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Monday, June 29, 2015


Chief Justice holds 49 investments in Obamacare vendors and 193 in Eclipse Foundation members feeding the NSA spy-state machine

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 29, 2015 Updated Jul. 05 | PDF
Update Jul. 05, 2015
How judges grow rich on Obamacare and its stolen technologies
AFI investigators have wondered how judges like Justices John G. Roberts, Jr. and Elena Kagan, bureaucrats like Eric H. Holder, Jr., law professors like James P. Chandler, and politicians like Hillary Clinton, John Boehner and John McConnell acquire sudden wealth after attaining high public status. Investing genius, or fraud? Turns out, its fraud—collusion with selected mutual fund managers, including Fidelity, Vanguard and T. Rowe Price. Read more on the investigation. See also Doomed by Widespread Unethical Conduct | Senior Commerce Dept. officials are invested in Facebook ''Dark Pools'' | Obama's Chief Tech Officer Todd Y. Park mired in conflicts of interest.
Graphic: Get Out Of Jail Free card, Hasbro; George Carlin Photo: Deviantart.
John G. Roberts, Jr.
Fig.1—Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. holds almost 200 stocks in Obamacare vendors and members of The Eclipse Foundations. Such conflicts of interest render judicial rulings involving those holdings illegitimate and reversible as a matter of law. Whenever a judge will benefit from decisions favorable to one of the litigants, that judge must disqualify himself from those decisions. Justice Roberts was silent about his holdings in Obamacare vendors and their close allies in IBM's The Ecplise Foundation. Eclipse feeds the NSA which Justice Roberts ostensibly oversees through his FISA Court appointments.
Photo: Washington Post.


(Jun. 29, 2015)—More schizophrenic Supreme Court rulings beg the question: “Who is the judicial pied piper in Washington?”  When did lies and Gruber-deception replace veracity as the legal standard?

Washington Cartel Agenda: Usurp the Power of the People

Viewed through the lens of the “Washington Cartel,” these decisions are consistent with an agenda to rewrite the Constitution by scrambling historical precedent.

While most judicial policy making is concealed behind black robes, one very public aspect of a judge’s conduct is his or her annual financial disclosure. The purpose of the disclosure is to enable the public to assess judicial impartiality.

However, even there judges have, without public hearings or debate, slipped in self-serving interpretations of the law that excuse their fraudulent conduct.

Judges have sanctioned lying

On Oct. 11, 1996, lawyers for the Cartel slipped in Subsection (b) into the False Statement Accountability Act of 1996. Subsection (b) excuses all lying by judges, lawyers and parties. Few public officials appear to know about this law. See previous post.

Judges have sanctioned bribery

On Mar. 14, 2001, the Judicial Conference issued an “advisory” discussing a “safe harbor concept.” This sloppy "concept" has been elevated to the status of an unwritten rule without public debate. It exempts judges from disclosing their holdings in deep-pocket litigants by masking them behind mutual funds. Judges are totally ignoring the pages of exceptions to this concept and are giving themselves carte blanche permission to abuse the Code of Conduct Canon 2 exhortation to flee even the appearance of impropriety. See previous post.

Certain mutual fund managers popular with certain judges and members of the Administration are mere tools of these litigants, most notably Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard. So in effect, investments in certain mutual funds by judges and public officials have become sophisticated bribes.

Harvard Law inbreeding

Four of the six justices who sustained Obamacare, for a second time, are from Harvard Law, the other two are from nearby Ivy sisters, Princeton and Yale. In short, Obamacare was sustained by judicial inbreeding. Any sophistry that these few schools produce the only worthy legal minds in the country is pretentious and egotistical.

Justice Roberts is mired in inexcusable financial conflicts of interest

Eclipse Foundation Members, Sep. 09, 2008
Fig. 2—Eclipse Members as of Sep. 08, 2008, just before the election of Barack Obama. Click here to see Oct. 27, 2004 Eclipse minutes disclosing members. See also Sep. 17, 2008 Eclipse minutes disclosing members just before Barack Obama's election.
Graphic: Eclipse Foundation.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.’s 2012 financial disclosure shows a substantial appearance of impropriety.

