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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs financed IBM PC unit sale to Lenovo (China).

Dell bought EMC to control "dark profile" storage on all Americans offshore.

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Nov. 25, 2015, Updated Nov. 30 | PDF
Dell ships backdoor keys with every computer
Fig. 1—Dell SHIPS secret BACKDOOR keys in every box.
Classic Cracker Jack Box advertising the prize inside
Whistleblowers just proved that the Dell factory ships backdoor keys boxed inside its computers. It's not your father's Cracker Jack box anymore. The prize inside a Dell and Lenovo PC are not rings and puzzles, but secret keys to allow others to access your computer. These keys allow intruders free access to EVERY machine. Michael Dell collaborates with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett in "public-private" collusion among IBM Eclipse Foundation spy state cronies. Dell recently purchased EMC to further consolidate this "Big Data" power in only a few hands, all offshore, all unregulated. The Spy State Cartel is storing much of the "dark profile" personal data on Americans overseas in places like Lulea, Sweden.
Photos: KrebsOnSecurity, Dell, Frito-Lay.
Update Nov. 29
Second Dell backdoor key discovered Allows intruders into your computer while you use airport WiFi, for example.

(Nov. 25, 2015)Whistleblowers on Reddit announced two days ago that Dell has been shipping computers loaded with the equivalent of a spare car key taped under the hood. This key lets impersonators bypass your security and gives them full access to your computer with no visible sign of entry. The invasion of privacy is done, no matter what excuse Dell makes.

Dell's response so far has been evasive: “Customer security and privacy is a top concern and priority at Dell; we deeply regret that this has happened and are taking steps to address it.” Notice that they avoided promising to stop it.

Update, Nov. 28, 2005: Pinocchio Alert:
Dell issues correction for "unintended vulnerability"
Dell just issued a fix for their "unintended security vulnerability." Put simply, this is a boldface lie. The Register (UK) stated that the vulnerabiity, built in by Dell, "puts the machines' owners at risk of identity theft and banking fraud." Stunningly, according to The Register, the certificate cannot be simply removed. It reinstalls the file if it is deleted. Dell says the feature improves the "customer support experience." This sounds hauntingly similar to the explanation cooked up by the slimy lawyers at IBM's Eclipse Foundation as the new euphamism for spying on fellow citizens without a warrant. Where are the whistle blowers inside Dell? Message: Your silence makes you an accomplice to this fraud and equally liable for the damages. Turn yourself in to House Oversight and make a deal. Or, post your evidence anonymously on any number of sites like AFI.
Graphic: The Washington Post.

Dell's surrogate Lombardi Software, who supplies critical business software to Dell customers, appears to have joined the IBM Eclipse Foundation Spy State Cartel on or before 2006. Dell is definitely onboard by 2015 when Michael Dell, Qualcomm, IBM, Xerox, EMC (now Dell) met with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett just weeks after Obama signed  Executive Order No. 13691 promoting his cronies in public-private cyber cooperation. See Fig. 2 below.

Bookmark: #obama-eclipse White House, IBM, Eclipse, Dell, EMC, Qualcomm 2015 Conspiracy Timeline
Fig. 2—On Oct. 10, 2015, Obama made a mystery trip to Qualcomm in San Diego after visiting the victims of the Oregon shooting. With Dell taking EMC private, Obama's Cartel is consolidating their power into fewer and fewer hands who are not accountable to public shareholders. Not surprisingly, JOHN BOEHNER bailed as Speaker likely to avoid further pressure from the Cartel to do their bidding (Boehner is heavily invested in Cartel funds, notably UBS, Fidelity, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Xerox, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, State Street, Symantec, Vanguard and Wal-Mart; so is MITCH MCCONNELL, notably Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, UBS, Barclays, Wells Fargo, American). The now evident agenda is to consolidate embedded technology control of the Internet so that the new Administration will conclude that their infrastructure is "too big to fail" or be unplugged. Sound like JPMorgan? Rest assured, they can and must be unplugged. A Republic cannot survive the intrusions on privacy created by these self-serving Harvard sycophants behind a national security smoke screen.

Lenovo was also recently discovered to be shipping Superfish adware vulnerabilities, according to the article.

