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Wednesday, November 11, 2020



Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Nov. 11, 2020, Updated Dec. 02, 2020 | PDF |
AFI. (Nov. 11, 2020). Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania Secretary of State hides lifelong foreign and corporate associations with Sir Evelyn Rothschild, British Pilgrims Society, the Bronfmans, NXIVM sex trafficking, DNA-altering eugenics, vaccine biotech weapons, and Dominion election rigging. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1—Kathryn "Kathy" Boockvar. Current Pennsylvania Secretary of State currently embroiled in the rigged 2020 President election in the state.

See Kathryn "Kathy" Broockvar. (Nov. 08, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots. (Check your Downloads folder if this PDF does not display immediately.)
The Gold Standard for certifying a ballot:

The test to certify a ballot is actually simple.

Each Secretary of State must satisfy the State/Federal Rules of Evidence for each ballot by answering a single question:

Was this ballot received for counting by an unbroken, bipartisan chain of custody?

If the answer is yes, count it.

If no, it cannot be counted.

In other words, if the ballot could not be accepted as evidence in court, then it certainly cannot be used in our sacred vote tally.

If you are an American—of any party or no party—and you oppose this fair, sacred, God-given process, then you need to confess your sins and repent, or leave America, renounce your citizenship to make way for citizens who value our freedoms and our way of life, warts and all.

We The People will not let you steal our democratic Republic.

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Breaking News! Nov. 12, 2020

Key domino falls in PA: "PA Trump win? Pa. court says Commonwealth Secretary Boockvar lacked authority to extend ballot deadline." Penn Live, Today 12:13 PM, Nov. 12, 2020.

Pennsylvania election officials cannot count mail-in ballots that were not verified by Nov. 9, regardless of an instruction given to them by Commonwealth Secretary Kathy Boockvar, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled Thursday.

The decision by President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt voids a Nov. 1 directive Boockvar issued to election officials in all 67 counties. In that directive Boockvar said those officials had until Nov. 12 to verify the identities of the voters who cast mail-in ballots.

ORDER. (Nov. 12, 2020). Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Kathy Boockvar and County Boards of Elections, Case No. 602 MD 2020, President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2020).

ORDER. (Nov. 12, 2020). Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Kathy Boockvar and County Boards of Elections, Case No. 602 MD 2020, President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2020).

What follows is substantial proof of foreign interference in U.S. elections, not to mention, treason and sedition by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and her cronies

Elected officials are required by law to disclose all relationships that could affect their impartiality

Boockvar evidently hid these relationships because she knows they disqualify her from public office, not to mention show foreign influence

Boockvar failed to disclose any of these relationships with her when she was a judge candidate and secretary of state

She’s an election lawyer (!), she has no excuse for ignoring these important election ethics laws

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Gabriel, McKibben. (Oct. 20, 2020). Larry Ellison and the Occult. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 2Gabriel, McKibben. (Nov. 12, 2020). How Many Federal Crimes Were Committed in this Election Fraud Operation? American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.

Click three dots on the right of the audio player to download the raw (*.mp3) file. Then, check your Downloads folder.

Nov. 11, 2020—We are accelerating release of this investigation given the imminent threat posed to the American Republic by Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathryn “Kathy” Boockvar’s gross election meddling and sedition, in our opinion.

Our headline assertions are supported with hard, indictable evidence.  As our regular readers know, we do not make statements without proof.

Broockvar says everything was "smooth" on Nov. 3

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Kathryn “Kathy” Boockvar told Today the Nov. 4, 2020 Presidential vote went “incredibly smooth” and that “Every vote will be counted.”

President Trump encouraged her yesterday to change her  promise to ‘Every LEGAL vote will be counted.’ To our knowledge, Ms. Boockvar has not corrected herself.

Does palpable disdain mean impartial? At minimum it has an odor

Boockvar’s disdain for President Donald Trump is notoriously known on her own Twitter profile. On Mar. 07, 2017, she tweeted from her iPhone: “Using the title ‘President’ before the world ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the presidency…”

Boockvar’s bias against President Trump can be reasonably assumed by her words and the fruit of her actions, not to mention undisclosed foreign and corporate relationships that are uniformly anti-Trump as well as anti-American Republic, as described below.