Justice Roberts holds 49 investments in Obamacare vendors and at least 193 investments in members of IBM’s NSA spy-machine named The Eclipse Foundation.

The Washington Cartel

How is it possible that Justice Roberts has holdings of up to $6.2 million on a federal judge's salary? Genius investor? Uncannily lucky investor? Or, who really pulls his strings? The answer is evident from his financial disclosure: Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Facebook, Google, Apple, HP, Dell, IBM, Time Warner, NBC Universal and their lackeys at the NSA—The "Washington Cartel" (all companies in which he holds more than 10 stocks).

Justice Roberts has failed to oversee the FISA Court and NSA abuses of privacy and property

A little known fact is that Justice Roberts unilaterally appoints judges to the secret FISA Court that is a rubber stamp for NSA requests to spy on Americans. The court has denied only 12 of 34,000 NSA requests. See previous post.

According to Edward Snowden’s leaks, the NSA is currently monitoring 1.2 million American citizens. This sounds more like former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s enemies list than a terrorist list. See previous post.

Justice Roberts failed to disclose these same financial holdings and conflicts in Leader v. Facebook

Leader Technologies’ petition in Leader v. Facebook came before Justice Roberts in 2012. There too, he was silent about his substantial financial holdings in Facebook, Facebook’s underwriters, The Eclipse Foundation members and the Washington Cartel who appear to be controlling his every step. See previous post.

Justice Roberts should step down

Given an ounce of decency, Justice Roberts should step down voluntarily, as should any other justice who voted on Obamacare without disclosing his or her financial holdings in Obamacare vendors.

The trust of the American people hangs in the balance.

Remember: Fraudulent decisions by judges are reversible, including these Obamacare rulings.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Email comment by TEX: "The Tome of TEX" (Good stuff)

    Like any flourishing society, America needed bedrock , unwavering foundations from which to develop a prosperous , harmonious citizenry. As I look around this country, see the heartbreaking national events of the day, watch the growing class and racial divides, listen to the spewing opinions from all sides, it is clear to me that the cause of these hyper anarchic times is fairly simple......our " leadership" has abandoned our bedrock. Are these actions a form of incompetence or are they a form of bedrock debasing competence ? Please allow me to outline a few of my thoughts.....

    The bedrocks that I believe are of paramount importance to America are, in no particular order , are :

    1) we have faith that man is not the apex of the universe. As conscious, cognitive beings , we were given inalienable rights to live free, seek our passions, procreate, and honor our God of choice. Plants and animals should be cared for with compassion but they have no rights.

    2) the concept of family, mother and father creating children, protecting them, providing food and shelter, safety, and preparing them for the competition of life is a bedrock.

    3) the notion that we care for our neighbors , especially those that are incapable of meeting the standards above. We are a country of personal charity. That is a bedrock.

    4) an association of citizens ( government) was created to share responsibilities of national defense, protect borders from invasion, create rules to protect the small guy from the citizen that has garnered wealth and power. These rules were codified in our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and subsequent Amendments. Government personnel, top to bottom, are there to serve, not be served. This is a bedrock. Sadly, this association is now the largest employer in our nation.......the government. It was not designed to be this way in a capitalistic society.

    5) inside of these foundational important papers is the notion that power is equally distributed between our legislative branch, our judicial branch, and our administrative branch. Our founders were concerned that power could not be greater in one at the expense of the others. Of course , these great documents were based on the first four bedrocks above.

    6) a last but important bedrock , as I see it, is the oversight provided by " private" observers known as the media. Originally, it was created as a neutral, watchdog voice for the citizens.

    So what happen ? #1 above is now viewed as nonsense. The holy grail is science which has never been perfect in its interpretation of facts. Remember, science's job is to discover truth, not create it. Today, American's seem to be more tolerant of atheists that debase all religion, and Muslim's that want to eliminate ALL infidels because of the teachings of their prophet , than they are of citizens that have blind faith in a benevolent creator whose mantra is LOVE.