The Backdoor Master Key is called the "Dual EC DRBG" encryption algorithm

None of these newly revealed Dell and Lenovo (IBM) vulnerabilities address the deeper and more insidious embedded spy state vulnerabilities associated with the dubious Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm backdoor that is shipped with most hardware and software. The U.S. government forces vendors to place this algorithm in product shipped to the government. They even have to certify that they have included it in a special NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) list. See link in this paragraph.

It does not appear that these companies will change these constitutionally abusive practices without motivation. Unquestionably, they are and have been systematically abusing our privacy while taking our money and mouthing hollow promises of security and privacy. Boycotts are in order.

Sound the alarm

We call upon our readers to boycott products, like Dell and Lenovo, who are proven to be violating our privacy and our lawful expectation of quiet enjoyment. If their profits are hurt, they will change their tune. Sound the alarm. Your silence will only hurt you and every other American.

The “free” social networking feeding frenzy is an NSA creation. Choice is an illusion—it's all the same Spy State Cartel

IBM, Dell, EMC, HP, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujistisu, Microsoft, Oracle all jumped on the feeding frenzy over Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking innovations.

2001 By late 2001, IBM, HP, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oracle, QNX, Rational, Borland, Red Hat and SAP were members of this new spy state organization—IBM's The Eclipse Foundation (prime organizers: David J. Kappos, James P. Chandler, Eric H. Holder). Likewise, before World War II, IBM supplied computers to Adolf Hitler that he used to catalogue Jews, Poles, gypsies, homosexuals and political opponents as the primary information source for his genocides. Given the Cartel's support of eugenics (selective culling of genetic profiles, including Planned Parenthood), is history about to repeat itself?

2002 On Jun. 5, 2002, law professor James P. Chandler, intellectual property law counsel to IBM’s David J. Kappos and Leader Technologies, received a custody copy of the source code for Leader’s social networking invention. Then, 11 weeks later the IBM feeding frenzy began . . .

Wall Street and Silicon Valley feeding frenzy over Leader Technologies' social networking invention in 2001, perpetrated at the hands of Leader's patent counsel, James P. Chandler
Fig. 3—On Jun. 5, 2002, law professor James P. Chandler took custody of Leader Technologies' source code, ostensibly for safekeeping as a part of a contract he had arranged for Leader with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Magically, 11 weeks later, all the "secret sauce" in Leader's invention appeared in the next release of IBM Eclipse Foundation's version 2.0.1 release. A hungry group of technology sharks, including IBM, Dell, EMC, HP, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujistisu, Microsoft, Oracle, to name just a few, were there to feed on Leader's innovations, and have done ever since.
Photo: Best Travelstore.

2002 On Aug. 29, 2002, the "secret sauce" of Leader Technologies’ social networking innovations appeared in Version 2.0.1 of IBM’s Eclipse Foundation with IBM claiming copyrights on all of Leader's innovations.

2004 By early 2004, Wind River and Intel had signed on. Intel's CEO, Andy Grove, is John P. Breyer’s fellow Hungarian refugee along with George Soros. Breyer is the father of James W. Breyer, Facebook's first director and largest shareholder and managing partner of Accel Partners LLP in Silicon Valley.

2004 On Feb. 4, 2004, Facebook launched—during IBM’s EclipseCON 2004 (Feb. 2-5, 2004). The Social Network movie is pure fiction about Mark Zuckerberg and the supposed Harvard origins of Facebook.

2005 By early 2005, BEA, Sybase and Computer Associates jumped in.

2005 On Oct. 25, 2005, Wiki Creator Ward Cunningham signed on.

2005 On Nov. 11, 2005, Eurotech SpA (Italy) revealed that the same Eclipse members were building embedded hardware for “The Internet of Things” in Italy: IBM, Wind River, Microsoft, Cisco and Intel. JPMorgan’s John McNeil was financing Eurotech as an Italian manufacturing front for the Cartel.

2006 On Nov. 21, 2006, Leader Technologies and inventor Michael McKibben were awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761 for social networking.

