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Thursday, July 9, 2015


WikiLeaks uncovered digital elitists driven by greed, smugness & vulgarity (but still paid by the U.S. taxpayer)

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jul. 09, 2015, Updated Jul. 15 | PDF
Update Jul. 11, 2015
Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez linked to CIA front (Stratfor), Holder, Chandler & Leader IP theft—WikiLeaks-Chandler Docs
Barack H. Obama, Thomas E. Perez
Fig.1—Barack H. Obama, Thomas E.Perez, Labor Secretary. Did Obama direct his agency heads to turn a blind eye to the CIA's theft of technologies to build the "social" Internet with permanent backdoors to spy on Americans? Thanks to Wikileaks, The Baltimore Sun, Judicial Watch and Chandler's own leaked personal notes, Perez is directly implicated.
Photo: FoxNews.
Fig. 2—Covert CIA Operation. The CIA formed The Eclipse Foundation with IBM in 2001. Is the solar eclipse symbolism coincidental? Click graphic (Top PDF, Bottom, PNG).
Covert CIA-Eclipse Operation to spy on Americans, July 14, 2015
Continuing review of WikiLeaks' Stratfor-CIA documents provides more confirmation of ties between Leader Technologies' treacherous patent attorney, James P. Chandler, Obama's Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez, and Montgomery County, Maryland officials.

County officials met with Chandler on August 30, 2002, just 11 weeks after Chandler took custody of Leader's source code, and the day after Leader's innovations magically appeared in version 2.0.1 of IBM's Eclipse Foundation source code, on Aug. 29, 2002. See Hijack Timeline.

Chandler's handwritten notes mentioned county executive, Doug Duncan. Duncan was Perez's council boss at the time. Judicial Watch wrote that Perez is "flaggrantly racist" and that "Perez and Holder lied to Congress and have institgated a divisive and bitter race war within the DOJ."

More and more divisive Obama nominations tie to Chandler—who appears to be a CIA spy master. See more WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch evidence. A review of Perez's financial disclosure reveals a now familiar disproportionately high priority on certain Facebook Cartel mutual funds, including Fidelity, TIAA CREF and T. Rowe Price. These funds hold substantial stocks in Obamacare vendors with whom Perez associated while at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here is Perez's Stratfor subscription email:
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Fig.3—L/R: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. WikiLeaks documents reinforce Facebook's origins in totalitarian hubris, intellectual property theft and CIA funding.


(Jul. 09, 2015)—On May 29, 2015, AFI first reported whistleblower information about an Aug. 30, 2002 stenographer’s notes of a meeting between law Professor James P. Chandler, Leader Technologies intellectual property attorney, and Maryland development officials.

The problem is that Chandler was busy throwing his Leader client under the bus while promoting his other clients, including IBM, NSA, Patent Office and CIA. See previous post.

Chandler’s intelligence agenda (who is cited in the WikiLeaks documents as well) is further confirmed by newly leaked emails by WikiLeaks from a U.S. government intelligence front, Texas-based Stratfor.

The CIA funded Facebook

New 7/12/15: CIA-Stratfor 2007 Target Friends List
Darryl O'Connor, Stratfor's Chief Operating Officer, monitored a friends list of more than 340 academics, bureaucrats and bankers.

The bankers feeding at this trough are now familiar Facebook Cartel names: JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, UBS, Bank of America.
Do you really know these people?
More than 34 mainstream media names appear: NBC, CBS, ABS, FOX, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC.

Certain large universities dominate this spy list: Texas, Harvard, Georgetown, Stanford, GW, Yale, Ohio State, Washington and Duke.

IBM and Microsoft (The Eclipse Foundation) are practicially the only tech companies on the list—and they top the list. Tellingly, the University of Texas is #1 (Stratfor managements' alma mater), followed closely by Harvard (full of Obama, Holder, Chandler, Supreme Court cronies).
Pollute politics, academia, judiciary and the Free Press
Stratfor/CIA's strategy was to pollute the media, academics, judiciary, politics and commerce with disinformation disguised as "independent analysis." Such disinformation was perfected by the Soviet KGB during the Cold War. It is back, clothed in red, white and blue and labelled "Stratfor Intelligence."

Michael Mooney, Stratfor Systems Administrator, is reported by analyst Sylvia Ganush on Sep. 2, 2013 (p. 14) as saying: "...moral of this story: don't get your information from STRATFOR, unless you like it suitably polluted..."
Separation of powers & Free Press destroyed
Scott Stewart, Stratfor analyst, wrote Michael Mooney on Feb. 25, 2009 describing accessing his State Department email account (What? Stratfor advertises itself as an independent analyst): "After I get through that [State Department password] I still need to use my normal password to get through the second layer."