    #2 above is under continuous assault. 46% of all babies born last year in America were born out of wedlock. Same sex marriage changed the sacramental meaning of marriage into a word that means anything but sacramental . Divorces are so common that it's more prevalent than enduring marriages. I personally don't give a hoot what people do to find " love" , but the bedrock of our American way of life is family. Calling same sex relationships " marriage" , in my opinion, is but one more nail in the coffin of the institution of sacramental marriage. We are destroying the possibility that traditional family will survive into the next century.

    ---END, TEX comment, Part 1---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 2---

      #3 above still exists, and will despite the intervention of government in the process. When government gets involved, charity becomes corrupt. The waste, fraud, and corruptness in government " charities" is so pervasive that the needy rarely get help. However, those that game the system, do just fine. Look at the VA hospital system, or Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare if you want to see perfection in fraud, ineptness, and cronyism. The organization that cares for more needy than all others combined, is the Catholic Church. Because of government mandates on abortion , the Catholic contribution to charity will probably decline in this country over a short period of time. Just so you understand the numbers, abortion clinics have killed over 16,000,000 babies since 2000, and our government funded a large portion of their " women's healthcare" costs through Planned Parenthood. During the same period of time , 16,000,000 illegal interlopers entered our country across our porous southern border and we are paying for that as well.

      #5 above is probably the most important crack in our bedrock and has led to collapse of the others because we, the citizens, accepted it. We all know what Obama, and Bush before him, has done with presidential decree. Obama has taken more power than King George III had in the 1700's . We fought our first war to get away from that guy . Just think, he was over taxing us and limiting our freedoms so we fought. Today because our congressional men and women are basically conserving their pensions , and worrying about reelection, their bureaucratic, non- elected underlings are making virtually all decisions. Congress is not only inept and cowardly, the agencies that they oversee are incredibly corrupt. These insulated , union protected , fiefdoms are inculcated into a way of life that protects them from termination, from prosecution, and certainly from incarceration. We all know that we could put up a 20 minute clip on the corrupt leaders of the DOJ, the IRS, the DOE, the HHS, etc. .... none were prosecuted, none lost their pensions, and these actions are still occurring.

      The issue that I have with the courts in general, is the notion of Stare Decisis. It simply means that previous decisions on similar court cases establishes a precedent and thus a new law. Seems to me that if Congress was given the job to establish laws, the courts were given the mandate to interpret the laws, and the president the job of enforcing the laws, that we have somehow , in recent times, blurred the lines intended in our bedrock documents . Today our courts create laws, the president and bureaucrats usurp the laws , and Congress is just fighting about things that basically are unimportant. They are our truly our court jesters . A bunch of clowns.

      #6 above, is just the cherry on our ultimate demise. The media , whether they support liberal or conservative views personally, should always be the last defense before anarchy in reporting " "what" is occurring, not "why". At the point that we dismiss our media as bombardiers for one side or the other, they become irrelevant. They might already be there.

      Just a couple of other thoughts. I spend a great deal of time inside the medical industry. I hope we can provide true care to everyone in this country that needs it. Obamacare doesn't do that. Much like the comments above about fraud, corruption, unintended consequences, this law is a slow burning disaster to both the medical side and the economic side of this great experiment. It only makes sense to , at least , be efficient and smart. Here's my summary. We are losing doctors, dumbing down our average medical outcome, neglecting our older citizens , mistreating our sick/ injured military, and adding huge dollar burdens to the middle class. We have to correct this disaster. Obamacare is only helping insurance carriers, it is not improving healthcare.

      ---END, TEX comment, Part 2---

    2. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 3---

      Fighting government debt with new government debt is lunacy. Ask Greece, Illinois, Detroit, Chicago, Puerto Rico, California......if my house is burning, do I use gasoline or water to fight it? Well, if I want to burn it all the way into smoldering ashes, I would use more gasoline. Could that be part of our transformation that Obama speaks about?