2007 On Feb. 10, 2007 (File: 217 MB), Barack Obama announced candidacy on Facebook.

2008 By March 2008, almost every major technology company had joined Eclipse by this time, including Dell, Northrup Grumman, Perot Systems, and even Wal-Mart. The list is so broad and so complete as to telegraph a foreknowledge that Barack Obama would be elected.

2008 By September 2008, Motorola, JPMorgan, Nokia, NetApp, Adobe, Toshiba, AOL, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, MySQL, Google, Cisco, SAS, Siemens, IDG, Novell, acknowledged their allegiance.

2008 On Oct. 15, 2008, Facebook received an unprecedented exemption from the 500-shareholder rule for private companies. A multiple billion dollar market in Facebook's private stock is made by Goldman Sachs, much of it from Russian oligarchs Alisher Usmanov and Yuri Milner, friends of Harvard's Larry H. Summers and Facebook's COO, Sheryl K. Sandberg, from World Bank days. Summers would be appointed by Obama to managed the bank bailout in November 2008.

2008 On Nov. 7, 2008, Barack Obama elected President.

2008 On Nov. 19, 2008, Leader Technologies filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook.

2009 On July 09, 2009, Hillary Clinton prepared speeches as Secretary of State promoting Facebook.

2009 On Dec. 29, 2009, Hillary Clinton's "Dinner on Connections Technologies" contained an IBM Eclipse Foundation Spy State Who's Who: Cisco, Yahoo, Symantec, Ebay, MicroTech, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Square (Larry Summers & Marc Andreessen, Facebook directors and advisors), Google, Mobile Accord, Howcast, MexTel (Carlos Slim, see Stratfor leaks), NYU, TechPresident and Harvard.

2009 On Dec. 31, 2009, Barack Obama issued Executive Order No. 13526 giving him near dictatorial powers regarding intelligence classifications.

2010 On Jul. 27, 2010, in a split verdict, Facebook was found guilty of infringing Leader Technologies' patent on 11 of 11 claims. An unproved on-sale bar ruling was allowed to stand which smothered Facebook's guilt in unprecedented judicial chicanery reaching up to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

2012 In 2012, Hillary Clinton issued a four “Facebook field guides” for the State Department. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

2012 On May 18, 2012, Facebook went public. JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, UBS, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, RBC permitted insiders, including Zuckerberg, Breyer, Milner, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft to cash in $6.3 billion on Day 3.

2013 On Jun 06, 2013, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that all of the IBM Eclipse Foundation members in telecom and Internet infrastructure have been illegally feeding customer data to the NSA since at least 2007.

2015 On Oct. 10, 2015, Barack Obama made a mysterious trip to San Diego for several days of meetings with Qualcomm—a key Spy State Cartel supplier. See Fig. 2 above.

2015 On Oct. 12, 2015, Dell announced purchase of EMC, another Spy State Cartel supplier. See Fig. 2 above.

2015 On Nov. 20, 2015, FOIA revelations show that NSA lied and keeps Americans’ data overseas, despite assertions that they stopped the program in 2011.

The Facts don’t lie:

  1. The last three Administrations (Hillary & Bill, George, Barack) created the Spy State Cartel. They have ignored the U.S. Constitution with the support of attorney sycophants, most notably from Harvard Law School.
  2. Numerous career bureaucrats and politicians are involved.
  3. Silicon Valley is complicit, having constructed Internet backdoors in exchange for free reign over their markets and competitors, with judges and courts that have turned a blind eye to the massive theft of intellectual property.
  4. Wall Street greases the skids of this corruption.
  5. Power has been consolidated into a relatively few hands (less than 1%).
  6. America’s Founders (e.g., George Washington: "permanent alliances), and even Dwight Eisenhower, foresaw the dangers of this unprecedented consolidation of power within the military-industrial complex.
  7. Albert Einstein warned of the day that technological advances overtook man’s ability to manage them morally. That day is here with nuclear proliferation and digital hegemony by unscrupulous technology power mongers.
  8. The Ten Commandments are being ignored, especially "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not lie."
  9. The 2016 election could be the American Republic’s last free election. Once the Cartel has full control of the flow of digital information (if we let them), then voter fraud will manipulate election results in any way the Cartel desires.
  10. Truth, facts, dialogue and discourse will give way to only lying “narratives.” (In the former U.S.S.R., the Communist Party's newspaper, Pravda, means "Truth." Soviets commented wryly that to read Pravda was to become expert at reading between the lines. America is there with its sycophant mainstream media.)

