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Thursday, September 26, 2013


D.O.J. stonewalls Leader v. Facebook  FOIA request – telegraphs a rat's maze to avoid public scrutiny & accountability

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Sep. 30, 2013 | PDF
Fig. 1—The D.O.J.'s Transparency Merry Go Round. The U.S. Department of Justice has created a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Merry Go Round to avoid ever having to provide actual transparency information to the public. This conduct breaches democracy's most fundamental principles of accountability. Graphic: Melissa Suriel.

(Sep. 26, 2013)—On Jan. 21, 2009 President Obama declared "a democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency." Apparently, the Department of Justice (D.O.J.) and the Patent Office didn't get the memo.[1]

The mission of the D.O.J. is to "ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans."[2]

On Aug. 15, 2013 the D.O.J.'s Vanessa R. Brinkman responded to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information regarding Leader v. Facebook with anything but transparency.[6]

Even though the request was addressed according to instructions on the D.O.J. FOIA website, the D.O.J. Office of Information Policy (OIP) who "processes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests" said nonsensically "this Office nor any of these senior leadership [including the Attorney General] typically maintain records on specific court cases."

Facebook Club
"Wink Wink" Damage Control

''JP Morgan's [Jamie] Dimon meetings with Attorney General Holder.'' REUTERS. 26, 2013
Update Sep. 30, 2013—Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan Chase (left), was photographed on Thursday, Sep. 19, 2013 leaving an almost unprecedented meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder (right). What could they achieve in person that they could not by phone or video conference? (1) No NSA recording. (2) Lots of non-verbal winking & nodding. Well worth Dimon's trip from New York to keep Holder and Obama in line.

Reuters reported (PDF) that Holder would not disclose the details of the conversation. Holder included two D.O.J. attorneys with close ties to Obama and JP Morgan Chase—one of Holder's sidemen was Tony West. West is another of Larry Summers' Harvard protégés (along with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and DST Moscow's Yuri Milner and Alisher Asmanov). West was Obama's 2008 California campaign manager. What rousted Dimon out of New York? Dimon claims the 2008 meltdown was mismangement, nothing more. Could the AFI revelations of 2008 and 2012 election rigging be causing him heartburn? See Comment 4 below. Photos: Reuters, MainJustice.

[Editorial: This statement deserves a ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). Here we have our chief law enforcers claiming ignorance about conflicts disclosure information from the people who work for them. This is reminiscent of the President first learning about the IRS scandal from the evening news. If our leaders are not in charge, who is? Answer: The Facebook Club, we think.]

The response goes on to inform the requester that the D.O.J. system for handling FOIA requests is "decentralized" and that the requester should consult Humorously, this website gives the Office of Information Policy contact information—the very ones making the suggestion. In short, contact us, then we'll tell you to... contact us again... then, we'll keep suggesting that you contact us until we've generated lots of official looking paper for our files... and/or until you give up.

Update Sep. 27, 2013
Some of the Federal Circuit's conflicts of interest in Leader v. Facebook
Fig. 2—Just a few of the Actual Conflicts Mapped re. the Federal Circuit in Leader v. Facebook.   These conflicts mapped above do not include Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Leonard P. Stark, Perkins Coii LLP, Blank Rome LLP, Anita B. Dunn, Robert F. Bauer, Kathryn Ruemmler, Thomas J. Kim, Donald K. Stern, John P. Breyer, IDG Capital Partners China, Roel Campos, David Plouffe, DC Bar Assoc., A.F.L.C.T.A.C.A.F.C., Patent Office, David J. Kappos, Kathryn W. Siehndel, Robert Ketterson, Fidelity Funds, T. Rowe Price Funds, Preetinder Preet Bharara, Mike Sheehy, McBee Strategic, LinkedIn, Square, SquareSpace, Brightsource, Tesla Motors, Instagram, Wikipedia, Jeff Markey, Morgan Stanley, Ellen L. Weintraub, Robert D. Lenhard, Elon Musk, Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz, Lawrence "Larry" Summers, James Swartz, Ping Li, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Matthew J. Moore, Theodore B. Olson, Eric Holder, Stephen C. Siu, Meredith C. Petravick, Allen R. MacDonald or Deandra M. Hughes, to name just a few of those who have been positively identified during our investigations.