      Anthropogenic climate issues are the least important issue on our national agenda , yet Obama, John Kerry, et al , claim that it rises beyond terrorism. As a person engaged in statistical presentation and analysis my entire business career, it seems that we are being misled on this important issue. Man has been on earth , spewing CO2 for perhaps 120 years. Our atmosphere in this country is cleaner today than it was 20 years ago. The earth is 4 1/2 billion years old. Our old planet saw a lot of really bad atmospheres before we arrived.....all much worse than this. CO2 represents less than 1% of green house gases. Seems to me that tectonic plate movements, volcanic activity, massive sun activity, and other factors not included in the scientists numbers are pretty important. Just yesterday, it was reported that helium and large amounts of methane are being emitted into the Southern California atmosphere from the deep movement of faulted rock just above the earth's molten center. You want to read about a potential global change possibility, read above the largest active volcano in North America, Yellowstone . Seems that the time bomb under Wyoming is past due by a few thousand years. Ash could cover from Minnesota to Oklahoma to the East Coast if the eruption is a MILD one. The calder at Yellowstone is more than 50 miles wide. When that occurs, and it will, we will have global cooling beyond your imagination. If scientists want to help, mitigate the looming explosion at Yellowstone.

      And finally, I don't like Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton. I am not a racist nor am I a misogynist . I like meat. I don't hate animals. I don't care for Biden or Boehner or Justice Roberts. I don't hate white men. I am not homophobic although I do not agree with the actions.
      I don't hate Muslims, but I think it's rude to cut off people's heads for Allah. If these ISIS guys are truly non mainstream radicals, why aren't the " mainstream " Muslims standing up for their non Muslims neighbors and fellow humans? A head is fairly important to have.

      In general, America is changing. That may be OK. I am uncertain as to the outcome for all of the reasons discussed above but I really am shocked at how quickly an untested president and his followers have dismantled our bedrock principles. And this is a man that does not have a history that is fully revealed. We sit back as observers , quietly accepting the dismantling of America. We accept lies and distortion so, fraud, theft, and corruption, yet we don't respond. We have accepted a diminishment of military troops ( 580,000 to 400,000) under Obama. The Pentagon acknowledges that our planes and ships are not 100% battle ready and we have substantially fewer of both. Our ordinance ( bullets and bombs) are at 50 year lows. We have almost have of our troops in Korea and Germany. Why? We have passed laws that make a McDonalds burger flipper make more pay than the boys and girls fighting for our protection in the military. We have attacked our police and glorified criminals . Even traitors like Jane Fonda have been recognized by this president as national heroes, while the Chris Kyle's of the world are scorned.

    3. --BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 4---

      We are now leaving our patriots behind without repercussions ( Benghazi) while criminals over run our embassies. That soil under the Benghazi attack is American soil. " No one left behind" is the bedrock of military protocol. We leave Marines in a jail in Mexico while opening our porous non borders to any criminal that walks in. Obama wants our guns and ammo while Eric Holder sent automatic weapons to Mexican cartels that shot our border guards. And we trade four known radical Muslim killers for a cowardly traitor because Obama says we never leave our soldiers behind.

      If any of you are keeping score, it's "transformation of America " 50 and bedrock zero. We need a counter revolution. It may be cured in the voting booth, I hope so. That would be a bed rock win. However, it may take dividing America into new territories. No, not the Mason Dixon line. It should be more sophisticated than that......perhaps, Texas ( sans Austin) and Oklahoma depart together and become the new shining star for the world. Texas has room for the 50 million Americans that would be down here quickly. And we would dominate.......give it some thought.

      Have a great day, your crazy friend TEX.

  2. What happens when two deep-pocket crooks like Google and Oracle get in a patent and copyright fight in US federal court? The judges retreat to calling balls and strikes like they are supposed to all the time. I get it. It is the judge's excuse since they're getting muscled on both sides. These people really do lack courage and conviction of character.

    The Supreme Court just upheld Oracle's copyright infringement claim against Google. They ruled that Oracles' customizations of Java after they acquired Sun Microsystems are copyrighted and protected original works of authorship.

    The list of opponents to Oracle's claims in support of Google are an IBM/Eclipse Foundation Who's Who list. HP, Red Hat, Yahoo, Open Source Initiative - all Eclipse Foundation members who have been feeding at the FREE SOFTWARE trough.

