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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


C.I.A. harvests social media, self-funds tens of billions of dollars for payola; then feeds the data to Wall Street and Silicon Valley cronies

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jul. 30, 2015 Updated Apr. 10, 2017 | PDF
Secrecy laws are meant to protect the innocent, not shield the guilty.
barack obama
Breaking News:
On Jul. 28, 2015, former Democratic President Jimmy Carter admitted Washington, D.C. is overrun by "unlimited" cartel bribery. Click here for video coverage.
Eisenhower's Farewell Address newspaper headline
Fig.1—President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the abuse of power by a military-industrial complex. On Jan. 17, 1961, in his farewell address (view actual 1961 TV broadcast clips), President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the threat to liberty and the democratic process from unwarranted influences within the “military industrial complex.”
"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence . . . by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes."
He should know. He led the world armies in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. Eisenhower feared the very military tools he used to defeat global tyranny would become tyrannical themselves in peace time.

Today, the C.I.A. has abused secrecy to amass unwarranted power and wealth, just as President Eisenhower feared.

previous post: Disastrous Rise of a Lawless C.I.A.
Video: The 9/11 Truth Movement.


(Jul. 30, 2015)—Whistleblowers have confirmed that the C.I.A. secretly funded the meteoric rise of social media in 2004 using social networking inventions stolen from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies.

Time Magazine. (Jun. 6, 1944). [General Dwight D. Eisenhower] The Man Who Beat Hitler. D-Day Special Report

The conduits for this theft were: (1) IBM via (2) The Eclipse Foundation, IBM's then inside counsel (3) David J. Kappos (later Obama's Patent Office director), Leader's patent attorney, former George Washington University Law Professor (4) James P. Chandler, and (5) Eric H. Holder, Jr. (later Obama's Attorney General).

Any technology stolen by a lawless C.I.A. is itself lawless

The C.I.A., Eclipse, Kappos, Holder and Chandler formed The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001 as the stealth vehicle by which they would claim IBM copyright ownership of Leader's ideas, then release Leader’s invention as “Open Source.” See previous post.

Bottom line, social media has a wholly lawless foundation. The C.I.A.’s cronies in Silicon Valley and Wall Street are doubling down on this corruption in an evident attempt to conceal the dirty secrets about their origins. They are stonewalling and trying to shout down truth tellers.

This Cartel is speeding up its data-control activity while Obama is still in office. For example:

His Tasking: Run interference for the C.I.A. and digital cronies
Barack H. Obama
Fig. 2—Barack H. Obama. He has been providing executive and regulatory cover for a totalitarian liberal plan involving the C.I.A., George Soros, Wall Street and Silicon Valley to "fundamentally transform America" by insuring that digital cronies take control of America's underlying digital infrastructure. Then, by manipulating the daily messages, those who control the bits and bytes, control the masses (in their minds anyway). See Fig. 7 below for more.
Photo: Zenfs.
  • IBM’s “The Internet of Things” promotion has cranked up.
  • Xerox has come out of the woodwork.
  • Microsoft just released Windows 10—free (apparently stealing and selling user data is more lucrative than selling software, despite their pabulum about piracy).
  • Promotion of “the Cloud” is everywhere.
  • Common Core is being shoved down the States’ throats.
  • Massive Open Online Coures (MOOC) is being implemented in universities across the country.
  • Net Neutrality is law, for now.
  • is advertising extensively for new targets.
  • Under his “Datapalooza” program, Obama’s chief technology officer, Todd Y. Park, released mountains of research "big data" on individual Americans out of government data stores, much of it healthcare related. (Park took his company, Castlight Health, public during that time with nary a word from the S.E.C. about that glaring conflict of interest.)
  • The federal government allowed over 22 million detailed federal employment portfolios to be hacked.
  • AFI has been warning about this disturbing pattern for years. Now, it is finally becoming obvious to all. Seemingly random, misguided or incompetent Presidential activities, and those of his agency heads, suddenly fit together once one understands the true agenda. They were not fired because as true believers they were only following the Cartel orders.

