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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Obama tapped Stephen C. Siu to disrupt Leader Technologies' social networking patent to amass money, votes & Power

Sharyl T. Attkisson, Stonewalled
Sharyl Attkisson, Barack Obama
Photos: CBS, White House.
Jan. 6, 2015 Update: Attkisson Sues U.S. Gov't
Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has sued the Justice Department for using "highly sophisticated methods" to hack her computers to learn the identities of her confidential sources for newsgathering and articles critical of the Obama Administration in Fast & Furious and Benghazi. She cites Department of Justice documents confirmining involvement by Eric Holder and the FBI in a secret inter-agency network that "will help strengthen partnerships between department and agencies across the U.S. government." We believe this network is founded on the theft of Leader Technlogies' inventions led by IBM, former IBM counsel and Patent Office Diretor David J. Kappos, Eric H. Holder and Professor James P. Chandler, Leader's former patent attorney and a long-time senior cyber-security adviser to IBM, NSA, Harry Reid and the Department of Justice. See this and previous post re. "The Internet of Things."

Sharyl Attkisson's claims: (1) Attkisson et al v. Holder et al, (2) FTCA Federal Tort Claim and (3) Docket.
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Dec. 24, 2014, Update Jan. 6, 2015 | PDF
L/R: U.S. Hacker-in-Chief, Korean Understudy
Presidents Obama and Kim Jong Un
Fig. 1—Barack OBama & Kim Jong Un make competing claims about North Korea's alleged hack of Sony Entertainment. Irrespective of how silly it appears for a U.S. President to spend time defending actor Seth Rogen's satirical comedy,
Hacker-in-Chief's Second Lieutenant
Stephen C. Siu, Administrative Patent Judge
Stephen C. Siu, Patent Judge in Leader v. Facebook who holds up to $2.1 million in Facebook and Friends.
the more serious question is "Who is the greater intellectual property thief?" Obama or Un?

In our estimation, President Barack Obama is the hands down winner with ample proof of his theft of and reliance on the social networking invention of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. One of the Hacker-in-Chief's accomplices is the patent hacker-judge Stephen C. Siu, as this post shows. So much for this American judge's pledge to avoid even the appearance of impropriety."

Obama's first lieutenant was Patent Office Director and former IBM chief intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos,
Photos:; LinkedIn

(Dec. 24, 2014)—President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder seem to have taken the alleged hack of Sony by North Korea a little too personally.

Apparently, only Obama's government is allowed to steal intellectual property. Ironically, Obama's brouhaha over a satirical comedy ignores his exploitation of Columbus-based Leader Technologies’ social networking invention for a decade.

Men who live in glass houses should not throw stones

The Sony hack is child's play. Obama and Holder have orchestrated one of the greatest intellectual property thefts of all time—the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. Aided by IBM’s David J. Kappos (later Patent Office director), Leader’s attorneys Washington, D.C.-based James P. Chandler, and Silicon Valley's Fenwick & West LLP (later Facebook's attorney), Holder helped create The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001. Their mission was to capitalize on Leader’s breakthrough innovations for themselves and their grand plans.

Global Control of “The Internet of Things”

Their agenda is voracious and global: banking, finance, education, politics, economics, healthcare, tax, regulation, environment, law, security, legislation, energy, social, entertainment. They want it all, and they were not going to let Leader’s intellectual property rights stand in the way of their vision for “The Internet of Things” (a global agenda pressed by IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, and Wind River).

Eclipse set out to eviscerate Leader’s intellectual property rights in legal sophistry

In their Grand Poobah benevolence, these people decided that Leader’s invention should be “open source” (freely available to all) and not owned by Leader. Never mind that Leader had invested over $10 million and 145,000 man-hours to invent it, had been awarded multiple patents, and had proven in federal court that Facebook was guilty on 11 of 11 counts of using the invention illegally. According to sources, Chandler, a professor emeritus of law at George Washington University, once told a Leader official “sometimes the rights of a few must be sacrificed for the rights of the many.” Textbook socialism.

Here are just a few ways President Obama’s government has exploited Leader’s invention. Obama’s government has relied heavily on Leader’s invention for its existence.

