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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Drake & Steinmetz given $100 million discretionary, unaccountable "blank check" investing authority in first months on the job

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 28, 2014, updated Nov. 07 | PDF
Nov. 7, 2014 News Update—The Federal Circuit just issued a reprimand of California attorney Edward R. Reines of the Weil Gotshal LLP law firm, the appeals attorney who traded on his insider relationship with disgraced former chief judge Randall R. Rader. Given the court's chummy relationships with the law firms and lawyers who make daily pilgrimages to Lafeyette Square across from the White House, little can be gleaned from this anomolous event, other than they were shamed into it. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Three of the judges who signed the reprimand are the three judges in the Leader v. Facebook appeal. These judges, Kimberly A. Moore, Alan D. Lourie and Evan J. Wallach, failed then refused when compelled to disclose their mountains of Facebook interests during the Leader appeal, including their relationships to Weil Gotshal LLP (former Moore client), Reines and Facebook's appeals attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP. Arguably, these judges' offenses are a much more agregious breach of the Code of Conduct ethics rules than Reines' silly BFF (Best Friends Forever) email that got Chief Judger Rader fired. Click here for the Reines Reprimand Only (1MB). Click here for the Reines Reprimand with full public Exhibits (28MB ). These same judges march to JPMorgan's tune, hold several mountains of JPMorgan Chase stock, yet pretend impartiality in inventor Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam's case currently.
Bank One CEO Jamie Dimon speaks at the Seventh Annual Microsoft CEO Summit at the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, on May 21, 2003
Fig. 1—Jamie Dimon, now JPMorgan CEO and Ohio State partner, spoke at Microsoft on May 21, 2003, just after The Eclipse Foundation released Leader Technologies' and Dr. Arunachalam's invention to JPMorgan collaborators, including Facebook. JPMorgan is a client of OSU Trustee President Jeffrey Wadsworth's McBee Strategic lobbyist who is promoting a federalization of higher education called MOOC (Massive Open Online Court).
Photo: Anthony Bolante/Reuters.
Oct. 30 Update
Ohio State donor JPMorgan and federal judges collude to feed innovation to cronies
Yesterday, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam filed a reply to JPMorgan in the Federal Circuit Court in Washington D.C. (the sole patent appeals court). She chronicles a sordid history of collusion between JPMorgan and the court's judges. She exposes the "legalized judicial piracy" underway in America by hiding judicial holdings in deep-pocketed infringers under mutual funds euphamistically named "safe harbor" blankets. JPMorgan's misconduct figures prominently in all three cases covered by this blog: (1) Leader Technologies' patents, (2) Dr. Arunachalam's patents and (3) the OSU Marching Band abuse. Given the kid-glove $13b treatment that JPMorgan just received from U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder for the bank's central role in the 2008 banking collapse, JPMorgan appears to run the U.S. justice system— rewarding hip-pocket judges with insider stock tips. Click here to read Dr. Arunachalam's filing (18.5 MB w/ Exhibits).
The Shame of the Buckeyes - The OSU Board of Trustees & Administration
Fig. 1—The Shame of the Buckeyes,The OSU Board of Trustees & Administration. In their Aug. 29, 2014 meeting they approved unprecedented $100 million investing privileges to newly-appointed officers Michael V. Drake and Joseph A. Steinmetz, men who have failed to disclose their personal holdings and other conflicts of interest in violation of the law and their oaths of office. These are the same men who had just fired beloved OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters on a fabricated Title IX pretext which cleared the way for the U.S. Dept. of Education to magically absolve OSU of all Title IX sins under investigation. The elephant in the room question asked by the likes of Charles Barkley: Would this have occured if Jon Waters was black?
Illustration: Americans For Innovation.

(Oct. 28, 2014)—On Aug. 29, 2014, four weeks after firing OSU Marching Band director Jon Waters on a Title IX pretext, the Ohio State trustees approved sweeping changes to OSU investment policy.

According to the 440 pages of meeting minutes (originally 50 MB; we compressed to 16 MB), the OSU trustees voted to give newly-installed President Michael V. Drake and newly-installed Provost Joseph A. Steinmetz broad authority to invest up to $100 million per investment. They also placed newly-installed trustee, Alex R. Fischer, on the finance committee along with trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth, Fischer's boss from Battelle Memorial Institute.

Buried on page 436, the trustees approved investing in three indexes: 60% in Morgan Stanley’s MSCI index, 30% in Barclays’ U.S. Aggregate Bond index and 10% in the Consumer Price Index.

