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Friday, November 8, 2013


Ethics disclosures reveal financial links between Obama’s tech wonks and Facebook; the WONKS have both bailed out

Contributing Writers | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Updated Jun. 27, 2013 | PDF
Tech Wonk Collusion at the White House

Aneesh Chopra and David J. Kappos singing the praises of the American Invents Act
Fig. 1—Criminals in the act: Aneesh Chopra, U.S. CTO, and David J. Kappos, U.S. Patent Office, collaborated on The America Invests Act, thus showing their evidently close association. What they failed to disclose to the American people is their cooperation with The Facebook Club, prior to their appointments, and their exploitation of major funds like Fidelity and Vanguard to buy political loyalty and silence about the corrupt election-rigging and personal data collection schemes that are so undermining the OBAMACARE website currently.

These men also do not disclose that they have confiscated the social networking invention of Columbus-based innovator, Leader Technologies, while they hypocritically sing the praises of innovators like Leader whom they are abusing in this very video. Video: The White House, Sep. 16, 2011.[4]

David J. Kappos is the former long time inside intellectual property counsel at IBM. James P. Chandler, III, Leader Technologies' patent counsel, was IBM's chief outside intellectual property counsel at the time of the theft of Leader Technologies invention by Chandler. [4]

(Nov. 8, 2013)—Working on the assumption “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” AFI investigators have dug further into the claim of the Obamacare Privacy Policy that the software platform is “open source.” Open source essentially means that the software is free to use without compensating the inventors.

Obamacare even names Facebook as one of their open sources. However, Facebook is using technology stolen from Columbus innovator, Leader Technologies. Leader proved this in federal court on 11 of 11 claims.

To make matters worse, the federal justice system, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, fabricated arguments for Facebook, abused due process, ignored well-settled precedent and circled the wagons to ensure that Facebook did not lose the case.

Chief Justice Roberts himself holds 11 Fidelity Fund investments, and he mentors Facebook's appeals attorneys, Gibson Dunn LLP. Facebook's largest shareholder and director, James W. Breyer, is a long-time business partner with Fidelity's Robert Ketterson. None of these conflicts were disclosed in Leader v. Facebook. This is the same Chief Justice who shocked the nation by crossing the aisle to support Obamacare, raising suspicions of undue influence.

An AFI commenter several days ago discovered that President Obama’s first Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Aneesh Chopra, presents himself as both a healthcare and open source expert. Strangely, even though Chopra established the healthcare tech agenda for this administration as America’s first CTO, he bailed on his boss’s signature legislation on Jan. 27, 2012, ostensibly to campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia. He lost the primary on June 12, 2013.

Kappos' mission was to kill Leader Technologies’ patent

Chopra’s Senate confirmation hearing was on May 19, 2009.[1] He was confirmed just a few days later on May 21, 2009. Three weeks later, on Jun. 18, 2009, President Obama announced his intention to nominate David J. Kappos to be director of the U.S. Patent Office. Kappos’ Senate hearing was on Jul. 29, 2009 before the summer recess. Then, in a surprise move, on Aug. 7, 2009, Obama confirmed Kappos during the summer recess―without public notice.

Investigators started looking for linking relationships between Chopra[2] and Kappos[3] in their financial disclosures. They discovered that both men had substantial investments in Vanguard Funds. In addition, Chopra had substantial investments in Fidelity Funds. Both Funds invested heavily in Facebook before the IPO.

David J. Kappos' 2009 Executive Branch Financial Disclosure

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: David J. Kappos, OGE Form 278 Financial Disclosure, May 16, 2010

David J. Kappos 2008 financial disclosure
Fig. 2—U.S. Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos' public financial disclosure report.

The report reveals that Kappos withheld from the Senate his intention to dump $500,000-$1.2 million of his IBM holdings to purchase as many shares in funds controlled by VangUArd FUNDS. Vanguard is now identified as a key member of the Facebook Cartel, organized and controlled by Lawrence Summers, soon to be Obama's National Economic Council Director; and James W. Breyer, Accel Partners managing partner, as well as Facebook's largest shareholder and chairman. Breyer was also chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (c.a. 2003-2005) at the time of theft of Leader Technologies' invention by Facebook. Leader and Accel Partners then shared a law firm—Fenwick & West LLP and its Managing Partner, Gordon K. Davidson, who had Leader's source code and tipped off the Club.

