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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Pres. Obama's Facebook complicity makes the website a fool's errand
Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Nov. 26, 2013, Updated Mar. 15, 2014, post-Scribd censorship | PDF
Todd Y. Park failed to disclose numerous conflict relationships associated with his business association with Ann H. Lamont, Oak Investments
Fig. 1—Todd Y. Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest. Graphic: Americans For Innovation Contributor.

(Nov. 26, 2013)New evidence proves that President Obama is ethically bound to recuse himself from Obamacare decisions, as should his chief technology officer, Todd Y. Park.

Yesterday, AFI received a copy of the 2006 Senate financial disclosure for Edward M. (“Ned”) Lamont and his wife Ann H. Lamont (CLICK HERE). Investigation into the Lamonts began after discovery of her close business associations with Todd Y. Park.

A Spider's Web

A spider's web of self-dealing and conflicts of interest emerged. See. Fig. 1.
The Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch tell employees to "avoid even the appearance of impropriety." Actual undisclosed conflicts of interest are serious offenses, and demand immediate redress to prevent damage to the body politic.

Park only pretended to divest his conflicts

Massive corruption renders Obamacare and dead on arrival

When President Obama first appointed Park to be chief technology officer (CTO) for Health and Human Services (HHS), the press asked Park about his conflicts of interest as founder, director and lobbyist for Athenahealth. Park promised to sell his $30 million in stock and options. Fair enough.

However, instead of divesting himself of his conflicts in 2009, he doubled down. Chief among Athenahealth’s shareholders were Ann H. Lamont; Lamont's venture firm Oak Investments; venture capitalists Draper Fisher, Cardinal Health and Venrock; and his brother Ed Y. Park.

The price of Todd Y. Park’s soul: $160 million

A year earlier, in Jan. 2008, Park had formed Castlight Health. On Aug. 4, 2009, Park was appointed HHS CTO by President Obama. Then, just 10 months later in Jun. 2010, Park’s private Castlight Health company received a whopping $60 million investment from Morgan Stanley, Oak Investments (Ann H. Lamont), Venrock and the Cleveland Clinic. He received another $100 million in May 2012. T. Rowe Price jumped on the second-round bandwagon.

Park's conflicts are astounding. No less than three of the Athenahealth entities with whom Park had earlier admitted conflicts, were now back on center stage privately funding Castlight Health. Concurrently, Park was designing and developing―without disclosing these conflicts. As troubling, President Obama’s chief adviser on Obamacare, Robert Kocher, MD, joined Venrock and the Castlight Health board of directors, along with Ann H. Lamont, and Facebook’s CFO, David A. Ebersman.

These conflicts were layered on top of Park’s prior association with government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton where he was formerly employed. Booz Allen is the primary subcontractor to contractor CGI Federal. CGI’s senior vice president, Toni Townes-Whitley, is a friend and fellow college alum of Michelle Obama. In any professional public board room, giving preference to friends and family is a conflict of interest on its face. CGI received the $634 million contract without a bid. Such conduct can only be described as audacious impropriety.

In addition, the website claims the social networking technology it uses is "open source," yet fails to disclose that Columbus innovator Leader Technologies proved Facebook guilty on 11 of 11 counts of infringing Leader's patent. Facebook's counter is that it prevailed on an "on-sale bar" verdict. (See previous post.) The on-sale bar verdict was achieved without evidence, and is mired in corruption since all the judges, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, held stock in Facebook during the proceedings.

In yet another layer, Mark Zuckerberg withheld 28 hard drives and Harvard emails from Leader's attorneys, then lied to the court that they were lost. In fact, they were in the possession of Facebook's appeals attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson & Dunn LLP, the entire time, by the admission of Facebook's own experts in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg. The courts have taken no steps to redress this evident misconduct. All Facebook arguments are attorney sophistry, not hard evidence. Clearly, that's all that these corrupt federal judges needed not to rule against Facebook to protect their personal financial interests.

Todd Y. Park works for Facebook; Pres. Obama along for the ride

Researchers discovered late last week that Ann Lamont served as a director of the National Venture Capital Association (NCVA) at the same time as James W. Breyer, Accel Partners (Facebook former director and largest shareholder); Robert C. Ketterson, Fidelity Funds (large Facebook investor); and Anne Rockhold, a previous Vanguard (large Facebook investor) CFO and current Accel Partners CFO. The researchers suspected that direct financial relationships were lurking in the weeds.

The White House and HHS failed to produce Park's financial disclosures, but Ned and Ann Lamont's was located. Lamont ran as the Democratic candidate against Democrat turned Independent Senator Joe Lieberman in the 2006.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Ann H. Lamont and Edward M. Lamont, Jr. Senate Financial Disclosure Report for Candidates 2006, Mar. 06, 2006

Fig. 2—Edward M. ("Ned") Lamont and Ann Huntress Lamont (a.k.a. Ann H. Lamont) Senate Financial Disclosure, 2006. CLICK HERE for a copy of the full 96 page disclosure. Source: U.S. Senate.

The hard proof of Park's conflicting relationships emerged on page 93 of 96. The impropriety of Lamont's failure to disclose the value of these holdings aside, Lamont nonetheless disclosed the names of four venture capital funds owned by Ann H. Lamont, namely:

  1. Meritech Capital Affiliates II, LP.
  2. Meritech Capital Affiliates, LP.
  3. Oak Meritech II, LLC.
  4. Oak Meritech Associates III, LLC.

Venture capitalists use mundane names likes these for their investing entities. The names tend to be variations of "Affiliates," "Associates," "Holdings" along with roman numerals. It is not unusual to see five or ten variants of the same fund in a single round of investing.

Park and Lamont are members of the Facebook Club

In 2004, Lamont’s "Meritech Capital Affiliates, LP" (see No. 2 above) invested with James W. Breyer and many of his partners at Accel Partners in PeopleSupport, Inc. Lamont and Breyer were both National Venture Capital Association directors at the time. These SEC records prove that Lamont and Park are tied to Breyer and other key Facebook interests. In addition, Meritech was a part of the group of Facebook insiders who cashed in over $16 billion of their shares on Day 3 of the Facebook IPO, during the supposed NASDAQ "glitch," before the price plummeted.

Lamont’s portfolio shows 62 Goldman Sachs and 19 JPMorgan Chase investment funds valued at up to $71 million. The portfolio reads like a Who's Who of the Facebook IPO. Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, Microsoft, IBM, even Boston Scientific. All these entities had a vested financial interest in ensuring that Facebook went public years later. This explains the silence from the financial press when Leader Technologies proved in 2010 that Facebook is infringing its patent.

