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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Former Sun Microsystems Executive suing JPMorgan for patent infringement finds massive investments in JPMorgan by federal judges

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Nov. 18, 2014, Updated May. 07, 2017 | PDF
Daniel A. DeVito, Skadden Arps LLP, JPMorgan lead attorney in Pi-Net v. JPMorgan, Case No. 2014-1495 (Federal Circuit 2014)
Fig. 1—Daniel A. DeVito, JPMorgan's go-to lawyer for patent infringement cases they intend to win at any cost. DeVito is a former colleague to and has a close relationship with Edward R. Reines, Weil Gotshal LLP. Reines was recently reprimanded by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for his chummy ("best friends forever") relationship with former chief judge Randall R. Rader. Federal Circuit judge Kimberly A. Moore, a Leader v. Facebook judge, also worked for Weil Gotshal LLP and did not disclose these conflicts, nor her investments in Facebook—JPMorgan's underwriting client. This conflation of chummy relationships paints a picture of unbridled judicial and lawyer corruption masquerading as justice.
Photo: Skadden Arps LLP.
Actor Danny DeVito
Actor Danny DeVito

(Nov. 18, 2014)—Actor Danny DeVito played a mobster who ran a New York money laundering operation in The Big Heist (2001). JPMorgan Chase employs another Danny DeVito as its go-to Manhattan lawyer for patent infringement cases. Is life imitating art? We’ll give you the facts. You decide.

On Nov. 14, 2014, JPMorgan’s Manhattan attorney Daniel A. Devito opposed Internet pioneer Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam’s request to represent herself in Pi-Net International, Inc. v. JPMorgan at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. (across from the White House).

The Federal Circuit court handles all appeals of patent cases. [Editorial: This singular avenue of appeal for patent cases, established by Congress in 1982, is proving to have been a bad idea considering the corruption now emanating from this court. Seventh Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood agrees.]

Three days later on Nov. 17, 2014 (yesterday), Dr. Arunachalam (“DrA”) filed a stinging Sixth Amendment rebuttal to DeVito’s opposition.  See Table 1 below.

DeVito is chummy with the Delaware and Washington, D.C. court judges & clerks

DrA shows that DeVito himself is embroiled in this judicial conflict of interest. These same relationships spill over into the Leader v. Facebook case where the trial judge, Leonard P. Stark, is now the chief judge in Delaware who is overseeing DrA’s case against JPMorgan which has been appealed.

Judge Stark holds 5,526 conflicting JPMorgan interests

DrA also shows that chief judge Stark holds a massive 5,526 conflicting investments in JPMorgan and the other litigants in her case, including Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America. DrA’s trial judge, Richard G. Andrews, holds 334 conflicting JPMorgan holdings in just 12 of the 73 funds she analyzed.

In an earlier filing posted on this site, DeVito criticized DrA for filing amicus curiae briefs in Leader v. Facebook. He called them “frivolous.” In reply, DrA pointed out that the guilty always call the truth frivolous. She pointed out that her concerns were justified, as evidenced by the recent resignation of Federal Circuit chief judge Randall R. Rader.

New! Gruber spoke some truth when he called Americans "stupid" for sleeping at the wheel of our participatory Republic in the face of boldface lies
Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare architect
Fig. 2—Jonathan Gruber, Professor, MIT, one of Obamacare's chief architects calls American citizens "stupid" for allowing the tortured wording of the Affordable Care Act to become law. Click here to see a good Greta Van Susteren interview with South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy about Gruber's confessions, which he called "dangerous for a participatory Republic."
Photo: Newsbusters.
Heads up to Congress:
The "successful" Massachusetts model relied upon a $400 million infusion from a Ted Kennedy glad hand. Congressman Gowdy speculates that President Obama doesn't have such public money for Obamacare. Yes he does, Obama's Facebook Cartel cronies have been stashing it away from various public fleeces, including: (1) "green" energy stimuli, (2) Facebook IPO money laundering, (3) athenahealth and Castlight Health IPO money laundering (WH CTO Todd Y. Park's companies), and (4) astronomically fake prices paid for crony tech firms like WhatsApp ($19 billion—more money laundering). We believe they had a plan to make it work by stealth through their crony bankers, like JPMorgan Chase. Part of the banks' reward is guaranteed "insider" deal flow from that support Obamacare. As they have proven from the mutual fund scam, once you give bureaucrats, judges and politicians corrupt gains, they are your slaves for life.