On Jan. 7, 2011, Stratfor analyst, Sean Noonan, wrote:

“the CIA provided a lot of the initial capital for Facebook.”

He also revealed deep non-public knowledge of regulatory activities, writing to fellow Stratfor analysts:

the SEC is investigating trading of Facebook and Zynga shares on secondary markets. It sounds like they will investigate the GS sale too.

(AFI had received copies of numerous complaints filed at the SEC by friends of Leader Technologies about the Facebook stock activity that failed to disclose the Leader v. Facebook litigation as well as the duplicity of Facebook securities attorney, Fenwick & West LLP, Leader’s former attorney.)

The “secondary markets” were the dubious “dark pool” markets that Facebook’s underwriters and mutual fund investors employed to sell Facebook’s private shares to foreign investors without SEC oversight. They also allowed people to hide investments; people like crony judges in this CIA / IBM / Facebook / Eclipse Foundation Cartel.

Federal judges have glommed on to a dubious "safe harbor concept" that theoretically exempts judges from having to disclose their stock holdings held inside mutual funds—a nonsensical ethical notion (when one actually thinks about it) that Chandler helped push through the Judicial Conference without public debate (so they would be willing to hand down corrupt decisions, like in Leader v. Facebook, Pi-Net v. JPMorgan and Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, when Chandler and Holder instructed them). See previous post.

“GS” is Goldman Sachs. Stratfor’s President, Shea Morenz, is a former Goldman Sachs executive who collaborates closely with Stratfor.

Stratfor calls patriots dangerous and the Rule of Law "Metaphysical"

Stratfor internal definitions include:

Legal: Highly flexible concept--almost metaphysical”

NSA: Completely out of control”

"NRO [National Reconnaissance Office]: Mostly out to lunch"

Patriot: Very dangerous person”

"Target-Soft: ...drunken congressman looking to get laid"

Why is this unaccountable private contractor targeting members of Congress, disrespecting the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and calling patriotic Americans dangerous?

Nefarious web of informers, money-laundering and "psychological methods"

Wikileaks' analysis of the five million Stratfor emails stated: “The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Stratfor’s CEO, George Friedman (who resigned after the WikiLeaks revelations; but remains a principle in Stratfor's numerous off-shore money-laundering operations), wrote about their techniques for controlling the behavior of their targets:

Disgraced Stratfor CEO George Friedman:You have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control.
Complex offshore share structure for bribes, money-making and self-financing

In another confirmation of AFI findings, Stratfor organized "a complex offshore share structure . . . designed to make StratCap appear to be legally independent. But confidentially, Friedman told Stratfor staff:" "Don’t think of StratCap as an outside organization. It was to be nothing more than 'another aspect' of Stratfor life" of secret cash bribes and money-making. See previous "dark pools" post on institutional bribery; See also Facebook propped up by global money launderers.

Kremlin oligarchs invited to play

Noonan’s email thread was titled “FSB owns your social network?” "FSB" is the Russian secret police, formerly the KGB. Noonan wrote, “Kremlin-owned Russian oligarchs are purchasing all or pieces of Western social networking.

Noonan’s Stratfor colleague, Lauren Goodrich, wrote, “Russian oligarchs Alexander Mamut… Alisher Usmanov… & Yuri Milner… have bought shares over the past year in: Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Twitter,,, Headhunter and Livejournal" [Mark Zuckerberg’s Oct. 28, 2003 online Harvard diary on the night of “Let the hacking begin” ].

Facebook gives us "the names of your family members AND your known associates"

On Apr. 23, 2010 (before the Leader v. Facebook trial, and just one day after Judge Leonard P. Stark appeared at his Senate confirmation hearing, then subsequently replaced veteran judge Joseph Farnan, obviously ordered by Holder and Obama), Stratfor analyst, Fred Burton, wrote,

This may also drive the privacy nutz and hippies crazy. There is also a [Facebook is] a tremendous intel collection tool for a hostile intelligence agency. One stop shopping to collect whatever I need to know for my [intelligence] dossier on future FSO’s (Stratfor employees), case officers and Top Secret govt hacks. I know who was drunk last night, Chip’s KA frat brothers, your association of cross dressing, the names of your family members AND your known associates. Our world has made it very easy for the case officers at the Russians, Cubans, VZ, CIA and MOIS.

The WikiLeaks include a spreadsheet list showing Stratfor’s “Lifetime” gift list of 281 people. It includes politicians, bureaucrats, bankers and academics. One name that catches the eye is Joseph Lonsdale.