How many bankers and lawyers does it take to corrupt a democracy?

Follow the money

Kappos’ 2009 government ethics financial disclosure is a handwritten mess. Important information is omitted. For example, he discloses that he received salaries from unidentified "Pro Bono Partnerships" (how does one receive income from pro bono activity?), but discloses neither the names of those partnerships nor the amounts received. He also discloses the sale of one of his three properties, valued between $3-15 million total, but fails to identify the amount of the income from the sale, presumably $1-5 million.

Most telling, Kappos obscures the timing of his sale of IBM holdings and purchases of Vanguard Funds, making it difficult to see the timeline. However, AFI investigators have broken it down and provided important Leader v. Facebook context.

What becomes readily apparent is that Kappos’ involvement in the Facebook Club was late to the game, probably made necessary because of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement litigation, which Facebook was losing.

Chopra was already under the Facebook Club tent. By mid-2009 he had already purchased his Vanguard Funds. Evidently, Kappos, too, was instructed to invest somewhere between $516,000 and $1,115,000 in Vanguard funds, soon after he was confirmed by President Obama. However, Kappos had to sell his IBM holdings to do it, which he started a week after his confirmation.

Deceiving the Senate: No Kappos disclosure of intent to dramatically alter his holdings immediately after the hearing

Kappos did not disclose to the Senate his intention to sell his substantial IBM holdings and purchase substantial holdings in one fund, Vanguard. This lack of disclosure alone is grounds for sanction. Such transactions would have surely raised red flags. Clearly, Kappos and his Facebook Club handlers were intent on concealing these conflicts of interest from the Senate.

According to Kappos' financial disclosure, between Aug. 19-2009 and Oct. 20, 2009, he sold between $450,000 and $1,315,000 of his IBM holdings to raise the cash which he used to purchase his Vanguard holdings, all on Oct. 27, 2009. He also sold one of his three multi-million dollar houses, but failed to disclose his income from that sale. Note is also taken of Kappos' laughable "IRA Rollover" note next to each Vanguard transaction entry, as if this note mollifies the outrageous lack of forthrightness to the Senate.

Facebook’s backdoor attempt to circumvent the U.S. Constitution

The ink was not dry on Kappos' multiple million dollar property sale when Facebook's attorneys in Leader v. Facebook, namely White & Case LLP / Cooley Godward LLP, filed for a patent reexamination 95/001,261 of Leader's patent at the U.S. Patent Officer—where Kappos was now their inside man with the authority to kill patents by special order, coercion and abuse of patent examiners.

Since then, Leader has won two reexaminations. In other words, no matter how hard they tried, Facebook could not convince the patent examiner, Deandra Hughes, that their arguments were valid. After those failures, Kappos himself order an unprecedented 3rd reexamination before he resigned.

In the meantime, Kappos started his own USPTO Facebook Page and made hundreds of posts, including pictures of himself, and he encouraged his 10,000+ Patent Office employees to visit it daily. This impropriety is a clear breach of the ethics rules against judge bias.

Judge Stephen C. Siu, US Patent Office Fig. 3Stephen C. Siu, Patent Judge, was assigned by former Director David J. Kappos as one of three judges to oversee the unprecedented 3rd reexamination of Leader Technologies' patent. The justification is based on worn out Facebook technical arguments on which they have lost three times.

Siu was formerly employed by IBM and Microsoft, yet failed to disclose these conflicts of interest.

Leader's attorneys say they have never seen this conduct from the Patent Office in their careers.

Examiner Deandra Hughes lost her nerve recently, and acquiesced to the pressure from her bosses to reverse her long held opinions. Leader's attorneys have countered. Photo: Stephen C. Siu's LinkedIn Profile.

This 3rd reexamination saw the appointment of Stephen C. Siu as chief judge. Problem is, Siu did not disclose his conflict of interest either. He formerly worked for Microsoft—one of Facebook's largest shareholders. Microsoft is also on the "Leaders Circle" at the Federal Circuit Bar Association—whose judges' corrupt decision Facebook is trying to get Siu to rubber stamp. Leader’s attorneys have deflected this attack, at least for now.