Rader resigned in disgrace over his chummy “best friends forever” relationship to attorney Edward R. Reines, a partner at the law firm of Weil Gotshal LLP. Reines had made an appearance in the Leader v. Facebook in attempting to absolve the judges of their financial holdings conflicts for which DrA had filed a motion to compel disclosure (which the court ignored). DrA filed a stinging rebuttal of Reines’ arguments, but Judge Moore was totally silent about her relationship to Reines and Weil Gotshal LLP, as well as her substantial Facebook financial holdings.

In DrA’s filing yesterday, we learn that JPMorgan’s attorney, Danny DeVito, is mixed up with Edward R. Reines as well. DeVito’s and Reines’ Weil Gotshal LLP firm appears to have substantial influence over Federal Circuit proceedings. Federal Circuit judge Kimberly A. Moore. Moore has large JPMorgan holdings and sat on the Leader v. Facebook panel.

Is Gruber right? Are Americans too stupid to stop this corruption?

Last week, Obamacare chief architect, MIT professor Dr. Jonathan Gruber, said that Americans were too stupid to figure out that Obama’s healthcare promise were a lie to fool voters.

In similar vein, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had a private meeting with Attorney General Eric H. Holder, after which he came away with a $13 billion slap on the hand for JPMorgan’s central role in the 2008 mortgage meltdown.  Never mind that JPMorgan turned $100’s of billions on that money. Not a single banker has been prosecuted.

U.S. courts appear to be greased by mutual fund bribes and insider tips.

DrA’s filing yesterday included summaries of U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission disclosures of the funds held by Judges Stark and Andrews. Here is the filing:

Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam's Reply to JPMorgan's Danny DeVito, Skadden Arps LLP

JPMorgan OPPOSITION, filed Nov. 14, 2014 (to which DrA is responding)

PI-NET (Dr. Arunachalam) REPLY TO JPMorgan Opposition (12 pages)

PI-NET (Dr. Arunachalam) REPLY Exhibits: Exh. A | Exh. B | Exh. C | Exh. D | Exh. E | Exh. F | Exh. G | Exh.  H | Exh. I | Exh. J | Exh. K—or—FULL FILING (11 MB)

Summary of Exhibits: Exhs. A thru J = Judge Leonard P. Stark holdings (printed out, this is 1-3/4" inches thick). Exh. K = 12 of 73 Judge Richard G. Andrews holdings.

Table 1: Pi-Net International /Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam REPLY to JPMorgan Opposition
Leonard P. Stark, chief judge, Delaware District Court
Click here to see more complete analysis of Leonard P. Stark's T. Rowe Price PRGFX holding, Exhibit H, incl. an analysis of the so-called "safe harbor" mutual fund scam game these judges are playing to hide the rampant bribery and undue influence of deep-pocketed litigants.

JPMorgan + Wall Street + Harvard Law + Silicon Valley tech = a “progressive” takeover

The proof of JPMorgan’s central role in a planned effort to remake America in its image are everywhere now, for example:

JPMorgan's influence over the "progressive elite" takeover plan
  1. Leader Technologies/Michael McKibben: JPMorgan helped Facebook steal Leader Technologies’ social networking patent thru judge bribes hiding behind mutual funds, not to mention OSU Trustee President Jeffrey Wadsworth's key role.
  2. Pi-Net/Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam: JPMorgan is working to steal Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam Internet transactions patents thru judge bribes hiding behind mutual funds.
  3. Ohio State/Jon Waters: JPMorgan fuels the corruption and M.O.O.C. takeover at Ohio State, the third largest research university in the country, whose trustees sacrificed their famous band to the racist Title IX gods in Washington thru bribes of OSU officials hiding behind mutual funds. Notably, new president Michael V. Drake has failed to disclose his mutual fund holdings in violation of Ohio ethics laws.
  4. Facebook Cartel/Lapdog Mainstream Media: JPMorgan fuels social media cronies at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dropbox, Workday, Castlight Health (Obama’s CTO Todd Y. Park), athenahealth (Obama’s CTO Todd Y. Park), Baidu (CHINA), (RUSSIA), ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, etc. thru carefully timed insider tips hiding behind mutual funds.
  5. Lapdog Justice Department: JPMorgan dictates a window-dressing penalty levied by U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder who hides his own substantial JPMorgan mutual fund interests.

JPMorgan's end game—"progressive elite" takeover of American culture

We believe the emergence of Leader Technologies’ and Dr. Arunachalam’s Internet platform inventions appear to have sped up plans by “progressives” to remake American culture in their image. Once Leader’s attorneys learned of Michael McKibben’s invention, they secretly siphoned it off to IBM who then funded its exploitation via a specially-formed organization they named “The Eclipse Foundation.” Eclipse appears to have become JPMorgan’s version of DeVito’s money laundering scam from The Big Heist (2001).

Leader Technologies’ social networking invention was targeted as a unifying communication platform through which this cartel could secretly organize their Harvard Law, Wall Street and Silicon Valley cronies. Tellingly, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president in January 2007 on Facebook—Leader’s stolen invention.

Facebook was a lie, just like Obamacare

The Social Network movie floated a complete lie about the Mark Zuckerberg origins of Facebook. A gullible public, advertisers and uncritical mainstream media took the bait. Gruber is the first full admission that this cartel uses such boldface lies and stealth to achieve their objectives.

"By their fruit you will recognize them"

Fruit of a Poisoned Tree

Jesus Christ said “By their fruit you will recognize them” when teaching how to distinguish someone who is outwardly charming, but is in reality a ravenous wolf. (Matt. 7:15-16).

What is the Cartel’s fruit? Are these really the kinds of people that we want setting our cultural, political, spiritual, education and economic agendas? They have failed everything they have touched... except their hidden agenda.

  1. Bank Crisis: 2008 banking crisis (likely created by this mutual fund scam)
  2. Bailout: $10’s of billions of taxpayer bailout funds flow to Cartel crony banks
  3. Benghazi: rescuers ordered to stand down by the White House
  4. Fast and Furious: gun running by the U.S. government
  5. IRS Political Enemies: targeting of conservative groups
  6. Election-rigging: demographic data to the Democrats in 2008, 2012
  7. Datapalooza: the giving away of privacy data by the U.S. government
  8. NSA Snooping: privacy violations of US citizens (see ObamaA debating ObamaB)
  9. “Green” Energy Stimulus: $10’s of billions in frauds and failures
  10. VA Scandal: fake reports and abuse of veterans
  11. AP Bugging: free press journalists targeted by Eric Holder
  12. Obamacare: now admitted lies to get it approved
  13. roll out debacle; in confusion there is profit
  14. FOIA Requests: Administration stonewalls public disclosures
  15. Immigration: Allow indiscriminant entry and release of detainees
  16. Mutual Fund Scam: Judges, regulators and politicians hide bribes behind a so-called “safe harbor” opinion that’s neither a policy or a law.

The preceding is the fruit of a poisoned tree

JPMorgan’s Danny DeVito is bullying a real American Internet innovator in Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam.

If JPMorgan is allowed to succeed, American ingenuity will fizzle to a whimper. JPMorgan and their unscrupulous lawyers' (sorry for the redundancy) voracious appetite for new patents and new ideas to feed to the Cartel is sucking the air out of the room. Entrepreneurship and innovation will be killed as a result. Then what? New ideas slow. Fewer ideas, mean fewer new jobs. Fewer jobs mean lower taxes and less social services. The nation becomes vulnerable to predators. Nothing good can come out of what JPMorgan and the Cartel are attempting to foist upon the world through the likes of Danny DeVito.

