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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Newly-minted OSU Trustee Alex R. Fischer holds 48 stocks in OSU contractors in violation of ethics rules

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 23, 2014 | PDF
Alex R. Fischer, Lori Barrares (husband and wife), former Battelle executives working for Jeffrey Wadsworth
Fig. 1—Alex R. Fischer, OSU Trustee, Lori Barreras, Commissioner, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, are seen here enjoying some of the $30 million OSU received from Jon Waters' success with the Apple iPad commercial Fischer also holds 48 stocks in Ohio State contractors who are clients of McBee Strategic, the lobbyist for OSU Trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth and his company, Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle manages billions of dollars of contracts for the Department of Energy. Wadsworth learned about OSU graduate Michael McKibben's invention of social networking a full 18 months before Facebook went live.

Magically, Jeffrey Wadsworth, had signed a contract with McKibben and his company, Columbus-based Leader Technologies, within days of the Battelle meeting, while Wadsworth worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, run by the University of California Trustees. Those trustees also employed OSU's new president, Michael V. Drake. Shorty after Wadsworth signed the Livermore contract, he then magically took over at Battelle. In addition, Wadsworth brought in Alex R. Fischer to become chairman of the Battelle subsidiary that was making plans with McKibben. Leader says Battelle has never contacted them about Battelle's intent to exploit Leader's invention.

The nepotism among Wadsworth, Fischer, Barreras, Marbley, Drake and Steinmetz appears to be hiding great sins. Their response to Waters' lawsuit is simply more juvenile mud slinging. It is not worthy of a great university. They must be fired.

Photo: Columbus CEO.

(Oct. 23, 2014)—Ohio State’s first response to the lawsuit filed by fired band director Jon Waters’ for wrongful dismissal is astounding in its lack of substance and salacious innuendo.

Ohio State shames itself with More pandering to tabloid journalism

The most substantive legal argument is that Waters had no legally binding contract. Really? This is the best argument they have? This is the same university that willingly cashed the $30 million check that Waters generated for the university from the Apple iPad commercial last year—an almost unheard of achievement in university music. This is the same university that gave Waters glowing job performance reviews.

Not unexpectedly, both president Michael V. Drake and provost Joseph A. Steinmetz are claiming no liability since they didn't assume their new jobs until after the scandal broke. As the Church Lady was fond of saying, "How conveeeeeenient." An analysis of their emails prior to Jul. 24, 2014 will no doubt show their duplicity. Any reasonable person can see that their start dates were timed so that they could deny liability now. Fraudulent misreprentation is an offense. Collusion is criminal.

Jerry Springer could do better

Leave it to unscrupulous lawyers to sling more mud at $500-900 per hour of Ohio's money. OSU's response reads more like a badly-produced Jerry Springer show, replete with 24 exhibits. The contents are simply more of the same stuff from the discredited Glaros Report. See Columbus Dispatch coverage just released.

Click here to download the complete Defendant's response with 24 exhibits (21MB ZIP file).

Click here to download just Defendant's response without the exhibits.

The trustees introduce more salacious innuendo. If this information was really so important as they make it now, then why wasn’t it included in the Glaros Report? This OSU administration appears more interested in pumping out salacious tidbits for the evening news than in treating Jon Waters and the band fairly.

University attacks Jon Waters while Fischer and wife, Lori Barrares, secretly make their fortunes from OSU contracts

Newly-minted Ohio State trustee Alex R. Fischer holds 48 stocks of McBee Strategic clients including 12 in M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Course) vendors Google and Oracle. He also holds three stocks in WellPoint, Inc., and 94 stocks in members of the Facebook Cartel.

See Alex R. Fischer, Lori Barrares Financial Disclosure, 2013, filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission, Apr. 14, 2014.

Fischer’s only apparent qualification to be an OSU trustee is that he has lived in the shadow of OSU trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth for most of his career. During that time he served as chairman of OmniViz, the Battelle Laboratory subsidiary that appears to have been the conduit for Battelle’s theft of OSU grad and inventor Michael McKibben’s invention of social networking. See previous three posts.