Todd Park's Recusal: Todd Y. Park's broad conflicts of interest dictate that he recuse himself from involvement in Obamacare and
Pres. Obama's Recusal: Due to Michelle's conflicts and the tainted advice of Todd Park and other advisers, President Obama should recuse himself from decision making on Obamacare and The President of the United States must set the example of propriety. Not to disqualify himself is to send the signal that ethics is unimportant.

America’s healthcare data shipped to Sweden

Facebook has a fully operational server center offshore, in Lulea, Sweden ("Inside the Artic Circle, Where Your Facebook Data Lives" by Ashlee Vance, Business Week, Oct. 4, 2013). If we let these people continue to manipulate America's healthcare data, it is certain that America’s private healthcare information will be "liberated" to overseas locations like Sweden, well beyond the reach of U.S. law and accountability. Parable of the wise and foolish builders

Jesus Christ’s parable of the wise and foolish builders comes to mind when considering what must be done with Obamacare and The foolish builder built his house on sand. When the rains came, and the rivers rose, and the winds blew, the house fell with a great crash. Matthew 7:24-29.

Obamacare and have been rendered useless by the massive corruption that began with the Commander in Chief, trickled down through his Chief Technology Officer, flowed through his staff, cabinet, and agencies; it compromised courts and media, and threatens to destabilize American democracy itself. The President's response to this demand for recusal will be telling.

* * *

Friday, November 22, 2013


Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Nov. 22, 2013 | PDF
Insider trading in Facebook stock within the Obama Administration and judiciary
Fig. 1—insider trading at the White House and judiciary.

Essentially, every Cabinet-level agency in the Obama White House has one or more senior leaders who are invested in a Facebook investment scheme that was years in the making by collaborators from the National Venture Capital Association.

Click here to view the underlying data obtained from the Office of Government Ethics, and Judicial Watch., Judicial Watch, Office of Government Ethics logos

Acknowledgements:, Judicial Watch and OGE.

(Nov. 22, 2013)Investigations into the financial holdings of 240 members of the White House cabinet and federal judiciary reveal a corrupt agenda that is likely the cause of Washington's dysfunction, and one which not even Tom Clancy would have written. is merely collateral damage.

The patterns of investing reveal "haves" and "have not's" within the Obama Administration. Tellingly, the vast majority of the "haves" are attorneys. One wonders if administration "have not's" know how they are being manipulated.

Over 70% of these political appointees are invested in the same set of funds featuring Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and TIAA-CREF.

These funds directly and indirectly invested billions in the pre-IPO sale of Facebook insider stock by Goldman Sachs. T. Rowe Price purchased more than 5% of the ownership. TIAA-CREF fund managers were along for the ride, which attracted the many academics planned for the Obama administration.

Fifth column: A fifth column is a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or a besieged city, from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Source: Wikipedia.

This activity pumped Facebook’s valuation dramatically. By comparison, according to Reuters (Aug. 27, 2009) the combined market shares of the two largest funds, Fidelity and Vanguard, was 23.4% in 2009.

The analysis proves that these insiders invested disproportionately into this set of funds―almost three times the funds’ actual market share proportions.  What did this group know that others did not?

Billions were also invested by Goldman Sachs’ Russian oligarch partner, Alisher Usmanov. Months earlier, Goldman and Morgan Stanley had received some $30 billion in bailout funds overseen by National Economic Council chairman Lawrence “Larry” Summers.

Summers is Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl K. Sandberg’s long-time business mentor and former boss at the World Bank and U.S. Treasury. Morgan Stanley told Senator Chuck Grassley that they sent over $5 billion overseas. AFI believes these funds were leveraged in foreign banks, including Dubai where the Russians operate, and returned to purchase the Facebook stock.  

SEC, Commerce, supreme court are all in

Focusing on 32 of the more interesting senior Washington officials (Fig. 1), 26 are attorneys who are one of the following: judge, chief counsel or the head of an agency. Commerce Secretary Rebecca M. Blank holds 40 funds. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts holds 21, Eric H. Holder holds 25 and Leader v. Facebook Federal Circuit chief judge Alan D. Lourie holds 22. AFI has compiled the 240 holdings by agency (CLICK HERE).

Why didn’t the SEC, FBI and Justice Department investigate this unprecedented private market making that makes Bernie Madoff look like a schoolboy? The answer is:  Because senior leaders of those agencies were in on the scheme.  SEC Chair Mary L. Shapiro holds 49 of these funds.

SEC Shapiro's chief counsel, Thomas J. Kim, a former attorney for Latham & Watkins LLP, issued the unprecedented exemption from the 500-shareholder rule that Goldman used to make the private stock market in Facebook shares. Kim did not disclose his conflict of interest with Facebook, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners or his former employer. By the way, even FBI  director Robert S. Meuller holds 13 funds.

Post dotcom blues motivated the support for Breyer's scheme

National Venture Capital Association logo

National Venture Capital Assocation Collusion

Certain NVCA directors traded on secret promises to Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and TIAA-CREF investors to inflate Facebook’s pre-IPO valuation.

NCVA directors associated with Facebook:

  • James W. Breyer―NCVA director and chairman, 1999-2005; Accel Partners LLP, managing director; Facebook director, chairman, largest investor; IDG-Accel China director, along with his secretive father and Chinese venture capitalist, John P. Breyer; Wal-Mart director until resignation after the Mexican corruption scandal.
  • Robert C. Ketterson, NCVA director, 2003-2008; Breyer investing partner in deals; Fidelity fund manager.
  • Anne Rockhold, NCVA director and chairman, 2008-2013; Vanguard chief financial officer; Accel Partners chief financial officer.
  • Ann H. Lamont, NCVA director, 2001-2005; Oak Investments director; AthenaHealth director and investor; Castlight Health director and investor; Todd Y. Park, U.S. chief technology officer investing partner; David A. Ebersman. Facebook chief financial officer deal partner; David Y. Park, brother of Todd Y. Park, AthenaHealth chief operating officer partner.
  • Latham & Watkins LLP, NCVA chief Washington lobbyist; former employer of Thomas J. Kim, SEC Chief Counsel; current employer of Matthew J. Moore, husband of Leader v. Facebook federal judge Kimberly A. Moore; James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP attorney.