Hacker-in-Chief Barack Obama's Intellectual Property Sins dwarf Kim Jong Un's

Barack Obama half-heartedly salutes U.S. soldiers
Fig. 2—U.S. Commander-in Chief Barack Obama's salute to American soldiers who have snapped to attention to salute him.
Photo: Wikipedia.
  1. Candidate Barack Obama announced his candidacy on Facebook—Leader’s invention, on Feb. 10, 2007.
  2. Obama relies on Leader’s invention for Organizing For America (OFA), formerly Obama For America, for daily propaganda and donations.
  3. Obama and Holder hired Facebook’s Cooley Godward LLP attorney, Donald K. Stern, to recommend White House judge selections that included the Leader v. Facebook judge, Leonard P. Stark, then they allowed Cooley Godward LLP to defend Facebook in the trial. Corruption personified.
  4. Obama’s 2008 and 2012 election victories are credited to the demographic data gleaned from Facebook—Leader's invention.
  5. Obama appointee, David J. Kappos, former IBM chief intellectual property counsel and The Eclipse Foundation founder, started the Patent Office Facebook page on May 14, 2010, two months before the Leader v. Facebook trial in a clearly prejudicial defiance of propriety.
  6. Obama has incorporated Leader’s invention throughout, most specifically through the activities of Todd Y. Park's two "social" medical companies, Castlight Health and athenahealth—Yes, Park implemented his own company's technology in Obamacare—more textbook corruption.
  7. Obama’s government has pressed for release of government “big data” to Facebook cronies; this helps populate "The Internet of Things" global data base on every citizen. "Dark Profiles" are being created on every U.S. citizen in the unregulated hands of private entities.
  8. The NSA, IRS, FEC, HHS and SEC have been feeding these dark profiles.
  9. Obama’s agencies have pressed Congress and C-SPAN to exploit Leader’s technology and feed these dark profiles.
  10. We’re just getting started with this list . . .
Crickets Chirping

Only crickets are chirping in Eric Holder’s law enforcement backyard

What has Eric H. Holder done to protect Leader’s property rights? <<< Click here to hear Eric Holder's crickets>>>. Instead, he has failed across the board to prosecute profligate judges, attorneys, regulators, politicians and bureaucrats who are supporting this agenda.

Tellingly, neither has Holder prosecuted a single Wall Street executive for the so-called 2008 banking meltdown. The similarities of inaction are apparent. Perhaps the 2008 “crisis” was an elaborate fabrication to create an excuse to implement “social” technology broadly—before the world could figure out this agenda?

Stephen C. Siu, Administrative Patent Judge
Stephen C. Siu, Patent Judge in Leader v. Facebook.
Photo: LinkedIn.

Anatomy of Hacker-Judge Stephen C. Siu

Here’s an example of how Obama, Holder and Chandler executed their agenda with minions inside the Patent Office. Kappos assigned patent judge Stephen C. Siu to handle the unprecedented third reexamination of Leader Technologies’ patent. (Kappos' invocation of this special director power designed only for the most extreme of hardship situations had never been seen before in living memory.)

Here’s the timeline of Judge Siu’s entry into the Leader v. Facebook case:

Mar. 22 IBM sold 750 patents to Facebook
Apr. 17 David J. Kappos ordered the 3rd Leader reexam; assigned Stephen C. Siu and IBM, Microsoft, Xerox cronies
May 19 Facebook public offering; Kappos' and Siu's investments benefited substantially
Apr. 29 Patent Judge Stephen C. Siu magically affirms IBM, Xerox and Microsoft prior art that Facebook had lost on resoundingly at trial and in two previous reexams. A total reversal in favor of Facebook, IBM and The Eclipse Foundation.
Conflicts Disclosures? None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Kappos and Siu worked for IBM; Judge Siu worked for Microsoft; staffers had issued 212 patents to IBM, Microsoft and Xerox; Kappos and Siu held Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Xerox stock; Kappos ran a Patent Office Facebook page and posted regularly. Siu failed to disclose his IBM and Microsoft relationships when citing their failed prior art in the 3rd reexam. Siu failed to disclose his legal team's plethora of relationships with IBM, Microsoft, Xerox and Facebook.

Table 1: Timeline of Patent Office conflict of interest in Leader v. Facebook.

Judge Siu is a former Microsoft employee as well. Siu’s three-judge panel and attorneys had collectively issued 212 patents to IBM, Microsoft and Xerox. Staff attorney William J. Stoffel lists IBM and major Facebook investors Vanguard and Fidelity as conflicts. Therefore, these people should never have touched this matter, and yet they not only touched it, they eviscerated it.