Federalization of higher education is afooot

The mud slinging at band director Jon Waters is silly misdirection. This university leadership is hiding the real sins in their surreptitious efforts to federalize Ohio State's IT infrastructure into their global MOOC plan.

M.O.O.C. is the federal equivalent of Common Core—an attempt to federalize higher education via control of Internet infrastructure. The chief proponent of MOOC is provost Joseph A. Steinmetz.

These financial disclosures were obtained from Fischer’s wife, Lori Barreras. They were contained in her 2013 financial disclosure filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission on Apr. 14, 2014.

McBee Strategic is lobbyist for Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute. Wadsworth is also president of the Ohio State board of trustees. See McBee Strategic client list (Ohio State contractors are highlighted in yellow).

The Ohio State Moociversity
Fig. 2—Ohio State trustees including Alex R. Fischer and his wife, Ohio Civil Rights commissioner Lori Barreras, hold large amounts of stock interests in Ohio State contractors who are clients of McBee Strategic, the lobbyist for OSU trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth. Holding stocks in companies that benefit fellow trustees and their business associates is an illegal conflict of interest. The ethical principle is that if a decision you make on behalf of the university will benefit you, your family, friends and/or close associates and acquaintenances personally, you must disqualify yourself from that decision. In the case of Fischer, his financial holdings essentially taint all his advice, since these companies supply all corners of the university operations.

Fischer and Barrares live in Jeffrey Wadsworth’s shadow

Fischer and Barreras were both employed by Wadsworth at Battelle before they were fired in early 2009 for improper use of the Battelle corporate jet (ostensibly to accomodate their affair), according to a Battelle source. In recent days, they have landed well. Barrares was sworn in by OSU Trustee Algernon L. Marbley as a commissioner at the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Fischer was installed as an OSU trustee two weeks before they fired Jon Waters. Curious timing.

According the OSU Office of Legal Affairs, a trustee or employee:

  • Cannot authorize a contract or use authority to secure authorization of a contract for self, family, business associate
  • Cannot solicit or accept things of value  
  • Cannot disclose or use confidential information
  • Cannot receive additional compensation for performance of official duties
  • Cannot represent parties on matters in which public servant involved
  • Cannot participate in matters where public servant has a conflict of interest i.e. when something of value will result for self, family members, others

See Ohio State Office of Legal Affairs, Legal Topics,

These intertwined Fischer/Barrares/Marbley relationships with Jeffrey Wadsworth and his lobbyist, McBee Strategic, are gross violations of these Ohio ethical standards.

Ohio State's Corruption Virus

Resignations or firings of some and maybe all of the current OSU trustees are in order for allowing this corruption to infect Ohio State like the Ebola virus.

Reinstatement of Jon Waters is a must.

* * *

U.S. Government agents colluded with Battelle Memorial Institute to steal the social networking invention of Leader Technologies, Briefing for Jim Jordan (4th Ohio), House Oversight Committee on Government Reform, Oct. 9, 2014

Fig. 3—"U.S. Government agents colluded with Battelle Memorial Institute to steal the social networking invention of Leader Technologies," Briefing for Jim Jordan (4th Ohio), House Oversight Committee on Government Reform, Oct. 9, 2014. Click here to download PDF. Source: U.S. House of Representatives.

* * *

Ohio State TBDBITL
Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.

Fig. 4—The Ohio State University Marching Band 2014 Trailer. This video shows the Waters-conceived animated T-Rex dinosaur (eating a Michigan Wolverine) marching innovation that was included in the Apple iPad commercial that netted the University $30 million, according to API Wire, Yahoo Live. TBDBITL = "The Best Damn Band In The Land." Source: The Ohio State University; YouTube

Read more about the storied history and tradition of the OSU Marching Band on Wikipedia.


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  1. Email comment by TBDBITL:

    By now, you may be aware the university has responded today to the lawsuit Jon filed almost a month ago. Not surprisingly, they wish to
    have the case dismissed immediately.