Officials with animus are biased by inference, or at least have the odor of bias

All of these anti-Trump government officials with animus against our President, like Trump-Russia hoax C.I.A. asset Peter Strzok, claim that they are able to set that animus aside and do their job in an unbiased way. [Authors: Yeh, uh huh, right.]

Boockvar is lying. how do we know? Her lips are moving.

Armed with this common sense that Boockvar is lying, we put researchers on finding out who she is, really.

Kathy Boockvar Bio & TimelineKathryn 'Kathy' Broockvar. (Nov. 08, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.
Fig. 3Kathryn "Kathy" Broockvar. (Nov. 08, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots. (Check your Downloads folder if this PDF does not display immediately.)
Source: Anonymous Patriots.
Erie, PA U.S. Postal worker Whistleblower ordered to backdate Biden ballotsJames O'Keefe. (Nov. 05, 2020). BREAKING: Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower told to backdate ballots. Project Veritas.
Fig. 4James O'Keefe. (Nov. 05, 2020). BREAKING: Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower told to backdate ballots. Project Veritas. (Raw *.mp4 video file).
Source: Project Veritas. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon..

Boockvar's full background is well hidden

We encountered numerous road blocks to getting this information.

It is evident that Boockvar and her handlers used their power corruptly to: (1) filter Google searches to only allow hack biographies to appear, (2) scramble records that are normally accurate, (3) hide records “Private” when they would otherwise identify her as a relative, (4) mistype newspaper archives search words that make reference to her relatives, (5) obscure access to what can only be described as demonically anti-human eugenics documents behind academic-only logins and (6) buried unfavorable information in Google searches.

As evidence of record tampering at

Displayed: “Obituary for Lean Jctbivui
(Actually Leah Saskin)

Actual Article:

LEAH SASKIN Mrs. Leah Saskin, 69, of 7539 196th St. New York, died at a San Bernardino hospital Friday.”

... was scrambled in the transcription to:

oaoiv Mrs. Lean Jctbivui, w, ui r XT 1- J:-J 4. St.. INeW I0rK. uieu di a ' San Bernardino hospital Friday.”)

A search for "Leah Saskin" or "69" or "7539 196th St." or "New York" or "died at" would not find this obituary that reveals numerous family names and associations that were the keys to opening up this research.

Leah Saskin is Boockvar’s maternal great grandmother, a Jewish émigré from Russia, as was her maternal great grandfather, Benjamin Saskin, who was a men's tailor. Leah was born “Yiddish” in 1889 (US Census) and emigrated to the United States in 1895.

Why does Boockvar hide her Russian Jewish ancestry?

Tellingly, all references to Boockvar’s Jewish ancestry have been recently removed from Wikipedia. Why?

Could it be because so many of her British Pilgrims Society handlers are British Zionists with Russian Jewish roots?

Like the Sarnoff media corruptocrats (RCA, NBC, BBC)?

When corruptocrats hide seminal elements of their life stories, there is always a reason that the public should know

Another example is recently indicted Harvard bio-warfare nanotech vaccine mad scientist Charles M. Lieber? Lieber is another groomed scientist who has hidden his Russian Jewish family heritage, until our crack researchers broke through his resume propaganda.

By the way, nothing in Robert Lieber's resume indicates that he was a righteous Jew. To the contrary, the immorality of his work for Pilgrims Society's groomed boy David Sarnoff shows he was a monster building a monstrous global spy and surveillance grid to rain down terror on the world population, in the name of safety and security.

Come to find out, Lieber' grandfather Leo was a lifelong Philadelphia confectioner (which Charles hid), and his father Robert was one of David Sarnoff's Top Secret satellite and missle engineers at RCA (which Charles also hid). Robert helped and won Sarnoff Awards for leading the development of the AEGIS global spy network, with British MI6, GCHQ, Admiralty, C.I.A., NSA, Navy, FBI, (NBC was also involved, as was Westinghouse, GE, AT&T and now SERCO and QinetiQ)—the spy grid that is starting to rain down deadly 5G milliwaves on us as we speak. These radiowaves can trigger Harvard Charles' carbon nanotubes to release deadly viruses contained inside like "nanowire ballistic properties" canons (the stated purpose on one of a Charles Lieber's U.S. Army-funded patents).