CIA, JPMorgan buddies: Peter Thiel, Joseph Lonsdale, Facebook & Palantir

Joseph Lonsdale, Palantir
Fig. 4—Joseph Lonsdale, Palantir. Former PayPal employee with Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) and Matt Cohler (Instagram).

Lonsdale started Palantir with Thiel in 2004. Lonsdale's history parallels the other members of the Facebook / IBM / Eclipse / Accel Partners Cartel in their exploitation of Leader Technologies' social networking innovations.

The funding for this Cartel came intially from an expansive secret bargain with the CIA and IBM to cede the security and privacy of the unsuspeting public to a ubiquitous spy-state that included the fleecing of public financing markets so that the conspirators could self-fund, without the need for Congressional funds or oversight. The Judiciary has swallowed hook, line and sinker, guided by law Professor James P. Chandler, who brought Leader Technologies' inventions to the cartel via IBM.
Photo: TechCrunch.

Lonsdale is a partner of Facebook’s director and large investor Peter Thiel starting from their PayPal days in the early 2000’s. Together they used their PayPal experience to launch Palantir in 2004—at the same time as the first public EcliseCON 2004 conference, and simultaneously with the launches of Facebook and LinkedIn. [Editor: Just coincidence. LOL.]

(Wait! Zuckerberg's 2005 ConnectU testimony said he invented everything for Facebook by himself just a few months earlier in "one to two weeks." Has anyone in the Facebook Cartel sent Leader Technologies a thank you note? I didn't think so.)

Once you download their Apps, your personal data is compromised (snigger)

They [Thiel and Lonsdale] devised ways to get information about a person’s computer, the other people he did business with, and how all this fit into the history of transactions.” They “decided to turn PayPal’s fraud detection into a business.

Theil and the CIA’s In-Q-Tel funded Palantir. Numerous intelligence agencies including the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, and Wall Street banks including JPMorgan, are customers. Palantir operates in secret without oversight or accountability.

"Evil things"

Palantir’s senior legal adviser filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief supporting the NSA’s warrantless surveillance of American citizens. Cyber security expert Christopher Sogholan, said of Palantir’s services:

I think their clients [Palantir's] could be using it for evil things.”

Bottom line, the cyber world is being hijacked by the immoral, or at best amoral, likes of Stratfor’s personnel and their deep-pocket clients.

The evidence mounts that the CIA, in collaboration with IBM and law Professor James P. Chandler, used The Eclipse Foundation and plotted to steal Leader Technologies social framework invention.

Control of the Internet
Fig. 5—Do the IBM/Eclipse Foundation/NSA/CIA/Facebook Cartel and the Obama administration plan to seize control of the Internet before this administration leaves office? Seems they do. Blanket NSA metadata collection facilitates that goal since it allows IBM, CIA, Eclipse members, including Facebook, to know everyone's connections and networks, intimately. It also allows them to line their pockets with Ponzi scheme public offerings where their collaborators invest in each others' stock offerings. It also allows the state-spy machine to become privately financed and able to ignore Congressional oversight. Once they know your networks they can control you. The agenda here is utterly immoral, yet packaged in the red, white and blue of national security or protect-our-kids smoke screens.

Bold lies by misguided reprobates

These people appear to be motivated by a misguided morality that sacrifices liberty, privacy and property on the altar of national security.

They learned from Hollywood's contribution to the lie, The Social Network movie, that they could get the masses to believe a "Facebook origins narrative" that replaced the truth of the CIA and IBM origins, and in its place a 19-year old Harvard sophomore willing to lie on cue. They have deployed streams of endless titillation to distract the masses while they consolidated power with the help of the man they put in the White House.

They lured users into their spy-state web behind Leader’s quantum-leap-forward technical innovations. That was the carrot.

The stick was the murky world of intelligence with its treacherous history of abuse when it becomes the state itself.

History has given us such states before:

The Soviet Communist Party

The Nazi Party.

Pol Pot (Cambodia).

Idi Amin (Uganda).

Saddam Hussein.

United Spy-States of America

Is the United Spy-States of America next on history's trash heap of depravity? A country must be led my moral leaders, not moral reprobates.

It's still our choice, but doing nothing is not an option if we care about taking back our Republic.