    The root cause of all of this is OSU rushed to judgment based upon an
    exceptionally flawed "investigation," to satisfy an agreement with the
    U.S. Department of Education in the wake of its "compliance review" of the university. Jonathan Waters did not get due process and his firing did not solve anything.

    What is incomprehensible is that the university has decided sacrificing
    one of its own was more appropriate than taking responsibility for its
    own shortcomings, particularly under Title IX compliance. And with
    today's response, they do not care how they do it.

    Leaders of the TBDBITL Alumni Club are reviewing all information closely right now, and will pass on any new information as we learn it.

    Much like three months ago, we must remain mindful and especially
    careful as to how we approach this latest bit of news.

    I encourage you to continue your support of Jon and his family, the
    OSUMB, and TBDBITL alumni everywhere.

    In the meantime, the TBDBITL Alumni Club has sent the following
    statement to all local, regional, and national media in response to
    today's developments:

    "As the media has already noted, the University Administration basically asserts only two serious arguments in its own defense in the employment case brought by Jonathan Waters. They claim he cannot assert a successful gender-based claim as a male, and they rely upon his status as an 'at-will' employee. Nonetheless, with law suit defense by a multi-national corporation, this Administration has had its lawyers throw more salacious, scurrilous, and inaccurate allegations at the OSUMB program, dating back for years. The response is an amplified version of the absurd Glaros Report. We are appalled, and it is hard to even recognize our University at this point.

    "The University Administration's conduct today, through its pleadings filed in Federal Court, reflects a complete disregard for the family, for the history, and for the human beings involved. All is being sacrificed to attempt to defend the suspect OSU Title IX department, Joseph Steinmetz, and Michael Drake. Board of Trustees chair and Battelle Institute CEO Jeffery Wadsworth today states absurdly that OSU must now '...share certain information to refute meritless claims...'. We are confident he does not speak for the Trustees, who still have taken no action on the subject.

    "This litigation response was authored by lawyers and approved by the same Administration that has consistently refused to honestly and openly discuss any aspect of the situation involving the marching band. It is consistent with the outrageous and salacious approach taken in the Glaros Report. It is designed to attack and destroy the history, traditions and people who made up the Ohio State University Marching Band throughout its history. It goes far beyond the need to defend a lawsuit brought by a wrongfully discharged employee. It is at an attack on a large aspect of the University. This Administration continues to make it impossible to 'move forward'."

    Our honor defend,
    Brian J. Golden, President
    TBDBITL Alumni Club Board of Governors
    TBDBITL Alumni Club

  2. Ummm, there is absolutely zero evidence that Waters generated a single dime from the commercial. $30 million? What a hoot!! Where in the world are you getting such a ridiculous figure?

    1. Who is lying, William? You wrote "there is absolutely zero evidence." You are either misinformed, or you make these statements to confuse people. Intentional misrepresentation is a lie. See our comment below your second post based upon your inconclusive 21 minutes of research. Facts are pesky things when you don't want to find them, aren't they?

  3. I checked the abc news link. No information whatsoever about any money paid to the university. Why does this blog keep lying? Constantly. Hello libel lawsuit.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you William, but we have located your lost figures. The ABC report about the Apple i-Pad revenue link we used in the original post has indeed been removed by ABC, curiously. Here was that link: ********ABC has disabled this link>>>>>><<<<<ABC has disabled this link********

      This was an AP Wire story which ABC carried, so our researchers easily found other copies of the article, which we are sure will be a huge disappointment to "William Cranbrook." Here is one from Yahoo News:

      Just so Bill doesn't get confused any further, and to insure against more magical losses of links to the verification of the $30 million figure. This article now appears in many locations:

      So sorry to confuse Bill with the facts, but there it is. Ever notice how freely the Facebook goons throw around the threat of lawsuits? To a hammer, the whole world's a nail. To these attorneys, their fellow human beings are merely libel targets. Very sad and very funny too. We feel a hairball coming.