During the proceedings, Siu cited Facebook arguments about Microsoft and Xerox that Leader had already refuted soundly three times, once at trial and twice in previous reexams. Then magically, Siu’s Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) reversed 10 years of decisions validating Leader's innovations. Siu ignored the Code of Conduct that requires judges to flee even the appearance of impropriety. The conflicting Facebook-IBM-Microsoft-Xerox associations among Kappos, Siu, Stoffel make the reexamination a transparent fraud. See p. 33 Request for Congressional Intervention.

U.S. Patent Office lawyers are secretly feeding promising new inventions out the backdoor to the lawyer cronies and their banks
Fig. 3—Mutual Funds are secretly organized to be held among select oligarchs and their friends who only pretend to favor a free market Republic. The so-called "safe harbor" excuse for not reporting portfolio holdings has corrupted American public life to its core. Most public officials are on the take through their mutual funds. Until this corrupt practice is overhauled, self-dealing, bias and deep-pocket power over public officials destroys the republican principle of equal treatment before the law.
Graphic: Americans For Innovation.

In lockstep, these officials cite a euphemistically named “safe harbor” exemption buried on page 202 of a 241-page Judicial Conference "advisory opinion." However, that same opinion says "even one share" of stock held by a spouse demands disclosure. It also says that the exemption does not apply if you get regular portfolio reports, which all mutual funds are required by law to provide twice a year. Neither does the exemption apply if the judge buys and sells stocks out of the fund, which Siu does.

Bottom line, the “safe harbor” excuse is a ruse for hiding holdings in crony companies. It's "the dog ate it" excuse that no one appears to have questioned until AFI started alerting Americans to this grossly unethical practice.

Judge Siu stuffed his pockets with Facebook stock and related interests

Hillary Clinton asks ''What difference does [telling the truth] make?''
Fig. 4—Hillary weighs in on Judge Stephen C. Siu's profligacy: What difference does it make?

[Read: The damage I helped create has already been done. Move on folks. Didn't you get the memo? I am above the law, just like patent judge Stephen C. Siu and everyone else in this administration.]
Photo: Reuters.

Siu’s relationships with IBM, Microsoft, Vanguard and Fidelity notwithstanding, Siu also invested up to $2.1 million in 28 mutual funds that hold 644 holdings totaling a whopping $140 billion (with a B) stocks and bonds in Facebook and companies with direct Facebook interests, most notably Facebook’s underwriters.

Six of Siu’s funds hold $4 billion in Facebook stock directly, including Facebook’s largest mutual fund investor, Fidelity Contrafund (Ticker Symbol FCNTX). Contrafund is reserved for the Facebook Cartel elite, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Eric H. Holder and three of the four Leader v. Facebook judges.

Patent Judge Stephen C. Siu undisclosed conflicts of interest in Leader v. Facebook
Fig. 5—Administrative Patent Judge Stephen C. Siu failed to disclose 644 conflicting holdings in Facebook interests while judging Leader v. Facebook.

Methodology: We studied public SEC filings to catalog the portfolio holdings inside these funds. Once you determine the "ticker symbol" for the fund, like Fidelity Contrafund's is FCNTX, the annual FORM N-CSR reports for the fund can be easily obtained at A single holding was counted as one, no matter whether it reflected a $1 billion Facebook investment or a $10 million JPMorgan bond. If two different funds held the same underlying nested fund that contained Citigroup stock, for example, that Citigroup interest was counted twice, since each holding is a separate conflict of interest. SEC filings are "judicially recognizable," meaning they can be used as evidence in court without further verification.

Siu, Stephen C., Undisclosed Facebook Interest Holdings in Leader v. Facebook, reported Apr. 02, 2014

Fig. 6—Analysis of Administrative Patent Judge Stephen C. Siu's undisclosed financial holdings in Facebook interests during his work to invalidate Leader Technologies' validly issued and well-tested patent for social networking. Siu has 644 Facebook conflicts of interest in Leader v. Facebook worth $140 billion. Click here to download this PDF directly.