The Court of Public Opinion must rule and stop this devolution into tyranny

Since all three branches of the American government are infected by this endemic corruption by people we have trusted, we must now rely on the Court of Public Opinion, the fourth (and first) power, for justice.

“We the People . . .“

We the People must dismiss these unworthy stewards of our national life.

The future of the political experiment is unprecedented in human history, the American Republic—where power is vested in The People, is rapidly devolving into a tyranny led by these scoundrels.

This is not a Left or Right issue. This is an American imperative.

* * *

Stop the Cartel
Letter to Congress:
Word Doc


For starters, the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment empowers Congress to legislate a payday for Leader Technologies shareholders. This would provide adequate financing for Leader to offer a rational social networking environment—one that offers the application utility that people have come to enjoy about Leader’s invention without sacrificing security and privacy.

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to use Congress' power of the purse to pay Leader Technologies and unplug the Cartel.


Bookmark: #spy-state-surveillance
Fig. 4—The evidence is unmistakable. A Cartel of private companies, in collusion with the NSA, collect ALL relationship data between American citizens and the federal government. Much of that data is stored overseas, e.g., Lulea, Sweden, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution ("Inside the Arctic Circle, Where Your Data Lives," Business Week).
Graphic: AFI.
Bookmark: #spy-state-players
Primary Participants in the American NSA - C.I.A. Spy State "Public-Private" Cartel
Fig. 5—Primary Participants in the American NSA - C.I.A. Spy State "Public-Private" Cartel. See AFI. (Oct. 19, 2015). The social networking patent property case every American needs to fight. Americans For Innovation.
Graphic: AFI.

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  1. Email comment by EC.


    A new Video Chat tool is now advertising heavily to our youth.


    Stay away from it! Edward Snowden showed us that Pal Talk is another NSA creation that started feeding data to the spy state on December 07, 2009.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    The spying by our government on citizens will only get more egregious over time. In my mind, it became easy for them to violate our privacy once the press ( Fourth Estate) quit spying and reporting on government actions. The obvious complicity of formerly great newspapers and magazines in NOT reporting truth and violations of our elected officials and their bureaucratic minions , has resulted in a shrinking "trust factor" and , more importantly , declining paid circulation numbers. The government , with the lack of oversight, is getting more and more aggressive at your expense. They no longer serve us, we serve them.

    These worthless rags have been replaced with blogs, opinion sites, U-Tube videos, and Facebook postings. Sites , such as the Drudge Report , assimilate the various reports and are now more important than The New York Times , Washington Post, and Newsweek. I would not want to be a Thomas Friedman or Maureen Dowd in this vast collapse of the NYT . They are so burdened with liberal bias that they can't think, much less, write clearly. So how do we as caring Americans get our rights and power back ? It has to be sites like AFI, Drudge, and Sheryl Attkisson. They must keep going bravely against the threats and dangers put forth by Obama, Hillary, and their loyal thugs.

    At times the trail of conspiracy laid out by AFI reads like a John Gresham novel. Fun but embellished. As an old man that faced down a number of challenges and survived, I can tell all readers that the tide is turning. The liberal progressives have poked the ant bed once too often. The hard working , politically passive middle class has had enough poking. We are past being irritated .....we are angry. Stop this phobia crap. I am not Islamaphobic, I am a " don't behead-me-phobe", and a "don't shoot me-in-a-night-club phobe ". I am not a racist but don't want folks blocking the highway or shopping areas telling me I am. Those folks are racists, not me. I am not a homophobe, I am a "Leave me alone-phobe ". Do your thing. Who cares. And , by the way, cops are not our enemy. Criminals are. If cops become criminals, put them in jail.

