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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Patent Office filings are shuffled out the USPTO backdoor to crony lawyers, banks and deep-pocket clients

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Nov. 26, 2014, Updated Nov. 10, 2017 | PDF |
Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)
Fig. 1 – Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.Justice Roberts in Leader Technologies' Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Leader v. Facebook failed to disclosue his massive holdings in Facebook financial interests, and he declined to hear Leader's appeal In addition, Justice Roberts failed to disclose his mentoring relationship with Facebook's Gibson Dunn LLP attorney Thomas G. Hungar.
Photo: Unknown.
News Update Dec. 6, 2014:
Judicial Patent Theft Syndicate Exposed
News Flash: After encouraging Dr. Arunachalam to investigate his financial holdings "to your heart's content," Patent Judge Brian J. McNamara didn't like the results. He just sanctioned Dr. Arunchalam and threatened to invalidate her patents if she pursues her complaints about his JPMorgan financial conflicts of interest. He expunged the filings analyzing his JPMorgan, Micrsoft, SAP, Citigroup, etc. financial holdings (linked here).
Memo to Judge McNamara: This is not about whether you can sneak around and hide your stock in JPMorgan, SAP etc. This is about Dr. Arunachalam's solemn property and due process rights. You are trampling on your DUTY to be impartial. How did you grow so rich while working at the Patent Office anyway?

McNamara essentially admitted that he had the conflicts, but that the rules absolve him (in other words, the rules allow cheating and deception!). He also said she cannot represent herself pro se and must hire an authorized attorney, which is illegal. Instead of just withdrawing from the case, he imposed self-serving rules that will enable him to stay in the game and muzzle further complaints about his conflicts, citing a flurry of rules to hide behind, like recalcitrant judges always do. So much for the Code of Conduct Canon 2—avoid the appearance of impropriety.
Dead fish are washing up everywhere (this is a metaphor folks). Two days ago, patent judge Brian J. McNamara was caught
Brian J. McNamara, Patent Judge
Brian J. McNamara
censoring dockets in six "patent reexaminations" in Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam's Pi-Net v. JPMorgan/SAP cases. Yes that's right, a patent property right is a joke in this post "America Invents Act" era. Deep-pockets can tie your patent up for decades with new AIA legal harassment tricks. Dr. Arunachalam's filing (click here) exposed McNamara's financial holdings in JPMorgan, SAP, Citigroup, Bank of America, etc.—the banks Dr. Arunachalam is suing. Earlier she showed that Delaware district court judges Leonard P. Stark (click here) and Richard G. Andrews have substantial holdings in the same banks, as do many Supreme Court and Federal Circuit appeals court judges who are embroiled in the corruption scandal involving former chief judge Randall R. Rader.

Rader was a law student of Professor James P. Chandler, the attorney now implicated in the theft of Leader Technologies' patent in Leader v. Facebook. Chandler was IBM's chief outside counsel. He worked directly with David J. Kappos at IBM in the founding of The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001, just as Leader Technologies' social networking innovations were coming off the drawing board. Chandler was ostensibly protecting Leader's intellectual property and introduced Leader to Battelle Labs, Livermore Labs, Boston Scientific, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and Fenwick & West LLP. Magically, Facebook hatched 18 months later and Leader, Chandler's and Fenwick's client, was iced out of the market. Fenwick started filing patents for Facebook in 2007 (without disclosing Leader's prior art). Barack Obama announced his candidacy on Facebook in 2007. Kappos was appointed director of the Patent office in 2009. IBM sold 750 patents to Facebook a month before the public offering, a month after Kappos ordered the 3rd Leader reexamination. Fenwick took Facebook public in 2012. The smell of dead fish is pronounced.
Judicial Patent Theft Syndicate
The yellow "Attorney" symbol is a rhetorical warning that the attorney is lining his pockets
and is likely TOXIC to your property rights and the Rule of Law. (Hover over picture for name; Click to enlarge.)
Professor James P. Chandler, Leader Technologies' patent attorney, IBM chief outside counsel, IBM collaborator on the founding of The Eclipse Foundation Gordon K. Davidson, Fenwick & West LLP; Facebook's patent and securities counse; Leader Technologies' former counsel James W. Breyer, Chairman, Accel Partners; Facebook's largest shareholder; Fenwick & West LLP client Lawrence ''Larry'' Summers, World Bank, U.S. Treasury, U.S. National Economic Council, Square, Instagram, Andreessen Horowitz Barack H. Obama Eric H. Holder, U.S. Attorney General Preetinder "Preet" S. Bharara; Paul Ceglia persecutor Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. Randall R. Rader, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals; resigned Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Federal Circuit Bar Association David Kappos, Director, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office; former IBM intellectual property chief counsel; Professor James P. Chandler collaborator Michael G. Rhodes, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP Jan Horbaly, Clerk of Court, Federal Circuit Appeals Court Leonard P. Stark, Facebook shareholder Alan D. Lourie, Federal Circuit Appeals Court; Facebook shareholder Kimberly A. Moore, Federal Circuit Appeals Court; Facebook shareholder Harry M. Reid, U.S. Senator (D-Nevada); Facebook cabal funder; Evan J. Wallach sponsor Evan J. Wallach, Federal Circuit Appeals Court Nancy D. Pelosi, U.S. Congresswoman; former Speaker of the House; Facebook cabal funder Brian J. McNamara, Patent Judge Stephen C. Siu, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office; former employee at IBM and Microsoft Todd Y. Park, CTO, United States; CTO, Health and Human Services, Penny S. Pritzker; Stanford " Harvard Rebecca M. Blank, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce; presided over Patent Office Director David J. Kappos' abuse of power in ordering an unprecedented 3rd reexamination of Leader Technologies' U.S. Pat. No. 7,139,761 after the invention had been affirmed three times previously; Minn. & MIT Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission (S.E.C.); presided over an unprecedented exemption to Facebook from the 500-shareholder Rule (12g) which triggered a $3-10 billion ''dark pools'' trading of Facebook private shares underwritten by Goldman Sachs and involving billions of dollars flowing in from Moscow, Russia via associates of Lawrence ''Larry'' Summers Donald K. Stern, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Photos: U.S. Courts, Fenwick & West, der Spiegel, Harvard, White House, U.S. Congress, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Gibson Dunn, Cooley Godward, C-SPAN, Univ. of Del., GWU, NIPLI, Yahoo, Chicago Tribune, FINRA, SuperSleuther, Unknown, LinkedIn, Flickr, U.S. SEC, Federal Reserve, U.S. Justice Dept., San Fran. Chronicle, U.S. Commerce Dept., for educational purposes only.
We almost forgot to mention that we just received the public financial disclosure of patent judge Stephen C. Siu (click here) who was assigned by Kappos, in an unprecedented move for a Patent Office director, to invalidated Leader's patent in a secret Patent Office court. Not surprisingly, Siu holds the telltale insider darling fund Fidelity Contrafund and worked for IBM with Kappos. Siu staffed his Kappos-directed kangaroo court with other IBM cronies. Click here for a new analysis of Stark's 6,869 holdings in Facebook interests.