* * *


How many people acting under the prodding and protection of the state, knowingly or unwittingly, does it take to corrupt a nation? The Republic only needs a few good whistleblowers from this list.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) alleges Hayes was driven by greed, when he set up a network of brokers and traders that spanned some of the world's most powerful financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price Vanguard UBS and Citigroup to help influence rates - designed to reflect the cost of inter-bank borrowing - but was it for his own trading benefit. Well no Goldman Sachs tried to hire Tom Hayes (to rig benchmark interest rates) and Hayes handed over a UBS 'instruction manual' on rigging, prosecution says US justice Department is set to rip up its agreement not to prosecute UBS Group for rigging the benchmark interest rates JPMoran Chase & c Co, Barclarys, Citygroup and Royal Bank of Scotland Group will likely enter pleas related to antitrust violations. in 2008 Goldman Sachs tried to hire Tom Hayes with a $3 million signing-on bonus, In an email exchange shown to the court dated June 24, 2008, former senior UBS manager Sascha Prinz disclosed Goldman's offer to another senior manager Jerker Johansson On Nov. 28, 2008, Harvard's Larry Summers was appointed to lead the bank bailout and thereafter funneled $33 million to Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan—all Facebook underwriters. In a first for a U.S. stock exchange, Nasdaq OMX Group on Thursday agreed to pay $26.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit involving its bungling ...[ Rip-off FACEBOOK IPO]

    Tom Hayes 2008 Goldman Sachs $3 million signing-on bonus court dated June 24, 2008.
    On September 15, 2008 Lehman Brothers investment bank was forced to declare itself BANKRUPT.
    October 7, 2008, 146 people were cut from the Sec Enforcement Division,
    by the end of October their was one left and his job was to turn out the lights.
    on Nov. 4, 2008. Barack Obama was elected.
    Nov. 28, 2008, Harvard's Larry Summers was appointed to lead the bank bailout and thereafter funneled $33 million to Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan—all Facebook underwriters.
    Spying the National Security smoke screen National security!” has become the excuse for this mobster thievery and obfuscation Obama wants that TTP trade authority so badly so His IBM, Vanguard and JPMorgan handlers can corrupt freely in Asia without US Congressional oversight. FOIA requests for Zuckerberg's 28 Harvard hard drives have been protected by numerous federal judges on this cartel's payroll. while cronies financed Facebook for NSA snooping and spying without Congressional oversight and the emails on Zuckerberg's 28 Harvard hard drives tell a story of how facebook was stolen??
    Obama addressed the issue of Snowden in a press briefing in August and sad "No i don't think Mr Snowden was a patriot, if Snowden not patriot what the fuck are you Obama.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    A year ago my Ivy- educated , 37 year old , conservative minded son, suggested that I watched too much FOX News and read too many articles about the frightening world events both economically and politically. He thought that I would surely have a stroke. Oh, heaven forbid, that I be informed and care. And now that I cheer loudly for the walking hair comb-over, Donald " community organizer" Trump , my son really thinks that he should take over all family controls. I explained that our current community organizer ( BHO) never built one thing ,or created one job, or faced one tough negotiation, or added one dollar of value to society before we ignorantly elected him our president. Trump has done all of those things , and he did it with his own money, fair and square. He did it not because he is a lucky white guy, but rather because he is smart.....real smart. Trump may not be president or even a nominee, but he will not be distracted from saying what he believes because of "political correctness " nonsense. Donald Trump is a thousand times more qualified to lead a complex , zillion dollar, multifaceted organization than Barack Hussein Obama ( or whatever his name is) ever was.

    Will the Donald create controversy? I hope so. He has already forced the wimpy GOP cadre to face the tough issue of living with a no border, lawless country. Of course the political conundrum is that by telling the truth, the illegals that the Dems think should vote , will not vote for Trump. If Obama has his way, we will print absentee ballots for every swinging dipstick in the world. That's six billion people on their side. Is that more than 47% that Romney got eviscerated for stating truthfully? After all , "transformation" should not be exclusively just for us lucky people. And why should we care? Americans are terrible people. We must be held accountable for every bad thing that we have done to everyone throughout our terrible first 250 years. As soon as Michelle gets back from her world tour, and Obama gets off of that big airplane after playing a few rounds of golf with with his buddies, and as soon as the White House has one more big celebrity party, we should get on with making the U.S. a more average country. Can you imagine that Trump has the gall to want America , the greatest idea ever conceived , to come back strong?

    And oh, do you want a President that makes you gasp because he's truthful and brash, or do want one that lies with impunity and makes you gasp ? And both have bad hair.