Finally! 7th Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood speaks out in support of AFI’s contention that the Federal Circuit’s monopoly over patent appeals must end

Is a judicial fix for the corrupt Leader v. Facebook  appeal in the offing, or will Congress be forced to fix it? (Rumor has it that Congressional committees are investigating how to fix the corruption emanating from the Executive and Judicial Branches in this case.)

Update Sep. 27, 2013—Yesterday, Seventh Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood proposed ending the Federal Circuit’s exclusive jurisdiction over patent appeals, according to Law360 (click here). Finally, a federal judge has dressed down this court which has become corrupted by the Facebook Club.

The Elephant in the Room
Graphic: Leo Cullum

Even though Judge Wood sidestepped the corruption elephant in the room, her recommendations are welcomed nonetheless. She was careful to discuss only systemic problems, while avoiding specific examples of Federal Circuit abuse of private property rights—as has occurred in Leader v. Facebook and Zoltek Corp. v. US. (Fed. Cir. and their Facebook Club members are working to strip Congress of jurisdiction over private property rights by flat out ignoring constitutional precedent, e.g., the on-sale bar whitewash in Leader v. Facebook.)

7th Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood
Fig. 3—7th Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood calls for the Federal Circuit's monopoly on patent appeals to end, asking "Uniformity is great, but what if it's uniformly bad?" CLICK HERE for Law360 article. Photo: Univ. of Chicago Law School

Is Judge Wood a lone drummer, or will others join her? Time will tell. We at AFI have been hoping and praying for a break in these dark clouds.  Will moral judicial leaders speak up? Or, is the notion of a moral and just judge merely a cruel hoax in early 21st century America?  

Are our federal judges already too compromised into silence by their big infringer paymasters—the Leader v. Facebook judges chief among them, including Stark, Lourie, Wallach, Moore, Rader, Siu, Petravick, Moore, Hughes, MacDonald, DC Bar, Federal Circuit Bar Association, A.F.L.C.T.A.C.A.F.C., Clerk Horbaly, USPTO Director Kappos and Chief Justice John Roberts? In the case of these judges, their inside knowledge of the Facebook IPO planned by Goldman Sachs lured them to the rocky shoals of profligacy. How many others are equally compromised for life?

Prepare for the rats to scurry (some like Kappos, Rea, Stern, Bauer, Plouffe, Ruemmler & Horbaly already have)

The Facebook Club rats scurry

Fig. 4—Members of the Facebook Club, with their pockets and foreign bank accounts full of Facebook stock winnings, will now try and create distance between themselves and their fellow collaborators. Graphic: Michael Northrop.

AFI’s position is that these compromised, constitutionally oath-bound judges and lawyers must resign, be impeached and/or be brought up on fraud and racketeering charges for their collusion with the Facebook Club. They have betrayed America’s trust and must be brought to account if faith and trust in our democratic processes are to return. Until then, nothing said by our institutions will be trusted.

Being a judge is a revocable privilege bestowed by the People. It is not a birthright. The fact that our judges have exempted themselves from accountability for even illegal actions on the bench is contemptible, unconstitutional (creates a privileged class) and must be reversed.

The D.O.J. Merry Go Round

Let’s get this straight.

1. According to the D.O.J. website ( – in the bottom right sidebar titled "" click "FOIA" which goes to:

2. OIP ( The menu on that page presents "OIP FOIA" which goes to the contact information for: 


4. However, Ms. Brinkman responds that while OIP "processes" requests, they don't "maintain records." Huh? This is reminiscence of the Seinfeld car reservation episode where the car rental agency takes reservations, but they don't hold those reservations.

[Cue circus music.]

Why do we pay these people?

These D.O.J. people are either incompetent, or they are intentionally obscuring the FOIA process to discourage public transparency. If its either reason, why do we pay them? The Requester appealed this embarrassing D.O.J. conduct. Click here to read the appeal (also displayed at the end of this post).