You do the math. 78% are lawyers.
"De minimus! Safe Harbor!"
We're hearing these two excuses repeated by judges who have millions and tens of millions of dollars in net worth when they are asked why they did not diclose their stock holdings in litigants like JPMorgan and Facebook. Memo to Judges: Your duty is to disclose your mutual fund portfolio holdings to the parties if there is even the hint of a potential conflict—"even one share." The parties (not you) will decide whether those holdings are de minimus or not.
Judicial Ethics Stealth:
Jurassic Park: Clever Girl Scene
Animation: Universal Pictures / Amblin Entertainment
On an insider tip, a judge favored by this cartel will invest $500,000 in a Fidelity, T. Rowe Price or Vanguard fund with $30 billion in assets that holds JPMorgan stocks and bonds, for example.* If anyone questions whether he should have disclosed that holding before presiding over a JPMorgan case, he uses the excuse that he doesn't have to because it is a "de minimus" holding (of no consequence)—even though he will benefit personally by decisions favorable to JPMorgan. Of course, compared to the whole fund its only 0.0017% of the fund. However, ask the investor who invested $500,000 in the patent that the judge just helped JPMorgan steal if its "of no consequence." That's ignoring that the judge tripled his investment after the insider tip; but of course, that is also de minimus according this convoluted definition. Memo to Judges: Even the so-called "safe harbor" exemption says it does not apply when you get regular portfolio reports from your mutual funds, which you do twice a year, by law. Using these excuses, no judge would have to disclose any holding in any company stock held by a mutual fund—the ultimate scam. This makes Bernie Madoff look like a gradeschooler, and this time, our supposed watchdogs are in on it! For example, SEC Chair Mary L. Schapiro holds over 50 Facebook "dark pools" mutual funds. Quoting the game hunter in Jurassic Park: "Clever girl."
* The other mutual funds of choice in this Mutual Fund Scam are Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, BlackRock, Baillie Gifford, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Deutsche Bank and TIAA-CREF.
Memo to America:
These are the same people we have entrusted with guarding our justice system and the rule of law.


(Nov. 26, 2014)—AFI investigators have wondered how certain judges, bureaucrats and politicians acquire sudden wealth after attaining high office. It’s either pure genius, or fraud. Turns out it’s mostly fraud, at least in the cases we have investigated: Leader v. Facebook and Pi-Net v. JPMorgan.

U.S. Patent Office lawyers are secretly feeding promising new inventions out the backdoor to the lawyer cronies and their banks
Fig. 2—U.S. Patent Office & Federal Circuit Court have devolved into a den of thieves controlled by big law firms & their deep pocket clients. Promising ideas are backdoored before the patents are even issued, giving the deep-pockets a jump on all the best business opportunities. The idea that the Patent Office treats small inventors fairly is a carrot and stick to lure unsuspecting innovators into the lair. The Patent Office has become a system highly biased to big infringers. Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam is having to fight just to get her judge off the Pi-Net v. JPMorgan/SAP case after discovering that the judge holds substantial JPMorgan interests.
Graphic: Unknown.
Professor James P. Chandler, President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute (NIPLI), Chandler Law Firm Chartered
Professor James P. Chandler
Photo: NIPLI

We see the same patterns in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and Rembrandt v. Facebook. The list of go to-attorneys for this Cartel is a tight little group associated with their adviser, Professor James P. Chandler. Chandler appears to be running the show from his perch on the Potomac. Tom Clancy couldn’t make this up.

First we’ll describe how we believe they did it, then we’ll give hard data retrieved from the government’s archives to prove it. Thanks to librarians from a prominent law school for their assistance. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, Fig. 2 is an illustration of how Leader Technologies’ attorneys Professor James P. Chandler and Fenwick & West LLP (Gordon K. Davidson) led the heist.

Representative Government Zeitgeist, Non Sequitur, Nov. 29, 2014
Fig. 3—The Representative Government Zeitgeist—Zeitgeist means the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Source: Wiley Inc, GoComics, Non Sequitur.

The Scene of the Crime:
Click the image to enlarge. Click here to download a PDF.

The Scene of the Crime: The Great Mutual Fund Scam
Fig. 4—The Great Mutual Fund Scam. Illustrates how ethics officials from the Department of Justice, Office of Government Ethics and Judicial Conference schemed to create Gruberesque ethics policies so tortured that no one could understand them. The result has been that few judges report their holdings in deep-pocket litigants hidden behind mutual funds. They cite the "safe harbor" exemption incorrectly. That has been especially true in Leader v. Facebook and Pi-Net v. JPMorgan et al. We have noticed the same undisclosed judicial conflicts in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and Rembrandt v. Facebook also. Click here to download a PDF of this image with accompanying documents cited.

Several documents that were generated at the scene of this crime were available in plain sight, once we knew where to look.

OGE Acting Director F. Gary Davis introduced a tortured 13-page Gruberesque advisory on mutual funds that opened the floodgates

On Aug. 25, 2000, F. Gary Davis, 21-year veteran and acting director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) issued a tortured 13-page advisory opinion on mutual fund reporting. This advisory introduced the ludicrous notion that fund manager writings in prospectuses (and not actual fund holdings) would govern decisions about disclosing potentially conflicting stocks in a mutual fund. Given the notoriously known penchant for brokers to lie, surely Davis’ 21-years of experience told him this was a bad idea. Was David lining his retirement pockets with Cartel favors?