JPMorgan and the Cartel—the real Wolves of Wall Street—must be dismantled.

Kuddos to Dr. Arunachalam for standing up for our constitutional rights.

* * *


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    At my staff meeting this morning, my gal Flavia punched her twin sister Mavis. It was a beautiful jab/ right cross . Knocked her dead solid outa here. Thank goodness that I started wearing a "hat-cam" in these meetings. I have the entire 30 minute brawl on video. It started when Mavis asked Flavia about her dates with local hero, Bubba Legume. Bubba once was a 135 lb. worrisome personal trainer . He now weighs 400 lbs , isn't that tall ,and doesn't worry.......he ate 34 glazed donuts on Tuesday in 3 minutes. And he didn't worry about it even though he thought that he had paid for three dozen. Bubba recently wrote a best selling book about the benefits of being able to eat rather than worry. Needless to say, Bubba has been banned at the " all you can eat" Wednesday nite bingo down at the Baptist church. I heard a rumor that Clint Eastwood is interested in the movie rights. But back to the twins.....I think they both have a crush on Bubba. He used the twins as real life examples of his "eat, don't worry " theory in the book. Chapter five. Bubba made them famous. He is also quite the looker. I know Mavis, she will recuperate and she will get even. Flavia may start wearing her football helmet again.

    To other matters. Obama is a liar. Everything about him and his administration oozes lies. Have a nice day. TEX

  2. Just read this OSU Marching Band Montgomery Report. What a waste of time and attention. Typical of bureaucratic nonsense. It calls for all sorts of training and studies and oversight yada yada yada. I love this one. While praising the band for its culture of excellence and hard work, she says that has created almost "iconic" leaders who the university cannot control, brother [now Flavia, behave yourself].

    You know Betty Montgomery, the lady attorney who failed to disclose her conflict relationships with cronies of the new president Michael Drake. The local NBC affiliate asked her about her impartiality and she got all emotional. She changed the subject to her sacrifice of 4 months of time.

    Memo to attorney Betty Montgomery: The conflicts laws are not about what the person with the potential conflict thinks about the conflicts, it is whether an arm's length third party would think the person has a conflict, or the situation would create an appearance of impropriety. No, Montgomery's duty was to REPORT, not to ASSESS her conflict. Montgomery failed to REPORT her conflict, that's probably why she got emotional when asked the question. She knows she was bad, but proceeded anyway "because I wanted to do community service." In her pursuit of her personal goal of community service, the ethics rules must be suspended for the iconic Betty Montgomery. Couldn't resist.

    1. Here is Columbus NBC-TV coverage of the "Betty Montgomery Report," including investigation into the claimed independence of the Task Force (not).

  3. Ummm, I have no idea what this "145,000 man hours and $10 million" has to do with Facebook. Leader may have been developing some kind of software on its own but it sure doesn't have anything to do with what Facebook is or started out as. The original Facebook site was incredibly simple and easily, easily could have been created in a week or so.

    Moreover, there was nothing original about Facebook. From the Crimson:

    But perhaps all of this is beside the point, since after all, the plaintiffs allege that it was their idea all along. Shame on Zuckerberg for taking their grand plans and making them happen first. Setting aside the legal questions of whether Zuckerberg fulfilled his vague quasi-contractual duties, what the plaintiffs are forgetting by starting this tiff is that neither ConnectU nor thefacebook are new ideas. Poking aside, both are Friendster knockoffs made unique by their exclusivity and a few, college-centric features. (And Friendster itself was an imitation of other sites before it.) Though thefacebook and ConnectU boast improvements like multiple profiles and the ability to display class schedules to facilitate study group formation, the bottom line is that neither is very original. Zuckerberg had the know-how and put in the time to make thefacebook happen when it did. And nobody else can take credit for that.

    This notion that Facebook was groundbreaking (or, by extension, that Facebook stole some kind of groundbreaking technology from Leader) is really just stupid. Any talented programmer could have whipped up this concept in under 10 days (and I'm a moderately talented programmer who could have done it easily in 2 weeks).