Fig. 2—National Venture Capital Association Principals who conspired to build perhaps the largest patent property theft and stock manipulation scheme in the history of the United States.

Sources NCVA, Financial Press, SEC-EDGAR,, Judicial Watch and OGE.

Researchers wondered why such prominent funds as Fidelity, Vanguard and T. Rowe and TIAA-CREF would become entangled in this scheme. What was their end game? The answer is they wanted more tech investing opportunities. Tech investments provided good returns, and they needed to feed their investors who had become accustomed to the high returns from tech.

These funds looked to the National Venture Capital Association (NCVA) for their next big deals.

NCVA Chairman James W. Breyer saw this insatiable appetite and devised a grand scheme.

Breyer had to steal technology and manipulate markets to prime the pump

Breyer hatched a plan to steal a hot new invention by Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. that he had learned about from his attorney, Fenwick & West LLP (also Leader's attorney).

He would select a pliable Harvard student and fabricate a budding "next Bill Gates" story around this guy. He'd build a new platform around the stolen technology, call it Facebook, and recruit the PayPal Mafia to coach and fund the kid. It was dumb luck that the kid was a pathological liar (not a normal character flaw in 19-year old Harvard students; that comes later with experience).

Breyer knew he needed institutional investors in his Facebook creation before he took it public. So, he got his fellow NCVA directors from Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe and TIAA-CREF to agree to eventually invest in Facebook. In the meantime, he would get his friends to invest in these funds immediately, with the sure knowledge (wink, wink) that these funds would come into a windfall in the coming years (four years later) when Facebook went public. The windfall would float all boats in these funds.

Fund investments keep judges, regulators and media cooperative

Collateral benefits of this insider trading include: (1) the elite group invited to invest would keep their mouths shut, and (2) they would do favors for Breyer. Fix lawsuits. Suppress journalists. Destroy and conceal evidence. Plant false stories. Fabricate evidence. Get expert witnesses to lie. File criminal charges to stop civil cases against Zuckerberg (Ceglia v. Zuckerberg). Waive off the public's privacy complaints. All such conduct is cannon fodder for the corrupt.

Several of these favors have included concealing Zuckerberg's 28 hard drives and Harvard emails from Leader Technologies' attorneys; stipulating to his judge-investors (Lourie, Moore, Wallach, Rader, Horbaly) in Leader v. Facebook that Facebook attorneys be allowed to dictate the outcome; and ordering Patent Office director David J. Kappos to try killing Leader’s patent by administrative dictate.

Stock manipulation is illegal. If the SEC and judiciary are complicit, who will enforce the constitution?

Does this scheme sound too good to be true? It is. This kind of stock manipulation by insiders is illegal. For example, a corporate officer who knows about a pending public offering cannot tell his family and friends about the upcoming sale so they can buy in while the price is low.

However, this is exactly what Breyer and these administration officials have done and continue to do. Sometime before 2008, Breyer encouraged them to invest in his colleague’s funds with the promise certain (wink, wink) that all the skids were greased to create the largest tech IPO in history.

Washington’s dysfunction is caused by this hidden agenda of Facebook interests

Now we know why Washington is dysfunctional.

The hidden agenda of these Facebook interests has destabilized Washington. Nothing is what it seems since the real agenda is never on the table. Obama officials are looking out for their personal Facebook investments at every turn.

Todd Y. Park, U.S. CTO, testified before the House Oversight Committee about the website failures of, Nov. 13, 2013
Fig. 3—Todd Y. Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Park testified on Nov. 13, 2013 before the House Oversight Committee. Park gave vague answers and pretended not to know who made the decision to take the website lives on Oct. 1, 2013. Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (CA-49th) presented documents showing that the website had failed basic security tests, so an outside contractor recommended a delay.

Click here to jump to the previous post.

AFI investigators have dug into Park's background and discovered massive conflicts of interest and direct relationships with the Facebook Club. These relationships certainly prevented him from doing his job impartially. Instead of diligently overseeing the development of, Park seems to have preferred being cheerleader-in-chief for government data giveaway events like "Datapalooza." When asked by Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-4th) where he'd been prior to Oct. 1, Park misled the Committee into thinking he'd had no prior responsibility for the the website, when in fact, he had been the chief technology officer at HHS since Apr. 4, 2009. Photo: C-SPAN.

This agenda comes into focus when we observe U.S. CTO Todd Y. Park's priorities. Instead of making the website development and implementation his number one priority, he busied himself with giving away government data in the "Open Health Data Initiative," and HHS "Datapalooza."

Then, Park lied to the House Oversight Committee about his role in developing (See previous post.)

For President Obama to put Todd Y. Park in charge of the tech surge, when Park created the mess, is either incompetence or intentional. AFI believes this is an intentional act by a President who is favoring his Facebook interests, not America's.

Apparently, Facebook interests are hell bent to get access to all of America's most private health and personal data. And, we have a President dedicated to letting them have it.

* * *

More angles to this scandal:

  • How these Facebook interests were used as "influence currency" to help win the 2008 and 2009 presidential elections for Barack Obama.
  • Why the debacle may be a smokescreen for more Facebook hacker data theft. What is stored in Facebook’s data center in Lulea, Sweden?
  • How the personal data collected by the Facebook Club is used to manipulate elections.
  • How a dozen law firms and bar associations have corrupted American constitutional democracy, namely:

    1. American Inns of Court
    2. Blank Rome LLP
    3. Cooley Godward LLP
    4. DC Bar Association
    5. Federal Circuit Bar Association
    6. Fenwick & West LLP
    7. Gibson Dunn LLP
    8. Latham & Watkins LLP
    9. National Intellectual Property Law Association/Institute
    10. Perkins Coie LLP
    11. Weil Gotshal LLP
    12. White & Case LLP

  • How the Justice Department's $13 billion ostensible settlement with J.P. Morgan Chase is more Facebook Club self-dealing.
  • Constitutional remedies for justice when both the Executive and Judicial Branches are corrupt.
  • Leader Technologies Inventor Protection Act.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Park misled the House Oversight Committee about his knowledge and role in

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Jan. 27, 2015 | PDF
Todd Y. Park, U.S. CTO, testified before the House Oversight Committee about the website failures of, Nov. 13, 2013
Fig. 1—Todd Y. Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Park testified on Nov. 13, 2013 before the House Oversight Committee. Park gave vague answers and pretended not to know who made the decision to take the website lives on Oct. 1, 2013. Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (CA-49th) presented documents showing that the website had failed basic security tests, so an outside contractor recommended a delay.