    Embedded in the Oracle argument/win are the inventions and copyrights of numerous other true American inventors whose works were stolen by IBM and relabelled "Open Souce" by the arrogant fiat of flag grant theives, including Leader Technologies, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam and Johannes Van der Meers and the proof Zuckerberg was scamming Paul Ceglia.

    Adolf Hitler did the same thing in Germany when he confiscated all the Jewish property in the name of the state. It is called Kristallnacht.

    God help America to survive these mercantile predators.

  3. Surprise, supreme - the scum attorneys representing the totalitarian left are lying about their evidence production. Let's see, Zuckerberg told Leader Technologies that he "lost" his 28 hard drives and Harvard emails, then they reappear magically after which the judges ignore this lawlessness. Now, Judicial Watch thinks Hillary did not destroy anything. What is the logic with these crooks? Do they have some pathological attachment to the evidence of their crimes?

    We can only hope our next Attorney General has a moral backbone, unlike the limp fishes Eric Holder and the FBI.

    Pergram, C. (July 2, 2015). IT boss ‘blown away’ that IRS backup tapes in Lerner case erased, watchdog says. FoxNews.

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    If I had just been elected as President of the United State(s)of America, and wanted to " transform " it into the United STATE of America ( and then a One World Order ) , what would I do ? After all, the U.S. is now well respected morally , powerful financially, and feared militarily . And why would I want to " fundamentally transform" this great country into moral mess, a failed economy, and a mediocre military presence?

    Well let's see. First the "how "part. I would begin by touring the world denouncing America's past. We are not good people. In our zeal to to be the best, we caused great harm. Look at what we did to the native Indians, the buffalo, the slaves, the Germans, the smelt fish, the Japanese, and to the Middle East. Worst of all, we took Texas from Mexico. We are villains , not a beacon of freedom and liberty. I would apologize without ceasing. The world would love me and hate the white European settlers that formed America. Once my apologies caused the world's folks to question our intentions and veracity, I would begin to verbally divide our own citizenry by pitting class against class, white versus black, illegal versus legal immigrant, man versus woman, rich versus poor, old versus young, straight versus gay, and so on. The keystone would be jealousy, envy, and distrust. I would take daily disasters and create class issues. Hopefully a white cop will shoot a black young criminal. Man, we can create a big riot with that.

    To make this as easy as possible, I would attempt to literally collapse traditional layers of authority and guidelines such as our sovereign borders, the military, the Constitution, religious institutions, the traditional family, traditional marriage, and local police authority. Who could people trust when these fail? Little old me. After all, these guidelines and groups would be roadblocks to my sinister plan. A final measure along these lines would be confiscation of all privately held weapons and ammo. On a different path, it would behoove me to control food, water, and transportation through the EPA, the FDA, and the DOE. Folks stay in line when they are hungry and thirsty and have no means to protect themselves. It would be quite easy to control those government entities because these are people I would appoint and take care of later on. Not really, but they think I would. Idiots.

    ---END, TEX comment, Part I---

    1. ---BEGIN, TEX comment, Part II---

      Since the progressive movement has been slowly cooking since Woodrow Wilson was President in the early 1900's , the media, Hollywood, and higher education have stealthily been absorbing this new transformational agenda. They believe that they are NOT vulnerable to becoming proletariat in the final days, but they are. They will become useless and unnecessary like other normal common folks. But, as for now, they dream of being elite and they will follow my lead. They truly are fools. Seriously, who needs unions, or celebrities, or educators in a dumbed down society.

      So what about our foreign allies? Actually, they are in the way. Not only must I rid the world of America but all other powerful nations. I will have to be crafty but since I am so much smarter than everyone, it should be easy. I am a sleazy stealthy guy . I laugh when I think that you know nothing about me or my real past. What a bunch of gum balls you voters have proven to be. There are two ways to bring down world powers without Americans fighting wars. First, I must convince the world that man alone is killing the planet through climate change. Every pattern of rain, wind, cooling, warming, or whatever has to be a looming disaster. Humanity is at stake ( snicker, snicker) and we have to give up our way of life. Our human advancements have to be viewed as catastrophes or this won't work. The second part is to marginalized success. Economies that require competition, private investments, winners and losers can not be allowed to survive. Redistribution must occur GLOBALLY . If we have only one body of elite government leaders, we would never have wars and we could be so happy. The progressive agenda has to virtually stop progress in order to finally prevail.