Click here to download the full set of Judge Siu Exhibits analyzing his portfolio of mutual funds.
Amendment No. 8, TOMBSTONE, Facebook S-1 Registration, May 16, 2012
Fig. 6—Facebook S-1 (public offering) Registration (May 16, 2012) showing the underwriters with substantial interests in Facebook. These disclosures occurred during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings and were therefore substantial grounds for judicial recusals where judges held these evident Facebook interests. Judicial financial disclosure reveal that every judge in Leader v. Facebook was profoundly conflicted. Each judge held substantial stocks directly in Facebook through their funds, most notably Fidelity, Vanguard and T. Rowe Price funds. Source: Amendment No. 8, Facebook S-1 Registration, May 16, 2012, SEC, accessed Dec. 18, 2014
Judge Stephen C. Siu’s summary of holdings in Facebook interests that he failed to disclose during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings. Source: Financial Disclosure, 2013
Siu Holdings: Company: Facebook
Total Value of
Holdings into which Siu is invested:
6 Facebook   $3,989,303,883
509 JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Wells Fargo and Citigroup Underwriter $83,427,543,556
53 Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, State Street and BlackRock Mutual Fund Investor $20,972,864,092
76 IBM, Microsoft, Boston Scientific, Xerox, LinkedIn, Workday, Walmart, Baidu (CHINA), athenahealth and Castlight Health Crony / Investor $31,514,972,969
644 < Total Holdings Total $$$ > $139,904,684,500
Table 2: Stephen C. Siu Undisclosed Facebook interests in Leader v. Facebook. DOWNLOAD EXCEL DATA: XLSX Spreadsheet (also attached to PDF above

Certain American judges suffer from sudden-onset-wealth syndrome

Judge Siu’s financial conflicts show the same pattern of investing that we have uncovered in about 50 judges, politicians and bureaucrats dubbed “The Facebook Cartel.” The sudden-onset wealth acumen acquired by these individuals is truly magical.

What’s the end game?

We are often asked where we think these people are headed with the now evident collusion. We believe these people have convinced themselves that the world will be better off if they surreptitiously take control of the global digital infrastructure.

The  end justifies the means

This Cartel has decided that Leader’s patents, Dr. Arunachalam’s patents, Paul Ceglia's civil rights, Johannes Van Der Meer's patent, your health data, your IRS financial data, your banking data, your choice of physician, your privacy, etc. are required, even if they must lie, cheat, steal, wage war, betray, propagandize, and fabricate diversions to get them. Ironically, a very high percentage of these people are Harvard graduates who have formed a quite unholy alliance with Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Before Obama leaves office . . .

The Cartel wants it all .The Facebook Cartel is working to sieze control of the global digital conversation
Fig. 7—Only the end game that matters to the Facebook Cartel is control of America's entire digital infrastructure by the time Barack Obama leaves office. Why do you think he is working so feverishly to stack the courts with cronies? Then, if you try and protect your Constitutional rights, his cronies will continue to underpin the Cartel's agenda. With crooked judges, lawyers and law, the world is their oyster.

President Obama's priorities over the next two years will reinforce this agenda, we predict. His priority to lower Pacific trade barriers, deregulate Internet domain naming, immigration, executive orders, stonewalling, vote subgroup pandering are not random or incompetent. They make perfect sense in light of the Cartel's agenda to seize control of America's digital infrastructure, in perpetuity.

Nothing else matters in this agenda. Not America. Not the Constitution. Not property and privacy rights. Not human decency.

If this Cartel is permitted to take over the digital pipes of our lives, they will control our conversation, finances and votes through titillation, coercion, advertising, propaganda, censorship and message manipulation.

Is the American citizen (We the People) "too stupid" to stop this takeover?

We don't think so.

Merry Christmas to all.

Let's restore our sacred America rights in the New Year before these profligates do even more damage. The long lesson of history is that citizens either defend their rights, or they lose them.

* * *

On Simplicity: AFI readers ask regularly for Cliff's Notes of our posts. We made an editorial decision some time ago to err on the side of giving you the full facts, rather than try and summarize them prematurely. Here’s the problem: This corruption is perpetrated by devious minds who hide their misconduct in misdirection and sophistry (e.g., you and I say "He lied" while they say "He ran afoul of the situation with misperceived facts."). You'll read this in spades in the tortured 13-page Office of Government Ethics (OGE) advisory linked below. While these guys get paid $800 an hour, the rest of us must do real work. So, it stands to reason that our findings will be complex. That said, now that the pegs are starting to drop into their respective holes, perhaps we will be able to start summarizing soon. We invite those who have knowledge of these events to anonymously email us at: (Thank you to those who have already!)