Following on Davis’ heals seven months later, on Mar. 14, 2001, the U.S. Judicial Conference introduced sweeping changes to the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees. These changes cleared the way for federal employees in the justice system to use Davis’ ethics advisory to hide their stock in litigants under a euphemistically defined “safe harbor” exemption.

Here’s when senior administration lawyers started fleecing America:

Aug. 25, 2000—Tortured 13-page Mutual Fund OGE Advisory, Memorandum re. Mutual Funds by F. Gary Davis, Acting Director, U.S. Office of Government Ethics opened the floodgates for what has become widespread non-reporting of holdings.

4 months later . . .

Jan. 18, 2001—Bill Clinton appointed Professor James P. Chandler to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC), White House Press Release, Jan. 18, 2001; gave Chandler the platform to argue that stealing Leader Technologies' invention was for the national good (as well as good for his other client, IBM).

2 months later . . .

Mar. 14, 2001--Sweeping Judicial Conference Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees changes, Report of Proceedings of the U.S. Judicial Conference. Approving these changes were Eric H. Holder, Judge Sue L. Robinson (Pi-Net v. JPMorgan judge), and Federal Circuit Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly (managed docket censorship of Pi-Net filings in Leader v. Facebook)

2 weeks later . . .

On Mar. 28, 2001—Washington, D.C. Conference on Intellectual Property, sponsored by Professor James P. Chandler, supported by David J. Kappos, IBM, Eric H. Holder, Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Justice Department and Boston Scientific.

During the next 6 months, Chandler recommended Leader Technologies relationships with Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Battelle Laboratory, Fenwick & West LLP. Source: US Courts, Leader v. Facebook.

On Aug. 7, 2001, Chandler joined the board of Eurotech, Ltd. comprised of former senior government Energy Department officials looking to exploit homeland security opportunities. According to sources, Chandler said nothing to Leader nor sought a conflicts waiver on this relationship, even though he was engaged in Energy Dept. projects with Leader at WPAFB, LLNL and Battelle regarding Leader's inventions.

On Aug. 20, 2001, we have verified that Leader entered a legal services agreement with Fenwick & West LLP at Chandler’s recommendation. No conflicts waivers have been sought by Fenwick, especially before they began representing Facebook.

On Nov. 29, 2001, Chandler assisted David Kappos and IBM to form The Eclipse Foundation; said nothing to Leader about the conflict. Source: Eclipse press announcement.

Table 1: The Great Mutual Fund Scam Timeline and supporting documents.

Hard evidence of this collusion between deep-pocket patent infringers and patent judges

Brian J. McNamara, Patent Judge, Pi-Net v. JPMorgan
Fig. 5—Brian J. McNamara, Patent Judge who is being belligerent in refusing to recuse himself from Pi-Net v. JPMorgan even though he holds large amounts of JPMorgan financial interests. Click here for Dr. Arunachalam's protest.
Graphic: Yahoo/LinkedIn .

For example, Patent Judge Brian J. McNamara holds up to $3 million in mutual fund stocks. He currently presides over a series of “patent reexaminations” triggered by mega patent infringers JPMorgan and SAP against Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam’s. Judge McNamara makes $150,000 per year in salary. Clearly he suffers from sudden-onset investing genius. Click here to read her latest request for an impartial tribunal.

Click here to jump to previous post revealing Judge Leonard P. Stark's holdings and conflicts of interest in Leader and Pi-Net litigants.

Longtime Federal Circuit Judge Alan D. Lourie in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal is worth up to $15 million. How do they do it? Are they that much smarter?

The Great Mutual Fund Scam

Dr. Arunachalam writes about this Great Mutual Fund Scam in her  latest patent office complaints about Judge Brian J. McNamara bias. Or, click here for that filing.

In Fig. 4 we include the related timeline for Leader v. Facebook events. The koinky dinks are off the charts now that the modus operandi is evident.

Cartel Objectives: IBM’s “The Internet of Things” (monitor everything including toasters) and extend NSA snooping capabilities using Leader's and Pi-Net's inventions

The Internet of Things
Fig. 6—IBM / The Internet of Things. IBM is facilitating embedding surveillance technologies in hardware and software of all kinds to enable the stealth monitoring of everything. He who controls this digital infrastructure controls the messages and can manipulate the outcomes by pandering to targeted predilictions. It's a dangerous power in the hands of greedy banks who are generally distinguished by their moral turpitude.
Graphic: Beecham.

IBM and Microsoft figure prominently in this heist. The judges in Leader’s unprecedented 3rd patent reexam ordered by Kappos are all IBM and Microsoft cronies. In fact the chief judge, Stephen C. Siu, worked for both IBM and Microsoft, according to Siu's newly acquired financial disclosures. The patent judges between them have issued almost 100 patents to IBM, Microsoft and Xerox. Judge Siu’s failed to disclose his newly discovered holdings in Fidelity Contrafund (his largest single holding).

Judge McNamara holds Fidelity Contrafund as does Eric H. Holder, John G. Roberts, Jr. and three of the four Leader v. Facebook judges, Kimberly A. Moore (she sold it after the IPO, but held it during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings), Evan J. Wallach and Leonard P. Stark (though his Fidelity funds of funds).

Educated Bandits

America appears to be run by people who are little more than educated bandits.

Stay tuned.

* * *


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  1. Singers Bono and Robin Thicke have been named two of the least influential people of 2014 by GQ magazine, The worst part was the way both Apple and U2 treated this like it was some kind of noble gift to the people, Bono your a legend in your own little mind Bono knew facebook was stolen and made millions by doing insider trading on facebook, Let's all get a divorce from all this crap And Obama is not much better you are to serve others first not your self you freak this is why Obama always appears to be playing catch up with events over seas rather than being in control of them

  2. Received this Thanksgiving message from one of our readers. Thought most of you would enjoy this beautiful reminder about life's truest values.
    ---------Begin Reader Message---------
    My Dad died in 1971 when I was 19, but he was able to teach me many valuable lessons. Most of all, I knew that he loved me. One of his lessons is printed on the back of a yellowing business card from the Monona Motel in little town of Monona, Iowa. Dad kept the card in is wallet to remind him. I still keep it on my desk to remind me.The front of the card advertised that they were "Northeast Iowa's Finest" and had "Room phones, Television, and Air Conditioning." --quite unassumingly remarkable for the 1960's.