      I will sell this grand idea through the notion of greater good. In the near term , I, as President, have the unlimited ability to create massive amounts of money supply, tax the wealthy, regulate the greedy corporations, and mandate my ideas. Inequality in all things will be the creator of unrest and anarchy. Right now, I appear unstoppable. Evil Americans have no idea how ingenious this transformation idea really is. I currently have 50% of our citizens pulling for me because I give them stuff. And the beauty is that it is breaking America.....brilliant.

      This stupid country has $18 trillion in debt and rising. We have $120 trillion of unfunded future obligations through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. The total wealth on the entire planet is estimated to be $245 trillion. We can't possibly pay these obligations, especially if my presidential actions keep our GDP below 3% and our labor participation rate stays above 20%. Someday the history books will see that I saved mankind by being smarter than everyone except George Soros , the man who helped me get elected. My dream of one nation ( world) under me ( God) is coming true. Utopia for everyone is at hand. And if you don't want that, you are a racist, misogynist, homophobic, greedy, hate spewing, selfish, war monger.

      Oh never mind, this would never work in America today.

      Have a great day, TEX

  5. Judicial Watch. (June 29, 2015). Newly Released Documents Confirm White House Officials Set Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Response [Press release].

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released new State Department documents showing that Hillary Clinton and the State Department’s response to the Benghazi attack was immediately determined by top Obama White House officials, particularly Ben Rhodes, then-White House deputy strategic communications adviser, and Bernadette Meehan, a spokesperson for the National Security Council. The new documents were forced from the U.S. State Department under court order in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01511)).

  6. We have seen the footprint of the Facebook / Washington Cartel for some time in this Greek "crisis." JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs. These banks must be put down like the immoral rabid dogs they are.

    Story, L., Thomas, Jr., Landon, Schwartz, Nelson, D. (Feb. 13, 2010). Wall St. Helped to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis. The Wall Street Journal.

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    I hope Americans take a close look at the faces of the Greek people that are now with no alternatives except collapse and anarchy. They have borrowed and spent 50 years into the future and produced nothing to show for it. Like many in our own country , Greeks demanded high wages, minimum work hours, long unemployment benefits, month long holidays, free healthcare, and early, full pay retirement. Since their government had raised taxes as high as possible and have no taxing capability left, the Greeks demanded that their European partners pay for their excesses.

    60% of the Greek people voted NO to cutting back, a provision required by the EU. Gosh, who wants to give that up? They danced in the streets and celebrated this declination. Today they are happy. Within weeks, they will be burning cities and killing each other. That's what happens when there is no money, no food, no water and no hope. I hope I am wrong.

    It is clear to me that we are on a similar path in this country. However, our arrogance and cavalier approach to governance hides the possibility that America could possibly fail. We don't want to see similarities or even think about, do we? It was just a few years ago that the U.S. teetered on economic collapse. Only the sophisticated economic thinkers knew how close. Thanks to an influx of billions ( maybe trillions) of dollars of new capital infused into our banking system , we averted stage 1collapse. Now we enter stage 2. Our debt is growing, and our employment and productivity is declining . If the world loses "faith" in our dollar, we will have big issues. Infusing more dollars will not have much of an impact. The folks watching our path most closely are Russia and China. They are ready to take our place . If they can cause damage to our dollar, they will.

    Once again , TEX is being cautious. I hope you folks are as well. Obama is not in the least concerned about this ripple in the world's economies. His agenda requires it. Sadly, the candidates for President can't discuss it. It creates uneasiness and voters don't want that. They want to believe that everything is just hunky dory. The days of straight talking leaders will go the way of the rest of our U.S. traditions..... the toilet that Obama lovingly put us in. Elect Hillary and she will flush it.