    1. ROTFL. I mean, ROTFL doesn't even begin to describe how hilarious this is.

      You really think that the Eclipse foundation was created to exploit Leader's code? Really? Where the entire initial codebase was contributed by IBM? Where the whole point of the organization was to develop and distribute open source software? You really think that Leader's code was the foundation for all of this? God, you are so, so, so delusional and narcissistic. It's actually sad. You have become so obsessed with Facebook that nothing in the world can show you the truth.

      Another poster soundly dismantled the whole idea that the Eclipse foundation has anything to do with Facebook. If this was a society created to secretly exploit what you seem to think is the most revolutionary computer code ever created, the LAST thing it would do would be to put that code into open source software where it was free tor the taking (and examination) by anyone.

      In fact, if Leader's code were actually embedded in this open source software, it would be child's play to locate it and identify that. But of course that has never happened.

      And the meeting minutes do not, in any way, support a claim that the Eclipse foundation stole (or was even aware) of any code from Leader.

      And you still haven't addressed the cold hard fact that the original Facebook was a simplistic piece of PHP that could have been cobbled together in a week or so. It truly was child's play, and it's notable that there's not another source on the PLANET that claims that it was created in any other fashion.

    2. This argument has been soundly disproved. Since when were the arts student journalists at The Harvard Crimson technology specialists, esp. when they are simply following Larry Summers' and James W. Breyer's spin directives for the Cartel and Accel Partners LLP?

      So Jill, please don't embarrass yourself with such nonsensical programming claims. That fake Zuckerberg-origins story dog stopped hunting long ago.

    3. Jill your emotional arguments are not convincing facts or engineering. We do not believe you have ever written code. Your fabrications are too wild for an engineer. You write about code like a non-coder.

    4. Email comment by TEX:

      Jill .... lots of things are simple when they become known. Do you have a clue what " patented rights of an invention" means ? It was PATENTED!! It was stolen from a computer and violated by your boss. 11 out of 11....your guy is a thief.
      Have a great day. TEX

    5. Tex, you don't seem to understand what a patent is. It only protects a particular method for doing something. It has nothing to do with the actual code or "theft" of that code. If Facebook had actually stolen Leader's code then Leader would have sued for copyright infringement or trade-secret misappropriation. They didn't, and the reason is that nothing was actually stolen. It just happened to be that the way Mr. Zuckerberg implemented Facebook happened to infringe on the Leader patent. But that patent was invalidated at trial, and later by the USPTO. So that's it.

    6. Dear Ms. Jill Facebook Attorney Shill, your comments betray you. You obviously missed the judicial corruption class at law school. You were no doubt out robbing some widow or orphan of their inheritance as a course practical - which law school was that? Podunk U? Have you reported these judges for their conflicts according to Rule 8.3 of your ethics oath? Didn't think so. Whoops. Your harassment of the American public in violation of your profession rules is astounding. We're on to you.

    7. I know what you're thinking, "we've got our disciplinary councils in our pockets too." Let's see how all this profligacy works out for you all in the end. Hilter shot himself holed up in a bunker with his girlfriend. Saddam was found hiding in a hole, then was hanged. That's what happens to profligates.

    8. Jill's argument " so, so, so delusional and narcissistic" is so darned convincing that I'm going have to rethink my decision to dump my Farcebook account.

      Whenever I read words like "delusion" from bad guys, I have learned they are writing about themselves, since they are the experts in only one subject area: deception, misdirection and lies. Whatever they accuse their opponents of is what they are doing, not their opponent. Y-a-w-n.

      So Jill, keep writing and keep slinging mud, we're taking good notes about your personal traits.