See AFI. (Apr. 17, 2020). PART ONE: NBC founder & Pilgrim David Sarnoff led the Imperial British agenda that has terrorized our world for over 100 years. Americans for Innovation.

See AFI. (Jun. 25, 2019). The British “Inner Sanctum” of Modern Weaponized Intelligence Discovered. Americans for Innovation.

See AFI. (May 29, 2020). How the Rothschilds use mass surveillance and nanotech bioweapons to sustain the Imerial British world order. Americans for Innovation.

In a court of law, when a witness makes contradictory statements and withholds evidence (where one or both statements must be false) all of that person’s testimony must be thrown out, and the jury is permitted to interpret the information in a way more favorable to the other side.

Boockvar has clearly lied to the American people about her foreign and corporate relationships by withholding disclosure of them.

Boockvar’s nondisclosures are fraud & Sedition, in our opinion

To be clear, Boockvar has never identified her family roots in her many biographies for public office—this fact alone is fraud since these relationship are directly related to her current corrupt conduct. It took crack AFI researchers almost three days to get around the censorship of Boockvar’s past.

Boockvar’s foreign connections to the British Pilgrims Society

In 1986, Boockvar was a senior and member of the student council at the exclusive Hewlett High School, Hewlett Neck, NY, as were her freshman twin brothers John and Daniel (Class of 1989). Danny is pictured as both a girl and guy in their 1986 Yearbook.

A review of Hewlett’s alumni shows that the school is a feeder school for the “Deep State,” which we now know has a name: the British Pilgrims Society and its minions in the United States.

Don't let these corruptocrats distract you away from naming the Pilgrims Society enemy by one of their many offshoots including Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), League of Nations, United Nations, China, Bilderberg Group, DAVOS, World Economic Forum, Rothschilds, Atlantic Council, EU, Illuminati, Aspen Institute, Bohemian Grove, Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation, Club of Rome, Bank for International Settlements, Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Zuckerberg Founding, Wellcome Trust, Wellcome Fund, Crown Agents, MI6, MI5, GCHG, C.I.A., NSA, State Department, FBI, Mossad, Zionists, Knights of Malta, Free Masons, Senior Executive Service (SES), etc.

It would be accurate to identify the inner circle of the British Privy Council as the controllers of the British Pilgrims Society. Since the Pilgrims inception in 1902, their goal is an imperial corporatist new world order where America has returned to the reconstituted British Empire, and where the world populations are controlled with communism—a brainchild of British Pilgrims.

Neal Simon: Bronfman Rothschild CEO (not neil Simon the singer)

The president (or vice president depending on your source) of the Hewlett Student Council in 1986 was Neal Simon.

Kathryn "Kathy" Broockvar. (Nov. 08, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.
Fig. 5Kathryn Boockvar, Neal Simon, Danny & John Boockvar. (1986). Student Council, G. W. Hewlett High School, Hewlett, New York, School Yearbook: PATCHES '86, Vol. 52, p. 153.
Source:; Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon..

In 1994, just a mere eight years later, Simon followed Larry Summers (Harvard World Bank, Clinton U.S. Treasury, D.E. Shaw, Obama bank bailout director, Instagram, Facebook, Square, Andreessen) and Sheryl Sandberg (Harvard, Gmail, Summers Treasury Chief of Staff, Facebook, Clinton) into the World Bank. Summers had just finished collapsing the Russian currency with his vouchers debacle dubbed "globaloney" and "Big Bangery" by fellow economists.

In 2002, at age 34, Simon started Highline Wealth Management which magically became the 5th largest investment advisor in the U.S. Simon then "sold" his behemoth to Bronfman Rothschild (N.M. Rothschild & Sons) where he became CEO for 17 years, until he failed a Maryland Senate run in 2018. Magically, he boasts on Wikipedia that "the company had grown every year."