    Have a nice day , TEX

  8. Former trader Hayes put Libor wish list on Facebook, London court hears

    The Greeks say NO, you cant bribe democracy that's black mail for you Goldman Sachs’, The media Originally, it was created as a neutral, watchdog voice for the citizens but the people have spoken, and this crisis was NOT AN ACCIDENT On September 15, 2008, they say it was necessary for Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt to charm the markets??? fucking bullshit it was all about consolidating control of banking networks, Former trader Hayes put Libor wish list on Facebook, London court hears Facebook, together with Emerson, simply stole the BRG Methodology and passed it off as its own. Tom Hayes, a former trader charged with conspiring to rig benchmark interest rates, had become such a powerful player in 2008 that Goldman Sachs tried to hire him with a $3 million signing-on bonus, a London court was told. Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down, Facebook than added the feature to tag certain friends or groups, (bankers lawyer Shady traders etc.) The ponzi scheme had everything it needed Larry Summers aka Goldman Sachs David Kirkpatrick set up libor manipulation info on facebook and they all knew facebook was stolen?? zuckerberg was just a puppet, David Kirkpatrick knew facebook was stolen by late 2003 and talk to Mr. Hayes about Libor riging benchmark interest rates

    WE GOT SWINDLED buy politicians in 1999 Lawrence Summers and Rubin passed the Gramm Leach Bliley Act
    the investment banks preferred subprime loans because they carried higher interest rates and the Securities and Exchange Commission conducted no major investigation of the banks during the bubble. In October 7, 2008, 146 people were cut from the Sec Enforcement Division, When David London contacted the Sec Enforcement Division only to find out that only 4 people were working at that time and that was reduced to a staff of ONE?? Turning out the lights. The head of the Sec Enforcement Division in an email to David London said that their was only 4 people working at the SEC and that it use to have a staff of 150, and in about 5 weeks time 2 of the 4 were going to get the sack. David London sent copy's of emails about Lawrence Summers and facebook and The global economic meltdown, but as you can see the Taliban of the financial world had this covered.

    1. Here is evidence of the fraud to which dave123 refers:

      Davies, A. (July 2, 2015). Former trader Hayes put Libor wish list on Facebook, London court hears. Reuters.

      The banking fraudster, Tom Hayes, mentioned two banks involved in the LIBOR rate rigging in 2008 - UBS and Citigroup. Both banks are Facebook underwriters who worked closely with Fenwick & West LLP, Facebook securities underwriter and patent attorney. Reminder, Fenwick was Leader Technologies' attorney in 2001-2004 at exactly the same time that IBM was ripping off Leader's invention and feeding it out for free as "Open Source" via The Eclipse Foundation.

      The evidence is clear: These fraudsters had been planning the 2008 bank "crisis" for many years in order to consolidate control of banking and the Internet.


    Eric Holder and his Facebook Cartel handlers really must think the rest of the world outside their bubble is dumber than rocks. The man who was held in contempt of Congress and refused to enforce laws his boss did not like, is offering a peace offering to Edward Snowden! Here is what Tweedle Dum had to say:

    Richter, G. (Jul. 06, 2015). Eric Holder: Snowden Could Make Deal With Justice Dept. Newsmax.

    Are these bad boys worried that Snowden has the goods on them and their sins? Well, he probably does since the NSA dragnet covered all Americans. Whoops.

  10. US Government official appears to have proposed dictatorial access to encrypted communications which would have to be supplied by communications providers if confronted with a subpoena, without the customer's knowledge, in order to address the undefined and loosely described "going dark problem."

    The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from illegal searches and seizures by our government. Notably, the FBI is clearly enamored by "the really smart people" from Silicon Valley.

    No other part of the country was referenced when discussing engineering solutions that prevent government abuses to liberty -- which appears to be inevitable when agencies like the NSA gain essentially dictatorial secret access to the private information of its citizens.