    The back of the card is more insightful. It reads:

    "It's good to have money and the things that money can buy. But it's good to check up once in awhile to make sure you haven't lost the things that money can't buy."

    I hope you'll enjoy this video of a TED talk. It's still the best one I've seen regarding Thanksgiving and gratitude:

    I HOPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING--including our friends and family who are not Americans!

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    The Holiday season around my house has mostly been joyful through the years. We celebrate at Thanksgiving, the wonderful gifts that are forefathers put in place for us, and then in December we celebrate the love that our Creator /Father put in motion with the birth of Jesus Christ. For those things we are most thankful and forever grateful. As we all know, our freedoms come from the free-will that is embedded in our DNA. I become lachrymose when I see men/ women in powerful positions usurp our God given freedoms . And it is so rampant now in our country that it seems impossible to stop.

    This blog intrigues me because if I were a recipient of some of these accusations and these charges were untrue, I would take legal action , especially if I was a lawyer and/ or Judge. Now I know that this is an opinion blog, but I also know that most libel lawsuits require uncomfortable discovery, plaintiff witnesses, and other steps that might prove the accusations to be true. That would be most uncomfortable for judges , huh ? They retain power as long as the people let them retain power. Federal judges are installed for life unless impeached by other judges, led by other lawyers, or politicians......all lawyers . Now that's a racket. Why would a young , bright, Harvard lawyer challenge the powers at be when, if he plays the game, he too may have one of those powerful positions one day ? And what does getting a power position mean? Millions of dollars in wealth by being invisible , but acquiescing to the corrupt system. And you get to enjoy the gatherings and parties of the elite. And it's not their salary/ benefits that gets them there, is it? A Federal judge is a political way around that statement. Why would a President want a lackey on key benches ? Bingo......follow the power, which leads to money.

    Not all lawyers or judges are corrupt. But this blog points out a real possibility that if enough are , and they are positioned in the proper order, changes of great significance and wealth of great magnitudes can be created. Remember what Obama said.... elections have consequences. He also said "and I won". That is now becoming quite obvious. What specific location in our government can create the greatest new wealth ? USPTO. That's the house of new ideas and technologies. What specific location in our government can best destroy old wealth and change power ? EPA, and DOE . What specific cabinet post can best protect corruption ? DOJ. And if the judicial system supports this new order of things in America, what will be the outcome? All one has to do is sit back and look at the appointments and staff that Obama picked. These people are almost , to the person, of the same ilk as Obama. They are at the apogee of being ideologically political, and there is a shortage of truth/ openness in their words. Most have zero prior experience......which exceeds Obama's resume.

    So what am I thankful for ( besides my God, my family, my full life, my dear friends of 50 years, my great country, and living in Texas) ? Not these jackasses. Have a nice day. TEX

    1. Dear TEX,

      In keeping with your comments about the "jackasses" who steal whatever they fancy, this Nov. 28, 2014 Non Sequitur cartoon is not to be missed:


  4. Email comment by TEX

    A few eggnogs into my thoughts.

    All humans , past, present, future, have been, are, or will be, guided by their dreams . If dreams are powerful enough , they become passions. Fulfilling passions can , have, and will, change the world we live in. The ability to do these things come from deep within the heart of humans.

    The list of differences between man and other animals includes the existence of good and evil, love and hate , logic and chaotic thought , truth and dishonesty. Evil only exists in the heart of is not located in any other place in our universe. We don't find evil in volcanoes, or snowdrifts, or plants, or big wolves. And evil does not always look like Darth Vader or Hannibal Lecter. Sometimes it looks like a freshly scrubbed , tee shirt wearing, college kid, and other times it can wear a scary black robe. Rarely do men lose their dreams, but they do change their strategies to fulfill those dreams. And at times those new strategies are evil. That is the definition of " the means justify the ends" as so eloquently written by Marxists over the last century. The evil in this thought process occurs when the human mind tells the human heart that the lies and deceptions are ok because it is for the "greater good ". They call it " social justice". We have heard those words a lot these last six years, haven't we ? I believe that it is inherently "evil" to create a system of taking money, ideas, patents, or any other assets from the productive and redistribute them to the undeserving and unproductive. It is real "social justice" , however, to share those things by personal choice to give ( versus confiscation by the govt.) to the needy, the helpless, the sick, and the indigent . The first is taking ( by the govt.) , the second is giving ( by the producer). The first is socialism, the second is capitalism. Let's be clear..... Barack Obama has surrounded himself with socialists who truly see themselves as good , not evil , even though lying and deceiving are knowingly part of their quiver of arrows. Biden and Hillary are just as misguided as BHO. They lie, cheat, deceive, etc. just as much as the president because the greater good demands it. And they are the obvious nominees from that party in 2016. And do not doubt for a minute that the GOP also has it's share of evil men and women. They do......we have to identify and oust those characters as well. Evil is has no political affiliation.
    *******TEX comment, Part I, END*******

    1. *******TEX comment, Part II START*******
      As Churchill stated, " socialism is nothing more than equal sharing of misery". Old TEX believes capitalism creates the chance for men and women to live their passions. Socialism destroys dreams and passions. And evil fills the hole in the heart of the dreamless man.

      Old TEX has also learned through the years that most lying, cheating , deception, cruelty , and bullying come from weaknesses of the perpetrators heart . Even though most are cowards, they succeed in their evil intentions because of the power given to the them by the societal system. That's why the current administration's violations of our checks and balances ( Congressional, Judicial, Administrative) are so frightening. The firewall created by our genius founders has been pierced and our objections have been ridiculed. Evil is roaming around like it owns the place.