Ohio State Trustees authority to spend up to $100 million
New, Oct. 29, 2014—Fig. 2—The Ohio State Trustees secretly (without public comment) gave newly-appointed President Michael V. Drake and newly-appointed Provost Joseph A. Steinmetz signing authority to invest up to $100 million per investment "at their discretion" at their Aug. 29, 2014 meeting while a public protest at the firing of band director Jon Waters broiled outside, forcing the trustees to give spokesman Gary Leppla, a band alum and Dayton attorney, five minutes to express their grievance. Others wanted to speak, including parents of bandsmen, but the trustees walked out. See The Lantern coverage. Source: Ohio State Trustees Aug. 29, 2014 Meeting Minutes, p. 228 of 440 pgs. (16 MB).
CPA analysis of Aug. 29, 2014 OSU Trustee Investing Authority to Drake / Steinmetz labels it an unaccountable "Blank Check"

New, Oct. 29, 2014AFI investigators reached out today to an experienced certified public accountant for an evaluation of the page 228 investing authority in Fig. 2 above. Click here for the CPA Opinion Letter.

Ironically, despite their concurrent lack of ethics in the Jon Waters affair, they got religion and promised “no conflicts of interest or perceptions of conflicts of interest when making investment decisions” (p. 229). They violated this pledge the moment they voiced it.

What is a conflict of interest?

A public official has a conflict if he could benefit personally by decisions favorable to one side or the other in the matter. In such circumstances, the right thing to do is to disclose the conflict and disqualify himself from that decision. This helps insure that the decision benefits those he serves, and not himself, his friends, family or close relationships.

Trustees approved investments in Wadsworth's McBee Strategic clients who are also OSU contractors

Jeffrey Wadsworth, OSU Trustee President; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute
Fig. 3—Jeffrey Wadsworth, President, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees; CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth's lobbyist, McBee Strategic, has 16 contracts with Ohio State. Before coming to Battelle, Wadsworth had no prior ties to Ohio, Ohio State or the Big 10; neither did Michael V. Drake. Their ties are all in California, LLNL, Univ. of Calif., Stanford.
Photo: The Columbus Dispatch.
The Great Mutual Fund Scam
"Pay no attention to that stock behind the mutual fund curtain"
Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz curtain
Source: The Wizard of Oz, MGM

The OSU Trustees try to avoid telling the public about their crony investments by hiding behind “indexes.” Perhaps the biggest lie of the century is the notion that a public official can invest in a mutual fund that contains the stock he is interested in, and then avoid disclosing that holding when the company he is invested in comes before him in a public matter. If this were true, then the only conflicts that would have to be disclosed would be matters directly involving mutual funds. It is a silly notion that lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats have used to line their pockets with insider tips to grow rich while they are in office.

Closer analysis of the fund indexes reveals that the trustees approved all of McBee Strategic’s clients who are Ohio State contractors for investing. McBee Strategic is Jeffrey Wadsworth’s lobbying firm at Battelle Memorial Institute.

Any trustee who holds stock in any of the indexes funds approved had a duty to disclose that conflict and recuse himself from a decision in favor of that index.

The trustees conflicts of interest in selecting the Morgan Stanley and Barclay's indexes are many.

Wadsworth takes his orders from JPMorgan, Citigroup & Facebook

Chief among Wadsworth's cronies are JPMorgan, Citigroup and Facebook. These two banks are currently embroiled in a patent infringement battle with Internet pioneer, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam. Dr. Arunachalam is former director of network architecture for Sun Microsystems, and is a true pioneer of how web transactions work. She holds over a dozen patents, and yet she is experiencing massive collusion among JPMorgan, the judges in her case, and the Patent Office who, like Wadsworth, are "chummy" with JPMorgan and Facebook. Stay tune for more developments in this case of deep-pocketed bullying of true inventors.

JPMorgan was also one of Facebook's underwriters who funded mutual funds like Fidelity Contrafund who helped facilitate the theft of Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies' invention of social networking as well.

A financial interest is a financial interest, no matter how many mutual fund blankets you throw over the body

The OSU trustees approved investments in the following McBee Strategic / Wadsworth clients: Facebook, Google, Alcoa, Boeing, Eastman Chemical, Fedex, Duke Energy, General Dynamics, General Electric, Honeywell, JPMorgan, Oracle, Praxair, Time Warner and WellPoint. However, from a conflict of interest perspective, Wadsworth had an affirmative duty to recuse himself from these decisions. Instead, he led the way.

WellPoint, Inc., a donor to Betty Montgomery's 2006 campaign, and Woodrow A. Myers' company (a Michael V. Drake crony from Stanford), is the 5th largest investment in one of the funds (SPDR Barclays Aggregate Bond ETF). Drake had a duty to disclose this conflict and recuse himself. There is no record he did. Neither did Drake disqualify Betty Montgomery from being involved with the ongoing investigations/fishing expeditions involving the band.

The trustees also approved investments in Smuckers, even though Smuckers' CEO, Timothy P. Smucker, serves as a trustee. At a minimum, Smucker should have recused himself from any decisions involving the two key indexes in which his stock is listed. There is no record that he disclosed the conflict.