    If you students want free college, earn it. Play a sport, get smarter , or work on campus. The reason college costs so much is because your tenured professors make too much unearned money. Your schools have billions in their foundations. Force them to reallocate both their fund use and question what they teach. I assure you that I will not hire a " global social philosophy" graduate in my businesses. Study engineering , science, or math. Grow up you wimps. Life is not easy and it's not free. Where are you parents? Why don't you serve in the military ? Get the GI bill. Are you not American enough? If not, go somewhere else to complain. You are like a pack of dogs. Individually , you are pitiful. Together, you think you have some magical powers. Pull up your pants, comb your hair, and carry your load. You want a safe space? Get a real degree and go get a productive job.

    Other than that, Have a great day, TEX

  3. Dell just issued a slimy explanation for the backdoor it has been shipping with its computers. They said it was limited to certain brands, but sources in the UK found it in earlier versions. So, Dell too layers lies upon lies, mimicking the pattern of lies spewing out of Washington DC these days, and further cementing their membership in the Spy State of warrent-less surveillance of American citizens in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Here's The Register (UK) article on the so-called Dell fix:

  4. Another Dell backdoor has been discovered. We might as well just leave our laptops at the local NSA office to make it easier from them to steal our information. It's ironic that tomorrow is the official end to the NSA bulk surveillance program. Looks like Dell and Lenovo are making sure that they can continue the program under a different name/authority. More sneaking lawyers and corrupt judges and Justice Department.

  5. Here's a full citation to The Register article highlight by Rain. (We've included the other two related supporting articles.)

    Pauli, D. (Nov. 25, 2015). Second Dell backdoor root cert found. The Register (UK).

    President's nemesis gained new insight after serving sentence

    Through the experience, D’Souza says he began to visualize Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and modern liberalism “not as a defective movement of ideas” but as a criminal enterprise.

    “And I have to thank Obama, the liberals, and the judge for this learning opportunity,” he says.

    “All of them are responsible for putting me in a situation that made this book possible.”

    He says they all wanted to teach him a lesson, “and I can now say, with the benefit of hindsight, that their objective has been met.”

    “Little did they know what a valuable lesson it would be, even if not quite the lesson they intended,” he writes.

    Scariest gang’

    D’Souza explains how his conversations with the inmates affected his political vision:

    I got more cynicism in a conversation I had with an African American drug dealer who described the FBI in rather unusual terms.

    “Of all the gangs,” he said, “the FBI is by far the scariest, man.”

    The scariest what? “That’s what they are, man, a gang, just like the Crips and the Bloods. They got gang uniforms, they got passwords, and they got the best weapons of any gang in the world. They know it, and we know it, and we all relate to each other on that basis.”

    Another gang, he suggested, was the Drug Enforcement Agency. “Half the time they are fighting the drug gangs,” he said, “and the rest of the time they are making friends with them.”

    D’Souza continued:

    I remembered the story of a pirate who was robbing boats off the Aegean coast. When Alexander the Great heard about it he sent for him. “What is your idea,’ he asked, “in infesting the sea?’”

    The pirate replied: “The same as yours, in infesting the land and the water. But because I do it with a tiny craft, I’m called a pirate; because you have a mighty navy, you’re called an emperor.”

    I checked and found this story in Augustine’s City of God. Augustine concludes: “What are kingdoms but gangs of criminals on a large scale? What are criminal gangs but petty kingdoms?”

    D’Souza believes the objective of the far left under Obama and Hillary Clinton is “stealing the entire wealth of the nation, the value of homes and the lifelong savings of all the people, the sum total of the assets of every industry from banking to electronics to oil drilling, all the funds allocated to health and education and every other service, both private and public; in sum, the entire wealth of America, built over more than two centuries.”

    “The thieves I am speaking about want all of it.”

    But the Obama-Hillary stealing of America does not stop there, D’Souza explains.

    “They want to own your businesses and your savings, how you work and whom you associate with, but they also want to control your education, your faith, your family, and what you watch on TV,” he continued. “They seek to regulate how you feel and what you think and how you love. They want to control your dreams and ambitions, your personal aspirations, your ‘pursuit of happiness.’ They want to own you, and to a considerable degree, they already do.”


    1. AFI investigators wrote a very complete analysis of Bill & Hillary's Clinton Foundation speaking fees and the correlation between their hosts and IBM's Eclipse Foundation spy state "public-private" members.

      "(AUG. 12, 2015)— How many laws can Hillary Clinton break and stay out of jail? (Memo to Saul Alinsky's Useful Idiots: Hillary & Bill are above the law, by Executive Order.)