AFI investigators have dug into Park's background and discovered massive conflicts of interest and direct relationships with the Facebook Club. These relationships certainly prevented him from doing his job impartially. Instead of diligently overseeing the development of, Park seems to have preferred being cheerleader-in-chief for government data giveaway events like "Datapalooza." When asked by Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-4th) where he'd been prior to Oct. 1, Park misled the Committee into thinking he'd had no prior responsibility for the the website, when in fact, he had been the chief technology officer at HHS since Apr. 4, 2009. Photo: C-SPAN.

(Nov. 15, 2013)―To hear Todd Park tell it, he didn’t know who decided to take live after it failed critical security and volume tests. But, Park is only the chief technology officer of the United States.

As a matter of fact, Henry Chao didn’t know either, and he’s only the deputy director and deputy chief information officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

On Nov. 14, President Obama said he didn't even know there was a problem. He's only the President, and this is only his signature legislation.

Incompetence? We don't think so.

* * *

On Nov. 13, two of America’s top healthcare technologists, Todd Y. Park and Henry Chao, testified before the House Oversight Committee about the botched roll out.

Henry Chao, Deputy Director and Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), testified before the House Oversight Committee about the website failures of, Nov. 13, 2013
Fig. 2—Henry Chao, Deputy Director and Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Mr. Chao testified on Nov. 13, 2013 before the House Oversight Committee. Chao claims he did not know that the HealthCare.,gov website had failed a basic security test before allowing it to go live. Chao, like Todd Park, claimed not to know who made the decision to go live. Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4th) stated that he believed the decision was political, not technical, and that it came from White House advisers Nancy-Ann M. DeParle and Jeanne Lambrew.

DeParle and Lambrew are believed to be the same White House operatives who ordered the IRS to target the Tea Party, but have so far refused to testify. Also surprising was the revelation that neither Chao nor Park insisted that the launch be stopped, since no end-to-end system testing had been done. Even rookie project managers know better. These omissions are beyond incompetence and point to willfulness. Photo: C-SPAN.

Park and Chao danced around even the most basic questions. How long will it take to fix? How much will it cost? Who’s in charge? Do you need help?

Instead, they dished up non-committal technobabble like “software development is an iterative process” and “security testing is never done,” and perhaps the best one was “Microsoft is still fixing Windows XP.”

Rep. Gowdy: “Where in the heck were you for the first 184 weeks?” Click here for Rep. Gowdy C-SPAN segment

Park is the new leader of President Obama’s “tech surge.” His first administration appointment was back in 2009 when he was appointed as chief technology officer at the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department on Aug. 4, 2009.[01] Three days later, Aneesh Chopra was appointed as the first U.S. CTO on Aug. 7, 2009. This means that Park oversaw the complete design and development of before being appointed chief technology officer at the White House on Mar. 9, 2012.[02]

Representative Trey Gowdy (South Carolina-4th) asked Park why he was only just now being consulted to perform the tech equivalent of triage. Rep. Gowdy asked, “Where in the heck were you for the first 184 weeks [after the passage of the Affordable Care Act.]” He continued, “Why didn’t they bring you in to build it?”[03]

Todd Y. Park misled Congress

Todd Park responded, “That wasn't part of my role.” This answer is misdirection on numerous fronts, but we’ll focus on two.

Fig. 3—Video Clip of Todd Y. Park's Nov. 13, 2013 testimony before the House Oversight Committee on the website failures. (Mr. Park was hired by HHS to build it in the first place. It was indeed his role.) See Fig. 4 below. CLICK HERE to view this clip directly at C-SPAN. Source: C-SPAN.
Todd Y. Park, US CTO; HHS CTO; founder of athenahealth and Castlight Health
Fig. 4—Todd Y. Park, U.S. CTO, HHS CTO, founder athenahealth and Castlight Health

First, Todd Y. Park is the CTO of the United States. It is his job to oversee America’s technology infrastructure, and most assuredly his boss’ signature healthcare legislation.

Second, before coming to the White House, Todd Y. Park was CTO of the Health & Human Services Department since Aug. 4, 2009.[01] Therefore, Park was in charge of the planning and development of all HHS technology, including

Development of was, indeed, Todd Y. Park’s direct responsibility at HHS (John P. Holdren, White House Press Release, Mar. 9, 2012: "He led the successful execution of an array of breakthrough initiatives, including the creation of").[04] Further, even when he came to the White House on Mar. 9, 2012,common sense says that oversight of the implementation of the President’s signature legislation would consume him, night and day, until it was right for the American people.

White House Blog. (Mar. 09, 2012). Todd Park Named New U.S. Chief Technologies Officer
Fig. 5—White House Mar. 9, 2012 announcement of Todd Y. Park's appointment as U.S. chief technology officer by President Obama. Among Park's successes touted is[02] Source: The White House, accessed Nov. 18, 2013.

Instead, it appears that Park busied himself giving away chunks of government “big data” through initiatives like "Health Data Liberation,", The Health Data Initiative and HHS “Datapalooza.” That’s the real name. It is not a typo or joke. Is this sophomoric name a Freudian choice that betrays Park's true views about healthcare privacy and security?[05]

Park’s evident priority was giving away government data under whatever Orwellian guise worked.  Coincidentally, this data feeds his venture capital business partners with new business opportunities. In videos of these events, Park appears more like a cheerleader than a sober minded person concerned about securing America’s healthcare.

Todd Y. Park's incestuous associations

Given Park’s untruthful and misleading House Oversight Committee testimony, AFI investigators began digging into Park’s background. In summary, a nest of interlocking conflicts of interest emerged. In short, Park has been feathering his business interests ever since he and his colleagues started working for the Obama White House.

Robert Kocher MD Ann Huntress Lamont David A. Ebersman, CFO, Facebook
Robert Kocher, MD
Athenahealth, Dir.
Castlight Health, Dir.
White House, Special Assistant for Healthcare Reform

Photo: Univ. of Washington
Ann H. Lamont
Oak Investments
Athenahealth, Dir.
Castlight Health, Dir.
National Venture Capital Assoc., Dir. (2001-2005)

Photo: Stanford Univ.
David A. Ebersman
Facebook, CFO
Castlight Health, Dir.