Click "N comments:" on the line just below this instruction to comment on this post. Alternatively, send an email with your comment to and we'll post it for you. We welcome and encourage anonymous comments, especially from whisteblowers.


  1. Email comment by TEX:

    If you want to hear what a real President sounds like................. You do not have to be a veteran to have goose bumps run down your body. Just watch this quick video and think back. The narrator would roll over in his grave if he knew what our present administration looks like. This is an incredibly great video. Humbles you. It's from a time when the United States had a President who actually loved his country...

  2. Obama and Holder look like wind up toys for the globalists George Soros, Andy Grove and John P. Breyer.

    What do Soros, Grove and Breyer have in common? They are all post-World War II Hungrarian Jewish refugees with Christian names (George, Andrew, and John). From ethnic and religious perspectives, the fact that they are Jewish is neither here nor there, but to the extent that this fact may reveal hidden agendas, it becomes noteworthy as a potentially strong motivator for collusion. It is a notorious fact of history that Hungarian Jews were severely persecuted by the Nazis, along with Poles, homosexuals, Gypsies and Russians (deemed no better than swine by Nazi anthropologists). Soros is the garish one (throws around wild amounts of money to progressive liberal and outright socialist causes). Grove does the blocking and tackling (electronic chips). Breyer is the secretive manipulator (high tech publishing and venture capital). Breyer was the founder of Computer World magazine.

    Breyer's son, James W. Breyer, is the managing partner of Silicon Valley-based Accel Partners LLP, the largest stockholder in Facebook, former chairman of Facebook, former Walmart director, client of Leader Technologies' former attorney, Fenwick & West LLP. Breyer is also a lavishly donating Harvard alum who likely coopted Harvard president Larry Summers into their plan to help fabricate a Harvard origins story for Facebook a few years after they started THE ECLIPSE FOUNDATION. Barack Obama and Eric Holder were other useful byproducts.

    The Breyers have set up shop in China (IDG CHINA) and have gone very quiet since the framework of this agenda was first exposed. Keep asking WHERE IN THE WORLD IS JOHN P. BREYER? Then, follow the money. Then, watch for George Soros around every corner. 8-O (deer in the headlights).

    Remember James W. Breyer's staging of Zuckerberg's coming out at Stanford on October 26, 2005? This video is evidence of a crime IMHO. Breyer and Zuckerberg are SOLICITING Stanford students to write "apps" for the software platform they stole from Leader Technologies. Legally this is no different than a drug dealer soliciting students to sell drugs on campus. Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President on this stolen platform just 16 months later. Hmmmmm.

    James W. Breyer and Mark E. Zuckerberg Interview, Oct. 26, 2005, Stanford University:

    The birds are coming home to roost.

  3. I always did think Obama and the Zuckerberg gang were too lovey dovey. zuckerberg always has been an idiot, ah, ya know, dude, and Obama becomes one when he is off his teleprompter. Two thieving peas in a pod.

    1. So, the ''BIG DATA'' agenda is to compile 600 or so pieces of metadata on every citizen... like a DIGITAL IDENTITY FINGERPRINT? Then, this cartel will have all the data they need to control our every move? They'll know how we vote, who we might vote for with the right incentive (executive order), what we buy, who we buy from, who we do business with, who we socialize with, ad nauseum? They are as we speak sucking this data out of healthcare institutions through, IRS, election commissions, social data stream, banks, etc.? ... and all this will be in private hands in undisclosed secret locations around the planet simply because we all "checked the box" on the slimy user license agreements, like the Facebook data center in Sweden? Where are our elected representatives on this? Oh wait, I forgot, they hold these same mutual fund bribes along with our judges. IBM appears not to have learned its lesson from WWII when it compiled secret files on its undesirable citizens, then confiscated their property on Kristallnacht.

      "We The People" must put a stop to this!!!

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    America's greatness as a nation can be defined by many different parameters , historical feats, many remarkable men and women, and such things as it's natural ocean barriers from predator nations. All in all, it was a perfect idea, at a perfect time, and for the right reasons. The folks in the new world wanted freedoms, liberties,and opportunities to achieve their dreams. They could be employers or employees, they could be teachers or students, they could be leaders or followers. In any case, they could control their own destinies as long as they followed the laws ( our Constitution ) created by our brilliant founders. Our society allowed winners to win and losers to lose. But it also allowed for movement from one class to another. There was no royalty or predetermined winners or losers.