      Flavia wanted me to share an email she received from a friend ( author unknown but spot on) :
      . Critics say America is a greedy capitalism , yet 1/2 of our population receives subsidy
      . Half the population is subsidized , yet they feel victimized
      . They feel like victims, yet the folks they voted in are running the country
      . And while their party runs the government, they continue to get poorer
      . Half of our country considers themselves poor, yet the rest of the world can only dream about being as rich as our poor
      . When folks from other countries come to America, they enjoy freedoms and opportunities like never before , yet they demonstrate for America to be more like their homeland
      . And then they vote for the socialist party that insures it will be.
      BUMMER !!!!!!

      Have a great day of football, which is truly one of America' great traditions. You see , we love football because it creates both the possibility of winning and the heartbreak of losing. Competing is an inbred American spirit. We do not condone winning by lying or cheating in sports. There are referees armed with flags looking for violations. And free American capitalism does as well. Winning and/ or losing in America is only temporary because we continue to strive to get better . Capitalism has not failed......the pure enforcement of the system around it has. There are men in sports that no longer are revered because they got caught cheating and lying. There are referees in prison for point shaving. That does not mean sports are bad. Perhaps the men in black robes need a similar oversight. Put a few of them in jail and America can renew itself quickly. Justice should not have a political ideology . Fearless, honest, tough , fair, passionate, and intelligent adjudicators are rare in America today. We can change that......... Let's elect a few football referees.

      Nice talking to you.....TEX

  5. NEWS FLASH: We have just been informed by Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam that the U.S. Patent Office has just made her latest "patent reexamination" filing post on this site inaccessible at the Patent Office website. This is unvarnished GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP!

    However, you can access those documents from our last post at:

    Dr. Arunachalam complained and showed proof of the substantial financial holdings of chief patent judge BRIAN J. MCNAMARA in JPMorgan's/SAP's attack on her patent.

    We encourage everyone to download the full package for safekeeping in the event of further USPTO censorship. If they are innocent, then why are they censoring free speech? Here's a direct link to the full package:

  6. World Food program suspends Aid scheme for Syrian refugees No Thanksgiving for Syrian people

    Bank Crisis: 2008 banking crisis (likely created by this mutual fund scam)
    Bailout: $10’s of billions of taxpayer bailout funds flow to Cartel crony banks
    Benghazi: rescuers ordered to stand down by the White House
    Fast and Furious: gun running by the U.S. government
    IRS Political Enemies: targeting of conservative groups
    Election-rigging: demographic data to the Democrats in 2008, 2012
    Datapalooza: the giving away of privacy data by the U.S. government
    NSA Snooping: privacy violations of US citizens (see ObamaA debating ObamaB)
    “Green” Energy Stimulus: $10’s of billions in frauds and failures
    VA Scandal: fake reports and abuse of veterans
    AP Bugging: free press journalists targeted by Eric Holder
    Obamacare: now admitted lies to get it approved roll out debacle; in confusion there is profit
    FOIA Requests: Administration stonewalls public disclosures
    Immigration: Allow indiscriminant entry and release of detainees
    Mutual Fund Scam: Judges, regulators and politicians hide bribes behind a so-called “safe harbor” opinion that’s neither a policy or a law.

    Obama serve others first not your self

  7. I was about to comment on the post above and just how unsubstantiated it was. I know this blog cares nothing about the truth, but just a couple flagrant falsities

    Sweeping Judicial Conference Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees changes, Report of Proceedings of the U.S. Judicial Conference. Approving these changes were Eric H. Holder, Judge Sue L. Robinson (Pi-Net v. JPMorgan judge), and Federal Circuit Clerk of Court Jan Horbaly (managed docket censorship of Pi-Net filings in Leader v. Facebook)

    But of course zero evidence that any of this ever occurred.

    Washington, D.C. Conference on Intellectual Property, sponsored by Professor James P. Chandler, supported by David J. Kappos, IBM, Eric H. Holder, Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Justice Department and Boston Scientific.

    And of course zero evidence that anyone other than Chandler was involved in this conference (aside from a mention that there was someone from BS speaking at the convention).

    Chandler recommended Leader Technologies relationships with Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Battelle Laboratory, Fenwick & West LLP. Source: US Courts, Leader v. Facebook.

    And again zero evidence.

    1. You guys are so lazy. This site has posted evidence of all this.

  8. And more:

    Chandler joined the board of Eurotech, Ltd. comprised of former senior government Energy Department officials looking to exploit homeland security opportunities. According to sources, Chandler said nothing to Leader nor sought a conflicts waiver on this relationship, even though he was engaged in Energy Dept. projects with Leader at WPAFB, LLNL and Battelle regarding Leader's inventions.

    Of course there was no conflict waiver. There was no conflict. Time to review those rules again.

    Chandler assisted David Kappos and IBM to form The Eclipse Foundation; said nothing to Leader about the conflict. Source: Eclipse press

    Really? That press release says nothing about Chandler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are inventing facts out of thin air.

    And here is the ultimate telling fact. Check out the website. It claims that "William Shatner" interviewed Mike McKibben. But when you look at the video, it's clear that this was all a scam. Shatner did not interview anyone. This was an infomercial where some advertising agency was soliciting money for paid advertisements. Shatner had nothing to do with anyone aside from collecting some promotional fee. The "interview" is so laughably fake that it's just sad. Shatner pre-recorded some bit that could be used for any company. Note how Shatner never refers to the interviewee or the company by name. And note how the exact same intro is used in many other "interviews!!!!!" This is shameful.

    Leader, this is false and misleading to include this on your homepage. I frankly think it is grounds for a fraud lawsuit. Why the deceit???????

  9. Email comment by TEX:

    C'mon, Deer Beer, is that the best you can proffer ? A Wm Shatner infomercial ? I hope your senior law partners didn't review that argument.