The unholy grail: "Dark Profiles" on every citizen in America and on the planet

Solar Eclipse
Fig. 3—Covert CIA Operation. The C.I.A. formed The Eclipse Foundation with IBM in 2001. Is the solar eclipse symbolism coincidental? Death to the American Constitution? Click graphic (Top PDF, Bottom, PNG).
Covert CIA-Eclipse Operation to spy on Americans, July 14, 2015

All these developments serve one goal: to populate the “dark profiles” of the Facebook–CIA Cartel so that citizens can be digitally manipulated for decades.

The Eclipse Foundation gave away Leader’s invention by re-labeling it with an IBM copyright and giving it away as their “Open Source” Eclipse IDE (Interface Development Environment) starting with Version 1.0 in Nov. 2001.

Leader fully debugged a key module on Oct. 28, 2003. Coincidentally, that is the same night that Mark Zuckerberg hacked into the dormitory computers at Harvard to steal student photos.

Harvard president Larry Summers never seemed surprised by Zuckerberg's illegal activity. Now we know why – he was in on the C.I.A.’s plan, along with the "PayPal Mafia" consisting of:

  • James W. Breyer,
  • Peter Thiel,
  • Reid Hoffman,
  • Matt Cohler,
  • Joseph Lonsdale,
  • (Yuri Milner and Sheryl K. Sandberg were lurking in the shadows—Summers' protégés from his days as chief economist for the World Bank).

The PayPal "Mafia" moniker appears to be a factual description. This was (and remains) organize crime at its best. Breyer's other Accel Partners are on this list as well as his fellow National Venture Capital Association directors at Vanguard, Fidelity and In-Q-Tel.

Just 13 weeks later:

  • On Feb. 2-5, 2004, Eclipse released its first debugged version 3.0 during IBM's first EclipseCON'04.
  • On Feb. 4, 2004, Facebook launched. Imagine that! ... and you thought Zuckerberg wrote the code. Sucker!

How deeply has the C.I.A. shadow state penetrated American domestic life?

A review of the House and Senate websites gives us the answer: Thoroughly.


Representative Jason Chaffetz

Congressman Jason Chaffetz's House website feedback links for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, accessed Jul. 29, 2015
Jason Chaffetz
Fig. 4—Congressman Jason Chaffetz's House website response choices. Presumably, Mr. Chaffetz is not aware of how totally compromised his House website is. 100% of his links send data directly to the C.I.A. and its Cartel cronies YouTube (Google), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Facebook). Click here to go to Congressman Chaffetz's website to confirm this information.

A visit to Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s website (Utah 3rd) shows that all four social links are Eclipse Foundation members: YouTube (Google), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Facebook).

The C.I.A. funded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google via their reliance on The Eclipse Foundation and direct investing.

100% monitored by the C.I.A. Cartel


Senator Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren
Fig. 5—Senator Elizabeth Warren's Senate website response choices. Presumably, Ms. Warren is not aware of how totally compromised her Senate website is. 100% of her links send data directly to the C.I.A. and its Cartel cronies YouTube (Google), Facebook and Twitter. Click here to go to Senator Warren's website to confirm this information.

A visit to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s website (Massachusetts) shows that all three social links are Eclipse Foundation members: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Google)

100% monitored by the C.I.A. Cartel

Obamacare logo
Fig. 6— (ObamaCare) website response choices. Presumably, the Department of Health & Human Services DOES know that 100% of America's response data is going directly to the C.I.A. and its crony Cartel. Click here to go to to confirm this information.

For grins, let’s look at There we see the same circumstance. They offer links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (Google) and Google—all IBM Eclipse Foundation members—all using Eclipse code funded by the C.I.A. (but stolen from Leader Technologies).

100% monitored by the C.I.A. Cartel

New: Are your Members of Congress . . .

Contacting the Congress
Fig. 7— Contacting the Congress. Almost all of the Congressional websites for Representatives and Senators are 100% monitored by the C.I.A. Cartel—in direct violation of the C.I.A.'s mandate not to operate within the borders of the U.S., except in narrow terrorism matters. Are America's elected representatives now C.I.A. terror suspects? Perhaps on the Cartel's planet. Who knows?