Notably, Wikipedia narcissistically enumerates the many magazine covers that then featured Simon, including Charles Schwab, Financial Advisor, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor.

Impressed at Simon's genius yet?

(The joke in our newsroom is that Simon's membership in the "Lucky Sperm Club" has been his only achievement.)

Boockvar failed to disclose Rothschilds, Bronfmans, Israelis, British Pilgrims Society

We remain unsure why she is hiding her Russian Jewish roots

British Sir Evelyn Rothschild and Matthew Bronfman were Simon’s bosses. Evelyn Rothschild (a male) is a director of London-based N.M. Rothschild & Sons, which helped finance the War of 1812 against America at its start, and his not stopped to this day.

Matthew’s sister Clare Bronfman was convicted in 2018 of running the human sex trafficking NXIVM cult .

Matthew Bronfman is one of the largest American Jewish investors in the Israeli economy.

Sir Evelyn Rothschild (Evelyn is a male) is one of the leaders of the British Pilgrims Society where Henry Kissinger and Obama bailout financial chairman Paul A. Volcker were 2007-2008 vice presidents.

Rothschild also plucks promising American students into globalism as trustee of the London-based Rhodes Scholarship.

Kathy Boockvar is a poster child for globalist Pilgrims Society grooming

If anyone needs proof of foreign interference in a U.S. election, we need look no further than Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathryn “Kathy” Boockvar.

Boockvar has British and Israeli influences on her work as Secretary of State.

Boockvar’s concealment of her Russian family background begs the question: “What are you hiding in Russia?”

Could it be your Russian Jewish connections to British Zionism and the U.N. interests in destroying the American Republic?

Boockvar is a legal empty suit. During her ten years running her little law firm, Boockvar & Yeager, that she founded with her husband Jordan Yeager (married Sep. 24, 1994), Boockvar only litigated 11 federal cases (over a 10-year period). Only one of those cases actually went to a judge's ruling, and that was a summary judgment, not a jury trial. This experience may qualify her to be a local fire engine chaser attorney, but not PA Secretary of State, and certainly not running our sacred elections.

Boockvar carefully cloaks her commitment to world population reduction and eugenics. Practically her only academic paper was one she allegedly wrote in 1994 titled "Beyond Survival: The Procreative Rights of Women with HIV." This 45-page essay (written when she was only 26-years old) concludes: "For too long, women have been subject to procedures and punishments in the name of protecting the potential for life within them."

Telling, one of her first footnotes (fn. 6) says "new avenues for potential control over women's bodies arise continually." She then cites and often-cited U.N. eugenics book titled "GENA COREA, THE MOTHER MACHINE: REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES FROM ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION TO ARTIFICIAL WOMBS" (New York: Harper & Row, 1985). This 374-page screed (we ordered and read it) is a diabolical how to manual to destroy human morality, destroy the traditional family, hate men, set up artificial insemination farms where women can breed children like cattle, free of their oppressive patriarchy.

OUTRAGEOUS: Culling the Human herd—Kathy Boockvar advocates anti-human procedures like herding women into breeder farms, like cows, where "valuable" and "nonvaluable" women are culled and sterilized for race & lack of ValueKathryn 'Kathy' Broockvar. (Nov. 08, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

(Please check back. We are searching for an electronic PDF copy. Here's a link to a passworded copy at HaithTrust where you can sign in and "checkout" the book for 14 days.

Boockvar cited this 374-page book book as footnote 6, p. 3 in Kathryn Bookvar's 43-page paper (written at age 26):

Kathryn "Kathy" Boockvar). (Jan. 01, 1994). Beyond Survival: The Procreative Rights of Women with HIV. Boston College Third World Law Journal.

Source: Harper & Row, Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon..

Boockvar is the fruit of a poisonous tree—all her decisions made and actions taken must be invalidated  as they are tainted by Boockvar’s fraud

At minimum, Boockvar’s control of the Pennsylvania 2020 election is the fruit of a poisonous tree.

Kathy Boockvar decisions and actions are the fruit of a poisonous tree and must be unwound

All actions taken and decisions made by a corrupt actor are, by nature, the fruit of that actor’s poisonous tree, and therefore must be invalidated.