    This blog is about " the rule of law" , a now familiar topic in our White House. Can we only imagine if folks like Al Sharpton , Jessie Jackson, Charles Rangel , Bill and Hillary Clinton , and Eric Holder continue to abrogate the rule of law for further transformational change in America. Al Sharpton owes $4,500,000 in past due taxes.....all the way back to 2008. Jackson and Rangel have long rap sheets relating to unpaid taxes and personal morality issues. Eric Holder is the first and only AG to ever be held in contempt by Congress , and then there is the Clinton's colorful past. And wow what a beauty we have in our President..... Mr Follow the Rule of Law. What a group, huh ? And they are attacking the very basis of our law.....the every turn under the guise of "rule of law". They attack our courts system. Remember when Obama attacked the SCOTUS at his State of the Union a few years ago? And now they attack our Grand Jury system in NYC and Ferguson, MO. Don't you get it, Deer Beer, it's anarchy in this country without laws. The USPTO is just a great example of how the elites can create wealth without following the laws. Another step closer to anarchy .

    The very basis of this blog is centers on the question, "did a man have legal patents that were taken illegally and then , when challenged, used nefarious means to cover the crime? " I believe that happened. I followed the court proceedings. I read the briefs. Did you ? We are in big trouble , my friend and I hope you come to realize this fact before we can not reverse our current path of self destruction.

    Have a great day, TEX

  10. Wow. More wild accusations today about Judge Macnamara. And again zero evidence!!!! If he had actually issued such orders don't you think they would actually exist!! Whoops. I cannot believe the duplicity of his blog.

    1. Welcome back attorney William! Facts in the real world are "wild accusations" and "zero evidence" in yours. This blog gave you links to the actual SEC evidence and you call it "zero evidence." Astounding. What alternative bubble do you live in? Go look up McNamara's order yourself. Oh wait, I forgot, you are allergic to facts.

  11. Email comment by TEX:

    Before heading to Mass this morning, I took a quick peek at your post , Mr Cranbrook .........fascinating. !! A defense of " it doesn't exist".

    Mr Cranbrook, that is very clever but used so frequently by your team that it is, as you say, duplicitous. Let's see....... patents were treated as if they never existed and marginalized by a claim of " on sale bar" that truly never existed. It was placed in the circuit court system in DC , reviewed by judges who had hundreds of conflicting reasons to recuse themselves but , of course, that never existed. The list of violations by the many judges involved in truly mind gains, prior associations, close friendships, political activism, and on and on. True unbiased judgement never existed.

    The Leader team of lawyers listened to testimony from Zuckerberg about how he wrote a DNA length source code in two weeks and asked to see his hard drives that could perhaps corroborate his story but , wow, they never existed. Want to know why? He lied.

    This massive theft , whether through commission or innocent omission, is like a very large ball of twine with a tootsie roll in the center. Not all of the players are liars and thieves but the daunting power of the fraudulent team was so overwhelming that it was easier to play along . This ball of twine is unraveling now and although it may take a few brave , honest judges and a bit of time to get there , the tootsie roll will see the light of day. Dr A's tenacity and fearless honesty is what America truly needs right about now. She does exist !!!! Laugh all you want , but this entire side of the" fight for right " does exist, and we are not going away. You can see the cracks, can't you ? It will only take one or two brave folks to come forward with information......and , kaboom, justice will be served. It's that close. And , by the way, do you exist ? In any case, I will pray for you.

    Merry Christmas to all. Have a great day, TEX


    Here's yet more proof that the OSU Facebook Cartel Homies, sorry, OSU Trustees and Administration, were lying about the so called concerns. Those Harvard and Stanford classes on how to screw the American taxpayer were pretty effective, I'll have to admit. Let's see what Goober, sorry Gruber has to say:

    "Emails Detail OSU's Knowledge And Approval Of Midnight Ramp" by, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014

    1. Rep. Jim Jordan questioning of Dr. Jonathan Gruber and HHS Marilyn Tavenner today before the House Oversight Committee on Government Reform

  13. Looks like the Ohio State Trustee’s Investigative committee report was a little shy of actual truth.
    The Emails that has uncovered, unravel the lies being put forth by the Ohio State Trustees, OSU Pres. Drake and Betty Montgomery’s “Investigative” Report.
    At one point the “investigative” report states Waters pushed back when police said band members were intoxicated at one of the late-night Ohio Stadium underwear marches. Waters said the claims were “drastically distorted.”
    You can read the emails yourself and see exactly the “PUSHING” that Jon did.
    Remember one thing when reading the emails, Jon Waters was only the Assistant Director of OSU Marching and Athletic Bands at this time.
    Persons also aware of what was going on were Dr. Jon R. Woods, Director, OSU Marching Band, Dr. Ed Adelson, Interim Director of the OSU School of Music, and Kyle Huston, Graduate Assistant Director of the OSU Marching and Athletic Bands, Andrea Goldblum, Director for the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.
    That is just the short list!!!!!

    I have asked this question before, where is Gene Smith’s culpability in this! He stated in an interview that he was not involved in “Midnight Ramp”!
    The bigger question is, was he aware of it? If it was the sexual nature that Ms. Montgomery’s report says it was, why did he approve each year of giving a key to the stadium to the band?????
    So what the University is telling everyone is that the Athletic Director has no say on what goes on at the stadium and is never advised of anything!!!!!!!!

    Dr. Jon R. Woods, Director, OSU Marching Band, helped organize the next year, 2010.
    It has been stated that “we have notified the stadium superintendent, their staff, the OSU Police, and other administration about the band's playing in Ohio Stadium at midnight.
    The stadium officials granted permission this year to again hold this tradition.”

    There have been investigations into “Fesler Night and Midnight Ramp” by the University since 2009 and there doesn’t seem to be any of the sexualized culture found in those investigations.

    Are we looking at another “McCarthy” era with these Ohio State Trustees?????????


  14. Just had an attorney flippantly insist that the law says judges don't have to report mutual funds. Period. End of story. I asked him that if that is true, then why is there NO CASE LAW supporting his view? I then showed him the Judicial Conference policy linked on this site. He was silent.

    Seems that the legal profession is operating on an astounding misconception about judge conflict reporting rules. Could it be because the attorneys standing in front of them are in on this big scam?