    I have attached below an article written in 2009 about the man we elected in 2008 to " fundamentally transform America". It is abundantly clear that Obama had ,and retains , a disdain for the very fabric that made America the greatest idea ever created for governing. He must believe in his heart that the only way to create a new progressive, socialistic society is to pick winners and losers , at all levels, even if it usurps the Constitution in the process. Remember the words of his mentor Saul Alinsky, " the ends justifies the means". Simply look at how health insurance was imposed, how our borders have been obliterated, the new functions of the IRS, the dismantling of our military, the theft of patents that hampered his agenda, and even the dilution of state rights by the bullying from the Federal government. It's all about transformation. It's all about imposing an agenda.

    To those readers that believe AFI is just making stuff up because " the blog is racial", please read the article below with an open mind. It was written by a techie with no agenda. Then, piece together what is presented in this article to the many other "co-inky dinks" presented over the past year by AFI on this blog site. Any rational, logical thinker can see a pattern of corruption and deception that follows the school of thought of " the ends justifies the means". And the fascinating outcome is that those that participated in this corruption gained billions of dollars of wealth with no opposition. I will end this rant with a question for you. If a couple of patents were obstacles to Obama's agenda, which of the following choices would he make?
    - he would honor the law and take another route. or,
    - he would pull a few insiders together ( Larry Summers, David Kappos, Eric Holder, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. ) and create a plan that could bulldoze his way to achieving his agenda without regard for those that were damaged in the process.

    Before you answer, let me point out a typical Obama move yesterday in Hawaii. Two Captains in the US military stationed in Honolulu had been planning a wedding for a year. The venue was a small, isolated golf course on Oahu. The bride to be was so excited about the wedding and the reception. It was her dream man, and dream location. Then the call came the day before her wedding. Obama had decided to play golf there and they had to change their wedding to a different location........the next day ! And Obama didn't change his plans......they did. Can you imagine what is in this mans heart ?

    Have a great day......and Happy New Year. TEX

  5. James W. Breyer knew Facebook was a stolen idea he said he was going to expose Mark Zuckerberg as a Thief but it was all a lie just to get more info for the stolen idea facebook, and on October 26, 2005 you sold out like a little whore at Stanford Breyer is the secretive manipulator when Breyer stole Leader Technologies software platform it was of to Stanford with his little prick mark zuckerberg.
    Harvard president Larry Summers knew zuckerberg had stolen the idea facebook and fabricate a Harvard origins story for Facebook, Zuckerberg is an admitted forger and an admitted hacker, Orrick, the firm Eduardo Savrin accused of conspiring with Zuckerberg to deprive him of his shares when he stole the idea facebook. Orrick perjury and conspiring along with Zuckerberg to protect his stolen empire, Orrick you new that facebook was stolen. Zuckerberg is a self-confessed hacker who never invented anything in his life.

  6. Email comment by TEX

    More proof that this AFI is spot on in its investigations.

    WELCOME TO THE MACHINE - One free-man's take with Paul Rosenberg, Case Research | January 02, 2015

    Happy New Year. Have a good one. TEX

  7. I watched the National Championship semifinals and was struck by a General Electric ad titled "Ideas are Scary" The premise is that ideas are never accepted by the status quo and only find their true home in the bosom of one of the most monopolistic companies on the planet-----General Electric.

    This is GE Propaganda Brainwashing 101. It also reinforces former Patent Office Director David J. Kappos' statement sometime back in 2009 when he first became patent director. Kappos said:

    "People no longer innovate individually."

    Kappos' statement makes no sense and telegraphed his intent to allow his IBM cronies to steal whatever they wanted, including Leader Technologies patents, Dr. Arunachalam's patents, Johannes Van Der Meer's patents, Paul Ceglia's civil rights under the logic that such moves would be benevolent in order to save those ideas from the "scary" world. More liberal socialist clap trap.

    They must be pulling out all the stops to get their digital pipelines in place before Obama leaves office. What we need are some more whistle blowers in the bowels of this collusion. C'mon wolves, let's keep on their tails.