Kathryn "Kathy" Boockvar did not tell the People of Pennsylvania and the United States that she had material* relationships with:

* A material relationship means a familial, financial, professional or employment relationship that would reasonably be expected to impair the objectivity of the person's judgment when participating in the action to be taken. (Source: Law Insider.)

  1. Sir Evelyn Rothschild (666, $$$)
  2. Matthew Bronfman / sister Clare indicted for leading the NXIVM human and sex-trafficking cult (666)
  3. Neal Simon (World Bank, Rothschild, Bronfman) ($$$)
  4. Bronfman Rothschild Financial ($$$)
  5. Israel (massive Bronfman $$$)
  6. United Kingdom (666)
  7. Pilgrims Society (666)
  8. Privy Council (666)
  9. Numerous globalist British and American companies and organizations (666, $$$)
  10. That she is a eugenicist, advocates herding women into artificial insemination breeding farms (See Fig. 5) and favors depopulation of the earth by force (666)
  11. That she has Russian Jewish heritage and connections; why does she hide it???

Each of these concealed Boockvar relationships is a separate crime.

It is evident from her current attempt to cover over her election rigging that she is conspiring with one or more of these actors, many foreign, to undo the landslide re-election of President Donald J. Trump.


Disclosure of conflicts of interest are required by law, common sense and morality for any candidate for public office in the United States.

Kathyrn Boockvar defrauds the Pennsylvania and U.S. public by hiding her many conflicts of interests and relationships with global election riggers.

Her duty as a public official is to disclose relationships that affect her impartiality to do the peoples' business.

Conflicts of interest are not illegal. Failing to disclose them is.

Failing to disclose her legion of anti-President Trump, anti-American relationships is seditious, in our opinion, and certainly fraudulent.

Fire away Mr. President

We The People are with you, Mr. President, and we are praying with you. This is why we hired you. Ignore the naysayers. That is all they know how to do. Such "skill" cannot run a country, much less itself. Get these parasites off all of our backs.

We've already seen that you can do more in one day than Joe Biden has accomplished in 47 years.

It's nut cutting time.

Traitors and seditionists must be dealt with. The death penalty is proscribed in the U.S. Code as the ultimate penalty.

(See 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason and 10 U.S. Code § 894 - Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition.)

* * *

Described above is abject immorality.

Morality must win the day.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

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Reminder Re. the Miller Act Notice—The Perpetrators of this Epic Fraud must disgorge their ill-gotten gain
Click image to open PDF of this and the next slide
How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic
Fig. 7—Mr. President: Turn the Tables on Censorship; Write the Miller Act Notice check immediately! By writing the check for the Leader Technologies' Miller Act, and acquiring a global master license on social networking, President Trump, with the stroke of a pen, can turn the tables all Big Tech, Media, Bank and Pharma censorship and propaganda. It will initiate a second American Revolution to give the citizen control of the media for the first time since the early days of the American Republic, before the Rothschild Bank of England hooked its claws back in to the fledgling Republic. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking).
Federal British-American Patent Weaponization Thieves
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall

Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE to President Trump It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government's 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

Fig. 13Daniel Natal. (Dec. 01, 2020). War Between The White House and CIA? The New American Video. | (Raw *.mp4 video file).
Video: The New American Video.

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    It’s possible that 2020’s election fraud is way bigger than we thought

    All Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers to resign as China crushes opposition

    Deutsche Bank Proposes A 5% “Work From Home” Privilege Tax

    Data Conflict – Tens of Thousand of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier than Sent

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    We all know the truth – Jon Voight

    Jeff Bezos No Longer Interested In Buying CNN As AT&T Reportedly Looks To Dump Network

    One Nation Calls On Parliament To Reject “The Great Reset”

    Trump WINS North Carolina as Liberal Media is RED PILLING Americans Like NEVER BEFORE

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    Gina Haspel meets with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

    Burned Books; A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

    Memory sticks used to program Philly’s voting machines were stolen from elections warehouse

    Trump Files Emergency Injunction In Michigan Alleging Fraud; Demands Recounts Over ‘Malfunctioning’ Dominion Machines

    Post Office Whistleblower Denies Recanting Statement Witnessing Ballot Fraud – Demands Washington Post Retract False Claims

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  3. Soros' Secretary of State Project.