  15. Email comment by TEX:

    Old TEX is just a simple guy with worn out boots, Wrangler jeans, a short mullet haircut, an Airborne tattoo on my arm, flannel shirts, and an arsenal that could withstand a small ISIS insurgency in North Texas. I don't understand a lot of the modern stuff that the Harvard erudites throw out but I do see some things quite clearly.

    This Cuba peace treaty that Obama just unilaterally threw at 330,000,000 million US citizens fits a very bizarre trend. There are two ways to control Americans.....coercion or persuasion. Generally, coercion is conducted by governments in a strong arm way , primarily by imposing taxes or regulations. If citizens fail to comply , their freedoms and personal assets are confiscated. Persuasion , on the other hand, is conducted by private enterprise, through individual choices. We call this capitalism, freedom, and liberty. Individuals are forced to take responsibility and compete.

    Obama is making choices now for government coercion without the Constitutional consent of the other branches of government. As he continues on this path, it is becoming very clear to me that he chooses socialism, theocracy, and communism over capitalism. He has supported Iran in their mission to develop the bomb while he castigates the freedoms of a democratic society with sovereign borders .....Israel. He is strengthening the communist hold on Cuba while blaming America for the 50 year standoff. Almost 50% of his appointees internally are either Muslim, socialist, communist, or radical organizers against American values. Obama's open border/ non confrontation policy has not an iota of care about the immigrants health and safety, rather it is about diluting the demographics of the traditional American voter.

    I know it's Christmas time and we should just relax and carpe diem.....but guess what, this narcissistic , criminal , feckless president of ours is betting on just that. He will be basking in the Hawaii sun at a cool million per day, tax payer money, as his policies of government healthcare, dismantling of our military, phony green energy scams, open borders, degradation of our allies, phony racism and misogynism , continues to destroy our country.

    Other than that, have a great day......Merry Christmas. TEX

  16. Email comment by OSU Marching Band Alum:

    Marbley Resigns as OSU Trustee in Ethics Scandal

    Hi All, this is some good news. The article says the inquiries started earlier, so perhaps our complaints were the icing on the cake.

    Marbley now owes Jon Waters and OSUMB a written apology along with the one he wrote to Wadsworth (linked in the Dispatch article). Was Marbley not acting fraudulently in approving Jon’s firing while being compensated by the university illegally?

    Marbley, a sitting U.S. federal judge, said of his compensation for teaching law while serving as a trustee: “I don’t know how we all missed it, but it was missed. That’s all I can say.” Really? I read somewhere that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    Those who live in glass houses…

    “Ethics inquiry leads to federal judge’s resignation as Ohio State trustee” by Collin Brinkley, The Columbus Dispatch, Dec. 19, 2014

    “Marbley’s resignation, effective Jan. 30, is part of a settlement with the commission, which had been investigating whether the judge broke state law by serving as both a university trustee and an adjunct law professor at Ohio State.”

    Marbley was being compensated as an adjunct law professor while also serving as an Ohio State Trustee in clear violation of Ohio Revised Code Sec. 3335.09, Ohio State University:

    “The board of trustees of the Ohio state university shall elect, fix the compensation of, and remove, the president and such number of professors, teachers, and other employees as are necessary; but no trustee, or his relation by blood or marriage, shall be eligible to a professorship or position in the university, the compensation for which is payable out of the state treasury or a university fund. The board shall fix and regulate the course of instruction and prescribe the extent and character of experiments to be made at the university.”

    How could Judge Marbley have missed this clear language for so many years?

    Our honor defend (keep pounding)

  17. In a previous post I pointed out;

    #3. Then we come to Alegnon Marbley. As of late May 2014, he was under ethical scrutiny. The article referenced states; The ethics commission previously issued opinions that said trustees at Kent State and the University of Toledo were prohibited from holding paid teaching positions. Those opinions were advisory and not part of an investigation.
    Ohio State asked only for a commission opinion, but, the panel launched an investigation in February because a potential conflict had already occurred.
    “This question for us is not about the quality of the instruction but rather the legality of the contract,” said commission director Paul Nick.
    Another issue for the commission is a 2009 advisory opinion for federal judges advising that judges should not serve as trustees at public universities.
    Larry James his lawyer said “that opinion, which is only a recommendation, is not within the ethics commission’s jurisdiction.”
    Amazing how the judge and the University were only asking for an "Opinion"!
    When the "Opinion" isn’t favorable and doesn’t follow what they want, they say they are not bound by an Opinion.
    One other thing that the article said they were looking into with the judge is, “the commission is also investigating any potential conflict of interest with the University’s hiring of Marbley’s daughter-in-law while he served as trustee.
    Marbley says he wasn’t aware she been hired until after she got the job. Nepotism? (Appearance of Impropriety?)
    Canon 2B. Testimony as a character witness injects the prestige of the judicial office into the proceeding in which the judge testifies and may be perceived as an official testimonial. A judge should discourage a party from requiring the judge to testify as a character witness except in unusual circumstances when the demands of justice require. This Canon does not create a privilege against testifying in response to an official summons.

    Since the firing of Jon Waters was not a court hearing, wasn’t the judge's vote as a Trustee against Jon Waters character in violation of Canon 2B because he cannot remove his judicial hat at the whim of the university.
    And isn’t the judge in violation of Canon 2 with his conflict of interest by being a trustee at Ohio State University. (Remember, he is an adjunct Proffessor, being paid by the University, at the Moritz School of Law, for years!)

    Also in Canon 2 it states, A judge must expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny and accept freely and willingly restrictions that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen.
    These are the standards he swore to uphold, but it seems these standards don't fit his agenda. I am sure he has good intentions but you know what they say! (Quote for another time)!

    *** Continued in next Post***

  18. *** Continuation***

    If John Waters can be judged by the statement he knew or should have known, then OSU President Drake, Alex Fischer, Lori Barreras and Judge Marbley should be judged by the same standard.
    They knew or should have known of their ethics violations and conflicts of interest and bad moral judgments and recuse themselves from judgment against another person!

    The Trustees even violated their own bylaws all these years!

    (J) Except as provided in paragraph (C)(8) of rule 3335-93, no trustee shall, during his or her term in office,
    serve as a director or officer or in any other capacity of any university affiliated entity or as a director, officer,
    or member or in any other governance of any other university or related advisory or governance board, committee, or similar body,
    unless such service is recommended by the committee on trusteeship and approved by resolution of the board of trustees.