The Cartel justifies hiding their illegal activity behind a veil of secrecy. Senate and House oversight is nonsensical since those same people are invested in the Cartel's mutual fund cronies (hush money), especially Vanguard, Fidelity, UBS, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and T. Rowe Price. Something has gone horrible wrong. Eisenhower's fears were justified.

Click on the Contacting the Congress map. Select your state. Select your Sentors or Represenative. Click "WWW Homepage."

The following social services are directed in one way or another by the C.I.A. Cartel:

C.I.A. Cartel Member IBM Eclipse Foundation Member Direct C.I.A. Investment
Facebook Yes Yes
Instagram (Facebook) Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Google Yes Yes
YouTube (Google) Yes Yes
Storify (Livefyre) Yes Indirect (Kleiner Perkins; National Venture Capital Association)

On Nov. 29, 2001, the C.I.A., IBM and Professor James P. Chandler (author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996; and both IBM and Leader Technologies intellectual property counsel) formed The Eclipse Foundation as the vehicle to steel Leader Technologies' social networking inventions and feed them to friends and rivals alike as "Open Source" (after claiming IBM copyrights on the innovations). Their free Eclipse IDE (Interface Development Environment) has become the spy-state development tool of choice for MOBILE DEVICE SOFTWARE (Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry). It enables C.I.A. backdoors to everything social.

. . . 100% monitored
by the C.I.A. Cartel?
Fig. 8—Constituent feedback to the U.S. Congress is essentially 100% monitored by the C.I.A Cartel that includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Storify (Livefyre)--all IBM Eclipse Foundation Members, also funded by the C.I.A. The C.I.A. has no charter to operate broadly within the United States by design. This abuse of intelligence power is frightening. A secret American C.I.A. intelligence state is being excused at every turn under the umbrella of "national security."

Congressional deception: The illusion of feedback diversity

Americans are given the illusion of a diversity of feedback options, when in reality, 100% of the Congressional feedback data is fed straight to the C.I.A. shadow state and their commercial cronies for permanent storage in “dark profiles” on every citizen in America.

The C.I.A. shadow state knows all (they aren't even supposed to operate inside the United States—by charter)

Are you comfortable with an un-elected, self-appointed, Harvard-hubris dominated shadow state called the C.I.A.—an intelligence agency that doesn't even have a charter to operate inside U.S. borders—owning and managing every morsel of digital data about you?

Are you comfortable with the C.I.A.—a proven child predator—owning and managing every morsel of education data about your child (Common Core, MOOC)?

Perhaps not since J. Edgar Hoover’s reign of terror at the F.B.I. have we seen this level of intelligence misconduct in American life.

IBM / C.I.A. on the move
Fig. 9—On Mar. 31, 2015, IBM announced it would spend $3 billion to push The Eclipse Foundation's "The Internet of Things" to which Facebook is a prime beneficiary.

This will perfect their hold on the embedded infrastructure of the Internet before Obama leaves office. IBM sold 750 "junk" patents to Facebook two months before the Facebook IPO and is Chandler's client. Chandler and former IBMer David J. Kappos launched IBM as the mother of all "patent trolls" in the late 1990's. It's no surprise that Obama appointed Kappos director of the Patent Office in 2009. Chandler looms large in Obama's hidden agenda.

Are Facebook's phalanx of attorney firms the equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirts? IBM computers enabled Adolf Hitler to catalog Jews, Poles, gypsies, homosexuals and other undesireables before World War II. Many millions of those souls perished in the Nazi death camps. Now, Facebook is helping IBM and the C.I.A. build secret "dark profiles" on every American citizen via Facebook,, transportation, the "cloud," couponing, gaming and IRS "big data."

In-Q-Tel—privately funded C.I.A. intelligence—Adolf Hitler would be jealous

The difference this time is that the C.I.A. was somehow permitted to set up a PRIVATE venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel. This private company funds technology deals that generate tens of billion of dollars in revenue that the C.I.A. plows back into building its castle walls higher and more impenetrable. How would we know? It's all hidden behind "national secrets" smoke and mirrors. The spy-state is very evidently running America now. Congress is being toyed with and is just along for the ride?

National security has become the catch-all excuse to hide all these activities from public scrutiny.