    Remarkably, the Vice Chair of this committee is Senator Diane Feinstein, Silicon Valley's best cheerleader and corruption masker. The Senator told one Californian a year ago who was complaining about judicial corruption, that even though she was on the Judiciary Committee, she was powerless to hold the Judicial Branch accountable for fraudulent conduct under the separation of powers principle.

    Also remarkably, the FBI Director says they doesn't have ANY proposed solutions (but wants more money for his department), nor did he have any data on how many situations they face involve encryption! So why are they talking about it without any idea of the scale of it. Chicken Little was clearly influencing this hearing, in our opinion. "I don't know what the answer is." "I don't know what is best." "I'm trying to be humble." "I don't know [the time frame]." Really?

    This hearing appears to be scaremongering and posturing. Engineers have solutions. On the other hand, politicians and lawyers (mostly redundant) just stir up. This was a stir up hearing, in our opinion. The undercurrent of this hearing is that Silicon Valley will save you. The corruption bubble will save you. Yeh, right.

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

    C-SPAN. (July 08, 2015). Terrorist Threats and Encryption Issues.

    FBI Director James Comey testified at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on terrorist threats as well as the effect of commercial encryption on the FBI’s investigative tools.

    Where's the FBI's actions to address the corruption and fraud AFI and others have uncovered in the patent and copyright thefts? The FBI has totally ignored the judicial and federal corruption for which hard evidence exists, yet Obama's FBI has ignored.

  11. Email comment by TEX:

    They are screwing with us. Who? The Russians and the Chinese. Today, they decided to shut down the NYSE and United Airlines for a few hours. Why? Baby steps, baby steps.

    The US dollar is backed by faith , not gold. The world , in the past, saw America as impenetrable, thus faith was all we needed. The dollar could withstand anything. The default currency for gold, silver, other noble metals, oil and international exchange has been the dollar for over 100 years. If we needed some more dollars, we just printed it and we had valuable new assets.

    Today the underlying assets behind all international currencies includes military, knowledge, technology, and communications. If the world loses faith in America, our dollar is toast. Can we not see that China and Russia view us as feckless and incompetent? They also see the EU teetering and they smile. They know that Obama will not defend us in anyway , at anytime, for any reason. Just today we announced a troop reduction of 40,000 troops .... almost 10% of our fighting force.... while the rest of the world is expanding their militaries. Recently China hacked the friggin Pentagon and Obama played golf. They know that their day in the Sun is just around the corner.

    The world knows that massive inflation or total collapse will occur in America. We can not create this much debt without creating massive problems soon. The world saw Obama put on his golf spikes after each tragedy. They saw that sign language guy in Africa standing next to Obama just making stuff up. They saw the rainbow flag at the White House and they see riots because policemen shot criminals. They see our borders collapsing and our country deteriorating and can't believe that Americans stand down to all of this. They see Obama and Kerry getting eaten alive by Iran. They hear them say that climate change is our biggest enemy. Did climate change hack us today? Is climate change cutting our heads off and making us look like little scaredy cats? They know that Obama is a fraud, a real joke.

    So get ready. And who will bail us out like we have done so many times for others ? LOL

    Have a great day, TEX=

  12. Attkisson, S. (Jul. 8, 2015). Benghazi Committee: Hillary Clinton Made “False” Claim About Subpoena.

    Today, the House Benghazi Committee released its subpoena of Hillary Clinton. In a statement, the Committee explained that it issued the subpoena in March but had not made it public. Why now? According to committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina:

    “I would not make this one public now, but after Secretary Clinton falsely claimed the committee did not subpoena her, I have no choice in order to correct the inaccuracy.”–Rep. Trey Gowdy

    Clinton’s subpoena statement came in an interview on CNN when asked about her unusual–and critics claim unlawful–email arrangement as secretary of state using a personal server and deleting thousands of records without making them available for independent review.

    “I’ve never had a subpoena.”–Hillary Clinton

    “I’ve never had a subpoena,” said Clinton. “There is — again, let’s take a deep breath here. Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation. I had one device. When I mailed anybody in the government, it would go into the government system.”

    Read Hillary Clinton Subpoena Here Subpoena - 2015.03.04.pdf


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