The trustees approved a TIAA-CREF fund chaired by Howell E. Jackson. Jackson is a former Harvard Law vice dean, former consultant to the IMF and World Bank, and long-time colleague of Lawrence "Larry" Summers, President Obama's 2008 bailout director who fed over $33 billion to his Facebook underwriter cronies, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Summers was also the former Harvard president when Mark Zuckerberg attended and was fed the Michael McKibben/Leader Technologies' programming code needed to start Facebook. (Michael McKibben's son, Max, also attended Harvard and is now a surgeon at UNC.) Summers is also a former Treasury Secretary who recently was overwhelmingly opposed by his economist colleagues to head the Federal Reserve.

Witches' Brew of Mutual Funds

Tellingly, almost no Yale Law and no Ohio State Law graduates are involved in the Facebook Cartel. The Cartel is overwhelmingly comprised of unscrupulous Harvard Law graduates who are colluding with Wall Street in the formation of these witches' brew mutual funds.

Wadsworth's crony colleges and medical centers to get OSU investments

The trustees also approved investments in Stanford University, University of California, MIT, Cornell, Princeton, George Washington University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic—all known members of the Facebook Cartel. Those OSU trustees and officers who have worked at any of these schools should have disqualified themselves because their friends and colleagues would benefit personally from decisions favorable to any of their cronies.

The trustees also approved investments in approximately 30 companies with known direct affiliations with the Facebook Cartel, not counting the mainstream media, where they approved investments in CBS, NBC, ABC, Comcast, Walt Disney and Fox. Any trustee who has personal holdings in any of these companies had a duty to disclose and recuse, but there is no record they did.

Wadsworth and cronies are lining their pockets with insider OSU deals

Jeffrey Wadsworth took two bites at the conflicts of interest apple. (1) He arranged OSU contracts for his McBee Strategic lobbyist, and then (2) he arranged for these same cronies to be approved to receive Ohio State investing dollars—up to $100 million, at practically the sole discretion of Michael V. Drake and Joseph A. Steinmetz, whom he had maneuvered into place following the Waters firing.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT: Ohio State Trustees HOLDINGS Indexes, Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index, MSCI ACWI, Oct. 28,2014

Fig. 4Ohio State Trustees approved investments in crony funds. On Aug. 29, 2014, the Ohio State Trustees approved a list of companies in which they could invest funds. However, not a single trustee recused himself or herself from decisions about funds and indexes in which they had personal investments. Ohio Ethics law forbids a public official from making decisions in matters where he or she will benefit personally from decisions for one party or the other. Click here to download the PDF file. Source: OSU Trustees.

The OSU Trustees are running a racket to benefit their cronies, not the people of Ohio

Michael V. DrakeConflict #1: Michael V. DrakeNewly-installed president Michael V. Drake failed to disclose his financial holdings in his Sep. 29, 2004 financial disclosure filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission. He gave his broker’s name instead. In so doing, Drake has seriously violated Ohio ethics laws and has thwarted the ability of the public to hold him accountable for his financial decisions.

Drake did not submit this disclosure until AFTER the Aug. 29, 2014 trustee vote. The devil will be in the details of his undisclosed investments. Inquiries into this lack of disclosure should be made to the Ohio Ethics Commission. Knowledge of Drakes's financial holdings are especially critical since he was give co-signing authority with provost Joseph A. Steinmetz up to $100 million of OSU public funds

Joseph A. Steinmetz, Provost, The Ohio State UniversityConflict #2: Joseph A. SteinmetzNewly-installed provost Joseph A. Steinmetz does not make his financial holdings public, but given the conflicts discovered among his cronies, we can surmise that his conflicts are legion too. Steinmetz also failed to disclose his close association with M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Course) vendors, including Google and Oracle, whom he has been promoting.

Also, Steinmetz was given co-signing authority with Michael V. Drake over up to $100 million in university investments (public funds), yet has failed to disclose his personal financial holdings for public scrutiny.

Alex R. FischerConflict #3: Alex R. FischerNewly-installed trustee Alex R. Fischer failed to disclose his holdings of McBee Strategic’s clients, failed to recuse himself from the MSCI and Barclays decisions given his holdings in many of those companies, while he simultaneously approved for OSU to invest in companies in which he holds numerous interests. See previous post.

Fischer and his wife, Ohio civil rights commissioner, Lori Barreras, disclosed that they are invested in numerous companies that the trustees just approved for OSU investing. Therefore, any decision to invest funds in those companies will benefit Fischer and Barreras personally.