    I think the pertinent phrase is, "in any other capacity of any university affiliated entity"! (Emphasis added)

    3335.09 Powers of board of trustees regarding president, professors, other employees and course of instruction.The board of trustees of the Ohio state university shall elect,
    fix the compensation of, and remove, the president and such number of professors, teachers, and other employees as are necessary;
    but no trustee, OR HIS RELATION BY BLOOD OR MARRIAGE,(EMPHASIS ADDED) shall be eligible to a professorship or position in the university,
    the compensation for which is payable out of the state treasury or a university fund. The board shall fix and regulate the course of instruction and prescribe the extent and character of experiments to be made at the university.

    Effective Date: 10-01-1953

    So, did you notice how Jeffery Wadsworth didn't recommend his friend and long time business associate, Alex Fischer, to be a Trustee until Lori Barreras was already in place at Ohio State!
    It seems that ETHICS are not applied to the Trustees.
    What will the University do about the hiring of Judge Marbleys daughter in law now that they are aware of the conflicts.

    What kind of "culture" are the Trustees breeding now?


  19. If you have time over the holidays, an interesting read is Judge Marbley's rulings pertaining to the " ignorance of the Law"!
    I also wonder what his students think about his "EXCUSE", “I don’t know how we all missed it, but it was missed. That’s all I can say.” ,
    I hope his students and people who come before him use that same excuse!
    By his reasoning they will have violated nothing!

    8- O

    1. Judge Marbley's excuse is that he didn't hide taking an Ohio State law teaching salary while serving as an OSU Trustee. And that that is supposed to make it OK????!!!! That's like a hooker arguing that she didn't hide her activities so she should escape punishment for breaking prostitution laws!!!! Whose the more flagrant offender in these two situations???? The criminal thinking of these judges is off the charts!!!!

  20. Thanks Darren. We specially note how Judge Marbley's attorney, Columbus attorney Larry James, says a Judicial Advisory Opinion is not enforcable, yet these are the same Advisory Opinions that the legal world takes as Gospel when excusing their nondisclosure of the company stock portfolios in their mutual funds.

    See Section 106. Mutual and Common Investment Funds:

    This shows the DUPLICITY OF THE LEGAL COMMUNITY in writing ambiguous rules that they can interpret either way, depending on the circumstance. So much for justice and fair play. The American citizenry must step up and stop this.

    1. Here's another good example of the obviously intentional AMBIGUITY in the Judicial Advisory Opinion: In Section 20 it states: "Ownership of even one
      share of stock by the judge’s spouse would require disqualification."

      So which is it Mr. Attorney, "even one share" requires recusal, or all holdings of company stocks in mutual funds are exempt from disclosure? Hmmmm. We wonder which "advisory" an unscrupulous attorney or judge will follow.

  21. Email comment by Flavia:

    TEX left the office yesterday and put me in charge until after Christmas. Since he has sorta made fun of me and Mavis, I wanted to let the readers know that I like rich judges.........

    Just to set the record straight my bald spot is showing signs of new growth. The ointment smells funny but I see new black spots that I believe are new shoots. And my grayish tooth , which is quite a conversation starter, is also improving. I think that it may be the cause of my breath issues. You know it's not all about beauty , I do drive a 2004 Hummer with a CB radio. If that's not enough, I have four tickets to the national cage fighting championship of Mexico in February.

    So any of you rich judges ( or lawyers that may be judges) that are looking for a show pony, just drop me a message on this blog. I may need to get some financial help from you after TEX finds out that I sent this email to AFI..... Hasta luego, Flavorita.

  22. Notice to our greedy American judges. We're on your tails now and will not rest until you are all run off the bench and put in jail. You have betrayed the public trust. 8-O (deer in the headlights)

  23. Email comment by TEX:

    Although I am on a cruise ship in Idaho, it is time to do my "first time" , annual New Year predictions :
    . Obama will fund a plan to put wheels on live trees so they can transport us while sucking up CO2 and converting it to O2 as we drive. Likely recipients for this billion dollar grant are Beyoncé and Candy Crowley.
    . Scientists will discover climate change is real and has been for 4 1/2 billion years.
    . Joe Biden will apply for a mouth transplant because all of the brains are already committed .
    . Hillary will water board Al Sharpton until he gives her his weight loss secret.......
    . We will finally find out what happened to Jimmie Hoffa. Turns out he was alive and well dressed up under those tears as Tammy Faye Baker.
    . An actual masculine man will join the main stream media (MSM ).
    . Obama will accidentally discover during a smoke break on the golf course in Hawaii that our Constitution exists in a glass case in the National Archives.
    . Eleven million Cubans who hate communism will trade places with eleven million Americans that love Communism . Hollywood, the MSM, and the Obama administration will be gutted and the US GDP will increase 10% immediately. Within three weeks the new Cuban communists will be screaming UNCLE.
    . The people living in pot laden Colorado " will not care " all year. Ski resorts will see a severe shortage of Tostitos .
    . Putin will invade Monaco because he needs a few new yachts .
    . All three Ohio State quarterbacks will win the 2015 Heisman trophy.
    . Texas will not adopt Sharia law.
    . You can not keep your doctor, or your health plan , and your health costs will not go down.
    . Our police , military, firemen, and ministers will leave their occupations to become "good guys" and join with the people burning down our cities. Finally, Michelle , Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, and Bill de Blasio will truly love America despite the smoldering ashes.
    . After reviewing the films of the OSU/Wisconsin game, Alabama will declare that the playoffs are not such a good idea.
    . I predict that Oklahoma State will be asked to join the Ivy League in everything except academics.
    . And lastly, I predict that the corrupt lawyers and judges that have gained riches from usurping the laws of the USPTO will reap their comeuppance . Truth kills corruptness. AFI is shining that truth light brighter and brighter every day.

    Happy New Year . Have a great 2015 . TEX=

  24. The USA really treats its own inventors in the worst possible way. This article is an eye-opener. Thank you.


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