Brinkman took great pains to spell out what they do not, will not and are not required to do. The “decentralized” nature of the D.O.J. FOIA system was emphasized, but nowhere was it mentioned that the D.O.J. website promises to "forward your request to the D.O.J. component they determine is most likely to maintain the records you are seeking."[3]

Let's pretend - The Department of Justice's attitude toward citizen FOIA requests
D.O.J.'s FOIA policy toward U.S. citizens. Graphic: 7thBoro

The reader is left with the impression that Brinkman could not be bothered, or is hiding something. Perhaps both.

Given the D.O.J.’s obstruction, the requester spelled out a list of people and organizations suspected of misconduct in Leader v. Facebook, including their possible collusion with members of the Department of Justice. This person even suggested basic search instructions.

D.O.J.’s "decentralized" FOIA maze prevents scrutiny

The D.O.J.’s “decentralized” FOIA data processing system appears to be at cross purposes with the law of the land on conflicts of interest disclosure. That information should be readily accessible, not hidden inside a rat's maze of deceptions and misdirection. The fact that it is hidden begs the question, "What is so important to hide that the D.O.J. won't follow mandates for which they are supposed to be the chief law enforcers?"

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 requires mandatory, public disclosure of financial and employment history of public officials and their immediate family.[4]

In 2006, well before Leader v. Facebook, the Judicial Conference mandated automated conflicts screening for courts and judges.[5]

How the Facebook Club hijacked U.S. Politics

The misconduct revealed by the Leader scandal begs the question: “What drives the Department of Justice these days, the U.S. Constitution or the Facebook Club?”

The requester's list reads more like a shadow U.S. Government. Their conduct certainly gives one pause:

  • President Obama's protection of Facebook to preserve his 47 million "likes" on Facebook; White House reliance on confiscated private property to sustain its power;
  • 16,000 Patent Office Facebook "likes" protected by Director David J. Kappos, using a patented system stolen from Leader Technologies which the Patent Office is right now trying wipe off the map by autocratic fiat;
  • Fabricated "likes" are used to titillate and manipulate low-information voters (just enough to statistically manipulate any close election);
  • Deregulated Internet electioneering founded upon fraudulent misrepresentation (by Perkins Coii LLP partners — long time person counsels of Barack Obama);
  • Shadow U.S. Government?
    The Facebook Club is a shadow U.S. Government
    The Facebook Club is likely an unelected, shadow U.S. Goverment. See  "Faces of the Facebook Corruption."
  • Protection of the stolen Facebook platform for electioneering and global financial manipulations via massive judicial misconduct in Leader v. Facebook;
  • Lack of electioneering accountability and transparency over the private Facebook data manipulation of "likes" without equal access;
  • Substantial foreign influence in American electioneering via intertwined Facebook Club relationships; and
  • Facebook's Washington, Silicon Valley and Moscow law firms and financiers undermining the Constitutional separation of powers—to secure their own, led by their mentor, Lawrence "Larry" Summers.

We could go on, but the evidence is clear . . .

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." (Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I)

Dept. of Justice FOIA Appeal, OIP/13-04526 (F) VRB:VAV:CMW, Vanessa R. Brinkman, Aug. 15, 2013 by Americans For Innovation

* * *


[1] Barack Obama on Gov't Transparency, The White House, Memorandum of January 21, 2009. ''Title 3 – The President, Freedom of Information Act [FOIA], Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.'' Presidential Documents, Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 15, FR Doc. E9-1773, pp. 4683-4684, Jan. 26, 2009 <> ("A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.").

[2] About the DOJ. U.S. Dept. of Justice. Accessed Sep. 26, 2013 <>.

[3] DOJ FOIA Requests. Where should I send my request? DOJ, Office of Information Policy. Accessed Sep. 26, 2013 <>

[4] Ethics in Government Act of 1978. Wikipedia. Accessed Sep. 26, 2013 <>.

[5] Mandatory Conflicts Screening For Courts & Judges. Judicial Council of the District of Columbia Circuit. Accessed Sep. 26, 2013 ("On September 19, 2006, the Judicial Conference of the United States adopted a mandatory conflict screening policy requiring courts and judges to implement automated screening to identify financial conflicts of interest.") <$FILE/mandatoryconflictplanfinal2.pdf>.