OSU has given sweeping powers to these schemers

OSU football coach Urban Meyer does not just hand the reins of his football team to a new quarterback and expect him to perform well. Leadership takes time and trust from one's teammates and coaches. By contrast, these newly-installed OSU "leaders" are fumbling and stumbling, or so it seems.

They are either very stupid, or very sneaky. We don't think it is the former. We believe they have one goal: to get OSU's digital pipelines plugged in to their Silicon Valley and Wall Street cronies in order to gather Ohio voter data, and suck OSU ideas out to their favored companies (just look at the list). OSU generates a a plethora of ideas in healthcare, research and student interaction.

A global progressive agenda is afoot. It'll be good for you, Did you get the memo?

In our opinion, Wadsworth, Drake and Steinmetz only care about their personal finances and achieving control of Ohio State's digital infrastructure in student interaction and research as good foot soldiers for the Cartel. They don't care about Ohio State's storied traditions. The band is expendable. Propriety is old fashion. Decency is passe. Nothing matters except achieving their goal by the time the Obama Administration is out of power. With control of those pipelines, they'll be in control forever.

Prudence left the building at Ohio State. Since when is it OK for trustees and officers, much less newbies, to be given sole authority to spend $100 million per investment on their signature? Experience with the Obama energy stimulus handouts has already shown where these funds will go: to political hacks.

OSU's current trustee who are trying to seize control of OSU's cash, are the same people who fired one of OSU's more successful employees—OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters.

In Waters' lawsuit, these are the same trustees who dug out a lampooning student calendars from Waters' desk drawer and are misrepresenting it in salacious terms. At the same time, they are performing back flips to make a flimsy case for “at will” employment technicalities—after that is, they cashed the $30 million check that Waters generated for the university in the Apple i-Pad commercial. Unprecedented funds for a university music program.

No, the OSU trustee dog doesn’t hunt.

* * *

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT: U.S. Government agents colluded with Battelle Memorial Institute to steal the social networking invention of Leader Technologies, Briefing for Jim Jordan (4th Ohio), House Oversight Committee on Government Reform, Oct. 9, 2014

Fig. 5—"U.S. Government agents colluded with Battelle Memorial Institute to steal the social networking invention of Leader Technologies," Briefing for Jim Jordan (4th Ohio), House Oversight Committee on Government Reform, Oct. 9, 2014. Click here to download PDF. Source: U.S. House of Representatives.

* * *

Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.

Fig. 6—The Ohio State University Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to API Wire, Yahoo Live. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University; YouTube

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Wouldn't you know it , we got our fish limit with the first stick of dynamite ! So now I am sitting out on the lake day dreaming when a lake ranger pulls up......
    " Hey mister, can I see your fishing license?"
    " I am not fishing now, but sure....oh wait, it's in the Hummer"
    " Did you run over that Prius near the boat ramp ? Are you an American citizen ?"
    "Yes, sir on both "
    " Then I will have to give you a ticket"
    " Well what about those four foreigners sitting in that boat over there.....did you check them ?"
    "Yes, earlier . They are not citizens so they don't need a license ....they are " legal" illegals."
    "But they have head bands, automatic weapons, machetes, and they stole the Prius and that boat"
    "Well, that's the new rules."

    So now I start thinking. Things around here are really upside down.
    - both our alleged president and that darling Clinton lady have now clearly stated that companies have no place in our society because they do not create jobs . We actually celebrate a smaller number of people trying to find work .
    - a US Marine is rotting in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn in Mexico while every person on this planet can cross our US border with a jukebox blaring on their back without confrontation from our border patrol....and we never leave anyone behind .
    - we expand Medicaid to include everyone , but fail to provide adequate care for our veterans in the VA system . We never leave a soldier behind.
    - we trade five radical Islamic killers for a lone deserter that left his fellow soldiers vulnerable during war. We draw invisible "red lines".
    - we leave four Americans to die on our soil in Libya and declare "what difference does it make? And we never leave anyone behind.
    - our Dept of Revenge sees a video of Black Panthers with ball bats patrolling a voting site and they do nothing......and then they give automatic weapons to drug cartel members and a border patrol is killed with one of those guns. Nothing happens to Eric Holder.
    - two Americans are BEHEADED on video and Obama plays golf. And his swing sucks.
    - the IRS targets only those folks that oppose the president and people on the left cheer this great new approach to debate.
    - the Secret Service is corrupt and incompetent, the FBI is incompetent and toothless, the military is feminized, the borders are obliterated, marriage and faith are marginalized, and tradition is removed from our American society. Wow......