  4. Who are the real perpetuators of the “sexualized culture” at Ohio State University that the lawyers for the University are trying to pin on Jon Waters?
    The “real” perpetuators are those in authority that use their position to advance the money making machine that the University uses to raise funds.
    We’ll start with the Wexners.
    They have done a lot of good for the University, however, by the accusations of the University they are even more culpable than even Jon Waters.

    In an article in Styleite, titled, Victoria’s Secret Urged to Pull Campaign for ‘Sexualization of Girls’
    by Hilary George-Parkin on Tuesday, March 26th 2013, the first two paragraphs set the tone for the article. Not only does it point out who the target market is, college-aged women, it goes on to point out the younger market they are after!

    “Another day, another Victoria’s Secret controversy. Who have they pissed off this time, you ask? Native American groups? Former suppliers? Greenpeace? No, this time it’s one of the most intimidating adversaries of all: moms.
    You see, Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line, which is purportedly marketed at college-aged women, recently launched a campaign with the slogan “Bright Young Things”. Certain moms are claiming that the company is trying to lure teens and tweens with the ads, and that the product offerings — lacy thongs and panties with “Call Me”, “Wild”, and “Feeling Lucky” scrawled across the fabric — seek to inappropriately sexualize young customers.”

    Then, you have the “Nearly Naked Mile”!
    A charitable fundraiser at the University of Cincinnati, where runners can wear what they want or NOT wear much.
    The picture shown in the article shows students in various stages of undress. (Sound Familiar)!!!!
    Victoria Secret sets up a booth to sell there “Pink” line and other items.
    Apparently the Wexners endorse this action so shouldn’t they be judged the same?
    Or is fundraising a different animal that is exempt from creating a “sexualized culture”?

    Victoria Secret was also in talks with OSU about licensing their Pink line with the University while Les Wexner was still a Trustee.
    They say in the Lantern article that his position as a Trustee was in conflict with licensing at that time.
    Shortly after he stepped down they got their license!

    So I ask, Who sets the examples! If you accuse Jon Waters you must accuse the Wexners!!

    Next; The Trustees!


  5. One example that the OSU Lawyers bring up to try and legitimize their case is;
    1) In 2007, a calendar was created in which male Band members were pictured almost
    fully nude, with strategically placed band equipment, and engaged in what Mr.
    Waters describes as “seductive poses.” See Mr. Waters’ Complaint at ¶ 33. Mr.
    Waters kept a copy of the calendar in his personal office on campus, and it was found
    there after his termination. The first page of the calendar reads “For Jon Waters’
    eyes only.”

    At face value, one might say “Wow” pretty damning! But remember where they found it.
    Apparently it was not hanging on the wall but in Jon’s personal items away from public view!

    Now we move to the Trustees.

    An article Commentary in the Lantern states that In September 2013, “the Ohio State Board of Trustees passed a proposal to give a name to the new emergency department at the Wexner Medical Center.”
    In August 2014 it came to pass!

    The Lantern goes on to point out, “A $10 million donation in 2008 to the Wexner Medical Center was enough to let the university turn a blind eye to the alarming moral issues connected with Abercrombie & Fitch in the past 10 years.”
    The article also presents a picture of an Ad, then states,
    “Ads fill Abercrombie & Fitch stores and catalogues displaying almost naked young models of both genders in scandalous poses, sending the message to youthful customers that Abercrombie & Fitch clothing will make the opposite gender more sexually interested in them.
    The last decade has seen the company face multiple lawsuits ranging from racial, religious and physical disability related issues, according to multiple media news outlets including The New York Times.”

    By the Universities standards used against Jon Waters, then the Trustees should have known or reasonably should have known that endorsing a company by naming an entity after them implies you are in agreement with their policies and behavior!!!!!!!

    Who is promoting a “sexualized culture”? The Trustees are setting the example!

    Oh, just remembered, the Trustees are exempt because Abercrombie and Fitch gave a large donation and that wipes out any “sexualized culture” they may bring to the University!!