      Oh wait, even more convincing was " so, so, so". Did you learn that rhetorical technique at your Podunk Law School too ??? ROTFL

    9. Hey Jill, Do they pay you $500 an hour as counsel at Facebook to spew your sophism on this blog? Take a minute and peruse the patents that you say the Zuckster "accidentally encroached " with "his "great , original idea of internet socializing. Read the claims in those patents. The only thing that kept your fraud going was a small ( and untrue) proposition that McKibben had attempted to sell his patent too soon. They call it " on-bar sale" . Why in the world would McKibben spend the years to create his invention and then jump the gun by a couple of months, and thus ruin his invention after setting his sights on his collaborative/social internet concept so many years earlier, while the Zuckster was still in high school? Flavia just had a vision of a Facebook attorney doubled over backwards with his head placed in an odd, dark spot for this argument, poor girl. There is very broad use of invention coverage in these legal patents and it was APPROVED by our sanctioning body, the USPTO. It had inventions never seen before.... it had a unique formula ( code) that was much like the Coke recipe. If someone stole the Coke recipe, they could make Coke quickly too. Zuckerberg knew he had magic when he was handed the code. And as the potential values of this heist were uncovered, more greedy sycophants signed on to this Facebook charade. Billions of dollars of hush money.

      You folks that protect and insulate this type of corruption are literally destroying our great nation ,one lie at a time. I'll bet that you are teaching your subordinates ,and even your kids ,that this type of behavior is totally acceptable. Look in the you see an honest citizen ?

      Have a great day......and think about coming clean. You will actually like yourself if you choose that route. Your new friend, TEX

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    If I were a conspiracy theorist, right wing nutcake , I would be very concerned about the following sequence of verifiable facts:

    Obama was born somewhere in 1961. His mother was a known communist sympathizer and a declared socialist. His father was a visiting Sunni Muslim from Kenya and an avowed socialist. Both maternal grand parents were card carrying communists. His mother divorced Obama, Sr. , and met another Muslim man, this time a Shi'ite from Indonesia, Mr. Soetoro. They moved to Indonesia where Barry Soetoro attended a Muslim school. Soetoro was a communist.

    During adolescence and young adulthood, the two men that most influenced his life were Frank Marshal Davis and known SDS terrorist Bill Ayers. Both men were anarchists, Ayers blew up government buildings, Davis taught Barry to enjoy weed while teaching him how ugly America is.

    Barry allegedly attended Occidental College for two years transferred to Columbia University for two years, and then attended Harvard Law School. No enrollment records, no grade transcripts, and no girlfriends have EVER been seen by the public.

    So he changed his name back to Barack Obama and declared that he was a Christian under the guidance of Rev Wright in Chicago ( a convert from Islam). Wright's hate America rhetoric is now legendary. Barack was castigated for this relationship and threw his friend and mentor under the proverbial bus .

    Prior to becoming an Illinois senator, Barack was a paid community anarchist. His job was to attack status quo in every way possible , especially capitalism and wealth. A money trail shows that his move to politics was funded by the sinister George Soros, a wealthy friend of Bill Ayers. His first political campaign was started in Ayers living room. It is impossible to count the lies and deception Barack used to get elected to President of The United States......history will be quite a fun read . Here are a few of his Presidential accomplishments:

    ******END of TEX, Part I****

    1. ******START of TEX, Part II*****

      …..said America was not a Christian/ Judeo nation disintegrated STATES rights created historical divides such as white vs. blacks, men vs. women, straight vs. gay, police vs. criminal, rich vs. poor, climate vs. weather, and so on created massive distrust by not enforcing laws he didn't like and enforcing non-laws at his discretion tried to disarm Americans that want to own weapons celebrated the death of over 1 aborted babies last year and over 6 million since his first inauguration dismantled our military at every possible opportunity humiliated our allies and emboldened our sworn enemies set into motion the destruction of the finest healthcare system on the planet ignored our borders and sovereignty , created temporary amnesty, and even tried to raise the minimum wage for 5 million foreigners.

      …… he is negotiating a fast track deal for Iran and others in the Middle East to get nuclear weapons. The is encouraging, not stifling , rage in our inner cities when a policeman uses force to enforce our laws and protect himself from thugs and criminals.