    Folks, my mullet is on fire. Most of our elected officials and the bureaucrats that support them are liars, deceivers, manipulators , and are dishonest......and I hate fish. Do not trust one politician until they prove that they are trustworthy and don't eat fish that glow in the dark. Have a great day. And vote like it means something. TEX=

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    Ok ....who sunk my boat ? Now granted it wasn't as nice as that dingy that Mr Fischer and Ms Barreras are enjoying on the last post, but it used to float. A note was left on the dock, " go home you illiterate pin head." It had a Facebook caricature on it.....c'mon you guys, I know that I "thumbs down "every you do , but that's my boat. Flavia is really irritated and is heading your way. By the way, did Mc Kibben create that dumb thumbs down thing or was that your contribution ?

    Have a nice day, TEX

  3. I have discovered another suspicious item of conduct among the Facebook Cartel. One of Facebook’s biggest stockholders is T.Rowe Price. In practically every T.Rowe mutual fund, about 5% or more his held by “T. Rowe Price Reserve Investment Funds, Inc.” However, it has been difficult to discover the holdings in this fund.

    So, I started digging at the SEC and finally found the latest listing at:

    T. Rowe Price Reserve Investment Funds, Inc., FORM N-Q, Aug. 31, 2014

    The suspicious thing about this filing is that none of the numbers and stock names are searchable! They’re all displayed as JPG PICTURES!!! This is obvious obfuscation. After all, this is T.Rowe Price, one of the largest shareholders in Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram and Baidu (China). These are the prime proponents of “big data” and getting everyone’s data online and searchable!!!

    My conclusion: T.Rowe is obscuring search access to their investment data for the “T. Rowe Price Reserve Investment Funds, Inc.”

    1. Thanks Rain,

      Friends have made a PDF of the "T. Rowe Price Reserve Investment Funds, Inc., FORM N-Q, Aug. 31, 2014" here. These online records have a way of changing after AFI exposes them!

    2. Rain, you should probably finish your last sentence with "... and the SEC is letting them to it."

    3. We have just attempted to perform character recognition on the T.Rowe Price PDF file above and found something else very interesting. The images of the tables are blocking the program's ability to perform the recognition. This will require some more work. This is very unusual and out of the ordinary. Someone definitely doesn't want search engines to read these files, and it looks like Adobe Acrobat is playing their tune by refusing to render the T. Rowe Price data table images as text.

  4. FB for currency scams? EU may probe bankers' social media
    Between 2005-2010, banks manipulated the Libor interbank lending rate which led to more than $6 billion in fines in the longest-running banking scam in history (But who was running this SCAM )
    The Fed certainly knew about the risk-hiding Libor manipulation where banks submitted lower Libors to improve market confidence.Each morning at a meeting of UBS’s interest-rate-derivatives desk in Tokyo, Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down Facebook than added the feature to tag certain friends or groups, (bankers lawyer Shady traders etc.) The ponzi scheme had everything it needed mark zuckerberg ,They all new that facebook was stolen and the cod David Kirkpatrick and Henry Blodget new about libor manipulation as far back as 2004 IN the early days of FACEBOOK david Kirkpatick set up libor manipulation in England under the disguise of doing an investigation . JP Morgan new facebook was stolen and that Reid Hoffman Sean Parker (Facebook extortionist?)BILL GATES knows that facebook was stolen its called insider trading, JPMorgan, Citigroup and Facebook. These two banks are currently embroiled in a patent infringement battle with Internet pioneer, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam. Dr. Arunachalam is former director of network architecture for Sun Microsystems, the banks where selling securities tied to risky subprime mortgages and where in on the Libor manipulation using mark zuckerberg stolen idea facebook JPMorgan was also one of Facebook's underwriters and was in on the IPO rip-off

    The Dark Side Of Eric Holder's Legacy
    Huffington Post
    Similarly, the cases against big banks for manipulating Libor, a key global interest rate benchmark, do include U.S. banks, but tilt mainly against ...????

  5. Remember how this blog constantly claimed that the Federal Circuit was in the hip pocket of Ed Reines? So much for that theory. The court actually sanctioned him (very publicly).

    I think what is more interesting is that this demonstrates that when a judge or attorney actually acts improperly, the judicial self-reporting system does kick in to correct the problem. Contrast this with the hundreds of complaints this blog has levied against the federal circuit judges, attorneys, supreme court justices, administrative officials, etc. If any of those complaints actually had merit, we would have seen the same type of disciplinary action.

    1. The ORIGINAL Edward R. Reines reprimand documents from the Federal Circuit are linked in the Nov. 07, 2014 News Update, and also available here:

      (ORDER only, 1 MB)

      (Full 28 MB package with Exhibits)

    2. Deer Beer calls AFI investigations "theory." He is either intentionally practicing misdirection, or he can't handle the facts. Either way, financial reports and public documents from the perpetrators themselves don't lie. Facts and evidence are pesky things. The fact that the Federal Circuit issued this opinion is little more than face saving, and proves that they really do know the law, and are just choosing not to follow it when their deep-pocketed chums are sued by real American inventors.