    Boockvar and Benson are features.

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    2. Example of tricky BBC propaganda to get the public believing historical lies:

      Rewriting history about George Soros’ betrayal of fellow Jews during WWII

      “The Hungarian emigre, who survived the Holocaust and fled the Communists, is thought to have made in total about $44bn through financial speculation. And he's used his fortune to fund thousands of education, health, human rights and democracy projects.”

      No, Soros admitted to Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes, in 1998. He helped the Germans confiscated Jewish property, and therefore promoted the Holocaust.

      No, he did not flee Communism, he promotes communism through his Open Society Foundation throughout the world.

      BTW. the YouTube version has been censored off YouTube.

      Again, hard proof we cannot poison our minds with any of this tripe.

  4. Email comment by GH:

    Giuliani: 650,000 Votes Were Counted Unlawfully In Philadelphia And Pittsburgh

    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 11/12/2020 - 12:00

    Authored by Isabel van Brugen via The Epoch Times,

    Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyers, alleged on Nov. 11 that roughly 650,000 unlawful ballots were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Speaking with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, Giuliani claimed that “almost none” of the hundreds of thousands of ballots were observed by Republican poll watchers. State election law requires the presence of poll watchers from all parties.

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  5. Email comment by PL:

    They are telling us the tyranny that is being seized:

    Wake up! I would not mislead you or overstate the problem.

    This is bad.

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  6. Email comment by CTM:

    Please wake up!

    World Economic Forum.

    A dystopian future being implemented, imminently.

    Medical tyranny; Health dictatorship.

    Klaus Schwab (DAVOS): “COVID-19 is the trigger”

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    BEWARE "THE GREAT RESET" - It's a societal takeover

    You said you knew nothing. That is by design. The takeover will occur with the general public clueless (from propaganda mind control) as to what is happening to them.

    The lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the implementation of long-held plans to establish a so-called new world order. Under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF), global policymakers are advocating for a “Great Reset” with the intent of creating a global technocracy. It is not by coincidence that on October 18, 2019, in New York City the WEF participated in “Event 201” at the “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security.

    The truth, however, is that this new world order of digital tyranny comes with a comprehensive social credit system. The People’s Republic of China is the pioneer of this method of surveillance and control of individuals, corporations, and sociopolitical entities.

    “Brace yourselves: Schwab doesn't mince words at the outset. "Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. The world as we knew it in the early months of 2020 is no more," he writes.”

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    Catholic archbishop warns Trump that ‘forces of evil’ working against him to execute a ‘Great Reset’

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an open letter to Trump before the election warning that he was the 'final garrison against the world dictatorship'

    November 04, 2020
    editor: JOHN CODY

    author: REMIX NEWS STAFF

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, perhaps best known for accusing Pope Francis of covering up child sex crimes committed by Theodore McCarrick, a disgraced former American Cardinal, has penned a letter to US President Donald Trump, warning him that the ‘global elite’ are planning a “Great Reset” that, if implemented, intends to undermine "God and humanity".

    In the open letter, Viganò, the Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States, takes aim at a nefarious “global elite” which he says wants nothing more than to “subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.”

    According to the Viganò, the same group of so-called "global elites" is responsible for implementing the draconian lockdowns which have destroyed the global economy and have severely restricted the movement and freedom of people around the world.

    “The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt,” Viganò writes.

    Full story:

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  10. Email comment by MA:

    (MEMO: Canada has no Crown other than the British Crown.)

    Crown Agents Bill (Lords). (Jun. 06, 1995). HISTORY OF THE CROWN AGENTS, new foundation proposed, Second Reading, Order HC Deb 06 June 1995, Vol. 261, cc35-117. UK Parliament Hansard.