      ……he strangles capitalism at every turn through taxes and regulations. His army to get this is the EPA, IRS, DOE, DOJ, and NSA

      ......he quietly has watered down the FBI , the CIA, the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies.

      …..he has proven that he WILL leave our boys behind. This man has a verifiable string of blatant lies longer than his own DNA strand. I think the word pathological liar is too limiting. For Obama it is chronic and actually reaches the level of sociopathy. And he surrounds himself with liars......Biden ,Hillary, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Jarrett, Michelle, and, yes, the Grubers of Wall Street. His advisors are Al Sharpton, Mark Zuckerberg, and on and on. All liars. All frauds, and cheaters

      So here we have a man with no training, no moral turpitude, and an embedded hatred for our values. Are we surprised when Obama's corrupt judges’ rule in weird ways that lean to supporting their buddies? Are we surprised that his wealthy buddies from Harvard are stacking up the cash while the rest of us just get along?

      …….Stand up, folks, start screaming. Our kids deserve better. Our fellow citizens deserve better

      ......and he deserves to be shown for what he truly is.

      Have a great day. TEX

  5. Email comment by TEX:

    $1,000,000.......Obama flew to Las Vegas to give a speech to a high school audience yesterday. He spoke of his deep conviction to help millions of "illegal" intruders. The seniors were bored with him because they are old enough to know he is a liar and a fraud. As a matter of fact, they know his entire cadre are liars and frauds. The sophomores and juniors just love the guy. He is soooooo cool. Obama felt refreshed. " I'm back" he thought to himself. And then he headed to Shadow Creek, often called the swankiest golf course in America. $1,000,000 was the cost to the tax payers. He flew the Secret Service, his limousines, his golf buddies, his chef, a carton of Winston cigarettes, his golf clubs, and his other presidential regalia to give a speech to kids in a high school auditorium. ( And then play Shadow Creek ). Could we have been more misled ?

    Mean while, the world is burning. These new immigrants may love him now because of this temporary reprieve but they will soon find out he is destroying their dream , just as he is for those of us that are regular , hard working tax paying citizens. I have lived a long and busy life. I have seen the unimaginable and the unthinkable. This man has bullied and buffaloed America long enough. He sets the standard for unimaginable and unthinkable and we sit back idly and let him go. C'mon , we are better than this. Call your elected representatives. Make some noise.

    Have a great day, unless you have something better to do. TEX

  6. Email comment by TEX:

    Last week was a pretty tough week for me........Flavia and Mavis went missing. Yep, gone for almost a week. They hadn't done that for 30 years. The last time that happened was when they joined some religious cult in one of their AA meetings. Neither one of them drank but men seemed to be attracted to them when alcohol was involved. I will tell you that not even a really drunk man could fall in love with those bald-head-shaven idiots.

    So when Flavia came in the office, I asked where she had been. She said " call me Dr F ". So I bit , hook , line and sinker. " Why should I call you Dr F ? ". She proceeded to inform me that she had driven to Washington, DC , to file a patent. " On what , what is your invention ? " I asked.
    " It's a waternana....." She said. "A cross between a watermelon and a banana" . " and Mavis calls it a bamelon " she added. " You can call her, Dr M . We both filed patents ." But they are the same thing", I said. " No they are NOT" she screamed. " are you not listening ? They have different names". So I asked if she could show me her new invention and she refused . She said that her computer hard drive had crashed. Yada, yada, yada. She did show me a sketch she had done for her was a banana duct taped to a watermelon.

    So what does this have to do with this blog? Perhaps we could think about the actions and testimony of of the Zuckster's and his lawyers during the early years of the Leader patent usurpation. They used every possible obfuscation to confuse, divert, deny, and deceive investigators. Compared to the Leader source code, the Zuckster ( Dr Z ) developed a banana duct taped to a watermelon. The only true Dr involved in this entire process, DrA , knows the truth.......this was a theft of major proportion and it has bled over into her life as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving.........TEX

    1. Thank you TEX for keeping it real. Stay tuned. The dogs have the scent on the beast.


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