  6. Email comment by TEX:

    Deer Beer, your post is sophism ! To say that a disclosure of gross malpractice and fraudulent activity by a member of the patent circuit court proves that it is NOT corrupt , is , quite frankly, ludicrous. Would two sanctions give further authenticity to your argument ? How about three ?
    I suspect that you may be a lawyer or an advocate for the court. Have you read the arguments in the original case wherein Leader won all eleven points on defense of their patents but the findings were usurped by the judges ? And then to find out later about the chain of relationships and monetary gains were all covered up can you , with a straight face , declare that there was no impropriety ? Surely you jest ......

    I love the way you progressives justify your actions . How about this one......Obama castigates American companies for outsourcing American jobs ( a high majority of which are from his buddies in Silicon Valley) and then he talks about creating presidential mandates without consent of Congress to "insource " millions of cheap labor workers. Since 2000, the US businesses have outsourced around 500k jobs overseas ,while Obama is talking about 4 million new workers being insourced this year alone. Which one hurts the US economy the most ? Outsourcing was done for business reasons, insourcing is done for political reasons. Hypocrisy abounds but it was called out last Tuesday.

    Oh, by the way, a big Rut Ro to the Dems.......I'll bet you are now excited about the " nuclear option" that Harry Reid imposed a couple of years ago. And I'll bet you are excited ,also , about the blame game in your party. Obama states that his policies ARE on the ballot but when they get smeared , he says that it does not reflect on him. This is going to be very entertaining.......

    Have a great day, unless you have something better to do......TEX

    1. Deer Beer,

      We concur with TEX. The leap of logic is astounding. The judges were clearly shamed into making a comment. Tellingly, Dr. Arunachalam's latest exposure of the judges, and their relationships, in her patent case against JPMorgan has NOT been docketed by the Federal Circuit. Such censorship of due process is too typical of this sole patent appeals court. Also notable in the Reines opinion, are the signatories Judge Kimberly A. Moore, Judge Evan J. Wallach and Judge Alan D. Lourie. These people comprised the appeals panel in Leader v. Facebook. Despite their massive financial holdings in Facebook interests, they were totally silent about their conflicts of interest.

      Also, Deer Beer neglected to mention that Reines REPRESENTED the judges and the Federal Circuit Bar Association in pleadings in Leader v. Facebook. Neither Rader, Moore, Lourie or Wallach admitted their conflicts with Reines.

  7. I have been a regular reader of this blog, and the Donna Kline predecessor blog for years now. I have yet to see a shred of evidence to suggest any impropriety by the judges. The primary argument that this blog (and Dr. A's briefs--where we all know who is ghost-writing them) is that mutual funds are conflicts of interests. Sorry kids, they're just not. And for good reason. Mutual funds are, by their very nature, diversified. This blog seems to be obsessed with Fidelity Contrafund, for example, and its "massive" Facebook holdings. Those holdings constitute less than 2% of the fund. Let me say that again so you can actually grasp it: less than 2% of the fund. This means that a doubling, tripling, or Facebook stock would have a negligible effect on the fund. These are cold, hard facts staring you in the face. To suggest that a holding in a mutual fund constitutes a conflict of interest is mathematically ridiculous, and this is why there is not a single instance this blog has identified where a judge recused himself because of a mutual fund holding. It's just not a conflict. Move on.

    The other "conflicts" are just as ridiculous. A judge, decades ago, worked for a law firm where one of the attorneys is now arguing? You don't seem to understand that law firms generally have hundreds of attorneys and that turnover is rampant. Just not a conflict by any stretch of the imagination.

    The other endlessly amusing thing I have noticed is that this blog loves to just invent facts out of thin air. For example, with zero evidence, this blog claims that the Eclipse Foundation is pushing MOOC. Lol. Where did that come from? This blog also claims that the Eclipse Foundation claimed it "lost" its original contributor. Equally amusing. They never stated that. The Foundation, when moving to Eclipse 2.0, stated that there had been hundreds of contributors to the original code base and some of them could not be located or identified. So the result was to re-implement that functionality where the original contributors could not be found. Somehow, this blog turned that statement into a "Leader provided all of the source code for the original Eclipse code base". It's hilarious.

    And while we're on the subject of the Eclipse Foundation, this blog now claims that the Foundation gave away Dr. A's code by way of J.P. Morgan!!! Wow! Care to chime in on where that wild accusation came from? This is the kind of stuff that utterly destroys any credibility that this blog could have had.

    Here's the fundamental flaw in all of these arguments. Eclipse code is open source. Freely accessible to anyone. As a previous commentator noted, it is ludicrous to think that an organization hell-bent on secretly taking over the world with "stolen" code would then put that "stolen" code into open-source code that is accessible by ANYONE. Think about that for a moment. You supposedly orchestrate the greatest heist in the history of the planet, with a conspiracy of hundreds of actors, the federal system, judges, administrators, etc., and then you put that supposedly stolen code INTO OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE that anyone can access, view, and examine??????? I mean, it just defies any kind of logic whatsoever. Again, these are cold, hard facts that completely dismantle the foundation of this blog.