      ANSWER: Husband Bill issued Executive Order No. 13130 on Jul. 14, 1999 called the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) to "enhance the partnership of the public and private sectors in protecting our infrastructure."

      New investigations reveal that Hillary relies on a string of Executive Orders related to NIAC that have been promulgated by her husband and his successors to protect herself from liability. Apparently, she hopes Saul Alinsky's army of "Useful Idiots" (the unthinking American public) will forgive her and vote for her anyway."

      (James P. Chandler, Leader Technologies' and IBM's patent attorney, was appointed by Bill Clinton to the NIAC on the last day of his administration in January 2001.)

  7. Winner winner chicken dinner you have just won a Dell and now a member of Obama's spy state

  8. Email comment by BB:

    Let's not be reassured that the NSA illegal surveillance on Americans hasn't found a workaround. Given that the NSA is in bed with Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Nokia, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, should we think for a minute that these people have not organized another way to do the same thing. This article says they have.

    Wire, F. (Nov. 30, 2015). NSA Phone Surveillance (Kind of) Comes to an End. Breitbart.

    Savage, C. (Nov. 19, 2015). File Says N.S.A. Found Way to Replace Email Program. The New York Times.

    Quoting The New York Times, the article says:

    "On the other hand, Americans may not want to put away their tinfoil hats just yet. The New York Times reports that that NSA has discovered other ways to collect similar data, including from email, that “can satisfy certain foreign intelligence requirements,” according to released documents.

    “The document makes it clear that N.S.A. is able to get all the Internet metadata it needs through foreign collection,” said Timothy Edgar, a privacy official who served during both the President George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

    So, while some important programs may be coming to an end, it appears that the NSA may have found technical workarounds."

  9. Email comment by A.S.

    Well, well. This is an interesting turn in this den of thieves. Russia has just banned Soros' Foundation as a security threat.

    If the Russians have concluded that Soros is a security threat, and Soros is one of Hillary Clinton's biggest contributors, then Hillary is a security threat as well. No?

    Why would we elect another Clinton when arguably our biggest international rival shows such animosity to her and her supports. Doesn't bode well for American diplomacy with Russia in such a caustic situation.

    Soros masks his foundations in high sounding names like Open Society, but likely means "clepto-oligarchy comprised of my friends like Hillary & Bill."

    Ablan, J. (Nov. 30, 2015). Russia bans George Soros foundation as state security 'threat.' Reuters.

    Nov 30 Russia has banned a pro-democracy charity founded by hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, saying it posed a threat to both state security and the Russian constitution.

    In a statement released on Monday, Russia's General Prosecutor's Office said two branches of Soros' charity network - the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation - would be placed on a "stop list" of foreign non-governmental organizations whose activities have been deemed "undesirable" by the Russian state.

    "It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state," the statement said.

  10. Email comment by GH:

    Proof that Hillary played politics with Ambassador Chris Stevens' life...

    As the number of classified Hillary Clinton emails grew to nearly 1,000, they also reveal how freely she and her staff shared information on the Benghazi attacks including confirming the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens – and even celebrating her controversial hearing appearance where she asked, “what difference, at this point, does it make” what led to the attacks.

    [Editor: AFI researchers are going through Hillary's latest emails now and will publish our findings shortly. Preliminary findings show close collaboration between Hillary Clinton, her aide Huma Abedin and Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg. Hillary also relied heavily in her farewell speech on drafting by Anne-Marie Slaughter, the Princeton professor who advocates a new Nazi "public-private" concept of "harnessing private incentives to public goals" and praised Hillary's tech strategy which included the exploitation of Facebook at the expense of US patent and property law.

    Hillary began promoting Facebook almost immediately after her appointment in 2009. Sidney Blumenthal wrote Facebook into Hillary's first Council on Foreign Relations speech in 2009, while the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case was in process. Even though Leader proved that Facebook infringes Leader's patent on 11 of 11 claims, the courts -- in evident collusion with Hillary and the State Department -- obstructed justice and protected Facebook anyway. All the judges held stock in numerous Facebook interests.]