President Obama is currently in Kenya lecturing the Kenyans to be less corrupt. This is the pot calling the kettle black given the level of corruption that his administration unleashed through his cronies at the C.I.A., led by his Harvard legal mentor, Professor James P. Chandler.

What’s the solution?

  1. Defund, dismantle and prosecute the scoundrels with a real Attorney General, not the Cartel crony currently sitting in that chair; she's just following taskmaster orders.
  2. Stop using / boycott their stuff.
  3. Uninstall cameras and microphones on your devices.
  4. Watch for stealth installs of cameras and microphones.
  5. Boycott their advertisers (the money feeding them).
  6. Dismantle their “dark profile” servers globally (they hope you think they are too big to fail).
  7. Unplug your computer from the grid when you aren’t using it (most of their snooping is done after you’ve gone to bed or left the office).
  8. Take your battery out of your devices; they can turn your devices on remotely thanks to companies like Palantir (PayPal/LinkedIn's Peter Thiel and Joseph Lonsdale).
  9. Stop downloading games, coupons and titillation.
  10. Take control of your digital life; stop being led around by a nose ring.
  11. Demand justice for the many victims of this conspiracy.
  12. Ask Congress to compensate the real inventors of social networking (e.g., Leader Technologies, Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Johannes van der Meer)(since the Judicial Branch joined the dark side along with the Executive Branch). With those dollars the true innovators will be able to implement their inventions correctly, rationally, ethically, and in a way that respects children, decency, privacy, innovation and property.

If we allow these people to succeed, then our Republic will likely be incinerated by this corruption.

We cannot allow them to succeed.

Knowledge is power.

* * *


Bookmark: #dwight-d-eisenhower-jan-17-1961
Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the rise of unwarranted power by Washington Cartels
Fig. 10--President Dwight D. Eisenhower, on Jan. 17, 1961, warned against the disastrous rise of unwarranted power by the military-industrial complex.
Very Real Current Threat: IBM Eclipse Cartel Takeover and Timeline—fronted by Barack Obama & "Friends"
Zuckerberg's chickens coming home to roost
On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with his Internet takeover council—the bosses who drive The Eclipse Foundation (and the theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention).
Photo: IBM.
Takeover Timeline updated (Mar. 04, 2015)
AFI investigators have updated their timeline to include the latest moves on Feb. 26, 2015 by President Obama's FCC cronies to seize cyber control. Click here (or in the upper right sidebar). Especially telling was a little publicized meeting on Mar. 02, 2015—four days later—between President Obama and his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, with six prime movers of the illegitimate The Eclipse Foundation: IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Dell and EMC. The takeover of the Internet by well-funded corporations using the power of the U.S. government to bully inventors and confiscate their property without compensation is coming out of the closet.
Big Brother is Watching

Apparently not satisfied having one The Eclipse Foundation from which to steal inventions, these companies have opened a second front named "AllSeen Alliance," ostensibly to "accelerate" the "Internet of Everywhere." It walks and talks just like an Eclipse duck though. Of all the names to pick, the Masonic-esque sounding symbolism is curious.

This sidebar originally appeared on Feb. 17, 2015: "Facebook propped up by global money launderers."
Fig. 11—On Mar. 02, 2015, President Barack Obama met with numerous players in IBM's The Eclipse Foundation digital takeover council.
New: Former President Jimmy Carter fingered "unlimited political bribery" in Washington, D.C.
Fig. 12—Former President Jimmy Carter admits bribery Cartels. On Jul. 28, 2015, Democratic 39th U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, admits "oligrachy" Cartels with "unlimited political bribery" have overtaken Washington, D.C. in an interview with Thomm Hartmann. Carter commanded a nuclear submarine with a finger on the nuclear button, as President he had his finger on the nuclear button against. He has been one of the most active retired Presidents in history with continuall access to Democratic Washington insiders for 30 years. This stunning admission further validates the findings of AFI researchers regarding the emergence of the illegal C.I.A.-IBM-WallStreet-Silicon Valley Cartel under Clinton, Bush and Obama. AFI believes this is what Texas Senator Ted Cruz refers to as "The Washington Cartel." Click here for the Hartmann interview.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. I wonder how our Representatives and Senators are going to respond when they learn that they have been the targets of a long term covert CIA operation to scoop up and "data mine" the feedback from their constituents.