[6] D.O.J. Leader v. Facebook  Request, Response, Appeal. USPTO FOIA Appeal, OIP/13-04526 (F) VRB:VAV:CMW, Vanessa R. Brinkman, Aug. 15, 2013 <>.


  1. Brazil's Protesters Take To The Streets Again
    U.S. intelligence spied on its own citizens, and the world for what to steal idea??

    Parker: Peter [Thiel] tried some dirty tricks. All that shit he does is like classic Moritz shit.

    Zuckerberg: Haha really?

    Parker: Only Moritz does it way better.

    Zuckerberg: That's weak.

    Parker: I bet he learned that from Mike.

    Zuckerberg: Well, now I learned it from him and I'll do it to Eduardo.

    Could Mark have been completely joking? NO. Read more:
    Sean Parker (who extorted Zuck to get 5% of Facebook) said: “I’ve ended up with less than 5% of Facebook, the video
    Parker approached Reid Hoffman, both Hoffman and Thiel are considered members of the PayPal Mafia, and Hoffman new that Sean Parker and Thiel stole the idea facebook

  2. M. McGowan

    Q. Do you know if you found e-mails

    12 between Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Ceglia from the

    13 time period of March 2003 to June 2003?

    14 A. I just said we didn't find any

    Q. Were there e-mails on any of those

    17 devices, stored on those devices from

    18 Mr. Zuckerberg's Harvard e-mail account?

    19 A. I don't recall. (WHAT??)

    Q. I'm talking about the 28 devices.

    7 A. Yes.

    8 Q. Were there any communications you found

    9 on those 28 devices about StreetFax?

    10 A. I don't recall specifically.

    11 Q. Any e-mails you found on those 28

    12 devices regarding Karin Peterson?

    13 A. I don't recall.

    14 Q. Did you find any source code related to

    15 the StreetFax project that Mr. Zuckerberg worked

    16 on for Mr. Ceglia on any of those 28 devices?

    17 A. I don't believe so.

    Q. So to determine fraudulent in your

    25 report you would agree with me that you have to

    determine the person's intent for the action they

    3 took regarding the evidence?

    4 MR. BOLAND: I'm going to object to the

    5 shaking of the head of defense counsel which

    6 is occurring right now, I interpret that as

    7 an attempt to signal the witness how to

    8 answer and I would appreciate it if you

    9 would not nod up or down or left to right,

    10 okay?

    11 It's quite obvious that you are shaking

    12 your head yes and no in response to certain

    13 questions I'm offering and I think that's a

    14 potential to signal the witness.

    15 MR. SOUTHWELL: We hear you, Mr.

    16 Boland. It's not intended to signal the

    17 witness, Mr. Benjamin and I are

    18 communicating about a number of things, but

    19 I understand your point and we will ensur
    20 that there is no signaling of the witness,

    21 which there hasn't been.

    22 MR. BOLAND: Very well.

  3. Medal of Honor recipient, Sammy L. Davis, has wonderful advice for all of us. He and the other 79 surviving recipients of the honor are our country's true heroes. His advice to his fellow U.S. citizens, is that there are no problems that we cannot solve if "We the People" stand up, express our opinions, and work together. (from his speech on Sept. 25, 2013).

    I encourage everyone to take the information from this site and share it widely. Everyone in this country needs to be aware of the corruption. Everyone needs to use their power as a citizen to inform our current officials and use the ballot box to ensure that we get the best leadership possible.

    We need to stand up, speak up, and work together to end the corruption exposed by Americans for Innovation.


    "JP Morgan's [Jamie] Dimon meetings with Attorney General Holder." REUTERS. 26, 2013. (Jamie's a leading member of the Facebook Club.)

    Do ya think there was a lot of winking and nodding in this meeting of Wall Street and Justice on Thursday??????

    Curiously, following the revelations on this website, JAMIE DIMON himself travels to Washington to meet personally with the Attorney General ERIC HOLDER. Maybe coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidences in Leader v. Facebook any more.