Photo:J. Sullivan/Getty Images
Table 1. Obama tech chief Todd Y. Park's business partners at Athenahealth, Castlight Health, Booz Allen, the National Venture Capital Association, Cleveland Clinic and Boston Scientific cast long conflicts of interest shadows over all of Todd Y. Park's actions as U.S. CTO. None of these conflicts were disclosed to the American people.

Park has started two healthcare companies named Athenahealth (ATHN) and Castlight Health, Inc. SEC and other public records show that three people play prominently in Park’s companies, namely Robert Kocher, MD, Ann Huntress Lamont, and David A. Ebersman (Facebook CFO).

Park’s Castlight company has received $160 million of venture funding from Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, Oak Investment Partners, Venrock, Wellcome Trust, US Venture Partners, Maverick Capital, and oddly, Cleveland Clinic.

AFI readers will recognize members of the Facebook Club in this list, namely Ebersman, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price and the Cleveland Clinic. Leader Technologies was conducting a confidential clinical trial of their new invention at the Cleveland Clinic with Boston Scientific in late 2003, just a few months before Facebook went live on Feb. 4, 2004. According to new testimony, Zuckerberg and Co. secretly received a copy of Leader Technologies' actual source code via Leader's attorneys, who were tipped off by Boston Scientific and the Cleveland Clinic that it was ready. This Cleveland Clinic involvement is a telling outlier, and yet another in a long list of Leader v. Facebook "coincidences."

Todd Y. Park worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a healthcare consultant prior to 1997. Booz Allen was hired by Canada-based CGI Federal to help build CGI Federal received $678 million in no-bid contract funds, which are described in government documents as having been acquired by “full and open competition.”  Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, is senior vice president of CGI Federal.

Since Park was the CTO of HHS when the decision to hire his former employer, Booz Allen, was made, this is an evident and undisclosed conflict of interest according to the Standards of Ethics governing the Executive Branch. This doesn’t even address the impropriety of hiring a company whose Executive VP is a former classmate of the President’s wife.

Fig. 6—Robert Kocher at a meeting with President Obama. Facing the camera, from left, are Peter Orszag, Nancy-Ann Deparle, Kocher, Jason Fuhrman, Phil Schilero and President Obama. Zeke Emanuel and Gene Spearling are seen from the back. Photo: Univ. of Washington.

Park’s business partner, Robert Kocher, MD, joined the Obama White House in 2008 as Special Assistant for Health Care Reform. Strangely, neither Park’s and Kocher’s financial disclosures are available from the Office of Government Ethics, where even Hillary Clinton’s is available.

Nevertheless, AFI was able to obtain a copy of Robert Kocher’s 2009 disclosure from the Wall Street Journal where we find the same major investing in certain Facebook-friendly funds that include Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Janus, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Blackrock.  

These are the same funds that are invested in by the Leader v. Facebook judges John G. Roberts, Elena Kegan, Leonard P. Stark, Alan D. Lourie, Evan J. Wallach, Randall R. Rader, Jan Horbaly (Federal Circuit Executive), Stephen C. Siu, David J. Kappos, Kimberly A. Moore, and a clutch of law firms closely associated both with Facebook and the Obama administration (Cooley, Gibson, Fenwick, Orrick, Weil, Latham, Blank, White, FCBA, DC Bar). Further, AFI investigators are now discovering this same investing pattern from numerous members of the Obama White House cabinet.

Robert Kocher, MD and Todd Y. Park helped establish the Obamacare agenda from the beginning. For example, Kocher helped moderate the White House Forum on Health Reform on Mar. 5, 2009 along with Zeke Emanuel, Peter Orszag, Nancy-Ann DeParle and Larry Summers (See Fig. 3). Todd Park also figures prominently in these gatherings. President Obama gave the opening remarks. Click here for C-SPAN video of this conference. Neither Park nor Kocher have ever disclosed these evident conflicts of interest.

Todd Y. Parks’ relationship to Ann H. Lamont. Lamont was a fellow director in Athenahealth on Mar. 2, 2009. Lamont is also a director in Park’s Castlight Health, along with Kocher, and also along with Facebook’s CFO Ebersman. According to, in addition to Parks’ personal influence, his Athenahealth company paid $1.235 million to lobby HHS between 2009-2013. Park’s and Kocher’s company, Athenahealth, as well as director Ebersman’s company, Facebook, stood to benefit from Park's and Kocher's influence. This is the definition of conflicts of interest, and is against the law.

Lamont is also managing partner of the venture capital firm Oak Investments. Oak helped provide $160 million for Todd Y. Park to build Castlight. Castlight’s website says:

“Castlight Health delivers the solution to enable employers and health plans to lower the cost of health care and provide individuals unbiased pricing and quality information to make smart health care purchase decisions.”

Call us crazy, but doesn’t Castlight’s mission sound like the sales pitch?

Robert Kocher ran interference so Park could be savior

Todd Y. Park does not disclose his conflicts of interest with Robert Kocher, Ann H. Lamont, Facebook, Athenahealth or Castlight. Neither does Park disclose his conflicts of interest with Oak Investments, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, Vanguard, Janus, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs nor Blackrock—all companies poised to benefit swimmingly from Obamacare.

Robert Kocher, MD, does not disclose his conflicts of interest with the same players. followed no well-accepted I/T industry development standards and processes (See AFI Commenter's Summary). Its failure is filled with incompetence and telegraphs misdirection. But there is a logical explanation. It has been contrived, just like the 2008 bailout crisis, the Leader v Facebook whitewash, the Facebook IPO NASDAQ glitch, the collosal green energy stimulus failures, and now this. The regularity is now a pattern that telegraphs intent.

Nancy-Ann M. DeParle runs interference for Boston Scientific and Cleveland Clinic in Leader v. Facebook

Nancy-Ann M DeParle is another Harvard attorney and a long time Obama White House insider in charge of health reform. She was formerly a senior adviser for J.P. Morgan and Administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) (now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services—CMS—where Henry Chao is the Deputy CIO now). Her pedigree is deeply embedded in the Facebook Club. She was a Boston Scientific director when she came to the White House. Boston Scientific is implicated, along with Cleveland Clinic, a Todd Y. Park investor, in the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention.

Tellingly, DeParle’s financial disclosure exhibits the same obsessive investing patterns as all the other Facebook Club members. Analysis of the 28 Mark Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard emails that were unlawfully withheld from Leader Technologies in Leader v. Facebook would prove this. However, as long as this matter is overseen by a complicit Justice Department, including Chief Justice Roberts, justice will not be served by them.