    “Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud as Guiliani says whistleblowers coming forward

    1. “Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud as Giuliani says whistleblowers coming forward (run by the British Pilgrims Society)

      Website. (Accessed Apr. 13, 2018). Crown Agents work with the U.S. government, incl. supporting records, overview: pp. 44-46. Crown Agents Foundation.

    2. More (who did this great research almost three years ago?!)

      The British Crown (Pilgrims Society) meddles in America’s business, culture and daily life through the Crown Agents etc.

      PDF, p. 12

      Since our incorporation in the United States, we have provided technical assistance services and support to U.S. Government agencies, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Department of State (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD), and the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

      We are an international development company that partners with governments, aid agencies, NGOs and companies in nearly 100 countries. We help countries grow their economies, strengthen their health systems and improve financial management. We have permanent offices in 22 countries and presence in another 18 through our project offices and representatives.

    3. Previous three comments:

      Spread the truth.

    Posted by Roger Stone | Nov 12, 2020 | Latest News, Roger Stone News | 0

    The rush by Joe Biden and his corporate media propagandists to prematurely claim victory in the 2020 presidential election is the finale to an elaborate, long-planned Psychological Operation or “PsyOp” directed at the American People.

    The key to Biden’s “victory” has been aggressive censorship of non-believers in all mass media and on all major social media outlets. I tried to warn of this probability in the weeks before the election.

    ROGER STONE: How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election

    The mainstream propaganda fed to voters reinforced the narrative that a backlash over the President’s handling of COVID-19 and an exodus of suburban women voters spelled certain defeat for the President. Bolstering this spin was an avalanche of bogus polls over the months leading up to the election showing the President hopelessly trailing his largely-invisible opponent.

    Meanwhile, any attempts at objective, factual reporting of Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop and incriminating e-mails, containing very real evidence of influence-peddling involving the former Vice President, disappeared from public view thanks to a full media blackout. The only exception to this was in glancing superficial coverage by the New York Times (whose columnists insisted they were fake) and NBC questioning the authenticity of the younger Biden’s e-mails. (Of course, these stories were half-baked fake news – the emails have been authenticated beyond dispute.)

    This sophisticated campaign of mass manipulation by the entrenched American political and media establishments had two objectives: 1) discourage and dampen the enthusiasm of Trump voters and, more importantly, 2) make the theft of the 2020 election through voter fraud possible, by making a Trump defeat seem plausible, if not inevitable.

    Undergirding all this is the arrogant presumption by corporate media and their Silicon Valley fellow travelers that they have the power to dictate the outcome of the election and thereby decide who the President will be.

    Notwithstanding almost-laughable attempts to stampede the country into accepting the outcome they pre-ordained, Joe Biden currently has no legitimate claim to anything, since counting and recounting are still underway. No official vote totals have been presented to legally certify any result, and State legislatures have yet to designate their respective delegations of electors who will ultimately make up the electoral college.

    Full story:

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  12. Email comment by GH:

    ANOTHER Project Veritas Whistleblower Comes Forward! Pennsylvania USPS Worker Exposes Election Fraud
    by Kelen McBreen

    November 12th 2020, 4:54 pm
    “Yes, if I was required to go under oath, I would"

    On Thursday, Project Veritas released yet another testimonial from a USPS whistleblower alleging anti-Trump instructions from higher-ups.

    “This is the third Pennsylvania USPS Insider to blow the whistle on election malfeasance in the last week. There is something going on with USPS and we must get to the bottom of it immediately,” Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe explained.

    Full story:

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  13. Email comment by CT:

    Mockingbird press paints the average American crowd as right-wing provocateurs (share this message by email since your social posts are being censored and shadow banned)


    Nov. 15, 2020—In the wake of the new revelations about Dominion, SmartMatic, ES&S, Sequoia and Hart InterCivic voting machines (controlled by British Privy Council, Pilgrims Society’s Lord Mark-Malloch Brown via his Venezuelan U.N. OpTech software) first sending our vote tallies in 28 states to Spain, then Germany, before sending the altered vote tallies to the state election tabulators (classic “man in the middle” vote fraud), hundreds of thousands of patriots converged on the national capitol to show their support for President Trump and protest this naked attempt by foreign actors and their U.S. traitors to steal our sacred vote.