    1. Here's our previous analysis of Hillary's emails and this "public-private" use of the organs of government to blur the lines between government service and private profit making.

      AFI (Oct. 31, 2015). New Hillary Emails (October Release): More Proof of "Public-Private" NSA, Facebook, Blumenthal Spy State Collusion. Americans For Innovation.

  11. Email comment by SuperSleuth Lefty:

    NPR just carried a story this morning questioning why Goldman Sachs executives are moving to Silicon Valley. The story was clearly a smoke screen because it dealt with sophmoric possibilities like foosball in the lobby and exotic grains for lunch.

    AFI readers know well that the current Silicon Valley social players are the construct of the theft of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies' social networking invention and the secret collaboration between the NSA and Wall Street to build a public-private spy state machine that will give them permanent control of a future American oligarchy designed in their image. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan are some of the the prime spy state funders. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been paid enormous speaking fees by these banks as well.

    Every Wall Street player knows the level of corruption among their fellow criminal and are cashing in as long as the gravy train runs. They are merely shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others are right: Wall Street banks and their corrupt Silicon Valley creations must be dismantled. We must return to local banking, real inventors and remove the power we have delegated to untrustworthy people who, as Bernie said in the last Democratic debate, operate on greed and fraud.

    Oran, O., Somervill, H. (Nov. 27, 2015). Exclusive: Three Goldman bankers leave for Uber as tech world raids Wall Street talent. Reuters.

    "Three mid-level bankers in Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s technology investment banking group in San Francisco have left to take positions at ride service company Uber Technologies Inc in recent months, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    The bankers are the latest to leave Wall Street banks for Silicon Valley startups, where the lure of more flexible hours – and in some cases stock options and share grants – can be hard to resist. For tech companies, having bankers on staff can help smooth the path to an initial public offering and other capital raisings."

    1. To be precise:

      Bill & Hillary Speaking Fees from Facebook underwriters, including GOLDMAN SACHS, MORGAN STANLEY, JPMORGAN, CITIGROUP, UBS, DEUTSCHE BANK and others between 2002-2013 from :


      You will find the spreadsheet of Bill and Hillary publicly disclosed speaking fees for the Clinton Foundation in this previous AFI post:

      AFI (Aug. 12, 2015). Hillary & Bill shill for a secret intelligence agency cartel. AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION

    2. Here's a bookmark right to Bill & Hillary Financial Disclosures:

  12. The AFI family lost a friend and advocate today. Here is the Berman family notice:

    Hyman 'Hy' Berman

    Berman, Hyman "Hy" longtime professor of history at the University of Minnesota, passed away on November 29, 2015. Hy was well-known to the public for his Twin Cities projects for public television, his frequent appearances on Almanac, and his political commentary on KARE. He was a pioneer in the development of labor history and Jewish studies, and was a great ambassador for the University of Minnesota. He taught U.S. history in several European universities and helped reopen the field in China. A native New Yorker and army veteran with degrees from City College and Columbia University, he became an expert in Minnesota politics and served as a special assistant to Governor Rudy Perpich. Hy was involved in many civic affairs and was a longtime member of Temple Israel. Hy is preceded in death by daughter, Michelle Berman. Loving husband to Betty; father of Ruth (Andrew) and Steve; grandfather of Stephanie; brother of Harold; uncle of Allan and Bonnie; and great-uncle of Abbey. Funeral service THURSDAY, 11:00am, TEMPLE ISRAEL, 2324 Emerson Ave. S., Mpls. In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to the donor's favorite charity. SHIVA: 2540 Seabury Ave., Mpls. (Thurs. 7:00pm). Hodroff-Epstein 612-871-1234

  13. Edward Snowden showed us that Pal Talk is another NSA creation, so was Pal Talk stolen like Facebook was stolen! zuckerberg stole the idea facebook NSA knew facebook was stolen and zuckerberg sold out Bill Gates sold out to the NSA and knew facebook was stolen, zuckerberg is CEO of the stolen idea facebook with the help of NSA, Facebook stole British data centre design the social media giant facebook stole its designs for a more efficient data centre, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden. Obama running a criminal enterprise. zuckerber just anther Bill Cosby

  14. Email comment from Sharyl Attkisson:

    Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline


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