    The powers that be at Ohio State are trying to wipe their hands clean by using the blue water in a port a potty! Doesn’t Wash!!!!!!


    1. Email comment by Audacity

      Thanks Darren, you know what your trouble is? You aren't a lemming who blindly follows the salacious drivel that our mainstream media spews so mindlessly. You actually think. THE AUDACITY TO THINK. That should be the new battle cry!

      Who still remembers the Great Lie promoted by the mainstream media lemmings about Mark Zuckerberg and the fake Facebook Harvard origins myth? Now we know how the code to start Facebook was funneled to him by his handlers at The Eclipse Foundation, including Larry Summers, president of Harvard. So, Michael Drake at Ohio State is merely following in Summers' footsteps. What a tangled web of deceit this is. Thank you AFI for staying on this story and smoking the scoundrels out!

  6. Now we get have an item that the administration just glosses over.

    The resignation of the Title IX coordinator before the Jon Waters investigations, Andrea Goldblum.
    She made several comments to the Lantern that seem to establish that the University was not interested in the truth.

    In fact when you read her interview it shows that the University seemed to be protecting any investigation other than their own lopsided one to protect another money making avenue for the University!

    They needed a scapegoat.

    It seems that Jon Waters was doing his job, however, when a conflict did come up it seems that Gates Garrity-Rokous diverted the attention away from Jon so that he would not be aware of it nor able to address the issue!
    I could quote a lot of the articles (2), but I will only highlight a couple areas and the rest you read them for yourself.
    In one of the articles; “If somebody doesn’t stand up and say something, nothing’s going to change,” Goldblum said. “My interactions with the university thus far, it’s been about protecting people in power.”
    A person named by Ms.Goldblum is Gates Garrity-Rokous. Who is this Garrity-Rokous?
    The article says, “Garrity-Rokous oversees all compliance activity across the university and reports to senior management and the OSU Board of Trustees, according to the compliance office’s website. His experience in Title IX mostly comes from experience in general civil rights law, he said, as Title IX was an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Another item I would like to point out is the parsing of words that former President Bill Clinton was famous for!
    In the second article,
    "(After the meeting, Goldblum said Garrity-Rokous spoke down to her and told her she had been too aggressive.
    “Gates said to me in a very condescending tone, ‘Andrea, you’ve never been a federal prosecutor like I was, so you don’t understand how to do these things,’” she said.
    But Garrity-Rokous said those weren’t his words.
    “I did not use the quoted language, and my tone was consistent with my intent to help her improve her effectiveness in her new role,” he said.)"

    Notice he is careful to point out that the “QUOTED WORDS” were not his! He doesn’t deny the intent of the harassment to Ms. Goldblum!
    Where are Garrity-Rokous notes for these meetings with Jon Waters. This guy is head honcho of Title IX.

    Remember, he reports to senior management and the Board of Trustees.

    What are they covering up?


    More on the way!

  7. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.” ― Walter Scott, Marmion.

    Folks, you just can't make this stuff up!

    In a story by, on Oct 16,2014, they report, “Public documents reveal The Ohio State University's Office of Compliance and Integrity possibly violated university policy.
    A number of documents obtained by NBC4 show an investigation into the Office of Compliance and Integrity culture and disclose gender discrimination. While those allegations were not substantiated through further investigation, the investigation did uncover another issue.
    Through interviews with multiple employees in the compliance office, it was revealed that OSU Vice President Gates Garrity-Rokous had been accused of using employees, interns, and taxpayer funded items for his own personal gain.”

    What is OSU’s official stance?

    “The university has characterized the issues as minor.”

    The University says that Garrity-Rokous was only “ride sharing”,(my words), or was he just being Green????? (or taking it!) :-J
    The article also states;
    “In 2013, Garrity-Rokous was paid a $78,000 bonus. However, there is no employee evaluation in his file, which is a violation of OSU internal policy.”

    If it were so common place as the University states then why did the employees complain?