    The mockingbird press, if they covered it at all, were uniformly snarky, negative and dismissive about the event and the participants.

    For example, The New York Times this morning did not even cover it.

    Reuters (Pilgrims Society, Rothschilds) said “tens of thousands” rallied around “false claims of fraud.” (How would they know since the certification recounts are just beginning? The fact is, they are teamed with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and know all of the fraud.)

    Others said “thousands” attended—a far stretch from HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

    We encourage readers to seek the truth from alternative news outlets other than the mockingbird press (they read from the same BBC News script they are fed) and heavily-censored Google search (ditto), who are feeding you fake news spin and appear out to destroy objectivity and truth to usher in British Pilgrims Society globalism.

    Man-in-the-Middle election tampering is not new. What is new is they appeared to have risked everything to send their men in the middle (and our vote tallies) to Spain and Germany.

    Spread the truth.

    Full story:

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    2. See video of STOP THE STEAL rally participants singing the National Anthem:

    3. Here's another MAGA video from the VORTEX.

      Spread the truth.

    4. Another video giving an overview of the Trump Rally in Washington:

  14. AZ Sec. of State: Katie Hobbs discloses financial support from foreign governments, George Soros and numerous British Pilgrims Society minions, including the Ford Foundation

    Hobbs must resign her involvement in the AZ vote count. Her own financial report shows that she is a foreign agent.

    Breaking: AZ Sec. of State Katie Hobbs takes money from foreign governments and George Soros.

    Kathleen M. "Katie" Hobbs. (2017). STATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT. Arizona Secretary of State.

    p. 6

    The State Innovation Exchange is funded by Democracy Alliance controlled by George Soros and Tom Steyer, and funds Black Lives Matter. Gara LaMarche is president of Democracy Alliance, a longtime ally of George Soros.

    From the Federal Election Commission website:

    Foreign nationals

    Campaigns may not solicit or accept contributions from foreign nationals. Federal law prohibits contributions, donations, expenditures and disbursements solicited, directed, received or made directly or indirectly by or from foreign nationals in connection with any election — federal, state or local.

    § 110.20 Prohibition on contributions, donations, expenditures, independent expenditures, and disbursements by foreign nationals (52 U.S.C. 30121, 36 U.S.C. 510)

    George Soros considers himself “stateless”, therefore he too appears to be a foreign actor.

    Experience: 25+ yrs of social work. “She advocates ending domestic violence.” Membership in numerous Soros-finance organizations like Emerge Arizona (Experian PLC (UK) – BAIN CAPITAL - Great Universal Stores Limited (UK) – SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING, Apple, Go Daddy, Planned Parenthood, Stanford, Pew Trust, Harvard, UN, Center for Progressive Leadership (Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; renamed Social Justice Leadership (SJL) - incl. Fidelity Foundation, Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Packard Foundation, Mott Foundation),

    Now Katie Hobbs is counting votes in AZ? … run along little doggy.

    Public officials are required to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, not to mention treasonous associations with foreign powers. (See 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason and 10 U.S. Code § 894 - Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition.)

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  15. Email comment by LP:


    L. Lin Wood, Jr. v. Brad Raffensperger et al. (Filed Nov. 18, 2020). COMPRESSED (26MG-469 pgs.), COMPLAINT, Doc. Nos. 1-8, 20, 21, filed Nov. 18, 2020, Case No. 1:20-cv-04651-SD (N.D. Ga).

    L. Lin Wood, Jr. v. Brad Raffensperger et al. (Filed Nov. 18, 2020). UNCOMPRESSED (43MB-469 pgs.), COMPLAINT, Doc. Nos. 1-8, 20, 21, filed Nov. 18, 2020, Case No. 1:20-cv-04651-SD (N.D. Ga).

    See [REDACTED VENEZUELAN’S NAME] Affidavit from a Dominion/Smartmatic (Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros) engineer, starting at PDF p. 283

    AFI. (Jul. 20, 2018). Part II: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown - The globalist racketeer kingpin running the Queen's Privy Council with George Soros. Americans for Innovation.

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