. And this whole myth has already been soundly discredited. The Internet is your friend.

    And as to the author of this blog "K. Craine", it's pretty amazing that you could receive a comment from "Tex" at 8:54 a.m, and then miraculously contact an "eminent theologian" and receive a response within 8 minutes, posting the follow up comment at 9:02 a.m. Time to stop the charade!

    1. Deer Beer must be off the meds. I have read those citations from the Koran from numerous people. The timeline speculation is nonsensical. Who cares? Just read the citations for yourself. Deer Beer appears to have become an Islamic apologist now too. Weird.

    2. Well now, who is into "conspiracy theories" now. Deer Beer is making a mountain out of a mole hill. We received both TEX's email post and the message from Egypt by EMAIL yesterday morning. The Email from Egypt was a reply to our query on the same subject from a week ago. The timing was coincidental.

      As to the speculation about President Obama's religion, we must say that our friend in Egypt has told us that Obama is a Muslim repeatedly ever since Obama was elected in 2008. Our friend's academic qualifications are impeccable, so we are inclined to put some credence in the current conclusions about the subject based on the observations of our President's behavior.

      What is the popular wisdom: "The proof is in the pudding?"

    3. Email comment by TEX:

      Deer you really and truly believe in your heart that America is collapsing because the rednecks watch Fox News? Calling our beloved president a Muslim sympathizer is not a function of channel surfing, it is for me a function of connecting the dots in his in his adolescent upbringing, and his everyday actions and words as an adult.

      You seem to be keen on timelines , as all good lawyers should be. Apparently, however, timelines for bigger things don't seem to matter to you. Have some fun and go back to the early Leader Technologies timelines and follow the yellow bouncing ball from the Zuckster's Harvard days, to James Chandler, to the VC's in California, to Russian mob money, to the connections between the lawyers on the FB side and the judges assigned to the various cases, especially the appellate level. I personally wish Fox News would pick it up.......

      No , America is not collapsing because of Fox News. They simply report the unfolding disaster. The other government propaganda outlets ( NBC, MSNBC, et al ) avoid talking about the criminal activities and constitutional usurpation going on in this administration. They talk more about FOX as the problem ( as you do) to distract Americans from the actual " transformation of America" that Hussein Obama promised.

      Seriously, we traded a handful of known terrorist killers for a US Army deserter and no one talks about it. Policeman shoot criminals and these idiots castigate the police. The IRS decimates trust, and FOX is blamed. Benghazi investigators are stonewalled, FOX is blamed. Obama is allowing the Middle East to blur the sovereign boundaries of Syria, Iraq, etc. through his planned incompetence while totally thumbing his nose at our allies. FOX is to blame, right ? We have 11,000,000 new legal quasi citizens to bless with free benefits at a time that we are absolutely beyond our ability to EVER repay our unfunded committed liabilities going forward. Think about this Deer Beer......we owe to our future generations commitments that exceed more than half of all of the wealth that exists on this planet. And that is FOX's fault.

      So, I say let's uncover the charade that sits as CEO of America. He's a fraud, he's incompetent, he's ideologically opposed to American values and traditions. Have a great day and enjoy Brian Williams, TEX

  27. Email comment by Faithful Reader:

    Post this please:

    Editors (Feb. 10, 2015). Tax office says it was prevented from sharing HSBC tax data. BBC

    FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) boss Martin Wheatley was not told about the HSBC tax allegations before they emerged in the media.

    The UK tax office said it was prevented by an international agreement from sharing information about HSBC's possible involvement in tax evasion.

    Amid a row over what ministers knew and the regulator's role, HM Revenue & Customs said the details it had could not "move outside the department".

    HMRC was passed a horde of documents in 2010 from France about clients of HSBC's Swiss operation.

    The scandal has triggered promises of scrutiny from around the world.

    The US government has been asked to reveal what it knew about the documents and the US Justice Department is among the bodies looking at whether action should be taken against HSBC.


    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) chief executive Martin Wheatley had earlier told the Treasury Committee that he was "not aware" of his organisation being told of specific claims of collusion in tax evasion.

    He said: "It's quite clear that the number of scandals that we've seen in financial services, particularly in banks, has been staggering, and the latest allegations I think are equally scandalous."

    In the UK, a Downing Street spokeswoman said no ministers were aware of the claims.

    HMRC told the BBC that under a deal with France it could not share the information.

    Full Story at:

  28. Inside the bizarre fight for Mark Zuckerberg’s bedroom privacy
    In November 2012, Voskerician was in a contract to buy the property behind Zuckerberg’s home in Palo Alto, California. He sent a letter to the Facebook chief executive officer saying he planned to tear down the home and build a 9,600 square-foot replacement. It would overlook the back of the Zuckerberg abode, a view that would include the master bedroom. A nasty legal spat between Mark Zuckerberg and his neighbour offers a fascinating glimpse into the Facebook founder's private universe and how Silicon Valley’s power elite fends off those seeking to force their way into the club. Voskerician’s attorney, David Draper, declined to comment on the complaint, which includes allegations of fraud, breach of contract and misrepresentation. Zuckerberg denied all the allegations in an October court filing. His lawyer, Patrick Gunn, and Makan’s lawyer, Daniel Bergeson, declined to comment on the case. However the case turns out, Zuckerberg’s privacy is unlikely to be threatened by other neighbours thanks to Makan, the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley executive who described his team as “Mark’s family office.”