    1. Speaking of interlopers, did you see the Sugar Bowl Postgame? The Great Ohio State President Interloper Michael V. Drake was prancing around on the platform like a little rooster with his semifinal championship hat on. I guess when you are a liar, cheat and a thief, that's the closet you can get to actually earning something real like the OSU football team did. Bama put up a great fight. Who was sure they wouldn't score again and tie it? Not me! That game ranks right up there with the best. Get off the stage Drake the Snake. You are usurping the honor from people who do deserve it and who actually work straight up for their honors.

  8. A MUST READ IPWATCHDOG ARTICLE: You may also find the linked IP Watch Dog article enlightening. It further reinforces what AFI has discovered regarding the anti-inventor "America Invests Act" agenda. I don’t think most elected representatives have any idea what booby traps to real inventors this Act introduced. It gave the ultimate CLUB to deep-pocket patent infringers.

    “If patents inhibit innovation then why don’t countries without a patent system have run away innovation? If patents get in the way of innovation why do countries with the strongest patent rights have the most innovation? If patents get in the way of technological advancement then why haven’t we seen smartphones stagnate? …

    Bad actors are to blame and the media, public and Congress have been sold a bill of goods by those who want to destroy the patent system in the United States.”

  9. Email comment by TEX:

    Boy , are we in trouble . What is happening to us ? Young criminals get killed during crime sprees and marchers hit the streets in protest of police. The mayor of NYC condones the protests and subsequently policemen in NYC are slaughtered. And the mayor blames the police. Obama golfs and calls it racism.

    Our government adds taxes and regulations to improve our lives....our standards of living decline. Americans are not good at being stifled. We became great by allowing the risk takers and the strong to innovate , create, and perform. Was disparity of income and wealth created ? Absolutely. Get over it......we were created equal in terms of freedom to compete but not created equal in terms of results. When we eliminate stress and challenges from our society, our minds and ability to compete find a way to atrophy. Obama golfs, and calls it unfair to the unproductive.

    We look to the media, professors, bureaucrats, economists, politicians, and " scientists" to guide us when most of them have not had to innovate, create, etc. in their precious, protected lives. There is no dirt under those manicured finger nails. They seem pretty good at reporting and being critical of the risk takers and the productive but not any have the ability to compete in the world that the day to day American lives in. At no time in history has so many non producers had so much control over those that do. Obama golfs and pontificates.

    This morning in France , killers opened fire on innocent folks because they besmirched their " prophet". France now has 25% of its population claiming to be Muslim. A number of European countries are seeing citizen uprisings due to a massive influx of Muslim immigrants. Evidence is clear that these new invaders are not inculcating into the respective societies. They are having babies in record numbers, using the socialistic welfare programs to survive, and demanding freedoms to live outside the norms. At home ,we are doing the same thing and we are releasing very dangerous Gitmo prisoners back into the world battles. A world conflict of major proportions is just a few incidents away from occurring. With beliefs and ideologies so very different, it will be bloody and it will last a while. And it will be called The Second Crusade. Obama smiles and golfs.

    Our laws are usurped, our Constitution stepped on, and our philosophical basis ( Christianity) belittled. We appoint judges to create not interpret laws. Our DOJ attacks men like Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona for enforcing the laws. The hegemony of the Federal government over states rights is just mind boggling. Taxes are somewhat necessary but should not have the sole purpose of redistribution . I worked until Sept 1 last year before I received one dollar for me and my family. If a US hardworking taxpayer adds up all of the taxes and tolls paid, it is clear that we are sharecroppers. The capitalist started out being the milk cow. Under Obama he became the beef cow. I am ready to getting back to being the Cowboy. Obama golfs while we toil.

    One last question. Are you prepared to turn the future of our country over to immigrants that don't know our language , history, and laws ? When 11 million new voters hit the voting booth in the near future, that's exactly what will happen. I now refuse, for the remainder of my life, to be politically correct. Obama is destroying this country and it has to stop.

    Have a nice day. TEX

  10. Dear "in your backyard"

    As we have stated many times, we do not permit commenters to speculate on the identities of anonymous commenters. (BTW, your speculation was wrong.) While some vulgarity is permitted, your comment was over the top. If you wish to post your opinions, feel free, but keep it civil and fact based. You used the f__ word three times in your short paragraph. Not very convincing.