Obama's CTO Aneesh Chopra courting Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Aug 2, 2011, Silicon Valley Business Leaders Attend Meeting Of President's Council On Jobs
Fig. 7—Obama's 1st chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra (L) (Todd Y. Park's predecessor) courted Facebook's chief operating officer

Pres. Obama "likes" all things Facebook. Nov. 22, 2008—three days after Leader Technologies sued Facebook for patent infringement. Photo: Ghanbari AP.
Sheryl K. Sandberg (R) at his White House event titled "Silicon Valley Business Leaders Attend Meeting Of President's Council On Jobs" On Aug. 2, 2011.

Pres. Obama has confiscated the invention of Columbus innvoator Leader Technologies for the benefit of his cronies at Facebook, Obama for America, Chopra/Park's "Datapaoolza" HHS giveaway, a big FB IPO payday for his friends who got him elected, electioneering manipulation, as well as Photo: Zimbio.

The Facebook Club is running the show

Turning back to Ann Lamont, she was a director of the National Venture Capital Association between 2001-2005, an NCVA official confirmed yesterday. Facebook’s former chairman and largest shareholder, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP, also served as an NCVA director between 1999 and 2004. Fidelity Fund’s Robert C. Ketterson also served as a fellow NCVA director under Breyer’s chairmanship during the theft of Leader Technologies’ invention by Facebook in late 2003-2004.

Lamont’s close relationship to James W. Breyer and Robert C. Ketterson ties her to Facebook and Fidelity Funds―all members of the Facebook Club, and thus to the compromised Leader v. Facebook federal judges, Patent Office examiners and judges, as well as numerous members of the White House cabinet who have benefited from their insider tips to invest in certain funds before the Facebook IPO.

Ned and Ann Lamont
Fig. 8—Ned and Ann Lamont celebrate his 2006 Democratic primary victory over Senator Joe Lieberman. Senator Lieberman turned independent and won the election. Lamont's father is a Harvard economist, and his grandfather was CEO of J.P. Morgan & Co. Lamont is a 4th generation Harvard graduate. Is this photo eerily reminiscent of the closing scene in the movie The Manchurian Candidate? Photo: Fred Beckham -- Associated Press.

More Facebook Club members emerge from Lamont’s husband, Edward M. (“Ned”) Lamont, Jr. Ned, Jr. is a fourth generation Harvard grad. Ned Sr. is a Harvard economist and colleague of Larry Summers. Ned's grandfather was Thomas W. Lamont who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and CEO of J.P. Morgan & Co. during the Great Depression when stock manipulation ran wild.

The Lamonts and Lawrence "Larry" Summers, as economists and bankers, certainly know how to manipulate markets, governments and economies for personal gain and powermongering. This violates the most fundamental code of ethics among economists: do no harm.

Lamont’s financial disclosure from his failed attempt in 2006 to unseat Senator Joe Lieberman reveals a close relationship to Goldman Sachs, a prime mover behind this global corruption.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, right, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ask a Kremlin staffer to take a photo of them on their cell phones after the meeting at the Gorki residence outside Moscow, Russia, Monday, Oct. 1, 2012. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko
Fig. 9—Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Hacker / thief Mark Zuckerberg, Gorki, Russia, Oct. 1, 2012. The Facebook Club is selling America's sovereignty to the highest bidder while they hide behind willing juvenile delinquents.
OBAMA to MEDVEDEV: ''After my election I have more flexibility.'' South Korean Summit, Mar. 26, 2012. Video: The Guardian
Fig. 9.1—OBAMA to MEDVEDEV: "After my election I have more flexibility" South Korean Summit, Mar. 26, 2012. Video: The Guardian.

Russian oligarchs and second largest Facebook stockholders Alisher Usmanov and Yuri Milner collaborate with the Kremlin. They have already fleeced the U.S. stock market out of billions. Their Moscow partners include Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Harvard economics professor and former Obama bailout chief Lawrence "Larry" Summers has been Milner's and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's mentor and boss since he was the chief economist for the World Bank in 1992.

Todd K. Park's Datapalooza! ::: Your "HEalth Data Liberation"[05]

Facebook's first foreign server farm rests on Arctic Circle. Mercury News, Jun. 12, 2013
Fig. 8.2—Facebook Server Farm in Luleau, Sweden. Arguing that the location saves energy costs (its colder) and backs up other servers, these servers are also capable of storing much if not all of America's healthcare information, outside the jurisdication of U.S. law. Photo: Susanne Lindholm.
Zuckerberg was likely in Moscow coordinating programming efforts with Milner's math and physics cronies at Moscow State University. The computer science lab there is a breeding ground for viruses and trojan horses that exploit computers globally. MSU's long term goal is to secretly control global financial transactions and to siphon funds for themselves and the government, while disrupting competitors' transactions.

Many economists blame Summers for doing harm and using his influence at the World Bank to force the disasterous Russian voucher system that gave birth to the massively corrupt Russian oligarchs. He appears to be cashing in on those corrupt relationships. Pictured here, Summers sent a boy to front for him—a boy that he fabricated with the help of the PayPal Mafia and massive Harvard Crimson coverage in 2003-2004 while he was President of Harvard, we believe. Photo: AP/Alex. Zemlianichenko.

James W. Breyer’s father, John P. Breyer, runs enormous venture capital funds in China and India, where son James is increasingly spending his time and energy, while he simultaneously publicly disses U.S. venture investing.

Larry Summers collaborates with Russian oligarchs Alisher Usmanov and Yuri Milner, as well as Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. Summers has been Milner’s and Sandberg’s mentor since his World Bank days as chief economist starting in 1992. At Harvard, then Professor Summers tutored student Sandberg starting in about 1990.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (beneficiaries of $33 billion in U.S. taxpayer bailout funds) were partnered with these Russians, and probably sent them billions of these funds to leverage so that they could funnel it back through banking havens like Dubai ( had an office there—a large Facebook investor) as private purchases of pre-IPO Facebook shares.

These actions inflated Facebook's valuation to $100 billion—stock also held by all the Leader v. Facebook judges, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, who was the swing vote on Obamacare.

A reasonable person can only conclude from this incestuous web of interconnections that Obamacare is nothing short of a power grab on a global scale—a power grab funded by multiple scams against the U.S. taxpayer (bailout, stimulus, Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption, FB IPO, "Health Data Liberation," HHS "Datapalooza,", in which the American President is a mere chess piece.