    Even REUTERS could not avoid pointing out "It is unusual for a CEO of a company to meet with the head of the U.S. Justice Department... Legal sources said high-level meetings between corporate executives and the U.S. attorney general are unusual..."

    Also curious, Holder "declined to give details of the talks."

    All the attendees were FACEBOOK CLUB FRIENDLY. Curiouser and curiouser (Alice in Wonderland).

    With HOLDER at the meeting were Deputy Attorney General JAMES COLE (formerly with a long time JP Morgan law firm Bryan Cave LLP), and TONY WEST who attended Harvard and Stanford, and was co-chair of Obama's California 2008 presidential campaign.

    No doubt their winkers and nodders needed adjustment from overwork after this closed door meeting. Of course these attorneys will have all kinds of reasons why their discussions were private. blah blah blah.

  5. Gibson Dunn touts itself as a “recognized leader” in representing multinational corporations, banks and government entities, having recruited an impressive collection of former judges, prosecutors and government officials who have left their positions to join the firm (in some instances, under highly suspicious circumstances). While corporate thieves go forth and prosper, prosecutions against truth-tellers are on the rise. Close connections to the top tiers of the legal system and the government allow Gibson Dunn to carve out an escape route for their clients

    Gibson Dunn accused plaintiffs of “fraud” and attempted to silence them by negative media coverage by filing defamation lawsuit against them. Gibson Dunn proactively strives to shift the public opinion by utilizing their extensive media connections Gibson Dunn firm represented Solyndra – a “green” company that went belly up and filed for bankruptcy after receiving nearly $500 million in stimulus Obamabucks and over $1 billion dollars from private investors. John Gaffney, who served as Solyndra's general counsel has joined Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher as a partner.
    Gibson Dunn represented Facebook against the Federal Trade Commission’s charges that it deceived its users and failed to keep their information private. Gibson Dunn convinced the Supreme Court to legalize corporate political contributions, which used to be a felony under federal law. Gibson Dunn Skillful manipulation of the firm’s extensive media connections allows Gibson Dunn to promote their causes, while simultaneously smearing their opponents and silencing embarrassing news coverage Gibson Dunn takes the principle of blaming the victim to new lows. They hire scores of private investigators to dig up the dirt on their opponents Gibson Dunn The firm persuaded the California Court of Appeal to uphold a special state law allowing counties to continue providing supplemental benefits to State Court judges

  6. former AIG executive who was named as one of the creators of the financial crisis), rely on Gibson Dunn to persuade government agencies to drop investigations and prosecutions against them. At the same time, the firm is quick to accuse their opponents of fraud, waging battles that extend far beyond the courtroom. . Gibson Dunn proudly boasts of its representation of Goldman Sachs and other companies facing the scrutiny of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Notably, K. Susan Grafton, former Vice President and Associate General Counsel of Goldman Sachs, now works for Gibson Dunn this is a clear indication of how desperate big government and big corporations are to crush anyone who oppose them in any way, shape, or manner.
    All of this maneuvering explains why not a single executive has gone to jail for the financial crisis the U.S. is currently facing. The same is true with regard to the lack of accountability for the violations of constitutional rights and freedoms by our floundering government agencies. The resources spent on combating whistleblowers these days are astounding. Gibson Dunn takes the principle of blaming the victim to new lows. IS GIBSON DUNN A CONSTITUTIONAL SLUT???? . Each morning at a meeting of UBS’s interest-rate-derivatives desk in Tokyo, Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down Facebook than added the feature to tag certain friends (or groups, bankers lawyer Shady traders etc.) The ponzi scheme had everything it needed mark zuckerberg , Orrick, the firm Eduardo Savrin accused of conspiring with Zuckerberg to deprive him of his shares and the Patent Office is protecting its 15,000 "likes" on Facebook too, along with Obama's 47 million fake likes on facebook. Obama a nation's contempt for congress and its failure to function.