    S&P pays $1.86b penalty for it's role in the meltdown this doesn't fix anything it's just a traffic ticket.
    A thousand convictions per year may sound like a lot, but consider the size of the pre-crisis mortgage market and the large role shady mortgage originators played in it. In 2007, Countrywide Financial alone originated $408 billion in mortgages and serviced 9 million individual mortgages worth a total of $1.5 trillion. This is the same company that failed to send the actual mortgages it originated to the people pooling them into securities, an incredible failure to perform their basic responsibilities. $600 billion in pay option adjustable rate mortgages – widely sold to people who couldn't handle them – were issued industrywide from 2005 to 2007. Holder say's ( Well who gives a FUCK what holder got to say) When the Justice Department did release data on its own, it was glaringly misleading. Big splashy numbers thrown around in press conferences to announce enforcement actions often shrank in reality.

  29. Check out this rare photo of Abraham Lincoln. Who knew?

  30. Email comment by TEX:

    I grew up in the oil patch both drilling /operating wells and building gathering systems / pipelines. Without question , the energy provided by the " oilies" to our industries fueled our great industrial expansion. This country still relies heavily on oil and natural gas . And so does the rest of the world, especially the Middle East.

    The primary source of funding for ISIS is the revenue provided by the captured oil fields in Iraq. The primary source of revenue for Iran is oil revenue. The primary source of revenue to the Saudi' s and Syria, Libya, and other radical Islam funding countries is oil revenue. If you knew that these countries were funding the demise of freedom loving countries around the world, would you talk about how misguided our citizens are by blaming Islam ( a peaceful religion) , or would you make a decision to eliminate their funding ? To insulate the US from an economic shock of less oil available to the US and it's allies , would you block drilling, new refineries, and new pipelines, or would you aggressively expand our internal capabilities to withstand shortages ? Which of these is Obama doing? He told us that this is not a religious war, at least not to us. He said we are winning, yet, ISIS advances.

    The people that hate us the most ( Russia, Venezuela, Iran, ISIS ) have oil production in some measurable quantities. If we don't advance our own capabilities , they can also mess with our economic future. Many of the new very large undeveloped oil fields are off of the coast of Africa. The radicals are strategically taking control of those precious assets and we sit idly by. Interestingly , all of these enemies of freedom have substantial wealth planted in the nations that they are trying to engulf . London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and even Washington, DC, are havens for their wealth. The US houses trillions of dollars of wealth that finds its way into the coffers of radical Islamists pockets.

    So TEX is going to give Obama a plan.......carpet bomb all oil wells in Iran controlled by ISIS. NOW. This afternoon......Then, If other surrounding nations provide funds to ISIS, take out their oil fields. Stop their only source of revenue now. Send a message to the world that we are tired of being beheaded. Take control of all funds , weapon outlets, and markets necessary for the radicals military advancement. Put together a plan to militarily isolate these killers and kill them back. The map of ISIS controlled land is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. They are loving the cowardly approach that Obama has laid out for our nation. These unrelenting killers do not fear the United States of America and they must.

    What does it take to get Obama's attention off of the golf course and his political fund raising? How many do we watch die before we put together a meaningful strategy ? Hey Obama, they want to come to DC.....they want to go to Rome, and London, and Paris. Wake up and lead us . You were not elected to watch us wither away into insignificance. Grow some juevos and be a man.

    And now a serious challenge.....Obama, come to Texas. Let's have a small challenge event....just me and you. We will wrestle five minutes. Spar in a ring for five minutes. Shoot free throws ( I will spot you five to 20). Play 18 holes of golf ( I will give you a shot a hole), and then let's debate about our economic well being with no TelePrompTer. If you win any one of these, I will back off.......and I am 70 years old.

    Have a great day, TEX=

  31. Email comment by TEX:

    I may be like your Uncle Eddie and overstaying my welcome in your house, so to speak. But I just have to get this grin off of my face by sharing a thought on " college degrees ". I just listened to Dr Howard Dean, (a dermatologist turned failed governor , to failed politician ,to accomplished loud mouth commentator ) state that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is "unknowledgeable " because he did not finish college. This, according to Dean , makes him unworthy to be President. Being a skin doctor or a community organizer does, I guess.

    Without much else to say, I proffer the following names:

    George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, J.Paul Getty, Barry Goldwater, Patrick Henry, Oprah, Peter Jennings, William Randolph Hearst, Charles Dickens, Carl Bernstein ( Watergate reporter), Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Thomas Edison, Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, James Cameron, George Carlin, Ben Afflect, Halle Berry, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Ellen de Generes, Leonardo di Caprio, Steve Ballmer, Russell Brand, Richard Branson, and even dear our buddy, the Zuckster. I would also suggest that there is no unsealed proof that Hussein Obama has any education. None of these unknowledgeable people have (or had ) college degrees. So I guess that they ,too, are all unworthy of being successful.

    Howard Dean, you are a joke, and a drive by a man, talk about ability to lead, talk about the ability solve problems. America has had its belly full of eruditic horseradish.....I would suggest that neither your party's President nor your next probable nominee , although we have seen her diploma, have shown any propensity to lead or solve problems. But that's for a later discussion.

    Have a nice day, TEX


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