    Have a great day, TEX

    PS. This AFI post is very troubling and frightening. There are too many " coinky dinks" for these happenings and results to be random. The elites have gotten away with lies and deceit for way too long. ......Trump scares these guys to death. He will call them out. Look past Trump's buffoonery and listen to what he says. He's actually very clever and will be fun to watch. =

  3. Joseph Lonsdale, Palantir. Former PayPal employee with Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) and Matt Cohler (Instagram). All knew facebook was a stolen idea, and it was essay for the NSA and the CIA to shut down PayPal payments to Wikileaks they all knew that facebook was a stolen idea they where in on it?, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) just a rock painted white, and knew facebook was stolen Matt Cohler (Instagram). knew facebook was stolen even the idea Instagram was stolen, the Winklevoss copied the stolen idea facebook and extorted money out of zuckerberg knowing this. Facebook securities attorney, Fenwick & West LLP, Leader’s former attorney where in on it as well?, America spy-state that included the fleecing of public financing markets so that the conspirators could self-fund, without the need for Congressional funds or oversight, IBM, NSA, Patent Office and CIA xoxoxo are all fucking in the same bed.
    Trump this

  4. Email comment by TEX:

    Help me out.... The Liberals defend sanctuary cities as honorable and necessary. Question. Can my town be a sanctuary city? It's certainly small but we unanimously oppose folks that don't like America. Get out . We are now a sanctuary. How about sanctuary states? Texans love Texas. It you live here and don't want to be free, get out . We are a sanctuary state and want to be free from government central control . We have a sanctuary neighborhood. If you don't like golf, get out. I like this sanctuary thing , whatever sanctuary means.

    The Donald created a furor over his comments about Mexico. Why? He said that it was the source of our drug society. Of course it is. He said we would be better off if we invaded Mexico to eliminate its corruption and drug problems. After all, how many drugs are coming from Canada? How many illegal Canadians are here on welfare? Did you realize that more than 125 Americans die every day from drug overdose? That's more lives lost than car wrecks. The cost of medical assistance to drug users is greater in this country than a one week invasion to knock these drug lords into hell. I propose we send one marine into Mexico every time one illegal crosses our border. And , of course, the Mexican government is just as corrupt as our own. That would be a good place to put Bill de Blasio for a few years.

    On final thought. I am sick of this Washington Redskin flap. There is a very easy solution. Keep the name but change the picture from an Indian to a red potato. How simple is that? No, I am not running for President. Or am I?

    Have a great day, TEX

    1. The image of Mr. Potato Head cheering on the Redskins is dancing in my head. Wait, was that comment insensitive? LOL.

  5. UBS Libor guide and how the bank ‘threw Hayes under the bus’
    Goldman Sachs tried to hire Tom Hayes (to rig benchmark interest rates) and Hayes handed over a UBS 'instruction manual' on riggingThe Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: HSBC Holdings, Barclays, Goldman Sachs Group, JPMorgan ...
    Barack Obama, Did direct his agency heads to turn a blind eye to the CIA's theft of technologies to build the "social" Internet with permanent backdoors to spy on Americans? Thanks to Wikileaks, The Baltimore Sun, Judicial Watch and Chandler's own leaked personal notes, Perez is directly implicated.

    On Jun. 29,2011, Larry Summers joined Andreessen Horowitz right before facebook paid $1 Billion for Andreessen's client STOLEN IDEA Instagram
    Zuckerberg's 2005 ConnectU testimony said he invented everything for Facebook by himself just in "one to two weeks, but the winklevoss knew facebook was a stolen idea they knew Mark Zuckerberg had stolen the idea facebook and that they COPED the stolen idea facebook, And extorted money out of zuckerberg knowing this.
    Director Mueller, along with Acting Attorney General James B. Comey, offered to resign from office in March 2004 if the White House overruled a Department of Justice finding that domestic wiretapping without a court warrant was unconstitutional. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft denied his consent to attempts by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales to waive the Justice Department ruling and permit the domestic warrantless eavesdropping program to proceed. On March 12, 2004, President George W. Bush gave his support to changes in the program sufficient to satisfy the concerns of Mueller, Ashcroft and Comey. All this happened at the same time facebook started . Robert Mueller knew facebook was stolen and tried to keep it secret from the NSA but PRISM is facebook
    ES: How are things over there?
    LP: I'm at the guardian. they're publishing TEMPORA today
    LP: they are very nervous- worried about an injunction.
    ES: The NSA love that program.
    LP: Why?
    ES: Because they aren't allowed to do it in the US. The UK lets us query it all day long .

    The MOVIE Citizen-Four is truthful but they need to marry it to the Movie Inside-Job, to get the full Truth, The CIA funded Facebook, Facebook stole from BRG, Robert Mueller wont to play a game its called tic-tac-toe Thomas E. Perez linked to CIA front AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION Binney's testimony is interrupted when news breaks that the CIA has a double agent spying on the NSA inquiry Facebook Fights To Keep EU Privacy Investigation Confidential


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