    Ask yourself why the mainstream media has completely ignored this issue, along with disciplinary panels and everyone else. It's because there's just nothing there. You have got to accept the cold, hard reality that nothing improper took place here, and it was a simple case of a jury reaching a decision and the appellate courts (as they almost always do) deferring to the jury. It really is just that simple.

  8. Email comment from TEX:

    Let's cut to the chase, here Deer is that rhythmic. Don't sneer near Deer Beer here. I love that.....

    Back to the chase. Do you believe Mark Zuckerberg created this source code in two weeks for FB ? Do you believe that all USPTO decisions were without bias ? Do you believe all judicators were free of personal interest and bias. ? Do you believe Leader Technology 's patents were protected properly under the law. ? Do you believe that there is not a "smidgeon of corruption" in this process? Be honest here....

    I am a simple guy who deals in logic.... if you state that this is a clean deal, I have to believe that you have followed this blog for years as a person with nefarious intentions. My intentions are clear.... I think McKibben was royally screwed. I want justice because I believe American enterprise requires that liars and thieves do not win. What is your intention? Do you believe a patent protects inventions ? Give me your best shot here, Beer.....TEX

  9. Hey, Neer Beer, or whatever your name is these days, maybe we should call you “Legion”, because you write under so many names!
    Your post agreeing with this blogs conclusions was refreshing, that there is impropriety going on in the Federal Circuit and other Districts.

    I believe your quote was “I THINK what is more interesting is that this demonstrates that when a judge or attorney actually ACTS IMPROPERLY, the judicial self-reporting system does kick in to correct the problem.” (Emphasis added)!
    Not sure what corrections to the problem you are referring to!
    It seems that they are just circling the wagons trying to protect their own.

    In reading the response by Mr. Reines and his attorney, you can see that they live in a different world!

    For example, Mr. Reines states, “I forwarded the email to people in my personal and professional network who I thought would be interested-my mom, my brothers and sister, friends, clients, former clients, prospective clients, lawyers with whom I have worked, and law firm colleagues.”
    Then, Mr. Reines attorney points out that, “Thus, Mr. Reines distributed the Email to specifically selected persons, not to the public.”!?????????????
    I guess we are to believe that all the persons and organizations he names in his response like, Family, Friends, Intel, Yahoo!, Hewlett Packard, CBS, NBC Universal, Verizon, Samsung, Adobe, General Electric, Facebook, and EBay, are NOT members of the public!??????????????

    Now we go to Mayberry (California), sorry Andy and Barney!

    Mr. Reines is to be excused because “Attorneys in California and other states routinely advertise judicial endorsements, even to the general public. “ It is kind of reminiscent of when your parents would ask you if your classmates were jumping off a cliff would you jump too.!!!!!!
    Then they infer, “Mr. Reines did not violate California Rule 1-400 and that Model Rule 8.4(e) does not apply because it has not been adopted by California. (That is why Barney was only given 1 bullet!)

    The response goes on to say, “As to one email that was not sent to a lawyer, she opines that it is not a "communication" under the Rule because it was a report to the inventor of a patent regarding argument about that patent, not an offer concerning future employment. In any event, the email was not misleading "to the public" because it was sent only to a "HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED" executive who would not "have been at any significant risk of being misled into believing that Attorney Reines had improper influence over any judge of this Court in any legal proceeding before him or her." (Emphasis added)!

    Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to the “Reasonable Person” in our legal system?????

    I could go on, however, I would encourage you to read the reprimand and reply yourself. It is a very telling expose on our legal system. No longer can the phrase from “Lost in Space” be used, They Eat Their Own! The phrase should be, They PROTECT Their Own!

    Ed Reines response would have you believe that he was this “unsophisticated” hick who didn’t understand that by distributing his “Friend of the Court” email would cause conflicts. Even former Judge Rader acknowledged his Ethical violations. Rader said that the distribution of the email, “constituted a breach of the ethical obligations not to lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of others.”

    This blog has pointed to many, “Friends of the Court” conflicts. Let’s see what really happens!!


  10. Email comment by Censored Facebook User:

    Facebook Admits Manipulating Users' News Feeds to Influence Election!

  11. Email comment by TEX;

    Flavia put her balding head in my office earlier and said she was leaving to go vote . I told her that we voted two weeks ago and she almost passed out. "What?" she exclaimed , " I thought the elections were Nov 4th" . " They were ! ", I said. She looked at her watch and went back into her office mumbling something about voter fraud. I actually think she had her dress on backwards. But that's a different story.