    1. It's pretty clear dave123 that Gibson Dunn is one of the law firms that is driving this constitutional takeover. Here's the Corruption Watch List of attorneys. We suspect no attorney working for any of these firms is trustworthy, since even if they are not actively participating in the current obstructions of justice in Washington, they know about them, and are therefore complicit in their silence:

      - Perkins Coii LLP
      - Fenwick & West LLP
      - Orrick Herrington LLP
      - Cooley Godward LLP
      - Weil Gotshal LLP
      - White & Case LLP
      - Blank Rome LLP
      - Latham & Watkins LLP
      - DC Bar Assoc.
      - Fed. Cir. Bar Assoc.
      - A.F.L.C.T.A.C.A.F.C. (Assoc. of Former Law Clerks and Technical Assistants for the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)
      - U.S. Patent Office
      - Federal Circuit Court, Randal R. Rader, Presiding Judge
      - US Supreme Court, John G. Roberts, Chief Justice
      - Delaware District Court, Leonard P. Stark, Leader v. Facebook

      It should be noted that these firms either represent President Obama directly, advise him directly, and are almost exclusively Democratic in their political affiliation. These firms are also close to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

      The nexus of relationships would certainly indicate that these people are driving a hidden Facebook Club agenda in the current Washington standoff. We believe these people want total control of Digital America... healthcare, finance, relationships, spending, entertainment, phone calls, texts, emails... a nefarious agenda is afoot.

    2. Ironically, Darren, the Facebook law firms all seem to be specialists in ethics and governance. (Un)ethics and (un)government? Beware a Facebook law firm bearing a PowerPoint on business and legal ethics.

  7. I just sent this message to my Congressperson:

    Re: Digital Totalitarianism, the Facebook Club & the priority to defund Obamacare

    Most people don’t realize that the Facebook Club only needs a snapshot of all American data once to take over. (Facebook has opened a data facility in Sweden that could house this data—outside the reach of U.S. laws). It’s like a still photo. Once they have that database snapshot once, they will be able to “mine” that data for decades—even if they never got that snapshot again. That’s because demographic data of the kind that can control people’s lives, doesn’t change quickly. It evolves over time. So, getting that data just once puts UNPRECEDENTED POWER into the hands of the unscrupulous (blackmail, coercion, sabotage, manipulation, business interference, robbery, harassment, etc.). Much of that data comes to them with Obamacare, if implemented like they want. They will know a person’s every strength, weakness, vice, predilection, preference, orientation, secret, etc. When you add the NSA snooping, AP snooping, IRS snooping, that pretty much covers all Americans’ personal data.

    The threat is real and it is upon us IMHO. This impasse in Washington is driven by this IMHO. While those not in the Facebook Club may not understand why it is happening, their guts are telling them something is rotten. The reality is, once the Club gets it the first time, it will be 10 times easier for them to manipulate their way to access to it, again and again. “Digital Totalitarianism” is a very accurate description. This kind of power in private hands no less, will make history’s previous dictators look like school children.

    We must draw the line now, before they get this data. Once they get it just once, the barn door is open forever, IMHO.

    Keep up the good work, and let us know how we can help.

    1. Somebody has already tweeted you, Rain. Great work! We encourage readers to get this message to your Senators and Congressperson. Most of them are not "data heads," but they're likely understand this threat since most in politics have experienced coercion based on inside information.

  8. Thought I would drop a note reminding everyone why the Judiciary Committees needs to get involved in this matter!
    Massive undisclosed conflicts of interest from Judges, lawyers and Freedom of Information personnel!
    Records that are required by Law to be kept and be available to the public are said to be nonexistent. Then the FOIA personnel’s excuse to the public is that we need to tell them
    1. What continent the information exists.
    2. What part of the country
    3. What State they exist in.
    4. What city they reside in.
    5. What street they are on.
    6. What building they are located in.
    7. What floor, if a multi-story building, they are located
    8. Which particular office they are in.
    9. Which file cabinet they are located in
    10. Which folder they reside in.
    See Vanessa R. Brinkman, letter dated Aug. 15, 2013