* * *


[01]Todd Y. Park appointed HHS CTO, Aug. 4, 2009. Donnelly, J. (Aug. 04, 2009). Athenahealth founder named HHS CTO. Boston Business Journal.

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[04] White House Confirms was Todd Y. Park's responsibility.White House. (Mar. 09, 2012). Todd Park Named New U.S. Chief Technology Officer [Press release]. Barack Obama. White House Press Office.

("For nearly three years, Todd has served as CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he was a hugely energetic force for positive change. He led the successful execution of an array of breakthrough initiatives, including the creation of, the first website to provide consumers with a comprehensive inventory of public and private health insurance plans available across the Nation by zip code in a single, easy-to-use tool.")(emphasis added).

[05] White House Priority: Datapalooza "Health Data Liberation."Park, T., Sivak, B. (Jun. 07, 2013). Health Datapalooza IV Tops Off a Huge Year in Health Data Liberation & Innovation. White House.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Ethics disclosures reveal financial links between Obama’s tech wonks and Facebook; the WONKS have both bailed out

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Jun. 27, 2013 | PDF
Tech Wonk Collusion at the White House

Aneesh Chopra and David J. Kappos singing the praises of the American Invents Act
Fig. 1—Criminals in the act: Aneesh Chopra, U.S. CTO, and David J. Kappos, U.S. Patent Office, collaborated on The America Invests Act, thus showing their evidently close association. What they failed to disclose to the American people is their cooperation with The Facebook Club, prior to their appointments, and their exploitation of major funds like Fidelity and Vanguard to buy political loyalty and silence about the corrupt election-rigging and personal data collection schemes that are so undermining the OBAMACARE website currently.

These men also do not disclose that they have confiscated the social networking invention of Columbus-based innovator, Leader Technologies, while they hypocritically sing the praises of innovators like Leader whom they are abusing in this very video. Video: The White House, Sep. 16, 2011.[4]

David J. Kappos is the former long time inside intellectual property counsel at IBM. James P. Chandler, III, Leader Technologies' patent counsel, was IBM's chief outside intellectual property counsel at the time of the theft of Leader Technologies invention by Chandler. [4]

(Nov. 8, 2013)—Working on the assumption “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” AFI investigators have dug further into the claim of the Obamacare Privacy Policy that the software platform is “open source.” Open source essentially means that the software is free to use without compensating the inventors.

Obamacare even names Facebook as one of their open sources. However, Facebook is using technology stolen from Columbus innovator, Leader Technologies. Leader proved this in federal court on 11 of 11 claims.

To make matters worse, the federal justice system, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, fabricated arguments for Facebook, abused due process, ignored well-settled precedent and circled the wagons to ensure that Facebook did not lose the case.

Chief Justice Roberts himself holds 11 Fidelity Fund investments, and he mentors Facebook's appeals attorneys, Gibson Dunn LLP. Facebook's largest shareholder and director, James W. Breyer, is a long-time business partner with Fidelity's Robert Ketterson. None of these conflicts were disclosed in Leader v. Facebook. This is the same Chief Justice who shocked the nation by crossing the aisle to support Obamacare, raising suspicions of undue influence.

An AFI commenter several days ago discovered that President Obama’s first Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Aneesh Chopra, presents himself as both a healthcare and open source expert. Strangely, even though Chopra established the healthcare tech agenda for this administration as America’s first CTO, he bailed on his boss’s signature legislation on Jan. 27, 2012, ostensibly to campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia. He lost the primary on June 12, 2013.

Kappos' mission was to kill Leader Technologies’ patent

Chopra’s Senate confirmation hearing was on May 19, 2009.[1] He was confirmed just a few days later on May 21, 2009. Three weeks later, on Jun. 18, 2009, President Obama announced his intention to nominate David J. Kappos to be director of the U.S. Patent Office. Kappos’ Senate hearing was on Jul. 29, 2009 before the summer recess. Then, in a surprise move, on Aug. 7, 2009, Obama confirmed Kappos during the summer recess―without public notice.

Investigators started looking for linking relationships between Chopra[2] and Kappos[3] in their financial disclosures. They discovered that both men had substantial investments in Vanguard Funds. In addition, Chopra had substantial investments in Fidelity Funds. Both Funds invested heavily in Facebook before the IPO.

David J. Kappos' 2009 Executive Branch Financial Disclosure

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: David J. Kappos, OGE Form 278 Financial Disclosure, May 16, 2010

David J. Kappos 2008 financial disclosure
Fig. 2—U.S. Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos' public financial disclosure report.

The report reveals that Kappos withheld from the Senate his intention to dump $500,000-$1.2 million of his IBM holdings to purchase as many shares in funds controlled by VangUArd FUNDS. Vanguard is now identified as a key member of the Facebook Cartel, organized and controlled by Lawrence Summers, soon to be Obama's National Economic Council Director; and James W. Breyer, Accel Partners managing partner, as well as Facebook's largest shareholder and chairman. Breyer was also chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (c.a. 2003-2005) at the time of theft of Leader Technologies' invention by Facebook. Leader and Accel Partners then shared a law firm—Fenwick & West LLP and its Managing Partner, Gordon K. Davidson, who had Leader's source code and tipped off the Club.

How many bankers and lawyers does it take to corrupt a democracy?

Follow the money

Kappos’ 2009 government ethics financial disclosure is a handwritten mess. Important information is omitted. For example, he discloses that he received salaries from unidentified "Pro Bono Partnerships" (how does one receive income from pro bono activity?), but discloses neither the names of those partnerships nor the amounts received. He also discloses the sale of one of his three properties, valued between $3-15 million total, but fails to identify the amount of the income from the sale, presumably $1-5 million.

Most telling, Kappos obscures the timing of his sale of IBM holdings and purchases of Vanguard Funds, making it difficult to see the timeline. However, AFI investigators have broken it down and provided important Leader v. Facebook context.

What becomes readily apparent is that Kappos’ involvement in the Facebook Club was late to the game, probably made necessary because of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement litigation, which Facebook was losing.

Chopra was already under the Facebook Club tent. By mid-2009 he had already purchased his Vanguard Funds. Evidently, Kappos, too, was instructed to invest somewhere between $516,000 and $1,115,000 in Vanguard funds, soon after he was confirmed by President Obama. However, Kappos had to sell his IBM holdings to do it, which he started a week after his confirmation.