    I again ask, what are the Trustees trying to cover-up.

    OSU President Michael Drake is also complicit by rubber stamping the Glaros report without wanting to know the truth!

    What was Gates Garrity-Rokous actually doing by not allowing Title IX compliance officers to inform Jon Waters of possible conflicts so that he could address them!

    This says a lot about the Gates Garrity-Rokous and the OSU board of Trustees!


    Even More to come!

  8. Old TEX is going fishing tomorrow and will be gone until after the mid-term elections. I find it interesting that the previous sentence I just wrote includes both activities where a liar is and politics. I have to laugh now as I follow the blogs, you tube videos, and live speeches that record words and actions of politicians. What happened to us ? We now call corruptness , lies, theft, and fraud a "scandal" . We laugh it off as if it is expected. . I hear that Obama has had a few scandals lately.......HA ! He has an inculcated body of contributors that fully endorse his grandiose idea of a "one world order " regardless of who gets hurt. He placed them so that they would cover his tracks. Lying, cheating, corruptness and fraud ( scandals) are ok as long as they stay focused on the goal line. Those are not scandals, per se, those are standard operating procedures for this administration. However, even his close allies are seeing his total incompetency and that has to be discouraging

    We are bombing a group of fanatics in Iraq that want the same thing. ISIS wants a caliphate led by an Imam, and Obama wants the small band of "elitists" that know what's good for us to control our lives.....they are eerily similar. Both serve unique gods and both want the world. It appears that both will not stop until the mission is complete. Mark down these words.....when Obama is out of office, he will travel the world speaking about a new world order and he knows that his terms as US president will not hurt his chances of being King of the new world. He will attempt to include these radicals in his fun new world.

    I say that it's time for the common man and woman in America to stand tall against these liars, thieves, deceivers , and demand honesty and truth. Our government is so corrupt that we now budget a "15%" theft and fraud line item in each category of government. Can you imagine telling your kids that they can cheat and lie 15% of the time with no repercussions ? Our layers of government are so duplicitous that it will be virtually impossible to unravel without really good leaders. No politician is held accountable for his untruthful words. No CEO is held accountable for stripping his company' s treasury. We honor wealth and power, rather than productivity. Most are willing to sacrifice dignity and character to gain power and wealth......and politics has become a good way to do that. It is fascinating how a public servant making a $100,000 can go from a pauper to a multi millionaire in four short years . Who's watching these people ? No one, because they get favors from them. We don't need new laws , we need to enforce the ones we have . We don't need to keep the same slime balls in office, we need new slime balls....with slime ball term limits.

    -----END, TEX comment, Part I------

    1. -----BEGIN, TEX comment, Part II------

      And the real irony is that the liberal/ progressive tells us that ISIS and others like them are "peaceful" and that we , the common folks, are the problem , not them. Ironically, if ISIS gets what they want , the first people that they will behead are the Jews, the godless, the LGBT's, and the trash-creating movie stars. The only people standing between ISIS and these folks is our military. And the progressives hate our military........what irony ? And if the military is gone, we will need our guns. And they hate our guns.....more irony.

      It's also ironic that politicians like Hillary say things like " businesses don't creat jobs " and can still sleep at night. Of course, she, like Barack Hussein, has never had a commoners job. You know what created her job ? A series of affairs. Yep, she stood by her man. Bill Clinton was a one man war on women. She is a real piece of work. A terrible Senator, a disastrous Sec of State, and a mean spirited woman.......for goodness sake America , we really can do better.
      So my point is next week like it means something. It does. And don't hold it against me if I report about the big fish I supposedly caught. It's an American tradition. By the way , we are going to do some noodling and I have a fews sticks of dynamite . We will get fish ( or at least some parts of fish) !!!!!!!!! I am sure that when I get home , an IRS audit will await me. . And I am certain that the EPA, NSA, Dept of Revenge, and others are circling my house. That's what they do now to cool down the dummies. Maybe I'll invite them in for a fish fry. Carp for every one of them. And to you, carpe diem .