Sadly, examiner Hughes succumbed to Kappos’ pressure, reversed herself, and went along with trying to invalidate Leader’s whole patent. Leader’s attorneys responded with changes that the Patent Office is procedurally bound to evaluate, so that battle continues.

"Open Source" in Aneesh Chopra’s dreams

Chopra came to the Obamacare website planning with a desire to use only open source software. His Facebook handlers want him to build all sorts of hooks into Facebook “to enhance user experience.” Hopefully, the American public is finally waking up to these Orwellian deceptions.

The personal-data-domination-at-all-costs schemes of the Facebook Club will not be stopped by LEader's constitutional property rights, apparently

By the time the Facebook Club realized that they had a problem with Leader Technologies' intellectual property claims, they already had too much invested in their promises to cronies for a big win from their Vanguard and Fidelity Funds (among others), once the Facebook IPO made them all wealthy.

In short, the Facebook Club used the promise of wild Facebook IPO returns as the currency for their plans to install Barack Obama as President and press their global data gathering agenda. All these people, thankful for the "insider" tip, made their purchases in 2007-2008. This collusion guarantees their silence now.  This silence includes a handful of federal judges who also bought the Vanguard, Fidelity and T.Rowe Price Funds, and thus have conflicts of interest to cover up.

Obamacare website is founded on a fraud

Kappos was recruited late to the Facebook Club game, we believe, to shore up the problem that Leader Technologies’ patent claims had created for their grand plan for world domination. Too much was at stake for the Club to fail now because of something like pesky patent property rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Indeed, Aneesh Chopra’s professional raison d'être was on the line, and his plans to make Obamacare a “social” website could not be upset by the proprietary intellectual property rights of the rightful inventors of social networking—Leader Technologies.

This is why both David J. Kappos and Aneesh Chopra bailed on President Obama’s signature achievement. They knew the "open source claims" were false, but by then they could not unwind their misconduct.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appears to be Obama’s Facebook Club "fall guy."

* * *

Congressman Trey Gowdy questioning Todd Y. Park on Nov. 18, 2013 about the failed Obamacare website launch
Fig. 3—Rep. Trey Gowdy to U.S. CTO Todd Y. Park (Nov. 18, 2013): "Where the heck were you for the first 184 weeks?" He was in the thick of it. Park was chief technology officer at Health & Human Services and is the chief architect of Park failed to disclose his conflicts of interest in embedding software from his companies Castlight Health and Athenahealth into the Obamacare platform. He also erroneously claimed that the social architecture is all open source, even though Leader Technologies has proven that Facebook's technology infringes U.S. Pat. No. 7,139,761 on 11 of 11 claims. Source: C-SPAN.

* * *


[1] Aneesh Chopra Confirmation. : S. Hrg. 111-429. (May 19, 2009). Nomination of Aneesh Chopra to be Chief Technology Officer of the United States. 111th Congress. Y 4.C 73/7. GPO ABSTRACT, PDF, TEXT, GPO Authenticity Certificate.

[2] Chopra, Aneesh. Chopra, Aneesh (May 13, 2009). Financial Disclosure, 2008. U.S. Office of Gov't Ethics.

[3] Kappos, David J. Kappos, David J. (May 16, 2009). Financial Disclosure, 2008. U.S. Office of Gov't Ethics.

[4] Chopra + Kappos colluding at White House. Kori Schulman. (Sep. 19, 2011). What You Missed: Open for Questions on the America Invents Act'' by Kori Schulman. The White House. PDF | MP4 | YouTube | WH Blog.

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  1. The White House is refusing to permit Todd Park, Aneesh Chopra's replacement as U.S. CTO from testifying to Congress about Obamacare:

    Who does this administration work for? The People, or The Facebook Club? I think we know the answer.... The Facebook Club.

    1. Todd Park's Wikipedia listing says he:

      1. Worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (one of the engineers on the Obamacare debacle)
      2. Co-founded athenahealth
      3. Co-founded Castlight Health
      4. Advised Ashoka incubator
      5. Became CTO of Health and Human Services in 2009; and is therefore one of the chief architects of Obamacare as we know it.
      6. Replaced Anneesh Chopra as U.S. CTO "In March 2012."

      Techcrunch tells this about CASTLIGHT HEALTH:

      The following investors fed him a cool $160M.