    And just a moment ago I saw Obama standing in Beijing in his quasi pajamas , chewing gum, and staring at Putin. I almost passed out. He is in some kind of a robe. Is he nuts? Why is he there representing our once great nation ? Am I in a bad dream ? He is over there coddling world leaders that laugh at him and us, behind his back . At home, we have millions of foreign invaders that are about to get amnesty and we don't know their names, where they work or live, and we have no idea of their intentions. We will be asked to house them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, employ them, and put them on our health and welfare programs. And we are raising the minimum wage to help them. And they will keep coming.....from all over the world. They will never stop because there will be no borders. Our clown in chief will create more unemployment for minorities in this country.

    Our lives are being invaded with crime , gangs, and over bearing government, and we are asked to give up our guns. And we will never get them back. Is this a bad dream? Our president despises the free market, our military, our churches, our history, and our traditions. He wants us to be controlled by a one world order. ( the UN ). And we will never be the USA again. Is this even possibly a bad dream ?

    Old TEX is in a daze today.....I look at the future potential presidential candidates from both parties and I just want to throw up. C' mon America, where are the wise leaders ? Where are the fighters, the articulate visionaries? We can do this. Think about it and have a great day. TEX

  12. Email comment by TEX:

    Are we seeing a trend here, folks? This arrogant MIT professor , Gruber, plainly and articulately explains in three separate videos that the "core" of Obamacare is the American voters' "stupidity ".......that's no big deal except he visited the White House more than 50 times as the central designer of this ruse during it's creation. He , and Obama , and Pelosi, and Reid, knew that this disaster could not have been sold to a smart , informed electorate. This was their only hope. Stupidity.

    So does this new revelation really expose a trend in America? Yes. I am calling it stupidity ( their words, not mine) and it comes from an absence, or a low amount of , factual information. We have accepted the fact it's ok to have have lazy minds because these elite professors and really educated Harvard folks have our back. This was true with Obama's actual personal history, his life prior to his inauguration. His business history, his religious beliefs, his military mindset, his actual senatorial voting record were all hidden by the press , and the stupid Americans loved him because he was novel and could read a TelePrompTer. What did we really know about this guy ? Nothing and our lazy minds turned to video games , social media, and group hugs. After all, men like Gruber were watching out for our best interests.

    We are stupid to think that Eric Holder was an honest Attorney General. He's not. We were stupid to think that Lois Lerner was honestly using the IRS to enforce our tax laws without prejudice. She didn't. We were stupid to think that Hillary and Obama did NOT tell our military to stand down as our four patriots were slaughtered in Libya. They did. We were stupid to think Obama could actually make political decisions that transcended his own immediate , narcissistic desires. He couldn't and won't.

    Obama could give a flip about the human side of the illegal invaders coming into our country. He has a job to protect AMERICANS , not Costa Ricans, Mexicans, ISIS infiltrators, or any other non- AMERICAN. He will implement his strategy of amnesty to the world for many reasons, few of which are good for AMERICA. And we are too stupid ( their words, not mine) to figure it out.

    And this type of elitist attitude permeates our entire society.......a really good way to understand how stupidity works against our way of life is to follow the Leader story, step by step, from the early invention, through the patent application and approval process, the violation of the patent by the FB founders, the courts interpretation of " prior art" , and way FB was funded and distributed to people in critical positions. How did it survive all of the nefarious crossroads ? Stupidity ......the public was lazy, the enforcers were lazy and the complicit were not. They won, we lost. If we, as Americans, don't get our act together and start educating ourselves, we are in deep trouble. Obama has a dream that he will be the man in history that tore down this evil empire, and started the One World Order ( the UN will be his vehicle) . His mandate will be climate change and income inequality ........they sound good but will absolutely eat the lunch of stupid Americans. One simple question to you doubters. Why else do we see a movement to shrink our military, take our guns, control the media, and creat divisive environments in our once great country ?

    Nice talking to you. Have a great day, TEX

    1. Hey folks, we have been asking readers repeatedly on this blog if you had gotten the memo that you are stupid and the "progressive elite" know what is best for you. Here's proof that the memo was sent out, but it turns out that... you were too stupid to read it. Bwahahahahaha.

      The GRUBER RECORDINGS and VIDEO CLIP can be accessed here:


      On Tuesday's broadcast of "The Kelly File" on the Fox News Channel, a new clip of ObamaCare architect of Jonathan Gruber saying that “American voters are too stupid to understand the difference” of the language of the ObamaCare legislation.
      Gruber's remarks in this clip echoed the clip revealed Sunday night, which he said, "Basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass."

      RECORDING: Dr. Jonathan Gruber presented “Health Care Reform in the U.S.: Past, Present, and Future” at the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center at Simmons College on February 25, 2014.


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