      Have a great day, unless you have something better to do...TEX

    2. TEX, we just spoke with a Mexican who had an interesting question about corruption: "Who is the more enlightened people, Americans who think their government might be corrupt, or us Mexicans who know ours is?"

    3. Mexico is a good example of what happens when you have a one-party state. Oligarchies rule and power is abused.

      What America has now are politicians, bureaucrats and judges pocketing big $$$ from their insider tips on both sides of the isle. Their cronies are using these funds to consolidate power (buy everyone off, buy silence) until they will have it all and honest people will be marginalized (until that corrupt system collapses under its own weight, but that could be decades, or longer).

      True Americans in both parties who love our Republic have been marginalized. It's time for the true patriots in both parties to stop being silent and whistle blow. Tell the American people what is going on. Don't think your silence is preserving your cash flow. None of us will have any cash left if these people succeed. Be courageous. Be strong. Be bold.

      Speak out. Now.

  9. Remember the Robert Redford movie SNEAKERS (1992)? IT was a Hollywood prophesy about the coming Facebook Cartel. Trouble is, Hollywood led the way in establishing the BIG LIE to a gullible public about Facebook's origins in The Social Network.

    Cosmo (to Marty):

    There's a war out there, old friend, a world war.
    And it's not about who's got the most bullets.
    It's about who controls the information:
    What we see and hear, how we work, what we think.
    It's all about the information, Marty.!quotes/

  10. Email comment by TEX:

    Wouldn't you know it , we got our fish limit with the first stick of dynamite ! So now I am sitting out on the lake day dreaming when a lake ranger pulls up......
    " Hey mister, can I see your fishing license?"
    " I am not fishing now, but sure....oh wait, it's in the Hummer"
    " Did you run over that Prius near the boat ramp ? Are you an American citizen ?"
    "Yes, sir on both "
    " Then I will have to give you a ticket"
    " Well what about those four foreigners sitting in that boat over there.....did you check them ?"
    "Yes, earlier . They are not citizens so they don't need a license ....they are " legal" illegals."
    "But they have head bands, automatic weapons, machetes, and they stole the Prius and that boat"
    "Well, that's the new rules."

    So now I start thinking. Things around here are really upside down.
    - both our alleged president and that darling Clinton lady have now clearly stated that companies have no place in our society because they do not create jobs . We actually celebrate a smaller number of people trying to find work .
    - a US Marine is rotting in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn in Mexico while every person on this planet can cross our US border with a jukebox blaring on their back without confrontation from our border patrol....and we never leave anyone behind .
    - we expand Medicaid to include everyone , but fail to provide adequate care for our veterans in the VA system . We never leave a soldier behind.
    - we trade five radical Islamic killers for a lone deserter that left his fellow soldiers vulnerable during war. We draw invisible "red lines".
    - we leave four Americans to die on our soil in Libya and declare "what difference does it make? And we never leave anyone behind.
    - our Dept of Revenge sees a video of Black Panthers with ball bats patrolling a voting site and they do nothing......and then they give automatic weapons to drug cartel members and a border patrol is killed with one of those guns. Nothing happens to Eric Holder.
    - two Americans are BEHEADED on video and Obama plays golf. And his swing sucks.
    - the IRS targets only those folks that oppose the president and people on the left cheer this great new approach to debate.
    - the Secret Service is corrupt and incompetent, the FBI is incompetent and toothless, the military is feminized, the borders are obliterated, marriage and faith are marginalized, and tradition is removed from our American society. Wow......

    Folks, my mullet is on fire. Most of our elected officials and the bureaucrats that support them are liars, deceivers, manipulators , and are dishonest......and I hate fish. Do not trust one politician until they prove that they are trustworthy and don't eat fish that glow in the dark. Have a great day. And vote like it means something. TEX=


NOTICE TO COMMENTERS: When the MSM diatribe on "fake news" began, our regular commenters were blocked from posting comments here. Therefore, email your comments to a new secure email addess and we will post them.