      TOTAL $160M
      Series C, 6/2010 1
      ***Morgan Stanley***
      Wellcome Trust
      US Venture Partners
      Maverick Capital
      Oak Investment Partners
      Cleveland Clinic
      Series D, 5/2012 2
      ***T. Rowe Price***
      ***Morgan Stanley***
      Wellcome Trust
      US Venture Partners
      Maverick Capital
      Oak Investment Partners


    2. THIS ADMINISTRATION IS ETHICALLY DISGUSTING. This Todd Park fellow started this Castlight Health company in 2008 with TAXPAYER BAILOUT FUNDS from Morgan Stanley (who rec'd $16-20 billion of our money). Scandals on scandals.

      Read what Castlight does. Sound like the screwed up Obamacare website? These people will stop at nothing to push their cronies into every corner of our personal data and privacy.

      Here's the TechCrunch summary: "Castlight Health, Inc. develops a Web application that provides consumers with clarity around their healthcare costs, usage, coverage, and choices. It enables employers and employees to make choices and lower costs. The company's products are used in various visionary companies in the United States. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in San Francisco, California"

      Read more:

      We've got to start boycotting these people.

    3. Hold on to your wallets when you watch this video of TODD PARK, Pres. Obama's Chief Technology Officer, at his keynote address, Health Datapalooza 2013.

      I don't know whether to drink Park's Kool-Aid before or after I throw up. This is the man in whom Obama entrusted our healthcare data?

      Note at the end how Park/Obama intend to send out programmer soldiers who are "armed to the teeth" with our healthcare data. Notice also how he invokes "may the Force be with you" along with a God blessing. Who is this guy?

      These are the sorts of trivialities and platitudes we last heard at the pinnacle of the doctom boom in 2000... before the bubble burst. Nothing but "Rah, rah" technologists who were lining their pockets at the expense of you and me.

      Notice how he continuously throws in "privacy and security" as an afterthought?

    4. More good finds Rain!!!

      Here is the White House blog profile on Todd Park. We note that the White House even mentions Park's "Castlight" company funded by two prominent Facebook Club players, Morgan Stanley and T. Rowe Price (who held more than a 5% stake in Facebook before the IPO). Park is yet another Obama/ Summers/ Breyer/ Sandberg/ Dimon/ Blankfein/ Kim/ Roberts/ Corzine/ Paulson/ Rubin/ Swartz/ Lee/ etc. etc. etc. Facebook Club Harvard connection.

    5. Maybe I am just a bad typer, but Todd Y. Park's Wikipedia bio says he received a BA in economics from Harvard. However, when I search THE HARVARD CRIMSON archives, not even a single item appears. Students at Harvard ALWAYS get coverage for their school activities. Something appears to be amiss here. I welcome someone to find some corroboration that Park actually attended Harvard.

      You can start here with The Harvard Crimson archives:

  2. WHAT IS THE WHITE HOUSE HIDING? U.S. CTO Todd Park's White House Blog has strange entry in Spanish where President Obama and Vice President Biden made key announcements about Obamacare on July 8, 2013. The video and the slideshow are in English, but the transcript of the speech is in SPANISH!!! Last time I checked, the official language of our country was English.

    Why is such an important speech about Obamacare, this administration's signature legislation, being obscured from the American public by our President and Vice President? Hiding something? Hiding that your CTO, Todd Park, is a Facebook Club huckster?

    Beam me up, Scottie.

  3. The Obamacare web site has a clear priority--gathering confidential information about Americans.

    The site requires people to create a profile BEFORE they shop for insurance coverage. Every user of online products and services (AMAZON, eBay, Travelocity, etc). knows that they can shop first and then register or create an account second. The Obamacare team made a definite choice of requiring account registration FIRST, and even has been willing to jeopardize the entire project to force that function into the system.

    From a user's perspective, once they enter private information, the system can use it as the Obamacare team wishes. (This problem also could be compounded by potential bogus or pirated front end systems, too.)

    We have a serious privacy and security problem with the front end design of Obamacare. Eventually, as more medical records go online, what will they do with that information?

    What do they really want with the private information?