    Another reminder of judicial conflicts of interest is from Wikipedia.
    A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in another.
    The presence of a conflict of interest is independent from the execution of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. A widely used definition is: "A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgment or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest."[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public office. Secondary interest includes not only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement and the wish to do favours for family and friends, but conflict of interest rules usually focus on financial relationships because they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable. The secondary interests are not treated as wrong in themselves, but become objectionable when they are believed to have greater weight than the primary interests. The conflict in a conflict of interest exists whether or not a particular individual is actually influenced by the secondary interest. It exists if the circumstances are reasonably believed (on the basis of past experience and objective evidence) to create a risk that decisions may be unduly influenced by secondary interests.(1)
    Amazing how ALL of the Judges associated with the Leader v Facebook case own stock in Facebook.
    From Fidelity’s’ website about mutual funds they have 3 ways to select.
    Help Finding Funds
    There are a number of ways to choose funds, whether you:
    1. Would like Fidelity to select and monitor your investments for you.
    2. Prefer to select funds yourself, supporting your decisions with guidance from investment professionals along the way.
    3. Want to take an active role in building and managing your own portfolio, using our screening tools and independent research.(2)
    If either reason 2 or 3 is the case then a reasonable person would be in management of that fund because he would have had to approve the stocks selected.
    Remember if a Judge MANAGES his mutual fund he is required to notify all parties or recuse himself from the case, for possible conflicts of interest
    We are then asked to believe that the Judges in question are all dumb and ignorant SHEEP when it comes to their financial holdings!
    ALL have Facebook stock!!!!!!!
    Are they stooges to the Facebook Club
    One person’s observation!!!!!!



  9. The United States is rated 19th on Transparency International's 2012 Corruption Perception Index. The U.K. is only 17th. Leader v. Facebook has put names and faces to the people undermining democracy in the developed world. Business is destabilized when corruption undermines contracts, privacy, property and business opportunity. How much of this debt ceiling controversy is fueled by the distrust in Washington generated by the hidden agendas and corruption of the Facebook Club? They are a Who's Who of President Obama's political support base, including a gaggle of law firms.

  10. Looks like things are surfacing folks!!

    Glenn Beck: Chief Justice John Roberts Blackmailed Into Changing Obamacare Decision Mid-Stream

  11. FACEBOOK They will know a person’s every strength, weakness, vice, predilection, preference, orientation, secret, etc. When you add the NSA Spying , AP Spying, IRS Spying , that pretty much covers all Americans’ personal data. BUT NOT ALL their still Mark Zuckerberg little secret and the Facebook cabal that includes Lawrence Summers, Sheryl Sandberg, Marc Andreessen, James Breyer, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman and Juri Milner (Goldman Sachs Partner). Judge Lourie and Judge Moore new that facebook was stolen as far back as 2005 to 2006 Fenwick & West LLP and Orrick Herrington LLP and that little slug lisa simpson new that facebook was stolen from 2003 to 2004 these lawyers orchestrate this theft from inception Mayor Cory Booker and bill gates new facebook was stolen.
    In 2007 Facebook technicians worked on programme called 'Judgebox' which would let users compare and rate women. Zuckerberg tried this in 2003 with “Facemash” developed at Harvard, [he wonted to call it facesmash] This guy has a real obsession with demeaning women. INSTAGRAM Facebook had agreed to pay $1 billion to acquire Instagram, critics of the deal wondered how Facebook's board came to the conclusion that a year-and-a-half-old mobile photo-sharing network was worth that kind of money. It turns out, it didn't INSTAGRAM new that facebook was STOLEN, they had all the emails on zuckerberg and so did Mayor Cory Booker and bill gates, ZUCKERBERG never work on facebook but Fenwick & West LLP and Orrick Herrington LLP and that little slug lisa simpson BLACK-MAILED their way in to facebook. Zuckerberg informed members of his decision to buy Instagram just a few hours before the deal was made, The DOJ Merry Go Round a u.s. Department of obama creation to hide transparency and accountability these people want total control of Digital America and sell it to who --??