    Their reaction should be a bell-weather as to the true state of our Republic.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    Rain, You must be a liarphobic or seem skeptical. How can you claim that our honest and citizen-oriented politicians are being spied on and manipulated? This is America the beautiful. We are about to have debates among our elite GOP candidates. As Flavia says, it will be like a NASCAR race where 15 drivers are sober and one is a dead solid drunk. Could be a few collisions . In any case, very entertaining. Surely these men of honor know that we are sitting ducks for the Cartel. Surely they have the juevos to fix this mess. If not, Amerika the used to be beautiful.

    Have a great day, TEX

    1. Gee Tex, nothing gets by you, does it? LOL.

      Have you checked out Boehner's and McConnell's financial disclosures by the way? Very Cartel-centric. Explains their sudden-onset flaccidity. They're blackmailed. They've been investing in the Cartel for too long. Those insider tips that seemed so hush hush and innocent at the time are now coming back to bite them..., and America.

      John Boehner:

      (in light of the revelation of Hillary's UBS bribes, sorry, "donations", Mr. Boehner's priority in UBS is telling. I am sorry, that was coincidental, what was I thinking). Reads like a Facebook Cartel Who's Who.

      Mitch McConnell:

      Vanguard, UBS, Wells Fargo, American, T. Rowe Price... more Facebook Cartel Who's Who.

      Their investing pattern replicates those of Obama's insiders and the Leader v. Facebook judges.

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    The dots are becoming a straight black line......

    - Loud mouth Chris Mathews, MSNBC host, asked Debbie " the barking pit bull" Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the DNC , if she could explain the difference between a socialist and a modern Democrat. She, not surprisingly, couldn't. There isn't any.
    - as we learned 100 years ago at Okla State , a conservative arts school, socialism requires central planning by the elites so that workers perform their assigned workload and everyone gets supposed equal pay. Only the elite should have access to surplus. For the commoner, personal passions, ideas, and competition are not only discouraged, it's criminal.
    - socialism requires that data and personal information be gathered by the elites so that planning becomes more controllable. Hiding info from socialists is criminal. Gathering info on the sheep is not. The end justifies the means. This AFI blog is exposing the underbelly of central planning.
    - the two current front runners in the Democratic/ socialist party are in fact socialists. Bernie Sanders is an announced socialist. Hilary has built her entire political agenda around the teachings of the great American hater, Saul Alinsky and his manifesto, Rules for Radicals. Her thesis can be found on is about the great mind of Saul Alinsky. He was a radical socialist. She is a socialist.....period.
    - most Democrats from the Hubert Humphrey days have no clue that their party has abandoned free enterprise, individual liberties, and true charity for the needy.
    - the notion of politically correct is a socialist concept. They use words to cover actions. They divide every possible class, race, gender, etc. . They confuse the folks with jargon and blame capitalists and folks of faith for all of our ills.
    - but, oops, Hillary is being exposed. Her actions for forty years are being uncovered . She is truly a liar and corrupt. They are trying to refute them, but the pile is growing. Now, Americans are listening to an awkward politician ( Trump) because his rhetoric is factual despite being bombastic. His honest carping is refreshing. Bottom line......honesty is still highly regarded in this country.

    And we all know that Trump will engage the elitists that are illegally controlling all information flow . OMG, what shall they do ? This should be fun and possibly what American citizens have been waiting for.

    The only hope of the socialists is that they can uncover some huge scandal on Trump. They are trying to paint him as greedy because his has more money coming in than going out.....a profit is surely greedy. His hat drives the socialists crazy. What else do they have ? His persistent use of the word " I" is unnecessary . This is about "us" , but he will get better with that part of it.

    Over the next few months the GOP will figure out that Trump is actually the way that disgusted American's are giving the middle finger to our politicians, our judges, the UN, China, illegal border crossings, and the MSM. Seriously, he is a big middle finger to Obama and Hillary. This is a turning point and I can't get this smile off of my face.