  4. The Facebook Club creates vast amounts of "money" and rewards its team to cooperate with them.

    The Federal Reserve Bank uses quantitative easing (QE), now running at $85 billion per month to create money in the U.S. economy. This is a legal tool approved by Congress. The Facebook Club does not have that tool. Instead, they use Facebook stock literally to create "money." The Facebook IPO, using underwriters including Goldman Sachs, forced through the Securities and Exchange Commission, public stock offering based on the software STOLEN from Leader Technologies. They hyped the offering, which drove its price per share even higher, using colleagues in their own and related finance industry firms.

    This new "money" has been used as carrots to encourage the cooperation of associates to support the Facebook Club interests. AFI investigators have shown the web of involvement at various organizations--both U.S. and international. It's an interesting game--create money out of nothing---or worse---stolen property. It gives an entirely new, evil meaning to public-private partnerships.

  5. The Obamacare web site is a textbook disaster that should become a Business School case study. They violated most of the core fundamental tenets of building applications, all of which are well known and used by the industry. These "ten principles" include:

    1. Single person in charge of the project (Program Manager)
    2. Unified, agreed upon project plan
    3. Clear requirements that are frozen (and not constantly changing)
    4. Unit testing of applications
    5. System testing
    6. Security and privacy testing
    7. Stress testing/volume testing
    8. Clear (within tolerable limits) cost estimates including "fixes."
    9. "Go live" date based on agreement among the technical (do-ability) and business leaders instead of a business/politically driven date.
    10. Clear, accurate communication about the status of the project to end users.

    The leading experts and organization in Information Systems agree on these basic principles. Why did the White House and CMS violate every one of them? The leadership certainly had the "best and the brightest" people available to them for this effort but relied on inferior leadership. It just doesn't make sense unless there is another agenda. The CTO's and CIO's who testified on Wednesday to the House Oversight Committee did not have accurate answers about why the project has failed, what the costs are to fix it, or acceptable timelines for correcting the problems. And this is in spite of roughly $500 million already spent on the project. The American people deserve better leadership!

    1. Cathy Lee, how do you spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N ???

      Of course they knew they were destabilizing our IT systems and procedures. It was their plan. Misdirection has been their standard operating procedure. For example, the NASDAQ "gliche" (so their insiders could cash out in the Facebook IPO). The 2008 banking "crash" (so they could cajole Congress to agreed to give $1 trillion to their buddies).......

  6. Moral American ??? GO SEE THE FILM ---INSIDE JOB: ANGELA MERKEL SHOULD LOOK PAST OBAMA TO THE FACEBOOK CLUB and see what that little slug lawrence larry summers did, MERKEL larry summers did knows that facebook was stolen
    OBamacare did all this info ended up on Facebook’s "Dark Profiles" acquiring all the world’s personal data, Fidelity and Vanguard to buy political loyalty and silence about the corrupt election-rigging and personal data collection schemes that are so undermining the OBAMACARE website, Currently a handful of federal judges who also bought the Vanguard, Fidelity and T.Rowe Price Funds, and thus have conflicts of interest to cover up. And i can name three judges who got the emails on how facebook was stolen??? cant unwind this misconduct can you??. Big Brother file on every person on the planet. Facebook is storing all of its info on Swedish data center—outside the reach of US law? Clapper did you know that the NSA got the emails on Mark Zuckerberg, Clapper, Dark Profiles," which creates secret accounts for people who have never signed up
    Gordon K. Davidson, who leak Leader's source code to mark zuckerberg and knows that mark zuckerberg stole the idea facebook, Zuckerberg had apparently signed an affidavit that he had never seen Leader's white paper.[ BUT YOU SENT A COPY OF THIS WHITE PAPER TO DAVID ] Zuckerberg is unclear about the origins of the ideas for Facebook [BUT YOU STOLE THE IDEA FACEBOOK] from david and you stole Leader's source code you stole from Michael McKibben Kirkpatrick names 128 people he interviewed for this book. Surprisingly (or maybe not), neither Saverin nor the Winklevosses nor McKibben nor david are on the list. Only the Zuckerberg side is told, Kirkpatrick new the source code was stolen and the idea facebook David Kirkpatrick: Henry Blodget new that facebook was stolen and new about libor manipulation as far back as 2004 to 2005 and set the info up on facebook lawrence larry summers did know that facebook was stolen!!!


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