  12. Gibson Dunn LLP. this firm was the reason why not a single Wall Street banker has gone to jail since 2008. Mr. Bharara previously worked at Gibson Dunn, the firm representing Facebook in Mr. Ceglia’s civil suit. Is Obama in bed with Mr. Bharara OXOXOX if so what a suck up you are, Obama your not a Nelson Mandela you will never be a global peace icon and who was it that put that Islamist Mohammed Morsi on a pedestal??? IT WAS YOU Americans or do i say exclusively Democratic America narcissistic leaders learn little from defeat. When setbacks occur, such leaders don’t take any personal responsibility; instead, they scapegoat others surround themselves with ‘yea-sayers.’ Unwilling to tolerate disagreement and dealing poorly with criticism.
    With such a big valuation at IPO time (pumped up by the billions in dirty Russian money buying up insider stock – thank you Fenwick & West and the SEC), Citigroup stock analyst Mark Mahaney was fired as a result of the regulatory fallout from Facebook’s initial public offering. Mahaney was a popular figure in Silicon Valley ,[If you’re going to leak something to TechCrunch, don’t do it from your work email,” TechCrunch coeditor Alexia Tsotsis tweeted ]Posted by Cody Gash on Oct 28th, 2012 //Mahaney, was fired for allegedly trying to cover up the violations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Separately, Business Insider used information provided in the court document to piece together the identities of Jacobs and the TechCrunch reporters involved, Josh Constine, a Stanford pal of Jacobs’, and Kim-Mai Cutler. court settlement document firm terminating one of its top research analysts. According to the settlement, Mahaney was indirectly involved in the incident involving Facebook research. It was the actions of the junior analyst who worked under him provide a glimpse into the type of information trading that regulators wanted to control.

  13. Merrill Lynch Emails

    From: Blodget, Henry (RSCH)
    Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 1:08 PM
    To: Glatt, Eve (RSCH)

    Subject: RE: Internet ad spend-media conference

    LFMN at $4. I can't believe what a POS [piece-of-sh-t] that thing is. Shame on me/us for giving them any benefit of the doubt.

    RE:FW: AltaVista Selects GoTo as Exclusive Pay-For-Performance Search Provider
    To: Henry Blodget
    From: Kirsten Campbell

    ·I don't want to be a whore for f-king mgmt. If 2-2 means that we are putting half of Merrill retail into this stock because they are out accumulating it then I don't think that's the right thing to do. We are losing people and money and I don't like it. John and Mary Smith are losing their retirement because we don't want Todd to be mad at us· the whole idea that we are independent from banking is a big lie·

    Kirsten Campbell
    Assistant Vice President
    Merrill Lynch Internet Research
    4 World Financial Center, 21st Floor
    New York, NY 10080

    From: Blodget, Henry (RSCH)
    Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 10:27 AM
    To: Ghachem, Sofia (RSCH)
    Subject: INSP

    The first bullet is pretty bullish, no? The tone of the bullets doesn't quite jibe with the cautionary tone on the call.

    I don't mean to be a pain on this one, but this stock is a powder keg, given how aggressive we were on it earlier this year and given the "bad smell" comments that so many institutions are bringing up. If you really think it's going to 30, or you have any real concerns about vodafone, etc, I want to at least get them clearly in writing. In any case, maybe don't make the first bullet "reiterate Buy" unless you think it's going straight up from here. You don't have to make writing conform to rating-I'd rather it be the other way around.

    From: Syer, Virginia
    To: Blodget, Henry

    ATHM such a piece of crap!!! I bet Comcast is the C doing a deal with you know who - it's Comcast or Cox and I bet the former.

    Henry Blodget : Sorry, But People Who Lost Money On Facebook Stock Have Only Themselves And Their Advisors To Blame. Henry Blodget Is this the 100th article BI has written about Facebook WHAT A SUCK UP Henry Blodget He's like a bad penny thats bent. Henry Blodget and David Kirkpatrick new that facebook was stolen and cod and new about libor manipulation as far back as 2005-2006 David Kirkpatrick: Henry Blodget :Blodget, of New York City, issued fraudulent research under Merrill Lynch's name, as well as research in which he expressed views that were inconsistent with privately expressed negative views. Journalism is Among Top 10 Occupations to Most Likely Attract Psychopaths this is why the truth is dead

    For more information see the New York Attorney General's Press Release and AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR AN ORDER PURSUANT TO GENERAL BUSINESS LAW SECTION 354. Merrill Lynch has also published a Press Release and offer a video of their recent press conference on their web site.


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