Deceiving the Senate: No Kappos disclosure of intent to dramatically alter his holdings immediately after the hearing

Kappos did not disclose to the Senate his intention to sell his substantial IBM holdings and purchase substantial holdings in one fund, Vanguard. This lack of disclosure alone is grounds for sanction. Such transactions would have surely raised red flags. Clearly, Kappos and his Facebook Club handlers were intent on concealing these conflicts of interest from the Senate.

According to Kappos' financial disclosure, between Aug. 19-2009 and Oct. 20, 2009, he sold between $450,000 and $1,315,000 of his IBM holdings to raise the cash which he used to purchase his Vanguard holdings, all on Oct. 27, 2009. He also sold one of his three multi-million dollar houses, but failed to disclose his income from that sale. Note is also taken of Kappos' laughable "IRA Rollover" note next to each Vanguard transaction entry, as if this note mollifies the outrageous lack of forthrightness to the Senate.

Facebook’s backdoor attempt to circumvent the U.S. Constitution

The ink was not dry on Kappos' multiple million dollar property sale when Facebook's attorneys in Leader v. Facebook, namely White & Case LLP / Cooley Godward LLP, filed for a patent reexamination 95/001,261 of Leader's patent at the U.S. Patent Officer—where Kappos was now their inside man with the authority to kill patents by special order, coercion and abuse of patent examiners.

Since then, Leader has won two reexaminations. In other words, no matter how hard they tried, Facebook could not convince the patent examiner, Deandra Hughes, that their arguments were valid. After those failures, Kappos himself order an unprecedented 3rd reexamination before he resigned.

In the meantime, Kappos started his own USPTO Facebook Page and made hundreds of posts, including pictures of himself, and he encouraged his 10,000+ Patent Office employees to visit it daily. This impropriety is a clear breach of the ethics rules against judge bias.

Judge Stephen C. Siu, US Patent Office Fig. 3Stephen C. Siu, Patent Judge, was assigned by former Director David J. Kappos as one of three judges to oversee the unprecedented 3rd reexamination of Leader Technologies' patent. The justification is based on worn out Facebook technical arguments on which they have lost three times.

Siu was formerly employed by IBM and Microsoft, yet failed to disclose these conflicts of interest.

Leader's attorneys say they have never seen this conduct from the Patent Office in their careers.

Examiner Deandra Hughes lost her nerve recently, and acquiesced to the pressure from her bosses to reverse her long held opinions. Leader's attorneys have countered. Photo: Stephen C. Siu's LinkedIn Profile.

This 3rd reexamination saw the appointment of Stephen C. Siu as chief judge. Problem is, Siu did not disclose his conflict of interest either. He formerly worked for Microsoft—one of Facebook's largest shareholders. Microsoft is also on the "Leaders Circle" at the Federal Circuit Bar Association—whose judges' corrupt decision Facebook is trying to get Siu to rubber stamp. Leader’s attorneys have deflected this attack, at least for now.

Sadly, examiner Hughes succumbed to Kappos’ pressure, reversed herself, and went along with trying to invalidate Leader’s whole patent. Leader’s attorneys responded with changes that the Patent Office is procedurally bound to evaluate, so that battle continues.

"Open Source" in Aneesh Chopra’s dreams

Chopra came to the Obamacare website planning with a desire to use only open source software. His Facebook handlers want him to build all sorts of hooks into Facebook “to enhance user experience.” Hopefully, the American public is finally waking up to these Orwellian deceptions.

The personal-data-domination-at-all-costs schemes of the Facebook Club will not be stopped by LEader's constitutional property rights, apparently

By the time the Facebook Club realized that they had a problem with Leader Technologies' intellectual property claims, they already had too much invested in their promises to cronies for a big win from their Vanguard and Fidelity Funds (among others), once the Facebook IPO made them all wealthy.

In short, the Facebook Club used the promise of wild Facebook IPO returns as the currency for their plans to install Barack Obama as President and press their global data gathering agenda. All these people, thankful for the "insider" tip, made their purchases in 2007-2008. This collusion guarantees their silence now.  This silence includes a handful of federal judges who also bought the Vanguard, Fidelity and T.Rowe Price Funds, and thus have conflicts of interest to cover up.

Obamacare website is founded on a fraud

Kappos was recruited late to the Facebook Club game, we believe, to shore up the problem that Leader Technologies’ patent claims had created for their grand plan for world domination. Too much was at stake for the Club to fail now because of something like pesky patent property rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Indeed, Aneesh Chopra’s professional raison d'être was on the line, and his plans to make Obamacare a “social” website could not be upset by the proprietary intellectual property rights of the rightful inventors of social networking—Leader Technologies.

This is why both David J. Kappos and Aneesh Chopra bailed on President Obama’s signature achievement. They knew the "open source claims" were false, but by then they could not unwind their misconduct.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appears to be Obama’s Facebook Club "fall guy."

* * *

Congressman Trey Gowdy questioning Todd Y. Park on Nov. 18, 2013 about the failed Obamacare website launch
Fig. 3—Rep. Trey Gowdy to U.S. CTO Todd Y. Park (Nov. 18, 2013): "Where the heck were you for the first 184 weeks?" He was in the thick of it. Park was chief technology officer at Health & Human Services and is the chief architect of Park failed to disclose his conflicts of interest in embedding software from his companies Castlight Health and Athenahealth into the Obamacare platform. He also erroneously claimed that the social architecture is all open source, even though Leader Technologies has proven that Facebook's technology infringes U.S. Pat. No. 7,139,761 on 11 of 11 claims. Source: C-SPAN.

* * *


[1] Aneesh Chopra Confirmation. : S. Hrg. 111-429. (May 19, 2009). Nomination of Aneesh Chopra to be Chief Technology Officer of the United States. 111th Congress. Y 4.C 73/7. GPO ABSTRACT, PDF, TEXT, GPO Authenticity Certificate.

[2] Chopra, Aneesh. Chopra, Aneesh (May 13, 2009). Financial Disclosure, 2008. U.S. Office of Gov't Ethics.

[3] Kappos, David J. Kappos, David J. (May 16, 2009). Financial Disclosure, 2008. U.S. Office of Gov't Ethics.

[4] Chopra + Kappos colluding at White House. Kori Schulman. (Sep. 19, 2011). What You Missed: Open for Questions on the America Invents Act'' by Kori Schulman. The White House. PDF | MP4 | YouTube | WH Blog.

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