    The Editors

    1. I saw the "f__'n comment" before you removed it. I admit I am speculating myself, but it read like a comment by someone disgruntled at Leader Technologies for being "out of their league" in their battle with the Facebook corruption. Such a notion is wrongheaded. The U.S. Constitution was written to protect INDIVIDUAL rights. Inventorship is an individual thing. If an individual inventor cannot rely upon the protection of U.S. law after receiving a patent for his or her invention, then ALL American citizens are "out of their league." Using this misguided mentality, an inventor would have to become as corrupt as those who are stealing from him or her in order to get in that "league." That league is corruption and totally unAmerican. The commenter needs to take a deep breath and reconsider his or her moral assumptions about what it means to succeed in this life. If someone stole his property, then attack the Facebook thief, not the victim.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Email comment by TEX:

    Got an email from Flavia this morning. She went to Paris for that march of solidarity with world leaders that was obviously absent our President , Vice President, and Secretary of State. If we want to remove America from a leadership position on fighting these horrific Islamic killers, this is the way for this regime to do it. Just ignore it. These marching countries supported our nation during 911, and during the Boston marathon bombings. They sent troops and provided equipment for the battles. France had more people at this rally than the day that allied troops liberated Paris. One would think Obama could get his lazy butt on that big ol' plane and fly to Paris. He is such an embarrassment to our once great nation.

    So in her email , Flavia ( and of course her twin sister, Mavis) said that they drove around Paris looking for French men, French pastries, and the Eiffel Tower. All they saw was barbecue joints, the Lamar county seat, and a 65 foot replica of the famed tower. I then knew that she had driven to Paris, Texas. I hope she stops this binge drinking .........

    Tonight TEX and friends will be at the big game at Jerry's world. The key to this match up will be conditioning. Those big Buckeye lineman will be exhausted by the 4th quarter. The game will be a track meet and I can't wait to see these kids compete. I am sure Obama and Al Sharpton will get their nose in there somewhere. But that's for another day. TEX=

  12. Tex.......really! Nobody cares about this made up Flavia person... get serious. Please just leave your comments in your mind on the front porch. Most of what you talk about is just old news that we read about on Fox before you blog it. So give it up PLEASE.Thank you.

    1. Email comment by TEX:

      "In your back yard" , your comments are fascinating . To accuse me of living in a make believe world and state that your proof is that I watch Fox News, is brilliant. Thanks for your bringing this to my attention. From now on , TEX is going to jump on YOUR bandwagon of transparency, honesty, and veracity . I , like you, am going to support as many patent thieves, and dishonest adjudicators as possible. Then I'll top the day off with a dose of Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton on MSNBC. What was I thinking ? So because you said please and thank you, in your well written and pertinent thoughts, I will only mention Flavia in the future when she has some thoughts on the importance of breaking the law, obliterating our Constitution, and being a real man like Chris Hayes. Have a really good day. Well done, Buckeyes. TEX

    2. Dear "In your back yard:"

      A parse of your comments does not find even a single statement or opinion based on fact. Such haughtiness is unconvincing. Tossing around labels wildly at people you don't know and in whose shoes you have not walked only demeans you, not them.

      The Editors

  13. The single individual that posts the majority of these comments should be less truculent. And let's add loogan.

    1. LOL. We're about ready to cut off your bar tab. Looks like you may have peaked in on a Bill O'Reilly vocabulary lesson. Good for you. You migrated from a four f___'s to truculent loogan epithets. Fascinating transformation. Still no opinions of the subject matter based on facts.

  14. Email comment by Not Buying It in AZ:

    This came across the wires today. AFI has warned us about the cartel's attempt to control the future Internet, euphemistically named "net neutrality" . . . the same sort of lie he pushed similarly with "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and the "America Invents Act." The message should be: "Beware of President Obama bearing sweet words that mean the opposite to get in our knickers."

    Obama pushes broadband plan, critics see ‘federal takeover’

  15. AFI has been calling "Astroturf"propaganda right for years! How many Facebook goons have called this site names in their posts? All of them! "crank, quake, nutty, lies, paranoid, conspiracy"


    Here’s my TEDx talk on the increasingly artificial paid-for reality we get…and how to recognize the truth.

    “Astrotuf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you’re an outlier–when you’re not.”

    “Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy.”

    “Beware when an interest addresses an issue by controversializing or attacking the people, personalities and organizations surrounding the issue rather than the facts. That could be astroturf.”

    Here's the TED talk YOUTUBE to this must-see Sheryl Attkisson lecture:


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