    Have another great day, TEX

  4. Yuri Milner is mentioned in this post. He's been sitting in Moscow pretty quiet. Then, I turned on Charlie Rose the other night and voile! There was Milner -- one of the greatest fleecers of the Russian People of all time -- promoting a sort of Nobel Peace Prize for Intellectuals. How precious.

    Now the Cartel wants to buy the silence of thinking people with big prizes from their ill-gotten gain. This is truly priceless and an obscene morality.

    The Gospel According to Yuri

    1. Of course. The Cartel members are narcissists who fancy themselves as intellectuals and they wish to perpetuate their kind. Communism 2.0. (It didn't work the first time, so why not double down?)

      Stalin's Five Year Plans were corrupt and inefficient (not to mention inhumane in their reliance on Gulag forced labor camps to supplement those inefficiencies), but these Cartel people are believers that they can tweek those flaws through technological control while they sip their Pinot Grigio in Napa Valley and monitor the masses with their drones.

  5. IBM and Microsoft (The Eclipse Foundation) are practicially the only tech companies on the list—and they top the list. Bill Gates of Microsoft knew facebook was stolen and used the info bribe his way in to The Eclipse Foundation or he got an invite ?, Bill Gates did invest in facebook and he did it knowing facebook was stolen
    Red faces at Fed after secret data released
    The Federal Reserve has accidentally released staff forecasts revealing a Dovish view of the US economic outlook. The US economy is growing at a painfully slow pace
    Well this is what you get when you just take and take and give nothing back

  6. Former President Jimmy Carter came very close to admitting the Cartel that has been uncovered by AFI researchers and the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal implicating Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

    AFI Research has identified the early 1990's and then Harvard professor turned World Bank chief economist, Lawrence "Larry" Summers, as the genesis of the current C.I.A. / IBM / Facebook / Soros Cartel running the Obama Administration. Fresh students Sheryl K. Sandberg and Yuri Milner were their flunkies then.

    This Cartel had its beginnings with the Clinton Administration, gained full steam with George W. Bush Administration (C.I.A backing and protection - James P. Chandler), then began raping and pillaging under the Obama Administration.

    Swarz, J. Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery. The Intercept.

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    As a simple old man sitting on a rocking chair on my front porch, I seem to be losing touch with the real world. Here's a few things that really have gobsmacked me of late.
    -- we continue to release known criminals that are citizens of other countries into our society and they kill our folks every day. Why are our border agents, local authorities, and ICE told to stand down ?
    --we trade five known terrorist killers into the middle eastern Islamic world for a cowardly soldier who knowingly abandoned his watch post, left his fellows soldiers vulnerable, sought comfort from the enemy, and recently violated his uniform again by smoking grass at a gathering of potheads while awaiting his court martial proceedings. Our president ( puke) did a group cumbaya hug with his hippie parents at the Rose garden, and extolled the American virtue of leaving no soldier behind. Obama probably had a hookie with them before his press conference. Susan Rice later told us that Bergdahl served admirably ( puke again).
    -- Hillary chose to leave some behind in Benghazi. It was her call. She did it. They died, she lied. Why?
    -- now our Navy leaders are considering filing criminal charges against the Lt. Commander in Tennessee that used his personal weapon to fire on the " son of Islam" that was mowing down our unarmed soldiers. Why? He should be a national hero.
    --we allow thugs and militants to burn down and destroy fragile inner city infrastructure including schools, drug stores, food stores, and churches. Our liberal mayors in NYC, Baltimore, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, etc. have down nothing to protect law abiding folks from these creeps. . We stand down . Why?
    --Obama and Hillary ( puke) have attacked the film makers of the recent Planned Parenthood genocide and organ harvest as " a war on women". Last year PP mutilated almost 1,000,000 little folks with their heartless abortive techniques. Half of those babies were little women . Did you see the short scene where they're moving around these tiny organs and discussing cost per organ ? That's a real war on women. Why are we standing down ?
    --every day Iran issues a new manual ( fatwah ) against the U.S. And Israel. Not only are we standing down , we are assisting them with our actions. Why?

    When you have had enough, please get radical. That's what the MSM calls me and other conservative citizens who speak out, and support opposition to this transformation of our country. Excuse me while I puke.

    Have a great day, TEX


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